Announcing the 4th Annual Fake News Awards

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Videos | 79 comments

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Theyyyyyy’re heeeeere! That’s right, the Dinos are back in town, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for The Corbett Report’s 4th Annual Real Fake News Awards! Get your suggestions in today (at, of course) and buckle in for another struggle session with the biggest purveyors of fake news in the dinosaur media in 2020!

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  1. Due to fatigue and in light of the recent cancellation of Propaganda Watch I was going to suggest we cancel the REAL fake news award for this year as well.

    How do you nominate an individual when it has been such a team effort?

    Fake Pandemic, Fake Riots, Fake Election!!

    I was going to suggest a different category – story or video that sums up 2020 the most.

    For me it would be the Busker in the Barcelona riots one, talk about the band on the Titanic!!

    • That’s a great video! What a brilliant way to protest, to calmly pursue your art while the world is going bonkers all around you!

  2. Where do you even start? 2020 out-faked every other year for the mainstream propagation of pure bilge! But my nomination of the overall winner for bare-faced fakery is Neil Ferguson for his Imperial College paper which forecast that half a million people in the UK would die by August 2020 if the curve was not “flattened”.

    BBC’s treatment of this “scientific research” here:

    It would be interesting to compare his predictions with what actually happened in Sweden, and maybe Japan!

    • Yep! I would agree. That was the report of all reports. Got the proverbial ball rolling in this faux-demic. Sadly, literally, no one in the mass media seems to remember this. I wonder why?

      *Side note…Mr Feguson said recently in the media, that he was surprised as to how easily western countries could manipulate the population into following the narrative (and the lockdown measures) or something like that. That’s life in the fast lane I guess.

    • Ha! Both excellent candidates,imo.

  3. I think the msm double standard of ‘mostly peaceful protestors’ circa George Floyd aftermath/BLM rioting and the Trump/MAGA/what-have-you’s ‘treasonous and seditious’ Capitol ‘storming’ is an obvious, dino-worthy selection.

    RIP, Ashli & Co.:

  4. The culmination of fake news for me is that (similar to the long-standing tradition in the USA) EVERYWHERE, GLOBALLY, the highest governmental leaders now take such strict and unconciliable stances, fighting tooth and nail any kind of criticism of their own policies and demonizing a large percentage of their own national citizens as highly problematic beyond redemption, thereby deepening the trenches in the society (mainly with the Coronavirus narrative). I will point out my home country Germany here in the example.

    Here you can find Angela Merkel’s “New Year” adress, in which she condemns any Coronavirus-critics and explicitly thanks the (mainstream) media for the important job that they are doing.
    (probably you can find a youtube link with English subtitles somewhere – as I don’t agree to gootube’s terms and conditions, I cannot really navigate their page).
    The same job is being mirrored by our (mostly representative) President (officially the highest appointment in German politics), Mr. Steinmeier, who does exactly the same thing. He was the one to first and foremost blow up the orchestrated false flag op “storming of the Reichstag” ( by holding emotive and dramatic speeches against the enemies of democracy (peaceful protesters who demand their civil rights) and honoring the 3 (yes three!!!) cops who single-handedly fought back the mob trying to storm the German parliament (one of them a well-known reality/soap actor, besides his police job – so absurd!)

    Why I single out this event is, that this ridiculous screen was par-for-par repeated in the USA this week (by the Trump supporters storming the completely unprotected Capitol) and the ruling elites scandalize this false flag event as an “attack on the heart of democracy” (exactly the same words were being used in Germany) and pushing for more severe policing and cutting down rights in the wake of this event (which we will see)…

    • P.S. in Angela Merkel’s adress, the part, where she strongly attacks “conspiracy theorists” is at min. 02:05 and she thanks the media at min. 03:08 (at the end of a long litany of thanking several other peers).

  5. I guess Emmy award to coumo is already among nominees.

    The following one is for me in the category You Can’t Make Up This Shit.

    Nominee is Pope. He deserves nomination with his years long insidious work in supporting all kinds of mildly put borderline ideas. It is insidious because all the time he is hidden under the cloak of his holiness, moral authority (I’m spitting).
    It depends on one’s worldview position how his latest misdeed will be judged, from genuine left position it made him a “nominee” for nuerenberg court defendants bench.

    • A reverse speech analysis on the Pope’s speech would be interesting.

