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Thank you to all those helping to spread the word about the Who Is Bill Gates? documentary. Whether it be making flyers, mirroring the video, providing subtitles or just spreading the word, all such help is appreciated. Leave any good ideas/examples in the comments section and let’s encourage others to lend a hand.

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  1. HI there,

    I am about to complete the Italian subs for Bill Gates.
    In the meanwhile I took the time of backing up all the subs in a different storage area in case YT decided to take down all the videos. Find them here:

    – Ep. 1: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

    – Ep 2: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate The World

    – Ep 3: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

    – Ep 4: Meet Bill Gates

    I’ll try to keep the folders up-to-date as more subtitles in other languages become availble. Keep sharing! 🙂

  2. Hi James and Friends,

    I used some of your videos about Bill Gates on my website:

    Almaden Chat is about the Lockdown, Bill Gates, and how it is strangling the small businesses here in San Jose, California

    It is also necessary to have an alternative voice as our only local website is which deplatforms any talk about the lockdown other than to say you are all gonna die! Very deep state website and people are deplatformed if you do not follow the party line so to speak.

    Please visit and help us open up California.Our family business is open finally but many are not. Please help them and patronize them. Do takeout from them if you can to help


    ps The suicide rates under lockdown are huge. It is very hard to watch previously thriving small businesses slowly twisting to death

    So the purpose of my website is to get our County to allow small businesses to open. Our hair salons, sitdown indoor restaurants, nail salons, etc are still shut tight. Suicides skyrocketing. My relative was shut down with no warning, he fought back and is now back at 70% of what he was before the lockdowns. Many people suffering needlessly.

    Thank you James for your work!

    • San Jose, California

      I tip my hat to ya’ll Mary ! (and Tom and others)
      This is independent thinking and action.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Just so you know, this morning and yesterday, it took me a few tries to get to you on each of three different browsers. I entered your address in the address bar, but no go.
      What does work is I “search” your address via DuckDuckGo. I see a search result with your link and get to it that way. Today, a Google search also worked that way.

      Frontier (my internet provider) evidently did not recognize the address or something weird, because I was re-routed to a Frontier webpage with search results for “almaden” websites…but yours did not come up.

      Puzzled by the Frontier webpage, I tracked it down and turned off their “Web Helper”.
      The Frontier Communications Web Helper has been enabled to provide helpful searches from web address errors. You entered an unknown name that the Armstrong service used to present site suggestions which you may find useful. Clicking any of these suggestions provides you with Yahoo! search results, which may include relevant sponsored links.

      The Frontier Communications Web Helper makes finding what you are looking for easier and more convenient. The service uses the entered non-existing website name to determine useful search results. Often, you will see a desired website or page that meets your needs.

      Do you track my Internet usage?
      No. The Frontier Communications Web Helper simply redirects queries to non-existing domain names to a useful search results page instead of a cryptic error message page or browser-defined page.
      What is DNS?
      DNS is an acronym for the Internet’s Domain Name System….

    • The link works.

  3. I Shot Santa says:
    06/07/2020 at 11:26 pm
    We did shut down production around the world a few months ago. And won’t be seeing that level of production again in our lifetimes.

    Forgive me if pasting something from another comment section is breaking some unwritten rule of etiquette. I don’t mean to offend. I just really suck at intuitive etiquette.

    Anyway I just wanted to continue this conversation a little in order to understand.
    Are you saying that lots of factories closed and won’t be reopening or that they will not be allowed to rehire staff and ramp up production to make up for the shortages and restock inventories.
    I am pretty sure that in normal times market forces would have corrected the situation in the previous months and the situation would have normalized.
    Times aren’t normal now but the factories are still there, the people still need jobs and TP.
    What is stopping the wheels of commerce?

    I would think that along with food production and vaccine research and production that even the government would have placed something like toilet paper and sanitizer on some sort of priority list or something.
    That these fairly simple products are scarce anywhere after nearly four months smacks of orchestration and manipulation to me.

    • Even without further manipulation, many small businesses are gone. Unemployment, bankruptcies, and the like mean this system is already dead. It doesn’t mean the system replacing it is the one desired for us. After all, it is only a belief in that system which makes it real. Just as the state only exists because we believe it is real.

