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Angela McArdle of the Libertarian Party and Nicholas Brana of the People’s Party join us today to discuss Rage Against the War Machine, an anti-war rally that will be held in Washington, D.C. on February 19th. We discuss the genesis of the rally, the demands of the protestors, what the organizers hope to accomplish and how those interested in attending or helping with the rally can get involved.

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Are Petitions and Protests The Answer? – #SolutionsWatch


  1. Haha finally!!!!


  2. A big majority of the people don’t want war. But those very protests you present, all, failed. People claim it was the protests that stopped the Vietnam war. Actually, it was the draftees refusing to go out and fight that forced the end. Result? No more draftees, just “volunteers” and psychopaths. “Volunteers” is in quotes because many are economically coerced, can’t get the pay and benefits anywhere else.

    And there have been economic, vaccine, lock downs, Alarmists and deniers, and more protests. Thing is, they have all failed, and the people are discouraged from wasting their time.

    The Russian and French revolutions are indicative of what it takes – SEVERE hardship, and a government that actually tells you they don’t care – but eventually, the people see the boy who cried wolf in reverse. But until they are starving, freezing, etc, they won’t revolt

    • In Europe they are starving, they are freezing and in America life will get worse and thus of course there will be revolts.

      History shows as much.

      No one knows what spark is lit each time an event like this is planned.

      And as one who lives in Latin America, a place few Americans understand or care about, there are protests and government overthrows monthly.

      Learn from history.

      Cynicism is a blank check for failure.

      • Agree100% and, exactly this, is one of my reasons for admiring the South Americans and not least, all the indigenous people there, who so clearly know, when enough is far beyond enough!!

        I’m afraid though, the Europeans show to be too lazy for this and, instead keep thinking, all wars are to be fought far away with no concern for the Europeans themselves but, I hope to be proven wrong on this!!

        • The indigenous are under attack all over the world but they survive and resist.

          American are too sociocentric to care about other countries unless they are told to.

          Few know that Latin America is fighting an international class war.

          And so we do not learn from them.

          For that, we will get Pinochet in America and no doubt some form of fascist in France.

          • We are all indigenous, research your roots. We are all in the same boat we just have different oars.

            We are human, have spiritual roots, we are the power.

            Be Well.


            • @Howler Monkey

              Well said.

              Your comment makes me think of a section of a book called Braiding Sweetgrass that speaks of an imperative to redefine our relationship with the land where we live by engaging in a process the author refers to as “becoming indigenous to a place”.

              Robin Wall Kimmerer explains, “For all of us, becoming Indigenous to a place means living as if your children’s future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual, depended on it.

              After all these generations since Columbus, some of the wisest of Native elders still puzzle over the people who came to our shores. They look at the toll on the land and say, “The problem with these new people is that they don’t have both feet on the shore. One is still on the boat. They don’t seem to know whether they’re staying or not.” This same observation is heard from some contemporary scholars who see in the social pathologies and relentlessly materialist culture the fruit of homelessness, a rootless past. America has been called the home of second chances. For the sake of the peoples and the land, the urgent work of the Second Man may be to set aside the ways of the colonist and become indigenous to place. But can Americans, as a nation of immigrants, learn to live here as if we were staying? With both feet on the shore?

              ..Being indigenous to place means to live as if this is the land that feeds you, as if these are are streams from which you drink, that build your body and fill your spirit. To become indigenous is to know that your ancestors lie in this ground. Here you will give your gifts and meet your responsibilities. To become indigenous is to live as if your children’s future matters, to take care of the land as if our lives and the lives of all our relatives depend on it. Because they do.”

              Ala K’in

            • We are all in the same boat we just have different oars.

              Kind of like the Titanic. Some got into rescue boats, the rich, and some sunk.

              We might all have different oars but it is the length, the efficiency and the competence of the oars that is unequal.

              Not recognizing inequality is dis-association and denial.

              By being human you are right, we are in the same boat.

              But we do not all have the same oars and the same strokes.

              Many have no oars at all.

              This is due to centuries of oppression and hierarchy.

              All the roots of humankind go back to Africa.

              So in this way you are right.

              But the game board didn’t work out in terms of equal opportunity, did it?

              • @weilunion

                The part of your comment when you said:

                “Not recognizing inequality is dis-association and denial.” contains some truth.

                Beyond that what would you suggest for improving the situation and increasing equality? As in, once we recognize the obscene inequality and systemic racism which has been (and still is) responsible for the oppression, mass murder and dispossession of indigenous peoples, what are the solutions you propose for remedying that?