      • “god help me, help us cristians, Curia drugs me, they want the church to remain the second largest hidden shareholder of the world, right after rothschilds, god……”

  6. I nominate the China Seeds story

    My take; mysterious seeds, I’m certain that with 10 minutes of investigation, the mystery seeds could be identified, but its not about the seeds.

    Like all big news stories, its about priming the funding pump.

    …In Kentucky, the state agriculture department…

    …In North Carolina, the department of agriculture and consumer services…

    …And Florida’s agriculture and consumer services commissioner…

    The skeptic in me says, ‘Some agencies are just vying for funding.

    But wait, there’s more…Orange Man Bad, China badder. Fear China.

    Glad to participate in the pageantry.

    Best regards,

    • Oh, we must ensure that people are afraid to plant seeds to grow things like their own food. Heaven help us if people become self-reliant when they can rely on the great health benefits of franken-food by Kill Gates.

  7. 2020 did not exist, the whole year was fake.

    This year also a lot of science was Fake.
    I don’t even know where to start..
    To Anyone – Feel free to add links to the publishers.

    Note: Exposing some of this fake science can get you banned on Youtube

    A lot of this is listed on
    And the covid fact-check:

    Most famous:
    Is Hydroxychloroquine dangerous? Does it work?

    Lancet gate – Now withdrawn
    The Lancet publishes a complete fake science study
    in a try to downplay the success of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

    In another study the FDA poisoned people with 4x the maximum dose to make the well known essential medicine seem dangerous.

    Almost every study was faked, when they applied the medicine too late
    to stop the virus. AND did not use Zinc or additional medicine that HCQ needs to kill the virus.

    It started with the woman feeding aquarium cleaner to her husband.
    This was immediately blamed on Trump,
    but the woman actually hated Trump … and her husband.

    Now the FDA allows the usage of HCQ again.

    Doctors who find cures are under continuous attack.

  8. This years RFN award is like looking for a needle in a needle stack.
    My award goes to Dr Fauci getting the injection in his left upper arm and the next day while touching his right arm, says he had no other side affects apart from a bit of pain where he got the injection.
    When you have a pain somewhere you don’t forget.
    This story highlights for me the state of things to come – he could have faked taking it, he could have touched the other arm on purpose, hell it could be real and someone manipulated the video.
    It’s increasingly hard to know what the real truth is, I can’t keep up. And even if I did keep up and found the real truth it is becoming increasingly hard to pass this information on, it meets deaf ears.
    Would it be more beneficial to focus on one news item at a time, possibly even for weeks and discuss and discuss again to counteract info overload?

    • Even though it looked that way, it’s very possible the interview camera was mirrored, like most computer cameras for skype or whatever. Everything is inverted, making it appear that he touched his other arm. Without additional evidence, I’d be cautious spreading these types of stories.

      • Agree regarding possibility of mirrored images.

        Flammable gave one evidence, but can we be sure he is not in front of green screen.
        Thinking about jab video:
        -very probable fauci is right-handed, so naturally he would give left hand for a jab
        -at 00:10 fauci has watch on the left hand, usual position

  9. DNC announces that the flu has been down 98%!

  10. My highlight would be the Main Stream Manure Media using the same Italian Hospital footage in different regions across the world. The following links include Channel 7 Melbourne, and CBS/SkyNews coverage of NYC.

    My pick would be Channel 7 News Melbourne, because they dared to use the Italian Footage in July 2020, despite SURELY knowing that similar earlier attempts had been made back in March 2020 by other MSM Outlets such as CBS and SkyNews (whom were surely caught red handed)…

    Channel 7 Melbourne removed the fake video from their main website within a day or two. I’m sure the video alarmed many unfortunate sheeple. The video is still accessible at the link below.

    Moreover, the next link is a side-by-side comparison of CBS News AND Sky News using the same Italian footage back in March 2020 for an apparent outbreak in New York City…

    My award surely goes to Channel 7 News Melbourne for daring to go to new-lows

    Bravo Channel 7 Melbourne, BRAVO !!!

