2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch

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Another year of #SolutionsWatch has come and gone and so it’s time for James to take a moment to take stock of this year’s episodes. What resonated? What didn’t? What can be applied moving forward? What new developments have taken place? Don’t miss this comprehensive year-in-review edition of Solutions Watch.

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Introducing #SolutionsWatch

2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch

JAN 11

#1 – Translate The Truth – #SolutionsWatch

Translate The Truth Odysee channel

Email Derrick at intothelight [at] protonmail [dot] com with translation help or suggestions

JAN 25

#2 – How to Eat a Pine Tree – #SolutionsWatch




#3 – Acceptance of and Commitment To Freedom – #SolutionsWatch


#4 – How to Research Online – #SolutionsWatch

FEB 21

#5 – Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve – #SolutionsWatch



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#6 – Are Petitions and Protests The Answer? – #SolutionsWatch


#7 – The Highlighter is Mightier Than the Sword! – #SolutionsWatch

MAR 16

#8 – Presearch Search Engine – #SolutionsWatch

MAR 24

#9 – How to Get Around the Digital Iron Curtain – #SolutionsWatch


#10 – Truth Art – #SolutionsWatch

Interview 1713 – James Gets His Portrait Painted


FlipCityMag.com (use code SOLUTION for 15% discount)



#11 – Fairy Tales and Children’s Stories – #SolutionsWatch


    • Hey James- another out of the ballpark talk- and I’ve sent it out to many- we have been having a big debate here about the surveillance tech on phones and computers- so you’ve given us some more tools to explore–
      today I was listening to a talk about the problem of ‘no virus isolation’. I do hope you will address that at some point-at this point with the threats of making all vaccines mRNA it’s imperative. Not that any of them were safe before- speaking as a mom of a vaccine injured kid- I’ve been at this research now for years.
      Here is what I watched today- I think you will enjoy Bryant- he’s very good at making his points.
      The interview with Michael Bryant is the most articulate I’ve heard yet- it’s not about making anyone on either side a target- just more about an intelligent line up of facts- hope you enjoy it. The interviewer has done great work in the past- he’s a bit cranky and pushy here- but Bryant was able to make all his points so well-


  1. Thank you, James for all your hard work on behalf of freedom. I felt your gratitude for the results others reported. It’s such a wonderful thing to see. The closing song is awesome, and thanks to Nick? for creating that tune. Good music with great lyrics, something we don’t hear that often in these times. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone else. You definitely deserve a break. I so appreciate you.

  2. Merry Christmas James and happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for all the excellent content and for being such a great teacher (not a guru btw). I do think of you as a teacher and also a journalist. I think you are a very good human being with a good heart and a good example of the best of humanity.

  3. James,
    I just checked the badquaker.com site and something is wrong with the audio version of my book.
    I will work on it today and try to fix it ASAP.

    Ben Stone

    • update,
      It appears the entire badquaker.com archive has been deleted or misdirected. I don’t know how long it will take to fix this.


      • So it appears that the Bad Quaker site came under attack some months ago. Some images were removed along with the MP3 files of my first book along with the PDF copy. No other PDFs and no other MP3s were touched, however all of the links to all of my podcasts were broken.
        We found a security flaw (I failed to update a WordPress security patch) and we fixed it.
        Currently the 3 part audio version and the PDF of Sedition Seduction and Sabotage are restored and available for free download.
        Sorry for the inconvenience.


    • Some weeks ago a couple of your books arrived at my shelf and I’ve read about half of it. It is practical and there are many good ideas.

      I’ll make my best to circulate them among my circles in Spain, Sweden and Argentina. Let’s help to spread the effective and low cost notions of Soft Sabotage!

      Thanks Ben!

  4. Bookmark…
    2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch

    The SHOWNOTES here hold tremendous “Reference Value” with links to an individual #SolutionsWatch (which in itself includes valuable links.)
    Included with the 2022 Review is also 2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch.

    This 90 minute 2022 Review underscores the value of community, especially The Corbett Report interactive community.

  5. Dear James,

    Congratulations are in order. Another year of Solutions Watch is complete. Thanks for the update, and what a wonderful song to close with. I too am a guitarist and agree that the chord progressions are wonderful.

