Episode 375 – Corona World Order

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Podcasts | 166 comments

Some are suggesting that the current crisis is the end of globalization, or that it will wipe out the New World Order altogether . . . but they are wrong. In fact, this crisis is the globalists’ dream, and what we are witnessing is the birth of a totalitarian control grid the likes of which could scarcely have been imagined before this pandemic panic kicked off. Welcome to the Corona World Order.

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  1. As I listen to this podcast, I also think of a character in a book I am currently reading, Empire of the Summer Moon, who was the person who made the Texas Rangers the only quasi-military force to successfully wage war upon the Comanches. Hays. He didn’t think of how to protect himself from them, but how much damage he could inflict. Probably the best book on the entire period in that region. This is the mindset of a victor.
    For example, when James mentioned those passports, my first thought was how would I acquire/forge/steal one. There is always a way around cumbersome government initiatives. Too many people talk of defense. Didn’t work well for the Alamo. Offense (doesn’t have to be violence) is the mindset of victors. Defense implies you are threatened, rather than you are the threat. Not saying defense is useless, but it doesn’t win wars. And we are at war. Also, there remains the underlying assumptions that these governments will remain in power to inflict these atrocities upon us. This is far from a given. Governments around the world were in danger just before this plandemic occurred. Even now resistance is rearing it’s beautiful head.

    Jimbob; who ain’t at a store eating ham cuz of rain; so he’s thinking about whining.

    • What’s that famous quote?… “One World Order, One Ranger” ?

      For those who ain’t Texan, the original saying was
      “One riot, one Ranger”

      • Was thinking of you when I mentioned the book. It goes far beyond Qanah Parker, from the origins of the Comanche to the politics on both sides and so forth. Also dispels that ignorant noble savage crap and makes one admire the sheer courage, if not morality, of all sides. An amazing read. One all historians and Texans should read.

        Jimbob; who is a tough old cooter, but not half the man by far as most of these characters.

    • I thought the exact same thing! How hard could it be to make one of these?

      Think of the opportunities for the new black market.

      Fake health passports, forged immunity certificates.

      Enterprising hackers who can re-program your phone so you all of your info is Super Healthy. For a few dollars (whoops! digital currencies) more will have you tracked at the bowling alley when you’re really on a beach in sunny California.

      The possibilities are endless. Like Rahm said – you never let a serious crisis go to waste.

      (lest anyone think I am being cavalier about this whole – I am not)

      • You rock! So wonderful to read such rebellious words.

      • Yes I thought of that, hackers who can re-program whatever they come up with. Thomas Paine achieved a lot purely by the spread of pamphlets so we will have to develop communications outside of the usual ones.

        • Pamphlets caused an uproar in Baltimore just a few months back. I don’t remember the message, but the presstitutes were not happy.

      • lovetodust, I answer your reply to my comment here because there is not a reply button there and I doubt that you would be able to see it.

        Yes, there is a serious lockdown in Spain and it has been like this for more than a month (until May 26th at least). For example, children can only leave home to go buying with one of their parents.

        I am also amazed to see how people has reacted in my country and that I haven’t been able to find public figures or scientists critizising the Government for destroying our rights. I feel extremely dissappointed with people and I feel all the time that I must leave my country as soon as I can. About Franco, I asked to a relative about these measures and, according to him, they are worse than when the dictator was in charge.

        Spain has a large population of old people but it is not so representative like Italy and Japan, for example. If we can trust Wikipedia, here you have the list and Spain is around the 15th position.

        Like mkey said below your comment, the number of deaths is probably for the same reason that Italy, an issue on how doctors are labelling deaths. In the case that you don’t know this website, I recommend you to read it because it is an incredible resource and explains what has happened in Italy: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

        Let’s not forget that the home arrest (incorrectly named self-isolation) in Spain has produced, no doubt about that, many deaths. As far as I am concerned, not even people with depression can get out to walk unless for the same reasons that other people (buying food, going to pharmacies, and so on)

        Yes, just after knowing the measures taken by Sweden I searched rentals there, but it seems that the country has a huge problem with real estate market. Apart of that, Sweden is far more expensive than Spain… I have to keep searching a normal country to move!

        By the way, yesterday I read a news story related to a comment that I had read in the Corbett Report but I didn’t know who had written it. How awesome is that I have just realized that it was this comment the one that I wanted to answer! Here is the news that I wanted to share: https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/dark-web-the-average-cost-of-buying-a-new-identity/

        I wonder how much it will cost to buy a fake health passport…

    • No problem. Though I still can’t overempasize the importance of growing our own food. It is both defensive and offensive. Defensive for obvious reasons. Offensive because it strikes against Big Agra. Plus, if you coordinate gardens, you create community and surplus. So much power out of a seed. If we but had the faith of a mustard seed.

      • It isn’t that gardens are difficult, even windowsill gardens can provide enough to live on. It is brains. And as far as taking others gardens, you don’t need to kill everyone. Just enough to discourage the rest.

        As far as having some political hack guide me, never going to happen. You are advocating using the problem to solve the problem. Will never work. When people learn to rule themselves, they’ll figure it out. Until then, they’re just worthless slaves.

        • even windowsill gardens can provide enough to live on

          Is this an exaggeration or are you serious? I ask you this from my naivety on this topic, since I have always lived on a city, buying what I wanted, and I don’t have any experience on gardening. I have always had the believe that I needed a land, even if not big, to plant the food that I need to survive…

        • If you have big ass window sill, it’s true 😛

          Here’s an example of a window garden, but this guy really needs to wash his windows.

          Depends on the orientation of the house (on Northern hemisphere you want your windows to be on south side anyhow) and obviously other matters. This kind of garden is probably a good deal for desert areas where the garden will introduce a much needed amount of water vapor to otherwise dry air.

          On the other hand, areas near to the coast line, where the air gets quite damp on its own, you’d probably have quite a few issues with stuffy air and rise of mildew. Which of course can be countered with proper insulation and ventilation. Just more of it.

          There are also some very nice urban rooftop gardens, quite popular in many cities. The soil can be built anywhere, really.

          I’m for years on the fence for starting a garden, but I still need a kick in the ass to actually do something about it, instead of just reading on the topic.

        • wylie1,

          Government is the problem and the game of it is not the way to fix things. You must refuse to play the game to really win “the game.”

          Without fundamental, tectonic shifts – it is a broken system and it is their game.

          America was built as a deception, you should read Manly Palmer Hall’s book “The Secret Destiny of America.”

          The old world intelligence network knew of the Americas long before Columbus sailed. America was their new Atlantis as Francis Bacon called it and that is what it is.

          It is their system and their game.

          Unless you can create the shift of the seperation of corporation and state then you are out of luck. The corporation of all corporations is the MIC and the technological, scientific complex that Eishenhauer warned us about.

          How do you remove such a snake that has woven its way into the very fabric of the government. The only way to change this is deflate them by not participating in any of their dictates or mandates, and for the troops to leave their armies – go back to the constitution and mililtias as a starting point and improve on in from there; because the only true government is the one that governs least and also is the government that works towards the day of true anarchy because the people would have evolved past needing one – because man would come to respect and honour cultural boundries.

          Like an Akido warrior – the people must yield to overcome them and withdrawl from the their system.

          They control us through resource control – we need to declare sovereignthy from them. The have no right to grant us privladges in exchange for out rights. Our Rights are our Birthright! They have no authority to do what they have done and to deceive the people away from the land as a resource.

          By the use of admiralty law they have deceived to people to acting and living under the statutes of the high seas, the old laws of the pirates, who were the knights templar.

          Them people are still around till this day and that chess boards is theirs and theirs alone.

          We have to re-establish the land and if there is a “battle” to be had is either in the courts or in the field!

          sovereignty must be respected across the board. A republic could gaurantee that but this one in america has been lost – we must build anew!

          If we could at the federal level get the corporation out the state then maybe – because the effects would trickle down to the states with more soveignty – if the people can’t get that forget it. Otherwise We just have to leave babylon…

          This is the foundation we would have to work from…


        • Glad you like it Alexandre. Inspiration is a good thing!!!

          Bob Marley said that reggae music was like the news and it really is!

