Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday – #SolutionsWatch

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Solutions Watch | 96 comments

While you were distracted by the scamdemic, the banksters have been working on the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world. It’s called the Going Direct Reset, and it’s going to fundamentally transform the monetary system as we know it. Today Catherine Austin Fitts of joins us to talk about this transformation and what we can do about it.

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  1. I used to pay everything with cash. It shouldn’t be hard to go back to cash when paying in person. Great idea. I will try to do it when dealing with real people.

    Investing in mix of currencies, gold and silver sounds interesting. I will look into it.

    I have already decided against crypto. I am not informed enough to defend myself in what looks to me like shark-infested waters. However, younger people with more pliable brains should look into it.

    Now let’s talk about investments and banks. Between 2008 and 2012, I tried to understand what the heck had happened. I read everything I could lay my hands on and then looked for the argument against what I had just read.

    Here is the argument against taking your money out of horrible big fed bank and putting it into virtuous little neighborhood bank: 1. All banks are controlled by the Fed. 2. Big banks are bigger and therefore more stable. Little banks are more likely to go under in a crash. 3. Where little people put their nickles and dimes isn’t what drives the banks and the banking economy, it’s derivatives. Banks aren’t just about loans anymore, they are about hedge funds and wall street skullduggery that I don’t even understand.

    However, neighborhood spending I do understand and will support local businesses with cash as long as they carry the items I need to buy. Local currencies would be great, but I have no idea how to start that.

    • That’s the crux of it isn’t it? My local bank or credit union is more likely to go under during a crash, but at the same time my credit union is one of only a few financial institutions I trust. What other choice do we have with our fiat Monopoly money? Stick it under the mattress!? ?

      • Why not buy gold and silver coins and stick that somewhere? At least 1. it won’t burn that easily, 2. it won’t lose its value that easily in the coming hyperinflation, 3. if you want to spend it, sell it or start using that instead fiat paper…

        • I think gold and silver are great investments! They always hold their value! They just aren’t liquid, precious metals aren’t great for day to day transactions.

      • Credit Unions are still FDIC insured up to $500k, just like every other bank, so even if they failed, your losses would be insured.

        • Not sure I’d trust the FEDeral Deposit Insurance Corporation when the sh*t hits the fan! Did you know that the majority of national and regional banks are subject to “bail in’s” if things go sideways economically. Meaning the federal government can pull deposits from your account, if they deem it necessary. I beleive it’s anything over $10,000, I could be wrong about that figure though

      • I do know from experience that some “local banks” are not keen on doing international transactions.
        Before opening an account, it would be wise to find out what type of restrictions they have for monetary transfers.

    • I own a small amount of physical gold/silver, especially recognizable American Silver Eagles.
      It will probably be awhile before the “silver commodity price” rises to a higher level.
      But I own the coins with the purpose as a barter tool, an exchange standard of small increments. I have gifted stacks to my offspring.
      I should mention that currently the “premiums” for silver coins are inflated. They are very high.

      I also own some crypto. I don’t use it much, but I also have gifted some to offspring who were quick to spend it.
      I am guessing that Bitcoin will probably go lower, maybe around 22k or less. If a lot of folks feel “burned”, it may stay lower for longer, until everyone gets over it.
      I own the crypto for exchangable purposes, not for speculation.
      (Although, I do like to gamble… 😉 …But a casino or the stock market works for that.)

      For those who don’t know…
      In February 2017, James Corbett gave away FREE 0.01 bitcoin to any Corbett Report Member who requested it. Today (as I type) it would be worth about $370 in dollar currency.

    • Back in the early 2000s, I bailed on mainstream politics (I was never anything but a bystander) and became involved in the Tea Party. That was quite an experience about learning how infiltration and sabotage is the name of the game.

      Through that experience, I and one other guy started working to shine light on specific issues and problems on a local level. At that time I was still managing money for bank broker-dealer clients and that was before I became a whistle blower and found out that the good guys get their careers blown up, but the show goes on for the rest….

      Anyway…during that time I became interested in investigating the foundations of and the history and mostly the minutia and methods of the FED and how they literally move money around and their relationships with the correspondent member banks that they work with.

      What was interesting was that as a PRIVATE INSTITUTION, the Federal Reserve BANK is subject to rules that throw compliance blankets over their activities.

      We got so far as to run our theory that the FED every day violate existing securities regulations on a fundamental level that is actionable. Our conversation with a high-mid level attorney in the compliance and reporting section of the FED confirmed that our theory is probably correct, and still is.

      My point here is that we have, I believe a two-fold mission…YES…opt OUT of the big wall street criminal banks, and simultaneously, if possible, bring to attention and execution sunshine and compliance within the functions of the institutions that would do the RESET. This function is critical, in my view, and can be done with a small group of passionate, committed individuals.

      Even today, it might be possible to strike a deadly blow to the bank of banks. My friend and I did it many times on local issues and bond issues which did make a difference.

      Leave the bad guys behind, but don’t forget to put some sugar in the gas tank if you can do it legally.

  2. I appreciate this interview. We all have to, however, consider the fact that money is on of the oldest religions on the book. All money and currency is, at it’s core, a means of control. The very fact that the vaaaast majority of people couldn’t not even imagine an alternative to this system stands as a testament to how effective and deeply rooted this form of control is.

    • Yeah but I see the need for a tool to buy and sell even at a local level, some form of “currency” which everyone in your community can agree on the value of. Sure it can be used for power and control, but not in every situation. Barter only gets you so far, it doesn’t always work for every transaction.

  3. Coming to you live from my hotel in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where it is storming right now…?

    Idk about the rest of you but I plan on buying a home with some land out in the sticks(away from any large metro areas) with enough acreage to grow food and sustain some farm animals. Close enough to rivers/lakes and forest to hunt and fish. Make close friends with my neighbors, build a community support network. When I do have children, I’m not sending them off to re-education camps(public schools), it’s either private or homeschooled. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I will not vaccinate them! I really do believe homesteading and living in smaller communities is the antidote to centralization and globalist power grabs. Forget about living in an over crowded urban hell hole! It’s not about money(it never was). It’s about putting you and your family in a position to thrive! Get ready! The next decade or so are going to be a wild ride economically, socially/culturally, spiritually!

    Another amazing episode JC, CAF is always a joy to have on! Like I’ve said as well JC…”ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY!” I know I’ve railed about it on here before, but the economic aspects of any of these “events” are what people should be paying attention to. That’s what REALLY drives a lot of this stuff, not a virus or terrorism, or whatever they have ginned up coming down the pipeline! I love these episodes on economics, any chance for one on the housing market!? The prices going through the roof stateside! I haven’t looked into it, but I imagine it’s the same worldwide. Another awesome episode in the books! As always James keep em coming!!!