      As for me though, I will be going back to the river tomorrow. While there will eventually be some awakening from the masses, I doubt it will be in time to avoid violence. All that has transpired has only convinced me of this. Not to hide, but to prepare.

      • Yes. The truth is that we are already at war. This war started in wuhan. The first victim they claimed was Covid, was the first casualty. But even the truthers don’t believe it. I saw this coming over a year ago. Though I held out hope until it was waged over here. Though I never imagined so many would roll over so easily. People were turning on the state all over the world, and then they just shut it all down with such an obvious lie. At least I’ll be choosing where I’ll fight. And I’ll know that terrain better than anyone by the time it looks more like the Hollywood wars that people can recognize. A lot of people I care about just won’t make it. But they mostly think I’m a bit dense. What with all my anti-statist talk and all. I’ve tried, but it’s up to each of us to save ourselves. And that requires the courage to look into the shadows where the bogeyman likes to hide. As well as the ability to see beyond your own belief systems. Nature isn’t cruel. She just don’t care; and that means keeping your head on a swivel.

      • flammable,
        I really appreciate you sharing this perspective.
        This helps us all gain greater insight.

    • One needs to take into account that many of these producers become “too big to fail” inevitably leading to “cause a huge wave when inevitably they do fail”. Consolidation is key to controlling the markets and, at the same time, it’s a key feature of economic “crisis” and turmoil.

  4. Suggestion to headquarters – to promote your Gates series –

    1) Make contact with other, like-minded, online broadcasters.
    2) Offer to be interviewed about your Gates series.

    You already did this with Catherine Austin Fitts and her Solari report. Other candidates are and
    They are also free-thinking, freedom-loving skeptics of mainstream reporting. Perhaps you could summarize these four videos in ten minutes, possibly longer, and then be interviewed by them.
    Another prospect is
    The best promotion is word of mouth.
    May you have the strength to carry on and spread your message and point of view. Thanks for your research and clear reporting.

    • I often wonder why I don’t hear James interviewed on podcasts like Tom Woods, Dave Smith Pete Raymond, Lions Of Liberty etc.
      I was really pleased to see James interview Dr Paul during the last Anarcopulco, but it would be really great to see James Corbett on the Liberty Report.

      • I was actually censored on woods’ channel. It wasn’t him, but some thought police on disqus who kept deleting my comments. Didn’t admit it, but he interrupted the argument Tom and I were having. It was pretty clear.

  5. I decided to stay on FakeBook so that I could try to provide my friends and family with some semblance of truth, so I regularly post Corbett’s videos along with others, including my own words in that attempt. I’ve been doing this for many years now with very little known/visible effect or interaction, but as George W admitted about repeating his propaganda, my job is to keep pushing out the truth and hope that some of it finally sticks whenever people are ready to start seeing some truth, and then they can go back through my timeline to discover more.

    I have had the occasional person tell me in private that they appreciate what I’m doing, so I’m hoping there are more like that that don’t necessarily tell me about it.

    I had been holding back on FB somewhat for fear of losing friends and/or making enemies, but no longer. I’m putting it all out there now in no uncertain terms, because in my opinion we are in a full-on, unrestrained mind virus war against various forces marching us towards the chaos that leads to their New World Order horror show.

    I had never seen clear real-time evidence of mass-hysteria or mind-virus or whatever you want to call it until Trump got elected. I lost my best friend of many years within about a year of his election. I have a cousin that similarly dislikes (feels more like despises) me for pointing out truth. I didn’t vote for Trump (or anyone) in 2016, nor am I a Trump supporter in any way. But of course, that’s not nearly good enough.

    Huge thanks to James, James & Brock for all their great work over the years. They are truly the gold standard for truth in my opinion. And a huge thanks to this entire community for all of your support given to this cause.

    I still feel that there’s hope for new awakenings to truth for a large enough chunk of humanity at large to demand some significant change, while still admitting that there is some fraction of the population that will never change and will no doubt die before admitting they were wrong. Here’s a toast to those awakening humans: welcome back to reality, we’re glad to have you back!

