How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett #074

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Questions For Corbett | 111 comments

John writes in to ask how a global conspiracy can function and how it can be kept under wraps. Good question. Join James for this week’s edition of Questions For Corbett where he tackles the most common objections of the skeptics and their fallacious counter-arguments against the global conspiracy.

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The Open Conspiracy by H. G. Wells

The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin

The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World

The Ultimate Revolution (Aldous Huxley)

Ecoscience by Ehrlich, Ehrlich and Holdren

The First Global Revolution (Club of Rome)

The Last Word on Overpopulation

Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

Who is Bill Gates?

Prince Philip on what should be done about “overpopulation”

David Rockefeller UN 1994-09-14

Sir David Attenborough on Overpopulation

Does saving more lives lead to overpopulation?

Extra: Gates On Population Rates

Politifact “Fact Checks” Claims About Ecoscience

Stupid Conspiracy Theorists! Chemicals Aren’t Turning The Frogs GAY!!

The Disappearing Male

9/11 Whistleblowers

Episode 129 – CALEA and the Stellar Wind

The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin lecture


  1. Question for Corbett for next month’s editions

    At what point did the roundtables goal switch from extending the British empire along with America to a multinational World Government. Is there any discussion of this in their papers?

  2. So WHY do the elites want to limit population? I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know about eugenics from watching your videos, but I’ve never understood the motivation behind the population reduction goal? Can you please explain?

    • In current paradigm there is no need for so much people, all things that have to be done can be accomplished by just a part of population, in political parlance, there cannot be enough jobs so all people could earn for a living. Since you can’t leave them to die (no such a problem in third world countries), term useless eaters has been invented, this people don’t produce nor consume.
      By reducing population would be rulers of the world would simplify things for themselves.

    • Ready for my deep philosophical and psychological take?

      This gets into a deep philosophical question of human nature and life itself. Essentially, why do people do evil things? But first, I am curious as to “how” this could be possible.

      If we were to take into consideration the infinite possible unique variations and combinations of the human biology and how many variations of personality exist, the ability for a human to be evil and to commit evil acts without conscious are within the range of these possible human traits. Just like there can be very good and genuine people, there is also the possibility of evil humans.

      As for “why”, I think it is best to look at human nature generally. It is fundamental to human nature to constantly attempt to control things to some extent.

      One of the most obvious ways to see this is to simply observe your own mind. Try to silence your mind by remaining the silent observer of your thoughts without pushing them away or giving them attention. You might notice that this is very difficult to do and that you cannot do this for very long without trying to force or will your mind to become silent and peaceful. That is because we associate our thoughts with our ego identity we have created. This action of the ego which tries to attain silence by imposing its will on the uncontrollable thoughts is the same action of the egos of evil people that try to impose their will on other uncontrollable phenomena, namely human life and existence. Association with the ego causes a feeling of separateness with other things that are outside the ego which causes a feeling of suffering, and therefore these are threats to defend against.

      Just like most people associate their thoughts with their ego identity and want to scrub away uncomfortable thoughts so as to satisfy the ego and be in a more peaceful and blissful state, the ego of evil people want to push life around and scrub the earth clean of the things that bother them, namely other humans.

      They want this “perfect” clean earth so that finally their ego can be satisfied with the feeling of being able to control the transience of life, permanently. But that will never happen. If evil humans do ever scrub the earth clean of those other icky humans, then the ego will move on to the next thing, wanting to keep satisfying its urges. It is a cycle that never ends for anyone, unless we are able to detach our identities from our thoughts so we can finally rest. This never ending wheel of thought and egoic action and suffering is fundamental to Buddhism and spirituality which has been studied and practiced for thousands of years.

    • The Motivation behind the population reduction goal, centers around “GREED”. There are people that want everything for themselves and they hate the fact that useless eaters (another name for those that do not serve them) get in their way.
      Indeed, it is fine for these elites, and those who serve them, to travel around the world in luxury, while polluting the air and water, however they see it as a problem when everyone can do it.
      Most of what is being done with the claim of “Saving the Planet” is in fact destroying it all the faster. For example Geoengineering (The Spraying of Chemicals on the masses) for the sake of blocking out the Sun has lead to 90% of the population being Vitamin D deficient and is likely responsible Dementia. It appears that some of the Aluminum they are spraying gets into the Brain. Fluoride being added to Water Supplies is another example of poisoning of the masses.
      For the most part, I have found that the people actually doing the evil work are doing it for a Paycheck, and have made themselves believe what they are doing is good. After all, that is what they have been told, and if they didn’t believe it they would be out of a job.

      • I see a number of comments related to what the motivations of the population reduction may be. I usually agree with the reasons exposed, for instance I think your argument of “GREED” is indeed central.
        But besides the various needs that motivate the wishes to keep the population under an ideal number, I believe that one important aspect, rather than to actually reduce the population, is simply to have full control over the reproduction cycle of the population. The notion that we’re too many is yet again an excuse that is used to develop a project, that project being to have full control over the production of human beings as a resource. And human reproduction will be mechanized if they have it their way.

    • kck12
      No there is not a danger of climate collapse or systemic disaster… the fear of impending doom is just the engine they use to justify their desire to kill off the masses… killing off others means
      a)more room for your own kids/tribe
      b)less complexity and fewer variables as they try to control the world.

    • littlebird
      They want fewer people because
      a)More room for their own genes
      b)they are control freaks who have a need to control everything. The world is too complex to control, so they want to simplify everything by reducing the number of people.

      I’m reading ‘illiberal reformers’ right now and the mind set that fed into Technocracy is without doubt one that feeds into that kind of thinking… the imagining that an elite can see all and control everything goes back to the Platonic ‘Philosopher Kings’ and the inability to ACTUALLY be as smart as they think they are makes that kind of person angry and they want to shape the world to fit their model of how it should work…. funny thing is that that idea of Platos republic was kinda based on the Spartan proto-fascist state which was the first culture I know of that actually managed to be so unhealthy that it weakened and destroyed itself.

      • I enjoyed reading your reply to littlebird, made me laugh too, about the Spartan fail. Too funny tho tragic it’s the dry wit.

    • kck12 says:
      “…the same power network has now realized that almost all of humanity…is considered an increasing liability to their own survival.”

      I lean with you on that. The common man as he exists now (somewhat uncontrollable) is a liability to those in power.

      I believe that many of the Elite have a compulsion to control, to administrate how the population behaves…to chart the plans of what the populace must do.
      It is not that the populace have any worth or value. They are only a game piece to be manipulated. There are billions of game pieces, and thus an infinite number can be sacrificed in achieving the pipedreams of the Elite.

  3. You are not the body, neither are you the ahamkara mind. As “the Medium is the Message” demonstrates the phonetic language creates another illusion in Mind on top of the Samsara illusion. Critical thinking is illusion, all phenomenon defined in Time have no permanence even if written in books. Avalokitesvara is the bodhisattva of all compassion and is constant in the past, present and future times

    • Slim67

      Critical Thinking is very important to human freedom because without an ability to see thru woo-woo people are easy to control… it is by no means the ONLY tool to look at the world, but New Age spirituality is a tool of the Elite. They have pushed it for a long time, from Theosophy to LSD, as it suits their Gnostic outlook and confuses people.

      • Duck,

        couldn’t agree more. Discernment is atrophied in this world. Confusion is the controllers game. Pre-packaged minds.

        • …but both can be present at the same time, maybe…

          …discernment on a spiritual level?

          …critical analysis that coincides with your beliefs?

          …trying to find common ground here.

          • studiotwoseven
            “..…discernment on a spiritual level?..”

            True that Humans can not live without some form of spiritual belief. There has never been a successful atheist society because human nature demands something to focus upon.

