Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence

by | Jun 6, 2021 | Podcasts | 127 comments

Haven’t heard of The Great Convergence yet? Oh, it’s just the plan to merge biology with digital technology and redefine what it means to be human, that’s all. Today on the podcast James covers the biodigital convergence that is already being rolled out and what it means for the future of homo sapiens.

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Kristal van der Elst at World Economic Forum website

Susan Hockfield | The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution

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  1. Just want to say, I never, EVER get tired of that Intro and that Music.

    I just love it! Never change it…

  2. It is not: Resistance is Futile
    We all know that the people are dreaming of turning
    humanity into the Borg / communist society.

    A lot of this idea is based on futurism and science fiction.
    Not on actually existing technology.
    They do want to make that technology, but will certainly fail.
    The futurism is used to gain gigantic funding for projects
    that will never give the results that they promised.
    People in the top are often mistaking futurism for science,
    because it is popular in the science articles.

    And many of those involved do not even know that it can not work.
    Because it is outside their group-think and beyond their
    limited understanding due to a fixed paradigm.
    A specialist in AI will not quickly admit that a neural network can
    not replace intelligence. A specialist in brain scans will not
    like to admit that he can never read thoughts. They are not
    willing to give up their hopes and dreams.

    It is: Replacing life is futile, but they will try hard
    I am all for letting them hit their faces flat on the wall of reality.

    I have posted on many of these subjects already.
    And can support this with evidence and good logic if wanted.
    I know most of the technologies on University sometimes PhD level:
    Brainscans /MRI /Neural networks / Micro-technology/
    Micro-mechanisms / Artificial Intelligence / Algorithms /
    Nano-technology / Manipulation of atoms / Neural-interface /
    Neural scanners/ Brain-scanners / Psychology/
    Psychiatric problems /Psychiatric drugs /
    Immune system/ Consciousness / Electromagnetism /
    Influence of EM-waves on biology / Etc.

    The “Borg” technologies are extremely limited and more used
    to get funding than to be actually practical.
    This includes all the technology that is available in the
    CIA documents and all the patented technology.

    • What mess will they bring?

      All technology that they will introduce to replace nature
      or humanity, will bring disasters.
      Wisdom says: you can not replace nature.

      1) The mRNA and DNA therapies will damage and/or kill people.
      They will love to experiment with that,
      even with billions of people as we can see.
      On the positive side it may help some people with severe genetic disorders.

      2) The GMO will damage people and environment.

      3) The AI will just be a infinite money dump.

      4) Some people will have limited scanners and/or trackers implanted
      that will stop working after a few years (update needed/ memory full).
      Hackers will have lots of fun.

      5) 5G and 6G will be installed giving continuous subtle damage
      to the physical and mental health of people.

      How they will try to control the people
      1) Money
      Digital money, Inflation, taxes
      2) Energy
      CO2 tax, Oil, “Green energy”
      3) Information
      Tracking of people and their contacts
      Hate speech laws will be extended with conspiracy speech laws.
      4) “Health”
      Surveillance of health (like via heart-rate and temperature)
      5) Food and water

      Possible solution:
      Cheap energy via LENR.
      (Seems to work with strong EM fields tearing atoms apart)

    • a compass needle would be a good visual guide to findng a magnetic source

    • Utter Distraction.

      There is no physics nor basic science behind it.
      Most are just sticky sweaty skin, probably because of the mRNA-fever.
      Others are probably hoaxes because of the internet.
      Just put a simple piece of paper between the magnet and skin first.

      I can explain you how magnetism works, and this is just bullshit.
      I have done a long discussion with other people here,
      and it just makes no sense in any shape or form.

      The main point is:
      (1) ALL Nano technology does not show any magnetic traces.
      Silicon or carbon or hemoglobine are not ferro magnetic (learn it)

      Further points:
      (2) Nano technology (even magnets or iron) can not achieve anything useful.
      (3) mRNA already can do almost anything that you can dream of.

      • Note that I am listing reasons why any
        possible magnetism is not related to any Nano-technology.
        It would aslo be the most expensive and most stupid thing to do.

        There are also many reasons why the kitchen magnet experiments
        do not show magnetism.
        You need to do very different experiments for that.
        I discussed that extensively in the other threads.
        (can not find link)

    • “The “Borg” technologies are extremely limited and more used
      to get funding than to be actually practical.”

      I agree. I am much more concerned about their proven capabilities in the areas of Propaganda and Mind/Behavior Control.

  3. The move away from ‘vitalism’ has already happened in the minds of most people… they dont believe in a supernatural God or in a Soul… without those ideas humans become just meat sacks, bubbling beakers of meaningless chemicals.

    I was going to post the CSlewisdoodle of part 3 of ‘The abolition of man’ but it appears to have vanished from Youtube… the doodles were fun but you can still find the audio.

    I’m sorry Mr Corbett says he does not like CS Lewis because he predicted our current age pretty well in that book…part 3 is exactly where we appear headed

  4. Imagine if ordinary people suddenly started taking a closer look into the underlying methods behind virology, as an unchallenged scientific authority, and realized, like most other mainstream scientific endeavours, once again, shit doesn’t really add up.
    A little bit like the fact that a ‘virus’ has never been correctly isolated and proven to exist in it’s pure form, not even once.
    Seems like if virology itself was shown to have fatal errors in the science and the methods being employed, it could potentially spell the death blow.

    ~The Final Refutal Of Virology~


    ~Dr. Stefan Lanka – Dean Braus – CPE (Cytopathic Effect) – Control Experiment 21 April 2021~


  5. Great article you found here James. Amazing the amount of info/links it gives. For fun i tried to give the video a thumbs down but it said i had to sign in. Sorry, that’s a no go.

  6. Since the globalists are confident enough to publish such proclamations to the world, they definitely think that they can bulldoze their way to this Great Convergence.

    Shouldn’t we then tackle the problem from 2 angles?
    1) Try to derail / slow down the agenda from taking place
    2) Try to fix the problems the agenda is bound to create.

    James, you are doing a great job on task number 1.

    As for task number 2, I have a small idea.

    In some places, there are rooms that emit gases to remove whatever bacteria / virus before you enter into a highly sensitive area. These rooms may be located in Laboratories / Hospitals / Chip-making factories.

    So following the same line of thinking, if we treat these mrna / nanobots either in our bodies or in the outside world as bacteria / virus, is it possible to create a room in which they are able to kill / disable these “pests”?

    This is just an idea that I hope may inspire someone who may read this post to consider.

  7. About nanoparticles
    I’m pretty sure it’s about liposomes, nano-spherical shape with lipid boundary and active ingredient in the inside. Lisopomes are able to cross cell membrane and sneak active ingredient into the cell.
    I have no useful link about that, I learned the stuff when studying liposomal vitamin C.

    • If you search for this don’t get distracted by home made recipes for liposomal vitamin C because that’s bs, the result is mostly just an emulsion. Liposomes are much smaller and special techniques must be applied to produce them.

  8. If I can feel closer to a man whom I have never met living in “The Sunny Climes of Western Japan” than I do to the whole of human beings in my current physical circles, then I fear “the agenda” to sever humans from their humanity has been working perfectly…

    Something happened to me about 10 days ago… It was as if my connection to what all of this (The Agenda) is became more clear. My emotional turmoil lessened dramatically and I became more calm and grounded. My ability to see through all the BS and focus on the very issue James brings up heightened. I felt like Roddy Piper in “They Live” once he got used to wearing the glasses.

    Ultimately, this clarity is the only hope I have to clearly convey the message of the seriousness of “The Great Convergence”. There is something in my “soul” that is so viscerally opposed to this whole agenda. I have felt this to varying degrees ever since I received, and sent, my first text message in 2002.

    Perhaps there are those of us in the human species who bring the awareness of what genuine “organic” humanity is, and our job is to merely represent it as best we can in everything we do, no matter what. This applies to the podcaster with millions of views, and to the single person living in Any-town who conveys their genuine nature to all beings in the vicinity.

    There will be times to more outwardly fight, but a warrior is made in training, not on the battlefield. Thank you to everyone who continues to delve deeper into this nightmare. I know that our efforts are not wasted and there may come a time where we will feel called to help others understand this madness. This can only happen if one has fully digested the enormity of such a reality.

    It is not easy, but for many of us, it may be what we were born to do.

  9. I have no doubt they would like to drive us into post-human era and all kinds of creepy research, that should correctly be named monkeying, is conducted in this direction and if they fuck up tremendously in the process they will say sorry, you known human thirst for knowledge has no boundaries, bs indoctrination. We are no damn happiness machines, we should put down our boundaries. We have boundaries is expected reply, bio-ethics. Bio-ethics is oxymoron, there cannot be any worth prefix-ethics. Only universal ethics is meaningful.

    How to derail this insanity, particularly in a way to be reachable to joe sixpack, I don’t know. I’m pessimistic in this regard. The only way I see is to attack it philosophically, according to the knowledge we have, success of this insanity is almost impossible, while possible side effect looks ghastly and I mean it fundamentally.
    Vitalism is a speculative philosophical position and I see no use of it in this debate. I propose an attack on scientific reductionism and supported by a proven fact of limits of reason.

