Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

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Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother.


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  1. Interesting Corbett episode about making the trend line very steep.
    It is as if the Public Relations / Marketing arm sent out a memo “Come up with a more alarming climate change graph so we can scare the shorts off people.”

    Coincidently, two days ago I was rereading the 1975 Newsweek article about how the planet was cooling. I remember the hype about ‘The Coming Ice Age’.

    A couple things on the 1975 article…
    ~ Notice how they proportion the graph to make it alarmist.
    GRAPHIC – http://www.climate4you.com/images/19750428%20CoolingWorld%20NEWSWEEK.jpg
    ~ ha!…one potential solution was to melt the ice caps with black soot.

    The last line of the article is still repeated today, more than 40 years later: “The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climate change once the results become grim reality.”
    ARTICLE – https://archive.org/stream/GlobalCoolingNewsweekArticle1975#page/n0/mode/1up

  2. Bankster: The Earth is flat!

    Scientist: No, the Earth is Round!

    Bankster: Here, have a million dollars…

    Scientist: How flat would you like it?

  3. Is it ironic that they release global warming data in the summer? 1/4 chance.

    I like David Suzuki but that makes me sad. Some free speech can be uncomfortable.

    While he was a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation = propaganda) spokesman, his science and nature documentaries were so good that when I was 13 or 14 I was happy to go to a private golf club with my Dad to hear him speak for the first time. I was the only kid there. He got drunk and when he asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I said computers because I didn’t know much better, and he was annoyed and dismissed me saying, “That’s what everyone says.” The other times I saw him were better.

    He’s a good writer. And while I’ve come to almost completely accept that Climate Change is another lie, being good stewards of Earth is still important and the mass extinction event is startling.

    • “Stewards of the Earth” and “Mass Extinction” are excellent examples of the relentless Greenwashing propaganda in which we have been fully immersed since the 1980’s. Please read “Cloak of Green” (Elaine Dewar).

      Suzuki was the author of my first year genetics textbook; he is NOT a moron. He knows precisely which side of his bread is buttered.

      Suzuki was locked up during WW-II for being a Japanese Canadian. I think he spent the rest of his life plotting revenge on Canada…. he became a well connected, wealthy snake oil salesman and he’s thoroughly enjoying the last laugh.

      • QUOTE
        He knows precisely which side of his bread is buttered.

        • Awesome! Thanks!

          I don’t recall how I missed those but I was mos def a regular by then.

    • I won’t disagree that Suzuki doesn’t always practice what he preaches. That’s another boring rant.

      Citing “The Rebel”, Canada’s alt-right fools, to poop on David Suzuki, Canada’s CBC Green mascot, doesn’t work for me. They’re a broken clock that’s right once in a while and alt-right always.

      However, I agree that he’s a cardboard hero.

      What I really wonder is, if many of our cardboard heroes had the inclination or exposure “the truth”, how many would change?

      For example, Naomi Klein, who I also really like, refuses to comment on 9/11 because she hasn’t looked into it and won’t speculate without research. Meanwhile the Shock Doctrine and our global war on terror are fundamentally associated.

      Granted, they are paid not to question as their jobs depend on their “ignorance” etc. And if low-life scum like me and you can figure so much of this shit out – then why can’t they…?

      But we are simultaneously more/less common than we can imagine. Most in my neighborhood have no clue. Some have some ideas. A few are woke. My family is in the dark and fear for my sanity – meanwhile my mom believes everything on the CBC National News.

      No matter how many times I spear their bubbles, many of them don’t want too look outside it into the light.

  4. Ya know,

    Ever since the president took office, this has been all I can think of in his speech, and it has permeated all of those associated. It is distinctly different communication than we have seen in the past. Yes, we’ve always had lies, and yes we’ve always had lies disguised as truth, but this is the first time, in my observation that we have seen such strange communication.

    As Kanye West put it, it is a very “futuristic” method of communication. (When interestingly, a genius visionary observed the coming of this very trend in his writings).

    With the words always forming a moving target, it can always be everything. It is neither one nor the other, and yet both. Bravo! The Doublespeak has been truly put into play. It has begun to proliferate everything it touches. One cannot be accused for anything while at the same moment instantaneously be justified, all hinging on communication feedback in the moment.

    Hence the need to control the past. This process culminates in a complete cycle of control.

  5. A puzzling question, given that human-caused global warming is NOT as severe as it is made out to be:

    – Why is there such a consensus with the majority of scientists on recent increased warming, and in general that human-caused global warming is more or less a ‘settled science’? My thoughts on this are:

    It is not necessary to get every single scientist on-board with this warming consensus individually, it is only necessary to have the most influential scientists and institutions at the top to influence the scientists below them. A top-down type of consensus. I think this can be looked at from a standpoint of human nature: most people (scientist or not) do not want to be the odd one out, the one who is different from the group. Being the one in the international scientific community and/or international media spotlight for having a different opinion can be uncomfortable and unfavorable for one’s career (e.g. Dr. Judith Curry and others). By putting enough top-down pressure on scientists, the consensus can be bent enough to be in favor of the desired understanding.

    • That says a lot, doesn’t it.

    • scpat,
      I agree.
      That last paragraph of yours says a lot.

      I think this is a Marketing Tactic often used.
      Recruit the Influence Makers or the Leaders of Opinion in order to “sell the product”. Like you pointed out, if you get the top tier on board, then others follow suit.
      We see this in politics.
      We see this in running shoes with celebrities.
      We see this in breakfast cereal.