    As for a case of successfully employing a solution or two, I now regularly use archive.org. In the course of my own writing and work I occasionally need to see how a story at a MSM site has changed over time. Archive.org provides this excellent service. They also provide loans for books, as I believe you mentioned. I have also used this service.

    Another solution you mentioned was RSS, or perhaps that was last year (2021)? I had already been using an RSS reader. Now well over a year later I have learnt just how important that tool is for me.

    My reader recently began to exit on failure (core dump) during fetching all feeds. The final solution was to export my feed list, and delete all the droppings that the reader had created, restart and import. For the two days it took me to find the solution I was quite impacted. When I thought I may have lost the export when trying to import it I was mortified. Well over a year of curating this list may have been lost. Not so, phew!

    The feed list is 29 long for written article sources and and 31 long for podcasts/video sources. Of course, JC, you are included in the latter.

    Should anyone be interested in this feed list I would be happy to provide it. There is not one single MSM type feed in it. So, 60 alternative news sources. Please reply if anyone would like this list. (The obvious caveat applies; I don’t agree with all things included).

    Thanks again James for this wonderful series. Skip the newsletter, recharge your batteries and wallow in the joy of life, family and community!

    Peace be with you all,


  6. Ryan Christian mentions that he sees being censored as a badge of honor. I tend to agree with him.

    So, I got to thinking have any of my publications (over 200 articles now) been censored? My first reaction was, no. Then, I must not be doing a “good” job. Upon further reflection there was one piece of censorship.

    I had included in the culture section of an article (link below) the best cover of all time of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Little Wing”. See the Update section of the article for details of this search experiment. I re-ran it on 2022-12-22 (today, my time). The results have changed. duckducky-gone now does return a result, but smoogle does not, flipping their previous results. yandex.com still returns the single correct result.

    Search for each of the three engines:

    “Little Wing” site:yesxorno.substack.com

    Expected result:

    “Disinformation is power : Navigating the 5th Estate”

    Thus, we are seeing censorship of search results and we see that they change over time. The article being censored was published 16 months ago. I presume that the reason for the censorship is that I include in the article the classic video of the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC 7 on 2001-09-11 20 minutes early.

    Thus, I am not a complete failure. I have been partially censored. But, only once in two hundred odd articles. There is so much room for improvement 🙂

  7. ACT
    my report.

    Short story: during my life I’ve tried 8 or 9 psychologist, freudians, conductivists and even gestalt. I never felt that any of those made a contundent and lasting change in my life.
    Now for more than a year I’ve been going to an ACT therapist and I’ve no words to express how good it has been for me. So please, if you have tried many other approaches don’t give up before an experience with ACT. Please, please give it a try. If you live in an expensive country a way around it is to find one cheaper online in countries like Thailand, India, Argentina, etc.

    And I have a long story. But I need to write it and now it’s time to sleep for me.

  8. I don’t know if Kristy is reading this or not.
    I think Brave is a browser?

    If you can install ‘Highlighter and Notes’ with
    your browser (is that the one you were having problems with?)
    you click the highlighter icon at the top of your browser, then click the yellow under
    Add, to select highlighting.
    Finally you click the pen above Add to activate it.

    After that, when you select text it should become highlighted.

  9. Dear James!
    I became a subscriber and an admirer in 2020 and you have accompanied me on my way to enlightenment (still on it).
    This year I had brought to an End or better to day – to a beginning – a solution watch from 2021 – “get more children” – and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Before watching the episode mentioned above I was quite sure that my older son is more than enough for me. Thank you for making me reevaluate such an existential thing.
    I have deleted my social media in 2021 – Instagram, Facebook and VK (Russian Facebook). I am still using YouTube but watching whatever possible on Rumble and Rokfin. I have deleted WhatsApp but had to install it again as my family and I moved from Germany to Costa Rica (and before that to Paraguay) and here all the appointments – including doctors- are being made with WhatsApp.
    We are in the process of founding our own school, it’s a bit in the air as we told a potential investor that we – the – parents- want to have 50% of the votes – in order to have a control over many things- including curriculum. But if this one turns us down, we’ll start on a smaller level. We would consider Homeschooling but in Costa Rica it’s unfortunately not allowed. We are searching for the loopholes though.
    Leaving Europe has been a big challenge, especially morally. And I am happy I can turn to Your website in sickness and in health:)
    Thank you for your work.

