Why Is Assad An Insane Suicidal Monster? – #PropagandaWatch

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As we know from the political puppets and their mouthpieces in the controlled corporate media, Syrian President Basher al-Assad is a bloodthirsty monster responsible for the wanton slaughter of (fill in the number) of his own citizens, and he particularly enjoys dropping chemical weapons on women and children despite knowing that this is the one thing that will bring him universal condemnation and ensure a full-scale assault on his country. . . But why? Why is he such a monster? That is the question, and the New York Times offers its own helpful explainer with predictably comic results. Don’t miss this edition of #PropagandaWatch from The Corbett Report.

Assad Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons in Idlib, U.S. Warns

False Flags Over Syria

American and British Reporters Reach Douma, Syria: Discover There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack

UN Commission Investigator: It Was The Syrian Rebels Who Used Sarin

Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013

Syria – Rebel Trained Children Perform “Chemical Attack” (Video)

Syria Rebels testing Tekkim chemicals to use as chem weapons

Syria – U.S. Reveals Underpants Plan For Indefinite Occupation

The Grim Logic Behind Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack

To Thwart Iran, Save Idlib


  1. Remember when MSM used to use war as a wedge issue?
    None of them even bother with pretending to be anti-war any more.
    The PTB have apparently concluded they can have an entire country of pro-war military worshipers, and they can instead use things like fabricated/exaggerated racism & sexism, manspreading, transgender children and bathroom signs to keep people distracted & divided.

  2. Why go after Assad? I suppose it comes down to Iran and Russia primarily, but there is a deeper, more core reason. It’s the same reason why the U.S. was looking for 9/11 “terrorists” in Afghanistan. The same reason they were “looking” for WMDs in Iraq. One logical explanation is what we here from the anti war voices so often—it’s to feed the Military Industrial Complex. The U.S. removes Iran’s primary enemy in Saddam. Iran capitalizes on that and becomes stronger, so it looks like the U.S. has more bombs to drop in order to check Iranian influence. The U.S. targets Syria, Iran steps in, and now the U.S. can justify more war to keep those Iranians in check. It goes on and on. This is what it’s all about. Create a problem and then fix the problem by creating more problems. As Scott Horton would say, “it’s a self-licking ice cream cone.”

    • mmm you may have forgotten about the pipeline in there, as well. Like James says often, there is no monolithic conspiracy going on, a bunch of interests converge on destruction of the bogeyman.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Alt-Market may be controlled opposition?

    Anytime I try to post these links they label it as spam.

    I will spam this again as I have no other way to get it out. And I think youtube would pull it down even if I did manage to upload it.

    This is a video about the Parkland shooting.

    This has the video of the student who claimed 1 shooter was coming in from 1 entrance, and that when they ran to the other entrance another shooter came through that entrance. This proves that there was more than 1 shooter. It also has screenshots of David Hogg’s mugshots.

    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution


    Here it is on minds.com if the above link doesn’t work.

    part 1


    part 3

    • I have noticed that the view counts on the minds version has not changed in over a month. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? Is the bitchute version working for everyone?

      And please share it with people. I have not monetized it, but I would like everyone to see the most important aspects of the Parkland event.

      • On the alt-market thing. It seems like Brandon Smith is straight about things. Not sure about the others. The original post of my links is still up at least. Keep in mind that when I worry about controlled opposition that I am still quite stung by finding that Newsbud was likely controlled op from the beginning. I have had a hard time thinking of any site as legit since that.

        • Stung me ,too, wall.

          Stung me like a mad hornet!

          Fortunately, there’s one man I can honestly vouch for, never minding a tad here or there I may be out of tune, or slightly differ in opinion.


          You got it. That man being James Corbett, by golly. 🙂

          Like I always says to myself, you can take the man out of Canada, but you can’t take Canada out of the man. And I never ever met a dishonest Canadian. Never, never ever. Nor, am I very likely to.**


          ** Then, again, I’ve only been to Ottawa once, and Parliament wasn’t in session. 🙂

          • Has anyone credibly covered parkland? Because I haven’t seen anyone. The closest was Tim Poole but he tried to explain the Alex Miednik thing and the shooters from two opposite exits thing as cars backfiring and confusion so I don’t buy crap all that he says. All the others are either complete crack pots or semi crack pots that already blamed Cruz even if they claimed there was more than one shooter.

            Anyway, almost to 400 views on bitchute, even though the vid will not show in the search. I wonder if my view count ticker was frozen on minds.com. I could understand a low view count, but the count hasn’t budged in a month it seems.

            I am betting these are both controlled alternatives though, after not seeing my view count budge on minds in weeks. Are there any REAL alternatives?

  4. HomeRemedySupply says: Berry interesting.

    “It’s not a joke, it’s not funny,” Prime Minister Morrison said.
    (excerpt from “Part 3 – Solution”)

  5. I’ve seen a news story on this the other day on TeeVee, well I just glanced over it really, but I’m glad to see laws can get fasttracekd in Australia when things get serious. Courts wil have a blast with these provisions.

    • mkey says: Courts will have a blast with these provisions.

      Oh!…I see…”the produce section” of government run by fruitcakes will enforce laws prohibiting bad puns. …err, I mean punnets.

      Damn! I’m in trouble.

      • To paraquote strawBarry White

        There’s people putting needles to my berries. That’s not nice.

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