Episode 453 – Don’t Worry! The Border Problem is About to be Solved!

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 29 comments

Think you’ve got The Great Travel Reset under control? Think you’re too smart to be fooled by the vaccine passports? Well, you’d better prepare yourself for the next Problem-Reaction-Solution psyop that’s coming along to convince you that you need to be herded into the digital ID gulag: the generated border crisis! Find out all about it in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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The Great Travel Reset
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See what it looks like at Egypt-Gaza crossing where anger is growing
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‘Demoralizing’: Border Patrol agents cut razor wire for migrants | Morning in America
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Texas sues to stop Border Patrol agents from cutting state’s razor wire at the border
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Hundreds of protesters unload fury after migrant buses arrive on Staten Island
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Inside the Italian migrant camp ‘threatening the EU’s future’ – BBC News
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Soros Signals Shift as EU Op Wraps Up – #NewWorldNextWeek
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Henry Kissinger on Hamas attacks fallout: Germany let in too many foreigners
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Registration and Identity management (UNHCR)
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3 urgent questions to ask as we navigate a new digital identity
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Nigeria Launches Cash Transfers with Biometric ID Verification for 15M Households
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Austrians prepare for full switch to new digital ID system Dec. 5
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Japan’s digital ID system suffers new glitch as govt seeks to get ahead of failures
Time Reference: 42:15



  1. I agree, digital id is coming as the “solution” to border security. (See Gates Foundation pushing digital ID in Kenya and tying it to travel.) But I don’t think that necessarily means travel bans are goofy.

    • Travel bans (and every other ban) have an apparent and an actual purpose. Can you spot which is which?

  2. Okay, I withdraw my prior comment.

  3. Great episode James .. brings many things together, especially the contrived border crossings of ‘refugees’ or ‘migrants’ and its purpose. I hadn’t joined the dots on that because I didn’t know they were being digitally docketed as ‘goods’. Now, I get it .. I think it’s the last piece of the puzzle for me.

    For the Powers that Shouldn’t Be, it makes sense, because they have already transformed all western peoples as ‘corporations’ through our birth certificates .. and so taxable. There are still millions of people throughout the world to have their straw man avatar attached to them digitally. When the chips are surgically implanted, it will mean that we become ‘Transhuman’, and thus all human rights won’t apply to us, because we shall be deemed ‘Non Human’.

    The only way to combat the dystopian nightmare which is around the corner, is through us refusing our straw man status, and not recognising the merchant laws of the seas such as our names written capital letters (which is the way we know we are seen as goods, not human), that are enslaving us right now.

    • I don’t know your situation, but I assure you that you are not being enslaved by any lettering, be they upper capital or lower capital or any combination of the two. Some people somewhere put stuff on paper and then they say that stuff somehow applies to you. How does that work in the real world?

  4. I feel your frustration Jamiesan.
    At 40:13 the phrase ” for those hard of thinking” ? jumped out and struck a nerve. The soft sell is one of your best qualities. It is gold and like gold it comes with an overburden. Each nugget comes with a ton of hard dirt that must be removed to access the bright and shinny nugget of truth. The propaganda is thick after years of accumulated deposits You are one hell of a miner James. They are burying our minds but not quite delicate enough to avoid some discomfort. As I have said before ” the hardest of thinkers will dig a hole to China after a-couple-a missed meal cramps.” In our minds,their is a ton of overburden. The more discomfort the more one will be able/motivated to dig.
    Fortunately you are not alone and the hard think is softening.
    Joe Plummer has distributed thousands of books at his expense lately. The 25 Dishonest Money books he sent me is gold. The first ten books I handed out has generated one hard thinker to call me with questions and discussions. What a victory! Now your drop today will be another step for them to take and broaden their perspective. Your work is being appreciated Jamiesan, one miner at a time.

  5. Many of us have been writing books, songs, blogging and more for a decade talking about this issue. Don’t know why anyone is surprised.

    “The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery. Accept that fact and move on to the solution. That is their plan for you. What is your plan for them?”
    The Video Rebel
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years…
    The super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
    David Rockefeller 1991
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Zbigniew Brzezinski (Morning Joe’s father in law)
    Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (from 50 years ago)
    “People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.”
    JOHN TRUDEL MAY 1980 (speech)

  6. Excellent points raised about where this provocative issue is going. But what to do about it?

    If people on border towns defend their property with guns, the state might arrest them.

    Some of these “migrants” could be agitators who destroy property and/or people fleeing their home country for better opportunities here and/or for free stuff by nanny state USA.

    I work with a growing immigrant population in health care who don’t speak the language and are dependent on the state and who’s level of education and basic reading comprehension seems quite low. Similarly there are members of drug cartels who are now in the US from Mexico who have established “no go zones” where even law enforcement stays out of.

    What is the practical solution to this issue? For people who don’t want to fall into the problem-reaction-solution trap?

    If there is a substantial cultural and educational difference in migrants and the new country, how does one collaborate with the migrants? How do people feed themselves and obtain medicine if the incentive is take the easy way is to be subsidized by the state?

