Interview 1813 – WTF Just Happened in Russia? with Rolo Slavskiy

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Interviews | 75 comments

Rolo Slavskiy joins James to discuss the crazy events in Russia this past weekend. Did Yevgeny Prigozhin just lead a mutiny? A coup attempt? Was this a psyop? A false flag? A “special military operation” (to use the Kremlin’s lingo)? Or something else entirely? And, is it really over? If so, who won? Buckle up and get your notebook ready, folks. This is going to be a data dump.

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    • I don’t think Ritter is legit, otherwise he would have been kicked off a long time ago, no?

      • He is on the Ukrainian kill-list.

        I still see Whitney Webb on Youtube, so I think the
        youtube censorship is still focused on clot-shot information,
        democrat fake news, climate fear, and pro-gay stuff.

        Ritter is a statist, and well connected to military on both sides.
        You can ask ANY question on his podcasts, feel free to post one.

        Because of his military background,
        his analysis of the military capabilities has always been very precise.
        So I listen to him to get good information about the military things.

        As he predicted:

        The Ukraine people are currently being slaughtered.
        They are send into mine-fields.
        (I saw some videos where Azov shoots people that want to retreat)
        Until they get close to the first line of defense,
        where they are bombarded by the artillery.
        An Ukraine soldier described it as shooting 5 arty, and getting
        500 arty shots back.

        They never reach the first line, which is meant to be broken.
        The second line is fortified.
        The third line has tanks waiting. And the big “flame-throwers”.

        There is no air-defense for Ukraine, and most of the targets
        are military or the NAZIs or the NATO-mercenaries.

        That is very different from how the US would attack a country.
        The US would leave no city standing.
        Has anyone seen Iraq or Afghanistan?

        The Leopards and such were not very successful,
        which Ritter explained perfectly why.
        It is clear that the Ukraines are not meant to win.

        The Ukraine military send in most of the Russian
        part of their population. While the others are
        Do they plan to genocide them even more?
        The areas that Ukraine is attacking and bombing is all Russian speaking,
        and want to stay Russian.

      • From a military view-point,

        I would think that the Russians would advance more.
        Or kill their leaders. Or the NATO visitors (like Canada’s MP)
        But for some reason that does not happen.

        It seems that they do not want to escalate or
        maybe they want to make this a for-ever war?

        The “Ukraine government” NATO is not going to stop attacking
        the Russian areas. Most people do not even know that they are Russian.
        So what is going to stop this?

        That is something very real to discuss.

      • I think you are 100% correct, if you are on whotube, you are part of the propaganda machine. This whole Russian thing is nonsense, likely to gin up support in Washington for more money to the Ukraine. This is pure theater, CCCP (Read The Perestroika Deception) is controlled by the same filth that control America.

        • There is so much fake around Ukraine, just like
          the Covid crisis.

          First I thought that there might not even be a war,
          as parties in Kiyv/Kiev and Odessa were still going on.
          And there were camera-teams staging all kinds of things.
          A bit like the blue-helmets in Syria.

          Until I saw the better videos from Russian origin.
          And videos from Ukraine soldiers doing crimes in the open.
          And western mercenaries (NATO) playing wargames.

          That means lots of people get blown up or killed,
          which is very unnecessary and sad.

    • Scott Ritter is not perfect, Mr. Corbett is not… well, maybe he’s close to perfect. (I have supported him with my $billions) I find he always brings a new perspective to a topic. At one finds food for thought.

      With this interview, I find myself tempted to criticize Mr. Corbett, or rather his decision to host this shadow man (person).

      I admit that I have no right to criticize this guest, as I could only tolerate the first 26 minutes of the interview and did not hear his profound, pithy and irrefutable comments that presumably came after that. Perhaps his wisdom has an acquired effect, which I missed. So please disregard this comment!!!

      In the first 26 min. he affirmed nothing, except that he speaks Russian. He had criticism for everyone. He was, “like, I mean, well, you know, sort of… read my Substack if you want to know.”

      The situation in Russia/Ukraine is very complex. Is it a SMO, an ATO; is it a war, or a proxy war; is that war with Russian and NATO, or the EU, or the USA? Who’s winning? What is winning? Is it the beginning of WWIII, or the annihilation of all life on Earth, or both?

      Is Russia about to attack Britain? Is Victoria Nuland the Saviour Goddess of humanity?

      When I discuss the excellent leadership qualities of V. Putin with some people, they retort that homosexuals are disparaged in Russia. The fact that in the USA it is not so long ago that homosexuals and others of the wrong ilk were dragged behind pickup trucks, does not resonate with them. Putin BAD!

      The Prigozhin event was resolved within hours of its beginning, by a competent, decisive and thoughtful leader. There was no ‘reaction’ which triggered a counter reaction, no declaratory absolutes, as would have occurred in the west, just a quick resolution without a military confrontation.

