Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist (2009)

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A listener has pointed out that the version of Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist (Part One) on the 2009 USB archive has corrupted audio. In order to correct that, I’m providing the download of the full video file in the highest quality I have here.

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  1. From a pdf in my 9/11 folder:
    How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda and ISIS –

    >>Lest we forget, the CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden and breastfed his organization during the 1980′s. Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies.

    Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan.

    The so-called “War on Terror” should be seen for what it really is: a pretext for maintaining a dangerously oversized U.S. military. The two most powerful groups in the U.S. foreign policy establishment are the Israel lobby, which directs U.S. Middle East policy, and the Military-Industrial- Complex, which profits from the former group’s actions. Since George W. Bush declared the “War on Terror” in October 2001, it has cost the American taxpayer approximately 6.6 trillion dollars and thousands of fallen sons and daughters; but, the wars have also raked in billions of dollars for Washington’s military elite..>>

    And we must not forget CIA Asset Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman) died in December 2001 from a lung complication resulting from kidney failure, in Tora Bora. Not some BS burial at sea nonsense.


    • Iv been so depressed since i found out how things really are. all the wars, the banking system, how their psyops has turned normal people against eatchother Its like a snowball wounding spinning in the politial sense, down a Hill getting bigger on propaganda and lies. But again. and i cant stress this enough. Now that “we” know the sickness of modern globalisation and the end stages – In a general sense

      How do people change things and how the system operates. its to intertwined in all institutions, with gate keepers, fail safes, and people that think they do good things, but dont..A legal system that makes evidense dissapear when it suit whatever perpuse, ect. Iv seen some episodes from the solutions watch series, the idea in itself is good. but with this monster that keeps evolving and turning more good people every day, I think we need more drastic meassures.

      Wish it wasent so, but i still ahve a linger of brainwashing tendenses that sometimes takes me back to my old self, Not a good thing. But as i get moire vise and older ,i see how bad certain organisations really has taken over the world from the shadows. Its really impressive how they did it, and still maintained a distance yet, very efective.
      Think whatim trying to say is.. WE NEED TO ORGANIZE AND THINK MORE STRATIGIC If we wish a better and free future. cause the way we heading now… Its really bad. New generations are so mindboggling ignorant. THEY HAVE NO IDEA ON GEOPOLITICS AND THE PAST, NONE.. THE BANKING SYTEM ECT.. Clueless drones just goign to work, paying taxes and taking care of the familiy, in itself is a good thing. but we all became like a House pet, easily managed and controlled.. Feels like many poeple the last 20 years litterly lost their spirit.. And just waiting for the final blow.. WE NEED, CAN, AND MUST DO BETTER GUYS..
      Sorry for the ramblings, had to vent a little air out hehe..

      • Must be sumpthin in the air EJ… Is this your editorial of the site decorum or of poor Bramsen who told you how depressed he was over everything being a lie. Or just being called a lier when you aren’t lying. He is just venting from being wounded by a snowball rolling down a mountain. I don’t think he was blaming you either. So are you being satirical, a Pollyanna or overarching editor of thin skin decorum? Come on EJ, you are a great artist but a poor critique. Please encourage more venting at any place in the Que.

        The irritability switch has been turned on in this area of the country, at the store last night the Karen’s were active. Men and women were misdirecting agitations out loud .
        As explained to me recently the delivery of a drug molecule no longer is necessary; the frequency of the drug is all that is needed to induce a similar effect. Mental or physical . 5g helps and I now consider buying a meter to gauge strength and attenuation.
        QFC, or you too EJ.
        What triggers and where does it come from?

        • You seem to be taking on the role of comment cop and defense lawyer.

          Mind your own beeswax. I don’t come here to hear people whine or vent about their personal growth and development. And I certainly don’t need any nonsense from some anonymous poster.

          Your mental masturbation is not wanted. Talk about solutions and activism and I may listen.

          • Doyle,
            GBW makes a good point.
            “easily agitated” is not good for anyone.

            Among all of us fellow human beings, let’s be tolerant of human beings as imperfect as we/they are.
            It makes for better community.