      It is interesting that the MainStreamMedia uses this marketing tactic so much that it no longer impinges. They bring on “experts” and “pundits” to tell the story rather show the actual event or cite the original source.
      I think people in general are worn out with this pundit approach unless it reinforces a preconceived idea or unless the audience member just wants someone to tell him what to believe.

      • HRS,

        I believe a lot of people do want what your last line described, “the audience member just wants someone to tell him what to believe.” Particularly in this age of instant gratification and Hollywood special effects, memes and gifs on the internet, everything instant, little sound bites of information because they ‘don’t have time.’ I think that is what society has become, at least Western society. I believe the MSM knows very well about this and tailors their message to fit that model, and conviently they don’t need to provide real evidence as often.

    • Um, who says there is consensus? There have been a number of studies to support such claim but as far as I understand they have all been discredited.

      • It doesn’t matter how discredited they really are, as long as you have the media, celebrities, politicians, and the rest of the bandwagon (the ‘consensus’ for all intents and purposes) in a fervor saying man-made climate change is a threat to humanity that we must do something about.

        More toward your statement though, I think it would be helpful to make a list of all the studies known to be ‘bad science’. Maybe that kind of list already exists.

        • I don’t know how many studies have been done on the subject, I know of a few that have been dragged through the meta the most. There was the 97% study which analyzed some 2200 papers and produced completely fraudulent results. There was also the 100% online poll with rigged choices where practically all scientists it polled agreed the climate changes (which haven’t been proved to any extent) are anthropocentric in origin.

          Goes hand in hand with studies such as one which demonstrated 70something% female students in the US get raped during their college stay, while the actual FBI statistic is 1 in 10.000 or 100.000, I’m not 100% certain atm.

          All of these have been extensively referenced by Obummer through his presidency and disseminated as gospel by his excellency.

          Producing an extensive list of these false studies which are nothing but experiments in social engineering would be daunting but a worthwhile task.

    • They also feature Michio Kaku.

    • Must not forget the second part of President Eisenhower’s fairwell speech. He warns of the military industrial in the first part then the warning about the scientists writing a blank check for endless syphdoo science threats.

  6. Lisa Haven just posted that climate scientists are pushing the agenda, talking about climate conditions causing “Global Famine”…. (but they cannot stop themselves from tinkering with geoengineering to bring it about!)

    And here is another that I have not listened to yet…
    Eric T. Karlstrom “Climate Change Myth Is A CIA & International Banker Plan To Impoverish Humanity.”

  7. Nosoapradio, thank you for posting Dr. Easterbrooks testimony before the Washington State committee. My progressive liberal friends will not even look at testimony by peer review scientists like Easterbrook because they have the Nasa “sludge” data in their hands like the pin headed prick Sen.Ranker did. It is so disheartening but that seems to be the essence of liberalism.
    My observations in the deepstate climate engineering plan is that since the data fail cannot be accepted then it would necessary to just physically heat up the local climate to accomplish the same outcome. Correct me if I’m wrong, but after spraying 2 tons or so of nano-aluminum and various chemicals, they turn on the large microwave units to improve the dispersing of the poison in the atmosphere. This must heat the surrounding air mass considerably. Inturn it would seem to increase the temperatures while the creation of the subsequent cloud layer that typically forms after heavy spraying, blankets the area trapping additional heat locally. Solar Radiation Management increasing the temperature while being presented as combating global warming. Deepstate personified perfectly.

    • I love testimonies.

      I can prove the Earth is cooling with my first hand testimony.

      In 2007 I was in Texas and it was hot and they were crazy.

      In 2008 I was at Burning Man and it was crazy and hot.

      Then I was crazy and moved back to Canada and it’s never been as hot.

      Proof. Mic drop.

  8. November 13, 2015 – ISIL terrorists kill 130 people and injure 368 in Paris, France

    November 30, 2015 – World leaders meet to sign COP21 in Paris, France

    Who benefitted from the terrorist attacks 2 weeks prior to COP21?

    November 15, 2015 – French air force launch Opération Chammal (dropping bombs on Raqqa)

    A 3-month state of emergency kept the streets of Paris, France free of pesky citizens during the Great Climate Austerity Extravaganza.


    Yes, I’m suggesting the “terrorist attacks” were a false flag to justify bombing Raqqa 2 days later and keeping protesters off the streets during COP21.

    Orwellian? You bet.

  9. If the climate measurement and “adjustments” process is not transparent, reproducible, and open for critical analysis and discussion THEN IT’S NOT SCIENCE !!!

    So is the science in on their science? Can we see their methodology?

    If not then they are practicing occulted scientism (a.k.a. secreted dogmatic science-like practices).

    Just believe and have faith that what they believe is faithful.

  10. I think climate change was the second-last thing I disagreed with Corbett on. I always new Carbon Tax was a scam but the rest seemed plausible. Delving deeper on other things and embedding myself deeper into the skeptical analysis of power and manipulation, I’ve come around and it seems sooo much easier to doubt climate change.

    To my point, I’d like Corbett to report on a) his spirituality, whatever that may be, and another report on b) morality.

    “I’ve always been an atheist because I’m reasonable…” ~Anthony Jeselnik

    Me too. Corbett said he wasn’t. I want to know why.

    Why you may ask? Because why is all I have left.

    By asking why about absolutely everything, I’ve come to determine I don’t believe in anything for sure. I think therefor I am 99.9% sure I exist, either in a simulation or not.

