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It’s the first weekend of August, so you know the drill . . .

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  1. Here is an article I wrote that offers what I consider to be one viable path towards actionable solutions we can implement for overcoming some of the challenges we face (in a time when a global oligarchy is waging an economic war on the general population and attempting to set up a new kind of digital slavery system).

    Among the solutions I suggest (which I have touched on in many comments on here over the past few weeks) is taking action to consciously redefine our meaning of “wealth” through divesting from conventional economic systems and redirecting that energy to investing in the ‘living economy’ of the Earth (via creating decentralized regenerative food and medicine production systems). In doing so, I feel we can not only be prepared to thrive and be healthy (while not having to capitulate to the edicts of any social credit CBDC system dominating plutocrats) as the control grid enforces more and more tightly constricting economic strangle holds, but also take action to starve the corporate parasites through withdrawing our support from their centralized systems.

    James presented some excellent ideas that I feel are complimentary to the radical decentralization approach I describe in my article linked above in one of his solutions episodes :

    I am headed off to disappear into the forest up north for a bit to recharge my spiritual batteries, collect some seeds of wild medicine plants and take a break from the digital world so you will not hear back from me for a while.

    Wishing you all an excellent week ahead filled with opportunities for growth, realizations that let you see the problem as the solution as well as moments of courage, solidarity, remembrance and peaceful moments filled with gratitude and hope.

    • Sounds wonderful – have a great time – relax and recharge!

      • Thank you! Walking under the old growth white pines and listening to the babbling brooks was indeed a powerful recharge for the spirit! 🙂

  2. Hi guys, I’m thinking our cells are naturally well protected and it is not easy for the powers that be to conduct genetic engineering on a mass scale. So the theory about using parasite as the tool to do such a feat is logical to me. The following video and her article gave the details.

    When she said the targeted areas are the embryo and nerve system, I was thinking the embryo is obviously to create the next generation of transhuman. But the nerve system might be for the purpose of radiogenetics/magnetogenetics. So we should not be surprised if people who are multi-boosted, meaning a higher chance of getting the parasite, have their behaviour turn extreme when the time is right.

    Also for the terrain theory people, the parasite might be the real reason why they want to ban Ivermectin, instead of Covid. They did not make as big a fuss about hydroxychloroquine, except due to Trump saying it. Also, China using chloroquine instead of Ivermectin, might give a clue which one is the real danger to the agenda.

    • Appreciate your giving these links…I have heard her and her material quoted but had missed the interview. Thank you!

  3. G. Edward Griffin – 90 years old

    G. Edward Griffin has been mentioned recently on the comment boards.
    In the following 4 minute segment with his interview by Daniela Cambone, Griffin discusses his health and life-style.
    The Federal Reserve Needs to Destroy U.S. Dollar to Usher in Cashless System: Jekyll Island Author
    QUEUED near the 28 minute mark

  4. Larry’s Longhorns in Texas

    It has been really hot in North Texas, and without any significant rains for over 60 days. It is a tough drought.
    The Dallas – Fort Worth area has had an average daily temperature in July at 102°F | 38.89 °C. June was slightly less. And virtually no rain the past two months.

    About an 80 minute drive east of Dallas is Larry’s Longhorns.
    This is a pleasant, down-home and interesting interview with an old-timer, Larry.
    From TheTexasBoys-Our Family Story YouTube Channel.

    (WARNING!) From A Real Farmer ~ Beef Crisis ~ Food Shortages ~ Texas Cow Boy
    The high amount of Omega 3 fats in grass fed beef is also discussed in this interview, along with the benefits of not using synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

    • Southwest of Ft Worth, my son has 25 acres. He currently has 9 calves and about 13 cows. His Bull is over at a relative’s place.
      The grass for the main part is crispy all around the region, and there have been a few nearby land fires.
      Fortunately, he runs a sprinkler on an area which has some afternoon shade where the cows graze in the evening. The grass stays somewhat green there.
      I don’t know how he keeps up with everything, because he has a full time supervisor job and plenty of projects on his list for around the place, and with the family and kids.
      Sometimes in the early evening under the shade of an old giant Live Oak tree, he and his wife jump in the Texas Jacuzzi with a glass of wine. The “jacuzzi” is really a big round galvanized watering trough where he fixed-up a filtering pump.

    • Thanks for posting. Glad you mention Omega 3 that is found in beef and fish in particular.

      There is a reason why the “elites” don’t want people to eat meat, because when it’s combined with low carbohydrate diet is very good for most people, at least according to several doctors who can document improvement in patients who change their diet. These are my preliminary opinions at any rate.

      Similar to the the “global warming/climate crisis” propaganda I suspect the push toward veganism is in order to make the population sick. I understand the ethics of not wanting to kill animals for food, but there are ways to hunt and kill animals to food that are more humane. I have had a hard time re introducing beef and pork to my diet because I happen to like cows and pigs. I also think my health has improved since eating beef again in particular.

      Humans have eaten meat for a long time and other animals kill to eat, so it seems like a natural thing to do. Torturing animals on the other hand is wrong.

      There are some vegans who claim to have good health, but many end up with deficiencies and other imbalances that effect quality of life and may even lead to disease over time.

      • “….There are some vegans who claim to have good health, but many end up with deficiencies and other imbalances that effect quality of life and may even lead to disease over time…..”

        I have never met a healthy Vegan, I know they exist but every one I’ve known has been bonkers and sickly….probably because its so much more involved to get a decent diet

        If they are strict Vegan and dont take artificial supplements B12 they tend to go crazy and get sick…. though TBH I always thought becoming a vegan was, like getting masses of tattoos or obsessing about body building, was a marker for nuttiness.

        Wikipedia on ‘B12’ says “….The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics considers plant and algae sources “unreliable”, stating that vegans should turn to fortified foods and supplements instead.[32]..”

        • That’s probably what I had when I was vegan. My skin got very dry and scaly and I gained weight and was fatigued and depressed (like I had no energy). My thyroid function was in the low hypothyroid range, and when I cut out soy and went back to eating poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, milk etc, my body normalized.

          I notice a bit more energy with red meat and better looking skin. I’ve cut way back on alcohol too which could be a reason.

          The body building nuts that are obsessed and start taking massive doses of testosterone are a bit strange and a real mental illness almost similar to anorexics.

          I was watching this dumb video compilation on youtube called vegan degeneration or something like that which showed people get very malnourished. One guy’s teeth started falling out. It looked like they were starving. I would assume common sense would kick in once someone started losing teeth that their diet was harmful, but common sense is lacking in many people.

          • “…and a real mental illness almost similar to anorexics. …”

            I think its just a variation on the same dismorphic / disphoric mental illness, though maybe a little less harmful. Funny you mention anorexia, i was looking thru my old files, if you want to see the Pre-Trans social media mental illness nightmare look up the ‘Pro Anna’ freakery 🙁

            I swear it looks like a dummy run for the online trans campaign – right down to having online groomers (“diet coaches”) and cultish peer pressure…. on the other hand maybe its just that society is sick and the one movement got free money and the other got stamped on.

            “…One guy’s teeth started falling out. It looked like they were starving. …”

            🙁 People….

            • Yeah, I heard about that and looked it up a few years ago after I took care of a young girl who had anorexia.

              She was 14 and came in with syncope due to cardiac arrhythmia. Her heart rate was slow and irregular and she was very thin and ill appearing. Her parents were there. This was in 2016. She was transferred to a pediatric facility. I sometimes wonder if she ended up dying or if she was able to get better.

              Now I am seeing more obese toddlers. I took care of a toddler who was 70 pounds (actually I triaged him, so my interaction was pretty brief). He was almost two years old. The mom was obese too, but comparatively less obese than he was. I wondered if it would trigger reporting for child abuse, similar to if he had been starving. He was able to walk around and was clean and seemed happy without any suspicious injuries except for the obesity. They left without being seen, so he was not checked by a doctor.

              • I’m sure his internal organs were probably not doing so well though and he did have a history of asthma. This new thing of “health at every size” where the idea that one can be obese and healthy is another way to sicken the population. I believe this is untrue and that obesity is an indicator of poor health.

              • When I say obese, I mean abnormally high body fat content. Sometimes people weigh more who have more muscle and this does not seem to cause health problems.

              • cu.h.j

                Its not even the building part… (which is stupid easy, go watch a youtube video or two and you will be able to do it…. saving about 50% or more on your PC costs….. then slap a Linux distro on and you get 2x the speed of windows for the same hardware)

                I think its that when there is a skill, effort or IQ bar to entry people who are more easily harmed by something are mostly kept out. Also, it makes the quality of people involved naturally higher if they need to pass some kind of test.

                I am sure that the Olde Tymer Linux dudes dont think much of me and the others who arrived after things got easier thanks to YT video’s and such, and in a way they are right to feel like that

        • You can eat vegan chips and vegan cookies all day long and call yourself a vegan. You must have the whole food nutrients as the Creator created [non gmo and organic]
          As a vegan nutritionist, trust me, you have to eat well. The quality of our air, water and soil/food is affecting everyone’s health. I suggest 5 films to people [all tho’ i do not advocate soy or canola] for best health and information,and following the money. Forks Over Knives; What the Health; Processed People; Eating; and Game Changers.

          • Supplements are necessary in this day and age. They must feed the cells. Detoxing is essential as well. May you all be in the best of health in all aspects of your life!

        • elise

          “…I don’t judge meat-eaters but there are some unhealthy ones there,too….”

          For sure there are, just , as I said all the Vegans I HAVE KNOWN have been sickly and unhealthy and mentally weird…. I also said there are probably healthy ones out there. Your probably one of the healthy ones since you take care of your diet, which probably shows your willing to put a great deal of thought and research into what your doing.
          I am glad its working well for you.

          “…I’ve taken B12 for years and I also take D3 and MK-7 together. My omnivore relatives also supplement with B12, as it tends to not get synthesized reliably as bodies age…”

          I think I’ve read that absorption of B12 slows as we age, though there is AFAIK no synthesis of B12 in the human body which is why you need to get it from animal or synthetically processed sources… which would mean that Veganism is an unnatural diet.

          I’m not critical of you, or even of unhealthy vegans, for what they eat, I just dont think its a good idea for MOST people because most wont do the work that you have done on getting everything they need.

          • “ Veganism is an unnatural diet.”

            I suppose that can be considered a true statement. Depending on how far back in history you go. And depending on where you draw the line between modern humans and their ancestors.
            But even conceding that veganism isn’t natural. So what?
            There are lots of examples of things that humans did that were natural and normal for their day which we would find absolutely abhorrent today.
            If one is an adherent to the theory of evolution then one would have to concede that as species evolve. Sometimes traits once natural becomes unnecessary or detrimental and are often eliminated or altered in succeeding generations.
            If one comes from a purely biblical way of looking at things. Well Daniel comes to mind as a character that lends validity to the idea that meat isn’t a necessity because of it’s naturalness.

            Historically speaking, war is natural for mankind. Rape, slavery and murder is natural for mankind. Child sacrifice and idol worship is natural for mankind.
            Hard to make the argument that because these things are, or rather were natural that therefore they are preferred.
            Just a few thoughts. I’m not trying to be a contrarian. I’m not even a strict vegan anymore anyway. I have started eating some animal byproducts. I’m just not willing to kill to feed myself.
            All that said, I have little compunction about feeding my dog meat. Though I do wish that I could source humanely raised meat for her.

            • Steve Smith
              “…But even conceding that veganism isn’t natural. So what?…”

              Generally speaking the less natural something is the less good it is probably gonna be for you. Like I said if you work hard and add artificial processes into your life the more precarious it gets so adding artificial things should be done as sparingly as possible.

              Ok…Since I AM a contrarian 😉

              “…I’m just not willing to kill to feed myself….”

              OK, thats a moral stand you take

              “…All that said, I have little compunction about feeding my dog meat…”

              and then DISCARD because you love your dog…. even more
              disturbing you may Love your Dog MORE then yourself???? Is it a super cute dog?

              “… Though I do wish that I could source humanely raised meat for her….”

              OK… gonna be an ass now and ask why you only want to murder HAPPY animals?
              No putting that suffering factory animal out of its misery, noooo, yu want to steal the life of a happy cow or chicken as it enjoys its life….?

              LOL….. just having fun. Eat what you like and be happy 🙂

            • Duck,

              I agree with your take on meat probably being better for humans nutritionally anyway. The argument that some vegans make is that meat is unhealthy and unnatural and I believe this is false. Not all vegans support this however, and don’t like to kill animals for food because they love animals. I understand that part.

              An interesting thing about dogs is that they are also omnivores so if you’re killing an animal to feed your dog, might as well eat some of it. I’m going to raise chickens for meat and may even try to hunt dear. I’ll see how that goes. I should be able to kill my food if I’m willing to eat it, right?

              If I had to kill to eat, I would do it and a sure I could do it. I know I have it in me in order to survive, like a lion wants to survive. If I were an Eskimo I’m sure I’d be very limited in my dietary choices.

              As far as it being “murder” not sure it fits the definition in my understanding of the word murder. Does a lion murder it’s prey? Murder implies that the killing is not moral.

              But I completely understand not wanting to kill another animal. They are living beings who also want to survive. It’s a hard one.

              But like you said, eat what you want and be happy. If vegans can supplement and enjoy their food and their body is healthy and strong, there’s nothing wrong with that.

              It’s good to be a contrarian sometimes too!

            • “ Generally speaking the less natural something is the less good it is probably gonna be for you.”

              Maybe true. But as I’ve illustrated. Its difficult to define the word natural.

              “ Like I said if you work hard and add artificial processes into your life the more precarious it gets so adding artificial things should be done as sparingly as possible.”

              Like monogamy? Or air travel?

              “OK, thats a moral stand you take…. and then DISCARD?

              I do no such thing. I haven’t discarded my moral stand. My moral stand is to avoid killing to feed myself. Feeding my omnivorous dog animal products hardly invalidates it.

              “Is it a super cute dog?

              You have no idea. She’s the cutest. She’s also been traumatized and is rather neurotic. But she is also big, super protective and I sleep well knowing that nobody is going to be sneaking in at night.

              “even more disturbing you may Love your Dog MORE than yourself????”

              That is a hard one. I just may. Because the truth is, she is pure. Innocent. Without guile, malice or deception. I can’t say those things about myself. Only that I am forgiven.
              I’m told that God loves me. And I am sure that my dog does. Thats enough for me for now.

              “ OK… gonna be an ass now and ask why you only want to murder HAPPY animals?
              No putting that suffering factory animal out of its misery, noooo, yu want to steal the life of a happy cow or chicken as it enjoys its life….?”

              Now I know that you’re just being silly. But to answer. Yes, I would rather “murder” an animal that had the opportunity to live a life that consisted of some pleasure and, for lack of a better word, happiness in its life rather than one that lived it’s entire existence in cruel conditions and then dispatched in even more cruel ways.
              I can think of fewer things that I would like to see come about more than an end to factory animal farming.

            • Steve Smith

              On the dangers of adding artificial things (….” Like monogamy? Or air travel?…” )

              YES… they should be added with great care!

              Air Travel less so, but CAR travel has changed the way humans live- driving people into suburbs and spreading families out so many people don’t feel the need to get to know their neighbors. I guess ait Travel does make it easy to cross the atlantic… but like Roman Roads did , it also speeds disease spread around the world.

              Think of the internet which lets us talk to each other now… while its got lots of GOOD things I would say that internet for the person too dumb to learn how to build a PC, or even worse internet-in the-pocket, HAS been a disaster!

              Like Mark Bauerlein predicted (‘Dumbest Generation’, and his follow up book) people growing up with that stuff are horribly deformed mentally….. there could have been no Covid Lockdown, no modern cancel culture or wokism without the the internet, or more particularly the Smart Phone which could infect even normies….. I watched the BBS documentary and was struck by how the BBS folks could know each other IRL because of inferior phone tech while on the internet all the people I’d be interested in knowing live far far away….. also having porn in every kids hand just a click away is sickening.


              As for TV…. or movies (see “hollywoodism” from “An Empire of their own” for how movies ate American Culture and replaced it with a fake version.

            • Duck,

              “To dumb to learn how to build a PC…” I’d like to think I don’t fit into this category, but I’m not so sure…

              I’d pay to learn more about computers though. In fact I think someone should start offering this on the agorist list of businesses.

              Years ago, when I could have taken a computer programming course and really should have done it when I was younger. I’d have to start from scratch, but if I put my mind to it I could learn how to program and probably build one too.

              But I’m not so sure I could learn this without a bit of instruction to be honest.

            • Indeed Duck, technology and I suppose everything that is not natural has some drawbacks. But, like I was trying to say in another thread. If it weren’t for the amazing proliferation of knowledge that the very unnatural and certainly in many ways detrimental internet has made available for me, I would not have learned about the very ancient and natural cure that might keep me alive for a few more years.

              So just like the unnatural habit of avoiding the consumption of dead flesh might not be beneficial for everyone. To say that it should be avoided merely because it is unnatural isn’t really a factual statement.
              Everything, natural or not can be harmful if abused.

            • “…To say that it should be avoided merely because it is unnatural isn’t really a factual statement…”

              Steve Smith

              True, but nor should we adopt unnatural habits without realizing there is often a cost…. I too learned tonns and tonns off the net, but I think its been harmful for most people.

              A lot of that might be down to dose, or how we imbibe a technology (Computers being something stimulating like Coca leaves and Smartphones being something mind destroying like Crack) , or even what age we’re introduced to it (I had 8 bit computers as a kid but was an adult before I got online and I can feel that my own attention span has slipped…. I cant imagine what its like for the brain of a baby playing an Ipad)

              I’m willing to take medicines and such if I get sick, but I have seen plenty of people who end up taking drug after drug to fix the problem caused by the previous drug they took to solve a minor thing that they could have fixed with lifestyle adjustment…. but its not a huge thing I need to get pedantic about 🙂 I have plenty of other stuff for that

    • Thanks for that post, HRS. I had been an on/off vegetarian since 1970. In 1996, at the age of 53, I had a heart attack and double bypass. I couldn’t understand it. I was a runner, eating what I thought was a healthy diet, not overweight, but believed the propaganda about butter, animal fat, eggs being bad, causing heart disease, when just the opposite was true. So began substituting vegetable oils for butter, eating egg whites only or egg substitutes, avoiding any kind of animal fat. Twelve years ago I came across Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig’s “The Oiling of America” while shelving at the Orcas Library – Read it. Changed my life –

      Although I’m an omnivore, I rarely eat red meat. I was a vegetarian when I toured New Zealand in 2000. That’s when I learned about grass fed beef. Decided to have my first beef steak at restaurant in Dunedin and felt energized. Later, I read about the types of food associated with the 3 Gunas – – It is my understanding that people fall into one of those three categories and will generally feel healthier if eating foods associated with the dominant Guna.

      A side note regarding “From A Real Farmer”. My former girlfriend is an Iowa farm girl. Although the family cultivates GMO corn primarily used in the production of ethanol, she visited a friend of her dad’s who was a cattle rancher and raised grass fed beef. She spent part of the day with him and discovered he was the cattle rancher’s equivalent of the “Horse Whisperer”. He communicated with his animals. Talked to them. Developed a rapport. Treated all animals with kindness. When it came time to butcher one of them, she was standing in the barn when he pointed to one of the cows, which then separated from the rest and came toward him. He nodded to the slaughtering area and it went without hesitation.

      During the Real Farmer interview he jokingly referred to a rain dance. I wonder what would happen if they organized about 2,000 people, with strong intent, who, at a given time on a given day, together, focused on rain. Visualizing rain clouds forming. Concentrating for at least an hour on rain. I wonder.

      • One KNight
        “….When it came time to butcher one of them, she was standing in the barn when he pointed to one of the cows, which then separated from the rest and came toward him. He nodded to the slaughtering area and it went without hesitation…”

        Ugh… lets hope he never trains Bill Gates how to do that.

      • OneKnightErrant,
        I absolutely loved reading about your experiences.
        Real stories from real people trump any scientism-studies on my reading list.
        Anyway, thanks for all that.

    • Larry’s Longhorns in Texas – Part 2

      The temperature was 106F | 41.1C during this interview.
      It’s humid in Larry’s area of east Texas which makes for a high heat index.
      Notice the long sleeve shirts.
      Larry tells the Texas tale of the Longhorn History…

      Tuesday August 9, 2022
      How Cattle (SAVED) America! (WARNING!) From A Texas Rancher ~ Beef Crisis ~ Food Shortage

      In today’s vide, Larry shares the UNTOLD TRUE STORY of our AMERICAN HISTORY! This is a story that we all should learn as we continue to be students of REAL history. The truth is that cattle and people have lived together and greatly benefited each other since the beginning of creation. The great benefit that these beautiful creatures give to our land and soil is endless. The animals have served an integral part in world history and American history and that is the number one reason why good cowboys, ranchers, and farmers love and respect their cattle. Cattle and the working with them, has created a strong COWBOY culture all it’s own. Working with cattle keeps a person grounded in the realities of life and connected to our CREATOR God and His creation in such an intimate way. Larry has dedicated many years of his life to preserving and teaching the heritage of one breed of cattle specifically, THE TEXAS LONGHORN. We hope that you TRULY ENJOY today’s video!

