Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett #060

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Questions For Corbett | 152 comments

Diane writes in to ask if there are any protests against the lockdowns happening. The answer is a resounding yes, but the fact that people aren’t hearing about these protests speaks volumes in and of itself. Join James for this important action-oriented edition of Questions For Corbett.

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Protests outside statehouse

BREAKING: Ohio residents protesting #Coronavirus lockdown at state capitol.

In-vehicle protest against expanded stay-at-home order held in Lansing

Anti-lockdown protest in Michigan

Protest to end the lockdown happening now in Vancouver

Pak Nationals protest in Dubai as more than 2,000 Pakistanis stuck in UAE | COVID-19 | Coronavirus

Thousands Defy Lockdown At Bandra Station In Mumbai, Lathicharged By Cops

Berlin Germany people resist the Covid19 Tyranny

The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Idaho State Rep – COVID-19 & Destruction of Liberty

The People Waking Up: Coronavirus Lockdown Sparking Nationwide Protests

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  1. I got this vid from Goo Tube. It has Goo Tube time stamps. As a long time sub and Patreon supporter, I was disappointed to give this vid the first thumbs down I’ve given anything from James in ages.

    12:00 James, don’t ever tell them what to do. You are well informed and intelligent but for both those reasons, you absolutely know it’s not your job (nor anyone’s) to tell people what to do. Just don’t do it man. Recommend, suggest, implore; no worries. You tell, you lose. By your own rules. WE (the world wide awake people) watch the watchers. 12:54 no “right” with the well loved JC chuckle mitigates the call. “Whatever it takes” is not your call James.

    • sarcasm parse fail on your part stoffa…

      He is making your exact point. There need be no leader to tell you what to do, you are your own leader, and you decide when to stand up from your computer and go out and protest. Its all a matter of what you believe. If you believe in the danger of the virus to the point that your safety outweighs your freedom, stay sitting.

      I sense frustration on James’ part here that people are encouraging him to be a leader and to incite more action on the part of his viewers because, by some odd force of nature, they are unwilling to go out an incite action themselves. You don’t need to wait for a podcaster to tell you do go out and fight for your freedom. If you believe that you’ve missed the point, and already lost your freedom.

      • Now that’s a reasonable reply and I’d buy it normally. It’s just the “right” and JC chuckle was a very long way away from the “whatever it takes” line and I know he’s been doing silly hours lately and might have lost his bearings.

        As stated, I’m a long time sub and Patreon supporter. I too get my say and all I’m asking is that James vets himself carefully as there is a very fine line between sarcastic suggestion on his behalf and incitement. In this case, at least for me, it was a line in the gap between the chuckle and the “whatever it takes line”.

        It may well be a sarcasm parsing failure on my behalf, if so, great. Still, I get to point out when I see a very long history of certain timing change, particularly when it’s about something as vital as resistance.

    • I agree with you all.

      Maybe you didn’t get what stoffa want to say. My interpretation of stoffa is:
      James, for this words you might get busted. Is it worth?

      • Nope, Mik the day James restricts what he says for fear of “might get busted” is the day I unsub and stop funding him.
        James advocates anarchy. Anarchists don’t get to rule. They don’t get to order, they don’t get to tell. All they can do is suggest, advise and if needed, implore.
        It’s something about James I applaud.
        I may be wrong (happily) but I didn’t get his last “whatever it takes” line as being from an anarchist. I got it from someone in desperation, unwillingly taking up the mantle of leadership and ordering.

        That I will not take, not from anyone.

        • Ok, my projection.

          It’s not about fear of might get busted.

          It’s about wisdom of not get busted because unwise words for example.
          Wisdom first, bravery second.

          • Even Ricky Jervais doesn’t lay it down as hard and fast as James does and Ricky gets a fair wack of immunity as a comedian.
            James has always told it straight up, no watering down, no compromise. No giving a flying F$#@ who’s feathers it ruffles.

            When he’s named names, given dates, added supporting documentation and witnesses damning the highest levels of the most corrupt and dangerous governing officials and their pals known to man; I don’t think he’s ever worried about “unwise words”, only supporting evidence and that, he always has in spades.

        • stoffa I need to defend James. Yes I did notice a more action-oriented tone in the video.
          However James was not ordering all to go out and disobey!

          What he was doing was encouraging those who have been sitting on the fence, being obedient to the authorities, to start to think for themselves and act as they see fit, rather than how the authorities see fit.
          In other words, be your own person, not a slave!

    • Sure, if I was a well admired and over a decade long researcher and reporter on non MSM issues, I’d be hypocritical right now.
      I’m not. Instead I’m a long time sub and Patreon supporter, keeping an eye on my most trusted source in difficult times.
      I’m pretty darn sure James would be OK with being questioned.
      Why does my questioning of him bother you so?

    • It really couldn’t have been much more obvious that James was being sarcastic & driving home a point.
      If nothing else, the ‘badges’ in the form of ‘Every Vote Counts’ stickers should have tipped you off.

      As a ‘long time sub and Patreon supporter’ you should know that James has engaged in this exact same highly-effective, point-driving flavor of sarcasm in countless video segments and has said far more ‘dangerous’ things during those segments.

      Additionally, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but James has never been a tiptoeing coward. He has non-sarcastically accused — with face on camera and name & location revealed — some of the most powerful people on the planet of being liars, murderers, traitors, criminals & psychopaths; and revealed secrets that those people desperately don’t want revealed.
      I don’t think he’s particularly afraid of someone extracting a statement from one of his videos and attempting to submit it, stripped of tone & context, as damning evidence against him.

      PS: I absolutely loved the segment you’re referring to. It was a great example of James’ awesome teaching skills. I loved the whole video actually.

      • I agree with no reservations; James Corbett researches very well, plans and presents at the highest levels and always gives sources.

        Above and beyond even Sibel Edmonds, James rocks.

        I’m very happy to be wrong, but the timing was off for me. See comments above for details.

        I’ve both noticed, applaud and financially back the lack of cowardice James shows.

      • ‘….It really couldn’t have been much more obvious that James was being sarcastic & driving home a point.
        If nothing else, the ‘badges’ in the form of ‘Every Vote Counts’ stickers should have tipped you off. ….’

        THATS why they did not work when I tried to use my new authority to requisition supplies!

        • Duck: Lol! Finally, some much needed humor in this thread. I was beginning to think someone was going to start debating how many angels are on the head of a pin.

          Methinks y’all protesteth too much sometimes. I know it sounds crazy to someone who’s a strict anarchist, but some of us need a little push, a bit of somewhat magical woo woo perhaps, to get things started. Although I was hating the whole forced mask thing and find the six-feet away social distancing not only ridiculous but also highly unscientific, I did feel “embadgered” after watching this video and did my embadgerment put a little more umph in my walking around like a human being in my ‘hood? You bet it did.

          I also showed this video to my husband and three teenage boys, before my teens and I went to a protest in Orange County last week. Sometimes, people do need a permission slip. Sometimes, we need to know we’re not alone, especially when everybody IS all alone, in our houses, under house arrest. Not all of us are, or want to be, perfect anarchists. If you’re looking for only that criterion for protesters, we might be in house arrest forever.

          That said, my husband, who might be more anarchist than I, laughed when he saw that James was making fun of the whole leadership process when James said, “Whatever it takes.” We are truly having to go for it with this push for freedom. If people need James to be a leader in this movement, please allow him reluctantly, and in his humble and humorous way, to be one.

  2. I am so glad to see people protesting and defying “social distancing” and “stay home” “orders”. People cannot ignore facts on the ground, that in fact many hospitals are empty and people are losing their jobs and freedom. Working in a hospital myself, I see our census is very low, lower than it normally would be. People who are sick are avoiding coming into the hospital which is dangerous. There are many people who need medical treatment who are avoiding hospitals out of fear and the canceling elective services.

    Though there are a few people who become very ill with something being called Covid 19, there is no “surge” in most places. Many health care providers will find themself out of a job if this continues. The economic consequences will start affecting more people who will not tolerate it, including me.

    When I go out and enjoy the sunshine like I was doing before all this, I see more and more people out having picnics and playing with their children. I see police cars and officers out and about who are not enforcing “social distancing” in fact they are not social distancing either. I read a statement by another person on write “real eyes see real lies” and that is what I believe is happening. These lockdowns are based on misinformation and nefarious purposes and there are large numbers of people who see this and know this on a subconscious level and are unwilling to accept this “new normal”.

