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by | May 11, 2021 | Solutions Watch | 34 comments

Today James answers a question about boycotts with an answer about buycotts. How do we flip the script on the boycott idea to make it about empowering the world we want rather than avoiding the world we don’t want? And how do we create an effective buycott list?

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Episode 275 – Solutions: Boycotts and Buycotts

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  1. In the 60’s I compiled a ring folder depicting war/anti-human corporations and their subsidiaries; including such giants as GE, ARCO, IT&T, Monsanto, Dow and Nestle’s. After a few years it became unwieldy. Subsidiaries are constantly being sold and bought by other corporations and its very difficult to keep up.

    • You find the mother-company always on the package, often printed in the lower right corner.
      Therefore you can chose to not buy from the company you do not like.

      • Good advise, sometimes products don’t show their corporate connections. There was a boycott of Jarlsberg Cheese because they used Nestle’s distribution network. There was no way to link the two beyond the information from alternative sources. Jarlsberg changed their distribution source but said it was not because of the boycott. Yeah, right.

      • Thanks for reminding me: farmer’s market opens today ::::)

  2. There is something I find strange about this story. So, a 4 year old buys 2600$ worth of ice cream, moms friend starts a go fund me campaign, in some 9 days they collect almost 10x the amount. How can this happen, that was my quandary. And then I searched for “spongebob popsicle amazon” -> several pages of results. This news apparently, for some reason, went viral. Does anyone else find this strange?

  3. “…if we ever hope to establish change, real change, not just an Orwellean “Animal Farm” regime-political change, it would come from a real “We The People” true-grass-roots effort, which would involve working together despite differences in beliefs, political views, backgrounds, schools of thought and ethnicities and stop speaking the only language that these Corporations understand, which could also be their Achilles heel: the love of money. Every time we spend or, conversely, don’t spend, a dollar (or Bitcoin or Yen or Euro or whatever currency they love) we fight for “We The People” and we take a small stand against the root of Evil itself. So the way I see it, by not forking over those “precious” green slivers of a tree [or scanned chips in plastic or so-to-be, skin] to Corporations and by not participating in their little stock-market-venture-capitalism-Monopoly-rigged game “We The People” gain a little bit more freedom… Not patriotic idealism, but true relief from invisible chains.” ~ NC Liberty Belle

    • Maybe best to keep things in a somewhat orderly fashion.

      Today I heard about this supposed interaction that happened on Alex Jones’ show years back. An avid gun owner was asked what for does he need 50 guns. His reply was fascinating and also something that made my day (which wasn’t a bad day by any measure), he said: so that I can hand out 49.

      • Yes, I heard that one also, and love it.

        In a slightly different vein…
        – how many guns should a normal person have?
        – about five
        – that sounds like a gun enthusiast to me
        – no, a gun enthusiast has fifteen
        – that sounds like someone who is obsessed with guns
        – no, people obsessed with guns have hundreds
        – that sounds like a psycho
        – no, psychos seldom own guns, or just get one or two
        – that sounds like a normal person though…
        – no, a normal person has five, we already covered that…

  4. While for many things, simply buying local resolves the issue. However, what about things that you simply can’t get local?

    Complex items, like a car, is different than simple items that many can produce.

    An example that I take to heart is that I enjoy Perrier. However, since it was purchased by Nestle, I have resolved to never have one again as Nestle may be the largest user of abject slave labor. That is not something I can endorse with my dollars.

    It isn’t really all that hard to find the information about things like this, but it would be great to have sources that collate it into an easily usable formation.

    There are many issues, like slavery, eugenics, war, etc. that many might not be in favor of. The greatest challenge is to get others to consider what they are doing when they buy that product in a pretty package and not knowing what they are essentially endorsing. How do you get people to care when it might require effort?

    • Caring will always require an effort. And this is the age old question, how to get people to care about anything? The way of life, nutrition, what one is paying attention to, everything is playing a role. When people stop putting garbage into themselves, they will start getting a higher definition output. But how to coax them into the position to take that first step?

  5. I would like to stop paying taxes. I think if citizens in the US stopped paying taxes this would defund a lot of the wars and other bs like mRNA injections, etc.

    I think there have been people who stoped paying and went to court. Even if you support all of the good businesses and all that and stop supporting Amazon and stuff, you’ll still pay taxes in some way or form supporting the government and all the bad stuff.

    Unless you are totally off the grid and don’t work at all in mainstream society, you’ll pay income tax and property tax and sales tax and capital gains tax, etc. I can’t stop working in “the system” yet because I need the fiat to build my house and develop my land. Even if I had a rental property, I’d have to pay tax on that income. How do we get out of this tax issue? Any legal references?

  6. It’s good to be aware of companies who were founded to promote a healthier lifestyle, and then bought out by the ecocidal corporate kleptocracy. For example, I stopped shopping at Whole Foods when it was bought by Amazon, and stopped buying Tom’s of Maine toothpaste when it was bought by Colgate.

  7. I have a high tech solution. If it is supposed to be food and it has a barcode on it I try to avoid it. Here in the US you can find some very convincing replicas of food even in the produce section that have the look and even taste of food, but without the nutritional and medicinal components typically found in food and often doused in toxins as I think the list of big tech in the space are better categorized as chemical companies rather than food. Now I admit my strategy could be foiled by Bio-Barcodes:

  8. does the market matter? yup. Its the measure of human busy-ness, but its built with the wrong shape. Does buy or boy cotting effect change? sure, when youre a cartel that has the biggest gun. you can choose the peoples narrative, be above the law, and charge everybody for it (taxes). So could grass roots effect the concrete prison walls that separate us from them (note: both sides of the wall are a form of prison)? I think the wall will get taken down by those that built it once they are jealous of how good the grass is growing, on the other side. I think they already are jealous, but are denying it by aggressively trying to mow the meadow til theres nothing left but dust. idiots.