    Anyone out there reading this…you’re not a victim of these globalist criminals, you’re more powerful than you can even imagine! Now do something about it!

    • You’re right on target in my opinion J.P.. I’m looking to do the same. If only we could form our own “region” of like-minded people somewhere! And James, I too thank you for your incredible reporting, and would love to hear more on economics. I’m so uncertain as to what to do with my smallish retirement accounts now. Thinking real estate is likely a safe bet: regardless of fluctuating value, it’s still a place to live, and as J.P. said, a source of food/sustenance.

  4. At the beginning of each month I take out at least 300.00 dollars and use this for food, supplies and other things. I belong to a Credit union. I think the cash withdrawl restriction is over 500.00. Gas stations are not good places to use a credit card, I always use cash at gas stations.I have been doing this for a good five years now. I still use my cc but not often, usually on a big purchase. I really don’t like the idea of being tracked by my cc.
    I choose to be as independent as possible in these times, this is one of the ways I do it.

    • The description of going into the gas station is on point!?

      Paying at the pump for the win!

  5. Stopped using amazon, I use cash only unless online but then look for websites direct. Changing fiat money into silver and gold coins, wish I had done it years ago…

  6. I’ve been doing cash only (for about 90% of my purchases) since the start of the scamdemic -everyone at the farmers markets know me for that by now 😉 Apart from the boycotts and buycotts, if I have to shop at a supermarket, I always wait for a cashier, rather than use the speedier self-service -they’re also trying to replace people’s jobs with machines and more (unpaid) work for everyone else! There’s so much we can do if we join forces…

  7. What is the replacement for Pray Pale for international transactions?
    Looks like they are going more after the money system.

  8. I can attest that Mom and Pop Operations love cash.

    Also, it should be noted that small businesses dealing in products which have a “higher wave length”, like books and such, tend not to have much of a problem with theft. And that includes bad checks.
    Clothing and jewelry have a high theft rate.

    Integrity and Literacy
    By 2000 with sales in my large stores over 3 million, about one million was from checks. My stores did not have the electronic check verification. We just wrote down the driver’s license number on the check. I had less than $300 out of a $1,000,000 each year in uncollected bad checks. If a check bounced, I had an office worker write a handwritten note to the person “Oops! The check bounced. These things happen. Please mail a money order in the return envelope.”
    [And most everyone would.] I used to joke: “Thieves don’t read.”

  9. Great talk. I enjoy listening to Catherine.

    Part of the equation in getting people to pay in cash is A) helping them understand the problems with paying digitally, B) make paying in cash easier/more convenient than digitally and, C) incentivize the use of cash

    In regards to point “A”, I’ve heard people say they don’t care about digital privacy, so why bother using cash. So there has to be a continued education of people about, really all the issues discussed on the Corbett Report, to awaken people to the need to use cash.

    As for point “B”, I would guess the most common reason people don’t use cash, is convenience and practicality (in their view). They don’t want to carry around a wad of bills. They don’t want to deal with loose change. They don’t want to touch literally dirty money. Credit cards can be stolen but can be canceled by the owner, cash just gets stolen. etc…

    And for point “C”, incentivizing the use of cash can go a long way. Gas stations know this. Many have a cash price, and it is always better than the credit price. I personally take full advantage of this.

    If their is more knowledge of these issues and how to address them, then we will be more successful in getting people to use cash. But of course, we can all make an impact by just use cash more often or as often as we can.

  10. CASH Friday… will save the American dollar from Globalism!
    Such a statement/action, could bring Americans together against WEF

  11. Fascinating discussion building upon James’s and Catherine’s previous work. As James said “going direct” is indeed the game for all the marbles.

    I think it is possible to see a direct link between the COVID 19 pandemic (I call it a pseudopandemic) going direct and the so called Great Reset.

    In August 2019 the G7 symposium at Jackson Hole, Wyoming saw then BoE Governor Mark Carney say to the gathered bankers that the existing International Monetary and Financial System (IMFS) was finished and that there was a sense of urgency to create a new one.

    BlackRock then presented their “going direct” plan which basically meant QE, based upon any junk assets they could lay their hands on, to directly fund government spending. Thus making the central banks the controllers of fiscal policy.

    This was a coup d’etat. Central Banks are now firmly in charge of government spending. BlackRock said (in August 2019) that they would only launch their “going direct” plan in “extraordinary circumstances” creating an “extraordinary situation.”

    Therefore it is a remarkable coincidence that only 4 weeks later the Repo Market collapsed creating the “extraordinary circumstances” which promted initiation of the going direct plan. Then a couple of months after that the pseudopandemic began and things rapidly becaus very extraordinary indeed. Going direct really kicked in.

    The economic response we saw to the pseudopandemic (Furlough, CARES Act, Business support schemes etc) was laid out by BlackRock as part of their going direct plan in August 2019. Coincidence?

    At the same time the WEF were initiating their Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics in the form of ESG (environmental, social, governance) rating system to capitalise a $120 trillion Carbon Bond Market.

    All these factors then coalesced in response to the pseudopandemic. Lockdowns then added to the stripping of economic activity thus further increasing the “necessity” for “going direct.” It seem highly plausible to me, and is something I have explored in a recent book, that there was a clear economic motive for the pseudopandemic.

    There is a post here if anyone is interested.

    • Those look like some interesting points, I’ll make sure to read the article later.

      I would say that we indeed are in a panemic, it’s just that the pandemic is not about what people think it is. It’s similar how people usually think that the state is not functioning well, but that’s because they do not understand how the state is supposed to function. If they understood they would know it functions really, really well. Great, even.

      • True. On of the things that gets my goat is that that every inquiry following every corruption always looks for “the lessons to be learned” from the “mistakes” that were made. Never once questioning if they were in fact intentional actions and not “mistakes” at all.

        • Nobody makes that many mistakes, I would say it’s impossible.

  12. Good idea, I’ve been trying to use cash more and trying to disentangle myself from the banking system, at least as far as one practically can. It is shocking to realize how dependent we are on the system.

    I’ve asked our local freedom radio station if they could promote #CashFriday here:

  13. The shared spark of optimism here is hopeful. I’m always slightly encouraged for humanity listening to the interviews I’ve heard featuring Ms. Fitts. She’s truly a forward thinker.