  5. I’ve been following adverse reactions to the “vaccine” and found the following website that contains anecdotal reports from many people who took it:

    I noticed there’s seems to be a lot of effects on the nervous system in some people and I have seen some strange things in patients after the injection:

    Dangerously high blood pressure that seems to come out of nowhere, like numbers greater than 200/100, rapid heart rate that comes on when people stand up or start to walk in the 130s-140s. Intermittent chest pain. Strange numbness in extremities. The work ups will unrevealing in many people. Vertigo and dizziness that seems to be new.

    One of the doctors I work with developed the dizziness, ringing in ears and intermittent hearing loss and took a few months off. I suspect it might have been related to the injection.

  6. The origins of human monkeypox (hMPXV):

    I totally respect all of you out there who do not believe that viruses are real and that everything is a hoax but the monkeypox virus or whatever you would personally like to call it has been engineered to rapidly mutate and adapt to the population by piggy-backing off of all of the immune systems damaged by COVID vaccination. Once it spends enough time passing through the vaccinated it will eventually develop into a more contagious strain that can hit everyone, like Omicron. When people in your community start developing painful rashes and disease do you want them to think that global warming is making repeated frequent zoonosis inevitable so they need the technocracy/biosecurity state? Or do you want them to realize that the virus was very purposefully engineered and released in multiple locations at once, not by monkeys, but by people?

    • I’ll check this out. I know that many diseases become less lethal. Omicron appears to be less lethal. I have not seen the dangerous hypoxia with it. I had it and it was not very bad. I did take Ivermectin and other vitamins suggested by the FLCCC protocol.

      I have not ever treated a patient with “monkey pox” and it sounds like it’s not very lethal.

    • kfel
      If people in my community develop painful monkey pox symptoms I will know that they spend too much time at gay orgies 😉 ….. I try to avoid such people anyway

      • The whole idea that this is just a “gay men’s disease” is to purposefully throw people off.. it was released purposefully into the gay community. Gay men were targeted, and this was an effective way to get it to spread especially given the relatively high rates of HIV and COVID vaccination in the community, just like putting people sick with COVID into nursing homes was very effective for getting COVID to spread more widely… throwing a match into dry wood in both situations. Same game plan. But just like the nursing home residents gay men are just a “gateway” population, allowing the virus to adapt itself to spreading more efficiently between people. It will enter the wider population; in fact, we don’t know to what extent it already has, because obtaining testing is extremely difficult if you’re not a gay man (difficult enough to if you are one too, but much harder if you’re not). A child in the Netherlands has already been infected without any known infected contacts, gay or otherwise As this infects more kids there will be some severe cases/deaths, and it doesn’t take much to bring yet another vaccine mandate. Note how effectively the media can drum up measles infection and vaccine hysteria when measles has a death rate lower than monkeypox. The next vaccine mandate will ready the population for yet another viral release and so on, to the biosecurity state –

        • kfel

          Honestly…. like AIDS still is a mostly male homsexual disease, Monkey Pox will probably stay that way.

          Maybe some Bi people will spread it to women, who may (if they as as promiscuous sexually as gay dudes tend to be) spread it to hetro men or other women…. but unless you go around rubbing your naked junk on strangers you should be just fine.

          I dont doubt that they will try to use it to scare people, but I kinda think its a side project because- like AIDS- its mostly lifestyle choice that puts you at risk… I shudder to think how those kid got it

          Covid was a winner for propaganda because it was at least easily transmissible

        • Exactly.
          Couldn’t agree more.
          It’s getting so frustrating watching people chasing their tails on the latest virus BS, when it has never been proven that any virus can cause disease or even exist outside of a petri dish or in the modern age in a computer model. The whole thing is built on the most fraudulent house of cards, that involves changing the definition of the word “isolate” and not doing any control experiments. It’s about time it was debunked once and for all, so we can all move on.

          This documentary “The End of Germ Theory” at Spacebusters does a very good job laying it all out.

          And Dr. Tom Cowan has many videos on his channel and website pointing out many holes in virology.

          This interview is a good place to start.

          “The Virus Challenge” he is proposing with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Mark & Sam Bailey and others is also ruffling feathers in the so called health freedom community.

    • I just read a quick overview about viral evolution that links to other papers. It sounds like natural selection still apply even in lab released viruses once they start interacting with susceptible populations. Tendency to spread more rapidly by being more contagious is advantageous because the virus survives. It sounds like more deadly strains can emerge, but if they are more deadly will kill off the host and limiting spread.

      I’m sure they can engineer all kinds of weird stuff in labs, but it’s hard to control what it will do in a population outside of the lab where evolution and natural selection applies.

      This is according to theories that support the existences of viruses and evolution which some people might not believe in.

      It’s good to put alternative narratives out there because many people in the general public seem to believe everything that comes out of the MSM. For my own personal health, I’m not worried about “monkey pox” at this time.

      I think it would be great if people could start studying some treatments.

    • The Screwtape Letters can serve one as a look at the handbook employed for luring souls into ignorance, egoism, self-absorption, and away from God.

  7. Mnate

    He sounds pretty smart, but he sounds rather worldly and political back here in 2007 when he’s wanting people to vote Republican to stop abortion.

    I certainly can see his point, and its NOT that I really disagree that you need power to make the changes that must be made. On the other hand pushing a truck out the mud might be needful, but you will certainly get rather dirty.

    At about 23 min the caller makes a pretty good point and K’s response was rather good.
    A talk from 2007, how different the world was then before Trans kids and LGBTQP had such a foothold.
    Will look for more modern output from K


    If Oil originated from prehistoric biomass, and Saudi Arabia has been pumping out 8 to 10 million barrels of oil daily for decades, then how much biomass would have had to be below the Saudi sands?

    Saudi Arabia Crude Oil Production
    (Hit “max” on the chart)

    • HRS
      I once read that it was estimated that we burned 100 years worth of wood per day as Coal…. at the time I took it at face value.

      Honestly, I kinda think the idea posted below is right but I really dont know enough to have a solid position

      “….Although the existence of hydrocarbons on extraterrestrial bodies like Saturn’s moon Titan indicates that hydrocarbons are sometimes naturally produced by inorganic means,

      abiogenic petroleum origin is a largely discredited hypothesis which proposes that most of earth’s petroleum and natural gas deposits were also formed inorganically…..”

      “…The abiogenic hypothesis regained some support in 2009 when researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm reported they believed they had proven that fossils from animals and plants are not necessary for crude oil and natural gas to be generated.[5][6]…”

      “…In 1951, the Soviet geologist Nikolai Alexandrovitch Kudryavtsev proposed the modern abiotic hypothesis of petroleum.[10][11] On the basis of his analysis of the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada, he concluded that no “source rocks” could form the enormous volume of hydrocarbons, and therefore offered abiotic deep petroleum as the most plausible explanation. (Humic coals have since been proposed for the source rocks.[12]…”

      • Duck,
        You must be a Corbett Report Member… 😉
        James Corbett also provided the same Wikipedia link at:
        Episode 024 – Peak Oil is a Fraud

        A Lindsey Williams video is also linked at Corbett’s #24 episode.
        He talks about the north slope of Alaska and the huge amount of oil there.

    • HomeRemedySupply

      My numbers and how I worked them below… kinda done back of an envolope style but an OK rough comparison guide I’d guess

      I compared 1 metric ton of Wood (the highest energy wood on the chart)
      to 1 metric Ton Crude Oil and 1 metric Ton Coal…

      OSage Wood = 16 ½ Million BTU per metric Ton

      Crudel OIl = 38.5 Million BTU per Metric Ton of Oil

      Coal = 17.334 million btu per metric ton coal

      Weirdly (if my maths is correct which it may not be) Crude Oil has 2x the energy of fresh wood (highest energy wood on chart) so the mini animals that are said to be the source of oil must have been super high energy…. also Coal average energy per lb is weirdly close to actual, un-compressed wood.

      Anyone!!! check my numbers and see if i got it wrong and let me know

      Working from….
      17.334 million btu per metric ton coal

      1 metric ton = 2204 lbs

      1 average chord wood = 2 ¼ metric ton
      1 chord Osage = 33 million BTU …. Divided by 2 = 16 ½ Million BTU per metric Ton

      Oil = 7.3 Barrels per betric Ton

      7.1 barrels per ton per ton

      1 barrel crude oil has 5,691,000 Btu
      1 boe = 5.5513652248856 MMBtu

      5.5 Milion BTUS x 7 = 38.5 Million BTU per Metric Ton of Oil

    • HRS
      so, assuming my numbers (I put links in so in moderation) are right you could assume something like 2 parts biomas by weight to make one part oil by weight …. thats using burning wood as a guide, but I dont see how rotting stuff could produce more energy by weight then directly combusting wood…. but I have never built a methane generator or anything like that

      • Evidently, many “Experts” say and model the around idea that:
        Petroleum, or crude oil, is a naturally occurring liquid that originates from the Carboniferous period about 200 to 400 million years ago. Plants, ferns, trees, and algae formed peat which over millions of years turned into petroleum (crude) oil, natural gas, and coal. Crude oil consists of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights….

      • University of Utah – 2003 – Peer-Reviewed Scientism
        Bad Mileage: 98 tons of plants per gallon

        A staggering 98 tons of prehistoric, buried plant material – that’s 196,000 pounds – is required to produce each gallon of gasoline we burn in our cars, SUVs, trucks and other vehicles, according to a study conducted at the University of Utah.

        “Can you imagine loading 40 acres worth of wheat – stalks, roots and all – into the tank of your car or SUV every 20 miles?” asks ecologist Jeff Dukes, whose study will be published in the November issue of the journal Climatic Change.
        But that’s how much ancient plant matter had to be buried millions of years ago and converted by pressure, heat and time into oil to produce one gallon of gas, Dukes concluded.

        Dukes also calculated that the amount of fossil fuel burned in a single year – 1997 was used in the study – totals 97 million billion pounds of carbon, which is equivalent to more than 400 times “all the plant matter that grows in the world in a year,” including vast amounts of microscopic plant life in the oceans.
        “Every day, people are using the fossil fuel equivalent of all the plant matter that grows on land and in the oceans over the course of a whole year,” he adds.

        In another calcultation, Dukes determined that “the amount of plants that went into the fossil fuels we burned since the Industrial Revolution began [in 1751] is equal to all the plants grown on Earth over 13,300 years.” ..

        …The study is titled “Burning Buried Sunshine: Human Consumption of Ancient Solar Energy.”

        …How the calculations were done… …
        …The calculations showed that roughly one-eleventh of the carbon in the plants deposited in peat bogs ends up as coal, and that only one-10,750th of the carbon in plants deposited on ancient seafloors, deltas and lakebeds ends up as oil and natural gas…

        “It took an incredible amount of plant matter to generate the fossil fuels we are using today,” says Dukes….

        May 23, 2011 U.S. Refiners Produce about 19 Gallons of Gasoline from a Barrel of Oil.
        A standard U.S. barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil which yields about 44 gallons of petroleum products. The additional 2 gallons of petroleum products come from refiner gains which result in an additional 6% of product


        • Years ago I read an article about Tom Ogle who claimed to have invented a fuel system which could achieve 200 mpg. He evidently discovered it by accident via a hole in his lawnmower’s fuel tank –

          In a post script at the end of the article there’s mention of Stan Meyer who found an efficient way to extract hydrogen from H20 to run a vehicle on water –

          Hundreds of assassination throughout the 20th and into the 21st century have eliminated most everyone in a position to affect positive social change, not to mention the suppression of a plethora of inventions/technology that could have, long ago, provided free energy for the entire world. Now, mid 2022, with Louse Schwab and the World Ecoanxiety Forum plotting the future of humankind, we find ourselves here –

          Twilight Zone: “To Serve Man” – (sorry about the Gootube links)

          I’m assuming most of the CR subscribers have already decided not to board. So now what?

          It’s evident there’s no shortage of devout Christians among CR subscribers. Others, less vocal about their spiritual persuasion, are contributors/members as well. I continue to read and re-read Paramahansa’s “Autobiography of a Yogi”, purportedly the only book Steve Jobs had on his computer. Which might beg the question: “Why is Steve dead and William Henry Gates III, not?” It appears a good majority of the planet’s assholes are still here.

          There have been times when I listened to John Lennon’s “Imagine” when I fantasized about an infinite number of probable earth realities, many of which evolved without religion, politics, no hell below us, no MIcrosoft, and what that would look like.

          BUUUTTT, when I’ve finished my musings, return to the present moment (a mental state I’ve found difficult to maintain), I remind myself, in spite of the suffering inherent in this realm, without the Skull and Bones graduates and their ilk as our foil, we might not have the Corbett Report. James in a recent newsletter demonstrates why “Technocracy Will Fail”. It is anti human. Bringing to mind a Peace Pilgrim quote: “Within all evil lie the seeds for its own destruction.”

          So I’m kinda glad the way things turned out and hope I can hold on long enough for a front row seat to the Apocalypse (Gr. apokálypsis – revealing) when the cabal’s cover is completely blown. Not holding my breath. But in the meantime – AAAAUUUUUUUMMMMMMM…

          • OneKnightErrant,
            Oh man! I loved your comment.
            “It’s a cookbook” 40 second clip is classic.

            A decade ago, I saw all kinds of neat alternative fuel ideas and interviews across the internet…some of which you mention.
            In this new culture, those things have disappeared or taken a back seat.

            Thanks for posting this.

  9. The Freedomcells website got an update this month and I am pretty disappointed. Not because of the functionality of the website, but because of all the additional required information you have to provide now to use the site. Especially concerning to me is the pledge you have to make which includes a pledge to be apolitical. I think this is misguided. It’s not that I think voting harder every 4 years is going to change anything, it’s that politics itself is not inherently bad.

    People in a group deciding what they will do and how they will organize, I thought that is what we were after. Building new Polis, a new Agora, that’s why I was signing on. The irony is Freedomcells may be the first opportunity for many to actually engage in politics rather than larping over national elections.

    I’ve made these arguments to Derrick already and he has thus far dismissed them. For my part I will remain expelled from so long as the pledge remains as it is.

    • Interesting. Thanks for the update.

    • Well… cant you and people you know on Freedom Cells do politics OFF the site?

      I mean, you can meet somone at Church, and do politics or go into business with them even though engaging in politics or buisses IN CHURCH would not be ok….. much as i kinda hate politics i think its short sighted to imagine we can live totally outside or ignorant of it unless your living in the woods or something

    • I met a Freedom Cell I joined as a result of the site which meets weekly and does so much good for each other and the community. It seems well worth it to me to fudge your info and answers you give to join to meet people and start building your local communities outside the site. The site itself is just a connection point. I do think that putting that pledge on there is stupid as it may deter newbies that may still vote or whatever that the cell can then establish relationship and convert.

      • That’s a good idea, fudging your answers. I strive to be apolitical, though I don’t think is every possible because everyone grows up in a political context. They can’t help have it rub off.

        I think the apolitical pledge is to try to keep conflicts about politics from arising. Maybe he doesn’t want any “left-right” drama going on.

        I’m going to make an account once I move. No reason to make one now since I won’t be here regularly anymore.

  10. Scientific Literature Research Tool

    Dr. Eric Berg DC recommended the following research tool in this age of censorship…
    (One can see Berg’s YouTube videos)


    …If you ask a question, Elicit will show relevant papers and summaries of key information about those papers in an easy-to-use table.

    If you’d like to learn more, please review the resources in this section
    (Appendix: what prompts do we use?
    Appendix: how does Elicit work?)

    • Thank you for the link, HRS. I now have it bookmarked.

  11. Davinna
    “…I’ve been trying to transition to paying with cash more but it seems like quite a few businesses have already implemented a no cash policy….”

    Then tell them you wont buy anything then… and then DONT buy anything there. You might want to write their head office and tell them the same.

    I have never really had an issue with it, TBH.

    What stores are you having issues with?

    • BUMP

      Davinna says:
      “I was at a CVS Minute Clinic today.
      The practitioner there told me that they aren’t taking CASH payments due to Monkey Pox.”

      Your comment highlights how sharing experiences can be important.

      Jefferey Jaxen recently had an article about the Fear Porn and Monkeypox.
      Another Public Health Emergency: What to Watch For Next

      …A CDC media statement on June 9 specifically states that monkeypox can not spread in the following scenarios:

      “Examples where monkeypox can spread:
      NO – Casual conversations. Walking by someone with monkeypox in a grocery store. Touching items like doorknobs.”

      Yet a recent’s article [LINK] quotes an expert stating transmission is possible with “…any high touch items like money, doorknobs, shopping carts, have the potential for transmission…”….

      Then Jaxen gets into the topic of physical money and the global agenda.

      • From People Magazine
        …Dr. Linda Yancey, infectious disease specialist at the Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston, tells PEOPLE…

        … According to Yancey, it is “absolutely a possibility” for monkeypox to be transmitted through items like money as the virus can survive for days in an environment.

        “So, monkeypox is a sibling of smallpox. Remember that old story of the U.S. military giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans? This could absolutely be transmitted in that fashion,” Yancey says. “And in fact, one of the cases in the U.S. was a lady who was exposed to bed linens. She cleans Airbnbs for a living. So any high touch items like money, doorknobs, shopping carts, have the potential for transmission. Now, we do not have to shelter in place. Once again, this is not COVID.”

        Hand sanitizers and cleaners are highly effective at killing this virus, according to Yancey. Health experts also suggest returning to social distancing practices and limiting close contact, which can lower the risk for infection….

        Friday August 5, 2022 – People
        Can Monkeypox Spread Through Objects like Doorknobs? An Expert Explains as U.S. Cases Surpass 6,500
        On Thursday, the Biden Administration declared monkeypox a public health emergency as the U.S. counts for more infections from the virus than any other country in the world

        • It’s good to keep an open mind. I’ve been researching this hypothesis in greater depth too. A lot of it is based on the old Pastuer/Bechamp debate about germs versus terrain.

          Then some virologists say they don’t exist. The most prominent scientist is Stefan Lanka who is/was a marine biologist and biochemist who did virology research. He discusses the Enders paper on the measles virus that apparently showed cytopathic effects from the cell culture additives. He says he has re done this and it shows the same thing.

          So I was researching cell culture and if virologists actually didn’t do control experiments/observation on cell culture without infected cells. I was reading this on cell culture for some background:

          I think virologists are claiming they do do controls on cells without adding infected cells (or theoretically infected).

          The other issue is gene sequencing of viruses, and Dr. Lanka says that you can use primers and come up with any sequence (I think). But I need to research how the sequencing is done.

          It’d definitely a very complex topic and humans are pretty mysterious. I don’t think there is any one cause for disease.

          I think the terrain folks are pretty sharp though and some of the arguments are sound. The phenomenon of contagion however seems to me to be real.

        • And with all that said, I don’t think the people supporting this theory are bad people or are trying to harm others by asserting that germ theory is incorrect. I’ve listened to Dr. Lanka and he really seems like a well put together person who wants to help and he seems to know his stuff and has research experience.

          I really wish more research could be done in this area because clearly there are some things that happen that were possibly unexpected.

          Mainstream science seems very focused on vaccines and drug development, so the research is going to be steered in a certain path. If a scientist want to study something else and propose new hypotheses getting funding to do the study may be more challenging.

        • Another open minded virologist who believes in viruses and has worked with them (if they exist) is Judy Mikovitz. She did HIV research and has extensive research experience. She was harassed by the FBI because of some dispute.

        • robster,
          You are being either very, very silly or you are being very stupid.

          The above links are about the propaganda and agenda.
          Evidently, you did not read the links.

          Perhaps, You should also consider toning it down a notch…
          …sometimes it appears that your replies to other people’s comments are almost like spam or trolling, and all contain the same proselytized content.

    • I bet if more people were refusing to use cards, they’d change their policy. One person won’t matter.

      What you could do, which is kind of manipulative is say that you feel discriminated against and that some people don’t have credit cards.

      You could also write a bad review online. That is a bit manipulative and kind of wrong, but might be more compelling to get them to change their policy. Some people prefer to use cash and since it’s legal tender, what the store is doing is a form of discrimination, IMO.

