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While the UK is supposedly dropping their vaccine passport idea (for now), things are looking bleak in country after country as people all around the world are facing the threat of vaccine mandates. Today on #SolutionsWatch James explores the array of solutions that are on the table to thwart this threat.

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  1. Have you seen the movie titled 12 Angry Men? (Directed by Sidney Lumet in 1957) That movie has a fundamental message.

    In parallel to that, the current scamdemic has two sides to the story, where both sides have to convince the other one about their righteous point of view by reasoning and providing facts / evidences. And there is no end, until everybody agrees on one of the possible end results. But, I think all of us can clearly agree, that we are already beyond the point of the reasoning stage as the non-vaxxers have provided quite enough of evidence about this situation to be a scam, by fraudulent patents, leaked documents, etc…

    So now there are a lot of us who are shouting loudly that “NO, this nonsense must be stopped”. Clearly, the number of no-sayers is increasing almost on a daily basis.

    Here is a proposal for one possible solution, which is basically what James said in the video as well, under the term non-compliance: the no-sayers must wake up all the rest of the population to the real facts of the scamdemic, to have a global unified loud message to be shouted: “NO” to this scam!

    • That’s an excellent movie. likewise the 1997 remake. The latter, to me, had a batter cast.

      Anyhow, there is one fundamental difference between 12 angry men and 8 billion angry people is that among those 12 the majority was willing to listen to evidence and think independently. That’s a substantial caveat.

  2. The Nuremberg code will prove just as effective as the Trials… where the Soviets introduced fake evidence in a re run of their own show trials and, if I recall right, the Auschwitz commander was tortured into confession.

    Not that I think the nazi’s were innocent or anything like that, but Law and Justice generally serve the people with power. Just ask Dred SCott how that goes

    • People should realize the Nuremburg Trials happened only when everything was already over. It won’t work when during mid-experiment. Courts will throw it out.

      • It won’t get into the court anyway. That code is good for other applications, like reading out loud when a mini dictator is trying to get fresh with your freedoms. In as crowded a setting as possible. If the doors are closed, open them in advance.

        As you read it out from the top of your voice feel the power of millions of voices reaching out from the background and backing you up. You will be speaking their truth, they will get restless and eager.

        I’m not saying it’s going to work, but still good to put people on notice with a strong historical perspective, while maybe waking up a sleeping lion in the earshot.

        This is about doing the best that you can.

        • ^Above^
          Tactic applications of Nuremburg

  3. Thank you, James, for all the links which were very useful.

    The following pertains to Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program at

    This order was brought into effect on September 17, followed by the Federal Election on September 20 after a rushed (33 days) campaign, only about two years into Trudeau’s second term. He won a third term with a Minority Government but there was no visible opposition during his second term, which I believe was also a Minority Govt. Shortly before these elections, he sent each household a strange letter saying that the Conservative Party Leader was going to remove all restrictions, even Flying, if elected, as if he could do it under this Agenda. This split the voters into two camps. Restrictions have further tightened, while the AB-Premier apologized for being slack. Hollywood Performances. A day after the Elections, I received calls on my private phone-number to book for the Covid-Jab, even though they call these measures voluntary. We were let out of the cage for around a month in the summer and it will be a long winter ahead. Situation is not good.

  4. A very timely piece James indeed.

    As you might know Ontario is implementing their vax passports
    today Sept 22, 2021 and it will affect me directly very shortly.

    It doesn’t matter which method you adopt to fight the vaccine passports, the fallacious argument you will likely face in all cases will be:

    “As a non-vaxxed person you are a serious health risk to the workers/customers of this business.”

    They feel that is sufficient to end all attempts circumvent the law.

    I agree 100% that non-compliance will be the most effective strategy along with boycotting businesses/services.

    Be brave everyone and stand your ground!

    • Non-compliance is the ONLY effective peaceful means to resist. We are obligated from a moral standpoint to try that, before things escalate higher. Force must be the very last resort (but an option always on the table).

      My daughter and I discussed this recently. We wrongly assumed a directive just issued applied to her. It was later clarified. I asked her if she plans to invoke a religious exemption. She was, no, I’m simply not going to comply. She plans to stand on the principle that NO ONE has the right to demand we submit to a medical treatment. It made me proud (she didn’t just follow my lead raising her, but applied her own thinking to her path).

      She is particularly infuriated by the doublethink that this state (California) imposes – she is required to act like HIV/AIDS status is a Top Secret/Secure Compartmentalized Information matter, with onerous “protection” procedures, but on the other hand, she’s expected to disclose “vaccination” status despite the solid scientific fact the “vaccines” DO NOT protect anyone.

      •  A57 says:   09/22/2021 at 7:52 pm

        “There reasoning for vaccine passports are the massive covid hospital cases and deaths. ”


        “… she’s expected to disclose “vaccination” status despite the solid scientific fact the “vaccines” DO NOT protect anyone.”

        I called the Govt. of Ontario a couple of days ago to inquire why they were implementing vaccine passports.

        A nurse called back to inform me of the reason:
        “The Govt. is doing all that it possibly can to limit the spread of the Covid virus.”

        The next day while driving in my car I turned on the radio and heard the Medical Officer of Health for Toronto explain why they were implementing vaccine passports.
        She said the reason was to encourage the unvaccinated to take the vaccine! 

        At least this woman was being honest. 🙁

        BTW, Toronto currently has more than 80% fully vaxxed!

        • LOL on when government goons can’t get the story straight.

          Of course, the REAL purpose for the “vaccine passports” is to implement a permanent, mandatory, universal Social Credit system. EVERYTHING tied to a single identifier.

          • Not just a new, single identifier, but a comprehensive, universal, UBIQUITOUS Social Credit System.

            Issuing a new REAL ID, for example, would not have better compliance with REAL ID 1.0. And that’s been delayed for years and years. Something with much more urgency was required.

            Base instincts of the masses had to be grossly manipulated to instill terror, to bring about not only individual “compliance,” but mass coercion of individuals who refuse to “comply.”

            Phase 1 was initiate PTSD and OCD in the population with a concocted “pandemic” that was initially painted as being an apocalypse-level disease with tens of millions dead. Catastrophic socio-economic changes via rule by decree affected the majority with chronic emotional disorders. The ability to discern reality, already crippled previously, has been annihilated in most people.

            Phase 2 was roll out the sham “vaccines,” with the continued delusion that certain death was coming if you failed to take these “vaccines,” and, if anyone was “so selfish” not to take them, those people were causing endless misery, suffering and death for countless “innocent” folks. “Responsible citizens” are empowered, de facto, sometimes even de jure, to enforce “compliance.”

            Phase 3 is now here, with “vaccine” mandates, enforced via electronic identification systems, mandated at the personal level in most socio-economic interactions (jobs, school, health, and so on – and ever-expanding from hereon). America’s Phase 3a is still relying on paper cards or copies thereof, but that will be dispensed with very soon on the pretext that so many of us are counterfeiting the idiotically-conceived and hence easily counterfeited cards.

            Phase 4 will be in the foreseeable future, possibly next year, maybe in 2023 or 2024, depending upon how things go, where the QR codes and apps will be declared to be “inadequate” and “subject to an unacceptable rate of fraud.” Something like Bill Gates of Hell’s invisible quantum dot tattoo will be recommended as the “solution,” applied to your right hand or, if you have no hand, forehead. This eventuality is what St. John of Revelation was given a vision of.


          • Again, all of this gained “compliance” and even rabid “cooperation” from the victims, to get reluctant victims to join-in, on abject fear, using the most advanced psychological warfare techniques ever deployed against a large population.

            As for whether the “vaccines” have “other purposes,” of course! We know the “vaccines” are IN-effective based on real-world data from countries not cooking their numbers. We know the “vaccines” are UN-safe, based on cannot-be-dismissed-without-insanity data on “correlative” (LOL) accounts of someone takes the needle, and then getting terribly sick or even dropping dead. I don’t believe the “vaccines” are, ipso facto, “genocide weapons” in the sense of everyone who takes one has their expiration date advanced to tomorrow or next year, but they are definitely crippling people and killing tens of thousands, at least. And it’s likely a genocidal-angle is involved, with the probability of mass sterilization via these “vaccines.” [This is the reason for years-long Phase III trials for even sincerely wholesome products! You just can’t know for years what a product will do.]

            On a personal level, I have one childhood friend, three weeks older than I, and in better health and more active, dead of a massive stroke (he loved to argue with me in favor of masks, testing, and “vaccines” up close to his date of onset). I have a family member who had a “mini-stroke” (TIA) five days after Pfizer #2, and with continued serious health problems. I have family friends with a variety of acute and chronic health effects, from immediate malignant hypertension requiring an ER visit, to ongoing cardiovascular and neurological ailments.

  5. I know this has been brought up by other CR members but…

    I think it’s possible that we already have an idea of whats in these shots. Numerous reports have come out about Graphene Oxide being found in all of the Covid “vaccines.” This nanoparticle is highly toxic to living organisms, causing flu like symptoms, loss of taste and smell, metallic taste, can trigger cytokine storm, induce pneumonia, linked to cancers, organ failure(lungs), studies have shown it may cause infertility…etc. These nanoparticles are electromagnetic as well, which explain why neodymium magnets stick to the site of injection for the first week or so before dispersing throughout the body. It also explains why we are seeing so many people developing blood clots, strokes, heart attacks/ myocarditis; the magnetic properties of the graphene are causing the red blood cells to clump together and clot(iron).

    There have also been reports and speculation that this crap has been found in flu shots, medical masks, and PCR swabs, in the lead up to and throughout the lock downs. Which explains this “weird flu” many people contracted(and some died from) throughout 2020. The symptoms of graphene toxicity are nearly identical to the symptoms of Covid-1984. Coincidence? I think not.