    Having to be quite choosy as to where I direct my limited funds, I can’t afford to subscribe to her site and therefore will miss out on John Titus’s article. However, digging around his youtube channel, I was delighted to come across an interview of him and his findings concerning the “going direct” reset. Just starting the video, he says that there’s no voting ourselves out of this one, and that the “R word” really seems to be our last option:

    BlackRock’s Going Direct Reset and the Financial Coup d’État

    • Thanks Pearl great find.

      Like you, I have no problem with people making money and Solari and Catherine A’ Fitts are excellent, but I am somewhat loathe to fork out that much for the report, so I will watch the video you’ve shared with interest.

      Many thanks.

      • Oh, hey! I left you something else at your blog (make sure to check your spam).

        • Hey Pearl, I’ve checked my comments section, if that is what you are referring to, and nothing new?


          • Really?! Let me try again…

            • Many thanks Pearl. Comment received and appreciated.

              • 🙂

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed this report. The chemistry between you two was off the charts!

    I am inspired to use cash more and to support local thrifts, credit unions, and community banks versus the multinationals so that we can contribute to building strong communities.

    Very inspiring report! Keep it coming.

  15. Corbett Report Member nemi brings up a very important aspect about CASH.

    POWER OUTAGES – Cash will be king.

    I follow the energy markets and the global weather picture.
    I personally believe that we can expect “power outages” in the future with these ‘know-best’ Technocrats at the wheel.

    In mid July, James Corbett had this newsletter article:
    “The Scamdemic Was So Last Year . . . Here’s What’s Coming Next”

    The Technocrats are only going to make things worse with their forced policy directives on climate change energy sources. It is happening now.

    Just look at Natural Gas which is a staple for electric energy and heat…
    “US natural gas futures traded at $3.9 per million British thermal units, down from a 31-month high of $4.1 touched on July 26th on prospects of lower demand for air conditioning amid less hot weather forecasts.
    Natural gas futures have been supported by strong demand for US exports of liquefied natural gas as global gas continues to trade above US prices.
    Gas demand has been rising from China, Europe, Brazil, where droughts added to the competition by curtailing power output from hydroelectric dams, Canada and Pacific Northwest.
    Particularly in Europe, buyers on the continent have struggled to replenish tanks that are at the lowest for this time of year in a decade.

    Different nations and areas of the world are straining to transition to renewables like solar and wind, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate then it strains the grid. I read reports about it all the time.
    For example: ”German Emissions From Electricity Rose 25% In First Half Of 2021 Due To The Lack Of Wind Power, Not Willpower”
    What’s really got me worried is the price of coffee! I drink loads of it.
    ”Coffee Prices Jump to Six-Year High as Brazilian Frost Threatens Crop”

    The IMAGES on this are very telling.
    Global Weather – Twitter Feed
    The seasons and weather have been very volatile. Of course, most of us know to expect supply chains shortages (especially food) with this volatility. However, Power Outages or higher utility bills are sure to follow with this Climate Technocracy.

    And we all know that we will be seeing more articles like this of July 27th…
    ”As climate change worsens, extreme weather disasters pile up”

    • Electric and Natural Gas Utility Prices

      I think that this winter, if not already, many people around the world will feel some pain on their utlity bills.

      Natural gas futures traded around $4 per million British thermal units, close to 31-month highs of $4.1 hit on July 26th, supported by strong demand for US exports of liquified natural gas as global gas continues to trade above US prices.

      Natural gas prices in Europe rose to near $14/MMBTU for the first time on record while in the UK cost was also near $14/MMBTU, the highest since 2005.
      In Asia, the spot price of LNG climbed above $15/MMBTU.

      Buyers in Europe have struggled to replenish tanks that are at the lowest for this time of year in a decade and Russia is limiting exports to the continent.
      Also, Brazilian imports surged to record levels as droughts added to the competition by curtailing power output from hydroelectric dams.

      MMBtu is acronym for Metric Million British Thermal Unit, and it is a unit traditionally used to measure heat content or energy value. It is widely associated with measurement of natural gas in the energy terms globally.

      In the U.S., Natural Gas prices can vary regionally.
      However, Natural Gas Spot and Futures Prices are based on delivery at the Henry Hub in Louisiana. Official daily closing prices at 2:30 p.m. from the trading floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) for a specific delivery month.
      Natural gas liquids (NGPL) are also traded.

      It is interesting to see the mark-up of Natural Gas as it gets shipped from the U.S. to other countries.

      • Friday July 30, 2021 – “FreightWaves” via Zero Hedge
        If Coal Is Dead, Then Why Are Ships So Full Of It?

        Amid all the talk of global warming, climate change-induced catastrophes, decarbonization and green finance, the global trade in “dirty” coal is enjoying an ironic renaissance. Bulk ships are busy transporting coal to Asia — and to eco-conscious Europe — boosting freight income for some of the very shipowners who publicly tout their environmental bona fides to investors…

        …According to Clarksons Platou Securities, Capesize spot rates averaged $32,800 per day on Monday, with Panamaxes at $31,800 and Supramaxes at $31,600. It’s rare in dry bulk shipping for all three segments to simultaneously top $30,000, as they have for the past five weeks.

        “Strong activity in the coal markets as well as robust minor bulk volumes remain the driving force of elevated rates across the different asset classes,” said Clarksons.

        The Financial Times recently pointed out that coal commodity pricing is outpacing both real estate and financial stock returns this year. The price of high-grade Australian thermal coal (used for power generation) had risen to $151 per ton as of Friday, more than triple its price last September, according to Argus. The price of semi-soft Australian coking coal (or metallurgical coal, used for steel production) was $127 per ton, up almost 80% year to date.

        “Year-to-date thermal coal exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast, where exports tend to be very price- and demand-sensitive, are up 194%,” said Nolan…

        …Some of the extreme weather events being attributed to global warming are now increasing demand for seaborne shipments of high-carbon-emitting coal.
        Exceptionally hot weather has hiked electricity usage…

        …Hot weather is simultaneously boosting prices and lowering reserves of natural gas, which competes with thermal coal for power generation. “Even in Europe, which is the epicenter for decarbonization, low natural gas inventories are driving a sharp increase in thermal coal imports from virtually every nation,” said Nolan…

        …Summer demand will be complemented by restocking for winter demand and inventory rebuilding in general, as well as by demand for coking coal for steel production….

