NOW What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #083

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Last year The Corbett Report explored the question of excess mortality over the past two years . . . but where are the stats at now? Joining us to break down the suprising answer (and its implications) is Denis Rancourt of

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What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #073

One Million Deaths: The Hole the Pandemic Made in U.S. Society

Nature of the COVID-era public health disaster in the USA, from all-cause mortality and socio-geo-economic and climatic data

Analysis of all-cause mortality by week in Canada 2010-2021, by province, age and sex: There was no COVID-19 pandemic, and there is strong evidence of response-caused deaths in the most elderly and in young males

Masks Don’t Work – A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

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Same Facts, Opposite Conclusions


  1. Deaths by injecting experiments
    This explains how the excess deaths from the experiments are used to push for more injections:

    But how can we proof it?

    Direct indications of harm

    1 – Bloodclots (65% per shot) as shown via D-Dimer levels after injection
    2 – Immunity deficiency (100% for tested patients after injection)
    3 – Embalmers seeing very odd blood clots since the experiment’s rollout. These were never seen before and now happen in 65% to 90% of deaths. And only with people that had spiked blood.
    4 – Autopsies showing clear auto-immunity and spike-proteins in suspected experiment victims

    This is mainly caused by the spike-proteins, and the way the immune system reacts
    to artificial mRNA or DNA.

    Big statistical indications of harm

    1) Many vaccine injuries on social media with many extreme cases. Severe injuries (like myocarditis) are about 1% per shot or more.
    2) Vaccine injury databases all over the world (like VAERS) show huge increases in reports. With scientific studies have proven that these reports are only the top of the ice-berg.
    3) a $100 billion life insurance company reported a 40% increase in deaths in people under 65 in Q3 and Q4 of 2021.
    4) The DoD medical database (DMED) showed significantly elevated rates for a large number of symptoms after the vaccines rolled out. And the defense tried to cover it up by changing history.
    5) Differences of 1000x in reported vax injuries per lot

    We also see coverups and extreme censorship of this harm, which is a crime.



    All this harm shows a slow and hidden genocide.

    But who exactly is organizing this genocide?

      • zyxzevn

        I think they its pretty clear that people are suffering from the shot… however, I was VERY worried when covid started due to the masterful propaganda, slow lead up of feigned inaction and video’s of people dropping dead in China.

        In real life I know one person who “kinda” died of Covid and I know one people who “Maybe” died of vax. I see convincing numbers that people are dying from the effects (probably the auto immune and inflamatory stuff is going to get a LOT worse, even for those who just got Covid)
        SO, outside of my Magick Mirror here I dont see much going on going the real world where I am

        Sadly the die is cast… those who got the shot are gonna have whatever happens happen.
        Unjabbed should get fit and eat anti inflammatory foods.

        As to who is DOING the genocide?
        Stupid rich people, mostly but not exclusively jewish, who are themselves pooping their pants because the economic system they rule thru is tottering. Ultimately though…? Satan

    • I watched the “vaccine tricks” video several times, the statistical plays is something I find holds some potential for making some people see through this garbage. As far as the data goes, I think not. People may look for validation in data, but these tales can always be spun whichever way one wants. As long as there is wiggle room, and there’s always going to be a lot of that, people who wish to dance to the tune even if the song isn’t playing any longer will have somewhere to hide, a hill to die on. Well, it’s a little mound at best.

      • The statistics is easy to manipulate indeed.
        That is why I focus on direct observable harm.
        The blood-tests show problems with clots and the immune system
        after almost every experimental shot.
        This gives a clear cause and effect for potential deaths that follow later.
        Is it 60% or 90%? It is big enough to make a doctor tremble if he
        got out of his hypnosis.
        These problems slowly grow in severity.

        And in the deaths we see the results:
        We see the weird clots in most of the dead bodies.
        And we see weird auto-immunity in autopsies of vaccine deaths.
        None of this weirdness was found in normal deaths.

        The really bad news:

        But what is really shocking that the weird clots were
        found in the majority of the deaths.
        This would mean that 65% to 100% of injected people have now
        these weird clots in their bodies.
        Unless these people are so unlucky to get the most clotting lots/batches.
        These clots are in the arteries, are not falling apart like normal clots,
        and will have a lasting effect.
        Probably deadly or injuring within a few years. We will see.

        We now know they are planning to inject this poison into children… every year.
        That certainly looks like depopulation.

        If you took an injection, I would seriously advice to start with ivermectin
        and the long-covid program that is on the website.
        It may prevent further clotting.
        Also do some specific blood-tests that show what is going on in the blood.
        Doctors4covidethics found a way to show vaccine-clots on MRI.
        All this info may help to fight the idiocracy.

        I am raising awareness to this problem, because
        genocide is a bit more severe than the social control agenda.
        And with stopping the genocide-program, we also stop the passport-systems.

        • “….you took an injection, I would seriously advice to start with ivermectin
          and the …”

          Why? I am not doubtingy you , just wonder what it would do to help since the damaging proteins are presumably coming from inside the host’s own body??

        • I know what zyxzevn is talking about.
          This is eyebrow raising stuff.
          If a person has not looked into it, they should.
          We will certainly see more of this type of stuff.

          zyxzevn mentions the long-covid program at for those who have taken the jab.
          I remember reading articles about doing that.

          Tumeric – Besides have a variety of health benefits, this can thin the blood. I wanted to mention that.

          I also want to point to this…
          IMAGES – Healthy Blood vs Unhealthy Blood vs Vaccinated Blood
          …and Remedies

          • Hint:
            Make a summary with links on, so you can see it all on one page. And you can update the summary with new info/links if necessary.