    Because there are many Americans who are still armed and would fight for their freedom if push comes to shove, I believe things will start opening up in the US very soon. I think the powers that shouldn’t know this and see the resistance growing and will soon remove these lockdowns out of self-preservation and unfortunately maintain their control. People have a tremendous opportunity here, a crisis does present an opportunity for significant positive change too. The people do have much more power than the state and if we unite and refuse to comply, we could make significant gains toward a free and equitable society. There is a protest in my city this weekend. I will go to it. Every act of resistance, no matter how small makes a difference. That is what I believe at any rate.

    Much of this is psychological manipulation, to create dread and fear and a sense of helplessness. It is a psyop, people have to see through it and people are seeing through it. The powers that shouldn’t be want us to believe that everyone is going along, but they are not. There are many people who are awake who are afraid because they think they are the only ones who see the lies, but they are not alone.

    • I agree 100%. I do think people do see through it and are afraid they are alone. The isolation of lockdown is a tool to this end. I have been more outspoken than normal to try to counteract this effect among my “normie” coworkers and friends. Telling them that this is NOT OK, NOT NORMAL, and that we MUST NOT COMPLY or we can just expect MORE crackdowns in the future.

      More than ever, people need to know they are not alone, and that if a great number of us refuse to comply, it is egg on the face of the tyrants. They can’t keep up the charade with bogus (1984) statistics like “99% of the public” approve of social distancing when you can go out on the street and see with your own eyes that more than half the people are NOT complying, and do NOT approve.

      Great post, just wanted to let you know you’re not alone 😀

      PS – there is an organized Free State Project rally to take place in my home state of NH this weekend… My family will be there. We are not a “population” to be controlled.

  3. Can you suggest a reasonably clean alternative to Duck Duck Go?

    Here in Vermont people are expected to stay close to home and wear a mask in public. I take a bandanna with me to fill that requirement when necessary but don’t wear one otherwise. There’s one woman on our town listserv who posts DAILY about the need to wear a mask while shaming those who don’t (with Emoji hearts, of course). Without confronting her directly, I’ve tried posting alternative interpretations of the “virus” itself and cautions about the vaccine/surveillance agenda, only to be slammed by others on the list. While three people on the list have expressed support privately, no one has stood with me publicly. The Kool-Aid is potent and the peer pressure frighteningly effective.

    Thank you for what you do as a voice of sanity in dystopian times.

    • ‘…Can you suggest a reasonably clean alternative to Duck Duck Go? …’

      Does anyone remember webrings?
      Maybe we should start bookmarking stuff and then make a list page or a webring somewhere… or list pages on a webring?
      We’d have to find some way to classify links and it would not be near as good for looking things up as DuckDuckGo

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking when I was trying to find a link that someone posted in the Corbett Report but I wasn’t able to find it.

        A sort of website but better organized, more user-friendly, and maybe with a voting system to separate content by quality (according to the users).

        Is that more or less what you are talking about?

        • That sounds good… but I dont think any ONE site will be work.
          I think many people will need to have their own, and I WISH the corbett report had a dedicated LINKS page like in ye olde days.
          We all need to make our own whale’s- more then can be rubbed out without a big fuss.

          Web habits have changed, but when I started online I would just follow the links to where ever they led.

          I think we will all have to have out own pages of links….JUST my opinion but normies only wake up when the see ‘reputable’ sites telling them things either counter factual or contrary to another reputable source which is why the Googlapocalypse is hitting people who want to know the truth so hard. You cant just click on a link to a source you trust that says the news is talking BS.

          • I am not sure if I explained myself properly, Duck. I mean, I totally agree with what you say: we all should have copies of everything interesting we see online, from websites to videos.

            What I was talking about is to create a collaborative website where everybody from the Corbett Report (or other similar websites) could share interesting links for others interested on the same topics. For example, when I see an interesting link here, I add it to a txt file to read later (I have sooo many to read…!), but in addition I could add it in this directory-website for others to read it too. Apart of links, also documentaries, books and so on.

            Of course it would be great if the CR could have a directory like this. But I think that James is already overwhelmed with work, so I won’t even ask him.

            In other words, what I am talking about is not a website for “normies”, but for us. I know these don’t care about most of the things we talk about. “Is 5G bad? Oh, but I can play Call of Duty without delay and download movies in a second. Apart of that, this [Rothschild-funded] newspaper says that with 5G you are more clever, so you are wrong”.

            Googlapocalypse, so true!

            • Thats a pretty good idea, the only thing is I have no idea how to create a website with many people working together unless it was some kind of forum.

              If its just something for ‘us’ then honestly a BBS system accessed thru a client telnet would work pretty well for text files and stuff.
              Totally insecure transmission over the net but harder to hack or take down and very cheep to run.

              Weird thing about call of duty is that I read that more hours of it have been played then hours the human race has existed… imagine if those hours had gone on something useful?

              • I know how to do it but not in a “professional” way. For example, I am not sure if I would know would to do about ratings. In the next days, if work lets me, I will make a few tests to see how it goes.

                I don’t even know what BBS system is! I had to search for it and I think I have never used it. I will take a closer look at that to see how it works.

                Oh… I was one of these people playing Call of Duty (and other games). I have always asked myself something similar: how different my life would have been if I had never played videogames and chatted? Although 95% of the English I know is by writing to people around the world…

            • Using a Search Engine, even Google, it can be pretty easy to track down a Corbett Report Comment if one remembers keywords to that comment, especially keywords like the username and uncommon phrases.

              When a Corbett Report episode comes up on the search result, just hit “Ctrl” and “F” . A Search box appears. Enter some words.
              Corbett’s articles and transcripts can be searched this way.

              Using what I just wrote, I found the comment where it explains…
              SEARCHING Corbett Report Comments
              SEARCHING Corbett Report Comments


              • Thanks HRS! But at the end I found it :). Although instead of using Google I opened like the last 10 articles/videos posted by James and using Ctrl + F I got it.

      • Hey Duck, I don’t know what webrings are, but sometime ago I came across a link from someone here to a decentralized search engine called YaCy. Not sure I get the concept or how to get it up and running on my computer (not your typical add-on), but I am intrigued by it. Do you know anything about how it?

    • Thanks, AmVil. I’ll look into Ecosia.

  4. Speaking of protest (and the potential consequences of that), has anyone here heard about the Stasi-style arrest and detention of medical lawyer Beata Bahner in Germany? That coverage starts around 30:00 in this video from UK Channel: We can stand with her by calling phone numbers given at the end of the report.

    At the start of that same video, the intrepid Vanessa Beeley leads off with a report on Neil Ferguson and the inaccurate computer modeling put forward by Imperial College in London. She then goes on to detail the dark money web of Gates, GAVI, CEPI, the WHO, et al. that also now includes the British government. The tentacles of that are everywhere.

    • Greetings,
      Regarding Beate Bahner, the German lawyer who was locked up in the psychiatric wing by the police in Heidelberg, you can read an original report here:
      Her own website is here:
      Briefly, she had already filed suit, claiming that the lockdown in Germany violated the constitution. On Easter Sunday, in the evening after resisting the quarantine/lockdown, she was arrested and put in jail. 200 people showed up at the police station. There was mention of a Swiss doctor who criticized the lockdown and was put in the funny farm à la Soviet. If they are an example, then let us push back peacefully.

    • Hi deb.h,

      Vanessa Beeley’s report that you posted here blew me away tonight. I think she nails it. I watched it twice.

      She outlines so well, and expands on the thoughts I had about the web of deceit that has led us here.

      Thank you for posting. I think you ought to repost this in the ‘Gates Investigation’ thread, if you haven’t already. I’ll be keeping my eye on UK Column in the days coming.

      • Thank you, Hotfoot. I’ll repost that link as you’ve suggested. I, too, am keeping my eye on UK Column, as those guys are totally on top of what’s happening.

  5. Remember these same governments are the ones that did this to our earths corona.

    These are the radiation belts that these evil men created by trying to blow up our upper ionosphere. Why in Gods name would they do that?
    …..If they would do that? What else will they do to us?

    • Although you might think I am off topic I am not. This is the part no one has been paying any attention to! The gear that will run your life once they connect you to the internet of things.

      Now what do we have running around in our earths atmosphere?
      you guys have to see this with your own eyes
      I saw it last night.
      You can find out when its over you here is an overview of the hell we face above our heads

      • Thanks Buck Wild for the links – this is a big part of the technocratic control grid.

      • Ok – I just watched the video on starlink. The thing that jumps out at me is that they sacrificed coverage area over latency. Which would increase the cost of the project where each satellite is 300,000 a piece. The latency factor is the most important thing for their abomination system to work properly.

        I learned of latency recently because of getting into recording music on a linux system. Real time or low latency is important in digital communication for three things – music recording, robotics and military targeting systems.

        This system is going to be used to control their robots and drones, as well as military systems. This is not about bringing the internet to rural and third world countries.

