August Open Thread (2023)

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Articles, Newsletter | 427 comments

Hey everyone! I hope you’re out and about enjoying the lovely summer of global boiling, but just in case you do find yourself looking at a screen I present for your edification and enjoyment the August Open Thread.

Have fun!

Corbett Report members are encouraged as always to leave their thoughts, comments, news and random ideas (how about some summer reading suggestions?) in the comment section below.

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      • This is my first time I just bought a subscription. But I don’t see how to make a comment I can see right here I am replying how do I make my own comments?

        • You have to go to the bottom of the comments page, you will find the comment box over there.

          If you pressed the reply button under some other comment, then you have to press “click here to cancel reply”.

          There is essentially one comment box and that one is moved around depending on where yoi click the reply button.

          Short version: reload the page and scroll all the way to the bottom.

    • Thank you James. All fixed. Hope you catch a fish.

      Movies! I was gone from the most of 2019 to 2023 I missed so much of the excitement. Last night I saw “No Time To Die” and was shocked at all the correlations between the scam-plandimic and the movie story. Am I alone here? Has this been hashed out already? If so fill me in.
      What I know is from Wikipedia.
      Story writing began in 2016
      Filming begin in 2018,Peter Boyle quites,delays original release date.
      New director Cary Joji Fukunaga hired 2019, movie shot April-Oct 2019.
      First trailer released Dec.2019
      Original release date March 2020 postponed by ” Cooties ”
      International release September 2021

      This movie should have been in the can by December 2019 around the same time as Event 201. The original release date March 2020.
      So, was the Cooties a theatrical show of real world class villains and supported by a Hollywood
      pre-opp pre-cog psychological plant that missed its que? Aw shucks!

      This looks like a coinkydink. Dr.Ana M.Mihalcea

  1. Gon’ Fishin’
    Corbett • 08/07/2023
    (90 second video)
    [One comment]

    James Corbett says:
    “Hey guys, I’m taking a week off. In the meantime, here’s the August Open Thread:
    See ya next week!”

    • What a relief. Maybe I can catch my breath now.
      Corbett has been pumping out content at such a rate since returning from England that its been difficult to keep up!
      The man is a machine. But even machines need some down time to cool off now and then.

      I hope he has a great mini vacation.He certainly has earned it.

  2. Might be a good time for people to think about what is real, or at least what do you believe to be real.

    If you are under 50 most everything most of you take as “truth” be it in social interaction, humor, life, etc. has been learned from the propaganda arm of the controllers, the entertainment business with the media’s help.

    Try to be honestly self critical and think about how much original thought you carry opposed to the cliche’s and such of others and the business.

    * In 100 years of study, world temp has warmed up 9/10ths of ONE DEGREE.

    * Oil is NOT fossil fuel but rather abiotic (self replicating.) In 1892 oil baron Rockefeller sent his scientists to a convention in Switzerland. And because everything’s Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, they got the convention to name Oil a “fossil fuel.” Creating the “fear” lie of shortages.

    * There is no man-made global warming. Not one piece of scientific evidence is available supporting the theory. It is an attempt to create a global tax and global governance.

    * Ponder on all the possible other lies about sex, food, God, diet, exercise, education, psychotropic drugs (teacher plants) and more that have been forced on you by the brilliant sociopaths who run our world.

    * How much of your vocabulary and self expression uses the vernacular and cliche’ expressions learned from movies, TV, etc.??

    * When did you last have an original idea about something of significance? Something like…if we are so civilized why don’t we have thank you lights on our vehicles?

    Have fun James, might come back to some interesting stuff here.

    Play this for someone you love:

    • “Oil is NOT fossil fuel but rather abiotic (self replicating.)”

      What is your evidence for this? Not saying I think you’re wrong, I would just like to know more.

      • @JCh129
        It is so interesting. People challenge others as to their veracity of statements that are so easily looked up while on the greatest resource of information in over 2000 years since the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

        Not sure if it is mental laziness or not?? You could have researched it and then extended a conversation with me regarding the facts rather then in essence say “prove it.” Just saying…

        There is no “peak oil.” The US has enough oil in the “Bakkan” field under Dakota/Montana/Saskatchewan to last hundreds of years at our present rate of consumption.

        With the oil reserves of Gull Island, Alaska included, oil and gasoline should be incredibly cheap but for the controller’s greed.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –

        A gillion years ago the Large Animals did NOT have a convention to decide where to die so future humans could have a fuel source for internal combustion engines. 🙂

        • Wow, you made a claim and I asked why you think that and that makes me mentally lazy?? I think Corbett just calls that ‘citing your sources’. Usually when someone gets defensive when challenged its because they have nothing to back up what they’re saying… hey, but you have a rudimentary overview of the theory from a post on substack so.. case closed!

          • @JCh129
            I wasn’t “getting defensive” just trying to teach you to use your own critical thinking skill on the web and not depend on others.

            You are just like the majority of commenters on the web, ready to fight about sh*t to defend fragile egos rather then thank me and get on with your life.

            I don’t care if your “feelings” are hurt. Grow up.

            • ejdoyle: “Oil is NOT fossil fuel but rather abiotic (self replicating.)”

              James always cites his sources in Show Notes. You stated the above as fact, and @JCh129 was merely asking you for your source. Then when pressed by @JCh129 the source you provided admits it’s just a theory. Nothing I found stated it was more than a theory.

              • Yeah, damn “theories” like gravity, existence, relativity, Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, cognitive bias and on and on. Just theories.

                So what are you seeking??

            • @ejdoyle are you in a argument with a bot? Some of these handles seem very bot-ty and argumentative? Not worth your time.

              Or it is part of the .gov team, you know they are everywhere?

              • @Valuedcustomer

                Thanks for the insight.

                Years ago I was active in commenting using “Disqus” until I was being shadow banned as admitted by a representative of The Gateway Pundit.
                * On David Icke a commenter went to my BitChute channel and was daily down voting my songs.
                * Black Listed news was filled with a group that blamed all the ills of the world on “The Jews” and would gang up with hate and insults.
                * Even had to report someone from here to BitChute to get them to stop harassing me.
                * Was banned from Alex Jones’ site.
                * Banned from other sites as well.

                None of the banning was because of bad or hateful language but rather just posting facts and questioning others that “offended” them.

                Attempting to engage in articulate, interesting, and informative “conversation” is rare these days. Too many use too little critical thinking skills and seek attention from their snarky or obvious cut and paste web-education and various agendas of vegan, religious, etc. view points.

                I had hoped that after being a 10 year follower here that there would be a higher level of consciousness and awareness but alas that has proven to not be true.

                The game of the controller’s is to separate us and they are quite successful. The use of the SMART phone addiction and anonymity has created pockets of nonsense everywhere.

                Face to face presence where people could look each other in the eye and make determinations of truth, etc. is gone. Coffee shop chats were quite popular.

                So indeed, you may have hit the nail on the head with your observation of potential “bots” here.

                I would offer that some here appear quite narcissistic and need to be “daddy’s favorite” sucking up to James and over filling the comment boxes with their drivel.

                Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability. I comment with my real name and link to my music/essay site, even have a picture of me there.

      • I hate to interrupt ya’ll, but the following Corbett Episode discusses the abiogenic theory of oil. (abiotic)

        Episode 024 – Peak Oil is a Fraud

        F. William Engdahl has written about abiotic oil
        Put “Engdahl” in the search bar. James Corbett has interviewed him.

        All I know is that I miss the Sinclair filling stations.

        • I really miss being able to pull in and ask them to check under the hood and fill my tires with air. It was a good era. I figure they took that wonderful system away because the underclass can not get used to service with a smile. You know it was never too much of a big deal to pay a few cents more per gallon for the service.

          Just wait till the next so called advancement. Now every grocery store is using self checkout to teach AI. Dont use self checkout!

          • I hear ya.

            I also miss having to clean off the car windshields during roadtrips.
            Bugs would be hitting that windshield right and left. No more.

      • @ JCH129: Read “The deep hot biosphere” by Thomas Gold.

        Great read. Very interesting. Thomas Gold makes the very compelling argument that hydrocarbons are not the remains of long buried animals crushed to oil by aeons of time but are being constantly produced by thermophillic (heat-loving) bacteria living within 10 km of the earth’s crust.

        • I live in a place that has Oil wells that are over a 100 years old and are still producing. Been this way my entire life.
          What should we call that? Fiction?

    • @ ejdoyle: what possible lies about food/diet are you referring to?

      Are you talking about the idea that “plants are a healthy food source for human beings” ?

      This one of the most interesting ideas you can think about. Because thinking about it might lead to you testing out that idea and experimenting with the things you put in your body.

      While discussing the viability of minarchist vs. true anarchy is definetely fun, it will not change your life and well-being the slightest.

      But changing your diet will have a huge (really HUGE) impact on your life. Once you are a healthier, happier human being you can still discuss whether the Free State Project has any chance of making us free human beings.

      Consider this:

      Just as animals, plants do not want to be eaten.

      Animals can evade predation by running/flying/swimming away. Some can even stomp you to the ground.

      Plants can’t do that. But still, they don’t want to be eaten.

      So, what do they do? They have perfected chemical warfare. Every plant contains chemical agents that deter plant-eaters from doing so. Plants are not defenseless – they want to kill you.

      (check out: “Dietary pesticides (99.99% all natural” by BRUCE N. AMESt, MARGIE PROFET, AND LoIs SWIRSKY GOLDt, published in: Proc. Nad. Acad. Sci. USA
      Vol. 87, pp. 7777-7781, October 1990, Medical Sciences

      And the only “good” thing you get from eating plants is carbohydrates.

      If you want to know why eating carbohydrates is a really dangerous thing, get yourself familiarized with a process named the Randle cycle ( ) Short version: Eating both, sugar and fat, will make you fat and (mor importantly) systemically inflamed.

      So what to do?

      Go full carnivore!

      Human beings have evolved eating mainly meat of large animals. Fossil records show that this is what we have been doing for at least 100.000 years.( check out: ” Isotopic evidence for the diets of European
      Neanderthals and early modern humans “, Michael P. Richardsa,b,1 and Erik Trinkausc, published in: PNAS September 22, 2009 vol. 106 no. 38 )
      Common sense also tells you that. Just imagine how hard it would have been to lead a vegan lifestyle in ice age Europe 40.000 years ago.

      Don’t believe the things I’ve written? No problem, just check it out yourself.

      Eat nothing but the meat and the adjoining fat of animals (beef and lamb preferably, as they can be sourced grass-fed and locally) for a month and check out, how you feel. If you feel bad, go back to your old way of eating.

      But, believe me, you won’t.

      Anyway, have a good life everyone!

      • Wait, wait, do you mean to say that plants go through the effort of growing sweet, colourful, scented fruit, packed with seeds the plant needs to procreate, with its main purposes of enticing the members to the fauna to eat the fruit and in the exchange spread the seeds around …

        … not because the plant needs the seeds spread, but because the plant want to poison and kill the rootless creature?

        Have you ever heard of this seldom mentioned ancient thing known as agriculture?

        It is so enticing to believe there is someone out there who can deliver us from stupidity. But no, we have to do it ourselves.

      • I think if you follow things back all the way, everything eats plants. I’m not a vegetarian, and actually believe vegetarianism is unhealthy, but I am not at all convinced that it is unhealthy to eat plants. If someone is eating grass-fed beef, they are eating grass secondhand.

        I believe that the original plan of the One Who created humans was for us to eat only plants.

        “And God said, ‘See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens, and to every creeping creature on the earth, in which there is a living being, every green plant is for food.” B’reishit/Genesis 1:29-30

        “And out of the ground, the everpresent God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food…” B’reishit/Genesis 2:9

        It wasn’t until after the flood in Noah’s day (the same global flood that buried millions of animals in mass graves, flattened huge swaths of forests and buried them in huge deposits, and laid down vast layers of mud – now rock – that span hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of miles and cross continents) that the same Creator God told Noah, “Every creeping creature that lives is food for you. I have given you all, as I gave the green plants. But do not eat flesh with its life, its blood.” B’reishit/Genesis 9:3,4

        The ever-present God later limited meat-eating to what He designated as clean animals for the people He set apart for His specific purpose – to be the ones who would represent Him on the earth, who were given the responsibility to write and safely transmit His word to the rest of the world, and through whom would come the Messiah who would offer salvation to the whole world.

    • [SNIP – Repeat comment. JC]

    • [SNIP – Repeat comment. JC]

    • [SNIP – Repeat comment. JC]

    • Oh, gawd – the antisemitism! It’s anudda shoah!…

  3. Happy napping, James. Wishing you much splendid refreshment.

    For those seeking community, new or additional, I respectfully submit to your attention CORAC.CO. (Yes, .CO) CORAC is a concept and a resource, a convergence of useful tools and helpful people centered around faith, family, and freedom. (If faith isn’t your thing, no problem; I don’t believe in atheists.)

    For 10 months now I have been networking with a growing local band of brothers and sisters on everything from grid-down communications to backyard chickens, parallel economy to county board meeting attendance. Our monthly potluck is encouraging, humorous, and fattening. When SHTF, ya gotta have a network and a plan!

  4. Hello everyone. Just wanted to say that disconnection from the constant stream of truth news for periods of time is a must. At this point I think we are all aware of the parasite classes plan, and roughly what we need to do to opt out. My advice is don’t let it engross your life. You don’t need daily updates. Get out there and live your life to the fullest. Be happy and enjoy the people and things you love, whether those people are “awake” or not. The past three years have been like watching a slow speed train wreck. I feel like people are just on edge waiting for the next big PYSOP to drop. That’s no way to live. I’m sure at some point shit is going to hit the fan, and we will all look back at these times and wish we had enjoyed the relative calm before the storm. The parasite class wants us angry, afraid, traumatized, hopeless, and depressed. They learned long ago those emotions are easy to manipulate. So be the opposite, even if it’s just to spite them. Don’t spend your life waiting for them to make a move or over analyzing their idiotic plans. Stay informed of course, but don’t let it consume your free time. Wish you all the best!

    • Hey, that’s great advice! I agree with you.

      • And there is another non metaphysical lesson to be learned here that I interpreted was that one cannot use something outside of themselves for their own decision making and happiness. This is true with romantic relationships, substances and in a general sense outsourcing responsibility for ones own life. It’s easier like ordering from Amazon, but one must consider what they support.

        If his involvement were with physical people, the way he interacted with them was not healthy because a dependency was formed and slowly he gave himself over to another. He also was not skeptical enough of the people who were involved in this and didn’t seem to run it over using his own prior skepticism and discernment. He was looking for something that he believed he lacked essentially. People enter into abusive relationships because they perceive a lack and deficiency.

        He also believed in demons and belief is very powerful. I’m not saying they aren’t real but I do think belief and giving ones energy over or allowing negativity in were involved in this case.

        What I’m saying is that there are not only spiritual lessons here but psychological ones as well.

        This is why anything I hear or read is filtered through my own mind and intuition. If it’s right or wrong, it’s mine and I own it. As far as the question goes, what am I? That is a deeper question.

        • Cu.h.j

          “…one cannot use something outside of themselves for their own decision making….This is true with romantic relationships, substances and in a general sense outsourcing responsibility for ones own life….”

          You must ALWAYS look outside of yourself for Truth- otherwise you fall into Solipsism.

          There is no “MY Truth” and “YOUR Truth” …. Truth exists OUTSIDE of ourselves, and it exists REGARDLESS of if we believe it, or like it, or believe something wrong.

          If I can look WITHIN myself for Right and Wrong then FOR ME hurting innocents may be right because its “MY Truth” and while you could argue (under that system) that its Wrong FOR YOU to hurt innocents you could NOT argue that it was “Wrong for ME” since that would be ME LOOKING OUTSIDE MYSELF.

          “…This is why anything I hear or read is filtered through my own mind and intuition….”

          No….its processed thru the lens of ideas that YOU HAVE ABSORBED FROM OUTSIDE YOURSELF. You did not invent that lens, no child comes up with a totally new way to view the world thru their own introspection. Only when we examine that lens and check that it is correct can we approach truth

          • With reference to inside versus outside of an individual does not mean there is no objective truth or shared reality described by physical science. But most people have an individual identity that is a product of experience and environment and biology etc. They can see through lenses but it’s them looking.

            Truth can be found by looking for it and there are objective measures of when a person is close. Truth exists outside and perceived inside. The perceiver is inside and uses biological structures to think.

            I don’t use JCs mind to think for me but learn from the material and make up my own mind.

            The man in the book was using spirits to make his decisions and take over his autonomy. When he was confronted with lies it was hard for him to recover from the betrayal. He likened it to drug addiction and I thought it was a good analogy.

          • I forgot to mention the soul which I do believe most people have. I believe that is connected to the physical body or inside of it. People have different names, like consciousness, individual consciousness. It’s part of what animates the body, not just physiological processes

            I’ve done some meditation before, mostly moving meditation but some with stillness. There is an observer watching thoughts in the mind pass by, noting ones body take breaths. For me in my body there is just one observer in myself. The presence I perceive at times of joy and happiness and sometimes even during extreme situations and stress I perceive as god or creative loving energy that guides me but does not “possess” me. I can’t prove my perceptions with objective measures

            I believe the soul is a unique unseen energy and in healthy states it is the only spiritual force that is inhabiting ones body. They can tap into collective consciousness and also higher consciousness and truth (some call this objective truth god or is one component of spiritual truth). Perhaps there are many more descriptions of this force or energy. Some intuit this differently, but this is part of what I intuit and can describe with my intellect and writing with my keyboard right now.

            In the book, The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts, the author believed there was another one inside or close by that could access his own mind by reading his thoughts. He gave this entity access to his mind.

            Perhaps psychologically his unconscious mind brought forth thoughts that took on a life of their own. I really don’t know, but what ever happened to him was not healthy because he became despondent and when he felt the need to dispel this “other” became mentally unwell. He also had physical problems that he attributed to this “other” or “others”.

            I don’t know the frequency of which this type of thing happens but most individuals allow this type of thing to occur at least this is my opinion. I don’t think this is healthy.

            This is not very concise but wanted to explain what I was getting at as far as spiritual or alleged spiritual occurrences in this case.

    • (((Oh, and to the little dUCK who is always spamming people to read its suggested book first before clicking on the link above…”

      Oh my goodness, do you hear yourself? duck is spamming people?
      Do you realize how many times you have posted that same link to your channeling site???

        • Maybe I should have used the word shamelessness. Hopefully you understand that one.

      • @Steve Smith INRE: duckspam

        Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability. So some people just aren’t worth the effort or work that goes into responding.

        The point of my original comment was to simply offer that perhaps James’ vacation could be a commenter’s vacation from the fear porn and ego talk and do some inner reflection on life in general.

        But alas…

        • “@Steve Smith INRE: duckspam

          Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability. So some people just aren’t worth the effort or work that goes into responding.

          The point of my original comment was to simply offer that perhaps James’ vacation could be a commenter’s vacation from the fear porn and ego talk and do some inner reflection on life in general.

          But alas…“

          Mr. Doyle, I confess to being entirely at a loss in figuring out what your comment has to do with my comment to which you replied which itself was directed to someone else.
          Would you mind elucidating please?

          • @Steve Smith
            Misread the conversation.

            After a dozen+ years of following James the comment boxes have turned into long winded, childish, ego rants with a half dozen spamming mouths seeking “alpha” status screaming look at me, look at me!

            It is as bad or worse then The Gateway Pundit and other so called “alt” sites now. Just look at the thousands of nonsense words in this “thread,” mostly agendas of arrogance with a complete lack of cooperative ideas.

            I saw it coming hence my initial comment suggesting trying to get out of the fear porn and into some true going within. Sad.

    • Dearest Lisab.

      You may be absolutely correct. You may be a complete nut case.
      Thats how it is in this reality when anyone speaks for beyond the veil,I get out the old and dusty books. Cause this subject was taught to Plato’s father from books 10,000 years old when he was studying in India.
      Your dogged insistence on the subject of beyond the veil, I give you credit. That persistence may pay off in more practical ways here on this side of the veil. It’s always beneficial applied to some other more acute need you or your loved ones may have.
      From the old,old dusty book on the subject you keep bringing up I can only reply from the store house of matter on this subject.
      It’s an esoteric reply but relevant here. I Hope you gain as I do in this exchange.
      Fortune telling is a rudimental kind of Fetishism. The prospector who in these days in our mining districts wanders over the hills with a hazel switch poised in his hand searching for ore is a fetichist. Emerson wrote.
      ” Things are in the saddle, And ride mankind.”…Here we have the most abject form of spiritual bondage.

      It is hollow though gilded in gold. My emphasis.
      You have a beautiful day.

      • LisaB
        “…But humans seem to prefer debating complexities, comparing differences, and we have the attention span not conducive to looking into the Reality from the Illusion…..”

        All the more reason that humans should prep themselves for the potential Danger by Reading ‘Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost’.

        If you and I both agree that humans are so easily misled, then it can do nothing but good for people to be prep’d and on guard against deceptive spirits.

        Also…. I would point out that ‘dusty books’ are ones that have not been read and studied well. Books that are read dont get dusty 🙂

        Its good to read so you can learn from the mistakes of others and not make those same errors and suffer the same costs. Really, there is “nothing new under the sun” and life is too short to re-invent everything.

      • Lisab,
        “Things are in the saddle,and ride mankind”
        Waldo Emerson.

        Alan Watt, bless his soul, said on many occasions ” the big agenda,there’s always an agenda”
        So, please tell us,if you can what the Joseph agenda is? Pros and most importantly the cons.
        Own it all cause there is an agenda.

        • ?? Yeah, what he said!

      • Lisab.
        First it’s esoteric. The fortune telling,is what Joseph is doing. It is fetichist.
        A fetichist is any material thing, living or dead, which, while not regarded as devine, is reverenced on account of a supposed supernatural influence proceedings from it.*
        * ” Fetichism is not only the most ancient, but it is also the most universal, form of religion.—Meiner’s History of Religion.
        Old dusty books,unlike the quack mis-stated,is old knowledge,a wheel already invented,defined and tried and true. If truth can even exist.
        Does this sound like Joseph? Speaking about Adam now. …”A guilty wanderer, his soul cried out for God. In the darkness he grouped after him. Oh, blessed reminiscence!
        ” The religion of Adam was the true one…He had his theology direct from the divine lips.”–Burrell 1888
        The agenda? Separate your soul from the one in your heart,creat polytheism in you mind, doubt what’s in your heart. Now find all the others and realize how to salt a mine. It was put there by an agenda more than likely,then again the downfall of man is ” maybe ” not. The PTSB have been at this a long,long time.

        • Jackie: Can people in spirit at will look at the lives of their loved-ones on Earth? Also, is it within their power to choose whether or not they can contact those people?
          Joseph: You look at the lives of another person only if you are given permission to do so. Sometimes you will be given permission to do so because you are the only person that can get through to that person who is still on Earth, via a clairvoyant link. They will listen to you so a guide will say: ‘Come with me’ and take you into a great hall and show you a ‘book’ with some aspect of your relative’s life in there. The rest will be blank to you; shielded from you. And they will say: ‘Look, I have tried to talk to your relative on Earth but they will not listen to me – perhaps they will listen to you. Will you please tell them this – tell them that some aspect of their life will shape in this way if they follow this particular path according to their individual will?’
          Then, in those circumstances, you are allowed to look into the records – but the records are not public. The records depend on your level of evolution spiritually and your reason for wanting to visit them. You also have to understand that many people on Earth do not accept the concept of having a ‘book’ – a vibration that contains within it all the knowledge of what they have done. It is a sobering prospect to many to think, ‘Somebody knows what I have done.’ Well, yes, they do but only the right people, only the appropriate people with regard to your spiritual growth.
          You were talking about is it allowed for people to communicate if they want to with someone on the Earth plane?
          Jackie: Yes.
          Jackie: Yes.
          Joseph: In a correct set-up mediumistically – one in which safeguards are set in place between the person who wishes to communicate and the medium – a message goes out to those people who it is thought most likely to be of value to the person on Earth and whose communication is most likely to help them in their quest for spiritual evolution.
          Now that sounds quite strange when you consider the nature of some of the messages that are brought to you – when we talk of ‘broken fences’ … ‘there is a door that needs painting’ … ‘there is shopping you have just put away’ … ‘there is a picture you have straightened.’ It is dependent on what can be brought across to the person on Earth and their level of acceptance.