            Special cases OR Average cases?

            The vaccinated and unvaccinated blood were from cancer patients, I believe?
            (stacked red blood-cells)

            The Burkhardt autopsies were from suspected “vaccine” victims.
            (Severe auto-immunity where spike-proteins are present)

            So, while we can proof that these injections cause immense harm,
            we do not know how often it happens. Because these seem to be
            special cases

            The >60% elevated D-Dimer tests were from average cases.
            So most people get micro-bloodclots or worse.
            In tested people we also see damage to the immune system.

            And in >65% of the dead bodies on average the coroners find
            these weird bloodclots.

            The latter seem average cases, which would suggest that
            the majority (>60%) of people have some form of clots and
            damage to the immune system or even auto-immunity.
            This is also true for very healthy athletes.

            Most of this damage is only visible on the medium (>2 months)
            or long term (>2 years), in the form of cancer
            or heart problems or other failure of vital organs.

            Did they (Bill Gates and others) already manage to plant a
            deadly injury in half of the western population?

            • Thanks zyxzevn.

              I mentioned the Healthy Blood IMAGES, because Ozone Blood Therapy reversed the unhealthy blood of vaccinated people.

              It caught my attention because I am a real advocate of Oxidative Therapies…
              Ozone, UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation), Hydrogen Peroxide blood therapy, Vitamin C IV drips, and nebulizing H2O2.

            • I suspect these severe immediate reactions are not happening to everyone, but much more frequently than vaccine injuries caused by other vaccines. Dr. Yeadon said that people are getting a variable dose of the spike protein, the antigen depending on a persons unique ribosomes that translate protein from mRNA. This is different from other vaccines that have a consistent dose of antigen. Also, if this mRNA is being injected into the blood stream it can travel to other organs in the body.

              Theoretically it’s supposed to stay localized in the deltoid muscle tissue and if it does may prevent some of the adverse reactions.

              The affect on the immune system is another matter, the ADE effects and the potential damage to the immune system via activation of certain receptors. I don’t remember the mechanism for this adverse effect.

              If the immune system is damaged with repeated injections, this leaves a person open to infection and cancer. This may be the long term adverse reactions. Big pharma makes money when people are sick. It’s a win win for the global elite who are enriched by the drug cartel and can simultaneously reduce the population.

              However, unique genetic profile, state of health and such may lead to adaptation to avert some of the negative consequences. There may also be remedies that can mitigate the damage but this remains to be seen.

              • I agree with you.
                Great points.

                There are so many variables attached to potential vaccine injuries, that we should not make generalizations such as “Everyone who got the jab will die within 5 years.”
                Of course, I am exagerating my generalization statement.

                As time goes on, we’ll just need to continue to look at the specific phenomena and data for specific scenarios.

              • HRS,

                Yes, I think that is correct that we can’t make generalizations about what will happen to people for certain. You might say that by taking the jabs people expose themselves to more risk for certain outcomes and that the risk is unnecessary.

                But, I work with mostly jabbed and all of them are still breathing. I did notice that there were a lot of jabbed who got Covid recently, the so called omicron variant. My guess is that this is ADE. I didn’t get it and I’m not jabbed.

                I have to test twice a week to keep my job and I think they are shocked my tests always come back negative.

                But if people are repeatedly injected with this gene based drug that causes the production of a poison, the spike protein, I think that over time this could pose a significant health risk.

        • Hi Zyxzevn. Thanks for your insights. I will be taking the Novavax option on Monday. I have 100x 3mg of Ivermectin on hand and have no current health issues. I couldn’t find a protocol that relates specifically to post-injection. Your thoughts would be welcome. My preference would be to avoid but unfortunately I live in Australia (long story).

          • Gosh!
            Sorry to hear that HEDGE110.
            When they give you the needle, tell them to be sure to only hit the muscle. No blood vessel.

            If you can find an Integrative Medicine or Functional Medicine or Holistic Medicine Doctor who offers Ozone blood therapy and/or Vitamin C IV therapy (both are ‘oxidative therapies), this may really help.
            If you search “ ozone” with a search engine you will see a plethora of stuff.

            I’ve worked one-to-one with over 100 people per day for more than three years in the vitamin and supplement field. I saw what worked well for people.

            Something very simple which anyone can do to help clean up the body. This can be done before and after.
            Make a smoothie in a blender: place a peeled lemon or two or three, a magnesium supplement and lots of parsley. Put in some sea salt.
            lemon, parsley, magnesium, salt
            Those basics do wonders and there are mechanisms of action behind them.
            You can add cilantro, leafy greens, berries, garlic, ginger or any other organic foods you wish to make the smoothie.
            You cannot overdose on magnesium…the body eliminates it.

            NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine
            This is an amazing supplement found at vitamin places. It has been around for decades, but the FDA has tried to ban it during Covid…so you know it works.

            NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine once saved my life.
            It can help pull out toxins and is also a component amino acid of glutathione.
            This comment link explains the glutathione aspect (which is the best anti-oxident that the body makes)

            NOTE the last line at the link about blood clots.

          • That sucks. Theoretically, there’s supposed to be less side effects because you are taking a protein subunit vaccine. The nano-particle components are concerning, but maybe there is something you can take for it as mentioned by HRS.

            Like HRS said, make sure they do the IM injection correctly by aspirating back to make sure there’s no blood in the syringe. If there is don’t let them inject you. You should have it done by a nurse, and remind them to aspirate back, rather than a pharmacy.

            Sorry you have to take it, maybe you can get out of Australia? Save some money and leave?