            The danger is that without examination of what we THINK we discern humans end up doing crazy anabaptist or mormon level weirdness
            (“in my opinion” thru spiritual deception nut maybe its just a failure of thinking to the end)

            • Duck
              I agree the religious problem is also a lack of habitual reality testing which lends all sorts of opportunities for people to cash in their crazy coupons

  4. Regarding Club of Rome mental masturbation…

    We, people, are supposedly guilty because we are polluting mother Earth, hence we are enemies. But do we have a choice? For example, is it possible that all people choose to eat food produced without pesticides?
    Think carefully, if you are proponent of idea that human existence is defined by choice.
    Sure, majority of people could choose to eat not-pesticized, but that choice would play brilliantly into rulers idea of depopulation. This choice would be suicidal, there is not enough of not-pesticized food on the world.

    Why is there not enough of not-pesticized food? Certainly this is not a consequence of humanity’s choice!
    We are not choosing how things are done, owners of the world, and I mean this literally, are responsible. In current paradigm they are the ones who have the power of decision making regarding their property, they are able to choose.

    Another take on Club’s intellectual sewage.
    Merely by believing humanity is the enemy one becomes the enemy of humanity, that’s by definition.
    I noticed people have hard times processing this fact. Probably it’s because of misleading distinction between concepts of an individual and of a society. It would be better to reason with a concept individual/society, in a sense of ying/yang concept.
    Another problem might be self-referential nature of Club’s blather. Recursion, consciousness, self-references are hard stuff to think about.

    • I think my Philosophy for a better World can be summed up as;
      “Treat others as you would want for them to treat you, and don’t fall into the trap of serving the evil ones.”
      Note that a lot of self reflection/meditation may be required to attain either of these goals, and that undoubtedly requires dumping the Smartphone (at least for a while).

      • Agree with your philosophy in principle, just, it’s too vague for my taste. I believe something more precise, detailed is possible and in more affirmative way, while for the masses it even must be in this way.

  5. Most people are just trying to live their lives, navigating around the obstacles presented. This is the foundational conspiracy, people conspiring to avoid actively involving themselves in self-government and its requirements for being informed and critically thinking.

    • Also, the nature of government (permanent bureaucracy, revolving doors between government and its contractors, and the established lobbying groups) an inevitable open conspiracy. The government organizations operate in the rings-within-rings type of communications, where workers are aware only of what they need to do for their jobs without comprehending the purpose intended by the inner rings.

      Presumably the original concept of democratic/republic style government implied that the actions of the government were answerable to the public/electorate. Practical government perhaps inevitably must operate as an open conspiracy, and one that is not in the interests of individual liberties or even individual participation. Given that, it is not surprising that the government would have an inner circle that looks at the broadest global environment and decide that the best approach is to apply science to control the population in order to address those perceived global issues.

  6. Ultimately, it’s not about conspiracy at all.

    It’s about World View !!

    How rule the world. Lecture at the FSB (KGB)

    World Viev is ultimately about a Belief.
    It’s impossible to define a system within itself (Gödel theorems).

    In that sense, Scientism, a belief in science, is the enemy of humanity. Scientism is a belief that tries to render a Belief meaningless, useless, unsubstantiated, portray it as prejudice, superstition.

    Well, even mathematics start with axioms.
    “An axiom, …. is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. The word comes from the Greek axíōma (ἀξίωμα) ‘that which is thought worthy or fit’ or ‘that which commends itself as evident.”(wikipedia)

    Don’t you think that the same ought to be applied to some, lets say, good beliefs.

    • Why axioms, why beliefs?

      To avoid Infinite Regress. Maybe to avoid chaos and have any kind of order.

      “Such, then, is our doctrine, and in addition, we maintain that besides scientific knowledge there is its original source which enables us to recognize the definitions.”

      I don’t think God is necessary to bring sense to this line of thinking. I think it’s enough to not believe scientism that belief is bad in itself.

      • Duck, I asked you several times to stay away from me.
        Why you can’t respect this?
        In my opinion, not respecting this should be enough that our dear host could remove you from this platform.

        Video you proposed is not even remotely close to the one I’ve proposed. It’s not a problem the guy is slow, he is shallow in all ways imaginable.

        • Mik
          “..Duck, I asked you several times to stay away from me.
          Why you can’t respect this?..”

          OK I will try to say this and NOT sound like an ass but I simply forgot we interacted earlier… considering that (as I recall) we had an argument over German Banking and if it was related to the FED system or not I am surprised you even care.

          After watching about 2/3 or the Worldview video I looked up the one I linked and just posted without even registering your name.

          If I have upset you personally I am sorry that you took it to heart.

          I will (as always) try to refrain from talking to you but this is pretty much something that happens on line where we do not see each others faces or know each other personally.

  7. For someone to go to the mental place that allows belief on this issue, they would have to acknowledge that their ‘caretakers’ have abused them. That is a painful step to take. Like believing a parent could harm a child … or a teacher, or a priest. Those that are supposed to be looking out for me, I now must believe, are actually hurting me, intentionally. I cannot believe it, someone would have found out and stopped them. But what if there are no upper ‘good people’ to make them accountable? In a godless world, nothing goes higher than a Bill Gates or an Elon Musk. If there truly is no savior, the victim embraces the abuser. I believe there are volumes written on that dynamic.

  8. The G Edward Griffin clip is great. The panning to the audience is especially hilarious. Here is a link to his work “The Chasm.” This is an excellent piece and very on point with this report. This was a huge eye opener for me.

  9. The simple answer is to bring on measures that appear to improve the human lot which also tighten control over us in ways that we cannot fight back against. E.g. turn colonies into democracies that impose globalist trade, controlled dual party factions, controlled currency. E.g. change punishment from flogging and caning to fining..

  10. Letter sent to a person demanding that I stop misinforming others…

    Dear (Fred),

    Are you aware of the definition of fascism?

    Fascism is basically where people surrender individual thought and free speech to bind themselves to a group in the interest of collectively destroying a common enemy. The symbol for fascism is a bundle of sticks with an axe in the middle.

    When you forcibly oppose free thought and free speech, and insist that only the official line be followed, then you yourself have crossed the line into fascism.

    There does not need to be a dictator, and fascism can have a (fraudulent) democratic face. In the case of Covid it is a technocratic dictatorship where faked-up science is deployed for issuing orders.

    Beware of thought-terminating cliches such as “conspiracy theorist”, “vaccine denier”, “misinformation agent”. You imagine that they are meaningful phrases but they are propaganda, implanted prejudices that seek to deny independent thought.

    I could try to be humorous and play act scorched eyebrows when you roar at me.
    However since there is a huge and organized scam in operation which I insist on talking about, where with your closed mind you not only refuse to listen, you imagine that hanging is not good enough for me, it might perhaps be better if I simply avoided you.

    Did you know that the way the Germans were conditioned to hate the jews came from hygiene propaganda? It started with general cleanliness propaganda. Then moved on to exterminating cockroaches and rats. Then the jews were positioned as vermin-infested parasites. The SS officers who killed the jews hated what they were doing but they were motivated by disgust. And the disgusted population turned a blind eye to the murders – so much so that the allies had to march the civilian population through the death camps to force them to wake up to what they were involved in.
    That is fascism for you. And it is being imposed on us here…


  11. Robert, You said it!

    How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett #074 is a real bookmark…something to share with others, no matter where they might be on the spectrum.

    Corbett does an excellent job of killing off the “counter argument nonsense” before it starts.
    The real culprit underlying unaware normies is their unwillingness to LOOK, to actually research and dig hard for all the facts. They want a 5 second version of the facts, kind of like a one pill weightloss supplement to lose 20 pounds between TV shows…it ain’t gonna happen.

    • “They want a 5 second version of the facts, kind of like a one pill weightloss supplement to lose 20 pounds between TV shows”. Exactly, as good consumers they want a product they can easily consume. In a way, they have it: movies. But that product is designed to create a short-lived catharsis before the individual slips back into the daily hypnosis, more than anything else.
      Then, this unwillingness of the unaware to look comes also, of course, from the terror of witnessing their construct of reality collapse.

  12. I just got this News clip from Ben Swann at that seems to play into the topic at hand. It is only 13 mins and it exposes MSNBC (Microsoft) attempting to create Chaos by calling for the assassination of American citizens by the Biden Administration.