    • Just a suggestion but I got off WhatsApp when Facebook took control and after some searching online now use wire. It allows you to do all the same stuff – text, send documents and video chat.

      Oh and congratulations on the new addition to your family. I’m trying to persuade my wife it’s now time for our second child.

      Merry Christmas all.

  10. As far as wearing my heart on my sleeve, after seeing Corbett’s ugly Christmas sweater on the most recent New World Next Year episode, I bought that same sweater, a “Liberty or Death” t-shirt, and a “Live Free or Die” t-shirt. They are in the mail. Looking forward to rocking them as I go about my day.

  11. What a truly groovy song at the end. I couldn’t get the tune out of my head.
    When I’m down, music is the first thing to exit my days, so it was really timely and salutary to wake up to music

    and solutions

    and some amazing life stories.

    May 2023 be a year of thriving solutions. if only chutzpah grew on trees, I’d fill my garden with it.

  12. Wow, James!

    So inspiring, this episode.

    I was particularly touched…and moved by the segment on Get Autonomy.

    Hearing all of those participants give their comments was such a help in understanding the transformative capacity that this movement can achieve.

    Which you, James, are an integral part and inspiration for all of us.

    Now, I feel so invigorated…and motivated to take things to the next step in my life.

    Have a fab day!

  13. I particularly enjoyed the episode on ACT with Iain Davis. I am a therapist and since watching that episode I have done two courses in ACT and I often use it with clients. I’m also planning a podcast partly inspired by some of this. To be honest I probably would have done those courses anyway, but I did check out Iain’s blog after watching that episode and I found it hugely inspiring.

    Also thanks to James for the heads-up about checking my spam folder – I found some Corbett emails buried there among the “You have free Bitcoin” and Jim Rickards emails.

  14. Corbett makes it appear so slick and smooth…

    The amount of planning, time and effort to pull off this 90 minute “2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch”, we probably will never know.
    And this doesn’t account for Corbett’s speed. That boy can rocket his mouse and eyes through information at speeds which are beyond me.

    Corbett puts out volumes of high quality content. It is extremely impressive.
    But what’s more…is everything that goes into making this happen, including uploading and monitoring the website…and the email traffic…and keeping up with tons of timely news topics, deep research…and then his family and personal interests.

    Anyway, I just am amazed. Astounded.
    The amount of effort that must go into making all this happen…well, I just cannot even imagine.
    I’m exhausted thinking about it.

    • I second that,
      Trying to imagine him being the sole researcher/director/presenter/manager/janitor,,, the scale of “work done”, when there were 4 new pieces/week plus doco series in the mix, is beyond anything Ive tried or seen before.

      I did ask/wonder if green screen was ever used (never saw a reply). he actually did give example of using one, on that disecting the media podcast, and once way back, i think it was whitney W. just before the start of an episode said “were just waiting for James to get into the green room”. was she joking?

      Then theres the many who’ve asked how he manages to not get shut down? considering that he endlessly is poking the hornets nest of power dominators.

      In the realms of “controlled opposition”, there are obvious clues to help us discern, sites that promote politicians, sites that make massive claims that never happen, and surely more subtle types

      as the need for skepticism rises, so does our need for intuition with teeth.

      after doubt ladened musing, over lotsa hours of attention, including enjoying and learning from this comment thread, I’m going with: James is the guy who he says he is, though I cant believe that the site isn’t being “allowed to exist”,, perhaps to locate/study/catalog personality types (AI interest) or even for good reasons?

      HRS, I think you point to the great CR.com mystery: How does he generate so much content and be a parent/spouse? Either brok’s not his only helper, or he’s got next level focus?

      choice finishing tune james.

      fair winds and following seas to you and family,

      • vadoum,
        I think you nailed it…“he’s got next level focus”

        • If the site does get shut down, where will everyone congregate and get “truth” info from?