  6. Link it up & share: Don’t Go ‘Buy’ The Numb-ers 2+2≠ 5.
    ~ “Leading world health expert” (who has never earned a degree in his life but spent his life and his billions-in-ill-gotten-gains pursuing influence and domination with his eugenics-rebranded-population-control-ideology), Bill Gates (LINKED to Corbett’s Gates series site) has publicly stated that “we” [wait, who’s this “we” HE’S talkin’ about?] do not want people to have natural immunity.
    Bill Gates has already called COVID-19 “Pandemic I” History Note:WWI was not called WWI during WWI. It was called “The Great War” and ended with the participants’ motto being “never again”
    Bill Gates has already called vaccinations “The final solution” History Note: “The Final Solution” is literally the Nazis term for “the murder of all Jews— men, women, and children—and their eradication from the human race” (along with other undesirables or those who went against their ideology). It’s the term they used for Mass Genocide!
    What’s that’s old sayin’ again? “Those who do not learn from history are pleasantly delighted to repeat it?” MeThinks NOT. ~

  7. James,

    if you read this, what might be most helpful would be a 5 – 10 min video explaining the official narrative of events, so the msm viewers can see in one easy explanation the absolute absurdity of that which they currently believe.

    Like 911 A Conspiracy Theory, but not satirical.

    One thing that comes to mind, is that most every government of the world shut down their economies, ran up trillions in deficits, based on the Imperial model, a model which upon further scrutiny could not produce the same result twice when ran with the same data. So every government of the world shut down economies based on a 15-yr old computer model of the flu, that was what, only run once?, at the Imperial College in the UK? And every other government outside the UK followed the advice, ran up trillion dollar deficits, without asking to even see the model itself?

    And when the model was made available for inspection, it was found to be ‘more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a computer code’, it’s predictions proven to be ridiculous, yet the recommendations of the model are still followed? While the opinions of esteemed world class academics like Michael Levitt (Nobel Prize winner), Sunetra Gupta (Oxford Univ), Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner) or Karl Friston (most influential modeler of biodynamics in the world) are either completely ignored, or in the case of Montagnier, lumped into the camp of conspiracy theorists?

    Even though mortality rates went from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5000, the plan for social distancing technology rolls on?

    How absurd can this narrative be.

    I feel like whatever information that can be provided to msm viewers will just be taken as adjunct to the narrative, unless the utter lunacy of the narrative is well portrayed.

    thanks and best regards.

    • “if you read this, what might be most helpful would be a 5 – 10 min video explaining the official narrative of events, so the msm viewers can see in one easy explanation the absolute absurdity of that which they currently believe.

      Like 911 A Conspiracy Theory, but not satirical.”

      I agree.
      I made a similar suggestion a couple of months ago here:

    • For what it’s worth, I think the ran the “model” in many runs, averaging the results. But, as you said, for a deterministic “model” it surely suck big chunks because it can’t twice produce the same output for a given seed.

  8. I would love to see that.
    I have an Alexa friend and we have been having some fairly heated arguments about statistics and they like many others believe the lockdown was important and it’s what the people wanted. No matter how hard I try to tell them that the public’s reaction was based on so many miscalculations. It’s hard for the bamboozled to see behind this magic trick, as that is how I see it.

    People have got beef with each other over BLM and other civil differences but we need to focus on loosing our freedom right now. Alexa buddy doesn’t see what freedoms are being lost and thinks that all the crazy stuff is happening in the US.
    I would like to compile a list on all the different ways we are loosing our freedoms. There is enough info in the CR comment threads alone to back up my claim.

    • lizzie, don’t you live in Ireland?

      The couple of Irish people I have run into (not literally, but yeah we had large differences of opinion) online have been pro lockdown, pro masks, pro snitching on neighbours and outsiders who venture into their towns, pro Garda, pro being fined by the Garda and detained for breaking the rules, pro shutting themselves and their families in, etc. Frightening really…they are way more “strict” regarding the guidelines/rules in Ireland than here in the South West of England, that is for sure.

      Saying that, even here people don’t mind being shut in their houses. Well when I brought up civil liberties, personal freedoms, all hell broke loose and that was amongst fitness friends that I regularly used to meet up with before all this shenanigans. What the actual? I have a work colleague who has not turned up for work for the last 11 weeks, because he is “scared” of the virus?!

