December Open Thread (2022)

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Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas again already? Well, believe it!

That’s right, it’s the first Sunday of December, so you know what that means . . . or maybe you don’t . . . or maybe you do . . . or maybe you don’t! It’s time for the December Open Thread!

Do you want to discuss the smoking gun in the JFK files?

Do you want to delve into the Mysteries of Sea Ice or decode the Riddle of Steel?

Do you want to parse the latest political drama over CBDC cronyism?

Do you want to laugh at the latest “because of climate change” claim?

Or do you just want to discuss which Corbett Report DVDs you asked Santa for this Christmas?

Whatever the case, Corbett Report members are invited to log in and engage in discussion in the comments below.

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  1. I’d say the Musk takeover of twitter, his polls, and the release of the “twitter files” are just a means to have people lose more faith in their governments, not a bad thing but, to introduce a new form of governance probably being a technocratic one.

    • as always- i like to start with a big thank you to you james- you did a great job on the chd talk- thank you for not getting drawn into things like the ‘virus’ discussion and other things- you really brought clarity to the issue that the good doctor brought up- you kept it on track- and i think she really appreciated your wit and wisdom-
      i think some of the docs associated with chd are not on the right track- but there are many things we all bring to the table- and you helped to make it a banquet!

    • that is a great observation- one distraction after the next!

  2. Warm Greetings from Canada everyone! I come bearing gifts once again 🙂

    This month I will share an article that offers info on how to grow the underrated and underutilized ancient food crop that is Amaranth (exploring it’s many health benefits and offering some recipe ideas to enjoy your harvests)

    Amaranth is the original outlaw rebel grain. If you were caught attempting to cultivate or possessing Amaranth seed by the Spaniards back in the day (after they invaded the Américas) they would have chopped off your hand or summarily executed you. The invading Spaniards saw how valuable this crop was to the people of the Triple Alliance aka “Aztec” people (that lived in what is now Mexico), the Maya and the Inca (culturally and nutritionally) and so it was outlawed for hundreds of years. Thankfully, Amaranth is a resilient and rebellious plant and she persevered despite the despotic attacks.

    Amaranth survived despite the Spaniards attempts at ‘planta-cide’ due to a number of factors, one of the main ones being her drought tolerance and ability to readily self seed. Additionally there were many loyal and courageous subversive Amaranth gardeners that intentionally protected this important crop through the generations, saving seed from the outlaw grain and passing it onto their children in secret.

    In modern day times, Amaranth offers several advantages to those of us looking to resist the imperialistic conquest of the corporatocracy. For one, the plant is very versatile in where it can grow, and not only the seeds, but also the leaves are edible very nutritious. Secondly, the tiny seeds can be easily shared with other subversive empire toppling gardeners living both close and far away, empowering more and more people to provide for themselves and their loved ones, starve the parasitic plutocracy one homegrown/homecooked meal at a time and be able to do so without having to water their garden constantly in the hot weather (due to Amaranth’s impressive drought tolerance).

    The substack article linked above offers some ideas for residential scale cultivation and speedy harvesting (using low tech tools) to maximize your harvests while minimizing work. I hope you find this info helpful! 🙂

    Long live the rebellious Amaranth!

    • Reminds me of how all the food the spaniards brought and pushed on their colonial subjects are designed to weaken and sicken people to make them easier to control. Amaranth is alkaline.

      • @CRM114

        That is an interesting point (and it is an aspect of Amaranth’s health benefits that I don’t think I directly mentioned in my article). I think I shall remedy that oversight (and update the article) once I do a bit more research on the topic.

        I am curious to learn more about “the food the Spaniards brought and pushed on their colonial subjects (that were/are?) designed to weaken and sicken people to make them easier to control”.

        Could you elaborate on that a bit or provide some links to pertinent info?

        Thanks for the comment.

        • I’m just thinking of all the “tocino” and animal products that have become staples in latin america and the phillipines. I believe the overuse of soy in asia is probably a similar story. This is not something i read about just an observation out in this sick sick world. This sickness is subtlely reflected in the story of Cain and Abel. This article mentions the high levels of lactose intolerance among americas indigenous:

          oddly enough this issue of food in the new and old world comes up in the book im reading, terra nostra de carlos fuentes:

          If you live in the USA its not hard to see how toxic foods are being used to dumb down and disease the populace. Not surprised at all to learn the conquistadors banned the healthy Amaranth (a food most americans have never even heard of).

          I could be wrong about the intentionality behind this push; maybe just sick people spreading their sickness.

          • @CRM114

            Yes I can see that trend here (in Ontario) as well. The Europeans came here and pushed wheat monocultures on the indigenous peoples (the Algonquin and Ojibwe). Southern Ontario used to be mature forest from horizon to horizon with food forests and small patches of polyculture farming plots (“three sisters” plantings of corn, beans, squash, peas sunflowers and medicine plants) being tended by the First Nation peoples in direct proximity to their dwellings. Then the Europeans arrived and swiftly began psychologically attacking, disenfranchising, stealing from and murdering them and chopping down the forest. Here is some of the propaganda the government here used to invite more people to join in on the pillaging:


            Now less than 1% of the original forest is left intact.

            Here is satellite image of the area surrounding where we live … it all used to be forest. Now it is all GMO soy and corn (mostly used to feed livestock in factory farms). It is said there was a time when a squirrel could travel from where this image was recorded (near the shore of Lake Erie) all the way to Ottawa without ever touching the ground (approx 800 km).

            And now that the majority of the forest has been decimated and the only green intact ecosystems remaining are tiny parks, the rich people from Toronto that have cottages in those parks are complaining because the Algonquin and Ojibwe people are cultivating and harvesting wild rice in canoes on the lakes (interrupting the movement of their yachts and motor boats) meanwhile these same idiots are going to the grocery store and buying white rice from China (that is loaded with arsenic) when they could be getting real food from their own backyard. Idiots.

            It is like James Evan Pilato says, they steal the real and give you back the fake. Corporations took the sacred corn plant of the Americas and genetically contaminated and enslaved it, now instead of being nutritious it is toxic nutritionally depleted garbage.

            I try and do my small part to regenerate the land here, teach kids to cherish the ancient heirloom seeds and practice ‘Seed Satyagraha’.

            Thanks for the links and for sharing your thoughts.

            • Yes! My canadian friend told me about the issues in those lakes! Fucking crazy!! He also told me about “Starlight Tours”.

              On an even crazier note did you know that there is no such thing as ‘Obijwe’? That this is a hybrid creation of indigenous and french and not a real indigenous group?

              I tell everyone to read We Have The Right To Exist available at

              The real name was Ahnishnahbaeotjibway

              • @CRM114

                I agree that the backwards (and often malicious) way that the indigenous peoples of Ontario (and Canada in general) have been treated is f-ing crazy. I lived with a guy out west in BC (he is about 70 now) that was a residential school survivor. He tried running but the RCMP hunted him down as a kid, kidnapped him from his parents and threw him in one of those hell-hole torture centers. He told me some messed up stories about kids getting starved, beaten, raped, burnt, mutilated, forcibly surgically sterilized and murdered. All government funded, RCMP enforced facilities run in partnership with the twisted priests and nuns. People talk about Canada (and it’s government) like it was some place with freedom and compassion, that is a load of bullshit propaganda. Nothing more than an effective PR campaign. Canada (as a nation state) has a 154 year history filled with Colonialism… Pillaging… Eugenics… Assimilation… Polluting… Disenfranchisement… Criminal Dispossession… Forced Labor (aka slavery), Lying… Mass Murder and Involuntary Governance. David Suzuki was locked in one of those ‘friendly nice Canadian concentration camps’ in the town I live in now during ww2.

                Starting in 2019 the colonial imperialistic conquest (that began with a greed and arrogance driven pillaging of the First Nation people’s and their lands generations ago) continues in northwestern British Columbia where Canadian authorities (militarized RCMP units) invaded Wet’suwet’en indigenous lands enforcing the construction of a gas pipeline, violating both Canadian and international law.

                I had not heard about those “starlight tours” until now, but it does not surprise me. The RCMP and hospitals in Saskatchewan were forcibly sterilizing young indigenous women up until the year 2000.

                I did not know that about the word “Obijwe”, but I suppose what is even crazier to consider (for me) is that I learned that word from indigenous people (younger ones) living in this area. I suppose it is a testament to how effective the assimilation, cultural destruction and psychological warfare has been, given there are people who apparently do not know the word for their own people anymore. I am reading a couple books that have a lot of Potawatomi (aka “Bodwéwadmimwen”) words in them but I have not come across the word “Ahnishnahbaeotjibway” until now. Thanks for the info.

                Like I said, despite all the nefarious actions of the government, police, corporations (and the everyday idiots falling in line with them) in Canada, I try to focus on preserving and cultivating that which has true value (the living heritage of those who called this land home before me that still lives in the form of heirloom seeds) and encouraging the young ones to do the same. I sense with the storm that is coming, only those that make a decision now to forge a close knit relationship with the land will be capable of surviving with their honor, sanity, sovereignty and health intact.

              • A polite request for considerate discussion without the expletives. I eye-bounce (and skip that comment) when I encounter bad language.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                I will do my best. Most of the time I refrain from using “Swear words” when I speak but I admit that sometimes I feel like strong language is justified in order to create emphasis.

                I am curious about your motivation for ‘eye bouncing’ content with regards to “expletives”. Is it that you feel these words take away from the information being shared/addressed? Or is your issue with them more relating to a religious matter?

                Have you ever looked into the Etymology of the f word? I found it to be a fascinating (and humorous) window into the unusual (and to me absurd) traditions in the times of Feudalism.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                Upon further investigation is looks like the version of the origin of the f-word (involving it’s origin being an acronym) I had heard about from a couple people years ago is contested by Etymologists (and the real origins are not as funny).

              • That would be Ojibwe, and it looks like they just shortened it. I can see why.

            • There’s no button to reply to your latest comment so I’ll do it here.

              Thank you for your thoughtful replies. There’s really no excuse anymore to not be growing your own food and it’s my plan for next spring.

              I believe the author of that book Wub E Ke Niew had his property and assets confiscated after his death leaving his wife homeless. Had he not written that book I don’t think anyone would have ever heard the real name.

              Maybe you can give me some book recs (on any topic) that you find especially impactful, important, information-filled etc. Of course I will be looking at your books but maybe there are others. I’m always looking for reading material.

              • @CRM114

                I admire your resolute intent to plant food garden next spring.

                I agree with your assertion about there being no excuse. I often encounter people that make the excuse of having no access to land so when I was doing research for writing my gardening/recipe book I experimented with cultivating nutrient dense food and medicine indoors and in containers. I was able to grow significant amounts of ginger, kale, tulsi (aka “holy basil”), microgreens and protein rich gourmet mushrooms using only a south facing window with pots lined up and some mason jars that I filled with spent coffee grounds (for growing oyster mushrooms). Anyone that is motivated can do that (and more) at the very least, and the health benefits that are offered even by growing a steady supply of those things are non-trivial.

                Sure I would be happy to scan through my library and see what I feel called to recommend. It was a long day planting trees at work so I do not have it in me to do that tonight but I will try and take a look tomorrow.