          • EJ,
            I’m trying to find answers as to why your ego knocks you back two steps when your intellect takes one step forward. It’s being triggered. The phenomenon has come to my attention recently and I suspect it being caused or triggered from some outside stimulus, I was in Clark County Nevada last week and I observed the crowd that was visibly agitated as compared to the crowds a few days before the Superbowl. So, as a notable artist type, I’ll ask you again what triggers that vain ego of yours? Can it come from an outside stimulus or are you unaware of it.

            • I didn’t watch it, but from reports, that appeared to be one hell of a Superbowl game.

              I thought of you, ‘cuz I knew you were out that way.

      • @bramsen

        RE: “How do people change things and how the system operates. its to intertwined in all institutions, with gate keepers, fail safes, and people that think they do good things, but dont..”

        That is simple, take decisive steps to stop depending on “the system” and institutions. Take steps to learn skills that are universally applicable and also enrich your quality of life, community resilience and empower you to starve the corporate and government parasites by providing for yourself and your loved ones without a need for centralized infrastructure. Each step you take in that direction, is a step towards enriching your mind, leading by example, becoming more prepared for emergencies and confident you are taking action to boycott the parasites more and more.

        RE: “just goign to work, paying taxes and taking care of the familiy, in itself is a good thing.”

        Well, that depends on what you consider to be a “good thing” and it depends on what the “work” is really, I mean, being a wallstreet broker is “work” to someone, so is being a big pharma drug pushing sales rep, so is being predatory loan pushing banker, so is being a lithium/cobalt miner carving into the bones of the Earth poisoning ground water for entire regions, so is being a logger than takes a job clearcutting the last primary ancient old growth forests on Earth and so is being a trained killer for the military.

        Paying taxes (while we live in a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy and that money will be used to subsidize big pharma, strip mining pristine forests, poisoning the ocean, the lakes, the sky and funding mass murder through the age old racket of war. I think you would be hard pressed to describe any of those things as “good”. They are all part of the deal that comes with the involuntary governance structure we live in and feed into. You may get roads and sewage and public “education” as well, but you will also get those other things.

        Taking care of family, is a given and of course I see that as “good”, but those other things, not so much (depending on what you mean by “work”) and never so with just paying taxes period, in my opinion.

        Thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts.

        Don’t give up hope, each morning offers a reminder that we live in a beautiful world that is a place of wonder, worth fighting to protect and working to heal.

      • bramsen,

        I understand the feeling, depression, especially after the scamdemic. I was starting to learn about this stuff in 2016 and watched most of JC’s material at that time but is wasn’t “real” until the scamdemic if you know what I mean. It never really affected by quality of life, so it was at a distance.

        You mention solutions. I think that is probably the most important focus at this point. JC has lots of “solutions watch” videos and implementing some of them, I think is helpful.

        You also mentioned getting organized and IMO that also is a good solution, however that is something we should do on our own. Derick Broze with The Conscious Resistance has a freedom cell network with potential communities exploring alternatives. It’s a start.

        Everyone has brainwashing to overcome and patterns of thought that need to be overcome. Researching on ones own is a good thing to do and thinking independently, discussing ideas with regular people. That I have found hard to do.

        Self care is also important during these stressful times.

    • Hello James. Thank you for all the good work you”d done over the years .. You played a big part persoally in my awakening. Hope you keep on doing the work, and telling the truth With Brock and the italian hipster. the trio for truth.
      Peace 🙂

  2. Has anyone here seen this re-booted version of the MacGyver TV show before? (it ran from 2016-2021)

    My wife has become interested in it recently and so I sometimes sit down to watch it with her in the evenings and wow, having not watched TV for years I find it to be really hard to watch.

    It is like one of those sci-fi shows that becomes a “monster of the week” type thing except the monster of the week on this millennial friendly, smart phone-centric watered down MacGyver (full of half naked 20 somethings that think they are so cool for abbreviating everything) are “terrorists”.

    They depict a never ending supply of terrorists hiding around every corner. They shut down one “international terrorist ring” and poof there are another 3 next week lurking somewhere over in Russia or a nameless middle eastern looking scene with people talking Arabic. It depicts United States covert alphabet soup intelligence agencies that assassinate, torture and manipulate foreign governments as heroes and paints anyone doing the same thing from another country as “terrorists”.

    It is such a weak and blatantly obvious CIA psyop it is almost funny, but at the same time I know there are kids out there watching this garbage and with enough repetition (like their brutally violent video games that have them blowing up middle eastern people with drones and shooting them in the face) it begins to sink into their subconscious and re-shape their perspectives.

