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It’s silent. Invisible. It’s spreading everywhere. It’s going to kill us all. We have to take extraordinary measures to combat it. Coronavirus? No, silly! CO2. But it’s not me making the comparison. Find out what the climate schemers and technocrat dreamers have in mind for humanity, and how it’s reflected in the post-virus world in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

How the Climate Crisis Is Making the Spread of Infectious Diseases Like Coronavirus More Common

Climate Change and Health: Readiness and Resilience

STUDY: Climate Change Releasing Unknown Viruses

Time: Coronavirus is Messing Up pre-COP26 Climate Conferences

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?

Coronavirus prompts Friday climate rallies go online

Different Crises: Coronavirus & Climate Change

The Real Threat: Will Coronavirus Confinement Fight Climate Change?

Coronavirus can trigger a new industrial revolution

Coronavirus leads to decrease in CO2 emissions: Can it last? | DW News

Eco-life in 2040 (planned-opolis)


    • Could propaganda become even more blatant? This is worthy of Monty Python.

    • yeah, it’s bbb, one of numerous channels and fb pages that are part of the “funk” network, the youth-online endeavor by the German state media

      what I found curious, that the text
      Coronavirus can trigger a new industrial revolution
      is by economics editor of Sky News
      and Sky news usually features opponents to the climate scare

      so the start seems to be a cynic or pseudo-empathic take with the “opposition”
      “Don’t take this the wrong way but if you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than coronavirus.
      Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics. It spares the young.”

  1. I am currently re-reading Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam as a reminder of the interconnectedness of larger agendas. Here’s the outline: “The 1964 murder of a nationally known cancer researcher sets the stage for this gripping exposé of medical professionals enmeshed in covert government operations over the course of three decades. Following a trail of police records, FBI files, cancer statistics, and medical journals, this revealing book presents evidence of a web of medical secret-keeping that began with the handling of evidence in the JFK assassination and continued apace, sweeping doctors into coverups of cancer outbreaks, contaminated polio vaccine, the arrival of the AIDS virus, and biological weapon research using infected monkeys.”

  2. I couldn’t actually work out whether the “Plannedopolis” animation was satire or not, so I clicked on the source link, a YouTube which credited “” as their source.

    Their link didn’t work, so I did an online search, which led to a “think tank” promoting this article on their front page:

    COVID-19: a dress rehearsal for the climate emergency?

    • It is so creepy. I think many of these people genuinely think they are doing the right thing, and probably have no idea that they are being used as puppets for a more sinister agenda.

  3. This isolation also stops people from mass protests and any dissent and revolution against the rulers. Although this virus currently hasn’t stopped the French protesters, what will result from this round may stop any future protests.

  4. You know, I think this could work. If enough of these lunatics take their own lives that could cure the planet. Imagine all the CO2 not spent, plus all the extra oxygen. AND our foreheads may yet recover from the facepalm blunt force trauma.

    Yes, I see this working.

    • I kid you not, the skin on my forehead is wearing thin. The upside is that my forehead is virtually wrinkle free.

  5. How probable is it that all these prominent people have contracted the coronavirus, given they are considerably less susceptible to contracting these infections, because as a rule they aren’t mixing with the general public (at work, on public transport, at the supermarket etc)?

    Take outspoken Trump hater Tom Hanks, and his wife Rita Wilson, who it was widely reported supposedly were tested positive for the virus on March 11th, and Variety reported the following:

    “Hanks and Wilson, both 63, revealed the news with a statement on Wednesday. The married couple was in Australia for production of Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis Presley movie, in which Hanks is playing Presley’s iconic manager Colonel Tom Parker.”, and

    “Hanks and Wilson were the only known individuals on the film to contract the disease, insiders said. The film is currently in pre-production stages, meaning cameras have yet to roll, and is still making preparations to shoot. Testing measures for filmmakers and crew are presently unknown.”

    Had filming moved past the pre-production stage, on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, which has a population of 5 million, with currently 78 known cases (0.0016%), where Hanks would be mixing with a full film crew, perhaps he would be somewhat more likely to pickup some infection, but given the extremely low infection rate in the region (Australia’s annual death rate from influenza is also at the low end, which for Queensland would be 287), is it really likely that this A-list celebrity, out of the whole 5 million population, would somehow contract this new (or is it) virus?

