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Today James continues the discussion on “positive propaganda” by looking at some examples of #antiganda. Activists around the world are creating eye-catching messages designed to get people to question their conditioning. Here’s how you can join them.

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Positive Propaganda? – #PropagandaWatch

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#antiganda hashtag

Free download of ready to print #antiganda

James Corbett on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

LOVE Bus Liberty Tour Sign Stencil/Template PDF’s

Please, Steal this Logo!!! (the Ron Paul Revolution Artwork)

Russell Brand Trademarks (steals) ‘r3VOLution’ Logo Made Famous by Ron Paul Campaign

The White Rose on Telegram

Don’t Use Telegram.

THINK! Twitter account

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda


  1. In regards to the person saying to not use Telegram.

    The issue in his video is that he is suggesting alternatives to Telegram that are for more technical to get running than the average user will understand.

    At this point, my recommendation would be to use Matrix through Minds. So far, I haven’t observed Minds or those involved with Minds to do anything that brings up a red flag. is the URL for their new Telegram-competing service.

    • I haven’t looked closely at the fediverse option, but my understanding was that the “banning” of Gab was just many admins decided to ban Gab from their servers, but I’m pretty sure it is not possible to ban someone from the fediverse.

      You might find this recent article on Discord informative:

      Discord Says It Banned More Than 2,000 Extremist Communities The popular platform also reported on Monday that it deleted more than 300 communities, known on the site as “servers,” that were dedicated to the conspiracy theory QAnon.[1]

      I’ve also anecdotally heard complaints from gamers about Discord.

      Note that many of these options are not an acceptable replacement for the average user of Telegram, because the average user is not administrating their own server.

      The issue with self-hosting is that you effectively need an administrator to build and maintain the server, or take up a new hobby.


  2. It’s OK on my end. It does seem to bog down a bit, from time to time.

    • Those are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Here are a list of things you can do to reduce the influence of the powerful and at the same time increase your own: www.

    • Actually, you were right the first time. Scroll way down and in the right-hand column it says:

      “Stickers? Please Read!

      Several people have been contacting us because of White Rose stickers. Please note that we do not do stickers. However, there is a coexisting White Rose group on Telegram that distributes stickers.”

  4. I was walking on an empty college campus during the lockdowns and saw a sticker on the inside rim of an outdoor public trash can so I walked over to check it out and there was this sticker on it:

    Prior to seeing that I had already started drinking mineral water out of a glass bottle as my primary water source but still drank small amounts of tap water directly and also cooked with tap water. The sticker really made me start researching alternative, pure water sources to fill in the gaps. Have yet to find a winner for a secondary water source, but that sticker struck a chord with me and I know other antiganda stickers will work on others at the right place and right time in their life.

    • Cool tidbit anecdote. Fluoride.

    • The only way to make this story cooler is to tell it as if it happened in Fluorida.

      What is the best water source solution you found on your travels? To me it seems the most obvious and accesible source of distilled water would be fresh fruits and vegetables.

      • True. But it happened in Commiefornia so that’s a close 2nd. I drink Gerolsteiner mineral water. It’s the best I’ve found sold in my local area grocery stores. When I went on a hunt for my secondary water source, I called a couple companies in my area that sold purified water or whatever, and I asked them where the water came from and for a water report so I could see exactly what was in it. They were confused, as if it was weird to ask such a question. They said their water came from the city tap and they didn’t have a report of what was in it. Not very good salesmen if you ask me. I like the fruits and veggies idea, but I also need a big jug of available when I cook or choose not to drink my mineral water.

  5. What will happen after all those people have died?
    What are your plans?

    Nobel Laureate Says “No Chance of Survival” For Vaccine Takers
    Info-wars comments on a very confronting interview.

    “Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no
    chance of survival for people who have received any form of the
    In a shocking interview, the world’s top virologist stated bluntly:
    There is no possible treatment for those who have been vaccinated
    already. We must prepare to incinerate the bodies.

