Carbon Pawprints and the Rationing of Life

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Newsletter | 22 comments

As I mentioned last week, I spent some of my time in the UK last month dipping into the local dinosaur media to see what kind of indoctrination the British are being subjected to these days. Who knows? Maybe I’d even be pleasantly surprised by some thought-provoking or counter-establishment content in the local paper.

Or not.


Sorry for the poor cropping on this photo (I was balancing the paper on my knee on a bumpy train ride when I snapped the pic), but yes, the full headline does indeed read “is owning dogs really as bad as using private jets?”

At first glance, this story seems utterly absurd, a preposterous joke slipped into the daily news by an editor with a penchant for the bizarre. At second glance, it seems like it must be some kind of tongue-in-cheek recognition of the stupidity of the green hysteria.

But, after reading the article for yourself, you will see that the article and the author are taking this concept deadly seriously. In fact, it is the logical next step in the escalation ladder leading us toward outright carbon eugenics.

My long-term viewers will already know what that means, but for anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of this story (and the many, many more like it that we will doubtless be subjected to in the near future), allow me to explain. . . .

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