        The EMF mind control and weather control systems are going to be tapped in to this system as well. The real time – low latency speeds are integral for such systems.

        • What you are talking about coverage area is very important. In fact, in the website they say: Starlink is targeting service in the Northern U.S. and Canada in 2020, rapidly expanding to near global coverage of the populated world by 2021

          This “populated world” makes me thing that there will be extense areas without so much radiation (if I am wrong, please, someone correct me).

          For example, if you take a look at the Vodafone 5G coverage in Spain ( you can see that areas with 5G are quite small. Of course they are still setting up the infraestructure, but even the cities that have antennas, the coverage is very low.

          In many countries, even 3G has not a total coverage, when telecoms have had many years to install antennas and all this stuff, so it gives me hope in the case that I (or you) have to leave this crazy society behind.

          • This starlink system is much different. From watching the video that Buck Wild provided it shows that they are building a mesh-net of satellites that will give them pretty much total coverage.

            Now, I may be wrong about this, but this starlink system looks to me to be completely independent of the ground base 5G antennae system they are building. I can see them being used together but starlink can function independent of it because they mention people installing stand alone antennae at the point of service.

            I am not sure there will be a place to hide unless you go to one of the polar regions where it looks like the mesh net will not be orbiting from looking at the simulations – but that could be wrong being based on the simulations that were used in the video, that may not be an accurate representation of what is actually planned.

            • Thank you for your explanation, Noah. For some reason I had missed the Youtube video and I see that I have been confused about the Starlink thing for a while (too many topics to pay attention, right?).

              I have to research about this, because I see that there is a lot of information. If this is bad for health (which I don’t know it yet), at least it seems that there is an important “lobby” not happy with the starlink project, concretely astroscientists.

            • Noah, I received an email with your comment but I can’t see it here. At any rate, it was complete in my inbox, so I have been able to read it. Thank you very much for these links!

              Michael Tsarion’s videos and articles are great, although I feel that in the last years he has changed a lot. Anyway, I still enjoy a lot reading him.

              I started to read the second Jim Keith’s book but I didn’t finish it, I don’t know why. The first book that you have recommended me looks awesome!

              In the case that you want it in PDF: (I got this link from libgen)

              • You are welcome Amenetusien.

                It didn’t show up here in the comments because it had to be approved. If you post so many links it flags it for approval before it shows up here.

                Tsarion was one of my favorite researchers years ago and he got taken by the trump psy-op as well as Henrik Palmgren from red ice got caught in the alt-right psy-op as well. It was really disappointing to see happen. But The Architects of Control is a great documentary.

                Mind Control World Control is a good read, Jim Keith has done some excellent research on the subject.

                Qouting from the book’s Chapter World Brain:
                “…new strategies of technological control bring the goal of total mind and body control into range. Now mind control
                implants and broadcast electromagnetics are able to not only
                channel messages and control into the subject’s brain, they are also able to link the brain with computers — to digitize the subject’s mind as part of a larger computerized structure.
                By 1969, it is rumored, the CIA was able to achieve direct
                communication between computers and the brain. Whether this
                precise date is correct or not, in 1994 a Colorado company,
                Advanced Neurotechnologies, came up with a device called
                Brainlink, consisting of a brain-to-computer interlace that
                amplified 0.5Hz to 40Hz brainwaves, and turned them into
                coded computerese”

                “Brainlink” – Elon Musk’s Neural-link – same shit!

                Thanks for the link to the pdf, but I have hard copies of both books.

                Musk is nothing but a front man for the roll out of all of these long time black projects in to the open. The roots of all of Musk’s projects go back before he was even born.

            • I felt exactly the same than you about Tsarion. I wonder how someone who has studied so much about what happens behind the curtains can fall in these “traps”. But I have to say that he keeps writing awesome articles in his websites, and that’s what matters to me.

              All this stuff about mind control is really creepy. I am going to quote something to you that I read yesterday in the same book. I even read it to my relatives to hold my stance on all this massive manipulation:

              Sargent said, “Various types of beliefs can be implanted in
              many people after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed
              by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger, or
              excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the
              most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and
              heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are
              sometimes classed under the heading of ‘herd instinct,’ and
              appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics,
              and in all similar periods of common danger, which increase
              anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.”

              I wonder how many of those who wear masks and gloves while driving would think about what is going on today after reading this paragraph.

              About Musk, yes. I tend not to focus my feelings on anyone of these front men like Gates because it is useless. These psychopaths grow like mushrooms.

              • Yeah for sure, the subject is of mind control is a dark subject. There is a fear based mind control operation going on right now with this plandemic.

                Tsarion really has made some great contributions to the over all body of work in regards to this conspiracy – the height of his insight really came with his work on the psychological aspect of all of this and how the world is a manifestation of the manipulated subconscious of man. Cutting to the roots of it for sure. This whole scam is founded on mind control – from the simple lie on to the trauma based programming that takes place, from the soft trauma to the hard hitting shit like what Cathy O’brian went through.

        • Thanks for pointing all of that out Noahsark.

          I knew when I heard “less developed countries” on the narration of one of the videos that something was afoot.

          Military targeting systems – of course! All those military targeting systems and robotics in third world countries. Boy those third worlders will be so happy.

          • You are more than welcome.

            Add in AI or someone controlling it on the other end. A robot could be controlled from anywhere that one can tap into the system.

            Starlink looks and sounds like skynet from the terminator movie.

            And if they are showing robots like in the following video – you can be sure that they have much move advanced robots in the black sector.


            Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should!

              • Jim Keith is a good researcher who has delved into the dark subject of mind control.

                John Medina states at 5:29 in the video you linked – that he is a private consultant to Bio-tech and Pharmacuetical industries.

                I didn’t listen much past that which is the introduction to his talk where he starts into the meat of his talk, I am not that interested.

                He is talking on a completely different subject than what Jim Keith wrote about. Keith wrote about the emf mind control weapons development. Sounds like science fiction – but it is as real as the sunshine.

                You should familiarize yourself with these emf weapon systems because they are the trump card that is up the hidden hands sleeve.

        • Only reading about mind control can mind-control us by fear. I feel very sorry for all the people who had to go through all this. I mean the hard stuff, because we all have been manipulated, which is a “soft” type of control.

          The (mind) crisis we are living right now, although scary because of the uncertainty of the future, is extremely interesting for those into in psychology because, as you say, it is a crystal clear mind control operation. The problem is being able to read about this topic without letting ourselves being affected for it.

          Thanks for telling me about Cathy O’Brien, because I didn’t know her and I see that she wrote a book, which it must be really interesting.

          • You are welcome – Cathy O’brian’s story is a story everyone needs to hear but it is a story that will challenge you at the deepest level.

            I got so mad reading that book I could have ran through a wall and it will also make you cry.

            This subject is not for the weak of heart that is for sure, there is maturity that has be developed when learning about these things. Some people have killed themselves over this knowing less about this conspiracy; because it cracked their shell of ego too hard. The illusion starts to break down and if someone is too identified to that illusion then they crack and fall apart so to speak.

            • Talking about crying, I read an excerpt at that didn’t make me cry but made me feel so sad…

              The oldest woman in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen died last week at the age of 109. She survived the „Spanish flu“ of 1918, was not corona-infected and „for her age she was doing very well“. The „corona isolation“, however, had „very much affected her“: „She faded without the daily visits of her family members.“

              Poor woman… I wonder if family stopped their visits because they weren’t allowed to go or because they didn’t want because they were afraid.

              Even if Cathy’s story is so hard I want to know if that’s the truth. There is no possible defense against something we ignore. Even knowing the “reality” of the world doesn’t assure to be able to defend ourselves, but at least it gives us more options.

              • Yeah – how many stories are there out there that are happening just like that one? It is saddening to say the least… just goes to show that we need human contact for our overall mental and physical health.

                How many more years would she have had without this bullshit situation? Her story is only one among many, that is for sure.

                Civilized? huh? I like it when Ghandi was asked about western civilization and he answered – “that would be a good idea.”

                Of course implying that the west was far from being civilized.

                –>”Even if Cathy’s story is so hard I want to know if that’s the truth. There is no possible defense against something we ignore. Even knowing the “reality” of the world doesn’t assure to be able to defend ourselves, but at least it gives us more options”

                Well put — too true!

            • I don’t think she would have lived many more years taking into account that she was 109 years old. The horrible think is that she died alone when she wanted company. Oh, lots of stories! This is another sad side of it, that most of the extra deaths of this year will be because of the lockdown and governments are using these deaths to increse their fake-statistics for the virus.

              Talking about stories, just yesterday my brother explained to me about a direct case of an “asymptomatic carrier” who died for another reason but they put that she died of coronavirus in her death certificate. By “direct case” I mean someone he knew.