    The scientific genius backed claims of other preeminent virologists,
    after studying the constituents of the vaccine.
    They will all die from antibody dependent enhancement.
    Nothing more can be said.

    Judy Mikovits
    Judy Mikovits has a similar statement in which she says that many
    of the vaccinated people may die.
    50 Million in US may die

    Professor Dolores Cahill says that mRNA vaccines enhances the illness and the disease
    The mRNA primes the immune system against your body.
    And at an infection will enhance the (weak) illness to lethal levels.
    The immune system will attack organs to which the spike-proteins are attached.

    The Highwire
    Could vaccines make Covid-19 worse?

  6. Best comment under the Luke Smith video

    Tell me which GNU Meme software with 8 users worldwide I should use instead.

    Another one

    Since Luke asked for Matrix servers, I use one called
    It is sorta like the unofficial 4chan server so it has many 4chan related rooms, which means they won’t ban you for posting boomer Qanon memes or something. A lot of matrix servers are owned by commie fucks who ban you for “muh hate speech” and other dumb shit like that

    Looks like some fun chat rooms (with 10k people max)

    the video maker seems to have no clue what telegram is about as he compares it to whatsapp (discord probably another good comparison) – which is not surprising, as he is not using it.

    one huge part about telegram is, it is like instagram, minds (facebook) and youtube/odysee. ethics the same? I don’t know. trust monarch Durov.
    functionality is the same.

    thus activists, journos, video makers, “content creators” use to it to share their content (texts, photos, memes, videos, live audio talk, links to other websites (livestream or video alerts))

    oh and yes it is a messenger too. and although you can delete your messages/chats entirely this deletion likely will not happen on the central server side.
    thus, yes, thank you, for that purpose use matrix, sessions or signal if it has to be on mobile.

    but for anything else there is yet no better (large enough) alternative to my knowledge.
    and it is a damn normie friendly platform and (thus) normies are using it – you can reach them there.

  7. Dear Anti-thought-crime Community,

    I hit upon a fun idea yesterday. It was one of those things that “just happened”. I had read MoonOfAlabama’s take on the Belarussian forced landing of a plane to arrest a participant in the recent (some months ago) failed coup in Belarussia, and was thinking about how to post a note to Twitster about this.

    For some reason, the first line that I came up with had a dah-dah dah-dah dah-dah rhythm and my right-side brain screamed LIMERICK!!!, and my left side brain said “Challenge Accepted”. Before long I had:

    A plane that flew on through
    Belarussian skies so blue
    Was set down
    To take the clown
    Of a previous CIA coup

    (link to BBC article)

    Now, this is not quite a limerick, but close enough, and I kinda liked it. My right side-brain was giggling ‘coz I dont give it enough love, and my left side brain was having fun with the rhyming game.

    Next, Paul Jay is interviewing Lawrence Wilkerson about Israel, and my little brain-sides came up with:

    Of the 10 million $ a day
    To Israel that you pay
    It all comes back
    To the military contract-
    ors Who’re oh so happy to play

    (link to the interview:

    Getting on a role, whilst reading the first of a 5-part series for ConsortiumNews on the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex, I actually had to *work*. I knew the last 4 words, but had to fit in the rest and tie it to the article reference:

    Eisenhower spoke thus tacit
    MIC! be hold, observe it
    Butler had said
    As known to the dead
    OMG “War is a racket” !

    (link to article:

    Now, the left and right sides of the brain come together and give me a rather nice realisation, epiphany even, and this is how this post relates to antiganda. Firstly, constraining oneself to a limerick-like form means you dont have to think about a 240 character limit. You’ll never hit it. Nice. Secondly, I get to throw in references from my extensive research which will mean nothing to many, but will set off the odd “ping!” to some. I like this when I see it in others, and so its a form of “club membership” winking.

    But! the best bit is the realisation that using a form of art to proclaim a message does two things: a) you look like a complete twat if you ridicule or attempt to suppress it, and b) you leave it to the reader/observer to come up with their own response/truth. The second point is important. I am not screaming or yelling or trying to tell people what to think. Its just a pebble in the lake; lets see what happens?