    And now to the speculative, “crazy,” woo woo side to everything I’m saying. What happens when you pump a large subset of the population with an electromagnetic material and then turn on a telecommunications grid(5G) that emits anywhere from 24GHz to 300 GHz of electromagnetic frequency, what will happen to these people?

    Not trying to be negative, alarm anyone, or freak people out in any way. I could be completely wrong, though I think this should be investigated further. And by the way, I know I’m preaching to the converted, but for God’s sake don’t take this shot!

    • I wont rule it out, it’s a possibility.

      Worth noting, Graphene reacts violently when exposed to electromagnetic frequency

    • On a recent Episode of Del Bigtree interviewed Dr. Robert Young who showed evidence of Graphene Oxide in the Shots. The Electron Microscope Photos displayed during the interview showed both healthy blood cells and those clotting around a black clump of Graphene Oxide.
      The evidence is there to show the source of the clotting which is killing young people that never should have even been considered to get one of these shots.
      Dr. Robert Young was asking anyone with access to one of these high resolution Electron Microscopes to personally verify what he has discovered.
      Dr. Robert Young went on to say that all of the Experimental Injections contain some Graphene Oxide but Pfizer contained the most. He also said that many of the Flu Vaccinations also contained this substance.

      Perhaps it was another source that reported at least a dozen different variations of the EUA Experimental Shots were being used and said that there was both a 100mg and a 30mg Moderna Shot. The 100mg Shot was reported to be a Death Shot. It also said that perhaps up to 50% of the Pfizer Shots were Placebos which would account for many people having no negative side effects.

      Indeed, this Scamdemic was meant to be mind boggling. Given the many variables that could only be tracked by high tech computers, I think that it is a major breakthrough to discover that Graphene Oxide is a common thread being used in all of the Experimental Injections.
      Dr. Robert Young mentioned some DARPA Studies that had been done with Radio Waves and such chemicals and send that he had a patient that could turn a TV on by though

    • It can and will be.

      Low Power IoT: What Can Be Connected, Will Be Connected
      With modern technology, this is only achievable through the IoT, which has more recently been termed the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) to include humans among the inanimate “things”. It is unlikely that Nodle will change the world of IoT to a large extent, but it demonstrates the wide-spread development efforts of Technocrats to fulfill the oft-stated adage, “whatever can be connected, will be connected”.

  6. I think James missed an important point with regards to the (semi)-legal solutions: though they were never meant to be the bullet-proof way out of mandates, they at least perform the function of putting in the minds of those who have been scared to compliance that the law is actually not fully on their side, and that they may face consequences down the line (use the scare tactics on your side).

    If the though of potentially facing legal issues will spur them into researching more about the legal/ethical principle of vaccine mandates, that is already a result.

    There won’t be many, but there will be a few who will be scared into looking into it.

    • colosseum says:
      “they [semi-legal solutions] at least perform the function of putting in the minds of those who have been scared to compliance that the law is actually not fully on their side, and that they may face consequences down the line (use the scare tactics on your side).”

      Scare the shit out of the opposition. Put nightmarish FEAR into their minds.
      I am a strong supporter of this tactic.
      I am not saying that this tactic is appropriate for all circumstances, but there are scenarios where this can have some impact.

      I recently used this tactic on one of my brothers. He didn’t talk to me for a few weeks afterwards. Now, things are copacetic.
      He wields tremendous influence on many other people, and had gotten the jab despite my warnings.
      One day when we were having a phone conversation, while not attacking him directly, I laid it out hardcore with the spike’s toxicity, death counts, injuries, future sterility, shedding of the spike on others (including infants), predicted potential autoimmune diseases, etc.
      Freddy Krueger would have been proud.

      FEAR and Emotion and “Introverted Anxiety” can be weaponized. We know this is what “They” often do.
      Hell, I will use it too.
      Once after being arrested in handcuffs while sitting in the back of a squad car, I evaluated the personality of the cop so harshly with aplomb-style rapid-fire brutal assaults, that his face turned introverted-ashgray on our way to the jail. He looked terrible.
      It is not my normal personality style of personal interaction. I don’t like using it…it is so out of character for me.
      But I will defend myself, my “space” and my environment.
      Sometimes a very hard slap upon the face of someone’s mind is called for.

      I always loved my Dad. He never really got that physical with me, despite me being a sometimes very ornery, troublesome kid. However, one day as a teenager, I was loudly sassing my Mother. My Father shoots over and slaps my face so hard that I flew far back against the ground landing partly outside the back door. “Don’t you ever talk to your Mother that way again!” he exclaims. I really deserved that hit in the face. In later years, I loved my Father for it. I treasure the moment.

      Sometimes a very hard slap upon the face of someone’s mind is called for.

      • Indeed, to speak with confidence that “Justice will come” and say that those who have forced and/or cohered others to get Injected with something that harmed them will pay for their crimes, is a means to put Fear where it belongs.

      • I always carry a “mask exemption” badge with me that looks scary enough to put most people off.

        But for the recalcitrant ones, those who still want me to get muzzled, I hand out a piece of paper full of legalese where I request their full name and address in order to take them to court for enforcing a medical treatment upon me without qualification.

        I am bluffing there (I certainly don’t wanna start legal proceedings for every joe bloggs who want to muzzle me), but the only fact that you are challenging their simple demands with some flimsy legal basis, is enough to scare them off.

        • BUMP

          What great tactics!

    • Yes, exactly, forcing the kangaroo courts to go against the law and common decency is/theoretically could be really bad PR. Provided there would be anyone to report about it.

    • I love the “questionnaire” that has been put forth, in multiple forms, one should submit to an employer that requires “vaccination.” Among the questions, safety, legal issues including liability, and so on. An HONEST employer just might be educated by that. A Babylon System-compliant employers will be irritated by it, but too bad – they need to face those issues.

      • ONE EXAMPLE of said questionnaire:

        “I write with regard to the matter of the covid vaccine and my right to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before agreeing. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements.”:

        1. Can you please provide the legal status of the vaccine?
        2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
        3. Can you please provide the entire list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
        4. Can you please disclose all reported adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?
        5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’?
        6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers to perform a medical procedure, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
        7. Can you please inform me of the risk of fatality, should I contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery with out using this invasive medical procedure?
        8. Are you aware, legal precedent for violation of the Nuremberg Code is 10 years in prison, life in prison or a death sentence?
        Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:
        1. You confirm in writing that I will suffer no harm.
        2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
        3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result.
        I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.’

  7. This is the UK version of the discrimination law complaint filing:

    Here is how to defeat the passports. Step by step.

    1. Go get turned down or kicked out of an establishment, restaurant, school, etc document it.
    2. Call the human rights commission: +44 161 829 8100 (Manchester UK)
    3. Make a complaint and get a file number.
    4. Use that file number and make a statement.
    5. The human rights commission will serve them papers.
    6. The place that rejected you will think they can win in court.
    7. The judge will force them to pay because the human rights commission will remind them no business private or public can discriminate against anyone based on religion, race and yes any health reasons because it is illegal.
    8. Everyone will overwhelm the places that they will also fight against the passports by allowing everyone inside and not turning anyone away.

    They will have to pay for breaking the law, and they will not be able to handle more than 1 case at a time.

  8. Hey guys, new here. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this very situation. I happen to work for a company in the US that could very well be mandating vaccine compliance soon. In my humble opinion the best way to combat this is through the rules of equity. You have to internalize the fact that everything in society operates under commercial principles, meaning everything is an offer. A mandate is only a mandate unless the presumption is rebutted, your assent is consent in this system. You have to give notice and you have unlimited right to contract.

    If you’re working a job or at a university laying on the pressure, you have a very small chance of being successful through non compliance, which is simply going to put you in legal default and dishonor. You must first notice them through an affidavit simply stating your body is your property, you do not consent to any vaccines, no authority has access or presumption to force any medical procedure on you.

    Very important, offer them conditional acceptance if they will first assume all financial liability for any damages caused by vaccines. This puts you in honor and passes the buck to them. They cannot contract unilaterally.

    Include a notice of deprivation of rights under color of law. There are serious criminal offenses for this violation and every government is operating under color of law. An affidavit is required for any lawsuit so you already have that taken care of, it’s a serious document any company will have to take pause. plus a notice already puts you in a superior position if things have to get litigious, you’re in honor, they are not if they ignored your reasonable notice putting them in liability if they try to fire or expel you. You don’t need an exemption you need to get a confidentiality agreement with them, a contract.

    Always hold your position.

    • Not to be argumentative, but if your employer is mandating vaccines to the point of termination the tensions have already escalated, have they not?

      You’ll have to explain to me how an affidavit serves no constructive purpose, in any lawsuit there needs to be an affidavit, does there not?

      I agree that employer should produce their source of authority and a notice of liability should probably be reserved until you’ve exhausted those options.

      Would you just flippantly sign a notice of liability for vaccine damages to call someones bluff? Especially if you’re an agent for your company. You’ve just assumed liability on a legal document. Is this how you conduct business? An offer of conditional acceptance doesn’t embolden your adversaries position, it simply shows your willingness to accommodate the opposing side’s offer per your conditions being met. Remaining in honor. This would be noted should proceedings move forward. I’d be happy to take the vaccines should my employer accept liability, but it should be noted if I even get mildly ill following the vaccination then I have it in a fee schedule an award for damages. To be frank, I don’t think this would happen, no one in their right mind would want liability for someone else’s medical procedure. But I’m confident enough in myself that I would honor the terms of the agreement.