    It was also reported that the head of Italy’s governing Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, also contracted the virus, which seems even less plausible to me, given the limited circles he moves in, even if Italy has been far harder hit by the “outbreak”.

    Bill Maher said back in June that he is “hoping” for the bottom to fall out of the economy and for the country to enter a recession so we can “get rid of Trump; well this virus alarmism is very successfully accomplishing the first part of his wish, but I can’t see how propping up Biden will in any way accomplish the second, however the bookies disagree, with them now offering comparable odds on both to win the general (I’m still quite confident my £50 bet on Trump will be fruitful, as the Democrats may well be able to rig the primaries for Biden, but the presidential election is a whole other proposition).

    • BTW, what is my evidence that the establishment Democrats rigged the primary for Biden, apart from the fact his lackluster campaign was all but done prior to the South Carolina primary? Check out the results from my region:

      Year, Candidate, Augusta County, Staunton City
      —— ————- ————– ——————-

      2020, Joe Biden, 50.9% (3,071), 42.9% (1,754),
      Bernie Sanders, 25% (1,511), 29.1% (1,189)

      2016, Bernie Sanders, 51.4% (1,754), 54.8% (1,364), Hillary Clinton, 48% (1,649), 44.8% (1,114)

      2008, Barack Obama, 52.7% (2,544), 61.1% (1,526),
      Hillary Clinton, 45.8% (2,213) 38% (949)

      So, in 2016 Bernie won both Augusta (+3.4%) and Staunton (8%), but in 2020 Biden somehow gets over double the votes in Augusta (+25.9%), and wins by a considerable margin in liberal Staunton (+13.8%)?!

      What I also find quite startling is that Biden supposedly received 390 more votes on Tuesday in Staunton, than Bernie in 2016 (1,754 vs 1,364)?!

  6. Here’s to the most skilled and hard working truth researcher & teacher I know of.
    Wish I had more money to contribute.

  7. MBP, its been good to know you. Soon your dispatches will end because you have the wrong attitude. I can see the comparison of The Vicy helping the occupying authority. 100, 000 mobilized. Blackguards.
    Its just bad news all the way round. You are now a Palestinian and this is no country for old men. Today from the experimental laboratory, Real News report.

    It has been good to know you, you remind me so much of foreign correspondent Dorothy Thompson .I wish you well. aduex Madame

  8. We’re saved, praise the lord.

    First Person Injected With Trial Coronavirus Vaccine In Seattle

    The start of the trial comes just 65 days after Chinese authorities sequenced the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. Just 2 days after that, researchers at the Vaccine Research Center at the NIH finalized the design of the vaccine and began to manufacture it, finishing the first batch on February 7th. On February 24th after analytical testing, the company shipped it to the NIH.

    “Finding a safe and effective vaccine to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 is an urgent public health priority,” said Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at the NIH. “This Phase 1 study, launched in record speed, is an important first step toward achieving that goal,” he added.

    It’s an emergency, after all.

    Although the design and production of the prospective vaccine was incredibly fast, evaluation of it will take considerable time. All of the participants will be followed for 12 months after the second vaccination to collect the data researchers initially need to figure out whether it is safe and effective.

    They’re looking for acolytes.

    • Maybe that person will be lucky and get a hand stamp.

  9. Another aspect of this coronapanic response is the asset stripping. By basically shutting down all high street business and local commerce the UK government (like all others) is going to destroy SME’s. They will go bankrupt if the envisaged 2-4 mnth economic lock-down goes ahead as planned. And I’m sure it will.

    The government solution is to borrow heavily from global central banks and “loan” the money to business, at interests. Thereby squeezing remaining SME’s off the playing field and hoovering up assets for the central banks.

    A bit like the Wall Street crash all over again.

    Good innit?

    • Ian,
      The small businesses have been in my thoughts.
      The Mom and Pops in the U.S. are really gonna get hurt with all these mandatory closures of activity.
      When the U.S. talks about the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the billions it will dole out…it ain’t going to Mom and Pop, but to the big small businesses.

