Interview 1847 – Burn Back Better with Shelby Hosana

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Interviews | 39 comments

Shelby Hosana, co-founder of, joins us to discuss her new book, Burn Back Better, detailing her experience on Maui during the recent Lahaina fire and what the investigation so far has uncovered about the dark agenda behind the tragic events of August 8, 2023.

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    • Why would you say that? I was somewhat suspicious of her constant smiling, even when she was talking about people that she knew that died. That’s just not a natural expression when dealing with tragedy, unless it’s duper’s delight or a “coping mechanism” which would not be the case for someone that has been in the camera lens as much as she has. What exactly has she done that was fraudulent?

      • Some people present a different self to the public, a public self that is detached and pleasant and somewhat reserved.

        I do this all the time when interacting with the public. It’s a persona and doesn’t necessarily mean a person is uncaring.

        People have to keep their composure when discussing these kinds of things. A real human one to one interaction with a friend or family is very different. This is an interview that will be shared with the public and she is trying to stay composed and detached from the horror.

        • I didn’t watch this – I only listened – but I agree with you. From just listening, I didn’t get any bad vibes.

          There are things that hurt too much and you have to just keep going/talking or you will lose it and not be able to speak. It’s like going into a different mode.

      • thank you for saying that- imagine living through what she did and being called a fraud!

        • Exactly, sounds like we have a hasbara here today…I do note how the comment is unsubstantiated.

      • Good question. I’d love to know why. I suspect because they expect a different delivery of the information? Perhaps a tearful women who frowns? But this lady is attractive, pleasant and reserved. She also created the Unjected platform so maybe because she makes money off the idea people think it’s wrong?

        But the counter economy doesn’t mean people have to be dirt poor, right? I respect people who actually put themselves out there like she has.

        • “Perhaps a tearful women who frowns? But this lady is attractive, pleasant and reserved. She also created the Unjected platform so maybe because she makes money off the idea people think it’s wrong?”

          Yes, I did a little bit of research on Shelby before I posted my question here.
          I’m holding my cards close to my chest, until I hear Doggi’s response.

          In essence he/she is taking a swipe not just at Shelby, but James too, as he no doubt did his homework on Shelby, having her as a guest several times now.

          • I agree with you. Isn’t it easy to criticize without substance or reason!? I wonder why Diggi is even a member of Corbett report

            • I do note the amount of distraction that short, unsubstantiated comment has received, far more than it deserved, obviously.

    • What a curious response, so what she says is not true, what is the point of your unsupported non sequitur comment…

  1. I find it foolhardy to think that it’s even possible to stop this final beast of dominion. Even if you don’t believe the ancient prophecies of the Bible, just logical deductions would cause most people to realize that all of necessities for life have been monopolized, globally, including the land. With the masses having been effectively brainwashed, even if it were possible to break through to them, all they have to do is cut the power and restrict travel and most informed people will find themselves being alone to combat the forces that will be in place.

    But the prophecies will indeed be fulfilled exactly as they have been written

    • A self fulfilling prophecy perhaps? Or using prophecy so that the masses allow it to happen?

      They’ve got great PR and centuries of conditioning and social engineering going for them but even so does not make them invincible.

      I do think organized resistance will be much much more effective though. And organizing and leadership is something that has been conveniently left out of mainstream education, sort of how economics are intentionally boring and convoluted.

      They’ll lose I’m sure, but at what cost?

    • I agree.

      I live in the woods. No electricity or running water. Large gardens. Wood harvested from our land for heating. But I am completely dependent on travel/gas/vehicle… for chicken feed, hay for cows and sheep, and lots of my food. I eat my own meat, but others slaughter and butcher it for me and they are dependent on vehicles, electricity, etc., to do that.

      Even I would be hard put if I couldn’t drive. We are very vulnerable- even those of us who are trying our hardest not to be. I could get by for a while, but if they demanded property taxes or they would seize my land, I could only hold out for so long if I couldn’t drive to work.

      • or what if they decide to burn your area- we all need to work on this- however you are called to do it

        • Yes…. So many things to prepare for. Unless you’re super-wealthy and can build some sort of underground complex, like I have heard is under the Denver airport, with stores and protection against radiation and fires and floods and tornadoes…. Honestly, if they are determined to do me in, I don’t see that there is much I can do.