                The little urban suburban lot my wife and I call home in southern Ontario is on the ancestral lands of the Potawatomi people. Since learning what I know now, I strive to honor the wisdom their culture shared by keeping their heirloom seeds and food cultivation techniques alive in community garden projects, but I do not have the resources at my disposal to buy land to ‘legally’ return ownership back to those that lived here before the Europeans came. We both worked very hard (and still do) to enrich and honor this little piece of Earth. Do you feel that we should give up this little piece of land we call home, give the title to a person with a Potawatomi lineage and go live on the street, because of what the psychopathic racist colonizers/settlers, Canadian government, RCMP and military did to the indigenous peoples here?

        • Europeans, and North Americans, have been rich and at peace for generations, and have thus assumed that the world is naturally safe and pleasant. They have also had generations of socialist garbage fed into their minds via the public education system (which was simultaneously lowering their cognitive abilities.

          Poor people in south america suffer immediate consequences or even die if they do too many retarded things.

      • weilunion
        “….In Europe they are starving, they are freezing and in America life will get worse and thus of course there will be revolts….”

        They are getting poorer, they are not ‘starving’.

        True some old people will freeze, but thats not super uncommon in Europe and healthy people will adapt. Western Europeans are suffering the loss of CHEEP COMFORTS and ease, comforts and ease of life that were done without 70 years ago and will be done without now if necessary.

        Its just the shock, rather then the pain, that has caught them unawares. Now….if it goes full Morganthau Plan over there they MAY revolt,

        “…as one who lives in Latin America, a place few Americans understand or care about, there are protests and government overthrows monthly…..”

        Then obviously overthrowing governments and protesting DO NOT make peoples better OR CHANGE THINGS if the NEW gov also needs to be overthrown.

        • You always troll me which is fine it is just you have nothing important to offer or say.

          You sound like what stupid people think intelligent people sound like.

          If your goal is to drive me from the site, good luck.

          “Then obviously overthrowing governments and protesting DO NOT make peoples better OR CHANGE THINGS if the NEW gov also needs to be overthrown.”

          You have no interest in people, you have little empathy and care nothing about Europeans or the issue raised.

          You are a typical American.

          Have you ever read history?

          Do you understand historical change?

          Of course not, you look to pie in the sky for help.

          Wasn’t the US the country that overthrew the British?

          Is the US perfect?

          Hardly, it is currently corporate fascist and will be overthrown again by ethno national fascists.

          Take any other country; historically they move dialectically throughout history, tacking back and forth.

          Governments change silently when you do not even know it.

          Your hierarchical notions of life, your bigoted White Christian evangelicalism and your libertarian mind simply cannot understand historical change or economics.

          You are swaddled in self-justifying beliefs and probably have never traveled further than the couch to the TV and then to the kitchen.

          Traveling is the cure for racism, reading is the cure for fascism.

          The linear, binary, hierarchical mind will not allow their calcified thoughts to be challenged or changed.

          You are a fascist.

          But, due to your rabid hatred for Jews I found a great website for you.

          I hope you like it for it encompasses most of what you write.

          Don’t let me forget you.


          • “…If your goal is to drive me from the site, good luck…”

            Why would I want to do that? I actually think you could have a lot of interesting things to say if you were less ideologically blinkered.

            “….You have no interest in people, you have little empathy and care nothing about Europeans or the issue raised….”

            Dude…. I was pointing out that while things ARE getting worse in Europe they are NOT starving to death at this point.

            MORE TO THE POINT….

            1) I was pointing out that according to YOU there are many protests and many governments are Overthrown in South America.

            2) South America is still full of poverty AND tyrannous governments

            THUS all those protests and revolutions DO NOT MAKE PEOPLES LIVES BETTER nor do they GET RID OF POVERTY

            “….Traveling is the cure for racism, reading is the cure for fascism…..”

            funny you should say that because I have traveled a good deal and met people from pretty much EVERYWHERE in the world. Travel makes you see people AS THEY REALLY ARE and not as ideology makes you WISH they are.

            Also before the left got filled up with faggy University kids the ideal leftist was a solid WORKER, while the sterotypical german fascist was a university weirdo who read too much.

    • jwal

      “…he Russian and French revolutions are indicative of what it takes – SEVERE hardship, and a government that actually tells you they don’t care…”

      No, thats not correct.