    The main problem I think is scientism, a religion that is based on very notable achievements of science in the last century and on that basis it is expected that we will get (the ultimate) overarching knowledge. One of the most used tools by science is reductionism, metaphorically I see it as the Original sin. It’s about dividing a huge problem into smaller problems, atomize the problem, solve this small problems and synthesize them back into the solution of huge problem. It works well to extent for mechanics, for material stuff. But it is very well known that reductionism fails in biology (well, known, like what happened on 9/11).
    (consider particularly a section Problems with reductionism)

    Therefore, to equate humans (living beings) with computers is just fundamentally wrong, not truth, lie. Software always gives the same result when inputs are the same and that is not truth for biological systems. This is a fact. End of debate.

    • Almost a century ago Goedel and Turing proved the existence of undecidable problems, still even scientists today don’t get what this actually means (they probably need a dictionary when encounter a word philosophy). Science promoter gootube channel Veritasum recently made a nice video about it.

      Math Has a Fatal Flaw
      He also didn’t get the meaning, that is obvious in his conclusion remarks at 31:30.
      Another interesting person in this regard is physicist Sabine Hossenfelder (present at gootube under her name). She is critical about today theoretical quantum physics. She said don’t look for mathematical mistakes in some theoretical psychics works, their maths is ok she said, but what they get is meaningless, sometimes nonsense, no semblance with reality. To be clear, millions(billions) are spent on this bs research. I would say a nice example of abuse of maths, bs can be produced with sound maths. Proved limited mathematics can produce unlimited results in the realm of physics, what a beauty, queen of sciences at work.

      Maybe if people would be aware that knowledge has its inherent limits, maybe they would be more humble, maybe

  10. Predictive programming…

  11. Thank you, James for continuing to warn us about the “Great Convergence”. It is very scary–not just because of the ramifications of the technology, but because that technology is controlled by people who are untrustworthy. You and I are not in control. People who want to hurt us–or who don’t care if we get hurt–are in control. As with all scary ideas, I find it is best to short circuit the panic center of my brain by engaging the logic centers of said organ. Also, if vaccines are now a part of a stealth program to invade our bodies with nano-robots, it might be a good idea to find out as much as I can about this technology. How advanced is it, anyway? Do we really have to worry, or is the some technocrat’s pipe dream that has no chance of coming to fruition…

    …Reporting back…Well, YouTube has NOT banned videos that hype this technology. I am going to recommend two videos. They are both from 2017.

    Biotechnology/Nanotechnology | Andrew Hessel | SingularityU Germany Summit

    Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons | CGSR Seminar

    In short, the threat is very real, not just because of the technology itself, but because of the monsters who control it. Perhaps back in 2017 I would not have thought of them as monsters, but today, thanks to the scamdemic, I do.

    Like blockchain, like propaganda and mind control, this technology cannot be wished away by ignoring it. Know thine enemy–and his weapons.

    • “The Technology is the Monster”. Maybe, but where do you cut off the human march toward monstrous technology–bringing fire into the cave? making clay pots? Sailing vessels? Steam engines? Dynamite? Nuclear weapons? It seems that we can’t stop inventing things and some of them are only good for hurting people, but some can be used to make life easier and longer. At some point humans lost control over our own creations.

  12. That was a stomach wrenching vision!
    Long live humanity!

    Steps, solutions?

    1. Non Compliance.
    Out right, non-participation in your own Convergence. Opt out of all bio-engineering/ manipulation/ modification/ monitoring/ data collection.
    As long as the choice of non-participation remains, authentic humanity can thrive.

    It’s a bit of a catch twenty-two that while we, (the true-human population) opt out of this convergence, the AI algorithms will lack Our truly human data, opinions, lifestyles. For better or worse, that is to say non-engineered spirit/soul/vitality will become less of a factor or data set as They/Them/Those program the software of the cyborgs. This will further feed the anti-human theme of the Great Convergence.

  13. I want to express my thanks to Mr. Corbett for walking us through these articles and the information contained in Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence.
    I needed that “walk-thru”, and also the “sharing factor” to the entire community.
    Corbett’s guidance of attention to specific aspects and examples helped to bring more clarity for me.
    I also want to point out that there is great value to the “sharing factor” with a published video like this. It is like a movie theater. The audience all gets on the same page of THE STORY.

    And, as a side digress, is this concept of “sharing”. It is an interesting trait of humanity, of humans. We like to share things with other humans. Certainly we like to share stories, and to also experience the sharing as a community.

    I tend to think of “human beings” as something sacred, to be revered, containing a non-physical spiritual-like nature.
    There is a big difference between a rock (an object) and a person.
    It is my contention that anytime a sector of humanity is classfied as “being less than human”, then enslavement or genocide follow.

  14. Steps/ Solutions?

    2. Be the Narrator and/or Author of this Narrative

    James has stressed the importance of the Narrative.
    Own It.
    We, Authentic- Humanity, need to drive the narrative of our future.
    “Natural humans”, un-modified, need to shape the LEXICON that surrounds how this “convergence” story is told.

    “Human” should Not be up for interpretation.
    “Natural” is a term that is being perverted.

    I do not want to refer to myself as a “non-modified human”. (Despite the pride entailed in that phrase).
    I am simply human.
    The actual words and adjectives and ideas we use moving forward are Paramount to the way this Narrative moves forward.
    Let the “others” be defined accurately in the ‘alt-human’ language which they are a part.
    Let us be consistent in the way WE narrate this story.

    Some may call this divisive or separatist, but I feel that a clear distinction may be necessary as our “classic” definitions of life, human, and nature are being altered.

    Please respond with some terminology that WE can use in our narration of the “Great Convergence”.

  15. 285 dislikes on that new horizons biodigital convergence vid as of june 6 LOL
    still no likes

    • The music reminds me of the terminator lol

  16. I wonder when the question of ethics on this issue was discussed and resolved and more importantly who exactly was involved in the discussion and where the discussion papers are archived?

    What was left out was the coming simulation of the future economy and those involved as simulat5ed agents in that digitized simulated economy.

    Type this into your search engine for an overview on the war against carbon based life. “Blockchain as a tool of empire: The war on carbon based life” with Alison McDowell interviewed on the Utopia is a Scam blog

  17. I wonder to what extent – like Eugenics proved to be in the early 20th century – how Transhumanism would be proven to be overstated and pseudoscientific?

    For example, the “master race” of superhumans that was predicted to happen if one “kept the bloodline pure and unpolluted” ended up in reality having the opposite effect…inbreeding produced more disabilities and genetic aberrations.

    In a parallel sense, isn’t some of Transhumanism’s predictions just as far-fetched? Are not some of the predictions they are making going to end up having the opposite effect?

    I think of the dystopian sci-fi genre of Cyberpunk and it tends to paint a pessimistic future with the advent of these technologies…thus the Cyberpunk mantra of “high tech, low life”.

    • I think you’re on to something. I have the feeling that this will collapse in on itself. I think it will be at a great cost to human life… but I do think they’ll lose control of it.

    • Ethan
      Cyberpunk is actually kinda positive in its outlook, in the books and movies humans still manage to compete and maintain their personal autonomy by using the tech tools…. in real life its much worse as personalized media sucks the creativity and energy out of humans and turns them into robots or makes them obsolete

      Its NOT like like Eugenics is ‘total’ bunk… if you breed with people with defects you end up making defective kids. Thats why normal people find genetically healthy people more attractive then someone who is deformed or someone with downs syndrome. The issue is that the “fitness” selected was not in anyway related to nature or health…. the sickly, inbred weirdo’s like the Darwins used wealth and power to tilt the scales against normal people.

      Some kinds of power just can not be used by human hands because humans are too stupid to use them.

  18. The educational indoctrination of trans-human life is a necessity in the acceptance of this anti-human narrative.
    Non-participation is one, powerful response to this dystopia.

    We, as authentic humans, need to insert our voices (narratives) into this conversation.
    We can create educational environments that focus on human interaction and human connection to solve Real World Concerns
    This founded in Respect for Self, Others, and Environment.

    We withdrawal consent to this bio-digital convergence.
    We reject transhumanism.
    We embrace natural human connection.
    We reject artificial integration of the synthetic with our biology and environment.

  19. This was a fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. I shared it to all my social media platforms and via text to several of my friends. Thank you James for your tenacious research and for sharing it with us.

  20. I had the day off on Friday and decided to go through policy horizons Canada’s other reports. It is just a bingo card for the whole agenda…. they’re latest report “the future of sense making” just about as creepy as exploring bio digital convergence.


    They’ve got one too for automated vehicles called “what if…. self driving vehicles were the solution for mass transit in cities”


    And of course, in case anyone was wondering what uncle Scwab meant by “we need a new social contract” there is “exploring social futures”


    There’s many reports including more “what if” subjects that I plan to read, but James is absolutely correct. This is coming at us at 100mph and I have no idea what to do about it. There’s far too much information to go over with the normies and there is a large percentage of them that have already accepted a future like this as inevitable. Things are going to get much worse before they get better…. I’ll be resisting this until my death, but at this point I truly pray that there is some kind of force of good that will help us. I truly hope that “and the meek shall inherit the earth” is just as real as “the mark of the beast” seems to be playing out in real time right before our eyes. I personally think we’re about to head into the ugly part of Hermes prophecy to esclipius. I guess we’ll see.

    Thanks again for all you do, James!

  21. I think that it is not possible to correctly, fully evaluate another person… thoughts, attitude, ideals, religious beliefs, spirituality, personal situation, whatever.

    I think what is important here is the message which Corbett is trying to convey.