            • Much appreciated cu.h.j. Fortunately I am booked with a medical practice and will definitely request that they ‘aspirate back’. Go a lot of ties over here including building a house. It was certainly a mission holding for this long to get the protein subunit (hopefully less-worse) option.

          • Novavax does still have some mRNA I believe,
            but for different purposes.
            It gives a lot of spikes in the shot and has an agent to trigger the immune system. I hope less long term worries.

            Ivermectin should give you a good boost, get a real high dose
            in the beginning, even before it.
            Check on what other medicine are available.

            Also test your D-Dimer and immune-cell counts.
            Maybe a blood-photo to check red-blood cell stacking and pollution.
            Both Before and after!

            If you get some damage, you must also be able to proof it.
            That way you can stop the clot-shot for other people in the future,
            and maybe get money from it if you do get damage.

            Maybe you can make them all sign a contract of liability as well.

              • I remember Corbett mentioning mRNA hidden in one
                of these “non genetic” injections.
                It could be one of the patented ingredients.

                Now watching and learning about
                the frauds in the trials and the fake-cines.

                Many of these experts should be in the news.

            • Thank you zyxzevn. Yes, I have formulated a paper trail with my employer. I have a blood test scheduled for tomorrow prior to help with any pre/post compare/contrast I may need.

              I would love to get a D-Dimer test done post. I need to look into this.

              They are the government so they won’t sign a contract of liability. Their position is that it is my choice to be employed and that their direction to be vaccinated is ‘reasonable’. That’s fine, I have been informing them in writing that I am responding to their direction and therefore they cannot escape a claim of liability if something goes wrong.

              I appreciate the support.

              • In regards to the mRNA jabs, I have noticed several people coming in to the emergency room with strange side effects, including: heart palpitations, dizziness, increases in heart rate for no apparent reason. Perhaps these are coincidental, but I’m not so sure.

                Just yesterday a person who worked in the emergency room came in with lethargy and heart palpitations (irregular heart beats and increases in heart rate with small position changes). She had recently taken the Moderna booster. She had a complete work up, including a chest CT with contrast and nothing could be found. However, the doctor on staff didn’t consult cardiology, so maybe it’s early myocarditis.

                Since you are taking the protein based vaccine, not a gene therapy shot, I think your chances of adverse reactions are reduced. Nevertheless, the issue that would be most concerning if I were in your place was if my employer was requiring boosters.

              • Hi cu.h.j, zyxzevn and HomeRemedySupply. Update from Sydney, Australia – I am 24 hours after first dose of Novavax. Definitely got muscle not vein (administered by experienced doctor).
                Been drinking smoothies with lemon, parsley, magnesium, salt, berries and ginger. Dandelion leaf and root tea.
                NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine (900mg), Vitamin C (1000mg), Vitamin D (2000IU), Astaxanthin (5mg), Omega 3, Nattokinase and Iver (6mg-9mg) each day. I’ve been a bit timid with the Iver but haven’t noticed any adverse reactions (wondering if I should up the Iver dose).

                At 24 hours I feel a light tingling sensation in different parts of body (arms, feet). Haven’t noticed anything else but perhaps that it due to my daily consumption of half a supplement store.

              • HEDGE110,
                ha! You had me laughing!
                “Haven’t noticed anything else but perhaps that it due to my daily consumption of half a supplement store.”

                I saw the Astaxanthin (5mg), Omega 3, Nattokinase.
                That is so cool.

                I’m very confident that you will pull through this whole ordeal just fine.
                You got a real head on your shoulders, making every courageous chess move you could while being trapped in an insane system.
                You’ve played it sharp.
                I wanna be on your Rugby team.

              • HomeRemedySupply – re my supplement supply, my wife informed me this morning that the kitchen benchtop is supposed to be for preparing food, not for accommodating exorbitantly large containers of Vit C and NAC. Fair call.

                I have added tumeric, ashwagandha powder and Arginine-Citrulline Sustain to the regime.

                BTW, my ‘chess moves’ scored me a promotion to a Manager role today. I had applied for another job when at risk of being sacked. That firm offered me a job yesterday and the current firm (the one that almost sacked me on 30 Jan) counter-offered to retain me. Indeed, it’s an ‘insane system’.

    • Over half the deaths seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines
      Only the people that had spiked blood had strange sticky clots in their arteries.

      This logically means:
      More than half of the deaths show severe vaccine injuries,
      and these are likely related to their deaths.
      The clotted arteries give more stress on the hearts.
      And the clots themselves are likely related to auto-immunity that
      usually affects vital organs.

      Additionally the shots always weaken the immune system, making
      other infections and cancer more deadly.

      With this I can claim:

      Most of the deaths today are caused by the experimental injections.

      Yes, it is that serious.

    • Thanks so much. I couldn’t agree more.And thanks to you James Corbett, for keeping on and on…what you do and, have done for years, is worth more than Gold!

      We are living through the very worst Genocide committed against the entire Human race ever committed and 99% of the population are still, at least to a certain degree, in what I can only call a deep coma.

      Europe is abusing the plandemic to gather it’s own goals..and, I am still – after more than 12 years research on the Nordics among other, trying to find the last data, showing exactly how many Europeans have been brutally murdered for moving between European countries for work, crossing the European borders so-called “freely” but for some reason, all these data have by now “mysteriously” disappeared and, I’m wondering now, exactly how many of these cold blooded murders by now, are simply registered as COVID deaths ?!?

      Should anyone get a hand on these data, I would be more than interested!! I knew some of the now murdered people and, have been warned against travelling to certain European countries – even for holidays and, have seen the so-called “statistics” from others…all 100% pure lies and, innocent people keep dying in Europe!?