        • If a person on Earth only wishes comfort, doesn’t wish to know about the spiritual realms, only wishes to know someone has survived, then something personal and simplistic will be given to them via the person on the other side working through the guides towards the medium (to protect the medium – that is why they are there). There is criticism on Earth towards mediumship: why is it so simple, so bland? But within that simple message that brings comfort is nested a series of vibrations that that individual needs but is not aware of having received… healing, for example, Light if they are depressed, inspiration if they are seeking. All those things are channelled by the guides whilst the relative of the individual is transmitting his or her message through the filter of the guides to the medium.
          There is only so much time allowed for spiritual communication to take place with regard to the collapse of the bubble of vibration that allows communication to take place, that penetrates the darkness of the Earth plane and surrounds the church, individual, or meeting with Light so that communication can happen. So, a message goes out psychically to those relatives it is thought will have the most power in changing the life of the individual on Earth for the better. All relatives who wish to may share in the experience of seeing, of feeling that communication take place but only the key ones will be allowed to communicate, and they have to communicate through the correct channels.
          You have, of course, other circumstances on Earth where spirits attempt to communicate. Very often spirits will attempt to communicate with a person on Earth irrespective of going through the right channels, and will move something or drop something or blow across a person’s forehead to say, ‘I am here.’ In those circumstances, once they are located, we politely tell them that they should not be doing that and take them back to their relevant sphere.
          Communication has to be controlled or the energies that can be brought through by spirits not going through the right channels can be destructive.
          It is a complex set-up. You can never say in a spiritual communication, ‘That was absurd! That was simple.’ …because you only see and hear the base communication, not the vibrations at the core of it that are being sent along that beam of communication to help the person receiving the communication.
          (Read the unabbreviated version in ‘Trance Mission’, the double-sized paperback/ebook/audiobook of Joseph’s public trance demonstrations, available from: / and Amazon. All proceeds used to further awareness of the Communications. No monies taken personally by the Band of Light).

        • Joseph: I pray and hope that I have explained [the themes of Chapter 6] in sufficient detail without making it too complex, but I would invite questions to clarify anything that you feel has not been explained sufficiently to this point.
          Jane: Do we, each of us, still have some kind of link to our angelic parent, even though we have got lost on the way? Is there still that link?
          Joseph: The link is always there, and that link to God and to greater self is what we are promoting through the other books that we have put out. There has been a loss of consciousness but not a loss of the link, and we are aiming to have you rediscover that link and your core. It is not a new concept; it has been with you, but buried and masked, for millennia and it is time NOW, at this important point in the evolution of the Earth and your civilisation, to remind you of that.
          So the answer is, yes, most definitely that link cannot be otherwise. If you consider the laws of the universe and the ways of creation – everything is linked to everything else ALWAYS. Your specific link to your angelic parent (or your over-soul if you want a common term that is used in other books) is always there.
          Another question, please!’

        • Lisab,
          You asked for me to read it,I did. The old news I presume goes back, say to Egypt, “The Book of the Dead”.
          A more contemporary version of this Joseph could be a similar fiction,first offered up as an anthropological thesis from the University of California but later withdrawn. Carlos Castaneda and his new aged old Yaqui Indian Shaman Don Juan Matos.
          ‘Esplainer’, always an explainer of REALITY, you California new agers, always going geddy over the next new thing that comforts like SOMA and slaps blinders on you like the blinkers on a horse running at DelMar.
          What can I say dear? Look in the blind spots,look at what is in the saddle directing you to a destination. Challenge the thesis and determine if it’s fiction. The Joseph is a repeat of history and it does not resonate to the old farts in this form,which IMHumbleO James has tried to show us all sides of PROPAGANDA . There ,give me a hug, schedule another appointment and pay on your way out.
          Remember, esoteric is a puzzle and can mean many things, it’s very manipulative. An enigma, a code,a sypher. The secrete to the Sphinx.
          Fiction can be used for good and the truth can hurt. A movement it is. If that is what you are saying than I agree this movement is going nowhere, with an agenda but it does feel good to day dream of the infinite possibility while the crops rot in the field.
          Is that too harsh?
          Now I’m going fishn’

        • Interesting to mention the Egyptian Book of The Dead. I’ve been meaning to take a look at that and obtain some of the oldest written books about human spirituality and/or religion. I just find it fascinating, not to say what is The Way, but just from a historical perspective.

          I’ll post a link to what I found on archive here if anyone is interested:

        • Lisab.
          My final conclusions on you has to be one of two choices, great naivete or you are a Air force cadet sitting in Colorado Springs actively ,with the other 2499cadets trying to disrupt this, and other similar freedom forms. Openly talking about changing things without a license or a permit from on high to do so, is a threat to the PTSB.
          James has gone to Mount Siani to speak with God and will receive the 10 Commandments for dealing with the incredible confusion, misappropriation of the original idea and for its continued existence. Thought Freedom isn’t free. It must be defended at all times now. The full court press is on now. I’m surprised James’s dream has made it this far. You have been a most disruptive cadet and clever elocutionist. Why would I thank that? Cause that is what I would do to counter this free thinking. Or?
          Which brings me to you, the accidental spiritual fetichist. You must love it a lot, the message, the philosophy . We don’t appreciate the depths of your love for Breccia and the medium inoculated teachings. The religion is what we are trying to enlighten you on, how religion is used to control you. All religion is born of a hierarchy of controllers and a mass of followers. From the perfecting by the Egyptians all the way down to Joseph. The agenda by the elites. Jim Jones was one such character. You sound so ripe for being taken up and that scares us. Cause the older folks here have seen it before. Religion and politics are disruptive to a family and should be avoided. Why?
          Cause religion has always been a control art for the controllers.
          The first religion is fetichist, unorganised,but powerfully beneficial, useful to who controlled the fetich.
          The second is Ancient Egypt, highly organized ranks,perfected state control.
          Third is
          Zoroastrianism, ancient Persia. Loses at Marathon and Salamis Greece prevented Zoroaster from being the religion of the whole civilized world.
          Forth is Brahmanism,origins descended from Aryans or Indo-European people’s,of noble blood.1200 years before Christianity, the Zoroaster migrated to India. Origin of the Caste system. Rig-Veda.Preists of Brahm.
          Fifth comes Birth of Gautama 447 b.c. Buddhism. Huge priest class.
          Sixth, Religion of Greece, a pantheon of arts,sciences,gods and Beauty.
          Seventh, Religion of the Norsemen.
          Eighth, Confucianism,K’ung-foo-Tse, Confucius,551 b.c. A king without a kingdom.
          Ninth,Islam A.D.570 To be propagated by the sword.
          Tenth, the True Religion
          of Jesus Christ. A top down agenda of control of that burning knowledge in your heart. Heaven forbid it ever escape your heart without permission or an escort. This is why we fear your over active love of that Joseph control system. Look how you have been acting. Learn how humanity is controlled. Religion,Money,Politics.
          Break free girl, you don’t need an escort to the center of your heart.
          Here is the hypothesis thesis to the enigma you present. Thanks it reminded me of the level of controll the PTSB go to, to control everything. James should be worried.

        • Lisab,
          Dear Heart, I have made a grave error in my hypothesis thesis on the enigma you represent. A third possibility should have been expressed with the other two. My friend Joe reminded me of it and I will enter it here as the final addendum to my dialog.

        • generalbottlewasher,

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this discussion. Very illuminating and lots of food for thought.

          • Cu.h.j,
            Antidotal stories are reporting from the field. The salt on food for thought.
            Yesterday one of the control mechanisms came into play here in Oklahoma. No it wasn’t Religion,nor was it Guv’ment.
            It was Money! The point of sale terminals of two counties went down. Maybe more, but I was in just two counties transacting business. Cash was King for most of the morning. The old hand operated, manuel credit card 4 carbon tickets were King too!
            Those who had thrown those old carbon paper tickets away had no sales for half the day, Only cash. I estimated the 1 million
            people being credit excluded wished they had cash in their pockets.
            An inconvenient BONUS ! A real active learning experience.

          • GBW,

            It’s good to have physical money or a way to transact. It’s also great to have a personal relationship with people one trades with if they can.

            I found it interesting how my grandma liked to know people she did business with. There was a lot of wisdom in how she did things and she always liked to have cash on hand.

            Anecdotal stories can have a lot of value for sure but sometimes they can be colored by a person’s interpretation of the situation and another person would view it from a different lens and come to a slightly different conclusion.

            There’s also the reporter, the one who writes or about what people saw or what happened. The reporter could also not be honest and say that people saw something that wasn’t quite accurate. He could be paid to distort what actually happened. Like the MSM for example. The CIA talking heads will talk about stuff that could be complete fiction.

            The person sharing their story might not be trustworthy, like some of these people engaged in psychological operations.

            I think it depends a lot on if the eye witness was trust worthy or not and also how reliable their memory is. For example the event being described may have occurred under stress or duress. This has been demonstrated during crimes and stuff like that where there were cases of mistaken identity, where a person remembers a description of a person that looks nothing like the real perpetrator.

            So, eyewitness testimony and anecdotal reports can indeed be an accurate description of what happened and there are also cases when they are not reliable and in some cases deliberate lies.

            With what you’re saying right now, I believe you because my intuition tells me you’re telling the truth. The situation is also very plausible and I’ve seen this very thing happen.

            More people should know about it because that’s the practical problem with digital money. If the grid goes down people have to go back to the old way. Which is why the old way is good, reliability.

          • @Cu.h.j
            At every opportunity,and there were 4, Ciaos had people on edge. They all had fear. At this point the voice of authority was a comfort. Speak with authority about the evil that comes from wrongs creating fears . The deer in the headlights eyes will turn into focused beams of light.
            Have a prepared statement. Like a good dissemination marketer would. Present the information so the deer hears it and accepts it.
            I told all the clerks that I handed money, to know central banks want to take cash away from us. You won’t have any privacy in your financial affairs. Central banks will turn off your access to your hard earned money, like today. What would I do if this, what I hand you , was no good?
            Their eyes cleared, all were relieved someone spoke to the cause of their anxiety. With authority. The importance of folding money was cemented in their mind. The fear was directed to central bank digital. Win Win. Freedom isn’t free. I look around,there is a lot of work. So many are beat down. The civic leaders have betrayed us. Banks run amuck.

          • GBW:

            That’s really good advice and I’ve noticed this same thing at times when I’ve really needed to present my case. The time will come when I must use that skill.

            We are living in very strange times.

          • Cu.h.j

            Strange indeed!

            Your grandmother and mine where virtual storehouses of knowledge.

            Above, in those weeds on religion, you will notice the seventh most important religion to the Masonic Orders was The Religion of Norsemen. I said nothing there. It was considered the hardest to infiltrate. The chapter was too long. Why? The myths,the codes,the religion was held by the ‘Grandmothers’ The hardest group to control was the families and the warriors were beholden to the glue that keep them together,TheGrandMothers!
            Impenetrable glue.
            That must be what bugs me about Aliens and Mediums that look out in space and not focus here on earth at holding the family above all else.

    • LisaB
      Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost has EVERYTHING to do with the material brought forth by a Disembodied entity possessing a human conduit to bring humanity the (NWO approved) world of teh Space Brothers.

      While ‘MAYBE’ not all Spirits are evil they are ALWAYS sneaky, and ALWAYS potentially dangerous (even when not spouting NWO New Age religion/philosophy) and should probably be treated kinda like the guy who wants you to go look at the ‘Cute Puppies’ in the back of his white van.

      Sometimes its NOT puppies in the van…. 🙁

    • “(((Oh, and to the little dUCK who is always spamming people”

      Okay, you don’t understand what audacity means. You don’t understand what shamelessness means. How about hypocrisy. Can you wrap your head around that one?

      You accuse duck of spamming with links to a book while you are posting three or four times as many links to your channeling books site.

      At least have the decency to admit that you are guilty of doing exactly what you are accusing duck of doing. But much more so.

      Do you have a quota to meet for how many times you post links to your disembodied ghost site? Are you under contract with them?
      Why do you appear so desperate to drive traffic to them?

      Why don’t you just open up your magic little books and quote some of the amazing secrets that you seem to think the world is so desperate for? I’m sure that your ghost friend won’t mind if you give away some of his secrets for free.
      You have made it clear that you believe that those books contain information that can transform the world and fix everything that ails humanity. Why not share some of it?
      Is it possibly because the information in the books you are continually and unceasingly trying to sell is just as incoherent as your own new-age psycho babble?

      You are the epitome of a spammer and to accuse duck of spamming is laughable. But I’m not finding it very amusing.

    • One of the hardest thing to do sometime in life is to change your mind….I once thought that global warming was true and I once thought that Jesus came back to life 3 days after…. Turns out he did not die of his non fatal injuries and we will dies if we take all the CO2 out of the atmosphere. Life is funny.

  5. A comment about “GON’ FISHIN'”

    Hey James, 5G is the best way to recharge your batteries!

  6. I once watched the great Roberto Clemente play at Forbes Field. He hit a high line drive down the first base line. It ping ponged down the corner between the wall and the downspout from the upper deck. It landed fair.

    Life is still good. Love to all.

    • Phalaen,
      You may have the only sane comment on this, whatever this is. Clemente was one of the best.

  7. >James takes a week off
    >spends week off meticulously directing and editing his ‘gone fishin’ short film.

  8. Hopelly it doesn’t take the rest of your natural life to understand that freedom can not exist as long as there is any form of government around.

    Good luck!

    • I find your move to be meaningless and delusional. To make such a statement, I don’t have to know anything about your good intentions nor beliefs nor will I even feign that I care about them.

      Any move toward freedom that will accept just a little bit of slavery, and especially in a format hoisted upon blind belief in “democracy”, is both meaningless and delusional by definition. If such matters were taught to children, we would not have to have these types of exchanges.

      Put simply: “Want for A” does not convert to “Obtaining A” by running after B where B is 100% antagonistic to A.

      If there was a free bit of land somewhere on this world, I would move there. But there are no free bits of land anywhere to be found. How come? A purely rhetorical question regarding another matter that is based solely on superstitious thought processes, whereby masses of people blindly believe and will die defending their belief in IDEAS such as borders and state authority.

      Means to an end? That’s just great, I am certain that will work out fabulously. I’ll reiterate, good luck. I truly do mean this, you will absolutely require extreme amounts of good fortune to stumble into freedom by doing what you are doing.

      I’ll now go put out a fire in front of my building by poring just a tiny bit of gasoline on it. If I pour just the right amount in properly ordered steps on strategically selected locations I’m absolutely certain the fire will be extinguished. You watch me do it!

      • There is free and there is not free. One is either free or they are not. A child could understand the difference, but probably not after 8-20 years of state ran schooling.

        I don’t have time to lecture you on ABCs, what I am putting forward could not be simpler. If you wish to relativise, so be it.

        To even suggest that the alternative to what you are doing is to wait for something perfect to happen is beyond ridiculous so I won’t spend the extra effort to dissect such trite nonsense.

        Good luck in getting your master to whip you a few lashes less than the rest of us!

        • Your philosophical purity is quite awe inspiring and equally implausible.

          Are you seriously claiming that you would not take concrete, practical steps to improve your life or living conditions, even to the point of relocating to a less restrictive environment because that environment was not the epitome of freedom?

          Are you honestly claiming that you would not at least tacitly support a lesser totalitarian candidate for office over one proven to be more so? And I’m not even talking about voting.

          Choosing the lesser of two evils when it is absolutely certain that you are going to be stuck with one of them doesn’t mean that you prefer evil. It doesn’t mean that you have fallen under the delusion that government is bad and rulers are illegitimate.
          It simply means that you are a logical person and would like to be somewhat better off than you are.
          It doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t prefer true freedom. Just that you’re intelligent enough to understand that true freedom is not obtainable in the foreseeable future.

          Perhaps in Europe where I presume you are, things have gotten to the point where a black and white outlook that you would have us believe that you hold makes some kind of sense. But I doubt it.
          But I can assure you that here in the U.S., living in Florida rather than California makes a big difference in one’s life.
          Having a governor named DeSantis rather than one name Newsome makes a huge difference.
          Even having a libertarian or minarchist mayor rather than a democrat makes a difference.

          Good luck with the whole hiding under the covers until the world has it’s anarchist epiphany strategy. Let me know how that works out for you.

          Personally, I will continue to pray for and promote the adoption of anarchist principles while continuing to make practical decisions about my life.
          Including where I choose to live, who I speak up for and against while continuing to do everything I can to free myself from the constraints of a government that I am forced to be subject to.
          Without becoming a martyr.

        • “It doesn’t mean that you have fallen under the delusion that government is bad and rulers are illegitimate.”

          Meant to write:
          It doesn’t mean that you have fallen under the delusion that government ISN’T bad and rulers are illegitimate.

        • I am not at all frustrated and am fully aware of the issue at hand. And how improbable the resolution is, as evidenced by comments here, even.

          Since I have not strived to be kind with my comment I do not see the failure to be kind as failure.

          I have strived to speek the truth, make use of logic and use accurate language. In those aspects I don’t believe I have failed and it certainly does not seem anyone has offered argumentation in that direction.

          Instead, people wish to discuss their feels and how offended they are. Don’t be offended, think.

          My goal is not to offend anyone, but it is pretty much impossible to avoid doing so. So, why even try? I will certainly not censor myself so that people may feel better about whatever.

        • Steve, to refute or comment on your commentary won’t serve either of us any good. So I won’t do it.

          Keep doing what you are doing, seems to work great for you.

        • “Steve, to refute or comment on your commentary won’t serve either of us any good. So I won’t do it.”

          Nuff said. ?

        • I understand you are almost twice as old as myself, but come on Steve, grow up.

        • “come on Steve, grow up.”

          I have no idea why you wrote that. But nevertheless, I refuse! ?

      • I am not at all concerned with your living arangements and I do wish you all the best on your travels.

        It is better to be among like minded people, whatever that means. Be it among racists, rapists, statists or anarchists.

        I am not at all concerned with what you think of my delivery. I am constantly offended when I read what people write these days. Do you think I will overreact every time when that hapens? No, I don’t do that. Anymore.

        If you do get among these libertarian people, there is one moral imperative you will have: help them get their heads out of their asses. Make sure they understand how immoral voting is. There is no other way.

        If doing so leads into people being offended you will know you have struck the target. Flak and all that, you know.

      • mkey you as the rest of us is participating and contributing to “the internet”. This Darpanet we use is part of the problem. Still, JC is playing around, and we also. No one here seems to have a purist attitude. What do you think? Should we all leave the darpanet for good?

        • I do not know what you should do. Most of the time I do not know what I should be doing.

          At certain point in time things are going to be put back into the box. Each one of use will have to deliberate and choose. Lines in the sand will be drawn and some of us will see no other choice but to go offline.

      • My belief is that there are grey areas in most things. Steve said it best above:

        “Having a governor named DeSantis rather than one name Newsome makes a huge difference.”

        DeSantis, while certainly substantially flawed, played a big role in getting us freedom from the mandates over the past few years. Not that we should ever depend on politicians for any freedoms that are not theirs to give us, but a little credit when due…

    • @mkey

      If you would have read my comment you might have been able to slip away from your narcissistic BS and understand I was putting out an insight that all this blog BS could be put aside for some real thinking.

      But it is the same old sh*t, egos needing to flaunt thier petty ideas on others.

      You could have congratulated Davinna for her good move.

      • You can choose what kind of messages you want to put out into the world and I’ll do the same. I do not need your instructions and I will simply laugh away your suggestions. Offer your vehement wisdom where it’s requested.

        Had you checked in a dictionary what the word “narcissist” means before applying it to this inapplicable situation, you could have avoided painting a public picture of your persona on this website of an illiterate fool. But alas, what do you do? You double down on it and now you proffer more of your wisdom and introduce the ego into the discussion. Well, I have to give it to you, who better to talk about the ego than the grand master egotist himself!

    • Davinna maybe mkey is just a bot that harasses everyone?

      New World Next Week latest report says that “Bots Have Taken Over Nearly Half the Internet, Third of Users Can’t Tell”.

      Look though the comments and decide which ones are from a bot?

  9. After doing some introspection and witnessing a lot of factionalism and infighting within the “Truth Community”, I’d just like to state one thing.

    The truth, or God, or reality, or whatever, is a light that casts a shadow, and that shadow takes a different shape depending on where you stand.

    Another analogy is that the truth is a massive jigsaw puzzle, with every person possessing a single piece, but it’s a puzzle no one can or will ever be able to assemble.

    We are all informed by our own experiences and perceptions. The truth is multifaceted by nature or God’s design and more often than not, most arguments come down to conflicting interpretations of the truth.

    Just because you may be right doesn’t mean you’re opponent is wrong. What may look like a “6” to you may look like a “9” to someone else — You can both be right, with the overall truth being that it’s a shape that can look like either number.

    My point isn’t that your perceptions or personal world don’t matter; it does, and having integrity in the truths you know is important, but so too do the personal worlds of others.

    Other people may have false assumptions, or they may not have seen your cropping of the big picture, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can only act on their own perceptions and that everyone is fallible.

    I see so much factionalism over semantics, the shape of the world, and what to call the parasite class — So many rabbit holes and people who take pride in going down them while excoriating others who haven’t.

    A lot of people in the Truth Community have forgotten about solidarity — different people with different motives and goals acting toward a common outcome or set of outcomes. I believe it’s because those people lack goals, let alone a praxis for realizing them, hence their purity spirals.

    Ironically, the parasite class and their underlings understand the value of solidarity. They’re a diverse eclectic consortium spanning thousands of groups from all walks of life.

    They’re not a monolith; they’d definitely be at each other’s throats if put in the same room, but because of each entity’s respective interests, they work together, unwittingly or not, all for their own gain.

    Sometimes, all it takes for change are disparate people working towards a common outcome. Even among people of the same race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion, you’ll find people with different goals and motives, yet they all work together for mutual benefit.

    • You raise an interesting point, lisab.

      Regardless of what one believes the nature and/or purpose of humanity to be, or whether “to each their own” is truly our nature or a corruption thereof, there’s no denying that everyone currently is beholden to an immutable fundamental set of behaviors and goals.

      No one, not the Truth Community nor the Parasite Class and their affiliates would put so much stock in psychology and sociology if humans weren’t predictable.

      Staving off despair — the one Hell that everyone believes in — is the core goal. One might go about it by improving themselves and cultivating a sense of fulfillment and achievement, or by shutting down, oftentimes succumbing to addiction and escapism.

      People other than oneself can be crucial to realizing this goal and the various means one goes about it. One cares about others insofar as the value they provide to one, be it material, emotional, etc.

      We can debate as long as we want as to why humanity behaves this way and who might be responsible, but it doesn’t change the fact that’s how humanity is as of now.

      My interpretation is that, even if the ultimate goal of every man is to stave off one’s own despair, one is still capable of providing value and taking it away, of doing good and evil, but it’s up to oneself how one wants to use the capability.

      And if I’m wrong, then so be it. But that’s a matter of “what could be” rather than “what is”, at least as far as it seems.

  10. You have been an inspiration to me and completely altered my view of the world. I don’t agree with you on the idea of an anarchist system being better than a state based system. Anarchy would lead to a new dark ages. Small government libertarianism is the best way forward, which is why my way of doing something is trying to support my local libertarian party. Perhaps we need to point out to all the BHM, Just Stop Oil etc woke wankers that they are in actuality cheerleaders for Big Brother like a bunch of useful idiots

  11. When you come to TN, holler and I’ll take you fishing with real reels.


    Thank you for all you do (I’m a new subscriber, but have followed your work since it’s inception).

  12. You sir have no idea what anarchy is nor what the word government means. You like the prospect of being a slave just a little bit? Good day.

  13. Davinna,
    That is wonderful news!

    The last part of June there was Porcfest (Porcupine Freedom Festival), and as I understand it RFK, Jr was one of the speakers.

    Right after the lockdowns started… April 2020
    Interview 1536 – Vince Perfetto on the Free State Project

    Vince Perfetto, Executive Director of the Free State Project, joins us to introduce the project to congregate liberty-minded people in New Hampshire. We discuss the origins of the FSP, its goals, and what it has accomplished so far. Vince also answers James’ questions about the problems inherent in such a project and the difficulties any such geographically-located liberty community will face.

    • Davinna.

      Holy Jesus Mother of Pearl. All you said was ” I’ve just moved to New Hampshire…”

      Well, please keep us up to date and report in on the FSP.
      I’m sure I’m not the only one here that would be interested in how it turns out.

      Mkey is correct in his assessment of trading up however poorly it was translated. From reading the link HRS left gave me context ,thank you Homie, and some caution should be held in reserve. It just appeared too easy,almost as a Chamber of Commerce move, and I believe Samuel Clements view of Chamber of Commerce’s is accurate.
      I hope enough people join you and can deconstruct the state apparatus and evict the Anglo-American Establishment and truly be free. Good luck and please keep us posted.