              Nice quote by Ghandi. There is an incredibly misconception about linking civilization with technological advances. I get on my nerves when I hear someone talking about past people as stupid and superstitious, when most of them knew better than us what means to be a human being.

              • Well we will never know – she could have lived another 6 years or months or weeks. We don’t know…

                You are right, the fact that she died alone and with all of this bullshit going on in the world most likely weighing on her.

                109 years of seeing things going on and then this – I am sure she had some insight – at the least she could have been thinking that this is the end of the world.

                What you brother witnessed is what has been reported all over the place as you well know. The numbers of this corona virus being the main direct cause of death is most likely -0-

                If someone dies from anything – they write it up as corona virus. Someone comes in with a gun shot wound and dies on the operating table – another tally for the corona virus count.

                The damn inmates are in charge of the asylum!!!

                Yeah – modern man is the most dangerously superstitious he has ever been in history.

  6. I am heartened to see these protests starting to take place. I am also heartened to see that some folks are starting to remember that there is a Constitution and a Bill of Rights in the United States, even if it was just in reaction to some words our supreme leader Trump said.

    I have seen a couple articles penned about the legal ramifications of all this infringement on states rights and individual natural rights. The supreme courts of many states and the country ( at least in the US ) will have a backlog of appeals for wrongful arrests, fines and other infringements for YEARS to come after this.

    If you believe only what the media says, we have no free country and the government has full power to tell you where to go and what to do, but there is still a legal framework in place to ensure that this is not the case, and we must continue to fight and ensure it stays in place. If you get a fine or are arrested for violation of the orders handed down by the little tyrants, you better appeal and sue the crap out of your government!

  7. I feel like protest in this case doubles as non-compliance… since we’re all supposed to stay at home 😉

  8. I thought in a similar way, but….

    This system won’t die of one or two stabs. Thousands small cuts will be needed.

    • mik says:
      “This system won’t die of one or two stabs.
      Thousands of small cuts will be needed.”

    • Yea, big sharp machete

      You can extend narrative regarding protests. Others would-be-dissidents are being thought that resistance is futile, the best you can expect is not to be beaten, not get hit by shock or tear gas grenade.
      Therefore extended campaigns like yellow vests are counter-productive in my opinion.
      I think freedom cells and underground subversion and sabotage are activities that are not being utilized enough, that’s my observation. Technocracy is very complex machine, that means many many many weak points.

      • mik
        ONLY large numbers of people either not complying or pushing back via protest will have an effect- freedom cells can subvert or even sabotage as much as they like but if MOST people think the government is right then freedom cells cant really do anything.
        When most people are pro gov saboteurs are a cash crop for the Feds to increase their budget.

        If you break the Technocracy it wont stay broken if the mass of people are fighting to put it back together…. only when people hate as well it will it fail

        • “If you break the Technocracy it wont stay broken…”

          Technocracy is broken from inception, no go system. Proven no go, study Goedel’s theorems.
          So, it’s just about finding Achilles heel (there are many) and poke it. And proceed this way as long as needed for beast to die. In the mean time eyes of crowd will open.
          Look at big complex system, modern medicine. Sluggishness and dogmatism makes it unable to effectively help covid patients and many most probably died just because of it.

          Majority of people always go with a flow because of conformism that is wired into our brain. Waiting for crowds to realize it’s time for resistance is like waiting for Messiah.
          There are always and always will be black sheep and they are extending the space-of-possible.

          • mik
            ‘..And proceed this way as long as needed for beast to die. In the mean time eyes of crowd will open…’

            The crowd will do anything and everything to stop that happening as long as they depend for their lives on the system… how many boomers will really vote for lower pensions? How many teachers will vote for better schools if it hurts them? How many people will vote for no medical help for themselves?

            You are right, Tecnocracy is a stupid system, and without doubt it will fail, but it will do horrible things before that and it wont fail quickly either.

            Only when people realize that their interests and chance of a good life are directly linked to freedom will the system crumble fast.
            Its like the soviets, almost no one cared about freedom, they cared that the food was bad and the housing was bad and their TV exploded.

          • Ok, I guess we agree resistance is not futile.

            “Its like the soviets, almost no one cared about freedom,…..”

            Please, spare me of your shallow thinking

          • We agree resistance is not futile… which is I guess a good thing we share.

            But please explain how my thinking is shallow when I say that the soviet union was brought down not because people had a desire ‘to be free’ but because they were not supplied with a materially comfortable life?

            Are you saying that most people actually care about freedom more then comfort or are you saying something else?

            IMO Brave New World would be far harder to bring down then 1984 because people will generally drop principles in return for pleasure

            Perhaps you can make me see something I have missed.

          • “….the soviet union was brought down….”

            It’s not so easy as you presenting.

            Regarding shallow thinking….we had conversation not so long ago and I was explaining you nuances of word and concept Synonym, to no avail.

            This time it would be the same. Find somebody else for discussion.

          • @Mik

            “.. I was explaining you nuances of word and concept Synonym, to no avail…’

            whatever dude, I have had arguments with normies and autists and heard the same thing. Personally I thin if you cant make an argument that is framed so a dumb ass like me can understand it you are either too smart to live with normal folks or have not thought it through
            Whatever…. eye rolling like a millennial rich back at you

    • Alchemist
      Its more as long as they stay in office more due to money then the way people feel about them nothing will change…. the 2 party system has power locked down which funny enough means that politicians matter less then bureaucrats and party apparatchiks

  9. Alchemist says: Protests, unfortunately, don’t work.

    Actually, protests do work.
    I speak from countless hours of experience.
    I would be a rich man today if I had spent my time, energy and money towards business ventures rather than protests and activism.

    Any group protest, any individual non-compliance, sends a communication.
    As long as it is visible, the communication can be received.
    It could be a simple action by an individual, or an organized mass gathering.
    Really, one is trying to communicate to others.
    It can be amazing to see how many folks are receptive.

    People get caught up on the idea of changing the world with one action.
    Just change a piece. One piece at a time, no matter how small.

    *****–Be sure to hit the LINK within the article to
    A separate 911blogger entry contains details about our Advertising Campaign in more than 15 publications during the month of September, including the University of Texas at Arlington.
    At that new webpage you will see how Corbett’s 5 minute 9/11 Video was promoted.
    Unfortunately, now, the “click-on” animated gifs of the ads no longer work on the webpage because the Meetup source stopped doing animations.

    • Thanks for the recommendation.

    • DuckDuckGo
      I had my suspicious about DuckDuckGo.
      They had taken on certain marketing styling and language (and legal language) that I only ever see when a company is corrupt, or being corrupted. Plus they were using Amazon servers for their free XMPP service which says a fair amount about their mentality.
      As soon as they added the ‘COVID-19’ button, DuckDuckGo was moved to the bottom of my list of search engine bookmarks.

      James should invite Katherine Albrecht back on at some point in the future to talk about why this happened; why a group of people that claimed to care so deeply about privacy would do what they did. Maybe there’s a misunderstanding? Maybe she’ll falsely claim there is?

      • @AnimalsArentFood: Yes, I would like to know what happened to duckduckgo. I have been using it and didn’t realize it was compromised. What’s an alternative?

    • BUMP
      BUMP -This SUB-THREAD “Search Engines”


        Search engines are going to keep getting worse for a while because the only way they make money is adverts and the economy tanking will clear out small players

        Bring back WEB RINGS… I found a ton of new stuff via Corbett report interviews (dangerous history podcast, yay !) I wish sites would go back to web ring’s or have better Dedicated ‘LINKS’ like the did back when geocites was a thing

        Also people should collect their links and make a list page of info they want to keep and maybe set up web page of our own with those lists.

    • ShutR says:
      I replaced it with the privacy search engine “Swisscows” with excellent results. Something you may want to consider.

      I tried it.
      You are right!

      Often I can test search results by entering “Ozone Therapy” and “Covid-19”.
      It is amazing the difference between search engines. Quick to spot.

  10. Regarding:
    “Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett #060” of 4/16/ 2020

    I am thrilled that James Corbett had TWO “Questions For Corbett” (QBC) this week addressing Diane’s query “Are any protests against the lockdowns happening?”

    From experience, I can not overstate this:
    Visibility of what other activists are doing helps to keep the activism alive.

    Whether it be one person or groups of people…
    If the alternative media wants to keep activism flowing, they need to continue reporting it.
    Activism can snowball as the alternative media increases its reporting of it.
    Activism can die off when the alternative media stops reporting it.

    • Yes I too am thrilled HRS!