    It is just so superficial and childish, everything is dumbed down with big flashing words explaining what is happening. Maybe I am mis-remembering the original MacGyver, but this newer one seems like a really weak, propagandized, twittified facsimile based on what I remember.

    Okay I am done ranting about the shallow banality of some psyop tv show that was trying to attempt to tell everyone that big bad terrorist boogie men are everywhere… back to your regular de-programming

    • I did like the original. I watched it as a kid with my grandfather. I don’t think I’d actually go back and watch it though. Based on a quick glance, the reboot looks like it sucks and reviews aren’t too good either.

      Are people actually watching stuff like this? The James Bond reboot was pretty good IMO and I’m sure that is some PR for intelligence agencies, but still entertaining.

      No judgment, I do watch some mainstream stuff from time to time, sci fi mostly. It has to be good though.

      • @cu.h.j

        Ya I watched the original off and on back in the day.. I think it vaguely implied “bad guys speak foreign languages” in some episodes (subtle propaganda re-enforcing the “Americans/NATO countries are the heroes and people in other regions are defacto less than and seen as “bad guys” if they do any of the same covert state sponsored violence/warfare of aggression activities that Americans/ NATO engages in constantly) but as far as I remember it did not overtly and constantly talk about “terrorists” being everywhere. I liked the actor that did the original, he has an enjoyable dry sense of humor (especially in shows he has done since then like stargate).

        I used to watch X-files and Startrek TNG with my Grandma (she just passed recently ). As a kid, I used to enjoy quizzing her about the implications of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations existing and/or visiting Earth (as she was a Catholic and so such stories and ideas forced her to re-assess anthropocentric view points and justify them, which I found to be amusing).

        I do like a good sci-fi as well, but I have found that year after year and decade after decade since the 90-s they have gone downhill in a big way. So much needless sexual objectification attempting to lure in shallow viewers, so much gory violence just for the sake of making it “action packed”. Most sci-fi shows depicting interstellar space travel/habitation are so full of fear psyops about ET cultures and so anthropomorphic in projecting humanity’s childish warlike behavior onto depictions of the entire universe. I have found a few with good stories, great acting and original ideas, but they are far and few between.

        Have you seen any good sci-fi shows in the last decade that you would suggest (which are not full of gratuitous objectification of women’s bodies that has nothing to do with the story, viscious graphic violence and/or fear propaganda telling the viewer to be afraid of ETs) ?

        Thanks for the comment.

        • There’s no perfect sci fi films or short series without any form of propaganda, especially from Hollywood.

          I liked black mirror, seasons 1-4. Some good warnings about intrusive technology.

          Drawing in viewers with attractive actors was probably always a thing, even early on. Excessive sexuality can be intrusive and off putting.

          But I have got to admit, I might like to watch a movie with a sexy male actor in it better than one without. It’s more of being pleasing to the eye, not some uncontrollable addictive lust. Women have different hormone profiles than men so have different drives (in general).

          I think sexual drives are probably natural and mostly hormone dependent. But media does manipulate and exploit these natural drives.

          Porn is just gross, but a lot of men watch it. Some men watch “softer” stuff or have Playboy magazines and such. I don’t get it, but I have been told it’s common for men.

          • @cu.h.j

            I appreciate the thoughtful and candid reply.

            I agree about media manipulating and exploiting natural drives.

            I have also noticed a creepying tendency of the big tech platforms targeting kids younger and younger to be exposed to porn (or porn like sexually objectifying material). It reminds me of how the military funds video games and scouts for drone pilots in the gaming tournaments. Big tech knows they can squeeze porn addicted young people for money, keep them distracted and weaponize those addictions if need be (for blackmail etc).

            Yes porn addiction is common in men, and the scariest part to me, is how effectively the mass media programming and pop culture social cues have normalized that detrimental type of addiction (portraying porn addiction in sit coms like just “a typical guy thing like drinking beer” or something).

            I think I saw one episode of black mirror and did not like the vibe, I typically tend to go for sci-fis that at least tried to have a hopeful spin as I feel like the horror type sci-fis re-wire the brain to be more specialized at experiencing and dwelling in fear. I do appreciate the recommendation though.

