Episode 432 – The CIA and the News Media 2.0

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By now, Corbett Reporteers know all about the CIA’s infiltration of the news media, from Wisner’s Wurlitzer and the CIA’s global propaganda network to the Church Committee revelations and the CIA whistleblowers of the 1980s. We were told that the CIA stopped all that (which is a lie, of course). But do you know how the CIA is manipulating the media today? Join James on today’s important edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he exposes the incredibly brazen trick behind The CIA and the News Media 2.0.

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The CIA and the Media (Bernstein, 1977)
Time Reference: 01:16


The CIA and the News Media (Corbett, 2011)
Time Reference: 01:41


Edward Snowjob tweets Frank Snepp clip 
Time Reference: 11:59


CIA Officer Frank Snepp Discusses Planting Stories in Vietnam
Time Reference: 12:06


The CIA’s Global Propaganda Network – #PropagandaWatch
Time Reference: 14:21


Gekaufte Journalisten by Udo Ulfkotte
Time Reference: 19:59


Journalist Who Blew the Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead at 56
Time Reference: 20:22


Mass Media: A History (purchase the course at NewWorldNextWeek.com)
Time Reference: 21:18


Mass Media: A History (course notes and sneak preview)
Time Reference: 21:49


Ex-CIA Director Admits Agency Meddles in Foreign Elections (“only in the interest of democracy”)
Time Reference: 25:42


CNN analyst compares Trump’s CPAC speech to Hitler
Time Reference: 26:14


Ex CIA/FBI Official Calls Julian Assange ‘Pedophile’ on CNN Live TV, Wikileaks Threatens Lawsuit HD, 12
Time Reference: 26:41


Ex-CIA Official Jeremy Bash Calls Protesters Domestic Extremists, Calls for Surveillance and Penetration
Time Reference: 26:57


John Brennan Warns MSNBC About “Deeply Disturbed” Conspiracy Theorists
Time Reference: 27:39


CIA Officer Ralph McGehee Reveals How the Agency Deceived the Country During the Vietnam War
Time Reference: 31:15


“There has never been a conspiracy in this country!” (I’ll leave this as an Easter Egg for now. Can you remember/find this clip? The answer will be included in next weekend’s subscriber exclusive video!)
Time Reference: 39:05



  1. Dear James,

    Nice to see you in jolly form, but a thumbs down from me. You spend two thirds of the video republishing your earlier work (CIA and the Media “1.0”) and then your media course, leaving a third for something new, which let’s be frank, we all largely know about know about. Indeed, you have already used the stupidity of spies on CNN in NWNW amongst other productions.

    Not to be a (Australian Foreign Minister) Downer, I love the “CIA and the Media” original work, and the parts of your media course which I have seen. I just think this episode is a little short on new material.

    With the warmest of regards,


    PS: There is a counter argument, that I have consumed so much of your material that very little seems new. Nope. I think I’ve watched about half of your “episode” catalogue, maybe two thirds. There’s plenty to come! Lots of Literature and the New World Order, for example.

    • “Died of a heart attack before it was a popular thing to do” Worth it for that joke alone… maybe I’m just a little dark but that had me in stitches for a full minute 😀

      • That was very funny. I love JC’s dry humor. I also like some of the refresher material especially for new viewers who aren’t familiar with his work from 10 or more years ago.

        • cu.h.j, I agree with you 100%! For those of us who discovered James recently, for me 2020, and haven’t been able to view or read ALL of James’ work (not even close), an episode like this is extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to run through the show notes and rewatch older episodes on this topic. Thank you, James!

          • I appreciate you being on the comment boards.
            Thanks playinggrounded.
            I love hearing people’s stories and perspectives.

      • “Died of a heart attack before it was a popular thing to do” Worth it for that joke alone… maybe I’m just a little dark but that had me in stitches for a full minute ?”
        You’re not alone, ditto!

      • Well, we all have challenges in our lives, but I have a roof over my head, food in the larder, a family in which we share love, and my health is in reasonable condition.

        So, yes, I’m okay.

        Thank you for your concern.

  2. Yep
    “In June 1997, Duane “Dewey” Clarridge, the chief of the CIA’s Latin America division from 1981-1987, appeared on Dateline-NBC and growled at the claim that the CIA had been involved in the drug trade. “Don’t give me the conspiracy bullshit. Come on. You’re a more intelligent man than that. There has never been a conspiracy in this country.”


    • +1

      Great referencing.

  3. When the female news anchor was presenting Brennan, I thought it was interesting that at about 27:24 she said:

    “’cause you’ve said in both these chairs, as Homeland Security advisor to a president and as the head of OUR .. CIA” rather than “as head of THE CIA”.