    • Count on James to put on the Devil’s Advocate cap (catch anything yet?). In reference to the HRS CR link – Yes, New Hampshire kotowed to the Covid craziness. Vince is proud to have sent all those representatives to congress. The sketch of Snowdon in the background sums it up. “Live Free or Die”. Mon cul. Talk is cheap. Succession from the union would be a solution; but without the fed’s approval – bonjour ze troops. However, a good tactic to avoid boots on the ground might be for NH, or any other state, to begin a process of “unincorporation”:

      Admiralty Law vs Common Law –

      Prior to pulling up stakes and moving to NH, perhaps peruse Lysander Spooner:

      1. Anarchy Is Order –

      2. An Essay on Trial by Jury –

      3. No Treason –

      4. Natural Law, or the Science of Justice –

      “What,” says Lysander “then, is legislation? It is an assumption by one man, or body of men, of absolute, irresponsible dominion over all other men whom they can subject to their power…abolish outright all the natural rights…to make all others their slaves; to arbitrarily dictate to all others what they may or may not be. It is, in short, the assumption of a right to banish the principle of human rights… of justice…and set up their own personal will, pleasure, and interest in its place. All this, and nothing less, is involved in the very idea that there can be any such thing as human legislation that is obligatory upon those whom it is imposed.”

      I await a pirate satellite broadcast interrupting every source of communication on earth, called: “Thoughts Of Ghosts From The Past”. Lysander would be included of course. As well as Étienne de la Boétie, Aristotle, Oscar Wilde, John Locke, Frederick Nietzsche, Zarathustra, William Claude Dukenfield (aka, WC Fields), Rosalind Franklin, Isabelle Baumfree (aka, Sojourner Truth), Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada (aka, St. Teresa of Avila), Edna St. Vincent Millay…It would be a call in show with simultaneous translations from French, Greek, German, Persian, Spanish. Once a week to allow the head spinning information to be processed. Who would you like to see as a guest?

      • What happened here during covid was atrocious. King Sununu did just as you said – kowtowed to the craziness. He was the star of the show and would not listen to logic. He had people arrested who were quietly sitting in a meeting. He is just as bad as the rest of them (“blue state” governors).

        New Hampshire has a delegation to Washington, district of criminals, that includes 2 far-left senators and 2 far-left representatives. That is our entire delegation. Somehow, the same people who elect these four clowns to congress also elect a supposedly “conservative” republican governor. I wonder what the difference between them is…

        Unfortunately, the free state project has a reputation among many locals – not good. I find myself at times defending them, and at other times condemning some of what goes on.

        For many years, I have said that if libertarians were to get into positions of leadership, it would not be paradise. They can’t get along or agree among themselves. Sometimes it seems more like chaos. “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

        Some call this the “Live Free or Try” state. New Hampshire is only slightly lagging behind Vermont in oppression. Maybe.

    • I believe I was at the first Porcfest in 2004. I know I was involved before it reached 5000 members because I was one of those that voted for NH to be the “Free State”. It was key for me because NH was the only State that did not succumb to the Federal Bribe Money handed out for mandatory Seat Belt Laws for adults.
      Yep, the link to Interview 1536 with Vince Perfetto brought back some memories. I was there in 2012 as well, where I got introduced to Bitcoin.
      Great event, I am glad to see people keeping it going.

      • James Corbett should interview the founder/creator of the
        “Free State Project” (Jason Sorens) , . I have herd him speak and I am confident that he would make an informative interview. Talk about “Solutions” this guy created this idea for his Doctoral Thesis and made it happen.

      • TruthSeeker,
        WoW! That is historic.
        You have been witness to the evolution over the years.
        A lot of insight comes with that.

        Thanks for relaying this.

    • Davinna, every little bit counts, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I believe there are unknown influences in this world that we do not control. Apparently, that makes some uncomfortable. Anyway, it is a Pascal’s wager…life. Good luck out there!

  14. Going fishing indeed, I am of the opinion they are driving Americans off the west coast and to places like Arizona, because in CA and OR self-sufficiency is a whole lot easier than in the desert, where they can have us in an open air prison. They are predicting the population of AZ will double in the next 17 years. you see huge warehouses being built and high tech is moving here. you can tell, the Bolsheviks have plans.

    I also note the war on Hollywood, the nonsensical self inflicted wounds that are destroying it from within. Like they did with the once great American company Sears, they take it over with the sole intention to destroy it, and they did. They are doing the same with Hollywood and the millions of Americans who work there…Sad how easily Americans can be fooled into supporting their own destruction.

    • Easier but not impossible. Plus the desert is beautiful and also dangerous and requires some thought to live there but people can and do have homesteads in the desert.

      Because the state of CA and OR is so oppressive, people are leaving despite the desirable weather and terrain.

      Also in places in the desert with a lot of asphalt and concrete especially south, it’s much too hot for most people. Phoenix is terrible with respect to weather.

    • Rexleo

      Hollywood was never “American” it was an eastern European jewish operation- the big studios all started by guys born within a hundred or so miles of each other in the stettles.

      A thing that (paraphrasing the words of the writer of “an Empire of their Own”) Sold America a Vision of America that became the actual America.

      “An Empire of their own” is a book or (still on YT I think) a Documentary that celebrates how Jewish Hollywood remade America into something else.

  15. @Davinna,
    Good on you sister. Don’t pay attention to mkey’s narcissistic nonsense. The web is full of that sort of BS.

    Follow your thoughts and ideas to a better life.

    People like him have inspired many songs for me 🙂

    SHIP OF FOOLS (song)

    • Of all the idiotic things I have been blamed of, your indictment takes the cake, sir. In the sea of iliterate reckless fools you lead the charge. That’s something.

      • Being an Christian Troll dont make any sense ??

  16. heya, just a note that I got caught up in identity theft this summer.. either an insider job or a security breach at U.S. Bank released CD account and customer information, allowing for someone to empty my account (and the accounts of I don’t know how many other people caught up in the breach – I just know that I’m not the only one). The bank is being very slow to move on this – I still don’t have my funds back and I wouldn’t expect them to advertise this at all – basically if you have a CD or other account at US Bank, especially one that you don’t check on regularly, *CHECK* on it, see if the account is still there. This is part of a bigger trend, though – identity theft has increased at an exponential rate since 2019 and it’s hard to get help if it happens to you. Is this just happening, or being allowed to happen so that enough people will get fed up to allow for identity chips or other such ??

    Also, assuming I do get my funds back I need a new bank that is honest and ethical this time. I live in Southern California (San Gabriel Valley) – does anyone have any suggestions for a decent bank ?

    • The takeaway here is this: these are not your funds. It’s theirs, they own the “money”, that is the credit they produce.

      What is “CD account and customer information”? What kind of credentials do you use to login into the bank account?

      For example, the typical technology employed here are various tokens and card readers. So I would assume one (external attacker) could not do much with “my” account without having any of devices I have in my possession.

      Of course, the bank could do as they please, as they have done in the past. Or the gubment could do it, via bank as the proxy. Or, coming soon, any entity tasked with assessing my certanly to be low ESG score and making “my funds” unavailable to myself, as a precautionary and temporary measure.

    • What I would do is consult an attorney in addition to letting the bank know that you will go public with this breach if the funds aren’t returned to your account in a timely manner. If the bank wants to stay in business, I think they will gladly do this.

      I would be ready to post up outside of the bank and tell other customers what happened. I have found “a squeaky wheel gets the oil” with business transactions because reputation is very important for continued business.

      I would be very angry at this bank and when funds are returned close the account if there is a reputable credit union in your location may transfer my funds their. Alternatively, I would invest them in something that might preserve your wealth better than an interest earning account. Commodities are a good one, something people need to live and have inherent value.

      Also look at their policies very carefully regarding what they insure. Some brokerage institutions have a disclaimer that they are not responsible for loss of the entire balance but I think this probably excludes security breaches, thus you may have legal recourse. But most importantly, it’s bad business for them to lose your funds and I would make them aware of this.

    • Very sorry to hear about your experience. I hope that it is resolved favorably soon.

      My wife and I have been using this credit union since the early eighties. Never had a problem.
      It is located in California but we’ve been in Florida for thirty years and have no difficulties with transactions as they have partner credit unions here.

      • Christian Community Credit Union Faith-Based Banking, Reimagined
        Each account is insured up to $250,000. By members’ choice, this institution is not federally insured.
        Thanks Steve! That last sentence is really cool!

        Late evening Monday 8/7/2023 – Reuters (…and thus stocks fell on Tuesday)
        Moody’s downgrades US banks, warns of possible cuts to others
        Moody’s cut credit ratings of several small to mid-sized U.S. banks on Monday and said it may downgrade some of the nation’s biggest lenders, warning that the sector’s credit strength will likely be tested by funding risks and weaker profitability.

        Moody’s cut the ratings of 10 banks by one notch and placed six banking giants, including Bank of New York Mellon (BK), US Bancorp, State Street (STT) and Truist Financial (TFC) on review for potential downgrades…
        …”This comes as a mild U.S. recession is on the horizon for early 2024 and asset quality looks set to decline, with particular risks in some banks’ commercial real estate (CRE) portfolios.”…

        …The downgraded banks by Moody’s include M&T Bank, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Prosperity Bank and BOK Financial Corp.
        The agency also changed its outlook to negative for eleven major lenders, including Capital One, Citizens Financial and Fifth Third Bancorp…
        …Moody’s cautioned that banks with sizable unrealized losses that are not reflected in their regulatory capital ratios are vulnerable to a loss of confidence in the current high-rate environment….

        Moody’s Banking Report –
        (I noticed a smaller bank that I once used, Commerce Bank, has been downgraded.)

        The smaller Regional Banks are underwater right now!
        SUB-THREAD includes Mercola, the (BTFP) Bank Term Funding Program, the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s.

        On Aug 3rd Thursday’s The Highwire (Episode 331: OUT OF THE MADNESS), Del Bigtree interviewed Dr Mercola about the Chase Bank scenario.
        (18 minute segment)

        During that segment, Old Glory Bank™ was mentioned as a possible alternative.
        The bank that stands with you by valuing your values.
        Privacy. Security. Liberty. (P-S-L.) Those are the values you believe in. You want a bank that values those values as well. One that won’t marginalize you for your beliefs.
        Mainly, you want a bank that makes your life better. Old Glory Bank is here to help you keep more of your hard-earned money, support causes you believe in, and make your American Dream become a reality.

    • kfel says:
      Also, assuming I do get my funds back I need a new bank that is honest and ethical this time. I live in Southern California (San Gabriel Valley) – does anyone have any suggestions for a decent bank ?

      There are a few ideas mentioned at Steve Smith, and my reply to him.

      Another idea is to diversify somewhat.
      For example, often a local bank is needed for a variety of reasons. But not all your dough has to sit with it.

      A brokerage account can be a good place to park money. While I wouldn’t suggest Merrill or Morgan, some of the others might be of interest to you.
      And some, like Schwab also offer separate banking services.
      Transfers from/to a bank account and the brokerage are easy to do online without fees. There can be a lag of a day or two. Once the brokerage account has the funds, there is a short lag before you can transfer those funds back to the bank account.
      A brokerage account vs banks has an advantage for us like-minded folks.
      No brokerage ever wants to be seen in the public’s eye as “freezing” an account. The bad PR would usher in an exodus of account holders.
      The brokerage itself, and also some tradable instruments (e.g. ETFs), can offer “certificate of deposit” type interest.

      If you have had family members who were in the U.S. military, there is USAA.
      While USAA is known for its ethical insurance approach, it also offers banking services.

      With gold prices headed down right now to a lower range, this might be of interest.
      In addition to offering our customers the freedom to hold assets in Gold or USD, we also offer the flexibility to spend abroad with your Glint Card (Mastercard®)
      Your gold is physical gold bullion, that is legally allocated to you and stored in a Brinks vault in Switzerland. You have constructive possession of your Gold under law.
      For every ounce of gold held in your account there is an ounce of physical gold owned by you in the vault. There is no token, fund or bank that sits between you and the ownership of your Gold.
      Buy, save, send & spend real gold instantly with Glint.

      If the DXY (dollar) goes up, likely gold prices will fall.

      I think diversity with money allocation can help to safeguard funds.

  17. I am going back through James’ earlier podcasts and I’m aghast. So much I didn’t know. So much truth about past happenings and such clear warnings of what was then on the horizon that has now come to pass. Two of my favorites are from 2008 and 2009, namely Episode 040: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and Episode 077: Canada’s Genocide. These podcasts were not that long ago but before my eyes opened 3 or 4 years ago. To anyone who hasn’t heard/seen James’ earlier podcasts, they’re still relevant and important. (Click Audio, Podcasts, Select a Post, and scroll around to find any topic that catches your eye.) As always, thank you James for your astounding body of work.

  18. I tried to share a corbettreport link on facebook earlier and it is BLACKLISTED like CBC or other canadian dino media what a joke !!

    • unreal ! Thought Police is everywhere !

  19. Congrats on your move. New Hampshire is a beautiful place. I’ve been to the last 2 Porcfests and it really makes me feel better about the world to spend at least 1 week a year in person with other freedom loving people. Good luck!!

  20. Monday Aug 7, 2023 – ZeroHedge
    (Twitter) X Seizes @Music Handle From User With Half-Million Followers
    Careening from one questionable decision to another, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter (SMPFKAT) has commandeered the username “@music” from a man who’d spent 16 years building a following roughly 500,000-strong.

    It seems Elon Musk has his own plans for the handle, so he simply it seized it with a callous disregard for the user who owned it from the early days of the platform. That user is open-source software developer Jeremy Vaught. “Callous disregard” applies not only to the theft itself, but to how Musk’s team executed it…

    Jeremy Vaught @jeremyvaught writes on X:
    16 years ago, I created @music and have been running it ever since. Just now, Twitter / X just ripped it away.
    Super pissed.


    On Monday, Aug 7, Mike Jones goes into detail about how Tesla stock is being manipulated by big players. They move it up and move it down, repeatedly, in order to grab profits.
    Mike Jones Investing
    Look At What Big Money Did To Tesla & Apple Today, Plus This Guy Just Got A Lot Richer!

    And, in case you haven’t heard…
    July 12th quote:
    Billionaire tech executives Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk first suggested last month they’d be interested in clashing in a UFC-style cage fight.

  21. If you would like to do a little hypothetical gaze into one worst case scenario potential future of where Elon Musk’s (and other disturbed transhumanist’s) fantasies could lead some people, please watch/read the following in order of how the links are listed.

    I present a cautionary tale:

    1. Stargate SG-1 – S 7 E 5 – Revisions (a sci-fi tv show depiction of a type of technology that may not be far away from becoming a reality in our world) :

    (continued below..)

  22. In some of the Robert F Kennedy, Jr. interviews, RFK discusses how as an environmental attorney he honed his skills in the Language Arts. RFK stresses the sense of noble adventure and things that inspire.

    With our activism on the fluoride front at DallasForSaferWater, we were recently contacted by someone with a large law firm. They offered some environmental information, which we might use someday.
    Although intended for the “lawyer audience”, the following videos contain some important, profound information which can be applied broadly in life…

    Language Arts – Delivering the message and concepts
    The Critical Stages of Trial | Mark Lanier | Ep. 1 of 2
    (36 minutes)

    Spirituality – noble adventure – understanding the culture
    Mark Lanier’s Motivation and Longevity as a Trial Lawyer | Ep 2 of 2
    (19 minutes)

    Lanier Law Firm addresses many issues, including the effects of social media on young people, Tylenol and Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine.

  23. RFK Jr. Normal Voice from 1995 (Robert F Kennedy Jr Interview before Spasmodic Dysphonia)

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviewed by Roger Ailes May 1995

    Roger Ailes was the chairman and CEO of Fox News, Fox Television Stations and 20th Television. He died in 2017.

    • It’s funky to hear him talk in thos voice. I could almost confuse him with Jack Nicholson.

      There are many valid reasons as to why people are taken aback by members of this family.

  24. August 3, 2023 – 8pm
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Listens to the Plight of the American Farmer: Food, Farms, and Soil
    (one hour)

    Roundtable hosted by Elizabeth Kucinich.
    Elizabeth Jane Kucinich is a British organic food and vegan advocate. She has produced two documentaries and is married to the retired eight-term US Congressman and two-time Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

    Ben Dobson of Hudson Carbon in Hudson Valley, New York
    Gail Fuller of Fuller Farms in Kansas
    Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Georgia
    Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin of Tree Range Farms, Inc. in Minnesota
    Kerry Hoffschneider of The Graze Master Group in Nebraska
    John Kempf of Advancing Eco Agriculture of Ohio
    Bob Quinn of Quinn Farm & Ranch in Montana
    Judith McGeary of Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance in Texas
    Wayne Swanson of Swanson Family Farm in Georgia

    • Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich came to our tiny town in the run-up to the 2008 election. We were not supporters, but we went to the meeting out of curiosity. It was at the house of someone I knew. There were maybe 100 (?) people there.

      At the very end, Dennis said he would take two more questions. My son (~15) and I raised our hands, and for some reason, he chose both of us to ask our questions. My question was about the federal reserve/fiat currency/gold standard – something along those lines; my son’s question was about the second amendment. Kucinich bombed both of them. He tried to talk to my son afterward to smooth over his answer, but my son wasn’t interested in listening.

      One interesting thing that happened at that meeting was that someone asked Kucinich who he was considering for his running mate if he got the nomination. He said although they don’t agree on everything, he knew he was honest and a man of integrity, and he was thinking about Ron Paul. The group was predominantly strongly left-leaning, but apparently we weren’t the only Ron Paul supporters in the group because several others, besides us, cheered. (Later someone mentioned that incident to me and commented on how dead quiet the room was when he said “Ron Paul.” I said what I remembered was several of us cheered. Interesting how different people remember things differently.)

  25. Texas wildfire, smoke map: Track latest wildfires, red flag warnings

    Texas has had, and will have more, weeks of temperatures above 38 Celcius.
    The winds have picked up in recent days.
    This doesn’t help with wildfires.

    • When the fires in the area around Athens happened, someone there showed a video which he shot and zoomed in which he made of what looked like extremely low orbit satellites going past in the sky in a row, 30 or 40 of them. He said it was Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites and no way this was hundreds of km’s above.

      We know Elon Musk has been heavily funded by the Military Complex, so his Starlink satellites could be something to watch out for in the context of these fires.

      So in short: what we might be looking for is a microwave-concept Starlink Satellite controlled beam weapon which curiously leaves trees intact but destroys houses.

    • Pretty damning. And it goes without saying there is a Russian connection.

      • Without any shadow of a doubt. The Corbett-Putin connection is well established amongst the elite intelligentia. I’d love to see Corbetts reaction to such accusations.

        • Forget about it. He still claims he’s not on Facebook, you think he’d come clean regarding the Putin connection?

          • I know. Where are you James? Are you going to respond to these accusations?

            Somehow I doubt it.

    • Laughs? This stuff is deadly serious. I really don’t know how to respond to your comment.

      • Mr. Cain,Editor in Chief, Publisher of The Globalist Gazette.

        My ouji board and hazel stick dousing rod point directly to that Joseph guy as a source of funding of this most dangerous man on the internet.
        My nephew tells me someone deposits large amounts Sterling at a branch bank on Jersey. The nephews job is to convert the currencies from £ Sterling to ¥ Yin,he says the depositor is the red headed Joseph, even though he just signs in as Harry . The recipient in Osaka is only known as JJC who by all accounts from the janitor is bald and signs in as Child. Curious!
        Can’t you bring pressure on this madman’s syndicate and derail his offshore financing.
        Sir please act. These peaceniks will be interfering with the beautiful lifetruth our King and sovereign has worked so hard to established.
        Your servant ,divining rod of truth,
        Adj.General of Royal Bottlewashers

        • We keep applying to George Soros for funding but he just ignores our pleas to help his cause. Likewise with the WEF. These people just aren’t taking our mission seriously. Still we will maintain our strong support for our shared Globalist cause.

  26. I’m not wise enough to know if mankind would have been capable of creating the evils that it has brought into existence without the direct influence of the created intelligence that seduced the first humans.
    And I don’t know that it really matters much.
    But I do know that within my own heart dwells a potential for unspeakable evil that I have on more than one occasion indulged.

    I was once able to be convinced that the genocide of masses of innocents was acceptable in the name of justice.
    I let myself believe the lies that claimed murder could bring about peace.
    I believed it and I tried to justify it and by doing so I became complicit in unimaginable crimes against humanity that continue to this day.

    I’m not about to claim that I’m no longer susceptible to being seduced by lies and the temptations of my prideful flesh. So I don’t rely upon my own strength or wisdom to resist. But rather I do my best to rely upon the grace of God.
    I have faith that He is sufficient.

    There are those who claim that we don’t need redemption. That our sin isn’t worthy of eternal damnation. That we don’t need a savior to remove our sins.
    I say to them that if I could die a thousand times, that would not begin to pay the debt I owe or to cleanse me from my unrighteousness.
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find it is good to be reminded of that from time to time.

    “Antidote to Oppenheimer”

    “It is called The Meaning of Trinity and it debuted this past weekend on Fr. McCarthy’s YouTube channel. You can watch it here.”
    (Remove the parentheses from the http if you want to read the article)

    Here is the documentary

  27. (or down?

    This week I have been trying to access
    No luck.
    At first I thought it was my ancient computer.

    Thursday Aug 10 mid-day Texas time…

    IsItDownRightNow says:
    Website Name: archive
    URL Checked:
    Response Time: no response
    Down For: ~4 days 21 hours is DOWN for everyone.
    It is not just you. The server is not responding…

    • Works on my end. Both today and is.

      Could it be it’s blocked in US?

      • Don’t know. Good point.
        Let’s get some other Americans to test it.

        • HRS.
          Homie,it seems to work here. Yesterday the POS terminals were down for more than half day. I wish I had tried the ATM network .

          • I again tried this with Firefox, then with Edge.
            I can’t reach it.
            (I saved this the other day)

            Maybe there is a firewall or something that is out of my wheelhouse.
            I’m not savvy on this kind of stuff.

            Hmmm… can’t reach this page – It looks like closed the connection
            Checking the connection
            Checking the proxy and the firewall
            Running Windows Network Diagnostics

            • Did you update your browser and all the updates to your software?

              It works on my end. I use brave.

            • Try the most basic things first: restart the router and the PC. Are you maybe using a custom hosts file on the PC?

              Have you made some changes to the DNS configuration? This can be done on both the PC and the router (some of them).

        • It works on my end. Have you cleared your cashe? How about updating your browser? I’ve found that this can help with not being able to access certain sites.

          • Thanks. I’ll play around and see what I can do.

    More than 275 million vehicles in the United States.
    More than 100 million Americans have an auto loan and auto loan debt in the U.S. is at a record high of $1.56 trillion.
    (CNBC Aug 8, 2023) (Cars ain’t cheap no more.)

    August 10
    Credit card debt surpasses $1 trillion for Americans: NY Fed
    Total household debt has reached $17.06 trillion

    Credit card balances increased to $1.03 trillion in the second quarter of 2023, according to the latest report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York…There are 70 million more credit card accounts open now than in 2019, the NY Fed reported in a blog post….

    The current population of the United States of America is 340,195,251 as of Thursday, August 10, 2023, based on Worldometer. (The huge number of illegal immigrants may not be included.)

    August 8, 2023 -U.S. government- Total Public Debt Outstanding: $32,644,136,864,636.77
    As The Fed raises interest rates, the cost to service that debt grows tremendously.
    July 13, 2023 – Bloomberg
    US Racks Up $652 Billion in Debt Costs as Rates Hit 11-Year High

    In October, tens of millions of borrowers will be required to pay their monthly federal student loan bills for the first time since March 2020. Student loan interest will resume starting on September 1, 2023, and payments will be due starting in October.
    Around 40 million Americans have debt from their education. The typical monthly bill is roughly $350.
    (Personal Bankruptcy does not ‘forgive’ student loans)

    August 6, 2023
    This Hasn’t Happened to U.S. Money Supply Since the Great Depression, and It’s Typically Accompanied by a Big Move in Stocks
    A 2% or greater decline in M2 money supply, which has only occurred four previous times in 153 years, has historically been a harbinger of bad news for Wall Street.
    [See graph]

    It is important to note that in recent years, there had been a massive increase in the money supply. Massive.
    There is so, so, so much more money floating around compared to the last decade that this makes “people feel rich”.
    Many pundits say that this is one reason that the stock market keeps rising despite recession type indicators.
    Just like disrupted supply chains of the past, there currently is a “money distortion” in the economy.

    • [SEE GRAPH]
      August 8 – MISES -by Ryan McMaken
      Credit Crunch: The Money Supply Has Shrunk For Eight Months In a Row

      …banks are less enthusiastic about making loans, and many marginal companies will no longer be able to stave off financial trouble by refinancing or taking out new loans. For example, Yellow Corporation, a trucking company, has declared bankruptcy and will lay off 30,000 workers. Tyson Foods announced this week it is closing four chicken processing plants in an effort to cut costs. 3,000 workers are likely to lose their jobs as a result. These firms have experienced financial problems for years, but rising interest rates preclude additional delays of the inevitable. We will see more of this as more companies face the realities of higher rates. (In another sure sign of a slowing economy, state and local tax revenues have been falling.)…

      … it’s getting more difficult to qualify for a home loan, and credit availability is the tightest its been in a decade…
      …One of the most troubling indicators is soaring credit card debt even as interest rates soar…
      …Both new and used cars are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Ordinary Americans face a similar problem with homes….

