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In this clip from The WWI Conspiracy (Part Two) we examine the propaganda surrounding the “Rape of Belgium” at the start of WWI and the actions of the baby bayonetting evil Hun savages…

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  1. James, the link on the main page links to wwi article instead of this one.

    • Yea, it does. But if you follow mkey’s comments, then you can get here.

      This was a very appropriate, sequitur #PropagandaWatch, along with being a nice plug. Corbett knows how to roll.

  2. This video reminds me of the first Simpson’s clip show 😛

  3. I want to add this to the babies on bayonettes, a very good short writeup of the propaganda in ww1 which was directed mostly versus germans, and not only germany as in country… no the germans in the US got hit massive by propaganda, plus german as second language in US schools got banned, alot germans in the US renamed themself from german sounding names to the american equivalent, it was that bad, and all based on lies like always.
    This is sure not complete only shows examples.

  4. They still do “investigations” the same way today. Gather a group to sift thru the evidence to decide what to use to support their narrative. No justice.

  5. I’m always waiting to see where we are lead by the next false flag: war on American patriots, war with Iran, war with Russia…all are on the table, at least in the not so distant future, but I think here it is a bit more benign at least compared to war with Russia.

    This could be about first taking focus of the corrupt Netanyahu administration AND perhaps more importantly, continuing the march to make any criticism of Israel illegal.

    The overt nature of Israel’s attacks, and the way the US “leaders” have been so vociferous in their “support (perhaps obedience would be a better definition) for Israel. They give no qualifications on their support.

    Biden was Mr. “No Comment” when Maui was burned to the ground, but when it comes to Israel, it’s all hand on deck in Washington DC.

    But I have seen media covering some instances where people have seen retaliation for questioning Israel’s role in this. They are trying to circumvent the constitution with unconstitutional “hate crime” laws.

    • They keep saying “this is Israel’s 9/11”, maybe in regards to the Israeli government being behind it and it being used to make war on Muslims, but as far as I know there were no Israel “art students” used to set demolitions explosives this time.

      Slowly, but oh so surely, the whole world is becoming Palestine, an open air prison where all our actions are observed, recorded and your movements restricted. And if they want the land you are living on for their purposes, you are removed, a fact the people of Maui and Paradise CA can surely attest.

      • Biden is Mr. “No COMMENT”, when the people in Maui are burned out of their homes, and they get $700 a piece, but when it is Israel, ALL of DC is mobilized Biden becomes Mr. “We Stand with Israel” and billions of dollars will start to flow to help Israel.

        I think much of this operation is a continuing move to show US how they control everything and there is nothing we can do about it.

  6. I remember watching this “Propaganda Watch” back when it was first posted, and boy did the information in it ring a bell when spotting this most recent episode of how the Worlds Turns to shit.

    Most everything is a lie on the boob tube, only question is whether or not you can handle the truth, or rather stay in denial.

  7. thanks for this important info James, i`ll repost on my remembrance (that war is a racket) day post.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this at this time, James. So necessary. TLAV’s intro video to his last long post on this “war” bs was pretty raw.
    Truth as the first casualty. That as the basic definition of war. The death of truth.

    Where are the men who are gonna discuss why men love war so much? Cause as we hear always…the pater/patriotic/patriotism/pater pater pater yelling begins again. What a dumb show war is. Such a homoerotic dance of death.

    • openlense
      “….Where are the men who are gonna discuss why men love war so much? ….Such a homoerotic dance of death…..”

      Mainly because it gave status to men so that they could have women to breed with…not HOMO-erotic, lol.

      Thats why its mostly a young mans game- older guys want to protect and keep their families rather then get one started.

  9. manbearpig says:
    11/25/2018 at 5:26 pm
    “Some commodities just seem to become abominations at industrial scales”

    come to think of it…guess the same could be said for so-called “democracy”…

    (so gratifying to quote and reply to myself, I feel so in phase, the symbiosis with me, myself and… the utltimate echo chamber, ahhhhhhh…)

    (MBP has checked in and has gone nomadic and is on a new adventure.)
    My sentiment exactly. The comments make the story come to a phase of ultra complete, more complete, or maybe ‘gestalt’ if I remember my German correctly. MBP had comments on the original 11-25-18 post but to avoid confusion the original post is somewhere else. My, this world is too complicated. Please stop the spinning. Prost!

  10. Accedmic agent (Neema Parvini) put out a 10 min talk contrasting the British Governments contradictory treatment of atrocities…. when committed inside the UK by Muslims the ‘nudge’ units push the public into passivity, while the Gov is happy, even eager, for the public to care about atrocities committed in ELSEWHERE.

    On The British Government’s Response to the Hamas Attacks

    • Duck, thanks for the link.

      On the same screen as your link, AI put this in front of me. Abby Martin’s take on Palestinian 101. I have no TeeVee so I’m completely out of the propaganda loop. I know I know, choose your propaganda carefully. Many of the comments from Abby’s interview are similar to my perspective. If you need a gun to back up the propaganda in your head how can you be believable, or redeemable?. Some of the comments are just unbelievable and might as well condone reinstating ethnic cleansing,slavery, put all Palistenian Indians on some far off reservation. Out a sight and out of mind.
      I have recently seen a Fox News live, 3 hour, slow joy ride by car burglary suspects on YouTube. All the while the commentators called the play by play of what was being viewed live. They urged and projected desire for the public to stop the joy riders to the cartoon like ‘” run over them with that cement truck buddy! The cops will get sued if they try that so come on won’t some one help? ( kill them) ‘” The point was how News framed it a certain way,just like your guy pointed out in your link Duck.
      Abby Martin;
      The commentary of the Car Chase in LA. ( I watched it so you don’t have to)

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