      One can now debrief for weeks/years in peace, poke the entrails.

      But, (in the spirit of James Corbett) all of this nonsense, this senseless war, could have been avoided if the USSR and later Russia had just kept their distance from USA military bases and the expansion of NATO.

      I await approval.

  1. I really don’t know how is one supposed to make ends meet on these stories. I would basically need to learn Russian and move over there to keep an eye on what’s going on. And I would have to relocate very often to keep a fresh viewpoint.

    This guy says Ritter is lying, Ritter would probably say this guy is lying. To me, impossible to confirm either. Not that Ritter comes off as a trusty guys, he’s hardcore establishment.

    • It’s very difficult for me to even feign interest in politics. I’ve kind of fallen down the precipitous downward pointed spiral on the bid to stop lying to myself. One can not engage in politics and see it for what it truly is. It’s a charade, a soap opera for the so called intellectuals. It builds its legitimacy on an unstable platform propped up by destructive, superstitious mental illnesses also known as statism and belief in false authority.

      Unlike a soap opera, however, politics may lead to massive death and carnage, and usually it does. My takeaway is that useful idiots are idiots for a good reason.

      • EXACTLY!!!!!!

        Politics is EXACTLY like watching a soap opera, and I mean that as a direct analogy. It is scripted, directed and marketed. Covid destroyed many things, but it also taught us many things, one of which is the devils have full control the media and establishment. Everything we see is to support a part of their narrative: weather, racism, banking, disease, Ukraine…

        A prime example is the weather. I live in the South West US, 3 years ago we had a significant heat wave, and it was broadcast nationwide as to its severity. Subsequently we have had two mild years with exceptional rainfall. The ladder was never mentioned on the local, or national media, that we are having a “mild summer”. The point is, they ignore normal weather and just hype the hot weather, and since it is always hot somewhere they can make people think the globe is getting hotter.

        We see the same with everything else, if a white cop kills a black man, all hell breaks loose, but if the far more common occurrence is reversed, not a peep. We live in a time when media is pure nonsense and pure propaganda. The question is not if these creatures are lying, but what is their reason for pushing this lie?

    • It seems impossible to really know what’s going on and I don’t know who to believe. It’s horrific that so many people are dying on both sides of the conflict. It needs to stop but there doesn’t seem to be any will to bring the fighting to an end. Do the soldiers fighting even know what they are dying for? Do they feel it is worth giving their lives for? It all seems so pointless.

      • Did sol-diers in any war ever know what they are dying for?

        Essentially, every war involves people on two sides taking shots at each other, the very same people that in any other situation would find it extremely unpalatable to try to kill one another.

        Sharing some beers instead of shots would be much more likely in every other scenario. If people were left to their means war would be impossible. If anything, war is proof of mind control.

        • Indeed—“war is proof of mind control”.

      • I don’t think they have a clue. Most soldiers as far as I know are pretty young and probably don’t know who is profiting off of the death and destruction. I know in past US wars, soldiers were in their late teens (17-19) and early 20s. Their minds aren’t fully developed and have been thoroughly brainwashed with propaganda or some other form of coercion. But once they start killing each other, they’ll know how evil war is and what it takes from them.

      • “The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. Even when weapons of war are not actually destroyed, their manufacture is still a convenient way of expending labour power without producing anything that can be consumed.

        … War accomplishes the necessary destruction, but accomplishes it in a psychologically acceptable way. In principle it would be quite simple to waste the surplus labour of the world by building temples and pyramids, by digging holes and filling them up again, or even by producing vast quantities of goods and then setting fire to them. But this would provide only the economic and not the emotional basis for a hierarchical society.”

        George Orwell in his book “1984”

    • @Mkey and Penny,
      Mkey you took the thoughts right out of my head. You could even go as far as calling Ritter a lying pile of hot excrement.
      Penny10p it certainly is pointless to normal people.
      What would it take to push, conscripts to kill? How much hot excrement rammed up or down your food processing orifices would it take to normalize killing?
      Apparently conscript carrying capacity is endless for the PTSB on both sides of this conflict.
      This is what’s going on; One overarching enemy profiting in treasure and power by pitting two useless eating countries to annihilate themselves. The perfect trifecta.
      Oh it will go on as long as there are conscripts.
      I was gonna be a conscript once. My number was 4 . Thank God normal people went into the streets and were willing to kill to stop it.
      So no wonder why Homeland Security has + billion rounds of ammo. Duh?

    • I have a friend who met and married a Chinese woman with no common language between them. They communicated with cell phone translation. They are happy.

      Scott Ritter is establishment in one way. He is a former marine, he describes himself as a patriotic American, but he has a long history of being a thorn in the side of the establishment. Search Biden/Ritter on the internet. Today he is as far as one can get from the establishment. He is well informed, experienced, articulate and worth reading and listening to. One need not agree.