            Did you see the relatively recent star wars tv show called “Andor” ?

            My wife is into starwars and so I watched the series with her. It was quite dark, but as you say about the black mirror, did point out some trends in geopolitics and technology that we can observe around us today and offered a kind of slap in the face in that sense.

            • I like dark. I liked Andor and Blade Runner. Some episodes of black mirror were very dark, like “Metalhead” about the robot dogs. That was a great episode because it showed how drones may be deployed. I thought that could be a realistic application of this type of tech. Maybe not killing every single human being, but still, these things are dangerous.

              I don’t ever go on Tick tock, Face book or Instagram so I never noticed. I rarely watch Youtube except for some music or animal videos.

              I’ve been told there are potential pedophiles posting weird creepy shit, but I’ve never noticed because I don’t click on any thing outside of what I know I want to see.

              I don’t really interact with media outside of very select films or shows I may have an interest in and they are limited. I’ve heard about porn addiction and that is can be like a full on drug habit. I don’t get it, but I accept it is a problem for some people.

              Some humans are into weird stuff and I don’t understand why. Big tech and Hollywood sure makes it worse.

              Porn has been used in military operations to demoralize “the enemy”. It goes to show what it really is.

              • @cu.h.j

                RE: “I like dark.”

                What are your thoughts on the old adage “if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” ?

                There was a character in that Andor show (“Luthen”) that did a speech that spoke to that which i`ll share below.


                I used to have the attitude of “liking” dark ‘entertainment’ forms of media, though looking back on it now, and considering what I now know about the human brain, weaponized social engineering/behavior modification tactics and the nature of our more than physical body (“energy body”) I might more aptly describe it as I used to fall into the temptation of “craving dark” forms of ‘entrainment’.

                I do see practical and pragmatic value in analyzing the forms of propaganda being weaponized against us or watching depictions of dark futures that present cautionary tales, but at the same time I acknowledge that while we may think that our mental, emotional and spiritual/vibrational filters and barriers are rock solid, and that we do not allow the propaganda or the darkness to get inside of us, that is like the one who samples GMO chemical laced “food” thinking it will not impact them significantly.

                It all adds up and its deleterious effects on our minds occur in such slow motion, that like the person who’s GI tract becomes riddled with micro fissures from the glyphosate residue over years of eating processed GMO “food” and an array of health conditions begin manifesting which doctors may imply could be “genetic” or just normal in today’s world, the propaganda and darkness in the media we ingest can create micro fissures in our morality, slowly seeping in toxins into the heart, hardening it, calcifying and narrowing it’s field of compassion and it’s ability to perceive beauty and experience a rush, without the exhilarating stimulus of the action or horror film.

                I think that over long periods of time, our exposure to these “dark” depictions that we become increasingly familiar with and accustomed to, can (if we are not careful) desensitize us to the sacred, lessening our compassion, building a neural network custom built for ingesting the compounds that are produced by the hippocampus which give us a rush when we experience fear or look into the darkness of the abyss that is the ugly side of humanity.

                So, despite there being a part of me that likes the dark (forms of so called entertainment) I now strive to minimize my exposure to that stimulus, and maximize my stimulus to those things that humans are doing and humans are capable of that inspire wonder, hope, perseverance, gentleness, courage, integrity, peace, kindness, humility and the will to use my own two hands to engage in a creative process that is in service of life.

                I do not claim that my choice is the “best” or “right” choice, but it is what works for me. Though, as is evident from my discussing Andor with you, I do not always succeed in my aspirations.

              • @Gavinm:

                I didn’t say I only liked dark sci fi or films, but that I do enjoy some.

                I have seen real life dark things, probably not nearly as many as some in war torn countries however. My life has been cushy compared to some.

                I had a relatively rough childhood though, and now as an adult, working in emergency rooms exposes me to the range of human activity in the US. I see the ugliness and I also see goodness. I can contrast one with the other.

                I also am probably an adrenaline junkie which is why I actually “enjoy” (don’t hate) working in the emergency room. Some things I wish I could un-see but there is also an opportunity to provide kindness an compassion to others who are at their worst.

                I’m not promoting mainstream health care. Frankly, it mostly sucks and is a bandaid and is an industry that is in part profiting off of diseases it may cause. But not all of it is that way.

