Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy

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Kakistocracy is defined as “rule by the worst.” Today on the program Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen joins us to discuss his theory of how the kakistocracy uses child abuse to perpetuate their control, both over the victims of that abuse and its perpetrators. We also discuss what the vast majority of decent and moral people can do about this problem.


Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation

Episode 304 – Political Pedophilia

Interview 1109 – James Corbett on Hastert, Political Pedophilia and Kakistocracy


  1. What can be done? A few suggestions for homework

    1. Continue with compiling information
    a. Distributed
    b. Multiple perspectives/countries
    c. Create a few hubs: isgp as example.

    2. Structuring information
    a. Create hierarchical networks of people and events
    i. Info-graphics
    ii. Databases
    b. Find patterns: modi operandus
    i. The mindset that generates Kakistocratic behaviors?
    ii. Time-proven structures of corruption
    c. Multiple approaches

    3. Fit explanatory theories (science based eventually)
    a. Kakistocracy – stable networks of social parasites/psychopaths
    b. Standard theories of power/influence

    4. Generate predictions and test these
    a. Predict who is implicated?
    b. Connect events, explain in context
    c. Predict events (via modus operandus)

    5. Targeted distributed activism
    a. Engage mainstream action groups
    i. Victims
    ii. Church groups
    iii. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch
    b. Simplify theories to make it accessible
    i. How to detect a political parasite?
    ii. Educational material
    c. Make it personal
    i. Expose and ostracize
    ii. Campaigns: Political Parasite Purging Program P4
    iii. “We all are indirect child abuse victims”
    d. Books, internet, infographics
    e. Detect and promote wisdom in politics

    • Tjeerd,

      Nice discussion and I am happy with your ‘few suggestions’. At least and at last they are a start of structuring this extremely interesting open source investigation concept into some tangible result. I think up to point 4 of your program, we are dealing with an empirical cycle trying to acquire factual knowledge of ‘paedophilia in politics’ and based on that distill ever better theories.
      This in order not to make a fool of ourselves and to be more effective in our political campaign P4. So far so good.

      I miss a couple of points, though, which is only obvious as you talk about ‘a few suggestions’. Nevertheless, they seem rather essential to me, and because I made this a personal brain cruncher, I must react. There are three of them.

      1. What would the purpose of our research be? To me there are two problems for which I seek solutions, as practical as possible, namely first the structural massacre going on in this world, which is the most blatant manifestation of evil I can think of and second the impossibility to communicate this with my fellow humans. They just will not look at it.

      The first problem has been on my mind for quite a while, the second only for a year or so, after acquiring a broadband internet connection and almost waterboarding myself in
      If you read The Origin by Darwin, you may wonder whom he is trying to convince. I did not need all those examples to get exited. Evolution is a dynamic model which is extremely simple as well as useful. The only trick is to see it! I never understood the problems some christians seem to have with it. It is self evident, how would you want to falsify it? That would be impossible, it is not even science, just perceptive genius.
      I think your kakistocracy model is just like that, it is a tool that may help understand seemingly uncorrelated matters and inspire to more effective investigation and action.

      I make these remarks, because the so called paedophilia is not the problem, it is a symptom and as such an important pointer to the nature of the disease. I think we should keep this in mind, eradicating kakistocratic paedophilia will only create a new moral subject of indignation. On the other hand, some more insight into the kakistocratic manipulation of morality and it’s value for kakistocracy’s survival may be fruitfull. Morality and fear go hand in hand.
      We should by no means be seduced to condemn paedophilia as a sexual preference. From the research that I find on the effect of paedophilia on the so called victims, the essence is not in the labelling but in the details.
      This is like football, we must not kick the man, we must kick the ball.