          Another issue I have thought about property taxes… if they demand payment in cbdcs or will only accept some sort of payment from those with “the mark,” I won’t be able to comply.

        • So TRUE, I have a relative you purchased a bunch of land in Montana, where as we chose an area that is less remote, but more secure insofar as surrounded by like minded individuals.

          That is to say, we all need to look at these OBVIOUS wars on the people and take lessons, see how not to respond, how to trust yourself and think well outside the box. These monsters HATE us, and we need to keep that in mind always.

  2. Oklahoma City Day One Written by Michel Moore Forward by William Cooper..

    Michele Marie Moore didn’t just write about this nightmare; she experienced it, she lived it , and that fact will quickly become obvious to the reader. She takes us upon a journey that we will never forget. She
    untangles the web and guides us through wave after wave of horror and deception, all the while never failing to deliver the truth. As Director of the Intelligence Service , I know all that is included in the book and much more; but even so I find myself unable to leave it . I read and reread incessantly. I am no literary expert. The very best that I can think of to say about Okla-boma City: Day One is that … it is the truth. Omnia vincit veritas.
    – William Cooper
    Director, Intelligence Service
    Second Continental Army of the Republic, Militia
    Eagar, Arizona
    June 25, 1996

    There are many copies online in many locations.

    My Mother was a friend with Michele Moore and William Cooper. 2 from cancer one from gunshots.

    All three are dead now.

    I hear
    “The Day The Shot was Heard round the World”. This is what we are dealing with endlessly.

  3. At this point, we have to demand answers to these unanswered questions, and we need to label the obstructors as such and identify them and link them to crimes of covering up a crime.

    I was in Ventura when all the “wild” fires were encircling us. “Fire season”… as if. Now I’m on east coast and a fire that went unreported outside of VERY limited information locally available. it was in April or maybe March, but after a long period of heavy rain in the green full flush of spring. And it went on in the same area for days and days. And the satellite images were just as suspect as those in Canada (and elsewhere.)

  4. This is very dark stuff, and hearing about it made me feel physically cold. Well done to Shelby Hosana for this important work. This is a spiritual war, and I believe we will win it by fighting the darkness with love and light.

  5. Write, proof read and edit, bargain with publishers, print, box and ship all in 90 days. Mmmmm.

    My first girl friend, a famous water colorist, has lived on Maui for 30 years or so and she and her friends were heart broken over the loss of life and history.

    Then with all of the questionable stuff from shore line houses not burning, etc., something wasn’t and isn’t right about this whole thing.

  6. Robert Brame who is an arborist exposed the suspicious fires in Paradise and Santa Rosa, CA. He spoke at the recent Redpill Expo showing proof such as buildings being demolished and lots of green trees next to it untouched. Link:

  7. Shelby sure seemed a little too upbeat given the severity of the situation, but she does seem to have the facts right. Very pleasant to look at, I might add.
    Anyway, I do believe that Weather is being used as a weapon by secret programs within the Central Government and they are able to hide these deliberate attacks under the guise of Climate Change. If these were legitimate Natural Disasters there would be no need for the cover-ups, and lack of real investigations.
    Evil forces are at work and they have taken the reigns of power, however they will fail once the masses can see the truth.
    Joe Plummer’s condensed version of “Tragedy and Hope” seems to pull this altogether for me. It’s not “Our Government”, It’s “Their Government”(The Banksters) and the Oligarchs are using it against us.
    We are being controlled by the Bankers and the Corporations that have grown up around them

    • Maybe she’s just not jaded and “black pilled” like some people become when they look at just how evil some of these people are. She seems like a “glass half full” type of person.

      She doesn’t give me the psychopath vibe. But neither does RFK Jr. and he has made some very questionable comments that give me pause.

      • I do wonder why people question her authenticity based on her demeanor, yet do not articulate what her alternative motives for publishing this book, cheerfully or miserably (quickly or slowly) might be.

        As far as I can see, there is no down side to this book being published quickly, and her presenting her book in a friendly manner.

        I so wish people were more interested in the content of what people said versus the way they say it. America would be far better off if were not so easily swayed by our reason and not our emotions. Deceptive arch criminals whom work for the globalist cabal, the Clintons, Obama and Trump, amongst many others, would have far less success if we did.