        • August 3, 2021 – Zero hedge
          From Russia With 50% Less Supply:
          European Nat Gas Prices Explode To Record Highs As Putin Turns The Screws

          (see GRAPH of NatGas Futures)

          …Natural gas prices in Europe hit a new record high as a slow at first, then much faster tightening of Russian supply looks set to cause a storage crunch on the continent.
          As Bloomberg’s Stephen Stapczynski observes, Russian gas flows via the Yamal-Europe pipeline that runs across Belarus and Poland to Mallnow, Germany…

          … suddenly dropped over the weekend, leaving Europe out of time to refill inventories ahead of the winter. As the chart below shows, the amount of gas entering Germany at the Mallnow compressor station has plunged by almost half, signaling Russia is flowing less through the Yamal-Europe in what may be a Kremlin shot across the European bow, and a reminder who literally keeps the lights open during the winter.

          As Bloomberg notes, the extraordinary, globe-spanning supply crunch in natural gas has fueled “eye-watering price rallies from the Netherlands to China, and investors are primed to see whether the gains are extended.” Indeed, it’s not just Europe: Asian liquefied natural gas prices are nearing a seasonal high as importers compete for supply amid the hotter summer weather. Meanwhile, none of the 4Q capacity to flow more gas to Europe via Mallnow was booked in an auction Monday.

          So what’s going on? Call it a perfect storm of declining supplies, lack of sufficient inventories and ongoing geopolitical posturing as Russia piles pressure on EU authorities to approve the dual-pipeline Nord Stream 2 project through the Baltic Sea and into Germany, while gas shippers are running low on time and, indeed, options to keep Europe adequately supplied this winter. A worst case scenario could see European gas prices explode to suborbital levels that would make Jeff Bezos proud should the continent fail to stock up on sufficient nat gas amounts.

          According to Platts, both the British NBP and Dutch TTF bellwether hubs have decisively risen above their previous peaks in September 2018 when the after-effects of the ‘Beast from the East’ weather system earlier that year buoyed spot-market prices and drained storage reserves to multi-year lows. And although European storage inventory is now approximately at 2018 levels, that has been supported from a much higher starting position, and the circumstances surrounding Russian supply to Europe are very different this year….

        • August 6, 2021 – Bloomberg
          The Era of Cheap Natural Gas Ends as Prices Surge by 1,000%

          …Natural gas, used to generate electricity and heat homes, was abundant and cheap during much of the last decade amid a boom in supply from the U.S. to Australia. That came crashing to a halt this year as demand drastically outpaced new supply. European gas rates reached a record this week, while deliveries of the liquefied fuel to Asia are near an all-time high for this time of year.

          With few other options, the world is expected to depend more on cleaner-burning gas as a replacement to coal to help achieve near-term green goals. But as producers curb investments into new supply amid calls from climate-conscious investors and governments, it is becoming apparent that expensive energy is here to stay.

          “No matter how you look at it, gas will be the transition fuel for decades to come as major economies are committed to reach carbon emission targets,”
          said Chris Weafer, chief executive officer of Moscow-based Macro-Advisory Ltd.
          “The price of gas is more likely to stay elevated over the medium-term and to rise over the longer-term.”

          By 2024, demand is forecast to jump 7% from pre-Covid-19 levels, according to the International Energy Agency. Looking further out, the appetite for liquefied natural gas is expected to grow by 3.4% a year through 2035, outpacing other fossil fuels, according to an analysis by McKinsey & Co…

          European natural gas rates have surged more than 1,000% from a record low in May 2020 due to the pandemic,
          while Asian LNG rates have jumped about six-fold in the last year.
          Even prices in the U.S., where the shale revolution has significantly boosted production of the fuel, have rallied to the highest level for this time of year in a decade….

        • August 4th
          Spain Complains to the EU Over the Soaring Cost of Electricity But Guess What

          Spanish consumers are fretting over record-high power prices just as high summer temperatures are keeping air conditioning and cooling systems operating at full capacity. Why are Spain’s prices so high?…

          The government says that the latest hikes in electricity bills are driven by spiraling prices of so-called carbon certificates, which give companies the right to release carbon dioxide, gas imports that Spain needs to complete its energy mix, and the surging power demand of the summer months.

          In the latest effort to rein in prices, lawmakers were voting Wednesday on whether to uphold the government’s move last month to cut the value-added tax on most households’ electricity bills from 21% to 10% until the end of this year and to scrap a 7% tax on power generation for at least three months. Utility companies pass on the cost of that tax to their customers.

          …Spain currently counts on renewable energy sources for nearly 50% of its supply.

        • August 6, 2021 –
          Activists Call For Federal Bailout As High Energy Cost Plague U.S.

          FULL ARTICLE
          A coalition of activist organizations is calling for a federal bailout for people who can’t pay their utility bills as well as a suspension of service cutoffs, Energy News Network reported.

          The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition says the need for federal protection for the people who can’t afford to pay their electricity bills is particularly dire in Michigan, which is among the states with the fastest-rising electricity rates. Last year, rates in Michigan registered the second-highest rise nationally last year.

          Under the proposal, the federal government would provide close to $40 billion to wipe out electricity, water, and broadband debt across the United States. It also includes a moratorium on shutoffs of essential services such as electricity and water supply. Of the total sum, $13 billion will be used to wipe out electricity debt. The bill also proposes offering low-interest forgivable debt to utilities that in turn forgive customer debt and stop cutoffs.

          “The impact of an unaffordable power system is that we punish people for being poor over and over again,” said the coalition’s energy democracy organizer, Bridget Vial, as quoted by Energy News Network.

          The Maintaining Access to Essential Services Act of 2021 was introduced in May by Senator Jeff Merkley, who said it would “create a new program to protect all Americans’ access to power, heat, water and internet service during the coronavirus crisis and ensure that these critical home utilities are not cut off.”

          Now, Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan has introduced a House version of the bill this week.

          “It’s nothing short of a scandal that in the richest country in the world, in the middle of a deadly pandemic, American families are having to worry about whether they’ll lose the utility access they need to survive,” Tlaib told Energy News Network.

          By Charles Kennedy for

        • August 9, 2021 –
          Cheap Natural Gas Is A Thing Of The Past

          The era of cheap natural gas might be gone for good. U.S. natural gas futures climbed to a 31-month high of 4.16/MMBtu on Thursday thanks to forecasts for hotter weather over the next two weeks and soaring global gas prices ensuring that U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports will remain at record highs.

          Refinitiv has projected that average gas demand, including exports, will climb from 90.9 bcfd in the current week to 94.5 bcfd next week as cooling demand keeps rising. Next week’s forecast is actually lower than anticipated because some power generators will be forced to burn coal instead due to increasingly high natural gas prices.