      I am still working out which angle to get to people from, mostly the small businesses, unemployment, furlough, lack of consistency seem to work well. Mention personal choice and freedom though and all reason seems to fly out the window, I mean everyone is such a freaking altruist lately!

      • I think lizzie is US based.

        When you consider people’s reactions, you need to realize that in these times more and more people are leaning toward shutting in. This is further compounded with the fact many have been trained for over a decade now to “socialize” over the web, without seeing or needing people’s facial reactions to feel the connection. To anyone who has already cut ties from the real world years ago, this “crisis” came perfectly tailored to evince their foolish past choices.

      • What the actual is right Nexagelous.
        I’m a Lancashire lass living in Kilkenny. I’m ashamed of my English and Irish friends response on this. It’s like they are under a spell.
        10 years ago I had a psychotic episode where I saw the world completely differently and felt as though it was my job to save the world, y’know the usual craic!!!
        10 years later I’m seeing the same ignorance from my fellow man, except this time round I’m completely sane (twitch)? bemused at how people don’t see what’s going on.
        We have been governed for hundreds of years, you think we’d be sick of it by now and knowledgeable enough to be living differently.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Debra

    • Thanks lizzie, yikes, so everything these big wigs do is against health and science and balance. I always thought so, but little by little all the pieces are coming together. What a sham/scam they want us to live our lives by indeed!

  9. Hi James

    I’m wondering if you might like to create Part Five to the Bill Gates series to highlight the disastrous effects of Gate’s vaccines in Africa, India and the Philippines.

    Various state governments in India, along with High Court have brought cases against either Gates or his affiliates.

    In the the Philippines I believe he would be unwise to visit there or else face jail time.

    A video that compiled all these malpractices would bring conclusive closure to the series.

    In principle, spreading the word is great. As ddude notes above it is not always easy. For over fifteen years, along with directing people to the Corbett Report, I’ve been trying to get people to watch the A&E911 video of the collapse of Tower 7—with very low response. So the best I can do is mention Deep State mendacity in social circumstances.

    In normal conversation you’ve got no more than one to three minutes to make your case.

    In my view, the failure of Gate’s vaccine programme in Africa, India and the Philippines is the weakest point of the whole Bill Gates Idealogy. You can summarise in about ninety seconds with a little left over to explain the official sources of the information—which of course would be in your show notes.

    If Gates’s vaccinations are proven disastrous in the Third World one can ask people if they want the same man to be responsible for mass vaccinations back in the US, or Europe or Australia.

    Great work, and a shout out to to Broc for the technicals.

  10. So, apart from wanting to downsize drastically and buy a motorhome once my house is sold, there is this little community that will probably be part of my future plans. Although they seem very “green” and my views might be a little extreme even for them, but still, affordable housing and community based, decentralised stuff is what I am after, this is all still in the pipeline, but I guess keeping busy helping to build this (Tiny House Community Bristol):

    might maintain/sustain my sanity.

    • C’mon! Everyone knows rednecks wear John Deere hats. Especially when we see them thar flying saucers!

  11. Oh, I almost forgot. I did put myself in charge of asking Jeremy Hammond, an independent vaccine journalist, to contact James for an interview. Turns out he is a fan of James’s work. It’s the kind of work which creates work for others, instead of me. What can I say? You know how lazy rednecks are!

    • Oh no, I live the life I love. Which makes it all play and no work!

  12. debra.b says:
    …I’ve found that because Bill Gates is on MSM so often I was able to start by telling them to notice how often and how many TV shows he appears on.

    I also told them to note how he tells what to do and then we (the US) do what he says.
    They all came back to me sort of shocked that I was correct.
    It was an eye opener…

    … My mom came back to me and she said, “He’s even been on Ellen! (TV talk show) Why is telling us what to do?”

    So, it’s a starting point, which I think doesn’t take much explanation….

    BUMP – Excellent, skilled, gradient approach!

    Effective communication of ideas comes with reaching the person’s reality, not aggressively challenging it.
    Example: Larken Rose conducts seminars with this precept as a fundamental.