    I don’t believe in church, wars, state, government, secrets, media, or dogmas of any kind. Capitalism, socialism, agorism all have flaws so I can’t commit to any of them. Natural law seems good though I have yet to delve deep into that.

    Religions, occultism, symbolism, numerology… it’s all fascinating how it affects so many people but beyond that I don’t buy into any of that.

    All I have left is my morality. Sadly, I have to admit that my morality is as myopic as my moods in a any moment so often I look back at moments and realize that when I thought I was trying to help everyone I was only doing it for myself. I am a terrible example of a human being, yet I am a good person and haven’t killed anyone (yet), been to jail (not really a measure for too many, sadly), I’m not a thief (beyond office supplies), and I’ve been pretty decent to others (but could have been better too often).

    I was far more social when younger. Now I’m older and don’t give a shit. I’m not considering turning to the dark side and embracing all the Machiavellian shit I now know – but why not? I have hope for humanity but fear the worst. Fortunately I have no kids. I have nothing to lose. I have no reason to live – but for curiosity – to see what happens next. Am I confusing existential angst with something else?

    I also wonder if being an open book is far easier than lying or practicing social grace. Generally people like me for my openness and also are not shy to tell me when it bugs them, which I think is also usually good, unless I get mischievous and use it to get their goat or prove a point. So am I lazy for being open all the time? Or is it something on the Asperger scale? Maybe I need to embrace my inner reptilian psychopath.

    I don’t believe in much of anything anymore. I still believe in Corbett, until I don’t, if and whenever that may be.

    (Tom Secker told me not to buy into Corbett, but when I asked why he turned into a nasty crank. And Pearse Redmond did too after I finished doing them favours. Still, they do great work, but now I’ve lost respect for the men. But I digress and gossip when I don’t like to.)

    So how about a 101 on Morality as the slow roll out of World War 3 continues (since 9/11) under the Global Corporocratic Empire? We may need it to ease the extinction squeeze (ie. Guy McPherson) or 2030 termination.

    Also, I feel compelled to demand that morality not be associated with God, just in case anyone would try.

    • I often wonder about possibility of reality we’re living in a simulated world. I don’t put much stock into matrix world, though. Easier to simulate everything, without the corporeal being. But it could be also possible I’m an old, well set man who wanted to relive his youth so he payed for being inserted in a simulation. That dream may last a lifetime, but with time compression it could take just a minute in his world. Or is it my world?

      Are you simulated in my world or am I just a fignent of your imagination? How could we know? To be frank, if I were a figment, I wouldn’t want to know.

      On morality, is it anything but a feeling, a consequence of compassion drived by temerity? If anything, what’s valuable is the will to do the “right” thing. Along those line, psychopaths are uncapable of being moral due to not having compassion.

      • What do you define as matrix versus simulated?

        The Matrix movie was a parable. Obviously conspiritards and conspirophiles alike identify with it. There’s also a lot more ways to wake up than just to the web of lies and control.

        The simulation thing is interesting. Especially when you consider dreams. I used to be able to fly and steer my flight with some effort and often in lucid dreams. Not so much anymore. Now my dreams are of very complex situations with familiarish people doing things I’ve never done (ie. architecture boardrooms), sometimes compromising my values despite myself (ie. rob a bank). When I wake I feel like I’ve been participating in a ghost of a very interesting movie.

        If I were a simulation, figment, or otherwise I would want to know. There’s nothing I wouldn’t want to know. There is much that I wish didn’t happen but that’s not the same thing.

        However, if I could trade all the knowledge for a more fair world and a better existence with less suffering for everyone, I would. But how would I know? Maybe this is better than it was. How can you unbite and unpick the fruit of knowledge?

        “a consequence of compassion derived/driven by temerity” = very lyrical

        Might may not be right, but might makes right, too often for most. Perhaps the psychopaths are making right, into a compassionless transhumanist future of complex duplicity without messy emotions and morality.

        Can we game the game theory?
        How tenacious is your fierce compassion?

        • Under matrix I meant “people with tubes stuck in where the place doesn’t shine and connected to a hive” as oposed to a simulation where everything is done in software, without any “human” interaction.

          Also, I find Matrix the movie very interesting in many regards, so I don’t agree with your characterization there. I often ponder on it.

          • Matrix = brain in a jar with wires.

            I used to hate the battery analogy. Why not hook up cows and also siphon the methane? Why not say that the Matrix uses humans for their creativity or subconscious processing power or…

            Recently I slapped my head when I realized the rigged corrupt corporatocratic establishment systems only work when we acknowledge their “rights” to rule over us, granting them POWER (over us). We collectively give them the power. Resist and pay the consequences of the collective’s “representative” ruler’s force through minions.

            We ARE the batteries that give the status quo power.

            I think you misread my tone. I love The Matrix. I didn’t go into it deep because it’s been done a million times.

            “The Matrix movie was a parable.” Possibly the best. But not just a parable, nor a simple one. “Obviously conspiritards and conspirophiles alike identify with it.” I identify as a conspirophile. I love looking at all the stuff. The more far fetched the less time I spend on it, but it’s there, and sometimes it comes up again later with unexpected clarity. I don’t buy into religious stuff, numbers, symbols, etc. but I find them fascinating in small doses, particularly because some people great and small do subscribe to it. Flat Earthers, reptilians, UFOs etc I call conspiratards as I don’t believe their woo (yet).

            Conspirophiles is a real word I learned a few weeks ago.
            Conspiratards is also a real word I learned about last week.

