China Warns of “Peace Disease” And “Unavoidable” War With US

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Videos | 29 comments

A leaked Chinese memo reveals that the Chinese military is combating “peace disease” and avoiding an “unavoidable” war by . . . building up their military? What does all this mean, what does it have to do with Thucydides, and what is the reality behind this smoke and mirrors? Find out in today’s thought for the day.

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  1. James, have you looked into the possibility that downpours such as these are either intentionally or unintentionally human made?

    I’m of course not claiming such events are naturally impossible.

    • That is Exactly what I thought when I saw the footage on this video.

      I would be interested in seeing whether the incidence of this type of weather activity & resultant flooding has increased over the past 100 years. Certainly in the US, the incidence appears to have been much higher in the past 10 years than I remember in the 30 years prior. On the east coast, west coast and gulf coast, especially, with some storms arriving on the anniversary of the storm the year before. (…What are the chances of that happening…)

      James, is that information available somewhere?

      As the decades roll on, it is that type of incremental change that makes any intentionally engineered shift much more difficult to spot…

      • And let’s not forget the fires in the western US states. Supposedly enveloping the entire region, yet little real media attention on it. Also, a lot of strange events that made it suspect to firefighters fighting the fires. When they stopped, I have no idea as I rarely saw any news on it. And of course, there were also reports that much of the land destroyed was taken from it’s owners and given to the BLM. Ahh, the BLM; So dearly loved by the Bundy’s. JimBob who thinks those tinkerers no not what they do with all their shiny, little gadgets.

  2. According to Hamlet (William Shakespeare):

    War “is th’imposthume of much wealth and peace,
    That inward breaks, and shows no cause without
    Why the man dies.”

    Written around 1600.

  3. That is certainly a serious flood over there. First video I’ve seen of it. Of course, I don’t care much for most news. Glad to hear that you and yours are all right. On the China build-up, I have to say that if I were Xi; I would do just as he is doing. If taken from a nationalistic point of view (and the Chinese cultural superiority BS works as well as nationalism for me), China could never expand without making its’ military strong enough to take on the US. However, there are three possibilities concerning the US that can make a war avoidable. 1- IF Trumpy is an actual nationalist; then he wouldn’t want to get into another war. We are pulling out of a lot of places, so there is SOME hope of that. 2- The US is a collapsing empire. The government doesn’t even print the data on a lot of stuff anymore. I think they quit reporting the money supply in 04.k And that’s just one bit of data. We just might collapse if we got into a scrap with a major power. 3- We’ve been at war for nearly 17 years. I can’t believe people still join. Trumpy owes his election in a large part due to his saying he wanted to leave the Middle East. The people who do the fighting are getting tired of doing all the fighting for those soft and gooey war hawks who never go themselves. However, the US would still be the most nightmarish country to attack. Our military leaders may be idiots, but our rednecks’ll take care of any furreners what might want to be stepping foot over here with bad intent. JimBob who knows he’s assuming some things, but it’s not like he’s in on the Bilderberg meetings and all. I’m just a redneck, so don’t expect much excepting karma from me.

  4. The first part of a series was on Australian TV a recently which was straight up propaganda claiming war is necessary for the evolution of civilisation via ‘destructive creation’. Seems clear where we are being led…

    “How can something as devastating as war help bring about civilisation? Ancient Mesoamerica is the perfect petri dish to examine the process of ‘destructive creation’. Evolutionary theorist Peter Turchin regards war as a necessary evil. It brought people together in a common cause while stimulating an arms race of technological progress.”

  5. I have never understood how Statists demonstrate their love for their children by sending them off to be murdered in a war.

    I guess you have to be pretty messed up in the head to believe in government in the first place.

    • People will naturally follow some kinda of leadership…the idea of Government is kinda a bigger and depersonalized big scale version of that. Also since the culture that HAD some kind of government was able to mobilize to eliminate and eat the resources of the less organized cultures its not really mysterious or even weird.
      Now is pretty much one of the few times in history when humans could have both a DECENTRALIZED AND TECHNOLOGICAL culture.
      Having both at the same time just was not really viable before when you depended very much more on muscle and numbers of people to get stuff done. Now we dont need so many people to pull on one task to get results… on the OTHER hand the leaders dont need US as much as they used to either…..