                I currently just have the one (almost ready to publish) book that I have put together, though I do have plans for others in the near future.

                Have you read a book called Braiding Sweetgrass?

              • @CRM114

                Here are some book recommendations as requested.


                Perhaps you could reciprocate and suggest some books you feel are “especially impactful, important, information-filled etc”? 🙂

                Happy reading.

              • Two books not pictured but which I recommend are:

                Secrets in Plain Sight – Scott Onstott (Also the video series of the same name)

                From Hell – Alan Moore (especially chapter 4)

                Unfortunately for you, I mostly read Fiction…


                I serendipitously already had Braiding Sweetgrass on my computer and I had just started reading it…funny…

              • @CRM114

                Thanks very much for the book recommendations.

                I have been delving into books on soil science, nutrition, herbalism, mycology and exposés of the oligarch’s methods for controlling and harming the population so that I could boil down as much practical knowledge and empowering concepts as possible into my book so some fiction would be a nice change of pace.

                Secrets in Plain Sight seems like it offers a glimpse into the human side of an equation and aspect of existence I have been studying in nature (fractal geometry and/or ‘sacred’ geometry) so I look forward to reading it.

                Looking at what From Hell is about, it makes me wonder what Jack The Ripper would have done if he was born into one of the oligarchic dynasties of today.. which makes me think of this article

                I am also looking forward to reading “He Will Live Up In The Sky”. Did you happen to read my article on substack that focuses on the ET presence (and the related back engineered tech humans have now created)?

                “Secrets Of The Soil” sounds great and “We Have A Right To Exist” seems like it will be a poignant and highly educational piece. I have only briefly studied the Australian Aborigines’ history in the context of their regenerative land management, agroforestry and food forest techniques so it will be good for me to learn about that side of their story as well.

                Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler and War Is A Racket are two books that I referenced in an article I wrote for “remembrance day” which was titled “lest we forget.. War Is A Racket”. Considering your apparent knowledge on the subject of war profiteering and false flag initiated (oligarch manufactured/perpetuated) wars I would value hearing your thoughts on what I put together in my article.

                (here is a link to the article: )

                That is very cool about Braiding Sweetgrass 🙂 I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the book after you are done reading it.

              • @CRM114

                Oh I just realized that “We Have A Right To Exist” is about the Ahnisinahbaeojibway and not the Australian Aborigines’, well this is even more relevant for me as I am living on their ancestral lands now. Thanks again.

            • Genetically enslaved? What? Humans have been genetically modifying plants and animals since at least the time we moved beyond simple hunder-gatherer societies and in some cases, e.g., dogs, even before that. Almost no plant we eat today is in its fully natural with no selective breeding or tampering state. Why would we expect nature via evolution to come up with the best of all possible forms for our well-being among all the plants and animals we depend upon? That today we have sharper and more precise tools for modifications to these things than selective breeding alone doesn’t really change the picture. Do some people abuse this technology in harmful ways? Sure, just as with most all technology and other tools. Does that mean we must decry the very brains and intelligence that is given to us and which is critical to our survival or its use to change what just happened in nature? No! If we did that we would never have left the caves and even use of fire would have been questionable.

              • @sjat

                Attempting to conflate selective breeding with gene splicing to make transgenic organisms by describing both as forms of “genetic modification” is an intentional obfuscation of the facts. You are either purposely attempting to deceive by giving a gross misrepresentation of the facts, or you are significantly ignorant to the science involved in creating a transgenic organism (aka “GMO”).

                On the topic of how radically different rDNA technology is from traditional forms of breeding Nobel Laureate and Professor of Biology Emeritus at Harvard University George Wald said “Recombinant DNA technology faces our society with problems unprecedented not only in the history of science, but of life on Earth. It places in human hands the capacity to redesign living organisms. Such an intervention must not be confused with previous intrusions upon the natural order of living organisms. It is the biggest break in nature that has occurred in human history.”

                The genetic rearrangement that occurs through conventional breeding (sexual reproduction) provides genetic diversity allowing the organism to remain robust and take on the most resilient traits of the parents in a manner that doesn’t disrupt or imbalance the organism. When the natural recombination of genetic material occurs in sexual reproduction it includes a step called crossover in which two partner chromosomes in each gametes (sperm or egg cells) break at corresponding points and then exchange complimentary sections of DNA. In this way all the chromosomes end up with genes from both parents instead of only from one. However, all the genes are preserved, as is the sequence in which they’re positioned. This means the integrity of the genome stays intact. The natural recombination of DNA augments diversity while maintaining stability. This process sharply contrasts with genetic engineering. Although the gene that is transferred via this technology is known, not only is it impossible to predict all its unintended effects, there’s no sound basis for assuming they’ll be safe. In essence when one looks at the hard data and fairly compares the two processes it is bioengineering that is random and risky. The inserted cassettes of genetic material are haphazardly wedged into the cell’s DNA. They create unpredictable disruptions at the site of insertion. The overall process induces hundreds of mutations throughout the DNA molecule, the activity of the inserted cassettes can create multiple imbalances and the result cannot be deemed safe without undergoing a battery of rigorous tests that has yet to be applied to any engineered crop.


              • (..continued from above)

                Most people are not aware that one of the first ingestible products which was the result of genetic modification (Gene Splicing) was responsible for a deadly epidemic. Eosinophilia–myalgia syndrome (“EMS”) produced flu like symptoms in some, extreme pain, inflammation and paralysis for some, and death for others. It was a severe neurological disorder brought about by the ingestion of toxic by-products of the genetic alteration of a bacteria called Bacillus amyloliquefacien in an effort to increase tryptophan production. The direct link to the GMO batches of this food supplement (being those which caused EMS) vs the non GM batches (which did not) was well established by rigorous scientific and medical investigation. The facts surrounding these findings were down played, misrepresented, and clouded intentionally by the FDA, bio-tech corporations and those molecular biologists who had a vested interest in the profits and growth of said companies/industries.

                In order to illustrate just how risky, imprecise and dangerous rDNA technology is (which is what was used to create most “GMO” ‘food’ products on the market today) I will give a brief overview of the specific methods that are utilized in the biotech industry to create a transgenic organism (aka “GMO”).
                Creating transgenic organisms via rDNA technology involves using restrictive enzymes to cut DNA, reattaching the foreign matter to other organisms which they use to ‘piggyback’ the gene and force it to bond with and express itself in the target organism. Some of their delivery mechanisms for these foreign fragments of genetic material include something called a ‘gene gun’ (aka biolistic transformation) and “viral promoters” like the Cauliflower mosaic virus, as well as “agrobacteria” such as Agrobacterium tumefaciens, (the ‘gene gun’ or biolistic transformation being the most imprecise of them all). The fragments of foreign DNA enter the target genome in an essentially random manner; and research indicates that they usually disrupt the DNA of the regions into which they wedge.


              • (continued from above..)

                According to Michael Antoniou of King’s College London School of Medicine, “this gene transfer process is known to introduce hundreds or even thousands of additional mutational defects in the DNA, with potentially devastating consequences on the global host gene function”. The other two most commonly used methods of creating GMOs involving an aggressive pathogen/’viral promoter’ or a parasitic bacteria/”agrobacteria” pose serious hazards as well. These viruses and parasitic bacteria force the target organism to accept the fragments of genetic material and express them in conjunction with their own genes. Due to the aggressive nature of these pathogens and parasitic bacteria gene expression of the inserted material isn’t just forced, it’s forced to express copiously and constantly, creating novel amino acids and toxins in levels that are dangerous to humans ingesting these GMOs. These new proteins made within GMOs can have detrimental consequences. According to molecular biologist and protein chemist, David Schubert, a professor at the Salk Institute “We know that such modifications can render an otherwise harmless protein toxic or allergenic, we don’t know enough to predict how and when such malefic modifications will occur.” Schubert also says, “The complexity of insertional effects is compounded by the fact that each cell type of the organism tends to respond differently… the disruptive potential is amplified by the presence of the 35S promoter in each haphazardly placed fragment. Because this viral-derived booster is so powerful, it can induce erratic expression of some native genes – or activate biochemical pathways that are ordinarily inactive. Each of these outcomes could spur the production of unintended toxins or induce damaging imbalances. Moreover, due to their “always-on” promoters, the transplanted genes act independently of the host organism’s intricate control systems, as do the genes of an invading virus, in contrast to the harmonious coordination that exists among native genes. Consequently, not only is every cell of the organism forced to produce substances that have never been in that species, it’s forced to produce them in an unregulated manner – which can disrupt complex biochemical feedback loops (and induce unintended toxins).” As a direct result of such potential hazards (mentioned above) one of the first ingestible products (which was produced via genetic modification) was responsible for a deadly epidemic (Eosinophilia–myalgia syndrome aka “the EMS outbreak”).


                And don’t even get me started on how shady, dangerous, irresponsible and sloppy CRISPR (gene editing and ‘gene drive’) tech is…


              • (..continued form above)

                CRISPR gene editing unintentionally causes changes in gene regulation, a recent scientific publication ( ) shows that CRISPR/Cas gene scissor applications in animals unintentionally leave traces. The findings are related to gene regulation, i.e. epigenetics. The effects are heritable and may, for example, result in disruption of embryonic development.

                The recent findings not only indicate risks for medical applications but also for the environment. For example, gene drive organisms generated by CRISPR/Cas are altered in a way that epigenetic changes, which can result in alterations in the patterns of gene expression, are present in the genomic makeup of all offspring. If this process also causes unintended changes in gene regulation, environmental risk assessment is much more complicated.

                Bill Gates is funding new GMO technologies, including gene editing and gene drives and has made investments in Editas, a company that controls patents on the new GMO technologies. Along with DARPA, he is promoting the use of gene drives for the deliberate extinction of species.

                Over 1,200 emails released under open records requests reveal that the U.S. military is now the top funder and influencer behind a controversial genetic extinction technology known as “gene drives” – pumping $100 million into the field. The trove of emails, obtained via open records requests, also shed light on a $1.6 million dollar UN gene drive advocacy operation paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

                Gene drives are a gene-editing application that allows genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait. For example, recent experiments are fitting mice with ‘daughterless’ gene drives that will cascade through mouse populations so that only male pups are born, ensuring that the population becomes extinct after a few generations.


              • (..continued form above)

                Proponents have framed gene drives as a breakthrough tool for eradicating pests or invasive species. However, the Gene Drive Files reveal that these ‘conservation’ efforts are primarily supported by military funds.

                These funds go beyond the US; DARPA is now also directly funding gene drive researchers in Australia (including monies given to an Australian government agency, CSIRO) and researchers in the UK. The files also reveal an extremely high level of interest and activity by other sections of the U.S. military and Intelligence community.

                The PR hype states that Gene drive technology could be deployed to wipe out troublesome plant-parasites, weeds, crops, animal pests and animals.. but what about humans? Mull that over with your morning coffee. How about if you don’t like a specific group of humans and you isolate a genetic sequence that differentiates thenthemm other humans, then use that as a means to target them for extermination via crippling their DNA in an unstoppable cascade reaction with gene drive technology? Still think it is wonderful technology representing our best “brains and intelligence” and we should go ahead developing it?