      • Would ypu consider these two friends as people as people who are well informed about each other considering they have to go through big tech to exchange more complex information? Are there many people around them trying to peddle hot excrement?

        I am not saying these people are not happy or that they should not be. I wish them all the best.

        I am saying this is a lousy example of what I was referring to.

      • Scott Ritter could very well be ‘controlled opposition’—a real possibility.

        • Controlled by whom? Certainly not by the neocon freaks in NATO. By Russia? Well he is not too obvious being in opposition. He is very pissed the way DC and NATO has forced Russia into this bloodbath. The way this Slav character spells it out, Russia is so corrupt that a spring breeze could blow it over. That is a total Neocon rap.
          Ritter says that Russia now has it together and will be moving up to the Dnieper and taking the entire Black Sea coast within months. They want to wipe out the Ukrainian forces entirely first so they will not take a lot of casualties in the process. Maybe it’s just because I hate neocons, but Ritter sounds like he is giving a more honest and accurate account. This Slav character didn’t mention once how the Neocons forced Russia into this situation since they broke their promise to Gorbachev that NATO “would not expand one inch to the east” back in the 90s when he nodded to the reunification of Germany.

          Putin did make a big mistake at the start. I think he started the SMO just to show NATO that they have crossed a red line and he wasn’t bluffing. His mistake was that NATO wanted WWIII and Putin hadn’t prepared for that.

  2. So many moving parts.

    It is being said, in the US, that last Wednesday, June 21, the gang of 8, primary congressional leaders, were briefed on the events that didn’t take place in Russia until 2 days later. Gang of 8 is supposed to be briefed on covert actions.

    More bs or ?????

    • The country is controlled by a corporate-cartel synarchy.

      It is a Constitutional form of fascism.

      Permanent elections, permanent wars and permanent surveillance.

      “The psycho-social dimensions of fascism become quite complex, but they can be simplified by thinking of them as part of a collective bargaining process carried on between all the elites of the particular state with the regime acting as arbitrator.

      The regime’s interests are subject to those of the ruling class.

      Labor is a partner in this arrangement. 
      At the head of any labor organization in the fascist state, there is an elite which is tied to the interests of the regime—and consequently tied also to the economic status quo.

      The trappings of this pseudo mass society are empty, cheap, spectacular leisure sports; parades where strangers meet, shout each other down and often trample each other to death on the way home; mass consumption of worthless super-suds or aspirin; ritualistic, ultra-nationalistic events on days to glorify the idiots who died at war or other days to deify those who sent them out to die.

      A mass society that is actually a mass jungle.

      At its core, fascism is capitalistic and capitalism is international.

      Beneath its nationalist ideological trappings, fascism is always ultimately an international movement.”

      -George L. Jackson—Blood In My Eye; Classes At War (source)

  3. I’d like to note that the so called “secret” treaty was a featured on a relatively detailed post on RT over a year ago.

    Were the Wagner soldiers told they were going to Belgorod?

    I’m getting bored with accusations of 3D 5D bla bla, I get it, but this is the 21st Century and 1000D chess can be an acceptable hypothesis. Lying isn’t ok and neither is name calling but what’s worse is constant sniping among people who are on the same side as if being sincere and wrong isn’t even a possibility.

  4. I pretty much guessed it, that thing with Scott Ritter. I listened to a couple of his talks on Redacted – my lamp was constantly going off. This talk just confirmed it. Jackson Hincle… idk where I got him(I have twitter but dont care using it) constant shilling and fellating Russia. I’d agree that Putin’s power is far less than even the indie media portrays it. The usual job of a president is as a diplomat on steroids. Not gonna take this Rolo guy’s words for a clean dime, but, hey. It’s good input. Far clear headed than the shit that’s circulating even the indie journos topics.

  5. Lots of interesting background information. It does shed some light on the possible motives of the players involved in this weird incident, but this narrative doesn’t quite make sense to me. If Shoigu is that much of a petty egomaniac, would he have allowed for Prigozhin to go out there and steal his thunder in the first place? Maybe he didn’t have a say in it, or maybe Wagner’s help was deemed very crucial… but in those cases, Wagner would have received the necessary supplies. If it really was about paying tribute to Shoigu in the form of a bribe, Prigozhin must have known the drill long before going into battle. Was he willing to get so many of his men killed, and presumably to risk his own life, just to make a point? Does the “CEO” of Wagner get to make such decisions all by himself, without opposition from field commanders who get to put their own asses under live fire without supplies? Does not add up. None of these people can be that stupid.

