Episode 217 – Against Technocracy

by | Feb 4, 2012 | Episodes, Podcasts

We are told that an elite class of experts (or perhaps some benevolent supercomputers) can transform our world of want and despair into a world of milk and honey. But this is not a new idea, and it has always been propounded by the very elites who have put the current system into place. Join us in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report as we go digging up the roots and examining the fruits of elite-sponsored technocracy.

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Quotations from The Open Conspiracy
Time Reference: 02:22


Open Conspiracy – Full text (“What Are We to Do With Our Lives?”)
Time Reference: 04:55


Word of the Day: Technocrat
Time Reference: 06:31


Technocracy Forum
Time Reference: 10:36


Jacque Fresco-Technocracy, City Strategies, Sourcing Information
Time Reference: 18:40


Planned-Opolis: Infomercial for 1984-Style City of the Future (video)
Time Reference: 23:25


Corbett Report Radio 027 – Against Technocracy with Aaron Franz
Time Reference: 29:33


UK Bioethicist: Pregnancy and Natural Birth Should Not Be Tolerated
Time Reference: 38:28


Are We Ready for a ‘Morality Pill’?
Time Reference: 39:25


Empire, Power and People Episode 2
Time Reference: 41:24


Against Utopia
Time Reference: 46:51



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