  22. It doesn’t take everyone, nor does it even take a majority. It only takes a few dedicated workers, inside the factory, to take the shoes from their feet and shove them into the gears of the machine. Then casually stroll home and return to work the next day as if nothing happened.
    The instruction manual can be found at the link below, in PDF or audio form. Scroll down the page to the links to the third book listed, my first book published. It’s free.

  23. I watched the Dr. Fleming video yesterday. Thanks to the person(s) who recommended it from the June Open Thread. From my limited experience (I don’t get out much) I think that in general people believe that other people are innately good and they cannot comprehend the extent of pure evil that is present.
    I don’t know if I should start eating massive quantities of cakes and cookies and acquire the fat necessary to make it through when food security becomes a problem. I am trying to grow my own food and I have 4 little tomato plants raised from seeds, 1 beet made it and 4 sunflowers (left). I have a lot of rabbits and squirrels (and have acquired a compound bow for when the time comes).
    I live in Canada and we bungle everything so I have a lot of confidence in the incompetence of our government. However, the population is distracted and they are pushing through a lot of bills. This minority government will push through bill c-10 (limit freedom of speech under the guise of taxation) with the help of Quebec, and then in turn Quebec will be recognized as their own nation. Crazy talk. Yesterday I read a long article in the National Post about Mark Carney (affectionately known as “Satan”) a central banker back from the UK, and it looks like he is being groomed for the next PM. His new book out indicates that he is ready to “help us” plebs with the Agenda.
    One of my favourite sayings is that “Man makes plans, and God laughs.” Let us hope that God is laughing now.

    • yellowie,
      I appreciate the tidbits and info you shared.
      I gain perspective.

      I certainly know how the gardening can go. Sometimes, it is cheaper and a better delegation of time to just go to the store.
      However, over time, you will find some things which work well for you in different areas of the garden or yard.

  24. I wonder if James has read Snow Crash. It deals with many of these topics, integration of biological and digital functions, meme viruses, and hacking the “software” of consciousness.
    A perfect book to bring back “Film, Literature and the New World Order”.

      ONly issue is the book is written in the most horrible format… but your right, it has info virus’s (as info, audio, visual or blood borne!), a way cooler internet then actually happened , and some pretty cool ideas on how humans got hacked into consciousness!

      That book was soooo werid back when I read it first 🙂

  25. Sorry…but your thinking a little like the same Gnostic weirdness the Elites like to practice and from which they derived transhumanism from…. the Bible is either the word of God OR the God of the Bible is keeping secret stuff under wraps in special books not available to most people for most of history?

    The idea of a God who lets his true scripture and message get hidden makes little sense…. if people want to go against the Bible and do Tarot or read weird books that tickle their ears thats their own choice, but its silly to think that Gods going to let anything important be hidden or obscured by human authority… if we go astray its because we wanted something else

    • “..What the early Christians believed and taught was not antithetical to the New Testament. They were labelled as heretics simply because theirs was a deeper search for God and Christ which led to not just believing but knowing…”

      Gnostics were not Christians.

      Gnostic’s wrote many ‘gospels’ which were obviously created for specific religious reasons but their theology (or maybe better said ‘theologies’since there were so many flavors) was in NO way related to actual Christianity or anything Jesus taught- they may have been influenced by pythagoras or plato or Hinduism or whatever but had nothing to do with theology based on jewish monotheism

      They were the predecessors of the Cathar’s and the new age and transhumanism…nothing good comes from them

      • Bleak,
        dude, I used to read “The Jesus Scroll” and Holy blood holy grail and such rot…I thought that crap made sense UNTIL I actually studied history and read actual texts from the time…. the vast majority of modern BS dressed up as Ye Olde Wisdom is based on ignorance.

        Betting on the historical ignorance of the modern audience is a pretty good bet…they also have amazing levels of wishful and magical thinking.

        BUT… what exactly…what point that I stated earlier , SPECIFICALLY am i ‘crazy wrong” about???

        I will do my best to explain why I said any paticular point that you contest, and I am no expert but I have read a bit on these things…if you follow Gnostic BS you may as well go become a Druse or some such non christian religion

    • Bleak

      There is no such thing as “Christian Gnosticism”

      Gnostics came in many flavors…but they generally thought
      You got saved thru secret knowledge
      that the material world was evil
      that the god of the Old testement was the (bad) demiurge

      Their cosmology and theology had ZERO in common with Abrahamic traditions or faiths

      TBH its just polite to call them neo-platonists rather then satanists or Lucifarians (like the theosophists….who are the same crap)…. but a person who deny’s that Christ came in the (MATERIAL) flesh because they consider the material world illusion or inhernitly evil IS NOT A CHRISTIAN…. the Cathars and the Druse had the same weird, non christian beliefs as many gnostics (again… sooo many flavors so i generalize ) which they share in common with the New Age Movement…

      The line to transhumans is pretty easy to see…. “you gonna be gods man….” lololol

      The fact is, the seeking after ‘secret’ gosples and some other Jesus pretty much says that a person either thinks God HID His truth from most people, OR that He was too weak to stop it getting hidden….. enter the Mormons and Kolob LOLOLOL….. the resurgence of interest in such things is part of the rise of the spoilt, privileged wealthy westerner (starting en mass with stupid boomers) who want salvation on their own terms

      • Dont listen to the “ASS-end’ed” Masters of the Occult Theosophy… 😉

        • “…I was a Theosophist for a few years meanin…”

          I missed this post earlier so I just should point out that
          a)Blatvatsky was an intel agent
          b)She was Lucifarian..as in she worshiped the christian devil
          c)She (almost!!) single handedly started the New Age which works hand in had with the New World Order.

          I really dont need to do the “wooooooork” of reading everything she wrote to have an opinion on her, her work, or her Satanism since her philosophical line ends in a >>>self avowed<<< LUCIFER worshiping organization and have nuts deep in every NWO project for the last hundred years…. if listening to Triangles is not enough to warn you off such creepy weirdos nothing anyone can say will help

        • “….Not Christians according to who?…”
          Stop it with the weasel words dude… cut down to the point which is you think the God of the Old Testement is ‘the demiurge’ and that he keeps people in ignorance while the snake helped humans become awake via the fruit. The jesus you believe in is >>>NOT<<< the Jesus that most people understand as the CHRISTIAN GOD… thats just a factual statement, not a theological judgement BTW

          …. ok… if thats NOT what you Believe say so and I can apologize

          IF that IS a rough description of what you think you are not a Christian EXCEPT IF YOU REDEFINE THE WORD CHRISTIAN to include people who dont think that Jesus was son of the OT God…. thats like ME saying I am a true muslim because I think muhammed was ""really"" telling people to pray to some OTHER god but Allah- its deliberately misleading

          Again… if I am greatly wrong describing what you believe tell me and I will apologize

          ".. Constantine (who conveniently converted from Mithraism …"
          I thought he died worshiping Sol Invictus? I may be getting muddled…thought that was a dif cult?? Not sure.

          ".. the Nicene Council (I read someone punched Arius in the face)……"
          I THINK that was Santa wasnt it ?
          haha…yup https://www.christiantoday.com/article/when-santa-punched-a-heretic-who-was-saint-nicholas/109386.htm

          "..There you go, Mr Abraham Duck. ..(Seal of soloman)"
          I always thought that was the seal o Moloch anyway??? Since I never mentioned it I dont see your point….

          "..The Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism from the Torah.."

          NO…it is NOT from the Torah… much more in line with the Babylonian jewish Talmud

          "..So tell me again about Baphy.."
          Since your on 1st name terms with him , he should have told you that the as above so below hand sign goes a long way back and has nothing to to with Abrahamic religions

          BUT..anyway… none of that really matters just address the real point…if the jesus YOU believe in the son of the Old Testament God who came in the body to atone for human sins… or is he a teacher who brought secret knowldge of how to be saved????
          IF no2… well, you already know what I'm gonna say

        • Dear Bleak
          YOU said:
          “….You don’t get to ask me what I believe like that. Nor do you get to tell me or anyone who is a Christian or who isn’t a Christian ….”

          JUST so any person knows what I said I’ll POST what your responding to

          ME: “..Stop it with the weasel words dude… cut down to the point which is you think the God of the Old Testement is ‘the demiurge’ and that he keeps people in ignorance while the snake helped humans become awake via the fruit. The jesus you believe in is >>>NOT<<< the Jesus that most people understand as the CHRISTIAN GOD… thats just a factual statement, not a theological judgement BTW…"

          So I guess we agree we are done… I dont need to hide what I believe or use weasel words to concea what I mean… because I dont follow the father of lies

      • “..Samo Christian zionism …’
        mahahahaha… dude, I kind think Paul was right with 1 Thessalonians 2:15

        THANK YOU for finally admiting that Gnostics DO NOT worship the OT God…nor His son Jesus with whats below

        “…“that the god of the Old testement [sic] was the (bad) demiurge”

        Yah, and? To understand the Demiurge, you have to actually read some things like the Fall of Sophia which you are not willing to do….”

        THANK YOU… so, you think weird theology and cosmolgy stolen from (Maybe hindu’s ???) pythagoreans and platonists
        is somehow related to CHRISTIANITY??? Clear thats rubbish
        SAME with the emanations and sofia and all that pagan philosophy… its fine if you like it but NOT related to anything early christians taught…. I guess its ‘kinda’ like the BS mormons teach (kolob anyone..?lololo) – and the line from Gnosticism into the New Age is also clear

        I do not care if you follow paganism, but your trying to paint it as being somehow Abrahamic when its clearly not in any way linked to anything Jesus or his followers actually taught.