    Some key circumstance must have changed since Wagner’s arrival in Ukraine to make the Kremlin pull the rug from under them. Did Prigozhin get too popular with his social media antics? Did someone in the Kremlin figure it best not to arm the private army of a political competitor? You never know… a guy like that, with a big ego and big ambitions, just might start to blackmail you, or even cut a deal with the West if he doesn’t get his way. But why did Prigozhin abort his march on the Kremlin? What could’ve changed within the span of a few days? Was he surprised by Putin’s condemnation? Did he suddenly realize he can’t take Moscow with a few thousand men, or did he forget the names and phone numbers of his friends in Moscow? I don’t think so, but I can think of one wildcard factor that must’ve been revaled to him within those days: public reaction. Maybe he found out that, for all his internet fanfare, he isn’t popular enough — at least not enough to bring the average Russian down to the streets to stand behind him if shit goes down in Moscow, not enough to start whispers of a potential revolution or even to spark the general public’s imagination about some true reforms.

    You know how on the internet they sometimes try to market products that don’t exist yet, to gauge demand? Maybe this is how they market regime change now. Far-fetched? Maybe, but it makes more sense than the idea that everyone involved is just a moron.

  6. All of this inside baseball politics is impenetrable to me. Most plausible explanation seems to be it’s an Orwellian forever war. I came to the conclusion a while ago that nukes don’t exist, which colors much of how I look at it, that it’s a proxy “conflict,” let’s call it, to funnel as much cash as possible to the MIC. Catherine Austin Fitts thinks it’s the US oligarchs’ way of clearing out the Ukrainian population so they can waltz in and steal it. I can see that as well. It may have also been somebody’s bright idea to make Biden Commander in Chief so that he wins in ’24, Martin Armstrong’s idea. Maybe all of the above and more, with the best explanation is it’s a Rorschach test. The only reason I care is I have military age children. But I think, or maybe hope, that the draft is a thing of the past in the USofA.

    • “I came to the conclusion a while ago that nukes don’t exist…”

      • Im in agreement with you on that point, John Dann—nukes do not exist—it’s a scam that has been used by the globalists in their steps and stages to establish their end goal of establishing their world control.

        • I was repeating in quotes, the comment made above, not as being in agreement with it, just to be clear that is what was said.

    • You should also very much care about and be disgusted by hundreds of thousands of casualties. That’s the real test. Hundreds of thousands being sent to die and people around the world don’t even bat an eye lid. How do you think that is going to end?

      We have a history full of people, each dying in their own foxhole and nobody seems to notice the pattern.

      • Of course i care, but on a different level than i care about my children. Doesnt that go without saying???

        • I wasnt explicit, i care about the people, but since i cant ever know russian politics or even much of US/neocon/NATO, i don’t care why these meglomaniacs do what they do.

  7. Comments: Murica, murica, mmmmurica ?

  8. A very good interview! I’m so tired of hearing about the 5D chess playing and at the same time see extremely poor results on the battle field. It’s logically perverse, so happy to listen to this Russian bloke that actually said something rational. An internal war against corrupt oligarchs and the new guy Prigozhin trying to get his cut makes sense to me.

  9. After mulling this conversation over I’m a little curious why James seems to think Rolo is so credible. I assume aspects of what he said are true but the one thing that left me wondering how objective Rolo is was when, at least twice, he stated the only reason the conflict started was because some, unknown to me, Russian oligarch wanted it to happen.

    The fact Rolo never referenced the western government’s biolabs in Ukraine and the continuous NATO creep strike me as a bit disingenuous at best. And what about the admissions from Merkel and Hollande that Minsk agreements were never intended to be implemented?

    Those, to me anyway, seem to be serious issues, and failure to acknowledge them, along with accusing all of his “competition” of deceit, gives his opinions the air duplicity.

    I’m a little disappointed in James and what seems to be a form of endorsement of Rolo.

    • Trust the experts. And don’t do your research

    • I believe the explanation is that he talked more about the current event in this interview. The interview explained very well the dynamics between Wagner’s leader Prigozhin and the oligarch Shoigu.

      In a bigger perspective, yes I agree with you that the West is involved. It’s obviously to me that it’s a proxywar between USA and Russia about world power. With tighter integration between Germany and Russia, the worlds power center would have been moved to Euarasia.

      I’m at least happy to get a broader picture about the situation.

    • Nobody is “objective”. Do you also get mad when interviewees focus on the internal corruption that ultimately drives US foreign policy, and fail to mention any legitimate geostrategic factors at play? I don’t know what Rolo’s motives are, but if I were Russian, or had Russian roots, I would probably be more concerned with how the Kremlin is constantly screwing Russians over than what NATO did to “make” corrupt oligarchs throw my people into the meat grinder without any adequate planning or basic regard for their lives.