    My take on this is that Bill Gates is using his Network as a Means to divert attention away from his hideous plans of population reduction.
    It would be easy to react to the MSNBC Fake News Clip (if one were so inclined to pollute their minds), with anger, or fear, however I think Ben Swann does a nice job of exposing that MSNBC is actually trying to create Terrorists.
    Note that what this MSNBC so called “News Anchor” said is far worse than anything Trump had said which lead to his second Impeachment Trial.

  13. Bill Gates says:
    “…the damage of Climate Change…
    …it will be a death rate 5 times the Pandemic per year,
    and going up every year,
    and there won’t be a single thing like a vaccine that can magically get rid of it.”

    (23 minute mark)

    By the way, Gates has spoken to Biden several times and approves of his Cabinet & Executive appointments.

    Thursday – February 18, 2021
    In this Yahoo Finance special presentation, Andy Serwer is joined by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates as they discuss the threat of climate change and what could happen to our planet if we don’t address the problem.
    Bill Gates on the global climate crisis and what the world needs to do
    (30 minutes)

    In the video, Bill Gates describes how he has brought us “Magical” stuff like Microsoft and vaccines.

    In his July 30th interview with Andy Serwer months ago, Bill Gates discussed the problem of “misinformation” (during the week that America’s Frontline Doctors were censored about Hydroxychloroquine.) Shortly following that interview, Yahoo Finance cut out the comment section. Also, we noticed an increase in censorship across the boards.

    • RELATED to Bill Gates and his Climate Change world objectives…

      Irina Slav at OILPRICE.COM once again authors an interesting article.
      Who Will Win The Carbon Capture Tech Showdown?

      …Earlier this month, Elon Musk made headlines yet again…The billionaire entrepreneur offered a $100-million prize to those who can come up with a large-scale solution to our carbon dioxide problem…

      …Carbon capture… has stayed largely out of the spotlight because of the high costs…
      …Speaking of financial support for direct air capture, a team of researchers earlier this year published a paper that argued we could actually deploy direct air capture machines on a global scale even at current costs. This deployment, Wired wrote in a report on the paper, would cost between 1 and 2 percent of global gross domestic product.

      For context, the 2019 global gross domestic product totaled $87.55 trillion…

      …But here’s a piece of good news that passed unnoticed last year amid the lockdowns and the energy demand crash: the Sun is helping.
      According to a paper by Maths Professor Valentina Zharkova from Northumbria University, last year, the Sun entered what scientists call a Grand Solar Minimum—a period of minimal activity—that will last until 2053 and will cool the Earth by 1 degree Celsius. Even the Sun has joined the quest to hit those Paris Agreement targets.

      • More on the Grand Solar Minimum

        At the SUB-THREAD link above, you will find…
        Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook) gives a good overview of the Grand Solar Minimum in a 30 minute video.
        Further down the Thread is an IMAGE of Grand Solar Minimum SYMPTOMS which should be underscored.

        Further down the Thread is the “Grand Solar Minimum” paper mentioned by Irina Slav in the comment above.
        Published online 2020 Aug 4th by Valentina Zharkova at the website.
        Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling

        Tidbit – If you have interest on some of the factors involving the power loss in Texas during the artic front, Technical Explanations about Natural Gas & Freezing by REAL Experts is a very good read.

    • Of course, there is no Global Conspiracy which links Big Tech and Bill Gates and et al…

      …it is just a coincidence…
      Broc West says:
      Part 4 of the Who Is Bill Gates? documentary series, Meet Bill Gates (over 1 million views), has been purged from ThemTube.

      Sorry to sound like a broken record but your 1 stop shop for everything Corbett Report is always

  14. This brings to mind “The Manhattan Project,” my understanding of which was: that there were an estimated 130,000 individuals working in multiple locations on compartmentalized sections of the project, with only about a dozen who actually knew that this was a plan for creating and using the world’s first nuclear bomb.
    That, at least, is what I RECALL learning years ago…but in more recent revisiting of the tale, it seems that the 130,000 figure has ‘blown up’ into: ‘200,000’ OR ‘half-million people who contributed’, OR ‘more than 600,000 people worked on the project’ (depending on the source).
    Even if 12 of ONLY 130,000 knew what that project was truly about, that was astounding to me – much less 12 out of 600,000. & That doesn’t take into account that the figure of “12” is coming from my memory. BUT if only 120 out of 130,000 knew, OR even, say, 500 out of 600,000 knew: that would still be disturbing!!! Using ANY of those figures: the use of compartmentalization IS, to this day, still disturbing.

    Most of us use this exact same technique, on an individual level, subliminally, in an effort to keep ourselves sane, which is probably why it’s so difficult for what James calls “normies” to acknowledge and in which to come to terms with & reconcile their own cognitive dissonance issues.
    Then of course, we’ve been subjected to techniques of desensitization, normalization, and cultural subversion, which usually occur over a period of time, & have been in hyperdrive especially in the realm of what they’re calling “education” these days.
    Mix in censorship & propaganda plus advanced tech and it’s a recipe for disaster at best, with the horror-filled fulfilment of the Book of Revelations looking optimistic at this point (esp those chapters 21 &22)!!!

    • The Manhattan Project, a very good example indeed!

  15. MellowYellow
    Your comment reminds me to re read ‘confessions of an economic hitman’ by John Perkins which gives a pretty good description of one level of how debt slavery keeps the 3rd world unstable.

    I would think the plan for africa is to kill off most of the people who are not useful as labor.

    The number of people actually needed in the machine age is far lower then it used to be during former colonialism and importing a new higher skill, more socially compliant population (of Chinese maybe, the way Indians were imported to some parts of Africa) might be on the agenda.

    If there is a drop in native African population (say by withdrawing AIDS drugs, formenting genocide or via some plague) I can totally imagine China bringing in a settler population in large enough numbers to change the demographics.

    China does not even need to pretend to be non racist or believe in human rights.

  16. Conspiracy is how normal life works… your Church, Office, or any organization you belong to has a small number of people who decide whats going to happen and then everyone else goes along with it.

    The illusion that hurts people is that THEIR OPINION MATTERS… it makes them imagine that just having an opinion or an idea shapes things while those with power know that you must MAKE things happen if you want them.

    I guess its a kind of narcissism we suffer from as a culture which stops people from having any real power.

  17. I’ve wasted far too much time trying to ‘convince the unconvincible’. Time to focus on solutions and personal action towards same, right?

  18. 9tH
    I doubt that its hormonal… I used to wonder that too but now believe homosexuality being on the rise is caused by social changes… probably the result of broken homes, social breakdown and porn exposure.
    Since the change was one of those desired by the Jaffe memo so I doubt that its by chance.

    The idea of a person BEING “a homosexual” as an identity is pretty new… AFAIK its a Victorian idea. The idea that people can fall INTO homosexual behavior is much more historically normal… its just that social conditions are creating the situation.

    I just read Abigail shriers book and the explosion in teen girls becoming trans is without doubt a social contagion that exists due to tech and social conditions… she is well worth listening too via joe rogans podcast even if you dont want to buy her book.

    • Peripatêtikos
      “…I think homosexuality and trans-sexuality are two very different phenomena,…”
      Totally agree…ALSO think that there are now several strains of both. For example book mentioned above by Shrier was almost exclusively about Teenage girls presenting a very different dysphoria then the folks Magnus Hirschfeld was dealing with.

      “..nurture vs nature… or that period and society…”
      The idea that REGULAR people in society might have homosexual sex is not new, but afaik NO society has ever imagined that large numbers of REGULAR members of society would ‘LIVE’ an exclusively homosexual life.
      I think that if something that has never happened before happens its probably not a good sign.

      “..controllable, lost and utterly defeated “liberated victims.”