        “…Like I said, Christians didn’t add the Torah; the first Bible had no Torah and for a good reason… Jews hated Jesus then and powerful Jews now still do….”

        The old Testament was without doubt studied BY THE FIRST CHRISTIANS who had been jews… that the gentiles did not at first study it is hardly a surprise since they were specifically NOT UNDER its rules….that it has a bearing on how you see the NT is also obvious, but such things are NOT VITAL (though USEFUL..)to salvation in the Christian theology.

        “..The material world is evil. Have fun in your ivory tower with your playstation lol…”
        As it says in Genesis ‘And God saw that IT WAS GOOD’… the Jesus YOU talk about has NOTHING to do with any Jesus promised in the OT….gnostics are not even heretics, just pagans

        • edit…
          that the gentile ^^CONVERTS^^ did not study it

        • Read the article… pretty common sense with noting much to argue against, thought the writing could have been better…it lacked the crisp focus you generally find with Mr Corbetts writing, and leading with something like the quote below is a very 1999 geocities look

          “..I may use some larger words that you might not understand, making you angry and causing you to leave troll-like comments full of bad grammar and moronic thought processes… “

      • But I forgot to point out how the “Gnostic jesus” is pretty much the same thing as the Theosophical , new age maitreya christ so beloved of such people as the NWO Lucis Trust that helps out the UN…not the Christ of Christianity


        there.. finished

      • Bleak
        “..You are full of shit. Yeah, I’m tired of being nice to blatantly IGNORANT disinformationists…”
        Good… I never trust people who pretend to be things their not.

        “..for whom? She was Russian first of all. She was lived from 1831 to 1891. So who was she an “intel agent” for? ..”
        I guess you never heard of “the Great GAme’??
        The Russian Empire (greatest Land power) vs Britain (greatest sea power) in India… Tibet where she claims to have visited (though THAT claim is AFAIK questionable) was/is important…now ‘AS I RECALL’ Dr Richard Spence said she was an agent for various OTHER governments also- I’d need to go dig up some stuff to find it so I’ll just give you the point

        “..You really mean Aleister Crowley, you dumb shit, who maybe or maybe not worked for MI5 circa WWII…”
        Crowley worked for SIS or NI (cant recall) NOT MI5 which is DOMESTIC intel, like the FBI during world war ONE (Not2)… PROVEN with documentation by Dr Spence
        He ‘probably’ assisted in ww2 interrogating people (inc Hess) ‘maybe’ with hallucinogenic mushrooms… I not only know the dif between the two, I also know WHAT WAR

        “”>.you don’t understand the differences between Lucifer and Luciferians, the Fallen, the “morning star”. The mother Mary, Jesus and Lucifer all have been conflated with morning star….”
        Like…you serious man? Are you trying to fool me or yourself?

        “… That is how obfuscated the Bible can be, “the christian devil” aka Satan or Shatan the adversary in Jewish mythology, real “satanists” (as in LeVey’s church of satan), or fake “satanists” as in atheists who think man is god….”
        REALLY???? SO again… we are back at the question
        DO YOU think God is too weak to stop people HIDING the truth or TOO EVIL to let them know it??
        Oh… you answered way up this thread- I’ll grab that
        “….To understand the Demiurge ….. Fall of Sophia…”
        YOU think the God of the Bible is an evil being keeping people ignorant…That makes the apple giving snake what??

        Blatvatsky “…. “Aquarian/New Age” conspiracy in your brain..”
        LUCIS TRUST (on the World council of churches at the UN still?)… Annie Bessant… a good chunk of the Fabians.. Yeah… Theosophy is pro-globalist

        “…In Isis Unveiled, she spoke well of Jesus as one who, though a “poor, unknown Jewish carpenter” and “no master of social etiquette,” nonetheless became a great reformer, teaching a “sublime code of ethics,”..”
        LIKE I SAID…she was not a Christian.

        “..Luciferians at the Vatican..”
        They suck too

        “…What are the similarities between Blavatsky and early* Theosophy and what Christian Gnostics believed and practiced? That we all have The Christ (greek Christos) within us. That knowledge of God the Father begins with knowledge of the self. …”
        THAT IS NOT CHRISTIANITY dude… thats Gnosticism -a mix of neo-platonist and pagan ideas… the DRUSE practice that stuff to this day and dont pretend to be Christians

      • “…stop believing everything you hear from every charlatan on the internet. I’m not pretending to be something I’m not. I have real-world physical experience in every subject mentioned in this polemical debate….”
        POINT 1 :
        The only IMPORTANT issue is already settled.. you think the God of the Bible is the demiurge…who wanted to keep humans dumb….this makes the snake the good guy..
        IF you dont think that then I will appologize right now…if you do think that then your religion is NOT anything the actual Jesus taught.
        “..“Dr” Richard Spence; citations/bibliography from one his trash books might help. Reading some reviews and stuff, he already sounds like another charlatan out to make a few bucks from gullible suckers who know nothing about the subjects…”
        https://www.uidaho.edu/class/history/faculty-staff/richard-spence He teaches at a real universiry
        https://www.thegreatcourses.com/professors/richard-b-spence/ he has a slot on the great courses
        https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/657090.Richard_B_Spence He has lots of books published
        WHAT makes you think he’s a charlaten ? I already conceded the point that it was based off MY MEMORY of him saying something and I gave way because point 1 is the real issue
        “…CIA is DOMESTIC intel, right?”
        NO. Also still smirking that you got the WAR wrong 😉 JK
        “..You simply don’t know what’s different or what they have in common (very little). To you, it’s all one big “devil” which doesn’t exactly make you an expert on subjects like early Christian gnostics….”
        AGAIN… Your free to think what you like, but if you think the BIBLE is a lie or trick then YOU CANT claim to be following the religion based on what it says.
        not all branches were globalist. I know, I attended one for over a year. It wasn’t anti-Christian or the dark occult…”
        LOL… Mormons dont come across as weirdos who think god started out as a human from planet kolob when they door knock you 😉 Gotta filter you first to see where you fit.
        “… Oh that’s right… SHE wasn’t a Christian and she wrote about the Christ inside of us all… therefore the early Christian followers of Jesus like Thomas, Mary Magdalene, Philip, James… weren’t Christians either because Blavatsky wasn’t a Christian, right? Wow, great logical fallacy. You sure told me. Why don’t you look up post hoc ergo propter hoc…”
        I never said that. I said that GNOSTICS are not christians BECAUSE they follow a ‘christ’ based on other religious traditions then Jesus came from and would have known or taught.
        Those folks you mention were Christians…the people who wrote books about them to press a gnostic point WERE NOT
        also PLEASE look at your own words below…
        “…What are the similarities between Blavatsky and early* Theosophy and what Christian Gnostics believed and practiced? That we all have The Christ (greek Christos) within us. That knowledge of God the Father begins with knowledge of the self. …”

  26. I get the impression that JC is an agnostic, like myself. I was an atheist at one time during my teen years, but had a miraculous recovery from an illness and I prayed during that time. I was more connected to sacredness at that time, but more recently have had doubts again.

    We have no proof God exists for a fact. And people suffer and living beings suffer and are in pain every day. I wonder if any victims of serial killers prayed to God before their deaths. Wouldn’t that make you doubt?

    Why would God allow this all to happen, people who do good and work hard? There are so many examples of injustice. Isn’t that reason enough to doubt? I think it is.

    • “..Why would God allow this all to happen, people who do good and work hard? There are so many examples of injustice. Isn’t that reason enough to doubt? I think it is….”

      1)As CS Lewis says, things that are the most wonderful can go the most wrong- compare an evil dog to an evil human in destructive ability but also recall that the human can do far more good then the dog if they choose
      2)ALL the bad things that humans do are thru their free will… as CS Lewis says if God thought that giving humans free will to choose to do right or wrong was important its kinda hard to imagine humans know better
      3)Examples of injustice are not a reason for doubting God except for when people think that they know better then God does. Its all going to be settled up one day, and if we dont like that Bill Gates or Jon Stryker or Tim Gill have not got their well deserved justice we should also recall that this means WE have still got time to repent our own evil

      • Fact checker
        “..“things that are the most wonderful can go the most wrong”
        Well that’s just pure nonsense. …”

        Well… if you think that a worm is able to be as evil as a human I dont know what to say… If you think a retarded cripple is able to work as much evil as a genius triathlete I must question your good sense

        “..So then if “God” gave humans free will, then “He” is responsible….”

        So… if your mother lets you stay out late and at the party you decide to rape a co-ed its moms fault???
        The law says you may drive a car…but you decide to to run down some people on the sidewalk- is your choice the fault of the person who gave you a driving licence?
        I think you are being a little silly saying that when YOU decide to do something its someone elses fault.

        “..Ah yes…God will atone for his misdeeds. (I doubt it. He should have just not been such a sack of [crud] in the first place.)…”

        I am sorry if I was not clear in that I meant the deeds of HUMANS will be settled up. You may disagree with God’s choices (calling him a sack of crud…) but that does bring up the question of what standard you are using to judge God, or humans, or anything, and why your standard is better then anyone elses. IF God is real, in your argument, then how can you judge Him to be anything?

        Atheism is a philosophical dead end…its mass adoption is planned precisely because it leads to ineffectuality and death for any society that does so

        • “..I judge a tree by its fruits. If there is an intelligence that created this swirling nightmare, then that creator is manifestly sadistic and malevolent..”