      Thanks James I’m glad you did this video!
      Today was actually the first I had heard about these protests (even before watching
      your video).
      One MSM news source ran a story about protests in Michigan yesterday.

      I am also very happy to hear they are starting to take off around the world!
      I feel this is the beginning of the end.
      I predict they will catch on like wildfire and the MSM will have no choice but to write about them.

      Here’s how I see it.
      Had there been no protests TPTB were in a win-win situation.

      If the numbers dropped sufficiently TPTB would say “You see it was our quarantine that did it! Our quarantines have worked, you may now leave your homes and get back to business.” But just remember, IT WAS OUR MANDATED QUARANTINES that stopped the virus! Remember that the next time the virus comes back down the road or a new one strikes!”

      If the numbers kept going TPTB would say, “Well we need to keep the quarantine going longer obviously, for everyone’s health and security.”

      But now that people are violating the quarantines with protests and if they go viral, TPTB can still save face (have a win-win situation):

      If the numbers increase once again they can say “YOU SEE WE TOLD YOU
      TO STAY QUARANTINED, it’s all your fault! You ruined everything! Now you will have to be quarantined again!”

      If the numbers stay down and die out they’ll say: “Well the numbers have come down sufficiently so the quarantine was successful. You can now enjoy life once again! But just remember, IT WAS OUR MANDATED QUARANTINES that stopped the virus (not your protests). Remember that the next time the virus comes back or a new one strikes!”

      You hit the nail on the head towards the end of your video.
      Most people are docile and compliant.
      We are taught to be that way in school. Those who rebel are usually
      frowned upon and deemed an undesirable. An outcast.

      As soon as the meek start to see more and more people protesting, the jig will
      be up. I predict the lockdowns will last at most, one more week.

      The case numbers have started to drop in most countries for a few weeks now.

  11. Leaders – a slippery slope

    Fortunately, in our “North Texans for Truth Group”, the Organizers, present and past, have always been reluctant to be the top dog “Organizer”. They had to be talked into it.

    After all, “Who wants to be boss?” …to strain to be the boss over other people?

    When a person starts to get into the spotlight as an influential person or leader, and strains very hard to do so, it makes me raise an eyebrow.

    That said about being a boss…
    …many married couples know that there is “The Wife’s Rules Handbook”. This handbook is never written down, and the rules are never openly stated.
    But any smart, surviving husband knows that the wife is really the boss.
    It’s in the handbook.

    • HomeRemedySupply: I’m very thankful that my husband has that very handbook of which you write.

      • ha! Trish! He is a lucky man!
        It will help to keep him out of the dog house.

    • “any smart, surviving husband knows that the wife is really the boss”

      This statement can pretty much only be read as:

      “We are Borg, the resistance is futile”

      I’m sure you don’t want to be understood this way.

      • My social workers contacts say yes.
        I’ve watched RT report from France, the same.
        Of course, they are all talking just of physical violence, because other violence doesn’t exist, no no.

        And a new word (for me): femicide. So new it’s not in spell checker.

        Social engineers are now destroying people’s habits, trying to make new ones, side-effects are inevitable.
        Fuck euphemism and deception: side-effects == effects.

        Treat people like animals and you’ll get animals. No surprise.

      • Jed, only the local homicides. More die here from stabbing and shootings then die from C19. That being said; lies, damn lies and statistics. They never mention Excess Mortality. If its murder its domestic violence, if hospital death its C19. Period.
        Tulsa City/ County Oklahoma. No data available due to fluid nature of the virus and the fact the health department is private. Not public. Controlled by Bloomberg money here.

  12. I agree with James—do what you want, go outside if you want. But everyone should do what feels right for them, no matter what it is. Trust your gut instinct. Don’t act outside of yourself and do something you don’t feel is right simply because James is telling you to. When people put their thinking and instinctual feelings into the authority of someone else, bad things can occur.

    With all that said, a personal story from yesterday. I walked to my local grocery market and shopping center complex and overheard a man complaining to a woman he was with about the lockdown. “They are taking away all my favorite things!”, he said. He had a lot of frustration in his voice. He went on about different things he is pissed off about the government taking away. I empathize with him.

    I also have frustration building. Just yesterday a ranger district in California where I was planning on backpacking closed all of their trails, including backcountry trails that few people use anyways. They said it was for our own safety because people had been disobeying the social distancing and congregating outdoors in nature. Can’t have any of that outside nature stuff, can we. That would be bad.

    • scpat says:
      “But everyone should do what feels right for them, no matter what it is.
      Trust your gut instinct.
      Don’t act outside of yourself…. “

      • I’m thinking of going for a run naked. Okay I’m not. Any more of this I might.

        • Hotfoot….
          strange thing is the people who run around in skimpies are usually the people we don’t want to see n skimpies….

  13. Things are still quite nice in my area, though, as other Corbett Report members have pointed out, that may just be luck and not a good indicator of the overall reaction of the general U.S. population.
    I honestly have no idea what the overall reaction is like because I don’t know to what degree the videos of snitches & police harassment are being staged, or to what degree they are just widely viewed videos of rarely occurring incidents.
    I also don’t know exactly how many of the posts, comments & votes online come from bots, shills or astroturfers.

    For anyone unable to summon the courage to protest (even behind a Fawkes mask), be sure to check out the Culture Jamming video and comments below it. There are still other impactful things you can do.

    • ‘… I don’t know to what degree the videos of snitches & police harassment are being staged,…’

      ‘Monkey see monkey do’… makes sense that they try to make people thnk its common

      Same with the toilet paper rush… it was deliberately set up and I think they were using how real it became as a measure gauge of how well people were taking up the propaganda.

      The number of shots in the early days where they deliberately had a huge pile of rolls in a cart pass in the background by makes it fake to me- if everyone had been carting loads like that there would have been no toilet roll by the time of day the camera were rolling

  14. I didn’t realise there were major protests until this morning, when I watched this video from The Periphery – an interview with the woman who launched the Minnesota protests. She speaks very well about their reasons for protesting.

    The guy behind The Periphery is completely bound to the left/right paradigm, however I respect and admire what he does as a citizen journalist.

    I live in the UK, and the government has just announced the extension of our lockdown, with strong hints that it could be much longer than a few weeks. I’m suddenly noticing people daring to speak out about this on Facebook. A friend who is a nurse just posted to say that the hospital where she works, one of the biggest in Scotland, is half empty. She got some kickback from people who have sick relatives, but she stood her ground.

    Another friend asked for people’s thoughts on the extension to the lockdown. I gave quite a detailed response, saying that if it went on for much longer I would probably protest. I don’t know this person very well, and I wasn’t sure how she would reply. She said she totally agreed with me, and that as a molecular biologist, she thought it was “unbelievably stupid” the way it had been dealt with.

    I’m sensing a shift in people’s thoughts on this. Maybe the abject panic that made them agree to almost anything is beginning to subside.

    • ‘…speak out about this on Facebook…’

      They did the arab spring via social media… facebook will be tamping it down so if you see x amount of complaints you can bet that peoples feelings are x.10

  15. Thaks James!
    I also live in Wa. hello neighbor! As I travel each day I am always reminded that we are not alone in our struggles and values to survive, love/nurture, and create harmoniously. I was reminded this morning of how we are more similar than different while sitting in my backyard I overheard my neighbor listening to some podcast about pre-planned pandemics with a religious Holywood symbolism bent and I thought ” well close enough(Fox news followed-ha). The main point is to have compassion, while we lead by example. So on my travels I wave, smile, nod and give the hang loose sign as much; but I do not wear a mask anywhere. I see the mask wearing as a symbol of obedience & fear and am completely informed about mask effectiveness and understand the engineering and dynamics of viruses. Have a friend who works for a medical supply co. that was visited by Homeland Sec., I could get masks. I even know that after the first US case in Wa., there were 13 other carriers(family members of the first) who were not quarantined and allowed to spread mainly because at the same time there were and still weren’t until very recently any flight screenings. This is how we detect security theater, putting on a massive production. I listened to a video by a Dr. Shiva in which he details the immune system destruction caused through isolation. In effect we need physical social interaction to maintain our immune regulation of inflamation of internal organs and that many people are going to suffer & possibly die from not having human contact. We are not alone and we need to speak up and make strides to protest before it’s too late. I saw a video primer about how to stifle and quell any questioning of the official narrative by your “Uncle Bob” – when Uncle Bob enters your chat with “questionable links”. Stomach churning stuff, as this is what I face on a daily basis in person from family, MSM appeals to authority. It’s almost like subliminally they have instructions of self-harm(trauma based MC). Submit now and this can all be over. I remind myself to be compasionate and calm and then I think of how the Kamir Rouge purged all intellectuals & dissenters en masse. I just think labeling and identifying thought crimes as mental illness either CV related or lockdown related will be TPTSB’s next step as I gleaned from Guardian article today. I like the free hugs sticker idea, myself I have been keeping kids active and sewing narrative questioning and non-adoption/enabling of new from home virtual systems(online celebrations and soccer practices/classroom meetings for gradeschool) are a complete joke and an attempt at normalizing life in the cellblock panopticon until we have constructed more invisible walls. Thanks Margo, James and kindered Corbetteers! and the people too! haha Learning our way’s forward!