      I am sure you have looked into this before James but, still interested in an update as, as a European, it is by now, approximately 100% impossible to get any human answers..

      Thanks again and, a great weekend to everyone!

    • The Story of Oumahexi and her Husband …and the vaccine

      I am so sorry for your loss Oumahexi.
      Thank you for sharing this story.

    • Hopefully you know there wasn’t anything that you could have done to make him see through this lie he decided to attach to.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Oumahexi. I can only imagine the thousands that have similar stories to tell about their husbands or wives. I hope your story helps people.

    • Matthew Erickson: 39-year-old Colorado man avoids amputation after Turkish doctors pull several 4-inch (10-centimeter) long blood clots out of his leg

      Clots found in alive people. I guess just in time for this fellow. One has to wonder about how much was life cut short for all the other people who had these discovered post mortem.

  2. Gonna have to watch this one a few more times to nail down the talking points. But I sometimes wonder if any amount of confirming evidence of what so many of us have been saying for two years now will ever be enough to open the eyes of the believers.
    Gotta keep trying though.

    • I know someone personally who got covid and then got a chest infection, probably pneumonia, and died after they shot him full of OPIATES which depresses your breathing.

  3. You won’t be hanging them, and if you did the people replacing them would be worse.

    The truckers have done a huge amount (much more than I expected tbh) to shake those in power then any mob with ropes by showing the leadership as unworthy of leading.

    • “..Why do you say that?..”

      1) most people are not onboard with killing people…violence at this point will drive the public into the government’s arms…at that moment the government gets to do what its actually good at- violence.

      2) IF there is a violent revolution the people who take power are always more brutal and evil then the people they replace.
      Normally the people organizing revolutions care nothing for the people and are working for the rich (see “world revolution” by Nesta Webster or “wallstreet and the bolshevik Revolution” by Dr Spence, univ. Of Idaho)

      That graphic you made is cool btw

    • “Cause it’s true. And eye for an eye leads to mass blindness. If they can make a killer of you, they’ve won.

      I don’t mean to speak for anyone but myself. This has been my experience in the past seven decades.

      • madness,,, again?

        to a sentient being martin, eugenics and tyranny are heinous.
        to a tyrannical eugenicist martha, population culling and/or whopper scale abuse is par for the course.

        both want a “good life”, but are diametrically opposed as to how to have it. within the possibilities of our 3d reality, Both cant be right.

        Are we seeing two sides of a same coin?

        are we feeling berthing pains of a consciousness that can transcend this dissonance?

        We seem to be standing up, and holding the line, just… but which line? pretty sure its all about respect. each of us, 2 leggeds, 4 leggeds 6,8,, each has a unique way of expressing it, yet its always spelled the same.

        As for the demonic amoungst us, death or even the threat of death may not be antidote enough. If the intent is to end the game of a few exploiting many. let them go on record for their actions. and then?,, put them to work? banishment? reincarnation or not, death may not be cure enough.

        Then there is the large group just below, but holding up the .001% pinnacle perchers. Its you and me, we are (almost all), blocks in a pyramid, greasy chicken and pine tree eaters alike. Maybe we’ll repent? call it what you want, but to fix this paradigm the pyramid will be demolished.

        in place of indestructible edifice, I’m imagining a meadow of wild flowers.

        what if humanity was one organism, currently with an excess of dis-ease? How would the healthy cells organize for the best outcome of the whole body (the biome)? amputate (nuke)? chem-trail chemo (bug spray)? 5g radiation therapy (bug zapper)? jesuitistic self harm rituals (“war”)? turn other cheek denial (relativistic altruistic ignorance)?

        “the only language these psychopaths understand: the threat of their direct death”

        They may be impervious to that threat? If they’re so ready to mass murder, then death may have a completely other meaning for them.

        personally, I’d be taking a chance on love.

        • I’m not sure how your well written quote, “from many years ago”, is supported by “absolute overt guarantee of their direct death”?

          This is an old question, which is handled differently place by place. in Bali and singapore one could get the death sentance for smoking a joint, in nuremburg serial killars were given spankings and a promotion with a new life in a new country, then there was louis quatorze,,, to kill or not to kill,,,”but wait here is the beautiful ophelia”.

          (I chose a simplified version in case elizabethan might be onorus, though it does shine as sun bursting through our dull vernacular fog bank)

          Ben Florman, LitCharts’s co-founder, wrote the following modern English translation of Hamlet’s soliloquy:

          To live, or to die? That is the question.

          Is it nobler to suffer through all the terrible things

          fate throws at you, or to fight off your troubles,

          and, in doing so, end them completely?

          To die, to sleep—because that’s all dying is—

          and by a sleep I mean an end to all the heartache

          and the thousand injuries that we are vulnerable to—

          that’s an end to be wished for!

          To die, to sleep. To sleep, perhaps to dream—yes,

          but there’s there’s the catch. Because the kinds of

          dreams that might come in that sleep of death—

          after you have left behind your mortal body—

          are something to make you anxious.

          That’s the consideration that makes us suffer

          the calamities of life for so long.

          Because who would bear all the trials and tribulations of time—

          the oppression of the powerful, the insults from arrogant men,

          the pangs of unrequited love, the slowness of justice,

          the disrespect of people in office,

          and the general abuse of good people by bad—

          when you could just settle all your debts

          using nothing more than an unsheathed dagger?

          Who would bear his burdens, and grunt

          and sweat through a tiring life, if they weren’t frightened

          of what might happen after death—

          that undiscovered country from which no visitor returns,

          which we wonder about and which makes us

          prefer the troubles we know rather than fly off

          to face the ones we don’t? Thus, the fear of

          death makes us all cowards, and our natural

          willingness to act is made weak by too much thinking.