      • That’s a bummer that her store was robbed and it’s understandable she wouldn’t take cash for safety if she can’t pay security.

        What she could do is have you mail in cash and have a credit at the store. If she had enough folks who wanted to use cash, she’d have more incentive. You could mail cash to her business office and she’d give you a credit for the amount you pay for.

      • Having been a retail business owner over the course of several decades with many different items, I agree completely with the ice cream shop.
        I would do it too.

        I’m no stranger to these type of situations and have plenty of stories on these comment boards.

      • Some items are prone to theft, such as jewelry, clothing, and cash.
        Books or ice cream are not.

        I can’t resist telling this STORY…
        In 1986, I had some Women’s Apparel stores in the Dallas area, because I owned part of the wholesale operation.
        In old east Dallas, I got a place for excellent cheap rent, but it bordered some rough neighborhoods. It had bars across the front windows and glass door.

        I put three gals in charge of running that store. They were seasoned, very responsible and had helped me do some Fashion Sales in other cities.
        Usually, one or two people could handle a store, but I was concerned about the east Dallas location’s safety aspect and bit the bullet on payroll.

        One early evening, a rough looking guy came into their store. The girls spotted him shop-lifting.
        Those ladies were very clever. They made a pretense of going out the front door to check on the window displays.
        Then they locked the front door to the store with the guy tramped inside. (The backdoor was barred shut.)
        The guy couldn’t get out and was loudly ranting at the gals, but the cops were on their way.

    • I guess that is pretty expensive ice cream if the store is getting robbed all the time. I’ve noticed lately that ice cream is getting expensive and it tastes crap compared to how it used to be when I was a kid. My guess is all the soy and chemical emulsifiers they put in it, even the texture does not feel right… my solution was to buy my own ice cream maker and make my own with milk, cream, sugar flavouring and eggs as an emulsifier. Tastes great like real ice cream! You just need to plan an hour ahead when you want some. Don’t even need room in the freezer as all the ingredients can be stored as long life products in a cupboard and then consumed in small batches when wanted.

  12. Hey everyone
    I just wanted to share that I think more discussion should take place regarding the fact that science, as taught in schools and universities, is a fraud. We can’t only talk about politics and economy and not understand that there isn’t even such a thing as contagion, pathogenic germs etc as taught in medical schools…
    The lies are all interconnected, indoctrination of CREATED “truths” which will serve for brain wash/manipulation. It’s always been about power/greed/control…
    When you stop one second to ask questions re medicine, health and disease, and use your brain to make sense of all of what they say is true, it won’t take long to see that NOTHING OF WHAT THEY SAY about germs, viruses, illnesses etc make sense AT ALL. Nothing adds up. In fact, it’s ludicrous! And when you see people defending their theories (sanitizers, masks, distances blabla), even doctors, you can tell they are talking like zombies, just repeating things without reasoning!!! Even their eyes and expressions are bizarre! (obviously, because the things they say are a -sad and stupid- joke!)
    The Covidiot story is complete made-up shit.
    “but people are getting sick”…………
    People have always been sick, NO MORE NOW THAN ALWAYS, and stress, pollution, poison (in vaccines and in the environment/drugs/food), fear, panic, depression, anxiety, isolation, worry, poison in feelings and thoughts, placebo and nocebo, suggestion, negativity, horrible life habits etc etc etc guess what? make you damn sick!!!
    Not an invisible “beast” in the air!!!!
    Anyway, for those new to this who don’t know
    Sam and Mike Bailey ( Tom Cowan (, Amandha Vollmer, Andrew Kaufman and many many many others, for those new to the questioning of the germ theory…. please check them out. They talk like thinking intelligent people, not robotic dumb “phd” puppets full of BS!
    I would love an episode only dedicated to this issue James! Since it’s the foundation of this mess!

  13. This work is suppressed. No mention of it on the whole internet. It was removed from the archive. Scanned in 2013. Removed in 2019. The copy that I downloaded was missing its cover and was logged under its long title (on the title page). Because of this, it escaped being erased initially and I was able to download it: Take the Pepsi challenge and find me another copy of this work or another mention of this work online (no mention of it on Wikipedia). The work is Demonology by His Majestie King James 1 of England; 6 of Scotland; first collected edition; which includes many nontitular works. 1616.

      • I appreciate your willingness to dig into this, Duck. If one book can be erased, what is keeping a lot of books from being erased…or a whole century? In 2019, a new print version of Demonology was published. I bought one and was disappointed to find that it does not contain the collected works printed in the 1616 edition. Anyone can print it because it’s in the public domain. It’s the other collected works (they were not in the first edition 1612, but are in the first collected edition 1616) that are being suppressed. A few years ago there were more than a dozen copies that had been scanned in by universities or private libraries. All have been removed except one copy that was printed in the 19th century. I think even the new printing of this work is part of the effort to erase the other works in the collection. Note: There are many books entitled Demonology. Most are grimoires… how-to books about the occult. King James’s Demonology is not a grimoire but is a philosophical dialogue warning against religious superstition (which involvement in the occult arts really is).

        • If you want a hard copy I used these guys a few years back…good pricing back then no idea how it compares now but their work was good…i used paper bound and dispite being thick the books have held up well to use. Formatting can be an issue with an old book though I guess.

          I had thought it was a book on witch hunting… not read it, just I heard he had a near miss from witch assasins (trying to drown him i think??) I had just assumed it was about the same as mallus malificarum…. may read it if I ever have time. lol… been busy of late.

          Best wishes 🙂

          • That’s a great idea. They can just print and bind my PDF huh? This one doesn’t have a cover, that’s how it escaped being erased. It was logged under its long title (on the title page), not under its proper title. That’s how it escaped being erased initially. I noticed other copies disappearing and I downloaded it. This was 2019. Not long after, this copy disappeared from the archive as well. It still has the archive call number embossed on it.

            I have never heard the story of King James’s botched assassination. Fascinating.

            • Of course, I’ve heard of the gun powder plot, but not a witchy assassin drowning attempt. Looks like that story is suppressed, too. I can’t find anything about it. King James’s Demonology has its own wiki page. Not a word about any of the extra titular works collected in the 1616 edition.


                ‘…The background to this was a confession given by a woman by the name of Anna Koldings. In May 1590, Koldings was imprisoned in Copenhagen. She had been judged guilty of witchcraft in a case unrelated to the royal fleet, and was in prison awaiting her execution. Anne Koldings was considered a very dangerous witch, and referred to as Mother of the Devil.[5] She was treated as somewhat of a celebrity in prison and displayed to visitors: she is known to have confessed to two priests and three female visitors while in prison. …”

                ‘… Agnes Sampson confessed before the Kings Majesty sundry things which were so miraculous and strange, as that his Majesty said they were all extreme liars, whereat she answered, she would not wish his Majesty to suppose her words to be false, but rather to believe them, in that she would discover such matter unto him as his majesty should not any way doubt of. And thereupon taking his Majesty a little aside, she declared unto him the very words which passed between the Kings Majesty and his Queen at Oslo in Norway the first night of their marriage, with their answer each to other: whereat the Kings Majesty wondered greatly, and swore by the living God, that he believed that all the Devils in hell could not have discovered the same: acknowledging her words to be most true, and therefore gave the more credit to the rest which is before declared.)
                — News from Scotland[21]..”

                AFAIK I Read about it in a used book on the occult as a kid…one of those paperback collections of essays they used to pump out in the 60/70’s


        • Correction: The first edition is 1597, not 1612.

  14. I was thinking of that disgusting creature Jackson Reffitt who recorded his Q-tard’ed father talking about his Jan 6th crimes and informed on him to the FBI, getting his dad a 7 year ‘vacation’

    Its kinda reminiscent of the Soviet propaganda kid who informed on his dad, though THAT story appears to be mostly fake… we have actually degenerated further as a culture then Soviet Russia.

    But what disturbed me was how many people, even people I know in real life, were OK with the idea of handing a relative over for political crimes.

    But what struck me is that you can imagine our culture as descending into Dantes version of Hell…. which makes sense, if you consider that he created it as a ‘memory palace’ type guide to the faults in human nature and how they progress, one to the next.

    We started on the vestibule of hell, with apathy and running after fruitless things, then go into Wrong Love, following Lust into the sexual revolution and the resulting chaos, greed and avarice as people got richer, and more wastful, and then on into doing violence against each other and nature and God, and as we got further and further from the Truth we end up down with the simoniacs and the dividers and the evil counselors until we end up in thelowest circle where traitors are frozen in the ice… people atomized and alone with no bonds to anyone and unable to understand loyalty to country or family which is the building block … frozen and unable to do anything, rather like is intended for us

    If you really cant listen to the whole thing go to about 45 min to the end, but its worth the whole thing if, like me, you’ve not read it in a decade

    looking for what Corbet report folks think of this idea

  15. Hi en goedemorgen,

    Why is nobody talking about the Abraham Accords?
    I find it very suspicious that the Middle East and Africa isn’t mentioned unless it’s a threat to the West or an x amount of brown/black people have to die first. Everyday colonialism is just fine and keeps you safe

    • Tagourramt,
      Glad you brought that up.
      Give us other Corbett Members the scoop.
      These Open Threads are a great place to share information and links, and for people to find out what is going on in different parts of the world.

      Definition of “the scoop”
      : information about something that is currently important or happening or that is interesting to many people

    • Tagourramt

      Well… what about the Abraham Accords?

      Maybe some people from Africa or the Middle East can step up and tell us about them?

      I would guess that the majority of Corbett listening folks are living in Europe or the AngloSphere and care mostly about whats happening there where they live

      Do people in Africa or The Middle East really care whats happening to Europeans or Americans EXCEPT when it effects THEM?

    • I have researched a little more on this topic and I did watch something from Stefan Lanka about him re doing the Enders experiment.

      The Enders paper that might have shown that the stuff they added to the cell culture resulted in cell degradation. But I’ll have to go and read the paper more carefully and look at the slides.

      What Dr. Lanka claims is that there are no controls done on the cell culture with the ingredients and by adding healthy cells to the mix (or maybe they just looked at the cell lines used in the experiment) and doing the entire experiment with that alone to see what happens. Then what should be done is do the experiment with the infected cells and comparing those with the control. He says he did this experiment with healthy cells and says that the experiment suggests there is no difference is what is observed. He also claims that the cell debris or RNA from the control experiment can be sequenced and any virus can be created. I don’t understand that part because I haven’t researched the sequencing process.

      If his experimental data does show this and is repeatable it does make sense that people would be skeptical of the process of isolating viruses and raise doubts.

      With respect to contagion I don’t think the above means that contagion does not exist. That phenomenon I think can happen and seems to have happened to me and I have spoken to people who report it. It can also be noted in animals and other living things. I think that part of the issue is why people reject terrain theory as the only explanation for disease.

      However, my limited understanding on the experiments Dr. Lanka is doing does raise some questions.

      • I mean to say that I have no expertise in virology experiment or genetic sequencing and so my opinion is as a lay person and what Dr. Lanka is saying does make sense and raise questions about the experimentation virologists use if indeed they are not doing control experiments. In any experiment you need to know what the ingredients are doing to the cell lines in order to say that a new virus is causing cellular degradation versus the other ingredients.

        • I would not consider myself an academic since I only achieved a bachelors degree in molecular biology and a degree in nursing, but thank you for the complement. My biochemistry knowledge is rusty since I haven’t cracked a book in a little over 20 years in my 20s when I was in college. I was a good student though and knew the basics and can relearn how to read scientific papers on this topic.You probably have more knowledge about virus isolation than I do and the germ/terrain debate as well.

          Gene sequencing, the Sanger sequencing in particular is not something I’m familiar with, so will have to learn about it. I also never worked in a lab, so never did real research. Some undergrads did work in labs, but I considered going to med school so did volunteer work instead.

          My life took a bit of a detour, and I decided against med school and a bit later on did an accelerated nursing program since, cheaper and faster than an MD.

          You’re right about being able to understand science without being an expert. Some of the science experiments in biology are very technical though and will require some study. You are correct about logical arguments and being able to discern mistakes in reasoning. My logic is rusty as well. I did take a philosophy course in college decades ago.

          I have started watching the documentary, not finished with it. I am a curious person and try to keep my mind open. Biology is something I am interested in, so it’s more pleasurable for me to research than computer science for example.

  16. Hello everyone,

    I have long enjoyed sharing the discoveries I have made, many of them I credit to my following James’ work over the past 11 years. “Cognitive dissonance” seems to reign supreme among many people you encounter and try to share esoteric information with. In an effort to get past this barrier I have been pondering how to slip in some kind of factual information that people can take in and not have much, if any, personal identity attachment to. The motive being to show them something “big” that demonstrates how things “really” work in this world, something to help them to begin raising questions on their own. I think I may have found one such story that could help and I wanted to run it by this crowd for feedback and insight.

    Until last week I wasn’t accurately informed about the Apollo space program and held the belief that we had actually sent men to the moon. After someone introduced me to the documentary “American Moon” (2019) I realize now we couldn’t then nor could we today send a man to the moon. We simply have no technology that will permit us to traverse the Van Allen radiation belt, which has energy densities that can penetrate 143mm of lead. Additionally, when I reposted the video to Bastyon to get it on the blockchain, someone posted a link to another excellent exposé on the subject, “What Happened on the Moon?” (2005) From these two documentaries it is beyond reasonable doubt that the moon landing events were shot in a studio and broadcast to the world.

    My thinking is this could be the kind of story that could be made fun of or presented in a light hearted way and just may break through to the average normie. Here could be a way for them to “know something” incredible and in turn open their mind’s eye to other possibilities of deception by the powers that shouldn’t be.


    Randall ?

    Here are links to the Bastyon uploads of the two documentaries, “American Moon” and “What Happened On The Moon?”

    “American Moon”


    “What Happened On The Moon?”

    • Please don’t feel hopeless, quite the contrary try to recognize the liberation the truth brings with it.

      No one is harmed in watching these documentaries. ❤

      • I have come to realize that the more empowered the people are with facts that debunk the crafted narrative they’ve provided to shape our world view, the more likely real changes favoring the people are likely to be. For instance, in this case this is “history” but recent enough that almost everyone is aware of it. When you can demonstrate that this is how far “they” will go to shape our perspective then it becomes a bit easier to begin questioning other ways our world view might have been shaped to suit their interest over ours. I like the idea that knowing things like this huge orchestration are not just an imaginary concept but actually what happened. It adds credence to our intuition when we have the feeling that something is amiss and in so doing lessens their effectiveness at getting away with mass manipulation. It has to start somewhere and this story makes as good a place as any to open the minds of the masses and begin the process of freeing the mind and enriching the spirit along the way. There is so much amazing information that has been kept from us that will become more widely accepted when enough people are aware that someone other than “God” has been playing God.

      • Davinna,

        It has been nearly 10 years since I began my red pill journey, but I remember feeling sad to learn that my world view was based on deception. I think there was a short period of grieving the loss of my familiar world view, but then I began my adventure, trying to learn the way the world really works. I remember someone saying that if you don’t attach yourself to any particular outcome – i.e., remain a neutral observer – it will help stabilize your mindset. You also have to accept that most people around you are still living in an illusion. Just recently I learned that there is strong evidence that the Big Bang / expanding universe is likely also a false narrative, and those having evidence to the contrary are also being denied publishing their work and academic funding.

        Best wishes in your truth journey.

    • (non)- moon landing = excellent topic to be written & directed by James

  17. I have been reading Starr O’Hara’s new dystopian nonfiction book, How To Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact). It’s a fantastic read. Would love to see her interviewed on The Corbett Report at some point. Cool concept: we are in the dystopia. What elements can we learn from dystopian stories of old to preserve our humanity and make it out the other side when it’s real.

  18. Thanks for link… thats the kind of massive and instant reaction we are not seeing here as yet… so i wonder if the batch was bad or if there is a genetic factor in response? Or maybe its a binary thing and the kids had the 2ndary infection already?

  19. Great videos explaining in science exactly how
    the Vaccines are NOT SAFE and NOT EFFECTIVE

    VIDEO – Lethal By Design

    VIDEO – Greatest Weapon

    VIDEO – Abomination of Medicine

    VIDEO – Anti-Science

    VIDEO – Anti-Life

    BONUS – Cycle of Fear (About the Covid Protocols)

    My own articles:

    The experimental injections are NOT safe and NOT effective

    Are we wtinessing a depopulation by Injection?

    How bad is covid really?

    And many more..

    • A few more that may be fitting for this list are:

      Terrain The Film – 2022 – The End of Germ Theory

      Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do — Interview with Dr. Weiler (by Spiro Skouras)—The-Study-The-CDC-Refused-To-Do—-Interview-with-Dr.-Weiler-FCyn-Ufjqoo:5?r=3ryPex24bNqoHBbBqgqt8KTMW7FzWQbH&lid=bf848958-5b98-4688-8349-a69a247253d0

      Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study – Spiro—Media-After-Landmark-Vaccine-Study—Spiro:0?r=3ryPex24bNqoHBbBqgqt8KTMW7FzWQbH

    • If you are certain that viruses are not real, go to Steve Kirsch and
      get win at least a million dollars.

      • There are different standards used by each side, which is unfortunate.

        But Steve Kirsch actually lists evidence.

        • Yes, this is true. I am trying to research more about the evidence used in modern virology, the gene sequencing in particular.

          This points raised about actual isolation or at least culturing some viruses and demonstrating cytopathic effects is a sound argument. I mean are they running controls on uninfected culture with the culture media by itself?

          I looked at the documentary on HIV and the point about reverse transcriptase being also found in humans and not unique to HIV and also that extra cellular vessicles might be indistinguishable from viral particles are also sound arguments.

          In fact there are some current theories about extracellular vessicles involved in transmitting viruses or theoretical viruses.

          I need to do more research on my own and read the actual papers. The only thing that makes me think that diseases can be transmissible (which is a separate issue, I think) is that I have experienced this (or believe I have) and I have treated patients with respiratory and other diseases and asked about ill contacts. With respect to HIV, I have known people with the disease, spoken to people who believe it came from another person in body fluids or blood and this is compelling.

          And toxins by themselves with respect to HIV don’t seem to be the only factor. But this can also be said about the HIV virus or particle or antibody because there are some who don’t get sick.

          I really wish this “debate” could be more of a conversation and sharing evidence and trying to work together.

          • Looking back historically the influence of Rockefeller did have an impact on the field of medicine. This must be considered and evidence must be considered on it’s own.

            I have always been biased against terrain only, but on closer investigation recognize they have voiced some valid points and some of the people who promote it are intelligent and have more expertise than myself.

            I was not really looking at the evidence because I had made up my mind and I think that was closed minded and similar to how people went along with the scamdemic. I have been taught in the paradigm of germ theory as a nurse and in my first degree in molecular biology, so I am biased and am trying to overcome it to really get to the bottom of this.

            I think people could benefit from learning more about why we get sick. It would be really cool to be able to help people improve their health.

          • I know that mainstream scientific inquiry is biased and great minds will often ignore evidence. I remember how Peter Duesberg was ostracized because I was an undergrad when he taught at Berkeley. I heard about him and thought he was crazy, but never looked at his evidence or if his arguments were sound. I was a bit interested in virology but never took any courses, so don’t know any lab methods even on a basic level in any detail.

          • Even Judy Mikovits was discussing how people make “viruses” in their own body, and that we have viruses inside of us. That’s another interesting perspective and kind of in line with the terrain theory about extracellular vessicles coming from the body and not outside of it.

            They claim these vessicles or viruses are not pathogenic. I think it might be that there are other factors that if viruses as defined exist at all, there are other genetic and environmental factors that are not well understood that affect if a person gets sick.

            Then there’s the issue of the gain of function labs. I know this is not an argument based on logic but if there are no pathogenic viruses, what type of research is being conducted in those labs and what type of toxins can influence the development of disease? This is another question I would pose to terrain theory promoters.

            And what about the engineered molecular clones which are pieces of DNA that can integrate into a genome and be reproduced:

            If that can be done in the lab, why would a particle not exist in nature with this capability and theoretically be able to influence development of disease?

        • What about the giant “viruses” though, from amoeba? I checked out this paper:

          To be honest, I have no idea what type of lab techniques they are using because I’ve never done research, but Dr. Stefan Lanka might be able to check this out.

          They did a control in the experiment. I think some of the research done on certain human pathogens or alleged pathogens are sketchy (if they aren’t running controls), but one has to know the lab techniques before coming to conclusions about “viruses” in general IMO.

          The pathogenicity part seems like the strongest point of contention in the debate. Rather than existence as entities, structures.

        • Good to have a subsection, but discussing anything on CR is too difficult. Too hard to track and too little space. Maybe James can install a real forum?