    So, there it is. Have fun. Use different forms of communication, from stickers to limericks!

    For an encore:

    There is a country whose name
    Betwixt Ireland and Italy, same
    Cannot be seen
    And is not deemed
    Any N-P NW fame

    All four of the above were composed yesterday and posted to my 16 follower Twitster account. So, no impact whatsoever, but damn it did I have fun!!

    • An inspired and confused, Corbett
      With resilience to not abet,
      Researched the world
      And let it be told
      The are things to not forget

      FLNWO part something. 😉

    • Is this Fake News Misinformation? …the Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers?!? Where are the Fact Checkers?

      I wonder if James Corbett ever dreams about Tim Hortons coffee.

  8. Here’s my latest “Theory” on the Experimental Injections:

    It appears that most people that have gotten one, or a series, of the Experimental Injections argue that they have had little or no side effects from the Shot. Perhaps, but all these people were perfectly healthy before getting one of these Shots, thus there is nothing to prove that the Shot did them any good.
    My Theory is that the Shot, or Series of on going Shots, is going to destroy the Natural Immune System of those getting the Shots and thereby put them at higher risk of getting sick in the future. At some point they will need to get the latest Shot just to stay alive. And, what might they be willing to do to get their next Fix? The Word Wide Drug Companies and the CIA have done plenty of studies on how to control populations with Drugs, and this may be the Grand Finally, eh!
    A some point those who have bought the scam will need to coming begging for the latest Shot just to stay alive.

    • I think you’re going a little left field here.

      Just control the water and food and you’ve got ’em.

      I’ve largely ignored the details of the COVID-19(84) game. My theory is the ol’ “never let a good crisis go to waste” theory. The pathogen is real, naturally evolved and moved via species to humans, but way before the Wuhan outbreak. The chinese were the first to identify and respond. There is plenty of evidence of european cases before November 2019. I may be completely wrong, but Occam’s Razor’s on my side.

      But, the response! That follows a clear line of policies for decades regarding political and civil rights: FEAR! (save us, but we give away rights), FEAR (more lost rights), FEAR (more lost rights) etc..

      I ascribe to Caitlin Johnstone’s mantra that control is via narrative. I am thus cautious about joining any narrative: I’m a “multi-narrative” person.

      History is complex and I see no reason why the present should be different.

      Any simple theory of “Event 201 + Fort Detrick” or “Labs in China” requires strong evidence. I also believe that geopolitical rhetoric is designed to point attention *away* from reality. Thus the recent “EU + Australia + …” want an investigation into the origins of COVID-1948 (oops!) is just political blustering to divert attention away. From what, I’m not sure.

      But, it does align with the current “great power competition” narrative from the USA Dept of Killing People whilst suckering poor people into the Machine, and Making Money for Weapons Producers with Tax Dollars.

  9. This may be a little out of place, and I’ll be not annoyed if it is not posted.

    Whilst not a “statist” I believe that states can be useful. It is how they are managed which is the problem. I see two ideas to return a “demos” to “democracy” which are completely missing, globally.

    1. Direct Democracy

    Have a look around for articles on this. The summary is that any citizen can propose legislation, but that votes from the demos will determine the outcome. The devil, as always, is in the “how”. The interesting part is that elections are gone for the legislature. The citizens vote individually, or delegate their vote to another, possibly changing on topic. Engaged citizens get to drive policy/law, and can delegate to non-elected (for no one is elected) representatives.

    2. Funding Brackets

    I’ve not done lots of research on this, but think it important and will make my case. As a payer of taxes you should be able to direct that funding, but also acknowledge that “unforeseen circumstances” arise. So, 20% of your taxes are put in the “unforseen” category, but the other 80% you get to choose its allocation by category as put in law as above (Direct Democracy).