          Actions of great urgency and importance

          get thrown off course because of this sort of thinking,

          and they cease to be actions at all.

          But wait, here is the beautiful Ophelia!

          once again beauty nips in under the wire.

      • “…only language these psychopaths understand: the threat of their direct death,..”

        A psychopath is less afraid of death then a normal person.

        They are clinically unable to get as mentally aroused as normals which is why they tend to die doing stupid stuff or end up in jail for stupid stuff. That’s why they are useful for grinding up in a war doing bloody jobs normal people don’t want to, stuff like killing Indians or being social workers

        A psychopath getting hanged may not feel fear until the literal moment you put the noose on him….you can’t threaten one effectively because he or she is often stupid reckless.

        • unstoppable
          “The love you speak of, vadoum, is great for the world, but a tyrant sees it as a weakness to be exploited.”

          so which one is it, “great” or “a weakness”?

          the choice is yours. “as you like”?, maybe thats the penultimate question, as it asks and answers in the same breath.

          I’ve never had a one size fits all answer for the impulse to kill as being right or wrong: for extreme situations, and I’d agree that the current extreme of organized crime is “advantage”, headed for set-match, (a murdering & bludgeoning of huge swaths of humans); the imminence is deafening, but are you ready to do what you say?

          considering your words seem to directly oppose?

          you wrote:
          “It is impossible to defeat any enemy by lowering yourself to their standards. The minute you become what you are fighting is the minute the fight is lost.”

          and then you write:
          ‘,,sending a stark warning to current and future would-be tyrants in the only language these psychopaths understand: absolute overt guarantee of their direct death”

          I cant follow what you mean?

          maybe there is natural law whereby a persons intention, when choosing to kill them, is measured not just in black/white life/death terms but in positive vs negative “energetic aspect”:
          selfish vs generous or
          open vs close minded
          hateful guile vs caring insight
          selfish vs generous
          (a generous length of rope? give them enough and,,)
          prideful vs selflessly serving
          or the sum of those 4 vs:
          are we jealous of the tyrants and so kill them or can we see some hidden divine essence there?

          Here (eastern most oz), there were/are traditional “law” men & women; initiated over years of solitude in the bush; there were 3 arch laws: no killing (unless for food), no stealing, no lying. offenders got a spear through the leg, or banishment, or death. the “law people”, acting as benificent dictators, get to decide.

          This question came up months ago with westerncivic; I said “skip the downtown, why not march straight to the priminister’s house?” he/she asked “who will be the first” (billionaire to be taken out,,), and I digressed, I’m not licenced to kill.

          talk of death is cheap mortal wankery, and is precariously close to the cliff edge of disrespect for those who have ,,done it. So I’ll gently put this topic down and hope that you find the breezy lift that lets you clear that cape.

      • un-stopable

        “…Psychopaths tend to rise to the top of every power structure…”

        The majority of Psychopaths are annoying losers.
        There has been a ton of pro psychopath propaganda, things like ‘silence of the lambs’.

        I actually think that the reason the ruling class looks like PSycopaths to people is twofold

        1) They dont think of us as people, because they are so culturally separated and these days are often ethnically different then us.
        They dont care about US like WE dont care about people in China.

        2)Normal people have become dependent and Childlike, trained to view reality thru TV and movies made by people who want us that way

        On psychopaths Can I recommend

        here is what looks like a PDF of it

        and the book by Jon Ronson which I listened to years ago.

        If smart psychopaths do well in our society its because of our failure to judge their behavior and morals and shun them… our society is failing, any psychopath leaders are just the shingles that runs wild when your sick. People get the government they deserve, lol

      • Great Being knows I have no answers, only questions. And I can only speak from experience. This is what my heart has to offer here this morning.
        I like to take everything to the limit, and see if it holds up. We’re all a different manifestation of life force, each made to be unique in our perspectives, embodiments, and dharmas, ways of being.
        If these beings feed from death, is there a life there to end?
        When all outer enemies have been vanquished, the final enemy is death itself. How do you kill death?
        For many years I’ve felt that one’s relationship to one’s own death is crucial to a good life.
        So this is my unique experience: I once innocently drove myself and three children to the brink of death. On four sides of us, there was no where to go , just death. I looked back at the children, my eyes rolled into my head, and I heard my self pray “Oh,God, forgive me for killing us all in such a stupid way.”

        Twelve years later, a friend handed me a book of “angel stories”, the first I had ever read, maybe the only actually. In the middle of it I suddenly remembered!!
        I have no idea what happened. No memory whatever. We’re all still here. And it was impossible. There was no way out.

        If it ain’t your time to go, nothing can take you. If it is, get to that flight on time. No masks needed. Just enjoy the flight. When you land, there will be helpful souls. That’s one thing a traveler learns. To make that leap into the quantum unknown, trusting the cosmic heart.
        Blessed Be , All.

        • “If these beings feed from death,,,”

          an internal combustion/ diesel generator, thousands of interdependent parts,, in short, magnetic fields in motion transmuting kinetic into electric. I reckon so do us humans, but the variety of voltage levels are more miraculous than we’re taught in the public fool system,,

          from experience and hard knocks teachers : some of these beings feed (unseen by most) on subtle, etheric, dimension bridging fuel, (literally sucked from humans) and not so subtle (adrenaline from terror).

          “is there a life there to end?”

          gate gate
          para gate
          para sam gate

  4. James, please invite David Martin on your show. Here is his latest talk about the real crimes and what he’s doing about it. Very interesting.
    Note: Dr. Martin begins speaking after several minutes of set up. You won’t regret being patient.