          I dont advise suicide to folks on the internet but if you honestly feel that way about life one does have to question why you still bother?

          Your dark outlook, far darker then my own cynicism, sounds utterly unbearable, and that desire for an ending is exactly what the Elites WANT you to live and breath

    • left a reply below to your post… the thread was acting weird so I couldn’t hit reply down there 🙂

  27. Arby

    I think its a spiritual issue behind the attack on Christianity, but even without that there is no way that the people who want TO BE GOD will willingly allow competition for devotion and worship to exist… without religion people are free of the bonds that stop them doing many things- most of them terrible…. with out God most people have no real compelling arguent as to why its wrong to treat them like a cow or a dog or a robot.

    • Perhaps Christianity did influence morality in societies. But I think other religions may have had influences as well.

      I think morality serves an evolutionary purpose. Even atheists can have moral values and “do unto others” or rather treat other people the way they would want to be treated.

      I remember as a child that I felt guilt when I was mean to other children. Perhaps it was my mothers influence on me, but I felt this feeling and I could empathize and feel pain that I caused to others when I was mean.

      Mirror neurons, the biology of empathy is also a reason why we can have empathy. Other mammals have also demonstrated this ability. My point is that, I think morality and behaving ethically is hard wired into most people, people that aren’t psychopaths. People don’t need to believe in God to treat others with kindness.

      Some people don’t cheat or lie or steal because they would know even if the other person doesn’t and this is enough to behave ethically. For me, I do not feel good about something I obtained dishonestly, it would be devoid of pleasure for me.

      • “…Perhaps Christianity did influence morality in societies. But I think other religions may have had influences as well.
        I think morality serves an evolutionary purpose. …”

        Christianity is the source of 90 plus % of WESTERN culture… I am a westerner and do not live in, admire, or desire the morality of the Bantu, Asian or the Saudi.
        I think their morality inferior, but thats their deal, not mine since I do not own or have responsibility for them.

        In the absence of an actual “REAL” God who rewards and punishes morality STOPS being evolutionarily useful and becomes a deficit after a certain point…. you could argue QUITE LOGICALLY (even though I think it would be EVIL) that taking care of people of your own nation helps your genes but then helping starving people in other nations HARMS yur genes and you should go full eugenicist and encourage them to die

        The Elite REALLY DO follow that logic because they have moved into a post christian post religious world view… some of them are worse

  28. Thank you James for unpacking the agenda of the transhumanists. For a few yers I have been studying Quantum Physics and Human Biology with my focus turning more and more to trying to answer the question “What is life”

    IMO There is a paradigm shift going on in human biology and the reductionist technocrats are fighting for their survival. They are desperately trying to retain and expand their dominant positions in human biology Therefore the big push is to take control of everyone and everything.

    There is the connection that we humans have with the cosmos. Every culture, society has had those who realized that there is “something” that transcends humans and all living flora and fauna. Some call it religion.

    A good starting read on the topic is “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce H. Lipton.

    Here’s something that has stuck in my mind that professor Ted Aoki said at the U. of Alberta. Question? Why do researchers want to know?
    1. Scientific paradigm: to control
    2. Hermeneutic paradigm:to understand
    3. Libertarian: to liberate
    And the best research covers all three
    WE know which paradigm the transhumanists fit into but they are experts at spewing forth with propaganda that implying that they are focused on paradigms 2 and 3 but they operate in paradigm 1 almost entirely.

    Regarding their climate change rhetoric…They are well aware of what the astrophysicists tell us is happening…We are in cycle 24 in terms of sunspot activity it is coinciding with the Maunder Minimum which occurs every 400 years. By 2030 we will probably be entering a mini ice age…
    So, panic on that front, too.

    • Alchemist
      “..Religion has been tainted with dogma, but I hope we, as a society, can get past that ..”

      As as society we HAVE… we now live in a post truth world where people can get their updates flashed by TV.

      A world without ‘dogma’ is a world where truth has no definite existence.

      • Alchemist
        “..If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Ignore, but don’t silence. We all have our own path and not everyone will get to the same place at the same time. Discerning truth is a personal process…”

        You know, I kinda agree 100% in peoples freedom to do what they like, but the fact is that for many people the valid idea that “..Discerning truth is a personal process..” becomes a way to opt out of the idea that there IS a truth.

        People (in general, NOT saying you personally) have been taught to extend tolerance (a virtue) into a kind of mental mushiness and double mindedness in how we see the world. They turn tolerance into a weakness, which it should not be…and weak people are never free

        Sad to say that we have already left a world where “..they should be free to preach those beliefs as well..” is the norm, and it probably wont be ever again, certainly in our lives.

  29. I might try attacking this with occam’s razor.

    There are some strong arguments that Germ Theory is incorrect. What mainstream science calls viruses are actually exosomes. What mainstream science calls cancer is actually the body’s immune system at work. Having researched Gerson Therapy and German New Medicine a lot of this natural science is simple and intuitive.

    In contrast Big Pharma has an agenda to make healthcare seem very complicated and counter-intuitive. Keeping people confused and sick is a big money maker. Chemotherapy deliberately makes people sick and mercury and other poisons in vaccines make people sick.

    So could it not be that this “convergence” idea is just another way to make healthcare seem complicated and counter-intuitive. Introducing new ways to poison people and further distracting from the simple ideas of diet and exercise?

    The only bio-tech developments that I could imagine would be something in vaccines that is triggered by 5G or other electromagnetic waves to make people sick or docile. The powers that shouldn’t be want you to think they are a lot smarter than they actually are.

  30. thomas
    That looks interesting, gonna read it properly later…but the fact is they dont need to ‘solve’ it- they just need to convince most people to accept the lie.

  31. Exactly!

    When Ray Kurzweil (whom is definitely in the transhumanist camp) says we would be able to download our consciousness into a computer AI cloud shows you how naive and uninformed such materialists are on the philosophical conundrum of consciousness which they have by no means solved on the materialistic front.

    This is one of the reasons why I put transhumanism in the pseudoscience realm along with the speculations of old eugenics – the predictions that are being churned out now are just as speculative and unrealistic and you would have to question some parts of your sanity to take it seriously.

  32. Jesus Christ is the ONLY defense against any of this anti-human devilry. Take Him seriously now before it’s too late. John 3:16

    • “..I’d rather kill myself than believe that a character in an old book is coming to save us….”

      You will do so then… western society is doing so right now.

      Without a philosophical basis outside the material there is no defense against the logic of what the elites are doing… as Terry Pratchett says grind up the universe and extract me a sample of “rights” or Justice” or “morals” from the matter

      Welcome to mouse utopia

      • I’ve no doubt that the “human” devils who are running this show are answering directly to Satan, following his instructions for “final victory.”

        “Without God, all things are permitted.”

    • Mystery Babylon thanks you for your compliance with their anti-Christ agenda of the last 70 years.

      You realize you think Jesus Christ is a “myth” because the Babylon System taught you that, right?

      • If you had even the slightest clue about the teachings of Christ, you would be unable to spout the excreta you just did. Sure, Jews are going to “concoct” a “myth” where Jesus calls Talmud Jews “sons of their father the Devil,” and where guilt for His murder is placed squarely upon THEM “and their children.” Further, St. John makes very clear that what later became Judaism is anti-Christ: 1 John 2:22-23.

        No, you refuse to believe for the same reason the Talmud Jews refuse to believe. You learned it from them.

        A lot of us started out as “proud skeptics.” We self-reflected and realized the lies about Christ came from the same source as what killed Him.

        • I am sorry for the pain inside. I don’t know who injured you emotionally and spiritually, but though they acted in Christ’s name, they had no authority – or understanding of Him – to do so.

          The existence of a Creator is self-evident from the complexity of the natural world.

          I pray that you will find the Truth before it is too late.

      • Fact Checker

        No serious historian, even atheist ones, believe that a person named Jesus is ‘made up… whats truly laughable is that jews spend all that time undermining Christianity and making up stories about Jesus burning in poop in hell while ‘spergs have to ‘sperg out about people worshiping “da jew on da stick, man!” and act like painting yourself blue and following Thor’s gonna be an effective response to the deliberate destruction of the christian west and the respect for life that gave rise to,,, as for the new atheists, hahahaha if you think they are not 100% behind the agenda

        THAT is the truly laughably thing… people who take on the ideology of those who hate them…its even written down that other religions will not be convenient for the masters to let exist…THAT said, sorry you were raised catholic- try actually reading the Bible and not listening to man made theology and you may recover

        • “..Classic weasel word….”
          W3ll.. YOU might think the word of a guy who thinks Jesus was a code word for magic mushroom and the world missed the joke is a SERIOUS historian…but not many people do.
          Again…. what do you call a serious historian?? Have you ever read any history of that period? Have you studied any writings from the classical world? or do you just want to puff up like your on Reddit?

          “..What’s the evidence he did exist?…”
          well…far better historians then you or I certainly DO believe that such a person existed….funny enough many of them are ATHEISTS or jewish.
          Is there evidence that Herodotus existed? Or Socrates?
          “…A fanciful tale from one Saul of Tarsus, which then spawned some interquels and fanfic from his followers. That’s it….”

          Uhh…. utterly ignorant.
          First off Saul did not write all the books of the NT….2nd… actually there is not much point in even going on unless you have actually read anything about that period. It would be like explaining WW2 to someone who has never cracked a book on the subject, fruitless.