      As an example, I checked the website of the Dutch police to find out what ‘child pornography’ would be about. Luckily, this was my first step into this research, for if I would have typed ‘child pornography’ in google and follow the links I would probably have gone to jail. Even if incidently you stumble on something qualified, you better report it to be sure, for otherwise they may suppose you looked at it on purpose! Looking at something on a public network is forbidden. Imagine, you are supposed to know what they mean by ‘child pornography’ without even the support of an example. And even your own fantasies, drawn on paper with your pencil in your hands for your eyes only are criminal, and there is nothing even about the artistic quality, a few crooked lines on a piece of paper wil get you in jail. I immediately wondered when they would start leaving out the paper. What nonsense is this! If paedophilia really exists as a sexual preference, comparable to the so called hetero and homo variants, then there still exists something like human rights, and if this is indeed bad for children, what a wonderful solution we would have with child pornography as a way to virtualize the perception of an unwanted reality! Blocking this possibility can only increase so called child abuse. I say ‘so called abuse’ because I cannot imagine the proper use of a child, but this seems to be an peculiarity of the English language. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the ‘child abuse’ concept in the Netherlands, the term was translated into ‘kindermisbruik’, meaning the wrong use of a child. Apparently, the translator was aware of the essence, so you may suppose the export was realized through kakistocratic channels. Children are just tools to be used and should not be damaged. That is the number one crime these days.

      Of course, there is nothing wrong with watching decapitations and whatever brute violence the screen may deliver to you, wanted or unwanted. Many years ago, I watched a US American movie called Soldier Blue, about the original US genocide, although it was not presented that way. A soldier jumping by on a horse just shaved off a little girls head, very realistically I suppose. If ever I saw something to be called child pornography then it was exactly there. What can you do, just vomit. Of course, this was only virtual, no animals were harmed etc.
      But so far about the deception of morality.

      Furthermore, I do not believe collecting ever more links to ever more manifestations of the same gets us much further.

      2. Then the second point I want to put forward. In fact it was already mentioned in the discussion. Very many people seem to be afraid the wallpaper they have let themselves be spidered in and that has become the foundation of their lives will be torn apart when they even look at it. There seems to exist a subconscious knowledge of the virtual nature of the world created by the media. This fear is almost Freudian, it is the result of suppression of forbidden thoughts. Of course, as soon as paedophilia comes into the picture, being of a sexual nature, there is an even more Freudian explosion of hatred and disgust, but the irrational source is fear.

      So my question is: how are we ever to bring about even the slightest change in this world if our fellow humans are so afraid to confront the naked kosmos behind the wallpaper? What psycho-analysis would we suggest, just chasing Freudianism to its limits?

      3. My third point is implied in the other two. I believe we, or at least I, need a better understanding of the human mind, an operational dynamic model so to speak. If not, our final analysis may not reach further than a behavioristic
      description of how to do the same the other side is doing but with opposite objective. Media wars, in other words, and in stubborn cases we may 3D-print a few killer drones. Just ask Cody Wilson, but does the end justify the means?

      As a technician and lacking any background in humanities, I tried introspection and participating observation as methods to get to some sort of a model. It turned out pretty easy to find something productive, for me at least. After good Indo-european tradition, I just split the mind into three layers, that I call Assertiveness, Empathy and Ratio. Of course this is only to illustrate my level of despair and I will not elaborate on it.

      Well, probably over 3000 characters again. I have thrown away several potential contributions to this discussion because there is not enough room to express myself. I suggested an upload area for longer texts and only short messages in the reply area before, but no reaction. I just decided that this time I will simply push the button and James can do what he must do.

      Wish a good day to all of you.


    • Hi Gerry,

      this is interesting. Your application-to-be might be very useful for this. Indeed the problem is not the data, but the datasets and the datamining. These have to be compiled and developed. Since much is on paper in the form of regular text we need smart text processing to (semi)automatically extract actors and events in networks of in- and external influencing.

      Is there anyone out there who can help the data-analysis to (semi)automatically and really efficiently extract relations between actors and events from regular text?

      Best, Tjeerd

    • Gerry, Tjeerd,

      I worked on something related to this a while back and can give some input:

      This is the topic of a field known in the academia as Semantic Web, also known in the real world as Linked Data.

      There are some on-going efforts to produce datasets of entities (like Actors – Relationships – Transactions and Events) and its relations, in a way in which one can make sophisticated queries into the data and obtain additional information.