  11. I nominate the Wuhan wet market as origin of CV19 which clearly was used as distraction from the possibility of it being a lab grown bioweapon which Bioweapons expert Francis Boyle and others said the possibility of the trifecta of occuring naturally at almost zero. Evidence for Lab-made Sarscovid-2 Genealogy –
    Here’s a Daily Fail article purporting the wet market as source –

    Taiwanese Prof says Sars-2 man made –
    Ofcousre there were stories of it being a common practice to sell test animals to wet markets, someone from the Wuhan lab did pay a large fine, but I can’t find that story any longer. I’m sure this may happen, but I think in this case the narrative was anti-China propaganda like the bat soup thing.
    So many propagandandists with prevailing narratives at different points throughout this timeline as each was trying to vie for power during the confusion & learning curve.

  12. Maybe the Corbett Report for failing to realize or report on the significance of the stolen elections in the US and the unbelievable denial of facts in main stream reporting. The level has gotten to the point the media just says what it wants in total disregard of clearly available facts, now creating a situation where there are completely divergent views on major topics (injections, covid, elections, the law) and information is so constrained that one side is unable to gain access to the information available to another side, search engines do not work for non-informed people. Now major media (that I do not use) have banned the president.
    I am NO FAN OF TRUMP, but I am very concerned about our elections only from the perspective that this event could have resulted in an opportunity to attempt to make the elections better, reflective of facts.

    I know politics is not important, but… the media doing what they are doing now is unprecedented in its absolutely naked lies.

    I have seen enough to believe there was actually massive fraud that overthrew the election.

    I would like very much to hear why you did not cover this, why the media in the US doing what they are doing now is not being highlighted.

    • I also do not cherish Trump. That being said, there is a mountain of evidence that this election was exceptionally fraudulent. Fraud in US elections is routine. This time they had to go to great lengths alter the outcome. I believe that Trump might have been a stumbling block for the Great Reset. He was against lockdowns, mandatory masks and Dr. Falsey.

      What gives me hope is now that the Globalists have control of both houses and the Presidency, they will overplay their hand. They always do. ::::=§

      • Agreed. He was never someone I was ever fond of, but when I watched his debate with Hilary Clinton in 2016 I was stunned. He also called out the MSM as “fake news” and for a mainstream candidate, I thought was pretty bold. Perhaps controlled opposition?? We might not ever know with certainty. But those things I liked.

        I also started wondering why he was attacked so much by the MSM. Perhaps that’s part of the psyop. I just don’t know, but I tend to form sympathy for the underdog. I think it’s a human inclination.

    • ” In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it does, you can bet it was planned that way.”

      Franklin D Roosevelt

      Dont be fooled by this illusion of ‘democracy’. This election fraud stuff is by design on purpose.

    • “I have seen enough to believe there was actually massive fraud that overthrew the election.”

      I don’t think you have seen enough.

      If you construct a sentence with Massive Fraud and Elections you get TAUTOLOGY!!

      James covered US selections many many times in the past, stories about Selection Fruit Machines are particularly revealing.
      This is really funny for me when people are complaining about this and that, bent over backwards many times consecutively, but fail to notice the elephant in the room: Selection Fruit Machines. I don’t know any other country practicing them. Still no alarm bell ringing?????

      • Selection Fruit Machine, could be a band name!

    • I seem to remember the Corbett Report talking about rigged elections and voting machines, It’s certainly been mentioned on New World Next week many times.

      Funny thing is the idea that the NWO were not smart enough to listen to Infowars, find out that Trump was anti-establishment and rig the machines back in 2016 so they didn’t have to put up with him for four whole years?

      Guess they just wanted to people to fight over which lizard rules over them for a bit longer (That’s Douglas Adams on Democracy, not David Icke)

  13. A strong competitor for the award in my opinion would have to be the fellow who played his role so well in faking out and deceiving more supposedly “woke folk” than any conventional politician since I was a kid. Trump fooled a whole lot of people into believing that he was some sort of savior. While of course, as usual, the agenda of the rulers continues apace.
    I wasn’t surprised at all the people who trusted the plan and thought that Trump the puppet was Trump the genius. But it did and still does amaze me how many people who should have known better thought that this was different. Trump said the magic words and said them over and over. And thats all it takes to win over a lot of anarchists. And thats all it takes to keep the game going.

    • He’s definitely not what some people think he is, some fearless leader with a pure heart. After all, he pushes the vaccine and seemed okay with the quantitative easing by the Fed.

      But I think that (perhaps I am wrong) he poses a threat to the establishment because he has actually woken people up and could actually cause a revolution in this country. He has the ability to do that and the establishment fears him.