  8. I wonder if the recent wars/genocides are similar to the fires? Essentially displacing the old inhabitants to make way for the new. Catherine Austin Fitts was discussing that strategy, “burning people out” of their homes so that real estate can be bough up cheap.

    I think the evil elitists want real assets now, land and real estate and to “cleanse” large swaths of people from certain locations. It will be easier to build the 15 minute “smart city” to replace what was there before.

    Perhaps the jabs weren’t as effective as was anticipated and they are going back to the old way of war, famine and pestilence?

  9. Rosa Koire would have weighed in on this. If she were still alive. Kary Mullis would have had quite a bit to say about how his PCR test was used. If he were still alive. Brandy Vaughn would have had a lot more to say about Vioxx and Merck. If she were still alive.

    James, kudos to both you and Shelby Hosana for jumping on this with both feet before it’s too late. It must be painfully obvious to anyone but quadruple vaxxed, somnambulistic corporate TV addicts, compulsory educated dumbed down polling booth addicted numbskulls, that… “something’s happening here…” and what it is, is abundantly clear. We are being systematically poisoned, burned, radiated out of existence. Chemo therapy for the masses. The shining light…Look! You can see it! Waaaaay off in the distance. People waking up. You mean… government/big pharma is not our friend?! They want to kill us!? Herd us into cages! Limit the remainder to a square block existing on a diet of fried grasshoppers and crickets! My God! Some will say. I didn’t believe it. But now I’m digging up worms in the backyard to stay alive preparing to be evicted because I can’t pay the mortgage on my quonset hut.

    Why is it surprising that a country who (corporations are juridical persons) would eliminate 90% of the indigenous population, drop the nuclear bomb on, not one, but two Japanese cities, import Nazi scientists to direct MK-ultra, promote an allopathic medical system designed to kill people, bomb one country after another to smithereens, wouldn’t relish creating a fake pandemic to shove a world government down our collective esophagus or use DEW weapons to fry select areas deemed worthy to become Smart Cities? The shining light? We’re not all brain dead. Increasingly, there will be enough to Push Back Better. Perhaps Lahaina will be the last stand – “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!”

  10. I’m a full on supporter of Corbett. This is the first time I’ve come here to comment, and the first time I’ve shut off his podcast 5 minutes in. This guest was like nails on a chalkboard. Bump on the road. Not sure what happened.

    • “My conclusion is that what occurred in Lahaina, Maui on May 8, 2023 was a DEW terror attack by the US government.”

      “That is why more than 1000 jumped to their death in the DEW attack on September 11, 2001.”

      I didn’t read your entire article carefully but these two jumped out at me.
      Maybe you could correct the date?

      More than 1000 didn’t jump. The number is closer to 200.
      And there was no Judy Wood DEW attack!
      They jumped because of the fires and smoke.

  11. ‘Precarious’ – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • Sorry. I do value and appreciate the work that they’ve done here. Was just having a laugh. Didn’t mean it at anyone’s expense, but I guess if thats all they see, they’ll assume that’s all I got from all their work. Going on record to say all that info was news to me and I do appreciate the education.

  12. They are doing what they always do. They are seeing how much death and destruction they can get away with, all the while gauging our reaction. They then use this information to plan future outrages, and of course, they always manage to leverage these actions for their own profit (buying up land, kickbacks from recovery effort contracts, etc.).

    • So true, and we need to do the same, gauging reactions, and learning from other’s mistakes. For one, NEVER trust the “authorities”.

  13. Thank you James for having this person on, I have been dismayed at how quickly this war crime has been purposely shoved down the memory hole.

    We live in a time with so many podcasts, so many “truth tellers”, so many of whom are happy to retread old issues of decades ago, yet don’t touch current affairs that vastly more relevant.

    I go on the assumption that 100% of what I see on-line is controlled information, you, as always seem to be the exception that PROVES THE RULE, thank you.

    A clarification on why listen to other podcasts when so many are just spewing ZioCom talking points, because it is like Venn Diagram, it is where those podcasts overlap, or don’t, that one can glean information as well.

  14. I did a little searching and did not see where I can buy her book. Anyone have links to share?

    Her disposition was fine. She is a spiritual warrior. It’s the content of the book that should move you, and James’ nods of assent, of course. If the facts of the matter are not enough, nor the erasure of pilot and others’ testimony, to move you to action or empathy, then your compass needs resetting.

    Got the URL from James’ intro paragraph:

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