  29. Will James comment on the UFo disclosure that is taking place in the US? If he has already I missed it….

    • Hoping for UFO disclosure is like staying up all night waiting for Santa to come down the chimney.

    • @gabyville

      While I share mkey’s skepticism with regards to the likelihood of any kind of honest, transparent, beneficial and true “Disclosure with a big D” event (given the nature of our current involuntary governance structure, it’s corporate/oligarchic overlords and their proclivity to twist every event into something fearful in order to further hyper consolidate their material wealth and control over the masses) I would also appreciate an up to date comment from Mr. Corbett on the recent disclosures in congress.

  30. Just thought I’d share the symbologist Matthieu Pageau has been running a great series on twitter deconstructing the trick of the “conspiracy theory” and how it is used to protect secret power. His book is about Christian symboloism but there is nothing strictly Christian about this recent series of posts that have seemed very insightful to me. e.g.

  31. I present the following as both a suggestion for a potential Solutions Watch Episode and a potential question for Corbett.

    (I would also like to pose these questions to all the Corbetteers reading this now who frequent this forum)


    What are your thoughts on the benefits (physical and/or spiritual) of incorporating a daily meditation practice into one’s routine?

    Do you think that this single choice we can make as individuals could offer lasting benefits in one’s life?

    Do you think that this single choice we can make as individuals could offer lasting benefits for our society and species as a whole?


    Just to clarify what I mean by “meditation”:
    It does not necessarily have to involve a religious ideology or dogmatic structured procedure. I am talking about any internal process that is initiated with humility, courage and perseverance that involves taking time to quiet the mind, take an honest inventory of one’s thoughts, take a long hard look in that eternal internal mirror and then strive to consciously design the garden of the mind by planting the seeds for that which one wants to grow there, continuously, with patience, with love and with persistence.

    • “What are your thoughts on the benefits (physical and/or spiritual) of incorporating a daily meditation practice into one’s routine?

      Do you think that this single choice we can make as individuals could offer lasting benefits in one’s life?

      Do you think that this single choice we can make as individuals could offer lasting benefits for our society and species as a whole?”

      The physical and mental benefits to practicing meditation have been demonstrated in mainstream medical studies (I think)

      A daily meditation practice could indeed provide lasting benefits for an individual and I’m sure there are plenty of zen masters who could confirm this.

      Lasting benefits to society as a whole? Maybe. If it get’s people off their butts and implementing solutions, then it very well could have some profound effects. Like “the butterfly effect” kind of thing. Small actions might have profound effects.

      I think that there are untapped resources in higher states of consciousness which is why the CIA was focused on studying this phenomenon. A person who has trained their mind to access these “higher rooms” may indeed be able to implement greater impacts on our world.

      Social media and the VR stuff is consciousness stifling mental cancer. Anything that get’s people out of the matrix for even short times is a step in the right direction.

  32. Part 1 of 2
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – Marketing & Message

    I have often stated that RFK’s marketing is very skilled in a variety of ways.
    One example: It is an ATTACK, not a plea to authorities.

    For a main objective of delivering a MESSAGE to the broad public square, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. really hit upon an excellent marketing approach.
    On Wednesday April 19, 2024, RFK formally announced his 2024 Presidential Campaign.
    This dynamically “changed the rules”. It impinged upon all forms of the media, and thus allowed for wide outreach and dissemination of the message. Remember, prior to this announcement, RFK’s voice was not nearly as visible as it is today.
    Also, there are certain legal aspects surrounding the media and political speech.

    Friday August 4, 2023 – CHD – By skilled journalist Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.
    RFK Jr. Sues YouTube and Google, Alleges ‘Misinformation Policies’ Violated His First Amendment Rights
    RFK Jr. Sues Google, YouTube Over Censorship
    Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed a lawsuit against Google and YouTube, who he claims are ‘state actors’ who have violated his free speech…
    … “Unlike other tech companies — notably Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Facebook parent Meta) and Twitter (now owned by Elon Musk) — YouTube has not treated Mr Kennedy differently now that he is a political candidate,” the suit states…
    … According to the complaint, while other social media companies have stopped suppressing Kennedy since he declared his candidacy, YouTube has continued to silence him. “This censorship campaign prevents Mr. Kennedy’s message from reaching millions of voters. It also makes it harder for groups that are supporting his campaign to amplify his message through public sources.”….

    In the following interview by Dr Mark Hyman, Kennedy and Hyman discuss the censorship.
    During that discussion, (9 minute mark), RFK says:
    ”Well, if I run for President it is much more difficult to censor me.”
    August 2 – Dr Mark Hyman
    Robert Kennedy Jr: Power, Corruption, Freedom, & The Chronic Disease Epidemic Within America
    (51 minutes)

    • Part 2 of 2

      RFK, Jr. has said:
      “Whether I win the Presidency or not is ultimately irrelevant.”

      This is about disseminating important messages to the U.S. and the world.
      This is how things change.
      A new narrative is shaping.

      Whether RFK becomes President is irrelevant.
      Changing the hearts, minds, and souls of men is relevant.

      James Corbett
      How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
      “Have you figured it out yet? Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions.”

      Only the dimwitted would view Robert F Kennedy, Jr. as our savior, as one who will fix everything.

      Del Bigtree said it well,
      “…There is not one single person that we can elect that is going to change the world.
      And if you are expecting that politics works that way, then you are really in sort of the old dark ages of how this whole thing works.
      …I realize that the only way he steps into office is if enough people truly wake up, and realize their OWN power, and use their own voices to share the message….”

      Some of my thoughts on supporting Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

      Team Kennedy YouTube Channel


      Unfortunately, American society has been thoroughly acclimated to the political process of its designed democracy.
      For several hundred years, generation upon generation, Americans have been taught that this is the way to be free and independent.
      The American political process is a deeply rooted, cultural mindset. Every citizen is its victim.
      Witness the fact that it can be difficult to convey concepts such as “Anarchism” and “Voluntaryism” to the average American.
      It is what it is.
      That is the Reality of what currently exists, and it is a situation within which we find ourselves.

      Because of this ingrained political mindset, Americans hold an aberration.
      Essentially, Americans hope that if the right political candidate is elected, then the system can be fixed. It is a well-designed ruse, a trap to nowhere.
      The bulk of American activism has always been the political process.

      Typically, most Americans are weaklings when it comes to independent activism.

      When a person’s livelihood is threatened, then we might see activism in Americans.
      Examples include the recent unions (UPS workers, Hollywood Actors/Writers, railroad workers, hotel workers.) Even the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy and Dutch Farmers protests emanated from threats to one’s livelihood. It should also be noted that these protests were of the flavor: ”pleas to authorities”, not an attack to knock out their authoritarian rule.

      Typically, most Americans are weaklings when it comes to independent activism.
      It is what it is.
      It is difficult to rally people to take action.
      But we do know this: The bulk of American activism has always been the political process.

      My point here is that despite its aberration, the American political process can serve as a conduit.
      It can serve as a conduit for important messages, for relaying concepts and ideas.
      Marketing strives to get the message out there by attracting attention and interest.
      Marketing always needs a conduit. We have one.

    • RE: RFK Jr. Sues YouTube and Google, Alleges ‘Misinformation Policies’ Violated His First Amendment Rights

      Friday August 25, 2023 – via ZeroHedge – Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times
      Judge Rejects RFK Jr’s Request For Order Blocking Google From Censoring Him

      A federal judge has rejected a request from presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for an order that would block Google from censoring him.
      Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, have removed multiple videos of Mr. Kennedy in recent months because they allegedly contained medical misinformation.

      The removals violate Mr. Kennedy’s First Amendment rights because they were spurred by government policy, Mr. Kennedy’s lawyers said in a motion for a temporary restraining order…

      …Even if Mr. Kennedy could establish that Google was a state actor by providing evidence its conduct was coerced by the government, First Amendment rights are “not unencumbered by any restrictions,”
      Judge Thompson said.
      “The coronavirus still poses a health risk to certain individuals, and it would not serve the public interest to let medical misinformation proliferate on YouTube,” she said.

      Mr. Kennedy hasn’t yet responded to the ruling….

    • …continuing…the Message not the Messenger…

      ”It’s going to be from PEOPLE POWER – not Kennedy power.” – RFK, Jr
      (60 second video)

      ”There’s no way to take this country back except through people power.”

      “We have to unite the working in people in this country because the elites and corporations are not going to change on their own. They’re not going to change without a powerful demand.”

      “I want to reclaim our country from this corrupt merger of state and corporate power.”

      “We all need to recognize that if I do succeed it won’t be because of me.
      It will be because of you.
      It’s going to be from people power – not Kennedy power.”
      – Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

  33. Passport question

    I had a passport as a child and traveled a lot, living outside the U. S. for many years. After September 11, 2001, and the “Patriot act,” I refused to choose between humiliating myself with a pat-down or allowing myself to be irradiated in their machines. Thinking I would never fly again (commercially), for a short time, I took flying lessons (~2012) so I could experience it again. The recent increased covid restrictions further confirmed I would not submit to the demands and it appears that flying commercially will most likely not be in my future.

    I have also refused to get a real i d license (just renewed this year). I have not had any need for a passport since I don’t plan on flying and have had no reason or desire to leave the country.

    Within the past couple days, I have had two “invitations” – the first, a trip to Canada, and the second, a trip to Mexico. No flying necessary.

    So, my question for all of you, is: Is getting a passport conceding too much to the government? Is it perpetuating or assisting them in their plan to control and track? Are there options that are less invasive? I don’t want to be an accomplice or to assist them in their evil plans. Am I just making my life more restricted and difficult by refusing to comply (specifically about a passport)?

    Please share your experiences. I am interested to hear helpful advice, insights, perspectives, options.

    • Well, James travels out of the country for his speaking engagements and probably also to see family and I’m sure he has a passport. People didn’t stand up to this in the first place and we are kind of stuck with it if we want to fly as far as I know.

      I refused the real ID too, but had a passport from a trip I took out of the country for vacation.

      For me personally since I’ve used passports before throughout my life but only needed them for international travel. I am aware of the need to use them (I think) domestically now if you don’t have a real?

      My opinion is that everyone has their line in the sand and there are some violations that I refuse which is violation into my body. If I needed an ID for the internet, I’d refuse and find another way.

      But in a way, even paying taxes is supporting the system but it’s already taken off from the top of any paycheck if a person works with a tax payer ID.

      It is a compromise IMO, but is it the hill I’m going to die on? I will need to fly for work for the time being and right now need the money so I’ll have to use my passport.

      I have a feeling that my data is already in the vat of data collected by the government on citizens. I think big brother is already watching, but the “eye of Sauron” is not gazing on me. But who knows, maybe it is?

      I wound’t go to Canada though, probably not ever because I don’t have friends there and if I did, I’d ask they come here. Canada is already very restrictive and I wouldn’t want to be caught stuck over there. If I had a close friend there and they really needed me, I’d probably go though.

      • I think parents should remove children from public schools. What are your thoughts on the issue?

  34. I would love for this story to get some legs in the mainstream media.
    It would spread like wildfire among employees at the workplace.

    Friday 8/11 – ZeroHedge – Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times
    Growing Number Of Leprosy Cases Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination

    A growing number of leprosy cases are being reported after COVID-19 vaccination, including two cases in the United Kingdom that researchers said may have been caused by the vaccines.

    The researchers examined records from the Leprosy Clinic at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London. They found that of the 52 people who went to the clinic in 2021, at least 49 were vaccinated.

    The study definition of a leprosy adverse event associated with a COVID-19 vaccine included developing leprosy or a leprosy reaction within 12 weeks of receiving a dose and the person having no previous history of leprosy or a leprosy reaction.

    Two people met the case definition. One developed borderline tuberculoid (BT) leprosy one week after a second dose. The other experienced a reaction 56 days after a dose. Both doses were Pfizer’s BNT162b2 vaccine. Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment.

    “The development of BT leprosy and a Type 1 reaction in another individual shortly after a dose of BNT162b2 vaccine may be associated with vaccine mediated T cell responses,” the researchers said.

    The COVID-19 vaccines can provoke a response from white blood cells, or T cells. The cells are believed to protect against COVID-19.

    T-cells can theoretically trigger Mycobacterium leprae, a bacteria that causes leprosy, leading to leprosy or a leprosy reaction, the researchers said.

    Other vaccines have been shown to trigger leprosy or leprosy reactions, including tuberculosis vaccines, and some people who receive repeated COVID-19 vaccinations have been shown to have weakened immune systems.

    The paper was published on Aug. 4 by PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases….

  35. Davinna,
    Obviously the winds were at ground level and all the structures were made of dried palm leaves, grass and creosote.
    Physics don’t apply to urban renewal and plasma weapons.
    There is a lot of public info on this subject. The Healthy American, Elana Freeland and Solari Report have gathered a lot of questions but very little answers.
    I feel so sorry for those people that suffered this attack.

    • TPTSB have set there sightes on southern California. My friend in California told me the news/ weather men have issued a topical storm warning for San Diego. It would be the first hurricane in history in that area. Not having verification is not the point. It’s the planting of the thought that prepares the mind for what’s coming.
      My guess is a new port in Orange County or San Diego.
      I did check the AccuWeather and there was nothing west with a lot of north wind and moisture east of there. The dessert was gitting some rain as of 8-18-23

  36. The second picture does seem to defy all reason and logic. I could imagine if were were talking about some shanty houses that maybe they could go up in flames before any of the larger trees, however there seem to be bent steel structures and cars that have been lit up as well. All in all, if the steel was bent, the temperatures were sufficiently high to burn up any trees in vicinity, I would expect.

  37. Friday August 11 – ZeroHedge
    Carbon-Pricing Initiatives Around The World
    [IMAGES in article]

    As Visual Capitalist’s Freny Fernandes details below, over the past two decades, governments around the world have responded to climate change through various initiatives and policies, with carbon pricing at the forefront.

    A recent example is the Canadian province of Ontario’s Emissions Performance Standards program, first launched in 2022. The program sets annual carbon emissions limits for industrial facilities, with a fee on excess carbon emitted.

    This graphic by Jonathan Letourneau maps 70 active carbon pricing initiatives around the world and highlights their global impact as seen in the 2022 World Bank report.

    But first, let’s look at the different types of carbon pricing:
    Carbon Tax vs. ETS
    Broadly speaking, carbon pricing gives emission generating organizations a choice between reducing their carbon emissions and paying for them.
    The two typical initiatives used to offer this choice are carbon taxes and emissions trading systems (ETS):

    Carbon tax: This tax or levy is directly applied to the production of carbon emissions or fuels that release greenhouse gases. This makes products or services that release substantial carbon more expensive than greener alternatives (or reducing emissions).

    Emissions Trading System (ETS): Also called the cap-and-trade system, ETS puts a cap on the total level of greenhouse gases a licensed industry can emit. Companies with low emissions can sell their unused emission allowance with larger emitters that have exceeded the cap.

    The World’s Carbon Pricing Initiatives
    As of the end of 2022, Europe was home to 24 of the 70 active carbon pricing initiatives in the world…
    -Location –Carbon Pricing Type –CO2e Price Per Tonne (USD) –Emissions Covered (Tonnes)
    …?? Canada ETS $39.96 53.35
    ?? Canada Carbon tax $39.96 167.67
    ?? Canada – Alberta ETS $39.96 140.36
    ?? Canada – British Columbia ETS $19.98 N/A
    ?? Canada – British Columbia Carbon tax $39.96 46.41
    ?? Canada – New Brunswick ETS $39.96 7.05
    ?? Canada – New Brunswick Carbon tax $39.96 5.50
    ?? Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador ETS $39.96 4.59
    ?? Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador Carbon tax $39.96 5.01
    ?? Canada – Northwest Territories Carbon tax $31.97 1.33
    ?? Canada – Nova Scotia ETS $23.10 14.02
    ?? Canada – Ontario ETS $31.97 41.12
    ?? Canada – Prince Edward Island Carbon tax $23.98 0.97
    ?? Canada – Quebec ETS $30.83 60.92
    ?? Canada – Saskatchewan ETS $39.96 10.23

  38. [Comparison value: Around 2001, we sold our 3 bedroom/2bath/2 car garage red brick house for about $115,000. It was built around 1985, and had a huge patio & sunroom with a nice fenced backyard located in a pleasant neighborhood of the Dallas suburb Plano.]

    August 10 – Fox via YahooFinance
    Man forced to ditch $115K Ford EV truck during family road trip to Chicago: ‘biggest scam of modern times’

    A Canadian man is calling electric vehicles the “biggest scam of modern times” after his frustrating experience with an electric truck.

    Dalbir Bala, who lives in the Winnipeg area, bought a Ford F150 Lightning EV in January for $115,000, plus tax. He told FOX Business he needed the vehicle for his work, but also wanted something suitable for recreational activities such as driving to his cabin or going fishing. He also wanted an environmentally friendly vehicle as owning one is “responsible citizenship these days.”

    But Bala was quickly hit with the reality of owning and operating an EV soon after the purchase. The vehicle compelled him to install two charges – one at work and one at home – for $10,000. To accommodate the charger, he had to upgrade his home’s electric panel for $6,000.

    In all, Bala spent more than $130,000 – plus tax.

    Not long after the purchase, Bala got into a minor accident which, he said, required “light assembly” on the front bumper. Bala took the vehicle to the body shop and did not get it back for six months. He said no one from Ford answered his email or phone calls for help.

    The limitations of the EV truck became even more apparent when Bala embarked on a chaotic 1,400-mile road trip to Chicago.
    Fast charging stations – which only charge EV’s up to 90% – cost more than gas for the same mileage. On the family’s first stop in Fargo, North Dakota, it took two hours and $56 to charge his vehicle from 10% to 90%. The charge was good for another 215 miles.
    On the second stop, in Albertville, Minnesota, the free charger was faulty and the phone number on the charging station was of no help, he said. The family drove to another charging station in Elk River, Minnesota, but the charger was faulty there as well.
    “This sheer helplessness was mind-boggling,” Bala wrote in an online post. “My kids and wife were really worried and stressed at this point.”

    • Ford EV truck continued…

      There were no other fast charging stations within range of Elk River and his vehicle only had 12 miles left.
      “By now it was late afternoon. We were really stuck, hungry, and heartbroken,” Bala said.
      Bala ultimately had the vehicle towed to a Ford dealership in Elk River and rented a regular gas vehicle to complete the family’s trip to Chicago. The family picked up the F150 on their way back to Winnipeg.
      “It was in [the] shop for 6 months. I can’t take it to my lake cabin. I cannot take it for off-grid camping. I cannot take for even a road trip,” Bala wrote. “I can only drive in city – biggest scam of modern times.”

      Bala told FOX Business he believes the government needs to do more to “provide consumers with the right information.”

      “People have to make the right choices. I want to tell everybody to read my story,” he said. “Do your research before even thinking about it and make a wiser choice.”
      “The actual thing they promised is not even close. Not even 50%. And once you buy it, you’re stuck with it and you have to carry huge losses to get rid of that. And nobody is there to help you.”

      • Bala told FOX Business he believes the government needs to do more to “provide consumers with the right information.”

        Oh, this part is just extremely irksome. I do believe this gentleman got exactly what he bargained for.

        • 😉 You said it.

  39. James: hope you’re enjoying a hard earned break. Your channel has helped me and many others wade our way through tough times, un-muddying the waters. I’m grateful for your program, and listen/read through your material often more than once. The only thing I’d LOVE to see is autoplay on your videos, so I can pick one and when it’s over, another video comes on without me having to stop working to seek one out. Flood us with your data!!! If it already exists, please pardon the interruption! I’m still working on growing my understanding of computers/the internet, and rely heavily on my kids (adult now) to help me!! Thank you, James, for all you do… You and your following are special folks. Hold tight for the rough seas ahead, all! Martha

    • Martha,
      I don’t know of any current playlist for Corbett Report videos.
      However, I find it fun to explore the topics visually by using a video page like this…

      James no longer adds content to YouTube. He had two channels, and one channel was labeled “Extras”. The “Extras” channel survived censorship.
      The “Extras” channel has some playlists, which should work as autoplay.

  40. I think many of us know what they are really DEWing… Yet many still are clueless when it comes to Agenda 21/30 and the push to get people of there lands (as one primary goal) under “sustainability”.

    Vaccine Safety – No Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials

    At the bottom of Aaron Siri’s substack article are the sourced references which demonstrate that no valid placebo was used in establishing safety for the U.S. childhood vaccine schedule.
    With school starting up across America, some parents might find this article useful.
    Some states have organizations which help parents contend with state school vaccine regulations.
    “Texans for Vaccine Choice” is extraordinary in its activism and assistance.

    I’ve started exploring the topic of “language arts” with renewed interest after hearing Robert F Kennedy, Jr mention that, as an attorney, he honed his “language arts” skills.
    Trial Lawyer Mark Lanier sponsors very popular annual conferences for attorneys to hone their skills in the “language arts”. I’m impressed by his acumen…

    Aaron Siri’s communication has always impressed me. He can relay a complex subject in such a way as it is easy to digest. On Thursday August 10 “The Highwire” Episode 332: THE FORBIDDEN DEBATE , Aaron Siri was interviewed by Dr. Jim Meehan about the above substack link which goes into the twitter debate with vaccine creator, Paul Offit. Unfortunately, Meehan continuously interjects and ruins the rhythm of Aaron Siri’s communication. Despite this, Aaron Siri’s skill set in the language arts is easily recognized.

    ANECDOTE – “How Big Oil Conquered the World” – Attorney
    A few months ago, a relative asked me to contact an Oklahoma City attorney. So, I gave him a call. Evidently, for his client there was a gray area of property title ownership because somehow our family name came up on it. I’ve done title searches before at a courthouse, and it is a vast swamp, especially in a place like Oklahoma. We both thoroughly enjoyed our conversation together. It was real, sometimes jokes would fly, and we both were wanting to target the truth of the matter. I ascertained that our family had no claim on the property, and he would send out the legal “Quitclaim” documents.
    During the course of the conversation, I mentioned RFK. The attorney told me that he really likes some of the things which Kennedy was saying. I emphatically told him to watch “How Big Oil Conquered the World”, and he seemed keenly interested. He wrote it down. (Oklahoma is an oil/gas state)
    Looking back, this fella had great skills in the language arts.
    [P.S. – States often offer “Unclaimed Property”. On several occasions, I found some on me. ]

  42. Perversion of the Language Arts

    Prelude: “American Airlines Center” arena is a large entertainment venue. It is located near downtown Dallas in a very popular master planned development called Victory Park.
    “Boxing Matches” typically draw a certain type of audience.

    *****SEE IMAGE*****
    August 7 – The Dallas Express – By Travis Tyler
    American Airlines’ ‘Woke’ Policies Irk Fight Fans

    People passing by American Airlines Center on Saturday were greeted by signs seemingly meant to highlight some of the controversial policies of the arena’s namesake, such as race-based hiring practices and other “woke” policies.

    As attendees filed into the center for the evening’s high-profile boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, they encountered the signs, some of which were designed to look like advertisements for the fight. The signs were located in different places around the arena in Victory Park and other parts of downtown Dallas.

    Some of the signs contained text that read, “Welcome to woke American Airlines! My pronouns are he/she/it/lost/baggage.”

    Another read, “We have first class, business class, and woke class, where your middle seat can identify as a window seat.”

    The signs were likely referencing American Airlines’ very public messaging on social issues. The company recently sponsored LGBTQ Pride events in Dallas and boasted that it was “the only airline to achieve a perfect score when the [pro-LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index] first launched in 2002 and is the only airline to receive a perfect score every year since the award’s inception.”

    Another sign likely referenced the Fort Worth-based company’s race-based hiring policies: “If you like old comedies, then you’ll love our corporate policies. Get woke with American Airlines, where diversity comes before safety.”
    Some of the signs appeared to have been taken down by the time major crowds started to arrive, but those who passed by them took notice….

    —[If you follow the last link in the article about Southwest Airlines, it will eventually provide a link to this IMAGE of a BILLBOARD:

  43. “End the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.”

    I doubt if any sane American would disagree with that sentiment.
    It is a message worth disseminating.
    A message which bears repeating.

    This morning, front and center, near the curb facing streetside, my lawn sprouted a 3 foot (one meter) wide by 2 foot SIGN with such a message.
    It looks like this…

    There is a long runway available.
    It is an opportunity to deliver messages of substance.

    • lisab says:
      “but isn’t that just semantics?”