    I agree James, “decentralization” is the geometry of our immediate future. and but as we head that way, be careful not to be too righteous because we are most all insidiously entrenched in a system. we complain about and support every day (cognitive dissonance is lurking in a closet near you, its sadly closer than most think,,).

    I take the vector to be more the flight of an arrow than the punching of the bullseye target,, like the golden mean, it hones us towards beauty but can only exist as a direction. the number is irrational, it never ends, and thats the best news we ever bought. It confirms thet beauty is on the move but it wont stop.

  9. A-men!

    I’ve always supported local businesses, but I’ve found myself buying cheap chinese crud more and more over the last couple of years.

    Well, that ends today.

  10. Boycott or Buycott:
    Philosophically speaking, making the world a better place has to do with being conscience of the repercussions of every action you take.
    Perhaps the greatest Philosopher that ever lived was Jesus Christ (his actual Teachings, not “The Church”). “Treat others as you would like for them to treat you” is about as basic as it gets. Even a child can understand this, eh!
    Having been Independently Employed (Self Employed) most of my life, I have learned not to work for anyone I don’t like. That means that I don’t work for the Public, and thus, I don’t need to be Licensed. Indeed, I could be making more money working for those that have lots of it, but then, I would tend to be controlled by it. The people I chose to work for often pay a fraction of what the same work is going for by others, but these are special people that make the world a better place in there own special way.
    There are those that believe that everyone has a “Calling” (or at least every good Christian has a Calling). I think James Corbett has found his, as he does his best to help others find theirs.
    My advice is to seek out (trade with) those that not only speak the truth, but do good by their actions. Dr. Mercola at provides a good example of this as he provides honest health information a no cost, and donates much of what he makes from his health related products to good causes. (I guess James would call Dr. Mercola a “BuyCott”)

    • Amen, TruthSeeker. Your post reminds me of a recent one by the inimitable Paul Rosenberg (Freeman’s Perspective) on Self-Generated Certainty. His advice is to first focus on Rabbi Hillel’s version of the golden rule:

      What is hateful to you, do to no man.

      Then you can move along to the next variant of the golden rule, that of the rabbi from Nazareth:

      Whatever you would have men do to you, do so to them.

      We should go beyond just causing no harm and become a positive force in the world.

  11. Corporations, whether Big Tech, Ag, Pharma, whatever, have repeatedly demonstrated they are not to be trusted. So, since using their products is risky at best, a smart fella would be moving toward other options. It’s great to do it as some political statement if you like, but enlightened self-interest takes you to the same place. Unplugging takes time. Get on it.

  12. Rather than an App which could be turned around and used against the good business it would be better to implement it as a secret society where people are invited and given the list. Anyone caught snitching receives a fatal dose of gravity!

  13. In Alberta there is a FB group that list mask exemption friendly stores or (non friendly stores). It directs people to a more safe shopping experience for non-maskers. You can always make a group in your area keeping in mind there are always trolls and sometimes it causes the ‘health authorities’ to crack down on the stores. It’s a good resource for me and I use it often.

  14. Saskatchewan started last year Saskatchewan face mask freedom directory. Facebook. After they became mandatory admin of group decided to change name to freedom alliance. Recently 2 groups have popped up on this context in Saskatchewan. Option to highlight yay or nay. Green light red light. Surprised Facebook had not yet shut it down.

  15. Yes.
    As David Campbell said, “Discipline is remembering what you want.”

  16. Cool, thanks for sharing the info. A similar one my daughter has used and been happy with is
    Doctors that believe:
    -healthcare should always put the patient first.
    -medical care is not one-size-fits-all.
    -doctors should have time to get to know patients beyond their symptoms.
    -appointments should not come with time limits.
    And docs who will respond 24/7 via calls/texts/emails to patients questions and concerns.

  17. Amen DogStar! I also make efforts to avoid patronizing the Fortune500 / WallSt cartels. I recently bought a new laptop, struggled to avoid using Amazon/BestBuy/Walmart, etc, finally found a locally-owned computer shop that had a refurbished laptop that fit my needs exactly and will guarantee it for 3 years!

    Also as you say for books, a simple web search will turn up half a dozen (non-Amazon) networks listing books available from local bookstores all over who will ship direclty to us.

  18. I definitely appreciate James’ response to this question, but for K.T. and others who are still interested in a more definitive list of corporations who must be avoided because they contribute to global tyranny and oppression, you may be interested to look into some ground-breaking research by a trio of Swiss researchers back in 2011.

    Using database analytics of 37 million economic actors, both physical persons and firms, located in 194 countries, they found that one monopoly already effectively controlled 40% of the global economy(!!), along with a handful of mega-oligopolies (cartels) which control another 40% chunk!

    And that was 10 years ago. Imagine how much worse it’s become with another 10 years of insider money creation, and last year’s economic terrorism (aka “lockdowns”).

    For a good short description of this research and it’s implications, I refer you to a pair of articles by Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada:

    “The Death of Competition: Oligopolies Unmasked”

    “The One Bank”

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