      The 1st Russian revolution was something of a power grab and the 2nd (Bolshevik) Revolution was done by people funded by American Bankers and Industrialists who wanted to seize control of Russian resources.
      This is covered very well in Prof. Richard Spences (an actual university professor, not a rando conspiracy theorist) book “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution”…. though the Imperial German High command DID give some help, in the hope of knocking Imperial Russia out of WW1

      The French Revolution was done by largely by Freemasonic lodges, aided and directed by the British gov who wanted to knock out their main competitor. You can read about that in “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by Dr EM Jones, or Nesta Webster books- esp “World Revoution” which you can probably still get on the Internet Archive.

      Both of these revolutions went sideways and blew back on the people who pushed them behind the scenes.

      There is pretty much NEVER a ‘popular revolution” done by the people since such things require organization and a New Elite who desire to replace the Old Elite…. why that is and how that works is covered very well in “The populist Delusion” which is a small but excellent book… you can listen to it being read with commentary on “The Pete Quinoes show” though I recommend buying and reading it more.

      Freezing and starving people will generally kiss the ring of whomever has the power to give out small favors and treats.

    • I sent nasty letter to my draft board in 1968 or so, marched on the Whitehouse in antiwar protest around 1975.

    • I saw an unsubtantiated report that Putin is recruiting Americans to fight on his side, against the demonic cabal. Im not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

  3. Fantastic, I will be joining the rally in my country.

    I thought that Nicholas Brana was a little hesitant in his response to James’s “devil’s advocate” question at 17 mins in, about what the enormous anti-Iraq war rallies achieved. Although those rallies didn’t stop the war (sadly), that in itself triggered fundamental changes in many people. It woke a lot of people up to the futility of democracy and demonstrated for many that governments do not have our interests at heart. It destroyed many people’s trust in the “establishment”. The UK government of that time has never been in power nationally since, and I suspect that the near “Yes” vote for Scottish independence and the pro-Brexit referendum vote resulted from the domino effect of this.

    Just because protest events don’t directly lead to the collapse of governments doesn’t mean they are ineffective.

    • @minnie

      You make some good points. The Freedom Convoy (and associated protests/blockades) in Canada in 2022 did not collapse our fascistic government (that tries to usually put on a nice smiley lovey-dovey face) but it did compel some in government (and some above the federal government) to show their hand and reveal some of their true colors (the martial law aka “emergency” act, the flagrant dehumanizing propaganda and the freezing of bank accounts). That is a victory in and of itself, as it shows half asleep people what we are truly up against. Then additionally, that collection of protests started a chain reaction globally, it inspired people to come together lovingly and peacefully to refuse to comply with the edicts of insane oligarchs and their government puppets and make their voices heard.

      • Correct and that is why it is a demonstration/protest for it has the ability to demonstrate to those unaware what is actually transpiring and what they might be able to do about it.

    • They are a necessary ingredient along with many other spices in an effort to overthrow fascism.

    • minnie

      Good luck

      Make sure that you DO NOT HAVE YOUR CELLPHONE with you when you go.

      Such events are pretty useful for gathering data, in one sense they gather data on what the Gov can get away with which is a plus, but one of the reasons Gov no longer fears people is that it knows so much about who we are and how we react to stimulus- which is thanks to Big Data.

  4. A few months out of the Army I went to a rally in Berkeley on the UC Sproul Hall steps. Listened to Eldridge Cleaver use the short version of the African quote…”If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

    Oakland bus drivers volunteered their time and drove scores of us to the draft board in Oakland and we got the crap kicked out of us by the CA Highway patrol, Oakland Police and others. Shortly there after my wife and I marched with 100,000+ people in SF singing “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”

    Part of why so many of us older activists get so sad about what has happened to the world in spite of our efforts.


    • I hear you.

      And you are right.

      It starts with you and me.

      It seems what has happened to the world is that temporarily we lost.

      But there are battles and there are wars.

      • Thanks.

        Indeed, as a now 80 year old who was a political and social activist, artist, musician during the 60’s, it seems all the “glue” of activism is gone and yes, (optimistically) so much is “temporarily” lost.

        The controller’s ability to divide and conquer is astounding. The us/them paradigm is present on so many many levels.

        Living far off the grid in the AZ White Mountains all I have left are comment boxes here and there and my music.

        CAUGHT IN THE DREAM (song)

        • You have seen more than I. You too were born during war –the quiet generation I think the Disney press called the generation you are in.

          It is distressing.

          The sad part is that not only do people not know what is going on they do not know they do not know.

          The sixties have been Mansonized y the media and of course by those who swallow it up.

          Can you imagine being 17?

          Reaganism destroyed everything — neoliberalism.

          But you look around the land of the ‘free’ and American Exceptionalism and you see not one anti war movement.

          Young people got Beavis and Butthead for Civics class and a dummied down curriculum of lies and deciept and thus know little of the world and its history.