                Several years ago, UN member nations were considering a recommendation to call a moratorium on the use of gene drives. However, Bill Gates showed up to try to squash the moratorium.

                The Gene Drive Files reports: “Documents received under Freedom of Information requests reveal that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid a private agriculture and biotechnology PR firm $1.6 million for activities on Gene Drives. This included running a covert ‘advocacy coalition’ which appears to have intended to skew the only UN expert process addressing gene drives…”

                The latest and greatest gene-editing tools (e.g., CRISPR), which are used for gene drives, are far from precise, despite official assurances.


              • (..continued form above)

                Increasing off-target implications are uncovered from gene-editing tools such as CRISPR, or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat, and TALEN (Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nuclease), the reality is the opposite of what was advertised: the perfectly precise snips to DNA may not be so exact after all, highlighting the complete lack of understanding of the complexities that come with attempting to alter genetics.

                Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have revealed that CRISPR base editors, which are intended to target a single DNA base, induce widespread off-target effects in RNA.

                the study titled, “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing induces exon skipping by alternative splicing or exon deletion.” linked above tells a very different story. An exon is “a segment of a DNA or RNA molecule containing information coding for a protein or peptide sequence.” So you can see that exon skipping or deletion is a very bad outcome.

                ANY gene editing done on ANY species opens the door wide to all sorts of errors and unforeseen consequences.

                Gene drives have the potential to dramatically transform our natural world and even humanity’s relationship to it. The invention of the CRISPR-CAS9 tool and its application to gene drives (also known as a “mutagenic chain reaction”) gives technicians the ability to intervene in evolution, to engineer the fate of an entire species, to dramatically modify ecosystems, and to potentially unleash large-scale environmental changes, in ways never thought possible before.

                Oh and then there is this: (that’s not creepy at all)

                this: How Gene Drive Organisms Could Entrench Industrial Agriculture and Threaten Food Sovereignty:

                and this:

                Bill Gates and the WEF champion this technology. Nothing to worry about there… after all, everyone knows that Bill and the WEF crowd are thoughtful humanitarians and philanthropists that only want to help humanity with their “sustainable development” strategies…Right?

                Any way you look at it, rDNA (gene splicing) and so called “gene editing” (CRISPR) technologies are horrible ideas. These technologies embody and exemplify the hubristic insanity of humans trying to play God and dominate nature which got us to where we are today.

          • I live in the low desert and we grow 5 different kinds of Amaranth. We feed ourselves and the birds, cuz they eat the caterpillars and other nefarious creatures that would ruin my crops. It’s grows so easy in our crappy red clay soil and our 120 summers. Luffa overruns the place in the dead heats of summer, too. Edible when young and a household object when left to grow and dry. Both amazing crops.

            • @hurry

              That’s great! Have you ever tried fermenting the cooked/milled seeds (either in the form or sourdough, dosa batter or along with legumes using koji to make miso paste) ? I find those are great ways to enhance the flavor and versatility of our harvests in the kitchen.

              Thanks for the comment 🙂

              • Luffa when dried becomes, essentially, a coarse sponge. They can be used for cleaning among other things. They are quite often found in crafty boutiques as a novelty item, which I find strange personally. But in cultures that grow them commonly they are just a household item. I probably meant to type household item, not object, as that would have been easier on the ear.

    • Ethiopian Teff grain is another one.

      • @ld9

        Yes I love Teff, it is very nutritious as well but as we have limited square footage in our garden so we cultivate Amaranth as it provides more harvest yield per square foot (and you can eat amaranth leaves, stems as well as the seeds).

        As we love to make Ethiopian food in our household I have experimented with using Amaranth flour for making Injera (fermented flat bread eaten along side Ethiopian food) and it works well. Though sometimes I do buy some organic dark teff seeds so I can mill them and enjoy Injera the authentic way as a treat. We also love how Ethiopian food uses lots of turmeric, legumes and chilis (as these are crops we also grow in our garden).

        I put together a number of Ethiopian recipes and included them in my soon to be published recipe book. Here is a sneak peak: 🙂

      • @Caerla

        Ah yes good point, I have not processed it before. So besides the fact that it is not as productive (as amaranth) per square foot (so not ideal for a backyard growing situation), it would also be more challenging to separate the seeds from the chaff. Thanks for pointing that out.

        I agree that amaranth is beautiful.. we like to put it in our front yard as an edible crop disguised as an ornamental 😉 (we have neighbors and municipal rules that frown on having food gardens in the front yard) so we grow brightly colored food and medicine plants in our front yard to confuse and appease the garden gestapo haha 🙂

        I am glad you enjoyed the article. I think I will be writing about another one of our favorite garden crops soon (Goji Berries). Have you tried growing them?

    • So….I was just thinking about Amaranth growing in Canada…seriously. My uncle grew a fair bit it on Pelee Island (the southernmost point in Canada). He used to painstakingly harvest it. In addition to using it for baking, he also fed his chickens the Amaranth. I have recently bought acreage near North Bay, ON, Canada and inherited 18 chickens with the property and wanted ideas of what to plant to feed the chickens and my family. This is very timely and apropos. Incidentally, my uncle ended up leaving his job, and organic farm, on the island because of the vaccine mandates required for travelling by ferry’s last year. I love that growing nutritious, indigenous crops can be an act of rebellion. C. S. Lewis said that when the whole world is heading for a cliff, then the one heading in the opposite direction is considered crazy (paraphrasing here). I guess this falls into a similar, albeit more historical/political, context.

      • Amaranth

        I wanna thank everyone on the Corbett Report comment boards who talked about Amaranth.
        These comment sections have value.

        It’s not like you see Amaranth featured at the grocery stores around here.
        I’m gonna give growing Amaranth a try this Spring.

        About 300 km (190 miles) south of me…
        Colorful Amaranth in Texas
        Jerry Winkelmann

        • “I wanna thank everyone on the Corbett Report comment boards who talked about Amaranth.”

          Me too. I had never heard of the plant before reading the comments here.

          My Love Lies Bleeding seeds arrived yesterday. Just in time for Christmas.

          • @Steve

            🙂 I have not tried growing that variety yet but it looks beautiful (like a sort of weeping version of the Hopi Red Dye variety I grow)

            I can imagine some interesting front yard garden ornamental / (food garden in disguise) applications for that variety (where you could plant some to drape over a big rock or up against the siding of a light colored house to really make that color pop).

            One thing I am curious about with Love Lies Bleeding is what the anthocyanin content of the mature seeds is like. The flowers obviously contain high amount of anthocyanin but the couple pictures I cold find online that were supposedly showing Love Lies Bleeding seeds looked beige/gold color (with just a hint of pink). If that is what the seeds look like that would be a stark contrast compared to the Hopi Red Dye seeds (which look like this: ).

            Could you please tell me what the seeds look like when you decide to open the package and plant them in the spring? 🙂

            Wishing you many bountiful harvests in the years ahead.

            • Hello Gavin. Happy new year my friend.
              The seeds I received are amber in color and very tiny, perfectly spherical and translucent. They are a little smaller than the head of a pin I would say.
              I have already germinated some indoors. They have a good rate of germination which pleased me.
              The seedlings are actually red rather than green. Very fragile looking little things.

              It was raining gently yesterday so I also sprinkled a few in the front yard in a hugel mound I made a few years ago.
              We may have another few cold days before winter is over but being Florida there is a good chance that we will escape more frosts.
              I’m looking forward to watching them grow and supplementing my chicken feed.

              • @Steve

                Thanks! 🙂 That is interesting about the seeds. I suppose the Hopi people selectively bred for many generations to encourage the seeds as well as the flowers to contain high levels of anthocyanin. When I harvest my golden amaranth seeds I notice that about 1 out of every thousand seeds ends up being red or purple (which I speculate is a emergent trait that the colder weather here is bringing about in the plant via adaptation, as anthocyanin is known to help plants cope with cold). So it seems likely to me that an observant cultivator could consecutively save only the seeds that are darker colored and thus encourage this trait to become dominant in successive generations.

                Oh cool you started them already, I forgot you are way down south (relative to me).

                Yes before the freshly germinated seedlings set their first true set of leaves they are quite fragile. Once they get a few sets of leaves they should start looking more sturdy (providing some light wind stimulation via a fan on low setting if their gonna be inside for a while helps strengthen up the stems).

                Your intended growing spot sounds ideal based on my experience growing amaranth.

                Please let me know how that variety does for you as it matures.

                As we begin this new lap around our local star (Sol) I would like to offer the following blessing that originates from my ancestor’s native lands.

                May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

        • @HRS

          🙂 I really appreciate your comment.

          The only place I usually see amaranth in the stores here is as an ingredient in gluten free bread/flour mixes.

          I have been really enjoying learning about how the ancient people’s of South America cultivated and used Amaranth.

          The Incas of Peru for instance, called it “kiwicha” and they sometimes cultivated it way up on the tops of mountains using ingenious passive water sequestration systems to provide irrigation. This allowed them to to sustain their culture above rain line by collecting dew (via “air wells” aka “Atmospheric water generators”: ) and channeling it into cisterns for later use.

          Perhaps some form of that technique/technology could also be helpful for gardeners and/or farmers in Texas that have to deal with extreme drought/heat?

          Here is some more info on the technology:

          Thanks for the link.

      • @ticop

        Very cool! We live relatively close to where your uncle grew his Amaranth.

        I am curious what method he would use to harvest it, would you mind sharing the details if you remember?

        I outlined a method that I have found helpful for processing (separating the seed from the chaff) for a residential garden to maybe a plot on a small farm scale quantities in my article on Amaranth linked above.

        What a blessing to be up there near the forests in North Bay, my wife and I plan on getting property somewhere at a similar latitude in Eastern Canada soon for setting up our forever home/homestead.

        With regards to using Amaranth for chicken feed I have read that it is fine to add raw seed to feed mixes at 20% amaranth seed or less but it is better to heat treat the seeds before feeding to chickens to remove some of the compounds that are present in the seeds that can have an antinutritional role in chickens (these include compounds such as saponins, trypsin inhibitors, phytate, and tannins). After heat treatment, most animal diet studies say that Amaranth seed can make up to 40% of their diet (without the antinutritional factors effecting egg laying etc). One study described “heat treatment” by saying “..amaranth (seed) was finely ground and placed in 20 x 30 x 8-cm metal pans and autoclaved (cooked in an oven like machine) at 110 C for 30, 45, 60, or 90 min. The amaranth was then spread in thin layers on metal pans and put in a forced-draft oven (35 C) for 36 hr” ( from: ). So sounds to me like roasting in the oven on low and then letting sit out to air out in a dry/warm place for a day or so would provide a similar effect.

        Dried amaranth leaves can also be fed to chickens. They are relatively high in protein (23%) and methionine. The leaves need to be dried first to destroy heat-labile anti-nutritional factors that may be present. (from: )

        I like what you said about the C.S. Lewis quote 🙂 I am so glad you found the Amaranth discussion/info in this thread to be helpful and timely.

