All Your Climate Questions Answered in 60 SECONDS!!! – Questions For Corbett #085

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Daniel writes in to ask a climate question: how can James possibly think that “climate change is a hoax”? James responds in the most succinct way possible. Buckle up, folks!

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First, we’ll need to define our terms, so we’ll have to determine what the average global temperature is and how it’s measured:

What is the Average Global Temperature?

Then we’ll have to examine the temperature record to make sure we have an accurate dataset to work from:

Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

And then we’ll have to deal with any anomalies presented by the data in that record:

The Global Warming Pause Explained

And, of course, we’ll have to present that data accurately:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics

Then we’ll have to listen to actual environmental scientists about the usefulness of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis to the work of actually preserving natural ecosystems:

Interview 1117 – Jim Steele on How Bad Global Warming Science Hurts the Environmental Movement

And we should also talk to scientists about the models that form the backbone of our ability to forecast the impact of our actions:

Interview 1261 – Judith Curry Explains Climate Modeling to the Layman

We should also keep in mind the politicization of the message and how that interferes with such forecasts:

UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!

While not forgetting how the nature of science is itself transformed by the perception of crisis:

Interview 130 – Jerome Ravetz

We should also make sure that we are in fact dealing with science and not pseudoscience by clearly stating, and then testing, a falsifiable hypothesis:

Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience

And we should keep in mind the other political agendas that could be at play here:

A Message to the Environmental Movement

You should also find out more about the IPCC and how they compile their infamous report:

Episode 282 – The IPCC Exposed

And you’ll have to address the fact that 95% of Scientists all believe in global warming!

Global Warming Minute – Why is the IPCC “95% Certain” that Climate Change is Manmade?

And answer why anyone would lie about climate change. I mean we all know that the big oil companies covered this up for decades, right

What Did #ExxonKnew and When Did They Knew It? – Question For Corbett #048

But what about climate scientists? Why would they lie?

Why Would People Lie About Climate Change? – Questions For Corbett #033

What? Do you mean to say big oil actually supports the transformation of the global economy on the back of the global warming lie? How does that work?

Interview 1446 – James Corbett on The Post-Carbon Energy Eugenics Hoax

Need I go on?…


    • Thanks for the list. Saves me time.

  1. The easy way to disbelieve climate change (or any other kind of propaganda) is to live long enough to start seeing the Re-runs because the Promised Event has not happened.

    The thing is that most people don’t even pay attention to whatever the official happens to be and so miss when it gets reset.

    They promised me the ice would be all gone by about 20 years ago…. no massive climate disaster has happened, no coastal flooding destroyed New York, Florida or London. What a disappointment.

    • Tony Heller keeps bringing up this point, for some strange reason.

    • Hey there Duck!

      I’m not a fanatical luddite when it comes to the evolution of language or anything but

      When we say stuff like

      “The easy way to disbelieve climate change (or any other kind of propaganda) is to live long enough to start seeing the Re-runs because the Promised Event has not happened.”

      I think we sound to bystanders as if we really thought the climate wasn’t changing. I know so, in fact, because that is what a lot of my students have told me: Climate skeptics/deniers don’t believe the climate is changing. Which is patently untrue, as we’re all aware. Climate skeptics don’t believe man is the (primary) driver of climate change, of course.
      So, honestly, not to be argumentative, (or at least not more than usual) I think that, just as we try to avoid using the term “vaccine” when referring to the Covid injections we need to avoid saying things like “Climate change is a hoax”

      at the risk of playing into the hands of the Doublespeak experts, those who are promoting the AGW manipulation or who would have us believe that injected mRNA tech is a traditional “vaccine”.

      Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

      (otherwise known as the hamsterwheel in my case).

      • Nosoapradio

        True, I guess
        I know that over time climate changes…. Greenland was warmer when Vikings settled it and died off when it chilled, and I read wine was grown in England in Roman times.

        However, to MATTER climate change has to happen in a noticeable way in 50 years or so. There has not even been a worrying change in 100 years anywhere. The whole shtick of climate change that makes anyone buy a climatologist care is that change will matter and happen in a lifetime… neither of which are true 🙂

  2. HARD SCIENCES about the Climate

    Basic Physics
    The influence of CO2 is …. -0.02 degrees Celcius.