  15. A wonderful and uplifting episode, with so much hope. And such an honour to be a part of it. Miriam and I will be forever grateful that we found you and this community. Thank you all!

    Regarding highlighters, I find Yawas being the best for Firefox. It is available for Chromium based browsers (Brave, Chrome, etc) as well.
    More info: https://github.com/ldenoue/yawas

    Take care, rest, and see you all on the other side. It is time to turn this ship around!

    • My wife and I loved your book and I hope you write/create more of them! 🙂

      My wife is a school teacher and left a copy in the library so many kids can benefit from the message in it’s pages.

      Much love and respect from Canada

      • Dear Gavinm,
        I am so glad to read that you and your wife loved my book! Wonderful that you left a copy in the library. Thank you for the feedback and the support. And, if I write more, I will let you know.


  16. Hi James,

    Thank you for this year-end Solutions recap and for your impeccable show notes that make it so easy to jump to the episodes I’d somehow missed.

    I particularly appreciate episode #13 on autodidactic learning, that so clearly draws the distinction between schooling and education and clearly explains the benefits of autodidacticism. I’ve always loved learning and am a “self taught” fiction writer, well educated by several how-to-write authors found on bookstore shelves.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Solutions-filled year ahead!

    Highest regards,

  17. Humanity will win. Solutions watch is the reason that humanity will prevail. James does good work yes, but we need to show the same passion, the same same conviction at our own individual community level.
    Create your own network, create your own life with friends, family and those who matter to you.
    Create your own worth.

    Trust me, this will spread.
    Don’t pay taxes when you have the option not too,
    Don’t subscribe to the narrative,
    Just don’t comply.

    Be yourself.


    • Amen.

      Thank you for your empowering message that invites one to become a catalyst for transformation in the community one lives in.

      In’lak’ech Ala K’in

  18. Thank you, James, for an amazing Solutions Watch wrap-up to end the year and to the online community you have established. You podcasts and editorials are a reliable spark that reenergizes me enough to keep up the fight while living in a sea of normies/NPCs.

    Shout out to Nick for his song “Free World.” Love it!

  19. Howdy James,
    Yes this has been quite a year for you. The amount of projects you did in just this year alone is phenomenal my good sir. Hosting your own show plus doing classes about media and its history, putting together really deep documentaries about really tough topics for some but maybe not for all, putting out daily weekend newsletters that can make one laugh, cry, or just learn something new about those who try to copy Pinky and the Brain (cartoon lovers should get the reference), and being a full time parent as well. Sir you deserve a vacation. Read more books, spend time with family, anything hahaha. We here in the CorbettReport world can be patient while you recharge your ever expanding knowledgeable brain.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year good sir
    Peace and Love
    Eli A. West

    P. S. If it wasn’t for you or James from Media Monarchy humor and common sense would be gone from the world. Keep rocking my friend

  20. Feel better soon James. Loved the song!

  21. Thanks for the Solutions Watch recap. It reminded me to order a subscription to FlipCity for my former-punk now-woke friends. I’m hoping this kind of humor will resonate with them and pierce through the veil of absurdity we have been living through. I love James Evan Pilato’s review on the website, “I loved Mad/Cracked magazines as a kid… Thirty years later, comedy and punk have killed each other in a murder/suicide” So true. Comedy needs a comeback. Also, Thanks for the discount code!

    I am proud to be part of the Corbett Report community where we can share our stories. I enjoy learning from the comments and especially from our knowledgeable host (you’re awesome, James). The 2020s are shaping up to be a decade of transformation indeed! The free Agora is growing and the Globalists will fail.

    Here’s to new solutions and new success stories! Happy New Year everyone!

  22. This end-of-year review reminds me that one of the reasons given for “eating a pine tree” is that the needles (and perhaps other parts of the tree) contain vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient. It is also one that is heat sensitive, so I recommend people who end up in a dire situation and want to consume it for that purpose to either cold brew the needles or chew them. It would go against the purpose to make a hot brew but end up killing the needed vitamin!