            “There’s also a lot more ways to wake up than just to the web of lies and control.” By this I meant that The Matrix can be appreciated by non-conspiracy folks who learn about some subject deeply. Because their interest is so focused they would call it corruption or something and not call it a conspiracy, where I’d say same thing and it’s all related and interlinked and everything is controlled and it’s just a big conspiracy, man.

            The Matrix was profoundly ground breaking on countless levels. A cinematic paradigm earthquake shift with an ace score, freshjive gun-fu fight scenes, and the sleek fashion sense melted everything cool – cyber goth finally escaped Burning Man. And that’s just how it appeared. The esoteric Easter eggs and existential enigmas put fundamental fun in mental gymnastics. Also, I like dystopian cli-fi sci-fi.

            Like it or lump it, The Matrix is a rare great original. While many have copied it, it referenced lots but was never a copy.

            • Yeah, I missunderstood you.

              Matrix has a way of speaking directly to the consciousness of the unawakened mind. It sticks with you and for some reason you’re yet unaware of it keeps burrowing in your mind.

              It took a while for me to wake up after watching the movie and it took even more time to realise the connection. Depravity of human mind is beyond words.

              I still don’t understand why it was produced. Or, why was it allowed to be produced. Or did they know 0.01% will get it? Was it just a sick “in your face, slaves” joke?

              • I wasn’t as clear as I could have been.

                If I was “the one” there’s be no need for words.

                First Yoda, then Highlander “There can be only one”, and then The Matrix. Now, the Log Lady in Twin Peaks says Laura Palmer is “the one”.

                So which “one” is it?

                O-N-E = N-E-O

                Pshew! – Mind blown, brain matter sprays, spinal cord limps, nerves neutered, spasm hand contracts, and – mic drop.

                But seriously…

                Of several, I have one particular screenplay I’ve been working on since 2001. Some I’ve been working on for decades, some not. All are unfinished. 2001 was when I started that one but it had nothing to do with events that year, and while it has evolved much, those events are still not mentioned.

                This is my most “important” work because I’m trying to incorporate everything I have learned into a parable or cautionary tale. Climate change used to play a minor role, but Corbett with my own skeptical re-look has changed that (tho toxic environments are still an issue). It takes place in the future but is not “futuristic” or fantasy. It’s hard-science-fiction that obeys rational laws of physics, etc. Trees are still trees. Everything is much the same with a few new things – and more extreme everything else (politics, poverty, prisons, war, censorship, etc). It’s three radically different acts following one character. It’s designed for a smallish budget but could easily be inflated where appropriate. My most difficult challenge is to keep it trim yet cinematically interesting _and_ informative. So to avoid being preachy, I’m developing a informative animated mocumentary as a release valve for excessive ideas.

                Why do I tell you this? I can’t be the only one.

                Ten years ago I was directing another music video in SF and realized half way through that I needed to do work with a bigger purpose and intent. At a party in LA I blew another director’s mind with this concept. He’d just finished some drama about Vegas gambling addiction and while it may be interesting and a legitimate issue for some people, I was talking about much wider ramifications and impact on people’s lives offering solutions and alternatives. I have no idea if he or anyone else there continued this idea, but I’m sure I’m not the first.

                Even if you got a screenplay green lit it would get obfuscated, encoded, and diluted. The anarchist would become a communist, the crazy cop would become the crazy postman, etc. (Corbett, please to a show about “going postal”, the origins, and the truth of it.) Even if it was anti-establishment they’d still find a way to make it patriotic, consumerist, glam-whore-ist, etc.

                Here’s another one: Fight Club. How did they allow that to be produced?

                Fight Club and The Matrix are two of the best movies out there, regardless of the subversive tone. There hasn’t been much of that since. They were hugely successful. Why not? Here’s a theory: They were too busy planning 9/11 to read movie scripts. Here’s another theory: They were preparing/warning us with good movies and shitty movies like Pearl Harbor alike. Here’s another theory: They’re just trying to dumb us all down with drugs, sports, and media.

              • That’s a very interesting count of events. I have to assume the process through which a script has to go through to become a movie is very intricate, arbitrary and unpredictable. Which makes me wonder even more about how did these moves come through? Or were they maybe even more thought inducing in their unaltered form?

                Just now I’ve seen a trailer for “Atomic blonde” talk about shit movies. Or the new wonder woman film. I guess the paradigm is shifting toward female lead heroes and sissy male support characters. Just about time, I say.

                Anyhow, one movie which did not get through unaltered, as I see it, was the captain obvious film, don’t know if you have seen it. It’s a recent production about a family living “off grid” getting into various mishaps while the story completely glosses over some really important points. The father in the end turns to be a sellout, even though his extreme methods only needed some calibration and many of his actions proved to be correct in the long run, at least as far as the story goes.

              • Also note: the budgets have exploded.

                This is an excuse to control the narrative on bigger productions, eliminating middle sized budgets and looser controls, despite the unending horizon of options and potential break out hits.

                Giant budgets are also a terrific way to launder money and claim huge tax breaks. Have all those expensive movies gotten better? Not really.

                As a professional CGI guy I can assure you that I can see lots of shit smeared across the screen. When you can’t see it then it’s good. When I can see it today but many can’t, then everyone will see it in 10 or 15 years and compare it to bad video games.

                Some of the productions may be more intricate, or mismanaged or even enter revision hell, but that’s still not going to excuse the trend.