    • david martin talks but what does it look like when he walks?

      • fancy shootin’ kemosabe.

        but even for half-real, does that guy do anything besides talk in ways that meander but never hit-home nor sink-in nor add-up?

        word: Respect, to chuck B. (the originator of the now popular style)

    • Thanks Sherry.
      Dr. Martin has been on a tear recently.
      I’m only 26 minutes in but it’s terrific already.

      He’s basically summarizing what he released almost two years ago.

      Fact Checker, I asked you for a comment a few weeks ago but it seems
      you either didn’t see my post or you decided to duck it.

      Can you please let all the Corbetteers know what facts Dr. Martin presents
      in this video that need ‘correction’, if any?


      • Hey FT, I must have missed your earlier post, but I don’t remember saying that any of his “facts” need “correction”.

        Fact Checker, you didn’t say any of his facts need correction.
        I had asked you to comment on an earlier post. Hopefully you will find it and comment.

        re: this post.
        I was simply asking you to check Dr. Martins ‘facts’ and see if they needed correction.
        I’m sorry you have declined to do it.

        The reason I thought of you was because:
        -It’s an exceptionally good video.
        -It involves Dr. Martin who you had previously dissed because you didn’t like how he had talked about his ex-wife.
        -You are the de facto fact checker here at the Corbett Report.

        Have a great day! 🙂

  5. Wonderful to see and hear you here Mr. Rancourt. I was an appreciator and participant in your first studies of this agenda on Research Gate.Very grateful that you have been able to continue on with colleagues.
    Thank you all for your devoted work.

    • I really liked his closing statement!

      I recognized Samson.
      July 2021 Corbett Member Steve Smith made reference to a 3 minute video entitled
      Samson’s response to “Vax That Thang Up”.

      “Samson’s response to “Vax That Thang Up”” video filmed at Allatoona Lake, just north of Atlanta, Georgia.
      J.D.’s on the Lake (aka Blue Cat Lodge) – 6979 Bells Ferry Rd, Canton, GA 30114

      Netflix’s hit show, Georgia-filmed “Ozark” tells of a Chicago financial advisor involved with money laundering. After a business deal with a drug cartel goes south, he and his family escape to the Missouri Ozarks so that he can pay back his former boss.
      The filming was in Georgia.
      There is a clip of the Blue Cat Lodge in the show, as if it was in the Ozarks.

  6. The report that is linked on the following page is well worth a read – from 2019 – before Covid.

    The Mortality Mystery

    ” Life expectancy forecasts are falling fast. At first this was considered an anomaly, then a flu related one-off, now a trend. However, from this tragedy comes an uncomfortable truth: reducing life expectancy forecasts releases hidden value in annuity back books. ”

    Every cloud ……

    Needless to say, the trends documented in this report have been amplified during the present scamdemic.

  7. Thank you for this one James Corbett. I’m hoping his paper/site refers to the definitive research paper published by Fauci and co-authors, in which the mask wearing was determined to be the cause of the massive deaths from bacterial pneumonia during the “spanish flu”.
    Interestingly, Dr. Palevsky and cohorts identified the presentation of “covid” in the first months as a blood poisoning, not a respiratory condition. Blood poisoning untreated leads to pulmonary distress, of course, if you understand your body. And much else.
    In the data regarding the deaths of young males, I have a question which will be answered, and that is whether or not the pre-condition of not being housed at a time when shelters were closed, in the winter, is a part of the contributing factor in this statistic.
    That “extraordinary heat event” which fried BC, Wash, and Oregon was when Haarp Alaska was being activated, culminating in the destruction of Litton, BC, and the labs of the doctor there who had been speaking out publicly.
    It certainly is “man made” frying, no doubt, no argument there. Also, I wonder if the massive fires since 2017, which have decimated communities, while leaving the trees intact, can be factored in to the rise in deaths. Talk about stress.
    You oughta try living here. They are killing the oaks first and foremost, as they are the food. And they call it “sudden oak death”, tho we’ve been watching it for years and years, and they go slow and painful. Sound familiar?
    Hardly any critters or bugs left.
    Without the forests, without the wild, we’re done for. Billy and Klaus’ bugs notwithstanding. Heck of a lot of our trees were shipped to Japan, highest bidder for many years. It was as my flight was flying into Japan once that I noticed it all looked like a beehive, and I wondered, what is the honey being extracted, and who is extracting?
    There are published reports available recently of worn masks being sent to the lab. Not good.
    PS If you don’t mind, I approach this research with years of doing and reading research behind me, and the important mantra: “Science has a social agenda.”