          Here is a song from Burna Boy – he is out of Nigeria – his sense of rhythm is incredible – and he has some news about the roots of unilever in Nigeria.


          Thanks for the Ernest Ranglin – it is good music there…

    • I like ideas such as gaming of passports as temporary solutions to buy more time, however very soon we will have to deal with the ring leaders directly.

      My guess is that fredomphiles out number the NWO 10000:1

      Looking at the NWO vulnerabilities I would say it would be to Trojan Bootlickers.

      • Directly is how the powers that cower prefer. Imagine a hundred people in a city committing different kinds of sabatoge (or resistance of other kinds). Some forging documents, some shooting transformers, all different forms. That is a nightmare scenario for an occupying force. And don’t think we won’t see occupying forces. They are already getting the public used to the sight of military.

    • [No links in the comments section without titles and/or an explanation of why people should be clicking, please. -JC]

    • I think to try to reach out to local “officials” would also help, every act of resistance is important. There are people in alternative medicine who may see that the push for a mandatory vaccine is also part of the plan and resist. I think the public has been dumbed down and to be honest, I think that everyone is susceptible to it. It’s like how the manipulation based on the work of Edward Bernays worked so effectively. The constant fear in the newspapers and media has manipulated people’s basic human instinct to survive and it is insidious, similar to the rise of the Nazis as stated above.

      But I believe even small acts like growing food and trying to appeal to someone who might be able to speak out on the behalf of people. I am not saying I agree with the concept of government but trying to talk to someone locally who may not be completely corrupt. There are people who are not evil who really believe that they are doing the right thing and they are making a huge mistake with this. They may listen to someone try to appeal to their humanity. That people’s livelihoods and dreams are being destroyed, that they will not be able to feed and house themselves. Even people who had wealth before will be harmed by this.

      Perhaps someone can appeal to someone in the medical community that has a platform and appeal to their ethical duty to do no harm. I will write a letter to people in the local government and will look for someone in the medical community who is dissenting and write them. Change does not happen overnight but I think that people are still more powerful than these psychopaths who are trying to destroy our lives.

      All it takes is one person in a position of power to change their mind and get the ball rolling. The kind of world where people live freely is possible, but change will not happen overnight and it’s important not to be discouraged. I see people out and about, less than 6 feet apart. People know on some level that this is overblown because that is the truth, people are not dropping like flys.

    • Like many I’ve seen the stories of electronic tracking via apps in various countries as a means of controlling the plandemic. Those seemingly handy little tools we download to our fondle slabs are now being used as the perfect initiation for things to come. Namely the insidious, incremental removal of our freedoms and the march towards enslavement for future generations. At the rate this horror show is progressing maybe I should say this generation. This is a cut and paste from an Australian Broadcasting Corporation story today – ‘Coronavirus lockdowns could end in months if Australians are willing to have their movements monitored’
      Only a year or so ago I never thought I’d see a proposal like that even dare to be floated here in Australia. How wrong I was. James’ reading of the situation is bang on target. Globalism isnt dead as a result of this pandemic, it’s thriving.

    • Action is needed for sure. The army reserves were sent to Seattle not to make a hospital but in case people started to protest or riot, but nobody did. That came straight from a soldier who was deployed to century link field. Not one patient was treated there to my knowledge. I worked right by the stadium and watched them go from the nearby hotels to the stadium every morning. Brown berets were there look that up I saw it with my own eyes. I also saw what looked like crowd control devices on jeeps, I even took a pic of it. I put signs out in my west Seattle neighborhood giving some information along with Robert F Kennedy Jrs foundations website childrenshealthdefense.org so they could do some research and people ripped them all down the very same day, pretty disheartening really. I won’t give up though, ever.

  2. Light Bulb Moment

    I always felt that China set a precedent for the world in “how to handle the coronavirus”.
    China’s response to handling the virus seemed so very extreme, so weird.
    China has never been truly concerned about the health of its citizens, then why such an extreme reaction to the virus?
    China set a precedent for the world.
    Other countries followed the pattern.
    But what’s the deal?

    By the 33 minute mark of Corbett’s video Episode 375 – Corona World Order, the lightbulb went on!
    – QUEUED VIDEO – (with a “warm-up”)

    • MIT trained Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s best interview to date RE zero increase in mortality worldwide (more deaths are simply being attributed to COVID per new WHO and CDC death certificate guidelines), what “viruses” are (they are exosomes and are integral product of the body’s own immune system and cannot be spread except through blood/vaccines), flawed testing protocol, even more flawed models of exponential growth, and his contact with fellow MDs who have been told by their CEOs to shut up about the empty hospitals or they will lose their jobs:


      • My post above, Light Bulb Moment, really has nothing to do with the ideas behind “virusus”.
        Light Bulb Moment correlates with what James is talking about in Episode 375 – Corona World Order.

        We should strongly acknowledge how this ENTIRE CRISIS first started.
        It didn’t start with a virus.
        It didn’t start with people getting sick.

        The ENTIRE CRISIS started with one county’s REACTION.
        It started with China’s reaction.
        In the beginning, China set an AUTHORITARIAN PRECEDENT complete with sensationalism.

        With China and the World Health Organization buddy-buddy, the AUTHORITARIAN PRECEDENT was promoted on the world stage.
        Globalists insisted that this is the appropriate reaction.

        The beginning evolution of THE ENTIRE CRISIS is…
        I’ll say it again:
        Globalists insisted that this is the appropriate reaction.

        As more and more countries mimicked China, it created a great propaganda tool for the globalist agenda. If countries did not mimic authoritarian measures against the “invisible enemy”, they would be shamed by the globalist media and its minions.

        Think about it…
        If China had wanted to, it easily could have imposed no quarantines.
        (In fact, “no quarantines” might have saved many more lives and kept their economy robust.)
        China could have just let things play out like the flu, and with China’s covert PR, the world would not notice.
        It would have kept their economy going.
        If they yawned, then likely the rest of the world would yawn.
        China did this deliberately. And it wasn’t to save lives.

        At one time, more than 60 million of China’s population had the terrible disease of Falun Gong.
        See this LINK…

    • China had a problem with mass demonstrations in Wuhan because of the terrible pollution which meant that lung disease was rife. Maybe ‘someone’ offered them a solution to get rid of the demonstrations and provide a cover for the illness caused by pollution that the Chinese government didn’t seem to be inclined to do anything whatever about. Maybe ‘someone’ did not go fully into the full ramiications of this. Just a thought.

  3. Other solution
    Make people aware that most of Covid19-event is based on bullshit.


    1. There seems no raise in deaths.
    2. Most of the deaths are misdiagnosed
    3. The real victims die due to the treatment
    (they need oxigen, not ventilators)
    4. There is a 90% working well-known cure, just not
    fully tested in scientific trials.
    5. There is no vaccine, and it is unclear if there will ever be one.
    6. Vaccines can be dangerous and cause more damage than the disease.
    7. The disease had its peak already, since it takes like 2 weeks to become
    8. Social distancing does not help, and will cause future waves.

    9. Apps and databases can and will be hacked.
    10. Media is hyping every story. And making fake stories.
    11. WHO is using false data
    12. Misreporting of covid is encouraged by some governmental agencies
    13. The press (and Google) serve the elite, not the people
    14. We each carry 1000s of possible lethal diseases with us.
    15. You get a strong immunity system by going out in nature and live among friends

    16. Technocrats and elites have pushed for this forever.
    17. All of your secret personal data will be visible by agencies and hackers

    18. They let this outbreak happen on purpose, by acting far too late
    19. The isolation idea only works for small groups, and does
    not prevent future outbreaks.
    20. Viruses like this are also made in laboratories, and it is
    known that they have spread it.

    21. The elites in charge do not know what life is,
    do not understand biology, and want to control our lives.
    And they don’t care about us at all.

    • I don’t think people will listen to facts, though.
      And the media is doing a good time of scaring people to death.

      Maybe we should do reverse psychology instead.

      Don’t fuck with STD

      Like asking for a database with all sexual transmittable diseases.
      And this would be visible on an app, so it can prevent
      future spread of these diseases.
      This would include prostitutes, clients and pimps.