      So Trump is a mixed bag and I try not to judge people because people are going off of their human instincts and sometimes those are accurate.

    • But it did and still does amaze me how many people who should have known better thought that this was different.

      Yep, you said it well. That is how I feel also.

      • People tend to do what is easier and more convenient. It’s easier to think some leader will save us. People do this every time. They think top-down leadership will work when it fails again and again. “If we could just get the right person in office”

        It’s the paradigm that needs to change, I think. I do believe in leadership, that it plays a part in organizing and motivating people and has its place. But real leadership cultivates independent minds and communities.

        Trump’s vaccine push and his backing of the Fed showed that he either was very naive about who holds the power or it was all ego or a combination. Maybe he thought it was like the apprentice reality TV show or something, who knows.

        People fall for it because people don’t think they can win if they try to do the work themselves and they (us) and we have to do the work. We will have to sacrifice certainty and comfort and it may cost us our very lives. I don’t think the powers that shouldn’t be will just leave us alone to ride off into the sunset. Maybe it is really that simple, to stop using their system, but if the masses don’t go along, maybe the propaganda they will put out will invoke violence against us. It’s a risk people who really want to be free must take.

    • This election cycle and its aftermath, highlights and re-underscores the fact that “Voting harder doesn’t work”.

      I guess it takes amnesia about 4 years to manifest.

      • I think that the strong emotions are causing the amnesia.
        People think that any lives matter..
        or anyone’s rights matter.

  14. Great topic.

    Evidence for the lab origin:
    (Based on the published RNA codes)
    1. The virus is a chimera, a combination between two viruses. I have not seen this before. And might theoretically only be possible with extreme mutations (degrading the virus).
    2. Compared to other viruses, it has an inserted code RxxR that increased the infection rate by 100x.
    3. It can enter cells via different HUMAN “keys”, which are different from animal versions. So it was already adapted to humans at the start, unlike viruses of animal origin.
    4. It is more damaging to humans of with genes that are more common in China.
    5. It uses the SARS and AIDS “keys” to enter cells. The aids version makes it harder for the immune system to detect.
    6. Via gain-of-function it is very normal to make such viruses and they are well reported in scientific journals.
    7. The mutation time-clock says lab origin. A virus mutates regularly by switching codes, like switching one letter in a word. Yet, the virus has no mutations compared to those made in the lab. AND now the virus is in the wild, we see that it has lots of mutations. (like switching letters)

    Note: The virus was already maximized for spreading, so any report about mutated viruses spreading even faster is nonsense.

    The argument for a natural virus, is that the virus could not be made, because you would see certain features. But that is referring to an old way of making them.

    For the virus to occur naturally, it would have to combine between different animals, reconstruct in a completely new way (1). Then add insert (2) to increase the spreading. And finally be suddenly perfectly adapted to humans (3). And all that without any other mutations (7). It is easier to win the lottery 30 times in a row.

    For the virus to leak from a lab we need one person who makes a small mistake, either by accident or intentionally. Which also happened in other labs.

    • I think the virus is a failure as a weapon.
      The average immune system can kick it out in a few hours or days.
      Natural viruses seem more “hardened”.

      There also seems to be something weird with the lfe-time of the virus.
      Some report that the virus can survive for 16 days. While normal viruses can not last a few hours. So maybe developed as a weapon.
      And maybe this is the reason why it leaks through military enforced restrictions.

      In Final Act, Trump Admin To Present ‘Bombshell’ Findings Blaming Wuhan Lab For COVID-19, WHO Cover-Up
      I think that intelligence already know this.
      And they may use it to scare more people into restrictions.

  15. 1. For me, this whole sorry affair is underpinned by the PCR test and the “death within 28 days of a positive test” fiasco. Perhaps not the best example, but here’s Imperial College lauding it up as the “gold standard” test.

    Any search for “pcr test gold standard” yields similar results.

    2. A close second would be the “evidence” (or lack thereof) of the effectiveness of masks and why not wearing one makes you selfish because you’re killing grandma – Textbook propoganda.