    • I listened to the whole discussion and agree with your comments. I found Rolo’s analysis interesting but inconsistent and rather dismissive. If James takes this as his main position it will be disappointing. There are others who have excellent perspectives. Rolo rather rudely countered most of them. I believe, Mark Sleboda wasn’t mentioned and his analysis from Moscow is excellent. In my opinion, Prigozhin now appears to be living in an alternative realty and has contradicted himself a lot recently. He doesn’t have military training and has experienced the horrors of war. I’m sure it has affected him too. Perhaps he’s also imagining things and has become paranoid. Thank you for pointing out the issues Rolo didn’t address. They are key.

  10. It is hard to know what to believe. Things are always more complicated than what the appear to be. I really appreciate this interview.

    If I can believe some of the other things that I have been hearing:
    – Ukrainian refugees are a strain to the neighboring countries
    – Western sanctions are hurting the west more than Russia
    – Ukrainian military casualties are vastly greater than the Russia’s
    (Ukraine is being depopulated)
    – NATO is not supplying Ukraine with enough weapons and ammo
    – NATO is draining its own supplies of weapons and ammo to its own hurt
    – Most of the NATO/EU citizens are against the war
    – EU is moving full speed ahead with all its Climate Change initiatives

    Then, I would think that some WEF goals are being perfectly successful:
    – Make the west poorer
    – Depopulate Ukraine
    – Stretching western democracies to their limits

    Just thinking out loud.

    • You are right.

      It certainly is a WEF goal.
      The Scamdemic was immediately over as soon Ukraine was on the agenda.
      Covid was suddenly over and people switched “their” masks for ukraine flags.

      All WEF-puppets were simultaneously standing behind escalating the conflict.
      And at the same time they are pushing extreme measures
      against energy and farmers.

      Same crap, with added bullshit flavor.

    • @ Won fat and Z- man
      O F F you have outlined the Trifecta
      I will provide Another explainer here. I find him a little more credible than Rolo. $100 billion to jump start $ trillions?
      Z-man you highlight the flavor to a tee. I’m sure the polywogs in Europe want this conflict over so the real feeding at the trough can begin. Do the merchants of death make a killing by financing sales,in cash sales, in franchising outlets? I don’t know a lot of this business .

      Dr Shiva esplains the carbon credit scam in 7 minutes…and tells how it was done in 2 more mins.

      • On the side of US, the weapon’s industry are making weapons according
        to spec, but do everything wrong outside spec.
        That way they can create a need for a new version, or an improved version.
        And the components that break need to be replaced again and again,
        often getting more expensive.
        Military grade means very good according to civilians,
        but very bad according to soldiers.” A quote from some military.

        On the side of Russia, there are also profits, but the contracts work
        a bit different. From what I heard, they can not cash in on the war as much.

        The real question is:
        What is the end game?
        Military I only see the defeat of Ukraine armies in the mine-fields.

        Based on NATO’s results, this disaster would create NATO’s need for
        the development and production of weapons.
        And they would need far more active and trained army-personal.
        Because “Russia bad”

        This then will destroy the economies completely.
        A lot of countries are financially on their last legs.
        And most money goes directly to corruption (Biden, Zelenski etc)

        So they will fail to build any useful international NATO army,
        while destroying the economies.

        • 1) This may give a push for global currency.
          Based on Chinese currency, instead of Dollars, because the dollar
          is already being replaced as a global currency.
          This may move to CO2 credits later.

          2) Maybe the NATO will try to push for an international UN army.
          for “peace”
          The UN is already pushing for extreme censorship and
          the extreme WHO powers.

          The overall problem is that all involved agencies are completely corrupt,
          and murderous.
          So in the end there will be a chaos, that no government can handle.

          In China we see high-rise buildings build with concrete mixed with sand.
          So they will fall down due to a storm or after some time.
          I think this symbolizes the future of the WEF.
          Just a small “storm” and everything is on the ground.

  11. Thanks for this excellent podcast that restores a sense of reporting balance to me. I have been following the Duran very closely for months now particularly on the war in Ukraine. They are getting very pro Russia in a way that makes Russia out to be an almost ideal post Soviet state. Which is concerning since it suggests lack of balance.

  12. This ‘report’ is reminiscent of James’ ‘reports’ with Riley Waggaman.
    “show notes” primarily links to the interviewee’s own writings (which lack references) mixed with ‘western’ publications.
    Most of Rolo Slavskiy’s statements seem to be ‘hear-say’ with none of Corbett Report’s typical reference links to ‘sources’.
    The one “Moscow Times” is created/run by (Dutch) Derk Sauer:
    seems questionable ‘source’, imo. (yes, as is Wikipedia)
    No mention of other ‘independent (on the ground) journalists’ in Donbass & Russia. None.
    In short, Corbett Report ‘reports’ on Russia are lacking in credible “show notes” and HOW does Rolo Slavskiy KNOW all the assertions he claims?
    In war the first casualty is ‘truth’ (proper credit unknown).

    • You complain about lacking sources and not mentioning other independent sources. It looks to me that you’re mixing interviews with documentaries.

