Announcing the 7th Annual Fake News Awards!

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That’s right. It’s that time of year: Awards season! And for the 7th year in a row The Corbett Report is dishonouring the biggest spreaders of disinformation in the dinosaur media with awards for the fakest “news” stories of the year!

Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their nominations for Fake News Story of the year in the comments section below. Please keep the suggestion specific (provide a link to the story in question) and please keep it to stories from 2023.

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  1. I expect this year’s award ceremony to be a full blown clown show.

  2. I haven’t thought of a nomination yet.

    But I have to ask you, James: How did you know I listened to the Jurassic Park soundtrack on my iPod literally minutes before watching you tromp through the dense dinosaur-strewn forest with the same theme music playing in the background? Quelle coïncidence!

    The glass of water rattling on your picnic table . . . the recent earthquake in Japan . . . the giant dinosaur roaring an announcement of your upcoming Dino Awards–it all makes for a smashing trailer. Quelle coïncidence!

    Earlier today I told you that I loved your rant against the dino media during your appearance on the “Ask Dr. Drew” show (on Jan. 9th) and that I want to transcribe and frame it. Quelle coïncidence!

    Three coincidences. Is this some sort of anti-MSM conspiracy you’ve got going on, James?

    • CQ- Headline from the Hunker Downs Gazette;
      “Mystery Solved: Corbett will never write a book!”
      The hill , we climb every day to gain a broader view, enhances our perspective of reality.
      Recently I had a dream, without perplexing this crowds sensitivities of understanding the power behind this universe I got an answer from the ‘Jeeves’*
      of all creation. As I slumbered and contemplated the values of open source sorcery of the machine in comparison to the value of the dinosaur printed matter,a book.
      We don’t often receive answers from “Jeeves”* but heaps of food for thought. Your ” coincidence” brought to my mind the value of assessment. The Dino awards brought to mind all the misdirections, potential mis- conceptions latent in the physical dinosaur 🦖 print. It puts a lot a pressure on a literary personality. But no pressure if you are that dinosaur working for the dinosaur 🦖 media. Your swim is aided by the current.
      It’s when you swim against the current, there is the rub. Open source vs literary print in book form. The headline should read
      ” Mystery solved: Corbett will never write a book”
      And that is what my question to ” Jeeves” was. And the answer?
      Cause it’s already written.
      I felt a little better about the future of humanity and Open Source Education even though it is dependent on the tools of the present/ future evil. A time and place for everything I consider.
      Will ‘Jeeves’* be a part of that. Maybe we will find out after
      { it } goes to print.
      * Jeeves the butler,is a character created by P.G. Wodehouse who provides Answers to his ever questioning employer Bertram Wooster.
      Joyceian hupf.

  3. Hello Corbett Reportsters!

    I’m new here and would like to say a big hello from Ontario Canada. I’ve joined this awesome community to start this year as James has won my “got it the most right” independent media award for 2023.

    Unfortunately I did not find him sooner as I was quite chuffed to see some back in the day JC footage looking through the archives on this site, on one of my “hill I will die on” topics, aerosol injections, to see a very suave and astute looking young and inquisitive journalist hot on the trail (literally). Well done Sir for all the years, blimey you are a Canadian National Treasure!

    You already took my first thought on this one, the “billionaire titanic submarine nothingburger” so instead I’ll go to the top of the Canadian “how are they not defundasaurus rexed” misinformation spreaders, ye Olde CBC, for yet another example of our tax dollars hard at work…

    Sending much Love and Happiness to all for this year and beyond!

    • @Shannon Lavelle

      I second this nomination!


      Warm Greetings from Essex County Shannon!

      Glad to have you with us 🙂

      I felt the same way when I started digging through the archives.

      I was like “If only I had this episode with it’s long list references when this co-corker or that family member was calling me a tin foil hat person!!”

      Oh well, now we know so much more than back then so we can all share open source intel in these comment threads and learn together to co-create a better future.

    • And I third the nomination!
      It’s precious. 🙂

      According to this study, Covid-19 ‘misinformation’ cost at least 2800 lives in Canada.

      Contrast this to the millions of lives lost by official Covid-19 propaganda!