      That way we can trace your disease all the way to Epstein.

      Because of child-prostitution and child-brides,
      children would need to have this registration too.


      We will see how quickly the Elites like Bill Gates
      will withdraw their ideas.

        • Read it again, but the same article is mixing other propaganda with their debunk of the burial space lie.

      • Reason and fairness are applied only when it serves elite interests. The plebes believe that there is an issue of equity only when the teevee tells them so. That is what the miracle of television programming has given us.

      • OK, I hate the F word in print – but this is so spot on.

        • The previous comment (by me) is a bit misplaced. It was in reference to the comment above about mandatory std tracking.

      • That’s a brilliant idea. I think we should push for that if they try to bring in their tracking devices.

      • Brilliant. You’ve got something there. We need to figure out how to create a critical mass movement. I am crossing my fingers that there is a sizeable group in my village that has maintained sanity, but needs crowd support to be a voice. Clapping, cheering, drumming and pot clattering every 7pm has become an entrenched ritual, and as of late is accompanied by church bells. It is an oppressive practice by fanatics to remind their neighbours of their dominance. No virus cases here and no exhausted medical staff. I am working on a counter movement, just as loud and joyous, under a benign banner that is very safe to join and that springs into action at a different time of day. Hoping that widespread participation will spark bravery in people for resistance. At that point something like your STD suggestion could be brought into the cause. Of course, if it goes sideways I will need to move. I was set to retire here, but don’t see a future anymore if this persists.

    • The people are often ready to accept that Italy has
      falsely categorized the deaths. The media,
      not the doctors who did that.

      There is actually a huge resistance within the
      doctor community. I never saw so many doctors
      talk out about this.

      And most people agree that without proper tests
      we don’t know what is going on.

  4. Cabin talks Claudia Stubber, I hope I spelled her name correctly. Provides a talk by a Montana Physician. The talk is on the manipulation of death certificates and body counts. Seemingly caring physician questioning science truth. Dr Bukacek


    • I listened to the broadcast twice.
      Briefly, they conclude that the origin of the respiratory illness in Wuhan was a virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, probably by mistake. While this is possible, it is also possible that the origin, the cause, of the Wuhan respiratory illness, the cough, the fever, and the pneumonia, was severely polluted air in Wuhan, possibly combined with the recent 5G rollout in Wuhan. Toxic air is known to respiratory illness. 5G weakens some people, possibly those already suffering from burdens of toxic heavy metals.
      The viral theory is just a theory, possible but far from proven, not in Wuhan nor anywhere else. The environmental contaminant theory is also just a theory, but no less valid nor more uncertain than the viral theory.
      If you can prompt people to see this (an unproven viral theory of the cause of the respiratory illness), then the rest of the official narrative collapses.
      Another assumption that often goes unquestioned in the panic and confusion is the model of one disease-one cause-one virus. The reality is that many people have respiratory infections, perhaps no more in total than the seasonal flu, but for multiple reasons, such as tobacco smoking, toxic air, weakened immunity, or even a deficiency of vitamin D. This model goes back to Louis Pasteur and the nineteenth century, but could be questioned in detail, particularly in light of recent research that each of us is carrying about two kilograms of bugs in the gut, the gut microbiome as it is called.

  5. “Vermont: Stores Commanded To Stop Selling Nonessential Items”

    “The Governor’s Executive Order allows in-person business operations to continue at retail businesses for the following:

    “f. retail serving basic human needs such as grocery stores, pharmacies, other retail that sells food, beverage, animal feed and essential supplies, provided, these retail operations shall be conducted through on-line and telephone orders for delivery and curb-side pickup to the extent possible;

    “g. fuel products and supply;

    “h. hardware stores, provided, these retail operations shall be conducted through online and telephone orders for delivery and curb-side pickup to the extent possible;

    “i. transportation sector and agricultural sector equipment parts, repair and maintenance, provided these retail operations shall be conducted through on-line and telephone orders for delivery and curb-side pickup to the extent possible;

    “Large “big box” retailers must cease in-person sales of non-essential items not listed in the Executive Order, including, but not limited to: arts and crafts, beauty, carpet and flooring, clothing, consumer electronics, entertainment (books, music, movies), furniture, home and garden, jewelry, paint, photo services, sports equipment, toys and the like.

    “Large “big box” retailers must:

    • Restrict access to non-essential goods. Stores must close aisles, close portions of the store, or remove items from the floor.

    • Only offer non-essential items via online portals, telephone, delivery, or curbside pickup, to the extent possible.

    • Except in the event of emergencies threatening the health and welfare of a customer, showrooms and garden sections of large home improvement centers should be closed.”


  6. What does it mean that in Trump’s public appearances that the Presidential Seal has been removed and so has one of the two flags? And why, for the first time in the church’s history, has the Jesuit Pope Francis dropped the honorific, “Vicar?” Could it be that these two corporate districts have merged? Where and who is the official global HQ/bossman?

    • I asked a similar question on the seal earlier. No response. Not that I care about the name of my oppressor, just curious as to whether or not they’re finally throwing away the lie that the government is guided by that useless paper called the constitution. Freedom is assured by will, not paper.

      • The Seal is just one of the ornaments or trappings of our enslavement. Where the rubber meets the road is the restrictions on our freedom to move, to earn a living, and having to take Gates’ ID2020 shot that Trump says we all have to take. I have an alternative MD I just got off the phone with. She will write me another vaccine exemption letter once the ingredients are known (if we can trust the label), but I doubt medical exemptions will be allowed anymore. I need an income. It will be hard to survive without taking “the mark.” Peace. PS. There was a study of I think 30 vaccines. The only clean one was the one the veterinarians administered. The rest had all sorts of crap in them.

        • I wish you the best of luck finding a niche that won’t be cannablized by the State (via taxes and regulation), Amazon, or big box stores like Walmart. Online business might be best, if supply chains can be relied upon and developing nations can’t outcompete the service you provide. Electricians, HVAC and other independent contractors might do well, but they will likely need to prove their vaccine status to earn or renew their licenses (more state regulation).

  7. Thank you again James for all of the work you do, this is yet another report that should be heard around the world.

    The technocrats are here and they are coming for everyone, wake the whole planet and tell the people.

    “Open Source Intelligence News” – True to the depth and heights of its meaning!!!

    There is certainly some tough days ahead – but the the tough days have been visited on the Middle East and so many other places by these elite fools already while the people of the 1st world countries have slept and supported those atrocities in their ignorance.

    This is the beginning of the parting of ways – those who will give themselves over to the technocrats and their new luciferic religion of scientism and those who are aware, who will waken many and return to the earth. It will not be easy and is going to put all of us to the test. There is much work to do on many fronts.

    Lets turn the table on these evil psychopaths that are blinded in their heated rush towards their global slave system and show them how much they have underestimated us.

    In this…

    Misty Mourning:

    So Ride Natty (Truth Tellers) Ride:

    In this here Revolution:

  8. While defiance is a central theme to becoming free, controlling your food supplies will help ensure you live, rather than just die, free. Can’t live without food.

    • My biggest weakness. It’s my sole contact with the world where I’m at. Upside? I’m not important.

  9. This has got to be one of the most significant videos you’ve made. Thank you for the tremendous work you do.

  10. Video of Dr. Andrew Kaufman making a strong case that there is no ‘deadly coronavirus’.
    Exosomes naturally present in the human body (during ailment, stress, etc) are being misidentified as a ‘deadly coronavirus’.

    Here he is again on HighImpactVlogs. You might find this Q&A format more palatable (less drab).

    And here he is (in that same Q&A video) talking about a potential legal method of resisting the forced injection that may be on the way.

  11. Thanks for these insights.
    May you have the courage and the nobility to keep broadcasting and publishing, particularly about ideas for practical solutions locally.

    • Like James said, he puts his videos together really well. He delivers information like an experienced teacher (like James).

    • He appears a bit ticked off in this one. That can be good sometimes, being ticket off.