  16. Someone just gave me a great idea as to where non-essential businesses post oopen times and people can come support them if they are within 10miles of you. He said FB, but I say maybe the neighborhood app may be a better forum. “If authorities show up and are faced with a bunch of push back they might be deterred”. One step at a time.

  17. I live in the suburbs you are lucky to be a bit removed. Me too, not playing their game either. My problem is i’m surrounded by folks who are a little slow on the uptake, probably still think I’m exaggerating when they are sitting in the home gulag eating squirrells. – smh

  18. Grandparent Treatise
    I do not want to die yet; in fact, I do not envision a time that I would like to die but I know that it will happen. Eventually all of us die. It is a scary thought, but I have found something scarier. Living while my grandchildren lose everything just to keep me and other elderly alive for a few more years. I would die to save my grandchildren. It should not be the other way around!
    I was a soldier and now a nurse. I believed in the Constitution and would have fought and died for that belief. I am appalled at what has become of our country.
    Are we such sheep and cowards that we will allow our grandchildren to bear the horrible cost of shutting down a country, enacting medical martial law in every state and creating loss of employment the likes of which nobody has ever seen?
    Our families will receive a paltry sum to try and buy food as massive inflation hits every sector of the economy. Meanwhile companies and organizations such as below receive massive amounts of money:
    National Endowment for the Humanities – $75,000,000
    Kennedy Center for Performing Arts – $25,000,000
    International Development – $10,804,687,000 – what even is this?
    How many of our country’s waitstaff and shopkeepers will those companies hire? And do those and the other organizations that stand to benefit really need money in the face of a worldwide pandemic? A pandemic, by the way, that kills only old people and the immunocompromised. It is incredibly communicable but nearly all people under 55 are asymptomatic? We needed thousands of ventilators – oh wait, no we don’t and besides, we have found that the ventilators kill more than they save? I have trained and used PPE, gas masks and a giant charcoal suit for radiation. Does anyone really believe that a cloth mask at a superstore is going to protect them from anything?
    I want my grandchildren to have a chance at a good life, to chase and fulfill dreams not lose everything to keep their old nana alive.
    I say to both sides and all individuals complicit in pushing this gigantic lie and fiasco on all people: You have blood on your hands!

    • Ya gotta love the Grandmas!

    • Lots of good statements in there, and, yep, the fact that governments did extremely damaging, insane blanket shutdowns — instead of simply advising the (allegedly) vulnerable minority to take precautions — is the red flag for everyone; the extremely strong indicator that this is a plandemic.

      And I agreed regarding the ventilators. It sounds like there’s a good chance malpractice is taking place and they’re killing people with ventilators (or intubation if they’re performing it).

  19. Thanks for this.
    Civil disobedience, satire, and non-violent resistance are all the answer.
    Let us not forget where the lockdown came from – the CPC.
    Perhaps this is why the Japanese government did not lock down their population.
    For real insights, I suggest that you interview Jon Rappoport, who has studied virus panics since 1976. He researches thoroughly, citing original documents. He writes well, and he is articulate.

  20. To my own detriment I was surfing FB …yuck, ouch and ugh!!! A friend left a comment calling out consirisy (they’d spelt it that way) theorists and said that Bill Gates has done wonderful things for humanity and they would be the first to take his vaccine. As I’m aware of my temperature I felt my blood boil, that sensation lasted a few days and then… I realised THEY are the ‘consirisy’ theorists, who are deluded and believe in odd ball theories. The vaxers and stay at homers are going off on one, raging much like little yappy dogs. Ha! If only I could leave em to it. But I can’t stand back and let my rights to be a human be taken. Stay vaxers are being played by psychopaths who serve their own interests, My ideas and thoughts come from honest people who care, by decent folk like JC who want for far less than they give.
    With this newly realised confidence I will stand my ground like a big friendly dog, knowing that whatever I do in this plight will be cheerfully and kindly executed.

    • that image will help, thanks: a big friendly dog busting arrs (accusative. responsibility. reversal. syndrome., is when people do the dirty and then immediately accuse the victim of being the perpetrator,, just another arrow in the quiver of denial or anger or greed or lying which sum up to jealousy.

      • Gas lighting! People speaking out about corruption are destroying the world with truth and good will, burn you witches burn!

  21. I think Truthsteam media have hit the nail on the head with their suggestion that we will be subjected to a series of on again/off again cycles of lockdowns going on for 18 months or so

    We’re Living in 12 Monkeys

    The purpose of which will act as a Skinner like conditioning program.

    I think James has gone into the reasons before why random rewards/punishments are more effective than predictable or continuous punishment for conditioning people.

    The relaxed periods could work to the advantage of those trying to put together communities such freedom cells etc, as long as they are aware of what is going on and they make hay while the sun shines.

    Yes, they are going to be a disadvantage to protesters however. More naive protesters will drop their guard when restrictions have been released, thinking they have won and non-protesters will blame the protesters for the reinstatement of restrictions. (See – those selfish protesters spread the disease, now we are all suffering!)

    I guess an interesting Question for Corbett would be “What do you make of all the Psychological Manipulation going on with the Covid-19 Scare?”

  22. QUESTIONS FOR CORBETT: James, a question for the next installment. How can we know the reliability of the statistics we are being told about how many people have the virus? I am unsure if the testing being done targets COVID-19 specifically, or if it hits the mark on any corona virus, of which there are many. A little research into this matter does show that there are many tests out there, each with different methodologies.

    This goes the heart of the fear response.

  23. I live in Washington state (San Juan Islands) as well but have been absent for a year in Thailand. I get updates from my sweetheart who wrote this morning that the neighbors next door got the virus a couple weeks ago and, as of today, have been designated fully recovered. It was diagnosed with a nasal swab. The recommended treatment; rest and drink plenty of liquids.
    I will also say, my position – “People live, people die. It’s been happening for ages.” – is not a popular one and I remain the token conspiracy theorist (however, loved and accepted for my aberrant beliefs) among family and friends.
    This may have already been posted; if so, think it’s worth re-posting. A link to the US Constitution –
    James, I wai to you (pranam, pranam) for the exceptional work you’re doing. A long time listener/viewer/supporter. Vidi aquam…sprinkle, sprinkle. You remain a stalwart torch bearer in this labyrinth of misinformation. Phil

  24. I have to say that protest are a waste of time. If anything they may be more beneficial for the protesters, in regards to creating an atmosphere or
    comradery, than actually achieving anything.
    If they are to have any effect, they have to impress the issue on those in government, or what ever it pertains to, for those “in power” to listen and then act on the issue. That rarely is the case that they do act on it, all I have seen of protest is that they are ignored and haven’t achieved anything of real value.

    Hence the wars have rolled on, the corporations immorally roll on; the grand conspiracy is rolling on down the road of his-story.

    Protest to me looks like mob consciousness at work.

    The real PROTEST is in withdrawling from the system – not cooperating with it. For instance from the Martin Luther King era – the people were mistreated on the buses – so they boycotted the buses. That is something there! The power of the people lies in the boycott and in not following orders of unjust and immoral dictates. SO now in the current condition gathering in protest is in defiance of these asinine rules they have put forth – but the question is again, to what end?
    If only to defy the orders – so be it – but in light of the larger picture I feel that the peoples energy can and should be put to more purposeful endeavors.
    Your only hope with protest in this present condition is to get an ear and support of those in government and it would cost far less in energy for someone to just go in and talk to who ever and find out where there head is at, instead of protest. Just by talking to them you will find out which side of the fence they are on. Even then they could just honey-mouth you and go about doing what they do.

    But a real act of defiance will be to go out and open up your business and then have the community support you in it, if you have a business or support someone who has been shut down. That is where the rubber meets the road – not in gathering together and waving plackards to a bunch of self serving shitheads who don’t give a shit about what your cause is, because most likely they serve the interest that you are there protesting against – not you.

    I laugh when I see the cop cars in america – where they say “to protect and the serve…” – on the side of their cars – yeah, they forgot to put the ending on to it which is “…the government, banks and corporations” – surely not the people.