      I think THAT is the point, its not ‘consumerism’ for pleasure- its a generation that no longer has the family structure and mental fortitude to resist the social and tech tools deployed to program them.
      This stage of the sexual revolution is the final one and we are approaching the end of ‘mouse utopia’ trap we are living in The “desire for death” is being internalized

      “… Only a deplorable fiend would suggest that, yes, life is hard…”
      True, the elites have promoted and rewarded individual weakness even as the cultural roots of preserving the weak are removed. 🙁

      • Peripatêtikos
        I used the term “regular” in the sense of an everyday class of person. The very rich, criminal classes and certain “irregular” 🙂 persons (usually holding religious roles) might lead lives outside of a ‘joe six pack’ (back then Lucius-one-jar..? Alfric Two-Tankard??? LOL) type persons behavioral patterns.
        Sorry if i was not clear thru my choice of words. At NO time in history that I know of have large numbers of the regular classes of people lived their lives with exclusive or predominantly homosexual behavior as the norm. T
        HIS is a new thing and I do not think it exists naturally or for the benefit of regular people.

        The rich classes people have almost always had ‘looser’ controls on their sex lives then poorer classes because they could afford to do things like divorce or separate without suffering economic disaster.

        I will read Mary Renault if I come across her books- she sounds like the kind of author I used to enjoy. I loved Robert Graves books for years as a kid, though his Greek religious history theories are now less then credible.

        However I must point out that many writers create an impression of the past that is based on their own ideas and politics rather… an example being the common idea that Romans had no issue with homosexuality when in fact they REALLY had no issue with RICH powerful people buggering POOR people and children.

        Modern eyes see sexual liberation where in fact it was just acceptance of sexual violence.

    • ManBearPig
      AFAIK LSD was created as a hallucinogen and passed off as an accidental discovery.
      The use of such drugs for religious control goes back (or is at least BELIEVED to go back) to ancient Greece and Crowley (the black magician and spy) was noted for using the similar drugs (Psilocybin ?? I THINK…) on dinner unsuspecting guests and may have been ‘the’ expert in his day (decades before MKULTRA) and is possibly the guy who interrogated Rudolph Hess (Acc to ‘Secret Agent 666’ )

      “.. Hofmann first synthesized LSD on November 16, 1938.[1] The main intention of the synthesis was to obtain a respiratory and circulatory stimulant (an analeptic). It was set aside for five years, until April 16, 1943, when Hofmann decided to take a second look at it. While re-synthesizing LSD, he accidentally absorbed a small amount of the drug and discovered its powerful effects.[4][5] He described what he felt as being:…”

    • MAnBearPig
      Opps… forgot to say that the Jaffe Memo APPEARS to discuss many of the things we see today as population control measures so I would guess that you are correct on it being deliberate.

      “…If endocrine disruptors are being deliberately kept in the environment in a major way, despite the knowledge dating back several decades of how they impact species, as seems to be the case with bisphenol A in baby bottles for example, then it wouldn’t be by chance, but deliberate…..”

    • Hi ManBearPig, on a different topic, I’d translated The Freedom Airway interview into French and Spanish, and HomeRemedySupply said it may of interest for you because as you used to live in France, you could still have contacts there.
      You’ll find the conversation as well as the YT link in the comment section of the interview:

  19. Thanks for your insights. Sometimes I start to doubt my own sanity, after family and friends continuously label my thinking, as if I were mentally ill, when among them, I am the most healthy physically and feel mentally healthy too.
    You put your finger on how to think and reply to the “Skeptics”.
    What are we talking about specifically?
    What agendas have been openly promoted for years?
    What have some insiders seen and reported, and what did they say?
    What if there were rings within rings?
    What if most people were simply mostly innocent “true believers”?
    It reminds me of the parable of Little Red Riding Hood, where the world could be seen as divided between the sheep, the wolves, and the wolves dressed as sheep. What to do about it? What do I do about it?
    Be a sheepdog, and the role of the sheepdog is not to protect, but to inform.

    • Ben it’s great to be a light house, a person who is intelligent and fit and able to inform others. Friends and family may sometimes go a bit off on your points of view because …. well…. one thing I’ve noticed is Lighthouse people don’t ever chill. They don’t look at me they’re too busy talking at me. They’re not tuned into me they’re tuned into their truther mindset… it’s so shallow and this is proven by the way Lighthouses react if you try to just chill out together. They can’t handle a bit of boredom, they need to talk and be listened to. I’m for one, sick of people talking AT me. I hope my experience helps you chill out and develop meaningful associations that are not entirely just knowledge based. Cerebral narcissism etc.

  20. James whether or not John was being genuine with his question,
    I think you did a jolly good job of answering it in a most convincing fashion!

  21. I wish we were learning new guitar chords or studying literature – not really but it beats watching what is left of democracy die. Prepare and good luck. We will probably loose but it is worth it to hang on to whatever freedom, dignity and truth that we have left.

    • Jake
      You should do those things… the people who hate you need to debase and dumb down their subjects to justify their perception of themselves as more truly human then you
      Since they are generally NOT better (or even smarter) then most of us they want you to become a consumer of product without any spark of artistry or interest in anything higher.

  22. The truth is that, for most people, the idea that the world may be populated by individuals so evil to be wanting to cull the entire human species is simply too dark, too traumatic, to be accepted.

    We tend to judge the behaviour of other people based on our ethical coordinates. For the vast majority of the human beings, genocide is simply too unethical and unthinkable and they honestly believe no-one else can possibly entertain and relish that idea. (with the exception of a few psychopaths, but they are odd bad apples and generally in the fringe of society, and surely not cozily embedded in it).

    The idea that our elected representatives are psychopaths in disguise simply means that we have to confront the idea we have allowed psychopaths to rule our lives: something too defeating and traumatic to be accepted by the masses. They would simply have to admit that the society they live in is much darker than they can ever possibly imagine.

    This is, I believe, the actual core of the widespread resistance to consider the possibility of conspiracy theories. It goes deep down in the psychology of each individual and questions the very basis of who we are as humans, and what society truly is.

    • “..We tend to judge the behaviour of other people based on our ethical coordinates…”

      I think its more that people DO NOT WANT to think that they themselves can be that evil. It reminds me of Jon Ronson’s “the Psychopath test” where he kinda implied that the average shareholder outsources their greed to the psychopath CEO who asset stripped companies and made the shareholders backing him richer without THEM feeling bad…. the same way that we outsource our violence to police and soldiers

    • DogStar
      I have not read that one, but I recommend the Olde “Mask Of Sanity” which I got as a PDF off the net some years ago. The culture of narcissism we live in makes people think psycopathy is “cool” and makes them ‘stark’ and ‘powerful’ (to steal screwtapes words)
      Back when people were not so stupid as to imagine that all behaviors are equal the psychopath was just the scummy type at the corners of society- good for murdering foreigners (in military service) but not someone who would prosper in society.
      The culture of non judgement has made such people magically invisible and free of the exclusion they used to suffer for being scum bags…. Sam Vaknin on Ytube go it right when he said such folks used to just hang out in the criminal part of town and bother each other.

  23. Regarding the chemicals altering the sex identity of amphibians, there is a youtuber named Myles Power, who has a channel dedicated to debunking “Conspiracy Theories.”

    He has a 3 part video series that claims to debunk the study conducted by Tyrone Hayes, the scientist that is making the claims of the negative effects of Atrazine and altering the sex of animals.
    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

    I’m going to have to re-examine Corbett’s original video on the subject but I would be curious if there were any reactions/responses to these videos.

    • Jermaine
      I saw at least ONE doc on US water pollution causing genital abnormalities in amphibians and reptiles back when I watched TV regularly (a ways) before 2000.
      1st Video is painful to sit thru
      The actual information contained could have been put in a 5 min video but this video was about framing the argument and controlling your perception rather then telling you anything.
      Your average NPC will be so overwhelmed that if they get to 12-13 min into it when you hear an actual scientist tell you YES AN ACTUAL SCIENTIST THINKS there may be a problem their brain will just reject it even if you dont watch the next video

      Video creep is talkng and talking and showing garish clips of FrogJones because like shakespeare he has to write to various levels of audience-
      1st the person who just laughs at Alex Jones and stops there….
      2nd the “headline” level for people who just accept that the idea is “Bizarre and almost unbelievable’
      3rd If your still there you framed your thinking heavy use of Alex Jones being “unhinged” (which TBH he kinda does act like…) and how ‘stupid’ it is to think the government might do 9/11 or OKC… then you get to laugh at the idea of a “gay bomb”….. NOW for the slightly smarter NPC you have the “Oh…BUT there is a GRAIN of truth…” so you can know your smarter then the OTHER people but its still framed to keep it tongue in cheek and “Oh how LOL!”…. THEN
      4th Your arrogance gets fed because you can laugh at how lazy the Young Turks are having lower research standards then Jones)

      THEN … if your still listening to the garish sound overload you get to hear that actually an actual scientist did actual work and actually said that there was an issue with sexual development in forgs…BUT in the next vid (He promises) you will have this explained away.