  12. James, please do an interview with Andrew Kaufman, M.D. If you are not familiar with his work, he is talking about exosomes which seem to be identical to viruses in every important way. If his work circulates far and wide enough, maybe people will really wake up to this major worldwide scam that started this “pandemic” and maybe this whole thing can be dispelled to a meaningful degree. His youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7v2cvSnrJ9Qyz36cW1Ftw
    His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/andrew.kaufman.908 He will have a website up soon. Thanks, Sherry

  13. Pepe Escobar looks at a frightening future that might follow the already terrifying Covid-19 global outbreak.

    Who Profits From the Pandemic?


    Total system failure will give rise to new economy
    Covid-19 driven collapse of global supply chains, demand and mobility will painfully spawn next great tech-led economic models


  14. De Clarke, if all I read and watched was mainstream media (which was all I read and watched until 5 years ago) I imagine I would be part of that majority.

    When I asked a friend the same questions you pose she said “J, they are being told THOUSANDS of people are dying everyday”.

    It makes me think of the consequences of the official story of 9/11 – the terrorists! People are now more than willing to stand in line for hours and withstand tsa measures because if we don’t the terrorists will strike.

    Now people will put up with health martial law because if we don’t coronavirus will strike.

    This week I have been working on putting my anger aside (monumental task) and respecting people who think and act differently than I do, instead of rolling my eyes at the masks, gloves and clorox. I am trying to live and let live, remain calm, keep the focus on myself and go about my day to day life.

    So when the time comes I can very calmly and firmly say “Absolutely not” to needles, nanos and the rest of the nonsense.

    There will be a price to pay, perhaps, but I will prepare for that, too.

    • It is extremely difficult to do what you say. I understand that we could perfectly be on their side and being afraid of these crazy conspiracy theorists who say that the virus doesn’t exist (or that it is not the cause, or whatever theory), because they would endanger humanity.

      But it doesn’t change the fact that there is a real possibility that sooner or later, we will be chased, reported or abused by this people. When this happens, what can we do? Even if we build communities, how long we could live in “peace”? A single dron could destroy any community in a blink.

      And a big part of this will happen because people don’t want understand what is happening.

      In the last days (actually years) I have had some conversations trying to explain the technocratic dystopia that it is being implemented in the world and I promise that most of the people says: “I hope that the government do what is the best for us”. Excuse me? Have you even read/listen to what I have said to you?

      The real human mind change has been the lost of independence. “Daddy and mommy will help us”

      • I didn’t know that “drone” also means “slave”. What an irony to see “flying drones” giving orders to “human drones”.

        It is true. Laughing can change the mood even if we are having the hardest moments. At least until some advertising or news of the damn “covid” appears to remember us our home arrest.

        Definitely! As you say it can drive oneself crazy. In fact I don’t speak about these topics with anyone, but when they say things like: “I hope that the lockdown is over soon… but it is for our safety” I can’t resist.

      • haros, I didn’t mean that I am completely on their side. Not at all.

        I am only respecting that their fear is real. And rather than my rolling my eyes and disparaging that fear, which brings up something in myself that I don’t like, I am keeping the focus on myself and going about my day.

        Last week, after 3 weeks of dealing with this insanity, on so many levels, I found myself consumed with anger. The kind of anger that paralyzes me. The kind of anger that will keep me in a chair reading how horrible everything is and will prevent me from attending to my own responsibilities and daily life. It’s terribly uncomfortable and not a good use of my energy.

        So I made a decision to try and live one day at a time. Just do what I can in 24 hour increments. Put my anger aside, not deny it, just put it aside, and do the things in my life that give me satisfaction.

        I made that decision for my own peace of mind, not to placate anyone, and not in any kind of altruistic way.

        I exercise each day. I have been running since I was 19 years old. When I run I feel 20 again, and I’m a lot older than that! It’s a real mood lifter.

        I spent the week finishing up home improvement projects, spring cleaning and organizing. I sent birthday cards. I made phone calls. I went for a walk with my downstairs neighbor, who thinks along the same lines as me about this whole thing, and therefore we were maskless and shoulder to shoulder.

        I have a stomach full of fear about the immediate future, believe me. I can do without travelling overseas if I want to protest a health passport. But my heart will break if parents I know will not let me spend time with their children if I don’t get vaccinated.

        There is a great deal of uncertainty for us all.

        But for now we do have this form of communication with each other. Let’s gather the facts. Let’s arm ourselves with the facts. The anti-vax movement has already created steam. One solution would be to get behind that.

        Let’s not lose hope. Let’s face reality, (about the nwo agenda), but lets not let it overwhelm us.

        There are solutions. And enough creative people on this forum and others to come up with them.

        There are movements in history, some that we have lived through, that created results that would have seemed impossible because people thought they could not fight the power.

        We can fight the power.

        • Oh, don’t take me wrong! I wasn’t saying that being mad with people was the way to approach this situation. I absolutely agree with what you said in this and the previous comment. I was just saying how difficult it is to see things from a cold perspective and try to understand others.

          In fact I think that the only way to change something is to understand people who is believing this mainstream fear-based narrative. If there is not understanding, then our attitude towards them will be negative, negativity which will be perceived, and then automatically they will close their minds to anything we can say. But to do that, we need a level of conciousness (I don’t know if it would be the right expression) that I currently don’t have.

          I think that you made a great decision about putting aside all this situation and focusing on yourself. I have tried it but since I live with my family, when they put TV I automatically remember everything and my mood changes again.

          When you say that you do exercise every day, are you allowed to do that at this moment? Well, of course we are free to do whatever we want as human beings that we are. I mean that if the Government of your country is trying to avoid it. If not, where are you from?

          I think that many people in this forum is fearful about what you are describing. At the end of the day, if the social credit system is set up in our countries, our families and friends would get affected just by keeping a relationship with “outlaws” like us… if we don’t enter the game too.

          But, as you say, let’s not lose our hope because there is a solution for anything we are experiencing, no matter how difficult it might seem.

          • Trying to understand people who have become too lazy to engage any amount of critical thinking and reject even a minor investment into source research so they can apply at least common sense is frankly a total waste of energy. I am speaking of the typical western world population who isn’t preoccupied with immediate survival and has access to schools, all amenities, a crammed full toybox and a nice roof over their heads. The ones that have free choice how to spend their leisure time and have opted for mind numbing videogames, hours of drizzle TV or parading their lives on social media ‘reacting’ to something they read a headline of. The ones that need to take a selfie of whatever they do to prove to the world and themselves that they are truly alive. This describes a large proportion of the population where I live. Where and how do we take on the responsibility to mince perfectly accessible information into pablum and attempt to spoon feed this entirely willful ignorance? I frankly want to spend my energy and limited time on this planet expanding outwards, not being sucked down the eye of their self-gratifying whirlpool. Yes. Today I had my biscuit.

            • Mung Jam,
              I really hear ya!
              You nailed it with the American middle and upper middle class.

            • Typical western population (but I would say that the eastern is even worst) has been extremely indoctrinated since a very young age from all sides. It has been, like many others have said, an attack against our consciousness. Education system, TV, books, newspapers have poisoned our heads in a way that I don’t know if we can even imagine. Then add internet, computers and smartphones to the ecuation and we have the atomic bomb of our minds.

              All these “tools” have made people to perceive their reality in a certain way and I guess that most of them can’t even think that what they are experiencing is not the truth. That’s why they can’t think critically. They simply don’t know how to do it. Of course there are those who will wake up as we are doing little by little, but not the majority. Because to break the program some conditions are needed, like for example a big shock.

              Saying that, I absolutely agree with you that trying to change them is an absolutely waste of time and that our energies should be directed on improving ourselves. Still, I think that understanding them is important because many of them are people who we love, like relatives, friends, couple and so on.

              By the way, talking about how our minds have been taken over by external sources and devices… How much harm is going to be done to children for being locked up at home all day playing videogames and watching TV, without contact with other kids? In Spain children can only get out with one parent and only for buying. The rest of the time they are locked at home. It’s going to be tragic.

  15. Thank you for this! I googled Robert Kennedy Jr. Coronavirus, yesterday, but didn’t find anything.

    I have never been an anti-vaxxer but I am not getting stabbed with this covid needle so I want to read the type of information that is in this link and have some ammunition when the time comes.

    Needess to say, the association of his niece and that tragedy is just heartbreaking.