                Speaking of sissies, I’ve got nothing against trans-folks. That said, I thought it peculiar when I watched two back-to-back post episode discussions featuring two men with long hair (like mine) being feminine and wearing make up (not like me). One was Nerdists reviewing Game Of Thrones and the other was Game Theory (I think) reviewing Twin Peaks. Talking Dead is boring, but that’s about it. I used to read IMDb details. I don’t watch many TV shows anymore but like intelligent reviews with them.

                The message: It’s okay to be a pansy. (Pansies don’t fight or resist rulers.) I wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way to bring back extravagant Louis XIV dandy primping and peacocking.

                I liked Captain Fantastic (2016) and agree with everything you said.

                I also liked Stranger Than Fiction (2006) and also feel they sold out. They even talk about it in the movie, how it would be a sell out it there was a happy ending… and they do it anyways.

              • I read about several movies for which it was decided to reshoot the ending after the test viewers gave it a no go. Most notable was the movie with Roberts and Diaz, I think. If the goal is to turn profit, perfectly makes sense.

                One movie to carry this point forward would be Sorcerer. An excellent film, really heavy on cinematography and I do mean packed.

                Firstly, the title chosen was a very bad business move. Does have an artistic expression to it, but it contributed to the flop. The other thing, release of the movie coinciding with one of the star wars titles, just helped push it over the brink.

                Massive budgets do give creedance to the fact studios might not want to gamble with the investment. Similar thing happens with a boxer defending the title, dragging along the figt and keeping up with the appearances of still being a fighter instead of a businessman.

              • It’s a really excellent movie with a good cast. It broke the budget, got delayed and delayed and flopped sadly, so it’s kind of unheard of. The bridge scene is very well made.

              • I watched Anonymous (2011) movie again. It was good the first time, but only good.

                This time I looked at it with geopolitical conspirophile eyes and loved it.

                Imagine that each person was an establishment system. The Earl of Oxford is the CIA who’s secretly pushing propaganda on the people. Ben Johnson is the disgruntled FBI. Will Shaxspeare is Hollywood. Queen Liz I is the Zionist billionaires. etc.

                I’m liking Joseph Atwill’s work about Caesar’s Messiah and now about to look at his Shakespeare’s Jewish Messiah work that analyses it from a social control perspective.

                In addition to the theories about who wrote Shakespeare, Stratfordians (Bill) or Oxfordians (Earl) there’s a conspiracy for a Black woman author. I have only just discovered this and have yet to review the material.

              • Haven’t watched that one.

              • The extras for Anonymous are boring unless you like seeing green screens and generic interviews, including the “who really was the author” stuff, with two exceptions – the VERY CLEVER, economic, and effective use of modular sets which they didn’t cover in as much detail as I’d like – and the director’s commentary. If you like that sort of thing. Unless it’s a show that demands my full attention I usually watch at 1.5 or 2.0 speed, including commentary and The Corbett Report. Now it always sounds strange when I play stuff at regular speed.

              • Have we not mentioned the Network? That’s another film telling many truths, possibly involuntarily.

                I’d also like to divert your attention, if it needs diverting, to this Matrix analysis by Marc Passio.


              • mkey,
                Network – 1976 is one of my favorites. Way ahead of the curve.
                I would love to see it get renewed attention.

              • I love Network.
                I agree and disagree.

                It needs to get more attention, especially from people who remember when there were less than half a dozen channels on TV and what the prestigious “news” used to be like (even if it was just lying then as now).

                It needs to remain ignored by Hollywood so they don’t try to remake it. I’m so far from Alt-Right but they actually have a twisted point when they criticize Hollywood for subverting our culture by remaking all the classics but casting Black male leads. An apple can be round and red. So too, they may be “subverting” our white culture which may be both good and bad simultaneously. Sometimes the remakes are better, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes the Black male lead is a token pressure release for the disenfranchised countless unjustly in jail or destroyed communities, etc. Sometime diversity is a nice breath of fresh air.

                I like some remakes. I dislike many too. What I really hate is originality and/or diluted purpose and vision.

                Elysium was really good. But it was also really Hollywood (bad). They could have layered up far more esoteric and/or common themes and problems.

                I’ll always wonder what could have been with his cancelled Aliens movie (speaking of esoteric layers (and many links to Bladerunner)).

              • “It’s the individual that’s finished.”

                Reminds me of cellular revolutions. Lots of bacteria, algae, etc. Then they started clumping together into multi-cellular organisms. After that revolution came the revolution of multi-cellular organism clusters joined together with specific organ roles, including a brain…

                Humans group into tribes/beliefs/corporations and then they’ll all group into and serve the hive-mind Global Caesar Singularity that will join the extra-solar systems…

            • Canuck Jason,
              What you said holds some profound truth.

              Granting them power.
              … I realized the rigged corrupt corporatocratic establishment systems only work when we acknowledge their “rights” to rule over us, granting them POWER (over us). We collectively give them the power. -Jason

              • “A belief that the system can be fixed from within the system” is actually a pretty silly idea when one steps back to view it.
                After all, ‘The Powers That Shouldn’t Be’ own the system. It is their board game, their rules. And they can change the rules anytime they want.
                They have fun by trapping us on the board game.

                In a more ideal world, everyone would just say: “I’m not playing your game…and oh, by the way, all that property and wealth you say you own — those pieces of paper are worthless.
                Me and Sara are going to take this Chalet, relax for a while and watch everyone else split up stuff….”

              • ““A belief that the system can be fixed from within the system” is actually a pretty silly idea when one steps back to view it.”

                I agree and disagree.