          An example of your lack of knowledge is calling an educated Jew like Paul a goat fker when he was a skilled tradesman and highly trained scholar… prove me wrong as to your level of education on these matters if you are able

  33. Good episode, but it overlooks the elephant that was in the room before covid – cell phones. They might only be a bridge between the organic and the biodigital, but what a bridge. They normalized 24/7 technological dependence and are indispensable to the construction of the techno-surveillance state – contract tracing, cashlessness . . . virtually every element of the projected panopticon is predicated on their widespread adoption.

    Is an organic entity that is utterly dependent on a phone still organic in any real sense? Put it another way: if people were given the choice between constantly carrying a phone and a brain chip that performed the same functions (and factor in the way Bigtech and the MSM would sell such a chip) how many would cling to the quaint, awkward things in their back pockets?

    The majority have never considered the subjects raised in this video. They seem incapable of considering them. They will adopt any purportedly useful technology thrown at them that is sold with a smiley face – like the covid vaccines. Can the minority prevail against both the majority and the most powerful people on the planet? That’s meant to be rhetorical; only hardcore pragmatists should try to answer it.

  34. Sometimes I think there is a kind of transhumanistic powder being sprayed in the air lobotomising people big time already (I know, you could call it: TV)…

    If not, how to explain why/how the VAST MAJORITY of the lefty, intellectual, intelligent, artists, alternative, cool people, are SUPPORTING/IMPOSING HOUSE ARRESTS, ABDUCTION, OBSCENE USE OF POWER AND CONTROL (from government, police and civilians – yep FROM civilians TO civilians), TESTS, INJECTIONS, MASKS, COERCION, ABUSE, ISOLATION etc ?
    In Brazil, during 21 years of dictatorship, these were the people who would go to the streets to fight for FREEDOM – OF SPEECH, OF AGGREGATION, OF CHOICE. They were the hippies and the middle class supposedly intelligent, well-informed, critical thinkers, artists, intellectuals.
    Today in this same country, these SAME people are shaming and prosecuting the so-called “Anti” people (anti masks, anti vax, anti lockdown, anti science bla bla – by the way, they should simplify by saying “the ANTI BS critical thinkers true seekers folks”), avoiding a civil conversation about anything that would question the mainstream narrative. Trusting online “fact-checkers”!!! Like… seriously??? And you are the smart ones???
    I recently heard with my own ears a Brazilian saying: “I’m having dinner with 3 or 4 friends tmr but they all got the shot, so, it’s ok! To enter in my house, only if vaccinated!!!” YEP, Vaccine apartheid!
    How, how, how these can be the SAME people??? how can THIS be called being from the “left”? If you assume “the left” kind of likes the concept of democracy? The “liberty, equality, fraternity” flag?

    Also, equally strange, is that most videos I find online with relevant information about what is really going on, are somehow associated with the extreme right, extreme religious groups, weird people and weird stuff. Either the platforms, the videos next to it… it makes me feel super uncomfortable. Stuff/people/groups that I wouldn’t normally identify/associate with.
    I sent a clip – which was on rumble – about the dangers of these injections to a friend and she said: “I don’t watch anything from rumble as it’s an extreme right-wing platform” – to what I nearly asked: mmmm, are you on facebook??? (because I’m not!)

    What was the trick to get to this point? How was it done? How come it’s working? Anyone else experiencing this brain/logic panic? Anyone else got a SHOCK when a dear (ex) like-minded (ex) friend said that someone (else) who thinks just like you and me is a “flat-earther ignorant conspiracy theorist stupid dangerous irresponsible fool”?

    Can someone (James?) help my poor brain to understand what a F*** is happening with this left and right change of values? How come it didn’t “infected” me but it did to them?

    Please have a look at Brazil’s situation, it’s a calamity: probably THE place with one of the best examples of BRAINWASHING success. Fear-mongering nazi propaganda blinding rational thinking. MASSIVE amounts of inexplicable compliance and division. Total insanity!

    • Here I am–long-time registered Democrat in the US–supporter of social programs and unions–defender of human rights–marcher in all left-wing marches that drive the right-wing crazy like pink pussy hats, BLM, every antiwar demonstration that comes to town. Here I am in the exact same place you are. Everybody I marched with, handed out leaflets with, went to political meetings with, are totally on board with Covid19 Psyop. Meanwhile, people who I might have referred to at one time as belonging to the “selfish bastard party” and who used words that I hated and still hate like “resilient”, those people seem to shed the propaganda like water off a duck. You have the proud Irish, of whom I am descendant, who fought for CENTURIES against invaders knuckling under to lockdowns. Yes, I have to re-evaluate my political underpinnings and question the kind of mind-set that would allow virtually everyone on the left to become obedient mind-slaves. Meanwhile you have people on the right who don’t have the political organization–being mostly individualists–to fight the highly organized biomedical-faschist onslaught, but who at least still have control over their own minds. But not even the entire right wing is immune. Even my Republican family members are getting vaccinated. Still, I have to recognize the truth. If it weren’t for the Republicans, we in the US would be much worse off than we are right now. They have the only organized resistance to this nightmare.

      • “..f it weren’t for the Republicans, we in the US would be much worse off than we are right now. They have the only organized resistance to this nightmare….”

        Their job is to loose , just slowly enough that people dont panic.
        They are fully onboard with the agenda just so long as they can keep drawing money and power during their own lifetimes

        • I think you are probably right and that is a keen insight. Keep people believing that someone else will do the hard work.

        • Yes, you are probably right, as in correct. It might have nothing to do with party affiliation or left-right politics. It is too easy to fall into dichotomous thinking. Humans are much more complicated than that.

    • It is happening in the US too. My punk friend got the vax while wearing her denim vest with an Anarchy symbol on it. The hypocrisy out there is mind blowing!

    • “…Also, equally strange, is that most videos I find online with relevant information about what is really going on, are somehow associated with the extreme right, extreme religious groups, weird people and weird stuff….”

      THATS not a deep mystery- people who are ALREADY socially outsiders are not as prone to going along to get along. No one likes them ANYWAY so they can say what they think 😉

  35. We outnumber them. If they were blatant and started shooting, it might tip their hand to the masses.

    I suspect they are testing their technology so they can use it to extend their mortal life and cure diseases that they might have. They also are psychopaths and might enjoy conducting experiments on people.

    They certainly care very little for humanity, the lockdowns, pollution, and experimental drug testing on the world.

  36. “..We are in the Abattoir even now, as we type our feeble little exchanges using the nervous system of the Beast Machine Itself…”

    Then why do you struggle and worry?
    If your fate is fixed, stop complaining about it and accept it

    • you are silly then…. you should do something nice before you go if thats the limit of your vision

  37. Great resource. Thanks.

  38. Most interesting. Thanks, James.

    What still remain open questions to me — and you might have elaborated on this elsewhere — are:

    A. Why does the Great Convergence HAS to be preluded by a Covid-19 like crisis.

    B. Why does it HAS to be FORCED on THE ENTIRE world population.

  39. UKridge

    Both… I bet that some of the weirder sillicon valley types really do think the world is a simulation, just like their more occult predecessors think they can become gods thru gnosis…. but getting vast amounts of power is a definite sweetener

  40. Nano-particles are in definition just small particles.
    It takes a bit more words to define what might be dangerous with them.

    There are capsules of nano-particles (PPP I think), which is an
    artificial envelop for the artificial mRNA.
    Some people are allergic to PPP.

    The mRNA are nano-particles in some sense, the biological version.
    They are a program that is sent to the ribosomes.
    And the ribosomes make the spike-proteins.

    The spike-proteins can damage cells already.

    The immune system will kill cells that produce artificial mRNA,
    at some point.
    The artificial mRNA can arrive all over the body.

    In the brain, heart, liver.
    Many of them arrive in the reproductive organs and uterus.
    And there the mRNA will produce spike-proteins,
    probably until the cells are killed.

    Due to an overreaction the immune system, can become
    auto-immune and attack the organs that produce spike-proteins.

    The most likely version is that the mRNA will not make
    you immune, but allergic for the virus.
    So when it returns in the winter, maybe as normal flu,
    the allergy will cause a severe inflammation and kill people.

  41. The work of fiction “Good Morning Bio-digital” reminded me of movie called The Island (2005), where residents of utopian facility are wearing bio bracelets, their sleep cycles is monitored and if erratic rem sleep cycle is detected they have to report to tranquility center, their urine is screened and they’re advised nutrition control based on the reading…….
    Worth watching

  42. I think that is definitely one of their goals. If you have all the money and power the only thing left is immortality.

    I was terrified as a child when I learned that everyone dies. I think this terrifies them because they only believe in the physical realm and have no belief in a soul or anything that gives life meaning.

    • lol… me too. I had a whole transhumanist plan for my own immortality as a ten year old… cloning a body and downloading the memories into it… now, the tech I imagined was watching a VIDEO of my life under hypnosis and verbal retelling of events to recreate my mind in the clone …. it occurred to me that I was going to need to use a faster watch speed or the clone would die of old age.

      hahaha… I WAS that weird kid every class had 😉

  43. Ted Kaczynski was right….

  44. Imho we will see a massive event the next years to push us into the reset, into the convergence…we wont go slowly into this, it will be shock and awe this time.

    Time will tell, and i dont think i will see the outcome as i am one of the useless eaters, one of the 99,9%

    • Every one of your ancestors survived everything thrown at them…from Tigers to Romans to famine to plague…. people can surprise themselves when it comes to staying alive

  45. Here is some more about the nano-particles in the vaccines.
    Note that they are all different, and differ per experimental “vaccine”.
    They are not nano-tech.