          But that won’t be on a big enough scale to stop the natural gas march.

          And that’s great news for U.S. LNG: Between January and June 2021, U.S. LNG exports jumped by 42% Y/Y to an average of 9.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d), compared with the first half of 2020. Asia remained the top buyer of U.S. LNG, accounting for 46 percent of exports through the end of May.

          Short-term outlook: Supply Crunch
          According to a report in the Financial Times, natural gas prices have climbed sharply across Europe and Asia thanks to tighter supplies, lower production volumes in Europe, as well as lower exports from Russia.

          Consequently, natural gas prices in Europe have surged to around 40 euros per mWh (~14/MMBtu) for the first time ever, with UK gas prices at the highest levels in 16 years. The situation is even direr in Asia where gas prices have hit $15/MMBtu

          The supply crunch is only expected to intensify over the coming weeks…
          …Indeed, natural gas and LNG are now being viewed as the bridge in the transition to renewable energy thanks to their more favorable emissions profile, as it generates 30% less carbon dioxide than fuel oil and 45% less than coal.

          And, this is very likely to become a long-term trend…

          …To exacerbate matters, investments in new gas fields have been falling over the years amid calls from climate-conscious investors and governments. For instance, high carbon prices in Europe are forcing utilities to quickly switch to natural gas; China…Asia… Further, the switch to natural gas can be made relatively quickly with limited capital deployments.

          With few other viable options, the world will continue to rely more heavily on cleaner-burning gas to help achieve short-term green goals….

        • August 14, 2021 – Statistics follow
          U.S. Natural Gas Dominance May Be Coming To An End

          August 16, 2021 – OILPRICE.COM
          The Remarkable Rise Of U.S. LNG – by Tsvetana Paraskova

          The Natural Gas Rally Is Far From Over – by Alex Kimani

          August 19th – Bloomberg
          California to Build Temporary Gas Plants to Avoid Blackouts

          August 20 – by Irina Slav
          Europe Faces LNG Supply Crunch

  16. Digital “money” WILL become mandatory.

    Cash and barter WILL become illegal.

    The Book of Revelation was a vision of our time given to St. John by God’s Spirit. If you still refuse to accept this, you are a lost cause.

    Accepting the “vaccines” is declaring allegiance to the Beast.

    Using the “vaccine passports” is taking the Mark of the Beast.

    You are warned.

    • beaconterraone:
      “Digital “money” WILL become mandatory.”

      You boldly proclaim, and then go on to tout “Revelations”, is digital money mentioned in the Bible?

      “Cash and barter WILL become illegal.”
      I’ve seen worse nightmares manifest, but why cast crippling dispersions?

      “The Book of Revelation was a vision of our time given to St. John by God’s Spirit. If you still refuse to accept this, you are a lost cause.”

      anybody that claims they’ve got the whole or only picture figured out is highly suspect. you’ve been “warned”.

      I find a more likely hypothesis is that the many many esoteric groups all have little pieces of a big puzzle, and that likely, the elephant in the room is that there is no elephant in the room.

      • Anti-Christs will continue to poo-poo Revelation, as they have for nearly 2000 years. Anti-Christs are never interested in the truth, since deceit is the modus operandi of their own spiritual father. They pretend to be opposed to machinations of controlling humanity, yet run interference for humanity’s rulers, or worse, function as de facto controlled “opposition.”

        For those who care where this is going, the warning has been right in front of you for nearly two millennia.

        • beaconterraone:
          “Anti-Christs will continue to poo-poo Revelation, as they have for nearly 2000 years. Anti-Christs are never interested in the truth, since deceit is the modus operandi of their own spiritual father.”

          As a reply, that doesn’t sound very “love thy neighbor..”? I’m not “poo pooing” a story that I know little about, but I am poo pooing your ignoring of other parts to the story by way of your absolutist syntax.

          how can one “accept” prophesy, especially one written yonks ago, back in a time when there wasn’t even a map (at least for the common man) to know that one was on a globe? chocker with diverse cultures..

          and wasn’t it Thomas that denied the return of the master from the dead, saying something like “when I place my hand in the wound, then I’ll believe it”. Well I hear he got to do it, but I haven’t. have you?

          I think everybody lucky enough to still have more than one brain cell is gunning for knowledge and understanding, from the Inuit to the Nivan from the Patagonian to the Sumi from the merikuns to the pigmy, & phd’s too are all trying to learn and make sense,, shes a wild garden mate, wild-as; and I hope you find comfort in your belief models; But without some direct experience to base ones convictions on, then thats all they are, Models.

          dont you worry, many of the indigenous wisdom/oral history keepers have amazing basis for their truths; and some of their stories overlap in astounding ways over great globe girdling distances; they often cover time on scales that see Christianity’s presence as a hiccup.

          • I apologize for not realizing you are a “universalist,” what is now called a “globalist.”

            You don’t want to believe not because of insufficient evidence, but because you don’t want to believe.

            As my initial post stated, “you are a lost cause.” I did my part, and now move on to those who can be saved, literally & figuratively.

          • Many cultures across the world have different paths to the sacred. There is no one way and only way. Respect for different spiritual paths are essential. I don’t think that God (what ever this is that is more than material existence) is cruel and hateful or spiteful and demands people worship in a specific way.

            This feels wrong to me and thought my lived experience and internal wisdom know this type of thinking is wrong.

            • I understand why you feel this way because of the last 18 months in the states and across the globe. And also knowing that some people have suffered terrible injustices and continue to suffer before the tyranny affected us. I don’t understand why if God exists why we should suffer. There is no explanation that I have. But I have experienced joy and love and the most magnificent experiences and in those moments I think this feeling and experience must be sacred.

              Romantic love and kindness and goodness are still present now. Is that not sacred and special? Perhaps it is up to us to take a risk and put some skin in the game to make things change. People can’t just sit back and do nothing. Perhaps God can nudge things a bit if we try.

              I don’t think God is some man with a grey beard who lives in the sky. I do think there is something special and vital about organic life though and that each person is unique.

        • If the Talmud “Jews” were oh so clever to even warn us about them within what you falsely claim they “invented,” wow, they must really be some sort of “master race.”

          For 1900 years, Talmud “Jews” feared Christianity, because it exposed them readily, and often applied justice to them. Once the “Jews” had adequately infiltrated Christianity, however, they concocted Judeo-“Christianity,” and now “Christianity” is “Jewish.” Even you promote that lie.