  16. On a different note, here’s something more specific. In a story widely circulated by the MSM, one tabloid headline reads:

    “Christmas bubbles ‘will cost lives’ as experts make historic joint plea to Boris Johnson” – For only the second time in 100 years, the British Medical Journal and Health Service Journal joined forces to warn ministers were about to “blunder into another major error that will cost many lives”

    So, who are the “experts”?
    1. Alastair McLellan – Editor at the HSJ – Medical qualifications – zero. According to his LinkedIn page he specialises in Media business development, Online media development and Public sector procurement.
    2. Fiona Godlee is the Editor in Chief of The BMJ. Qualified as a doctor in 1985 and is nothing more than a GP at best. Is also a board member of the Climate and Health Council and on the executive committee for the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change.

    Here is the article in the HSJ:

  17. For me the biggest fraud of 2020 has to be the ongoing misuse of the PCR test which is such an integral part of the whole covid deception to enable their evil schemes. The timeline connected to that is interesting. Kary Mullis, creator of the PCR test for a completely different purpose, died in August 2019, Event 201 predicting millions of deaths from this supposed virus took place in October 2019 and the whole covid panic kicked off in December 2019. Bit of a coincidence. Kary Mullis called out bad science and the scientific establishment, including Dr Fauci, during his lifetime so without a doubt if he was still with us he would be screaming blue murder about the misuse of his test.

  18. And why are people asking Bill Gates anything? He isn’t a doctor, he isn’t a scientist and according to people in the tech industry he didn’t even create his own codes for Windows. He just has a ridiculous amount of wealth along with others such and Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos due to bribing and blackmailing politicians to change laws in their favour.

  19. Everyone is biased. I think JC had a podcast about “the myth of journalistic objectivity” or something to that effect.

    The fact that people have biases does not mean that all news is “fake news”. Most honest journalists will point to the actual source material and explain their findings and why they think the way they do. This is why JC posts extensive links in the show notes so we can make our own conclusions (as biased as they may be).

    But the reporting of actual fake data and the fact that the funding for these fake news stories is often linked to some wealthy interest with a nefarious agenda is what I think of when someone says “fake news”.

  20. The same author, German Lopez, from the same news agency, Vox, writing about two events with violence and property damage. One is okay because it’s for the cause I support. The other is not okay because it doesn’t align with my politics.

    Riots are destructive, dangerous, and scary — but can lead to serious social reforms
    German Lopez – Vox

    To prevent more violent uprisings and protests, we need to take their causes seriously.

    […]But riots can and have led to substantial reforms in the past, indicating that they can be part of a coherent political movement. By drawing attention to some of the real despair in destitute communities, riots can push the public and leaders to initiate real reforms to fix whatever led to the violent rage.

    “When you have a major event like this, the power structure has to respond,” Hunt of UCLA said. “Some very concrete, material things often come out of these events.”

    Every person who forced their way into the Capitol should be arrested
    German Lopez – Vox

    Lock them all up.

    If America wants to prevent another event like Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol in Washington, DC, officials should make all efforts possible to arrest and prosecute every single person involved in the violent protests…

    […]If Wednesday’s rioters get away with violently shutting down the workings of the federal government, it will send a message to them — as well as to other people interested in carrying out political violence — that this behavior is, if not okay, at least something they can get away with. That would invite copycats.

    […]But that’s the rub: Officials have to be serious about punishing these wrongdoers. Otherwise, they’ll send a signal that what transpired on Wednesday was actually fine, making it more likely to happen again.

  21. Hi James,
    Happy to be part of the Fake News Awards and thank you to you and James Evan Pilato for being small beacons of light in these dark and dangerous times we live in.
    My nomination is the sensational and fear mongering story of NYC burying their dead on Hart Island (or even public parks!). This story was run by most news agencies but my favourite came from the New York Post on April 6th 2020.
    Even though this was easily debunked this article (written by 3 reporters…) started, in my opinion, a real campaign of spreading fear and terror in the minds of people who were already on guard for this mystery virus.

  22. Please, Please cover CBS’ “mistake” they “regret” yet it’s still up TO THIS DAY, of stolen SKY NEWS Italy footage passed off as NY’s epicenter, as “acting” Gov Cuomo begs for more (kill) vents.
    Still-screenshots side-by-side (plus see below source links): control +F Wow, Italy & NY have the exact same hospital layout? Those oceans-apart hospitals surely had the same contractor, right? & what a coincidence, the patient captured by Sky News must have an identical twin brother on the other side of the world in New York City who happened to show symptoms and get hospitalized, because that’s logical, no? The Front Line Heroes even wear the same shade of green or blue PPE in the exact same positions and drink bottled Coke-a-cola and place it in the same spot on the table in front of the same computer stand and the box placement & IV stands in both pictures are exactly the same because…um, nope. There’s no explanation and there’s no excuse for LIARS.