    The Climate in historical data records:
    The Tony Heller is specialized in geology and that field was always related to climate in historical records.

    How the changes on the Sun affects the climate on earth
    The sun varies a lot and has cycles over 50 years
    In short: Energy from the sun is converted to heat
    The sun varies in solar wind and high-frequency light (UV, X-rays)
    These variations are visible in the atmosphere.

    25 NASA Scientists Question the Sanity of the Global Warmists
    For example: The sea-levels did not rise

    Here is my summary:

    • Sun Controls Climate

      Part 1 – Upper Atmosphere

      Part 2 – Major Cycles

      Part 3 – Lower Atmosphere

      Examples in peer reviewed journals:

      Influence of the Solar Cycle on the North Atlantic Oscillation

      Variations of the electric field and current in the near-surface atmosphere during magnetic storms

      My addition:
      The direct influence of the sun on the weather

      In reality there are hot plasma with electrical currents.
      We can see these currents with the Parker probe that is now near the sun.
      The currents coming from the sun are sometimes bigger than Earth itself.
      These currents create a strong energetic connection with Earth’s
      magnetosphere and ionosphere. This can transfer heat and charges.

      From these electrical currents we get lots of electrical charged ions,
      which can cause lightning storms. That is why we often see lightning storms
      after a solar storm. The place where these electrons and ions connect to earth
      create places (Venezuela, Singapore) where these lightning storms happen
      far more often.
      The electron clouds can cause cloud-forming and rain. You can see clouds
      appearing from thin air in the laboratory, and the same likely happens in
      the atmosphere.
      The solar wind also fuels the Jet-streams around earth. They are very strong
      continuous storms that controls the weather patterns on earth.
      During solar storms these jet-streams get out of control, and this can
      cause series of hurricanes.

    • Weather changes via H2O
      The weather influence from the sun is buffered by the oceans and
      slowly transferred via ocean streams.
      Also the clouds (H2O) can determine how much sun gets to the surface,
      and how much of the heat is kept on the surface.
      With clouds a night is much warmer than when there are no clouds and only stars.
      During the day a thin layer of clouds can also make the surface
      much hotter. But a think layer of clouds will make the day cooler.
      These subtle changes can cause several degrees difference.

      Influence of fuel burning:
      There is still some influence.
      On 9/11 or during the first days of the plandemic.
      we can see what happens when there are no airplanes.
      The air has much less clouds when it is not seeded with airplane exhaust.
      Also the industry was down during the plandemic, and the weather was
      found to be slightly hotter.
      Some industrial places are more often cloudy due to the pollution and
      fuel burning.
      So there is a local influence on the weather from H2O,
      but not much from CO2.

      Both H2O and CO2 make the plants grow faster, if there
      is enough sun and warmth.

  3. Short and sweet, I’ll just exclaim what an impressive feat that the Ministry of Truth has pulled off in its unswaying campaign of ever expanding the Doublespeak dictionary.

    Indeed, how terrifyingly convenient that the term “Climate Change” in the question “Is Climate Change really a hoax?”

    has been imperceptibly transformed into

    “Anthropogenic Global Warming”.


    “Climate Change” in all the wondrous vastness in time, space and effect that that term used to connote now means “Anthropogenic Global Warming” as in your personal unpardonable, irreparable crime…

    So, in defense of the term “Climate Change”, when confronted with the question “Is Climate Change really a Hoax?” I still prefer to resort to the cliché, age-old, tried-and-true retort:

    “No one denies that the climate is changing and always has been changing.”

    That is my answer in under 10 seconds. And then I refer people to the Corbett Report.

  4. James, that was so great! And at 40 seconds I was like “He’s not gonna make it!”

    Since you compiled most of it for this video, I think it would be of massive value to actually cram it all into, say 2 or 3 or 4 minutes, with sources on screen, of course, and it could go viral like your 911 video.

    • I totally thought he was gonna make it. So disappointing. 😉
      But did everyone hear? James said he was sorry that he didn’t fit everything into one minute. When a Canadian says they are sorry, you accept it and move on. 😀

      Great video James.