  4. I’ll start with an obvious nominee…
    The Jerusalem Post with “A massive, unprovoked attack on Israel” October 7
    Really guys, it was a total surprise and completely unprovoked, pinky swear.

    • Doesn’t help Isreal calls it “their 9/11”. I think we all know what that means…

    • The Fake News Award goes to the error of “Omission”
      The story not written. The invisible end game, the Cabal wants that we are so easily redirected from.
      The Fake News is Us.

      The lack of reporting on the New Silk Road and resulting New Maritime Silk Road. The trade routes are changing and the omission of this end goal keeps things obfuscated. Like our other economic resets, we had “events” that then justified changes. The changes were the goal. The orchestrated events along the way, the passion play for the masses. Sykes-Picot was about the oil, the new energy system and WW1 was a cover for the dividing up of the Mid East. While we blah, blah, blahed about the European front, the first British battalion was sent to Baku. The Germans were almost finished building the Berlin to Bagdad railroad. With their engineering skills and plans to develop the oilfields WITH the Arabs, the cabal could not have that. The British Navy had just converted from steam to oil. Germany had to be brought to her knees. While we are at it, let’s create a new “country” with a corporate charter to be our eyes. ears, and especially banking center on the ground. A private group with no legal mandate in the area, where there was money spurting and no bank. The legality lowered risk.

      Another: The Rothschilds’ North American canning factories and mines, in the 1800’s, needed workers, so we repeated the blah, blah, blah about the “famine”, while feeding British troops with Irish grown food.

      It’s all fake. History that we are taught is fake. Resulting in the Psychopaths consolidating control. With all the information at our fingertips, how is it we are allowing it again? A new reset, new borders, divvied up to lower infighting and risk. The New Dark Ages.

      The Ukraine narrative is fake. We send money to clear out 1 group, send only them to the war zone and ban their religious ceremonies. The quiet genocide. Even the “alternative” Western peeps wave the flags for this. Other unreported genocides do not make their virtue signalling action lists, no matter how many decades the murders have continued. Ukraine is a hub on both the land and maritime silk roads. If the Cabal just divvied it up, there would be an international uproar, push back, and legal channels opened. Watch a Ukrainian peace deal emerge with the players getting the already previously agreed upon border and the masses cheering at the final solution.

      If it is a spiritual issue, then it is how our ego creates an entire picture of ‘truth” out of bits, and we live life, self righteously, in a partially aborted reality.
      It is like “standing outside in the rain with half an umbrella, pretending to be entirely dry” (William James, The After Death Journal of an American Philosopher).

      If there is a new energy system, would the need for a new banking center be needed? Less of a focus on the need to have one near the oil fields?

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  5. My top fake news items:

    1. War stuff? Not very positive.
    War crimes that were blamed on the other side.
    There is also a lot of fog of war that makes it hard to see what really happened.
    And there are no Saints in a war.

    A. Zelenski is a emperor without clothes, asking for more money
    (and should go back to playing the piano)

    Almost everything positive about Ukraine is fake.
    – Their “counter”-offensive was simply suicidal. But promoted by the NATO.
    – The NATO dumps old weapons and the money disappears into corruption
    War is a racket and a huge white-washing scheme.
    – Ukraine shelling civilians in Dombas.
    Something that was done before and a reason why the armed conflict started.
    They were and still are shelling civilians. Now with NATO cluster ammo.
    Those are civilians that Ukraine claims that are their civilians.

    B. Gaza was the real-world demonstration of a 15 minute city.

    The conflict in Israel is full with propaganda and fake news
    Israel stated that Hamas killed Civilians, while they have doctrine
    to kill any civilian when an armed conflict happens. To prevent hostages.
    So in many cases the Israel army were killing their own civilians.
    There is video from a helicopter shooting people at the beach party.
    There is a tank-shell explosion that killed civilians, but blamed on Hamas.
    They also have a doctrine of punishing civilians during armed conflicts,
    and bombed civilians as a revenge. Which is a warcrime.. again.

    The media likes to confuse Palestine and other factions with Hamas.
    The Hamas weapons came likely from Turkey and are not from Iran.
    There are many questions about how the Hamas got full opportunity to get
    to the violent uprising / conflict.

    • 2. Disease X
      The WEF presents disease X
      A disease that does not exist and requires destructive measures.. again

      The WEF and WHO do not care about our health.
      But want to control the population like eugenicists.