      • Good catch. You are right, looks like the same hospital.

        Also, there has been no comparison to past flu seasons. I have seen worse in my local area. Even during this “surge” past flu seasons were worse, waiting rooms full and people lined up in the parking lot.

        When things got very slow during the first shelter in place in my local area, our hospital cut our staffing and never fully replaced it. Now when our hospital is at a normal capacity, they say we are full because of low staffing.

        Regarding ventilators, turns out they have caused a lot of damage. This whole thing has been the biggest propaganda campaign I have ever seen.

        • cu.h.j, Full disclosure, I didn’t make the connection myself, but read it had happened on that “crazy nutter,” David Icke’s site. Taking NOTHING at face value, I search and dug and was able to find the two pieces, took pictures and noting the times on them – put the pictures together side by side. What amazes me, is that THEY ARE STILL UP. CBS “regrets” the error so much that they LEFT IT UP even after we called it out. There are none so blind as he who will not see.
          Where are you? (if you don’t mind disclosing.)
          One of my local hospitals had a spill-over white tent up throughout the month of April which hosted no patient. By May 2, it was gone. Now (well, in December) they’re saying they’re near capacity and lack ventilators needed. REALLY!?! They’ve not put the tent back up, and they’re still using those $39,000-code ventilators? smh.

          Also noteworthy (not included in the article above but here: our state has NOT lifted lockdown past a “phase 2.5”. During summer, they literally used chains &/yellow crime-scene tape to lock the playgrounds, robbing children & the elderly who usually use those public places to get out a get sun of Vitamin D.
          Meanwhile cities used their CARES federal reserve notes to buy (more) social distancing drones and get this: UV lights to kill the virus.
          I can’t figure out if this is hypocrisy, incompetency or vile cruelty.

  23. This list is gold every year. If I had to recommend one: Bill Gates saying the world cannot get back to normal until everyone on the planet “pretty much” gets vaccinated (wan this experimental vaccine in defense of a virus with 97.7+ survival rate, with the vast majority of those dying being aged /one or more corbidities. Not that young otherwise healthy people haven’t also died, but that happens every season. Its hard to pick one story when the whole of the mass media have spent the entire last year on fire with the fear porn over the COVID lie, all in unison. That’s what I pick: The COVID psyop, take your pick of footage. That is the story of year, and clearly an ominous reflection of our future.

  24. Politicians are calling to repurpose the lockdowns to reduce global warming, but this study from Feb – March 2020 shows that lockdowns caused global warming.
    Pope calls for politicians to take drastic measures to fight global warming
    NYT calling for lockdowns to slow global warming

  25. billy corgan ok on the bowie tribute. a slick production. indeed. covid friendly if you suffer from broken brain syndrome.

  26. plenty o cringe. and social justice. yum.

  27. Hi All,

    Any story around maintaining USA imperialism/creating a false enemy. I suppose I’m nominating a category. But, then you get lots of choices.

    Any election or coup in Latin America which the USA didn’t like (Bolivia, Venezuala), any colour revolution (Belarus, Hong Kong), any Russian poisoning story involving Novochok (Navalny, or at Salisbury), any lack of reporting on things that expose USA “meddling” (Assange, UN OPCW, MEK), anything to do with the Antifa bugbear, the media repression of the H Biden laptop (fake news by ommision), …

    You get the idea.

    On an unrelated note, I just dont get it why the Dino’s aren’t reporting on the BRI and related programs. It is the biggest geopolitical shift in decades, but nix from them. Maybe that’s just another “silence” award.

    I eagerly look forward to the show.

    Have fun all!

  28. This is such a cool THREAD of comments. Some great stuff.

    I want to say that I really liked reviewing…
    The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards! – The Year of 2019
    Great Thunberg at the 15:16 minute mark really ties into “The Great Reset” narrative.

    These Corbett/Broc West “REAL Fake News Awards” are top grade productions.