    ‘Our’ CIA sounds more like something that’s been embraced by the people rather than a ruthless, cold and conniving spyhole, The CIA.

    I tend to think this was a conscious choice rather than a spontaneous and quasi affectionate use of “our”.

    • Interesting idea. Maybe.

      I think it comes from the nationalist perspective. Our means “the USA’s”. It may be a passive acknowledgement that the media ally with the CIA, but I think its more nationalist than any other sense.

  4. “and the magician tells everyone this is how it’s done and yet people still believed the trick”

    reminds me of the end of American Psycho when the psychopath serial killer is desperately telling everyone that he was the one who’d committed all those horrifyingly twisted and bloody murders and no one believes him because he was a once terribly popular golden boy of Wall Street.

    “Our” CIA are the good guys, we venerate them, identify with them in endless ongoing Netflix series glorifying them as they lie, murder, plot and spy for reasons that the characters themselves are hard-pressed to define, justify, believe in.

    Of course, we swallow everything they spew on prime time television.

    And then, it’s easier to dupe people then to get them to accept that they’ve been duped, or something like that…?

    So, once you’ve clapped at the balcony you can never refuse the shot… or something like that…

    • Astute observation as usual with respect to choice of words used in communication. You mentioned something else in a past post about nomenclature that I also thought was interesting. It’s cunning on their part, and I’m sure some of Chomsky’s work comes into play since he was a linguistics “expert”.

      It’s like these subtle cues used with words and tone to psychologically manipulate people. I’m sure they have this down to a science.

  5. This is so timely and relevant now more than ever as it’s becoming more and more obvious even to the simplest of minds that the so called NEWS agencies are nothing of the sort. ‘BBC Media Action’ for example are instrumental in manipulating foreign affairs…and not just ‘foreign’. At this very moment all over England this covert government agency is recruiting training and pushing it’s young cohorts to join social media community groups all over the country…for what purpose? The last time a huge push was made to infiltrate social media groups was just prior to the scamdemic. All us community group ‘admins’ were honoured to see so many “because I work for the BBC” answers to the join request question ‘why would you like to join this group’ (honoured, unless you had some insight and discernment of course, in which case the block button came in very handy) 😉 …..the same is happening again right now, another big push just prior to another big push?
    We’ll have to wait and see…

  6. Love the flashbacks! Still so relevant. Thanks James. 🙂

  7. News media has always been effectively an arm of the intelligence agencies, ever since MI6 paid Mussolini to publish pro-war propaganda when he was a newspaper editor, and probably before. Maybe some of the spooks are becoming more open about this, but at the same time, the mainstream news media is in crisis because they have lost so many readers/subscribers in recent years. So the “powers that shouldn’t be” are trying to control the independent media narrative too. Are they succeeding? Hmm… I think not.

  8. Media has indeed been weaponized. It’s a device that can trigger upheavals and “regime” change. Better said, it can trigger the destruction of the old world order so that a new one can be ushered. This is said to be the center goal of all wars, not to destroy the people or the infrastructure, but to destroy the idea of the old order.

  9. The science of … crateology??

    At 7:22-ish, did he say the science of … crateology?

    …apparently, that’s what he said:


    At any rate, regardless of whether crateology still exists or never really existed, the subsequent statement would seem undeniable:

    The charge makes the headlines, the retraction makes the inside pages.

    …but, crateology…?

    reality is always weirder than fiction…

  10. James- you somehow share the heaviest thoughts with such a light touch- something about you and your friend, Whitney Webb- the two of you make the hardest topics understandable and often leave me with a lighter heart. so- here is something for you and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did tonight
    so sweet- here’s something else that i think will touch your hearts as well- from a friend who attended the wapf conference this year:
    For all of us who were deeply moved at the WT-2022 closing ceremony as we joined in singing the chorus to Jude Roberts’ cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah — and for all who were there in spirit,

    here is the recording and lyrics. https://juderoberts.bandcamp.com/track/hallelujah

    1) I heard there was a secret chord…(Leonard Cohen)

    2) Your faith was strong…(Leonard Cohen)

    3) They told us of a new disease that brought the people to their knees
    But you don’t really read your history, do you?
    There’s a question that you never ask
    And a drone behind a plastic mask
    Choking on a lonely Hallelujah

    4) I’ve tried so long to understand
    The bait and switch, the slight of hand
    The masters of the board who want to move you
    It’s a cruel game and a bitter ruse
    We kneel inside these wooden pews
    With nothing left to lose but Hallelujah

    5) Once there was a piece of clay
    You were made to move and moved to pray
    And sent through blazing fire to renew you
    But every man is bribed and bought
    And every lie is sold and taught
    There’s nothing left for you but Hallelujah

    6) Now they tell me that we’re back to war
    The one between the rich and poor
    Between the free and those who wish to rule you
    It’s a story old as the day is long
    They can break the clay but not the song
    The sound of an unbroken Hallelujah

    from Stained Glass Afterglow, track released November 13, 2022
    Jude Roberts: Vocals and acoustic guitar
    some rights reserved

    Hallelujah, by Jude Roberts

    • Thank you for sharing this musical reference. Its a lovely rendition. I can only but try to image the feeling of singing with the community around you as you became and sang the chorus.