          Steve Kirsch posted some of the evidence that I also provided.

          1 – We can see viruses even the small ones. The biggest are like cell-size.
          2 – We can see how they multiply and spread. With tracers and other measurements.
          3 – We can see in plants how they cause disease.
          4 – The immune system has specialized systems to deal with them.

          Steve: Do you think I’m wrong? You can win up to $1M!

          • There was a paper on large viruses, I think in amoebas that I think is a bit better than that should be discussed among germ and terrain theory promoters. Just debating this one paper would be informative:


            If there are viruses that can be isolated or differentiated from exosomes and shown to induce cytopathic effects with a control done on the cell culture, this would prove that particular particle exists and can cause harm to the cell.

            I am not familiar with metagenomic sequencing myself, but I get the concept but would have to review it in more depth. If it involves getting a consistent “blip” of genetic material from just the sick person and you compare this to other sick people, it indicates a possible relationship. Perhaps not entirely causal, but correlational.

          • Here’s an interesting rebuttal to the no virus claim:

            It goes into a bit more depth regarding the terms used by virologists and goes over some of the Sars-Cov-2 papers.

            The author claims there should be a distinction between a particle existing and that it causes disease and I agree.

            These are two different ideas.

    • Interesting that no-one actually reacts to the wealth of information that I posted.
      There are a lot of science studies behind every article.
      Studies that can be used in a court of law to stop all of mRNA injections,
      after the mass-hypnosis wears down.
      And this can completely destroy Big Pharma in the end.

  20. Thanks Bezzy,
    I’m glad that you commented. I love hearing about people in different parts of the world.

    I’m not sure if you know this…
    Broc West is the guy who does the video/image editing for Corbett’s documentaries and such. He lives in Vietnam and is married with a small toddler. He is originally from Australia and is a big Cricket fan.

    In the U.S. …
    ICAN Attorney Aaron Siri has recently (late July) received a data dump revolving around the Pfizer Vaccine Lots via FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act).
    Anyone can download the documents.
    The link is the last entry on a SUB-THREAD – Vaccine Batches

  21. Here is something that should make plenty of you shake their heads…

    I am working in the biotechnology sector for quite a while now (still considering that I, and plenty of other people and companies, actually work for a beneficial progress in science for the betterment of health and medicine). Customers/collaborators of mine recently started working with a company called isoplexis ( They dubbed themselves “The Superhuman Cell Company”. I guess they were going for ta playful conjunction to the superhero-hype, but I still think, at best, this attests some kind of tone-deafness to really disgusting supremacist connotations…

    And of course, this kind of research can also be easily aligned with transhumanist agendas/progress.

    • Nope, my name is not Wodarg, although I do respect him.

      Actually I think most people are doing things that they hope will benefit people around them – which has nothing really to do with collectivism (which I would understand as a societal or at least economical socialst term), as I (do not root for a system that tells people what to do and think or apply.
      Frankly, I am not sure, that you completely grasp what the whole scope of biotechnology comprises. It’s not just PCR tests, virology/vaccine and drug discovery and testing (although from what I know, I think that in principle the current mainstream theory of virology is closer to the truth than terrain theory. However I also do not think that all diseases which are mainly ascribed to a viral pathogen are due to a virus infection).

      I am working on scientific progress, which, in my eyes, is rather neutral/innocuous (at least in my area even for research use only, not even in translational/clinical sciene). However what eventually follows from the results generated with our research tools is something that can be either beneficially applied or misapplied and definitely should be scrutinized for its ethical perspective. A screwdriver can be used to build a helpful tool but also a harmful one.
      However I also see that other terms and conditions might apply with e.g. a war machines manufacturer or a pharma company that buries certain results and harmless/better alternatives and frequently pushes out poisonous drugs with very questionable benefits. I also think many Biotech companies have a very negative impact with their products and their application… or they enter certain “deals with the devil”, when they work with unethical companies/customers. I am in a lucky position where I do not have to deal with this particular problem and do not have to account for that – which would be something that I could probably not reconcile with my own ethical standards.

      • That’s actually not what I said or intended to say (I also don’t think that it’s a bad thing at all, not knowing the wealth of tools and methods out there provided by biotechnology, important for health, agriculture & co., but I think it is kind of unfair to defecate all over this profession) – my comment was basically prompted by your sweeping condemnation of all of biotechnology by saying ” I hope one day you are able to wake up from your hypnosis and see the world you work in for what it really is.”
        Yes, there are plenty of companies and people working in that field who willingly or ignorantly support a very dark agenda and it’s absolutely fine and necessary to criticise them, however I don’t think that this is the case for the entire sector.

        Maybe one more thing about germ vs terrain theory: from your comments, however, I conclude that you might not have familiarized yourself with extensive primary literature about virus research supporting germs and viruses, being the cause or a major part of a disease (of course always also considering the immune system as an important part of getting sick or not) like someone working in that field for almost 2 decades now… The field of virology definitely has a problem with concise definitions and also got lots of stuff wrong in the past (maybe what you demand as an isolation process is not something that is unanimously defined by the people working in Virology) and there are very interesting things to be learned and considered by critics like Drs. Kaufmann, Bailey & Co.. Also I have not yet familiarized myself with Bechamp’s work – I hope I will get around to that soon, thanks for the tip.
        But let me ask you this: do you believe in mobile genetic elements (meaning membrane or protein hulled particles containing nucleic acid sections?) and do you think introducing those mobile vectors in certain tissues/organs (and their transcribed products) can be the cause of disease? Or which part of this theory does not align with your view of things?

        • I don’t think everyone who works in the field is necessarily morally deficient and you are right that some tools can be used for good purposes.dd

          When you asked about mobile genetic elements, I thought that was an interesting question since plasmids are an example of those that are found in bacteria and these can be “isolated” right?

          I had to look up what mobile genetic elements were since if I learned about them years ago, forgot what they were but a plasmid, a small piece of DNA that is separate from the chromosomal DNA in bacteria is something that rang a bell.

          If a larger “mobile genetic element” can be isolated according to the standard definition it would follow that a virus (another type of mobile genetic element) could exist in nature if something larger does exist. Why could something smaller not exist if the bigger thing exists?

          Also, I read a tiny bit about “selfish genes” another example of mobile genetic element but it went above my head really quickly.

          I think the fear with biotechnology is that people will use some tools for evil purposes, or will do things with technology they do not understand sufficiently, like with the Covid injections for example. Who knows what effect they will have years down the line.

          Anyway, this has been a thought provoking topic.

          • I’m going to read more about the “selfish genes” though. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

        • The modern methods should be researched more thoroughly, at least by myself, since I think that they are moving from actual lab work to genetic sequencing which is probably more problematic.

          It looks like the Sars-Cov-2 sequence was supposedly taken from a single person in Wuhan and whole genetic sequencing was done on his lung fluid. Then I think they used software to subtract his genome and subtract any other microbes they have in the genome database. It includes other types of small pieces of RNA or DNA that are from bacteria and also ones that are small enough to be labeled as viruses.

          They have a taxonomy database of all known “viruses” or extracellular vessicles depending on how a small piece of protein coated RNA or DNA would be classified. Actually once it buds from the membrane it has the fatty acid bilayer from the cell membrane with proteins in it too.

          The textbook definition difference between virus and extracellular vessicle or exosome is that a virus is reproduced but an exosome is not. A virus defined as a small bit of parasitic RNA or DNA that is capable of getting reproduced by cell machinery, then it moves out of the cell sometimes killing it or maybe it weakens the cell, or some help the cell. These are textbook theories. I’ve never seen it in a lab.

          I want to get virology book to familiarize myself with the lab techniques they use. It’s an interesting topic. You can go online and check out all the viruses that are being sold, at least they are claiming to sell viruses for research. I was trying to find out how they were conducting the experiments.

          Everything in a textbook, or most things must be documented from actual research, the experiments are supposed to support the theories in textbooks. Going back to all the papers of the viruses in the genome database to see how they got the RNA/DNA are what a person would need to look into to figure out if the experiments were not legit, lack of controls. Maybe they are extracellular vessicles that have been classified? I read they are trying to figure out the difference between these tiny structures, figure out how to do some experiments to prove what is a virus and what is not.

          What’s concerning to me is the genome database, that they are collecting all this data from people and organisms. I’m sure they would love to make a very deadly virus that can target specific people. Interesting if they had this, they would have used it by now.

          All the nasal swabs and saliva testing over the last 3 years are somewhere in a database. Very creepy.

        • Well, I guess here is where currently belief/disbelief in certain lab techniques comes into play. I definitely think that control experiments are important, but currently, what Lanka & Co are expecting and what is the current state of research somehow does not satisfy the respective opposite “camp” and I think this is mainly a difference in definitions and standards applied.

          Most people in research would consider the methodological results of publications like this one here ( as evidence enough, that the virus exists, was isolated and characterized on a molecular level. As I already said: I think it might be possible that what sometimes was considered a viral disease might not have been one (and sometimes virus images might actually have been extracellular vesicles, etc.), but still – for me – the principle of contagion and replicating diseases, co-opting the cellular machinery – is sound.

          And as you also stated: Yes, you can even purchase infectious virus isolates from certain institutions if you have the proper authorization.
          To your statements cu.h.j. (that plasmids can be isolated) – yes – it might in some cases be harder to isolate other genetic elements due to different stability, like the sequence of a single-stranded RNA virus (e.g. SARS-CoV-2). By mobile genetic elements, however, I was also speaking more broadly, also including transposable elements, prophages and more…

        • Back to SARS-CoV-2 and methodology: Taking a primary sample (e.g. a swab), lysing the cells therein and piecing together RNA fragments on a sequencer is the currently common method, that is state of the art of molecular labs. If you have a puzzle with unique/clearly defined edges, it can also only result in one definite final picture. I would not go so far as to call the current methods absolutely impeccable and unfailing, however the sequence models of the virus genome that will come out have a overwhelming chance to be correct and reproducible (also between labs).
          At the same time I am the first to agree (like many eminent scietists), that the design of many employed COVID PCR tests (especially without correct handling and setting cycle thresholds, etc.) was extremely flawed, prone to errors and ambiguities, etc. Same is true for antigen tests & Co..
          But before spending too much time on this (and not yet having studied some of your links, which I honestly want to do) – let me say this:

          I don’t know why some of you are so adamant in believing that a change in the perception about viruses/contagion might have such a strong impact on the Covid/Biosecurity situation (and also why you want to put James Corbett on the spot here so much). In the end (to me) – this is hardly anything more than an academic question: Let us assume that you are right and Virology is a complete hoax – there never was a virus and disease is just due to environmental factors and stress, etc.. If all of medicine, pharma and biotechnology and all agencies (WHO, CDC, FDA, etc.) were to acknowledge this (whoops, OK we were partially wrong and this is the new state of science). They would STILL argue, that their vaccines are helpful in harnessing the power of your immune system to fight that disease and help your body combat whatever enviromental agent caused that disease. They would STILL argue, that their tests maybe do not identify the cause of the disease, but throughout the cause of the disease certain nucleic acid sequences and proteins are detectable from your swabs and serve as an identifier of that disease (testing is necessary). Nothing would change, nothing would be gained.

        • The tests do not claim to detect the causing agent of a disease but are supposed to show a strong correlation to a certain disease, to indicate which therapy might be chosen (to be helpful).

          And a vaccination is also neither eliminating a causative reagent, nor directly combating it, but rather shall prime the body’s immune response to such.

          And therefore – even if Virology and contagion should turn out to be bullshit theories, this would probably have little to no effect in the official disease response(especially since no one claims that the vaccinations can stop transmission anymore): tests, vaccinations, lockdown policies, etc.

        • Thanks for linking the paper Wolfgang! I wish I had a copy of the entire paper. I did note a conflict of interest at the bottom. An advisor for Moderna.

          Doesn’t always mean that techniques were faulty and results wrong, but important to note. They have an incentive to claim the particle in question is the cause of Covid in order to produce the “vaccine”

          I have been researching megaviruses more and plant viruses or particles claimed to be viruses. Virus being a particle of RNA or DNA capable of replicating in host genome.

          I’m also researching Duesberg’s theory of “passenger virus” with HIV.

          That “mobile genetic elements” are possible certainly makes sense and if indeed large megaviruses exist and have been isolated and characterized and shown to contribute to cytopathic effects with valid controls performed, it would follow that a hypothetical smaller particle could exist.

          I really need to do more research on how the whole genome sequencing was used to characterize the RNA taken from patient 0 in Wuhan.

          I mean do they just have a bunch of RNA of various lengths and then they say a virus is this long so this piece must be viral? Or are they matching pieces that are in the genome database?

  22. I’ll bet that Broc West has insight on how this happened…

    8 August 2022 Monday – The Daily Mail
    ‘If we get Covid, so be it’:
    Outrage as Australian women’s cricketer who tested positive for virus HUGS teammates after winning Commonwealth Games gold –
    but why did they let her play?

    ~~ Australia branded ‘hypocrites’, ‘racist’ and ‘shameless’ for allowing a Covid-infected player to take the field
    ~~ Tahlia McGrath, one of Australia’s best players all tournament, returned a Covid-positive test on Sunday
    ~~ Despite this, she was cleared to play, and was forced sit away from her teammates and wear a mask
    ~~ She batted, bowled and even took a crucial catch that helped Australia take the gold medal match
    ~~ And when the match was won she couldn’t resist running in to hug her teammates who formed a huddle…

    …There were also claims of hypocrisy by the Australians, given their very hard line on lockdowns and vaccination to slow the spread. Their strict rules led to Novak Djokovic being excluded from the Australian Open tennis and deported – despite him not having Covid-19. Former prime minister Scott Morrison even spent $2billion of taxpayers’ money on quarantine facilities now scattered around Australia that sit unused and empty….

    • I wonder if the Covid rules can be changed for Canadian Ice Hockey.

      Anyway, for those who want to hear all about CRICKET as told by Broc West, (and ya don’t mind getting Vertigo from the myriad of rules), then go to the following LINK…

      Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About Cricket – Subscriber Exclusive #105

      Just above Corbett’s full article, Corbett Report Members will see the video.

    • robster says:
      “Still on the fence HRS, like Fawlty? LOL”

      I refuse to deny what I personally observe and experience.

      In the early 1950’s, I remember the scene of me and my brother whining/crying together in the bathtub with chickenpox. “Mom! Make it stop itching!”
      Although at the time I did not recognize the movie-star beauty of my mid 20-ish Mother as she moved about the bathroom in her long tan skirt, she was trying her best to relieve the itch by pouring baking soda into the shallow bathwater.
      She had mentioned that we got it from Jim and Bill, two brothers at the far end of the block who we often played Cowboys and Indians with.
      An arrangement had been made previously…my brother and I spent one day over inside Jim and Bill’s house. They were not allowed to go outside and play. It was the only time ever that we set foot inside their house. I was clueless that there was a conspiracy afoot between parents.

      My wife(ex) told me similiar stories about how she was sent over to spend the night with playmates who caught mumps or measles or chickenpox.
      I’ve had all those diseases in the 1950’s…And never again.

      Once when a preschooler, I had Scarlet Fever. I was laid out pretty bad…listless for a few weeks. My Mother said that I had once turned “blue”. One night, my hard-working Father tried to cheer me up by getting orange sherbet ice cream and letting me stay up to watch a western on TV while lying on the sofa. My legs had gone straight stiff and he had to carry me to bed.

      Here is…
      My Personal Genital Herpes Virus Story

      I cannot undo memories nor experiences nor what I observe.
      I will not let an AUTHORITY tell me what to believe.
      All of us, from our own perspective viewpoint can gather information, sort the similarities and differences, evaluate and come to our own personal conclusions.

      • I have also experienced contagion and have spoken to others who have and treated patients who report this phenomenon.

        Chicken pox is another one of those childhood illnesses that contagion or the strong correlation of contact with sick people and also getting sick can be demonstrated.

        However, it’s clear that some people don’t “catch”/develop certain diseases. I never had chicken pox even though my younger sister did. I have had other illnesses that I believe came from other people.

        If this phenomenon is only coincidence then another mechanism that explains it needs to be presented in addition to the hypothesis of toxins. Like what specific toxins.

        Having said that, I have listened to some of the promoters of terrain theory and they do make logical arguments and some of the claims about the virus isolation process or lack of are sound.

        But unfortunately that is not enough to say that contagion is not a thing.

        If this were a criminal court case, they could probably prove reasonable doubt for virus existence as currently defined based on physical evidence. But with respect to contagion the strong circumstantial evidence in my view is overwhelming to support its existence. Having said that, I am still beginning my research into this topic, so am by no means an expert.

        • I think your stance on that topic is very reasonable.

      • if you did not do the experiments disproving germ theory yourself, then you yourself are also believing an authority (e.g. the one of Drs. Lanka, Bailey, Kaufmann etc.) – I do not discount their efforts or belief-system, but did you ever scrutinize their theories in great detail? They might (or might not) be controlled opposition themselves? I have discussed hundreds of hours with virus researchers about different research topics of theirs. In my eyes (and no one needs to agree with me here or take my position) and despite certain holes in the construct and definitely valid criticisms and examples, that Dr. Kaufmann or Dr. Bailey put forward, germ theory and contagion is more likely to be true than any other model I encountered (definitely including Terrain).

        • I definitely agree with most of what you are saying and how you are saying it!
          The thing is: The proof that terrain people are looking for is not necessarily that which current methods permit to provide. There are plenty of virus “isolations” which are considered valid by the Virology community but do not satisfy their critics (this is mostly a problem in the clear definition in my eyes). However the kind of isolation that Drs Lanka & Co are looking for, might not be (easily) possible for such delicate structures, which are so accustomed and dependent on their cellular hosts. Maybe the following comparison is not really helpful, but I cannot think about something else right now: You can detect a photon with certain analytical methods, but not really isolate it in terms of containing it in a vial to show to people…

          I also think most people definitely misunderstand the role of viruses/mobile genetic vectors and bacteria (which are necessary for normal life function in most life on earth) – however I do think that some strains of bacteria (always in dependence of the state of the immune system) can cause serious harm to their host.

          For most instances other causes (like toxins & Co. – which sometimes are also produced by certain bacteria) are the main cause of diseases and the way our current medicine sector treats certain diseases is probably not very helpful. Absolutely agreed.

          Vaccines are also very problematic in my eyes and I need to look deeper into this issue (beyond what I read about the Covid clot shots and measles, polio vaccines etc, which I find really horrifying). I am not sure, however, that the very principle of germ theory is the cause of the problem, that people fall for bad and untested medications. This is due to the misplaced trust in the pharma sector.

      • you see – this is what I have a problem with:
        reading and discussing lots of virus research in my profession, I would conclude: There are many problematic things being said in textbooks and in research (especially in pharma-related Virology), which has to be explored and corrected in the future. Not all diseases which are considered to be caused by viral contagion are actually caused by such (or at least not monocausally/in healthy subjects, etc.), however the basic premise of mobile genetic elements and germs causing disease in some instances (especially in people who are in bad general health) is something that is still valid from what I know.
        That being said, I am very cautious in seeing broad antibiotics prescribed so often (as I mostly consider bacteria as extremely beneficial and necessary – studies of the microbiome are showing their great importance) – I myself did not take any antibiotics my entire adult life (although several doctors told me to at certain points, which turned out not to be necessary in those specific cases). Just as viruses or mobile genetic vectors are absolutely necessary and integral parts of our bodies and of evolution…

        • sorry I forgot the last part, which is what actually relates to my first words (what I have a problem with): The “theories” that you (or many terrain proponents) provide are just not comprehensive enough – “something with protons” (that’s not enough for me… sorry), toxins (yes, of course they are a large part of the many a health problem, but they are not opposed to germ theory), environment is not good scientific practise to undermine an alternative theory. Whenever there is enough evidence to show that a certain kind of disease in not caused by agent x or y (a virus or a bacterium) but instead of agent z (e.g. a toxin), I am happy to acknowledge this and this is something that I have seen and which was also sometimes corrected in textbook knowledge and the scientific discourse (however not always, which is problematic), but that needs to be done on a much broader basis to actually convince me that all of Virology or germ theory is a hoax.

          • I am not saying anything about being smart or smarter than anyone, just that (from my time spent in this profession) I spent more time with those topics and probably reviewed more literature and talked to the people doing this kind of research. I think Mike Yeadon is a brave man for assuming an alternative position after such a long time, however from some of his statements, I actually do believe, that he is not as good a researcher as people like Drs. Malone or van den Bossche or McCullough or Kämmerer, etc.

