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Patrick Wood joins us to discuss a new non-profit organization he has founded to help combat the threat to free speech: Citizens for Free Speech. With 26,000 members, the CFFS seeks to activate people at the local level and teach them how to better communicate their ideas and combat the threats to fundamental freedoms that are facing us during this generated crisis.

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Technocracy Rising

Patrick Wood on The Corbett Report

Citizens for Free Speech

I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)

More US Cities Seek to ban Facial Recognition Technology

New Orleans City Council bans facial recognition, predictive policing and other surveillance tech


  1. This is a recent distribution post that I sent out.
    On the Oregon Health Authority website, they make it clear that in all public places it is mandatory to wear face masks if social distancing is not possible. There are no exemptions, not even medical exemptions. If wearing a mask will affect your physical health then your death can be marked up as another Covid death.

    They claim that there are converging studies that show that wearing a mask can help protect both us and the people around us from spreading and catching COVID-19. They give three links. The first one, their best “proof”, goes to an observational study financed by the WHO. This same study then admits that they do not have a randomized controlled trial, AKA scientific study, that shows that masks are effective. This is a bit misleading as they omit that there are over a dozen independent randomized controlled trials concerning face masks and respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, that conclude that there is no evidence masks are effective in stopping the spread of viruses.
    Response to this post.
    Curious, to what do you attribute the 98% decrease in influenza since precautions including social distancing and masks have been adopted by many people due to COVID. Something is helping. Needless to say as a physician I’ve been very interested in the nature of this pandemic and what makes the most sense to treat it.
    I’ve been researching this for over a year. I’m not interested in anecdotal stories about what seems to be true, nor observational studies financed by the WHO, CDC, GSK, 3M …

    There are over a dozen independent randomized controlled trials that conclude that the wearing of masks in a community setting does not stop the spread of respiratory viruses. There is a recent Danish study the concludes that wearing a mask does not protect a person from getting SARS-CoV-2. There are NO (zero) RCTs that show that masks are effective.

    Oh, influenza. Yes the PCR tests and Ct counts over 35 that produce false positives thus branding influenza cases as Covid.

  2. Shared (as always), mirrored on several subs:

    I suspect zyxzevn might support my sentiments that Corbett should interview’s founder, magnora7, who’s very aware of most of Corbett’s topics covered, as well as being deeply knowledgeable about the Rothschilds, and of course Reddit, it’s culture, censorship, social media, problems with hosting, alternatives, and solutions. Maybe not now, but when there’s another great Reddit censorship purge, or with some new development, or whatever. I’d like to say he has great plans, but he never shares them, so I can only hope and try to make plans of my own with the help of the SaidIt community. I’ll share them here too, soon enough. (I need my back to heal first.)

    • Great idea.
      Could be added to “solutions for free speech” as well.
      And people here could use saidit too to share links and
      build a library of good material.

  3. Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health FULL PART ONE

    This is an interesting presentation, didn’t fact check it, but others have already delved into the historical vaccine attributed benefits, like JB Handley in several of his articles.

  4. There are some interesting things going on in Israel:
    While secular Israelis are happily comply with COVID-1984 lockdowns, social-distancing, wear muzzles and line-up in vaccination centers (4M plus counting), Israeli (ultra)orthodox community, who can put hundreds of thousands of people on streets, finally decided, that they’re not ready to comply with COVID-1984 orders regarding Torah studies restrictions. They clashed with police in couple of places, but at end they shown a middle finger to establishment and run their education system pretty the same as they were used all time – without that “learning on Zoom” crap.

  5. I appreciate the cards, brochures and graphics which Patrick offers.
    This can be an important tool.

    I remember when Ae911truth finally had brochures available.
    Prior, there really wasn’t much out there for professional looking 9/11 truth activism.
    Those tools added some altitude to our outreach.

  6. The One great work network launched today, apparently. Looks good, I have just learned about it.

    Maybe a good oportunity to have Mark Passio for an interview, James. Even though he’s been a bit on a down low, recently.

    • One Great Work Network (OGWN) is a privately-organized collective of Conscious Individuals, who each create dynamic content for the purpose of spreading the message of Natural Law, Truth, and Freedom to a worldwide audience.
      The One Great Work Network is actively engaged in the ongoing war against the Dark Occult Ruling Class.
      Together, this group of Freedom Advocates and Spiritual Warriors continually disseminates empowering information in a tireless effort to free Humanity from the condition of Slavery.

      Ending Slavery, One Mind At A Time.

      Among the many content creators…Benny Wills, Richard Grove, Keith Knight, Mark Passio, Vinny Eastwood, Scott Gordon, and others.

      I’ve met Scott Gordon. Nice, very friendly guy with clean intentions to see others prosper. Originally, he is from the North Texas area and once lived in Central America.

  7. Honorable James

    Please READ / find a copy of ALLADIN’S LAMP by Gorham Munson. It covers the same idea of the Wrogl. A public owned system of CREDIT that makes productivity explode. Trust me, you will be amazed at the similarities. IF… the world operated on Mr. Munson’s ideas, Peace would come and all wars end. ENJOY! A Faithful Subscriber and Supporter.