    I also wanted to mention that you probably don’t find eating tree parts that wonderful right now because your mouth is used to flavourful food. If you’re starving, James, that tree bark will taste like the sweetest nectar you’ve ever had in your life!

    • @anniees

      Great point! Those in a desperate situation could certainly just chew the needles. Those not in a desperate situation that have more time on their hands could also use fermentation to increase the bioavailability (accessing even more nutrients and medicinal compounds than when eaten fresh) and create fun and delicious beverages, condiments and preserves at the same time. I sometimes like to add diced white pine needles to my batches of sauerkraut and kimchi. Pine Needle Kombucha and/or Kvass is also delicious and nutritious. Spruce tip (or pine tip) beer is also a fun option and one can also make a fermented syrup from the new growth tips of conifers that serves as a tasty condiment.

      It is also worth noting that while Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is water soluble and heat does denature Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) it is not destroyed instantly in boiling water. Conifer needles and bark (depending on species) often contain very high concentrations of Ascorbic acid (as compared to other typical dietary sources in our modern western diet, such as oranges, broccoli, peppers or other fruit) and according to research, even after being boiled for 5 minutes only half of the Vitamin C was lost in vegetables (such as broccoli): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6049644/table/Tab2/?report=objectonly (from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6049644/ )

      Since pine needles are bursting with vitamin C (having four to five more times vitamin C than a cup of orange juice) I think that if one minimizes the boil time (or better yet steeps the pine needles in hot water below boiling temperature) that would allow for nutritionally significant amounts of vitamin c to remain intact in the finished tea. Also, it is worth noting that there are other medicinal compounds in pine needles (and the foliage of other conifers) such as Shikimic Acid which have more thermal stability (stable up to 200C) and thus are effectively extracted and preserved in the finished hot water extract (tea).

      I personally enjoy the flavor of strait up pine needle tea and pine needle syrup but I have also found that some of my co-workers enjoyed the tea even more when I added ginger and mint to the mix as well.

      Thanks for the great comment 🙂

    • I will share something below for some interesting historical context and pertinent data relating to the vitamin c content of pine needle tea (and hot water decoctions make from other conifer foliage).

      ????????, ?????? ??? ???????’? “???? ?? ????”: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2647905/

      From the study: “The boiled decoction that cured scurvy was prepared from the bark and leaves of ten or twelve branches.. Herbal remedies made from eastern Canadian conifers also contain salicylates, astringent tannins, polyacetylenes, antibacterial alkaloids, anti-inflammatory terpenes. The hot water decoction from conifer foliage (White Pine, Spruce and Cedar), took every other day, provided the needed warmth as a protection from cold, sufficient vitamin C, various biofactors, the essential amino acids, and the conditionally essential arginine, which would provide N for the synthesis of ‘NO’ in the wasting sailors. Amino acids are water soluble at high temperatures and most would be stable in boiled decoctions. From November to February, the concentrations in mg of the nine amino acids present in spruce, essential in human nutrition, and recovered from the physiological fluids of 100 g fresh needles from shoots at 4 to 5 feet were: phenylalanine (0.5–1.5), leucine (0.4–1.6), isoleucine (0.4–1.0), valine (0.5–1.5), lysine (0.7–1.5), threonine (0.9–1.3), methionine, tryptophan, and histidine (each 0.01)..


      The history of the native indigenous peoples of eastern Canada has provided evidence of a culture strong enough to withstand the most difficult hardships. Their coniferous forests have had a pervasive influence on offering a source of food, fibre, protection, and medicinal products for human survival. When food was short and the winter most severe, the candidate trees of life in eastern Canada provided a source of vitamins, arginine, proline, other conditionally and essential amino acids, antioxidants, and other biofactors, which aided (stranded sailors from Europe led by Jacques Cartier) in the recovery from of scurvy.”

      • That’s very useful info. I enjoy spruce and pine beer once in a while. Thanks for the links!

  23. The solution called “auditing the police” could be used for both denouncing bad behaviour AND applauding good police work. I know cops often put their lives at risk and there are those who genuinely care about protecting citizens. Posting both will ensure people aren’t trying to encourage defunding the police, but rather making sure we’re getting the service we’re paying for. It’s like going to a restaurant: if one gave you bad service or the food didn’t taste good, you don’t start chanting “all restaurants are bad”, right? Same goes for police.