        If you do not have any seeds yet I have been working on acclimatizing a couple varieties for a few years now (in our garden in southern Ontario) and would be willing to send you some to get you started. If you are interested you can find my contact into through the website linked if you click my name.

        Wishing you many bountiful harvests, peace of mind and increased food/health sovereignty on your new acreage.

        • cool thanks will check out the links and try to get back to you with what how my uncle harvested it.

          • your welcome and ok sounds good. I was just curious if he used the wind (like some traditional growers in south america do) or if he used equipment.

    • @alexb

      Right on!

      If you give the plants some compost rich soil they can get 8 feet tall plus (depending on the variety).

      Golden amaranth makes for a great companion for beans or peas (with the thick amaranth stock providing support for the climbing legumes to cling onto).

      You are very welcome and please let me know how growing it goes for you.

      If you have any questions about trouble shooting during cultivation or harvest feel free to reach out here or on my substack article.

      Wishing you many bountiful harvests 🙂

      • @alexb

        Happy to help and share what I’ve learned.

        Feel free to reach out

        Happy New Year ! 🙂

  3. I did write a whole diatribe but then I deleted it.

    I’m getting frustrated by the seeming increase in Qtard nonsense and how many people are being seduced by it. Anyone else or is it just me?

    • @paul823

      Could you give a couple of examples of what would qualify as “Qtard nonsense”?

      Would that be all the elaborate stories about Trump being a savior figure and there being a secret space force that humans are running to fight off the ‘evil aliens’? or is that collection of nonsense different than the one you are referring to?

      • Yeah what you said, plus:

        -JFK Jnr and Princess Di are still alive and will reveal themselves ‘soon’.
        -‘DUMBS’ (pedo tunnels) are being blown up all around the world, some the size of Sydney Australia.
        -Most ‘bad’ politicians and half of Hollywood has been arrested, tried and hung at Gitmo (as if that’s a good thing?) and the people you still see are clones/robots/doubles.
        -The military is mobilising and will soon arrest all the bad guys who are left.

        And a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember right now. I feel it is all distracting people who have only started to wake up in the last few years with fantasy nonsense while the real surveillance/control grid keeps rolling out. It’s really quite frustrating. After 40 years or so of waiting for people to start waking up only to see a lot of them fall for this kind of garbage. Oh well, the way of the world I guess.

        • @paul823

          Ah okay, thanks for the list.

          I remember hearing about most of those things from a couple people I know that got swept up in that COINTELPRO type op in the last couple years.

          Interesting how the shared theme with all of these enticing and fantastical fabricated stories is that there is some centralized system (involving involuntary governance and it’s enforcers) that are going to save us from the ‘bad guys’, all we have to do is just wait a little bit longer (and hope to become more dependent on hand outs from those centralized systems). It is basically custom tailored hopium that further entrenches and feeds into the existing conditioning of the Stockholm syndrome type relationship people have with governments (and sometimes religious institutions as well). It is always a story about how someone “out there” is going to do all the hard work for us and clean up the mess we allowed to fester, all we have to do is sit around and cheer for the good guys.

          I have done a bit of research on the Deep Underground Military Bases (some are not so much military as corporate). I dunno about pedos, but I do know there is some pretty fierce (weaponized) tech being consolidated down there. Tech that if witnessed in operation by your everyday person on the street, would be perceived as ‘extraterrestrial’ in nature, but i digress..

          The “Q-tard nonsense” you refer to represents an effective type of psyop that co-opts the hopes of ‘truther’ type people and gets them to stagnate in waiting for some big savior event to fix everything. Those types of psyops also share themes with the technocratic propaganda of “trust the experts”. They are stories that tell us, “don’t worry there are more well trained and well positioned people with skills and knowledge you don’t have taking care of keeping you safe, just sit around and keep on living as you have been and everything will be okay”. Very distracting and crippling indeed.

          “Why bother learn to grow my own food and medicine when some kind of super convenient ‘debt forgiveness’/hand out program is going to make me rich and I can just keep paying someone else to feed me?” (people tell themselves). Then the digital control/social credit/CBDC grid comes online and they are completely at the mercy of the plutocrats, slaves in a digital concentration camp.

          It all comes down to a choice, some will choose slavery, but as the Russians say, the hammer that shatters glass also forges steel.

          • Thanks for that, was very well written and exactly the impression I get when looking at this type of stuff.

            And I didn’t even mention medbeds. 🙂

            To me it’s like (to use modern parlance) they’ve woken up from one part of the matrix and become ensnared in another part.


    • I do not see too many Qtards on here TBH. Expect lots more of them as the Trump show gears up. It’s just like Operation Trust, where the early Soviets kept their enemies pacified and waiting for the white hats to wage a counter revolution.

      What I wonder about is what the
      “Ye” guy is up to…. he is telling t he truth but every time I see him he doesn’t appear able to put three words together coherently. I wonder if he is a psyop or if his MKuktra program just short circuited, lol.

      • No not many here, which is good to see. Corbett is fairly diligent in his research and I expect a lot of his members have picked up some good habits from him. 🙂

        As for Ye, IMO he is mentally disturbed and needs help.

      • I thought ‘Yay’ was trying to speak out until I heard him vehemently defending Balenciaga recently getting called out for their pedo ads. He def got the special treatment at ucla and is being used to foster the civil war tensions thatll probly come to head the next election.

        I too am disappointed to see recently waking family members fall for these qpsyop traps. Their target audience seems to be people who are just starting to question things and learn more.

      • I’m disappointed in myself for writing on this subject over any other, but Ye is so clearly not what he purports to be. For these reasons:
        1) He professes to be a Christian, but brief inspection of his ‘music’ and his actions reveal he is not following (or doesn’t understand) the Messiah.
        2) His message is widely reported by the MSM.

        I think these two factors tell us all we need to know about this character. He is another agent of division. Ugh I feel horrible for having, sharing or holding an opinion on the matter.

        I also disagree that he tells the truth. I don’t think he knows what truth is. The problem is not any ethnic or religious group, it is a problem in the hearts of mankind. A choice regarding what action we choose to bring into this world and in whose service this is done.

  4. The JFK Files I would surely like to hear about.
    The book “behold a pale course” by William Cooper, claims it was the driver who did the actual shooting of JFK…but I’d like to better understand the web of interconnected schemers all tangled together in their mutual desire to have the man killed.

  5. I would like to have James reach out to and interview Jason Breshears of, to discuss the bigger picture of why the globalists are doing what they are doing, and the timeline their ambitions are limited by. Jason is a Chronologist, and predicting the future based on events of the past and the patterns in time, is what he dabbles with.

    I will summarize,
    The Elites are trying to survive doomsday, coming in the 2040s thanks to a natural cataclysmic cycle. And based on the math and Nostradamus and Mother Shipton’s prophecies, 2040 and 2046 are going to be fun… And they plan to come out of their doomsday bunkers with all the most advanced technology in tact, so they can asserted their totalitarian system of control on the hapless people who do not have any of that tech in tact anymore.

    • Narflux
      I kinda doubt that they would be doing what their doing if they thought the they was gonna go pop from anything but their Usery based emoney system collapsing. A. NATURAL cataclysm would have them smoothing over problems until we got whacked but they are EXACERBATING issues to force a crisis.

      But if they do hide in the bunkers maybe it will be more like this song, linked below. afterwards 🙂 high tech is pretty useless without a high tech Society to maintain it….. even ammo needs a chemical industry for primers, brass production and working, the harber process or nitrates from poop pits, lead mining….and more coming out a bunker tbeybwould be lucky to recreate 1500s tech.
      “Hello remember us” by Leslie Fish

      • Thank you for the link. Catchy tune and uplifting somehow even though it’s from “Firestorm – Songs of the Third World War.”

        Alt link to all songs:

        Hello! Remember us?
        The ones you left behind,
        When half the Earth was burning
        And all the sky was blind?
        You lords of wealth and power
        Who made the missiles fly,
        Remember how you hid yourselves
        And left us here to die?

        Hello! Hello! Hello!

        Hello! Remember us?
        No doubt you shed a tear
        Before you took yourselves below
        And left us standing here
        Now aren’t you pleased to see us
        So many still alive?
        Or did you hope to find a world
        Where you alone survived?

        Hello! Hello! Hello!

        Hello! Remember us?
        We sure remember you!
        Remember how our world was
        And what you brought it to?
        And when the dead were buried,
        The dust all cleared away,
        We set ourselves about your door
        And waited for this day.

        Hello! Hello! Hello!

        Hello! Remember us?
        It seems we’re hard to kill
        Though more than half were slaughtered then,
        Enough are living still
        And if now we don’t obey you
        Why should you find it strange?
        We lived this long without you
        And we see no need to change.

        Hello! Hello! Hello!

        Hello! Remember us?
        We swear that this is true
        Whatever world remains through us,
        It will not go to you!
        We know what dreams you harbored;
        Come kiss them all goodbye.
        Come up and claim your kingdom now,
        Come out, stand up, and die!

        Hello! Hello! Hello!

  6. The end of the Internet and Television Broadcasting.
    I’d like some review of this possibility that is being predicted in September of 2023 by Jason Breshears of And what the ambitions of the powers-that-should-not-be are to be rolled out at that time. The 9-11 on the digital frontier, and very conveniently timed to coincide with a natural solar event to keep the people from thinking it was in any way planned.

    2023, Solar Storms Prediction

    Archaix, Palendromic Predictions using past events to parallel future events.

    UK Predictions 2022-2024: Setting the Stage for the Next Crusade

    Predictions Report: 2022-2023…Next 270 Days

    Switzerland: Predictions 2022-2041

  7. I was just at the bar watching some (American) football and a kind gentleman ordered shots for the lot of us. I went to thank him and got to chatting. He works for Shell, travels for work, and is now in Twin Falls, ID (after being in Trinidad and Tobago) working on some alternative energy stuff. Incredulous as to what Shell was doing here I pried further. His project is turning cow poop into natural gas. How he tells it is they put the dookie in a sealed container and then release poop-eating beetles into said container to do their thing. The beetles then DIE and the natural gas produced by this process is harvested and used for energy or whatever. Kinda wild huh? I couldn’t help but wonder if the beetles will then be sold as food 😉

  8. Dear Corbetteers,

    I am looking for independent news sources in the following languages:

    French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili

    If someone here knows of, and can share, recommendable independent / alternative magazines or podcasts in those languages, it would be great!

    Thanks a lot.

    • BUMP. I know has articles in many of those languages (upper right corner) but I too am searching for completely different alternative sources, including in the russian language. It’s not news but the youtube channel Lethal Crysis has some semi-interesting vids in castellano. I’ve seen a few that I liked from La Pulla but they are below subpar nowadays.

      I’m just gonna leave this peter capusotto y sus videos aquí (its just comedy):
      Llegaron los dolares:

      Micky Vainilla y la pobreza:

      I’m still waiting for the subscriber only video of james speaking japanese. C’mon man!

      • Thank you, CRM114!

        If someone has some extra time on their hands, they could create a site listing different independent news outlets in different countries, and by language. It would be a nifty tool.