  29. I work at a library here in Portland, Oregon. Next door is a high school named after Thomas Jefferson. The school had a statue of the founding father, I could see it from the back door of the library. You can guess that it (the statue) is no longer there.
    I nominate this most helpful Popular Mechanics article, and I apologize James if I did stray a bit from the criteria:

    “How to Topple a Statue Using Science”

    …I guess I think that I disbelieve the premise of the article, to protect people from getting hurt while taking down the symbols of oppression, might be a different agenda at play, just saying…

  30. Solidarity??!!??
    Be careful, this is deranged socialist commie word. We help each other. Maybe there is also mutual support. 😉

  31. Hi,
    My 30 something year old daughter sent me this article By Michael Hobbes written October 2020. The article seems to be saying that parents, I am 60 something, are going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory’s. I do not drink, smoke or take pharmaceuticals and do not have cognitive decline. In spite of this, my daughter has been convinced by this article that she can not talk to me anymore or listen to anything that I say. Because of this I think that this is extremely effective propaganda.


    • I appreciate you relaying your story. Thanks Nancy.

  32. Dear James,

    Please accept my nominee for the Fake News Awards, 2020:

    Fake News Contestant: New York Times article Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How
    By Or Fleisher, Gabriel Gianordoli, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Karthik Patanjali, Miles Peyton and Bedel Saget
    Published Oct. 30, 2020

    The big lie this year was that the virus that causes Covid-19 (SARS CoV-2) is transmissible through the air by asymptomatic people. This lie is the number one reason for lock-downs, social distancing, and the use of face masks. The lie was perpetuated in countless news stories around the world, but the best example is the New York Times animated article titled Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How.

    To understand the lie, we need to understand where it came from and why it is not true.

    I first noticed this lie embedded in the OSHA training we were required to read before we were allowed to return to work in the spring, after the initial lockdown. Our VOSHA (Vermont OSHA) training slideshow stated: “It may be possible that a person can get the coronavirus by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.” (, slide #6)

    This “fact” seemed strange to me, since most viruses and bacteria are spread through surface contact, followed by contact with an opening into the body. (That’s why we are advised to wash our hands and don’t touch our faces.) The “fact” that this virus was completely different from all others in this way was startling news.

    The VOSHA training referenced the CDC as the source for the “fact.” The CDC’s site makes the statement again, but cites no sources:“Spread from touching surfaces is not thought to be a common way that COVID-19 spreads” ( So, where did this fact come from?

    At around the same time, the WHO released its June 5th Interim Report which stated:
    “…transmission of the COVID-19 virus can occur directly by contact with infected people, or indirectly by contact with surfaces in the immediate environment or with objects used on or by the infected person (e.g., stethoscope or thermometer)… The scientific community has been discussing whether the COVID-19 virus, might also spread through aerosols in the absence of aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). This is an area of active research. So far, air sampling in clinical settings where AGPs were not performed, found virus RNA in some studies (13-15) but not in others. (11, 12, 16) However, the presence of viral RNA is not the same as replication- and infection-competent (viable) virus that could be transmissible and capable of sufficient inoculum to initiate invasive infection.” Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19: interim guidance, 5 June 2020 ( What the WHO points out is that release of virus particles into the air does not mean that there is enough active particle to infect another person. This kind of airborne transmission is, thankfully, very rare.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  33. Hello James,

    Here I am, Nelson Ferreira, from Portugal.

    My suggestion for fake news award:

    Portuguese national TV, the leader station named: SIC, broadcasted September 1st 2020 at night prime time daily news, that a political event expected to take place in the south of Lisboa (capital city from Portugal), had been front page of the USA newspapper: New York Times.

    Here you can find a frame of the moment when the lady anchor of the night news TV show, airs the cover of the NYT as real, but it was a false cover:

    Fake news that was being circulated in social media, was broadcasted in national TV as a real thing!

    Thank you for your wonderful work.

    Nelson Ferreira

  34. I guess someone has to do the hard work around these parts…

    The highly anticipated “they are heeerreeee” ringtone for your mind controlling tracking tracing and isolationist smart device of choice. You have at your disposal a choice of not ONE, not THREE but TWO ringtone variants. For a LIMITED time only, first hundred thousand come, first hundred thousand serve!

    The spooky “they are heeerreeee” ringtone, version 1:

    The spooky “they are heeerreeee” ringtone, version 2:

    • BTW, this looks like a really terrific, user unfriendly file sharing service, found about it just some days ago.

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