Contagion – FLNWO #19

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This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order, Tim Kilkenny of RevelationsRadioNews joins us to discuss the 2011 propaganda film, “Contagion.” We examine “Participant Media,” the media venture of billionaire Jeff Skoll that produces “social action campaigns” for each of its 55 films and seeks to shape public debate in five main target areas, including pandemic disease. In this episode, James and Tim dissect the propaganda techniques and message of the film and point out how the film seeks to shape the opinions of the audience.

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Participant Media – filmography

Contagion – social action campaign website Jude Law ‘Contagion’ Interview

Swine flu 1976: more deaths from vaccine than from the flu

Ebola patients with nursing care and good nutrition have all recovered

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  1. as a record producer i am well aware of abu dhabi media, they part own the company VEVO with google and the utter scum that own my back catalogue universal music group ( i wrote about that here if youre interested ) this deal is evident when you go on youtube. try browsing music videos on youtube without VEVO being shoved in your face, but it goes further than that. take the song ‘stay with me’ the title has been used by about 50 different artists including the faces and al green. but have a look at a google search for that title. 7 pages of results from some crappy unknown VEVO artist before one mention of al green or rod stewart.

    so its clear these companies are all in bed together, altering yuor perception of things on their websites to earn themselves cash. you thought google ordered results on popularity didnt you ? nah, they just do whatever makes themselves the most money. to hear participant media are doing a deal with abu dhabi media makes me highly suspicious – not that i wasnt already – but it went up a notch 🙂 as you can see from this small example, these people are not to be trusted.

  2. Having just listened to your excellent talk about the movie,Contagion, I would like to call your attention to the black listed documentary Vaxxed. It proves and points out how the CDC lies and falsifies the science. There is actually a whistle blower that is not being allowed to give evidence of how the CDC lied about the MMR vaccine and autism connection. Thanks for your important work.

  3. Much gratitude, JC (and all guests) — I truly appreciate these pertinent flashbacks. The analyses of the propa-tainment (entertain-o-ganda?) industry are of particular interest to me.

    • Readers, listeners and viewers should be aware of, if they are not already, SpyCulture.

      Almost all big names in Hollywood work for the CIA.

      In fact, while you are there you will meet Chase Brandon, the CIA’s public face in Hollywood.

      Chase Brandon was the CIA’s first Entertainment Industry Liaison. From 1996 to early 2007 he was the CIA’s man in Hollywood, working on a dozen major movies and numerous high-profile TV shows. In this episode we examine the background of the CIA in the entertainment industry and how they founded their Entertainment Liaison Office and appointed Brandon in charge of it. We also discuss Brandon’s career, especially his attempts to downplay and disguise his influence on entertainment including ghost-writing The Recruit. We finish up talking about how he helped TV series The Agency to predict the future, and the links between Brandon and the film Wag the Dog.

      One big psy-op; no popcorn.

      Thanks for the critical scrutiny of the film. It is essential to tease out the underlying assumptions and see how perspective is being framed by both camera and script.

  4. I just wonder…is the coronavirus just another scare like SARS, Zika, et. al.?

  5. I’ve heard on radio WHO said coronavirus is an example of infodemia.
    Funny, the one instrumental in producing paranoia is warning about it.

    Next, it is not the first time the institution of world governance is acting somehow benevolently. Other ones I know: BIS warning for 2008 crisis, IMF was against harsh conditions imposed on Greece, WHO declared glyphosate potential carcinogen

    Last times I’ve asked people I met what do they think about quarantining a big city in Europe, is it possible.

    Result is approximately fifty-fifty, surely has some bias.

  6. On the virus in Swiss Land the Swiss ban all gatherings of 1000 or more. Alice Cooper and Carlos Santana have to cancel shows in Zürich. Schools will remain open for spring break to curtail travel for students. Hope it blows over.

