Corbett Report Radio 269 – Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmm…”

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We step out of the hard news and geopolitics for a moment tonight to look at some of the stranger stories from the world of science, society and pop culture. From hibernating humans to royal rituals, predictive programming to seizure weapons, tonight’s episode covers a range of stories that will make you scratch your head.


Japanese man in mystery survival

The HIV Virus: A Possible Cure for Leukemia?

The smart ‘tattoo’ with sensors that can measure how tired you are

Scientists use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind

Human species ‘may split in two’

Royal-hoax nurse left ‘suicide note’

Groom of the Stool

Kate Middleton: Family Patterns Suggest It Could Be Twins

Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning

Hobbit’s visual effects leaves some fans feeling sick

The Banned Pokémon Episode That Gave Children Seizures

The Army’s conceptual seizure gun inspired by… Pokemon?

What We Can All Learn from John Taylor Gatto: Greg Moffitt interviews Richard Grove

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

Disneyland “Club 33”: History of the name

The Coup – Party Music

Neo’s Matrix passport

The 9/11 Stargate

The 911 Pyramid Mega-Ritual


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