      You decide.
      What Does It Mean When Someone Says ‘That’s Just Semantics’?
      “‘It’s just semantics’ is a common retort people use when arguing their point.
      What they mean is that their argument or opinion is more valid than the other person’s.
      It’s a way to be dismissive of language itself as carrier for ideas.
      It implies that ideas and arguments can be separated from the words and phrases used to encode those ideas.
      The irony, of course, is that the words and phrases we use are the ideas.

      • Then just go do it.

        There is the old adage
        “Actions speak louder than words.”

        • Nobody is telling you to vote.
          (And you certainly, most definitely, absolutely, have not read my statements which I had previously linked to you about the voting issue. You certainly cannot listen nor digest concepts.
          I do not even think that you grasped the excerpt that I posted on Semanitcs.)

          I am telling you to DO SOMETHING in the Real Physical World.
          You are evading the act of promoting the message which you just now said that you prefer.
          You suggested promoting this message: “End the corrupt state of ideas that which gives all the power to the corrupted.”
          I said “Just do it.”
          But now, you suddenly evade being an activist. Instead, you want to be an inactive sofa-sitter critic.

          I am done with you. You have no credence.

      • @lisab and HRS

        I propose that both of your perspectives have merit and through merging the aspects from both of your points of view that are rooted in humility, courage and love, we can find a common ground that merges onto a path worth sharing to a future we all want to live in.

        At this point in time I feel that many have drawn a line in the sand and decided that it is either “this thing” or “that thing” which will be the deciding factor or most important aspect of our world that we should focus our efforts on. However, I sense that to truly have a lasting impact, we must learn to perceive a truth that is more nuanced.

        Matters of human political games and oligarchic puppet posturing can have an effect on our shared future and so can matters of the heart and matters of spiritual being.

        I feel we are now called to “walk the mystical path with practical feet”.

        When I say “mystical”, I do not mean relying on Gurus and incents or trances and channellers to tell us what is true and what is not.

        What I mean is merging the spiritual knowing and intuition we are all born with (and nurturing that innate capacity to develop further) along side our ability to engage with and influence the human world that is governed by fiat currency, fear (or lack thereof), votes (or the illusion of), knowledge (or the opposite of that) and violence (or the opposite action of violence).

        We can be both political activists and satyagrahi.

        Ok that is it for me today. It has been a long day and I have more to say but will have to save it for another time.

        • Gavin,
          Just so you know, this brief conversation between she and I is not actually the picture, but the bulk of the issue and full context reside in previous back-n-forths.

          However, this one is on me, ‘cuz I took the bait a second time.

          • @HRS

            I appreciate you taking the time to clarify and share the candid comment.

            I suppose I just see these increasingly large ‘hairline fractures’ forming (and some outright fractures/ clearly observable divisions existing) in communities like this and I feel compelled to attempt some form of kintsugi.

            I was tired last night so my attempt and wording was not as solid nor well thought out as it could have been.

            The thing I try to focus on most now is solutions and plans of action that improve one’s quality of life, our society as a whole and our ability to create the type of world we all want to live in. I try to make sure those solutions and plans of action are universally applicable and beneficial regardless of one’s belief system(s), political allegiances (or lack thereof), geographic position, age and physical status.

            Speaking of which, I need to go harvest a bunch of fresh veggies and herbs from my back yard, save seed (so I can share those seeds locally and far and wide) and then make some big pots of Borscht, Zuppa Toscana, Minestrone and Tomato Basil soup for freezing/freeze drying for the winter 🙂

            Wishing you a restful and peaceful remainder of your Sunday.

  44. Scrolling through the whole thread, I see only a few postings about RFK, Jr. What do all of you in Corbettland think of him? I like him enough that I donated $25 to his campaign the end of June. Would love to read others’ comments.

    • “Would love to read others’ comments.”

      There has been some discussion about RFK and his candidacy. Quite a bit in last month’s open thread.
      This post from Home Remedy Supply will get you started.
      There are others further down in the thread but I’m only allowed to attach one link per post though.

    • Sonex,
      Off and on for years, Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been mentioned in the CorbettReport comment section.
      As you probably know, James Corbett interviewed RFK, Jr. in 2021 with
      Interview 1675 – The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

      From April 2023…

      I strongly encourage and insist that people read:
      The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma
      (RFK is mentioned above at the link)

      In many, many of the more recent hit pieces on RFK, Jr, the mainstream media use the Rolling Stone and Salon article retractions as a method to discredit Kennedy.
      But these hit pieces fail to accurately describe what the article actually was.
      They can’t.
      They would blow up if they describe the full picture and the fact that essentially the Rolling Stone/Salon article by RFK was the transcripts of a secret meeting of public health authorities, the shocking Simpsonwood transcripts.
      You can read the transcripts at the link.

      • VIDEO with IMAGES – The shocking Simpsonwood transcripts

        I realize that most people prefer visual video images over reading.
        Watch this short video segment…

        QUEUED at 6:35
        Posted on January 12, 2021 – “Enlightenment & Truth” YouTube Channel

        Video Description
        In an unprecedented interview, Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy, Jr. sit down with Russian naturopath Katia Txi, to discuss the global vaccine debate, how it got to this point, and what they plan on doing about it.
        via Katia Txi YouTube Channel

        RFK, Jr. eventually takes us back to the year 1999.
        In the video, you will see images of articles, screenshots of public health authorities’s webpages, the Simpsonwood transcripts, images of Dr Thomas Verstraeten, Dr Walter Orenstein, and Dr Frank DeStephano, image of transcript where Dr Johnson receives word that his grandson was born that morning and says: “I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on.”
        Screen shot of Rolling Stone’s RFK, jr article “Deadly Immunity”.
        Video clip of Robert F Kennedy, Jr on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart which aired July 20, 2005.

    • Sonex,
      Not much would be the answer to your question of what all us think about RFKjr. It would be inappropriate to campaign here but for comparison purposes here is another candidate who states clearly what he would do in the first 100 days. RFK Jr won’t do any of what this candidate would do.
      Compare the straight talk to the double talk.

      • I like Dr. Shiva. He would be great and I hope that his message gets out there. RFK Jr is good too but he seems to still buy into the global warming scam a bit.

        He also seems to think regulation will help us and likes the big government. I don’t think he understand that the government is the problem, not the people who are put there.

        But even if the US could elect either RFK or Dr. Shiva, the degree of corruption and straight up psychopathy would require a revolution by people. Mainly people pulling out all of their financial support for big tech and all the black rock owned businesses, which is a lot of them.

    • I haven’t been following all these comments, but just found yours so since you asked…

      I really like RFK Jr. as far as what he has done and is doing with CHD regarding toxins, etc., but from the beginning, even when I just knew he was thinking of running and hadn’t yet officially declared he was, my instinct was that when some of his political views became known, it might divide support for CHD into two camps. I felt it would be better for him to just keep doing what he was doing in the context where he was.

      But, he DID announce he was running, and he is. I could not vote for him, but I am trying to look at the bright side – that at least he will bring up some topics that should be discussed and hopefully wake some people up to some things.

      I have really liked some of his speeches, but find myself continually wholeheartedly agreeing, then vehemently disagreeing, with things he says. The things I agree with are the things that would be “givens” for most of us here so I won’t list them.

      Some of the things I take serious issue with are…

      One of his touted role models is FDR. Do I need to say any more about that?

      He is (or has been for years) solidly on the “climate change” bandwagon.

      He is (according to a candidate questionnaire) in favor of abortion and of continuing taxpayer funding of abortion. This means that he believes it is okay to mutilate, dismember, poison, or torture a small baby that hasn’t been born yet, but once that baby is born, THEN he will stand up for its protection against forcible vaccines. I find that quite disturbing.

      If I were to watch a speech again, I’m sure there would be more, but those are three that are front and foremost when I think of RFK Jr. as a candidate.

      I think he has a huge heart and is trying to do what is right (according to how he understands it), but when it comes to a fundamental understanding of the constitutional limits on government in this republic, and what liberty truly is, he seems to have a mental glitch due to his left-leaning orientation.

      That’s just my take on it.

      I think the discussions should be very interesting. His “debate” with Alan Dershowitz was pretty impressive.

      • “… think he has a huge heart and is trying to do what is right (according to how he understands it),…”

        I Imagine CS Lewis would have feared men with Overgrown chests as much as Men Without Chests… I think he wrote once, on ‘Therapeutic’ justice IIRC, that a vengeful and greedy tyrant will get tired or ashamed of abusing you while an earnest person doing horrible things “For Your Own Good” will have no limits

        But at this stage you can only have LESS BAD presidents anyway- one who is not actively trying to make things worse is the best we can hope for I guess

        • I have heard a similar quote, but didn’t/don’t know the source or the exact wording. But yes…

          It is deeply concerning to me that RFK Jr regards FDR so highly that he mentions him openly. He is an “FDR/JFK/RFK Democrat.” So he says.

          I left the Republican Party in January of 1993, after discovering that voting for Bush was not the answer to all America’s problems. That huge pro-life rally in Milwaukee was the beginning of my waking up to the real state of things here. That was the night I learned about the U. S. Taxpayers Party (now the Constitution Party).

          Since then, the only time I voted for a mainstream party candidate for President was in 2008, when I wrote in Ron Paul, instead of voting for either the constitution party or the libertarian candidate.

          Someone recently mentioned the common idea of a wasted vote – that is, a vote for someone that “can’t win.” As I recently wrote to Ron Paul (it was his birthday the other day), to me a wasted vote is a vote for someone I can’t support or don’t agree with. To me, a vote for a man of integrity is a vote of conscience, even though the majority of people in this corrupt country will never vote for integrity.

          I used to think that getting someone so bad as President that everyone would be jarred into awareness might be better than losing as slowly as possible, but since then we’ve been through Obama, Trump, and Biden, and I don’t see a great awakening yet…

  45. Question: does anyone know what James Corbett Beliives in regard to an airplane hitting the field at Shanksville or not ?
    also, an airplane hitting the pentagon or not ?
    of course I’m talking about the events of 9/11 has James ever made public what he believes regarding these two events? Because the 9/11 truth movement is in shambles no unity surrounding this topic. Incredible 20 years later and there’s no unity on something so basic.

    • Questions For Corbett

      You bring up something very timely with September 11th one month away.
      Having been extremely active in the 9/11 truth movement, I definitely know what you are talking about.
      I would love to see Corbett revisit some of his past work and address your questions.

      Welcome to the comment boards.
      I’m sure James appreciates your new subscription.

    • Lacking unity is exactly the point and purpose of the propaganda. And exactly why James has not centered his work on unverifiable minutia.

      I am glad that he did because we would otherwise have almost no long lasting results and verifiable 9/11 investigation that is not based on speculation and conjecture.

      • Hahaha, I thought the guys looking up at the plane had old looking clothes, like 1970’s.

    • Davinna,

      Dark times ahead indeed.
      The Vagabond comes up with a new meaning for an old saying; ‘put on the back burner.’

      Air Force seems to be owned and operated by Rathion and Lockheed Martin and Israel .

    • @Davinna

      There are also microwave and sonic resonance based DEWs (which are also not visible to the human eye, nor are those types of directed energy beams able to be captured by most cameras).

      • Perhaps even more disturbing is that even when there has been photographic evidence of the use of Directed Energy Weapons, as there was in the case of the Nashville “bombing” event most people, including those in the supposedly open minded truth community were mostly silent about it.

        I shared this link which used to have video footage, since scrubbed, from security cameras in lots of places after I came across it. It clearly showed a beam of some sort that became visible only because it passed through heavy low overcast. I don’t know if people just didn’t believe that it was credible or that they were simply uninterested. But I don’t remember anyone even commenting about it.

        The site still shows a still frame from the video. But the actual video was pretty compelling.

    • Most people in the general public seem to have been conditioned to dismiss the experiments by John Hutchinson which were related to directed energy beam phenomenon as nonsense.

      Those experiments actually had a great potential for being weaponized, and the military noticed, and apparently paid close attention to his work.

        • @Davinna

          Indeed. Nikola Tesla was a peaceful man, but he did invent certain technologies (over 100 years ago now) that had the potential to be perverted and weaponized (and cause mass destruction from a great distance). Using his ideas relating to harmonic resonance (sympathetic vibrations) and aiming intersecting coherent electromagnetic beams of energy at an object to change it’s molecular density (and interrupt molecular cohesion) is one of the pathways that his theories have been weaponized.

          “?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ????????, ????? ?? ????? ?? ??????, ????????? ??? ?????????” – Nikola Tesla

        • @Davinna

          Tesla also understood that we do not need massive expensive machines to extract usable energy or move our vehicles around. If we apply biomimicry for accessing energy (in a decentralized and scalable format) and propelling objects without the need for combusting anything.

          Many have have tried build on his theories/designs and been very successful in learning from nature but the best inventions (which are so efficient that they would reduce the cost of transportation, manufacturing and thus all goods to nearly zero) are always scooped up (and black boxed) by those that currently sit atop the existing energy monopolies (or ‘murder incorporated’ is sent in to pay the inventors a visit).

          Ralph Ring was a man that went down that path. He worked with Otis t. Carr (Protege of Nikola Tesla) to align with the forces of nature in order to create a ground breaking new form of propulsion / energy generation technology. Their method involved harmonic resonance and tapping into what scientists now call “the zero point field”. This is yet another method in which “mass cancellation” (commonly referred to as “anti-gravity”) can be achieved in a controlled, reproducible, scalable and practically applicable way.

          He began his journey to create ground breaking technologies through simply observing a bumblebee. (

          Ralph Ring knewways interview:

          Anti-Gravity & Conscious Awareness | Ralph and Marsha Ring :

        • @Davinna

          Ahh yes the somewhat annoying disappearing reply function phenomenon of these comment sections… I am sure that the function has some logical purpose, but I personally think it sucks 🙂

          I am glad you are enjoying the content.

          There are a great many mysteries to unravel when one embarks down the paths of knowledge those men journeyed along.

          There have been others that achieved inventing technologies that created similar “levitation”, “mass cancellation” aka “anti-gravity” effects (i`ll post some intel on that below) but Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr feel like they were on a path that was aligned with reverence, humility and allowing one’s soul to take the drivers seat (rather than the ego, as is the case with some inventors and institutions).

          Electromagnetic Lifter Technology (Electrogravitics) is technology that was developed by a brilliant mathematician and physicist who has elucidated the fundamental relationship between electromagnetism, magnetic fields and mass and gravity (well, at least, it was ‘this time around’ in modern history). Essentially, this technology (having been developed to the level of a proof of principle system as early as 8 decades ago) allows for a reduction in mass, allowing for lift. The principles allow for creating extremely efficient energy generation systems as well as advanced aerospace applications. Examples and scientific background of this technology have been described by Valone (1994, 2004), Cameron (2001), LaViolette (2008), and Loder (2002).

          – Valone, T. (2004). Electrogravitics II: Validating reports on a new propulsion methodology. Beltsville,
          MD, Integrity Research Institute. 159pp.

          – Cameron, J. (2001). “An Asymmetric Gravitational Wave Propulsion System,” AIAA Paper No. 2001-
          3913, Joint Propulsion Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 8-11, 2001. :

          – LaViolette, P. (2008). Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace
          Technology. Bear & Company. 512 pp. :

          — Thomas E. Bearden “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” (PDF download, the book is 952 pages long, though pages 609 onwards are index, footnotes, and glossary. The book has the heaviness and thickness of a phone book.) : and for select pages from the book that are viewable directly on :

          – Loder, T.C. III (2002). “Outside-the-box” space and terrestrial transportation and energy technologies for the 21st century. Presented at the 40th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV Jan. 2002.


        • (continued from above..)

          In the highly classified aerospace industry, such flying devices were dubbed ‘Flux Liners’ because they used the Quantum Vacuum Flux field to provide energy and propulsion. The early Aerospace prototypes used only a 24-volt marine battery as a power-up system, after which the device went ‘over unity’, drawing its power from the Quantum Vacuum of space. Later (once the military got their hands on downed exotic space craft) they used back engineering in combination with what they had learned from the human inventors above to create more efficient and powerful prototypes. One such iteration was called the “A.R.V.”. My research and sources indicate that effective gravity control technology was mastered in covert military R&D programs as of October of 1954. Significant improvements, augmentations and refinement has occurred since then, resulting in a wide array of craft being manufactured in compartmented military contracts (USAPs). To the layman, when observed in flight, these craft would appear ‘extraterrestrial’, this is not by accident.

          Historical Background:

          In 1927 an article was published in German journal, describing research experiments by Prof. Kowsky and his engineer Mr. Frost. They discovered that if they placed a quartz crystal inside a metal box and treated it with high-powered radio waves the crystal expanded and caused the whole apparatus weighing 55 pounds to rise in the air. Later that year these results were published in a US magazine.

          Townsend Brown’s development of Electrogravitics tech began in the mid 1920’s. Townsend Brown discovered that electric charge and gravitational mass are coupled. He found that when a capacitor is charged to a high voltage, it has a tendency to move toward its positive pole. His findings, which became known as the BiefeldBrown effect, were opposed by conventional minded physicists of his time. Brown conducted a demonstration for military top brass. He flew a pair of 3-foot diameter discs around a 50-foot course tethered to a central pole. Energized with 150,000 volts and emitting ions from their leading edge, they attained speeds of several hundred miles per hour. The subject was thereafter classified. Project Winterhaven involved Brown submitting a proposal to the Pentagon for the development of a Mach 3 disc shaped electrogravitic fighter craft. Drawings of its basic design are shown in one of his patents.

          In recent years, defense contractors and rogue corporate U.S.A.P.s have been continuing to augment their sequestered human electrogravitics tech with the study of highly advanced technologies that were obtained from the crashed craft of interstellar/interdimensional visitors. This has resulted in leaps and bounds being made in the weaponization and streamlining of the outward appearance of the craft being utilized by the rogue human elements I mentioned above, thus, we now live in times when exercising a keen sense of discernment is Key.

    • @HRS

      Interesting topic.

      Do you think this account could be run by a bot?

      I ask because sometimes I see weirdly unhuman rapid fire commenting and liking of things by that account.

      • I couldn’t say, but I really don’t want to investigate that substack.

        But I am becoming more alert to oddities and weird communications.

        This era is almost like a Catch-22, where Worldcoin proves that one is human with a digital scan of their eyeballs.
        Thus, if one is not scanned, then they might be an AI bot.

        • And bots can be quite complex in responses and communications now. I don’t think JC has had anything recently about how complex the responses can be and how to tell if you’re talking to a human versus AI or not but I was surprised at some of the dialogue I’ve read between bots and also human and bot.

          One of the ways it seems to discern is rapid response and some poor use of language.

          I think it will be necessary (unfortunately) to be able to pick up on AI/bots in order to avoid being sucked into a vacuous exchange and also in order to know what people really think. I think that the divide strategy is one of the ways the system keeps people from challenging it and AI is good at this. They can program it to respond in various ways.

          It can keep people sucked into the matrix while ignoring the world outside, efforts in the physical world that have more value IMO.

          There was a case of a fake Instagram influencer that I believe had a fake AI generated picture as well. It turned out to be a completely bogus account and no physical person behind it, except the person who programmed it.

          • What further aggravates the case…

            What does a person do? Call a commenter a “bot”?
            That’s akin to calling people a shill or controlled opposition or sock puppet or zionist or whatever.

            • No, probably just make people aware of the possibility without accusation.

      • Gavinm:

        From my understanding it’s an anonymous account that might have more than one writer. I don’t know if there’s been a human being step forward and claim the account. Maybe there has been.

        But I do think that there are probably accounts that are run by cognitive infiltrators that might work for the CIA or be privately paid by some of the string pullers. But how would you ever know for sure? Some of the narratives could be AI generated with input from a human, the programmer. I do think some of the comments are bots and a person could be having a back and forth with a bot. I don’t think it’s possible to find out with 100% certainty.

        But trying to find out is probably a waste of time. There seems to be a fine line between awareness and paranoia. The latter being an anxious state of mind that can cloud judgment.

        In the case of controlled opposition accusations I think that some of the people making the accusations could be exactly that or falling into the Sunstein trap. I’ll post JC’s interesting analysis of how this type of thing might work below:

        • @cu.h.j

          Thanks very much for taking the time to reply and share your observations and perspectives on this matter.

          You make a good point regarding how detrimental and impeding it can be when one is always pointing their finger and calling everyone (mostly people that have a different opinion) a “shill”, “controlled opposition”, “bots” or psyop agent etc. It seems to me that floating that kind of paranoia out there in generalized ways (in communities of people that are open minded and inquisitive) can often serve to cripple their inquisitiveness and close minds to narrow view points (perhaps intentionally in some cases).

          I hope you are having an enjoyable summer and have been able to find some time to get into nature and work in the garden.

          • Yeah it can diminish curiosity or lead people down the wrong path. It’s just good to learn how to check sources and come to ones own conclusions.

            I’ve never read that substack however, so can’t comment on if I think the material is interesting. I am going to start developing my garden. I had to do the landscaping first though which was very intensive process.

            • @cu.h.j

              That is exciting you are going to begin developing your garden.

              If you ever have any questions or are trying to troubleshoot regarding your landscaping/gardening I am happy to share what I have learned in my ten years or so of working in those two areas professionally (free of charge).

              I hope you have fun designing your dream garden and may it bring you many bountiful and nutritious harvests.

              • Thank you! I’ll definitely take you up on that once I’m farther along. Have a wonderful rest of your week:)

  46. No longer Kool…says the FDA.

    Saturday August 12, 2023
    Menthol Tobacco Cigarettes Ban Is Coming!
    (4 1/2 minutes)

    Brian from Windy City Cigars sits down, and talks about the upcoming Menthol Ban coming in 2024. The Biden Administration is pushing for the ban of menthol cigarettes and tobacco.
    [By the way, Brian really knows about tobacco.]

    The tobacco marketplace has changed in recent years.
    Organic rolling tobacco (for ‘make your own” cigs or pipe tobacco) became difficult to find after some federal regulations made it ‘illegal’ to label the bags “organic”.
    Now it seems that a fair number of independent growers offer organic tobacco leaf, and they also offer the utensils needed to convert your leaf into rolling or pipe tobacco.

    • I am no user of these products, but as far as I am aware, growing tobacco is so convoluted in my area that those growing on a small scale do so illegally. There is a black market on which this type of less processed product can be obtained.

      I can’t remember, what was the word for collusion between gobment and relatively big business?

      There is also a large pressure on the markets due to obscenely high taxes on cigarettes. They keep anteing them up, but smokers keep smoking.

  47. For non-Americans, Iowa and its state fair has traditionally played a center stage role in national elections.
    The Des Moines Register is part of the USA TODAY NETWORK.
    The “Des Moines Register Political Soapbox” was a platform this summer for political candidates of both parties to share their views.

    CLIMATE CHANGE – (Injecting CO2 underground)
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr exposes the corruption surrounding the planned Carbon Dioxide pipeline in Iowa.
    QUEUED at the 12:53 mark

    [Earlier parts of this video have glitches. Later, I expect a better quality video will appear.]

    • HRS,
      This is a hornet nest kicking experience for sure. Will the collective American mind remember later the ” how about them waffles?”.
      I do hope so and pray some good can come to the public awareness… But I think it’s just another trick on the American people. With or without the knowledge of RFKjr.
      Black Rock and Vanguard are like this video here. Unexpected pies in the face are not quite like the kick in the balls Kennedy is giving B.Rock & Vanguard. They do not play fair. Odds are heavily in their favor. The project must have already been put on the back burner for a future completion date. As RFKjr.says paid for by the public.
      Reminds me of the west Texas/ Ok deep gas wells and nitrogen fracking of the mid-1970s. Instead of the tax payer getting hung with the bill, hundreds of people were defrauded, swindled of thousands of $ 10,000 unit/shares.
      Always a trick,always an unfair advantage and a well planned Grift. Privatize the profit,put the debt on the backs of the gullible public.

      • I learned stuff that I did not know about CO2 pipelines in that presentation.

        However, I am relieved…
        In 2021, Oklahoma legislature put forth the Bigfoot Bill which calls for the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission to set up rules for a big foot hunting season.
        This bill is not fiction; it is indeed, quite real. The commission would create the needed licenses/fees, as well as defining dates for the Oklahoma Big Foot hunting season.

        Oklahoma has always had a lot of Bigfoot sightings, just recently the Tulsa River Park Authorities of Oklahoma wrote on April fools day about the huge amount of sightings. It might seem like a joke, but the authorities assured people that April fools day had nothing to do with it. It is curious that there was so many sightings that even the local government commented on it!….

        Southeast of Tulsa is Honobia, OK with its “Bigfoot Bluff” landmark.
        Bluff or not…
        …As I understand it, most of a Bigfoot documentary was being filmed there.
        In May 2021, an Oklahoma lawmaker proposed “a $3 million reward for anyone who “humanely” captures Bigfoot alive”.