      3. Climate emergency. Global boiling
      The WEF is pushing a climate emergency.
      They also try to involve the WHO, so it can be declared a health emergency.
      And we all know that there is no climate emergency.
      It is pretty cold and the CO2 level is very low

      4. The ignoring of “vaccine”-injuries and deaths caused by spike-injections
      Yet, the mainstream media starts reporting on excess deaths, and
      blame it on climate or whatever.

      COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere
      About 1 in 800 die due to the spike-injections
      (Many other sources state a similar number)

      5. Aliens with lama heads, eggs and wrong bones

  6. The “babies in ovens” story stands out..

    Honestly the atrocity propaganda is so thick these days you could probably do an entire episode just on those stories alone!

  7. Fox News Fires CIA applicant Tucker Carlson

  8. How about this from Scripps News- “Meteorologists declare 2023 hottest summer on record”

    “Our planet has just endured a season of simmering — the hottest summer on record. Climate breakdown has begun. Scientists have long warned what our fossil fuel addiction will unleash. Surging temperatures demand a surge in action. Leaders must turn up the heat now for climate solutions. We can still avoid the worst of climate chaos – and we don’t have a moment to lose,” said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres.

    Run, hide! oh wait you can’t, the chaotic climate crisis will destroy us all!!
    Stop eating meat, stop traveling, and for Gaia’s sake stop breathing.

  9. The MSM coverage of tragedy of the ubfolding genocide in Gaza doesn’t lack for a plethora of fake news stories that you should include one in your countdown. HERE’S my meme submittal for the awards: Did Bibi Know? Only his hairdresser knows.

  10. Looking forward to this year Fake News Awards.
    I had this one from January 2023:
    ““Dr @Kate_L_OBrien of the World Health Organization says nobody was hurt by the COVID-19 injections, and they saved 20 million lives.”

  11. – Hamas/Israel (duh)
    – Chinese spy balloon (an example of how the US and China work together)
    – Titan submersible (look over here and not anywhere else)
    – ‘wildfires’ in Maui, Canada, Spain and other places (directed energy)
    – ‘earthquakes’ in Turkey and Syria, the floods in Australia, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, France and so on (HAARP)
    – Trump’s criminal indictment (wel planned to keep the ‘freedom’ movement alligned with the narrative that was especially designed for them), Tucker Carlson fired from Fox (the same reason as Trump’s indictment) and Alex Jones reinstatement on aXe (same reason as Trump & Carlson)
    – Dalai Lama asks boy to suck his tongue (sponsored by M3M Foundation…)
    – FDA vaccine advisers ‘outraged’ that early data about C19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review in 2022
    – US jet shoots down ‘unidentified object’ over Canada
    – Dutch ‘elections’ (Wilders is part of the Controlled Opposition)

  12. That 2 minute TEASER is fabulous!!

    I submit the Fake News Story of the year 2023 as the “NO story” about the upcoming EPA TSCA Lawsuit Fluoride TRIAL which starts January 31, 2024.
    There has been no real story in the “Fake News landscape” about the fast approaching trial which could change drinking water in North America as we know it.
    The silence of the trial is Fake News.

    This trial, when we win, will dynamically alter the executive functions of generations to come, along with the health of everyone. The impact of this trial will be far reaching into many different spheres.

    Granted, the alt media has covered the trial and related fluoride events during 2023. But not the mainstream media.
    And…I should mention this…
    In March of 2023, investigative journalist Dan Ross wrote an excellent, easy to comprehend article which encapsulates much of the complicated story about the interference and obstruction of the NTP Report on fluoride.
    Entitled: “Health Officials Delayed Report Linking Fluoride to Brain Harm”: “Records show dental groups urged Department of Health and Human Services to alter report they believed threatened water fluoridation,” this Dan Ross story ran across many of the left leaning publishers, such as Salon, Mother Jones, Capital and Main, KFF Health News.

  13. From the Hunker Downs News Gazette; New Jerusalem,La.
    Dateline January 21, 2024

    Massive theft at World Health Organization.