      One such freely available project and dataset is BDpedia, based on the information provided by the wikipedia:

      for example one wikipedia article would look like this

      As for the specific task of extracting relations/events out of text, this is sometimes known as “Knowledge Extraction” and “Named Entities Resolution”.

      Apache Stanbol is an open-source project one can install and use on a server to add this kind of capabilities to a CMS/website.

      Other examples of this

      I hope that this tools can be put to good use, sadly (but not surprisingly) it seems that these are being used (and marketed) mainly as a means of “terrorist threat” analysis…

      Of course the way I would do this, like you say, is to always perform some kind of human verification that would verify the creation of these relationships into the quidProQuo of whatever curated database.

  2. Sorry for the lighthearted response but it is such a relief to have a word to label what I have come to describe as ‘ failed reptilian overlords’. You know, those people that inevitably become your boss who are just too dumb or mean to be reasonable or effective. You question if they are being controlled or have the goods on someone higher!

    I do agree with an earlier response that this is such a revolutionary way to describe what we can not actually put our finger on. Kakistocracy deserves so much more reflection before the mirror shatters and we are unable to discern it in front of our eyes

  3. Alleged Pedo Ring in Philly involving DHS

    Will cross-post to the open source investigation. Please consider the source!

    If allegations are founded in substance, a shining example of this theory. Young girl is continuously sexually abused, develops complex where she derives pleasure from manipulating and emotionally controlling others.

  4. – January 2017 – (Revisit to “Interview 1024 – Tjeerd Andringa Exposes the Kakistocracy”)

    Thanks for the revisit, because there are profound World Changing Concepts embedded within this interview. The Achilles Heel of “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be” becomes more defined. After all, their weakness is the fear of what they can not control. And we as sane, free, independent, aware individuals can contribute towards effective change within our own skill sets.

    *** PSYCHOPATHS ***
    ‘The Hare Psychopathy Checklist’: The test that will tell you if someone is a psychopath.
    (20 questions listed – Quick one minute read)

    The psychiatrist who developed the Hare Test, Robert Hare, briefly describes some of the psychopathic traits.
    (3 minute video)

    Robert Hare became well known with his book about workplace psychopaths: “Snakes in Suits”

    Big Wall Street Corporations DELIBERATELY hired psychopaths.
    44 minute video about Robert Hare & his psychopathic test, the 2008 Collapse, workplace psychopaths (Kevin Dutton’s study), etc.

    On the Professions, Kevin Dutton did a “psychopath test” survey using around 3,600 people. It was half men, half women. They also logged things like religion and income and political persuasion, besides profession. They were focusing on where psychopaths gravitated to in the workforce. The results were peer-reviewed and published like a scientific study.

    This is where the top ten lists came from… the results of their survey.

    Kevin Dutton had this article in September 2016: “Would You Vote for a Psychopath?”
    Kevin Dutton

    CorbettReport has some great search capabilities.
    Corbett’s “kakistocracy”
    Corbett’s “psychopaths”
    Corbett’s “pedophile”

    Sibel Edmonds on “kakistrocracy”, psychopaths, Podesta, blackmail, pedophilia and whistleblowers.

  5. The suppression of these types of stories continues on. Example:

    David Seaman is a well known reporter that has been actively censored over the past few months due to his adamant calls for investigation of alleged pedophilia ring in DC.

    I do not accept his political beliefs, but his story is unnerving. Wikipedia deleted his page. PayPal account suspended for no reason. YouTube demonetizing his videos…etc. All with no explanation.

    There are serious resources being directed to silence these types of stories. This most current video of his is alarming at best. The Daily Show canceled his segment on covering the alleged DC pedophilia ring with little to no reason.

    I suggest a watch if this type of censorship interests you.

    • tyler,
      Thanks for the update.
      I have watched David Seaman before on repeated occasions. He brings some great summaries and information to the limelight.