        How about that marketing?!
        Thems’ ‘sum waffles!

        • HRS,

          Only in Oklahoma can the state legislature come up with a Department of Extinction.

          Tex,it’s only $ 25,000. Not $3mil.

          • HRS,
            The pure immoral idiocy of the proposed bill shows how big Guv’ment works. Against nature most of the time
            Quote from the proposal ;”Hunting seasons are created for the purpose of allowing the hunted animals to regrow their population and not become overly hunted, but with Bigfoot never having been successfully …[ harvested]” My emph…
            As even a child can tell you from his FFA knowledge. Killing the best ,the biggest of the herd will leave you with the small,frailer, sicker and less resilient to regrow the population of a species .
            Fishing has slot limits. The smaller are removed to boost the populations with studs.
            Last ,it is obvious the State social engineering of people follow the hunter idiocy of culling the healthiest and replacing them with the sick,woke and weak.

          • When you read the details, the whole thing was about creating a tourist attracting hype, a “catch-n-release Bigfoot” marketing ploy.
            Actually, it was a clever campaign for that part of Oklahoma in order to attract outside dollars.

  48. Saturday August 12, 2023 – Forbes Breaking News
    (Q&A period with reporters)
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Asked Point Blank About Hunter Biden, Woody Harrelson & More | Iowa State Fair
    (19 minutes)

    –Disseminating the MESSAGE–
    At the 7 minute mark, RFK, Jr is asked about Martin Luther King, Jr and the phone tap. Bobby tells the story.
    After he finishes telling the story about MLK, Kennedy says:
    “And by the way, I am very happy that Cornel West is running. Cornel West has been very, very good on the Ukraine war, and he has the same concerns that I do about the middle class of this country being strip-mined by big corporations of their equity and their wealth…”
    [RFK then talks about the democratic process of elections.]
    “So I welcome Cornel West to the race, and I am very grateful that he is delivering the kind of important MESSAGES that he is talking about.”

  49. I’ve been following this channel for a while and have to say they may start getting some flak soon. As they are over the freaking target.

    GRIM HUSTLE: Your Life is a Prison. Break Out!

    The following 10 insights will summarise your life.

    Number 1: You were born in a cold prison, it is your country, your state.
    Number 2: You have to pay for the prison stay, they call the prison fee taxes.
    Number 3: You have no say what will be done with the money, but you have to pay.
    Number 4: To pay the money you have to work. The prison encourages you to buy new shiny products so you feel better about your poor existence.
    Number 5: You are not allowed to exit the prison and live on your own. They will hunt you and make you pay.
    Number 6: Only a few prisoners have walked far enough to see the prison wall.
    Number 7: The prison gives you news and entertainment, so that you don’t discover the prison walls.
    Number 8: The prison does not allow strong family bonds or strong brotherhood, unless you are part of the group that is running the prison.
    Number 9: The prison you live in wants you weak, sick and divided. Because weak prisoners can’t climb the walls.
    Number 10: The prison is mostly run by other prisoners. It will collapse if enough prisoners wake up.

    • That is a dramatic verbal presentation by a rough looking Russian-type character, like a scene clipped from a John Wick movie.
      It catches attention, then interest.

      • You may know or you just stumbled into it, but this fella indeed played a minor role in the final instalment of John Wick quadrilogy.

        • Well, I’ll be.
          I didn’t know.

    • Yes. You have to pay rent for your prison cell, plus you pay for any improvements you make on your cell and then you must pay a higher rent. You also not only pay the costs for the items you buy to improve your cell, but also pay added fees on top of the costs, plus the higher rent.

    • That made me grin. Some of the lines were good.

    • It’s a working guy song, but I have to pop the question: if people running these platforms didn’t want it to spring up, would it?

      • Mkey

        Of Course Not.
        Even a boiling teapot whistles so it don’t EXPLODE!

        I wana hear more music from Croatia, how do you avoid the gas build up. Don’t tell me Bean-O.

        • I prevent the buildup by letting the gas out in smaller, regular bursts.

          • Mkey

            Do you have any new examples trending? You once shared some local flare a couple years ago if I remember correctly.

        • It’s interesting how various Appalachia related videos have been suggested by boobtube recently.

          Would a video collect millions of views if boobtube didn’t recommend it? Would it get recommended if it didn’t collect millions of views?

          • You make an extremely important point.
            It is like they are “controlling the narrative” by directing attention and creating a “fad”.

  50. Re: Hawaii Fires, DEW, Weather Control,
    A 171 page pdf describing what and how much to aerosol spray pellets, oil, powders etc prior to starting fires in the Vietnam military campaign. Printed in June 1970 it was declassified in 1983.
    Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov’t. agencies
    and their contractors;
    Administrative/Operational Use; JUN 1970.
    Otherrequests shall be referred to Defense Advanced
    Research Projects Agency, 675 North Randolph
    Street, Arlington, VA 22203-2114.
    DARPA ltr, 10 May 1983; DARPA ltr, 10 May 1983

    So” chemtrails” have been overtly in use now for over 53 years. The amount of spraying worldwide now blows my mind. I am on an island of the northeast of Maine. Never saw chemtrails here until this last summer. I mentioned it to the people I was with, “Oh heh, look at all those planes crisscrossing the sky, that is unusual…I wonder why?” They look up. Yeah, they noticed and heard that the news saids they were rerouting planes because of the smoke from the Canadian fires. :/ Really? Pray what destination might that be over the ocean at 45 degrees latitude?
    My daughter who lives 400 miles west of Anchorage Alaska sent me a picture of herself and her dogs on the tundra under a chemtrailing sky.
    So reading that paper you needed to spray, then wait for the right weather conditions to come along before activating a conflagration. In Hawaii wasn’t a hurricane at its doorsteps? Conditions ripe.
    Anyway, what is really cool to me was I was in the old library here and they were discarding books, one was entitled Cloud Seeding published in 1964. They let me take it. In the preface they said in the last fifteen years(since 1947) they were ebullient that they found out not only could they modify existing weather, but they could CONTROL the weather. And being the fallen human beings that we are…that means also for nefarious purposes.
    I am not at home now, when I get home I will submit the full title and copyright of that little discarded book.

    • The small volume previously referred to and which I serendipitously found yesterday on the Discard pile at the public library, was published in 1964.
      Introduction to Applied Meteorology
      Louis Battan was born in 1923 New York City. He enlisted the Air Force World War 2 and later became a weather officer.He attended radar and electronic classes at HRVARD AND M.I.T. in 1958 he joined the staff at the University of Arizona as Professor of Meteorology and Associate Director of the Institute of Applied Physics.

    • @s511

      Thanks for the intel and first hand observations.

  51. My husband has been catching up with his podcasts so, Re Pyrex going out of business (NWNW 19/6) James (Media Monarchy) hypothesised that perhaps this would affect people being able to preserve their own food. Interestingly, in June, we heard via our german neighbours that they saw on German news that Weck, the old established German manufacturer of canning jars has gone bankrupt. They told me this, because they have regularly ordered jars for me. The weck website is still operating, but there are limits now on the quantity that private customers can order. As far as I know, le Parfait the French canning jar company is still going strong.

    • I really like Pyrex and other glass products.
      I see them as a way to avoid harmful chemicals like PFAS and hormone disrupters.
      Having once worked with melting glass on a small scale, I know that it is energy intensive.

      I think that the shift resulted from higher natural gas prices and the demonization of CO2.

  52. Wednesday August 9, 2023
    Formerly of Kitco News, Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research interviews Edward Dowd (author of Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Death in 2021 & 2022), who has expertise as a Wall Street analyst.
    Edward Dowd lives on Maui. Dowd helps with the Robert F Kennedy, Jr campaign.
    During the conversation, Daniela brings up her previous interview with Doug Casey, (who we have often seen at Anarchapulco), where they discussed RFK, Jr and his views on bitcoin and gold.
    At the tail end of the interview, Daniela asks Dowd what he thinks of the Congressional testimony about aliens.
    Ed Dowd cites the world’s precarious financial predicament, and poses the possibility of something not unlike James Corbett’s Episode 301 – How to Fake an Alien Invasion
    The taboo topic of vaccines is breached, and they discuss the censorship.
    Of importance, Dowd cites The Fed’s unemployment figures which are grossly distorted with the growing Disability numbers.
    During May and June, 1.2 million people were added to the Disability figures.
    (The Fed is trying to get higher unemployment figures. It wants to put people out of work.)

    Ed Dowd Unfiltered: RFK, the Vaccine’s New Disability Crisis, and the Next Big Threat to America
    (20 minutes)

    00:00 Edward Dowd Introduction
    1:44 Sam Bankman-Fried and a Failed Justice System
    4:28 Hunter Biden Enters Not Guilty Plea
    5:54 RFK Jr. Denied Secret Service Protection
    7:30 BRIC’s Initiative and RFK Jr. Gold-Backed Proposal
    10:53 Federal Funds Rate vs. Dollar
    12:07 Latest on Inflation and Unemployment Rate
    14:48 Edward’s Latest Research on Vaccines
    16:26 FedNow Path to CBDC’s
    18:36 Next Big Threat to America

      • HRS.
        So to be clear here. In thousands of 34,000 thousand Americans filed a disability claim. 34,000,000 million, with a Capitol M?

        Shocking is an understatement.

        • 34 million is the total number who say they have “a disability.” I suppose most of them filed a claim at some point, but this isn’t “34 million filed this year” or anything like that.
          While the number of disabled seems to have increased, a much larger number of them than previously are employed, probably because working from home is more feasible than in the past. Some relevant figures are at

          • I read that on YahooFinance.
            I thought it was an interesting ‘news throw’, because the CRE (Commercial Real Estate) market is vomiting and regional banks are sweating bigtime with loan renewals coming up over the next few years.
            The vacancy rate in office space is crushing that end of the market.

            The GRAPH tells a story, especially with the new higher range trend.
            There are a lot of implications date-wise, and factor-wise.

            And we know that, generally, disabled people are not suddenly cured.
            Typically, the only way to come off that graph is to die.
            And we can predict that death happens, which would then put a downward pressure on rising statistics.

            The Fed has been trying to get higher unemployment numbers.
            But despite the massive layoffs in the past 12 months, the unemployment numbers have been staying in a range.
            When the Jobs Reports come out, they have been reporting lots and lots of available jobs.
            Thus, generally, it is easier for someone who is recently unemployed to find available work.
            This begs the question: “What if the population of the available workforce is shrinking?”
            If that is the case, then we can understand why it is difficult to get higher unemployment figures.

            • There are indeed labour shortages for a while now but that is mostly due to many longer term factors that are coming home to roost: lousy training, practically zero investment in efficiency, lack of accountability etc.

              Especially in IT burnout is a common occurrence that makes people switch lanes completely and go into a different nice. The loss of experience and knowledge is mind numbing.

    • Jesus, that’s almost half a percent of total population in two months. With all the hype and dirty tricks convid could’t get even near that figure.

      And there is also a huge dip just after the “pandemic” started. What could that be???

      • Maybe not so shocking if the SSI- welfare group moved to the higher paying Disability group. From SSA, Table Three snapshot in June 2023 says 7,475,000 total recipients on SSI rolls. If a portion moved to Disability for higher pay may “esplain” the bump up in Disabilities.
        So maybe 40 million Americans are on the dole in August 2023.
        63,721,000 SS recipients

        I’m with Sam Clements on statistics,lies, damn lies and statistics.

      • Here is a speculative theory of mine…

        Look at the GRAPH and notice the decline that started around February 2020.
        I speculate that this accounts for disabled people dying off during the Pandemic.

          • Died or murdered by hospitals

            It makes sense…
            Likely, many people who are disabled would have comorbidities.
            Those who had comorbidities had the highest death counts during the Pandemic.

            The graph shows a huge ‘alarming’ decline in the number of disabled.
            It is not like disabled people were suddenly brought back to full health.

            Furthermore, notice how the graph hits bottom in July 2020 (matching 2016 levels).
            Then, the number of disabled starts to rise.
            I speculate that the lockdowns and injuries caused by the hospitals (remdesivir, etc.) played a role with the change in trend. They contributed to disabling more people.


  53. Holy bovine! This sounds like a really bad soap opera plot.

    “I am being hunted down right now, like an animal”

    “Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you to please talk to Dr. Robert Malone and not have me killed”

    Karen Kingston of “The Kingston Report” substack, which has over 50,000 subscribers, posted online on GETTR on July 23, 2023 (40 minutes total). Recorded and posted from Mexico.

    Today’s essay is not one that I have looked forward to writing, but apparently it has to be done. Like extracting a rotting tooth, painful but necessary. Bottom line, as I previously predicted a hate cult has developed, and is now being exploited for fifth generation warfare purposes.”

    • GEEEZZ!
      What a friggin nightmare.
      I feel for Malone and others affected by this weirdness.
      So much confusion is being generated that it seems beyond remedy.

      As is evident, people in the “truth community” can swallow bullshit and lose their mental faculties of discernment.

      I hate drama.
      It distracts and is unhealthy.

      Some folks thirst for drama.

      • “As is evident, people in the “truth community” can swallow bullshit and lose their mental faculties of discernment.”

        Very true. But I wouldn’t ascribe that failing to the truth community alone considering what Joe Normie has a history of swallowing hook line and sinker.

        Its just such a damn shame that those who are ostensibly on the same (truth) team so often try to destroy each other.
        It doesn’t bother me at all when the liars eat their own.

        • It’s a common human failing, displaced anger or anger and suspicion directed at people who are nearby. When people are stressed and traumatized they become angry and anxious and it can diminish discernment of the situation.

          They cast blame on people who they perceive to have been a part of a corrupt institution, like people who worked for the government or who work in mainstream health care. In this specific case Dr. Malone both worked in government and also is a regular doctor and/or research and developer of pharma drugs. He also (as far as I can tell) doesn’t think all vaccines are bad. I think he’s probably wrong about that now but he can be wrong and also not be to blame for all this atrocity that pharma has inflicted on humanity. What makes a person culpable for working for or in a corrupt institution? Can a person not change and grow and then work towards helping humanity?

          But by focusing energy on targeting people who they think is controlled opposition or is a double agent, energy is being wasted in addition to time and money that could be used in better ways.

          I strongly believe that it is rare for people to agree on every single issue and that disagreement does not mean a person is corrupt. I think people should also be aware of the possibility of psychological manipulation by elitist think tanks that are purposely feeding conflict and that it’s important to use intuition as a guide and not lose sight of the big picture. JC’s episode on Sunstein was very good at helping me understand how this kind of psychological manipulation works.

      • HRS,
        Made me think of Sybil Edmonds.
        It is undeniable there are contractors for hire, and a Murder Inc. born of the military that has trained men and women to do that kind of work for a long time.
        Seems the Private Corporations are the clients and the state supplies the manpower. Normal people turned righteous are the target.
        Can anyone righteous claim to have killed any Goliath in modern times? Seems they just pick the pocket and nothing goes beyond cost of doing business. When it does go beyond, in come the enforcers.
        Pulling all bioweapons from pharmacy shelves probably crossed the line.
        That is what is so perplexing with candidate Kennedy and Shiva . You can insult them with immunity.

      • I think he’s right about a psychotic episode though. It seems like it could be what’s going on.

        But, I never looked at what was going on with that lawsuit. I thought it looked bad to sue people but I understand being angry and hurt that people would make false accusations. I understand why people are suspicious of someone who is from pharma and research and has experience getting government contracts though but it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily corrupt.

        And if you defame people, they could sue and it sure sucks to be involved in a lawsuit. It’s a drain. The courts are like vampires.

        Anyway, people do like drama because it’s distracting. But I’m sure the powers that be want as much in fighting and division as possible and also distraction.

        • Or she has someone harassing her and psychologically terrorizing her and saying it’s Dr. Malone.

          This is one of the practical reasons for meditation and also focusing on staying grounded by eating good food and sleeping well and taking time off from time to time.

        • On the other hand, his lawsuit is for a large sum of money, very large and if the other party loses, this could bankrupt them.

          Is this like what happened to Alex Jones? Does this hinder free speech or cause people to be more careful about what they say?

          I totally understand why a person would be very angry at false accusations, but did he actually suffer any financial damage from any false claims made? I guess the lawsuit is still pending. But even the lawsuit is a distraction in a way. It’s very weird.

          Anyway, I think discernment is a good skill to have and also having empathy and forgiveness for others as well especially if they are not the enemy.

  54. Ammon Bundy back in the news…

    My son just texted me about this late today. I wasn’t aware.

    August 12, 2023 – Idaho Capital Sun
    Former Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy arrested on warrant in Gem County
    Bundy had active arrest warrant after Ada County judge found him in contempt of court for refusing to show up to legal proceedings for St. Luke’s lawsuit

    Ammon Bundy, the anti-government provocateur, has been arrested according to the Gem County dispatch service.

    Bundy has had an active arrest warrant since mid-April after an Ada County judge found him in contempt of court for refusing to show up to legal proceedings for nearly a year over a civil lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System…

    …The state’s largest health system sued Bundy, as well as his associate, Diego Rodriguez, for defamation. Both men accused the hospital of kidnapping Rodriguez’s infant grandson, who was the subject of a child protection case.

    Bundy and Rodriguez called for protests over the child’s hospitalization, which eventually resulted in a lockdown at St. Luke’s downtown Boise campus, along with threats called into the hospital’s switchboard, according to a sworn statement by the organization’s vice president of population health.

    An Ada County jury sided with St. Luke’s last month, forcing him, his associate, Diego Rodriguez, and their respective business entities to pay the hospital $52.5 million, according to the Idaho Statesman.
    The Entire Baby Cyrus Kidnapping Story
    This is the 90 minute presentation given by Diego Rodriguez (Baby Cyrus’s grandfather) on May 10th, 2023, about Government Subsidized Child Trafficking that not only describes the entire Baby Cyrus Story, but explains the reasons WHY Baby Cyrus was kidnapped in the first place.
    [WATCH THIS –> 8 minute video summary available][Link to other videos]

    Ammon Bundy YouTube Channel

    • I knew about this back soon after it happened, but hadn’t heard any updates.

      Another current incident is in Missouri with the Guidry family. We the Patriots is funding their defense. The Guidry’s dared to try to help their autistic son with non-pharmaceuticals and were making significant progress. The state couldn’t let that happen, and took not just that child, but three others as well. The children have now been returned, but the family is not allowed to use the substance that was helping their son, or to homeschool, until the case is decided.

  55. Does anyone know if Whitney Webb’s son is okay? Her last newsletter was July 19 and they were in the hospital with him.

  56. Here is the latest installment of my Befriending The Boreal series:

    The post linked above invites the reader to get to know to get to know a tree that our Chipewyan neighbors refer to as “Big Brother” (as in a loving and protective older brother that teaches you cool things, not a 1984 style authoritarian statist/oligarchic “big brother” that ruins your life and tries to enslave you haha).

    Spruce trees provide a bounty of medicine, food, habitat and essential materials for countless species and cultures globally. If you would like to learn more about the many forms of medicine, food, wisdom and other gifts our elder brother Spruce offers our human family, check out the post linked above.

  57. Crazy Lunatic Woman on “Special Grand Jury”

    With recent breaking news headlines here in August, people should watch Emily Kohrs in the ZeroHedge link…

    In case you haven’t heard, mid-August headlines run like this:
    Grand Jury Indicts 18 Others Alongside Trump

    As I understand it, Emily Kohrs served as the forewoman of a “special” grand jury. A foreperson is appointed. Evidently, her “special” grand jury convened to gather evidence.
    Then, later, another Federal Grand Jury was convened in order to either “no bill” or indict. An indictment means that there is enough evidence for a criminal trial, but it does not establish guilt. A criminal trial does establish guilt.

    Personally, I have not been following the Trump indictment drama.
    But the crazy lady put in charge of the first grand jury reaffirms to me how nutty the justice system is.

    • Agree with her or not,. (Which I do and I don’t.) Naomi Wolf is an excellent writer. In my opinion at least.
      I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

      “Today is a new low for an America that is being dragged through every humiliation, in its re-christening as a thoroughgoing Banana Republic…..”

      “…. Here I disclose that I actually went to hear President Trump in person — last month, at an event in his private Trump National Bedminster Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. I was given the opportunity to attend by a friend, and, while I hesitated, it was only for a moment. No real journalist should give up the chance to hear a former President, and current candidate for that job, in person……”

      • A very interesting article. I read it, was impressed (and almost willing to think maybe Trump can be decent and that he isn’t ALL bad – although maybe mostly), and commented on her substack.

        I agree about Naomi Wolf. I agree (sometimes) and I don’t (sometimes), but I like reading her articles. 🙂

    • Crazy lunatic women, what would we do without them?

      • “Crazy lunatic women, what would we do without them?”

        Truly the world would be much less entertaining.
        As it surely would be in the absence of boorish, unpleasant men.

  58. Virus identification – Genome – DNA – simian virus 40 (SV40) – Kevin McKernan – Covid Vaccine contaminants – Cannabis compounds

    (37 minutes)
    Guest host, Dr Jim Meehan, talks to scientific researcher, Kevin McKernan about his groundbreaking discovery of plasmid derived dsDNA contamination in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and lays out the proven dangers of injecting foreign DNA into the body.
    This 37 minute clip came from Thursday August 10 The Highwire “Episode 332 THE FORBIDDEN DEBATE”

    There is some fascinating information in this interview.

    Medicinal Genomics
    Kevin is the CSO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics and has pioneered the genomics of cannabis and hemp to build a stronger scientific environment ( for the study of cannabis based therapeutics and blockchain technologies for tracking and verifying cannabis genetics.

  59. I was scrolling through the stories at Activist Post.
    This one caught my interest…

    Aloe Vera May Double as an All-natural Insecticide, Study Reveals

    Basically, these south Texas University researchers were trying to identify the anti-pest compounds found in the Aloe Vera leaf which is a waste product.
    “The researchers then produced various extracts from the peels with hexane, dichloromethane (DCM), methanol, and water.”

    I’ve had many hours of lab hands-on experience with hexane, dichloromethane (DCM), methanol and almost died when I was working at an Environmental Lab which tested materials for contaminants.
    Those are very nasty chemicals.
    They can melt the fats in your body.

    I have a ‘high octane’ blender. I will throw garlic and other plant stuff in there to make anti-pest mixes. Then store it in old plastic gallon water bottles.

    It works okay for rabbits, but I have to re-do everytime I water the plants.
    A bunny wiped out a patch of peanuts I had going on some bare earth, ‘cuz I didn’t make em taste bad with garlic clove sauce.
    My tomatoes did well this year, despite the heat. I planted peanuts right next to the roots. Peanuts put nitrogen into the soil.
    The peanuts around my place just love these weeks of 105 degree F (40.56 °C).
    They are about the only plants that are enjoying it.

    • Related link:

      1) Without warning, Lahaina was ravaged by fire. Residents fled from a virtual fireball of destruction. Over 100 reported deaths have been reported so far. 300 homes, 1,200 structures were destroyed. Every boat in the harbor burned. The death toll is expected to rise.

      2) The heat melted steel and glass. Steel’s melting point is around 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Glass melts at 2,600 F. House fires and wildfires only ever reach temperatures of 1,500 degrees F.

      What accounts for the extra heat ?????

      3) What melts steel and glass but leaves surrounding trees standing? What turns buildings into white dust?

      ​4) What grazes the back of a car and continues forward to melt metal and glass in the next car or destroy a nearby building yet leave the original car otherwise untouched?

      5) What travels around certain structures in its downwind path, while completely pulverizing surrounding buildings?

      6) What can leave trees standing, melt metal and glass, while reaching across water to engulf boats in a spontaneous blaze? These boats were not near fuel sources. Flying sparks alone do not easily explain why they burned.

      7) Despite heat intense enough to melt metal and glass and to incinerate boats on the water, plastic not attached to metal survived, like this plastic piggy bank.

    • jo-ann,
      Thanks so much for this info.

      BLOW TORCH and melting glass

      While I won’t claim to know much about Lahaina, there are some important aspects about heat and fire that most people don’t know.

      –Velocity of air flow– Air Force
      Decades ago, I taught myself to sculpt and melt glass. I had a kiln and a blow torch. I used propane (a cleaner fuel) and oxygen. It takes a special kind of eyeglass filter in order to see the flame point and glass while working.
      While one works with a ratio of fuel to oxygen mix, there is also the factor of velocity of air flow, especially oxygen. Crank up that velocity and that familiar hissing sound comes into play as one obtains a needle point flame. By moving the glass in and around that needle point, it very quickly will start to melt. Moving it away, it starts to become solid again. By playing with this, back and forth, melt and solidify, glass can be shaped.
      The hottest point is just off the tip of the flame, not at the base of the flame near the nozzle head.

