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The term “conspiracy theory” was weaponized by the CIA half a century ago. At first it was merely used to marginalize those who question government narratives. But now that weapon is being loaded and pointed at our heads. Can a “conspiracy theorist” false flag be far behind? James examines the new FBI document on conspiracy theorists as domestic terrorists in this important edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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  1. Well over 10,000 comments on Yahoo.
    I don’t recall any articles on Yahoo which have received that many comments.
    This is an astounding number.

    And I have a “conspiracy theory”, that many of the comments are from trolls / sock puppets.

  2. An organization with a history of violating the constitution, bamboozling the public and resorting to violence because of their extreme views — a history of terrorizing, torturing, imprisoning & killing innocent people who pose a threat to their power structure — is in charge of determining who is and is not a potential ‘domestic terrorist’.
    Seems totally legit.

    In other news: The tobacco industry says nicotine patches cause lung cancer.

    • Imaginary Nazi Newspaper headline
      ”Extermination’ Conspiracy Theory Causes Mass Jewish Terrorism in Warsaw Ghetto’ 🙁
      Though more seriously the BIGGEST cause of involvement in terrorism these days is proximity to an FBI informant who is looking to avoid jail for actual crimes… being schizophrenic or suffering some other mental illness often helps

      To be honest… considering what I’ve read about the number of paid FBI informants in the KKK you should really consider that a government agency too since gov money pays their dues.

      • “proximity to an FBI informant who is looking to avoid jail for actual crimes… being schizophrenic or suffering some other mental illness often helps”

        That is currently one of my best explanations for the ‘mass shooters’.
        I imagine the spooks approach — with a proposition — people who downloaded a bit of kiddie porn, or sold some hard drugs on the dark web, or worse.
        They offer them the choice between the death penalty & a prison sentence with chance of parole; or the choice between a long prison sentence & relocation with a new identity, including plastic surgery.
        A loved one may also be the subject of the proposition (in cases where the informant/patsy cares far more about a loved one than themselves).
        The remaining question would be: Are there ever actually any real shooting victims or are they all completely fabricated, and do they actually follow through with their end of the proposition or do they just take the ‘shooter’ to a remote location for execution, or have them killed/suicided in prison?

  3. Returning to the “the worst part of the Epstein case … is these conspiracy theories” issue – of similar ilk is a quote from the “FBI Conspiracy Theory Redacted” document:

    “Real conspiracies involving illegal, antidemocratic, or harmful activities by high-level government officials and political elites have been exposed in the past and it has been argued that such plots have encouraged conspiracism (sic.) in society.”

  4. From the same FBI ,AFT office that conducted Fast and Furious ! I was in PHX many times before ,during and after operation that resulted in death of CBP agent Brian Terry.During this time I watched as every pawn shop and gun dealer first covered walls with weapons, only to being shut completely down later for cooperating with FBI, AFT during operation.
    This may be a new one but what if this document is groundwork for gun confiscation of conspiracy people , FBI did take complete control of El Paso Walmart , issue conspiracy document, edit profiles of lone gunman , and my guess is they are seizing any phones or recording devices that don’t fit narrative much like LVNV incident , Next !

  5. If the accept that the world is run by conspiracy- which it is from the local town planner, to the church council, to the PTA, to the biggest Gov agency- then they enter a frightening world known as ‘real life’ where bad things can happen unexpectedly and unfairly and they need to expend thought on horrible things.
    Where as if their imaginary steak tastes good ‘….ignorance is bliss’
    lol… sorry for the matrix joke

  6. And we all thought that reading about the Spanish Inquisition spreading its vitriol, murder, torture, etc. throughout Christendom was unmatched in its horror. Since that time humanity has experienced several other authority-driven killing fields in various countries.

    “We are the one, true belief,” they shout.

    I’m part of a group that comes together to discuss, dissect and follow such information as this FBI Conspiracy Bulletin for the purpose of staying informed on all worldwide authorities and what they are doing with regard to, specifically, guaranteed freedoms in the USA. We agreed, just last week, that the time was drawing near when these authorities, along with the insane Russia-did-it political screamer-types, would certainly find a de facto avenue by which to label anyone a terrorist who did not agree with them. AND here it is. The FBI is looking a lot like the Catholic Church of the 1400’s right now–an organization that was/is dedicated to doing anything and everything, no matter how horrifying or illegal, to keep their boys in power.

    Our last gathering was early last week just before the article broke. Do we have a pulse on what is about to happen or what? Thanks James. Happy you did an article on this sad development.