  25. Continuing on…

    What is going on here is bigger than just the corona op – they have something else in store. I have been learning about this shit for a long time and I suspect they have something else coming. April 19 to May 1 is the baalam sacrifice by fire time for these luciferic fools. This is just the beginning…

    They know their time is short and that they are racing the coming pole shift. I don’t know what it is but I suspect that world war is coming and we will see china invade america, this is going to end with america being completely altered, let alone all the other nations – how it turns out is going to depend on the people and how they act.

  26. Further more, I really feel to really solve this situation we have to, in a sense, treat it like we are hunting a serial killer, because in reality that is what we are dealing with. Generational psychopathic serial killer families who have been working on this agenda for a very long time.

    They know our psychology very well – they have studied the human being to a point that they can manipulate us like machines. But we are more than machines, there is will, heart, spirit, intuition; those are things that they can not account for.

    We need to know our enemy and somehow get a step ahead of them – so as to get them second guessing their planned moves and expected reactions.

    I know Iron Sharpeneth Iron so if we get into a state of reasoning instead of debate, solutions may present themselves.

    We have to rid ourselves of this SATAN COMPANY (NWO):

    • Good insight! I look at it as getting led down into the cul de sac, it is the dead end road of activism.

      Ghandi and King have the lessons – the protest of the 60’s for the most part were funded by the rockefellers. Why? Well; it should be evident…

      • Did you see the starlink spectacle yet?

        • I certainly see the new “lights” up in the sky.

          Also they have been spraying chemtrails in my area everyday for the longest time, keeping a constant cloud cover. After those satellites started going up the spraying has stopped pretty much or is minimal.

          Do you have any links Buck Wild in regards to starlink?

  27. Our group will be protesting on Sat. the 18th at the state house in Austin Texas. FREEDOM!! ..and just can’t wait!

    • Texas BUMP – Saturday 18th April
      Texas BUMP
      Texas BUMP

  28. surely you’ve seen dana ashlie’s podcast. It has more detailed description and footage of what you grazed over.

    here in Oz, heavy fines: sitting on beach 2m apart noone else around for 100’s of meters, cops drive up and issue $1000 “fine”, i know of 4 such abuse cases in our shire of approx, 40,000 residents.

    I always ask and still nobody ive met over the past weeks knows of anyone with covid symptoms or confirmed infection or death

    clearly the hench-dogs have been driven to new levels of aggression, this was overtly shown in dana’s video.

    • Dana Ashlie

      Good video clips.
      She also points out that Fauci said (quietly) that the Covid-19 stats are on par with the flu.

    • “I always ask and still nobody ive met over the past weeks knows of anyone with covid symptoms or confirmed infection or death”

      Why is that an important data point for you? Do you think it would be different if you lived in NYC, Italy or Spain?

      Do you distrust all the MDs, epidemiologists, and infectious disease researchers who are telling us this is a big deal?

      From the comments, it looks like the CR audience is universally confusing the misuse of this crisis by the evildoers with the crisis itself. There are both false flags, and “unwasted” real crises.

      • With all due respect gregory, there are many MDs, epidemiologists and infectious disease researchers who are saying this is NOT a big deal.

        From everything I have read, yes, there might be a strain of corona that is leading to the deaths of people. Just like the flu and pneumonia lead to the death of people. Elderly people with compromised lungs and people who’s immune systems are compromised.

        It appears this strain causes an inflammatory reaction in the lungs. Most of us can handle it. Some can’t.

        But as one PhD who has spent her career researching viruses stated – these corona deaths are the flu and pneumonia deaths we would be seeing anyway.

        I don’t have links to post here but I have been reading for hours each day.There are links all over the Corbett Report to articles, interviews and videos of doctors, scientists, researchers.

        This is a big deal, alright. But not for the reasons we are being led to believe by – I’m beginning to hate this term but – the mainstream media.

        I consider myself a conscientious person, and respectful of peoples boundaries, and of good health. I would wear a mask and do the 6 footer if I truly believed there wasn’t a nefarious agenda behind it.

        And I am a “high risk” person. Who may be facing unemployment and my rights of travel and entry if this mandatory vaccine should happen.

      • Hopefully, by this time you should have realized that the “test” is not a test at all. It’s an estimate of an estimate while the output critically depends on where you arbitrarily place the bracket. The promote a test as providing a binary result for a metric that incorporate a vast array of discrete states (like an infection) is nefarious to say the least. But it has to be like that, otherwise how is the panic and fear going to be ramped up without big red counters and circles?

        Without a watertight, clinically tested test this whole thing implodes like a house of cards caught up in a draft. People are obviously dying, but what we are seeing here is an incredible effort to misrepresent, mislabel, misdiagnose and play all sorts of games with these poor people’s remains.

        There may be very well a new disease doctors have been seeing from November 2019, but it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with what these “tests” can conjure up out of thin air.

  29. I really dont see an issue with wearing masks if your going to ride a bus or walk up close to people- honestly I wish people would when they have a cold and I would have done it more before this when I had one but you get weird looks.
    Not wanting it as a mandatory thing, but hopefully it will become less weird to do after wards.

  30. This is not a German thing: Spain, for what I have read, will use this Big Broth… I mean, this tracking system. Every second this is getting more and more sinister.

  31. Besides FOX News, Fargo, ND (borders Minnesota) news person Chris Berg interviewed Doctor and Senator Scott Jensen.
    Chris Berg is impressive, asking hard questions and demonstrating alarm.

    There are some good links here from Corbett Report Member RaoulDuke.

    Check out the Easter Egg. Cool message inside.

    “If you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000.
    …if that patient goes on a ventilator…$39,000…”

    – Minnesota Senator (and Medical Doctor) Jensen

  32. QFC: Do the forced business shutdowns, shelter-at-home orders, mask requirements or any other actions being taken during this plan-demic violate the U.S. constitution, or the constitution of any other country?

  33. Hi Alcemist

    I watched a 2 hour interview today with Judy Mikovitz Phd (who was fired by Fauci in 2009(?)). She is a virus researcher. In her 60s.

    Fascinating. If you want some pointers on virus and vaccines I would suggest watching it. I watched it on Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Twitter page.

    As for Doctors – so many of them work for “Health Partnerships” now that they really would not be able to make the decisions about vaccines, would they? I mean if my primary care suggests the vaccine I will say no. She will hit the roof, but that’s OK.

    The thing is my doctor is paid by the health partnership that runs a number of the big hospitals (and connected clinics) here in New England. If they push vaccines, I don’t think Doctors will have their jobs for very long if they don’t go along with policy. Not to say that a doctor can force you to have one, but I wonder if any of them will speak up against them.

    Good of you to undertake this endeavor.

  34. Reporting from the heartland; its over. How would a person know?. I took a drive out to the black sites, The parking lot was full and men working on F-35 parts, B1-B parts, F-15 parts. And God only knows what other weapon systems they produce. Here, there is a robust Aircraft industry and the furlowed workers , even in the domestic parts producers have been called back to work Monday. April 20- Monday. Its over.

    Thanks James Im empowered to snoop. And to my amazement its the first time workers in the Bomber Plants are asking real questions.
    The panic has set in for the NWO, time to call in the Hollywood Stars for a covid19 rally virtual rock concert to support the failing false flag. Time to spread some money around. The Payroll Protection Program ( PPP ) is now out of money. SBA loans have to be paid back. Oklahoma ranks 18th in approved PPP LOANS. 35,557 loans totaling $4.6 Billion for Oklahoma even though the state ranks 28th in population. The brother-in-law is a certified Big Agra SBA under writer. He has been 18hrs a day writing loans in his basement for the last month. Says he is too busy to talk. 7% commission in Birkeyville Iowa. Now we see the real deal going on with the $2.2 Trillion Cares Act.
    Google is handing out $25,000 to Tulsa and OKC United Ways.
    Google has a large presence in Oklahoma. Investing several Billions $ in the Pryor Ok data center. Parking lot was full. Drove by there today too. Sundar Pichai Google CEO will distribute $800 million globally to the buy-ins that supported the hoax. All from the Lee Enterprises News.
    Where is my check, damn AI pinned me as a conspiracy butter, NO CHECK FOR YOU! Rats!!!!

  35. Alex good question. Now, pardon, Im gonna blow a few measures on this horn…put on your Ad Man hat. I got ta say ‘What if its Xi Jinping and not BG.? Rockefellers have invested in CHina for over 80 years.
    Every Ad pays homage to guilt. BG is the guiltiest Billionaire out there. Might as well be Bill Clinton. Do you see my point. Its all Kibokki theater. Which question unlocks the mysterys.? There is enough evidence to pursued, to action, or guilt you to action. Either way you are cornered.
    How would you counter this Ad Campaign. ?