  7. The end part of the video has some real take-home.

    I agree with Corbett’s perspective:
    “…so much…does have to do with our underlying immune system,
    and whether or not it is in good shape,
    and whether or not we are properly receiving good nutrition,
    and things of that sort,
    much more so than it does about any magic vaccine…
    …plenty of rest, good nutrition, in a stress free environment…
    …Ultimately, our immune systems are really miraculous in so many different ways….”

    QUEUED VIDEO to the BAT.

    – The Last Scene –
    The Bat, the Pig, the Cook

    There is a lot to be said about this “naturally made mutation” and also how some of the theories of COVID-19’s origin side along that angle…but maybe along with a snake or anteater.

    Personally, I have a hard time with the idea of naturally made mutant viruses that jump species like a grasshopper in the garden.

    I even read that precept in an older scientific paper which mentions bat viruses, but I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it as a normal phenomena.
    Kind of like HIV. In the free love of the 60’s and 70’s, no one was worried about HIV.
    But then again, there is the cowpox/smallpox story.
    So, what do I know?

  8. In this digital age of videos, you can pick up some great values on DVDs in affluent neighborhood garage sales.
    I have tubs of DVDs.

    Coincidently, I watched Contagion (circa 2011) about 2 or 3 weeks ago during dinner over two evenings.

    One of my first thoughts during the film was
    “Did this film play in China?” (or on DVD in China?)
    The reason I had that thought was because China seemed to be overly dramatizing this coronavirus in many respects.
    Certainly Chinese citizens are under a lot of stress from authorities. The stress alone would make anyone sick.

    • I haven’t watched Contagion, but it is interesting about the China association.

      It also featured in the opening title of the Terry Nation series of “Survivors” from 1975. Which featured a virus spreading world wide after being released from a Chinese lab.

      What is interesting is that the original series was released in 1975 before the actual Swine Flu scare in 1976 and a rebooted version of the same series was released in 2008, again a year before the rebooted Swine Flu scare in 2009.

      Coincidence of course!

      • Quoting Octium
        “Coincidence of course!”

  9. I’m a bit confused. What are we supposed to walk away with from this? Maybe or maybe not this is some sort of international coordinated government action. To what end. To frighten or manipulate us to go to war with some imaginary enemy…or somehow make money for pharma or some other greedy players? I live in France too. Respected medical professionals have gone on TV saying that at the hight of the annual flu season, up to a thousand people die, just in France, week due to the flu (not Coronavirus). So is this really anything to be concerned about. Although it’s hard to insulate oneself from the media hysteria.

  10. Funny how they keep using the same programming techniques over and over again.
    I saw today an interesting post from Willem Felderhof about the movie “In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)” and the propaganda.
    Willem is an interesting guy, he’s a former pilot for KLM and whistleblower.
    His webside is

    • I wonder if the Mexican shrimp industry took a hit on sales back in 1997.

  11. I know I am not the only one that wonders about this and i have no evidence to make this suggestion however, this is the Corbett report and many of us are here because we believe the gov and media are bs. However, how many of us think the coronavirus are a planted US weapon on China? I can’t be the only person that allows this to circulate in my mind.

    • Read Corbett’s latest article of Leap Day Feb 29, 2020
      “Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease”
      He links to a variety of theories in the article.

      Also, the Open Thread, while James was at Anarchapulco mid February, has many Corbett Report Members’ comments about the coronavirus.

    • If you go to the Spitfire list you will find the work of Dave Emory.

      Dave has been an investigative researcher for more than 42 years with his own radio show.

      Dave believes that the virus release was due to a false flag, done to blame the Chinese. I.e.that it was released into Wuhan and is a laboratory virus, not natural.

      He has done 17 shows or more on the virus and they are extensive.

      You can hear what he has to say and come to your own judgment.

  12. He got here early… 2014.

  13. Been trying to play the video, but it won’t unmute. Only place I can get sound is on Youtube – yuck. Anybody else have this problem?

    • …uh, user error. Got it.

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