  8. In a “Free” society one would expect to be “Free” to manage ones own Risks (particularly health risks).

    Indeed, I made this argument nearly 19 years ago when I sponsored a People’s Initiative for the Repeal of the, then new, Mandatory Seat-belt Law in Washington State. I actually got accused of killing people on a Seattle Radio Show for suggesting that adults should have the Right to decide for themself on whether they wanted to use a Seat-belt. As a result I did some research to support my position that it was in fact the Seat-belt “Laws” that were causing more people to die. I found some research done by an Oxford Professor that specialized in Risk Management and bought (and read) a copy of his book titled “Risk Management” which include a chapter or two on the effects of Seat-belt Laws. In the book he had made studies on 79 Jurisdictions around the world showing data on Traffic Deaths before Monitory Seat-belt Laws compared to after these Laws were being enforced, and in every case Traffic Deaths went up not down. I talked with him by phone a number of times before getting a spot on FOX TV out of Seattle where I thought I could make my point known. I had also just received a copy of the latest data from The National Highway and Traffic Administration which clearly showed the highest number of Traffic Deaths ever reported for Washington State for the first year of the new Mandatory Law.
    No sooner than I sat down on the set they aired a State Trooper by phone telling about all the Lives they were Saving as a result of these new Mandatory Seat-belt Laws. Well folks, I was prepared, and stated that they were not saving any Lives, and I had the latest data from The National Highway Administration in my hands to prove it. As I read the data they pulled the plug on me and went into a commercial break. With their 7 second delay, I doubt that anything I said to refute their lies was ever aired.
    Not one to give up, I continued to study the raw data reported to The National Highway Administration (that is, until I got black listed), and sent out “Letters to the Editors” of perhaps, 50 Newspapers on a regular basis. At that time (like the Scientist in this interview) I thought that the government actually cared about the well being of the people and would change their wicked ways when I proved that it was in fact their Liberty raping “Laws” that were causing more people to die on the roads, and that I was in fact the good guy bringing this fact to light.
    Well, as it turns out, all The National Highway Administration was interested in was manipulating the data in a way that would make Seat-belt “Use” look good and thus deceive people into thinking Seat-belt “Laws” were good.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • I read similar stuff in Freakonomics (or the 2nd one?) About child seats being utter rubbish. They proved it with crash test dummies n found no difference with or without as I recall

      • Hard to say. I know of an incident in which the child in the seat was uninjured, the mother died flying out the windshield, and the dad driver got really messed up too. So, you know, it depends on the situation.

        • True, what I should have said is that the damage to the child sized crash dummies was the same with our without the seat.

    • That’s very interesting stuff. I always had my doubts about seat belts, but the underlaying issue is the same: who gets to do risk assessment.

      What were the factors contributing to higher death counts?

    • Good work! I was just noticing lately, because I live out in the country, and can go without on the back roads, that I am much more tense when driving with that belt on, and that makes me drive faster to get it over with.

      Nothing like the locals, tho. For them, ten miles over the limit is the minimum.

  9. Thank you so much for inviting Denis on to talk to you, James. I can cross it off my wish list, with the hope that he will indeed be back at some point in the near future.

    • I’m with ya on that.
      Denis Rancourt has some great communication skills of smoothly describing the information.

      I thought Rancourt made a great point…
      REALITY (1:02:00)
      Denis Rancourt states:
      “…that the very first level of REALITY is: “Did somebody die?” and “How many people died?” and “Where….”

      I cannot but help to think of masks when I think of the warm, humid southern states and bacterial respiratory conditions.
      Or even other health conditions (e.g. heart, gums) caused by breathing oral/nasal bacterial overgrowth as a result of wearing masks.

      • When this insanity began, folks couldn’t understand why I was walking around yelling “Bring out yer dead!! Bring out yer dead!!”

        Guess they didn’t know about Monty Python.

      • Your mentioning bacterial overgrowth in the context of masks prompts me to give a shout out to Dr. William Davis’ latest book, Super Gut, which talks about healing the gut from bacterial overgrowth and promoting a healthy microbiome. I was already persuaded that many of our chronic health conditions stem from the imbalances in our guts, but really appreciated reading about recent discoveries of beneficial bacteria that most of us no longer have due to poor diets, environmental toxins, etc., and which can be reclaimed by reintroducing them and making adjustments to our eating habits. I find all of that really fascinating, and very hopeful.

  10. Ha ha ha James said datas. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t stop ’em from peeing in it.

  11. Can anyone point me towards a good source of the data (or a graph of it) which was the product of (if memory serves) data being released which included “time since vaccination”, which enabled someone to re-analyse, and present graphs showing the spike in deaths, hospitalisations and diagnosed cases under 14 days from injection. This was important since under 14 days people were classed as “unvaccinated. Thus the lie was given to “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Was it via Del Bigtree? (If only I had a memory)! ;-(

  12. James and Denis,
    Thank you for this clear, concise and extremely informative video. You are voices of truth and reason.

  13. RE: Feb 15th’s NOW What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #083

    Concluding minutes of the interview…
    I am so glad that Corbett stressed the FUNDAMENTAL principle about an individual’s natural rights.
    No entity has the “god given right” to dominate, dictate or suppress an individual.
    It is my desire to see this “fundamental” message repeated often.
    It is the rallying cry.

    This fundamental principle weaves very well into the story which Denis Rancourt shared and all the factors which he mentioned.

  14. Excellent interview. Mahalo nui.

  15. Compelling interview. But everything said has been said. The “agenda” has been laid out for view.
    We, as in our community, has been informed by means most would shy away from. Intuitive response. In crude terms the bullshit meter.
    The ability to decipher fact from fiction.

    Everything said has been said.

    I quit my “job” in 2018, have been self employed since. Haven’t paid taxes to the government of Canada since.

    Numbers and science are very important, don’t get me wrong. Knowing the facts are important but false at the same time. Would these facts play out in common law?

    Great interview, great stats. But no help to common “serfs” living on earth. Do we suppose we can just say THERE!! we got you now.

    Anyway, got to go to my weekly “anarchist R us” meeting.

    Be well my friends.

    In Lak’ech

  16. Bit of a negative comment, understood. Got to go, but think about this. I made the statement about not paying taxes for a reason. I chose to not involve myself any longer, to not enrich the coffers with my ransom for living. It’s not easy, granted, but it is very easy to embrace your human right to be alive. Your human right to say I don’t exist to serve others.

    I exist to serve human expansion and growth.

    It’s community, love and the expression of self reliance that will forward our colective goals.

    In |Lak”ech

  17. Dr. Rancourt talks a lot about viruses throughout the interview but probably doesn’t know he is actually promoting Terrain Theory to explain the plandemic!