          “Fact Checker,” LOL. Zuckerberg’s got a job for you.

          • Alchemist

            I agree with you. There are also many paths to know God. I personally have learned through other experiences similar to but not exactly like the story described in the book Siddhatha by Herman Hesse. After a serious illness I read that book and realized that sometimes knowledge must be imparted by experience of the opposite of God. Though I don’t align with any organized religion I would say that I am a spiritual person who believes in a soul and that there is something sacred in nature and living beings. It’s uncanny how Revelations describes the predicament we are in. Thank you.

    • Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 instantly collapse your theory about the Bible or Christianity being “Jewish” – meaning, concocted by Talmudists.

      St. John gave us all God’s warning about the fake Judeans. Even Christians didn’t remain adequately on-guard.

      Jesus Christ was history’s greatest “anti-Semite.” He openly laid out that those who follow the Talmud – what was then known as “the traditions of the elders” – were Satanic. John 8, for example.

      Even the Old Testament told us a profound event would happen in the End Times regarding the fake “Jews.” While Judeo-“Christians” and anti-Christs alike have told us that “God’s People” have “returned to their homeland” and “restored ‘Israel’ in 1948,” Ezekiel’s warned of the invasion of the LAND of Israel “from the north,” and God would smite them down with great force. That invasion prophesied the Khazars moving down from the North and conquering the LAND of Israel, setting up an abomination to God. And the central nexus of Jewry’s global crime network.

      Again, it was ALL there for us. We CHOSE not to listen. Even I am guilty for not taking things much more seriously previously. It was because I was too enamored with the ways of this world, a world that is nearly totally the product of the fake “Jews” – what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon. Your distortion of what the Bible tells us – supposedly that we are to “trust the plan” and just do nothing – couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s an “interpretation” far more suited to Talmudvision “news.” One of the key things we Christians must do is warn everyone before it is too late for them. On the “vaccines,” on the “vaccine passports” aka Mark of the Beast, and, especially, the core Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the ONLY defense against any of this.

      But if you think you can defeat the most monstrous apparatus ever erected over humanity with integral products OF that system, go right ahead. I just hope you don’t take too many others down with you.

      • It’s very simple:

        If the people of the Bible were Jews, then these modern individuals CANNOT be Jews.

        If these individuals today are Jews, then the people of the Bible were something else. Let’s call them Judeans.

        You deliberately ignore all of the statements by Christ, St. John and other Biblical prophets naming those who embrace what is now called the Talmud as Satanic. You’d prefer people not recognize that your assertions are absurd, insane, even, in light of the fact we were WARNED repeatedly about what you claim invented Christ, Christianity, and the Bible.

        “Fact Checker” is a great username for you, for you are exactly like the “fact checkers” of the Jewsmedia, specializing in grotesque distortions and often outright lies.

    • It is interesting that so many argue from a perspective of what they think the Bible is about, rather than what it says. The Bible describes the creator who entered His creation, not an old man with a beard sitting on some throne a long ways away.

      Ignoring those described in Romans 1, what is fascinating is so many want to know about eschatology, or the last days. So what! If you have it 100% right but do not love, you will be toast. What is more important, to love well as Christ commands or to know what will happen on a given day?

      • People are way too biased toward the outcome to be even remotely interested in the path it took to get to that outcome. They are interested in when and where but not the why.

        But this is just a matter of the rat race in which we are embroiled from the early age, while still being in the formative years.

      • Love is caring enough about other people to tell them the truth, even though I am attacked and insulted for telling them that truth they don’t want to hear.

        You’re welcome to criticize my “style,” but I do not do what I do for my own ego. “HA HA, I’m right, and you people are going to Hell, HA HA.” That isn’t my feeling and motivation at all. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what’s happening in our world. We’re looking at the possibility (probability) that BILLIONS are going to die soon, and not only in this life, but at the second death, as well. That makes me shudder.

        Remember, when you ask what would Jesus do, using whips and knocking over tables is among the possibilities. “Love” does not always mean being demure or passive or, what this society pretends is “polite.” Christ often called the enemies of truth satanic. Not very “loving” for those who fail to comprehend the scope of true love of others. Being “nice” has an interesting history. “Nice” originally meant being stupid or foolish.

      • I accept that I will be dying for my outreach right now, not always behind a pseudonym. But you are worth my efforts, even if you won’t listen. I hope that you will, eventually.

        I once thought Christianity was a sick joke: “Christinsanity.” God showed me what a fool I was.

        • I don’t know a J.K. And I wish I could take credit for authorship of “cavalry from Calvary,” but it’s something I read sometime in the past, and don’t recall where.

          I find no “satisfaction” in telling people, in Biblical terms, what is coming for them if they choose to ignore the warnings. None of us have ever faced so grave a situation as this, COVID-19(84). I guess “pretty please” is not my style in general, and definitely not right now. If I do come across as an a-hole, I’m sorry, that’s not my intent, but neither can I be too concerned about how someone might take offense at plain, to the point talk.

          • What do you suggest we do, beaconterraone? I strongly suggest we do more than pray.

          • cu.h.j (no reply option to your post):

            Christians are to be the salt (preservative) of the Earth. Praying is an essential task, since it asks of God what we cannot do alone, and it interfaces us with the Almighty on a “quantum” level.

            But prayer is not the end of what we must do. We must tell the Truth to everyone, no matter the consequences. We must tell others not only about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but warn them of dangers here and coming. We must “refuse and resist” anything satanic, such as the out-of-control regimes of this world, trying to substitute themselves for God.

            Jesus Christ told us to buy swords, even at the expense of essential clothing: Luke 22:36. Of course, the sword was the primary infantry weapon of His time. Today, that would be the AR-15 or AK-47, depending upon your location. In accordance with the doctrine of Just War, we must try to live peaceably with everyone, and overlook insults and offenses to the extent possible. But when devils threaten our families and our communities, we must be ready to react with more than words and thoughts & prayers. Remember: Jesus didn’t pray for the moneychangers to stop desecrating the Temple; He went in and used violence to drive them out. These “vaccines” are desecrating what the Bible tells us is the Temple of God today: the human body. I’m not “advocating violence,” but I am explaining that pacifism is not a requirement for being a Christian. As pertains to you and yours, consider: 1 Timothy 5:8.

          • While beaconterraone and I probably agree on more than we disagree, please consider your sword from Luke 22:36. The context was the “Scripture must be fulfilled in me”. Then two swords were presented and He said “It is enough”. I suggest it is reading in to give a modern context of a rifle, taser, missile, etc.