      Recording a cover of Hallelujah seems a commonly accepted challenge or temptation. It is quite a staircase to climb. Personally I cannot see how anyone will ever exceed Buckley’s cover.

      Here’s a link to a “top 10” covers. On it one can at least see the parade of those who love and respect this wonderful song.


      • I took the time to listen to all of these covers. The runner up is definitely Regina Spektor. Indeed, for me, its a very close second. It needed a better recording. I love her voice over the cello.


    • Hate to break it to you like this bud, but Jude seems to be a conspiracy theorising kook.

  11. Great video James. Most of the media clips in your report were from CNN and MSNBC, which have THE LOWEST ratings of all cable news outlets. What does that say? Is it because the echo chambers are going elsewhere or can former officials only infiltrate the brain dead media outlets? It may be a combination of both. But the Media 3.0 (social media) is when things really start to get sinister. Get your sources from small uncompromised outlets if at all possible.

  12. Hi James,

    Good review of the nature of things. However, I’m still perplexed at how you come to such smug and certain conclusions about Snowden, when one of your main sources for such an opinion is John Young, a person whose credibility is severely suspect by virtue of his own work-history as illustrated on his published CV.

    Young has been an architect/consultant for clients including the CFR, Opus Dei, Columbia’s School of Foreign Affairs, the NYC MTA, DHS, etc. One doesn’t get those jobs without being an insider, even if the work being contracted is banal. He’s an employee of the NYC Dept. of Buildings, which continues the gaslight of Building 7, etc. AND he runs a “whistleblowers website” that has never yielded any constructive media stories nor, as far as I know, any corruption-curtailing legislation, nor truth-vindicating court cases. (If a bear whistleblows in the woods and nobody is there to hear it…?)

    How could you ever trust such a person, or expect your audience to trust such an interview, without first addressing these elephants in the room, prior to discussing the whistleblower of the decade? If I had to make an educated guess, I see no reason to conclude he is not an intelligence asset, himself.

    I understand, conceptually, how Snowden and Assange, for that matter, COULD be instruments of the metastatic security state, to grow and expand. I’m not opposed to the idea by virtue of hero/icon-identification. But the case has never anywhere been satisfactorily presented. (If anyone can provide links, I’m all ears.) On this matter, and the subject of QAnon, the work of Suzie Dawson is vastly more satisfactory than yours, James. …Though that doesn’t make me any less of a Corbett Report junky on nearly every other topic.

    It just so happens that your take on Snowden’s and Assange’s situation is the exact same as QAnon’s. Just saying.


    That said, John Young is an exceedingly suspect source and it rankles me tremendously that his seeds of subterfuge flourish so robustly in your garden. The fact that you’ve never – to my knowledge – acknowledged nor commented on Young’s conflicts of interest or the odd nature of his ineffectual Cryptome whistleblowing website remains a resounding silence, as far as I’m concerned, one that I sincerely wish you would remedy.

    Keep up the otherwise excellent work.


    • Maybe there’s a hint in regards to who sent Snowden to do his thing in the fact that all of his “revelations” were known in the public space for years and decades. Also the fact that the guy got so much media space is a hint in itself.

      Of course, these are indications, or hints, at best.

      • Mkey,

        I appreciate your interjection. But who, then, do you conjecture specifically “sent Snowden?”

        I must strongly disagree about ‘what was known in the public space for years and decades.’ The situation was this: People in tech had a structural understanding of the reality of what privacy actually existed in practice, simply due to the mechanics of hardware and software. Everybody outside of tech (who wasn’t obsessed w/ whistleblowing, Occupy, and the anti-war movement) saw no evidence nor any compelling reason to assume that the balance had power was any different than it had been before 9/11. They were even in denial of the actuality of the Patriot Act and DHS, etc. Anyone who publicly made assertions of systemic blanket surveillance entailing collusion between tel-com and intelligence was roundly dismissed as a tin-foil-hatter. Believe me, I was one of them. It was relegated to sheer-faced paranoia.

