China’s New World Order: Gold-backed oil benchmark on the way

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China has announced a “new world order” for world oil markets that could have profound effects on the global economy and the monetary order itself. But as The Shanghai International Energy Exchange gears up for operation, it’s important to note yet again that this is another engineered conflict with the pre-determined death of the dollar system being used to bring in the new multipolar world order that the NWO has been openly working toward for decades.

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  1. The commodity contracts are not pegged to gold, it is a floating exchange redeemable in gold, designed to build cofidence in the yuan and Chinese Market.

    China is on her way to becoming the future financial power.

    Martin Armstrong has international trading experience, he says the demise of the dollar comes when it goes UP. Only then will the world debt…mostly in dollars…will be crushed by a rising dollar,
    US Debt is at officially at 18 Trillion, world debt, in dollars is 65.2 trillion and the US is world reserve currency, so a crisis will unfold with a rising dollar and when that happens, China’s long term game of building confidence in their dollar and market will win them the world financial power, a role that has a cycle to it,just as England lost their status of Financial Empire to the Us Financial Empire, so too, we see our twilight years as the batton is passed to China, all in the cosmos is a cycle, the trick is to know where you are in the cycle so as to make right choices that result in success and satisfaction, conditions created by right choice.

  2. I know James is not so happy with China, saying that we may not want to be so happy they are taking over US hegemony in the world, but I do welcome China, I don’t see China in Africa and the ME pushing war, weapons and genocide.

    The point is America has been taken over by Zionists, so there is no such thing as worse, we are the worst possible, anything would be a vast improvement.

    • So potentially living under communism will be better for everyone right?

      • “HENRY KISSINGER: “But they really are issues of the construction of a new world order, that’s what this is about, and that’s the sort of dialogue the Chinese are generally good at and so a partnership between us is central. A conflict between us is going to exhaust us both. In tactical exercises it cannot be conclusive.”

        Do you believe that China working on a plan to isolate the US from oil business is “China and the US working together” toward a new world order? Wouldn’t this be considered a conflict? Perhaps that is the plan at the very top of the pyramid, but it certainly isn’t in the US’s best interest.

    • Yes, the NWO/Zionist is another god/devil, or daddy/mommy, or angel/demon saint/sinner democrat/republican, left/right. Somebody is in charge and directing things.

      I do not think so. Like religion, and government, this is a false belief.

      The Chinesse think cyclically.

      In the West we tend to have linear thinking.

      Looking at nature it is easy to observe a cycle to everything in the cosmos, what stays the same is Individual Behavior and that is where understanding of Natural Law creates a condition of success and satisfaction, and ignorance of Natural Law creates a condition of suffering.

      People are social and tend to act in herds, mindlessly, and this can be taken advantage of by cunning predators, and it would be foolish to believe there are not human predators, as in nature, their population is low and their behavior is easy to observe with some education about right and wrong.

      The solution is education and understanding of the Law, Richard Maybury describes it in his book What ever Happened to Justice, the Law is a Do and a Do not for the individual, simple

      Do all you have agreed to do
      Do not encroach on other persons or their property.

      With that said, China is preparing for the Fall of the West as a Financial Power, their basic understanding of cycles gives them an edge, what we in the west need to do, those who recognize and live by the Non aggression Principle under the law is to take advantage of the collapse in the Fed. Gov. because it is inevitable, when that happens, we Reduce the Power of the Predator for the next cycle by adding some new Rights we have discovered we had and limiting the predatory class by:

      1 Term Limits for Politicians and bureaucracy.
      2. 3 Year expiration date to all man made laws.
      3. No Pensions for Politicians or government bureaucracy
      4. Prohibit Lobbying
      5. Prohibit Federal Government Borrowing
      6. Constitutional Amendment that defines Individual Property prohibiting Government Taxation
      7.Return the Federal Central Banks to its original charter of a banker of last resorts for bank runs to other banks, and to loan cheap money that is paid back in a 4 year time frame to corporations and small business during the downturn in the business cycle so they do not lay off workers. The charter was changed in 1918, 1933 and 1972 to progressivly purchase and loan money to the federal government to fund their wars and social engineering, this is the crisis we are in and the Government is destroying wealth through taxation creating very hungry and unhappy people.
      8. When the TBill Bubble pops, the largest holders are Social Security Fund, so there will need to be a Debt to Equity Swap and the SSFund needs to be changed from a ponzi scheme to a voluntary investment fund for a large group of people to create real wealth through long term investment.
      9.The government can pay for itself with a 3%to5% money inflation to GDP

      Wont happen till there is blood in the streets, and that will be a very short period of time. so we need to be prepared so we can create another Golden Age at the end of this instead of go into another Dark age.

      • I gotta laugh…
        I guess the socialist solution is for everyone to have a government job and earn an average of $110,000/year.

        Yea, everyone works for the government, except for suckers like me who end up trying to support the government at $7 per hour. No wonder I feel tired all the time.

  3. The problem with China and these so called new deals is that the same key players are in the background, running the show.

    We need to rid ourselves of this left right/east west false paradigm and see right through it, as if we were looking through the most transparent glass.