    • [No links in the comments section without titles and/or an explanation of why people should be clicking, please. -JC]

    • lovetodust,
      One idea on “handling mandatory vaccines” is to hook up with a local Doctor who you know is not gung-ho vaccines.

      I had one lady alternative MD who for years I would go to for miscellaneous.
      We were on the same page, and often had great chats.
      If there was a mandatory vaccine, I would have gone there to get my paperwork. Ya know what I mean. But she moved to where James Evan Pilato lives.
      Now, I have another Doctor…and on my March 16th visit for Ozone & UB Blood Therapy, he was playing VAXXED for his patients. So….

      In fact, the lady Doctor would show me results from hair analysis tests of her patients (covering their name) which showed incredibly high arsenic levels. Come to find out, these patients would eat a lot of chicken.

      Now, I took Ag classes for my Environmental Sciences degree (2008).
      They deliberately put arsenic in chicken and turkey feed, because it helps to accelerate their growth.
      ha!…they also feed chicken poop to cattle because of the high nitrogen content.

      • I’m just seeing this reply HRS. Thank you!

        Yes, I have been thinking along those lines.

        I love my primary care physician. I have been with her for almost 20 years. She is very conservative. Wouldn’t give you an antibiotic if you’re shirt was on fire. Meaning – unless you really really needed it and it was bacterial infection.

        On one hand I can picture her telling me “well, get it (the vaccine) if you like, if not no problem”

        On the other hand I can picture her telling me point blank to get it.

        I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

        In the meantime if you could see the forgery’s I am creating in my mind – the medical letter excusing me from face mask (claustrophobia), gloves (psoriasis), vaccines (have to think of something here)

        As it is, I would probably light up on a scan with the amount of arsenic that must be in my body. Chicken was a big part of my protein at meals for years. Isn’t it funny that recently I just lost the taste for it. One less thing to cook!

        Thanks again for replying.

  16. Oh come on,guys! I just bought my first iphone! It can do so many great things! (that’s an LOL)

    Seriously, I only got a cellphone years ago under duress – when every single pay phone in my area was GONE. My sister’s were getting angry when I brought their kids home late and didnt call to let them know.

    I couldn’t! All the pay phones were gone.

    So I got a cheap tracphone. The kind where the keypad is on the number pad. Makes texting lots of fun!

    I kept it for years. But it was so old that whenever I bought minutes, they would not connect through the phone.

    So I had to let it go. And I really did not want to buy another tracphone.

    So I bought a used iphone. I have to say, it is MUCH easier to use. And I drive out of state a lot so need a reliable connection

    I don’t have it with me all the time when I am local. I’m of an age where I basically just want it to make phone calls, which I usually do from home.

    I’d be happy to support Bill Gates if he’d create a vaccine to eradicate emoji’s.

    • Tracphone. They don’t even try to hide it. And we just go along.

    • Regarding phones…

      lovetodust says:
      “I’d be happy to support Bill Gates if he’d create a vaccine to eradicate emoji’s.”


      • Very good point. These people are only those who the real powers want to put in the front, those who get all the love and the hate from the masses.

        We could jail the 500 richest people in the world and we wouldn’t jail a single one with the real power. At least this is what I feel, because I, like everybody, don’t know what group/s control the world, if there is any (although I think that most of us have the intuition that they exist)

  17. “And yet, all still with their cellphones, eh? Confess, thee all who is’t has’t thy phones in pockets!”

    The only time I take my cellphone outside of the house is if I want to document/video some crazy normies doing something crazy, or if I’m on the road, in the event of emergency.

    In either case, the phone is in airplane mode.
    At home my phone is also turned off.

  18. I really want to commend James Corbett!

    Episode 375 – Corona World Order has tremendous impact!

    Thank you!

  19. Christopher Hitchins (whose book ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’) I am awaiting in the post called Kissinger “A stupendous liar with a remarkable memory”.
    I spend my life seeking truth. I’m sick to death of these horrible weasles lording it over us. We need to stick it to the man. Fucking tell them, people

    • Get out your pitchforks and show him how to use it properly!

  20. Just a thought; Last week, when I was thinking about this global invasion of this “new” unknown virus reminded me of episode 301 “How to fake an Alien invasion”. When you think about the invasion of your body by this Alien virus through aerosol transmission, it is only a matter of scale when you think about this UFO “threatening” the lives of millions . Back in 1938 in “The War of the Worlds” it was fear that controlled a nation. Now it controls the whole world.

  21. “You will be FORCED to do X, Y or Z, or NOT (forced) to do X, Y or Z in order to maintain your position in the economy”

    c.f logical fallacies video.

  22. Your Coronavirus World Order video yesterday had a profound effect on me, even though most of the information was already known to me from your previous work. To see the plan laid out so plainly and the speed with which it is being implemented is utterly terrifying.
    You must have given great thought to what steps we all can take now to try to protect ourselves and our families. We now believe the NWO is here – but do you really believe there is nothing we can do about it?
    In spite of your belief in individualism could you link up with inspirational thinkers in all parts of the World to collectively develop solutions? We need all the brightest minds who share a common love of truth and humanity to work on this, the greatest and most deadly challenge faced by humanity in its history.
    Have you come across Dr Shiva Ayyadurai or Brian Rose of London Real TV for example? You can undoubtedly think of many more whose work you find inspirational.
    Wishing you and your family health, happiness, courage and long term survival in these difficult times.

  23. Yes (underground railroad in times of globalist control seem quaint), and maybe (ridiculing all of the media will help).

    I have another suggestion; ridicule the people in our community that give incendiary comments which are false.

    Above, John Blaid gives a link to a rather scary EU document which exists but he quotes “Storing medical information below the skin’s surface”. The entire document does not include the word “Storing” (and yes, its in English).

    Beware the trolls.

  24. Please watch Chris Berg interview Scott Jensen. He is just a small reporter from Fargo, North Dakota. But the guy is asking important questions and I am just not seeing this from larger main stream sources. There is hope for the upper midwest, I am seeing more people question the narrative. Minnesota finally released it’s modeling information on Friday. Governor Walz has been using these models to support his executive orders. We only have 50 deaths. Average age of 87 as of 4/10. This is madness. If they mess with walleye opener or fall hunting season, expect to see a lot pissed off dudes in Minnesota. Guys here are are more concerned about getting Lyme’s Disease turkey hunting in the next month than acquiring Covid-19. Where’s the public outcry for Lyme’s? The last link here is for fun, but should give you a vibe of where this show’s team is coming from. Is journalism still alive? Keep your fingers crossed.


    “No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”

    Hunter Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    • BUMP

      Please, at least, hit the first link above in RaoulDuke’s comment
      Minnesota Senator Jensen explains how the government is grossly trying to inflate the number of COVID-19 deaths.

      Red River Valley News of Fargo, ND
      April 9th, 2020
      YouTube Video summary by Chris Berg with clips of interviews
      (6 minutes)

      I tip my hat to Chris Berg, a true reporter who asks hard questions.

      • Raoul, or Duke,

        ANECDOTE – Fargo, ND is what caught my eye.
        In the summer of 1971, I was there on a variety of occasions with my date, a Dairy Farmer’s daughter, to see some concerts (e.g. The Association, Chicago, etc.)

        I’m a West Texas boy, but that summer of ’71 I worked at a “Lake Resort Property” in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota (30 or 40 miles east of Fargo).

        Duke, I know what you are saying about the walleye. I’d clean them off the beach at first sunrise, before the tourists came out.
        Canadians and folks from all over would come for the fishing and such.

        I had some great adventures in the area. That gal was a joy.
        Her folks on the dairy farm made dandelion wine. That was the best wine I have ever had, as we double dated with my buddy and her sister in the pasture one late Saturday night. Simpler times, with the moon, stars, night sounds and distant train lights.
        She came down to see me in Texas during the Christmas break of ’71.
        In the summer of ’72, I spent 2 weeks hitchhiking and after hitting Rapid City, SD, I hitched to Detroit Lakes again to see her.

