Global Warfare in the New World Order (GRTV video)

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Cyberwar. Economic war. Covert war. Theatre war. Proxy war. Nuclear war. Today we talk to Michel Chossudovsky about the development of the global multi-front long war against humanity in the emerging New World Order and the propagandists who make it possible.


JC – We are talking once again to Michel Chossudovsky of Michel it’s been a while since we had you on the program. The last time we were talking about your new book: The Globalization of War: America’s Long War Against Humanity which, of course, talks about the long war that America and its allies of the NATO empire have been and are currently waging against the population of the world. That long war is quickly developing into a total war with multiple fronts that are really encircling the globe at this point. What can you tell us about this picture of global warfare and how it’s developing?

MC – Well, first of all global warfare is now being waged in all major regions of the world in various forms. In some cases, theatre wars as in Yemin. In Syria and Iraq it’s a US sponsored insurgency, the so-called Islamic State. In Latin America it’s a process of destabilization of national economies, but also militarization, the sending in of Marines to Central America. In Southeast Asia and the Far East it’s the so-called Pivot to Asia. It’s the situation of provocation, largely directed against China. In Ukraine, on Russia’s border, its acts of provocation directed against the Russian Federation and the conquest, essentially, of new frontiers for the global economy. In Africa its US sponsored insurgency, the destabilization of national economies and the battle for oil. Largely, we are dealing with very powerful corporate actors which control and overshadow the governments. If we wish to give it some kind of structure we’re talking about, of course, the oil companies, the big Anglo-American oil companies–Wall Street which is involved in financial destabilization, what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex which are: the large defense contractors, the mercenary companies, the intelligence and security corporate apparatus that are linked to the US Military and to NATO as well as to media conglomerates which are there serving the process of war propaganda, upholding the corporate agenda. Then, you also have bio-tech conglomerates, big pharma. One dimension of this global war is destruction and demise of the agricultural cycle, the fact that when you introduce genetically modified seeds into a region such as Sub-Saharan Africa you not only destroy agriculture but you destroy bio-diversity and you undermine the livelihood of the entire region. That is happening in countries like India. It’s happening throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and it is part of that global agenda. Global warfare is not limited to military interventions. It uses covert operations. It also is geared toward destabilizing sovereign governments through so-called colored revolutions, you-know the installation of proxy regimes which will obey orders and so on and so forth. It’s a very complex process and we have to connect, in a sense, all the different dimensions of this devastating process which is destroying countries, transforming sovereign nations into territories, opening space for corporations, impoverishing world populations, and that impoverishment is not the consequence of the scarcity of resources. It is the result of manipulation and the destruction of economic and social institutions.

JC – Well, you paint a very vivid and concise picture of the total carnage and warfare that is encircling the globe in a number of different aspects. And you, I think rightly, identify it as part of the corporate government collusion, the fascistic collusion, which is at the heart of this empire of chaos that is reigning around the globe. I guess the obvious question then is “what is the next stage of this global warfare?” Does it develop into hot warfare, in the traditional sense or will it remain on an economic/covert operations level?

MC- Well, I think that, in a sense, the military planners have all options on the table, so to speak, to quote Hillary Clinton. They are involved in covert operations and regime change, the destabilization of national economies and economic sanctions. But they are also contemplating the use of high-tech weapons systems including nuclear war. I say nuclear war is not only targeted toward Russian and China using the arsenal of the Cold War era, in other words the thermonuclear weapons, but it is also directed against non-nuclear states using the so-called tactical nuclear weapons. But then there are other systems. There are other areas of intervention. We know that the USAF has command over what is called “environmental modification” techniques or weather warfare. It’s a controversial subject but it’s very well documented that the US Military can modify the weather and trigger environmental catastrophes. They even use the term, and I quote, “owing the weather for military use”. Then you have all the areas of intervention. You have biological warfare, chemical warfare and of course you have the whole area of cyber-warfare, the destabilization of countries communications systems and so on in the realm of high-tech communications. And then another area of warfare is propaganda. It’s turning realities upside down. It’s presenting America as the protagonist of democracy and inciting people to endorse a so-called anti-terrorist agenda when it is known and documented that these terrorists organization, including Al Qaeda and more recently ISIS (the Islamic State) are creatures of US intelligence. So we are now in a situation where we support a global war on terrorism, including sectors of the progressive left who say, well we are against war but we support the war on terrorism. It’s a non-sequester. Within Western countries there is also an internal war that is ongoing. It’s a war of the governments and the corporations against their citizens, namely through the anti-terrorist legislation where you can arrest people, just on suspicion you-know because they are alleged terrorists and so on. That trend now is evolving towards a situation of a police state environment which affects the fundamental rights of citizens. And, that is happening in many countries in the West. Then, with regard to war within Western countries, you have the imposition of these deadly austerity measures. We see the situation in Greece. But it’s not only in Greece but it’s in countries like Spain and Italy, not to mention Iceland years back. That, in a sense, is a form of internal warfare. It’s based on debt conditionality. It’s the imposition of deadly macro-economic reforms, something that has been applied in third-world countries from the beginning of the 1980’s but which is now being applied in most Western countries leading to the demise of social programs, the destruction of employment, the creation of mass unemployment, the removal of all social safety nets and ultimately we are evolving at the national and global level from a situation of poverty to despair. People, particularly if we take countries like India where we see a whole range of suicides in the rural areas which are largely attributable to the crisis of agriculture and the imposition of genetically modified seeds where people commit suicide. In Africa, we see humanitarian disasters which are, so to speak, beyond poverty. We are not dealing with global poverty which was something I researched in the 1990’s. We’re dealing with despair, with the destruction of livelihood, the destruction of family life, deaths resulting from warfare, but also the deaths resulting from the process of the engineered destruction of economic activity where poor people no longer have the right to be poor. They’re marginalized and excluded. Simultaneously, we see, when looking at the realm of economics, we see the emergence of this upper-end luxury goods economy which is geared toward a small segment of the population. So there is increased polarization, social polarization taking place everywhere. You won’t see, if you are traveling in Southeast Asia, you won’t see the poor people. You’ll see avenues of hotel and condominiums and so on. So in a sense what is happening is a restructuring of the fabric of national societies where the hope of actually acceding to the status of an employee or worker within a factory may be a dream for many people who are simply marginalized. And that is a situation even happening in countries like Spain or Greece where up to 40% of the labor forces are unemployed.