                The system encompasses almost everything. Anything outside the system will either be destroyed, subverted, or guarded against. That doesn’t mean it should be tried, anticipating that the system will perpetually try to thwart it.

                By “system” I mean “interlinked systems”.

                On the other hand, growing something within the system, also anticipating the worst, will be difficult, but if it is authentic somehow manages to grow then it can only gain momentum – and eventually it will not have to destroy or oppose the system as it will simply be the obvious alternative. Stronger new systems will nurture weaker new systems.

                Openness and transparency might help unveil the corrupt chameleons but what if we went neon instead to out the bastards?

                I forget where recently I heard someone saying they’d like to see “V For Vendetta, Part 2” about what happens after the revolutions, how they reorganized, etc. Maybe that’s what we should be planning now (cause think tanks sure are).

                Growing better options within the system with minimal corruption sounds like a progressive fantasy. But dream we must. Without hope we might as well commit suicide.

                Or curiosity. The only thing that got me through my big-pharma anti-depressant nightmare was curiosity. I had no hope, and have only scraped up a little recently. But curiosity was the only thing that kept me going. I don’t know why they never say that in media.

              • I think that as far as fighting the system from within the system goes, while playing according to the rules and all that, is completely futile. Pretty much like in the matrix, average Joe can’t get past Smith and therefore has to continue going sideways, without gaining any ground.

                However, the system is obviously to be broken from within, no way around that hard fact. Neo just represents free will and power of the mind. It’s not like one can move to Mars and gain ground from there. Or just set off into the woods, say fuck it and move on. That would be a figt won but the main battle for the mind of the masses would still be uncontested.

              • I think it’s a lot about buffer zones.

                If you can make a tiny area that is free you need a buffer. A wall of tissue paper is not much of a buffer. A concrete wall, moat and an outer wall is a good start.

                So too with systems. The elites have countless levels of buffers that they control. They have body guards, armoured cars, legal armies, bought judges, etc…

                If we can create some kind of of systems that can insulate or pad from external threats perhaps there’s a chance. If everyone clumps together they’ll target that. If we break into smaller “cells” they’ll label them terror cells and target them. They want us as helpless isolated individuals.

                Not only do the systems have to anticipate all the current shit they can throw at us but the future stuff too. If they force vaccines, microchips, and brain scans on us it’s too late.

                It’s been too late for a long time. But resist we must.

                Ideally we’d figure out a way to be like a quicksilver Terminator, to get in and poison their manufactured culture of mind control with practical rational reason.

                The biggest problem is that most people are stupider than average or stupidly close and the stupid average is not mean, it’s tragic.

    • This movie looks worse than Armageddon. (I’ll still watch it.)

      Next to the banksters, though connected, I’m guessing the second biggest power is the fossil fuel industry (and off-shoots like chemicals, plastics, pharma, etc). Whether/Weather for good, bad, or other reasons, let’s assume a rival faction of elites want’s to dominate and control fossil fuels – so they make up Climate Change and the Carbon Tax based on lies, truth, or both.

      Should we utilize the divide and conquer strategy the elites use on us back against them?

      More importantly, assuming Carbon Tax is actually effective at regulating the powerful fossil fuel corporations (it will most certainly envelop bribed smaller countries), who will regulate the Carbon Tax police, and/or how can we democratize or destroy that process?

      Carbon Tax vs Fossil Fuel = vying for king of the hill

      But who needs/wants kings?

      • I bet you’ll be able to watch this one on 3x speed.

        • ha!
          I’ve done that.

        • You remembered!

          Ya. I watch almost everything at 1.6x to 2x, depending on how well it plays without choking. It took me a while to get used to it and I could probably get used to 3x except my playback would choke. It’s like reading and on occasion I step back to digest again.

          When I talk to real people I just want to fast forward – both them and the words spewing from my slow mouth.

          I wonder how the pros and cons of this play out. I feel a little smarter aurally digesting the oral audio faster, but that might just be an optical illusion.

    • I wonder if they considered the debt-slavery prices of Monsanto seeds and “pesticide/fertilizer” or other crushing corporatocracy causes?

      Or maybe they have some Pedogate information they were going to spill like a rock star and had to be suicided. (I have to laugh or else I’ll cry.)

      At least I don’t have to interview 60,000 people to verify that’s what they say they said – so I guess I’ll just believe them.

      • Jason, my Canuck friend, you said it. Monsanto. Aye.

        • While I am forced to admit that I am Canadian, I don’t like being reminded of it, unless you wish to say that I am more handsome than our corrupt fearless leader/$lave to the Queen, True-Dough-Doh. Because of our new laws I would prefer that you call me Zir to recognize that I sexually identify as an avocado and am still a member of planet Earth, despite plans to migrate to a galaxy far far away.

  11. On this topic the question I ask myself is: “Is ice melting in a significant way?”

    If it is, that is important all by itself, no matter what might be causing it, regardless of politicized scientific bandwagons and regardless of what anyone might believe, one way or the other.

    I lack the time and resources to travel to the poles, Himalayas, Greenland, etc., and make personal observations, again and again; therefore, I must rely on reports from others.

    Credible reports from various sources — for example the oil industry, which stands to gain from a melting Arctic, and the USN, which as an important component of the U.S. empire possesses a keen strategic interest — strongly suggest that ice is indeed melting in a significant way.

    Again, this says nothing about what might be causing the ice melt.

    • Not to be too crude, but if the ice has been melting then the ea level would rise, and THAT would certainly be all over the news. I am sure their is signifcant ice melt……..every summer. Very photogenic indeed.
      Either way, OBEY. We offer the cause and the solution.