      To state your only point of leverage in a contract with your company is your productivity, this may be the de facto state of working for a corporation, but it really just speaks to a lack of creativity. Most Fortune 500 companies want to engage in the politics and platitudes of diversity, equity and inclusion so hold them to their own supposed code of ethics. You’re not going to be dealing with “THE CORPORATE ENTITY” you’re dealing with people simply working for the corporation. This is important. Simply ask questions that hold them to what they’re putting out into the world, ask questions that incriminate them. When they fail to answer 3 times you have the commercial energy to answer for them, their assent is taken as consent. It’s a maxim and isn’t that exactly what credit card and tax agencies do when you ignore 3 consecutive notices? You’re a man/woman when you clock out and will have whatever rights you’re willing to fight for. We have to fight for everything in this day and age.

      In the New Testament Jesus shows exactly how to defend yourself from the Pharisees or the legal world. He never makes claims, asks questions and offers conditional acceptance. I’m not religious but you can’t find a better role model for these principles.

      Disagree all you want, but take the mark or perish aren’t proactive solutions for me. Sorry, I’m not just going to walk out because my employer “mandates” vaccinations. He who leaves the field of battle first loses.

      • How about having a conversation with your employer. If you are a valuable employee and the company needs you to survive or make money, they might find a way to keep you. I have found that many people are human after all and a real honest face to face conversation can go a long way.

        Educate your employer or HR person about why you don’t want to take the “vaccine” and why you think this is bad for business and humanity. I don’t know what line of work you are in, but in health care, staffing has been short and companies who don’t want to go under want to keep valuable employees and will find a way for you to stay.

        This has been my personal experience though. I can’t generalize. I tend to be a person who other people really like to have on staff, so my employers have always tried to keep me.

      • I personally would not put a “I’ll get the shot if you do this” clause in there. Even though I understand the importance of a counter offer, but the offer suggest/states I am willing to negotitate taking the shot, which I most assuredly am not, have not been and will not be till I draw breath.

        They may inject whatever they want in my rotting corpse, if they can find it.

        To that extent, to meet the counter offer requirement, I could put something impossible as criteria just to make it obvious that there is no negotiation forthcoming.

        Something like:

        I agree to take the shot if you detail a “plan” to have all matter, regardless of the initial quanitity, actual amounts to be determined by counting molecules, injected by the shot taken out from my body

        and have all and any bodily or spiritual damage recovered in such event

        and commit to execute the “plan” if such need arises, regardless of how long after taking the shot, up to my death

        in keeping that I am the sole arbiter in determining what constitutes “damage” and when the “plan” should be executed

        while the “plan” has to be executed as to guarantee 0 side effects and 0 discomfort, to the best of my determination of what constitutes side effects and discomfort

        while all and any time investment from my part during the “plan” execution as well as the period during which I have suffered from the damage incured, shall be compensated to the amount of 100 billion hughs per solar hour of my involvement, to be distributed globally at the expense of the signer of this document for the company and at my leisure

    • Unfortunately, and with all due respect, you believe that “the law” is both blind and a tool of “remedy.”

      “The Law” is the means by which to force you to do what our rulers demand.

      There is the legal system in theory (and delusion), and there is the legal system in real world reality. The “judge” has armed thugs with “legal” permission to mess you up. Pieces of paper don’t stop that.

      “If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated. If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested. If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed. If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead. These procedures are known as the Rule of Law.”

      — Edward Abbey

  9. Very important episode of Solutions Watch. All of the unvaccinated should be investigating every avenue available to them to avoid this lethal injection. Non compliance and fighting this thing tooth and nail will ultimately win out in the end. I think, fighting socially, politically, legally will all make a difference in some form or another! Even if it’s a superficial win, it could still have the ability to change the hearts and minds of those still unsure of whether they are going to stand up and make a difference or not. Taking this shot could have consequences not only for you, but for your loved ones or even future loved ones. To those of you out there, fight this thing with everything you’ve got, do not give up or give in. Don’t lose hope, there is ALWAYS hope!

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.

    “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” -Gandalf


    • Thank you J.P. for your comments. It reminds me of W. Churchill’s “never, never, never.” The game changer may indeed be when they (try to) come for our children.

  10. Greetings from Italy my dear friends.
    It was pretty obvious and predictable what is happening here, that Italy would become the leading country in Europe for this madness since Mr. Goldman Sachs G30 Trilateral Commission Bilderberg (and so on) Mario Draghi has been sitting at the trone.

    No need to tell you the level that the lies, the nonsense of violence and restrictions have reached here. I guess you are familiar with it,more or less, in your own country.
    No need to remember that even taking at face value their fake numbers we are talking about a virus so deadly that has supposedly killed around 130.000 people in my country in 18 months, with an average age of 82 years and that only the 3% of them was not already having other serious health problems.
    No need to remember that this so deadly virus has killed only those who had been taken to the hospitals and spared the lives of all the others who were so lucky to be left in peace at home.
    No need to remember that in the whole world (always taking at face value their fake numbers) this deadly virus has killed around 4,5 millions people. Which means that the 99,95 % of the world population has survived this deadly plague.
    We all know this bullshit.

    When Mr. Goldman Sachs Draghi announced the vaccine passport he used these exact words: “If you don’t get the vaccine, you get sick and you die. Or you infect other people, they get sick and die. That’s it”.
    What people did not get is that he was not speaking in medical terms. That was a social threat.
    “You don’t want to comply and get the shot? Well, you will die. Of starvation or of something else…”

    • They basically introduced death penalty in our legal system for those who don’t wanna get the jab.
      If you commit a crime, even the most heinous, you go to jail. Where you have a roof, a bed, they feed you and give you treatments if you get sick.
      You don’t get the jab? You become an outcast, and you can die of starvation. (well, at least that’s what they hope, ignoring that we are pretty skilled at growing our own food).

      Despite their childish propaganda, it seems like that there are still 10 millions people who has not taken the jab here and most of them are never gonna take it, no matter what. Vaccine passport or not, it does not matter. Some will fall, but many will not.
      Many people like me have been drawing their line in the sand a long time ago.
      We are deeply aware that there is no choice. We must stand still now, the alternative is to crawl forever. So, for me, there is not even a doubt about the choice. It comes natural to a free human being.

      What makes me deeply sad is not what these evil obscure souls in charge are doing to all mankind. They are just doing their dirty job, that’s what they’ve been always here for. It is just their corrupted and dark nature.
      What leaves me astonished is not even the fact that the majority of people are not able to see the big and obvious farce in front of their eyes. The meticulous work of brainwashing and manipulation of the minds is just bearing its fruits.
      Not talking about that. What leaves me speechless and really sad is that not even in the face of suffering of their colleagues, their neighbours, friends or even family members, the people are able to find a shred of humanity inside themselves and are willing to react to this evil barbarism ,not understanding that they will be the next outcast,when they refuse the third, fourth or fifth dose or when they don’t respect their next carbon emission duties.
      Thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you. Take care

      • Disgusting cowardice.

      • Haven’t you heard? Crawling helps limit the spread of Covid. Because the virus isn’t contagious once it hits the ground, and it is more likely to hit the ground if you’re close to it.

        I’m kinda surprised that narrative hasn’t already come out. It’s no dumber than “speaking English spreads more covid than other languages.” (real Forbes article)

    • Manasarovar,
      That was a stellar write-up.
      It is the type of writing that someone should publish on some venue.

  11. Good to see a couple of Michiganders on here! Awesome to hear your religious exemption was approved!

    • On that Michigan Connection,
      We have been dealing with a political Coup by way of Voter Fraud for some time. The money that put Whiter and her comrades, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State in power in 2018 is highly questionable, yet that is what set us up for the Voter Fraud of 2020.
      With over 10,000 complaints of Voter Fraud for the 2020 Election, Lansing not only Certified the Election Results, but the Attorney General continues to threaten the witnesses who will not be silenced.
      The newly implanted Secretary of State stalled a People’s Petition Initiative which would have curtailed the powers of the Governor, thus preventing it from being on the November 2020 Ballot even though it had 540,000 signatures when only about 340,000 were needed.
      We have even seen the FBI use Informants to stage a Planned Kidd-napping of the Gov. that shouldn’t be.
      Biden/Harris are the result of a Coup brought about by massive Voter Fraud. There is currently no Legitimate President of the United States, and if it were not for a massive takeover in Lansing and the under handed tactics used by Whiter and her comrades, a People’s Initiative to have her removed would have been successful by now.
      There is still much hope that the 2020 Election Results will soon be Decertified. How can these so called “Representatives” who pretend to Represent you continue to ignore over 10,000 complaints of Vote Fraud?
      Let them know where you stand on Investigating the Complaints, and we can Nullify the Federal Government.

  12. I agree. Non compliance in of itself will only get you treated like a child. There are necessary prerequisites in order to operate successfully in commerce. There must be notice, and you must be competent enough to navigate the legal system and contract on your own terms, Lawyers are all part of the society call the BAR association and are not there to preserve your rights. I don’t agree that you can’t successfully reach settlement or preserve your job, but if you let it get to the point where it’s vaccine or fired on that day then you’re probably in trouble.

  13. There reasoning for vaccine passports are the massive covid hospital cases and deaths. And again they’re being inflated with trickery lies and deceit. If people would do as before and goto their local hospitals and film the empty ER’s etc. and get people to talk which I’ve already seen on the defender and project veritas websites today. They can not make you take a experimental vaccine and the FDA approved one is still not out yet. So quit crying, get off your asses and get the prove needed.

  14. @28:28 that’s ludicrous absurdity deserving of ridiculous mockery (yes, double-double descriptions)! I’m so glad we could have a bit of sarcastic humor in this INSANE situation.