JC – Well, we see very much that war on the poorest of the poor, even in the heartland of the empire itself with many cities trying to make feeding the homeless a crime of sorts in the United States. So, we see this being waged and more aggressively. Can we see any counter-balances toward globalization of war?

MC- Well, there are some very significant developments if we look at the situation that is in Greece or Spain where seemingly progressive governments have emerged. But I should caution in that regard because these seemingly progressive governments are often hijacked by corporate foundations which are funding them. It’s the same thing with regards to NGOs. They ultimately are caving into the demands of the creditors and the large financial institutions. I think what has happened in the course of the last 20-30 years is that the whole fabric of, particularly, Western society where you had trade unions, civil society organizations and governments that were putting forth a progressive social democracy agenda— this scenario, this landscape has been totally modified. The resistance to this corporate agenda—we’re talking about global capitalism—is no longer there. It’s fragmented. It’s co-opted. The trade union leaders go to Dubos and mingle with the operations, the corporate leaders so that through the process of co-optation we see a fragmentation of civil society into different areas—environmentalists on the one hand, anti-war on the other, women’s rights. Ultimately emerging from that is a mosaic of resistance rather than an organized structure which will challenge this project. Again, we are dealing with a military agenda. We are dealing with an economic agenda which is supported by the military agenda. We’re dealing with a process of destabilization of livelihood, so to speak. It’s the reproduction of real life that is at stake. I think what is extremely dangerous in this situation is that those who decide, particularly with regard to the use of what we might describe as WMDs including nuclear weapons, they believe their own propaganda. There is a whole current within the US Military. We’re talking about nuclear doctrine to the effect that nuclear weapons are “harmless to the civilian population”. And that refers to the tactical nuclear weapons, the mini-nukes. There are other areas where propaganda seems to take over the people who decide. And sometimes those people mean well. But they think by doing some things they are going to improve the livelihood of the world population. And so that when decision makers believe in the use of nuclear weapons as means to bring peace to the world, well we are in a very, very dangerous situation. Having consulted military documents I can that this is true. They say, well we have to use war as a peace making undertaking, as a means to instill democracy. They also say that nuclear weapons might be the avenue, or a certain type of nuclear weapon. I should warn people, although this is a very complex subject, that back in 2002 the US Senate cleared the use of tactical nuclear weapons to be used in the conventional war theatre. The whole notion that the Commander and Chief, namely POTUS could actually give the green light has been scrapped. These tactical nuclear weapons are part of what they call the military tool box. They can be used even by a 3-Star General in the region, or war region, and they are part of the arsenal of conventional warfare. All those dimensions, the economic, social and military dimensions coalesce and are sustained by an extensive apparatus of propaganda—I’m referring the mainstream media and the corporate media—which sustains the lies and ultimately controls what people think. This, I would say, is an inquisitorial environment. It’s much more devastating than the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was also based on a big lie and it lasted for 300-400 years. But we are dealing with a media apparatus which turns realities upside down, presents the Western quest and military intervention as a peace making undertaking, which lies with regard to the casualties of war, which presents the war criminals as protagonists of human rights and so on and so forth. That, in itself, is the pinnacle of the system. Without the mainstream media and war propaganda this NWO agenda doesn’t have a leg to stand on. In other words, without these media lies, the military agenda and the economic agenda would collapse like a deck of cards. And that is why it is absolutely fundamental that within the realm of independent media and alternative media we wage a war against the mainstream media. In other words, it’s a war of ideas. It is an obligation on our part to support the truth and to use truth as a means of a weapon to undermine the legitimacy of this global economic and military agenda which is destroying humanity. It is global war. It is total war and it is destruction. And, it has a logic. It’s part of global capitalism. But, at this stage it is not a struggle against socialism. It is a struggle against national capitalism. In other words, it’s the global capital elites, mainly Anglo-American, dominated by Wall Street and City of London, the large financial centers against competing capitalist powers which, we might name them, Russian and China. China is not a communist country. China is a capitalist country, in fact, a very advanced capitalist country. And so is Iran. So, essentially what this war involves is world domination. It’s the establishment of a global economic and political system whereby countries worldwide would be subordinate to these global corporations and where national sovereignty under national capitalism would be undermined. The trade and investment agreements which have been negotiated behind closed doors are part of this agenda. In effect, they are the end-game of this agenda whereby global corporations undermine and destroy national and regional corporations. In other words, bankruptcy of the entire landscape and impose a global economic agenda throughout the world.

JC – Well, the battle between oligarchs for global control, I think, is nothing new to human history but the technologies that are available to accomplish that goal, I think, really do make this a much more important and decisive battle than it has ever been before. So, that is exactly and precisely that in the alternative media we do battle against these forces.


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