    He says there was no pandemic in Canada and many European countries.

    He attributes most/all of the one million U.S. deaths to pneumonia, exacerbated by stress from the mandates (which could have been averted had they used antibiotics).

    That sure sounds like Terrain Theory as opposed to Germ Theory to me.


    • Interesting. I disagree that this was not something different than flu or regular pneumonia. Severe hypoxia and blood clotting dysfunction are not common for flu and bacterial pneumonia at least not observed by me over 10 years of working in hospitals. Oxygen saturations in the 50s are not common and occurred in 2019 “Covid”

      • I am glad that you mentioned your observations.
        Thanks cu.h.j.

        In my perspective, observational anecdotes play a large role at gaining insight as to what the real deal is on many topics.

    • I guess you could say if your sick and stressed and poorly nourished your ‘terrain’ is bad….leaving you open to a viral Infection.

      If I get a fever blister on my lip it’s not gonna be when I am feeling on top of the world, but when I am weak or sick

      My understanding, such as it is, is that he was saying the numbers did not suggest pandemic levels of infection were actually happening but I only listened thru one time while busy

      • Hey Duck. I was listening very carefully throughout, particularly during the second half.

        If we concentrate on the U.S. which was the only ‘anomaly’ he focused on (one million excess deaths) he attributed pretty much all of them to pneumonia.

        As cu.h.j. says that wouldn’t account for the hypoxia-related deaths, James should have pounced on Denis for that :). I wonder if the blood clots she mentioned were also occurring in 2020 before the vaccine roll-out? If so, pneumonia also wouldn’t account for that.

        “I guess you could say if your sick and stressed and poorly nourished your ‘terrain’ is bad….leaving you open to a viral Infection.”

        Yes that’s true. The sick/stress/poorly nourished factors could go both ways depending on your
        It could leave you vulnerable to viruses, if you believe in them, but could also leave you vulnerable to bacteria (pneumonia) if you subscribe to the terrain theory.

        But Dr. Rancourt was quite sure he was accounting for most/all of the deaths and according to him he was not pointing the finger at a virus.

        This was the biggest take-away for me from the interview.

        Just food for thought…

        • Yes, blood clotting was one of the unique features of “Covid” possibly due to the spike protein or that’s the theory. Early on, the medical director of the ER I work in was hospitalized with Covid for pulmonary emboli. He was relatively healthy, active, in his mid 60s. He did get flu shots yearly so maybe that made him susceptible to it, who knows.

          But I remember the d-dimer values being high in sick patients with Covid, the ones who were in the hospital. They also had elevated liver enzymes, elevated CRP, and normal white blood cell count. The very sick ones tended to be severely hypoxic. What ever this was it caused massive inflammation in susceptible people, particularly in the part of the lungs where gas exchange occurs, the alveoli.

    • I think I might have to scrap my posit.

      It appears that the Terrain Theorists discount any type of germ as being contagious, including bacteria.
      So if I got it right, they don’t believe TB or pneumonia are contagious.

      • Under the terrain theory, bacteria are coming in post fact to clean up the tissue damage. Comparison to a fireman not causing the fire but being found on the spot.

  18. Jed
    “…Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released preliminary data on Wednesday showing the number of births in the U.S. has dropped to the lowest level since 1979….”

    But that’s may 2021…. the birth rate has been under replacement for a while now for most groups so you’d need numbers on IVF or something like that?

    But lol this hahahs
    “….Your working mom today, on average, spends more quality time with her children than women who didn’t work in the ’60s.

  19. Define “Excess Deaths”. In the 1300’s half of the people in Europe died of the Black Plague. This led to the end of serfdom and the Renaissance. We all die. The human race at any time is only 40 years from extinction. No babies, no humans.
    Excess deaths is an idiotic term.

    • Excess deaths mean more deaths than statistics say are go an happen. If your population is old and sick you expect more than of their all in their 20s…. that’s why the Army sick numbers looked so bad until they doctored the previous years figured.

      Like in the black death…. 1/3 to 1/2 the people dropping dead is not what you expect in a normal year 🙂

  20. Timmy taes “Excess deaths is an idiotic term.”

    true. “excess” has a judgemental righteous ring.


    If the planet was obliterated, we couldn’t call that “excess death” because nobody would even be around to make the claim?
    If death didn’t exist at all, (not too sure if non existence can exist?, but hear me out), pretty soon there’d be no place left to stand. is fungus the last stage of that scenario? a grey-blue ball hurling along?

    surely theres a beautiful vector for population density (1/.618 comes to mind), or an ebb and flood song?,

    she’s a garden,, To cure all the evil nonsense, perhaps if the misleaders would just tend a personal garden for an hour , first thing every morning,,

    we are earth worms: in uterus, the first form that develops, after much mitosis, is a tube, It is the mouth to anus passage way, a literal worm hole that then the rest of the body forms around. in one end and out the other goes the wildest variety of stuff, of the earth. we’re worms in the mud.

    • And life on the earth is limited by the sun, which will some day burn out. That’s billions of years away, but it’s inevitable. This is why life is a gift. It’s not permanent. Not on this planet anyway.

  21. This analysis leaves out at least two other plausible explanations of excess deaths. In both UK and USA the drug Remdesivir has been widely used in hospitals to treat covid19. As it tends to cause kidney failure and thereupon a filling up of the lungs with fluid the deaths that follow have been mistakenly interpreted as covid deaths. The other drug used widely in UK nursing homes in early 2020 (no idea about USA) was Midazolam. According to UK funeral directory John O’Looney Midazolam was being administered in lethal doses and was the primary cause of the initial peak in so-called covid deaths.

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