      Propane was my fuel source. People use propane all the time to cook with. It, as an open flame, won’t melt the pans nor glass.
      In the movies, we see the blacksmith with the air billows. The velocity of air flow is crucial for bending iron and steel. A regular fire won’t do it.

      The winds at Lahaina were whipping and directionally erratic said to be 80 Miles per hour (which would be a pressure force of 25.6 pounds per square foot (275.46 lbs per sq metre).
      I envision a stack of books weighing 25 pounds.
      That’s some hell of a punch of moving air.

      Possibly, many of the anomalies at Lahaina can be explained by this “blow torch” phenomena.

      Envision scenarios.
      Example: A house (fuel) is on fire with winds whipping all around, but towards the ocean. The most intense “blow torch” heat will be on the ocean side.
      Once that house fuel source is pretty much gone, the non-combustible remnants will remain (white ash).
      With the whipping winds, if the “blow torch” tip of heat jumps past something like a car, then that car will be in the cooler part of the fire.
      (And also the factor of too much air flow for a fire.)

      Trees are actually great insulators, and are dense. I keep burning a stump with fuel in my yard to prevent it from sprouting. The stump’s flame goes out when the fuel runs out.

      • Thanks, HR.
        One of the videos shows the exterior of the tree unaffected, but the inside of the base of the tree charred. Plus, how does one explain the unburned plastics found amongst burned items? I don’t know how many examples like this there are, but folks on the ground are collecting information to be used in an investigation, hopefully one independent of the PTSB.

    • From The Highwire on Thursday August 17 excerpt from “Episode 333: INESCAPABLE”

      38 minutes

      (Dead body in video.)(Very toxic environment now with out proper gear.)
      After the devastating fires in Maui, Lahaina resident Mike Cicchino tells his horrifying story of having to flee the fires with his wife and child, taking refuge in the ocean for hours. He details his family’s experience, the loss of their home, and separates fact from fiction. Also, hear from two experienced disaster relief responders on the ground in the fire’s aftermath with their take on where the government’s disaster warning systems and relief have failed.

    • I thought of how the wind feels when driving 70 mph and sticking your head out the window.
      Imagine a train barreling down the tracks at 70 mph with open top containers filled with lit kerosene. Anything on top of the caboose would become instant char.

      Very telling anecdote of a guy in a ditch drain canal around the 7 minute mark of the following video…

      Jonathan Petramala YouTube Channel
      Chaotic Maui Evacuation: Police Block Exits As Wildfire Forces Ocean Escape

  60. RFK Jr. Sues YouTube and Google, Alleges ‘Misinformation Policies’ Violated His First Amendment Rights
    I wonder if Robert F Kennedy’s lawsuit against Google/YouTube has prompted the following action by YouTube…

    August 18, 2023 – Off Guardian – Kit Knightly
    Inside YouTube’s new “Medical Misinformation Policy”

    A few days ago YouTube amended their Covid19 Misinformation policy, changing it so it now applies to all things medical.

    The original policy was put in place in the early days of the pandemic, May 2020, and outlawed content in the video sharing platform that “contradicted the WHO or local health authorities” concerning the pandemic: [screenshot]

    Over the years it’s been regularly updated, outright banning all “vaccine misinformation” in late 2021.

    The latest revamp is the biggest so far. The new “medical misinformation policy” – no longer just “covid19 misinformation” – now addresses cancer treatments, abortion and non-Covid vaccines, according to CNN.

    A YouTube spokesman told the media that the new policy will be focusing on three key areas: “Prevention, treatment and denial”: [screenshot]

    ~~~~ Videos promoting alternative medicine or dietary tips that claim to prevent disease – gone.
    ~~~~ Videos sharing alternative or natural treatments – gone.
    ~~~~ Videos claiming establishment treatments (eg. radiation or chemotherapy) do more harm than good – even from people who have had those treatments – gone.
    ~~~~ Videos claiming X disease does not exist – gone.

    In short, YouTube will no longer allow any medical content at all that isn’t simply parroting government policy or promoting big pharma products.

    Tellingly, it’s all about approval from authority, not accuracy of the information. In fact, nowhere in the entire document is there any kid of differentiation made between “accuracy” and “authority”.

    In YouTube world something is “information” if it’s confirmed by the government, and “misinformation” if it is not. Reality is subject to the approval of the state, and the state is always right.

    Which tells you everything you need to know.

    • Youboob is becoming worse than TeeVee.

      I wonder what constitutes abortion misinformation. Claims that abortion is murder? Or claims about abortions being performed later and later so that more fully formed organs can be harvested? Or claims about abortions being a mass global blood ritual?

      • I like the way Jimmy Dore framed the story and the perspective, especially by pointing out the role of Bill Gates.

        I’m glad that Jimmy Dore continues doing what he does.
        He fills a void.

        Jimmy Dore did an excellent job of interviewing RFK, Jr.
        Dore posed tough questions with follow-up, and at times it really put RFK on the spot.

    • It actually has always been this way. They have just changed the design to the new one. 4IR is the new plan. I reject it.

    • August 15, 2023 – YouTube Official Blog

      A long term vision for YouTube’s medical misinformation policies
      By Dr. Garth Graham and Matt Halprin
      Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships, and VP and Global Head of Trust and Safety

      …Debate and discussion are critical to the advancement of science and medicine.
      We always carefully take into account context when enforcing our policies, and allow content that provides educational, documentary, scientific and artistic (EDSA) context.
      One element we consider is public interest.
      This means that we may allow content that is sufficiently in the public interest to remain on YouTube, even if it otherwise violates our policies – for example, a video of a public hearing or comments made by national political candidates on the campaign trail that disputes health authority guidance, or graphic footage from active warzones or humanitarian crises.
      We may also make exceptions for personal testimonies or content that discusses the results of a specific medical study. Adding context to a video doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be allowed to remain, and we may also age-gate some content or surface an information panel underneath these videos to provide additional context for viewers….

    • Backstory: As I understand it…
      On April 19, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts
      Robert Kennedy Jr. Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign.
      During the middle of that 2 hour speech, YouTube had suddenly censored the video. In one of RFK’s interviews, he talks about this.
      —See RFK lawsuit against Google/YouTube above.

      From June 2, 2023 – YouTube Official Blog
      An update on our approach to US election misinformation

      When we craft our policies, we always keep two goals in mind: protecting our community, and providing a home for open discussion and debate. These goals are sometimes in tension with each other, and there is perhaps no area where striking a balance is more complex than political speech. The ability to openly debate political ideas, even those that are controversial or based on disproven assumptions, is core to a functioning democratic society–especially in the midst of election season.

      The ability to openly debate political ideas, even those that are controversial or based on disproven assumptions, is core to a functioning democratic society — especially in the midst of election season.

      We first instituted a provision of our elections misinformation policy focused on the integrity of past US Presidential elections in December 2020, once the states’ safe harbor date for certification had passed.
      Two years, tens of thousands of video removals, and one election cycle later, we recognized it was time to reevaluate the effects of this policy in today’s changed landscape.
      In the current environment, we find that while removing this content does curb some misinformation, it could also have the unintended effect of curtailing political speech without meaningfully reducing the risk of violence or other real-world harm.
      With that in mind, and with 2024 campaigns well underway, we will stop removing content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2020 and other past US Presidential elections.
      This goes into effect today, Friday, June 2. As with any update to our policies, we carefully deliberated this change….

      • RFK Jr spoke in Manchester, N. H. a month or two before the April 19 Boston announcement. I received the link to the video very soon after (YooToob, I think) and it was already unavailable. (I had signed up on a wait list to go to the event.)

  61. Wow! A ton of comments on this August Open Thread. I figured folks here would be on vacation. September is when the crackdowns on us slaves will begin again. Probably masks, lockdowns, more injections, and wealth confiscation in one way or another.

    I can’t go through another round of all that crap. Maybe it is time for me to go to the other side.

    Good luck to you all.

    • You dont have to submit to the wicked.

      We decide not them.

    • “Maybe it is time for me to go to the other side.

      Good luck to you all.”

      I hate to read things like this on a beautiful new morning after a blessed nights sleep while enjoying my French roast.

      Timmy, I can only pray that you might shift your focus to the myriad beautiful things that are still available to those who choose to see and appreciate them.

      And if that fails, that you truly know what lies on that other side of which you speak.
      If its peace that you’re hoping to find, that can be obtained in the here and now if you choose to accept it.
      But if you choose not to accept it then you won’t find it on the other side either.

      Surrender to Christ the savior Timmy. He WILL help you through this valley.

      You are in my prayers.

    • ” September is when the crackdowns on us slaves will begin again. Probably masks, lockdowns, more injections, and wealth confiscation in one way or another.”

      Yeah, maybe. But maybe not. If the economy crashes too fast, maybe too much uncontrolled chaos. They fear that and also coordinated resistance. You give people nothing to lose, is risky. Physically I mean. This is all they understand. It’s all they have.

      I know they want people depressed, sick and dying. They probably are either indifferent or actually enjoy it. Thus I will do the opposite.

      Anyway, I think we all see what’s on the other side eventually and I’m in no rush. In fact even in the worst circumstances I think I could still see how precious life is and that it has been a gift and I’m so happy that I have had the opportunity to experience it, the highs and lows.

  62. The mainstream media is in a tizzle.

    Photo IMAGE –
    Woody Harrelson wearing Kennedy 2024 hat with RFK’s wife Cheryl Hines
    (Note his eyes)

    May 1st, 2023 Esquire Magazine published an interview with Woody and his friend, Justin Theroux.
    The article starts off with a nearby joint on a paper plate and that Woody is a longtime pot smoker and legal-weed advocate.

    Woody: “I consider myself, really, an anarchist.”

    Esquire: “Do you mean that you believe in no government? Or is it that you do believe in government but you don’t like either side?”

    Woody: “Well, I’m probably more of a libertarian. I never see government work. It always seems to be working for the people who got you there. It’s businessmen working for bigger businessmen. It’s not businessmen working for their constituents. I think government just usually sucks…am I wrong? Even the social programs, they do it reluctantly, and they’re just always trying to gobble back what they can from the social programs.”

  63. The Canadian Online News Act, which passed in late June after lengthy debate, is set to take effect later this year. Evidently, the Online News Act is legislation that would compel tech companies to pay publishers for using their news stories.

    Meta (or Facebook) has already started blocking news content.
    This currently is a problem for officials and citizens if they rely upon Facebook for news stories, because wild fires are raging in parts of Canada.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slams Facebook for blocking Canada wildfire news

  64. Solar-Driven Geomagnetic Disturbances Impact Homicide Rates in Europe and the USA

    We argue that the similarity in the temporal patterns of international homicide rates recommends looking beyond local environment crime conditionings. We applied OLS (Ordinary Least Squares) regressions of geomagnetic variables on yearly homicide rates to identify the planetary drivers for homicides rates in Germany, the U.K., and the USA, over 1987 through 2018. We revealed that lagged Kp index for geomagnetic disturbances explained over half the variance in homicide rates in all three countries. We also predicted homicide rates peaking in the USA for 2025 and for Germany and the U.K. in 2026. Our study suggests that extending environmental approaches to include geomagnetic disturbances may help better understand human aggressive behavior and help forensic and medical authorities prepare for likely surges in violent behavior, as the current 25th solar cycle may induce stronger and more frequent geomagnetic disturbances.“
    h ttps://

    And to think some people consider me crazy for sleeping in a faraday cage. ?

    • Interesting hypothesis. Maybe it’s like the full moon phenomenon. In the emergency room it’s common to see more weird stuff during this time, more accidents, more psychotic people and just bizarre situations. I’ve always thought it was coincidental but perhaps there is something to it.

      Although stress and economic hardship could also be contributory for increasing rates of crime, but general weirdness does seem to happen more frequently during full moons.

      I’ve never really taken EMFs very seriously as a potential harm to my own health but maybe I should. Maybe a Faraday cage around one’s entire house might be better for blocking EMFs for a greater period of time.

      • “Maybe a Faraday cage around one’s entire house might be better for blocking EMFs for a greater period of time.”

        For sure. I wish I could afford to do that.

      • Yes, my wife calls it my “tomb”. I also sleep grounded.
        I’ve never slept better in my life except for the curse of the aged prostate. 🙂

  65. A couple short videos in the article. Worth watching.

    Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Aug 22
    It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Re-Implemented At Colleges, Offices

    There are reports circulating that colleges and offices are beginning to reinstate COVID mask mandates and contact tracing despite no new cases of the virus being reported.
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that Morris Brown College, a black private liberal arts college has reinstated the measures as part of a “precautionary step.”
    The report notes that students and staff will all be asked to mask up while on campus, only one week after classes began…

    … ‘X’
    BREAKING: Alex Jones says a TSA whistleblower has told him TSA employees were instructed on Tue that masks are coming back by October for travelers & full Covid restrictions/lockdowns by December due to a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada…

    …In addition, it has been reported that California-based film studio Lionsgate has reimplemented a mask mandate at its Santa Monica office…

    …The mainstream media is on board with this imaginary “COVID resurgence”: [NBC News VIDEO]….

    • Seems like they don’t even need these fake tests to provide false positives.

    • We’ll see how it plays out. One thing I’ve learned from all the fear porn and constant crisis is that part of it seems to be psychological warfare to cause panic and distress. It’s easy for people to fall for their garbage and allow it to affect mood and motivation even if people know it’s a lie.

      Psychological resilience and maintaining a clear head will be critical. If people keep taking the jabs though I suspect the general health of the population will decline. I don’t understand the logic of making the part of the population that could actually attempt to enforce anything sick. Unless they are planning on rolling out robots but that seems cost prohibitive at this point. And the fact that they rely almost exclusively on media still reveals weakness. Thus they are relying overall on peoples voluntary compliance with any mandate.

      I wonder how many people figured out how toxic the jabs can be? I mean to me it seems obvious that they are both ineffective and also harmful and make a percentage of people who take them very sick.

      The only thing I’ve noticed is a light summer cold/flu that some people are coming in to have checked out. A few hospitalizations of people in poor health flagging positive on the swab. I really wish common sense would increase and we could go back to a time when people treated a cold at home. People are feeding irrelevant data to the bio-security state and giving it energy. Unless someone thinks they are dying or think they need surgery or treatment for a life threatening condition, why come into an emergency room? Are people that disconnected from their physical health that they need reassurance about a cold? Have people forgotten about drinking tea, vitamin C, zinc and rest?

      • cu.h.j says:
        “One thing I’ve learned from all the fear porn and constant crisis is that part of it seems to be psychological warfare to cause panic and distress.”

        You hit on an important point.

        On October 1st, student loan payments will start back up.
        While different outlets report varied statistics, a common number is that the average monthly payment is $350 to $400 per month for student loan debt.
        The number of Americans who owe on student loans ranges above 20 million people, but I have often seen 43 million in reports.

        It is earnings week in the stock market with many retailers reporting.
        Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods and others came in with sour stats.
        ALL the big retailers are complaining about “shrink” which translates to “theft”.

        Certainly the Biden Administration has been throwing out mountains of confusion with weird, sudden policies which don’t make good sense.
        EX: Recent liquidation auction of paid-for steel sitting by the gaps in border walls, so that the gaps won’t get filled.

        RFK, Jr. is a real threat on the Democratic ticket. Evidently, he is polling very well in South Carolina. Biden jumbled the normal state order of Democratic primaries and pushed for South Carolina as the first primary state in 2024.

        With a recession knocking on the door and Biden’s unpopularity and his administration’s insanity, I don’t doubt that their tactic will be to cause confusion and stress.

    • …continuing…Mask & Vaccine Mandates…

      August 24, 2023 – By Jonathan Richie at The Dallas Express
      As COVID Rules Return, TX Leaders Urge Ban

      As states and institutions across the country have begun reintroducing COVID-19 rules and vaccine mandates, some Texas leaders are demanding the state ban such requirements.

      With students starting to return to universities, several of those schools have reinstated various levels of COVID-related requirements. Morris Brown College in Georgia ordered students and employees to wear masks, and Rutgers University said it would kick students out if they refused vaccination.

      Similarly, major Hollywood movie studio Lionsgate demanded that employees return to masking and daily COVID screenings. Medical doctors have also begun urging people to start wearing masks again.

      Such requirements are not limited to other states, however. Michelle Evans, the founder of Texans for Vaccine Choice, pointed out, “This still happens in Texas,” and urged, “We need medical liberty on the next special session call in October to protect All Texans from mandates.”

      For example, Southwestern University in Georgetown still says, “COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all students prior to their arrival on campus. … While not required, we do also strongly encourage all students to get booster shots.”

      Rep. Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian) suggested Evans was correct that “Texas still has COVID mandates,” adding that legislation to ban them was blocked during the most recent session.

      Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) responded to Harrison, saying, “I personally know people in healthcare who were fired for not taking a COVID shot.”
      “We have a shortage of people available to care for patients,” she added. “Ending COVID shot mandates in TX makes perfect sense – hope you guys get this done!”….

      …The Texas GOP noted, “Texas still has NOT banned vaccine mandates.”…

      …“No one has the right to go into a crowded classroom or workplace unmasked and unvaccinated,” Gostin (professor of medicine at Georgetown University) claimed.
      In 1972 and 1973, I attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.

    • …continuing…Mask & Vaccine Mandates…

      From Mark Crispin Miller – Aug 23
      “COVID’s over”? Not as long as Dr. Death (Fauci) has anything to say about it…
      The Devil’s favorite doctor is now popping up again, to help roll out “Pandemic 2” (in hopes of getting millions “vaccinated” even MORE, while forcing “vaccination” on the rest of us)

      [In the video interview, Fauci talks about how climate change is causing all these strange tick-born diseases.]

      He’s back to tell us that “we are not done with COVID”—as “we know,” he says, because of the (imaginary) number of “new cases” breaking out worldwide. ..

      …Dr Fauci says that lockdowns were “absolutely justified”—and, moreover, should be used again to force universal “vaccination”…

      WHO sees urgent need for global “vaccination” drive(s) against diseases caused by “climate change”

  66. Questions For Corbett

    are you ever gonna release a book?

    • Lol…..I heard an interview from 2015 (or something like that…maybe older) where he was saying it was almost done. He looks insanely busy over there what with the amount of stuff he pumps out.

  67. Language Arts – Trump
    Recently, I’ve been paying attention more to Language Arts.

    With the Presidential campaign in swing, this past week Tucker Carlson interviewed Trump.
    August 23, 2023 Tucker Carlson Tonight
    (46 minutes)
    (But by 26 minutes I was throwing stuff at the screen and had to stop.)

    Trump frames things in generalities and assumptions, not with specific details, hard statistics, and sources. He cannot express clear, well-defined concepts.
    He is fond of labeling: This thing or person “good”, this thing or person “bad”.
    It is almost as if he is painting a concept for children with his over simplifications.
    For me, I’m astounded that his communication is so dumbed down.
    And, maybe this is one reason on why he has so much support…which is another sad aspect regarding the mental state of the American people.

    Actually, in my view, his communication is so nebulous that it reminds me of a mealy mouthed sociopathic characteristic.

    • HRS ,
      Ballad of Spider John, by Willis A. Ramsey

      This reminds me of Trump,RFKjr and the clowns on stage the other night, debating?, Hardly!

      Coinkydink? Jeb saying “guarded” made me think of a lier spinning a web of lies then being caught in the web. I thought J.J.Kale wrote the song, which Gavin says KALE good candidate for you, really was too much.
      Since you and our Brain Word man EJ Doyle, likes a well organized assembly of Words, Willis Ramsey shows us the power of Words,and a shout out to Pythagoras who defined music ” as useful” so long ago.
      When magic fails,use words! Homer! Enjoy!

    • Jed

      I’d take Trump over RFK but at the end of the day its nothing to really care about either day since they are both either dupes or puppets.

      Its just a case of who will burn the house down, and how much gas they want to add to the fire…personally I think since I listen occasionally to ‘Academic Agent’ that if the ruling class is smart they will try to give the folks on “the right” a bit of a win so as to keep them contained withing the Overton Window.

      The only reason to prefer Trump is that he actually is hated by a good portion of the establishment even if he in his heart just wants to be one of them… that and he atleast did not start any wars but who know…. Woodrow Wilson was the “man who kept us out of war”, after all, -until his second term that is….LOL

      • You made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

    • HRS

      “….It is almost as if he is painting a concept for children with his over simplifications.
      For me, I’m astounded that his communication is so dumbed down…..”

      Most Americans function on the level of Children these days anyway. TV and movies frame the thinking and the worldview they use to process information and as a people they are willfully ignorant so I think you are correct when you say “…maybe this is one reason on why he has so much support…”

      I think Mr Parvini, “Academic Agent” , is correct and Trump in a 2nd term will be PART of the establishment, which is probably what he wanted all along anyway. They need low class whites to buy back into the system enough to fight their wars.

    • Steve Smith found a questionnaire that RFK Jr had filled out. In answering the questions, he said yes, but no (some disclaimer) or no, but yes (some other disclaimer) for many of the questions. Maybe Steve can give us a link to that. I don’t know the source.

      A friend I was talking to about candidates said the way they can get around things is to say they believe one thing, but it won’t affect their political decisions (ie., abortion), so then both sides are happy.

      I just found out that RFK Jr is going to be in Walpole, N. H. (I am often there at least once a week) in two weeks. I’m hoping to find out exactly when and where so I can go hear him in person.

  68. New BOOK
    “Neither Safe Nor Effective 2nd Edition: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines”
    by Dr. Colleen Huber

    EXCERPTS from article
    …“Dr. Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist, called the COVID vaccines, ‘the worst pharmaceutical development idea in the history of mankind.’”
    “It often comes as a surprise to people that mRNA-type medical interventions and coronavirus vaccines had plenty of red flags through their history prior to December 2020.
    The ingredients used were already known to be toxic: Cationic lipids injure the nervous system, lungs and liver, as well as cell membranes throughout the body. Polyethylene glycol was never used for injections, due to safety concerns. mRNA had already been shown to change DNA. Previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines had all failed and killed the test animals.
    So inflicting the world’s population with a new, mostly untested vaccine for which its components already had so many safety warnings was the most widespread reckless experiment in human history.”

    Dr. Huber exposes the deaths, injuries, and the lack of desired results left in the wake of the COVID vaccines. She backs up her words with over 700 references to medical studies and government webpages.

    A Little Background
    Dr. Colleen Huber’s clinic in Tempe, Arizona, has provided cancer care by naturopathic physicians for its 16 years of existence. In 2014, Dr. Huber authored the largest and longest study in medical history on sugar intake in cancer patients…

    …Demyelinating disorders, that is, conditions that damage a layer of cells that protect the nerves, have been reported following the vaccinations. These include multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre, seizures, encephalopathies, and encephalitis…

    …Offering suggestions for healing the vaccine injured…She mentions Vitamin D with its long and very successful history against viral infections, as well as agmatine, phosphatidyl serine, and nattokinase….
    HRS says: Phosphatidyl Serine supplements can certainly improve mental acuity and probably aid with the nervous system (myelin).

    • @HRS

      Thanks for the heads up. It is now added to my reading list.

  69. Getting the MESSAGE out there… – Music

    8:15 mark
    “It’s driving people crazy to see the UNITY that’s come from this, from all walks.
    This isn’t a Republican and Democrat thing.
    This isn’t even a United States thing.
    Like this has been a Global Response, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Go on YouTube and watch all the response videos, you know. And don’t shoot the messenger, like I’m a nobody.”

    “It’s my belief that divine intervention has put me in this position and this point in time to get a MESSAGE across and that’s all there is to it. Like nobody special, you know.”Oliver Anthony

    –August 25, 2023
    It’s a pleasure to meet you – part 2
    (10 ½ minute video)

    Related article:
    ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Artist Laughs At GOP Debaters For Mentioning Viral Song

    • Over 41 million views in two and a half weeks on this YouTube Channel alone…
      Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond
      3 minutes

      When I first came across Oliver Anthony and his music, I was blown away to say the least. He had a whole collection of songs that I could listen to for hours. Oliver resides in Farmville, VA with his 3 dogs and a plot of land he plans on turning into a small farm to raise livestock. We have a whole mess of songs set to release of Oliver for your viewing and listening pleasure, he is truly special and notes his biggest influence as Hank Williams Jr. Oliver wants to give hope to the working class and your average hard working young man who may have lost hope in the grind of trying to get by.

      Like I said before, this is not my preference style of music, but I love seeing the message get out there. -HRS

    • A large crowd…

      Late August
      Oliver Anthony Opens Free Show – Then This Happens!
      (2 1/2 minutes)

      Chris ‘Oliver’ Anthony opens by reading parts of Ecclesiastes 1 and then 5.
      He has an assertive and projective speaking voice.

      “If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still.
      The increase from the land is taken by all; the king himself profits from the fields.”

