…But What About The Roads?

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It is the last refuge of a statist who is losing an argument: “…but what about the roads?” This is supposed to be the strongest argument for why we need a centralized authority with a monopoly right to initiate violence, but in fact it is one of the strongest arguments for how anarchy can (and does) work. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore some of the surprising evidence showing how anarchy can bring peace to our roads…and our society.

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Corruption in Japan public works projects
Time Reference: 07:10


List of countries by traffic-related death rate
Time Reference: 08:03


Traffic-related injuries is 9th leading cause of death (projected to become 5th)
Time Reference: 08:14


Website of Dr. Walter Block
Time Reference: 09:11


The Privatization of Roads and Highways
Time Reference: 09:24


Walter Block on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 10:11


Time Reference: 20:34


Traffic control – the road to nowhere?
Time Reference: 23:14


Martin Cassini on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 29:38


Poynton Regenerated
Time Reference: 35:45


Part 1: Roads unfit for people
Time Reference: 36:06


Part 2: Roads fit for people
Time Reference: 36:08


Brent and Johnson – Equality Street
Time Reference: 46:18

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  1. Technocrats have “better” solution. A self-driving car.

    The Simple Solution to Traffic

    And they are pushing it hard. In less than a week the video has almost 3 million views. Hundred thousand likes vs. few thousand dislikes, unfortunately. Well, if that numbers means anything at all.

    They are also promoting Elon Musk, whose self-driving cars crashed recently on several occasions.
    But these are just beginners problems, of course. Not worth mentioning.

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