      Ugh…. I will look at next video later. I THINK thgis is the actual paper but have not read it

    • 2nd video…
      Frame with Alex Jones (I do kinda like that remix though…)
      THEN Frame that 1st video was “At its core” The gay frogs story is about ‘Lazy Journalists’ (low hangng fruit…Lol) letting “Charlatans” (‘conspiracy theorist’ framing being worn out) ‘circumnavigate the scientific process’ (Unsure WHAT scientific process is he talking about Jones circumnavigating?) to “scare the public directly”….. a reframing (By me) might be “Lazy Journalists allowed conspiracy theorists to cause the public to become concerned rather trust that scientists had all in hand”
      Then we hear that the professor was able to “hide his antiscience views”… Never are we shown what his ‘antiscience’ views are… or even what an “antiscience” view is or why such a person got scholarships as a gifted person…. We are signaled to think this guy is stupid since “fewer then 40%” of the people where he was born finished highschool (BUT he won scholarships got his phd and joined the university staff..)
      After much more talk we learn the facts that matter

      1) Hayes did ONE STUDY that is called into question but WAS regarded as worthy of deeper investigation
      2)Industry funded studies found nothing bad (Like Tobbacco and asbestos studies…..)
      3)Hayes claims that he was threatened and that industry studies are suspect (maybe…fake and gay 🙂 ??)

      Pretty much thats all that matters…. its character assassination. Hayes may be full of #### or he may be telling the truth. This video really does not do much to convince me either way and the actual question is if one trusts Hayes or the EPA and chemical companies.
      AGAIN this video is maybe 5 min worth of info and a ton of framing

    • Video 3
      IS MUCH BETTER… Surprisingly the 3rd video is way better at painting Hayes as a nut by playing video of him being kind of a weirdo.
      There is still a ton of framing to make the idea of atrazine causing health effects look insane.
      He could have dispensed with most of video 2.

      My reaction/conclusion for what its worth.

      This guy could have made ONE 15 min video with the actual facts covered and the rest is literal propaganda.

      He DOES manage to raise questions about the validity of the initial frog study but exaggerates the strength of these doubts FAR beyond what he should.

      This is a propaganda piece that is more concerned with shaping your view of science and the facts then it is arguing FROM those facts

      In conclusion these 3 videos (JUST These videos… no other info on the matter in my mind) make me think
      a)I still dont want to chug chemicals
      b)Hayes may be a nut
      b1) Atrazine is STILL NOT proven ‘safe’
      c)I still dont trust industry funded science to tell me a thing is safe
      d)These 3 videos will not tell you much but will spend a great deal of time trying to SHAPE YOUR THINKING about the issue

  24. Alchemist
    TRUE environmental pollution factors are bad but you can drop Testosterone pretty easily JUST by not exercising , eating the wrong food and even social interaction can affect it.
    Also porn appears to make males more prone to homosexuality or at least BI-sexual behaviors… its not a great study (but watching OTHER people have sex with woman is not likely to result in a male becoming super dominant IMO…..)

    Considering the push back against the No-Fap movement I would suspect that SOMEONE benefits from mass porn

    • Alchemist
      Not going to comment on spilling the cup for fear of sounding like an expert.. 😉 Lol, but I think giving in to any kind of addiction is generally speaking a way for other people to control us…. like E M Jones says in libido dominandi its a method of control the vic will fight to protect since they think its part of themselves

  25. Here are some comments from the bitchute post of this video that I wanted to repost here:

    simply put – it is through compartmentalization and specialization that this conspiracy operates. The specialized mind sees only what it is trained to see and then by default becomes compartmentalized in the social structure that the social alchemist, or conspirators control. Money is one of their main tools of control – with that carrot on the stick men can be made to do things that they really do not entirely understand the ends of and therefore become conscripted into serving an agenda they do not see or understand, and too much of the time refuse to see, because to see it will destroy their false world view which is too much to bear for weak minded individuals.

    ItsSecret replied:
    “You laid it out more clearly and concisely than Corbett has in this video.”

    I replied with…(see next comment)

    • thanks, I take that as a complement because I deeply respect James and his work.

      This is something I have been thinking about for a long time because ultimately this whole conspiracy runs on mind control and is fundamentally psychological at its roots.

      From simple lies being believed to the more modern forms of mind control, bread and circus distraction methods and so forth. It is a deep subject that is rarely touched upon…

      Michael Tsarion was covering this aspect of this years ago before he changed and lost his way for some reason… ego possession, threatened by someone in power, maybe he was a change agent from the beginning, I am not sure — but not too many have delved into this aspect of it.

      They operate from certain models and do not deviate from them much if at all; and in the end they are not creative which is a weakness they have.

      In this video James was trying to show that this conspiracy is really out in the open and used their words and white papers to show that. Which is one way to go about it and an important part of it.

      I have always tried to boil this research down to the fundamental models and methods they use in an effort to know our enemy.

    • FredScrunge replies with:
      “Are you aware that your comment is identical to that spoken by G Edward Griffin ? The video was linked in the show notes on CorbettReport,com titled The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin lecture.
      So great you have this understanding but funny that people commenting this is better than Corbett :)”

      I replied with…

    • Yeah, Griffin basically stated the same thing at the end when it comes to secret society network. The comment I made brought it down to the foundation of how it functions in general society in regards to the reductionist mind set being specialized and compartmentalized through the controlled education curriculums.

      And maybe I am missing something because I don’t remember what Griffin said word for word…

      Anyway, as far as I am concerned Corbett is one the most well researched journalist of our time, a real journalist at that – not these fake corporate media whores and I deeply appreciate what he does, because I myself couldn’t do what he does. I could never reach people the way he does but the problem is many people don’t want to know the truth or be reached by it.
      Putting our eggs in the basket that enough people will wake up at this stage of “game” to fix this situation is folly as far as I am concerned at this point.

      Those of us who are awake need to start coming together and realize that we are in a war; then plan and act accordingly. Let the fools die for want of knowledge and wisdom and move on – we are late in the game and ill prepared for the most part and if we don’t start communicating and pooling our resources, skills and knowledge – then we aren’t any better off then people who refuse to see what is stareing them in faces in the end.

      I think this should be the job of the researchers like Corbett and others to start pooling there audiences to make the proper moves we need to make – because all of this talk and reporting at this point is becoming redundant and is tactically foolish.

      • With respect to James Corbett, I think he is already doing this. Case in point is his clear shift to a solutions focus this year, not just with the solutions watch series, but all videos. I can even detect frustration when the conversation falls back into “problem identification phase” for prolonged periods.

        As you say, other researchers, and indeed every one of us that is already aware, needs to transition now, if we have not already done so. The parallel society is waiting to be constructed by us.

        • 100 % agree with you !
          Solutions have to be the focus now !
          The solutions are going to be highly technical i think, that does not mean highly complex . Kiss is a good way to think about it.
          A lot of the ” old / retro ” technology, is under developed, because “we ” had so much excess energy, for a while. ( like mussel cars in the 60 ). We need a crises, to act, after my opinion. Ether thinking is coming back ( from the 1800 ) and thank God for that.


        • AB,

          Yes, “the parallel society is waiting to be constructed by us.”
          So how does that look? Sure James has shifted to a solutions focus, but if it is only talk and doesn’t move into action beyond the net, then what is it worth in end?