    Accountants at the WHO say forensic auditors have uncovered a large sum of money missing from the WHO accounts. Auditors from the World Economic Form on loan from the Bank of International Settlements claim in a January 16,2024 release that ” The staff at the WHO were so busy counting their large amounts of money coming in from the Pandemic that they didn’t notice money being syphoned off by unknown persons and entities. A suspect has been named in the investigation who apparently diagramed the theft in detail. However the suspect died 2 years pryor complicating the investigation.
    He was identified as Alan Watt.

  14. Anyone else have note “your post will be visible once approved”
    Is that standard on this site? Tks

    • Mother Wit.
      Yes,sometimes it occurs. If you have more than one link in your posted comment. James will correct that when he checks around 7 or 8 am Japan time. It’s probably 4 am now so be patient,it will go.
      Can’t wait to see, I like your stuff.

    • Posts containing more than one URL and those that are longer than 3000 characters will be sent to the auto moderation queue.

      In case of former, you can trick the system if you “break” the URL by removing “https://”.

      In case of latter, you should break up the post is shorter segments.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Too long. I will be more careful next time.
        Usually, on many sites, it happens only when I use certain trigger words.

    • Even more relevant if we add the Peace agreement that was signed at 1 April 2022.
      Something we never heard of, because we were not allowed to listen to Russia.
      Until even some Ukraine spoke-persons talked about it.

      On Military Summary, I can follow the “progress”

      The agreement: Ukraine could go on as it was. But would not join with NATO.
      The Russian part of Ukraine would have more independence.
      After which Russia was withdrawing troops.

      But then Boris Johnson came to Zelinski to get him to attack the withdrawing
      Russian army and the Russian parts of Ukraine.
      Causing Russia to claim back and defend the Russian parts of Ukraine.
      Russia started to build a layered defense belt.
      Ukraine and NATO had already build many fortified positions,
      and had clearly prepared for this war.

      After that Ukraine send 500000 troops into the mine-fields as cannon-fodder.
      Now they are even freezing in the rivers, because they want to
      claim a small piece of land.
      The US sees that as a victory, as it kills Russian people.
      In fact, there are Russian minded people on both sides (both are hard headed).
      But somehow NATO and the Nazis got them into fighting each other.
      The CIA and MI5 have done their evil job again.

      The battles are fierce.
      And if we would send a European army into it, they would likely die.
      The battle is unlike anything they were trained for.
      That is why the US prefers Gaza or Houties that are not well equipped.

    • Mkey.
      Hands down you win. And in other parts of the world….cold.

    • mkey says:
      “I think we have a clear winner here.”

      Not about NATO

      The Fake News platforms cannot open that box, because the ramifications are so far reaching.

  15. I will also nominate the East Palestine OH, toxic exposure/train wreck disaster, and the poor coverage by the DinoMedia, related to the CONTINUING harms related to prolonged exposure. (See TLAV for authentic reporting on this).
    I know it feels like soooo long ago but only 8 months removed.

    I’d also like to nominate the Lahaina Hawaii “wildfire” coverage, along with the piss-poor response by government and humanitarian organizations to help the people there.

    And maybe as runners-up, the Turkey earthquake and the Acapulco hurricane as related to climate-change and/or weaponizing weather.


      “The EPA says the air in East Palestine is safe
      Since the fire was put out, air monitoring conducted by the EPA has not detected “any levels of health concern” in the area that would be connected to the train derailment, the agency said this week.
      In addition to monitoring the air outdoors, the agency has screened indoor air at nearly 500 homes. No detection of vinyl chloride or hydrogen chloride have been identified, the EPA said.”

  16. Fake News:

    “Fiber Optics , FTTP, is a safe alternative to 5G Towers.”

    FTTP is a 5G term, the fiber needed for the back haul of an incredible amount of collected data. The copper wire overheats with the 2 way traffic.
    New Gen Fiber optics has antennae woven in. Track and Trace on steroids. Mix in RFID tags in food/clothes/appliances and the Smart Meter Zigbee 2 way chip and throw away the jailhouse cell key.

    Darwin Award as well.

    • “FTTP”
      I had to look that up.
      The dictionary says: “FTTP stands for Fiber Transfer Toxic Protocol”

      Oops! Wait…
      …this here dictionary was published in Oklahoma. And, uh…the publisher is also a bottlewasher who happens to be a General.

      My mistake.