  7. In the UK the Guardian are now clearly reporting the El Paso shooting as a conspiracy theory related terrorist event.

    What a truly remarkable coincidence that this should happen just weeks behind the FBI report??????

    I have done some research on the actual demographics of tconspiracy theorists to see if the FBI’s claims are remotely tenable. I’ll cut to the chase they’re not.

    I’ve written a post, following on from James report, if you are interested.

    • “I have done some research on the actual demographics of conspiracy theorists to see if the FBI’s claims are remotely tenable. I’ll cut to the chase they’re not.”

      I read your article, Mr. Davis, then downloaded your book (for the jaw-dropping give-away price of $1?!). I’m about half way through the first chapter and can already heartily recommend it to each and every person here who are surrounded by those who live at ease with the term “conspiracy theorist” without blinking an eye and are loathe to expend a brain cell toward further inquiry. Truly, from an intellectual perspective, they are a shameful lot.

      But the incredible timing and angle of your book gives me hope. It’s written to these very people for such a time as this; an appeal to reason in the face of fear instigated by this FBI document. I salute you.

      • Many thanks Pearl. I appreciate your kind words.

        I do feel that the response to to preposterous claims made by the FBI (and others) must be rationality and persistent focus upon evidence.

        I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

    • Lol. So it would seem. Nothing new under the sun eh?

      I’ve updated the post because following your comment I noted something weird about the FBI’s claim to confidence. I’ll share it here for a laugh.


      The eagle eyed may have noticed a rather glaring anomaly in the FBI’s suggested expression of likelihood. Firstly they state:

      “Phrases such as ‘The FBI judges’ and ‘the FBI assesses,’ and terms such as ‘likely’ and ‘probably’ convey analytical judgments and assessments.”

      They then add:

      “The FBI does not arrive at judgements through statistical analysis.”

      I leave you to make sense of that if you can, because I certainly can’t.

    • “Once again I find myself in the (increasingly embarassing) position…”

      Nonsense! You’re too gracious. I love reading the snapshots of your vacation! Wish I was there!

    • Thanks Peripatêtikos

      That certainly puts the FBI’s strange statement in context.

      Stating your essentially demographic claims aren’t based upon statistical analysis is inexplicable in my view. Especially in light of the further evidence offered in the footnotes which don’t appear to add up to much.

      Surely FBI officers would be quick to question this? Which does support the notion that this was ‘released’ for other ‘political’ purposes as you suspect.

      However, for me it remains questionable as this Bulletin is not intended for evidential purposes but rather to inform FBI field offices.(supposedly)

      It is akin to claiming all Farmers present a potential terrorist threat then adding we haven’t based this opinion on upon any statistical analysis of Farmers, only upon a few isolated cases in which the crime committed may possibly have a tenuous link to the fact that the perpetrator was also a Farmer.

      I fully agree with your comments on legalese. It bears no resemblance to Natural Law at all. If it did then Judges (convenors) would never instruct the Jury.

  8. This document expresses the idea that a steel trap is being positioned whichever way you think you can avoid it. If you don’t want to be considered as suspect then do not enter the red pill world is another message. But once a person begins thinking for themselves it is only a matter of time until they begin to see the truth of matters and challenge the system in some form, alerting the order followers, FBI et al, as attack dogs in their master’s service to the potential troublemaker. It always comes down to this sentence by its forgotten author…”The State exists to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest is propaganda, misdirection, obfuscation, [torture and terrorism up to and including total war]”

    Here’s one for ya…perhaps the order followers have been charged with creating the means of outing those individuals and groups that think for themselves in seeking truth by leaving purposely exaggerated clues and manipulations that are then investigated by theorists, thereby outing themselves. The other state made conspiracy theories meant to advance state agenda as Mssr Corbett pointed out.

  9. I don’t have to watch this video because it’s true and already was in the planning.
    All I add is that this is an extra news item to scare people when they discover the Epstein-conspiracy.

  10. Yes, I even had one person tell me you can not believe what you read on the Internet and then procedded to tell me her IQ was 170…based on a test she did on the Internet.

  11. MBP,
    I can relate all too well to those feelings and to the experiences of talking to people about such touchy subjects. Ive thought about why people can react in a dismissive way regarding such important and crucial topics and information. I’ve come to believe that it has less to do with intelligence and more to do with repetitive conditioning by the influencers of society. I think for most people, if they hear something enough times then it becomes true. They hear a similar message from TV, school, respected adults when they are growing up, peers, etc. and the false ideas become engrained.