            My latter statement did not allude to exosomes (sorry – this is where in my eyes your knowledge of the cellular machinery is too vague and you mix up terms) – which are extracellular (signaling and transport) vesicles, which can carry receptors, nucleic acid, proteins, etc., but rather to the fact that significant portions our genome consist of sequences which are considered of viral/transposable origin (transposed or retrovirally inserted into our DNA). They are absolutely vital to our existence and evolution. Merely depicting viruses as disease agents is ignorant – this is what I was alluding to.

    • Hi HomeRemedySupply. Hope things are sunny side up for you. ‘Former prime minister Scott Morrison even spent $2billion of taxpayers’ money on quarantine facilities now scattered around Australia that sit unused and empty’ – our collective hope is that they don’t find a new use for those quarantine facilities. I anticipate they are built pretty hard to get out of.

      • 2 billion dollars ain’t chump change.
        What a waste of money along with the stress upon the population.
        I remember the videos of those camps.

        I’m guessing that Spring is on its way for ya’ll.

        • Yes, Spring is fast approaching and got our thinking caps on for October long weekend trip. Perhaps a season for optimism.

          • OK so we decided on a road trip to the Irish Woolfest in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia (see for details about the festival). Complete with wood chopping, sheep racing, yarn weaving and street parade. Good to get out of the comfort zone isn’t it HomeRemedySupply.

            • That short video was great!
              Such wholesome fun and celebration!
              I bet the “Running of the Sheep” event(s) is really entertaining.
              Those dogs have incredible skills.
              Ya’ll have fun!…it is well deserved.

  23. Dear Corbetteers,

    Once again I’m here to spruik an article.

    Published today on the 77th anniversary of the detonation of the second and last nuclear weapon to be used in war, the article attempts to answer the question of why it is that almost nobody asks why the USA detonated this second weapon, in a second city, three days after the first?

    The article comes in at a relatively light weight 2 500 words, or thereabouts, and has an extensive reference section. The article is referenced, and has two additional sections providing historical data and analysis/opinion on the events of the day, or by contemporaries.

    Should you have the time and inclination to read the article, I hope you find it thought provoking.

    Peace be with you,


    • The term “ground zero” is misleading for an air blast:

      “0916:02 (8:16:02am in Hiroshima)- After falling from the Enola Gay for 43 seconds, Little Boy detonates 1,968 feet above Hiroshima, 550 feet from the Aioi Bridge. Nuclear fission begins in 0.15 microseconds.”


      The tallest building in the shot is about 6 stories. Assuming 15 per story thats about 100 feet. The nuclear warhead exploded over 1800 feet above that. Thus, the blast was DOWNWARDS. It is difficult to see the roofs of the buildings. However, thick reinforced vertical concrete walls are very strong for resisting vertical pressure.

      In any case, I like your skepticism. Be careful to balance it with sufficient research.

      Peace be with you,


  24. In France posted on the front page of a town hall’s website (translated with deepl):

    “Within the framework of the Local Council of security and delinquency prevention, the National Gendarmerie, the Prefecture of the Gard and the Town Hall of Roquemaure are carrying out a reflection on the implementation of the device “Citizen Participation, neighbors in solidarity”.

    Becoming an actor of one’s own security is possible with the implementation of “Citizen Participation, Neighbors in Solidarity”! This system, under the control of the State, has been widely tested in many municipalities.

    This system encourages the population to adopt a supportive and vigilant attitude, while informing the police of any particular incident.

    It is a tool that complements the presence on the territory of the Municipal Police, the National Gendarmerie, and the existing video protection.

    The objective is to identify volunteer citizens who will become the citizen referents.

    These citizen referents will have a privileged role with the National Gendarmerie and will also have an awareness/prevention role with the population.

    For a security of solidarity and proximity, give your opinion on this device!”

    For the original text in French visit

  25. SuperMoon Thursday August 11th – Sturgeon Moon
    Wednesday and Friday nights won’t be shabby either.

    Summer’s Last Supermoon

    The Sturgeon Moon rounds out this year’s parade of four supermoons, which started in May! Supermoons are commonly defined as full Moons that occur while the Moon is at its nearest point to Earth. (Because its orbit is not a perfect circle, the Moon’s distance from Earth changes throughout the month.) Supermoons are ever-so-slightly closer to Earth than the average full Moon, which technically makes them extra large and bright from Earth’s perspective.

    August’s full Moon will appear on the night of Thursday, August 11, reaching peak illumination at 9:36 P.M. Eastern Time. On either of these nights, look toward the southeast after sunset to catch a glimpse of the Sturgeon Moon rising.

    Alternative August Moon Names are listed…
    The Old Farmer’s Almanac


    One thing that would be interesting to learn is how you manage your time. Being able to produce as much as you do, next to having a family and playing in a band, you are certainly good at time management and structuring your days. It would be good to hear what works for you (like getting off SoMeMeMe, as mentioned in
    Delete Your Social Media), and I am sure we are many that will pick up some ideas for our own lives as well.

    • I would really love to hear the answer to that as well. In fact, that would be a good solutions watch episode. After all our lives are composed of time or moments.

      JC clearly has that down to a science, at least this is my impression. I wonder if he has a calendar and sticks to a strict schedule and never deviates form it?

      When I was in school and was busier I actually felt like I used my time better. I have lots of unstructured time and don’t get enough done. Part of it is my own laziness and resistance to doing things I perceive as chores.

      It’s also pretty evident JC is a healthy person and probably has lots of energy and enthusiasm.

      Anyway, I’d love to hear the answer to your good question and say that I admire JC and his work and how he balances his family life and his expression of his creativity! I also think he’s a great musician too, really cool person in general.

      • Glad you liked the idea, cu.h.j. I believe it would make a useful solutions watch episode as well.

  27. I go to a cash-only grocery store. Winco in Boise, ID. I buy everything with cash if I can. The only reason I have a bank card is for flights and hotels, and internet spending. I break a hundo at the gas station because a lot of places don’t want to.

    • In 2021, Gabriel Gipe, AP (Advanced Placement) Government Teacher, Inderkum High School said:
      “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries.”..
      …”Scare the f*ck out of them.”..
      …“I’m probably as far left as you can go.”..
      … I’ve had students show up for protests… — that’s their extra credit.”…
      … “There are three other teachers in my department that I did my credential program with — and they’re rad. They’re great people. They’re definitely on the same page.”

      Forward to August 10, 2022…
      Sacramento ‘Antifa’ Teacher Indoctrinating Students in Marxism/Communism Receives 3 years’ Pay to Resign

  28. We are all aware of how corrupt the FDA and CDC are with how they lie.
    But the government lies can extend to other agencies…

    The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the statistical agency of the Department of Energy. It provides policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy, and its interaction with the economy and the environment.
    Weekly, the EIA will release data and numbers. The markets react dynamically to these figures.

    I was glad to see this in a mainstream news outlet…

    August 7, 2022 – By Alex Kimani at
    Dodgy Demand Data? The Oil Price Collapse Conspiracy

    ~~ Some oil pundits are now claiming that the Biden administration has been fabricating low gasoline demand data in order to drag prices lower.
    ~~ While Gasbuddy claims there was a 2% rise in gasoline demand last week, the EIA reported a 7.6% drop in demand…

    … The Big Conspiracy
    The collapse in oil prices has been so epic and unexpected that some oil pundits are now accusing the Biden administration of fabricating low gas demand data in a bid to hammer oil prices.

    To wit, in late June the EIA shut down reporting for several weeks, ostensibly due to a server malfunction. But as ForexLive has pointed out, gasoline demand data has been consistently bad ever since the EIA returned: “Maybe there’s an issue with reporting or maybe it’s a conspiracy”, ForexLive has declared.

    Even Wall Street has begun questioning the EIA data.

    Bank of America energy strategist Doug Legate has published a note titled the “fall of gasoline demand appears grossly exaggerated.’’ …

    … Piper Sandler global energy strategist to label the data “crooked”…

    … Piper Sandler’s allegations are buttressed by U.S. refining giant Valero.
    Asked about falling gasoline demand at the company’s earnings call last week, CEO Gary Simmons had this to say:
    “I can tell you, through our wholesale channel there is really no indication of any demand destruction… In June, we actually set sales records. We read a lot about demand destruction and mobility data showing in that range of 3% to 5% demand destruction. Again, we’re not seeing it in our system.”

    Further, alternate demand data from GasBuddy deviates considerably from EIA’s….

  29. News Story via this north Texan…
    The Dirt Doctor – Natural Organic Gardening and Living

    Dutch Farmers Use Tabasco Sauce as Repellant

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch farmers have devised a hot and spicy way to stop rabbits and rodents from munching their lettuce, carrots and wheat.
    Spraying fields with the American sauce Tabasco sends the rabbits “three feet in the air” with shock and running for cover, said a spokesman for a local agriculture cooperative.

    The Dutch animal protection society is happy with the spicy repellent, unworried by the possibility of burned bunny mouths. “Preventive measures are exactly what we want. It’s better than going into the fields with a shotgun,” said animal welfare spokesman Niels Doorlandt.

    The farmers will now try to make Tabasco an officially recognized pesticide for subsidized use on a larger scale. At least five small supermarket-sized bottles of the spicy sauce are needed for spraying 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of crops.
    Although rain washes the Tabasco off, the crops are only sprayed in the first phases of growth to spare the taste buds of human consumers.

    Everyone that is, except for the rabbits, who farmers say jump a meter in the air and run for cover after tasting the spicy sauce. Farmers say its working. And animal protection spokesman Niels Doorlandt calls it a wonderful alternative to the shotgun.
    “This initiative is a perfect example of how you can get rid of the problem without killing the animals or harming them in any way,” he says. “It could be possible that the lips of the rabbits are hurt by the Tabasco, but the next time the rabbit will think, ‘Don’t do this again,’ so they won’t use their teeth to eat our precious crops.”

    Local farmers tried other remedies first: garlic sauce and Worcestershire sauce. But apparently nothing keeps the rabbits and rodents away quite like Tabasco. So far, it has been used on lettuce, green beans, barley and wheat, with tests under way on young apple and cherry trees. It takes about five small bottles to spray one hectare of crops….

    [Article continues. Then other remedies for gardening are mentioned, but also linked in the website menu.]

    • Howard Garrett the Dirt Doctor helped to try to stop the needless Dallas Water Fluoridation policy.

      Final Open Mic Before Dallas City Council Votes on Fluoride (January 28, 2015)
      (Howard starts talking at the 6:40 mark)

      Garrett’s opposition to water fluoridation caused an uproar in the mainstream media.
      He is very well known in the Dallas area among organic gardeners, and has been around for decades.

      Our north Texas activists delivered more than 100 presentations to the Dallas City Council trying to end water fluoridation.

  30. Wed August 10 – The National Review
    IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force’

    The IRS deleted a job posting Wednesday seeking a Special Agent “willing to use deadly force” for its law enforcement division, Criminal Investigation (CI). The deletion came amid renewed scrutiny of the IRS in response to a Democrat-backed spending bill that would double the size of the agency.

    “As a Special Agent you will combine your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes,” the job advertisement read.
    “No matter what the source, all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation. Because of the expertise required to conduct these complex financial investigations, IRS Special Agents are considered the premier financial investigators for the Federal government,” the job posting continued.

    The “Major Duties” listed in the job description included “a level of fitness necessary to effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job,” and being “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”
    It also included a retirement of carrying “a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

    …The Democrat-backed spending bill, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” was narrowly passed on Sunday by the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the decisive vote.
    The bill allocates $79.6 billion dollars to the IRS over the next ten years to “enhance” the agency, including funding for taxpayer services, enforcement, operations support, and business systems modernization.

    EXCERPT from the Zero Hedge article below…

    TWIITTER IMAGE – 87,000 new IRS agents, higher taxes, and a massive green energy slush fund.

    Here Are The Winners And Losers In The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

    • 8 August – By Libby Emmons
      Biden increases IRS agents to almost 170,000—70,000 will be armed—to target middle class Americans, UPDATE: Agency releases job posting

      The poorly named Inflation Reduction Act, passed over the weekend by Senate Democrats, is slated to create positions for nearly 87,000 new IRS agents, 70,000 of whom will be armed.

      This brings the total to nearly 170,000 under the bureau of tax collection. The cost of this new initiative will be about $80 billion, and it’s all part of a bill meant to lower costs to Americans…

      …It raises taxes on all Americans except those earning between $10,000 and $30,000 annually, and it has provisions, through the IRS, to audit more middle-class Americans and to go after those with delinquent tax bills.
      Biden has consistently promised [LINK] that Americans making less than $400,000 would see no new tax increases…

      New Hire Agents…
      They have to work a minimum of 50 hours and be on call 24/7. And they have to look good.
      …for a salary of $50,704-$89,636 and 24 days off.

  31. On the Corbett comment boards, I have often mentioned Iodine.
    I’m a big proponent of Iodine (e.g. Lugol’s).
    Dr David Brownstein has a book “Iodine : Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”. He also recommends eating plenty of salt. Salt goes hand in hand with iodine, so he recommends taking in unrefined salt.

    July 20, 2022 – Fluoride Action Network
    New Study: Low Iodine In Pregnancy Worsens IQ Loss From Fluoride

    A new study from Canada published this week in the journal Nutrients, found that pregnant women who had low iodine levels and elevated fluoride had boys who suffered an average IQ loss that was 58% greater than the already significant IQ loss from elevated fluoride alone [Goodman 2022].
    Artificially fluoridated drinking water was the main source of the fluoride. The boys of women with low iodine levels lost, on average, 9.3 IQ points, while those of mothers with adequate iodine lost 5.9 IQ points, for every 1 mg/g increase in mother’s urine fluoride concentration.* In previous work in the same group of pregnant mothers, drinking water fluoridated at 0.7 mg/L was associated with an increase of roughly 1 mg/g in urine fluoride [Till 2018].

    23% of the Canadian women who took part in the new study were classified as having “low iodine”. The iodine status of pregnant women in the USA is much worse than in Canada, with well over 50% currently meeting the criteria for “low iodine” used in this study [Watson 2020]….

    • Glad you mentioned this. I’m going to start supplementing a bit. I also have a reverse osmosis filter and put that it about 10 years ago. I try never to drink fluoridated water.

      • Iodine for Oral Health and Teeth
        (7 minutes)

        Dentist Dr. David Kennedy says the thought that fluoride reduces tooth decay is nothing but a myth.
        He discusses Iodine and also about how Dentistry should practice a much more holistic approach.

    • Mechanics of Fluoride explained by Dr Paul Connett…

      See the 6 minute video Fluoride Fundamentals #5: “Natural” Fluoride.

      “Fluoride Fundamentals” Video Series

      Connett points out that the body tries to sequester the toxic fluoride that is not elimated via the kidneys, and thus it goes to the bones. Calcium tends to attract fluoride. About half of the consumed fluoride accumulates in the bone and other places.
      Bone constantly breakdowns and rebuilds throughout one’s lifetime.
      Fluoride can “recirculate” within the system when the bone is “recycled” and then “rebuilt”.
      It can sometimes take half a lifetime to detox most of the fluoride that has accumulated in the body.
      Iodine can help.
      Iodine, along with Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine are in the same column of the “Periodic Table of Elements”.
      In other words, they all have some common chemical properties.


      Appropriately, these 4 short videos (and script) are located at Corbett’s
      Don’t Do Your Own Research!!! – #PropagandaWatch
      James Corbett hammers it home.
      Fluoride comes up strong in his presentation.

      Corbett’s Video DESCRIPTION
      Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions. But guess what?….

    • If you have not watched the following 33 minute video, it is a fascinating conversation.
      The original YouTube Video was scrubbed by YouTube.
      This video is on Odysee.

      RFK Jr’s Conversation with Attorney Michael Connett on the TSCA Fluoride Trial

      On the FluorideAlert Odysee Channel, you will see a 5 minute December 2021 Trial Update by Michael Connett.

      • TSCA Trial

        The June 14, 2022, status hearing for our case against the U.S. EPA in federal court has been rescheduled yet again, to Tuesday, September 20th.

        The Court has been awaiting the final publication of the National Toxicology Program’s state of the science review on fluoride’s neurotoxicity before moving on to the next phase of the trial.
        The NTP’s review was expected to be published in 2021, but continues to be delayed. See more at….

    • Rather than the Climate Change hype, this should be the headlines across the world…

      PFOA in rain worldwide exceeds EPA advisory level
      Amounts of PFAS in precipitation called “practically irreversible”

      Rain and snow around the world contain higher concentrations of a toxic, persistent industrial chemical than the US Environmental Protection Agency’s advisory level for the substance in drinking water, a new study says (Env. Sci. Technol. 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c02765).

      Previous studies show that precipitation in urban, rural, and remote areas of Antarctica and Tibet had more than 0.004 part per trillion (ppt or ng/L), which is the EPA’s lifetime exposure health advisory level for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

      The EPA introduced the PFOA advisory level, which isn’t a regulatory limit that US drinking water suppliers must meet, in June. The EPA sets such levels as recommendations for when water utilities should notify customers of contaminants. To set the level for PFOA, the agency relied on data linking exposure to this substance to suppression of people’s immune responses to vaccines, cardiovascular harm, and interference with the development of fetuses and babies. The EPA plans to issue mandatory limits, which the Safe Drinking Water Act requires to take into account analytical and economic factors, for PFOA and five other per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) later this year.

      “Based on the latest US guidelines for PFOA in drinking water, rainwater everywhere would be judged unsafe to drink,” says Ian Cousins, an environmental organic chemistry professor at Stockholm University, who led the research.

      The American Chemistry Council is taking the EPA to court over the advisory levels for PFOA and a related compound, perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), in drinking water. The industry organization, which includes companies that may be liable for cleanup of the chemicals, claims the agency did not use the best available peer-reviewed data to establish those levels. PFOS poses health hazards similar to PFOA’s, according to the EPA….

      • This is good news…

        Aug 19 – BN Frank
        Researchers Propose “Cheap and Relatively Easy” Disposal Method of “Forever Chemicals” (PFAS)

        …A team of researchers may calm your fears, proposing a potential breakthrough method of disposing of PFAS that’s both cheap and relatively easy.

        It’s a process that uses a mixture of water and dipolar aprotic solvent dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) to “defluorinate” carbon atoms at a low boil, leaving carbon and inorganic fluoride, which researchers describe as benign on their own.
        It was hastened with the addition of sodium hydroxide, the chemical in lye, per the New York Times.

        Though there are other methods of attacking PFAS, including high-temperature incineration, they all require high energy and are therefore expensive. They may also leave harmful components behind. This research, published Thursday in Science, is “exciting because of how simple—yet unrecognized—our solution is,” lead author Brittany Trang, who just wrapped up a PhD in chemistry at Northwestern University, tells the BBC.

        The process, expanded from research by University of Alberta chemists, only applies to a subclass of PFAS called perfluorocarboxylic acids, with chains of molecules headed by a carbon atom connected to a pair of oxygen atoms, as it causes the head to disconnect from the chain, triggering a collapse of the rest, the Times reports. But researchers are already looking at related processes that could be used on other PFAS….

    • August 24, 2022 – Jon Rappoport
      A Forgotten Fluoride Letter, from a Government Scientist

      …Case in point, going back 17 years. Buckle up. Here is what the EPA Union of scientists had to say about fluoridation:

      Quoting from a May 1, 1999, statement— “Why U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists opposes artificial water fluoridation”—written by William Hirzy, PhD, [Union of Scientists] Senior Vice-President, Chapter 280: [LINK]

      “…our opposition to drinking water fluoridation has grown, based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion. These hazards include acute toxic hazard, such as to people with impaired kidney function, as well as chronic toxic hazards of gene mutations, cancer, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, bone pathology and dental fluorosis.”

      “In support of this concern are results from two epidemiology studies from China that show decreases in I.Q. in children who get more fluoride than the control groups of children in each study. These decreases are about 5 to 10 I.Q. points in children aged 8 to 13 years.”

      “Another troubling brain effect has recently surfaced: fluoride’s interference with the function of the brain’s pineal gland…

      …“EPA fired the Office of Drinking Water’s chief toxicologist, Dr. William Marcus, who also was our local union’s treasurer at the time, for refusing to remain silent on the cancer risk issue. The judge who heard the lawsuit he [Marcus] brought against EPA over the firing made that finding—that EPA fired him over his fluoride work and not for the phony reason put forward by EPA management at his dismissal. Dr. Marcus won his lawsuit and is again at work at EPA.”…

      • …”the largest and most comprehensive study, one done by dentists trained by the National Institute of Dental Research, on over 39,000 school children aged 5-17 years, shows no significant differences (in terms of decayed, missing and filled teeth) among caries [cavities] incidences in fluoridated, non-fluoridated and partially fluoridated communities.
        The latest publication on the fifty-year fluoridation experiment in two New York cities, Newburgh and Kingston, shows the same thing. The only significant difference in dental health between the two communities as a whole is that fluoridated Newburgh, N.Y. shows about twice the incidence of dental fluorosis (the first, visible sign of fluoride chronic toxicity) as seen in non-fluoridated Kingston.”..