  15. Judging from Israeli-Arabs sector, non-compliance is the way.
    Whilst Israeli Jewish sector happily serves as a lab rats in that grandiose clinical experiment, Israeli Arabs simply piss on all mandates and coercion.
    There is no vax passport in Israeli-Arab sector – one can freely enter restaurants there without muzzle.
    A few weeks ago a couple of mobile PCR-testing vans arrived into Tayibe (an Arab town in Central Israel) to test the residents – the residents simply burned that vans. As simply as that. They do understand very well that PCR-scam drives that craziness.
    There is no pandemic in Palestine Authority either. They returned almost all vax doses Israel passed them.

    • vkx says:
      “…the residents simply burned the vans. As simply as that. “

      I’m smiling. I would enjoy a drink or meal with those folks.

      • Me too.
        Very weird things are going on in Israel – the World’s Covid Lab…
        PM calling unvaxxed “the ones who loiter with ‘machine guns that shoots Corona viruses’ on innocent community”
        MOH is a bunch of holograms preaching “Go get vaxxed” on behalf of NWO.
        The propaganda and suppression of alternative voices is so massive, that it outdoes what Goebels would be capable to do.
        Knesset passing laws to crack down on unvaxxed…
        Supreme Court dismissed all suites, that challenged Corona restrictions and vax passport…
        NWO couldn’t find a better place for that experiment…

    • I guess it follows that an Arab in Israel has been tempered in repression far too much to give in to this, what it is for the most part, emotional blackmail.

      • You guess wrong, since you don’t know any Israeli Arab in person.
        Israeli Arabs are not repressed to such an extent, that their non-compliance to Covid mandates is just emotional blackmail.

  16. I particularly enjoyed the Dan Dicks anecdote!
    This kind of activity is one of my favorite food types.
    I could eat this every day of the week, kind of like insouciance on a stick.
    There are a lot of folks out there who are not religiously hardcore “rule followers”, although it may vary depending upon the type of regulation.
    It’s fun! …that “wink wink” among players.
    It’s like saying, “Oh! Yes, I always report all my cash income for taxes.”
    I think Dan’s statement is keynote:
    “Suss Them Out & Find Out Who’s Cool!!”

    My son’s employment as a Project Manager has him interacting with many corporations who all have their own policies.
    Some weeks ago, he texts me: “Do you know where I can buy a vaccination card?” No. I didn’t have a clue.
    After a few weeks, we were talking on the phone. I asked if he ever got a card. He told me that a buddy of his (who is on the same “conspiracy” page) got my son a card. Networking with like-minded people.

    During that phone conversation, my son was telling me how he and his wife have plans to set up a snow-cone stand for the kids to work as their own business in the spring and summer. The kids are extremely excited.
    The wife tells him, “You better go get any permits from the town’s officials.”
    He responds to her, “Naw…it is only a small stand on a lot. Let them come and say something.”
    My son and I are on the same page about this. I know from the countless buildings and properties in the past where I have had my business activities, you try to hang below the radar of regulations. Plus, this is a small town where my son has a lot of relatives and friends. “Negotiations” are always an option.
    By the way, my son has dealt with city permits/inspections almost every week and in countless municipalities for many, many years in his field of employment. When it is your own enterprise, strategies change.

    I don’t know where James Corbett gets his time. He invested a lot of time stitching this one hour “Fighting Vaccine Mandates – #SolutionsWatch” episode together.
    For me, the most impactful part of this #SolutionsWatch is the last segment, starting perhaps at the 48 minute mark.
    The concept which Corbett relays here should be repeated, and repeated again.
    When one audits the books, this is the bottom line.
    Repeat the message.

    • Congratulations on the well deserved mention by Corbett HRS. Your contributions are appreciated.

      • Thanks Steve,
        While it is a nice validation, honestly I sometimes get embarrassed. I am just a regular guy, just a regular Corbett Member like everyone else. Typically, once a year, when I send a voluntary donation, James and I exchange a very brief email. That’s the extent of our correspondence.

        One year on such an email, in my Texan bragging way, I touted the virtues of Cowboys and the frontier spirit.
        James responded that he was no stranger to the frontier spirit growing up in Alberta.
        One can see this aspect of Corbett’s past life from “The Calgary Stampede”.
        See this…

        Like James Corbett mentioned a few years ago when talking to Corbett Members about comments,
        “The Corbett Report comment section is what you make it.”
        It is all of us.
        No one individual ranks another. We all contribute in our own ways.

        All of us at The Corbett Report form an incredibly important community.
        We are damn lucky to be alive at this moment in time, and to be able to particpate in a community like this.
        All of us shape our community.

  17. Great James, but non-compliance can be achieved through standing in your sovereignty. We all have inalienable rights through Natural Law and these can not be removed by ANY statutes. Statutes are only enforceable in law through consent, so one must clearly state non-consent. ‘I do not consent, no contract, no joinder. This is applicable in all common law countries but is in fact applicable to every living man or woman.

    • “I have rights” vs armed thugs – who wins?

      “Consent” is most often gained by registering to vote. Hence, I de-registered myself years ago. Even without consent, they’ll still “have their way with you” when they decide to, unless you have equal or superior force to wield against them.

  18. Good news, just be ready when they tell you they are ‘no longer accepting religious exemptions due to the deadly emergency of covid-23’.

  19. Thanks JC! Time to unplug from their systems and build our own. Past time, actually. All that’s required is to live an ethical life. No more go-along-to-get-along. Then everything settles naturally into place. Just need people to find the spine to do what they know is right.

  20. “There have been no long-term COVID-19 safety trials (ongoing doesn’t count). Without data, it is impossible to make an informed decision about getting vaccinated. Will there be future health problems for vaccinated people and their children?”

    That’s how I started “Vaxed Vs Unvaxed”, my latest post on

    I can’t depend on people finding my blog, so I make a printable pdf and go out in my neighborhood and hand out copies. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE thinks the vaccines are safe. What is the proof? The word “S.A.F.E.” in the mouths of “experts” and authority figures. If I challenge them and ask them for a link to the completed safety studies and data, they answer that there hasn’t been time for long-term studies. “Why are they forcing us to get these injections if there is no scientific data on how safe they are?” I ask. No one can give me an answer, including doctors and nurses.

    I think that the absence of long-term safety data can be one more reason that a person can give for refusing to get the injection. And if the FDA or anyone else has such data I sure would like to see it.

    • The Phase III trials for these “vaccines” don’t end until 2022/2023, AND, they unblinded them, rendering them worthless. The control group was all offered the “vaccine.”

      Those of us who refuse their Clot Shot / Stroke Poke are the real control group, and we are living evidence of mass murder.

  21. From BC Canada there are NO exemptions for forced vaccine, not medical or religious grounds. We don’t have that option, period.

  22. I was kicked out of Fuddruckers and Gamestop within a week for not wearing a mask. I had to travel an hour to a different store, and decided to call first lest I waste the hour. They said they were not enforcing the masks mandates (Plato’s closet, since I name-dropped the deniers), but it does seem like it’s becoming the new normal. I’ve noticed I handle myself better each time it happens. Some of my methods:

    1. I tell them my name. It reminds them I am a real person, and it could happen to them.
    2. when they pass blame to policy, I say policy isn’t refusing to serve me. You are.
    3. I say “this doesn’t seem right.” Because I think it doesn’t seem right to most people on the inside, and it’s important to verbalize it.
    4. When pressured to mask up, i say “If I can’t show may face in your store, just tell me to get out.”
    5. I want to try using the term “vaccine supremacist”, but I’ll have to experiment. I have no doubt I’ll have plenty of opportunity.

    I hope to flip some of those refusing me service, show them the evil of their ways. (I don’t use that word lightly). At the least, people will see a well-spoken, peaceful, and reasonable person get denied basic services for arbitrary reasons, and they will watch me refuse to comply with their nonsense. That needs to be seen. It needs to be common, but I’m only one man.

    Rough times, yall.

  23. “Violence” is used against innocent people.
    Self-defense is not violence.
    Sorry your fam got jabbed. Was in a similar situation w/ my fam, but they gave me the chance to talk, give my schpeal. They were convinced, and decided against it, until my gf’s 17 yr old was told that, in order to receive the kidney transplant he needs (from an illness at birth), he must be “fully vaccinated”. Couldn’t meet w/ the transplant team w/o a vaccine. The 17 year old kid was being refused a friggin’ kidney for not taking the vax. I offered to fight on his behalf, he passed, and accepted the jab. Doin’ ok. On transplant waiting list. And each day he is becoming aware of the reality.

    • It is frustrating continuing to hear the absolute confidence people have in saying that you are putting people in danger. The fake vaccine is safe, effective, and will prevent transmission. Or the comparison to other long existing vaccines. There still is no proof of asymptomatic spread other than assumption. This mRNA shot cannot stop transmission. They never attempted to stop transmission.

      You can look at the early trial data of those childhood vaccines and see the mRNA injection doesn’t come close to the amount of data provided for Flu, Polio, or MMR. There is literally nothing except the rigged trials on mitigating mild symptoms that has been stretched into many assumptions about the mRNA injection being touted as solid fact.

      • Relative risk reduction. Three words to trigger abject ignorance.

    • Violence is unjust appication of force. When force is applied against someone by one who does not have the right to apply it, that is considered to be violence.

      One obtains the right to use force when they themselves are transgressed against without the right to do so.

    • Was this in the US? That’s so blatantly unethical. Even in the crappy totalitarian place I live in and work at, no patient has been denied medical treatment based on a covid vaccine. I’m in California. There is absolutely no reason to deny someone a kidney because they don’t have the Covid shot or any vaccine for that matter. That makes no sense what so ever.