      My business got butchered after the /telecom bust of 2000 / 2001. I hung on for years until finally I was whipped.

      2008 butchered more self employed folks.

      This recession will drag the small business guys down extending for years.
      There becomes a point where it is impossible to recover.

  10. Tony Heller brings some obvious points to light in a nonalarmist fashion.

    How To Create A Worldwide Depression

    Oh Tony, you’re sooo yesterday. You treat your viewers as rational, sensible, thinking human beings. Nonsense, I say.

    Key points:
    – regular flu is at least a hundred times more effective at killing people than corona flu
    – the idea to isolate the majority to “protect” the minority harkens to vaccine rationale where everyone needs to jeopardize their health so that the vulnerable minority can be “protected”

  11. Thanks to Jon Rappoport for sourcing this.

    Coronavirus: Iss, in Italia i decessi accertati finora per causa del Covid-19 sono solo due

    The Italian HHS president, Silvio Brusaferro, this past Friday said that the number of Corona caused deaths was maybe two.

    The deceased had an average age of 80.3 years, mostly male (almost 75%).

    Most of the deceased had chronic diseases. Only two deceased didn’t have any chronic disease, but in their case corona virus infection as cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

    This information is based on something more than a 100 medical records collected from various Italian hospitals.


    • Great archive article. Thanks for the translation.

      This morning on the way to work, CBS radio said that the state of Texas had its first death from the Coronavirus, a man in his upper 90’s.
      On the radio, they said that he was tested for the virus after he died.
      (Some of the newspapers did not say that last part.)

      Go figure on all this “COVID-19 Alarmism”.

  12. Now that TPTB have officially come out and made the link between
    COVID-19 and Climate Change, showing that it is of the utmost importance we address Climate Change as urgently and swiftly as we are addressing COVID-19, how much time will it be before they link 5G to COVID-19 and Climate Change?

    A different type of link.

    Advocating 5G adoption as a necessary technology to help facilitate the eradication of COVID-19 and Climate Change…

  13. Thanks for your insights.
    What about Covid-19 = 911 version 2.0?
    They both were used to cause mass fear.
    The fear then made power grabs and mass political intervention palatable. The “war on terror” and surveillance everywhere followed the 911 publicity. The recent government control and then possibly forced vaccinations could be the results of the Covid-19 panic.
    What would a “war on viruses” look like, if not forced vaccinations?
    What if you could make believe that nobody is truly healthy. They are merely “asymptomatic carriers” and suspected cases.
    As you say, all you can do is see the light and try to warn others.

    • In terms of a power grab, it’s worse than 911. I’ve been on Facebook this evening (I know!) and people with relatives in France are saying they are not allowed out of their homes, even to walk the dog, without filling in a form, and that the police and army are enforcing this.

      Someone else says they are living in Spain, and that people there could be fined 600€ for going to the mountains! I don’t have sources for these claims, so I can’t be certain of their accuracy, but in both cases the measures are said to have come in over the last couple of days. I feel as if I’m watching a world police state come into force right in front of my eyes, with most people just rolling over due to fear and panic (although there are increasing numbers of people angry about these measures).

      And the “war on viruses” (what a chillingly clever expression) is exactly what I’m fearing. If we just accept these measures, once the coronavirus panic blows over, they’ll start saying “X percent more people died from flu than from coronavirus last year” and start using that as a justification to continue the prohibitions and “emergency laws”.

  14. Oh boy! The hand stamp routine.

    Some of the comments on Twitter get to me.
    …the government should introduce a punishment now for those that escape quarantine.
    Harsh, but necessary.

  15. Actually the two memes, corona hoax and global warming hoax have now been directly linked by the head (name un-spellable) of the WHO, saying the increases in recent years of pandemics is directly due to man made global warming. So there we have it from the authorities that one hoax can and will be the primary causal factor of other hoax’ with the end always justifying the means apparently.

  16. Good people of The Corbett Report, have you seen this yet?

    Stunning insights into the Corona-panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

    (from the video description) Wolfgang Wodarg says:
    The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer.
    Evidence-based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media, and ministries.

  17. I just heard of a few local businesses who are no longer accepting cash due to possible infection.

    And surprise surprise, WHO is pushing this sentiment:

    “Banknotes may be spreading the new coronavirus so people should try to use contactless payments instead, the World Health Organization has said.”