                After a regular day at work, which probably spikes my cortisol a bit too much, I sometimes enjoy some “junk” entertainment or a beer or something to distract myself.

                I am no saint or aspiring for perfection in what I watch or eat. I want to do the right things that really matter (to me) that I think are critically important.

                But, I do think if someone only dwells in dark states of mind, it’s probably not a good thing.

                There is an idea in some pagan practices called “shadow work”. Examining ones “dark side” and working through issues that need to be acknowledged or improved.

                I liked Andor because he was not only good, he made mistakes, but learned from them and evolved.

                It’s certainly true if someone always steeps themselves in propaganda, they might get something that sticks to them, especially a young impressionable mind.

                Neural plasticity is also a real phenomenon and people can re calibrate.

                On a personal note, though I’ve believed a lot of bs in my life, I’ve never been completely inflexible in my thinking. I can learn, change, grow regardless of what movies I might watch from time to time.

                There’s also the idea of “the golden mean” that I like.

                I’m not saying you are wrong, or that watching something dark is good, but for me it’s something I enjoy from time to time.

              • @cu.h.j

                You make some great points. Thanks for your candid comment.

                I apologize if I came off as portraying myself to be a “saint” or “aspiring for perfection”. I am no saint and I do not think “perfection” is attainable.

                I do constantly seek to improve myself, choosing to be a perpetual student rather than seeking to get to some ‘final pinnacle’, but I often fall down on that path.. slide backwards, and have to pick myself back up and retrace my steps again.

                I have some significant shortcomings and several vices/unhealthy habits I am working on and I am grateful to have someone in my life that supports my endeavors to improve in that sense.

                Personally, I am suspicious of those that claim to be (or portray themselves to be) “saints”, they make me think of an old Star Trek TNG episode where a power tripping bully was hiding in plain sight like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                It also makes me think of people like this lady:



                “Villains who twirl their mustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged… waiting for the right climate in which to flourish; spreading fear in the name of righteousness.”

                ~ Jean-Luc Picard – Star Trek, The Next Generation (Episode 4×21 “The Drumhead”)

              • @cu.h.j

                I took your advice and I am using a dark sci-fi story as a means to offer “good warnings about intrusive technology”!

                Albeit it is a book, not a tv show or a movie.

                I figured, perhaps using my imagination as a filter to ingest the dark story of warning would at least provide one layer of protection (vs opening my mind up to images I cannot unsee, created by a multi-million/billion dollar industry controlled by insane and misanthropic humans). Though to be honest, I don’t know if using my imagination as the ‘screen’ to view this story on is any better as my mind does conjure up some pretty vivid scenes!

                Anyways, here is a link to a couple pages from this book I am talking about:

                Select pages from Exogenesis (2023) by Peco Gaskovski



                Description/Blurb from the jacket of the book:

                “Out of the collapse of Old America rises Lantua, a glittering thousand-mile metropolis where drones patrol the sky and AI algorithms reward social behavior. The most compliant citizens enjoy the greatest privileges, the poorest struggle to rise up the echelon system, and criminals are subjected to brain modification. Birthing and genetic quality are controlled through mass embryonic selection, with fetuses grown outside the body in artificial wombs–a technology known as exogenesis.
                But rebellion is brewing.

                Lantua struggles to control the Benedites, a rural religious people who refuse to obey one-child regulations. Each February, Field Commander Maelin Kivela oversees the forced sterilization of Benedite teenagers, a duty she carries out with unflinching zeal–but this year comes with a shock. After escaping an ambush by insurgents, Maelin returns to the city to choose one of over three hundred embryos to be her child, only to come face to face with a secret that will tear her life apart and alter the course of her civilization.”

                i`ll keep adding pics of pages I think are particularly hard hitting as I have time.. and would be interested in hearing what you think.

    • I didn’t watch TV for 50 years until 2016 when my landlord gave me free cable. Don”t know any pop culture nonsense, or vocabulary. Didn’t know who Trump was, no favorite commercials or stars and the like. Last walk in movie was “Mo Better Blues” with my lawyer when I was in the music biz in 1991 or so.

      Still don’t watch any commercial TV, just youtube vids and movies on SuperBox.
      Clean blood and clean reality.