  24. On a recent Episode of Del Bigtree interviewed Dr. Robert Young who showed evidence of Graphene Oxide in the Shots. The Electron Microscope Photos displayed during the interview showed both healthy blood cells and those clotting around a black clump of Graphene Oxide.
    The evidence is there to show the source of the clotting which is killing young people that never should have even been considered to get one of these shots.
    Dr. Robert Young was asking anyone with access to one of these high resolution Electron Microscopes to personally verify what he has discovered.
    Dr. Robert Young went on to say that all of the Experimental Injections contain some Graphene Oxide but Pfizer contained the most. He also said that many of the Flu Vaccinations also contained this substance.

    I think it was on theHighWire where a source reported that at least a dozen different variations of the EUA Experimental Shots were being used and said that there was both a 100mg and a 30mg Moderna Shot. The 100mg Shot was reported to be a Death Shot. It also said that perhaps up to 50% of the Pfizer Shots were Placebos which would account for many people having no negative side effects.

    Indeed, this Scamdemic was meant to be mind boggling. Given the many variables that could only be tracked by high tech computers, I think that it is a major breakthrough to discover that Graphene Oxide is a common thread being used in all of the Experimental Injections.

  25. I love JC! (both Jesus Christ AND James Corbett, but the former much more)

    JC gave a big reality check on the “legal document” hopium-based delusion. Yes, go ahead, try it and see if it works, but words on paper do NOT override brute force, as used by the Babylon System’s enforcers.

    The Nuremberg Codex was for the DEFEATED, never intended to be used AGAINST the “Allies.” After all, the US Public Health Service was actively experimenting on people when the Codex was introduced.

  26. Until a competent lab obtains a solid chain-of-custody-traceable vial of each “product” and then does a full analysis via GC/MS and microscopy, we just don’t know for certain what is actually in these vials.

    Unfortunately, it also appears, from scientific fact above “conspiracy theory” (sic – LOL), that there are multiple versions of each “product,” with one vial having more “special ingredients” than others.

    Do they contain graphene? Probably. But that hasn’t been ascertained yet. The La Quinta Columna “analysis” was a joke.

    • I’m not dying on this hill one way or the other. That’s the problem with conspiracies and their theorists, they get bogged down in the details and bicker back and forth over who is right and who is wrong. Never accomplishing anything. I could be dead wrong. But I think there is something here.

    • The vials should not be all the same if the injections are still in trial and the goal was to get an improved finalized product. It would not make sense to have everything the same. The strategy around these mRNA injections is mass confusion. That is why I am concerned when these experts speculate that all these injections contain graphene oxide or millions will die in the winter. We are making a big mistake assuming all these injections from each manufacturer are identical.

  27. Excellent! Yes, it is NOT a lost cause to assert your religious rights. Most employers are not Hell-bent on getting everyone injected, and they’re going to weigh the risk of denying such exemptions, resulting in costly litigation.

    I highly-recommend using CUSTOMIZED exemption language, as well, NOT a template you found online. It doesn’t matter if you’re super eloquent – we’re looking at “sincerely-held beliefs,” and your own language will be more credible, as long as it doesn’t sound copied.

    I also recommend avoiding “fetal cell lines” arguments, unless that’s the only “sincerely-held belief” you hold against the sham “vaccines.” Some pro-injection push back on that has angled on the fact “fetal cell line” experimentation is used for other pharmaceuticals.

    I haven’t needed to invoke my own exemption yet, but it will be based on the fact these “vaccines” are the only products that fit the deception-based pharmakeia which deceives the entire world, as spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

    • Related to “fetal cell lines”
      Hospital Staff That Decline COVID Vaccine For Religious Reasons Must Attest To Also Swearing Off Tylenol, Tums, & Other Common Meds
      In order to obtain a religious exemption from the Covid-19 vaccine at a hospital system in Arkansas, staff are also required to “swear off” common medicines like Tylenol, Tums and Preparation H.

      Conway Regional Health System said it noticed an uptick in vaccine exemption requests that “cited the use of fetal cell lines in the development and testing of the vaccines,” according to ARS Technica.

      Matt Troup, president and CEO of Conway Regional Health System, said: “This was significantly disproportionate to what we’ve seen with the influenza vaccine.”

      ARS Technica reported that some of the common medicines on the list include Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, aspirin, Tums, Lipitor, Senokot, Motrin, ibuprofen, Maalox, Ex-Lax, Benadryl, Sudafed, albuterol, Preparation H, MMR vaccine, Claritin, Zoloft, Prilosec OTC, and azithromycin.

      Employees then must attest they “truthfully acknowledge and affirm that my sincerely held religious belief is consistent and true”.

      Troup said that the hospital wants to make sure that staff are “sincere” in their beliefs and that the hospital wants to “educate staff who might have requested an exemption without understanding the full scope of how fetal cells are used in testing and development in common medicines.”

      Employees that don’t sign the form are only granted provisional exemptions. Troup said 5% of the hospital’s staff has filed for such an exemption.

      “A lot of this, I believe, is a hesitancy about the vaccine, and so that’s a separate issue than a religious exemption,” he concluded.

      ARS Technica LINK

      • Exactly!

        I suspect people involved simply copied and pasted their exemption statement from LifeSiteNews or similar, and didn’t understand the implications.

      • Wait, the condition that one can get this “exemption” from the mark of the beast is that they have to agree not to take toxic drugs such as are most of those listed above, as they are all somehow related to the decades old carcinogenic undead fetus compulsorily aborted from a mentally deficient mother, as she was declared by the raving mad technocrats donning white lab coats, pretending to be saviors of “humanity”?

        So help me god, I would laugh that son of a bitch out of his office.

      • Thanks for bringing this up HRS. Prior to using fetal cell lines as a reason to avoid the shot, it’s good to do research on how these cell lines are obtained. And if fetal cell lines are used in the development of other drugs, it is consistent to avoid other medicines that are tested, in my opinion. However a person might argue that a legitimate need to use other medicines for a present illness is okay. There are bible passages that also apply to this as well.

        I think the J and J shot is the only one possibly contaminated, where as all the others might have been tested using fetal cell lines, which is still supportive of abortion. Even if only one abortion was performed to get the cell lines years and years ago, if a person uses a medicine that was tested with these cell lines, they are still in a sense violating what the bible says. There are other medicines that don’t use fetal cell lines in development or testing.

        Also, there are many other passages in the bible to draw from that clearly argue against vaccines. One has to actually read the bible passages and use the ones that apply to them rather than using a template off the internet and the statement must be sincere. Additionally, the bible isn’t the only text to draw from. A person doesn’t even need to use the bible or religious text at all.

        One of the most relevant parts of the bible to use against the Covid shot in particular is revelations and the mark of the beast. I didn’t use this though because there were so many others to draw from.

  28. I am a firm supporter of DO NOT QUIT.

    If you quit, you can say good-bye to unemployment benefits. Most people don’t have 5-figures or more of reserves to go without unemployment.

    If you quit, your former employer will not hesitate to tell anyone inquiring why you quit, regardless of any “laws” or regulations that allegedly prohibit that. Likewise, being fired does not give you a consequence you wouldn’t have with quitting. Just accept that any employer willing to betray you and your service is not a reliable reference, in either scenario.

    Any future employer you’d be glad to work for will take into account being fired for resisting fascism. It might even land you the job, if your value checks out otherwise.

    As for “just accepting” consequences, absolutely not. You are not in the wrong. Don’t “just accept” anything. If the entity you’re dealing with is a machine aka a corporation, you’re not fighting humans. Your available tactics are much broader than with human beings. And if it ever comes to the point of being hauled away to a “health center,” you resist by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I’ll spare everyone the Solzhenitsyn quote, for now. Resisting the Mystery Babylon System and its beast Mark does not require surrender.

    • Actually, this one:

      “At what exact point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home?…”

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?…The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956, p. 13 and footnote 5.

    • You are right to assert we should assume nothing.

      I guess we’ll all see how this plays out.

  29. Expat in Kawasaki here.

    Great practical advice, and it helps me climb out of my wavering funk between despair and livid rage.

    I was forced into resigning from a ‘tenured’ academic position in a Japanese college a few years ago … Jissen Women’s — it was either resign or submit to so much isolated marginalization that suicide was the only option. I saw enough of how the legal system AND labor unions deal with contracts and labor law, that I have lost faith in just about every rule-driven institution. Only small, empathy-driven communities have kept me alive.

    Klaus Schwab’s ‘CoVid-19 and the Great Reset’ is filled with so many lies of omission, I am convinced that as a species, we are in a forever-war with our collective’s own worst nature … those with a modicum of moral autonomy and intellectual integrity against those sociopaths high in ‘dark-triad’ behavior traits.

    One of many books that helps me absorb and try to integrate James’s ongoing message is Eric Hoffer’s ‘The True Believer — Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements’.

    Keep up the good fight, James, and all who are listening.

    • Yes, it’s real. Pandora’s Shipping Container (box doesn’t cut it anymore) of genetic engineering of humans has been opened.

      As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said, this is THE Last Battle. If we lose this, personal freedom is gone, forever, save for a miracle (the Second Coming is that miracle). Transhumanism is upon us, and we soon won’t have the ABILITY to resist – it will be “deployed” on us remotely.

      Interestingly, Jesus said His second coming would be as in the days of Noah. Genesis makes clear that Noah was the only Godly man who was “perfect in his generations,” or, in modern language, genetically pure. Everyone apart from him and his family were mutated by fallen angels.

      • Yeah, I always wondered why God had to whack out the whole world instead of selectively destroying only the wicked, but it was as you said. The line of the Christ was being threatened. His son had to be genetically pure…as in all human. So everything was reset and the only ones that were righteous and pure survived. BTW, I believe it had more to do with Noah and his family being upright in God’s eyes but, yes, they couldn’t be genetically contaminated either.