          I don’t think you understand what I am trying to get across here and most likely others here don’t as well. Let me try and clarify…

          What is the internet ultimately? A communication device and the research community and their respective audiences need to start using it constructively as a tool of communication to bring people together to start building “the parallel society” while we are still able to do so; because soon the internet will be gone as we know it and it will simply go down when the lights go out, or turn into a highly regulated junk pile and we see the beginning of that with all of the censorship taking place.

          My point being, that it is foolish to continue to commentate on the bomb that is dropping in on you without getting outside the blast zone and that is what I see happening right now.

          I propose, that we have the skills, resources and knowledge amongst us at this point in time to prepare a place for ourselves so to speak in regards to the literal war that is begin waged against us and we need to be wise about the opportunity we have at this point to use the net to take a stock of those skills, resources and knowledge amongst us and to start coming together out in the real world on the ground level. To continue reporting on this agenda is redundant and foolish at this point when we could use the net to communicate in a productive manner and take action.

          Lets say there are 10 people spread out in 5 or so cities, if they stay there they will most likely die there or be caught in the trap that is laid. Now, maybe those 10 people on their own couldn’t get some land out in the country where they could grow their own food and remove themselves from the danger zone, but if they could find each other by the researchers acting as hubs for their audiences they could pool their resources and purchase land together. And is just one basic example of what I am trying to get across here – when people come together and truly work together for mutual benefit, great things can happen.

          What I see happening is that the researchers are putting their eggs in the basket that people are going to wake up to turn this around and it is a foolish move at this point in the “game” to think that people are going to wake up in mass to put an end to it.

          I really don’t know how this new form of communicating on the net would look in reality but I am sure there are tech guys out who do and know how to make it work. If we don’t figure this out and the researchers don’t shift gears in this direction then I will have to assume that alot of people amongst us are going to die in the coming days who wouldn’t of had to if we can put our egos and fears aside and come together.

          • Hi there !

            I have tried to spread the good news around here.
            in short:
            Mesh networks.
            Retro / old technology.
            DIY technology

            Things that will get you a skill, if you put energy into it.

            Here is something “new” : Ubuntu society : Michel Tellinger :
            I wrote a letter to my own commune admin. copy to MT, if we could take a look at these ideas, no answer, from my commune, they think I am crazy anyway. MT was willing to do his part on the fly.

            I try hard in my own community, to spread these thoughts, but the resistance is formidable. It is so easy, to be conform to the PTB, and so easy to just go to the shop, and get the newest and most advanced stuff, for the highest price.

            The sad thing, is that almost everybody here, think that the vac. will bring back old days. So i am clearly pissing into the wind against me, but i have done that most of my life..


            • From your URL

              If you know the mayor of a small town that would like to do something good for the town and the people

              I know a mayor who will say/promise/support anything anyone asks of them. Following up on words is a whole different bag of apples. Anyway, that sounds like a good idea, but we need a marketing genius to sell it.

            • Roy,

              Yeah, plenty of people are just lost because it is easier to give ones mind away to the authorities than it is to claim it, free it and then also shield it.

              Linux is a good direction to go even if microsoft is now one of the biggest donors to the linux foundation.

              The Michael Tellinger link looks good from a brief scan of the page. In the end though I don’t think that most of us will have electricity in the future unless people can provide it for themselves, which means that the tech is going to go down, which is why I think it is imperative that people use it now to communicate and come together before it goes down.

              I also have issue, in reference to the page you linked, with free energy for all bit, not that I have issue with the free energy part, but I have issue with systems like that – that aren’t decentralized down to the individual. There have been magnetic motors developed that are out there, that technology can be developed into a system that could run in the basement of every house, decentralized down to the individual. Solar panels and things like that are not the answer because in the end they are highly wasteful because the need for batteries and the waste issue with them. SO when the main grid goes down people who have spent thousands of dollars on solar systems will eventually lose that 5-10 years after when the batteries die, and if you have a string of cloudy days that can kill the system quicker because once the batteries drain past a certain level they degrade real quick. Magnetic motor generators and hydro systems are the way the go when it comes to electricity.

              I myself have planned for living without electricity at this point… electricity is the acheilles heel of all of this technology, we are going to have to go back to the old ways unless some innovators provide a viable solution to it.

              • Your solution is not the way I want to go. Think I will try to find other ways.


              • Roy,

                what solution are you referring to?

                I was just posting a deduction about electricity and electrical systems, not really a solution; and you can’t have a real viable solution without understanding your enemy or without a larger “birds eye view” of the situation. Many things must be taking into consideration to really have a viable solution, other wise you will be chasing mirages that never pan out.

                Ultimately, the whole reason for doing this type of research is to come to a proper diagnosis of the “dis-ease” which is behind the suffering on this planet, which all leads back to this new world order agenda either directly or indirectly; so as be able to find the medicine to cure it.

                Over the years I have come to many deductions along this journey of learning about this.

                1. That this is a collective problem that resides at the individual level

                2. Resource control = people control

                3. The roots of this conspiracy exist mainly in the psychology of humanity

                if you are in a real a fight and someone throws a right hook – you better block to your left and follow with an attack or dodge to the right and back – that is if you want to engage the “enemy”

                If you don’t have an acurate assesment of the situation you won’t find any solutions or you may find a solution but be open to infiltration and attack that will render it useless or defunct.

                JFK is a perfect example if this – he saw the cia as a problem because of the bay of pigs – did not understand who the enemy is and walked into a trap and was assassinated.

      • “… think this should be the job of the researchers like Corbett and others to start pooling there audiences to make the proper moves we need to make – because all of this talk and reporting at this point is becoming redundant and is tactically foolish…”

        1st I doubt that he WANTS the moral (or legal) responsibility of telling people what to do about the bad folks
        2nd ANYONE online is useless for the task of planning a response. You need to plan IN THE REAL WORLD with people you know personally and trust.
        You can swap tide pods for food in the REAL world if you know someone who wants to trade…. you cant do ANYTHING in the virtual world if the people with power control your communications. There are not enough cops to stop stoners buying drugs in the real world…. but silk road is gone off the net.

        The online FAKE world belongs to your enemies and always will because they can buy better toys and smarter people then you can.

        • Duck,

          read the reply I left to AB above, maybe that would clear up what I am trying to get across here.

          I am NOT talking about James telling anyone what to do and don’t understand why you even went there; and certainly I am NOT talking about doing anything about the bad folks at all except to leave those shithead elites to their own devices and stop giving them power by withdrawing from them completely.

          On your second point – that is exactly what I am saying – we need to use the net as a communication device to do just that, to get together and make what needs to happen in the real world.

          “The online FAKE world belongs to your enemies and always will because they can buy better toys and smarter people then you can.”

          Sure I agree to an extent, but the net is not completely controlled by them at this point – but soon will be. If it was completely controlled, Corbett’s site would not be here and you and I would not be having this exchange right now, but the time is coming…

          You call the internet a fake world, but it isn’t a world at all as far as I am concerned – the NET is a COMMUNICATION device and we better start using it wisely while we still can.

          again see my post to AB above…

          I leave you all with song from Peter Tosh called “Come Together” for inspirational purposes:

          And then some Ride Natty Ride from Bob Marley:

          and just so you all know I already have my place prepared.. I am not saying this for my own benefit – I want to see all us make it through these coming days – that is why I am taking the time to get this message across!

          • Noahsark
            Sorry I guess I did not see the next comment. 🙁 Must have been having a senior moment
            I’m glad you have your self organized and ready- your one of the few people who has benefited from the internet by using it properly.

            • Duck,

              You have nothing to be sorry about at all.

              I posted that comment/reply to AB right before I posted the reply to you, so you didn’t have a senior moment at all; I was just referring you back to it so as not to repeat myself.

  26. The video is mainly about the global conspiracy around:
    0. Population Control / Overpopulation / Eugenicists

    There are many others, of which some overlap.

