Corbett Report Radio 245 – How to Outgrow the Government with Andrew Gavin Marshall

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Even amongst the alternative media, we are often taught to fear our would-be overlords and their presumed omnipotence. But what if what we are fighting are not families and bloodlines but ideas and institutions? What if the answer is not to focus on what “they” are doing to us, but what we can do for ourselves? Don’t miss tonight’s fascinating conversation on power, politics and solutions with Andrew Gavin Marshall of The People’s Book Project and


  1. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but as a heads up on growing your own food, no one “owns” their land. Title remains with the ‘Crown’ and the land owners gets equitable title or use. Therefore land use can and is subject to land use regulations. Where I reside I can grow a garden, and do, but under land use regulations I am not allowed to raise chickens as example. Dogs and cats are permitted but if I raised them for food I’m certain the SPCA or some other well meaning NGO would put a stop to this practice. If TPTSB decide to foil the public from becoming food independent from their growing of food all they have to do is change the land use regulations and associated penalties for not being in compliance with those regulations.If threatened by public food growing self sufficiency you can bet dollars to doughnuts this practice would get shut down.

    The ‘system’ is a steel trap and only mass exodus will ever have the effect most desire in having freedom from all the laws and statutes designed to keep us within that ‘system.’

    As a side bar the Sovereignty Movement thinks they have found a loop hole to escaping being a ‘citizen’ by becoming an independent ‘sovereign.’ Whether this loop hole holds legal water in real life I can’t say but the concept is interesting. I have read that the FBI considers this movement one of the most dangerous in America, so maybe there is something to this remedy. I have also heard this movement described as the “white mans ghost dance.” Some legal beagle wizard should look into this and report back.

    • Blad The Impailer,
      You make some excellent points!
      ha! Example…one is in for hell if they belong to a Home Owners Association for their neighborhood of homes, much less dealing with City Ordinances also.

      One neighborhood where I once owned a house, some fellow with the Home Owners Association would patrol looking hard for violations…and sure enough, I would get a letter in the mail “Your grass is too tall” or “Because you never submitted for authorization intricate site plans, you have violated HOA rules when pulling out old ugly hard-to-care-for shrubs and replacing them with easy-to-care-for nicer looking shrubs. The HOA must approve any changes to your yard”.
      I ignored the letters.

      I think the best perspective, is to do what an individual can accomplish without getting into too much hot water. If chickens are a “no go”, then they are a “no go”.

      Like Corbett has mentioned before, this “change” is a long, long road. Each of us can do something, no matter how seemingly small, within our sphere of influence. Bit by bit, we can better conditions.

      • Queen Beatrix probably does prefer that type of sex, especially since she enjoys seeing everyone else in the Netherlands get it in the end.

        A Judge in a Podunk Texas County just south of me was told by a citizen to have sexual relations with a portable device after she was given a $70,000 raise thus making her annual earnings totaling about $165,000 plus paid-for health & pension benefits.
        Pretty good delivery of the message…
        (1 or 2 minutes)

        • Dang! I didn’t know.

  2. The Dallas Giant Eyeball and its message (or messages).

    Last week as I was driving down a well traveled street in an affluent neighborhood, I spotted a guy mowing his lawn. I stopped to see if he would display a product which I am piloting, which he gladly said he would. We chatted about all kinds of things. He told me this story…

    A few weeks prior, he was in downtown Dallas talking to the owner of the Giant Eyeball. The owner has a Hotel and restaurant next the Giant Eyeball.
    Originally, the owner had purchased the ‘eyeball’ property with the purpose of building a parking garage because parking in downtown Dallas is extremely difficult. Many people won’t visit a downtown business as a destination because of parking. The owner tried and tried to get the City of Dallas to let him build a nice looking faΓ§ade garage on the property which he purchased. It would help his business.
    The City said “No. A parking garage would be an eyesore.”
    So, the owner of the property was pretty ticked off Texas style.
    And thus, the Giant Eyeball.

    • Where are ya going to park to see it?

      …Well, I guess ya could walk a few miles in the hot 100 degree Texas sun with your girlfriend all dressed up nice for a pleasant upscale dining experience next door. I am sure she will remember the date.

      • Oh! Good idea. $40 or $50 or $60 cab fare one way from the affluent neighborhoods (which are the customer base for that type of restaurant). $100 round trip cab fare for a $75 dinner-for-two at a nice downtown Dallas restaurant.

        How many dates/dinners would you like to do every year?

    • That was such an appropriate response to the “officials.”

      Don’t get mad
      “I don’t get mad, I get Texan.”

  3. I think the “four-step process” is an excellent template for rendering the current world order insignificant. I believe that the current governmental power structures cannot be beaten just through this four-step process alone, but by also developing, as part of the new system, a way to stop the current system from reigniting itself. A decentralized way of living must become a global movement, because if there is even the slightest room for a centralized power type of system to breath, it will eventually become powerful enough to destroy all the progress made. No gatekeepers, no node of the new system able to be more powerful than the others.

  4. BUMP! BUMP!
    Excellent video!

    I chased three bunnies out of my garden yesterday. You are so right! …rabbits, squirrels, (birds on the blackberries and blueberries), grasshoppers, chiggers climbing up my crotch, fire ant mounds, etc. It is a wrestle match sometimes. Gonna harvest some peppers this morning in a few minutes. Maybe a watermelon.

    I have an old electric fence type gizmo, but I need help on a simple way to keep out these bunnies. How do you wire for rabbits? These residential neighborhoods have scores and scores of cottontails. They laugh at me when I pop them with the BB gun. (It’s an old kid type BB gun)

    • So cool August.
      Dang! I need that lady to till the clay soil (Vertisol) down here. She works hard.

      Haven’t had time to finish the video nor look through the website, but I got it noted to come back to.


  5. That’s a very nice garden. However, I have a problem getting that rabbit and hog “problem” to sink in. I mean, people eat rabbits and hogs, no? Sit cozy on yer windowsill with a gun (or something of the sort) and let it rip.

    Also, do you guys sell the extra produce? Or do you have tomato juice coming out your nostrils πŸ˜€


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