  6. Thankyou again James, and to Tjeerd, for such an informative discussion and report.

    As my knowledge and understanding of the workings of our world develops (including within my own profession as a lawyer), I am continually drawn to the need for less government (so less chance, for example, of misrepresentation of scientific evidence or other types of abuse occurring within the system and consequently impacting on government policy and/or its implementation).

    More importantly, there is necessarily a benefit of opening people’s minds (the most difficult thing to do, if not impossible, until word spreads sufficiently), as it is becoming clearer to me that it is the participants, as well as each individuals responsibility, within a system that makes it work rather than the extent, or even quality, of the rules and regulations imposed on it’s members.

    I commend you all for your participation in making ours a better world.

  7. With Martin Luther King, Jr Day a week away, this quote from William F Pepper fits well into the kakistocracy topic.

    “…Whenever a ruling structure cannot control an errant leader – if they can’t control him in one way or another ultimately they assassinate him. And that has happened throughout history. And so Americans don’t understand that… …(assassinations) are part of a historical process and must be viewed that way….” William F Pepper
    (1 minute video)
    (“errant” – straying from the proper course or standards)

    Corbett Report – William F Pepper
    “Episode 183 – Five Lectures That Will Blow Your Mind”

  8. I don’t know why but Roman Polanski popped into my head for a few reasons.

    They tried to silence questions about JFK by weaponizing the term “conspiracy theory” and “silencing” people, including RFK who wanted to investigate further.

    Perhaps Polanski was refused to be blackmailed into not investigating or questioning the official story about the Manson-Tate murders, then he was forced to flee to France.

    Also, after losing his beautiful wife I can only suspect Polanski was lonely, depressed, and perhaps using drugs, legal or otherwise. As a person with bipolar I am very familiar with depression and can honestly tell you that when you’re feeling your worst you’ll do anything to change that. Regular stimuli is no longer enough. This is the only time I ever looked at “gonzo porn”, not for sexual stimulation, but more for curiosity and distraction from misery. If you’re shocked you’re not suicidal. Also, I’ve had experience, though not vast, with cocaine. In public people become bold and even obnoxious but don’t lose themselves. I’ve seen in private people become bold and uninhibited, not only willing to try more, but get more perverted and dirty. In this respect cocaine is of note (and prominent in Hollywood) and many other states of mind may make one more vulnerable and/or desirous and/or malicious. (I’ve never tried crack, heroin, etc. so I can’t speak to them.)

    This isn’t to say I did kids, or even wanted to. I haven’t been with a teenager since I was one myself. But those that might have power, access, and an incentive to blackmail someone like Roman Polanski… maybe?

    Is there a good documentary or few about Roman Polanski without the mainstream media propaganda spin on it? I used to know all about the Charles Manson mainstream story, but it all seemed so far out man. Only this year did I learn that it was not at all what it seemed to be, and have yet to follow up on that. I’m not as keen on hippie culture as I used to be. I have a BooHoo bible and met Wavey Gravey once.

  9. Sorry to say this James, but what a lot of rubbish this is about. Ususally intelligent and reasonably made features from Corbett but here he has just, like some other guillable people, gone down a road of seeing paedophile garbage stuff everywhere where it suits them (re; jimmy Saville and other witchhunt, made-up shyte).
    Expected better from you, James. This is a blunt statement, i know but its best try to follow evidence and facts whenever you can find them (there’s plenty of scope there) than be lead astray looking for (sic) “reds under the bed” plucked out of thin air.
    Make up your own minds, viewers, but dosen’t this dr. T. A. bloke strike you as a load of psycho-babbling drivel.
    Don’t want to see him again on your worthwhile shows, James.
    Ian, Okehampton. devon, england (we are in ENGLAND,THAT IS , not uk stuff, ie – scotland, wales and n. ireland and all that – THOSE ARE SEPARATE COUNTRIES !!

  10. Just thought I’d mention it for the record.

    Wikipedia is censored but the InfoGalactic encyclopedia fork is not.

    A brief Kakistocracy article exists there (not mine) and references this Corbett Report webpage:

    I found it because I was working on another article about the Pedophocracy here: (they may have to temporarily move it back here: while legal checks it over, whatever that means).