      • A Corbett Report interview with “show notes” …
        “show notes” have always been references to independent ‘sources’.
        Why link to more ‘hear-say’ from the interviewee?
        Where did this ‘voice’ get his info and how did they get it?
        You seem willing to ‘take a disembodied-voice as gospel’ while I want answers to some questions that are not even addressed under circumstances I feel more ‘source’ info is appropriate.
        Enjoy your own methods, I will pursue mine, and
        not “complain” but observe/listen/read & express my own opinion of this interview & “show notes”. Not critique other’s critiques.

        • Do you decide the rules in this commentary field? 🙂 It’s just that your critique doesn’t make sense to me.

          Btw: Funny that you do straw-man argumentation. I don’t take his arguments as gospel. But I have the capability to follow several theories in parallel and this new theory with internal oligarch fighting makes sense. Another theory I like is that it all started because Biden refused the Russians to open North Stream 2.

  13. Absolutely brilliant interview. Mind blowing information. For the first time i feel updated by Russian living, speaking journalist on the real situation not the msm . Thank you James for bringing this guy to us and his work in balancing the narrative by his research and experiance.
    Please get him back on as so much more to explore.

    • I agree 100%. The value of this interview to me is not in trying to determine whether he is right or wrong. It’s in hearing an entirely unheard (at least by me) perspective on the Russian political machine from a person distrustful of politicians in Russia, but also distrustful of Western politicians.

      We have RT and Russia-loving Western independent journalists who gush over anything Putin says and does. They hate the West, and the East is somehow better to them. I’ll never get that.

      I’ve been longing to hear a perspective from someone like him who at least has a basic working knowledge of the oligarchy and of dissenting groups in Russia. Interesting talk of Russian intelligence agents infiltrating the neo-nazi elements in Ukraine to bolster Russia’s BS de-nazification justification for the “special military operation” that’s in no way an actual war. Just as the FBI infiltrates “patriot” groups in the US to justify cracking down on them.

      The very sad part of all this is the loss of human life on both sides over geopolitical games orchestrated higher than puppet leaders.

      Just curious if this guy knew James is Canadian, though? He just talked about things in the US as far as the West goes.

      • Yes, this stuff about Azovs connection to the SBU and FSB is interesting. Couldn’t find the article he talks about on his substack though. Can anybody point me to it?

        Only thing I found was Episode 13 of Red List Podcast w/ Rolo and Riley, which seems to be about the Azov case. Have to check that out.

  14. Pointing at Azov to claim Russia invaded Ukraine to fight Nazis is a bit like pointing at al-Qaeda to claim that the US invaded Afghanistan to fight terror. Maybe Russia had some pretty good reasons to “special operation” Ukraine into submission, but Azov clearly wasn’t one of them.

  15. Why Russia started the invasion “officially”:

    1) Ukraine was trying to join NATO
    2) Russian civilians were targeted by Azov
    3) Important Military base of Crimea was targeted by Ukraine
    4) The Minsk accord was broken for several years
    5) The NATO was trying to expand even more

    In USA this would be similar to
    1) a combined crisis of Cuba getting nuclear weapons,
    2) Canada becoming a communist state
    3) Mexicans killing Americans people at the border
    4) Surrounding of your important military base.
    5) Weapons and money being given to Mexicans and Canada and Cuba.
    Based on USA’s global political decisions,
    Cuba would have been destroyed with nukes.
    While internal politics would open the borders with Mexico even more,
    and support Canada politically.

    Azov does indeed exist and the Russian civilians were certainly targeted.
    For many years they have been cleansing the population,
    with full support of the US and NATO.

    • But why did this fight start now?
      Why did the peace-accord at April 2022 not work out?

      1) There are Azov nazis and Warmongers all over the NATO. (CORRECT)
      2) The Ukraine government does not give a shit about its people (CORRECT)
      3) The NATO does not give a shit about Ukraine (CORRECT)
      4) NATO and WEF have a new plan for Ukraine (CORRECT)
      5) NATO and WEF have some insane politicians (CORRECT)
      6) The Covid scam was kind of over (CORRECT)
      7) The NATO+CIA still wants to destroy Russia (CORRECT)

      Russian side:
      Russia is still very Burocratic and unable to correct quickly
      to new circumstances.
      The old hate against Russia is still present today?
      Certain politicians in Russia are fighting for more power?
      Certain businessmen in Russia are fighting for more power?

      The Magnitski-act was the result of billionaires being stopped from
      plundering Russia. The propaganda power is so strong that most of
      the information is not even available on the internet.

      Putin may still follow the WEF plan, by following the WHO.
      Or not follow the WEF plan, by strengthening the economy and the people.
      That is what we should look at.

      If you want to know how powerful the propaganda of billionaires
      really is, try to find the truth behind the Magnitski thing.