            Also consider the context of 1 Timothy 5. It is for a man to prepare beforehand for his future widow. Verse 5 uses the Greek “προνοέω (pronoeō)” which is to think or perceive beforehand. The context is for the dad to train his kids to take care of their mom and grandmother, not leave them in the hands of the state.

            I don’t know the J.K. mentioned, but my initials just happen to be J.K.

          • Distinctivist (no reply option to your post):

            I understand Luke 22:36 is the fulfillment of prophecy, but I do not believe it is limited to the fulfillment of prophecy. The statement stands alone, as Jesus’ words often do.

            Of course, one may believe that being a Christian requires total pacifism. As for me, I do not believe that. We must be long-suffering & forgiving towards our neighbors and our “enemies,” but that does not mean we stand idly by as evil is visited upon people. “I’ll pray for you,” and then do nothing else, as a human devil commits grave wickedness is not noble, but cowardice.

            Jesus did not object to Peter’s carrying of an infantry weapon; He only objected to Peter’s proactive deployment which would (attempt to) deprive Christ of His primary role on Earth, to suffer and die for all of us. “Put your sword back in its place” is far different than “cast thy tool of Satan away from thee,” as some Christians seem to believe is required. Further, the teachings of the Old Testament are augmented and/or fulfilled, not entirely negated by Christ. Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind. Certainly, we do not start slashing – or shooting – because someone has offended us; that is self-evidently contrary to what Christ commanded of us. But when continuous, fundamental, and/or acutely grave violation is at hand, is passivity the call?

            In re: to 1 Timothy 5:8, specifically, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel,” I do not believe its context is explicitly relevant for us today. Paul is telling us that we should have an active consciousness (as you imply, from the Greek) of caring for our own family (“household”), and not merely “I’ll just leave it up to God” (obviously, God CAN take care of anything on His own, but the story of the Bible is that He uses us flawed creations to effect His will).

          • Cowardice in man is clearly rebuked when Jesus calms the storm (Matthew 8:26, Mark 4:40), and there is a strong warning in Revelation 21:8. The opposite of cowardice is trusting in the Lord for His protection; for example see Psalm 91:14 and 1st John 5:18.

            The “time for war” in Ecclesiastes 3 is not a call to prepare for one. The longest stretches of peace are in the book of Judges where “there was no king”, but a trust in the Lord. This is anarchy, which means to be without head. This is consistent with the Lord stating that placing anyone in a leadership position as a rejection of Him.

            I don’t think you are responding to my comment on Timothy. The context is very relevant for us today as we are called as husbands and dads to prepare (pronoeō) our family to take care of the women who will probably outlive us. It is not leaving them to God, but in obedience to God to love them now, and love them when we aren’t there by leaving them a prepared family.

          • Distinctivist (no reply option to your post):

            “And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

            “Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”

            God expects us to do what we are able, and rely on Him for that which we cannot. “I don’t need to prepare” or “I may act invincible because His angels have my back” means one is “testing Yahweh thy God.”

            My point in citing Ecclesiastes 3 is simple: there remain “times for war.” We must avoid it, but evil men and their boss often insist upon it.

            My point about I Timothy 5:8 is also simple: we are to look after our own. With all due respect, it seems you want to obfuscate that. The specific context that Paul was writing about is, again, not relevant for us when it comes to the essential maxim of that verse.

          • I respectfully submit what you are doing by avoiding context or using parts of verses is like those who use “money is the root of all evil” out of context. Knowing the full verse and context completely changes the meaning?

          • Distinctivist (no reply option to your post):

            I think this conversation is finished. Why should I continue this now that you are accusing me of bad faith? At no time I have misquoted Scripture in the manner you allege.

      • Considering the title of the video, I don’t do “Cash Friday”, but cash everyday. Why? It is an act of love toward the local businessman. It is not political or economic, but obedience to Christ.

        Proverbs 27 has the paradox where giving and answer or not is useless when dealing with a fool. And, no, those are not Paul’s words. The Bible is God breathed, not the words of man including Paul.

        Like beaconterraone, God showed me what a fool I was. But that is consistent with the Bible as He alone opens our eyes and I share the desire for Fact Checker. Simply check into the facts. Maybe like Paul your eyes will be opened.

        But skip the fluff and try something serious. I claim the Bible is true and the institutional church is a fraud ( I back it up with evidence from the Bible. Can you only call me dumb or can you offer a rational challenge?

        • Let’s keep the record straight: I stated my stand as “The Bible describes the creator who entered His creation”. You stated my statement was dumb. It seems a twisting of semantics to say that what I write is dumb, but you are not stating I am dumb.

          The Bible is a remarkably consistent book written over about 1500 years. The consistency is due to being, as it states, “God breathed” (2Tim3:16). The evidence for this is amazing. Simply stating “Nope” is not evidence. But then we are back to the Proverbs 27 issue.

  17. COVID-19: A Weapon to Fundamentally Transform America

    Marilyn Singleton MD, recently published a paper titled, “COVID-19: A Weapon to Fundamentally Change America” in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.




    • That pdf was a good read with well-made important points.
      Thanks Dave.

  18. i saw parts of it already coming long ago. 2017 i said fuck it to the banks, now i have to force myself to pay only in cash, i cant pay with a card, because i would need a bank account. the interesting part is, i also can force official institute to handle issues with me only in cash, they dont like it at all.

  19. Join the movement!!!!

    Selling my stocks and ETFs. Cashing out.
    Taking my Roth IRA contributions back. Cashing out.
    Closing my credit cards, only dealing with my local credit union. (Not FDIC insured)

    The plan is to reinvest my money in things that will directly benefit my family:
    Building my skill set
    My children’s education
    Tools and parts
    Local ranches and farms
    Friend’s businesses

    I am done feeding the beast; done supporting the corporations and investment firms; done hoping that my ‘traditional financial investments’ will actually be worth something someday.
    The time is now to have Tangible Assets and Usable Life Skills.

    Join me, and move your money off of Wall Street and onto Main Street.

    “What are we doin here?
    What has been done?
    What are we gonna do about it, when the world comes undone?
    My voice feels tiny, I’m sure so does yours.
    Put them all together make a mighty roar”

    (from the song Resilient by Rising Appalachia)
    link to song

    • Great post thanks Torus, sharing ideas like you’ve suggested is very valuable!!

  20. Currency that is local, digital but not cryptocurrency, based on producer credit, and not a way to make money on the manipulation of money is possible. It was described years ago at However a willingness to use it or a party to drive it remains illusive. Who will drive it?