      Is it true that NASA detected warming on our sister planets, concurrent with Earth measurements?

      • James, you are rightly proud of the previous video about how do we measure global average temperature. This is a worthy follow-up, but don’t worry they have plenty of other tricks. You assume that anything about recent data is honest. Sorry, that is also a problem I follow in my own little way.
        It is 30 degrees F here. This popular weather site has us a mere 24 higher. It has been doing this for days now.
        It is regularly 4F to 9F higher than what it really is.
        On Jan 24, 2014 it posted the temperature in Coldest part of Canada(Strachan)at 140F.
        Its enough to make one paranoid!

        • Hanky, that is disturbing. There could be causes outside the Geo-weather matrix goons.Say the location of the measuring unit. Placed in a light refection zone ,Dallas has a lot of glass. Some external stimulus raising the temp locally to the weather instrument. Microwave transmission towers. Tulsa has a gigantic set of towers in the downtown ATT building. The wave I think is bouncing from ground to stratosphere concintratrated in spots.
          Of course if I where in charge of manipulations of such things I be sure to place it where I would get the best results for my overlords. Just saying the depths and far sighted management of such programs are beyond a normal persons comprehension. I did work for the City of Tulsa ounce and saw the beast on very rare occasions. Corbett, Allen Watt, Joe Plummer are brave to expose them and their moralities. (modallities) note the computer wrote moraralities all by its self, see how insidious it (they)is.a.i James
          Its a great thread and its wonderful to see it alive in the New Year!

          • Sorry to disturb you, but hey, isn’t that why we are here at this site. I am limiting myself to firsthand knowledge here, albeit pretty limited. What I have been following the most is my local situation. After years of this, with some self-skepticism, and several thermometer purchases, and careful placement, this is what I have gleaned.
            There are over a dozen reporting stations in Dallas for this one major site (Wunderground). If you search Dallas, rather than say, Little Forest Hills neighborhood, you always get the high readings, any time of day or year . In fact, they always automatically direct me there, despite my location being closer to a different station.
            Poor device placement? Almost certainly. Accident,less sure. This latest business with being 26 degrees too high is unprecedented from my observations. It has gone on for days. 4 to 9F is typical, even for my local station. Especially in the summer (when they love to set records?). When they do national and global averages do they use my thermometer, or the “Dallas” station? The radio reports are always high as well, and I don’t mean a fraction of a degree. Do most cities have a designated station downtown, which is always naturally warmer, even if it is not controlled by a crusading alarmist?
            PS What do you make of the Northwest Canada winter weather report I stumbled on? I took a screenshot, but I don’t know how to post it. It said 140F in January. I guess it could have been -40. Plausible deniability? Innocent accident? It remained like that for several days.

            James work is great, but unfortunately he may actually be understating the corruption. And now we have huge masses of people, many well-educated, as well as running these stations, who have taken this Carbon Demonization on as their religion, and would gladly skew a number here and there to save the planet from stupid greedy people who would slow them down.

            Are you disturbed enough to do your own local observations, to see if even the ‘raw’ data is credible? If many of us did this, then this would have more weight, or conversely be something we could ignore (as James necessarily had to do in his format).

      • It’s not quite so simple; in fact, very little is when dealing with the entire planet, its oceans, atmosphere, land masses, etc.

        In _Underworld_, by Graham Hancock, Hancock worked with a Scottish university that had a database of estimated sea levels at various places in different times and used it to scuba dive at certain locations. (His basic, obvious idea was that any number of sites from the ice age would now be underwater as ocean levels were much lower then — a huge amount of the bottoms of oceans, covering nearly 75% of the earth’s surface, have never been explored, including any number of relatively shallow areas likely to have been dry ground during the Ice Age.)

        The database was (and is probably still) being constantly tweaked — had to be. It turns out that there are many geological processes involved, including something called subsidence and its reverse (land sinks in some situations, rises in others — for example land under ice as the ice melts, but at varying rates in different locations) but there are also a number of other factors. Water temperature is a factor, what happens when cold water enters warm oceans, etc. This means that major ice melt may not result in significantly higher ocean levels _in some locations_, at least initially. (Then, too, consider just how large — in terms of volume — the oceans are; you must add huge amounts of water for them to rise.)

        Longer term, oceans would definitely rise in a major way as ice melt becomes substantial, but not at the same rate everywhere. (Note how some locations today that were dry not so long ago are now flooded or just starting to become flooded.)

        You would have to do a very detailed survey of the surfaces of the oceans of the planet and compare it to similar previous surveys and connect that with similar surveys of melting ice to even start to develop a full picture.

        Needless to say, building detailed computer models of climate on an entire planet is no trivial pursuit and bound to be forever imperfect — how you would capture so much data, accurately, from the ocean, the land masses, and the atmosphere? You would have to be continuously collecting data, accurately, for years and years.

        Focusing on the melting of ice is a kind of shortcut, then.

        • A shortcut indeed, but I still think it is in need of addressing from a more neutral viewpoint. I am not convinced that it is a misleading shortcut.
          Well the warmists, which I assume you are representing, said that the sea levels would rise. Where is the water level higher? Does it match any specific predictions? I am having trouble swallowing the idea that it wouldn’t rise quite evenly, over the course of several months, say. I am confident the media would be all over any such events.

          Even if ice is melting faster than it is forming, there are so many things wrong with the story line we are being given. Why so much focus on carbon? Like 9/11, I can’t tell you precisely how it was pulled off, but I can point to precise places where the cover up and self-contradictions are glaring.