  5. WATCH THIS… …the Narrative is changing.
    (5 minute Video in article.)

    I don’t follow the Corporate Controlled Media TV Shows.
    Published on Sunday Feb 27th, this “Saturday Night Live” COVID Dinner Discussion skit took me by surprise.

    It Always Starts With a Cultural Shift – The Totalitarian Left Begin Backing Toward the COVID Exits

    Read the article in the comment below which eludes to how the Narrative is migrating towards the Climate Change Agenda…

      • …and so accelerates the Climate Change Agenda…

        Monday – Feb 28th – By Tsvetana Paraskova
        Germany Targets 100% Renewable Power Generation By 2035
        ~~~ Germany will target to have all its electricity provided by renewable energy sources by 2035.
        ~~~ In a major shift of energy policy this weekend, Germany said it would draft a strategy to become less dependent on Russian gas.
        ~~~ Unlike other countries in Europe, however, Germany plans to switch off all its remaining nuclear power generators by the end of 2022….

        • Monday – Feb 28th – By Tsvetana Paraskova
          World Bank: There Will Be Alternatives To Russian Gas In Five Years

          ~~~ Analysts: In the short term, replacing Russian gas is nearly impossible.
          ~~~ World Bank President David Malpass: There will be alternatives to Russian natural gas supply in the five-year horizon…

          …”Most of the LNG are tied to long-term contracts and destinations that are very clear. So, to replace that sum of volume that quickly is almost impossible,” the minister [Qatari Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi] noted….

        • I guess the coal is the new renewable source of energy.

          • I’m chuckling…you hit on it well.

    • I saw that! I was in awe the entire time. Cuh-razy.

      In short, they are programming cognitive dissonance, telling people that Covid shall be added to the list of inappropriate topics alongside religion and politics. Otherwise, people would have to admit the conspiracy theorists were right. Awkward!

    • HRS, this is my next narrative prediction on how they are gonna masterfully shift from covid to climate change:

      “New study found that higher global temperatures increase the spread of viruses and the probability of new pandemic. We must fight against global warming to avoid future pandemics”


  6. Fun facts:
    Salt doesn’t trace back to plants.
    Dodder (genus Cuscuta) is a parasitic plant, some species do not photosynthesize.

  7. The climate change denial label is really tough to deal with. I don’t know how to get it through to other people that my stance is that climate change happens but you don’t control it with managing greenhouse gases. I encountered the same issues with Covid. Disease outbreaks happen but you don’t control with masking, isolation, and injections. How hard is that to understand?

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  9. Only one comment – what about geoengineering?

    check out Anyone who doesn’t know about this should take a look. Especially at the film “The Dimming” which explains what is going on.

  10. “…that you can obtain moral credit against sin by active compliance in narrative dic…”

    When you remove the idea of God from a culture it’s place gets taken up by something else. People are naturally religious, the ones who grew up in what was Christendom have a left over veneer that makes them want absolution for their own shortcomings. Obedience to politics gives them a sense of that, as EM Jones writes in Degenerate Moderns.
    The rot has reached the point of nihilism for many in the west, though, and they probably really don’t see much point in breeding or staying alive

  11. The thing that gets me about the climate catastrophism paranoia is it’s simply the last thing any clear thinking individual who has access to this knowledge should be prioritizing.

    Let’s suppose anthropogenic climate change will create a cataclysmic Earth shattering event in whatever delusional timeframe the doomsday pseudo scientists are putting forth. Last time I checked it was say 12 years. Well, that’s an excruciatingly short timeframe to do anything about such a problem over 100 years of industrial pollution and waste in the making. It is absurd to think we can do anything to avert such an impending doom in any meaningful way. If this is the model you believe it is time to simply make peace with inevitability, find whatever spiritual tradition or knowledge brings you comfort, because in this scenario there is nothing we can feasibly do, nothing will change this and nothing more ever needs to be said if this is what you believe.