    Lets say, you have the following categories:

    Administration: Infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and sewage processing, electrical grid and power production …), Human Services (health (doctors, hospitals, …), public transport, police, fire department, …), Foreign Relations (consulates, covert operatives, intelligence gathering, …), “Defense” Forces (Military in country, Military abroad, Supply and Logistics, R&D, Accountancy and Administration), …

    Legislature: maintenance of facilities and records

    Legal: maintenance of facilities and records

    Firstly, you see the differences between the “3 branches of government”. I mean, what the hell else does the parliament or courts do apart from hear opinion/evidence and make a decision? Thus, “maintenance of facilities and records”. The big deal is the executive, with civil infrastructure, defense, diplomacy etc..

    This would help people understand what their government does and choose its funding ends.

    • I could summarise this as follows:

      How many community public housing projects can you build from the recycled steel of one aircraft carrier fleet?

    • What kind of laws would these people vote for?
      What about opting out?

  10. James Corbett’s Positive Propaganda? – #PropagandaWatch drove some people to that short video: Cancer Schmancer’s “Be The Change!” Sizzle.
    You can read the YouTube comments with the time stamp. And, of course, Corbett Report is mentioned in the comments repeatedly.

    With Positive Propaganda or Antiganda, or even the enemy’s news hype, my mind keeps circling back to the points which James Corbett makes about THE STORY. There was a lot of wisdom in his article: “How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)” along with pointing out a potential SOLUTION pathway.

    I’ve changed my tactics in 2021.
    I don’t like to brag, but it is a requirement for Texas citizenship, along with being skilled in hyperbole.
    In 2020, I did a lot of dissemination: Over 2,100 flyers out, over 40 signs, and also running online ads in a large suburban paper linking to Corbett’s “Who is Bill Gates”.

    In 2021, following a series of gut-wrenching mind cramps trying to understand people, I realized like what Corbett said: “…that this is NOT about facts and figures.
    You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.”

    So? What am I doing now?
    I’m still figuring that out.
    One approach is to “undercut” a person’s perspective, not challenge it.
    EXAMPLE: “You are right. We all know the Mechanism of Action for these vaccines. They permanently program your body’s cells to make billions of spike proteins. I am so glad Americans are well educated about the Immune System with its T-Cell Killer Cells and Killer Cell Lymphocytes.”
    EXAMPLE: “This recent CDC change will really help the vaccine push. Effective May 14th, the CDC will no longer count Covid Cases for the Vaccinated Population (except for hospitalizations or death), while they will continue counting Covid Cases as they have been for the Un-vaccinated Population.”

    Another thing I try to do when appropriate, is to segue Corbett Report into any dialogue.

    While I don’t get on comment boards of news sights that often, I can attest that sometimes the reporters read the comments, especially if the comments are not too challenging nor contentious. I had mentioned a certain “relatively unknown” person in the finance arena, and a few days later he was interviewed.

  11. Off topic sidenote trivia speculation:

    You know that scene of Corbett in the PropagandaWatch video?…
    There is a building in the background with water surrounding it. There is also a sidewalk along side of the building.

    James Corbett has filmed short episodes before at that location.
    In one of those videos, while James was talking, I remember something in the background, where the sidewalk of the building was.
    Around the far corner of the building appeared a little boy followed by two ladies, (and maybe a stroller – I don’t recall for sure).
    Anyway, the little boy took off running down that long sidewalk. One of the ladies was racing to catch up with him.

    The incident stuck. I had pondered at the time: “I wonder if that was Corbett’s little boy.”

    • hmmmm. i suggest crosswords. yes. most definitely crosswords.

  12. May I suggest Mediabear’s Gootube channel. Hilariously modified popular songs. Enjoy!

  13. Positive Propaganda video script:

    Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins): Do you like children? I do. So does my friend Burt. (Dick Van Dyke joins Julie onscreen and gives his big smile). We want the children to breathe freely. No masks. We want the children to have a good life.

    Dick van Dyke (Burt): And we want them to be healthy and free to be all that they can be.

    Next Scene:

    Mel Gibson (Dressed as the military man he was in “When we were Soldiers”): “Being all you can be”, doesn’t mean joining the military. It means being all your soul can be. All your mind and body can be. Mad Max never gave up. He was always his own man. Be well. Be Mad Max.