      • “If you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000.
        …if that patient goes on a ventilator…$39,000…”

        – Minnesota Senator (and Medical Doctor) Jensen

        Fox News
        (6 minutes)

        • Unfortunately, everyone is so switched off it just sounds like “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH” Even the ones whose ears do prick up a little switch off after a few minutes and go back to worrying about some pop culture event.

          That reminds me, how are the Kardashians doing?

  25. What a brilliant insight!
    The epigenetic changes are in effect creating an ‘incept date’ – think Blade Runner – our bodies are being pre-programmed to fail before we can get old enough to develop wisdom and see a pattern emerging by examining our past experiences and communicating this to others.
    Perhaps they will even be able to turn these genes on and off dependent on your future usefulness to them and only enabling certain people to breed.

  26. It is not a matter of just disobeying the rules. They are being enforced by over zealous police and as someone mentioned earlier vigilantes and snitches.
    We may be right but they have the ability to enforce their restrictions. They are going to mandate vaccines, by force if necessary with no evidence that they will do anything other than make us sick and cost megabucks. How do we resist when they have the weapons and the law?

    • I have a crossbow. I can upgrade from there if need be. Think of what you can do, rather than what you can’t is another idea. Also, the Afghan and Iraqi people are outgunned and have done a great job of defending their lands. The key is guerrilla tactics.

  27. I live in the UK too and we are all puzzled.
    People are obviously afraid, they hardly speak to one another in the street, won’t touch my friendly dog when she wants a fuss and some even wear masks.
    They are more afraid of an invisible fictional virus than what the government are doing. Most people still believe the lie that if they have not committed a crime they have nothing to fear from surveillance and the police.

  28. Thursday night I went to bed feeling pretty normal. At my age I have to get up numerous times during the night and I have a new German Shepherd who though being over two years old is not house trained. So upon arising I took the dog out and we both took care of our business.
    Back in bed a few minutes later I began shivering violently. So much so that my chest tightened and I had difficulty catching my breath.
    The shivering subsided somewhat and I was able to get back to sleep but was still running a slight temperature in the morning. I also woke up with a headache.
    I stayed home from work and slept most of the next twenty four hours. I took three aspirin and doubled my daily vitamin D and iodine and didn’t eat until late in the afternoon when I ate some melon.
    This morning I woke up feeling fine no headache and no discernible fever.

    I have no idea what I contracted. In normal times I suppose I would have called it the twenty four hour flu. But this is not normal times. So I am hoping that I contracted Covid 19.
    That’s my story and I’m not sure why I am sharing it. But there ya go.

  29. You may be interested in the new campaign being established by Arthur Firstenburg who led the Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space petition.
    He feels that no-one who wants to be credible in the fight to stop 5G and the Internet of Things can continue to use a mobile device. After all, all RF emissions are harmful to life on Earth not just 5G which is just the final straw.
    He can be emailed at [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments section, please – JC]
    His book the Invisible Rainbow is well worth reading

    • Thank you for that link and the book, Andrea. I agree with him. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t use our mobile devices ever and health is just one (although the most important).

  30. Thank you James Corbett for all the work you have done. I am very grateful that you continue to do this work for humanity and you should be very proud of it. You are very brave and have done so much good. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. You are a good human being.

  31. These restrictions on travel are extremely worrying for me because it’s not just about holidays. Like a lot of people these days I have family and friends in countries other than the one in which I live. This puts us in a very difficult situation. Currently they are stopping me from visiting them. There is a new baby in the family in another country that I can’t go to see because of this complete scam and as James says this will only get worse. So many of us are going to be faced with this dilemma. These people doing this are obviously complete and utter psychopaths, they have no feelings to appeal to.

    • I am thinking the same. If it comes down to having to be vaccinated, I guess, for today, I will give up my dreams of traveling over-seas (which is not the same as actually having family over-seas, I know)

      What worries me more is right here at home. Will family and friends prohibit me from visiting if I am not vaccinated? I believe I know some who would. And with what they are reading, and what they believe, I can’t say that I would blame them.

      That’s what’s got me worried when I let it.

      Let’s hope there will be a huge resistance. Let’s add our voices to it.

  32. Libertydan- with regard to Maeve Kennedy possibly quietly fighting Bill Gates on vaccinations – is that something you learned from the Jim Stone freelance.com site, or did you read/hear from someplace else?

    I would like to follow up.


  33. Aldous Hyxley was not MK Ultra. He wrote Brave New World as a warning and completely turned his back on his former way of life as did Eric Blair (aka George Orwell). I would highly recommend reading Island by Aldous Huxley which was his more utopian novel, remembering of course that it was written in the very early 1960s.

  34. @Alchemist. I would very much like to believe that you are right. And I hope that the silver lining in all this is how obviously inept and overly authoritarian governments are. But then I thought that the fact that the last two choices for president of the United States were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with the Donald winning by the skin of the Electoral college would clearly illustrate for all my reasonable fellow citizens the absurdity of the system.
    I am thinking that I should check my premise.

    Anyway, earlier on in this cris-hoax I read or heard somewhere the term “Boomer Remover” used in reference to the virus. I still believe that my first impression, that it implied death, was how it was meant. I was a little bit offended but mostly just scoffed to myself because I know that my immune system is in the best condition of my life. Then I just summed it up to the same mentality that came up with “okay boomer” and just dismissed it.
    But it’s early Saturday morning here in beautiful central Florida and I just finished hand watering my yard. While wandering around among the fruit trees and berry bushes, filling up the bee fountain and moistening the compost piles. Thinking about where to plant my Kratom tree cutting to protect it from the few nights that fall below forty around here. While doing all this,which happens to be just about my favorite thing to do these days, I got to thinking about that boomer remover thing and it struck me that perhaps it applies to me more than I thought it did.
    I hate to generalize. But I know that I am about to. I am not what is considered by many a typical boomer. I suppose I am a throwback. My business is 25 years old. I am 63 and I have no one to pass it on to.
    I have a few long term customers that would probably be sorry to see me close up but there are young people who understand the new way of doing business who would be thrilled to see me removed. And if business was slow before…well I can just imagine how brisk business will be for the old guy who doesn’t even have a smart phone and only discovered how important google reviews are too damn late. Hell, it took me two years to figure out how to get JC a couple bucks and had to use snail mail and help from Pilato to do it. Forget about the MM chat room stuff. Totally lost.
    I know I am in the minority. But I wonder if others have similar thoughts. I feel like the world has sort of passed me by. I think I have a lot to offer but not many are interested.
    I really wouldn’t miss the horrible 15 minute commute or the customers who think I am trying to swindle them before they have even shook my hand. And who is gonna shake hands in the future anyhow? Everyone will probably want to Skype with me and I have no idea how to do that. And I don’t think that I really want to learn.

    This virus, real or not hasn’t killed this boomer. But it is causing the world to change in ways that kinda make me want to remove myself from it.

    • You’re not alone SteveSmith

      I’m 66, physically fit and active. But live a pretty simple life.

      I only purchased a cell phone under duress years ago – and a tracphone at that.

      Recently had to give it up – it was too old to accept any new technology so basically unusable.

      I purchased a used iphone. Much easier to use and since I started driving out to state (in my 2002 used but in great shape honda) has good reception.

      But I’ve never joined social media and not interested. I miss out on a lot of family goings on because I don’t follow the clan on instagram, but c’est la vie.

      I am disappointed in a lot of changes in the my day to day life even before the current insanity. It drives me crazy that I cannot go ANYWHERE these days without blaring music in the foreground (shopping, doctors offices, restaurants, salons, etc etc)

      I think there is a sensory overload going on that has just numbed people out.

      Having said that, there is a lot to love and enjoy in life. Just your description of your yard work lifts the spirit. I have a few boomer siblings who are just the same way. They love their gardens.

      • “…I think there is a sensory overload going on that has just numbed people out…”
        So true… no time to think beyond what CS Lewis would have called the stream of events humans call real life.
        Not a boomer but it weirded me out when TV’s started appearing EVERYWHERE in public, that was just before the Tiny TV’s disguised as phones sucked everyones brains out

        • Yes. The damn television sets. Dozens of them in every restaurant and bar. In every doctor’s and dentist’s waiting room. I truly despise the proliferation of those mind numbing things.