  6. Same sentiment here.

    Houston got flooded a year ago with many homes under water. I have family there. Trying to recover from a flood is a long, rough process. They still live with friends while their house is under construction.

  7. Dear VOA, I have decided to be an optimist and say I have no concern on Israel, but I hope that the US and Iran won’t go to war. And no world war. Of course, we’re always told that the next world war is just around the corner. I remember growing up thinking that old age wasn’t going to be a factor because we were all going to die in a nuclear war. And now I’m old. How THAT happened is anybody’s guess. JimBob who still remembers the answer to what do you do if you see a mushroom cloud in the distance on his sergeant’s exam was “Say hooah and continue the mission as you’re already dead anyway.

    • VOA, Personally, I don’t give Israel enough respect to carry their own water in that fight without the US to back their play in that aspect. And, I believe we are coming out of that Syrian monstrosity. Also, I don’t think the US is going to attack Iran. Trumpy is a very bellicose man in public, but he DID sit down with Kim. That should alert people a lot more than it has. At least in my opinion. I think we are seeing a changing of the US policy. If we don’t, we’re sunk. And if the US is sunk; so goes the world. But if I’m wrong; it’s only death. It comes to us all, so let’s not get too upset about it. JimBob who only gets worried about death when he doesn’t show up for happy hour.

      • Dear VOA, I hope I’m right as well. I do so enjoy watching all the pretty girls walk on by. Even if they aren’t watching me. Of course, you never hear the dead complain. Not like my neighbor; you should just hear him go on.

      • Dear VOA, I am so very happy to say that I think I am right. At least on Israel. And I don’t think Trump is going to war with Iran. Remember how everyone (including me) thought he was just insane with the whole “rocket man” thing he was doing; and look how that came out. Of course, we won’t be able to fly domestically without our realid in the states pretty soon. Like I even have an ID. Well, just my VA ID. I don’t need no stinking realid. JimBob who always liked the movie Tagged. At least I think it was called that. Anyway, here’s the link to good news. Enjoy.

        • Dear VOA, I don’t think so. I think that they will save a lot of face by the Iranian’s being told they must leave Syria. Remember, Russia just said that ALL foreign troops need to leave Syria. This would allow Israel to save face and not poke the big bear in the eye. Personally, I don’t think the Israelis are that dedicated. They are a bunch of racist cowards and are not the type to get into a fight that would cause them any harm. Also, Syria has some of the best troops in the world right now. They’ve been fighting for their homeland (the only honorable war) for years now and have been holding their own right nicely against all comers. JimBob who also notes that many other papers believe the same thing. Besides, Israel might be able to work out a deal for some of that Syrian oil I’ve heard about. Israel DOES like to play the middle man on oil. At least that’s the word on the geo-political street. JimBob who thinks that the Iran thing will blow over as well, since their support seems to be drying up.

  8. Well, I don’t know about that. I think life is pretty adaptable to these changes. Which seems like nature is a pretty smart technology to me. Congrats on hitting 21 karma there! You can now hang out at the karma bar. Party! JimBob who is too old to be clubbing anymore and that music is just too loud now.

    • Oh, you can totally see what this karma business is doing to the discourse, can’t you?

      • C;mon mkey; I pretty much ruined any intelligent conversation long before we had this karma thing going on. I can tell you that I feel pretty ripped off on the whole super power thing that it was supposed to give off.

    • Well, I’m a little short on the harpsichord, but I bet ya I can gather up a fine spoon player instead. I’ve just been waiting for an opportunity to share this video. I think this woman is adorable. She’s a pistol:

      • I used to play the washboard as well! Along with my pocket comb, jew’s harp, kazoo, and (when forced) the piano. If you type in spoon lady on youboob, you’ll find a channel devoted to her. She’s amazing. JimBob whose spoons only play the bouncing off the floor tune.