  70. Sunday August 27, 2023 – Mark Crispin Miller
    “Praying for the healing rain”:
    Eric Clapton on his support for RFK, Jr.
    Clapton lauds the kindred spirit as “a great man,” who “says things that make sense,” and “knows how to approach a hostile situation”

    …Clapton describes himself as a “fan of freedom”, however [sic], for the last couple of years, he’s shown support for anti-vax figures and has exclusively given interviews to anti-vaccine outlets, including Kennedy’s own website.

    It was recently revealed that Clapton attempted to pledge $5,000 to the conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine politician by listing his city as “England,” and by blanking out the US-specific address details by listing his state as “ZZ” and his zip code as “99999”.

    In a new interview with The Real Music Observer on YouTube, Clapton spoke about the attempted donation…

    …“That’s good, the more the better! He’s a great man, I admire him,” he begins. “I tried to donate some money very naively being an English citizen, apparently it was illegal. You can’t do that, you know? You have to be so… he asked me to talk to him like [how] we talk and he’s about the only other person I talk like this to.”

    Also in the interview, Clapton explained how their connection began: “Before I did talk to Robert I asked around and said, ‘what’s the story?’ and [they] said ‘don’t go near him, don’t go near him! He’ll take you down’, Sounds like my kinda guy,” he laughs.

    “He says things that make sense about the country you live in and then the world, how to approach hostile situations. He knows how to approach a hostile situation.”…

  71. RFK Jr reveres FDR and openly claims to be an FDR/JFK/RFK democrat. If he plans to model his presidency after FDR, I dread to see what will happen.

  72. Robert F Kennedy, Jr.
    Prelude: Listen to the entire 6 minutes in order to better understand the concepts. It is thinking outside the box. It is not a bad solution proposal, and might kill the National ID crap. That is probably why Biden will never do this proposal…that and the border which Biden wants open so as to create chaos.
    Also, put this Passport Video in context to the neighboring 2 minute Team Kennedy video entitled: “The Danger Of Surveillance Technology”

    August 26 – Team Kennedy YouTube Channel
    Free Passports for Americans
    (6:15 minutes)

  73. Frisco is a very affluent city on the north side of Dallas.

    Robert O’Neill, Former Navy SEAL Who Claims He Killed Osama Bin Laden, Arrested in Texas

    Robert O’Neill, the man who claims he fired the bullet that killed Osama Bin Laden, was arrested in Texas earlier this week.

    On Wednesday, the Dallas Morning News reported the former Navy SEAL was taken into custody in Frisco and hit with a Class A misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury and a Class C misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. O’Neill was released from jail on a $3,500 bond, and police gave no further details behind his arrest.

    O’Neill offered no comment on the arrest, and it’s unclear if he had a lawyer to represent him. According to several social media posts, O’Neill was in town to record a podcast at a cigar lounge.

    This isn’t the first time O’Neill has gotten himself in trouble. In 2020, he was banned from Delta Airlines after refusing to wear a mask, and in 2016 he was arrested for drunk driving. Prosecutors dropped the charges in October of that year.

    The 47-year-old shot to fame after he claimed he killed Osama Bin Laden during a raid in 2011. O’Neill shared the story in his 2017 book The Operator, but the United States government hasn’t confirmed or denied his claim.

    In an interview with TMZ in 2018, O’Neill revealed he was listening to The Game’s “Red Nation” the night Osama Bin Laden was killed.

    “I actually listened to ‘Red Nation’ by The Game [featuring Lil Wayne],” he said before confirming he was a big fan. “He’s got some good stuff going on.”

    • After he’s been banned for refusing to wear a mask, I would kind of look the other way reagarding those offences.

      However, wasn’t the team that killed Laddie (one of the many times he was killed) killed in a helicopter crash? Quite possible Osama had more killers than JFK.

    • Thank you Camille, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
      What could go wrong?

      Bovine Dracula’s! Bet they have a Dancing Shiva Alter in the milking barn.

    • Another video posted by ‘Hawaii Real Estate’ that shows a parking area that was burned (pools of melted aluminum from cars) surrounded by untouched homes.

      Folks on the ground are pointing out anomalies.

      • I missed your post and double posted. Glad someone is talking about this though. This is one of the ways the steal. Very creepy and psychopathic and exactly like something they would do.

  74. There are several other rabbit trails to follow that are related to Rockefeller medicine, including suppressed research in human biochemistry & physiology, as well as the fraudulent research promoted in its place.

    I stumbled upon some of this while researching the work of Ray Peat (bioenergetics), who gives credit to great researchers before him whose work has been repressed. I fear this old research will disappear unless devotees are making copies of these old scientific journals for posterity.

    What we are taught about cell cytoplasm, cell membranes, active/passive transport systems, ion gates, hormones, etc. (just about everything!) is all rubbish. If you have an interest in health topics, it’s fascinating to learn about the other evidence that seems legitimate.

    Wondering if any Corbetteers have also gone down this rabbit hole? Any Ray Peat fans?

    • No I’ve never heard of him before now. Yes probably a good idea to have copies.

  75. 9/11 Truth: Aaron knows. Do you?? – Airplane banner

    August 26 – Richard Gage
    10 Powerful 9/11 Truth Events This September!

    EXCERPT (1 of 10)
    September 11th, 4pm Eastern (Game Starts 8:15pm)
    Parking Lot / Tailgate Action:
    Join NY Jets Football Star Aaron Rogers with the Airplane Banner fly-over!

    Sponsor: 9/11 War Room / RichardGage911
    Location: MetLife Stadium – Parking Lot

    We meet in the parking lot outside MetLife Stadium, where Aaron Rodgers, who wants to get the truth out about 9/11, will be playing his first football game in New York as a Jet. We will be red-pilling with our green t-shirts “Jet’s Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” as the plane flies over the stadium with the banner in tow, “9/11 Truth: Aaron knows. Do you??”

    The plane will fly from Long Island, over New York City, to the Jets game in New Jersey, and back again – all on September 11th!

    We can’t miss this opportunity!
    The cost for all of this exposure to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, and especially the gawking 82,500 fans at the Jets football game – each of whom cannot possibly miss it! It is only $2,200! That’s just 3 cents per fan/exposure! Will you donate $25 to red-pill 830 people? How about $100 to wake-up 3,300 people?

    We’ve got the power of numbers here! Join us in one of the most effective 9/11 Truth advertising opportunity we’ve ever had!

    The Jets’ starting quarterback has already come out about 9/11 Truth.
    Now we can create the Great 9/11 Controversy among hundreds of thousands of Jets fans!
    (Boston 9/11 Truth did it last year! Take a look:)
    The Plane Truth Project & Redux
    “It was no bogie over the famous, international Byron Nelson Golf Tournament on April 26, 2008 as a BANNER for 9/11 TRUTH circled the crowd of many thousands and made its way across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

    North Texans for 911 Truth has taken the first step towards a campaign of 9/11 TRUTH aerial banners flying in cities across the nation during the week of July 4th, 2008. We think THE PLANE TRUTH PROJECT is ideally suited for the “Week of Truth” in that it is easily do-able, cost effective, and exciting! (Cost $700)

    Betsy Metz followed up along the New Jersey shore with The “Plane Truth Project REDUX” three times during the summer of 2008.
    Banner read: 9/11 COVER-UP – LEARN ABOUT IT. GOOGLE WTC7

    • How soon until Aaron is cancelled?
      Will banners soon require pre-approval from the Truth Police?
      I hope is gets the normies thinking about 911 topic again, especially important now that some of them realize the government is not on their side.

    • UPDATE
      RE: NY Jets Football Star Aaron Rogers with the Airplane Banner fly-over!

      The plane was to fly from Long Island, over New York City, to the Jets game in New Jersey, and back again – all on September 11th!

      We weren’t going to miss this opportunity! But we did. 🙁 A thunderstorm forced the plane to cancel. Then Aaron Rogers suffered a season-ending achilles tendon injury in the fourth play of his first game with his new team!

      So, our back up plan is to fly over the next home game of the Jets with the banner:
      “HEAL WELL AARON – 9/11 TRUTH”

  76. Wednesday August 30th, 2023 – Blue SuperMoon

    The phrase “Once In a Blue Moon” means “not very often; rarely”.

    The SuperMoon phenomenon refers to the moon’s closeness to Earth during its full phase, making it appear more substantial and brighter.

    Blue Moon
    When two full Moons appear in a single month, the second one is usually called a Blue Moon.

    On August 30th, Saturn will be bright and will swing clockwise dancing around the moon.

    • Thank you for this info! I’ll be looking out into the sky to see it.

  77. A whitehat walks into a Qanon bar.

    The bartender asks “What can I get you?”

    The whitehat replies “Anything, I don’t actually exist.”

    So the bartender pours himself another bourbon, and drinks it.

  78. Bots, AI and Algorithms in Stock Market and Crypto Trading

    I often follow Bruce Powers and James Hyerczyk of FX Empire, Mike Jones Investing, Chris Vermeulen, and Gareth Soloway who all have expertise in Technical Trading of the markets.
    Charts tell a story in Technical Trading.

    In this Tuesday livestream Game Plan video before markets open, Gareth Soloway introduces Aaron Dishner aka Moonin Papa who uses Bots, AI and Algorithms when trading crypto. [DCA means “dollar cost averaging”]

    Tuesday August 29 2023 – Gareth Soloway
    These Factors Could Spell Market Crash – Trade These Sets & Profit -Stocks & Crypto
    (24 minutes)

  79. August 26, 2023 – “Gold & Silver Stackers” (An independent retail coin dealer)
    My Coin Shop Bank Accounts Were Closed! Silver & Gold stackers WATCH OUT!
    (10 minutes)

    Towards the last half of the video, he mentions a coin dealer trade show.
    Other coin dealers are running into this situation.

  80. Where one lives and the government in place in that area really can make a substantial difference in the freedom one can experience in one’s life. Even if one is opposed to the state.
    Some places simply ARE better than others in this regard.

    Case in point; here in Saint Petersburg, Florida, when my local, leftist, lunatic, “leaders” inevitably decide to start imposing the stupid mask mandates again. I will of course refuse to comply as I did the last time. But this time I will be able to quote the Surgeon General of the state to strengthen my argument.
    It certainly cannot hurt.

    “Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo is urging people to refuse to follow any new mask mandates as schools slowly try to reinstate Covid policies.

    On Thursday Ladapo suggested that people should refuse to participate.

    “What do you call re-imposing mask policies that have been proven ineffective or restarting lockdowns that are known to cause harm?” Joseph Ladapo said in a tweet. “You don’t call it sanity.”

    “These terrible policies only work with your cooperation. How about refusing to participate…” he added.”

    • Yeah, I agree with you. It can make a big difference where you live. But also active interaction and protest can also help. Peggy Hall of Health American has done a lot of protest in southern CA that has become a democrat crap hole. She is very vocal and knows the laws and never complied with the mask mandate or any of the mandates and inspired a lot of people with her vociferous protests. She went to city counsel meetings and stuff like that. If I really wanted to stay put in a antagonistic place, I’d use some of her tactics time permitting.

      But simple non compliance and leading by example is also very helpful. Like in JC’s bystander effect solutions watch episode. It does help.

      And regarding the masks, apparently some of have toxins in them. Meryl Nass had something about it here:

      Anyway, I think Florida and probably South Dakota are some of the best places to live with respect to liberty.

      • I believe James Corbett knows about complicity under the guise of 9/11 truth

      • “But also active interaction and protest can also help.”

        I’m sure protesting can be effective to a degree. But my approach has traditionally been more along the lines of this;

        “Neither Comply Nor Resist”

        “It’s called opting out, and it’s been a successful strategy since the waning days of the Western Roman Empire. Don’t want to pay high taxes? Then need less so you can make less money. Low income, low taxes. Start a self-employment enterprise that enables you to legally reduce your net income by expensing legitimate expenses. The less you need, the easier life gets. The healthier you are, the easier life gets. The more you produce and the less you consume, the easier life gets. And so on.

        Decaying social norms and systems are more prone to breaking down. If things that were once reliable are no longer reliable or predictable, life gets less easy. The more Self-Reliant we are, the lower our exposure to risk and the downside of system decay.

        The decay of social norms and status quo systems triggering an authoritarian tightening of the screws is a well-worn pattern throughout human history. It shouldn’t surprise us to be living this dynamic in real time. We don’t control the decay or the authoritarianism, but we do control our response.

        Those who opt out or otherwise reduce their dependence and exposure to risk serve society in several ways. By reducing dependence and consumption, we lighten the load on institutions struggling to maintain services. By prioritizing production over consumption, we’re adding goods and services and not just consuming them. By contributing to networks of other trustworthy, self-reliant people, we’re maintaining positive social norms and setting an example of how life can still be worthwhile and rewarding even as social norms degrade and authoritarian pressures increase.”

    • RELATED… mask mandates et al

      Wed August 30th – Once in a Blue SuperMoon – Yahoo
      New poll finds only 7% of Americans are ‘very worried’ about getting COVID

      …Now a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds that many Americans aren’t at all concerned about the virus.

      The survey, which was conducted by YouGov using a nationally representative sample of 1,665 U.S. adults interviewed online from Aug. 17 to Aug. 21, 2023, found that just 7% of Americans now say they are very worried about getting COVID-19, down from 11% in early September 2022 and 13% in April 2022.

      A larger number — 31% — say they are at least somewhat worried, although that number is down from 43% in September 2022 and 45% in April 2022.

      There is a racial and party divide as well: Black Americans and Democrats were more likely than other groups to say they follow COVID-19 news very closely or somewhat closely.

      Overall, only 9% of Americans say they have been closely following current reports about the number of COVID-19 infections, although 33% say they are following the number of infections at least somewhat closely…

      …While we continue to see infections, says Dr. Cennimo, “the general sense of the data suggest the risks of severe COVID-19 disease and long COVID have decreased. You could say this is the ‘new normal’ that was envisioned back in 2020 or 2021.”..

      …Many people are simply burned out on COVID-19 and related news….

  81. Has James ever considered interviewing Francis Hunt, aka The Market Sniper. He has pretty good info on the financial aspects of market manipulation.

    Twitter: @TheMarketSniper
    YouTube: @TheMarketSniper or @TheCryptoSniper

  82. Casting the void of evil supremacy
    Silently consuming, force-fed by

  83. Aug 4, 2023 – “Google News Initiative” YouTube Channel
    Best practices for publishers: Strengthen your digital journalism with Google
    Explore digital tools designed specifically for fact-checkers and journalists everywhere – helping audiences verify the authenticity and accuracy of online images, videos, and reports.
    (4 1/2 minute video)

    The Google video is grabbed from Dr. Mercola’s article…
    Is This the End of Natural Health Information?

    …Google is also blocking all Canadian news from its search, news and discover products in Canada as of June 29, 2023…

    …X (formerly Twitter) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are working together to censor X users…the ADL prefers tactics like shadow-banning…[other weird ADL tactics]…
    …X CEO Linda Yaccarino is the chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Taskforce on Future of Work. She’s also part of the WEF’s Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee…

    …X Is Gearing Up for Election Censorship…
    …European Union Tightens Censorship Noose…
    …X Implementing New Identification Rules…
    …U.K.-based group – the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)….

  84. Some positive news on the political front.

    World’s First Anarcho-Capitalist President

    “International Man: Anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei recently won Argentina’s presidential primary. He is now the undisputed front-runner in the upcoming elections.

    The outcome took many by surprise. Milei is an outsider who bested the country’s two entrenched establishment parties.

    How did this happen, and why should anyone outside of Argentina care?

    Doug Casey: It could be the most dramatic thing that’s happened politically since at least World War II. Anywhere. Why? Because he’s an AnCap libertarian who’d like to abolish the State—or come as close as possible. If he’s elected in October, he’ll make every move possible to eliminate—not just reduce—as many government departments as possible as quickly as possible. And most people seem oblivious to it.

    Milei was in first place in the primary. Historically, in Argentina, the person who wins the primary wins the general election. There’s only been one exception to that rule. Even more encouraging is his ratings have gone up from 30% to 40% since the primary. It appears his campaign is not just a flash in the pan but a trend that’s building momentum.”

    • Thanks for the share. I’ll check this out. I think that in general many people want to be free. It is part of human nature. At least there is a substantial portion of the population who wants freedom.

      Even in China people are sick of living as slaves, which can be seen with the “laying flat” trend. If people have nothing to live for, there is no motive to continue working in the system and eventually the system fails.

      And some of this tech that is being pumped up I think is a lot of hot air. It’s good at surveillance but to replace human beings, I believe will not be possible. I have noticed some major issues with the “self driving” cars. There have been improvements for sure, but they are getting stuck and blocking traffic because they can’t navigate a difficult situation that requires innovative thinking.

      Creativity and innovation cannot thrive in tyranny and over time, I believe will cause a collapse which will fall back on the string pullers.

      It’s one of the reasons I think the system they are trying to build is not feasible. In addition to that, it’s cost prohibitive.

      People want privacy and private property and liberty. If you take that away there is no motivation to work. The system collapses. They want to use tech to do the work but it can’t replace human beings. They are marketing it as if it can replace us, but in practice it is failing.

      • “ The system collapses.”

        I wonder if thats their goal? Collapse, martial law, depopulation, global reset?

        • Perhaps one of their plans or an outcome they may have a contingency plan for? They may be working with different possible outcomes and seeing how each one would benefit them.

          But who would enforce martial law? I mean who could enforce martial law here? Drones perhaps and a small military force maybe. But for how long? That is costly and draining over time. If people have nothing to live for, even those who are materialistic, there is little incentive IMO. I mean even maintaining the prison system is becoming a substantial burden.

          Depopulation is one of their goals and they believe it’s the only way their top down system could potentially work. They want a small obedient population, a class of serfs. But there needs to be motivation to work. Mere existence is not enough to drive discovery.

          They don’t relate to regular people which is one of their weaknesses so they perhaps can’t understand why their system will inevitably fail.

          When Aldous Huxley said something about loving servitude, it sounds plausible but in reality I believe impossible. The lack of empathy is a weakness. They don’t get it though.

          • “When Aldous Huxley said something about loving servitude, it sounds plausible but in reality I believe impossible.”

            Here’s Truthstream Media’s disturbing take on that.



            • Well that was dark! It looks like we’re getting a bit of both.

              It’s good to look at where they want to take us and opt out. The amusing part though is questionable though because for many people shallow existence becomes miserable. When people model what a healthy life looks like, they “market” it to others.

              This is why I think it is so wonderful and inspiring that JC has mentored younger journalists who will get to pull out some of the younger generation.

              It’s good to be informed though and not underestimate the challenges we face and the work that needs to be done.

            • All these shallow pleasures and dopamine hits become boring compared to the experience of love. This is what the brave new world dystopia lacks is love. Healthy human beings cannot really live without that. I can’t even imagine what that would be like, to have never felt it or be able to feel it.

              Perhaps that is challenge for humanity to either live life as natural beings with the full range of experience or die off. But I have enough faith in that which is good to believe that this too shall pass. The totalitarian nightmare will be a blip in time decades from now.

    • I had previously read about Javier Milei, and watched him on video as he outlined on a presentation board where he proposed disgarding most departments in the government. He threw those department labels off the board and onto the floor.
      It was fun!
      Tiene Huevos!

      Here is another video where he talks about government agencies.
      It is in Spanish, but anyone can grasp the general meaning.
      Milei elimina ministerios en vivo- 15/08/23

    • Bloomberg Television
      Argentina will take to the polls October 22 for the first round of voting in its general elections. Candidate for president of Argentina Javier Milei spoke to Bloomberg in wide-ranging interview on August 16. (This has been translated into english)

      Argentina’s Milei on Dollarization, Central Bank, China (Full interview in english)

  85. I watched and interesting interview Catherine Austin Fitts with Sasha Latypova about the Maui fires and how it could be a real estate grab and people are burned out of their homes on purpose:

    She discusses how this type of thing is used to buy land cheap and push people out of areas. I found this very informative.

    Some of the increase in crime in certain areas could be to drive people out to pave the way for redevelopment projects.

    I’m always a little stunned to consider the evil we are dealing with. It’s mind boggling.

    • Land grabs all over it seems.
      I liked her little joke about the “BS247” variant…

  86. Save Maui Concert
    Saturday, September 2 on Rumble
    Featuring Eric Clapton, Five Times August, Jimmy Levy, Joseph Arthur and more

    Amidst the tragedy in Lahaina, the Health Freedom Movement is stepping up to help. Led by the Global Health Project, this Saturday, September 2nd at 8 PM ET | 5pm PT on the VSRF Rumble Channel, a global live music event will be broadcast to provide real support to families affected by these fires. Our friends, Five Times August, Jimmy Levy, Tydi, Seether, Faithless Town, and Joseph Arthur will be performing, as well as a special performance by Eric Clapton.

    We encourage everyone to watch and to donate to his vital cause. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the victims. No overhead. No administrative costs.

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  87. Has anyone here heard of using an intravenous high dose of vitamin c (combined with a bit of glutathione) for treating cancer?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • I’ve heard of it, but never researched it much. It makes sense on a superficial level to boost the immune system better enabling it to kill cancer.

      My understanding of cancer is that is is mostly immune dysfunction or some type of damage to the ability of the body to repair itself leading to genetic mutation.

    • I’ll check this out, thank you. There is a great need for alternative health care.

      As far as my personal choices for my own health care, I combine allopathic when I need to. I’ve never had cancer thank god but if I did would try multiple modalities to treat it.

      I think early diagnosis, surgery and alternative therapies are what I would try before any chemo or radiation. My husbands cousin had cancer, lymphoma and used traditional chemo and has not had recurrence for over 5 years.

      I’ve known some successes with western medicine but I’m sure there are some that use alternative medicine for certain cancers.

      I think surgery when possible to remove the bulk of the cancer makes sense as it is getting rid of the bulk of the tumor and gives the body less to deal with.

    • One more thing, I think that each person has a unique chemical make up and what works well for one person may not work the same for another.

      I think a personalized approach is the way to go. But knowing as much as one can about the type of cancer they have including the genetic make up of it, I think is useful.

      The strength of allopathic medicine is detection and genetic profiling. But the biggest picture a person has the better.

      And the mind is very very powerful, so I like her definition of of cancer. I think a diversity of ideas is important, rather than an echo chamber.

      If I had cancer, I’d want a large picture of what was happening. But I would consider surgery and even chemo depending on the situation. I’m relatively young so I’m reluctant to put all my eggs in one basket.

    • Yes.
      I know of Doctors who use this approach to help fight the Big C (cancer).
      It is actually an oxidative therapy (high doses of Vit C).

      I’ve seen ill patients in the same Doctor’s room as I receiving it while I was getting Ozone and UBI. But I have seen the same at other clinics where I have taken friends and family.
      There is a lot on the past Threads about Vitamin C IV. Comments can be found by doing a Search Engine search with keywords.

      Integrative Doctors often use it.

      • That’s cool HRS. I’ve never heard of UBI before and I looked it up, ultra-violet blood irradiation.

        There are so many innovative ideas and alternative out there.

        I wish some of this stuff was more affordable. I do think it’s worth the money, but for some people it is cost prohibitive.

        I like that some providers have a sliding scale and do some therapies for affordable prices.

        • UBI (ultra-violet light) and Ozone blood therapy combined cost me $300.

          Some of the diseases and body conditions treated with Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy and Ozone Therapy
          Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Raynauds Disease, Sclera Derma, Multiple Sclerosis, Pneumonia, Wound Infections, Septicemia (staphylococcus,streptococcus, pneumococcus), Lymphatic Infections (lymphangitis), Peritonitis, Severe Acne, Recurrent Skin Infections (furunculosis, carbunulosis), E-coli, Necrotizing Infections, Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, Varicose Veins, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Gangrene, Vascular Headaches, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Claudication, Diabetic Ulcers, Thrombophlebitis, Arthritis, Fibrositis, Bursitis, Nephritis, Iritis, Uveitis, Cholecystitis, COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, Herpes Simplex/Zoster, Mononucleosis, Mumps, Measles Infections, Viral Pneumonia, Polio, Non-Healing Wounds & Fractures, Inactivation of Snake Venom, Fungal/Yeast Infection, Decreases Edema (Swelling), Cirrhosis, Tetanus, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Neuritis/Neuropathy, Chemical Sensitivity, Botulism, Malaria, Typhoid, Seizures, Blood Poisoning, Diphtheria

          BPT (BioPhotonic Therapy) is another term for UBI
          IMAGE ~~~WWW
          The basics of UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) therapy, what it is, what it does, its history and studies. By Tom Lowe (25 minutes)

          I think that UBI actually does what the theory behind vaccines is supposed to accomplish. UBI aids immune system recognition.

    • @cu.h.j and HRS

      Thanks guys, I appreciate the thoughtful comments, varied perspectives and info you shared here.

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