        And all assertions, such as Assange’s insistence that “turn-key totalitarianism” was structurally in evidence, were discounted as conjecture, at best. In a single event, Snowden, Poitras, Greenwald and MacAskill legitimized the entire notion that we now lived in a total digital panopticon and the criminal security state was out of control. Prior to that week in mid-summer 2013 only ‘awakened’ conspiracy theorists would stomach such an idea as given. It was certainly not anything that anyone in polite society would tolerate except to say, “well, maybe, but you have no evidence.”

        I’ll grant you that the effect of these acknowledgements was heavily micro-managed and the narrative was targeted by intelligence to limit the impact and delegitimize, compromise, nudge, buy, and otherwise neutralize the whistleblowers & associated journalists. Part of that was the enormous mistake of the journos to get into bed with Omidyar, obviously, but they had been cast to the wind. It’s a horrible shame what they’ve become, especially Poitras, but there’s little evidence to insist upon their pre-meditated involvement in something like a modified limited hangout psy-op. The MIIC would never in their wildest dreams wish to legitimize conspiracty theorists to such an extreme degree, that that summer’s data-dump revealed. Shit, these revelations led to a political tectonic shift that resulted in the nation’s conservatives turning on the deep state, for which QAnon had to be created, and the liberals bending to its will, simply by virtue of being led by Obama, the closet fascist.

        As I said, only tech people had the warewithall to admit, ‘of course there is no privacy,’ but they were getting so well paid-off that nobody in their ranks had the urge to martyr themselves in attempts to explain it to the lay-public.

        That’s my distinct memory of it.


  13. RE The CIA and the News Media 2.0

    At the ne plus ultra (“no more beyond”) of the video, that final brief clip was a golden wrap.

  14. Hi James,

    I hope in the 3.0 installment you cover these articles, which seem extremely significant to this subject…

    [It has been significantly edited, so you may want to seek WayBack editions. I have screenshots if you want them.]



    The first article was published by Buzzfeed on May 18, 2012, written by Michael Hastings, incidentally during the week of Snowden’s Manhunt. Hastings was killed 13 months (to the day) after publication date, with the acknowledgement that red-pilled folks see no reason NOT to assume this was a political assassination with many motives animating it, not merely this article. (Look for Hastings interview on Tavis Smiley a month earlier, if you can find it.)

    The second article reports on the first article. It was published on May 21, 2012, 3 days later, by the Financial Times, which may be described as the mouthpiece of the City of London and/or its Japanese wing at the Nikkei which now officially owns it. One can assume, given this provenance, that the authors are bragging about the new achievement, a new lease that allows for their interests to brazenly shape the American Mind, finally with gloves off, no holds barred.

    Foreign Policy Magazine, it should be noted, was created by Samuel Huntington and CIA Agent Warren Manshel who, prior to establishing it, had been Deputy Secretary of the American Congress, which was the Agency’s literary propaganda arm that oversaw & funded all their covert literary cultural influence rags such as The Paris Review.

    The third article is produced by the Washington Forum, aka the Broadcasting Board of Governors, aka one of many CIA propaganda organs and managers of global consciousness. This was published one year later, on July 14, 2013. Incidentally that is 26 days (one for each letter of the alphabet?) after Hasting’s death; I infer that this confirms the completion of the Grand Event described. The book closed. Again bragging of the achievement and informing their partners that it’s open season on American independent cognition, all under the guise of protecting the truth. No mention of Hastings, Snowden, et al., in the concluding article, but perhaps by veiled allusion within the text.

    On the backs of these three articles, if what they report has veracity, which it quite obviously appears to, then there is no logical reason to ever trust any media-source (within the USA or elsewhere) that is dependent on government access, upper-management editing/censorship, and/or advertising dollars, ever again, concerning any important topic, whatsoever.


    • I feel like Broze more just spewed word vomit on Brennan. Hey, I still respect Broze for confronting him. That takes balls. But it would have been more effective if he paused more after each accusation to let Brennan try and defend himself, rather than just making it easy for him to run away because here’s this crazy guy ranting at me.

  15. Nice report, James. You laid this information out nicely. The fact that the intelligence agencies have shifted into white propaganda very much reminds me of the idea of the “open conspiracy” that we have seen launched most prominently during the Covid event. The power players aren’t sneaking around at Bohemian Grove or at Bilderberg, they are coming out in the open and telling you about their “Great Reset.”

    This new way of propagandizing is almost like the predator humiliating its victim. Like, lets see how much we can openly rub this in their face and still have them go along with what we want them to do. I could imagine the predators taking a sick pleasure in that.