    • Steve Smith,
      As a fellow boomer and a sole proprietor business person for more than 25 years, I feel ya.

  35. I don’t think that any of us can change the mind of the people who have fallen for this one. Of course that some individuals will wake up but not most. I base what I say on the 9/11 event. It doesn’t matter if you show the huge evidence that everything was planned, as well as the wars that came later. Most people can’t believe that Governments can do something like this (at least according to my personal experience).

    Anything we research from now on, it will be mainly for us, to know what really happened. Unfortunately, it is MUCH more powerful for the masses to see Tom Hanks falling ill on TV news, or Lady Gaga giving a concert for the virus, than any documentary or real data we can give to them, even if it is a full and conclusive story.

    But I don’t want to be too pessimistic: as you say, there MUST be a legal path that we can follow somehow to show that all the measures that have taken place have been extremely disproportionate and unrealistic, taking into account the data that Governments are based on. I hope that someone in the legal field can help on that point, because I feel that it is very important.

    • I think this might be true, however, people will start to get sick and tired of these lockdowns soon. Imagine if people lose everything and can’t even feed themselves and end up homeless or live on some crappy UBI when they were used to making better money. This can’t go on forever. People have a breaking point, once they are at that point all it takes is a little nudge. This is what I think, not sure how this will all play out. I will do some small things by writing to some people in local government and health officials. Not sure it will do any good but I’ll do it anyway.

      • I also think that people will get tired of this lockdowns, but I am sure that the “powers” know that too. If they are good on something is in predicting how the population is going to behave. If they extend lockdowns, is because they want to make people angry or because they want to assess how much we are able bear this situation. As someone said in somewhere in this website, this is likely the biggest social experiment ever conducted.

        I don’t think that writing them can’t change anything but I think that this is the only real thing that we can do at this moment, so I hope to be wrong and that you can change the opinion of your local government/health officials. If not, at least you will have done your best, and this is something that most people can’t say.

        • Actually I am seeing the same behaviour in Spain (at least where I live). I live in a block of apartments and just an hour ago many people went to their balconies to play music, cheer, sing and play the drum because of someone’s birthday. There is clearly a holiday feeling like you say.

          People are ONLY thinking about the virus. Also like you have stated, nobody seems to worry about economy or what will happen after that. It is true that if they can’t even worry about their lives, we don’t have to worry about them too. We have enough in our minds.

          Almost like being an observer in the social experiment. In the few moments that I can observe this situation from a calm perspective, it is very interesting to see how our society is being changed. It reminds me when I had to look at photos of injuries during my Bachelor and Master: at first they were disgusting, but when the rational mind appeared, then there was only a feeling of curiosity and of trying to understand how our bodies work. Now the injuried body is society, and the cause is a parasite class.

          Oh God… I can’t stand celebrities’ role on this, with their “stay home” in their songs, mouths, tweets, and so on. In fact the damned “stay home” is everywhere!

    • Another thanks,HRS!

      I just read this short article. Everyone should take a look.

      Bill Gates insists on indemnification should something go wrong with corona vaccine.

      US passed a bill in February granting full immunity to vaccine makers going forward!

  36. Parrot Linux all the way!
    Built in anon-surf so easy a normie can do it.

  37. Finally a breath of good news. I’ll hold this expert to his word.

    Could the new coronavirus weaken ‘anti-vaxxers’?

    “Essential workers will be the priority. Police officers, hospital workers, cleaners. Then at-risk groups,” said Douglas L. Hatch, a physician specialised in pandemic preparedness working on the COVID-19 response in San Francisco.

    “By the time you get to the anti-vaxxers, they’ll have trouble getting it even if they wanted to.

    • Gotta love those shortages, like in the U.S. …toilet paper, milk, vaccines, honest politicians,….

    • mkey,

      I have just realized that I had missed two comments from you! I guess that you didn’t reply to me directly because there wasn’t a reply button. Anyway, I answer you both in here.

      1) https://www.corbettreport.com/coronaworldorder/#comment-78078

      Thank you for the video and the information. In the last year I have been thinking about moving to the south of Spain where my family owns a house (I would buy/rent it) and my plan was to buy a land there too. The thing is that the house also has a little area where I could plant something, but I think it wouldn’t be enough to sustain myself. That’s why I asked my question.

      Although, of course, after this crisis my plans have been shaken and I have to wait to see what happens. In this little village I am talking about, most of the people (if not all), believe religiously in the mainstream narrative, what would turned me into a clear target if the mandatory vaccines is implemented (for example).

      2) https://www.corbettreport.com/bill-melinda-gates-an-open-source-investigation/#comment-78530

      72 vaccines? Damn, that’s a lot! No wonder why the vaccination movement is so strong in the USA. In my country I think that there are no mandatory vaccines, but this plandemic could change everything.

      By the way, I can’t read articles like the Reuters one. I get too nervious after seeing this extreme manipulation and stupid journalists (???) talking about what they don’t know.

      However, a 2015 paper by CDC epidemiologists said “multiple studies and scientific reviews have found no association between vaccination and deaths except in rare cases.”

      Ah, case closed. Give me your RNA vaccine then!

      • There probably are a few “mandatory” vaccines, aimed at children. The “mandatory” part would step up on refusal of administration of said vaccines.

        Regarding the studies, what these bastards don’t want to reveal is that no proper studies (like double blind tests) haven’t been done. They just choose a fake baseline and end up comparing one vaccine against several “known safe” vaccines.

  38. One thing comes to mind: if one opts out of taking vaccines and is banned from various public utilities that kind of implies one is eligible for a tax refund. I mean, if you are banned from services the social contract (article 6, paragraph 3, point 7, addendum 15) firmly stipulates that you don’t have to pay for something you aren’t using.

    • I don’t think that it would work, although it would be logical. For example, I can’t say in my country (and most likely in all of them): “I don’t want to pay taxes but I refuse to use your services too, like health (un)care system, roads, or whatever”. Our “persona” has owners, which is the State… at least in the surface. This is clear if you look up how to deny our nationalities: we simple can’t. The only way is changing of owner (from the State of Spain to the State of Portugal, for example).

  39. Noman,
    Hi again! I hope life finds you and your family okay there in India.

    Del Bigtree of “The Highwire” is well known for his activism to bring out the truth and science about vaccines.

    Here is the website full of videos and links and source for documents.

  40. For sure – use linux and shut down the back door hacks and get rid of technological corral of them making decision from the programs perspective for the user.

    Linux is a liberating and a liberated OS.

    I recommend Linux Mint for anyone – it is extremely user friendly, open source, liberated, and free. One could make a dual boot system and use their old operating system while learning the new.

    The linux crowd needs to know about what is going on because they are the ones who could be on the front lines of keeping the net open and non-regulated.



    There are so many distributions…

    and the hackers linux distro:

    • Shoot! This is what I get when I click on your link:

      “Private video
      Sign in if you’ve been granted access to this video”

      Absolutely no other information, including source. Any way around this?

      • Try this here, Pearl

        I haven’t had time to follow up on it, and seemed like she was losing focus as It went along. I am baffled how researchers here can keep up with the steady flood of information and still get some sleep. JC, yaaah, I want to know what he eats for breakfast. I want some of that stuff.

        • Many thanks, Mungjam.

          “JC, yaaah, I want to know what he eats for breakfast. I want some of that stuff.”

          Haha! Ain’t it the truth!

  41. I had that thought as well going into a long family weekend distraction. Traditionally there will be a new surprise somewhere.

  42. 9th,
    you are “spot on”…this is a very appropriate Thread to leave that late November 2019 article. Thanks.

  43. Here is a full hour plus Stanford Graduate School of Business talk that
    Chamath Palihapitiya ( billionaire ex facebook executive) gives to the students there.

    Two Interesting quotes is from Chamath are:
    “In the absence of capital you are irrelevant with capital you’re powerfull”

    “Money drives the world for better or for worse. Money is going to be made and allocated – you have a moral imperative to get it and then use it to make a difference.“


    • Chamath Palihapitiya also has made some interesting remarks in that talk which shows who he really is. He acts as if he knows who runs the world and how it is ran – but then makes some very foolish remarks which shows in the end, he really doesn’t know what he is talking about or getting himself involved in.