        • “Everything was reset.” Yup, GOD ALMIGHTY invented “the great reset,” and He’s done it twice so far, in Noah’s time, and at Calvary. The third and final one is coming during the Second Advent. Schwab’s anti-reset is just an impostor, like this worldly world’s many “anti-christs” (instead of Christ).

      • The Hebrew word translated to “generations” refers to descent, not one’s moral reputation among contemporaries. After all, his “contemporaries” were all so degenerate God felt the need to wipe them all out.

        Unfortunately, you’re coming at this topic from a tradition that distorts God’s original meaning to fit modern ideology. Your verse is from the New World Order Translation, of course. The Watchtower society and the Jehovah’s Witnesses ideology itself are, like the Mormon heresy, products of Judeo-Freemasonic ideology. Charles Taze Russell, appropriately, has a Masonic pyramid for his burial marker.

        As for the Nephilim, the Bible makes the distinction between them being “giants” and being “mighty.” The context demonstrates they were, like later Goliath, bigger, literally, than “normal” Adamkind.

        • Jehovah’s Witnesses originally used the KJV, but it presented a variety of “problems” for JW ideology, so the New World Order [mis]Translation was concocted. The KJV is faithful to the original on this issue, and no, I’m not a KJV-only idolator.

          Anyone who wishes to know what the verse in question actually means can use Strong’s or another word study tool to determine what is correct.

        • Arby: seriously, you’re trying to imply you’re NOT a Jehovah’s Witness yourself?! No one else uses the so-called NWT.

          The NWT is such a pathetic “translation” it actually makes the New Lying “Translation” (New Living Translation) look faithful to God’s Word!

      …In the past, Giraldo has shown that it is possible for chloroplasts to express genes that aren’t naturally part of the plant. He and his colleagues did this by sending foreign genetic material into plant cells inside a protective casing. Determining the optimal properties of these casings for delivery into plant cells is a specialty of Giraldo’s laboratory.

      For this project Giraldo teamed up with Nicole Steinmetz, a UC San Diego professor of nanoengineering, to utilize nanotechnologies engineered by her team that will deliver genetic material to the chloroplasts.

      “Our idea is to repurpose naturally occurring nanoparticles, namely plant viruses, for gene delivery to plants,” Steinmetz said. “Some engineering goes into this to make the nanoparticles go to the chloroplasts and also to render them non-infectious toward the plants.”…

      Taken from the story’s link’s link’s link. (which is the primary source)
      UC Riverside News
      Grow and eat your own vaccines?
      Grant enables study of plants as mRNA factories

  30. Zzzap, I would just like to point out that truth is silent and it relies on its messengers to carry it far and wide. I understand the strength of the familial connection, but it has no value if the most basic conditions are not met. Hence the entirety of this predicament.

    They do not have to sell the story to everyone, it’s sufficient to have a good part of the populace join the cult of death and they will make sure everyone lives through the nightmare.

    I’m not suggesting the situation is hopeless, but that we need to do the best we can and stay on the path as long as possible.

    • Thanks Zzzap, for the empathy.

      Personally what I get back is “But you’re in a belief system, like a religion”.


      “I’m not in a belief system! I have nothing to sell! You have something to sell! I just look at the evidence!”

      No way to get the other to understand that they make decisions based on their evidence, that they’re also in a belief system, even if it’s less visible because it’s much more prevalent, that they have a status quo to sell. That’s what floors me. Now it’s not even that they’re not interested in my point of view; I’ve grown accustomed to that; it’s that they can’t see themselves at all, how they take as gospel what they see, hear and read in the media, how they’re rationalizing what they say they don’t necessarily want but have to take… They don’t see they’re making a choice based on their belief system…

      But I’m trying to understand that, the dynamics of that mindset and I think I’ve come a long way. And I’m trying now to not be angry about it. And sad. Trying. And succeeding with greater and greater regularity.

      Anyhow, you’re braver than I am. My son’s just reached the age of an adult now but that’s no excuse for skipping the country. I just felt like I was in the BodySnatchers movie, people clapping at the balcony, wearing masks in the car… And I’d always wanted to leave the notoriously polluted city. Got out just in time.

  31. I am wondering if there are countries that will escape the vaccine mandates and maybe be a safe haven to maybe expatriate. Haiti, Tanzania, Madagascar, Burundi, and Eritrea were refusing the vaccines. Of course Haiti and Tanzania’s President were killed and the Madagascar president has been targeted in assassination plot. I read yesterday that the The President of Croatia stopped the vaccine campaign – next target ?

    On another topic if we can’t escape the jab, what do you think of Dr. Dmitry Kats Niacin + Melatonin The Niatonin Protocol? I tried to listen to his videos but it was just too complex for me. People on telegram group testify they feel better. Are they other protocols?

    • nathalie,
      On the Niacin and Melatonin protocol.
      I think the real test is what works well for the individual. Until a person tries it, they don’t know.
      For decades, I have played around with Niacin (and countless other supplements.) There is some very interesting information on that Vitamin.
      This link goes to the middle of a SUB-THREAD which discusses various supplements. The Niacin topic starts at the link.

      As with most anything, I think that keeping in mind a balanced approach is important.

      There are Corbett Members in the comment section from Croatia.
      I don’t think that there are that many places around the globe which are immune to dysfunction and propaganda. The mental infection spreads.

    • The Croatian story is bogus. These are politicans flip flopping around as they see fit. I don’t think we are anywhere close to a “mandate” as people don’t appear to be taking the bait.

      • It jives with Covid testing… scrambled.

  32. 8Gc58 says:
    “… in what way you can influence those around you…
    …thinking of ways how we can influence people positively…
    …Whatever works, big or small! …”

  33. I disagree about quitting. Don’t quit. Make them fire you.“Don’t-Quit-Make-The-Fire-You…And-Sue!” Get it in writing. I do agree that chances are small it will help in a lawsuit, BUT it is the right thing too do. Don’t make it easy on the bastards.And DON”T think that by being nice they will be nice to you OR make it easier to get another job. Abusers don’t do that. No, they will hunt you down. I say that as a mother of a son in a force with whom they are threatening a DISHONOURABLE DISCHARGE. Thank God our Alabama Senator TOMMY TUBBERVILLE is joining with three other senators to try and get legislation passed stopping that particular bit of bullshit. No matter, I agree with you in ” refuse and don’t comply, and to be prepared to suffer all the consequences of non-compliance all the way to the concentration camp and the gas chamber, because that’s where the tiny, tiny remnant of holdouts will wind up. That tiny, tiny remnant will be the only ones to die with humanity, souls, and free will intact…” It is the right thing to do.

  34. I’ve been waiting patiently to be fired. I cleaned my office out and I returned my parking pass. My firing date came and went. Turns out our ITS system was down and it took a week to fix the jab reporting portal. My status is undeclared, so I have a gentleman’s bet with a colleague. I think he will be fired first because alphabetically he is ahead of me. He thinks my status will get me fired first. If I have to buy him lunch, we will have to eat it in my car since we are not allowed in a restaurant.

    A non-profit agency formed hospital groups to fight Directive 6 in Ontario. Directive 6 is the requirement that hospitals implement a covid policy, where if you don’t jab, you test 3 times a week, but our hospital, as a “leader” decided to take the extra step of no jab, no job.
    Here are some of the things the plebs did at our hospital:

    1. NOL notices of liability: over 300 NOL were delivered to the CEO, ect. by email and registered mail. I passed, as it was a waste of time, but I did help a colleague with his. This didn’t work.

    2. More Data (no laughing please). The group decided to send medical information to the Chief of Staff because they thought if he just had more information he would change his mind. I knew him when he was a student. I’m pretty sure he combed the data for hours looking for the graph from Alabama that he presented in a staff meeting, and said that if we didn’t jab we would be the next Alabama. He showed a picture of a staff’s new baby. We wouldn’t want to harm that baby now, would we?

    3.Next were exemptions:
    a. human rights hahahaha. None given, and the Human Rights Commission would not take any complaints regarding denials.
    b. Medical exemptions hahahaha. None given, since the MDs have a gag order from their college

    4.Legal avenues:
    a.Constitutional challenge, filed, thrown out for being frivolous.
    b.Personal legal counsel. Not an avenue for union members. They must go through their union who are non-supportive. As non-union I will be able to sue for wrongful dismissal and get employment insurance but only if Directive 6 stays in its present form. If it is changed to a mandatory jab and no testing, as in other provinces, then I would not be able to sue.

    5. Back to the Human Rights code, not as an exemption but as a fundamental right. That didn’t work

    6. Legislation – October 5th, private members bill, Jobs and Jabs, to be presented by Roman Baber. To sign, Ontarians the link is here

    Meanwhile I am looking for a smaller home. The kids have been pretty good about it and to my surprise are looking forward to the move. Also looking for tasty brands of cat food. (We don’t have a cat.)

    • yellowie says:
      “I’ve been waiting patiently to be fired. I cleaned my office out and I returned my parking pass. My firing date came and went. Turns out our ITS system was down and it took a week to fix the jab reporting portal. My status is undeclared, so I have a gentleman’s bet with a colleague. I think he will be fired first because alphabetically he is ahead of me. He thinks my status will get me fired first. If I have to buy him lunch, we will have to eat it in my car since we are not allowed in a restaurant.”

      I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh because of the excellent way you phrased this segment. The scene is like in a comedy movie.
      Your situation is sad I know, and I shouldn’t laugh. It is the blatant insanity of it all that you illustrate so well in your paragraph. It encapsulates the world’s nuttiness and how it affects the sane people.
      During your story, I visualized the images, and the last line makes me laugh everytime. The mental picture of it. It is like a scene in a movie.