          BTW, Computer models, especially ones that have provided nothing but stunningly incorrect predictions, are not the only, or even best, tool for figuring this out. We barely know all the energetic and cyclical influences of the sun (and the planets and galaxy) to enter sufficient input, and that is if the programmers were not tasked with fulfilling an agenda. They have been routinely programming for positive feedback from temperature swings (Think Venus runaway greenhouse theory), when beneficial negative feedback is what is observed. The ice melting, while the water does not rise, would be one such beneficial negative feedback system.

          Thank you for not resorting to the customary ad hominem and appeal to authority fallacies.

          Have you viewed James’ video about how we measure average global temperature? They can’t even measure my neighborhood temperature reliably within 5 degrees. How can they measure the whole Earth, to a fraction of a degree, and in the past and future as well?

  12. September 2018
    Climate Change Is Causing Earth to Wobble on Its Axis, NASA Says

    Climate change is impacting how Earth spins on its axis, NASA says.

    Over the past century, Earth’s axis – the imaginary line that passes through the North and South Poles – has drifted about 4 inches, and a decrease in Greenland’s ice mass is the main contributor to the wobble, the space agency has announced.

    As temperatures increased throughout the 20th century because of humans, Greenland’s ice mass decreased.

    “A total of about 7,500 gigatons — the weight of more than 20 million Empire State Buildings — of Greenland’s ice melted into the ocean during this time period,” NASA said in a press release. “This makes Greenland one of the top contributors of mass being transferred to the oceans, causing sea level to rise and, consequently, a drift in Earth’s spin axis.”

    • Maybe we’ll drift off and break free from the Sun and the solar system. I’d be proud to be part of the generation which managed to pukl it off, set off into open space and become the first Earthling space tourists.

      • Perhaps, we could all jump at the same time.

        We all might need to also pass gas at the same time for some extra kick.

        yea…that would do it.

        Nevermind about part 2 (passing gas). Politicians do that when they talk.

    • Now that is hysterical. I’d like to know what kind of measurements they can make that can help them tell the axis of rotation of a spherical object of radius 6.4×10^6 m has shifted 4 inches? I have not read the study, but I think THAT falls within the uncertainty of the calculation.

      Thanks for a good laugh.

  13. Here’s a surprising piece of literary genealogy ; two of the most influential (and ideologically opposed) British writers of the 20th century had a not-too-distant common ancestor, Thomas Fane (1701-1771), 8th Earl of Westmorland.
    Westmorland, Westmorland, hhhmm that’s somehow a familiar title.

    But in any case Thomas Fane’s daughter Mary wed (1762) Charles Blair, a wealthy plantation owner in Jamaica, and apparently great-great grandfather of Eric Arthur Blair (Orwell).

    Mary’s brother Henry Fane (1739-1802) married Anne Buckley in 1778 and the couple produced a brood of 14. However before that Henry sired a bastard who became Sir Henry Chamberlain (1773-1829), the grandfather of Houston Stewart Chamberlain, one of the most prolific and well connected exponents of white racial supremacy, and critics of Jewification of British political and mercantile culture ; spent his whole adult life writing in Germany and in German, although the son of a British admiral and nephew of a Field Marshal, Neville Chamberlain

    You can’t make this stuff up. Or maybe you can?

    • The timing of the release of this report is very interesting.

      Just by coincidence our new national carbon tax was implemented yesterday (unfortunately it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke).


      • Fawlty Towers:: My heart goes out to you. Well as the green commie May said the people won’t do anything so let the Guvment do it all for you, and, by the way, carbon taxes coming from the provinces isn’t going to be enough. Is she saying you need to give more since you are part of the guilty collective.


        At least that’s what I think I heard, I was going into shock so I might have to listen again, once I recuperate. I feel for ya.
        It sounds like Groundhog Day, where if you repeat it enough it might come true.

        • Thanks GBW…

          Well as the green commie May said the people won’t do anything so let the Guvment do it all for you, and, by the way, carbon taxes coming from the provinces isn’t going to be enough. Is she saying you need to give more since you are part of the guilty collective.

          I don’t know what May was saying, but our Guvment here wants to take matters into its own hands for the entire country.

          One province (B.C) implemented a carbon tax ten years ago.
          Our national Guvment thinks everyone should be doing its part in donating funds to the Govment coffers. 🙁

          • ByFawlty : I listened carefully and applied the b.s. meter to her prepared comments, off the chart readings .
            It sounded like she was talking about her church checkbook running out of money , no time left before end of the world insolvency. She definitely is confusing time with money. Well any good investigater of a crime would follow the money first, then proceed to the 6 remaining human failings. I see how the greens are like a corrupted religious order. They are intent on you tithing more at the barrel of an solar powered tazer morality. Is This party a fringe group of money gubbin nuts, or do they have some clout?


  14. Just wanted to leave this here for posterity, hope something comes of it in the fraud department of the IPCC.

    Did Monckton do what he says he will do?. Time will tell.

  15. We are now being barraged on an almost daily basis with climate change fear porn!

    Help me James, please SAVE ME!!!

    Last week it was “Canada is warming twice as fast as rest of the world!”
    The day before Canada’s carbon tax was introduced to the masses.

    And today we get this:

    “Arctic is warmest it’s been in 10,000 years, study suggests”


    I tell ya’ we’re frickin’ doomed.

    The sad thing is that most Canadians believe it. 🙁

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