        …“…mutation studies…show that fluoride can cause gene mutations in mammalian and lower order tissues at fluoride concentrations estimated to be present in the mouth from fluoridated tooth paste. Further, there were tumors of the oral cavity seen in the NTP cancer study…

        …”we note the uncontrolled – and apparently uncontrollable – exposures to fluoride that are occurring nationwide via drinking water, processed foods, fluoride pesticide residues and dental care products…”.


        Calgary, Alberta Canada
        Sponsored by:
        Calgary Real Estate –
        Selling Calgary Group
        Phone Elke

        Notes from Elke:
        There are some Golden oldies here but most scientific content pre-dates 1998. For current info, visit:

        U.S. Fluoride Action
        Edmonton Group
        Edmonton Facebook

        Professionals who took up the torch in Calgary after I retired – bless their hearts: Dr Bob Dickson and Dr James Beck.

        About me: I was actively involved to end fluoridation in Calgary from the end of 1988 to about 1999 and then briefly again in 2011 before Calgary Councillors voted to stop fluoridation. I was a desktop-publishing Editor from 1998-2002 for Fluoride, the journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research. I am officially retired as an activist and working in my new career as a Real Estate Agent.

        For those of you just getting started to end fluoridation, may your path be easier than mine was. With heartfelt best wishes and blessings for your journey.
        Respectfully, Elke

  32. I just heard Joseph Farrell suggest that the recent PSA that was made to instruct NewYorkers what to do in case of nuclear attack makes a lot more sense if you think “dirty bomb” rather than an major explosive device.
    That made me think that they wouldn’t even have to have a real event. Just tell people that there is radiation and they will be able to lock down.
    I wonder how many people have Geiger counters in New York.

  33. The HIV documentary was interesting, thanks for sharing. It is a good one to discuss the specifics of the claims isolation of HIV in particular and the controversies around it.

    I took Ivermectin as a precaution based on anecdotal evidence of it helping others and I did this in addition to vitamins. I also know it can help with parasites, which I have sometimes wondered about. Humans can get worms too (yuk!). Not saying I had worms, but I figured it couldn’t hurt if I had a stowaway somewhere.

    I did find the presentation by Dr. Kaufman interesting with respect to enemas in particular. Many people have found coffee enemas very beneficial apparently. There are lots of anecdotal reports of it helping with a variety of conditions. This can support the liver, which is the primary cleansing organ in the body.

  34. Here’s a recent interview with Dr. Yeadon, former scientist at Pfizer discussing his thoughts on the agenda and the Covid injections and where he thinks it’s going. He briefly mentions his thoughts on respiratory viruses, but does not elaborate much.

    He mentions the monkey pox simulation and says that this may be a way to reduce population with more toxic injections. He mentioned that people will catch on if the injection kills too many people at once and that something that kills people over a period of several years wouldn’t be noticed as much.

    • I have a blue pilled friend that lives in a Chicago suburb who told me that the hospitals are full of people having heart attacks and blood clots or embolisms. She explained these conditions are the result of previous cv infections. I wonder if she is repeating propaganda or she just made this up… doesn’t matter.

      • Thanks for this anecdote.
        I’m making a mental note.
        I’ve been logging excess mortality. The official narrative has clouded over statistics.

  35. We’re doomed…

    Gen-Z Can’t Answer the Most Basic Questions
    (30 seconds to 7 minutes depending upon your tolerance level.)

    Generation Z – Born 1997 or after
    Millenials – Born 1981-1996
    Baby Boomers – Born 1946 to 1964
    Generation X – Born 1965-1980
    Xennials – born 1977-1983
    Generation Alpha – Born 2010 or after
    (from my sticky notes, because I keep forgetting)

  36. I have to share this one with you all. Amazing interview! Informative, motivational, inspiring.

    Del Bigtree interviewed by Joshua Phillips from Epoch Times. Del Bigtree and his lawyer Aaron Siri are protecting our rights and winning some significant battles! If you need some positive news in the fight for Freedom and preservation of bodily autonomy, listen to this. One of the best interviews I’ve heard in a while!

    Here is the bitchute link because you have to be signed in with the Epoch Times to view it there. Del Bigtree is on fire!

    James Corbett appeared on Del’s show, The Highwire, in late 2020. I think James helped red pill him a little back then.

    It would be great to see James interview Del on The Corbett Report. Solutions Watch maybe?

    • I think massive lawsuits should commence. Make this expensive for these tyrants. Make them have the headache of a law suit. I also think there should be a way to sue the government for any disabilities from the jabs. So many people took it under duress.

      But I think a lot of this stuff with mandates and what not are as JC said about the masks are compliance testing.

      Like with the new CDC guidelines. Why do we ever need a guideline from them? Fuck them. People went along with all this stuff, the masks, the mandates when they probably could have just not complied in the beginning instead of going to court. It’s like an intermediary in the way. But I understand the principle to have laws on the books while the old system is in place, but perhaps we’ll outgrow the need for laws on the books and centralized courts.

  37. Greg has been around for a LONG time and is very good at what he does. I got to know him back around the year 2000-ish when he was out here on a speaking gig and got to look after him for a week or so. He is the real deal and a genuine guy. If I had to point out any of his blindsides I think he has a misplaced loyalty to the USA as a ‘mom-and-apple-pie’ mythology that a lot of Americans of his generation were taught. His focus has been on defending the faith in the culture war rather than looking at the global situation from a more holistic vantage as we do here.

    That would be my only observation and it’s not even a criticism, he is a very sharp guy and for those who haven’t dipped their toes into the waters of apologetics I couldn’t think of a better place to start.

  38. Europe’s current energy scarcity is compared to Eastern Europe of the 1980’s in this interesting article by energy journalist, Irina Slav…

    Life with energy scarcity 101

    … According to sources who were older than me during the mid-80s blackouts in Bulgaria (the winter of 84/85) so they have a better recollection of them, the schedule was three hours on, three hours off, although in some places they were one hour on, four hours off.

    So, you had to fit in your energy-intensive activities in three-hour slots followed by three-hour slots with no electricity. Imagine the peaks that would appear on an electricity consumption graph. There was a joke at the time that seen from the sky, Bulgaria must have looked like a disco club (it was the 80s, the Disco Era).

    I remember my mother springing into action when the power was on, fitting in cooking, laundry and hoovering into that three hour slot. It’s not exactly difficult, one might say and one will be right. Yet it isn’t exactly pleasant as well to have to cram everything in a three hour slot instead of taking it at your own pace.

    So, if blackouts are on the cards, get ready to reorganise tour daily schedules, even if you don’t cook, clean or do laundry. Because even if you do not do any of these things, you will need to charge your electronics. And you will need to keep track of when the blackout will occur so you can charge them ahead of time.

    You will also need heating. And as I mentioned earlier, if you happen to live in a place where the heat and the electricity comes from the same place and that place is subject to blackouts, congratulations, you just joined Irina’s Freezers Club!…

    …It is because of this experience that I tend to switch to grave irony whenever I read about the latest pseudo-moral statement by a European politician. I still remember how cold and miserable I was every single freezing day in the winter of 1997/98. None of those politicians, I bet, has ever experienced a similar degree of thermal discomfort. And I had it way better than a lot of people who are either homeless or cannot pay for their heating so they are forced to turn it off completely. You can die of cold…

    But wait, there’s more.

    Blackouts not infrequently go hand in hand with hot water “outs”. One doesn’t need a lot of imagination to visualise showering with cold water in December….

    • JC had an article about Sunstein and I’ll post it here:

      I definitely think there’s cognitive infiltration and mind games or “compliance testing” and other psychological operations going on, but sometimes it can’t be known and so it can be counterproductive to get sucked into it. Rather trying to discern facts from credible sources to form ones own conclusions.

        • Thanks for that link. I remember listening to a podcast years ago about the bots commenting on a political forum. That was pretty interesting.

          • not just bots, I think.

            • Yeah this one wasn’t about bots. It’s weird to watch something from 2014. Things were getting creepy back then too, I just didn’t notice. I thought it was interesting the statistic that 50% of Americans believed in medical conspiracies back in 2014 (who knows if the poll was right), but I wonder what that number would be now.

    • Thanks for that article, it sent me down a long rabbit hole on links from the article and comments. Lots of thoughts about this idea of cognitive infiltration and what might be a psyop or false conspiracy theory or controlled opposition. I think usually people are smart enough to figure this out based on actual evidence and using intuition (which can be faulty too at times).

      I support free speech, so people have a right to express any theories they have. I think people care so much about how it might make their “camp” appear, to discredit them in the eyes of the normies. I think what’s important is keeping an open mind and being able to actually research things on ones own and look at primary source data when possible. Think with ones own brain.

      I have dismissed things out of hand or fallen for some scams unfortunately but usually not for too long when I actually critically analyze the facts. Like the virus/no virus issue. I get the no-virus issue now, it took me a while to understand why people were supporting this. And some people are absolutists in their beliefs, they must be all in, it’s either right or wrong. It exists or it doesn’t. Somethings can’t be known or understood and no amount of research will provide a definitive answer.

      But this has taught me to check why I believe something and to go to the actual documents myself. In fact, I’m going to re-do the ways to test that the earth is round to myself again (I did this as a kid too) and think through the logic of that again. It’s nice to be able to trust what you believe and challenge ones own thinking process.

  39. I submit the following playlist for consideration to my fellow satyagrahi of the “fringe minority”

    I hope these tunes offer some solace, hope, inspiration and healing in these times when we are being targeted by various oligarchs in this final push of imperialistic colonialism as they attempt to conquer and occupy some of the last sovereign territories on Earth (the human body and mind).

    I feel that in the end, we (those of us willing to take responsibility for feeding, healing, sheltering and educating ourselves and the young ones and other vulnerable members of our communities) will ‘wash it away’ and prevail, even if it takes letting go of many of the high tech and material comforts we have become accustomed to, a whole lot of sweat, blood, tears, tlc and the collapse of modern civilization to get us there.

    Stay strong and know you are not alone in your efforts to embody that which you wish to see manifest in the world and plant the seeds for a new way of living on Earth to take root.

    I will add some more relevant guitar, rock, acoustic etc songs when I have time to round out the types of music for those of the “fringe minority” that prefer non hip hop music genres.

    Also, if any of you know any songs that have a message that you feel aligns with the spirit of the playlist I would welcome any suggestions for add ons! 🙂

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

  40. Excellent article with short videos and also reference to Grand Solar Minimum.
    See image of tree which was fed CO2.

    August 12, 2022 – By Michelle Edwards
    As the Earth Cools, the Climate Change Hoax Heats Up

    …Shockingly, Happer and Lindzen point out that the almighty Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where Lindzen was an early lead author, is government-controlled and only issues government-dictated findings. Thus, it provides no reliable scientific evidence for the proposed SEC rule around climate change. Elaborating on this egregious catastrophe further and noting that “no government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles,” the pair shared:….

  41. “They Can Do Audio, Video, & Physical Surveillance On You 24H/365D A Year”: Rex Lee On Intrusive Apps
    [VIDEO in article]

    In this special episode, The Epoch Times’ Tiffany Meier sat down with Rex M. Lee, cybersecurity adviser at My Smart Privacy. He helps shed light on China’s cyberattacks on America, how they affect us in our daily lives, and what can be done to stop them.

    Lee notes one way adversarial countries can get in is through invasive apps:

    “You have to look at an app as legal malware. And that’s the best way you can describe apps today. An app—whether it’s a social media app developed by Bytedance, such as TikTok, or Facebook, or Instagram—any of these apps, they are basically legal malware that enable the developer to monitor, track, and data mine the end user for financial gain 24 by seven, 365 days a year.

    “A single intrusive app enables the developer to collect over 5,000 highly confidential data points associated with the end user’s personal information, business information, medical information, legal information, and employment information because the surveillance and data mining done by these companies is indiscriminate, meaning that they’re not only collecting consumer information, they’re collecting every bit of information from the end user, including text messages, email, email attachments, calendar events, and so forth,” he added.

    As to just how invasive these are, Lee said:

    “What an app will do is it will interlink with all of the hardware on the device and the sensors on the device, such as camera and microphone, as well as sensors, such as the accelerometer. So they can do audio, video and physical surveillance on you 24 hours, 365 days a year while collecting those 5,000 highly confidential data points on the end user. What they’re doing is they package that and they monetize it. But also, as we’re seeing in the news, is that these tech companies are aligned with governments. So the information a lot of times is ending up in the hands of the government.”….

  42. Monday August 15, 2022
    Zimbabwe Hails Success Of Gold Coin Issuance – Lower Denominations Coming

    Declaring its July launch of one-ounce gold coins a success, Zimbabwe’s central bank says it will begin issuing and selling coins in smaller gold denominations this fall.

    “Following the successful launch of the gold coins on 25 July 2022 and in response to public demand, the bank shall introduce and release into the market gold coins in units of a tenth ounce, quarter ounce and half an ounce
    for sale with effect from mid-November 2022,” Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya said this week.

    The coins, which can be purchased from approved banks, were introduced to combat rampant inflation driven by locals exchanging Zimbabwean dollars for US dollars. In July, Zimbabwe’s price inflation rate was over 250%. …

    …Banks have sold 4,475 of the one-ounce coins so far, the state-affiliated Herald newspaper reports, with 90% having been purchased with local currency. Foreigners can only buy the coins with foreign money.

    The proprietor of a Harare clothing shop told The Herald that black-market exchange rates have leveled out since the introduction of the coins. “For the past one or so weeks, the rates are stable and if it continues like this, we will be able to accept local currency and invest the profits in gold coins,” Sharon Sangarwe said.

    The black market for currency exists in part because Zimbabwe limits foreign exchange transactions. Effective this week, those restrictions are being liberalized, with the cap on individuals, micro, small and medium businesses changing from $500 a week to $5,000 a month.

    Zimbabwe’s current sky-high inflation rate seems almost tame compared to earlier days. In 2009, the country’s legendary hyperinflation prompted the central bank to issue astronomical denominations, such as this Z$50 billion bill — which was only enough to buy two loaves of bread:

    Zimbabwe has substantial gold deposits. “All gold mined in Zimbabwe is supposed to be sold to the central bank, but many producers prefer to smuggle it out of the country in order to get payment in US dollars,” reports Al Jazeera.

    • “…Zimbabwe has substantial gold deposits….”

      So does South Africa, which was why the US spent so much time trying to bring out majority rule with the resultant politcial chaos according to Dr Sutton, in his old book “The War On Gold”

      I would be plesantly surprised if Zimbabwe, or South Africa, actually stabilizes, but maybe the game today is to get gold on the market to make it look less tempting then it does now vs Fiat.

  43. Has anyone recently crossed the border into Canada while avoiding vax, test, app requirements? I’m looking to make a trip to Canada by car in the near future and any helpful intel would be much appreciated.


      I would like to see a Corbett Member answer your question, scpat.
      I’m curious.

      Months ago, I posted a video of a lady who lived near the Detroit border.
      She showed how she repeatedly crossed into Canada without showing her Vax requirements, and wasn’t hassled.

      Clyde Do Something lives in far western Canada. He has dual Canadian/American citizenship. He also has lived briefly in Tokyo, because he is married to a gal from Japan.
      If no one answers your question, you might get on Clyde’s Discord page and ask the question. His audience is mostly Canadians. It is linked below his videos.
      Here is a recent one:
      Journalists Demand Respect – Canadian Association of Journalists Makes Demands

      • Thanks, I’ll check this out.

      • HRS, and for anyone interested, I figured I’d provide an update on my attempted Canadian border crossing.

        Long story short, I got denied. The Canadian border guard asked for vaccination status and that I have the ArriveCAN app. I said no. He said make a u-turn, you aren’t coming into Canada. He also said if I tried to cross at another crossing I would be banned from entering Canada for a year. Let freedom ring!

        • That sucks. You have “balls” for trying though. Maybe he did you a favor, you might have got stuck there.

          • True, maybe it was a favor in that sense. I knew I would get denied but had to try for my friends wedding. I filmed it too haha.

        • “He also said if I tried to cross at another crossing I would be banned from entering Canada for a year.”

          Geez! Unbelievable! ….especially in late 2022.

          Thanks for the update. I caught the comment from cu.h.j which led me here.
          She’s right.
          You have “balls”.
          Women know about those things, especially nurses in the ER. 😉

          • Women know about those things, especially nurses in the ER. ?


    • I looked up the requirements to enter Canada, there are some exceptions to being “fully vaccinated” like if you are doing work. But according to their website just visiting they won’t let you in:

      If it were me, I’d forgo Canada. I would not want to end up stuck there in jail or some weird quarantine hotel. You will be at the mercy of their government.

      If you want to take a risk, there are probably other ways, bribe an official, see if an MD will write you an exemption. Very hard to get that done. I really hope lawsuits against governments start happening soon. In light of the change of CDC guidelines makes zero sense to forbid people from traveling on the basis of their guidelines. Seems illegal like discrimination.

      For me a trip to Canada would not be worth the money to initiate the lawsuit. Even when I lived close to the border, was never inclined to go, too dark and too cold. I got out of the nearby state as soon as humanly possible.

      • Ordinarily I would. But it is my best friend’s wedding, so I want to try. He told me someone he knew had made it through unscathed. I will have to find out more details about that. But yes, like you say, it is risky because I would be at their will. And their will is not good.

        • I wouldn’t risk it, but I’m a bit risk averse when entering into overtly fascist countries where I have no legal standing. I suppose you could try and they might just kick you out. I would research the penalties for violating their rules and getting caught and see if you could risk that outcome.

          Or what you could do is speak to a human and explain the situation and ask for an exception to the rule and see what they say. Maybe they’ll say it’s okay. Call them up and ask. I don’t like sneaking around and lying and stuff like that, unless I had to for the sake of my life, but ordinarily I like to be upfront with what I’m really doing.

          You could call and say the CDC changed the guidelines and when are they adjusting their policy based on the new evidence?

          • “Or what you could do is speak to a human and explain the situation and ask for an exception to the rule and see what they say.”

            That is my plan. I’m not going to lie. I am going to try and relate to them on a person to person level and see if they’ll turn the other way. Once I’m in, I can’t see how they would be able to track me down. The other thing to consider is when I come back through the U.S. border. I don’t believe there are testing or injection requirements anymore. Not for sure though.

  44. Dear Corbetteers,

    I come to you, again, to spruik. This time, a podcast which relates to an article. Behind both is a recommendation and a source of first hand historical information on the nature of the abuse of power within the USA’s hegemonic system.

    The podcast:

    The article:

    The target:

    The Wider Target:

    Episode 37, by Whitney Webb, describes the contents of her soon to be released book “One Nation Under Blackmail”. My efforts are to highlight the importance of this work, and to elevate Daniel Sheehan’s work as a cause lawyer in complimenting her work.

    Peace be with you,


  45. Forgive me please if the following is semi incoherent.

    I’ve been contemplating on the idea of trust a lot lately. Its strikes me as ironic that I have to have trust in the scientists who are revealing all the reasons why I should distrust what a bunch of other scientists are doing.
    I often find myself trusting what some politicians say when they reveal the dark secrets of the politicians I should fear.
    There seems to be something in people, or maybe just me that makes me always want to believe. No matter how many times I’ve learned how foolish that is.

    So I guess its human nature that I’m puzzling over. And personal responsibility.
    There’s been some discussions recently about ideal societies. Anarchy? Direct Democracy.
    It always comes down to “people behave this way sometimes so it will always be so”. Or something to do with human nature when talking about the feasibility of ideas.

    I’m just talking about myself but looking back at my life I’m seeing that the things I’ve struggled with as far as vices and bad habits might not have been so difficult to battle were it not for the ready availability and sometimes even the advocacy of in my culture.

    The way societies and cultures around the world view and attempt to control these things certainly seems to impact how much of a problem alcoholism, drug use, sexual obsessions, violence etc. are for them.
    So it makes those values arbitrary it seems. From a strict good/bad perspective at least.
    If there were a society where you’re whipped for spitting out a piece of gum. You’ll have clean sidewalks. But at what cost.
    On the other hand. If you had a society where the overwhelming majority of people wanted clean sidewalks. You’d have them at no cost.
    Law and even strict enforcement doesn’t seem to be able to make people good when it comes to some of the most insidious traps that people become willing victims of. Can this all be the responsibility of the individual though?