    • manbearpig says: could’ya get me a Nirvana cocktail, hold the ice, double the rye, with a twist of orange please? much obliged. Harpsichord solo concert, George Winston or Dave Brubeck?

      Nice line.

  9. Corbett has a “Recommended Video” on his article Global Economy: Between A Rock And A Hard Place which is a Mike Maloney video.

    That Mike Maloney video jives well with what Corbett says here in this recent video.

    • I just watched that video, as well as the one in which he asks if Rs are more corrupt than Ds. In the latter one, I really saw the dissonance in his thought patterns. It was physically disturbing to listen to all of his belief systems. I’m not sure how he still thinks an economic idiot like Bernie would be shaking up the system. The Onion (or one of the other satirical, yet superior, journals I occassionaly read) even had an article on how Bernie wished people would quit sending him copies of books on basic economics. The Bernie who just thinks raising the minimum wage is the answer to poverty. They also seemed adamant that we should restore the democracy we never had and get rid of the oligarchy which is the republic for which we got started with. It’s as if he understands what people are saying, but he never checks the assumptions they are based upon. I’m no expert in critical thinking, but I had a hard time twisting my thought patterns to understand where he is coming from. But that might be because I don’t like to just place my assumptions just anywhere. I learned that lesson the hard way. JimBob who always questions what is being questioned.

      By the way mkey, you might also be interested in Black Pigeon Speaks. I think he offers a different perspective on affairs that are not that difficult for me to follow. He just did a nice video on the trade wars with China that I think offers another perspective. I’m not saying anyone’s right or wrong here; I’m just saying that I try and gather as much information, and as many rational sources, as I can. And if that don’t work; stupid as an explanation usually fills it in. Anyway, here’s a link for you to become addicted to:

      • People simply have these mental shortcuts which prevent them from questioning what they regard as truth, that’s all.

        Black Pigeon has an OK channel, but I find most of his China analysis way to US centered. He also did some weird videos, like the one about how women (in general) destroy civilizations or the likes. Sometimes, he pulls stuff right out of his ass. I do like much of his stuff on EU politics and social conditioning.

        Another channel, which raises some important points from more of a nationalist perspective is Way of the World, which mostly does videos on policies concerning mass immigration.

        • Thanks. Now yet ANOTHER channel! Though I personally think those mass immigration days are about to end in a lot of places. Hungary, Italy, and Poland all stepping up; with the majority of the remainder of the EU sounding a bit ticked as well at the whole thing.

          I have to admit that Jimmy’s dissonance got too much for me. I found that he refused to even question his own assumptions to the point where I couldn’t watch them unless he stayed right on topic. Unfortunately, I ran into a string of ones in which he didn’t. And I agree with you on Black Pigeon. The woman one was hilarious to me. However, I really liked the perspective he brought to it. I think a nationalistic perspective does play an important role in how things are changing. Plus, I try and hear as many different perspectives on things as possible. As long as they make sense to me (or amuses me like the X22 Report, which is actually fine for data; it’s just his interpretation of it in line with his Q fixation that I find so funny.), at least as long as I can trust them. JimBob who don’t really trust that many of the sources he’s got, other than that he trusts they believe what they are saying.

    • By the way mkey, on his video about the 8 republicans meeting in Moscow, did you catch how they were talking about great expectations? All of the narratives being spun point to this meeting with Putin as being of the greatest importance to whatever cause those narratives are espousing. All of them for this month. While I realize the Q thing pretty much comes from central casting; there are a lot of things you can learn from dis-info. Whatever is coming will be showing it’s face this month. At least in my opinion; which isn’t worth any more than anyone else’s. Not that we’ll be seeing it’s true face. I can’t help but think of the wall being built and the RealID being needed for air travel on conventional flights. JimBob who still don’t care which way the wind blows as he’s only interested in it to tell him which way to spit.

      • I haven’t seen that video, which one is it? Was it made recently?

        • Oh yeah. I think it was called Are Reps. more corrupt than Dems? It should be on his recent uploads. I hate the new format that youboob has on my homepage. JimBob

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