    1. Technocracy / pseudo-skepticism.

    2. Trans-humanism / GMO.

    3. Control over all energy (like via “Global warming scare”)

    4. Control over all resources (Sustainable development)

    5. Control over all money (Federal reserve, World Bank)

    6. Military control (Pentagon / Eternal war)

    7. Control over drugs trade and drugs transports (CIA / Drugsmafia / Addicts)

    8. Control over information (Facebook/ Wikipedia/ Fact-checkers)

    9. Control over Medical aid (monopolies / vaccines)

    10. Human trafficking, Sex trafficking / Child porn

    11. More..

    These groups will use blackmail, extortion, fraud, theft,
    violence, murder, etc
    All to varying degrees.

    And many of them work together.

  27. A very good report. Reaching people is becoming almost impossible. The line has been drawn. Sides have been chosen. “Ignorance is bliss.” Could well be the state motto for California.

  28. I’m about to be Production Manager for a theatrical production. In this production, I’ll have an inner circle of three other people, who will have access to and input into every area of the production.

    Finance, Executive Officer and Director.

    Even they won’t know everything because they’ll be focused on their part of that show. The finance officer will have complete knowledge of where the money is coming from and going to but not such a tight eye on what the script has to say or how it’s going to be performed. The EO will be making sure we’re compliant for reporting to the board and hitting our KPI for funding but she won’t know the details of finance or direction. The director will focus on the script and how it’s presented with only a minor eye on budget and reporting.

    I’ll wind up having the best overall comprehension of what’s going on because my job is to be able to keep an eye on a thousand moving parts and ensure they all work together and push in the same direction.

    Outside that inner circle of four people, the many, many others involved will only have focus on (and access to the information about) their component of the show and I’ll carefully vet the other information they have access to and how they can disseminate the information they have.

    I don’t want some overzealous participant posting spoilers or intellectual property online and I’ve kids health and an arts organisations reputation to protect.

    We’re putting on a theatre show for a not for profit youth arts organisation, not planning to take over the world and we’re going to use compartmentalisation with centralised control because it lets people focus on what they need to focus on, with limited distraction and allows controlled output of information.

    It’s also a hell of a useful tool to keep people working hard on a project, that is ostensibly about one thing but actually, has an entirely different agenda.

    Which is why evil bastards use exactly the same system in their attempts to rule every aspect of our lives.

    That’s how they do it. Simple compartmentalisation and central control with rings within rings.

    • I often wonder if the TRUE story of Star Trek next gen is that evil people finally took over the world…. creating a society of hard working comunialist worker bees…. but ate the salmon moose at the celebration diner andleft no one in charge

  29. Hi James ! Here is a question for you !

    Can you get Bryan Lunduke on your show ? To talk about solutions ?

    Here you find him : E-Mail: [SNIP: No email addresses in the comments section, please. -JC]

    For me that would be interesting, probably for others too.


    • Sorry James ! His mail address was in the link I gave, so i thought it was ok, to put it here !

      Point taken.


    • Roy

      • I am in contact with Bryan, so it takes me no effort to connect JC with him, if he wants to !


  30. “Of course, our customers are not supposed to know this!” said our coach giggling, to us employees/trainees. A comment to which my coworkers of course giggled back. I was about to say laughingly “So are we conspirators?”, but I didn’t. This kind of remark has had its toll in my professional as well as my personal life.
    But I wondered if my coworkers thought about the possibility of that same coach along with our managers, saying that same thing “they are not supposed to know this” and whatever “this” may be, but this time talking about us.
    Then I also wondered if our coaches and our managers ever think about the possibility of their directors also saying “they are not supposed to know this” when talking about them, regarding whichever topic.
    And so on, and so forth.
    The funny thing is that to “conspire” is pretty much part of our nature, at least since the dawn of civilization.
    We all do it, even though we usually erase the notion of our mind as soon as we have. And most people will refuse to see the obvious: the trivial covert strategies they come up with at their petty level do also exist at higher levels, only multiplied and intensified in their complexity, ambition and callousness because there is so much more power and benefits at stake…
    My little anecdote above just took place yesterday by the way.

  31. A very good conversation with Matthew Ehret ( on the nature of conspiracy theories:

    Lastly, I would like to point out that the the theme of the interview is “Conspiracy Theories’.

    What are they?

    What is the mind of humanity such that we are the only species that conspires for good or evil?

    And finally, why do those who conspire for evil and promote closed system scientific policy wish to also ban “conspiracy thinking” in its entirety?

  32. To colosseum !

    ” What is the mind of humanity such that we are the only species that conspires for good or evil? ”

    Not sure about that ! A pack of wolf comes to mind. Apes, have wars, plundering other apes. Elephants, go berserk in a small village, if they are angry !

    So, maybe it is a common theme to conspire ?

    I even have had crows, that conspire towards me when i saved a little on from drowning. They steal my berries tough.


    • Hello Roy,

      just a clarification: that was not my question, just an excerpt of the text introducing the interview with Ehret 🙂

      • Ok!

        Was not against what you wrote, just wondering if it was correct !

        Cheers !


        • Roy,

          I think what you refer to is actually competition, and not conspiring. The examples you gave are more related to animals competing for resources than getting consciously together against “someone else”.

          Without going too much off-topic, I think human history take a real downward turn when the Darwinian paradigm got established.

          I think that the dominant force in nature (including human nature) is symbiosis (ie co-operation) and not competition. The fact that we have raised a fairly irrelevant dynamics in nature (competition) to our ethical justification for how societies should function, has had disastrous consequences. (We can all see that!)

  33. When you think about – the need to conspire, or appear to conspire, is the most efficient and natural way to achieve an objective, any objective.

    If we can achieve that objective on our own, we often keep it secret from everyone else, because they are not necessary to be in the loop.

    If we require others to achieve the objective, they are often in on the secret, but only so far that they can carry out their part.

    Think of the parent-child relationship. Parents keep secrets from their children all the time in order to protect them. Parents even do the same thing between themselves for the same reason.

    In fact, rather than being odd or unusual that people do things in secret, it would be far stranger, if they didn’t.

    So I suppose the real question is not how could they keep a secret from so many, but what is the objective that requires the secret to be kept? For me, this all comes back to the fact that the world is run by psychopaths and what seems evil to us (non-psychopaths), are perfectly logical ambitions and objectives to those who lack empathy.

    Why is there so many psychopaths in positions of power you ask? Well, that too, seems pretty straight-forward. I think it would be far too difficult to live with yourself, knowing how responsible you are for the pain, suffering and death caused to so many, as a result of decisions you make, regardless of what decision that may be, unless you lacked a conscience. Psychopaths are perfectly suited to this situation.

  34. RELATED Sideways to “How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett”

    3 hour 1981 Film via Muammar Gaddafi starring Anthony Quinn
    Lion of the Desert

    About a month ago, over the course of three evenings, I watched this movie. I was surprised, because I had never heard of the film before, much less heard about it in 1981 as a young man.
    Understandably so, because it was heavily censored.
    Aspects of the film are impressive. I was astounded at the ‘special effects’ and vintage armaments.

    The backstory of the film is what strikes me.
    Wikipedia EXCERPTS
    Lion of the Desert is a 1981 Libyan historical epic war film about the Second Italo-Senussi War, starring Anthony Quinn as Libyan tribal leader Omar Mukhtar, a Bedouin leader fighting the Regio Esercito (Italian Royal Army) and Oliver Reed as Italian General Rodolfo Graziani, who attempted to defeat Mukhtar.
    It was…funded by the government under Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

    Released in May 1981, the film has received positive reviews from critics, but performed poorly at the box office, gaining revenues of US$1.5 million worldwide despite having a $35 million budget.
    The film was banned in Italy in 1982 and was only shown on pay TV in 2009…

    …This introductory scene is part of historic records that show us the rise of fascism in Italy, and how it impacted Libya tragically.
    The scene concludes by telling us that the characters and the events in this film are real and based on historical facts…

    …Despite their bravery, the Libyan Arabs and Berbers suffered heavy losses, their relatively primitive weaponry was no match for mechanised warfare; despite all this, they continued to fight, and managed to keep the Italians from achieving complete victory for 20 years. Graziani was only able to achieve victory through deceit, deception, violation of the laws of war and human rights, and by the use of tanks and aircraft….