    Breaking through that mental barricade to get someone to really think about the lies they strongly believe is in itself and art form. I bought my parents the Corbett Report 9/11 DVDs for Christmas this year and they have yet to pop it in the DVD player. I think deep down in their subconscious they realize that even considering such information as a government false flag on 9/11 could shatter their world view and psyche. That is a dangerous proposal. People like the safety and comfort of their all-figured-out world view.

  12. The best response to this sort of drivel is offensive rather than defensive. The FBI is certainly a very dangerous and murderous terrorist org and people need to be told this ad nauseam. Likewise the IRS an illegal criminal org, which the FBI never pursues, because collusive criminals. My current fav past time is recounting the story of Al Capone taken down by the much bigger gangsters at IRS. People are fascinated by such tales of crime vs. crime, and it helps them get their head around the notion of government as organized crime

  13. Thanks James for this video and all of your work in general. You’re doing a great service to humanity and it is now more important than ever. I don’t recall if this was stated in the video (I watched it a few hours ago) but the FBI memo is also a piece of internal propaganda. It is an obvious attempt to not only propagandize the general public into the thinking that conspiracy theories are dangerous but to also propagandize other federal agents to believe the same. “They” need to get the agents that are watching these “dangerous” conspiracy theorists to believe that they are doing a great public service.

    I truly believe that we are in the endgame of the silencing of political dissidence worldwide. It has been sickening and disheartening to see the dismantlement of every liberating aspect of the internet over the last decade. Now things seem to have sped up drastically and we are now witnessing the dying breath of freedom of thought and freedom of speech unless the public rejects it. Unfortunately the mass populace has been lulled into a dreamlike state where almost everything they believe is a complete and utter lie. How can they reject what they don’t know and/or understand?

    There’s a war on. One that has been raging on for millennia. A war for the control of reality. Not just the actual physical outcomes in said reality but the public’s perception of it as well. This propaganda piece is so unsettling because it touches on actual truths and labels speaking out about said truths as terrorism. We are entering literal thought police territory and it is a bit frightening to say the least. It’s very much akin to the more obvious tyrannical targeting of political dissidents in places like China. Places where investigative journalists and activists just vanish off the face of the earth as if they never existed.

    What a strange time to believe alive. One hand it has been liberating to learn the truth about reality and our history but on the other it has been depressing to face the ugly truths and witness the destruction of freedom and liberty. Though to be honest we’ve never really truly been free in the “civilized world” throughout history. It was only the last few hundred years where some tiny slivers of freedom appeared. Now those slivers have been or are being completely destroyed or dismantled. This I will not abide.

  14. I can see 8 copies of the FBI document on already.

    The FBI is far more direct about its proposed end-point than the UK deep state. The UK deep state got to a comparable end-point in its consultation paper “Online Harms”, , although in a more convoluted way (it’s easier to hide behind obscurity, after all).

    Both continue the theme we’ve seen in the EU’s early privacy laws (later morphing into GDPR) and the Copyright Directive. Slice by slice, it becomes a de facto criminal offense to investigate criminality, policy corruption, financial corruption or mere impropriety by anybody in a public position or equivalent authority.

    In the EU, it’s been clear for a while that “protection of information” really means “protection of corruption” or “protection of criminality.”

    • Absolutely. The proposed Online Harms legislation is the creation of The Ministry of Truth. It staggers me that people aren’t more cocnerned about this.

      I don’t know if you contributed to the public consultation but the questions were very carefully constructed to focus only upon the claimed child protection and criminal activity measures. Disinformation wasn’t even mentioned. I needed to be creative with the answers in order to express any concern about their ambiguous, intangible definition of disinformation (the real focus of the proposal.)

      Still I guess people will soon notice they live in a dictatorship. By then of course it will be too late.

      • >You won’t get much support from group 1. Ever.
        And group 2 will now be shut down and group 1 won’t even notice it.

        Yep, that seems to be the case.

        On Amazon I did look for affordable self publishing alternatives but found no practical solutions. If you know of any I would certainly like to get the book off Amazon.

        I give it away for free off my website if you fancy a read.

        • Lol. Thanks for the reply.

          No worries on the book I’m in a similar boat. So many books to read, and nowhere near enough time, in fact they’re piling up a bit.

          I think money spent on JC is a wise investment. Looking forward, this site is certainly one we all need to continue to support.

          All the best.

          • Ian Davis-

            “We have so much time, and so little to do! Wait, reverse that….”
            -Willy Wonka

            Illuminating article, Ian. Thanks.

