Daredevil – FLNWO #28

by | Aug 8, 2015 | Film, Literature & The New World Order | 3 comments

daredevilsquareWith their new Netflix original series, “Daredevil,” the Marvel Entertainment juggernaut of recent years looks set to grow even bigger. But given that Marvel is now owned by Disney, and given the long history of comic books being used for propaganda, and given the documented ties between Marvel and the Pentagon, what kind of cultural conditioning is this series subjecting us to? Are we facing a tide of “propaganda of violence,” and, if so, how should we react to it? Join us in this month’s Film, Literature and the New World Order for an exploration of these issues with James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com

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  1. Hummm…..
    I never would watch this kind of thing, but since Pilato brought it up AND I could watch it for free….
    I did watch the whole series and have to admit that I liked it. Probably because the production value and writing are impressive, I did not pick up on the torture/violence aspect of it.
    I did notice that Netflicks is pushing the Israeli agenda with at least 20% of the offerings having SOMETHING to do with the “poor helpless Jews…how they SUFFAD!” meme. I have been burnt out on these less than mediocre movies somehow being pushed as FABULOUS 5 star movies for years.
    Before this, I watched part of one that glamorized violence so much that it showed the gore in slow motion. This was a costume drama without a story, just guts flying in slow motion, with fancy clothes and mild porn.
    Pilato brings up a good point of parents watching some of what the children are watching and instead of banning this stuff, just point out the ridiculous and laugh at it.
    If there is a season TWO of Daredevil, I will probably watch it only for free, being mindful of this review. Thanks.

  2. You have to assume that if Netflix started a series where the hero ate people and there was a poll on people’s attitudes toward cannibalism sometime afterward, results would yield expected results, namely, that the practice had increased in popularity very considerably.

  3. I wonder if the guy behind Marvel…we saw him in a Simpsons episode when the Simpsons was still decent, is still alive for them to be acquired by Nazisney is one big rock against my childhood’s favourite cartoons.

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