      People have been mind controlled to think that murder, mayhem, torture, etc. when done “artistically” is OK. Most Americans are now quite controlled to be consumers of material goods, pop culture trivialities, internal combustion recreation, electronic communication, celebrity and sports worship.

      They read very little and are unable to discuss issues beyond the boundaries cleverly implanted with a cognitive dissonance result.

      Unable to extricate themselves from this morass they plod along from consumer holiday to holiday, TV season to season. The goal for far too many on the web is to be the smartest con in the prison and not the escapee running free.

      WHO ARE YOU (song)

      • @ejdoyle

        That is an impressive run you had.

        What you said about “People have been mind controlled to think that murder, mayhem, torture, etc. when done “artistically” is OK. Most Americans are now quite controlled to be consumers of material goods, pop culture trivialities, internal combustion recreation, electronic communication, celebrity and sports worship.” is very true.

        I would also add how detrimental and effective pornography has been in destroying healthy relationships, perpetuating and inflating human trafficking and creating a generation of addicts that can be easily distracted (and thus crippled from effectively resisting tyranny unfolding right under their noses).

        The quasi-pornography that permeates most tv and hollywood movies now is a direct and severe attack on people’s ability to connect with the divine in their own hearts and in their relationships, one aspect of a spiritual war if you will.

        One might describe the intentional proliferation of such material as “sexual-psychological terrorism” (forcing images into people’s lives that maim hearts and minds leaving them unable to or very hard pressed to build healthy relationships).

        Thanks for the comment.

        • @Gavinm

          >>That is an impressive run you had.>>
          Thanks. Had a lot of help formulating my life’s direction…medicine men and women; Shaman, good books and “teachers;” sacred teacher plants; and being a willing student to seek higher consciousness, not pay checks.

          >>I would also add how detrimental and effective pornography has been in destroying healthy relationships…>>

          I guess the bottom line there is just what IS pornography, hey?

          When I was in the music biz I was also a professional (B&W) photographer shooting actresses, models, singers, etc. and often innocent artistic shoots of nude men and women that by their very nature would be considered “porn” by religious types right? Just because of being unclothed.

          Indeed, hardcore porn is disgusting to the spirit, all about size and frequency, etc. as if it is some sort of competition. IMO it is all part of the very intentional take down of Republic world wide.

          I often put this info up:
          A few of the 45 Communist Goals from 60 years ago (searchable) put into the Congressional Record…

          24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

          25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

          26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

          I assume you know that the war on humanity has many fronts but one basic goal. So our toxic food and water, chemtrails, manipulation of elections, lies to get us into wars for the corporations, as you pointed out, the Hollywood stuff and as I see it the whole “entertainment” biz is the propaganda arm of the controllers, and more are the poison of interpersonal relationships.

          I’m going to be 82 on Wednesday with nearly 60 years of activism behind me. Living far from urban areas off the grid my activism has boiled down to my music/essays on BitChute and blogging here since I have been Shadow banned, throttled, and kicked off many so-called “alt” sites.


          CAUGHT IN THE DREAM (song)

          PS: Strange how the replies keep getting narrower margins??

          • @ejdoyle

            RE: “what IS pornography”

            Well, I am not sure what the dictionary would say but what I meant was images or videos that depict material designed with the sole purpose of sexual objectification and allowing for the commodification of sexual intercourse.

            Re: “I was also a professional (B&W) photographer shooting actresses, models, singers, etc. and often innocent artistic shoots of nude men and women that by their very nature would be considered “porn” by religious types right? Just because of being unclothed.”

            Interesting, I am also into photography, though I mostly like to point my lens at the more than human world.

            I do not know if religious types would see your artistic pictures of nude people as porn or not.

            I see nudity and the human body as natural and would not declare I know what is “right” and “wrong” for others, but I do wonder if the very existence of and viewing of nude pictures which arouse (and whether “hardcore” or not, are often used by people as visual stimulus during masturbation) re-wires the brain and dulls the ability of the individual to be naturally stimulated via one on one romantic intimacy and sex.

            With men the hyper-stimulation of visual nudity of women presenting themselves (or being presented by someone else) in a sexually objectified manner leads to sexual performance issues and unhealthy mentality in how they see and interact with half of humanity. I have seen that in my co-coworkers and friends in the past. For some women the obsession with unnaturally technologically augmented hyper-stimulating sex toys also seems to lead to them not being able to have enjoyable and satisfying sexual relations with most men (as for them reaching orgasm now requires so much technological support that natural sexual stimulus is not enough).