    • Very good point.
      It might improve the entire culture and people’s behavior to put attention on what people are doing right!

      • As James points out, showing gratitude is important. That’s one way of doing it!

  24. If you have been a Corbett report subscriber for more than a few years, you don’t even have to watch anymore as you see it all unfolding in front of you – multiple world locations. Still, I subscribe anyway, but not via paypal anymore…:)

  25. About growing your own food…

    Everywhere we’ve lived, mostly renting, upon moving I plotted and planned how I’m going to have a garden and fruit trees. No matter where we’ve lived, fue una lucha.

    I grew up in the northeast, where you can plant the garden in the spring and come back three months later to eat. Then disaster struck in the person of a woodchuck. In one night, everything was gone. JUST. ONE. NIGHT. A lot of it wasn’t even eaten, she just pulled the plants out of the ground and cast them aside. Ugh.

    We then moved to CA where we had to deal with the stinkin’ deer, gophers and no rain eva. It took me years to figure out how to handle that, but we improved steadily. Then we moved again with a completely different climate. 2X ugh. Which leads me to…

    It’s hard. It will always be hard. I don’t care what anyone says. Don’t believe the “just plant a papaya” line. Mastering gardening takes years and lots of hard, physical work. Just as you’re making great progress, the woodchuck will show up, I promise you.

    However, you must do it, the sooner the better. Learning by doing is the only way. Then, the more you learn, the more more you have to learn. Reduce watering, extend the season, save seeds, compost, which crops are best. Survival gardening means producing calories. Think potatoes, both irish and sweet, neither is a staple in our diet, but we plant them anyway.

    The best gardening book, for content and philosophy, is John Jeavons’ How to Grow More Vegetable Than You Ever Thought Possible. Get it, read it, reread it every year and do exactly what he says. Don’t incorporate some of it and think you’re following his methods. Jeavons presents a system that works because it’s a system.

    Another wonderful book is Grow a Little Tree by Ann Ralph. She explains how to keep your fruit trees small and manageable, producing plenty of fruit for a family through proper pruning. We have a tiny back yard, but we shoe horned in two peaches, two apricots, two elderberries, a fig and a pomegranate.

    Don’t forget to plant flowers. Besides attracting pollinators, they’re good for the soul. https://odysee.com/Judy-Collins—Bread-and-Roses.wmv:c

    Did I mention chickens?

    Start your garden this year. The farther along the learning curve you can travel before tptb implement their plan to starve us all to death, the better off you’ll be. Don’t worry about it being too late, or too much work, or you don’t like it. Don’t make excuses, JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it.

    And if you think you can’t have a garden, read this book: Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter. If she can do it in the middle of Oakland, you can do it anywhere. 😉

    • I like this post.
      It’s real.

    • @ccuthbert2001

      “????? ???? ?????? ???? ????. ??? ??????? ????? ??? ???????? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ????????? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ?????, ??? ?????? ??? ???’?? ??. ???’? ????? ????? ?? ????? ??? ????, ?? ??? ???? ????, ?? ??? ???’? ???? ??. ???’? ???? ???????, ???? ?? ??. ??? ???’? ?????? ??.”

      Yes! Well said. 🙂


      Have you ever tried growing Goji Berries?

      I love how we can harvest three different crops from our Goji Vines. The new growth shoots in spring can be added to stir-fries etc as a vegetable, the leaves can be added to soups or smoothies and then of course the berries (which ripen up in waves from mid summer all the way the first hard frost in cold climates, often producing 5lb plus berries on each vine anually) are very versatile as well (and each one of those crops is extremely nutrient dense). They do take a bit of patience to get established (2-3 years from seed) but for tight spaces they open up the potential for producing a lot of calories (and a potent array of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants) using very little square footage (especially if one takes advantage of vertical cultivation/trellising).

      • Thank you, I’ll look into goji. I bought the seeds once online and none of them sprouted. ?!? Can you recommend a source, please?

