Announcing a New Series on Alternative Social Media Platforms

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Videos | 20 comments

Sick of Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/reddit and all the other controlled, centralized, censored, surveilled social engineering experiments masquerading as “free” social media platforms? Well so am I! Join me in the coming weeks on as I take a look at some of the alternative social media platforms that are coming online to challenge the big corporate giants.

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  1. See Corbett Report’s Open Source Investigation into search alternatives

    I am still sorting out Search Engines (and also have my eyes open on simple Browser alternatives).
    Currently, I primarily use three different search engines (and three Browsers, each with their own search engine home page). is the search engine I most lean towards, tied to my Firefox Browser.
    However, sometimes the search results will “cater towards” / “blend in” unrelated topics with which I have had past interests when I search a new topic. Kind of weird in one respect.

    I also often use “Google” which is tied to my old Microsoft Explorer browser. I have a large “Favorites” package of folders on Explorer for references.
    Occasionally, I will use “DuckDuckGo”.
    On “Microsoft Edge” (which I despise and hate its attempts to hijack me), I have the search engine StartPage.

    I like my ESET computer security.

    • If you dont mind my saying if your using Windows (re Edge browser) ESP windows 10 , then your PC is said to be spying on you and sending data on what pics and docs you use back to Microsoft servers. Linux is open and people can and do look at the code so its pretty much impossible to embed it SECRETLY with backdoors and spyware…. you can still get such things with browsers and suchlike
      since its Free to download I dont know why everyone isnt using it since there are so many versions almost anyone can find one they like.

      • On a possibly irrelevant side note; I was just volunteered by Microsoft to update my windows ten. As it came through the HP portal, and they gave me no real option, I think it was a valid upgrade by those jerks. Anyway, I did have some issues with YouBoob and then all sites. Turns out I had a Trojan virus which defenders could identify but couldn’t kill. So I went all William Munney on it with some AVG that I was only able to download as Defenders was scanning. Rednecks never quit no matter how ignorant they might be on the matter. I don’t know why I suspect Microsoft. Or at least that one redneck they’ve got working there. JimBob who notes that everytime rednecks get organized they get labeled as a criminal organization.

    • I’ve been using duckgogo for a while now, but I’m not overly satisfied. I still find google “knows better” what I’m looking for.

      I liked start page even less than duck, because their results appeared to be rather heavily filtered.

  2. Cool idea… Lunduke over at the Lunduke show dropped social media and such as part of his “compute like its 1989” series where he dropped most mobile/ wi-fi/push notification/allways online type things and noted an increase in his word count per week and also that he was enjoying his newly rediscovered ability to be bored. He too reported that his personal well being had increased.
    He’s just not in the process of re-starting social media under ‘controlled conditions’.
    Side note his “their watching you” speech at Linux fest (on YTube and his site) is pretty interesting and he had an interview on de-centralized internet.

    • I find the whole web to be both essential and distracting! This one rabbit hole you stepped into is only part of a pretty impressive warren. Who needs cable? At the same time, I’ve found that sunshine and a pretty girl is just fine as well. JimBob

      • I shot Santa, yes very true. Thats why he went “back” to 1989 style computing. Its the MOBILITY and always on nature of our tec thats the killer I think- back when the net was a new thing people used it for finding something out or some other ACTUAL use which makes us smarter while now its like swimming in meaningless drivel for 95% of us.
        LOL Gates and Jobs BOTH refused to let their kids use the tec they push for other peoples kids to “learn” with…actually I think I’ll need to re-listen to “Smartphones Are Turning People Into Zombies! Here’s how to save them.” from this site.

  3. I use Firefox as my browser and DuckDuckGo for my search engine. Generally no problems for me. JimBob

  4. Great idea James. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops!
    BTW, are you sure that isn’t a giant Green screen behind you in all your ‘sunny climes of Japan’ backgrounds? 🙂

  5. I dont know if you are pushing a trolly with the camera on it but please stop wobbling from side to side.

    • Yes, but then we would have missed the guy in the background deciding to carry his bike up stairs and ride past James on the road because James was blocking him and didn’t want interrupt the video. Nice guy!

  6. ktrammel,
    There is a link to Corbett Report’s “Open Source” for Google alternatives at the first comment. A lot of folks contributed in that comment section. I’m not too savvy on this sort of computer stuff, but there were some great pointers by Corbett members.

  7. Hi James,
    I posted the following over at BITCHUTE:
    Thank you so much for your upcoming social media experiment. I know that I’ve been needing to ditch YouTube, which I know is corporate controlled, but have resisted doing so, for fearing of venturing into something worse. I anticipate that your experiment will make that process a lot easier, and more importantly, will actually enable me to make the switch! I registered for BITCHUTE today YAY!!!

  8. I use Firefox with DuckDuckGo, and Kubuntu (Linux/Ubuntu) operating system. I use Google occasionally to check for other results.

  9. Also don’t forget the old CB (Citizen Band) Radio.

    Of course it has limited range, however with the impending clampdown on the Internet it could pay to get to know a few locals with similar views ASAP.

    Anonymous to listen in to (Unless you have one of those spyPhone things in the room with you while listening)

    I few idiots on the bands, but nothing really if you are used to reading youtube comments 🙂

    • I’ll have to try that. I have an old radio receiver I picked up at a garage sale.

      • Good to hear, it can be quite fun too listening to signals come in from a distance at night, compared to the sterile nature of social media.

  10. Sorry, I tried to like what she wrote, but when you start out with a system that doesn’t exist (democracy) as the cornerstone of your argument, things are going to get sketchy right quick like. I really love how feminism was only co-opted in the 70s. Is that the 1870s or the 1970s? But she sure can spin a story, I’ll give her that. She should hook up with Adam Curtis. JimBob is a country boy so he knows what BS smells like, thank you very much. Not ribbing on you GSBE, that opinion was entertaining and better than most of it out there.

  11. Hello,
    as I made a post some time ago that I didn’t want to use patreon to support the corbettreport (as Lauren Southern but also Many others, including several Germans were banned), I wanted to mention *makersupport* here now. As I heard from an interview with the founder it is now still a one-man company (though he wishes to expand). It came about after the Damore debacle, I think the website is not much more as half a year old. It uses strive instead of paypal, Bitcoin seems to be implemented through that as well, which is a bit sad, but maybe this will change in the future. The terms of service are very different though! I’m not sure if it is a viable addition to patreon at the moment but surely can become one in the future.
    Just wanted to say this, as I hate to use paypal basically as much as to use patreon xD. But I’m very happy to be able to donate via crypto.

    Luckily I can donate with Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash and will continue do so (and not via any corporate middlemen) but I’d be happy to see more options here too. (Though I’m already happy BCash was added, simply because of the transaction fees of Bitcoin.)

    Kind regards,

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