    • #2
      Of course I agree with many here that we can’t become a society based on voluntarism overnight because we’re not all of the same mind. We’re not all anarchists.
      Shouldn’t we recognize though that the current state is responsible, at least in part for training and conditioning it’s citizens in all the negative ways that so often seems to preclude us from seriously entertaining the concept of a truly free human society.

      Maybe someday most everyone will want clean sidewalks and healthy minds and bodies and an abundant natural environment. And then we will have our anarchist society.

      But the first step imo is to begin to replace the state with God, however you choose to define that word, as the provider of the guidelines we use when it comes to values and what it means to be a thriving human being. He’s much less arbitrary.
      Who else is there to trust?

      • “But the first step imo is to begin to replace the state with God, however you choose to define that word, as the provider of the guidelines we use when it comes to values and what it means to be a thriving human being. He’s much less arbitrary.
        Who else is there to trust?”

        Interesting thought. I disagree at least this is not how I see a creator. I trust that within myself which is there when a serious decision must be made. This usually comes from the heart. I was given, or developed the ability to decide what is right and wrong and it is within me. Perhaps that spark within living things is god (goddess, all that is)? I don’t know.

        The state as I see it is a scam, a mechanism of control that people have been duped into believing is necessary.

      • With that said, I am not saying your thoughts are wrong. I think “higher consciousness” speaks to different people in different ways and that maybe you are right.

        I think that people find the sacred in different texts and different traditions and the goodness that speaks to them can send a message to them so that they can hear it.

        Like how people speak and think in different languages, sort of.

        But I don’t know. I don’t think your trust has been misplaced.

        I see what you mean though to replace “god” for “the state” if the state is being used as a guide for right and wrong.

        • I also think that there are natural laws that respect all individuals so that they can live as free beings as nature intended.

    • You are not forgiven. One is meant to consider and edit one’s contribution before publishing.

      However, we value input and differing views. Do not be dissuaded.

      • “ You are not forgiven.”

        Oh yes I am! ? Maybe not by the readers though.

        “ One is meant to consider and edit one’s contribution before publishing.“

        I did! ? posted it anyway.

        • Perhaps I fell afoul of my own edict to “consider and edit one’s contribution before publishing”. xD

          (Pull head below parapet)

  46. Actually, when all of the COVID bullshit started in Jan/Feb 2020, I started (for the first time) really looking more closely at the topics of vaccination and the critical side of it (already knowing about plenty of other pharma scandals…).
    What I saw and read about was really problematic and many ways. For the time being I definitely put on hold any upcoming vaccinations that would be indicated by my “vaccine passport” and did not receive any kind of shot myself (and neither my daughter).
    I did read both sides of e.g. polio vaccines and MMR vaccines and actually could not finally decide which side has more truth to it (in my eyes, many current vaccinations are definitely worrisome, do not have a good benefit/harm ratio and should be subjected to further testing (with real placebo/unvaccinated controls). As far as I am informed, some of the most vocal vaccine critics (e.g. RFK Jr. or Dr. Wakefield) are not entirely opposed to vaccines themselves, only to the bad safety standards and missing/flawed controls, that they are tested against.

    Since I only scrutinized the literature of vaccines in quite recent times (especially with the COVID shots), I also think that THOSE are very likely to have bad long-term effects. Similar could be true for other vaccines as well (although probably with completely different mechanisms – and probably most harm will be done rather short-to mid-term in “classical” vaccines)

    The comment I made before is not about my stance but rather that I don’t believe the officials/people calling the shots about health and vaccination policies will change their marching direction. At best they will agree to some extent, that the science has changed due to new findings (in case that there is real strong evidence for an alternative model and this model got around to enough people to put pressure on the scientific discourse). Then they will say that there is a new paradigm and theory, which describes a disease, but not that the measures taken should be changed. This is what I would expect to happen in case there ever is conclusive evidence for something different from contagion. Just my opinion…

    That vaccines might have a background in eugenics/population control is absolutely conceivable for me.

  47. “Anarchy isn’t even an ideology. Its literally removing one stupid idea from your belief system….The stupid, insane destructive idea that rituals can give someone the right to violently dominate the rest of us.”

    Larken Rose shares his thoughts about the last episode of the Anarchists documentary. And human nature too.
    I almost always find his logic unassailable.

    • I thought it was a good introduction to some of the outlandish lies from the government and how powerful the pharma cartel is, and also how being a medical doctor (and a nurse to a lesser extent) is like being in a cult. I was moved by the story in the begging.

      It’s really creepy and infuriating how medical boards go after doctors who don’t toe the party line. Some doctors are going to go along because they don’t want to lose their jobs, maybe they have debts.

      Anyway, I thought it was a good documentary.

      • @cu.h.j

        Thanks for the review, I appreciate you taking the time.

        I agree with your observations and also feel it it a good ‘intro’ to the subject matter. I mean, it does not contain anything ground breaking for Corbett Report listeners, but perhaps could serve as a valuable tool for helping people that are on the fence between the limiting prison yard of the fear matrix and the vast territories thinking for themselves to take the leap.

        Have you seen any other solid documentaries recently (aside from James’s excellent mass media series) that you could recommend?

        • I have found that if you want someone to look at something who is closed off or having to overcome cognitive dissonance, it’s good to break the ice with something they can relate to a little bit to get through the wall.

          I think the story of how the man lost his wife, who was his soul mate and the love of his live was very moving. It was touching to see him cry. Some men have a hard time crying, and to see it shows just how much pain this caused. It drew me in to watch it. And had I been there, I would have given him a hug. It was hard to even see Fauci and the other talking heads, who are in my eyes criminals who should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. That part made me so angry.

          Some humans respond to different techniques of communication. Some are more intellectual and are curious about facts and statistics, and some people respond to emotional material, they empathize. It gets past the cognitive dissonance.

          And I realize that most people have some type of inflexibility in their mind. At least I have noticed this in myself, but it is better than it has been.

          There were a bunch of documentaries I watched, including a documentary out of Israel about vaccine injuries that were good. There were some titled “Perspectives on the pandemic” I will have to search to post links.

          • cu.h.j says:
            “I think the story of how the man lost his wife, who was his soul mate and the love of his live was very moving. It was touching to see him cry.”

            BUMP to that.

            I think that often “emotion” is a key tool to use in communication, and in marketing.
            “They” understand the “emotion” concept as an effective tool.
            We should also recognize it.

            • Yes, they also use this technique in marketing and propaganda. I think they have vast research at their disposal to try to manipulate humanity and that it would be good for those who want to break through it to also know these techniques.

    • Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      I own several of Thomas Cowan’s books so I am aware of the fallacies of Germ Theory and the fraudulent experiments and assertions of people like Louis Pasteur.

      While I do acknowledge that it is the quality of the “terrain” which is the most strongly deciding factor that determines whether or not someone will get sick (and not the nature/genetic make up of a “germ”) I think that what what have sometimes been labeled as “viruses” (as in the conventional definition of ‘bad invading organisms which replicate, attack and compromise health’) do exist, but they are not what we have been conditioned to believe they are by the proponents of germ theory. Rather, I see what some call “viruses” (really just packages of genetic information, not living organisms) as mechanisms for individual organisms/communities of life (such as we humans) to communicate with other organisms on a cellular level (facilitating adaptation and increased resilience). In other words, I see what some describe as “viruses” as non-living mechanisms of cellular communication facilitated via exomic transfer and integration of genetic data. This allows entire communities (and sometimes entire species) to share in a sort of ‘genetic upgrade’ when that community and/or species is exposed to a new environmental pressure and needs to adapt their DNA to cope. Some people are capable of integrating a given new genetic update (incorporated into a ‘viral’ particle which communicates genetic data with our cells once it is in contact with specific receptor sites in the body) and some are not capable of integrating that genetic data (for a variety of reasons, quality of their “terrain” being a huge factor) and that can be fatal.

      Some of the most intense omnipresent pressures on our biology we (as human beings, which are composed of a community of lifeforms, of bacteria, fungi and cells that contain our unique DNA) have had to adapt to in the last century or so were those that originate from artificial electromagnetic fields generated by telecommunications equipment (be it a telegram, a radar facility or a 5G emitter).

      Have you heard of a book called “The Invisible Rainbow”? (by Arthur Firstenberg)

      • @robster

        Fourth Phase of Water is an excellent book as well.

        Have you read any of the works of Viktor Schauberger?

        He explores many of the lesser known states, attributes and untapped potential of working with water.

        In the garden, kitchen and medicine cabinet I have found that intentionally working with fourth phase water holds much potential.

        Yes there is much confusion about viruses, I personally see what most people call viruses as mechanisms for genetic ‘updates’ and/or inter-being (including interspecies) symbiogenesis, though I do think that we should strive to look at all sides of an argument to get a nuanced understanding of a subject.

        Thanks for the links, what are your thoughts on the work of Dr. Zach Bush relating to his study of the virome?

  48. On August 14th, The New York Post featured this article…
    Too little, too late: Disband the CDC now
    It rips into the CDC and other Authoritarians for what they have done.

    That New York Post article is mentioned by Jefferey Jaxen in his recent substack. His substack article gives many great examples, including the Climate Change narrative. There is a hopeful trend as more and more people recognize the blatant deceptions.

    August 19 – Jefferey Jaxen on Substack
    The Science™ Takes Public Hit As Widespread Misconduct Spotlighted

  49. If you want to know what currency reset may look like, this is one example. Currency reform done by communist party in 1953 after they spent all money from pension funds. Communists reduced real value of money in bank accounts to about 1/10 of original value overnight but debts to the financial system kept their unreduced value.

  50. European Energy…

    Bloomberg – Friday August 19
    Europe’s carbon price hits new record as coal drives emissions

    Europe’s carbon price jumped to a record as the region’s energy crisis is driving up demand for some of the most polluting fuels.

    Businesses are burning coal and even oil to keep power stations and factories running while cleaner-burning natural gas becomes increasingly scarce. The situation threatens to push up Europe’s carbon footprint this year even if soaring energy prices and shortages force industries to shut.

    “Because burning coal and even fuel oil is so much dirtier than burning gas, even a small substitution could outweigh demand destruction,” said Mariko O’Neil, an analyst at researcher BloombergNEF.

    The electricity sector is by far the largest source of emissions in the European Union’s carbon market and a shift away from cleaner sources could be hard to overcome. That’s being reflected in the cost of EU pollution rights, which soared to a record 99.22 euros ($99.73) per metric ton Friday. UK carbon permits and coal prices also hit fresh highs.

    How high emissions rise this year will depend on the balance between dirtier power generation and how much fuel costs stifle demand. This week, Norsk Hydro ASA unveiled plans to close an aluminum smelter in Slovakia, while the operator of one of Europe’s largest zinc smelters said it was halting production due to high energy prices.

    But at the same time, power generation is polluting more. Utility Uniper SE has turned on a decades-old power plant in Sweden that burns fuel oil, an option that’s dirtier than gas, though not as intense as coal. And in Spain, government policies meant to limit energy bills are inadvertently encouraging the use of gas power plants over more efficient ones. This comes ahead of winter when more coal power could meet demand if gas supplies are insufficient.

    The power sector is already polluting more than in recent years. In the first nine months of 2022, emissions from fossil fuel-burning power plants in Germany, France, Britain and Italy are set to rise 10 per cent compared to the same period in 2019, according to estimates from BNEF. Overall, Germany’s decision to bring more coal- and oil-fired plants online this winter may push EU emissions up by as much as five per cent next year, according energy research firm ICIS…

    … European politicians will complete final negotiations later this year to tighten the carbon market….

    • GRAPH of EU Carbon Permits – August 19, 2022

      European carbon prices broke above €98 a tonne for the first time ever, after gas prices returned to record levels encouraging more utilities to swap to carbon-heavy coal, resulting in higher emissions and demand for permits.
      Natural gas prices in Europe bounced back to unprecedented levels, as heatwaves across the continent are set to push demand to above-normal levels while the historic drought threatens to halt energy shipments along the Rhine River.
      Earlier this year, the European Commission announced plans to sell more carbon emission permits to fund the EU’s exit from Russian energy.
      The European Commission unveiled a €210 billion plan for Europe to end its reliance on Russian energy by 2027, and to use the pivot away from Moscow to speed up its transition to green energy. The commission has 2.6 billion certificates in reserves and plans to sell between 200-250 million ETS certificates from Market Stability Reserves by the end of the decade.

      • I noticed a vast variety of recent videos regarding CARBON CREDITS.

        The following video is by someone who believes the Manmade Climate Change narrative.
        Actually, Belinda Carr does a very good job of exposing different examples of corruption in the Carbon Market. Belinda does have shownotes and source links on her YouTube.
        Unfortunately, she doesn’t go deeper into the history.
        In a way, I understand this possible unintentional ignorance because history often gets buried, especially for newcomers on the scene.

        August 15, 2022 – Belinda Carr YouTube Channel
        Exposing the Carbon Credit and Offset SCAM
        (12 minutes)

        EXCERPT from shownotes:
        Jim Hourdequin, CEO of Lyme Timber recently exposed the fraudulent carbon credit system in this Bloomberg article by Ben Elgin. They earned $53 million from these environmental transactions over the past two years. Lyme Timber also received $20 million for protecting 47,000 acres of hardwood forest in West Virginia. However, the land was so rugged and steep that the trees couldn’t have been harvested anyway.

        Here’s another example of dodgy carbon credits. An oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, delivered a carbon neutral tanker of LNG or liquified natural gas to Taiwan by investing in ten year old forest projects in Ghana, Indonesia and Peru. In 2020, a French oil company, Total, also delivered its first shipment of carbon neutral LNG. How can you extract natural gas in Australia, ship it to China and claim it’s carbon neutral? By buying a 10 year old wind farm in northern China called Hebei.

        In addition to these greenwashing loopholes, the actual cost of each carbon credit can vary drastically from less than $1 per ton to over $50 per ton. The cost depends on the effectiveness of the carbon offset project, the location and additional benefits. For example, Bill Gates spends $600 per ton to negate emissions from his private jet. Microsoft pays an average of $20 per ton. On the lower end, Delta Air lines pays about $2.30 per ton. They spent $30 million on 13 million offsets, so they were able to declare themselves carbon neutral last year.

    • August 19th AM – By Phil Carr


      U.S Natural Gas prices skyrocketed above $9.65 (BTU) to levels not seen in over 14 years – notching up a staggering gain of over 525% – from this time two years ago when COVID-19 shutdown, the U.S economy.

      Elsewhere in the Energies complex, the real star performer this week was European Natural Gas.

      European Natural Gas prices have been on an unstoppable run – heading for the longest stretch of weekly gains since mid-December.
      This week, the European benchmark soared to a record high of €251 per megawatt hour – racking up a phenomenal gain of more than 700%, from this time last year.

      Put another way, that’s the equivalent of both benchmark futures contracts now trading at more than $400 a barrel of Oil.

      The summer spike in Natural Gas prices is being driven in part by high demand as scorching heatwave temperatures through much of the world force businesses and households to crank up the air conditioning. That in turn has chipped away at relatively low inventory levels.

      Prices are currently 11 times higher than where they usually are for the time of the year – and we haven’t even entered the winter months yet, when prices will enviably surge higher again….
      U.S. Natural Gas GRAPH

      EU Natural Gas GRAPH

    • Remember the Covid era Lockdowns of Businesses?…

      I contend that we are seeing a similiar type destruction of businesses in Europe as a result of high energy prices…
      …And that this destruction was deliberate, not accidental.
      …Well…perhaps also there are some really, really stupid people in Technocratic positions of power…I guess that’s obvious to most of us.

      The Climate Change ESG Carbon Narrative made it extremely difficult for oil and gas energy companies to obtain financing or plan long-term towards bringing about more supply. The Technocratic policies discouraged growth in the oil/gas sector.
      Then, the Ukraine-Russia conflict added even more Technocratic “solutions” which continued to drive up energy prices. – August 19, 2022
      Energy Prices Trigger Deindustrialization In Germany

      Energy Inflation Threatens Thousands Of UK Businesses

    • Germany may be “shit out of luck” this winter…
      with a TOILET PAPER shortage

      From Zero Hedge

      FULL article (Source links in original)
      Driven by the imminent energy crisis accelerating across Europe, and policymakers’ refusal to acquiesce because “we have to save democracy in Ukraine”, the German paper industry is warning of supply bottlenecks for toilet paper.

      As reports, the paper industry is sounding the alarm:
      In the event of a gas shortage, it would no longer be possible to produce enough toilet paper.

      For the “International Day of Toilet Paper” on Friday , the German paper industry warns of new bottlenecks.
      Martin Krengel, Vice President of the Association “The Paper Industry”, said:
      “We are particularly dependent on gas for the production of tissue paper. Without it, we will no longer be able to provide security of supply,”

      According to data provided by Die Papierindustrie, each German citizen uses an average of 134 rolls of toilet paper per year.
      “In the current energy crisis, our top priority is to provide people with this important commodity,” Krengel stressed.

      The last time Germany suffered a toilet paper shortage was at the start of the pandemic, which led to hoarding.
      Are hyperinflating electricity costs and toilet paper shortages a sign of things to come? What next? Eating flamingoes like the Venezuelans?

      • European Electricity Energy Prices
        See GRAPH !

        Bloomberg Friday Agust 26, 2022
        “French Electricity Price Exceeds 1,000 Euros for First Time”

        (Bloomberg) — The price of power in Europe’s two key markets surged more 25% on Friday, a chaotic spike that will see the continent’s leaders hold an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis.

        Electricity for next year in Germany and France — both beset by their own severe crises — are setting almost records almost daily…
        …The European Union is to call an emergency meeting of energy ministers to discuss bloc-wide solutions…

        …Prices are at a level no one can afford because of “market failure”, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said on Friday afternoon, adding that a pan-European solution doesn’t have to require a price cap. His country currently holds the EU’s rotating presidency.

        Across Europe, governments have begun to take the drastic step of limiting energy use. In the UK, household bills are set to jump in October after a cap on costs was lifted. The soaring prices looks set to force millions of people to curb consumption.
        “The French market is going to be extremely tight this winter, especially if we have low wind conditions,” said Kathryn Porter, energy consultant at Watt-Logic. “Everyone in Europe could be trying to import power at the same time and that could create huge challenges and rationing of industrial use.”

        The French year-ahead contract rose as much as 25% to 1,130 euros a megawatt-hour on the European Energy Exchange AG Friday. The German equivalent also gained to a record, rising as much as 33% to 995 euros a megawatt-hour for a gain of about 70% this week. In oil market terms, it’s the equivalent of over $1,600 a barrel.
        The surge comes as European natural gas futures climbed for a sixth straight week…

        …Europe’s politicians have already earmarked about 280 billion euros ($281 billion) to ease the pain of surging energy prices for businesses and consumers, but the aid risks being dwarfed by the scale of the crisis….

        • From above:
          The German equivalent also gained to a record, rising as much as 33% to 995 euros a megawatt-hour for a gain of about 70% this week.
          In oil market terms, it’s the equivalent of over $1,600 a barrel.

          $1,600 a barrel

          To give folks a perspecitve on the current price of Oil.
          Oil prices have been floating around $100 per barrel since March, 2022 (Russia-Ukraine).

  51. Evidently, some folks are 2020 hardliners…

    Restaurants In Lockdown-Loving, High-Crime Cities Still Reeling While Others Thrive

    More than two and a half years after the Covid-19 pandemic reached America, there’s a enormous divide among America’s restaurant markets. In deep-blue cities that embraced lockdowns, the number of diners is still far below pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, restaurant businesses are prospering in states that were quickest to reject Covidian authoritarianism.

    That’s the finding of a Fox News report centered on data from OpenTable, a company that helps more than 60,000 restaurants worldwide manage reservations, payments and operations.

    Civil unrest and crime have likely played a defining role too. It’s probably no coincidence that the worst-performing city — Minneapolis — was at the epicenter of the George Floyd riots that ravaged deep-blue cities. Strikingly, the number of average daily diners in Minneapolis is still less than half what the city enjoyed in pre-Covid, pre-Floyd 2019.

    “We’re just getting killed in Minneapolis,” restauranteur Greg Urban told Fox News. “People don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe coming to Minneapolis. It’s a public safety issue right now.”