        • @ccuthbert2001

          Your very welcome 🙂

          We grow three different species of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum, Lyceum chinese and Lycium ruthenicum) and they each have different preferences/tricks for germination, soil type and cultivation techniques.

          Do you happen to know what variety of seeds you tried to germinate?

          I got our original seeds from a variety of sources. Some of our first vines (now 7 years old) were grown from seeds that I extracted from wild harvested dried berries a friend sent us from Mongolia, I also managed to get some seeds I extracted from dried berries I bought online (some labeled as being harvested in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and others from mainland China) to germinate and then we got some others from the Baker Creek Rare Seeds website.

          I like to try and maximize genetic diversity in our garden and focus on progenitor species and/or crops that still grow in the wild when ever possible (as they are more adaptable to unstable and/or extreme temperatures and weather patterns).

          I have some extra Lycium barbarum (“Matrimony-vine” Red Goji Berry) seeds from our old vines and I can try sending you some in the mail if you like. Though we are near the 42nd parallel (southern Ontario) so I do not know if my efforts to acclimatize that strain to our local conditions (temperatures, soil, rain cycles etc) would be compatible with where you intend to grow them. Though, even if the plants you grew from my seeds did not thrive immediately (due to being more naturally genetically adapted to our area/growing conditions they would likely adapt in time regardless, as they are a tough and resilient species in general.

    • Sorry, I had a typo, it’s Grow a Little Fruit Tree by Ann Ralph.

  26. “Everyone following alt-media knew that in 04/21 from multiple articles… and of course every geneticist on the planet knew from the beginning that ALL mRNA injections are contagious.”

    Not sure I agree with this statement. There’s probably something else going on, if anything.

    Foreign mRNA, the natural kind, is easily destroyed. (Also, I’m skeptical that modified RNA is in the injections.) I worked for several years in an RNA lab. We had to take precautions to ensure that we weren’t degrading the samples. RNases, ie enzymes that destroy RNA, are on our skin, all through our bodies, actually. Think about it, how could life survive if there were no mechanism to destroy foreign genetic material from “high jacking” our systems?

    Sounds like the typical fearmongering baloney to keep us all separated. Don’t fall for it.

    The edta is a chelator that could be sequestering heavy metals in your body. I’m glad you are having good results. 😉

    • Not my expertice, but my opinion is that whatever it is is not gene therapy. They havent suceeded at that and it probably cant be done the way they’re claiming. And btw, that Malone guy… i wouldn’t believe anything out of his mouth.

      It’s likely adverse effects, or the intended results depending on ur point of view, are due to injecting toxic chemicals. And i wouldnt rule out experimental electronic gizmos. We are electric beings of a sort.

      I tend not to get wrapped up in exactly what it is. I think its better to concentrate on detoxing which should improve any kind of toxicity. Fasting, cleansing herbs, sweating, enemas/colonics… The edta was a great move. Also digestive enzyme aspositories is a great idea, too. Boost your liver, the all important detoxing organ. There’s a reason they dont want us taking NAC.

      Dont let them get to u emotionally. Concentrate on cleansing physically and emotionally and i suspect you’ll recover. ???

  27. Hi James,
    I have watched your channel for many years now and I must say I really love the turn you have taken to focus on ‘solutions’. Thank you for the variety of featured guests and reviewing your own methods of investigation.

    As a pragmatic woman, I figure there has to be at least a dozen ways to deal with an issue. Like the old campfire song ‘Going on a Lion Hunt”, if you can’t go under it…can’t go around it…and can’t go over it, you just gotta go through it… with style. 😉

  28. So pleased to hear you appreciated my comment about your method of organising information into folders and it was a thrill to be mentioned ‘on the telly’. I don’t know if I ever commented on another of your solutions watch episodes last year, about wearing t-shirts with slogans etc. It inspired me to order my first ever item with a slogan, which was a custom made ‘trucker flag’ vinyl car decal (Canadian flag with a truck instead of a maple leaf in the centre). The decal has since adorned my car, my partner’s car, and our towing caravan as well. I am very proud of it, though I doubt anyone around here would have understood it.

  29. Has anyone here taken the Autonomy course(s)?
    Can you tell us anything about them?
    Cost, summary, opinion?

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