  15. Vigilant says:
    “I have a pitch:
    I think its time for us fans / supporters of the Corbett Report to form some type of group.
    Some type of organization where we can come up with creative (non-violent) solutions to these problems.
    What if we went old school and started street teams?

    I like your idea(s)!

    I can definitely speak with authority on “old school promotion” and “street teams”. I wear a lot of battle scars.

    It all starts with the individual. Just do something. Take some form of physical action. It helps when you have a Buddy who is willing to do the same. An “action buddy” helps support each other.

    “Doing” is the keyword.
    From experience, it can be a strain to try to rally troops to take action.
    Most folks prefer only to move the mouth amongst like-minded people at a forum or at sit down group. Getting other people on the streets with actions can take some effort.

    Our North Texans for 9/11 Truth Group has a long history of performing hundreds of actions, events and promotions. However, for the most part, much of the responsibility and “lift-off” rested on the shoulders of just a few folks. has a record of some of the major actions.

    This is a 4 minute video which introduces the Dallas 9/11 Truth group. (the first video, but other events are logged on the same YouTube channel)

    Any of us, anywhere can take action.
    It could be as simple as printing up a few signs from the computer printer, and then posting them. Or making comments on forums.
    It all starts with us, as individuals.

    • I would be grateful if when such a group is formed, if that will happen, you will give us all a link to join through. I would personally prefer a private closed forum. Would love to hear and share ideas about how to pass on info.

      • Good point about a private forum.
        A public forum sometimes can provide ammunition for those who wish to attack truth seekers.
        This is why the group mentioned below is a “closed forum”, not visible to the entire internet.

    • Join this 9/11 Truth Group – Anyone, anywhere can join. It is free.

      Read “What we are about”

      There are some real activist veterans in the group.
      Joe, Hank, Richard, Regina, TomT and others can tell some interesting anecdotes.

      After you join, go to the Menu item “More”, then click “Message Boards”. Explore that…it goes way back.

      You are always welcome to upload photos of any activist actions you have done. (e.g. putting up signs…which Corbett has talked about in the past.)
      Any individual anywhere on the planet can take an activist action.
      Start with an action that the individual is comfortable with.
      Work up from there. One becomes bolder and more insouciant as time goes on.

      It always helps when others acknowledge, validate and encourage such actions.

      This is almost an AXIOM…
      General activism accelerates when the alternative media highlights it and glorifies it. Activism dies when the alternative media remains silent about the individuals who are the ground troops in the trenches of activism.
      (Even the U.S. military recruiters utilize this aspect.)

      • …and anyone anywhere can form a group.

  16. I have never seen James Corbett nor any Corbett Report member advocate violence.

    That said, this thread reminded me of “Street Fighting Man” by the Rolling Stones.

    August 1st. 2019 – Rolling Stones LIVE at MetLife Stadium New York.
    “Street Fighting Man”

    The old men still at it…

  17. Email me to let me know who you are interested in contacting. I will forward your email address to that person.

  18. Excellent quote. Very well stated. …“These true believers in humans controlling the Earth’s temperature cannot be reasoned out of their position; it was not reason that got them there in the first place; it was emotion and politics….Reason did not get them into their faith-based beliefs – And no amount of reasoning will get them out…”

    Loved your post but, oh Sweetie, no. If I’ve learned anything from breaking my conditioning (and that is what we are doing–all of us) it’s this: You can’t tell anyone anything. A decade of research and dipping a toe into that scalding bath many times is enough to state so here. The Narrative believers do not want to hear. They laugh and change the subject because they can’t possibly engage in a real conversation on any level. It’s much too painful for them. So much so they can’t hear anything that might prick their reality bubble–it’s a safe place. However, knowing this fact about them doesn’t make them any more sympathetic. The fact that the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ was used is all one needs to know. They are deep into their conditioning. Leave them be. If they are meant to awaken, they will. One in tens of thousands ever do. You are one!

    Faith-based belief in–a religion, a church, a two-headed dog, handling snakes, the constant worldwide Narrative, it doesn’t matter what it is. Those who ‘believe’ will do so as long as they feel that faith protects them. It’s when they are faced with the effects of their sophomoric beliefs that they begin to pay attention. Typically, that’s when they start whining for someone to save them–always authority figures because such children have not moved beyond their own fears into a responsible adulthood, yet. Maybe a few more lifetimes? Who knows?

    • Oh boy – so good to read these recent posts alexandre and mbp.

      I was just on a zoom meeting with a group I am involved in.