        Maybe one day we will get a Japanese NewWorldNext week edition as well…

    • Concerning German sources,
      I’d say depends on the variety of what you see as independent media.
      I haven’t used Telegram at all this past year and a half but I DO know that a lot of video posters (youtubers) and others are using Telegram mainly now. (Youtubers which have been banned or shadow-banned and did not have the reach with odysee etc.)
      Above there is a small discussion concerning so-called qtards and apparently this ‘Solarstorm is coming everybody will die soon!!!!’ is now the latest iteration of ‘the apocalypse is coming’ too.
      You will find all of this stuff easily in German on Telegram.
      Oliver Janich who was big on Telegram is apparently still in prison (haven’t checked the latest news) (yes, basically for a crime of speech) but he was the biggest conspiracy nut/but also kinda sane (very weird combo but he definitely is no Attila Hildmann) last I knew. Austrian TV channel but mainly communicating via Telegram I believe

      But maybe you are searching more something less fringe, less crazy.

      ServusTV is the Austrian TV channel via belated Mateschitz (died this year) (that’s the Red Bull guy) which you kinda could argue is already somewhat non-dinosaur media

      See e.g.
      achgut (die Achse des Guten) (mainstream but independent long time)
      Tichys Einblick (economally on the more right, that is classical liberal side but also slightly more open to other opinions/formats, e.g. Muhammad may have not existed; Tichy was formerly chief editor of mainstream WiWo (maybe a dozen years ago)
      Corona Ausschuss (about everything Convid, less so ‘there are no viruses’ but much legal, political etc. etc. stuff; haven’t watched in ages)
      übermedien (I believe more left leaning and Putin friendly) – never ever assume correctiv . org is independent! swprs has most of its articles in German as they are based in Switzerland

      chief hard right-leaning (non economically) page
      but there are dozens of magazines and websites too, e.g.
      a more youth oriented and also libertarian crowd attracting Krautzone
      eigentümlich frei – longtime libertarian magazine

      now I am gonna check my odysee channels and post them below in the next comment

    • Hi Frode,

      For French articles (translated also in other languages in the same website) take a look at VoltaireNet:

      Also the Italian indeended journalist Maurizio Blondet has frequently written in Italian citing many French sources over the years.

      If you need something in Italian (my native language) , I’ll be happy to help.

  9. Frode,
    NoSoapRadio (aka ManBearPig) might know of some in Europe, especially French and maybe Spain.
    Calibrator might know about Germany.
    Colosseum or mkey or mik might know of some.

    There are some EU Parliament Members (MEPs) Fighting For Liberty.
    Some of the news outlets and journalists which report on them are worth looking at.
    Sometimes the reporting is in another language, and thus I don’t know what is being said. I’m only tri-lingual…I speak fluent Texan, some Tex-Mex and very little proper English.

    Swahili – I can’t think of a news lead, but I do know that in South Africa there has been some activism regarding the vaccines.

    Be sure to search “The Corbett Report” because James has often interacted with people all around Europe.

    By the way, I appreciated your news story posts on the November Open Thread.
    For example:
    “Europe’s Hottest Summer Led to 20,000 Excess Deaths”

    • I also appreciated Frode’s contributions (though I didn’t look at everything);

      And just to beat a dead horse (I’m allergic to horses)
      I’d understood that the “20,000 Excess Deaths due to heat” claims were in fact covering up, camouflaging the mass murder revealed in excess deaths due to the so-called “vaccine” that’s been forced on populations.

      now gotta scuttle quick back to the hamsterwheel!

    • Thanks a lot, HomeRemedySupply and nosoapradio!

      Yes, I will search through The Corbett Report as well. Good tip.

    • HRS,

      “…EU Parliament Members (MEPs) Fighting For Liberty”

      Yeah…politicians…sometimes they surprise like Giorgia Meloni.

      “Georgia Meloni, far-right firebrand, was elected prime minister of Italy. The European power structure painted her as a fascist, but even her opponent, Matteo Renzi, said, “She is my rival, and we will continue to fight each other, but the idea that now there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.”(25) The curdling of European leaders’ blood can only be understood by listening to her tear into Macron(26,27) and the European power structure (28,29) with the savagery rarely seen outside divorce courts.(30,31) Get ready for subtitles, but turn up the volume on her speeches. Then listen to this imitation of her and try not to laugh.(32)”
      Dave is a treasure trove and hilarious, worth reading.

      (26) her beef with macron, she nailed it brutally, double bull’s eye.
      (30) …divorce courts….
      (32)…try not to laugh

      Sadly, she is only a sparing partner in identity politics.

    • Yes, I wondered about that too after hearing The Atlantic praising them.

      I noticed on some strategy document they published a while ago that they are very keen on privacy, but not so much on anonymity. Of course, privacy without anonymity means they know who you are (and probably what you’re doing).

      • A few years back, also wrote about issues with Proton Mail. The site is now gone, but an archived version of the article can be found here:

        The Truth About Protonmail

        And, there is:

        An Analysis of the ProtonMail Cryptographic Architecture

        Which led to a response from Proton:

        Response to analysis of Proton Mail’s cryptographic architecture

        And, from early on, Proton was hyped, like in the Mr. Robot series:

        Mr. Robot Uses ProtonMail, But It Still Isn’t Fully Secure

        Now, offering a good VPN service is brilliant, as they then gather all that VPN traffic through servers they control. Yes, they say they do not log anything. But can you really trust them? I do not.

        And, we also know that:

        ‘Secure’ Email Provider ProtonMail Handed Over User Data to Law Enforcement

        Alternatives? Well, to me, The Helm seemed like a brilliant alternative. However, they shut down recently:

        Several people have earlier mentioned cTemplar as a viable alternative. They also shut down:

        There are listed many alternatives at, but I have no idea which ones are good.

        • Interesting reading, thanks. I think the only real alternative for a committed anarchist is to host your own email service (ideally on hardware you control) assuming one has the technical chops for this (or more broadly, use peer-to-peer services for any comms). Ultimately, relying any third party service to intermediate presents a risk (unless you’ve taken care to handle end-to-end encryption yourself).

          For VPN, it’s probably safer to setup a remote VPS and run your on VPN service (with no logging) and take your chances that the VPS provider isn’t monitoring all outgoing comms from every VPS they manage (vs. your ISP, which is almost certainly already doing this). But I’m not sure there is an ideal solution to avoid this kind of surveillance.

          I think I may have just added a couple more projects to my todo list 🙂

          • You are welcome, zacaway!

            I believe you are right, and that hosting your own email is the best option. I also have that on my to-do list, and there are different open source solutions that looks OK (, The biggest challenge hosting your own email seems to be that all the big players (Gmail, Outlook, Proton etc) likely will mark all your emails as spam, as it will be sent from an unknown IP. Your IP address might even already be blacklisted from before. You might want to check it, using a blacklist tool (

            I believe you are right about VPNs as well. Good suggesting to use a VPS to set up a VPN service! There I got a new project on my to-list as well.

            • Good point about the blacklisting. I wonder if the best approach may be to use a “trusted” mail relay (e.g. one provided by your ISP) by default for outgoing mail. Obviously, they can then monitor your emails, but perhaps this is no worse if the destination is Gmail etc anyway.
              However, it ought to be possible to implement a whitelist of destinations that you know don’t implement blacklisting your IP, so you can bypass the relay in this case and deliver directly to the MX (such as a fellow traveler running their own MX).

              • I hope to sometime next year find time to look at self hosting my email. If I get to that, I can share some experiences here.

      • The event which cause me great concern was that the completely bullshit “bomb on airplane” alert which grounded the flight to a Baltic state was forced to land in Belarus. Roman Protosevich was the target. ProtonMail refused to provide any details about the email sent from their services.

        See MoonOfAlabama for a deep dive into the story. This is not to say that ProtonMail are one thing or another, but that operatives can use the service to their ends. Its like Tor, loosely. If you establish a service offering some form of privacy or anonymity it is rapidly used by operatives for their purposes. Then everyone starts asking if they created it. Could be either way. But, operatives will definitely use it.

  10. Are we currently living through a ‘phoney war’ calm before the ‘Blitz’ is unleashed on us? I for one am bored to death by articles (not JC’s) regurgitating ‘they did this…” and “we suffered that…” over the past two years narrative what we all KNOW. I get that writers are attempting to wake people up but it’s not going to work in the current culture of (as other commenters have noted) waiting for a saviour.

    It’s entrenched human nature to require a leader (hence the vampires were willing to sacrifice young officer aristocrats in ww1) but none has risen. Why is that?

    How many commenters have engaged in any act of resistance to their masters however small? Ever?
    If people claim to anarchy, what act have they ever attempted to forward their stance?
    We’re too busy ‘commenting’, and discussing the polarities of the moment while waiting for the saviour to lead us.

    We have been weakened over four decades, hypnotised, anaesthetised, mind-fucked. My London grammar school stopped taking pupils and shrank itself to oblivion rather than submit to the dumbing down that began in the 80s. I mention it as that was probably the last time I witnessed a moral stance being taken despite personal demise.

    People should research into the personal stories of the suffragettes to understand what is required in nonconformist revolutionary work. But nobody has the cojones these days.

    • gonna leave this severino di giovanni quote here:

      Vivir en monotonía las horas mohosas de lo adocenado, de los resignados, de los acomodados, de las conveniencias, no es vivir la vida; es solamente vegetar y transportar en forma ambulante una masa de carne y de huesos. A la vida es necesario brindarle la elevación exquisita de la rebelión del brazo y la mente.

      Spending monotonous hours among the common people, the resigned ones, the collaborators, the conformists – isn’t living; it’s a vegetative existence, simply the transport, in ambulatory form, of a mass of flesh and bones. Life needs the exquisite and sublime experience of rebellion in action as well as thought.

    • southamerica says:
      “How many commenters have engaged in any act of resistance to their masters however small?

      There are probably more people than we know.

      I can say that I and also many of my friends, both local and far away, have done plenty of activist actions. In fact, I’ve done so many actions over the years that it would be impossible to log them all. Same goes for many of my friends.
      I’ve earned my typewriter.

      We don’t hear about all the activism. The alternative media doesn’t necessarily report it. And we know that the mainstream media would never report activism of substance.
      There are probably many more people than we know who have been active.

      But you do have a point.
      There are those who just like to gab, but never perform any action of meaning. They just like to chat about the “conspiracy theories” and such.
      I know many people like that first hand.

      • So true, HomeRemedySupply!
        Who reports their subversive acts of resistance to others or on Comment Boards? Most resistance is at best frowned upon, at worst, illegal.
        Take heart, southamerica, a renegade prophet of the Lord, was hiding out in the caves of a desert bemoaning that there was no one else but himself fighting the Lord’s
        battle to rid the country of wickedness and corruption in high places. Elijah told the Lord, I, only, am left to fight! and I am exhausted and hunted”, and the Lord told him, “Not so, there are 10,000 in the land who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”

        • “Not so, there are 10,000 in the land who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”

          Good point. But it was 7000.

    • I think one of the most effective ways to resist the slavery system is to divest and boycott black rock associated companies. Instead, support businesses that are not associated with black rock. There are advocacy groups working on liberty, such as Informed Consent Action Network in the US:

      I’m sure there are other organizations in other countries that support medical freedom and other critical issues.