      The Presearch engine says: “Fiber to the Premises”

    • Not sure what you are writing about.
      FTTP is among them.

      It shows just a glass fiber infrastructure.
      Nothing with tracking and such.
      Tracking may be done at the receiver end, but I see no other direct tracking capabilities.
      Tracking by provider is always possible anyway,
      unless you use TOR or alternatives.

      5G and RFID and smart meter are something else again.
      The EU may install a tracker on your phone in the future to prevent you from encrypting personal messages.

      • 67,
        You often have some very good posts.
        Thanks for this one and others.

  17. I have a few Stories to nominate;

    1) There was a host of stories rationalizing the “Zionist’s Genocide of Gaza”. The propaganda we get in the States is soo thick that it should be apparent to all that the Federal Government in the States gets it’s orders from Zionists. These Zionists will accuse people who actually practice the Hebrew Religion as being Antisemitic.

    2) “Ukraine is winning the War” (all they need is more money). Interesting enough is that most of the well over $100 Billion seems to have gone missing, and Congress has refused to require an accounting of it.

    3) “Russia blew-up it’s own Pipe-line”. This one was a doozy. It blows my mind that some people actually believed this one, but then, what can you say to people that lined up to get the EUA Experimental Injection?

    4) “Oligarchs gathering to discuss what to do about Climate Change” (Their unpublished conclusion being to eliminate 90-95% of the world population)

  18. Every single MSM report on “the causes” of the devastation of Lahaina.
    Without having read any specific one that I can recall, I have no doubt whatever. Not the first community “fired up” from the outside. .


    I nominate the entire advertising industry especailly those adds made for the medical hospital industry. The above link outlines the stradegy’s used and gloats at it how cleaver these adds are at directing us toward a big lies of heatlth via goverment fake care.

  20. Why do people believe the mainstream fake news?

    Here is a list of manipulation techniques that were used during the
    Covid scamdemic and the Climate fake crisis.

    (Do Corbett readers have more answers?)

    The Indoctrinated Brain with dr Michael Nehls – The Highwire

    The spike-injection can turn people into NPCs by blocking certain brain functions.

    More detailed:

    The spike protein hampers the neurogenesis in the hippocampus. It’s preventing people from being curious and open to new ideas. These people won’t have the mental energy to consider new ideas.

    The narratives which the NPCs have adopted from MSM becomes part of their identity. Attacking the narratives, feels like an attack on their identity.

    The Deadly Rise of Scientism
    We All Suffer Once You Can No Longer Debate “The Science”

    Brainwashing and hypnosis
    Techniques from hypnosis, psychological warfare
    and psychological torture.

    Massformation Desmet
    Was on Corbettreport

    Social manipulations
    If you don’t comply, you are not social or even stupid.

    Financial manipulations / Social credit system / Fired from Job / Cancelling
    Financial attacks on the Canadian Truckers.
    Doctors being fired (or losing license) because they used safe and effective medicine during covid.
    People were “cancelled” after expressing scientific truths. About climate or biology or medicine safety.
    Social credit was implemented for companies, as they could only get funding, if the company implemented some extreme left ideals (anti-white diversity, gender confusion and climate-idiocracy). The planned CO2 tax will make this personal.

  21. My brother Tim says #1: Maui fire as a natural disaster 2) Isreal killing its own people in a false flag. Media fomenting emotions around Israel. 3) Spy Balloons

  22. Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years


    Can be a number of articles – this BBC one flatly states it is NOT the vaccines. Many other sources don’t even mention the possibility of vaccines. At the end of 2023, still excessive deaths, age-controlled, and well beyond 2 standard deviations based on life insurance estimates. Worse in 40-65 yo, yet most unusual in younger.

    My husband best friend, 52 father of 4, died of SAD (Sudden Adult Death), one minute at a cocktail party, next minute dead in cab ride home. Coroner report, cardiac arrest yet zero atherosclerosis, inflammation around conductive system! This is just one case.I gently pointed out this very likely possibility to family – crickets!

    Climate Hysteria, especially the speech by head of UN.

    Era of global boiling has arrived,’ says UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record

    Look forward to the show!

    • They may try to push “climate change” or Disease-X as the cause of the sudden deaths.