    Frances McDormand (Dressed up like the Minnesota State Policewoman in “Fargo”): I’ve met a lot of bad guys. They always flee the interview. They always go after the money, and forget why we are here. Next thing you know, some guy’s in the wood chipper and I’m shooting the perp in the leg on a frozen lake.

    You get the gist of it. Ideas?


  14. The SPARS document has not a bad idea for antiganda in it (p. 19):

    > Some members of these ZapQ groups even began to use full-sized (12”x12”) IAT
    > screens on backs of their jackets, coats, and backpacks to loop the vomiting
    > video for all in their immediate vicinity to see.

  15. This is our antiganda story:

    For many years, through my husband’s painting and my writing, we have communicated the need to think, question, turn off the TV, live one’s own life, and think, think, think. Since the Covid debacle we have increased the message of thinking and questioning.

    Each artwork has a story, one wrapped around freedom, light, life, and truth. I write an essay for each artwork, posted on the print website. Then, when we market via Twitter, FB, (not kicked off either yet), MeWe, Pinterest, we emphasize the message of thinking, in light of the image.

    Like — Doubt is a sign that the Commonsense System is healthy and working the way it is supposed to be —


    She had never fit in, because she never went along with the crowd. But given where the crowd was going these days, fitting in didn’t seem like such an attractive option.

    The image itself speaks, and the writing adds to it.

  16. What is the definition of Propaganda?

    My definition: Mind/Behavior Control Without Physical Violence.

    Words which I think of as synonyms of mind/behavior control: propaganda, advertising, marketing, sales, influence, persuasion, education, storytelling, conditioning, social engineering, brainwashing…and many more.

    Is there a time in which mind/behavior control is a good thing? Yes. Let’s say your two-year- old is gnawing on the dog’s bone. You can slap it out of his hand (physical violence), or you can distract him with a cookie while taking away the dog’s bone. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. We all do it. We don’t even realize that we are trying to control someone else’s thoughts and behavior. As parents and teachers we want children to pay attention, behave in social acceptable ways, learn skills. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. The problem is that one of the essential skills that we are not teaching them is recognition and resistance to mind/behavior control techniques. We send them on their way as young adults with no idea how to defend themselves in a world where they will be continually preyed upon by people who are highly trained and organized to control them, often with evil purposes.

    Unless people understand the techniques that are being used, propaganda isn’t anti-ganda. However, I am not against using these techniques. We all do it, whether we realize it or not. Best to know what we are doing and why. I agree that we should get alternative ideas out there in a convincing way, but the war for people’s minds won’t be won until we all become propagandists.

    There are thousands of how-to books on mind/behavior control. I found Robert Cialdini’s “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion” to be very useful when I started researching this topic ten years ago.

  17. Thanks, great example. I rarely go on facebook anymore, but decided it was worth it to share this.

  18. Hi some french “antiganda” sites: This is swiss based web based weekly newspaper going out only in PDF and EPUB , editor is well known writer , activist , translator Slobodan Despot for french speaking people this newpaper is great way to not just to be informed but also to think and re think the world and the situation. Frenck sociologist blog , gret analysis a lot of usefull links
    I think that this site is the most usefull site in french for antiganda . Its started by doctors , psychologists , psychiatrists , artists , mathematiciens . You can find there all the stuff posters , flyers , videos , they have weekly live …

  19. BUMP
    The Marvel Demonstration: Avengers Campus

    3 1/2 minute VIDEO of fantstic guerrilla marketing by The Avengers!
    Be sure to catch the super-power levitation of the message at the end.

    Guerrilla marketing – DEFINITION
    innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product or an idea.

  20. As amazing as these guys and gals are, one can obviously see on the faces that were not covered by superhero masks that they know they are standing in the light, at the same time this video is heartbreking. Had there been any interaction with the “people” I’m sure we would have seen it in at least a scene or two.

    One can bring a horse to water, but they can’t make him drink.

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