    Also, I don’t just do cash on Friday. Rather I have done it everyday for years with local businesses. It saves the business on financial fees and an act of love.

  21. I love your website, it`s last resort of wisdom I can find. But this time I will reflect on people around us (including me). I cannot help thinking we share the blame for this situation, since we accepted smartphones/internet/gps and all sort of gadgets willingly. We kept clicking ‘OK’, ‘I agree’, ‘Accept’ for over 10-15 years now, just chasing our small yard interests.

    We are all digitally mini-corrupt, because how can we enjoy Leo Di Caprio movie and reject his role in World Economic Forum PR, how can we order Glovo food or use Google Maps and reject being traced.

    We are just humans and have the same property as gravity: both most often choose the shortest path.

    Anyways I love your work, thank you.

    • It’s a good point you make, the repsonibility factor of the current state of humanity. Question: is the stockholm syndrome victim to blame? Or their manipulator? One? The other? Both? There is no right or wrong answer to this. But whatever you feel, feel it out. If guilt is felt and realized, that’s good. Feel it. And recover from it. Without recovery, we are helpless, inhibited from doing very much of anything. Which leads to your Glovo and Google examples. We stop using them. We build better services to replace them. It requires work. It is not the easy road. But it is the high one. And it’s sure as heck rewarding.

      “OK”, “I agree”, “I accept” –> “NO”, “I disagree”, “I decline”

      If not already, feel free to start declining at will my friends.

      • Thanks Jeff for your thoughts, I appreciate it.
        I have no magic answers to any of your questions.

        Main issue I see is that ‘when any new FAITH becomes RELIGION, then it`s all over…’

        Google was FAITH back in 1998, as well as INTERNET back in 1983 and Facebook back in 2004. They all became RELIGIONS when they grew, so when chief hippie is becomes ‘more equal’ than other hippies, than it`s Game over.

        It`s not conspiracy if you will, it`s natural way things work in nature/universe/animals.

        • Great point ivan, the ‘religion’ aspect, especially regarding ‘faith’ and ‘belief’. I was talking with a friend a while back whose a lifetime banker(not the kind we study). Now she focuses on seeding local projects/farms. Money popped up in the conversation, and so did the Federal Reserve. She is the only person in real life outside of computers I’ve talked to that know anything at all about the Federal Reserve. She was making the argument that the Fed is really a US federal gov institution, I was kindly arguing the opposite. She agreed with everything. In the end the only thing she could say was, ‘People have to believe in something.’! I thought, what an amazing admission. Banks were after all historically known as ‘trusts’.

          And that’s what I think a lot of that is. When something like google or facebook emerge, people, totally irresponsibly and programmatically, ‘trust’ the software/service. In closed software, you have no choice but to trust it. And then it becomes a staple in their lives. It becomes a strong religion. They learn to believe in it. Belief. Of course, at least here in the US, Most people are raised by the institutions (gov/media/etc). All are belief and trust systems that program us. And that’s the strong ‘faith’ context/background that makes it so easy to show up for the google sermon. We were trained to do that.

          So when we drop the religion, we begin to suspect other religions. We get critical. Which i argue is good. What’s the source code to this religion I ask. Any religion can emerge from anything. So staying critical, and trustless, especially with software, is optimum here. We should never ‘trust’ software. Period. It requires work, and once and while switching it up, changing to new things. I stick to simpler, minimal things. Easy to manage. But, as you mentioned, the path of least resistance haunts us. Complacency and laziness, the monsters under the bed. We must be fearless and face these monsters head on. Subdue the beasts.

          • Amazing Jeff!
            You said it all, from scratch.

            Big problem is middle class intentionally collapsed, so there is no mom and dad watching TV or cooking dinner, and having time to talk with youngsters. Everything is so damn fast forward.

            So how can they be responsible, when they are trying to survive.. all pre-planned.

  22. Thanks to blogger Moneycircus for bringing the following symposium to my attention:

    The Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium will go live in about 25 minutes (11am Central Standard Time) with an excellent panel of scheduled speakers (like Dr. Yeadon) and topics (click on link for details):

    I missed yesterday’s program but found that some of it has been mirrored at various platforms (which I downloaded but haven’t been able to watch yet). It starts with a crash course by Mr. John Titus, followed by a stellar line-up:

    • pearl
      Thank you for sharing those links!
      Replay at

      The interdisciplinary symposium was very insightful; a round table for the new revolution!
      Well worth the watch (in 1.5Xspeed)

  23. Hi everyone, this my first comment being a new subscriber. I noticed comments regarding purchase of gold instead of holding onto fiat. How would you store gold beside having it locked in some vault somewhere? Any ideas would be great!! Deb from Australia.

    • Hi dstef! (Deb)
      We sure are glad to have another Australian here on the comment boards.
      “Welcome” from all of us.

      On the Gold…I don’t know what to tell you other than hide it. Somebody else might have some ideas.

    • If have land, find several suitable places, take with you people you trust and want to have in the loop and burry the precious metal.

      Without a piece of land and especially in urban areas, I would say you will need a good enough hiding place, maybe a structural fault in the building that shouldn’t really be there.

      I would not rely on a safe, except for a decoy. Safes are a great decoy, IMO, but not very safe when it comes to robberies.

      If you worry about what slavemasters in charge might think of your gold purchase, probably best to try to keep it off the books. Make a cash payment and pick it up in person.

  24. Cash only gets killed for the mainstream. If all this points to anything, it points to proliferation of alternative system(s). Not just the reset, but all of it…covid…digital ID/passports point to black markets that will emerge to avoid the stream and fill the void.

    Your question: the CIA / OSS / etc. have been operating outside the “system” from the beginning. Wall Street is one of their favorite playgrounds. That’s why two (and maybe three) heads of the CIA also spent time as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission–so they could put their minion in the system at critical points to run cover and help pull off great deals like Enron, Madoff and Stanford Financial group.

    Many of these guys work in the compliance area/ are usually attorneys and for some reason come often from Fordham Law School. Many others are “ex”-military.

    You really can’t do a really great scam without at least one attorney in the SEC Enforcement division, probably a dirty Judge, and definitely operators close to the action from Intelligence in the military, and, of course, the dirty CPA and their friends in the “organized crime” family. It’s a very cozy relationship, and cash will always play a role.

    BTW, it’s possible that inflation will have a negative effect on DIGITAL transactions, but I believe that CASH will appreciate as these markets turn serious and large.

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