      The REAL POWER has made itself invisible, and very hard
      to find on the internet.
      Similar to Peter Tiel, Rothchilds, etc.
      Large media-influencing groups are able to bend people’s opinions
      about certain powerful figures.

      Most people think that Bill Gates is a nice guy in a sweater.
      But he is very responsible of the virus-madness that we saw the last few years.

      • Gates: As well as much injury and death in africa.

  16. I can believe some of the stuff this guy says, such as that Shoigu is corrupt and that the Kremlin’s first concern is to maintain its own power and not let anyone new into the club, but some of the things he is saying are just total nonsense as far as I can tell. Such as:
    1. Ukraine was not shelling Donbas and planning its own invasion in the lead-up to the February 22 attack.
    2. Russia is losing the war/Ukraine is making great advances.
    3. The whole “missile attack on Wagner’s camp” story. That video has been pretty well discredited. Maybe Shoigu had a few of his loyalists try to make Wagner’s pull out difficult, but I have a hard time believing it could go much further than that.
    4. Prigo is just an honest man who wants to expose corruption. It seems like the best explanation for his behavior is that he got a bit of PTSD being in a real warzone for the first time, especially as someone who had lived quite a long time in comfort. I have found that the older you are when you first experience real violence the harder it can be on you.

    That said if I were actually living in Russia I would probably be closer to this guy than to any rah-rah patriots expressing their love for Putin, if for no other reason than that I think any rational man has to have an abiding hate for anyone who would claim to be his “ruler”. But from my perch in the USA, Putin is fighting the good fight in that he is causing the imperial/NATO forces to dump resources into a black hole and hopefully giving more of the serfs a reason to distrust their rulers.

  17. To add to the confusion regarding the Wagner Group, read the article linked here:

    How can one determine the truth about the Wagner Group and Prigozhin? So much corruption permeated in all sources.

    I didnt sense Rolo Slavskiy to be a reliable source.

  18. Not sure how to read any of this except it is pure theater. I would however say, I believe the conflict in Ukraine has many facets, not least of which is removing the occupants of Ukraine to make run for a second homelands…

  19. I would love you to interview TheDuran and ask the same questions. It would only be fair.

    I find their commentary on Ukranie and Russia very down to earth, sensible and balanced. They do not get into “conspiracy” land, which we all love (the truth needs to be talked about), but when I listen to them and to this person who we don’t know who he is or what he does etc., then I tend to listen to my intuition as well.

    I mean, it will only be fair to present yet another opinion and information about the situation with the “coup”, no?

    By the way, corruption in Russia is no surprise, it is equal only to the corruption of the US govt and so many more. Lets not even start to talk about China and the Arab countries… So if we take corruption out of the equation, somehow (can we?) how do we comment on events then? Or if we factor in the big corrupt games being played – what sort of commentary would we have then? Mind boggling.

  20. That was an excellent analysis. I will have to follow Slavskiy’s work in the future.

    The bridge he made reference to in Fallujah is known (colloquially to Americans) as the Blackwater Bridge. I was a hospital corpsman attached to a USMC company in a 2006 deployment to Fallujah, and we did a patrol one time that took us right to the ‘entrance’ of that bridge. I took a picture of it, and later posted it on a myspace personal music page (I used the Blackwater Bridge jpg as a song thumbnail) as well as posting those images in a personal myspace profile after the deployment (you guys remember myspace?).
    Over the Covid lockdown timeframe, I was browsing Z-library for books on Fallujah or OIF and found a title that used that picture!

    Fighting for Fallujah: A New Dawn for Iraq
    John R. Ballard
    Credited cover photo photographer, Patrick Baz

    I do recall there was (perhaps) an embedded journalist, and perhaps a photojournalist on that particular patrol, but did we both take an identical picture (which was taken from ground level)? I think the ‘photojournalist’ stole my ‘blackwater bridge’ titled photo in a search for relevant images for his work, and passed it off as his. I can’t prove that, but that’s my suspicion (the book publisher said there’s not much they can do as far as credit at the time I reached out to them). I might have e-mailed the author, too, but never heard back.
    Here’s an internet archive of other photos from that camera for some evidence to back up my statement.

    Lol, why is the Blackwater Bridge image I have in my deployment photos so much smaller in dimension size then my other photos. Am I losing my mind – did I not take that photo (it does show power lines not seen in other ‘published’ photos)? Mandela effect? I don’t know what’s going on (I found a 2020 article* using that same photo in a Google image search just now, but I don’t see a credited photojournalist for it). I know I definitely patrolled that that bridge and was at the more-or-less exact location the picture shows.
    James, get to the bottom of this for me, when things slow down geopolitically.