  4. I love it when Corbett discusses money and geopolitics.

  5. Do you think this was planned since 1988? The Economist magazine predicted this in 1988!
    Author Sutton stated that wall st was behind communism taking over in the USSR. So perhaps USSR and China are being steered to take over because the elite want global communism under UN? Gorbachev is a member of club of rome, CFR, behind UN green agenda. Supposedly communism never fell in russia, but it was a ruse so world would accept russia. They are putting statues of stalin back up in russia.

  6. A passage from The demise of the dollar article that I think is relevant in China’s ability to leverage other countries to get on-board with their oil plan:

    “Furthermore, Chinese exports to the region now account for no fewer than 10 per cent of the imports of every country in the Middle East, including a huge range of products from cars to weapon systems, food, clothes, even dolls.”

    It is in those key middle eastern countries’ interest to play ball with China not only because they can avoid US sanctions, but also because China plays a significant role in the imports they need. Can’t forget about those dolls, need them too.

  7. Part of the Colonel’s secret recipe.

    (Times have really changed. In 1975-76, I managed a high volume KFC in Central Texas. It was high volume, because I hired High School cheerleaders as cashiers.)

  8. Personally, I question the quantity of gold reserves in the U.S.

    Over the past few years, I have read quite a few mainstream articles about China building their gold reserves (and silver too).
    Here is one article from Investopedia.

    If China really wants to use gold to help gain independence from the U.S. dollar — China was the largest holder of U.S. government debt as of August 2016 — it still has a long way to go. Even after all of its gold activity, China is not even in the top five nations in terms of official gold reserves. The Federal Reserve holds between seven and eight times as much gold. China may have a lot of gold off of the books, but probably not enough to fill the 7,000-tonne gap between it and the United States.

    Government Paper Not Generating Returns
    China would rather not house a trillion dollars of U.S. government paper — a proposition that likely means losing value to inflation most years. Gold is one means through which all types of investors, even central banks, hedge against inflation when interest rates are very low. As the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum reported in 2016, “Gold has become increasingly attractive as an alternative to reserve currencies.”

    …By mid-2016, there was more than $10 trillion of sovereign debt with negative yields.

    China Stockpiling Silver Too
    Gold is not the only precious metal drawing Chinese interest. Silver inventories at the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) more than septupled between August 2015 and April 2016, from 233 tonnes to 1,706 tonnes. The SHFE added almost as much silver in eight months as the JP Morgan Comex Silver, the largest bullion bank for silver in the world, added between April 2012 and April 2016.

  9. Sept 12, 2017 NEWS (very interesting)
    Unknown Oil & Gas Deal Just Changed The Global Energy Balance

    One of the biggest energy stories this year has been Russia’s Rosneft buying India’s Essar Oil — giving the Russian company a firm grip on one of the world’s biggest emerging oil and gas markets.

    And this past week, that story got more complex. With Rosneft striking another big deal — drawing in another heavyweight energy nation.
    China. (…to acquire a 14.16 percent stake in Rosneft.)

    Rosneft announced Friday it is selling a significant chunk of its equity to Chinese investors. In this case, little-know exploration and production firm CEFC China Energy.
    …But there are implications well beyond these two countries. With China now having backdoor access into markets like India — through Rosneft’s recently-acquired holdings in that country.

    An intriguing side note to the story: CEFC is buying the Rosneft stake from Glencore, and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund. Who reportedly purchased the interest just nine months ago — for $12 billion.

    That means these holders are taking a 25% loss on the sale, less than a year after buying in. But in the meantime, Glencore was able to strike a lucrative deal to trade Rosneft’s Russian crude — probably making up for the losses on the Rosneft equity, and then some.

  10. Value of the Dollar compared to other currencies – graph DXY

    January 14, 2018 – ZEROHEDGE via
    Will The Dollar Survive The Petro-Yuan?

    …Explaining the consequences of these monetary dynamics was the purpose of an essay written by Ludwig von Mises almost a century ago…

    …That was until now. The dollar’s hegemony is being directly challenged by China, which is not shy about promoting her own currency as her preferred settlement medium. Later this month an oil futures contract priced in yuan is expected to start trading in Shanghai.1 Only last week, the Governor of China’s central bank met the Saudi finance minister, presumably to agree, amongst other topics, the date when Saudi Arabia will start to accept yuan for oil sales to China. The proximity of these two developments certainly suggest they are closely related, and that the end of the Nixon/Saudi deal of 1974, which created the petrodollar, is in sight.

    Do not underestimate the importance of this development, because it marks the beginning of a new monetary era, which will be increasingly understood to be post-dollar. The commencement of the new yuan for oil futures contract may seem a small crack in the dollar’s edifice, but it is almost certainly the beginning of its shattering…

    …There is little to stand in the way of the global fiat monetary system, led by the dollar, to begin a breakdown in its purchasing power, as prophesied by Mises nearly a century ago…
    …Mises reported that throughout the monetary collapse, until only the final months, there persists a general belief that the collapse in the currency would soon end, there always being a shortage of it. The change in this attitude was marked by the moment people no longer just bought what they needed ahead of actually needing it. Instead, they began to buy anything….

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