Corbett Report Radio 209 – Truth Music V

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As Corbett Report listeners start to upload the videos of this program to YouTube, the Google gang have thrown up red flags over the corporate music in our bumper playlist. So we’re divesting ourselves of the corporate mainstream music altogether and switching to an all-independent, all-truth playlist. Tonight James introduces you to some of the new songs in that playlist so you can unwind on a Friday night listening to some good tunes with a good message.

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“Broken Wheel” by Smiffy

“Elevate” by Pariah State – YouTube

“Elevate” by Pariah State – SoundCloud

“CorbettReports the Facts About 9/11” by LeftySpinhand

“Dancing on our Graves” by The Janet Street Preachers

“It Don’t Mean a Thing” performed by Chris Connor

Mozart, Concerto No. 4 – III Tempo

“I Want My Bailout Money” by Mike Adams

“It’s in Your Hands” by Dan Dicks

“Cosmic Radio Interference Sailing” by RandomShifts

“Victimia Master” by Timotriumph



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