    This doctor explains just a bit what he means with nano-particles.
    It is about the additional ingredients in the “vaccines” that
    likely have damaging health side-effects.
    It would be helpful if he would name each problematic type of nano-particles.

    TLAV – the unacknowledge danger of nanoparticles

    And no TLAV, they are not magnetic.

    Those in the vax are probably not reacting to strong
    nearby magnetic fields either.
    The ferritin seems more a tool that is used for
    diagnosis of iron related disorders.

    • Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna says:
      “…One of the things we were doing with Dr. Fauci’s team for the last couple of years was collaborating on studying viruses that could become outbreaks…
      …And so, one of the things we got lucky with was that we’d been working for a few years together with Dr. Fauci’s team as part of that project for outbreak readiness on the MERS vaccine, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome….”

      — …and previous in the conversation… —
      “…And so, I sent an email to somebody working for Tony Fauci, Barney Graham, who we’ve been collaborating with for years designing several vaccines together.
      And I say,
      “Hey, Barney, have you seen the new pathogen in China? What is it? Is it a bacteria or is it a virus?” And he replied to me a few hours later and he says, “It’s not a bacteria, it seems to be a virus, but we don’t know which one yet.”

      And a day or two after, Barney sent me an email and said, “We learned from our contacts in China, it’s not flu, it’s not RSV, we don’t know what it is yet.”
      And then another day goes by and he says, “It’s a coronavirus, but it’s not SARS and it’s not MERS, it’s a new coronavirus.
      Within a day or two, the sequence should be put online by the Chinese.” And so on January 11, the Chinese put the sequence online and our team at Moderna used the sequence to design a vaccine. Barney’s team did the same thing. And when they shared notes after around 48 hours, they’d designed exactly the same vaccine…

      The ”Vaccine Research Center” at Dr. Fauci’s NIAID | NIH
      Dr. Barney S Graham, Deputy Director of the “Vaccine Research Center” gives a 54 minute video presentation which walks a person through the development of the Covid vaccine.
      He cites the “spike protein” which Dr. Fauci had mentioned in the Bloomberg YouTube video (linked just above the comment link below).
      LINK to Barney’s video presentation

  46. Just wanted to grow in my two cents that lab grown meat is still a bit of a fantasy. I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, and have been doing cell culture for the better part of two decades. To my knowledge, no one has come up with a growth medium that doesn’t require addition of animal serum (the liquid component of blood) to keep cells proliferating. Also, large scale cell culture would be very difficult to do without antibiotics. The point is that lab grown meats still require killing animals and using antibiotics, which are the very problems they are supposed to solve. You should check out the Good Food Institute, which is a non-profit that has been pushing lab grown meat. I suspect they have some WEF backing.

  47. Loved the message to the people obsessed with Covid graphs, etc. Get up to speed, Tom Woods!!! 🙂

  48. Which God… Is this God you mention the One who created the world or some other being?
    Is the Jesus you speak of Jesus the son of the God who made the world who came to die for our sins??

    I dont really expect a straight answer but If you DO think what I just asked I shall unreservedly apologize for saying you follow the father of lies

    • I dont have a problem with that… I just wondered if the God you mention created the material world, or if you worship some other god?

      Maybe a ‘god’ who brought humans knowledge via fruit delivery…?

      • Bleak
        thanks for the answer…. 😉

      • “..No problem, Abe.
        So how long have you been shilling on Corbett?…”

        Oh… long time listener…years.. back when YT was still good.

        When/Why did you start believing the snake in the Garden was the good guy and the Creator God was evil?
        Actually interested, never chatted with a (semi) open Lucifarian before.

      • “…Why does it bother you so much? Why do you care so much what I believe?..”

        I DONT… really I have no issue with your religious freedom… I dont much approve of people labeling themslevs as a thing by using weasel words and changing the names of things IF THEY do it to mislead people as to what they are
        For example..
        “..But I don’t believe any of that, Abe, as I’ve said….”
        what ‘things’ ?? The the christian devil is evil? That lucifer is the snake? who knows…? You ALREADY talked about the demiurge…so I guess you think OT God is evil..?
        Sneaky, sneaky, lol, just be what you are and say what you think

    • ‘..Sure you don’t. Anyone reading this can tell I don’t want to continue with you…’

      OK then… I only went talking on because you asked
      “…So how long have you been shilling on Corbett?…”

      Fun as its been your just gonna go round in circles with the weasel words …I used to like that kinda verbal trickery too, back when I was younger.

      I guess thats why the early Christians thought Gnostics were such a problem looking so similar outwardly and yet having different such cosmology…anyway, its been interesting
      peace (but not a desert) 🙂

      • LOL……
        Dude.. you just sour because I found out YOU think the God who created the world in the Old Testament is evil … I even promised to apologize if you told me you did not think that.
        How is finding your secret ‘dumb’?
        nah… dont bother answering

        • What are you trying to prove?
          You think th eSnake in the Garden is the good guy…

          “..I never said the God of the OT was “evil” or the “world is evil”…”
          See your own words posted at the bottom of the page

          “… Those are your words, not mine. Who am I to judge an Archon? And the world is what people make it or made it. And we’ve made it evil shit for sure. >>>>The truth is IDK what the God of the OT is; only that it isn’t the one true God, the one Jesus called “Father.” ..”
          Your own words at the bottom of the page show you DO have an opinion

          “….Are most Christians wrong about the God of the OT? You betcha you/they are….”
          Well… If the jesus YOU follow is NOT the son of the OT God then he is NOT the Jesus I follow… your christ and my Christ ARE NOT THE SAME by your own definition.

          Your preped to follow a bad path buddy… you do what you like, its on you.

          Without the OT there is no basis to expect Jesus… Gnostic ideas are pagan phillosophy and have nothing to do with anything a real guy born of jews and fullfilling the Biblic promise would teach.

          “…“….It’s no secret. The God of the OT is an Archon. This planet is ruled by evil, always has been and, with suckers like you who’d rather worship evil, probably always will be….”

      • Hi Bleak…
        I guess you want to carry on… OK, I’m game

        “..You lumped Christian Gnostics in with dark occultists, the “devil” etc when those very same occultists are inextricably tied to books in the OT through Kabbalah…”

        FIRST thank you for coming out CLEARLY and saying that YOU BELIEVE

        “….It’s no secret. The God of the OT is an Archon. This planet is ruled by evil, always has been and, with suckers like you who’d rather worship evil, probably always will be….”

        SO… the ‘jesus’ you follow CAN NOT be the same “Jesus” Christians (as they are normally understood) follow… Christians believe that Jesus is the SON OF the Old Testement God… which you call an evil Archon… you also think anyone who follows that God (you say Archon) is worshiping EVIL.

        Thus… while you may talk about worshiping jesus or god you are NOT talking about the same beings that regular (YOU would say non-Gnostic) Christians talk of.

        You are worshiping a DIFFERENT god, and a DIFFERENT jesus so, from the point of view of a Christian you are woshiping the devil and the anti-christ…. Just as YOU thnk that the Jesus I worship and the Creator Old Testement God that I believe is His Father are bad.

        Now… TBH THAT is the only real issue that matters…. I can go on about how your Gnostic belief that the material world is evil is the source of Transhumanist thinking or the idea that we live in a computer simulation, or that most people are cattle worthy only of slaugter…. Nothing good comes out of it.

        I could send you over to the FARM +PODCAST +VISUP to listen to his stuff if your interested in that kind of thing honestly, IMO you follow Lucifer and a religion that is anti-physical world and anti human…. At the very least its a tool of the NWO

        When the one world leader comes up you are already prep’ed to go along with it, when offered the computer matrix heaven your prep’ed for it…when offered genocide of the unworthy or unclean your prep’ed for it.

        I’m gonna go now… but its still misleading to say you are a christian when you call the God normies assume is Jesus Father an evil ruler

        “…“….It’s no secret. The God of the OT is an Archon. This planet is ruled by evil, always has been and, with suckers like you who’d rather worship evil, probably always will be….”

        • I don’t mean to step in between this heated disagreement, but can’t people worship what ever brings them joy and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, why is this a problem?

          Do you think I’m a devil worshiper if I told you I like some of the philosophies of Eastern religion or that I think nature is sacred and that I like shamanic practices are cool?

          Just because people have different beliefs doesn’t meant that they are bad or evil. Goodness can come from people who believe in nothing at all or from people who follow various religions and spiritual practices, including Gnostics. Didn’t Jesus say “Love thy neighbor”?

          Jesus said a lot of really enlightening things straight from the heart. It’s wrong to hate people because they have different beliefs or to say that they are worshiping the devil. Jesus wouldn’t tell people that, as far as my interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

        • cu.h.j

          “..I don’t mean to step in between this heated disagreement..”
          Feel free.. its the internet 🙂

          “….can’t people worship what ever brings them joy… why is this a problem?….”

          While I WISH people would believe what I beleive to be the Truth that can save them I really DONT have an issue with you or Bleak worshiping whatever they like.

          BUT one should be clear when they identify… for example if I say I am a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a communist, an anarchist ect you will assume I believe certain things.
          If I SAY I am an anarchist but then promote Big interventionist Government I would be a liar.