    Are citizens to learn the migrants language and discuss this situation? Maybe that could work in some situations for the multilingual?

    How does someone overcome the tendency to social inertia, taking the hard route especially with people from a different culture?

    I’m not saying all migrants are necessarily uneducated or lazy or criminal and some could actually be allies but how to bridge that gap?

    • More precisely, I think the state is subsidizing people for dependency and migrants/unskilled workers are likely to take the money, housing, health care etc rather than join up with a local community to work for autonomy.

      Some migrants may have skills/education and some can learn, a few may want to learn and join up with local communities.

      What I have tended to see and I am biased because of the stress of work in mainstream healthcare, people want free stuff and many of the immigrants have no incentive to improve their capacity to live as free people. I mean most general people, every day normie educated Americans want that, to be coddled and have their free stuff, that in the end isn’t free.

      I am glad JC made this episode because the weaponized immigration/migrant problem is an actual problem but what can “we the people” do about it?

      Perhaps we can take some of them by car and drop them off at some of these nasty parasitic elitist homes? Or maybe Nancy Pelosi’s mansion?

      I think the answer must include some sort of collaboration or a way to use these generated crises to our advantage.

    • @cu.h.j

      >>What is the practical solution to this issue?>>

      Working together, no Rambo nonsense.
      If people don’t see we are at war for our heritage, our country, our freedom then a very heavy price will be paid.

      When the government works for and with the best interest of the corporations, as it is now, that is Fascism.

      SOLUTIONS (essay)
      https* * * ://* * * http://www.bitchute.* * * com/video/TsqcMC9tPGg2/

  7. What should be highlighted is that these more efficient measures of control will provide the right opportunity to push the envelope regarding what we’ll be subjected to.

    It’s not just about control, it’s control with a purpose.

    But what purpose? Of course, invasive transhumanism comes to mind.

    • I’ve tried put myself in the place of the golbalist/elitist mindset and understand the motivation and end goal of all this.

      I think the desire of power and control in and of itself is a reward to them, even without the transhumanism. But, there are other pursuits I think.

      The transhumanism and technological push is for enhanced experience of pleasure (for them) and death and slavery for us. Also, longevity is likely on the back of their mind. They would love to be able to live forever or extend their lifetime here on earth. For them existence is purely material and gratification of urges it seems.

      But, I am extremely doubtful about the ability to actually make some of this science fiction fantasy actually work in the real world and that is to our advantage.

  8. Dear James, thank you for taking a big dive into yet anther in depth researched and well presented problem of our fading individual liberties. As much as I enjoyed this program one issue comes to my mind. While you are absolutely right stating that you have been a “lone voice crying in the wilderness on this issue” for a long time, there always has been another very loud voice by the name of David Icke who deserves mentioning for his relentless exposure of this and other problems for several decades. When internet was only being developed and concepts of ubiquitous surveillance, AI matrix or electronic currency have not yet hit the big screen propaganda industry. In times when many newer and younger investigative journalists start being appreciated for their excellent work, David’s name tends to be ommited by the majority of so called alternative media. Never mind the mainstream media. Since my perception of reality has been equally influenced by you and David Icke and I have equally deep respect for the message of both of you I feel slightly disappointed by yet another omission of his importance of the topic. Just saying…

  9. Have you always been an “Iain Davis” type anti-government anarchist? Trump and his supporters want LEGAL immigration!
    The Trump Wall restricts unmitigated illegal trespassing, and forces those who want to immigrate to the USA to go through the process to immigrate legally.

    Trump’s border wall is completely different from the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy’s goal of herding all humanity into 15-Minute Smart Cities as detailed in the Wildlands Project.




  10. Do you have a Driver’s License, or have you ever worked for a company that required you to wear a photo ID badge at all times when on company premises? The problem is not with biometric ID, the problem is with abuse of civil rights. That is why it is so important to live in a country with a Bill of Rights and a Supreme Court with a majority of Constitutionalist Justices to stop any infringements on personal civil liberties.

  11. Some folks just have a hard time learning. Sweet Melissa hasn’t yet. At least three times in her video she called our James CorBETT!
    But she can be forgiven. In fact I’d say she must. Because in this polarized world today, she’s one lady you can trust.

    • I bett the more people that start mispronouncing James’ last name, the sooner he will just throw in the towel and start mispronouncing it himself. 🙂

    • CorBETT is nowhere near as painful as listening to ‘intellectual’ alt media Americans (yeah looking at you would-be smartass Richard Grove who blames his inability to read aloud the word ‘indubitable’ on dyslexia)saying Clive-den and Sea-cill (pronounced Clivv-den and Cesscill) and writing the name of our political party to read Labor instead of Labour (which gives us the excuse to write Demorat I suppose)

  12. In the midst of the mist I missed the sign that warned of the trouble abrewing. I forged ahead with a feeling of dread just knowing I was in for a screwing.