  13. Flyers and Printing Costs

    For a flyer, I may type some large font lines on a Word document, no color, dress it up a bit, being very, very succinct with script and keynote I might add an image if it works for black-n-white printing.
    I may do a half page to save costs. Also, this is an easy size to have pocketed when I enter a store or someplace.

    Possibly, I may order cheap online business cards if the layout works, with the cost. Some templates make it difficult to relay a message.

    If some flyer downloads come available, I may or may not use them.

    I know Derek Broze is setting Saturday, June 13th as a Gates action day.

    For me, I will probably do flyers whenever it works well for me…any date or time.
    Shopping Center parking lot car windshields (always drivers side) is a quick, simple Guerrilla Marketing tactic which I like…just don’t do it for a long time, because it is typically forbidden solicitation. In the Texas heat, you won’t want to. Just a quick 10 to 40 cars and go.

    Ink can be costly. I buy mine from a local ink seller in Plano, TX who specializes in discount inks. I go to his humble store front. He and his family really know the business and types of printers. Great people!

    For flyers I use the less expensive ‘toner cartridge’.
    Net COST – Even then, for The GATES GIG, 9 or 10 flyers will likely cost me a buck.


    • (…continuing…)

      – Anecdote on ink costs –
      About 18 months ago and more, I was piloting a business enterprise (a well-engineered solar address panel) which did not take. I, myself, put together a visual flyer with photos made to print in black-n-white. Periodically, I would change the design and marketing buttons to test effectiveness. I had my discount toner ink and printed thousands of flyers over time. I would walk the neighborhoods of affluent homes, and masking tape a flyer to the front door knob. It is a lot of hard work for an old man when the cooler morning summer temperatures are in the mid 90’s F, or the cold winds of winter are blowing.

      – Using toner ink (not inkjet)-
      All-in-all, my net cost for the flyer ranged near 12 cents or more for one side of printed ink. But I printed ink on two sides, so the cost was near 18 cents or more.

      I asked the printer guy why the ink cartridges (both his no-name cartridges and also the printer brand) did not come close to advertised “X number of printed documents”. He showed me a typed page which was their standard for a printed page. There were fewer words on it than in this comment.

      ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
      By the way, June 19th in Texas is a big deal. I won’t be doing flyers on that date because I don’t want to be accused of hijacking a movement.

      QUOTE On June 19, 1865, the Emancipation Proclamation— which had been issued on January 1, 1863— was read to enslaved African-Americans in Texas by Gordon Granger. Texas was the last Confederate State to have the proclamation announced, after the end of the American Civil War in April of that year.

      • I do believe for that price you should be able to get a good deal on offset printed flyers. My only experience with that was some 10 years back when during a previous employment we had a need to procure some thousands of these flyers. Considering the local currency, a sheet of plain A4 paper is 8 cents, one sided black on white printing (laser) was another 8-12 cents while color printing run up to at least five times that amount. In the end, we got another company to do it for us. The final price was 60 cents a pop, double sided colored A4 paper, folded, packaged and shipped.

        Note that there’s currently a seven fold difference between these cents of ours so I understand that puts the calculation considerably out of whack.

        • mkey, You are right about the offset printing. I have a local Dallas area independent printer who has done a lot of stuff for me in the past decades. It can be a cost savings.
          The problem for me is volume (number of flyers) on this kind of run. It just ain’t gonna work out well, because I’m gonna do very, very small batches at a time.

          9/11 Truth BROADSHEET FLYER – under 7 cents each – IMAGE (including shipping costs)(circa 2008)

          30,000 copies. Under 7 cents delivered. COLOR, high quality photos. Newspaper size. Clean, semigloss paper.

          Our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” group pulled this off.
          It was a rough go for me, because I lined up the source and shipping and money and all kinds of details. It was a very heavy truck pallet of stuff I had delivered to my home, but I was in another town going to college and hectically had to skip classes and rush to get the drop-offed pallet in the middle of the driveway so the wife wouldn’t go hysterical or a rain-storm ruin it.