      Anyway, I wish you and yours all the best. I know the future contains a lot of uncertainty.
      On the cat food, let me know which are your favorite flavors…so I know which type to buy.

    • Perhaps you and your colleague could start your own business together. Have you tried talking to HR and telling them exactly why you don’t want to take the vax?

      I think there needs to be a go fund me for people who have lost their jobs because of this.

      I’m sorry this has happened to you. Does Canadian law allow for religious exemptions?

    • May I suggest Fancy Feast? Pan fried with some onions and that there is good eatin’! I’m going to start looking for road kill myself.

    • Thanks for the many kind words.

      Fancy Feast with onions…yummy…the kids will never know!

      I would not apply for a religious exemption. No HR flunky is judging me. Besides the hospital is encouraging everyone to apply for one while not approving a single case. This is so they can learn who isn’t jabbed, and I have never released my vax status.

      The video from Ottawa is for the vax passport and it is different that Directive 6 which is a special misery targeted only for health care employees.

      Starting a small business is a good idea, perhaps catering…making delicious tasty and inexpensive casseroles as there will be a great need for inexpensive take-out meals for the unemployed. I predict a big run on Fancy Feast.

  35. OK here’s one for he aussies (FWIW?). The states do not have their own register of vaccinations, that is held by the federal govt. If you request that they do not share your information with any third parties (including the state governments) then the vaccine passports which are implemented by the states shouldn’t, in theory be able to access your vaccination history.

    You need to DL and print out the form and send it back as a physical copy. We used registered mail so we know they received it.

    You can get the form here:

    And send it here:

    Department of Human Services
    Australian Immunisation Register
    PO Box 7852

    Number two, for a bit of fun you can join the Vaccine Control Group, if you join as an associate they will also send you a physical ID card but you can also join as a non associate and just get the digital ID for your phone. Worth a try IMO.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  36. Check this out! It is bombshell. The predicted vaccine effects are shown by a senior pathologiet.
    There is a 2,5 hours presentation link on that page translated to English. It is a true shocker.


    On Monday, 9/20/202 in the pathological institute in Reutlingen, the results of the autopsies of eight people who died after COVID19 vaccination will be presented. The fine tissue analyses were performed by pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. The findings confirm Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher’s finding that among more than 40 corpses he autopsied who had died within two weeks of COVID19 vaccination, approximately one-third of those deaths were caused by the vaccination. Microscopic details of the tissue changes will be shown during the live-streamed press conference. Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz will report on the current parameters of the statistical recording of vaccination events.

    The press conference will also present the results of the analysis of COVID-19 vaccine samples by an Austrian research group, which are in line with the findings of scientists from Japan and the USA. Undeclared metal-containing components were found in the vaccine. Visually, vaccine elements are conspicuous by their unusual shape.

    The results of the investigation have led to legal and political demands, for example, for the immediate collection of information by the authorities in order to be able to assess the health risk posed to the population by the COVID-19 vaccines. For example, early signals of impaired fertility in vaccinated individuals can be examined by consulting IVF registries. Through the cancer registry, insights can be gained into the development of cancer due to the genetic modifications of the viral RNA. Suspension of COVID-19 vaccination should be considered.”
    End Quote

  37. Hey Arby, nice to see another worshiper of Jehovah on here. I’m also not a Jehovah’s witness…going on about 15 years now (fade, followed by athiesm, followed by discovery). Do you know who Robert King is? He pretty much explains, using prophecy, what’s up with that organization at this point in history. What’s going on now looks like a trail run for the MOTB, eh. It’s going to get tough but as Jah says in Isaiah 20:26, time is coming to hide. Prophecy fascinates me and I’m always interested in learning more. I know some on here believe this is the MOTB but I believe God will make it very evident when you decide to take/reject it. You will have a very clear choice and will have to make a willful decision. A lousy medical experiment doesn’t fit the bill. It does show the face of evil and the run up to tyranny quite effectively though.

    • Sorry, too many acronyms in today’s world. MOTB is mark of the beast.

      I will check out your post.

      I think from the Bible’s standpoint the resurrection is like waking up from sleep. You really weren’t conscience at 3 AM last night and that’s what death is like. Then you awake in the morning and remember everything from the past.

      But yeah, I see your fine point about “resurrection”.

  38. If you are in the US this looks like it might be a good way to take action. Alphonse Faggiolo, is an expert in real law strategies. He has been helping people win in court using successful law strategies.

  39. A small minority can make a huge difference in my opinion. I think people of like mind need to support one another and find ways to sustain ourselves and even thrive. If we build something positive and desirable, others will join us.

    • I liked the clip of how to dine in a restaurant without a vaccine passport. It restores my faith in humanity a little. I still think the majority of people know right from wrong and I have been pleasantly surprised at the kindness of others who you’d least expect it from. Also, I don’t think businesses want to go under and don’t want to lose customers and are just trying to keep the business going.

  40. Something like that happened to me. Everyone in my family has been vaccinated. I am the only one who hasn’t been. I would die for them, exchange my life for theirs. Something broke inside of me when the last, and dearest of them took the vaccine–under no duress whatsoever from government or job. I understood the older ones–my generation. But anyone under 50 is crazy to get vaccinated. Those who are older have other options–but hey, you’re 65–do what you will. But the younger ones. It is so terribly painful and there is no one at all to talk to in person. I am totally alone and surrounded by the happily vaxed. So I print up one-page flyers and go out and talk to strangers in the neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood that is full of immigrants from all nations. I was never on board with the anti-immigrant thing. They are the best people–hard-working, generous, respectful. They listen to me and accept my flyers. I don’t know if I make a difference. From my conversations with strangers I sense that most of the people who are getting vaccinated either lack information or they are being coerced. Anyway, in short, you are not alone. Consider going outside the sphere of family and friends and have some conversations with strangers in the community. Just a suggestion.

    • That’s disappointing. Try not to take it to heart. I’m surrounded by a majority of people who have taken the injection, but occasionally I meet people who are on the same page.

      I don’t think people wake up at the same rate or in the same way. You have planted seeds, and some of them will probably sprout in time.

      I remember encountering this kind of stuff in 2016 and at first I rejected it and tried to debunk it and wasn’t able to and had to accept it. Some people won’t even try to debunk it because they don’t want to know. They just want to live their lives as comfortably as possible. I try not to blame people for this. Some people are okay living as slaves as long as their existence is relatively comfortable. I am not comfortable with this type of existence.

    • Control Savvy,
      Thanks for the anecdote.
      These stories from Corbett Members (e.g. Zzzap and many others)
      …they add to picture being painted in this time of history.

      What a wonderful neighborhood you live in. I identify. I like your approach and I always love hearing about dissemination activities.

  41. A Viable Legal Approach to Vaccine Mandates…?

    Friday September 24, 2021 – via Zero Hedge
    (from The Epoch Times …so always recognize it when they say: CCP virus.)

    Florida Judge Halts City’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

    A judge in Florida on Wednesday blocked a city’s COVID-19 mandate from taking effect.
    Circuit Judge Monica Brasington, a Sen. Rick Scott appointee, granted a request for an emergency injunction. That means the mandate, which was slated to take effect on Oct. 1, is blocked for now.

    “The city did not put on any evidence, at all, at the injunction hearing,” Brasington wrote in a 7-page ruling.
    “Without any evidence, the court is unable to consider whether the vaccine mandate serves a compelling interest through the least restrictive means, whether the vaccine mandate meets a strict scrutiny test, a rational basis test, or whether it meets any other standard,” she added.

    Gainesville’s City Commission on Aug. 5 decided all city employees needed to get vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19…
    …More than 200 Gainesville employees sued, noting that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in stopping transmission of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus has stopped. They also said that the mandate did not make sense because many of them have natural immunity, or protection from having had COVID-19, and because area hospitals were not experiencing a shortage of beds.
    In a recent hearing, the employees argued that the mandate violated their right to privacy under the Florida Constitution.

    That means defendants have to show that the law “furthers a compelling state interest in the least restrictive way,” Judge Brasington said.

    But the city submitted no evidence, called no witnesses, and did not file any affidavits or declarations, leading the judge to rule in favor of the plaintiffs.

    “The city had an opportunity to present evidence that would show that this Vaccine Mandate was the least restrictive means to meet a compelling government interest. The city did not do that and, in fact, did not present any evidence, at all. Therefore, the court is required to find that the city failed to meet its burden of proving that the vaccine mandate furthers a compelling state interest in the least restrictive way,” she ruled…

    “The court agreed that the city doesn’t own its employees’ bodies,”…[said the] attorney for the plaintiffs….

    • Important context…

      “CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus” – The Epoch Times
      (This is mentioned above in the article)

      Look, I am not saying that The Epoch Times doesn’t report on some good, valid stories, but there is a context regarding “The Messenger” that people should be aware of.
      James Corbett had also provided a relevant link in one of his subscriber newsletters.

      Read this…
      China, “The Uyghur Genocide”, The Epoch Times, NTD website/YouTube Channels (e.g. “China Uncensored”), Mike Pompeo, Colonel Wilkerson, Falun Gong
      Kyle Bass, Steve Bannon, Tim Pool, Luke Rudkowski, Jennifer Zeng, the Shen Yun dance troop performing around the U.S., …and others.

  42. @joe_r We’ve started a local uninjected group to create an economic trading scheme (we’re in France, where the pass sanitaire is now in full swing. Research LETS and Community Exchange System. I just contacted 4 people and we began, so start with whoever you know who feels the same and let it grow naturally. We don’t advertise and new joiners need a sponsor who is already ‘in’. We’re organising an alternative economy and social life, as well as strategies for if/when they come to round us up. I use an ice-breaker exercise that works well to get new people integrated into the group more easily, and to discover pretty quickly the talent, skills and goods each can share with the group. Am happy to share resources with you if you can figure out how we can message privately. I’m new to the Corbett report, though not new to non-compliance!