    • Alexandre, by the way, it is ” No Way Jose”. Your idiomatic expressions are improving to the point you could be cornfused as….a local.
      How can you blow off China.
      The Chinese angle can’t be overlooked or dismissed so nonchalantly. Xi is emperor for life. As I see Bill G. he is a character actor like Bill Clinton. A characiture of a top manager, in service to the power behind the curtain. He is not near the altitude of the top. These powerful Corporations , how else would you describe a dynasty that can hang for 300 + years? A blob, ok Other than a corporation. That is just too abstract a thought , must define the terms. China the vampire or China the zombie. Its old its been home to Rockefellers for a century and Xi is groomed to be ruler of the universe for eternity. Bill G, a road agent on the silk road.

      Im hungry for avocados. Is the tree still loaded.?

      • Alexandre, Dr.Shiva here will be a short history lesson. What he is saying is very close to what Carroll Quigley was trying to reveal about those held positions of power that. [He] spoke only in whispers of . Really bad people.
        Shiva is really talking here of the mid- level managers. Those who earn favor are protected to some extent. Don’t they have Corporate Maffias in Brazil that everyone knows about but no one will challange? Its like that, old entrenched corruption. Wink wink. When they move on something they are always 3 steps ahead of the victims . The 7 P’s , proper Pryor planning positively prevents poor performance…
        So can we name the Corporations involved in this last war. The ol’ USA has been atttacked. And it had to be world wide for the plausible denieabillity to obscure the aggressors. Who did it? Its just human to pin a name on it. Is their a chance our military will respond? That ship sailed on 9-12-2001 Im afraid. That’s waking all the way up. Zing Ding is in the Rockefeller cat bird seat.
        History 101 Shiva style.

        • Alex; you are too cool for Brazil! Your talents are ultra-Mundo. However Im a little worried for you. The person who borrowed the avocado sky picker will return it. Anyway Remold D has some more info to share on Bill G.
          Why would the Rock entrust this idiot with anything. Here what Bill G is up against in India. Ramos interviews David Noakes.

          Ok back to you ,

        • Alex you got a swimming pool? They are paying you $40.00 a barrel to take May futures. Doesn’t apply to June but if you can store it you could make a little short money. Shows how rigged that market is. Tanks are overflowing here. Real concern cause our State budget has a large dependence on oil revenue.
          I noticed yesterday the grain haulers are working 24hrs a day here at the Port of Catoosa and Inola terminal. Barges are 2 deep and a mile long on the river. Anyone know what going on with grain?

        • MBP Thank you for the rice info. Wheat here mostly. Planting time. The wheat crop in Missouri mostly got rained out for winter wheat. Sometime back you asked why they are continuing to spray the chemtrailing. Food . If you can’t plant you miss 4months of food production. Two in a row and real problems occur. You must use aluminum resistant seed to get full growth yields. Organic fields produce far less then GMO. There seems to be no low for these times. Total asymmetric war. Patrick Woods link brought it all together. Thanks Pearl for link below.

        • Arsenic and Rice

          I tend to buy American Lundberg Family Farms organic rice.

          Years back, Mike Adams (Natural News) reported on some lab tests of rice. Much of the rice in the marketplace contains arsenic, and this was even translating to “Natural Protein Powders” containing arsenic.

          Lundberg Rice has zero arsenic contaminants per lab results.

          Wellness Mama (the Katie Wells Team) gives us a good article:
          “Arsenic in Rice (& How to Avoid It)”

          WellnessMama is mentioned on our “Dallas For Safer Water” website.

          Unfortunately, arsenic “sticks” in the top ranks of the soil. Arsenic has long been used as a pesticide.

          When I lived in Commerce, Texas, the EPA had fenced off a permanent large land area surrounding the old train depot which once received cotton bails, because of the arsenic ground contamination. Cotton was king in this part of Texas and arsenic was used as an insecticide.

      • Alex, I hear you about Shiva. Its a fascinating Novella in the making. Taylor Caldwell wrote a novella about the sins of the father being punished on the son. Im pointing you toward-
        ” Of Captains and Kings” about the Kennedy’s. She was worried about retaliation but her anger over JFKs murder gave her the creatif courage to get it done. Remarkable tale of how the blobs operate.
        Shiva Ayyudurai has the potential makings of a world class novella.
        I agree about watching the needles. They say’in sumptin.
        I wish I could be as creatif as spell check. I think it miss spells alternative bloks names on purpose.

        • I did watch it. For those who haven’t, here’s an excerpt and the link:

          “Everything that the technocrats at the UN and in the global elite have been trying to do for all these years, they have accomplished in spades with the advent of the corona virus […] The narrative got hijacked, the fire got fanned, blew into a forest fire, and then the entire planet all of a sudden is under this delusion that the only thing possible to do to stop this destructive virus thing is to shut down economic system. This is what these people have been begging for for at least 40 years, and now they’ve done it because of taking over the narrative of this corona virus. Here’s the deal: the panic we’ve had so far is going to pale in comparison to the panic that’s coming over the economic system having been crushed. This is not a mistake; this is not an accident. Don’t let anyone politician bully you into thinking, “well, how did we know this was going to happen?” Bull! They knew, at the top, exactly what they were doing.”

  36. James,
    New subscriber but I have been a fan of your work for awhile. I was listening to Perspectives on the Pandemic on Off-Guardian with Dr. Ioannidis where he mentioned a statistic stating the suicides go up by 1% with each 1% increase of unemployment. That got me thinking of the likelihood of a major armed conflict between 2 or more countries in an effort to rescue themselves from a depression. Is this a likely scenario and an unforeseen consequences of Covid-19 fallout?

  37. Was the name for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation originally the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control? I heard this assertion which would make *nothing* but sense in the most “world population council” way, but I haven’t been able to confirm or disprove this yet.

    @stevedew from teh tweeters

  38. Paypal is most likely behind it.

    James is doing good work and now they may be trying to hit his funding as an attack.

    If so they would only be doing this because he is having an effect.

    You know Spiro did a report On the military preparing for a massive misinformation war campaign:

    That was in preparation for what is happening now.

    They are running a huge psy-op – and to have paypal doing something like cutting funding routes off to researches would be part of that operation.

    Thanks for posting this and reporting it here.

  39. Sounds like they were playing word games possibly?!?

    Thanks for reporting back on this Alexandre.

    You are right, it is possible that it was done on purpose form paypals end. It wouldn’t be any different than what youtube is doing deleting videos and so forth.

  40. I had a “paypal” incident a couple weeks ago, only it wasn’t really Paypal, but a look-a-like email telling me that my account would be on hold due to some security matter, and the only way to get it back in service was to “CLICK HERE” to resolve the issue. Obviously I didn’t bite. I ignored the link and went into my account via their website address and sure enough there was nothing amiss; no notifications, nothing. I forwarded the fishing scam to their scam department.

    I never respond to emails from any financial institutions; my default is immediate suspicion. It’s best to contact them directly and verify.

    • Pearl that good advice. I have had to renew two credit cards that timed out and for a puts like me it was a hassle and time consuming. I got good notices from Corbett and from their all the headaches came from Paypal or was it Paytrion? Beats me but Im good till 2022.

  41. Miner Miner 49er. Alex : since you are the only Braziliano
    Subscribed to the Corbett report you are low hanging fruit or as the term in mining goes Placer ore. Trival I know but I couldn’t stand to lose your contributions so I will take the bull by the horn and sponsor your translating to Portuguese any Corbett reports. And music from time to time and guaranty the subscription to the best open source community/ concept on the WWW. Artist e Artist.

    James make it so.!

  42. As a gamer, whose become more and more of a homebody over the last ten years… what this has taught me is that; leaving the house has become an act of revolution. I now suddenly give a shit about going outside even if I have no reason to. I presuppose this act of revolution will also make me more healthy, nice side effect.

    • It will make you healthier, you can bet on that fact (provided you don’t hit by a bus, but if public transport is banned in your area, that may be extremely unlikely).

  43. Perhaps you have heard about it — in Germany, yesterday the anti-corona-opposition had a celebration of “the day of freedom”. The organizers say they have been informed *by the police* that about 800.000 up to perhaps 1.3 MILLION people participated. Here some images that for me seem to confirm AT LEAST that it were MANY TIMES more participants than the ridiculous 20.000 that were admitted by state media.

    German official account, for instance:

    • International media inform us that the organizers of the manifestations in Berlin on 1+2. August 2020 are neo-nazi or fascists, which is simply not true.
      Here their webpages, see for yourself:
      The organizers are pointing to the german constitution, which they want to see re-established.
      I have heard to a number of speeches given at the demonstrations they have organized earlier, and have heard nothing extreme-right; on the contrary: they often refer to themselves as “democratic resistance”.

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