          Add to that the decrepit economy and failed capitalism plus cell phones and computers and we have a generation of idiots.

          Maybe two generations of idiots.

          You might like this


          And perhaps the Five Stages of Stupidity


          They have us by the short hairs now.

          America will become a free enterprise zone soon.

          Thanks for the song.

          I hope you are right about temporary loss.

          At this point I feel numb.

          Living in the poorest country in S. America I can see that North America will soon be the third world.

          Any hope I have lies with the truly oppressed.

          And this is the polar south.

          But American imperialism and love of war is devastating the region more and more each day.

          Look at Peru.

          Los Angeles might just one day look like Lima.

          Stay well.

          • >>You have seen more than I.>>
            Probably. Married once for a short time, no children, chose a life of exploration. Studied with many great people… a Curendera, Peruvian Shaman, Mexican Shaman, Buddhist Monks and Nuns, and lots of auto didactic work, lots of secret and public meetings and talks.

            >>You too were born during war –the quiet generation I think the Disney press called the generation you are in.>>
            I was quite mature before they started dividing us more into named generations.

            >>It is distressing.>>
            As planned by the controllers.

            >>The sad part is that not only do people not know what is going on they do not know they do not know.>>
            Again, by the controller’s intention, not accident.

            >>The sixties have been Mansonized y the media and of course by those who swallow it up.>>
            Nice way to put it. I was there experiencing it and much of it was quite wonderful.

            >>Can you imagine being 17?>>
            Sad isn’t it?

            >>Reaganism destroyed everything — neoliberalism.>>
            All those “ism’s” that get blamed are misleading. Knowledge is power and the controllers have very cleverly kept the wisdom of the ancients, our history, or truth from us.

            >>But you look around the land of the ‘free’ and American Exceptionalism and you see not one anti war movement.>
            Again, the success of the controllers.

            >>Maybe two generations of idiots.>>
            I don’t judge my brothers and sisters like that. I understand they are victims of intentional dumbing down of critical thinking skills and true emotional expression.

            >>You might like this>>
            Einstein as well as all the modern “alternative news/views” gurus focus on ‘parts’ of the problem as if it is the whole thing. Like describing a car by the dash board or tires. The bigger story is we are prisoners of perception put in place by beings/people with a nefarious agenda of total control and domination and the us/them paradigm is their weapon of mass deception.

            >>Thanks for the song.>>
            Much more “Brain Food” there at my site.

            >>At this point I feel numb.>>
            Try Ayahusca with some friends you trust and see the game.

            >>Living in the poorest country in S. America I can see that North America will soon be the third world.>>
            Only one option through the eyes of someone who is wounded and unable to “see” other out comes.

            >>But American imperialism and love of war is devastating the region more and more each day.>>
            American/World corporations.

            Words of wisdom from 40+ years ago..
            JOHN TRUDEL MAY 1980

            427 words.

  5. I wrote this as my own way of ‘Raging Against The War Machine’


    I published it on remembrance day to protest the disgusting glorification of war and indoctrination of children into the war racket which takes place on that day each year here in Canada.

    Instead of glorifying war and idolizing soldiers, (as most ‘remembrance day’ publications do) the article invites the reader take an honest look at the true nature of modern warfare.

    I would not have been able to put the article together without having access to all the meticulous research and references in James Corbett’s many articles and episodes he has published on this topic.

    Thanks for all that you do to ‘Rage Against The War Machine’ James, it makes a difference and does a great service to our human family.

  6. Rage Against War!!
    No to NATO!!!

    I can definitely get on board with those mantras! Unfortunately, attending in person won’t work out for me this time.

    I hope the word spreads far and wide and the turnout is epic! Jimmy Dore has a big audience, it’s awesome he will be there. Tim Pool is in the DC area, maybe try and get him to promote it on his show. His audience is also quite large. Del Bigtree is another big name who might be willing to spread the word; although he’s mostly focused on vax issues, he’s a former leftist who considers himself “politically marooned” and is most certainly anti-war.

    I do want to point out that Monday Feb 20 is President’s Day and all Federal institutions will be closed. Nicolas mentions going to Congress that day with their demands. This idea needs to be re-worked as there will be no one there to hear them on Monday. I do think Congress needs to know the will of the people.

    Thank you for you bi-partisan efforts and good luck!!

  7. This will not be a protest only but a ‘demonstration’ and it will demonstrate that there is resistance to Empire.

    Those that pooh pooh this and stay home can rest comfortably, swaddled in the ethereal belief that people cannot make history.

    And for those who say that the protests during Vietnam did not stop the war they are right but state this out of context.