    I am sure that there could be endless discussions about the film and its message, war, fascism, oppression, Gaddafi, etc. Regardless, this film was new to me.
    Actually, in watching the film, one could fast-forward the battle scenes and not miss anything of the plot. However, for a 1981 movie, the battle scenes had an unusual vintage quality.

  35. James,

    At about 2:35 of this QFC, you answer John’s question with a “resounding yes!” [Btw, why were you throwing this poor dude under the bus at the end of your podcast?]

    With a podcast titled “How can a global conspiracy work…”, prior to watching I was sort of teasing myself with the thought that, oh, maybe Corbett’s going to reveal names, places and dates. lol…. Not.

    But, to the specific idea of a conspiracy to cull the population, a resounding yes??

    Well, it’s quite obvious, despite your already-ancient quotes with scant context (helped in large part by your clipping and editing of same), it would seem that the conspirators – of your resounding affirmation -are doing a really shitty job at their attempts at culling the population, whatever those attempts might be, which after 45 minutes of your podcast, I wouldn’t be able to restate in any coherent fashion…at all. Or, is it all about the potential of such disparate babel finding fruition at some later date?

    Speaking of babel, the series of stills depicting Alex Jones acting the buffoon was as funny as it was curious. Any future discussion of Jones as a deep state CIA psyop would be worthy of your audience’s time and consideration.

    • I really don’t know what the deal is with Alex Jones. There was a time I was a rather avid listener of his, this at a time when 9/11 Truth was front and center of all things conspiratorial. And certainly, 9/11 Truth had – and hopefully still has in terms of awareness – vast ramifications effecting just about everything we’ve hitherto taken for granted, or have taken on face value.

      In a word, what has come to irk me about Alex Jones, and what I feel dilutes, diminishes and undermines his message, is his style, as you mentioned. In the past, the fact that he regularly descended into buffoonery, pantomime, parody, and altogether acted like a madman, hadn’t offended me – in fact, personally, those instances made me laugh – what truly bothers me about it now is fully understanding the inevitable consequence of these antics being easily distorted and ultimately dismissed by the MSM and John Q. Public as simply the ravings of a deranged conspiracy theorist. And hence, as you state quite rightly “It’s crazy that the MSM can find the few craziest fringe conspiracy views and destroy all further discussion.”

      Yes, precisely…. And I say well done, Alex Jones, great job.

      Jones has also put himself in a position a number of times wherein he’s felt compelled to backtrack on his “reporting”. He was legally obliged to concede that he was mistaken about Sandy Hook being a hoax – something that seemed somewhat lame at the time – as he spent considerable time claiming that the children’s deaths were staged in order to further promote gun control and/or ultimately, gun confiscation. This argument seemed a bit of a stretch, yet it was heavily promoted. As evidence of a hoax, I recall Jones – and other alt-media groups – using a short clip of one of the fathers of a slain child smiling and chuckling a little bit moments before facing the cameras and abruptly changing his disposition to that of a grieving parent, thus Jones making the claim that the child’s death must have been faked given the father’s behavior….

      • I admit such “evidence” seemed somewhat plausible at the time. However, in retrospect, if you stop to think about it, and take into consideration what an emotional basket case a parent would be in at such a moment, how the mind might block that harsh reality momentarily, only to have it rush back a fraction of a second later, the father’s behavior becomes understandable…. Did Alex Jones make a huge error in judgement calling out Sandy Hook as a hoax? No doubt.

        Then there’s the Pizzagate apology: This is doubly pathetic. Jones was also compelled to apologize to the likes of James Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza, lest, I suppose, he were to get his ass sued…. That’s unfortunate, because other than for the fact that events got embellished, there is a great amount of truth pertaining to the pedophilia associated with those players and political hacks like John Podesta and Alefantis that was exposed via their own email and Facebook accounts. But, here, again, the bulwark of truth, Alex Jones, needed to disavow his claims, in effect killing the truth behind that horrific story. Again, good going, Alex!

        I feel as though one must ask themselves what it means when a prominent spokesperson for 9/11 Truth like Alex Jones, for lack of a better word, willfully, or negligently, creates an atmosphere wherein he can readily be called out as a crank, and wherein his own attorneys are reduced to legally defending him strictly as an entertainer, and not someone to be taken seriously.

        Further, there’s his deepest of immersions into the left/right political paradigm wherein he invests boat loads of energy synthesizing his brand of political truth, or as the case may be – political hogwash.

        It isn’t difficult to remember Jones’ oratory on the Obama Deception, how he was warning the entire country that Obama was going to refuse to leave office at the end of his term, that before doing so, Obama will be apt to declare martial law, for heaven’s sake! Ha ha. Remember that? So, crank 12 years or so later, and what do we hear from Jones? Trump has been robbed! They’ve stolen the election from Trump! And, what does Alex Jones advocate to fix it? …. wait for it…..Yes! Martial law should be declared! Well, wuddaya know?

        No. It cannot get more absurdly hypocritical than that, I’m afraid.

        Anyway, the foregoing doesn’t offer any evidence of Jones as being a psychological operations agent, or a big, fat complicated distraction.

        The truth of the matter is, like I said, I really don’t know what the deal is with Alex Jones.

    klprm says:
    …we were traveling from east Texas toward the Dallas Ft Worth area and saw 4- 6 aircraft up there spewing what they spew. It’s more unusual in my experience to see that number of them in the same general location doing what they do….

    You might know where Shreveport, LA is. And Greenville, TX. (Commerce, TX is nearby Greenville) Shreveport is 140 miles east of Greenville.

    …are links to my personal experiences with Chemtrails, including testing the air quality. Also the private contractor airport facility (L3 Systems)in Greenville which likely conducts some of these Chemtrail spray overs.
    You will see a link to 2007, Reporter Jeff Ferrell of Shreveport’s KSLA News 12(CBS) doing a story on Chemtrails. Barium and aluminum and other things were found in the air samples.

    James Corbett has interviewed Peter A Kirby. One of the links above goes to an interview.

        • Also, google Kristen Meghan. She has quite the whistle-blowing story to tell! It’s as inside a story as yet I’ve heard anywhere.

    • You have the right approach.

      Years ago when I was married, my wife knew about 9/11 Truth and was onboard with me about the topic. I was a very active activist.
      However, if I mentioned Chemtrails while we were driving in the car and I looked up to see them here in North Texas, she would tell me to shut up about that crap. She didn’t buy into the Chemtrail idea. I did shut up. Some topics are taboo in spousal relationships.
      Years later, out of the blue one day, she mentions the recent Chemtrail activity to one of her relatives. Somewhere along the line, she changed her mind and realized that they were part of a covert agenda.

  37. I got the same. It’s an interesting situation.

  38. More questions for JC.

    Here is a software : VYM – View Your Mind – free on linux :

    Just started to use this, so i am not an expert.
    This software could be included here, and used by everybody, to add ideas, how to solve a specific problem. ( think it it has multi user capacity – at least some commercial vym has it ) :

    So James, would you take a look at this, and maybe talk with Bryan Lunduke about it ?


    • I’ll give this program a look. Something somewhat similar to this is Obsidian. It’s less graphically oriented, even though not without it’s options but is quite simple to use as it’s basically just markdown under the hood. Some text files stored locally, can’t get any more open than that.

      • Now I am just filling inn data into my VYM, different things that connects, so after a while I will se how i can organize these data’s.
        So I will try this first, before I try something else.
        There are many of these VYM’s so what is best, I do not know. The one I picked, is free, from the software catalog in my linux.


  39. Fallacy:

    “How could a global conspiracy work when not everyone involved knows about it?”


    “How can a car factory work when not everyone involved knows how to build a car?”

  40. I think a good option is to look for work that can be done from home. Also, looking at smaller locales can be beneficial. Any large corporations are probably out of the question.

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