    Happily, Urban is geographically — and politically — diversified, with nightspots in Austin, Pensacola and Lakeland, Florida too…

    10 Worst Lockdown-Hammered Restaurant Cities (Change in Daily Diners: July 2022 vs July 2019)
    Minneapolis (-54.3%)
    San Francisco (-45.9%)
    Portland (-45.2%)
    Seattle (-40.8%)
    Philadelphia (-39.2%)
    New York (-37.9%)
    St. Louis (-28.2%)
    Washington, DC (-27.3%)
    Baltimore (-24.9%)
    Chicago (-22.8%)

    10 Best-Performing Restaurant Cities (Change in Daily Diners: July 2022 vs July 2019)
    Las Vegas (+35.7%)
    Fort Lauderdale (+34.0%)
    Miami (+32.8%)
    Austin (+27.3%)
    Naples (+25.4%)
    Tampa (+22.3%)
    Nashville (19.2%)
    San Antonio (+18.6%)
    Scottsdale (+18.0%)
    Phoenix (+14.3%)

    Source: OpenTable via Fox News

  52. Thank you for the links. I am amazed by Schauberger’s findings!

  53. I live in a red zone of a blue state and it’s starting to get real here. The county recently assembled its Domestic Terrorist Task Force and started rolling out Net Zero requirements to the towns to meet the state’s goals. They plan to have all homes converted to electric heat in less than 10 years. Our grid is so weak that we already have to notify the utility company if we want to use a portable heater. Yikes!

    Last month my electric bill doubled solely due to hikes in fees to deliver energy and a hike in the green energy tax. Imagine if we all convert to electric heat and electric cars, which is impossible because most folks here don’t have sufficient incomes to cover the expense. (I suspect the real reason to convert to electric heat is so Mr. Global can freeze people to death.)

  54. This is a GOOD NEWS type story.
    I often buy Vital Organice Pasture eggs, but noticed that their prices did not rise while mass-produced ‘cheaper’ eggs did.

    August 19, 2022 – Yahoo Finance
    Why consumers should see eggs prices ‘come down’ after 38% spike in July:
    Vital Farms

    (The CEO of Vital Farms was interviewed. Most of the interview is scripted in the article except for how tasty an egg-hamburger can be.)

    Egg prices soared 38% year-over-year in July as consumers continue to battle increased prices at the grocery store.
    Although costs seem unlikely to waver in the near-term, one egg producer executive says otherwise.

    “A lot of the big changes you’re seeing at the shelf today are driven by both a shortage of eggs due to the avian influenza outbreak earlier this year, as well as the inflation we’ve seen in commodity costs, including corn, soybeans, and diesel fuel,”
    Vital Farms (VITL) CEO Russell Diez-Canseco explained to Yahoo Finance.
    Still, “the predictions on those things are starting to come down, and I would certainly expect you’d see commodity egg prices come down as a result as well,” he surmised.

    While the price spikes in eggs might seem incredibly high for consumers to bare, Steve Reed, an economist at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), told Yahoo Finance that the increase is “not unusual” as eggs are a category that “has always been a volatile index even prior to the pandemic.”

    Vital Farms, which sells organic and ethically-sourced eggs at a premium compared to most brands, recently raised prices for the first time in five years.
    Due to inflation, however, “there has been a price compression where the cheapest eggs are priced a lot closer to the price of our eggs,” Diez-Canseco said….

    [Article continues with aspects about Vital Farms.]

    Corporate Headquarters for Vital Farms is in Austin, Texas.
    Vital Farms partners with over 275 small family farms and a consumer can locate the farm via the egg carton.
    For the past year, we’ve been working with five initial farms to implement regenerative farming practices and do it the Vital Farms way. While all of the farms we work with already follow incredibly high standards, our approach to regenerative agriculture takes it to the next level. Introducing Restorative Eggs: Vital Farms’ eggs produced using regenerative farming practices.


    It might have happened before, however, it is the first time I have seen an OS advertised as “sustainable“. Will we soon see an internet where those whom are not using a centralised and surveilled cloud OS, branded at “sustainable”, will be stopped from entering sites and services, out of “environmental concerns”?

    ChromeOS Flex is ready to deploy.

    Sustainable for your business and planet: Breathe new life into existing hardware to reduce e-waste, energy consumption, and maintain clear blue skies.

    Better for your business – and the beach – with 19% less power consumption



    Side note / interesting observation:

    In the Google blog post, you will also find an ad with the Norwegian company “Nordic Choice Hotels” ( Behind this company, you find the “environmentalist” Petter Stordalen.
    “Together with his wife, Gunhild Anker Stordalen he has founded the couple’s philanthropic organization, The Stordalen Foundation. The Stordalen Foundation focuses primarily on climate change.”

    And more about Gunhild Stordalen:
    “In 2013, Stordalen founded the EAT Initiative with the idea of transforming the global food system to ensure the growing population a healthy and nutritious diet within safe environmental limits.“


  56. This encroaching Big Bother story caught my eye this morning, extracts:

    Connected watches distributed to schoolchildren in the Sarthe: 70 people demonstrate in Le Mans
    Antonin LE BRIS. – 29 min ago

    This Wednesday 24 August 2022, a call to demonstrate in front of the departmental council headquarters at 10am in Le Mans (Sarthe) brought together some 70 protesters. The object of their discontent: connected watches that are to be distributed to schoolchildren as part of a Sport health program…

    …They came to protest against the project of the departmental council, which as part of a Sport Health programme, plans to distribute so-called connected watches – in reality basically pedometers – to the department’s secondary school pupils…

    …Opponents came to express their fears of a “file” that would open the way, in their words, to “the introduction of a Chinese-style social credit”. They also questioned how the data would be used and protected…

    Translated with (free version)


  57. QUOTE: “Yuan instruments are a great alternative to the dollar.”

    August 24, 2022 – Reuters
    Russia’s No.1 gold producer Polyus issues bonds in Chinese yuan

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s largest gold producer Polyus issued bonds denominated in the Chinese yuan worth 4.6 billion yuan ($670 million), it said on Wednesday, becoming the second Russian company to borrow in yuan within a month.

    Demand for the yuan in Russia has increased since Feb. 24 when Russia sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine and the West imposed sweeping sanctions against Moscow, limiting its access to the dollar and euro markets.

    Polyus, the world’s fourth-largest gold mining company by production volumes, said it issued five-year bonds with a coupon rate of 3.8%, planning to use proceeds from the issue for general corporate purposes and investment projects…

    …“The offering drew a great deal of interest from investors. Going forward, we expect the number of Russian companies borrowing in yuan in the local market to increase,” Sterina said.

    The move comes weeks after Russian aluminium producer Rusal tapped the yuan bond market on the Moscow Exchange, which started trading bonds in the Chinese currency to lure Asian investors.

    Russia has charged up to third place on a list of countries outside mainland China using the yuan for global payments, highlighting how it is being affected by sanctions, according to the global financial messaging firm SWIFT.

    “Yuan instruments are a great alternative to the dollar. We have a positive view on the outlook for the yuan. Its liquidity is expected to increase, international convertibility will improve and sanctions risks will remain limited,” BCS Express analysts said….

  58. New article from Swiss Propaganda & Policy Research

    Is Russia limiting gas flows to Europe? The surprising answer is: no.

    Many people in Europe and the US seem to believe that Russia, in response to Western sanctions, has been limiting gas flows to Europe. Yet this is not the case, as the following analysis shows…

    • upright,
      Thanks so much for this article.
      It hits some very valid points.

      The point that the article makes about Nord Stream I is cloudy. It may have to do with political theatre. Evidently, on occasion a German authority will publish a snapshot of the Siemens gas compressor turbine waiting to be picked up in Germany as a ‘jab’ to Russia.
      8 August
      Gas crisis: Nord Stream turbine still at Siemens Energy (in Germany)–nord-stream-turbine-still-at-siemens-energy.ryzbmcwCTq.html

      The turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is still in Germany. According to Energy boss Christian Bruch, the discussion on how it can be shipped is still pending.
      The energy company was in the red in the second quarter.[Details of business losses in last half of article.]

      …There are still pending discussions as to whether it can be shipped, said Energy boss Christian Bruch on Monday when presenting his company’s quarterly figures.

      He also emphasized that the maintenance of the turbines at the Nord Stream 1 compressor station could in principle continue – if desired.
      This is separate from the current withdrawal from business in Russia.
      In principle, the service cycle goes until 2024. However, it is dependent on the customer reporting and saying that something should be done.

      Regarding the dispute over the turbine and the possible financial consequences, Bruch said that he saw no contractual risks.
      You can clearly show “that we have done everything so that we can deliver”.

      Since June, Russia has cut back gas supplies via Nord Stream 1.
      The energy company Gazprom justified this with the missing turbine.
      It is important to build up the pressure required to pump the gas through.
      Gazprom repeatedly accused its contractual partner Siemens Energy of not having sent the necessary documents and information to repair the machine.
      Siemens Energy rejected the allegations….

  59. Tuesday Aug 23 – Via Activist Post – Keean Bexte of The Counter Signal
    France Launches Climate Change Police Force

    As reported by Breitbart, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin is hiring 3,000 “green police” officers to go after those who violate “green-related criminal issues” to safeguard the country from disasters supposedly caused by human-related climate change.

    In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, “Faced with this, we must improve the work of judicial investigation,” Darmanin said. “We have therefore decided to massively reinforce the resources of the Central Office for the Fight against Damage to the Environment and to launch 3,000 ‘green police’ posts.”
    He continued, saying that the climate change police force “will be a revolution.”
    The announcement comes after the EU crisis management tsar Janez Lenarcic called for the rapid creation of a Europe-wide “Civil Protection Force” to enforce climate laws across the EU…

    “Handing these irresponsible and unaccountable bureaucrats even more power would just simply be irresponsible,” said MEP Cristian Terhes.
    “What Europe needs is a rebirth of national and sovereign democracy, with creativity and power for local people rather than one-size-fits-all bureaucratic control from the centre of Brussels.”

    CANADA is getting in on the action, too.

    As reported by The Counter Signal, it appears that the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is currently working on a building to house such officers.
    And if that wasn’t enough evidence, ECCC has posted an ad on for an “Enforcement Officer – Environmental (pollution) enforcement.”

    According to the ad,
    Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Enforcement Branch ensures that organizations and individuals respect laws administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada that protect the natural environment, its biodiversity and the health of Canadians.”
    Duties include “conducting inspections to ensure compliance with federal environmental laws,” as well as “conducting investigations into alleged violations of federal environmental laws, including taking statements from witnesses or accused persons, preparing and executing search warrants, reviewing and assessing evidence, and preparing court briefs.”

    Officers will further be required to wear uniforms and carry safety equipment, including body armour, handcuffs, batons, and even prohibited weapons.

    France’s climate change officers will likely be similarly equipped.

    • So I guess so-called “climate-scepticism” will officially become a crime of wrong-think.
      Reminds me of headlines I’ve been seeing lately on the Bing msn feed, essentially: “Is it legal to post “anti-vaccine” messages in public?”
      Apparently, if I’ve understood correctly, in Toulouse the “anti-vaxxers” have been particularly dynamic, posting anti-covid-19 vaccine messages all over the city.
      More precisely, from one week ago:
      Toulouse: anti-vax messages displayed on advertising boards, the prefecture condemns this action

      Nine posters denouncing the alleged dangers of the Covid vaccine have appeared on large billboards in Toulouse. An action denounced by doctors and condemned by the prefecture
      “The health of our children is worth more than experimental vaccines”: the message has been displayed on nine billboards in the Toulouse area since the beginning of July. This anti-vax propaganda campaign was sponsored by the Réinfo Covid and Réinfo Santé collectives under the medical guarantee of a certain independent scientific council (CSI).

      and then the next day, of course, on the Le Figaro website:

      Anti-vax posters in Toulouse to be banned by state
      By Le Figaro with AFP
      Published on 19/08/2022 at 10:25, updated on 19/08/2022 at 10:38…

      oy vay… how soon will the states be equipping the thought police with body armor and prohibited weapons…?

      • Thanks for the translation and article, NSR.
        The photo of the billboard…the message(s) of the ad were spot on.
        My hat off to the folks at CSI who made this happen.
        I wish that I would see billboards like that around here.

        Besides reaching a new audience, the billboards help others who are aware to realize that they are not alone.

        Maybe the ban will get a lot of controversial play in the news.

        I guess in the future we will need to check the government rules book to see what thoughts are legal to think.

  60. I will have to check this out. I have been listening to the audiobook called Inventing AIDS by Peter Duesberg. It discusses the topic of “microbe hunting” that started in the 1700s, I think. This type of panic has been used in the past and even the idea of forced vaccinations is not new.

    It’s very interesting to go back to the beginning and see how the germ theory paradigm emerged.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong, or that it might not exist in context of the biological and environmental terrain, but the political efforts to make people fear germs is interesting. Trying to make people fear for financial and political gain should be examined by critical thinkers.

    I also think that it is important to look at both laboratory experiments and also at anecdotal evidence.

    I don’t know enough to make a definitive conclusion on the matter, but am definitely researching more into the notion of infectious viruses and bacteria. Without having actually conducted research myself, it’s hard to make a definitive conclusion.

    • I see the importance of Koch’s postulates more now to prove an agent is causal. As it is now, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, but with many degrees of freedom like individual genetics, or even the genetics of the cells used to conduct virus research.

      I mean do they even know what all the genes do in the monkey kidney cells? And is this important to know? How do they keep variables constant to study the phenomenon in question?

      And can something studied outside of a living body be an accurate account of what happens inside a body? And is everyone’s internal environment a bit different? To be objective, I would say that there is no way at this time to study what chemical processes are going on in real time in a persons body, with their immune system. This is impossible.

      I realized early on in my studies that biological science is not really a “hard science”

      The farther a science diverges from physics and rigorous logic and mathematical analysis, the weaker it gets.

      • I do enjoy Stefan Lanka’s discussions. He seems like a really well balanced person trying to provide a different perspective and he does so respectfully and gently.

        Science is supposed to be supportive of different perspectives and a collaborative effort of discovery. Rather than a dogmatic system that has an agenda to make money and sell drugs and limit discourse.

    • I think some virologists are claiming that they do do controls, but I have not noted documentation in any recent papers.

      Here’s a paper on giant viruses in amoeba, at least they are classifying these structures as viruses and I did see they had a control.

      Let me know what you think of this paper. I’d be interested to see what Dr. Lanka’s thoughts too.

      I know he did research with giant viruses too, but I think his definition of them are different.

  61. Dr. Peter Hotez…

    August 24, 2022 – MERCOLA
    Pro-Vax Bully Implicated in Virus Engineering Program

    Dr. Peter Hotez, dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, has repeatedly dismissed the idea of a lab accident or deliberate spread, calling it “an outlandish conspiracy theory.” He’s also a fierce critic of the ongoing Congressional probe into gain-of-function research, decrying it as a “threat to American biomedical science.”1

    Well, Hotez, the lab leak denialist and Congressional probe critic, has now been outed as a funder and project leader of risky gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the now-infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

    Hotez Developed SARS Vaccine in Case of Lab Release

    Hotez’s dismissal of the lab escape theory is particularly ironic considering he received a $6.1 million grant2 from the National Institutes of Health in 2012 for the development of a SARS vaccine in case of an “accidental release from a laboratory,” “deliberate spreading of the virus by a terrorist attack,” or a zoonotic spillover event. According to the grant abstract:3…

    …The research under that grant took place from 2012 until 2017. After spending five years preparing for the possibility of an accidental or deliberate release of SARS, why would Hotez think a lab leak of SARS-CoV-2 was out of the question?

    Hotez Funded Creation of Chimeric Coronavirus
    “While casting concerns about Wuhan’s labs as ‘fringe,’ Hotez has not mentioned his own connection to a project involving a laboratory-generated chimeric SARS-related coronavirus that has come under Congress’ microscope. The project was helmed by Zhengli Shi, a senior scientist and ‘virus hunter’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology nicknamed the ‘Bat Lady.’

    As part of his NIH grant, Hotez subcontracted funding for research on combined or ‘chimeric’ coronaviruses, a scientific paper5 shows. Hotez’s grant6 underwrote two of Shi’s collaborators on the project.
    In the 2017 paper7 co-funded by Hotez, Shi and her colleagues generated a recombinant virus from two SARS-related coronaviruses: ‘rWIV1-SHC014S.’ It’s not clear whether the paper co-funded by Hotez should have been stopped under a temporary ‘pause’ on gain-of-function work before 2017.

    …The Ties That Bind Hotez, EcoHealth Alliance and the WIV…
    …Hotez Is Part of The Lancet COVID-19 Commission…
    …Hotez, One of the Most Shockingly Hateful People in Medicine…
    …Hotez has publicly stated he wants to “snuff out” vaccine skeptics…
    …Lancet’s COVID Origin Task Force Disbanded Over Dishonesty…
    …Hotez in Daszak’s Corner…
    …Who or What Is Hotez Really Fighting For?….

  62. August 24, 2022 – The Mind Unleashed – By Katie Hutton
    John McAfee’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Faked His Death and is “Still Alive” in Texas
    In a new Netflix documentary released today, John McAfee’s ex-girlfriend reveals what happened.

    (IMAGES in article)

    John McAfee, an internationally-recognized pioneer in antivirus software who is believed to have died in June 2021, led a strange and scary life that is only growing more mysterious.

    It was widely reported that McAfee committed suicide by hanging himself while he was detained in a Spanish prison pending extradition to the United States on charges of tax evasion.

    However, according to his ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera from Belize, he only pretended to have killed himself and had actually relocated to Texas.
    In a new Netflix documentary, Samantha claims her ex-boyfriend is actually still alive today.

    “I don’t know if I should say, but two weeks ago, after his death, I got a call from Texas: ‘It’s me, John. I paid off people to pretend that I am dead, but I am not dead,” Samantha begins.
    She goes on to reveal that John McAfee told her “there are only three persons in this world that know I’m still alive” and then urged her to disappear with him.

    The new documentary, called Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, was officially released on August 24, 2022 and can only be found on Netflix.

    Herrera’s assertions that McAfee is actually still alive have the director, Charlie Russell, scratching his head.
    “I don’t know what I think and I don’t think she does,” Russell said to Esquire. “She says it, then she looks at the camera, and I can’t work out whether she thinks it’s real or not. She’s someone who was very angry at John,” he continued.
    “He promised them a life together and I think they were genuinely in love, despite the huge age difference, I think he offered her a real different future, then he literally ditched her at the border and I think that’s very painful for her and it’s taken her years to get over that.”…
    [Article continues]

  63. I was just wondering if anyone is like me… I “air play” podcasts at night while I sleep, usually The Last American Vagabond, simply because he often gives 2hrs + on his daily wrap-up and I can fall asleep listening. It used to just go silent and eventually turn off when it was done, until recently… recently I have awakened to msm piping horrible main-stream narrative bullshit into my head. If anyone knows how I can make this stop please tell.

    Love, peace yada yada yada

    • Youu could use an actual PC to download your podcast then play them on either one those 25 buck flip phones (in airplane mode w wifi off) or one of the USB stick mp3 players that runs of off an AA battery (reachable batteries unless your rich)….that way you have total control of what you listen to and you need never fear a censor removing something you wanna here again.

      I like those flip phones because they will play music of podcasts all day and you can change the battery if you are away from power and have a spare…they give pretty decent quality and volume sound too…esp for 25 bucks.

  64. I’m wondering if scientist who have an opposing opinion to the climate change narrative are ready to be more vocal could do so?

    I think scientist who oppose the climate narrative and have evidence to oppose the carbon hypothesis should start making that available.

    Similar to the Covid scam, I think we need to start debunking the climate narrative. The sooner the better. This is a major area they seem to be focused on. “Climate lockdown” and people will go for it out of empathy for the earth.

    We must show an alternative narrative that the earth is at risk from the globalists not normal human activity.

    • We need to attack the so called science of climate change because people will comply if they believe it’s true that humans are destroying the earth. We need to show that the global tyrants “elites” are the ones doing the damage and repeat the message.

      The Covid scam has been a bit of a distraction and now they are focusing on climate change. I think people must pivot away from the Covid scam to the climate scam.

  65. ArchiveBox
    The self-hosted internet archiving solution

    I just wanted to share a tool I have discovered, but yet have to try out.

    I assume we are many here that like to back up web pages to different web archives. In my search to organise my own saved pages, I discovered ArchiveBox. It looks like quite a nifty tool for saving the digital library. Does anyone here have experience in using ArchiveBox?


    • Cyotek WebCopy
      Automatically download the content of a website onto your local device.

      Another tool that might be handy is WebCopy. With this tool, you can mirror an entire site onto your own HD. I got this one recommended, but since it is a Windows-only tool, and I am not on Windows, I have not tried it.

      WebCopy will examine the HTML mark-up of a website and attempt to discover all linked resources such as other pages, images, videos, file downloads – anything and everything. It will download all of theses resources, and continue to search for more. In this manner, WebCopy can “crawl” an entire website and download everything it sees in an effort to create a reasonable facsimile of the source website.


      #researchToolbox #archiveTheNet #fireExtinguisher

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