    Protests were on avenue in an anti-war machine that has not been seen in the US since.

    And through myriad resistance, protest and teach-ins, many people woke up and many people put their shoulder to the wheel.

    Same with the Contra war.

    CISPES was active in the early eighties letting people know of the proxy war in Nicaragua.

    Same game as Ukraine.

    I, and others, traveled by bus to the border of Honduras in December of 1984 and crossed the border at Esperanza to walk the five-mile demilitarized zone on foot.

    For one year that I lived in Nicaragua during the height of the war, groups of us from all over the world would protest every Friday at the American Embassy in Managua.

    There were 244 foreign residents given visas to live in Nicaragua to ‘demonstrate’ to Americans that the war was a crime and to provide cover in case of a US invasion.

    Did we stop the war?

    No, but we educated many and Nicaragua is not under colonial domination by the US.

    This demonstration will also be a teach-in and a sorely needed one for Americans are so, so confused they are allowing the rape of their own country by fascists who are responsible for foreign policy, as they were in Central America.

    Americans must be educated.

    I was born during the Korean war, was drafted into Vietnam but would not go and instead became part of the resistance.

    I will die with war raging; I know this.

    But to do nothing?

    Internationally there must be a well coordinated anti-war movement for there certainly is a well coordinated fascist international.

    Go to Florida, they have a museum full of Latin American dictators, former CIA assets on display along with the anti-Castro Cubans who we never hear of in the great immigration debate.

    Solidarity is needed at this terrible time of atomization.

    • Weilunion, my hat is off to you.

  8. I can be slow sometimes so maybe this is one od those cases, but of whom exactly are these “demands” made? The same people who seated a demented man as president? Do these people have known names?

    • mkey

      On the one hand big protests are feedback that the Gov needs to slow down as it drives to the murder scene….. but they wont stop the car just because the passenger is screeching.

  9. Great news that you are helping to promote this. It’s the first I have heard of it. One wonders where they are advertising this, if I have to get the news, living in nys, from Japan. Good work James. Buz

  10. Anyone going to thing should

    1)Leave your cell phone at home

    2)get cash to buy stuff and bring your own food

    3)If you want to have a cell phone while there buy one with cash and DO NOT BRING IT TO YOUR HOUSE OR CALL ANYONE YOU KNOW on it
    (No $hit I knew a guy who got robbed and the robber called his own mom on the victims cellphone… he was a parolie who must have been missing his cell mate….this was back in the early 2000’s)

    4)You might want to wear some kind of face paint, or whatever, unless you want your face on someones database. Pretty sure Buffalo Horns do NOT work all that well 😉

    5)If you ride the bus they provide dont get picked up too close to your house

    There are plenty of Opsec of protesting videos on youtube but this one is pretty good as a starter….


    • All of those are good points, but I think that cell phone addiction will cause most people to bring their phones, anyway. Keep in mind that many newer phones give away your position even in Airplane Mode. Easier than face paint would be to just wear a covid mask, something that doesn’t draw any attention these days. Oh, and watch out for Feds; they will be there undercover and in uniform. I’m convinced that they purposely fired into the crowd on January 6 in hopes that someone would fire back, and were disappointed when all they did was kill that poor woman, Ashley Babbitt.

      • A face mask DOES NOT protect you from AI face recognition


        Face paint does confuse it, at least whats commercially available.

        Another way that was kinda fun was wearing a T shirt that had the right patterns on it on it…..but I wouldnt bet my life on that.

        TBH if someone is too addicted to their phone then they do not matter anyway, their just a mental slave

          • GavinM

            I am (pretty 🙂 ) sure that the Gov does NOT have a database of your unique heart beat….I guess if they arrest you for something else and scan it in custody then you could be ID’d the way DNA has caught folks who thought they had gotten away with crimes.


            HOWEVER They DO HAVE YOUR FACE if you have a passport, drivers licence, or post pictures of yourself online (or have friend that post pics with you in them…. Richard Stallman may be a bit weird about that kinda thing but he’s not WRONG)

            • @Duck

              Your probably right, they would need a baseline to run on.

              Though perhaps if one has been to the doctor to get their heart checked out with technical equipment at any time in their life, and the government wanted that data, they might be able to scoop it out of a digital medical database.

              • GavinM
                “… doctor to get their heart checked….and the government wanted that data, they might be able to scoop it out of a digital medical database….”

