Announcing the 6th Annual Fake News Awards

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Videos | 50 comments

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It’s January, and while the normies are busy breaking their resolutions and watching stupid entertainment awards shows, Corbett Reporteers know where the real action is: The Fake News Awards! That’s right, the Dinos are back in town and they’re ready to stomp on the mendacious mouthpieces of the mainstream mockingbirds!

Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their nominations for Fake News Story of the year (2022) in the comments section below. Not a Corbett Report member yet? Sign up today and join the conversation.




  1. So much material from Ukraine: grandmas killing russian soldiers with poisoned cakes, brave ukrainian youths dispersing a tank column with quads, old lady knocking down drones with canned food, the ukrainian BEES contributing to the patriotic defense, russian wives inviting their combating husbands to abuse ukrainian women. There’s probably gems on the other side as well, but probably not as stupid

  2. Hello James,

    I’ve been pretty much waiting the whole year for the Fake news awards 🙂

    1) One of the biggest one from 2022 is the “Ukraine special operation”. Journalists from both sides of the conflict deserves Dinos. In the UK at the start of the conflict, the propaganda was off the chart. I have kept these two examples:
    a) ITV GMB viewers horrified as reporter forced to take cover during live report in Ukraine
    The old trick of wearing protective equipment live.
    b) Ukraine invasion: Britons ‘willing to die’ to defeat Putin’s army as volunteers prepare to travel to fight Russian invasion

    2) One of the other biggest event was the Canada Freedom Convoy. So much propaganda from the mainstream media, e.g:
    “Truckers cause chaos in Ottawa after second day of protests”

    3) Covid was still a big one in 2022. This one was quite funny with Anthony Fauci Describing The ‘Fauci Effect,’ where he brags the he “Symbolize[s]” “Truth” On COVID.

    I am really looking forward to this year fake news award ceremony.

  3. Running into a class but just an honorable mention runner-up detail that sprang to mind when I saw this post (that’s already been covered on this site):

    “I did not call people who were unvaccinated names…”

    [anti]vaccination don’t believe in science, are often raciste, are often misogynist…”

  4. My son mentioned this fake news backwards, but it made as much sense — climate change is caused by excess deaths. Never let a good plandemic go to waste.

  5. I really got a kick out of the op ed that requested amnesty from the non-vaxxed people that a large portion of vaxxed was wishing death upon just weeks earlier. Perhaps it deserves an honorable mention award.

  6. Love the epic teaser!!!

    • I completely agree with you. Yes!! Cry laughing in the office at the teaser. What a gem of a way to start to the day. So grateful for James/Broc and this community! Hahaha!

      I went back and had to watch it again after writing this. Laughed just as much the second time. 🙂

      I’m really going now…I have to watch it a third time. I’m laughing again and it hasn’t even started yet!

    • “Love the epic teaser!!!”

      • Corbett? Godzilla? There’s a difference?

        Just kidding…..hey it could of been a JamesZilla, oh my ! Yes indeed a two headed monster from the depths, with the heads of Corbett and Pilato thundering down the avenue. Now that would get some attention, I dare say.

  7. A dual award to all western media outlets who predicted or stated that a) Russia is running out of missiles, again and again and again, and b) all of the repeated reports that the Russian economy is “about to collapse”.

    Lets just call these wishful thinking propaganda, or fake news.

    • PS: I love the Dinos and can’t wait for the joy.

  8. [No bare urls in the comments, please. Repost the links with titles and/or explanations of what people are clicking on. -JC]

  9. I nominate Meta for it’s “Galactica” AI “large language model” which was heralded as having the ability to “summarise academic papers, solve math problems and write scientific code” as well as generating wiki articles, but when launched as a trial, its wiki generation included such delightful nonsense as the history of Bears in Space.

    More here:

  10. The entire mainstream narrative.

  11. My number one nomination for 2022 would be the ridiculous narrative spun by the Biden administration and other governments around the world: “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

    On the contrary, this is a pandemic of the vaccinated. As I write these words, countless people are suffering and dying around the world in what will become known as the greatest mass genocide ever perpetrated on humanity.

  12. Trucker Convoy
    “A small fringe minority”
    Justin Castro

  13. Among the books and documentaries exposing the slew of media lies about Freedom Convoy 2022, some of the best dissections can be found in Tom Quiggin and Rick Gill’s book Eyewitness to Deceit: Trudeau’s Infowar on Freedom Convoy 2022 and the film Unacceptable Views. Although, I know, James, you’ve already got a huge file on this one! Looking forward to this year’s edition of the world’s greatest annual awards show!

  14. Isn’t anything political fake news anyway?

    Oh yeah, nice spelling error James:

    “Corbett Reporteers”

    So you are human after all :-))

    • Are you suggesting, ejdoyle, that James has never made a spelling mistake — except for this one? :-))

      A little birdie tells me that James has made a few typographical errors in The Corbett Report Subscriber (previously called The International Forecaster, when he was writing for that publication) editorials over the years . . . but THIS isn’t one of ’em!