    It’s all coming together…Hello cashless society. My only hope is that anarchists, and freedom proponents of all flavours use this opportunity to bring more humans into the fold..the time is ripe for a mass awakening and a reimagining of the foundations of our way of life, away from psychopathic control…

    • Luckily most peopled don’t seem to be buying into the fear of the virus itself, most people are more frightened of the restrictions being placed on them them.

      For example when a local museum was closed recently, the operators stated that there had not been a decline in the number of visits. So if the public where frightened of lepers sneezing on door knobs, I think they would opted out from visiting a very public place themselves.

      At the moment, I don’t think people are thinking at all. Hopefully there is a way to transform their fear into hate of the government. Surely they are going to get feed up with staying at home, eating dog food and crapping in their mountains of toilet paper at some stage?

    • Mike Maloney had a video the other day talking about the “premium” charged on physical silver, because of the physical shortage although the silver spot price is very, very low.

      Maloney shows this anecdote of a guy who goes to the bank with $20,000 cash to get a cashiers check to buy physical gold/silver, all in $100 dollar bills.
      The bank thanks him.
      They were out of $100 dollar bills.

    • I’m using every opportunity for asking people what is the only privacy we still have?
      Cash, of course most people are unaware.

      Contactless payment, the term is spreading like a virus.

      Cash is denigrated as virus carrier, although bank cards, POS terminals in particular, are touched by everyone, therefore loaded with viruses. I haven’t seen any disinfection procedures of them nor public announcements of POS terminal threat.

      Just another inconsistency among many.

  18. I wanted to add an angle that has not yet (as far as I have seen?) been discussed in regard to the real purpose of this pandemic scare.

    Has anyone looked into the potential value of the coming “pandemic bonds” that will most certainly be part of our future?

    Short background: Wall Street has been working via public policy to set the state for “pay for success” bonds… basically banks give out loans to combat social ills (real or imagined – from opiod crises to getting pre-k kids “kindergarten ready”) under the stipulation that if the social ill is avoided, the bank (Goldman Sachs has been at the forefront) gets paid back their loan with interest. The loans are sold on the premise (and very shaky calculations) that the money helped communities avoid the much greater cost they would have assumed if they had NOT taken the measures included in the loan contracts.

    Not only are they developing the infrastructure for these loans – they are also already planning to package them up into asset-backed securities that can be played and gambled with.

    NOW. Given that information, take a look at this quote from Dr. Tom Frieden – the guy Bloomberg has tapped to run his Corona Virus Global Response Initiative:

    “Unfortunately, preparedness, although more effective and less costly than response,5 rarely ranks high on political agendas. Competing priorities for finite national budgets, along with the invisible outcome of successful preparedness, have resulted in little funding, despite an estimated 25%–88% annual return on investment.”

    (PS – did you guys know that the same week they started telling us all not to gather in groups of 50..then 10… TWO THOUSAND politicians met with Bloomberg to come up with this “Coronavirus Response Iniative”?)

    Anyway. “Pandemic prepardeness” is pretty much the Big Enchilada in this budding speculative bond market, which we will DEFINITELY start to see more of as our communities need to be bailed out from this disaster.

    Corbett readers who are interested in this financial piece (and you should be, because it explains a LOT) should check Alison McDowell’s work at for a deep dive into these issues.

  19. It’s beacuse of the mouth breathers, they produce far too much CO2. Culling, alas, is the only recourse.

    Mr. Gates, I did my part, may I get my special chip now? I’ to have it installed right between the cheeks.

  20. And this link keeps being drawn. Here’s a link to a Taiwanese news story commenting on a British NGO group that is pushing for new reforms and legislation.

    The article manages to say a little less than nothing over the course of 700 words, except to thrice repeat that people need to be educated. An article on the information they wanted to share would have been better than one simply trying to convince people that they are ignorant if they disagree….with what hasn’t been said.

  21. I just found this out: “Welcome to the Extinction Clock, the Internet’s authoritative source for end of world climate and extinction predictions. All predictions have been made by notable individuals, academics, politicians, institutes, and the press.”

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