  23. Hi, James, just wanted to say thanks for the amusing trailer, really made me chuckle, an Oscar winning performance! Great work throughout 2023, many thanks. Ray

    • Thanks for looking up the full source. I’ll share the position with you.
      Maybe we can get a “completely fair” coin-toss to decide the winner. 😛

  24. Argentina’s president Javier Milei is an anarco-capitalist.

    Excuse me the bias of picking this as my favourite fake news of the year as it comes from my homeland but I’m under the impression that it has international repercussions, at least I’ve noticed that more and more people in Sweden and Spain ask me questions about how is it going with the new president.

    This Milei phenomena is all a big fake. And there are many colourful details but to pick one to make it a concrete example I’ll choose a straight one: He said “I’d rather cut my hand than raise taxes” then One of the first measures he takes is to raise taxes because it’s just an emergency and for super shorty short time:

    Javier Milei: “Antes de subir un impuesto, me corto un brazo”

    And then he didn’t the exact opposite:

    And to expand on that one and a little more:


    Now to make the case in more general terms is a fake that the mainstream sold him as anarco-capitalist or libertarian when it’s so close to the surface that regardless of his mumbling and his quotations of Rothbard his carrer and actions establish a record for the presumption of the opposite:

    Who is Javier Milei, Argentina’s new libertarian president?

    Argentina’s New ‘Anarcho-Capitalist’ President Starts Slashing

    For an deep dive into his background and the real Milei good sources are Nicolas Moras YouTube channel Los Liberales and Nicolas Lage YouTube channel Terapia Liberal (alas, all in spanish):

    • Interesting topic.

      It seems that many alternative choices are actually just very similar to politicians before them.
      It could be a separate topic with lots of example of people and policies.

      We saw that Trump was doing business as usual, with bad people in his government.
      And Bernie supporting Clinton after he was betrayed.
      As predicted is Biden creating a war just before the election year.

      The new Italian president was also pushing vaccines and has not stopped any
      immigration yet.
      The dutch farmers party still supports the destructive and unscientific nitrogen laws.

      Many people that were fighting against Covid-mandates were later supporting Israel without any critical thinking. Like Kennedy.
      And Milei.

      Why is that?
      Is it the manipulation by the agencies?
      Is it the political system turning people into puppets?
      Are these politicians controlled by their “friends”?
      Is it the manipulation by the banks and media?

      • Oh you are completely right! Thanks for the input. Milei supporting Isreal! Amazing! The anarco-capitalist!!

        Later on I’ll look for links to that news also

    • Argentina President Javier Milei Promotes Freedom at Davos 2024 (Full Speech)

      Yesterday, Milei said he wanted “to plant the ideas of freedom in a forum that is contaminated by the 2030 socialist agenda.”

      Introduced by no one other than Klaus Schwab, Milei did just that and more. He warned about collectivism to a room full of collectivists:

      • Yes, crazy debelopments.
        Maybe I’m biased for being an argentinean but I feel this is such a big story. This is the frontier, the vanguard of the public spectacle, of public discourse and political theatre.

        Milei’s background makes him a shady questionable person that should be approached with scepticism and scrutiny.

        Nicolas Moras and Nicolas Lage work needs to be translated to English or somehow echoed to the international public but I don’t have the time unfortunately. If someone here wants to do it or if someone knows someone like for example people involved in the Translate the Truth project just reach me and I can put you in contact with them.

  25. [SNIP – no bare urls in the comments please. Please re-post the link with a title and/or an explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  26. It’s a toss-up: Plandemic or Oct 7th. Maybe by default it should go to Oct 7th, which I believe was used to distract from the “next” pandemic.

  27. Gonna go way, way back, to #Imagine “there’s no heaven…no hell…” and say ‘23’s top #FakeNewsStory is the “Same as it ever was” ongoing shamanic false assurance of “everlasting Life,” the defeat of Death, i.e. the CONNEDcept of SALVationism or MESSianism.

    See, #GodIsLove (period! ref. 1 John 4:8) which makes literal Pantheism THE sole Soulful way God/Allah/Dios can possibly be omniscient, omnipresent & omnipotent (All Knowing, Ubiquitous (everywhere at once), And (drum roll) #AllPowerful).


    Namaste, Aloha, God Bless & Adios,
    #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer)

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