      And his comment about wanting the money just goes to reveal his poor character.

      Truth Stream Media has done a good break down of his talk here:

  44. I meant to post this here in the Corona World order instead.

    Hong Kong’s Quarantine Wristbands

    Bloomberg Quick Take on how to spot Corona Virus misinformation

    Corporations now buy spy software to monitor employees working from home

    The very horrible treatment of the Uyghur’s (Pronounced We – gur) and The Muslim kazakhstani’s in china

  45. I just read about the crazy restrictions being imposed in Toronto, Canada now. Get a load of this:

    “Toronto is on big time lock down, my friend gets pulled over twice for going to the store

    -our pharmacy (your CVS) : no more than 10 client at a time inside and no one over 65 is allowed inside.
    -our grocery : no more than 2 of the same item, if you touch you buy and no more than 20 people inside
    -special hour for people over 65 to go in store from 8-10 in the morning
    -all stores : no more than 1 person per shopping cart (aka your wife stays in the car while you shop, and no kids)
    -all restaurants (except for takeout/delivery service), bars, club etc. are closed
    -all non essential businesses are closed until may 4th (since 3 week ago).
    -Eight foot social distancing between people who do not live at same address. If caught by police its $1,596 fine first time up to $6,000.
    -no group meeting of any kind allowed with same fine if caught
    -fed and local police hotline for people to call and snitch on neighbors who don’t follow the rules
    -travel between districts are controlled by police “

  46. Interesting anecdote about the elderly elderly.

  47. The Hoax is collapsing already and Gates’ vaccine is months away. Riot in Brussels today. Gates’ won’t get away with it because there are several drugs that treat it and s$&t-hole Socialist Cuba has Alpha2B Interferon that they developed 40 years ago. Total Deaths are no different than past years. The Internet has exposed the Hoax. The #s and deaths are being fiddled with and too many people know about it. Listen to #322 at 21st Century Wire. “The only thing to fear is Fear itself”. FDR

  48. The leadership of the World Economic Forum is truly horrifying. I was scrolling through and reading the bio’s of the members. They have heavy hitters from business, finance, politics. Globalists in every sense of the word. If any organization has the means to implement the Known Traveler Digital Identity, it would be the WEF.


  49. From the Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) whitepaper:

    The KTDI concept shows great potential for use beyond the travel industry, including applications in healthcare, education, banking, humanitarian aid and other sectors. It will be critical to leverage network effects by earning the trust of users, engaging more government entities and crowding in more private parties to build the concept, continue to broaden the horizon and be at the forefront of disruptive changes.


  50. Have you ever walked down the street before and wondered if the people walking by you were normies or not?

    Well today I no longer need to wonder. More than 50% of the people in my city are now wearing masks!
    The masks are a dead give-away (pardon the pun).

    The look of fear and anxiety in their faces is palpable. Even those not wearing masks!

    I have so much fun in stores.
    No longer do I need to politely wait for someone to move away from a section of store shelving that I’m also interested in.
    I simply move closer to them and they inevitably run away as quick as you can say “Bill Gates is an a__ hole”.

    • I often run into people who go way out of their way to keep their distance from me. I may be no Brad Pitt lookalike, but I’m not exactly festering, either. And good that they take the looong route around, who knows what real diseases they may be carrying.

      As this transpires, I’m sure the smirk and the grin are evident on my non festering face, but with their gaze firmly afixed to the pavement they almost certainly don’t notice it. Maybe their dogmatic disease can carry over with a look cast in an unfortunate direction.

      I do have a good laugh when I see them driving around with masks on their face, however. Even more so when the mask is not properly worn.

      I mean, you spend time and money to get the mask (price has bumped up handsomly), diminish your dignity to wear that thing in the car while driving ALONE and then you don’t wear the damn thing properly?? I can’t understand that, is that the work of the selfdefeating self that wants you to die?

      On the other hand, maybe the self knows the jig is up and is just having a laugh with the rest of us.

      • Short after reading your comment, I have gone out on the balcony to wish nothing good to my neighbour’s dog that is barking all day, and the first thing that I have seen is two teenagers walking their dogs, without keeping the social distance (should I call the cops??) and one of them wearing the mask in a wrong position (the mouth was half discovered).

        I’ve heard your laughs coming from Croatia…

      • I’ve decided to keep the 6 ft parameter social distancing going even after the agenda driven for lack of a better word “end” of this thing.

        With arm outstretched:

        “Six feet away from me while you talk on your cell phone in the supermarket line about your divorce, your kids teacher, your new diet, your old diet, your mother-in-law, your job, your thesis, your ex, and whatever else I don’t want to hear about and should not have to hear about while I’m buying a quart of milk”

        The not so funny thing is that that same people who are so fastidious about face masks, gloves and clorox, are the same ones who will be texting while driving with three kids in the back.

        I’m wondering if the governors in each state will assign all the police who are doing supermarket duty to football stadiums to do breathalyzer tests on every single driver that exits after the 3 hour game and 2 hour tailgating party.

        And here’s a question – do non-violent persons who were let out of prison have to return when this is for lack of a better word “over”?

  51. Don’t think. Don’t study. Don’t do research. Just play: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20200409-how-gaming-became-a-form-of-meditation.

    And it starts like this:

    Outside my window the streets are quiet, the world is weird, the future uncertain. Conspiracy theorists are bombarding my social media feed, and everyone is an armchair expert on the pandemic. (Although I have to agree about “everyone” being an expert).

    I guess it is a good time to revisit You are being gamed by JC.

  52. This “POEM FOR CORBETT” inspired by a GooTube comment from a Jen D (for this same video), how she’s been belittled & considered nuts, for wanting to discuss this important info!
    Written with the hard-working Professor Corbett in mind 🙂

    “Who Dares”
    Who dares to question the news of the day?
    Implying we shouldn’t believe what they say?
    Loved ones who used to think twice, stand and scoff
    at the state of affairs, as they’re hauling me off.
    Once, there were fleeting discussions of facts –
    now, just the sound of a sharpening ax…
    “Off with his head – it’s too big for his hat!”
    “Oh silly fool, he was asking for that!”
    Some who still wonder, hide logic within;
    now that a question is viewed as a sin.
    Sad to see those with the keenest of minds,
    now suddenly close at the first scary signs
    of anyone starting to wake from the dream,
    disrupting the flow of the toxic mainstream.
    “You can’t state your views, or explain to me why,
    in a 10 second soundbyte – so don’t even try!”
    Grounded, dumb-founded, surrounded, and beat –
    I pause for a breath, then rise to my feet.
    Look up again, at the King of the Hill.
    Who’s going to try climbing that? Yes, I will.

    • And just a note that the lines “Off with his head – too big for his hat … he was asking for that” I wrote for me, not James, because I pictured my mainstream programmed family members reacting that way, in disbelief of silly Steve – Lunartrax …

  53. In the case that you have missed this communication published in Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01107-z

    Social-media companies must flatten the curve of misinformation

    Just an excerpt…

    Researchers and policymakers can — and must — make sure social-media companies identify, implement and evaluate ways to curtail the spread of dangerous misinformation, and that independent researchers can assess this work.

    This article is more dangerous than anything the author is qualifying as “dangerous”. I wonder who this “Joan Donovan” think she is to say what others MUST do.

  54. SOURCE (in Spanish). The agenda is very clear.

    Translation of some fragments:

    The impact of the Covid-19 in the tourism industry is undeniable: the virus has paralyzed the world, the airs are without planes and the destinations are deserted. And until a vaccine is found, people will be forced to change their tourist habits.

    The experts consulted agree that the pandemic is going to force profound changes in the health issue, just as the 9/11 attacks forever revolutionized airport security systems.

    Today it has been assumed that to get on a plane you have to pass several security controls and nobody puts their hands on their heads. Something similar can happen with the health issue in the coming years if the vaccine is late. “This is going to mark a before and after in that sense, of course,” adds Joan Molas.

    “The moment the vaccine arrives, people will lose their fear and somehow forget what we are going through”

    James hit the nail in the head when he compared the post-9/11 new normal with the post-corona new normal.

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