    Now if we want to snap back to a more plausible reality of our given situation. Is there evidence that humans can effect the climate with deliberate technological machinations disrupting weather patterns? Yes. Do massive military exercises and and industrial waste have an impact on the environment and possibly climate patterns. Yeah, probably. etc etc…

    Ok, but the problem in even conceding the problem it doesn’t presuppose what we should do about it. It is up to us to understand the situation we are in how to address the issue. If this is what we accept then by far the worst, most egregious offenders of our climate situation are demonstrably the very entities calling for solutions to this problem they created, and contributing to general fear, paranoia and climate alarmism. Big gov, military indsustrial, big pharma, industrial agriculture, industrial retail… Etc. All controlled by Mr. Global. Any contribution an individual man or woman contributes to climate change is a direct result of living through their psychopathic systems.

    Mr. Global is simply projecting all of their malevolence and sick waste upon the victims of their system. They are providing the solutions to the problems they created in the form of applied behavior psychology, where the individual sees their-self as the problem to anthropogenic climate change. Where in their masochistic delusions and Stockholm syndrome to their oppressors will accept any form of solution the oligarchs deign to impose, always in the form of mass poverty and just a general erasure of any liberty and rights that should be inherent to any human being on this planet. Reoccurring pattern here.
    If you care about the climate and the planet then your first priority should be ending this global corporate slave system erected upon this planet. No meaningful change can ever be accomplished until the psychopathic oligarchs are no longer in control of energy, warfare, commodities, minds, etc.

    So do you believe in anthropogenic climate change?

    Who cares? The current human condition on this planet is SLAVERY, any actions taken to “correct” the climate, whatever, that may be will be negated immediately by their ubiquitous, destructive systems they’ve imposed on the rest of the world.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Sorry James! My bad. I’ll be more considerate of the length in the future.

  12. Awesome James, that’s clear and short.

  13. Sorry, not persuaded, James.

    • Hi jrgjrg. I wouldn’t think James was trying to “persuade” you.

      Rather it seems James is showing the massive amount of material he has researched which show why he has come to certain conclusions.

      Surely you can’t have gone through all the linked material since the time the video was posted and your comment was made.

      Maybe you had already made up your mind through your own research and wish to not look further into it.

      If you do have any material refuting any of James’ sources please do provide. I am genuinely interested as this climate change debate is again right around the corner.

      Or would you perhaps be like the pro-vaxxers that constantly refuse to look at the data and would rather scream “safe and effective” or “follow the science” without actually ever providing any information.


    • JRGJRH

      Who cares if your pursuaded?

      I don’t mean it in a rude way but your belief or not makes zero difference because IF man made climate change were a real thing it doesn’t matter because no one is going to WILLINGLY take the massive drop in standard of living. Either it will happen or there will be a massive culling of people by the powerful

      That leaves you, if you believe in climate change there is only ONE thing to do set up self reliant home in a reasonably safe place.

      A believer who does not sell up and move inland and plan for the Long Emergency us either suicidal or not a believer…having done that they can’t change the Climate Change outcome anyway so why worry?

    • Give this fellow a break, he actually coughed up a buck to troll us a bit.

  14. I still think the 2009 Climategate East Anglia climate server leaks are still the quickest way to get to the bottom of the greenhouse effect/ global warming/Climate Change fraud.

    Or more importantly, the response from the so called scientific community to the leaks, rather than just dismiss the very damming leaks as fake, they actually attempted to justify them!

    It’s important not to try and debate every little “fact” they put out there as they have an entire army of Liars whose paid job it is to work on that stuff all day long.

  15. Brilliant as always James. A fun and entertaining way to provide information. I appreciate you talking about loaded questions, i myself was once or twice, probably more, that “mad-man” spitting out the data. These days I just try to laugh politely and move on forward. It’s a hard life and we each have our path. Cheers.

    • And right before this comment I got sucked in again and replied to a not so intelligent comment. I did say “I try”. But kicking myself yet again. Life is just getting harder and harder. Have to learn to just shut up as everyone around me tells me. Trying to just focus on the positive but man is it difficult. Don’t know how James does it.

  16. How dare you? Like that.

    • It’s spelled “dhharrre”. The trick is that you need to get almost to the point of vacuate your sinuses but stop short of throwing up.