    As I stated on the article discussion page: “I don’t care as much about Pizzagate or Pedos affecting a few hundred or thousand people, young or old when hundreds of thousands [of families] are mangled or die from bombs and policies. What I care about is the fact that it actually happens and the mainstream media sensationalizes other crap while elites get away with being vampires of society. Elites are the biggest problem on Earth. I want to create legitimate lists for quick easy centralized reference for the public to reference easily.” So if outing or shaming them helps convey what monsters they are, then that’s a start of something.

    I really didn’t want to delve in too far. I just wanted to start two lists of the acknowledged and the accused elites, because there wasn’t much of anything online. Unfortunately, it turned into a whole article.


    I don’t need to tell Corbett Report members to be responsible and respectful, but others should know it’s not supposed to be about opinions (yet – features pending), rather documenting what’s already out there – WITHOUT CENSORSHIP. No topic or source is off limits, but should be well cited, even if “fringe”.

  11. It seems Wikipedia is as nebulous as the weather in a perpetual battle for control of your minds over truth versus social engineering.

    This article has evolved quite a bit over time:

    Of note:
    “On 29 June 2017, Merriam-Webster reported that searches for the word on its online dictionary had spiked to an all-time high that day.[3] The Washington Post reported on the use of the word going viral to describe the Trump administration on 13 April 2018.[24]”

    I came here to see if the “Meet The Kakistocracy” episode was the immediate cause, but it seems several months too early. ( 01/09/2017 )

  12. Dismantling the kakistocracy, hmm.

    How about depolarising child sexual abuse from the extreme black and white thinking and turn it to shades of grey ?

    Black and white, totally good versus totally depraved, two-valued logic makes conditions for witch hunts and insular (insular means ‘island’) cliques.

    I was a victim of sexual abuse by staff in my childhood. I said nothing because
    1/the school protected its staff above protecting the children
    2/the headmaster was head of the local magistrates bench and could influence police investigations
    3/ the school even with its abuses offered better security than the psychologically abusive home environment that I came from. 4/as an adult when I later tried reporting the abuse I was treated as an abuser myself and my testimony trashed (the thinking was that the abuse was ‘historical’, also that abuse survivors go on to become abusers in turn, what I call the ‘Ipso Facto insult’ – if you’ve been abused therefore you are an abuser.)

    I have reason to suspect that this school was supplying boys for sex to the British House of Commons. It had links with Peter Righton who was a notorious procurer. (The school closed down in 2002, ironically because the North Wales Children’s Homes scandal resulted in local authorities appealing against any obligation to pay boarding fees, resulting in cessation of funding of scholarships elsewhere, and to this school).

    BTW a witch hunting environment more often than not hurts innocent people who are on the fringes of society whilst positively protecting the real abusers. And real abusers will even start witch hunts against innocent people and against witnesses.

    Witch hunting differs from justice in these ways:.
    WH, the target is treated as guilty until proven or convincingly demonstrated to be guilty, and ‘innocent’ is a forbidden word. J the target is innocent until proven guilty.
    WH punishments are unlimited and cruel and they set out to destroy the target. J punishments are limited and aim to reform the target.
    WH addresses imagination and emotions of its participants and audiences. J addresses reason and ethics in its participants and audiences.
    WH creates miasmas of fear that are used to control others. J builds, creates and defends civilisations.
    WH and J are incompatible, the one opposes the other.


    • Hi Peter, it took a lot of courage to report what happened to you when you were a child. I’m so sorry and disgusted to read that you were dismissed and maligned. Years ago, I read a book by a man who is a survivor of ritual/sexual abuse and founder of Occult Research & Crime Consultants, who, at the time the book was published in 2010, had “conducted more than 250 training classes for criminal justice workers, police officers, probation departments and other professions since 1987.”* In the book he addresses several myths, and to repeat what you just wrote, he also states that the vast majority of survivors do not go on abuse.

      Thank you for taking the time to open up and comment.

      * Excerpt from “About the Author” Gregory Reid in his book “The Color of Pain”

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