                I doubt the data format of the scan would be the same, but thanks for making me extra paranoid LOL 🙂

              • @Duck

                I think mathematically speaking, the unique signature of an individual’s heartbeat (which would be recorded digitally via any medical procedure that involves an Electrocardiogram aka ECG or EKG) could be measured via this laser based cardiac signature measuring tech (the Pentagon’s “Jetson” technology).

                The technology is described as using “laser doppler vibrometry” that detects minute movements on the skin caused by heartbeat. The stated goal of Jetson is to positively identify an individual within five seconds using a “heartprint.”

                If the laser measures the movement of the chest cavity and extrapolates a discernable pattern, that same pattern should be able to be matched to the rhythms recorded by medical procedures.

                This may also have implications for the whole Digital ID/CBDC control grid as there are already financial institutions that authenticate / authorize payments/transactions via measuring the unique heart beat signature of an individual.

                Here is an excerpt from an article https://bit.ly/3DeqV4q relating to this:

                “Is heart data a new word in biometrics?

                Heart data has been used in biometrics for several years because it cannot be falsified. Face recognition technology can be fooled with glasses, beard, and makeup. Fingerprints are not a panacea either: in 2014, hackers made a 3D-copy of the German Defense Minister’s finger using photos from a press conference.

                Until today, the heart’s data was more often used for authentication, and not for identification. For example, a year ago, we developed an ECG-based authentication technology in cooperation with PrivatBank and presented it at the FinovateSpring 2018 conference. We added an NFC chip for payments to Mawi Band and taught the neural network to authenticate the user via ECG. If another person wore the wristband, the payment function was blocked. After the presentation, journalists even started to call us a biometrics startup, although our main focus was always on health.

                However, for now, the laser cannot cope with heavy clothing and does not work with a moving target (it must remain still for at least 30 seconds).

                We don’t know whether the developers will be able to solve the problem of heavy clothing, but they will definitely increase the speed of data processing. Our experience shows this. A year ago we were using 5 seconds of ECG signal for authentication, but now the technology needs only a single heartbeat.”

                Theoretically, this technology could enable would be technocratic corporate neo-feudal overlords to create an air tight biometrics verification system for only allowing those that they deem as ‘good, compliant, obedient slave peasants’ to access their bank accounts.

              • @Duck

                For more data on this tech and its potential implications https://singularityhub.com/2019/07/11/the-pentagons-new-laser-based-tool-uses-your-heartbeat-to-track-you/

                “..Facial recognition technology is no doubt the current crown prince of surveillance technologies. China readily adopted the tech as part of their Social Credit System, which monitors a civilian’s every move in public to generate a numerical score for compliance. Even here in the US facial recognition is welcomed by law enforcement. Amazon’s Rekognition system, for example, is reportedly “supercharging” police efforts in Oregon and other police departments, despite pressure from civil liberties groups, lawmakers, and even its own shareholders..

                The problem? Facial recognition software is far from perfect. A study by the ACLU using Rekognition found that the system incorrectly matched 28 members of Congress to mug shots, with the majority being African-American. Technological hiccups aside, a face is relatively easy to disguise. The perfect surveillance system needs to be efficient, effective, and low-error. In other words, it needs something more concrete, immutable, and physiological to target.

                That’s where cardiac signatures come in.

                Beat of the Heart
                To Dr. Wenyao Xu at the State University of New York, the heart is a much better surveillance target than facial recognition. “Compared with face, cardiac biometrics are more stable and can reach more than 98 percent accuracy,” he said.

                Back in 2017, his team developed a non-contact, remote biometrics device that uses dimensions of the heart as a person’s identifier for security. His system distills the geometry of a person’s heart—measured by refracting sound waves with Doppler radars—to identify the particular shape and size that characterizes an individual. But because it relies on sound waves, the system could only function up to 30 meters away—a fraction of the Pentagon’s ideal distance.

                Other cardiac signatures have also been used for security. The Toronto company Nymi, for example, developed a wearable wristband that uses an employee’s electrocardiogram (ECG), which is also uniquely tailored to each individual, as an access passcode for an enterprise’s secure database..

                ..In addition, unlike faces and fingerprints, cardiac signatures aren’t exactly standard collection data. For the technology to truly impact surveillance, the government needs to build a new database from scratch. However, the team argues, when deployed over a period of time—sufficient to capture the heartprint of an individual seen doing something they shouldn’t, for example—it may still be used to positively identify a person, even if his or her actual identity remains mysterious. What’s more, clothing isn’t a deterrent since the tech blasts right through.”

          • Facial recognition is all about your ears as a match points. Wear a beanie that covers your forehead and ears and wear a hoodie that shadows your face. That’s all you need

  11. I am a little conflicted by this movement…. these folks may be 100% sincere and good people but its hard to imagine that protests are going to change the direction that the ruling class has set itself on. Since their system of Usury is coming to its conclusion I do not imagine that they could change direction even if they wanted to.