      See, he’s been calling us his “Reporteers” ever since I can remember. I believe it’s a takeoff on (The Three) Musketeers, but I could be wrong. Some of us combine “Corbett” and “Reporteers” and say “Corbetteers” for fun.

      Anyway, I’m in favor of Dinos galore to all the “journalists” and politicians who slammed the brave anti-mandate freedom-fighters in the Canadian trucker convoy.

  15. Here I am, recovering from gallbladder surgery, and you’re making me belly laugh.
    Well done James! Seriously. I love it!

  16. So many…

    The bought and paid for oil demonstrators Just Stop (please just stop)Oil – the police doing nothing and asking them if they’re comfy – Jesus. All the pre printed well organised middle class toss pots and their offspring…

    Ukraine crap obvs.

    The Heart attacks caused by showering, brushing your teeth etc…

    Have to nominate the We Got a Problem video for a general reminder of all the C19 lies though

    • Ooh all the bloody actors and politicians that went into an ACTIVE WAR ZONE….please….

    • Yes I second that nomination for all the everyday activities we were suddenly being told caused heart attacks in young people.

      I remember one month I saw like 6 different reasons pushed onto my weather app on my phone as little pop up news stories (one said drinking coffee, one said exercising in the cold, another said smoking cannabis etc). I will try and find the screen shot I took of them.

      • Don’t forget that drinking tea can do it, as well as taking cold showers, as well as taking hot showers.

        Also, sleeping too much can too give you a heart attack, as well as not sleeping enough.

        To simplify, the only thing that can not give you a heart attack is an experimental injection, one administered on the road toward the final solution.

        And if it does happen, it happens extremely rarely. Anyhow, heart attacks are good for the greater good.

        What, are you a racist?!

        • @mkey

          “?? ????????, ??? ???? ????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ???????????? ?????????, ??? ???????????? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ????????.

          ??? ?? ?? ???? ??????, ?? ??????? ????????? ??????. ??????, ????? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ????.

          ????, ??? ??? ? ???????!”

          Thank you for that, I needed that today.

          The burden we carry (knowing what we know) and pathway through these dark and ominous times can be significantly lightened and brightened with the medicine of humor 🙂

  17. I see I am missing out on a lot of fun by not following the MSM propaganda. I hope you are recycling those dinos and making the most use out of them carbon credits, James.

  18. It’s good to be a carnivore
    In a world filled with dinosaurs
    It could evolve to something more
    Than a world filled with dinosaurs.

  19. God, I love the Corbett Report. I am busting up laughing at this video. Freaking hilarious, just like the one last year.

  20. Dino awards category nominations

    1. medical disinfo:
    “safe & effective” (MSM tone to audience:”let’s say altogether with our sesame street friends”);
    – SADS (xs deaths in most age categories especially working hroup), special mention goes to Alberta data shows 2021 leading cause of death : UNKNOWN, see Calgary news gaslighting reporting on the cause of “cause unknown “
    also Mark Steyn did a parody video on this:

    2. Double-speak:
    pandemic of the unvaccinated = pandemic of the vaccinated, just repeat ad nauseum, twist hospital stats and include the vaccinated in the definition of unvaxxed (1 jab if less than 3 weeks)

    3. False-flag whodunit:
    Nordstream sabotage, Western MSM “likely the russians” but who can ever really know? ( never ever mention Biden and Nuland)

    4. Lamest (new) climate scare: animals dying: CRC One Health One Welfare agenda (includes a global pandemic preparedness for animals)

    5. Distopian sciFl flop: neuralink fiasco

    6. Space race bloppers; Elon again and claims of launching SpaceX mission to Mars in 2029

    7. Two-faced heads of states: three way tie Trudeau; Macron; Biden on slandering ‘anti-vaxxers’

    8. Corporate corrupter: Pfizer’s “speed of science” trial didn’t allow them to measure if their vaccine prevented transmission while they were fine with MSM touting exactly this claim.

  21. I like what justine.k suggested for 6th Fake News Awards. And second what I think others have suggested Biggest fake news of 2022 was “Covid shots are safe and effective” and coincidentally young people just die now, no reason, it’s just new normal, so no need to investigate why this is happening.

    Guest suggestion Dr. John Campbell in Carlisle, England. Has YouTube channel, I know, I know, also on Rumble, putting out good medical information about Covid and all things medical. Best regards.

    • +1 for Dr. Campbell. That would be a nice crossover from a fairly normie audience.

  22. I agree that it is impossible to choose among all the fake news of 2022 which one should be the fakest of them all. So, my nominee will have to be THE NEWS – the cohort of the lying and manipulating corporate-state freaking MS BS NEWS.

    Excuse my language :o)

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