  43. Techno-Sage dare not talk to me. I’m living less efficiently. How dare I. Detached in a segmented and tangented life of organic unlogic.

  44. Netherlands here.

    An attempt to sue the place that’s denying you entrance.

    Geen toegang in een restaurant, bedrijf of instelling omdat je niet bent gevaccineerd!?
    Neem contact op met het College voor de Rechten van de Mens.

    At this site you can download cards which you can give to the owner/employee. Letting them know that they’re personally responsable for their actions.

    Discriminatie is strafbaar.

    Just as saying no is important, so is saying yes. Visit places/use entrepeneurs or institutions that don’t ask you for a corona-passport.
    (maybe pay them a bit extra for possible upcoming fines…)

    Horeca zonde prik.

    Keuze vrij bij mij. Het platform waar iederéén altijd welkom is.

    Personally i work in a kitchen. I’m not forced to take the jab(yet?) but the place has started asking customers to show a QR-code.
    This puts me in a bind. It’s not me asking for the QR-code but on principle i can’t be a part of this. On the other
    hand, it’s the best place i ever worked. My first reaction was, damn, i have to leave. But being the only person there who didn’t take the jab
    i’m starting to think that maybe it’s a good thing if i stay. This way, by speaking out, i will continuously remind them that it’s not okay
    what’s going on. For people who completely believe the propaganda this won’t do much but for the other people it will be a constant nag
    at their conscience. Blocking the normalisation/rationalization.
    I’ve started to notice that when i’m in a discussion and somebody is agreeing with me, other people get more quiet. Knowing that most people are followers, maybe if i get another person speaking out against this,
    this will get a ball rolling?
    Ofcourse, if they make it mandatory, i’m out!

    Groeten uit Driebergen!

    • SickBastard,
      I really like your approach.
      Stay in the kitchen. I track with you.

      We need more SickBastards in this world.

      • @HomeRemedySupply

        Thanks for your encouraging words!

        The last few days have been extremely slow at the diner. Which you can definitely contribute to the corona-pas introduction. This could be just a little hiccup but maybe the Dutch have found a little of that ‘Verlatinghe’ spirit where in 1581 the Dutch gave the Spanish King the finger(Act of Abjuration) and became ‘the bunch of farmers who took on a superpower’. And won. After almost 4,5 centuries, maybe we can give our new rulers the finger…

        Today i read this article about demonstrators blocking the police trying to close a restaurant for not asking for a corona-pas.(in Dutch)

        Now, i’m not holding my breath by any means but sometimes you need a little hopium just to get you through the day.

        Much love and strength for you and yours(and everybody else) in these trying times.

        • Hey VieuxOrdinaire,

          You might be right on both cases. Waku Waku got so much attention in the MSM and Mona gave up her seat.
          Everybody in the industry who’s not sure what to do next is probably scared my the Waku Waku event and will comply.
          On the plus side, i called a few of the diners/cafe’s on the site and they told me that i was welcome without a QR-code.

          Personally i won’t dismiss the importance of demonstrations. Essentially they’re all controlled dissent and the effect is questionable at best(just ask Irak).
          But still, for everybody who’s more alone in this it’s good to see that there are more people objecting.
          And seeing the latest demo on the 3rd of Oktober i wouldn’t frame it as ‘sleepie-heads waving FvD and rainbow flags’

          I think the best way is to resist on a personal level. Check your principles. Set your line in the sand and don’t cross it. Like i said in my first comment, say no and say yes. Be vocal when, where and how you can.
          But i’m with James on this. It’s that, this and the other. Resist on all levels you can think of(non violently).

          I agree with you that it’s important to keep like minded people around. I don’t know where you live but maybe we can meet up?

    • That’s cool. Good to hear.

    • @Pill

      ‘Be nice’ Totally agree. A lot of people are doing this against their will and occasionally you will find a person who is just pretending to go along.
      So always first see who’s in front of you. Furthermore, you can also communicate your
      action in a nice manner. (maybe something like; I’m sorry to have to report you and i really don’t want to but you’re discriminating against me.)

      On staying or going,
      For now i’ve decided to stay but the question is; Will i be nagging at their conscience or will it be the other way round?

  45. @Pill

    I think you make a case for bringing a case(pun intended). Maybe it won’t help you now but somebody(everybody?) in the future?
    If you have the resources like you said.
    In the end it’s all about resistance. We could even overload the courts by appealing every ticket we get. They don’t have the time to address everybody.
    As for the central ‘database’, i don’t know where you live but in the Netherlands we have the BPOC 2020( Stichting Buitenparlementaire Onderzoekscommissie) Something like a Research Committee independent from Parliament. There is all sorts of data on real numbers of ‘vaccination’ injuries/fatalities, police rapports(made by police) on Excessive police violence and the atmosphere within the police departments, all sorts of interviews etc. Maybe that could also be a place for that kind of data(i’ll look into that) and maybe you have something in that order in your neck of the woods?

    Unions are sad to say pretty corrupted but bottom up there’s a lot of potential.

  46. Monday September 27th during the public presentation of
    President Biden getting a Booster Shot,

    Biden said:
    “…The vast majority of Americans are doing the right thing. Over 77 percent of adults have gotten at least one shot. About 23 percent haven’t gotten any shots, and that — that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of us an awful lot of damage for the rest of the country.

    This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That’s why I’m moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever I can…”

    Later, this reporter’s QUESTION:
    “How many — how many Americans need to be vaccinated for us to go back to normal? Like what is the percentage of total vaccinations that have to be deployed?”

    “Well, I think — look, I think we get the vast majority — like is going on in so many — some industries and some schools — 96, 97, 98 percent. I think we’re getting awful close. But I’m not the scientist.
    I think — but one thing for certain:
    A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem.”

    • Tuesday September 28, 2021 – Forbes
      By Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/Founder of

      Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?
      [Lots of details in article]

      President Joe Biden didn’t just announce a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on companies employing 100 or more people, he plans to enforce it.

      On Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House quietly tucked an enforcement mechanism into their $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill, passed it out of the Budget Committee, and sent it to the House floor.

      Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.

      The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 OSHA fine anticipated under Biden’s announced mandate…

      …OSHA has already published a rule this year claiming Covid-19 is a workplace hazard, and the agency is using this provision of law to assert and enforce its authority. It is likely the new rule to enforce Biden’s mandate will also use this authority, and by extension use the fines upon enforcement.

      Huge Crippling OSHA Fines, Likely By Design
      The crippling change described on page 168 of the Democrats’ bill isn’t a typo or a clerical error. It was inserted by design and, likely, with the hope that no one would notice before Democrats ram the bill through Congress.

      If enacted, it could bankrupt a whole host of companies that do not believe they should have to comply with the Biden administration’s mandate or harbor the cost of intrusive, weekly tests…

      …If its provision becomes law, the Biden administration may force American businesses to choose between vaccinating their employees, testing them weekly for Covid-19, or going bankrupt under crippling OSHA fines…

      …Republicans might want to read page 168 of the Democrats’ bill. After all, as we like to say at, the text of the bill is online in real time….

    • Link to September 9th President Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

      ~~ Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly

      ~~ Requiring Vaccinations for all Federal Workers and for Millions of Contractors that Do Business with the Federal Government

      ~~ Requiring COVID-⁠19 Vaccinations for Over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings

      ~~ Calling on Large Entertainment Venues to Require Proof of Vaccination or Testing for Entry

    • Thanks HRS.

      Barbara may have important things to say in her video, but I had to stop watching after she had read only her first sentence:

      “With the exception of Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have not been attacked by an enemy on our own soil.”

      There is no excuse for anyone to say this today.
      The woman is woefully ignorant about 9/11.

  47. Project Veritas is out with the third installment of their series on vaccine insiders –
    this time covertly recording two Johnson & Johnson officials saying that children don’t shouldn’t take the Covid-19 jab.

    “Kids shouldn’t get a fucking [COVID] vaccine,” said regional business lead, Brandon Schatt.
    “It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?”
    “J&J is like stepping in the best smelling pile of shit you could step in,”

    Schadt also implied that the huge push to vaccinate children is about money, not public safety.

    September 27th, 2021

  48. Legal Approach
    “Disability Discrimination” | “Fair Work Act” – Australia –

    …the dismissal of an employee who fails to have the COVID vaccine will breach the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DD Act).
    The DD Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person, including in employment and in accessing services, because of a disability…

    … 36 gay men were the prime target for protection under this part of the definition of disability because of a perception they were at a greater risk from HIV. In this situation the DD Act works to prohibit all types of discrimination not only against gay men but everyone who may in future be infected with HIV. The author notes that “for the same legal reason that a publican cannot say ‘gay men are not allowed into my pub because they might be infected with HIV’, a publican also cannot say ‘unvaccinated people are not allowed into my pub because they might be infected with measles. Nor is it valid for a State or Territory to pass a law to that effect – the Act binds them too.”…

    …What logically follows is that an employer who dismisses a person because they do not have a COVID vaccine will breach the DD Act…

    …Finally, all Australians, including those who hold or are suspected of holding “anti-vaccination sentiments”, are entitled to the protection of our laws, including the protections afforded by the Fair Work Act….

  49. Very well put, opened a fresh new perspective for me. I’ll just add that government is tantamount to slavery.

    And I will also not that one of the most prolific forms of mind control is the assault on imagination. When people can not even imagine living in a different way, they feel locked in and completely powerles, they believe they can not change anything.

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