            All in all, I think that sexual intimacy and sexual pleasure being connected to technology, based on what I have seen of its commodification, is harmful to humans in their ability to develop natural, stimulating, respect based long term relationships and likely also has degenerative psychological effects. That is just what I see from a pragmatic side of things, the morality is a different ball of wax.

            But those are just my two cents, like I said, I do not claim to know what is “right” or “wrong” in these matters, I just know what I have observed about how these phenomena and technologies impact human beings.

            • >>…designed with the sole purpose of sexual objectification and…commodification of sexual intercourse.>>

              Bit brainy reply hey? 🙂

              If people are “commodifying” intercourse then it is serving it’s purpose don’t you think?

              As to obsessive self pleasuring, it’s one’s right to do what ever they want with their life. That is what a truly free society offers, choice, doesn’t it?

              >>I do not know if religious types would see your artistic pictures of nude people as porn or not.>>

              Of course many would, are you not familiar with the history of so-called “porn” in our nation? 🙂

              The Legion of Decency (Hays Code) was founded in 1934 as part of a campaign for the “purification of the cinema.” Organized Religion is the most stultifying, harmful, evil thing that has run the show since the Younger Dryas Ice Age melted.

              >>With men…leads to sexual performance issues…I have seen that in my co-coworkers and friends in the past.>>

              Strange your observing that sort of intimate stuff in many folks?? I was a Psychiatric Social Work specialist and never made that much “observation” in others besides clients. You a therapist?

              To me, your opinions on this stuff rings with the politically correct view points harvested from celeb “Dr’s”…Drew, Phil, etc. 🙂

              Giving up autonomy, sovereignty to others…churches, government, doctors, educators, etc. and waiting to be saved by chemistry, wars, God, et al. is the main weapon of mass distraction, creating a need in humans to seek counsel for much of their life behaviors, avoiding the “little voice.”

              If you haven’t yet, try some guided deep inner journeys with Ayahusca, Mescaline, Peyote, etc., the tribal “teacher plants” that open many doors.

              Or spend an hour away from TV an hang out at my BitChute site listening to music, and reading essays, you can find more articulate sharing of my Brain Food then in 500 words here. 🙂

              From the brilliant John Carpenter’s movie “They Live”

              “Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep…their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness…We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.”

              Thanks for the reply.

              EJ’S BITCHUTE

              • @ejdoyle

                RE: “If people are “commodifying” intercourse then it is serving it’s purpose don’t you think?”

                No I do not think that is serving it’s “purpose”. The commodification of sex and other things that were intended to be sacred forms of connection is a clearly degenerative trend on many levels. Entire criminal enterprises of people specialized in kidnapping, moving and selling human beings for that express purpose, is one example of the end result of the commodification of sex in our world.

                RE: “As to obsessive self pleasuring, it’s one’s right to do what ever they want with their life. That is what a truly free society offers, choice, doesn’t it?”

                I never said anything about rights, I was talking about what is harmful to the human mind and healthy relationships. People also have a right to eat garbage toxin filled GMO processed “food”, but that choice comes with consequences.

                RE: “Strange your observing that sort of intimate stuff in many folks?? I was a Psychiatric Social Work specialist and never made that much “observation” in others besides clients. You a therapist?”

                Those observations were based upon a combination of my past intimate relationships with women, their use of the above described technology and the way it changed them and conversations I have had with male friends that were either quite open in telling me about their habits/challenges in those areas or, they gave indications of such (eg, young men that I knew are were porn also having Viagra pills laying around in their place etc) along with broader observations I can make of society and trends observable by anyone who uses their pattern recognition skills.

                RE: “to me, your opinions on this stuff rings with the politically correct view points harvested from celeb “Dr’s”…Drew, Phil, etc. 🙂

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I know who I am and my actions speak louder than my words, so any negative or condescending comments made about my character or viewpoints says very little, to nothing about me and a lot about the one expressing such things.

                If you think that I advocate for “Giving up autonomy, sovereignty to others…churches, government, doctors, educators, etc. and waiting to be saved by chemistry, wars, God”, you clearly have not been paying attention to my posts on here nor have you read any of my essays on Substack.