      Supporting people financially who do advocacy work is a form of resistance. In the US there seems to be less protest, but people do donate money.

      Convenience is a killer though. Maybe some alternatives to Amazon?

    • I used to work for a company heavily involved in ESG & serving our financial overlords. I quit after I twigged what’s going on, which I think caused them some disruption. I also made a big stink on my way out about their covid policies, which I think also encouraged a few others to quit too. Obviously hasn’t brought down the system, but hopefully it helps a bit.

      I’m now deliberately working only part-time, earning less and thus paying less tax to the overlords. And that buys me more time to literally work for myself – trying to grow some vegetables, got a couple of chickens and trying to be marginally more self-reliant than the next guy, so I maybe have a chance to survive rejecting whatever the next BS they throw at us.

      I use cash in the real world, but – thanks to the destruction of small businesses and people’s habits changing – not everything I need is available locally, so ordering online still goes through the plastic card cartel’s systems (which occasionally gets rejected for no apparent reason, probably cause I keep clearing their tracking cookies and salting their biometric type-your-email thing, which is probably a red-flag now).

      It is very tough to get people to see the light though.

    • I offer here a polite request for clean discussion without the expletives. I eye-bounce and skip the comment when I encounter gutter language. It’s nice to be able to read the discussions without having to skip along.

      • Screw off with your Commie insistence that others conform to your requirements – you are representative of everything that’s wrong with humanity.

        • How do you interpret “a polite request“ as “Commie insistence that others conform to your requirements”?

          Your angry response to a lady’s reasonable request is way out of proportion.
          Defensive much?

  11. This explains a lot of what we are seeing in our ability. To warn others.
    Bonhoeffer on Stupidity (entire quote)

    ‘Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice. One may protest against evil; it can be exposed and, if need be, prevented by use of force. Evil always carries within itself the germ of its own subversion in that it leaves behind in human beings at least a sense of unease. Against stupidity we are defenseless. Neither protests nor the use of force accomplish anything here; reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply need not be believed- in such moments the stupid person even becomes critical – and when facts are irrefutable they are just pushed aside as inconsequential, as incidental. In all this the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack. For that reason, greater caution is called for than with a malicious one. Never again will we try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.

    ‘If we want to know how to get the better of stupidity, we must seek to understand its nature. This much is certain, that it is in essence not an intellectual defect but a human one. There are human beings who are of remarkably agile intellect yet stupid, and others who are intellectually quite dull yet anything but stupid. We discover this to our surprise in particular situations. The impression one gains is not so much that stupidity is a congenital defect, but that, under certain circumstances, people are made stupid or that they allow this to happen to them. We note further that people who have isolated themselves from others or who live in solitude manifest this defect less frequently than individuals or groups of people inclined or condemned to sociability. And so it would seem that stupidity is perhaps less a psychological than a sociological problem. It is a particular form of the impact of historical circumstances on human beings, a psychological concomitant of certain external conditions. Upon closer observation, it becomes apparent that every strong upsurge of power in the public sphere, be it of a political or of a religious nature, infects a large part of humankind with stupidity. It would even seem that this is virtually a sociological-psychological law. The power of the one needs the stupidity of the other. The process at work here is not that particular human capacities, for instance, the intellect, suddenly atrophy or fail. Instead, it seems that under the overwhelming impact of rising power, humans are deprived of their inner independence, and, more or less consciously, give up establishing an autonomous position toward the emerging circumstances. The fact that the stupid person is often stubborn must not blind us to the fact that he is not independent. In conversation with him, one virtually feels that one is dealing not at all with a person, but with slogans, catchwords and the like that have taken possession of him. He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Great quote. I think its important to meet people where they are at. If you go too deep they will run the other way. Best to find the things they are already skeptical of or open to considering and start there.

    • Bonhoeffer discovered the NPC phenomenon all the way back in the 40’s.

    • This aligns with my experience with friends and family. I don’t mention controversial topics anymore, just to save my energy and preserve family ties so they won’t turn me in to the authorities as a non-conformist. It’s like I am in a movie and they aren’t real or they are the walking dead.

      • Jo-ann; After I read Charles Bukowski a lot of things became clear to me. Also and specifically the ‘Genius of the Crowd’ poem was exceptionally powerful. So get solace from that bc your experience is a shared one. Consider yourself lucky and don’t worry about them. They are on their own path. You apparently are the Wise one. Be that.

  12. Dear Corbetteers,

    I’m spruiking (no James, this is not an Australian term but a British one) another article of mine.

    This is right up there with the craziest of all articles. It is esoteric, to put it mildly. It does have meat. There is something to it, but it is so far off topic as to make Uranus look like a traffic light.

    The back story is that Craig Murray is touring Germany (largely) to give speeches on the Assange persecution. In doing so he was targeted for attack by what I confidently believe to be a state intelligence operative. They stole his old damaged laptop, but not the cash, when he visited the toilet on a train.

    But, this is not what the article is about. Its about designing a system to provide protection from data theft to persons who are targets of state sponsored attacks.

    Yeah. Crazy, right?

  13. For those who do not subscribe to Mercola’s newsletter or substack, today he posted a link to an interview on youtube that I found useful. (I listened to it three times.)

    Maria Zeee interviews computer scientist Aman Jabbi about the coming international vaccine passport, digital identity, the social credit system being built in the West, and central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    One thing I learned about was ‘puke rays’. From Mercola’s summary:
    “These smart light poles can also be weaponized. Built-in are LED incapacitators. Sometimes referred to as “puke rays” for their ability to induce severe nausea, LED incapacitators are weapons designed like a flashlight that emit an extremely bright, rapid and well-focused series of “differently-colored random pulses.” According to Jabbi, these lights can also induce brain damage, spinal damage, sickness and likely even death.”

    The weakness in the control system seems to be supply of our data to AI…

  14. Donating Tainted Blood?

    Gary Franchi of the Next News Network – Dec 1st
    BREAKING: Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets Globally As Critics Dismiss Fears of Tainted Blood
    (8 minutes)

    Steve Kirsch has recently gone to New Zealand. He was in Dallas the other week for an event.
    Dec 3rd
    The Baby Will story
    Will Savage-Reeves is a 4-month old boy in New Zealand who is in need of heart surgery to repair pulmonary valve stenosis. His parents Samantha (Sam) and Cole want him to have the surgery but they insist that the hospital use blood from dedicated donors that have not received the COVID-19 jabs. This blood is available but the doctors refuse to allow the parents to make this request, arguing that vaccinated blood is perfectly safe. There is also an effort by the hospital to have the guardianship of the child revoked and transferred to government authorities so that doctors can operate using vaccinated blood. …

    Dec 4th
    Dr. Ryan Cole on whether the blood supply is safe: “We don’t know”

    Many months past, Del Bigtree of “The Highwire” needed blood. He had a difficult time locating a place which had “unvaccinated blood”.
    Evidently, on this week’s “The Highwire” December 8th, there will be a show with Dr. Ryan Cole. Del will “donate” blood for an experiment. Dr. Cole also has samples of “clotted” blood.

    Monday Dec 5, 2022 – Zero Hedge
    “That Is Where Tyranny Starts”:
    New Zealand May Take Baby From Parents Demanding ‘Unvaccinated’ Blood For Heart Surgery

    • In the US at many hospitals people can donate their own blood prior to surgery and have it stored for use during the surgery. This requires some planning on the patients part though to donate before hand. For heart surgery this may be more complicated since the amount of blood needed is larger than less invasive surgeries and the blood the patient donated before hand may not be enough if something goes wrong.

      What the patient may be able to do is find donors for the procedure and have the hospital save the blood for use. I would be stunned if a surgeon would not allow this since they make money off the surgery in addition to helping the patient. Many doctors do want to help patients and can be open minded. There are certain ethical standards even in western medicine, such as autonomy that means that the patient should be involved in treatment decisions. It’s a difficult predicament to be in for sure.

      In the US there are people who refuse blood transfusions based on religious grounds and hospitals I have worked for do attempt to accommodate them. This may be different in other countries though.

      • I always love your “on-the-ground | in-the-trenches” input.
        Thanks cu.h.j

    • Dec 7th
      New Zealand court takes custody of Baby Will
      The court has entrusted two doctors with the medical decisions regarding the care of Baby Will. The 23-page court decision is available here for you to read.

      [Also see…
      Baby Alex’s records are expunged from the hospital
      Another baby, Baby Alex, received a transfusion of vaccinated blood and got blood clots and died. Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington has removed all records of this case.
      Read the Mother’s account.]

      • I’ll check this out. I actually had to have surgery myself a few days ago, so was recuperating. It wasn’t heart surgery, but was abdominal surgery that required general anesthesia and was no walk in the park now that I’m home recovering. Just to post an anecdote about what it’s like to have surgery in a regular teaching hospital in California (had surgery here since the surgeon’s better):

        No one asked about vaccines. I did get a Covid swab a few days before surgery in order to get surgery. It was the swab in the front of the nose type swab. They asked if I would consent to a blood transfusion although they said it was unlikely due to the type of surgery I was having. I said the only way I would consent to a transfusion if I were dying on the table because if that happened, I’d take the vaxxed blood over death in that case and I didn’t pre donate because what I had done is very unlikely to need blood.

        Turned out I was right to not worry about the blood since I didn’t need it anyway. They were also pretty respectful of what I wanted done and not done, including medicine I didn’t want. Maybe it’s because I work in the field, who knows, but it really wasn’t that bad.

        I’ll check out stevekirsh substack now.

  15. Gary Franchi is mentioned at the “Donating Tainted Blood?” comment.
    James Corbett has interviewed Gary Franchi and has cited Franchi before. Type his name into The Corbett Report “search bar”.

    If you have never seen the following video, it is worth a 15 minute look and “saving”.

    (circa 2008?)
    Gary Franchi interviews Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s PR Officer Jerry Nelson.

    One of the questions asked was:
    “People have often questioned about the Federal Reserve being a private bank or a private corporation.
     Is that in fact true?”

    ANSWER: “It is. …We are literally owned by the banks in our district….”
    Other QUOTES
    “…the insatiable foreign demand for our $100 dollar bills. They don’t use them as a medium of exchange overseas. They use them as a store of value. (countries listed)…”
    “…a hundred dollar bill costs us 7 cents…in the interim, American commerce and industry doesn’t give them away. We are getting 100 dollars worth of something…Belgium chocolate, French wine…for something that costs us 7 cents. It is not a bad markup…They can have all they want. Almost none never comes back….”

    In late April of 2020, James Corbett had a 6 minute video:
    Can You Find This Video?
    If you watch Corbett’s video, you will understand why the comment section is loaded with cool stuff.

    Meet The Fed, Private Bank (Essentials)
    (15 minutes)

    • My impression is that the 15 minute clip comes from a longer video…

      Meet the Federal Reserve (0:26:38)
      A new video featuring Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, and Jerry Nelson, Corporate
      Communications for the Federal Reserve with Gary Franchi, Managing Editor of Republic Magazine.