  13. I agree with you 100% on this James.
    I get it. In fact I got it the very first time you started to sound the alarm bells about it, years ago.

    It is undoubtedly the biggest concern I have (and the general public should have) in the geopolitical sphere we are all living in.

    And I see the subtle and not so subtle moves the local, provincial, federal governments and businesses have been making month by month, year by year, to fast-track this digital Gulag.

    Part of their trick is to implement so many layers of additional ‘security’ features before we can access our accounts, saying they are necessary to keep them safe, that when we will finally be ‘offered’ the simplest form of security, the Digital ID, we will all breathe a sigh of relief and exclaim “Hallelujah! Thank you so much, this is so much easier to use.”

    I’ve mentioned this one before, but for 20+ years my banks have had no problem WHATSOEVER allowing me to log into my banking account online with just my Username and Password.

    Now for some ‘strange reason’ they are starting to force me to receive a phone call with a special code I must enter online before I can gain access to my account (in addition to my username and password).

    And try to speak with a support agent at any major business or bank without being grilled with 6, 7, 8 + “security questions”. Questions which weren’t asked just a few years ago.

    These extra layers of ‘security’ (including voiceprints) are deliberately being imposed on us to get us to believe that a simpler system is needed: a digital ID system.

    The WHO, WEF, the banksters etc. are no fools!
    They learned a long time ago that the poorest countries are the smartest place to introduce new technologies like ‘innovative vaccines’, digital ID’s etc.

    This is because the poorest countries are the least likely to balk at their introduction. Who in their right mind would refuse a Digital ID if they are promised food, shelter, education and money in return for it?

    • Thanks for that, great concise info packed read.

  14. “Digital ID Enslavement Package” – Awareness – Anecdote

    Last week I was talking to my son over the phone about the “Digital ID Enslavement Package”
    that ‘They’ are trying to sell us Plebeians. We had talked about this topic before, many times.
    I made the comment, “It’s too bad that most people are not aware of this.”
    His demeanor is cemented with politeness, respect and good manners.
    But he kind of broke tempo. There was a hint of agitation.
    He came back with, “No. No. That’s not what I’m seeing. A lot of people know about this.”
    My son supervises a host of big construction projects. He is a personable and social type of guy, but firm in his management skills. He is on the ground, interacting with literally hundreds of people of all ranks, weekly. He hears the scuttlebutt and chatter.

    Now, I’m sure that many of those aware folks don’t know some of the details like the Trump era biometric border thing. I did not know until I saw the TruthStreamMedia video the other day.
    But think about it…hard labor workers doing an 8 hour dirty shift, then 2 hour drives daily. To feed the family while inflation sucks away the paycheck. There’s a lot of stress going on for the common man.

    I’ll take these ‘points’ for our side – that a lot of folks know the basics.

    ha…On the flip side…
    The neighbor from the house behind me across the alley was in his backyard. The weather was wonderfully pleasant. I came over to his short chain-linked fence to chat and pet his dogs.
    He told me that he and his wife had just got over Covid. It had been a very rough week of illness.
    I asked, “Did you take any Ivermectin?”
    Puzzled, he asked “What’s that? I have never heard of that.”
    My brain froze in shock.
    After a few seconds, I spoke. I gave a very brief statement about Ivermectin.

    Generally speaking, I guess individuals are scattered across all grade levels of awareness. Some are still in pre-school. And some about to graduate High School.

  15. Air Canada app now has a beta program to upload your digital ID. No doubt the fruit of their KTDi partnership with Accenture and the WEF from 2018/2019.

  16. Hi

    Thanks for the heads up on this issue. Just when Rishi Sunak announces with a lot of fan fair his new AI agenda. Broadcasted on all channels and to make us confident that we will be looked after in all aspects of our lives. Good heh.

  17. Don’t have taxes to pay on my land here. Sorry the French ruined Canada. This bussing people together idea under the rainbow isn’t exactly making anyone financially solvent so its not about making any particular country rich. Well in fairness Israel seems to be looking to have refugees going in the other direction so they can have a nation state. No nation state for us though thats what the internationalist clique is looking to kill. Whos going to fight the agenda when people with money can just run with it and leave the plebs holding the bag? Who among the plebs is going to fight when you’ve got no group cohesion. When times got tough before you could always turn to your kith and kin for help. This no borders business (when they get to it) will take advantage of human nature and leave us a whole other type of helpless. Just my two cents. Thanks for the work James

    • Your comment here is very pragmatic and probably how things actually work in the real world “Who among the plebs is going to fight when you’ve got no group cohesion. When times got tough before you could always turn to your kith and kin for help. ”

      This is one of the practical issues with immigration is division and lack of group cohesion. When you have a bunch of people from different ethnic groups, strangers who don’t speak the same language and aren’t at the same educational level and “wave length” this is an impediment to resistance.

      Many people from the west have ideas that everyone is like them but this isn’t true. This is what makes things much much more challenging.

      • In fact I think there may be studies that show that resistance is lower with a cultural mix, which is one of the reasons for immigration. The elitists know this.

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