                RE: “If you haven’t yet, try some guided deep inner journeys with Ayahusca, Mescaline, Peyote, etc., the tribal “teacher plants” that open many doors.”

                I am well versed in plant and fungi based means for altering and/or expanding consciousness and awareness.

                I also see a trend of people becoming dependent on such tools to experience transcendent states of awareness, which is a trend I see as degenerative and not beneficial.

                We have everything we need to know the divine and what exists beyond the veil within us, those things can be helpful tools for some, but also crutches breeding atrophy for others.


              “If people are “commodifying” intercourse then it is serving it’s purpose don’t you think?”
              My bad, didn’t look up what the word was 🙂 🙂


              >>…other things that were intended to be sacred forms of connection>>

              Intercourse ability/drive is first about reproduction of the species. The “sacredness” is not a biological imperative but rather a social construct. Indeed a nice idea but not the “intention” of the drive.

              Your thoughts here IMO seem based in some sort of religious/spiritual foundation and more defensive as if you are being attacked and your misinterpreting of my comments.


              1 >>I never said anything about rights,>>
              And I didn’t say you did.

              2 >>…I know who I am and my actions speak louder than my words…>>
              Yet you offer soooo many so frequently 🙂

              3 >>If you think that I advocate for “Giving up autonomy, sovereignty to others>>
              No. I was addressing my thoughts on “..the main weapon of mass distraction” used by the controllers.
              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
              >>you clearly have not been paying attention to my posts on here nor have you read any of my essays on Substack.>>

              No, I don’t. Yours and a few other posters here are not interesting to me because of far too many posts per article and words and ego present. And I have no idea what a Substack is.

              You sure do have a lot opinion on others life choices. Feels like sermonizing rather then discussing.

              >>We have everything we need to know the divine>>

              Ah, there it is. That dangerous assumption that there is a divine something and you are the one to interpret just what it is about.

              See ya.

              • @ejdoyle

                The energy you put off and the way in which you express yourself here is often abrasive, rude and can come off as disingenuous (comments that appear to be intended to instigate friction/conflict).

                Your proclivity to attempt to criticize me for how many words I use to express myself or how I share information is one such example.

                Since we are offering each other constructive criticisms, I find your relentless bitchute content promotion to be a bit crass and obnoxious.

                We all have ego, it is really a matter of how much one allows that ego to dominate our choices and self-expression. I understand you have been on the Earth a great many years in the body you are in now, but based on my past interactions with you and the similar tone you have here, it seems like you feel as though there is no longer any room for improvement with regards your tolerance of others (or lack-thereof) and your condescending negative judgements expressed in comments.

                I know that I have a lot of room for improvement and I keep working each day to hone my mind, open my heart and further align my words and actions with a path that is in service of life.

                I am not really interested in continuing conversing with you here.

                I will continue to do what I do, and you do what you do.

                I wish you all the best and I hope what you choose brings you joy, fulfillment and peace.

  3. I know about the series, but i dont remeber the example you mention there. But i surely have knowleage about the tactic you desscribe..
    forming a narrative, an idea in peoples minds.. check

  4. My latest entertainment has been canceled, not because it wasn’t superior, popular, relevant, it was, but it was exposing US LEOs as racist, and incompetent, “Alaska Daily”. Another TV show I liked, “The Company You Keep” surprisingly after several episodes of portraying an FBI agent as moral, judgmental, suddenly puts her in a position of needing her ex-lover to save her father from being exposed for an old crime. She broke up with him on moral grounds, he is a con-man. He saves her father, while she breaks the law. It turns out he is more moral than she is and no hypocrite. It got canceled. Then there is “Andor”,a Disney series in the Star Wars prequel to Rouge 1 that is quite good, but after 1 great season, it was canceled, even though it was 80% finished with season 2. Why? It was too anti-authoritarian. I fell in love after a scene where Andor is forced to kill a bad cop, and told my wife, “This is too good to be true. It won’t last.”

  5. “Ana raicha Al Qaeda”
    …is colloquial for “I’m going to the toilet.”

    Taking a squat.
    See the script in the video. “to sit”
    QUEUED 13:33

    The Corbett Report continues to be a great way for me to expand my vocabulary words.

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