          I begged a temperamental young college kid to do the pdf layout, because I did not know how to do it. I liked him and he had a strong activist heart. We would go back and forth, debating on what should be included. I had to be gentle, because he easily became angry. I would type up different articles, or he would write his own. I would cut and edit different things. He would insist on saying different things that really did not have exact documented evidence. Finally, to keep the peace and keep him from quitting, and let the project get done by deadline, I stopped with the edits.

          During this era, there was not a good source for brochures on 9/11 Truth. We really had no good cost-effective dissemination tools, other than DVDs…and those ain’t cheap either.
          I shipped many flyers to other groups around the country at cost.

          I discovered the printer source, because I was in a small town East Texas grocery store. They had their “broadsheet sale ads” in the rack. I grabbed it and spotted the little note of the printing company. I called the place and spoke with the owner who is based in far south and west Texas, Kerrville area. He and I had great conversations. He knew something about the 9/11 cover-up and was a Ron Paul fan.

    • Flyer Tidbit

      Without Texas hyperbole, over the decades with my businesses and activism, I have administered the dissemination of well over a million flyers. A humongous amount were distributed by these hands.

      With different businesses, I often would survey how folks discovered us. For the most part, flyers were the most cost effective (besides, of course, word of mouth). This was against the other mediums of TV, radio, newspaper ads, etc.

      With this current age of the internet, I don’t know how flyers perform.

      Once around 2002 or 2003, with my bookstores, I ran across a great deal with The Dallas Morning News – not for a newspaper ad.
      The Dallas Morning News sent out a bundled mix of grocery store broadsheets and inserts.
      I once had a flyer insert.
      For 5 cents, black ink on bright yellow heavy cardstock 8 1/2 X 11 paper, I had a one sided Bookstore flyer (which had a “free book” coupon).
      This 5 cents included the distribution to all households in certain zip codes.
      I could not even purchase the yellow cardstock at the paper wholesalers for this price.

      It was effective. We got tons of “Free Book” coupons come into my stores.

      SIGNS are not a bad idea.

      GeneralBottleWasher, emeraldcitydreamz, and other Corbett Report members have put out signs.

  14. I do believe you should be able to send money directly to James’s email address, it’s linked to paypal.






  15. The series provides an excellent introduction. I think that following up with a more in depth exploration of some of the key topics discussed would serve the goal even further. For instance, focusing an entire episode just on the legal aspect of what has been done, is done, and most importantly — can be done, to push back against Gates’ scheme, could go a long way to provide actual ammunition to the resistance, keeping in mind that the legal vector is, naturally, one of the most important vectors for counter attack. His TV appearances alone — vaccines are a must, no back to normal before the whole world is vaccinated, you have no choice, etc. — while having a clear conflict of interests, seem to beg legal questions… To name just one example.

    Another one:

    I would love to see an episode that covers this angle.

    Many thanks for all the great job so far.

  16. If you are curious about the defund the police movement, really graceful just posted a good video on it. She is a very perceptive young woman. The video is called “defund the po-po”. Can’t copy youboob video addresses off my dumbphone.

  17. I went ahead and created a flyer for #ExposeBillGates day. It’s pretty simple but I hope you guys like it. It has QR code links to all 4 of the CR docu series on Gates.

    • What exactly is a QR code? Is it something that can be put on a bumper sticker?
      I was pondering the question of what I could do for the Corbett Report, and thereby serve the whole of humanity, while driving my boom truck back from a fumigation job in a ritzy beachside community today and thought that I should at least have some stickers on the back of my truck.

      • A QR code is like a barcode that people can scan using the camera app on their phones and then it links them to a web address. The QR codes on my flyer link to the Corbett Report documentaries on Gates.

        On the subject of stickers, I do not know why Corbett has never offered merch such as stickers and t-shirts. Months ago I asked him if I could make Corbett Report t-shirts for him and he implied that he was going to do it himself but never did. I think its a big mistake not having merch because its such a useful way to spread this information.

        • BUMP
          Corbett Flyer with QR CODE to videos

            • “Bump” is an old forum term.
              It is used to draw attention to the comment(s) above.

              • Oh okay, got it. Thanks!

        • Probably just doesn’t have the spare time.
          Can the QR code be put on a bumper sticker and scanned at a distance?

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