    • Yes, it is like that, like a psychopathic criminal humiliating their victim. The creepy deviant stuff that can’t be white washed is still likely going on on the down low, like the pedophilia and other weirdness. But even that stuff, if it came to light, people are so brainwashed to believe CNN that these politicians would just deny it and people would believe it. A massive wave of resistance is what is needed mainly via economic boycott. Massive divestment from the slavery grid. Whatever business is associated with WEF should be boycotted. Then build up the alternatives and people will switch over to the other better system that involves liberty. If people stopped supporting these psychos and working for them, the world would be a much better place.

      People are going along with insanity and people who literally threaten our existence as a species. I guess they don’t care, but they are a small number of people compared to the larger number of people who do actually care and have the capacity for empathy.

      • The pedophilia aspect is pretty horrifying, because we have caught glimpses into it but I’m sure it unravels much deeper. I’m sure there is much more that we don’t know about.

        As for boycotts, I agree fully. Personally, I’m most motivated to boycott the Cultural Marxism aspect of this New World Order. Particularly the stuff that is commonly referred to as “woke”, like drag queens dancing for and reading to children. When I find the businesses who sponsor those events I boycott them as much as possible.

        • I am sick of the woke stuff too and the pushing of their agenda and normalizing material of a sexual nature with children and/or people who don’t want to see it. It’s weird, the way it’s being pushed now. It also sends a message that if someone dresses up like a woman they are trustworthy. I think statistically pedophilia is more common among men. Maybe I am wrong, but it certainly seems like there are more male offenders than women.

          I don’t mean to say that men should be distrusted in general as pedophiles or sexual predators, but it’s just statistically more common (I think), so I wonder if some of this trans stuff is a cover to get access to children. I certainly understand why people would think this and not want it in their communities though and they shouldn’t have to put up with it. It’s just rude to push offensive material in peoples faces, things that you know they don’t like just to be abrasive.

          I think that coming up with a list of companies who are supporting destructive agendas, namely trying to destroy our species and enslave us should be boycotted. They should also be exposed. Any dirt on them, let the consumers know what they are supporting.

          • “…so I wonder if some of this trans stuff is a cover to get access to children.”

            I think that could be part of it. The targeting of children, specifically, is definitely very intentional. But I think the bigger agenda is programming children at a young age to accept this new social order that TPTSB want us to have. One approach they are using is forcing in new language and dissolving and re-creating social norms: pronouns, the idea of pregnant men or other similar ideas that are not physiologically possible, the idea of “minor-attracted persons” (pedophiles), etc.

            The other approach, which is supported by the language/social norms approach, is the sexuality approach: drag queens dancing publicly in front of children, encouraging children to become drag queens/kings, drag queen story time, the idea that you might have been born into the “wrong body” so its okay to “transition” and mutilate your genitals and sabotage your hormones. Much of these ideas come from and/or are forwarded by the LGBT+!#^@QXYZ community. The government is pouring gasoline on the fire by supporting this community in any way they can, for instance, the new federal law regarding gay marriage that will be passed soon.

            Besides for causing short-term societal destruction and chaos (which is a win for TPTSB), all of this points to a concerted agenda to mold the minds and bodies of children to accept what is coming next as they become adults. They want the population primed and ready for Transhumanism and all other things that are invasive to the body. I think this is the grand agenda.

            • What you say makes sense and you offer a concise statement that lays it out nicely. I just don’t understand the push towards “trans humanism” What’s the end game? How does it benefit them and can they even pull it off? I do suspect they want to try to develop some type of immortality/life extension technology. They probably also enjoy terrorizing the public, like how a psychopathic killer enjoys torturing and killing their victims. It’s very creepy and dark and unfathomable to me that people could do these things.

              • Yep, it’s pretty dark…I believe that TPTSB believe they are gods, or that they would like to become gods. Yuval Noah Harari has said as much. I mean this in the sense of the desire to be the controller of all phenomena. Think weather modification, CRISPR gene editing, GMO crops, mRNA injections, massive surveillance, technocracy, CBDCs, etc.

                These people lack connection to the earth or the spiritual realm. I think they are so detached from all that they just want to impose their will upon whatever they can. Pretty sad people to be honest.

          • Cu.h.j

            Pedophilia is actually pretty “common” (thankfully neither sex is yet at very high levels of perversion , but the zoomers do have ridiculous levels) among women, maybe less common than among males but IIRC not by as much as you think.

    RE The CIA and the News Media 2.0
    (Be sure to see the brief clip at the final seconds of this video.)

    From Corbett’s Sunday 11/20/2022 article…
    How BlackRock Conquered the World – Part 2: Going Direct

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