      Bernanke is questioned about the Amero and Nelson reveals some little known facts about the FED. Is it really a private bank? Is the Amero on the horizon?
      What were US Notes printed by John F. Kennedy? Is our money toxic? What happened
      to the gold in the Treasury? These questions and more are answered in this expose’ about the Federal Reserve System, from the mouth of the Federal Reserve…

      …Recorded May 14th-16, 2008 at the 44th Annual conference on Bank Structure and Competition hosted by the Federal Reserve of Chicago.
      Shot on location at the Hotel Inter-Continental and on the streets of Chicago, Illinois….

      A comment states:
      What a great video. I was amazed by how civil the interview was. I think both Mr. Nelson and Mr. Franchi deserve applause for this interview. Mr. Nelson for answering tough questions calmly and truthfully, and Mr. Franchi for asking his questions without being aggressive or combative. Keep up the great work. I look forward to more interviews like this.

  16. So after listening to the latest of your podcasts and all the news of late. I have come to the determination that “conservative” type people tend to go along. Liberals, well youve seen the news. I find it amazing that with the revelations out of twitter, that the people are not protesting. Which lead me to this theory that long ago they figured this out. Basically people of intelligence will go along to get along… no end to the peril we live in as long as the two party system is perpetuated. sure what help this is, but it was on my mind. Thanks for all you do

  17. I was thinking only this morning, why haven’t they come for alcohol yet?

    • Because that is the one legal substance which assists in maintaining their cognative dissonance.

  18. In case any Corbeteers have been living under a rock recently, I will post a few important links to nanotechnology and how it is affecting our bodies.

    A video was posted last week (Nov 29, 2022) featuring Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. David Nixon, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, Karen Kingston and Shimon Yanowitz. In it they discuss ‘Nanotechnology: self assembly structures in mRNA-injections’.

    That alone would be worrying enough, but Shimon Yanowitz reveals that he too has the nanotechnology in his blood and he has not received the jab! Karen Kingston also discloses that her blood has been compromised by this nano-tech (in the Nov 27, 2022 video below).

    The above panelists conclude that the technology could have entered Shimon’s system from shedding of the jabbed, chem trails, food, rain water, surgical masks, nasal swabs, etc. The video is 2.5 hrs long and well worth the watch.

    Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea discuss the same subject in another important video. COVID is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid – Gene Editing of All Humans.

    And finally, if that hasn’t scared/grossed you out enough, you may be interested in watching the following video put out by Liberty Talk Canada on March 10, 2022. Evidence in this video shows that similar junk in our bodies predates the scamdemic.

    • People are recommending Boron when a simple google search reveals Boron-Based Nanostructures.

      How much of these videos claiming chelation are actually aiding this tech?

      • I haven’t done a deep dive into this yet, but I must admit from what I have seen
        so far, I am getting more and more concerned.
        Especially the part about possible delivery via food/water, chem trails etc.

        I have not researched Boron nor chelation yet.

        If others have I’d be interested to hear what they have found out.

        • I’d be interested in trying Brown’s gas (if it wasn’t so shady and expensive)
          and may try this supposed anti-nano bucket: (but it seems like it could be dangerous)

          No harm in apple cider vinegar probably…

          Too bad all the people surrounding these strange alternative cures are kooky as hell

        • Also, investing in a serious filter for fluoride is a MUST. This negative ion of fluorine is literally the most electronegative element; meaning it attaches to heavy metals(and anything else) better than any other. Metals like aluminum which cross the blood brain barrier and are found in large amounts in the brains of those suffering from autism, dementia, and MS.

          Not to mention the fluorosilic acid we use to fluoridate most of our water is a byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry, hitting us with polonium, radium, uranium etc etc

          probably why 2/3s of the water supply in the usa contains radium.

          And now we have radiation emmitting self-structuring nanotech to deal with! Nanoparticles that are openly admitted to being in thousands of consumer products! Yaaay!

          • Thanks for the tips!
            Duly noted.

            “Nanoparticles that are openly admitted to being in thousands of consumer products!”

            Yes including standard drugs.
            Very scary!

            Gone are the days when we just checked for GMO non-GMO foods. 🙁

            • Oh yea I forgot about those petroleum byproducts which are thinly disguised as medication aka chemical lobotomies.

              *goes and cries in a corner for eternity*

  19. I recently discovered the work of David Livingstone over at The 6 volume set is available for free to read on his website and the paperback copies are available on amazon here:

    Dave’s work reminds a lot of the late Alan Watt, , Sheikh Imran Hosein, Texe Marrs, and William Cooper.

    I think Dave would be a great guest for the Corbett report, whether he gives an overview of his work from an Islamic perspective, or focusing on a particular volume from a secular perspective to be Ellulian about it.

    It also would be interesting for the corbett report to do an ancient history documentary. Also incorporating the book James shared “Revolve: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood” by Aaron Franz in the doc (

  20. [ | 22.12.07 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

    German police raided Nazi group – allegedly planned coup d’état

    25 people from a terrorist network linked to the controversial Reichsbürger movement were arrested during a major police operation in Germany on Wednesday morning. The network is said to have trained with weapons to take politicians hostage.

    More than 3,000 police officers and special forces contributed to the operation, where they searched more than 130 apartments across Germany early Wednesday morning, writes the German Attorney General in a press release.

    The network will consist of a total of 52 people who are suspected of terrorist planning. Bild learns that several of them were in legal possession of weapons.

    The main leaders will be a prince from a German noble family, named “Heinrich XIII”, as well as a judge and an officer who previously led a special department in the German army, writes Zeit. The network allegedly planned to install Heinrich XIII as head of state in Germany.

    Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, a former politician from Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) will also be part of the network. Among other things, she is known for advocating the QAnon conspiracy theory.

    – Everything is going to change. The former public prosecutors and judges as well as the responsible leaders of the health authorities and their supervision will soon find themselves on the dock in Nuremberg 2.0, one of the suspects is said to have written on Telegram just a few minutes before the police action, according to the newspaper.

    [The Norwegian fact checking organisation] has previously written about how the rumors of a Nuremberg 2 trial have become a popular conspiracy theory among right-wing extremists in recent years.

    They refuse to pay taxes and have declared their own small “national territories”, which they call “The Second German Reich”, “The Free State of Prussia” or “The Principality of Germania”.

    One of the most famous in the Reichsbürger movement is the former Mr. Germany, Adrian Ursache. He founded the “state” of Ur on his own plot of land in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, with the associated flag and coat of arms.

    • thanks for the comment
      just read up on it a bit
      AfD opposition says
      coup d’état is the new word for raid to threaten all current anti government activists
      (it was in the news as Staatsstreich although only a Razzia, so yes could pretty much have that psychological effect (additional psyop effect to the raid itself))

      FAZIT: Die laut „Bild“-Zeitung „größte Razzia aller Zeiten in Deutschland“ war in Wirklichkeit der „größte Machtmissbrauch in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik!“, wie der außenpolitische Sprecher der AfD im Deutschen Bundestag, Petr Bystron, zutreffend resümiert!

      CONCLUSION: The “biggest raid of all times in Germany” according to the “Bild” newspaper was in reality the “biggest abuse of power in the history of the Federal Republic!”, as the foreign policy spokesman of the AfD in the German Bundestag, Petr Bystron, accurately sums up!
      concerning Oliver Janich (I mentioned him in my not yet published comment below)
      he got 10 months probation (for a speech “crime”)

      Ich konnte OJ vor einigen Tagen im Gefängnis erreichen, auf den Strafbefehl angesprochen sagte er:

      „Ich habe der Bewährungsstrafe nur zugestimmt, um mein Martyrium zu beenden und bei meiner schwangeren Verlobten sein zu können. Um nichts in der Welt möchte ich die Geburt meines ersten Kindes verpassen!“

      Deshalb ist das Einzige, was im Moment zählt, dass OJ endlich freikommt. Nur wann, das ist nach wie vor die Frage. Die Bewährungsstrafe allein ist keineswegs eine Fahrkarte aus dem philippinischen Rattenloch. Und das, obwohl auf den Philippinen nichts aber auch überhaupt nichts gegen ihn vorliegt. Seine hochschwangere Verlobte schlägt gerade jeden Tag bei der Einwanderungsbehörde auf, in der Hoffnung, dass der Spuk bald ein Ende hat.

      I was able to reach OJ in prison a few days ago, when asked about the sentencing order he said:

      “I only agreed to the suspended sentence to end my ordeal and be with my pregnant fiancée. For nothing in the world would I want to miss the birth of my first child!”

      Therefore, the only thing that matters right now is that OJ is finally released. Only when, that remains the question. The suspended sentence alone is by no means a ticket out of the Philippine rat hole. And that, although there is nothing but nothing at all against him in the Philippines. His heavily pregnant fiancée is currently hitting up the immigration office every day in the hope that the spook will soon come to an end.

      Translated with (free version)

  21. New York Times – December 4th
    The Texas Group Waging a National Crusade Against Climate Action
    The Texas Public Policy Foundation is shaping laws, running influence campaigns and taking legal action in a bid to promote fossil fuels.

    When a lawsuit was filed to block the nation’s first major offshore wind farm off the Massachusetts coast, it appeared to be a straightforward clash…
    …But the financial muscle behind the fight originated thousands of miles from the Atlantic Ocean, in dusty oil country. The group bankrolling the lawsuit filed last year was the Texas Public Policy Foundation, an Austin-based nonprofit organization backed by oil and gas companies and Republican donors.

    With influence campaigns, legal action and model legislation, the group is promoting fossil fuels and trying to stall the American economy’s transition toward renewable energy. It is upfront about its opposition to Vineyard Wind and other renewable energy projects, making no apologies for its advocacy work.
    Even after Democrats in Congress passed the biggest climate law in United States history this summer, the organization is undaunted, and its continued efforts highlight the myriad forces working to keep oil, gas and coal companies in business.

    In Arizona, the Texas Public Policy Foundation campaigned to keep open one of the biggest coal-fired power plants in the West. In Colorado, it called for looser restrictions on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. And in Texas, the group crafted the first so-called “energy boycott” law to punish financial institutions that want to scale back their investments in fossil fuel projects, legislation adopted by four other states.

    At the same time, the Texas Public Policy Foundation has spread misinformation about climate science. With YouTube videos, regular appearances on Fox and Friends, and social media campaigns, the group’s executives have sought to convince lawmakers and the public that a transition away from oil, gas and coal would harm Americans.
    They have frequently seized on current events to promote dubious narratives, pinning high gasoline prices on President Biden’s climate policies…

    [Article goes on with details about the group’s people, money and interactions.]

  22. Texas Trivia

    Cowtown or Ft Worth, Texas is west of Dallas.
    On Ft Worth’s east side in a noticably non-affluent neighborhood stands a house originally built in 1940. 1809 Carl St is a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom residence with 7,179 sqft and 3 Attached garage spaces.
    1809 Carl St in Ft Worth, Texas is currently for sale at $745,000.

    Click IMAGE for slide show tour

    If you are looking for a calm, quiet, restful night of sleep, then this may not be the home for you.

    • Looks like the perfect headquarters of any prominent fraternity.