  8. Lets get one thing straight about Parler. It is or was owned by the family that runs Cambridge Analytica….the model for 4IR data collection. So was Parler a net ‘free speech zone’ that could be unplugged at a moments notice silencing all those voices, the victim of censorship or just another psychological operation waiting for most opportune time to be activated?

  9. flammable,
    your words spin into the frey of what I think may be the crux of the psychosis thats mucking-up everyone’s chances of thriving.

    Is this truly the age of the sprung lie? I think so. I’m trying to understand lying and how it works. here’s some of what I’m learning, and/but anyone here who can point me to better clarity on any of these points is most welcome to:

    liars seem to have various grades of shot in their arsenals, and but many will pull the lie trigger with no, or damn little, conscious/self awareness:

    First they’ll pretend to know what they’re talking about,
    or exaggerate or omit a detail.
    rat shot

    Then they’ll pull what I think your comment is saying: A.R.R.S. “accusative responsibility reversal syndrome”, there are various styles, its a pre-emptive reversing of the narrative that puts the truth on the back foot, but its essentially the assassin putting the smoking gun in the dead guys hand and saying “he committed suicide”; the fake fact checkers,, or wearing a mask and saying to the non-masker “you’re killing people”, when actually the masks are harming (less O2, a deadening of connectedness & expression, and disturbing the psychologic peace). Or aggressing someone for being a “foolish conspiracy theorist” while holding to the foolish conspiracy theory that a plane hit building 2 which caused building 7 to suddenly collapse.. in my experience, ARRS is the liars last face to face stand. its disorienting, fowl shot.

    Then, if you’re still diplomatic and humorous and light but lucid,, they will simply fall asleep, or leave, or change the subject, or become impossible until you change the subject, every kind of denial, its a banishing of any possible communication. essentially they muzzle you. buck shot.

    Then if that still hasn’t achieved their objective, the liars last resort is to stab in the back: scapegoat makers, snitches, witch hunters, crime boss types, arkanciders, and but you’ll never see it coming. triple ought buck.

    I see all of that as versions and degrees of lying.

    I suppose the key is to know quick-smart that one is dealing with a deceiver. thats hard.

    Then one has to have tools to reflect the image of attack back at the aggressor before they commit to pulling trigger. thats doubly hard.

    seems like a job for a super hero? I’m thinking we may have a better chance acting as an unorganized organization. Pretty sure the octopus’s 2000 suction cups can act independently yet flow along the common mission of moving the pus all at once (symphony of freestylers?).

    I’ve said this before here: I think birds mur-muring may have an example we might try? but how do they do it? how do they know to maintain just enough formation? what is the command thats keeping them cohesive yet variable?

    sorry got ramblin’, ‘spose i’m using this thread to try to draw down a nobler geometry, thanks for the space.

  10. katiemn
    good question. I looked at the interview from zyxzevn’s link it was 6-7 weeks old. these days that could be like a few years back.. by google search page 6 having nothing more current I gave up.

  11. I think that worrying about that is pointless. People have to take a risk. We don’t yet live in China like conditions here in the US. Not sure about Mexico. I have a feeling though that Mexico crime syndicates aren’t going to thrive in a new tracked and traced system. They have a vested interest in keeping the old normal. Plus not all government people who are doing the spying may not even agree with what they are doing once they know what they are trying to put in place. You always have whistleblowers.

    I think that sharing information is pretty safe, although I’m sure the government has files on people, or at least that’s my suspicion. Having had a FB account at one time, I bet good old big brother has a file on me too. Maybe they need to re-read the Constitution of the unites states, spying and shutting down free speech is against it. It’s harmful to spy and target citizens and it’s wrong.

    I love seeing Craig Kelly mentioning this. Ivermectin could kill the whole Covid psyop.

  13. Hey James i’ve wrote to you one idea which i’ll repeat, and add another one :

    1) video with best proven conspiracies with quick description and proving facts about them, concentrating on quantity, each description could take like up to minute or two. So you can create a sense of magnitude of the lies and how long it has been going.

    2) video with achievements countering those conspiracies, but more importantly countering current events, also concentrating on quantity, to create sense of magnitude of ‘fightback’ and noncopliance.

    Cos people are reluctant to believe, and if you show em few videos they start saying ‘meh, maybe this or that’. But if you overflow them with how big the scam is, i think it can work.

  14. nong
    noun: nong; plural noun: nongs

    a foolish or stupid person (often as a general term of abuse).


    I work with a local New York City group. We have been highly inspired by Patrick Wood and his Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS). Many of us are taking CCFS’ Citizen Ninja webinar series and think it is GREAT!

    We recently did our first mask action originally based on CFFS guidelines, and then it just sort of morphed into its own thing. To read about it, download the Word document write-up of the event using the link to a file server.

    • Looks like your locale has the planscammic under control, Good job.

    • Oh cool!
      I love the SIGNS and set-up ya’ll had.

  16. Vernon Coleman, the old man in a chair breaks down in tears in his latest video. A wave of despair washes over him and I’m sure it’s something we all feel from time to time. Through his tears he manages ‘we are not alone’. We are not alone and I commend him for leaving his breakdown in the edit. I’m sure every the hardiest hard of content creators must hold back the tears sometimes.