  17. Yes, well never try to teach a pig to sing. It irritates the pig and gives you no end of frustration.

  18. I am currently watching (not finished yet. 3/4 finished) “Why big oil conquered the World”

    After your eyes have crossed from researching all the data watch that video. This is part 2 of How and Why big oil conquered the world.
    Part 1 is worth watching too.

    This video lays out the agenda put forward by nice people that want what is best for the planet. /* cough */

    I think this is another piece to the climate change puzzle.


  19. I always say.. what is the % of CO2 in the atmosphere? 0.04 percent. Being an engineer for 30+ years, I can say this would have no measurable effect on the insulating properties of anything, let alone the earth. So, if the temperature is changing, it isn’t CO2. That is where I start and stop. Anything after that is nonsense, and a waste of time.

    • Yea! I’m no engineer, but after clarifying what is denoted and connoted by the term “Climate Change” I systematically ask the other person if they know what the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is.

      Then I generally do not dive into climate change specifics either, depending on the reaction. Apart from recommending the beautiful documentary The Cloud Mystery and referring people to the Corbett Report climate episodes.

  20. I’m glad he reached out. Unfortunately more than a decade after the IPCC hockey stick deception people are still wondering if we’re being lied to.

    Like James’ 9/11 documentary I’d say “Following the Money” is another easy way of explaining it is scam to skepticals in a quick and concise fashion

    David de Rothschild is one of the if not the head people in the next generation of Rothschild thieves tasked in the criminal international private federal reserve crime syndicate with robbing you and your family of many currency by propping up the climate change myth. David is the son of Evelyn de Rothschild. We know the Rothschilds are regularly acknowledged as the richest family in the last 220 years or so.

    Here is David in 2007 pushing the narrative, on Google’s official youtube channel I mind you. This is 15 years ago, welcome to 2007.

    Within the first few minutes the opening speaker brags about how great it was attending Davos with David de Rothschild and how great it will be dominating the planet in the name of “saving the children”. We all know by now the treachery that comes out of Davos via the Swiss knights templar bankers and their international “friends” (it’s 1 big club and you ain’t in it). I would use some other words for those templars, members of The Order of the Garter, their subordinates et. all, but I want to keep it PG. Bottom line is European central banks and their treasonous US banking Cohorts have totally sold out the USA and pretty much absorbed it back into Europe via taxation without representation. That is the overarching end goal. Tax tax tax, steal steal steal, take your money, and do whatever the hell “they” want with it.

    But they’re not done yet. They want to keep taxing you, because you give off C02, a vital ingredient for the creation of life on Earth. You exhale C02 and sometimes fart, and for that you shall be taxed, every time you exhale and fart, to save the children. Your dumb-phone will track all of this on an app connected to your nano biosensors of course. Well, that’s the Brave New World end goal. To start though they need to do the “totalitarian tiptoe” and first tax you for your car giving off c02, then your house, then by virtue of just using energy, then by whatever other C02 myth they propound while all ensuring the retardedness of humanity never actually reads a book about photosynthesis.

    Another easy thing that people understand is the car analogy. While no one ever said gasoline was great, it does have 1 silver lining, it allows independence and freedom. In theory I can have a a huge tank of Diesal gasoline and run my energy and vehicles indefinitely ‘off the grid’. Phasing out combustion engines and gas usage with electric vehicles makes it super simple for the powers that be to flip a switch and ught oh, you can no longer drive. Your car is now ‘smart’, and you can’t recharge anywhere because you went over 5mph over the speedlimit, increasing c02 you bad boy.

  21. I suspect that in some way, the geoengineers have somehow achieved an apparent “normalcy” in their weather control agenda. It was absurdly obvious for twenty years, but………….good job. There oughta be a Disneyland Award for that.

    Being in a musical mood this morning, I realized why it is I seem to be able to figure it all out so easy.
    Young and tender female that I was, I really , intensely, and many times, LISTENED to all the songs on Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention’s “Freak Out” album.

    Along with that one, all I learned from Bob Dylan’s art and that of Janis Joplin gave me a pretty good start on reality. Then I opened my eyes up real big, and listened real deep. Never seemed to learn as much from talking.

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