    But, more to the point you can not hope to change anything if you do not understand it.

    The “Neo-Cons” are pretty much a jewish cabal of the kids of Trotskyite commies. They will put Israel and Jewish interests first

    The “Nazi’s” that these folks talk of work for a jewish president and get Israeli rifles (though they may be trash since Israel appears to be going back to M4) as well as other goodies from the Jewish state.

    Russia was ruled first by the (Mainly jewish) Bolsheviks (funded byy Wall Street jews) until Stalin elbowed many of them them out and after the Fall of the USSR was run by mainly Jewish Oligarchs…. Putin kept most of the Russian Oligachs and ran out the Jewish ones who have been agitating the American Empire to put things back as they were.

    Biden appointed enough jews in his cabinet to form an ACTUAL synagogue

    There are a LARGE number of dual (and potential dual) Citizens in the US government and legislature.

    Just like World War Two this was is being pushed by Jews to benefit jewish interests….you cant hate folks for looking out for their own peoples interest but you CAN and should take it into account…..until people take notice of the jewish angle to this they will never be able to do more then screech and yell as impotently as they did on trumps inauguration day or at the Jan 6 Boomer revolt

    third or so down “Thoughts On Ukraine” has a pretty good thing on why Russia really is not keen on having Jewish Oligarchs raping them again in a redo of the 90’s

  12. The good thing about the practical really that the comments section is filled with agents is that anyone paying attention will get better at spotting it and not loosing time with them.

    Optimism, positivity and encouragement about people’s power and actions is the basics of solid resistance.

    I know most of you know.
    Isn’t it already energising seen that the agents are almost sterile?

    Sunstein will not win if we do our part!

    We are winning. Rejoice my friends!

    • Facundo Merciadri

      “…We are winning. Rejoice my friends!..”

      If we are winning then why do even the organizers of this protest say that they know it wont stop the war?

      Dont get me wrong, I’m glad their protesting and hope they get a big crowd but do you think that ANY protest is going to stop the Ashkenazi jewish oligarchs, who currently have a death grip on western elites, from trying to knock out their ancestral enemy, Russia?

      Even if there is a MASSIVE protest the best you will get is that they put it on hold for a year or two and the try again.

      You should recall that the British Gov, Commies and American Jews were pushing the USA into WW2 for ages and there was MASSIVE pushback (if you actually LISTEN to a few Father Coughlin speeches you will be amazed at how similar things are now)

      There was a massive antiWar movement in the US and it vanished OVERNIGHT because FDR cut off oil supplies to the japs and DeFacto gave them the choice of becoming a US client or doing Pearl Harbor.

      TBH right now the Power Differential is too big….there is ZERO hope of retaking the Federal machinery from the globalists and unless you can field a LOT of people zero hope of influencing the GloboHomo who own both parties and every institution. Even worse in THEIR opinion most of the boomers will be dead or too old to matter VERY soon and most millennials and the zoomers are too weak to resist and too shallow to care.

      • I know. I shouldn’t be replying. Isn’t it?
        Well, I’m not.

        I’m addressing you, not the agents.

        Can you see it? They are there to grab your attention, to engage you and if possible to demoralize you.

        But we know better. We are motivated and we are willing to learn taking any adversity as an opportunity to personal development.

        Our good attitudes will take us straight to the road of becoming a better example to the people in contact with us.

        At last, there is a risk for them. As many of this agents will get closer to conversion!

        Joy & Fun!

        • “…Can you see it? They are there to grab your attention, to engage you and if possible to demoralize you….”

          Not looking at the world in a clear sighted way is the true source of demoralization.

          Nothing serves the people in power better then a fake ‘solution’ that soaks up the energy of the people being ruled over. If somone has you pinned and you struggle and do the WRONG thing you just end up loosing faster.

          A good example of this is what the FBI did to the black movements, but a better one is what the movie industry did to the black community with the creation of the “pimp” (shades of “Andrew Tate” and his ‘solution’ for white boys) that sucked actual political direction out of them.

          Kinda a long read for a pamphlet, rather meandering but worth reading. The pimp stuff starts about p 31 or so i think

  13. Great interview James.
    I fully support their efforts and wish them a huge success on Feb 19.

  14. Keep hopeful about the future! It’s immaterial to say protests “didn’t stop war” in the past. I agree with James.
    People gathering together in such a common purpose are rejuvenated, inspired to do more and network with each other. The effects are many and varied. It’s a necessary communication not just to the oppressors but also to those on the fence and those afraid to speak up or act.