    Old men crying like this, not on my watch. Freedom I won’t

    • Vernon ‘s bio seems to indicate he had decided long ago that the corporate fraudulent use of doctors struggle to admit that they dont know and the public’s addiction media teat, could be played to dominate a narrative that would, in the end serve various self serving, (no matter how nefarious), agendas. I’m wondering why he was so shocked? maybe those were tears of exaustion? Not being in his immediate pressence, I couldnt feel 100% in sympathy.

      could he be crisis acting?

      • He could be. It seemed genuine but there is always a doubt in my mind. My marker is when you listen to someone and at the end of it you feel nothing but despair, then it’s probably from the wrong place.
        This series is most welcome.

  17. Here’s a potential solution: if you’re required to take the vaccine for work and are then terminated, you may have potential claim for common law wrongful termination in violation of public policy, and a potential claim for Unfair Business Practice, both depending on the state in which you worked in, amongst various other potential claims. Either way, call your local employment and labor law attorney, who usually provide a free consultation.

    A successful jury / judge verdict would set a great precedent for Patriots fighting for freedom.

  18. I live in Australia, a penal colony with NO bill of rights to fall back on. Now what happens?

    Great initiative though.

    • I guess we move on to stage 2: improvise.

      “You’ll never jab me alive said he”

    • You can always rely on natural born freedoms. Those can not be taken away with a stroke of the pen.

      • Maybe, but a van full of Gastapo pretending to be ‘police’ could probably do it.

  19. Here is a list of solutions for everyone! If you are looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

  20. someone give Pilato a call. clearly slept in this morning…..

  21. James, when are you going to get someone from outside the US on this series. Don´t get me wrong, it is important to see, hear and know this information. But, this is a global disease right now. we need to know about and hear from people who are doing things outside of the USA as well.

    And, thank you for all the work you are doing.

    Peter (in Spain)

    • Outside the U.S. Interviews for #SolutionsWatch

      Two weeks ago on January 21st, 2021, James interviewed Professor Dolores Cahill.
      Freedom Airway – #SolutionsWatch (video)

      Corbett has only recently started #SolutionsWatch in 2021.
      We are just now 5 weeks into the year, but he first introduced the concept on January 7th. “Introducing #SolutionsWatch”

      I am sure that we will see more folks from around the world who will show up on his screen.

      Last year, he was interviewing people from all around the world. The Australian interview I found interesting, because they were in major shutdown.

      Personally, I am interested in what is going on in Vietnam.
      I want an interview from “Talking Head”.

  22. Just , sick and tired of Ukraine famine story… I recomend Annie lacroix Riz , Domenico Lesurdo, Sevice Robert ,Mark Tauger , JAck R Powels,Gruver Furr , Kristeferson about topics of evil Stalin and Soviet union. Lets be honest and leave this place alone if we dont know the history in detail. Its never black and white. Greatest crime in history? To easy , evil Stalin and the commies …. Yeah thats it!
    Please dont be so simple . Yes there were a lot of things bad and horrible durin Lenin , Trotsky , Stalin , and others, Tzar , Kerensky… But Ukrainian famine was not war crime , it was conjocture of many things surely not volontary politics .

  23. I can’t keep up with it all.
    More beer. More sunshine. More music. More sleep. More laughs. More smiles. More kind words.
    More peace.

    I’m shutting the door.
    I don’t want to hear the shouting anymore.
    Thus sayeth the Raven, “Forevermore.”

  24. Governor DeSantis Speaks About Big Tech
    DeSantis Proposes Legislation That Will Hold Big Tech Accountable

    I know this is not a people solution but I thought this was still remarkable that Gov. DeSantis would even consider an adult conversation concerning reigning in big tech. I’m not going to tell you business is booming or that it’s even business as usual here but it does appear to be coming back at least from what I can tell in Sarasota. I can tell you it’s almost impossible to get a contractor of any discipline to come out and even give me a quote for work on my house. The Snowbirds along with people fleeing their current situation is the reason but I know that businesses are still making a go of it here. Also, there is no question if DeSantis had not opened Florida back in October there would still be a Florida.

    Anyway, it does demonstrate push back which hopefully opens up more space for solutions like Freedom Cell which I have engaged through their website and through email with other members in the Sarasota FL area. So possibly listening to DeSantis could be interpreted as a positive note but we shall have to see exactly what kind of legislation comes through all of this. Possibly where there is common ground local communities can engage their local government bodies but I’m sure that’s a case by case… I’m just hoping Florida continues in the current direction.

  25. Another group like the one in the article is Peoples Rights. It is gaining momentum in Idaho. The people of northern Idaho have been fairly immune to the Wuhan virus hysteria. I think a local health czar has had us under a mask mandate for some time but you’d never know it. Other than the government BS, life has been pretty normal and there is a huge work boom. The guy at the local liquor store has had to work over 10 weeks straight every day because he can’t find someone to hire. Help wanted signs everywhere. Unfortunately, I suspect it will grind down as the gas prices escalate. Plus most everyone here is pre-occupied with the Orwellian takeover.

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