    *US arrests Iraqi terrorist leader

  21. Hello Corbett Folk,
    Once again we all fall for nothing but another Russo phobic tired
    old Cold War dead horse. In the USA it’s close to impossible to know
    anything true about anything Russian. This discussion is burdened with
    anti-Russian ignorance and far too many words based in emotional fog.
    The collective West has been grinding this axe for 100 years since
    1917. Warping geopolitics and millions of minds with the over simplification of communism vs capitalism. This crap is getting really old and predictable and absurd. Russia bad! Apparently the longest lasting prompt in Pavlov’s laboratory! A time proven mind control devise of remarkable shelf life. Will these deadly insults and lies ever end?

  22. Very enlightening interview! A strange thing though, I went to his website and right on the opening page there was a window with my email address and a photo of me I use on social media where I could click on to subscribe. I had never experienced that before and found it a bit creepy. How and why is a website accessing my email an unrelated photo automatically? My reaction was to close the page. Ay thoughts?

  23. Well, so much time has passed since this interview was aired that nobody is likely to read this comment any more, but I can’t help posting it. Much of Rolo’s analysis of the current situation in Ukraine is complete nonesense. I would even say that some of his views are dangerous. Such as the claim that Russia is losing this war. Making the Ukrainians believe that they are winning (or can win) is part of the cruel strategy adopted by the US-led NATO to fight this proxy war “to the last Ukrainian.” Towards the end of the interview Rolo makes a claim that the Russians are losing and have even given up on capturing Kyiv (did the Russians ever intend to capture Kyiv in the first place??). Another nonsense claim is that the current war has nothing to do with the expansion of NATO, but is just the result of machinations by some maverick Russian oligarch. It borders on the absurd to say that the Russians couldn’t care less about the Ukrainian nazis who had killed 14,000 ethnic Russians between 2014 and 2022 in the ethnically Russian territories that should have never been part of Ukraine in the first place (the population in these territories always wanted to belong to Russia). I could go on and on like this…

    Of course, everybody has the right to express his opinions, and I am not critical of James Corbett giving Rolo a platform to speak, but I am somewhat perplexed by James seemingly concurring with Rolo’s views (including those outrageous).

    • I read your comment.
      Very likely some other people will read it also, but may not reply.
      I appreciate your take on the interview. Thanks wiesiek.

    • Thanks for your ‘late’ comment. I concur.
      A bit of mine from 6-28 reads:
      This ‘report’ is reminiscent of James’ ‘reports’ with Riley Waggaman.
      “show notes” primarily links to the interviewee’s own writings (which lack references) mixed with ‘western’ publications.
      I have not been favorably impressed with James’ “current events” reporting on Ukraine/Donbass/Russia
      As a long time supporter it seems ‘out of character’ to publish such hear-say as if ‘authoritative’ and ignoring much info that is available, historically.

      The only replies I got on mine was to insist my expectations of legitimate “show notes” is unfounded (?)

  24. Thank you HomeRemedySupply and dregeye for responding. This prompts me to post another comment. I also looked back at this thread, looking at the different reactions to this interview. Janet.f writes, “Absolutely brilliant interview. Mind blowing information.” Wow! As for me, it’s not just that I disagree with Rolo on many points and find his analysis rather shallow, but I got an uneasy feeling right from the beginning of the interview when Rolo refused to identify himself and instead reassured everyone that he wasn’t a secret agent. Maybe I am being a bit irrational (if so, I sincerely apologize to Rolo!). Well, stopping myself from turning this new comment into a rant that would exceed my 3000 characters allowance, I will just say what tipped me over…

    Rolo seems to downplay the revival of nazism in Ukraine. I even got the feeling (my imagination?) that he was denying their existence or trying to exonerate them. For me this is something almost personal. When growing up in the part of Poland where some of the massacres committed by the Banderites took place, I listened to many stories (the memory of the events was still very vivid at the time) told by eye witnesses. It’s too gruesome to repeat, how they used slow methods of killing, just to prolong the agony, sparing neither women nor children. Sometimes this was too much even for the Germans (who occupied Poland at the time) who would intervene, for example stopping the Banderites from setting on fire a church with Poles locked inside. It is difficult to tell what motivated the Banderites in their hatred. Maybe they were settling the old scores, as the Poles had quashed several peasant uprisings in western Ukraine during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, during which time they were just as cruel — public impaling being a common punishment (even though there was nothing to punish for).

    I am also spooked by what happened to mgrace (one of the commentators on this thread) who writes “I went to his (Rolo’s) website and right on the opening page there was a window with my email address and a photo of me I use on social media where I could click on to subscribe. I had never experienced that before and found it a bit creepy.” Creepy indeed! I visited Rolo’s website to see if the same would happen to me, but it didn’t. However, soon after visiting his website I got a strange message on WhatsApp, in my native Polish, from an unknown person who pretended to know me (but failed to identify themself) and proposed that we “exchange photos” and “chat.” I don’t know if this has anything to do with my visit to the website or not. Probably not!

    • Thanks for writing this passionte comment.

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