    From Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files (Possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read) :

    “If we do not attend to the work of projecting delight upon the world, what are we actually doing? If we do not look for joy, search for it, reach deep for it, what are we saying about the world? Are we saying that malevolence is the routine stuff of life, that oppression and corruption and degradation is the very matter of the world? That we greet each day with suspicion, bitterness and contempt? It seems to me that to make suffering the focus of our attention, to pay witness only to the malevolence of the world, is to be in service to the devil himself.

    Is the world heading for disaster? I suppose so. We are constantly, relentlessly, told as much. Am I hopeful for its future? Well, yes, I am. I choose to be an optimist through a kind of necessity, because from my experience pessimism is a corrosive and damaging position to take – one that casts its shadow over all things, causing a kind of societal sickness, a contaminant that ultimately amplifies and glorifies the problems it professes to abhor.

    For me, to strive toward joy has become a calling and a practise.”

    See link for the full article.


    • Genie,
      Thanks so much for expressing those concepts!

  15. It’s a splendid idea. If you asked an averge American whether they want war or not, I’d wager that 80% of them would say no way. So where’s our repreentation without taxation? Do we really need a demonstration to exert our will?

    What about the fact that according to our Constitution, only Congress can declare war? Are they so enthralled by Zelinsky that they would do it?

    And what about the real threat of it turning into an alleged “insurrection,” led of course by federal undercover agents, just like January 6, with another million peaceful flag waving demonstrators getting arrested and tried and found guilty? Our First Amendment Right of Peaceful Assembly has been trashed.

  16. “We have to try.”
    “Every act of resistance matters.”
    (excerpt quotes)

    20:15 mark
    James Corbett says:
    “As I have said before…I don’t think that protests are THE answer. They are not going to change everything overnight, but they are part of the muscles that we have to be flexing. As people coming together, and at the very, very least connecting with and realizing that there are many more people than we thought…I applaud these efforts.”

    26:30 mark
    James Corbett says:
    “As you say, ‘No act of resistance is too small.’

    I really appreciate the fact that James will often highlight different forms of activism. Shining a spotlight on these type of actions helps to keep the activism alive.

  17. Let’s start placing bets. Who agrees that the Dems are going to blame pro-Trump, right-wing terrorists for this? If not, what will the peaceful protestors be falsely accused of this time?

  18. Lotusblossom

    Lets put it this way…. I dont know, and thus am not saying anything about, the people organizing the protest. But even if it is 100% run by genuine people I still kinda think its just a honey pot trap to get people back into the system
    listen to the Admiral 😉

    I think its “Art of war” that says that if you wanna win you control your enemy by making sure that you attack a place your foe MUST defend, If NO ONE protests the Ruling Class win…if they protest the the Ruling Class will do its best to make it into what you say.

    Either way they win, because either way THEY are framing the argument

  19. “The West Is Incentivizing Russia To Hit Back”



    In another article titled “Ukraine sets sights on fighter jets after securing tank supplies” it was reported that:

    “Ukraine will now push for Western fourth generation fighter jets such as the U.S. F-16 after securing supplies of main battle tanks, an adviser to Ukraine’s defence minister said on Wednesday.

    Ukraine won a huge boost for its troops as Germany announced plans to provide heavy tanks for Kyiv on Wednesday, ending weeks of diplomatic deadlock on the issue. The United States is poised to make a similar announcement.”

    Just in time for the good news, Lockheed Martin has announced that the arms manufacturing giant happens to be all set to ramp up production of F-16s should they be needed for shipment to Ukraine.

    “Lockheed Martin has said that it’s ready to meet demands for F-16 fighter jets if the US and its allies choose to ship them to Ukraine,” Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp reports. “So far, the US and its allies have been hesitant to send fighter jets to Ukraine due to concerns that they could be used to target Russian territory. But the Western powers seem less and less concerned about escalation as the US and Germany have now pledged to send their main battle tanks.”

  20. I’m in DC now for the rally. There’s about a thousand people here. Nice sunny day to protest murder and enslavement

    • Thank you. At least there’s someone in DC who is actually “representing” US.

      • I was wearing a Corbett Report shirt. I caught some eyes and got a few responses . . . “Corbett is awesome” . In which I replied; “Hell Yeah!!” *fist bump* . Sunny, beautiful day. A lot of good speakers and information. One of my heroes, Ron Paul, spoke, it was a magical day for me. The positive energy was in the air. Hopefully, we all absorbed enough to pass onto others. I know I did.

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