      When the meeting ended a few people stayed on to chat and of course the subject of supermarket shopping came up. I got my finger ready to click on “leave meeting” because I knew what I was in for, but stayed for a minute or two – until one person started commenting how the fellow in front of her at the store would not take the social distancing seriously….

      I left the meeting. Without saying good-bye. I’m sure it was noticed. They know how I feel.

      Well, they THINK they know how I feel. They don’t ask “really? why do you feel that way?” They are not interested. They have the beautiful people on the MSM.

      They are just horrified and call me crazy because I won’t wear a mask or talk about all the dead bodies. They would not dream of entering into a discussion about what I have spent hours and hours reading about and watching.

      I was forming a retort in my mind should this person call me to comment on my abrupt departure. I will either say “oh sorry, the cat stepped on the computer key” or…

      “What you just said, and what you have previously said to me IS INSULTING.”

      But you know, there won’t be a discussion because it would have to go on for hours. Because in order for them (and most like them) to understand WHY I feel the way that I do about this latest false flag, they would have to understand the history of this country, the cabal, the assassinations, the countries over-thrown, the take-overs, the mind games, the fraud, the false flag after false flag that has led up to today.

      And that would take years.

      So I think I’ll just tell them the cat hit the key on my computer.

      And by the way, you are babies. Enjoy your 50’s. They are the best. Really.

      This from someone “at high risk”.

      (for once I can’t wait to clap. love it!)

    • “talented jazz musician who composed something as incredible and hilarious as ‘The Sneeze'”

      Shoot! I missed that one! Where is it?

      Well, I attempted to express my own personal woes with my entourage, but it just came out jumbled and pathetic. There’re so many inexpressible things beneath the surface that I can’t quite put my finger on, and they’re certainly nothing new to the familial dynamics, just disturbing by its potential, possibly eventual outcome of turning family members over to the authorities believing they’re doing God and man a favor. I can say that reading the many testimonies here have been cathartic and oddly enough, encouraging (another thing I can’t explain).

      LovetoDust said,

      “But you know, there won’t be a discussion because it would have to go on for hours. Because in order for them (and most like them) to understand WHY I feel the way that I do about this latest false flag, they would have to understand the history of this country, the cabal, the assassinations, the countries over-thrown, the take-overs, the mind games, the fraud, the false flag after false flag that has led up to today.”

      Exactly. What’s the point? This event merely reveals the logic which drives a person, their family, their extended family and society. This goes waaaaay back to what I learned a few years back which, if you don’t mind, I’ll repeat here yet again (it was this guy’s sanity-restoring, life-saving lectures which caused me to realize I wasn’t crazy!):

      “The Gospel According to John Immel, chapter 3:1-3

      • All people act logically from their assumptions.

      • It does not matter how inconsistent the ideas or insane the rationale. They will act until that logic is fulfilled.

      • Therefore, when you see masses of people taking the same destructive actions, if you find the assumptions, you will find the cause.

      “Here is the fundamental premise that I’m trying to bring to light. People act consistently from their body of ideas. They will fulfill that logical conclusion. They cannot escape it because human beings are designed to integrate their concepts from the most basic premises all the way to the highest concepts.”

      Yeah, I could do with some music! Yesterday, the best of Simon and Garfunkel was my balm for the soul.

  19. #globalwarming
    Warm weather and warm water in Alaska killed the salmon before they reached their destination?
    1000s of dead salmon in water.
    Looks terrible, must be global warming!

    Real reports:

    Shows ill-looking salmon.
    “Just along one cut bank and one sand bar they counted over 100 dead chum salmon,” Quinn-Davidson said.


    Actual article:

    Has different picture of floating (not sunken) ill-looking fish.
    Refers to report by Katchatag, which shows a picture (thumbnail) with about 20 dead salmon.
    Could be the same area as the over 100 dead fish?

    There are multiple possible explanations for the salmon die-offs, but Jones says the main drivers are most likely higher water temperatures and a high concentration of fish. According to Jones, the Shaktoolik River weir counted about a million pinks through the river on Wednesday alone. That amount is almost double the number of pink salmon previously recorded for that date in the river

    What the dead fish on imgur likely is:
    Carcasses dump

    Maybe someone from the area has more information on it?
    I think It is fairly natural for some fish to find a bad branch of the river and die. But maybe agriculture or pesticides are involved.
    What causes the difference in appearance of the dead fish?

  20. This video is apparently going viral in recent days

    This made me think about how, even in ‘innocent’ things like board games, children are being conditioned from a very young age to accept the theft of their earnings (taxes), or other propaganda and conditioning of the state. Very insidious.

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