          “…Do you think I’m a devil worshiper if I told you I like some of the philosophies of Eastern religion …. shamanic practices are cool?…”

          NO…I would think you were wrong but I would not think you were worshiping the Devil… IF like Bleak you say that the Old Testement God is Evil and see the Snake in the Garden as mankinds savior/benefactor I WOULD say you were worshiping the devil

          “…Just because people have different beliefs doesn’t meant that they are bad or evil…”
          You act from what you think- all action comes from hat you think
          if you think the material world is evil (as Bleak does) you think and act in ways that are of benefit to the NWO and which the people doing the NWO also believe

          “…including Gnostics…”
          Sorry… but a gnostic follows what regular Christians AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL (even atheists) think of as the devil , and gnostic ideas are the root of transhumanism and gnostic thinking is rife in the NWO crowd its impossible for me to agree with you

          “.. Didn’t Jesus say “Love thy neighbor”?..”
          Jesus said those who do not follow him will be destroyed in a lake of fire… Bleak and I are both, one would hope, trying to save each other.

          “…It’s wrong to hate people because they have different beliefs..”
          TRUE… I dont hate bleak

          “.. or to say that they are worshiping the devil…”
          BUT HE IS worshiping what Christians call the devil… did you not read the thread?

          “… Jesus wouldn’t tell people that,..”

          Uhh…yes, He did
          John 8:44 “>>You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.<<

          Bleak said that he worships a different god then christians do… thats fine but he should be clear that he worships the enemy of what people call the Christian God

  49. bleak
    “….I don’t believe, and the Gnostics never said, “the Snake in the Garden as mankinds saviour/benefactor.”…

    You are a silly person… ignorant of your Gnosis or PROVABLE LIAR, see below.


    “..Ophite, (from Greek ophis, “serpent”), member of any of several Gnostic sects …A variety of Gnostic sects…., are included under the designation Ophites. These sects’ beliefs differed in various ways, but central to them all was a dualistic theology that opposed a purely spiritual Supreme Being, who was both the origin of the cosmic process and the highest good, to a chaotic and evil material world….

    he Ophites regarded the Jehovah of the Old Testament as merely a demiurge, or subordinate deity who had created the material world. ((NOTE: SEE your agreement above))

    ((AHH…. LOOK HERE..)
    >>>>They attached special importance to the serpent in the biblical book of Genesis because he had enabled men to obtain the all-important knowledge of good and evil that Jehovah had withheld from them.<<&lt

    >> Accordingly, the serpent was a true liberator of mankind since he first taught men to rebel against Jehovah and seek knowledge of the true, unknown God.<<<
    ((YOU WERE SAYING ????)))

    The Ophites further regarded the Christ as a purely spiritual being who through his union with the man Jesus taught the saving gnosis….”

  50. “…I don’t believe, and the Gnostics never said, “the Snake in the Garden as mankinds saviour/benefactor…”


    “….The Testimony of Truth is the third manuscript from Codex IX of the Nag Hammadi Library……Testimony of Truth, also tells the story of the Garden of Eden from the viewpoint of the serpent.

    >>Here the serpent, long known to appear in Gnostic literature as the principle of divine wisdom,<<

    convinces Adam and Eve to partake of knowledge while "the Lord" threatens them with death, trying jealously to prevent them from attaining knowledge, and expelling them from Paradise when they achieve it.[1].."

  51. Bleak
    “..I don’t believe, and the Gnostics never said, “the Snake in the Garden as mankinds saviour/benefactor…”


    “…At this point in the narrative, Christ reveals to John that it was he who caused Adam to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. ..”

    The ‘jesus’ you follow as a Gnostic is THE SNAKE…????

    • Its funny reading you dissemble… I dont care if you have a weird ass theology and worship the being I think of as the devil….but OWN it dude, you gonna have to own it one day.

      YOU say that Gnostics did NOT worship the God of the Old Testament…(Which regular people assume is Jesus FATHER)

      YOU follow a ‘jesus’ who is
      a)NOT the son of the OT God (by YOUR own words)
      b) (According to the books YOU recommend I read ) WAS THE SNAKE in the garden who ‘brought knowledge

      IF you think any normal person (even an atheist) can categorize that as “Christian” thought your deluded.
      Anyway, keep spurging out, its kinda interesting to read what you post. Keeps me learning.

      “.. The truth is as I said. I don’t believe, and the Gnostics never said, “the Snake in the Garden as mankinds saviour/benefactor.”
      Stop putting words in my mouth………”

      QUOTE …. They attached special importance to the serpent in the biblical book of Genesis because he had enabled men to obtain the all-important knowledge of good and evil that Jehovah had withheld from them.
      Accordingly, the serpent was a true liberator of mankind since he first taught men to rebel against Jehovah and seek knowledge of the true, unknown God…..
      End quote

      • Bleak

        “..Oh I get it. You want me to “admit” “I’m a” “lucifarian” “agent” “for the” “WEF” or some insane shit like that. ..”

        LOl, no, not really since You already did that… anyone can look upwards this thread, or the bit way up, and see what you wrote.
        Now its true YOU consider yourself a christian, but the definition of christian YOU define (see above) is not one normal people understand…. you have every right to “Not care” what they think, but words and their meanings matter to normal people.

        An example you you defining things to suit yourself (rather a SJW trait, almost to the level of Trans) is

        “..I don’t believe wiki/britannica etc are authorities on this subject. Coptic scholars and true Gnostics are. …”

        You define all meanings in your own mind…just as one expects from gnostic worldview- people who tend towards the delusion that they can achieve transhuman levels, even godhood…. THATS why gnostic weirdness also birthed the New Age movement

      • Bleak, you magnificent Autist 🙂
        I had thought you were done- I even let you have the last word
        but… if you MUST
        “… reiterate, you’re wrong about everything you said regarding Gnosticism…”
        Then I NEED to point out that anything you say is gobbledegook… i mean if you basically want to create your OWN FACTS
        “..I don’t believe wiki/britannica etc are authorities on this subject….”
        Change the MEANING of words (See above where you use ‘god’ ‘jesus’ and ‘save’ in ways that NO NORMAL PERSON understands them)

        Now… If you REALLY want (I think we took up plenty of thread space already) we can have fun showing how the New Age Movement and the NWO are mostly based on Gnostic ideas but (as a former Theosophist) you really ought to know that better then me…..hmn…but perhaps when you say “New Age” you have some very specific secret meaning that does not include the Lucis Trust, Transhumanism, the One World Religion, (Oh… and Spiritualism)

        I DO however need to apologize and amend what I pasted- you in no way are suspect of being a ‘secret agent of the WEP’ (I dont know off hand who that is…will look up)… however, any normal person looking at what you believe would probably say that you ARE Lucifarian…

        Go on and have the last word (once… 2 last words is just rude )


    June 7, 2021 –
    The World’s First “Living” Robots Just Got an Upgrade, Meet Xenobot 2.0
    (4 minutes) (H/t to Jerry S. of NorthTexansForTruth)

    In 2020, the world saw its first glimpse of a living robot that could move, self-heal, and work with other bots to meet a common goal. But all these features have gotten a massive upgrade including…memory—meet Xenobot 2.0.

    In 2020, the world saw its first glimpse of a living robot that could move, self-heal, and work with other bots to meet a common goal. But all these features have gotten a massive upgrade including…memory—meet Xenobot 2.0.

    Scientists Create the Next Generation of Living Robots
    “Compared to Xenobots 1.0, in which the millimeter-sized automatons were constructed in a “top-down” approach by manual placement of tissue and surgical shaping of frog skin and cardiac cells to produce motion, the next version of Xenobots takes a “bottom-up” approach.”

    Living robots made from frog skin cells can sense their environment
    “Because they are created from cells, the xenobots eventually break apart and are totally biodegradable, says team member Douglas Blackiston, also at Tufts University. He, therefore, hopes that they can be used for biomedical and environmental applications.”

    Biohybrid design: How to build a biological robot
    “Flexibility, adaptivity and resilience: the future of engineering is biological, says mechanical engineer Ritu Raman.”

  53. This completely blew my mind wide open. Everything that I have been focusing on prior to this seems a bit trivial in comparison. Thank you for all that you do in bringing this information to us.

  54. MERCOLA.COM – June 14, 2021
    “The Great Reset and Transhumanism Movement”

    Featuring James Corbett’s “Your Guide to The Great Convergence”

    …As James Corbett covers in The Corbett Report above, we’re in the midst of:

    “… the implementation of a medical martial law system presided over by unappointed, unelected, unaccountable public health authorities who now have literal control over your everyday movements, who are constructing a total surveillance grid that comes with it the prospect of not just vaccine passports but health passes generally, which will be used to restrict your ability to access public life and that you will be guilty until proven innocent of infection under this new paradigm that is being installed.”

    This is only the beginning. The next step isn’t only about freedom but synthetic enhancement that will redefine what it means to be human….

    • I have a feeling they are going to have a hard time pulling this off with people greater than 40 years old. People don’t want to have a phone to go out and participate in the world. My elderly grandma over 90 still goes to the grocery store and to the bank (to the teller-she never used an ATM and refused) and refused to use a cell phone and computer. This new tech is target at the youth and if older folks refuse, they can’t go on with this plan.

      People need to make all the new tech seem lame and boring and stop using it. Start a new trend that makes old ways of communicating cool, like a land line and an in person interaction.

      I noticed they tried to implement a new QR code at my doctors office, but they stopped, probably because people without cell phones complained. We need to shut the tech down. It’s boring anyway.

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