  23. I learned some things and gained insight with this interview…

    Dec 6 – Kitco News interview by David Lin
    Hedge fund manager Josh Young is interviewed about Energy
    (30 minutes)

    Josh Young makes the case that inflation was not caused by oil prices. He gives us insight into the oil markets along with how oil and natural gas demand will respond to this Green push of alternative energy sources (e.g. EV’s). He provides a variety of easy-to-digest tidbits about markets, industry and commodities.

  24. David Ray Griffin – 1939 to 2022 | A Celebration of His Life and Work
    Join us on Friday, December 9, at 12pm Pacific / 3pm East

    It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news that our friend and mentor in the great 9/11 Truth work, Prof. David Ray Griffin, has succumbed to his long battle with cancer and passed away on November 25, 2022

    We invite you to join us in this special livestream tribute to the ‘grandfather of the 9/11 Truth Movement’. This special event is hosted by Elizabeth Woodworth, myself, Richard Gage, AIA along with my wife & assistant Gail Gage.

    Our panel of distinguished guests will pay their respects to this giant of an intellectual, this author of no less than 50 books (15 on the subject of 9/11 truth) include Peter Dale Scott, Paul Craig Roberts, Fran Shure, Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, David Chandler, and Ken Jenkins….

    • Thank you for posting. I enjoyed it very much. I could imagine where the drums would kick in for drama.

  25. Has anyone here read “Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology” (published Oct. 20 2021)
    by Elana Freeland ?

    If so, could you offer a brief review? Thanks.

    • I have. It’s not nearly as focused an effort as her previous work: Under an Ionized Sky. It’s sort of just a hodgepodge of information related to Quantum Dots and mRNA and obscure tech on the horizon. Nothing really connects together and there is no real interconnecting idea. I was seriously disappointed with many of her sources (youtube vids, wikipedia, and She seems to believe everything.

      All that being said there is cutting edge and interesting information there (I love the list of regular vaccine ingredients near the end) but some wild speculations on the capabilities of this tech. As in her previous book, she has included some great quotes from some government insiders. One of the most interesting chapters for me had to do with LED lighting. I wish she had written more on how to protect yourself from this stuff. I’m glad that I read it but I feel I didn’t really walk away with all that much tbh (much of this info I’ve seen elsewhere). I liked Ionized Sky much better.

      So I would say to read it, but lower your expectations before you do so.

      • @CRM114

        Thanks I appreciate you taking the time to share the detailed review.

        I am also curious to learn more about the LED angle in the oligarch’s control grid. They have been putting up weird looking LED street lights where we live in southern Ontario at an accelerated rate. Some of them look like they have little mini microwave emitters on them (reminiscent of the rectangular emitters on 5g cell towers).

        I stumbled across an interview recently that touched on the potential for various LED technologies to be weaponized: I have not had a chance to triple verify what was mentioned yet, though intuitively I sense that these new LED systems they are building do indeed have the capability to inflict harm.

        • These might be also known as “puke rays.” I guess we should all read about them and invest in some protection. My first reaction is that we would need to cover our eyes so completely that we would render ourselves essentially blind.

  26. In “How BlackRock Conquered the World – Part 2: Going Direct”, within this sentence:
    “To be sure, this going direct intervention was later offset by the Fed’s next scam for forcing more government debt on depositors, but that’s another story.”,
    James Corbett links to a video by Steven Van Metre.

    Dec 6th, 2022 – Steven Van Metre
    How $65 Trillion in “Hidden” Dollar Debt Can Spark the Next Banking Crisis
    (14 minutes)

    Steven explains the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) report about these off balance sheet derivatives, and the money mechanics involved.

    James Rickards was interviewed by Greg Hunter on November 19th.
    Something kind of profound around the halfway mark or so…
    Dollar shortage?!
    James Rickards points out that there is a more recent shortage of dollars. This is because of the margin loan requirements now with derivatives. The ‘rules’ have changed, and now for collateral very short-term Treasury instruments are being demanded. This in turn demands dollars. It is easy to see how a “demand for dollars” can become a run-away freight train.

    I keep hearing tidbits about these derivatives.
    For example: TTF Natural Gas Futures Exchange for Europe. Evidently, traders often have well over a trillion dollars in derivative liabilities. If utility traders or hedge funds get on the wrong side of a rapid trend, their margin requirements could blow up. If I’m not mistaken, a German based natural gas utility player got swamped underwater months ago and had to be bailed out.
    Example: Often Oil and Gas companies (and other commodity companies) will hedge their potential revenue profits with derivatives. Some years, they take a big hit even though their revenue profits went out the roof.

    Alfonso Peccatiello (Alf) of The Macro Compass – Dec 7th
    The BIS ”Hidden USD Debt” Story Explained
    The BIS paper on FX derivatives ”hidden debt” is making the rounds: let’s look into it

    (17 minute audio and written script with images)

  27. Tuesday Dec 6, 2022 – The Daily Beast
    JFK Assassination Investigator Has Jarring New Claim About Oswald’s CIA Involvement

    The CIA holds documents that show presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in an intelligence operation before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a prominent Kennedy assassination reporter alleged Tuesday.
    “We’re talking about smoking-gun proof of a CIA operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald,” reporter Jefferson Morley said.
    Morley claimed the CIA operation involving Oswald took place in the summer of 1963, three months before the assassination. The allegation from Morley, who has written extensively about the CIA in the 1960s, could shake up the history of the Kennedy assassination if it proves to be true…

    …The press conference comes before a deadline next week imposed by President Joe Biden for the CIA and FBI to release all documents related to the assassination.
    It’s not clear yet whether the agencies will request an extension of that deadline.

    Judge John R. Tunheim, a federal judge in Minnesota, said it was time for the CIA to release its remaining documents. Tunheim previously served on the Assassination Records Review Board, which handled the release of assassination-related files.
    “It’s time to release all of the files,” Tunheim said.


    Allen, Texas is a suburb just north of Dallas.
    The City of Allen offers a wonderful public video platform.
    Some recent JFK video presentations have been posted.
    See this PLAYLIST…
    John F. Kennedy Specials
    [Jim Marrs is on that playlist.]

  28. Dec 6th – MoneyWise (& distributed on other news outlets)
    ‘I expect a tsunami of shutoffs’: 20 million American households are behind an average of $788 on their utility bills — here are 3 simple ways to drop your monthly costs

    The U.S. consumer price index rose 8.2% in September from a year ago — down from a 40-year high of 9.1% in June.
    But hot inflation continues to hit consumers hard.

    According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA), roughly 20 million households in the U.S. — one out of six homes — are behind on their utility bills.
    As of August, these families owe about $16.1 billion in total, with an average amount owed of $788 — and the consequences of this could be dire.
    “I expect a tsunami of shutoffs,” Jean Su, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, told Bloomberg.

    Electricity prices have spiked this year due to the skyrocketing cost of natural gas. According to the Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the biggest source of electricity generation in the U.S.
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that September prices for electricity jumped 15.5% from a year ago. And just the month before, this marker recorded its biggest 12-month increase since August 1981.
    According to Mark Wolfe, executive director of NEADA, the country is “heading towards a period of unaffordable energy prices.” Wolfe called on Congress to act to increase funding to offset increasing prices….

    [Article continues with advice on how to save energy.]

  29. I happened across this “clickbait alarmist” short story, but the keyword got my attention…

    Thursday Dec 8th – Markets Insider
    BlackRock says get ready for a recession unlike any other and ‘what worked in the past won’t work now’

    ~~ The global economy has entered a period of elevated volatility, and previous investing approaches won’t work anymore, BlackRock said.
    ~~ A recession is imminent but central banks won’t be able to support markets this time by loosening policy, according to the money manager.
    ~~ “Recession is foretold as central banks race to try to tame inflation. It’s the opposite of past recessions,” BlackRock strategists said.

    A worldwide recession is just around the corner as central banks boost borrowing costs aggressively to tame inflation — and this time, it will ignite more market turbulence than ever before, according to BlackRock.
    The global economy has already exited a four-decade era of stable growth and inflation to enter a period of heightened instability — and the new regime of increased unpredictability is here to stay, according to the world’s biggest asset manager.
    That means policymakers will no longer be able to support markets as much as they did during past recessions, a team of BlackRock strategists led by vice chairman Philipp Hildebrand wrote in a report titled 2023 Global Outlook.[LINK to pdf which takes an “accept”.]

    “Recession is foretold as central banks race to try to tame inflation. It’s the opposite of past recessions,” they said. “Central bankers won’t ride to the rescue when growth slows in this new regime, contrary to what investors have come to expect. Equity valuations don’t yet reflect the damage ahead.”

    …Still, the stock market hasn’t yet factored in the potential magnitude of the impending economic downturn, the strategists said.
    “We don’t think equities are fully priced for recession,” they added. “Corporate earnings expectations have yet to fully reflect even a modest recession. This keeps us tactically underweight developed market equities.”….

      A new investment playbook
      The regime of greater economic and market volatility is playing out – and not going away. Central banks won’t ride to the rescue in recession, contrary to what investors have come to expect. This regime requires a new investment playbook. It involves more frequent portfolio changes and more granular views that go beyond broad asset classes.
      [This webpage has brief overviews of what is in the White Paper pdf.]

      EXCERPT from 2023 Global Outlook (This is a pdf accessed at the above link.)
      …Central bankers won’t ride to the rescue when growth slows in this new regime, contrary to what investors have come to expect. They are deliberately causing recessions by overtightening policy to try to rein in inflation. That makes recession foretold. We see central banks eventually backing off from rate hikes as the economic damage becomes reality. We expect inflation to cool but stay persistently higher than central bank targets of 2%.

      What matters most, we think, is how much of the economic damage is already reflected in market pricing. This is why pricing the damage is our first 2023 investment theme. Case in point: Equity valuations don’t yet reflect the damage ahead, in our view. We will turn positive on equities when we think the damage is priced or our view of market risk sentiment changes. Yet we won’t see this as a prelude to another decade-long bull market in stocks and bonds….

      An interesting EXCERPT from the pdf…
      …Third, the transition to net-zero carbon emissions is causing energy supply and demand mismatches. See pages 11-13. Our bottom line: What worked in the past won’t work now….

      • Dec 8
        Texas Issues Subpoena To BlackRock For Pushing ESG Agenda

        Authored by Naveen Anthrapully via The Epoch Times,

        The Texas legislature has subpoenaed investment firm BlackRock, together with its subsidiaries and affiliate entities in the state, for documents related to the institution’s promotion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

        The subpoena was issued by the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs last month and asks the sergeant-at-arms for the committee or any peace officer of the state to summon BlackRock and associated entities to appear before the committee on Dec. 15. The summoned entities are expected to produce for committee inspection “books, papers, documents, or other tangible things in the said corporation’s possession, custody, or control” which are related to “ESG factors” or “ESG integration practices,” the subpoena stated.

        “The reason the committee is requesting the production of documents is to evaluate the investment practices of a financial services firm with a presence in Texas and how those practices affect the state’s public pensions,” it said.

        In a statement to Fox, Texas Republican state Sen. Bryan Hughes, chairman of the committee on state affairs, said that the subpoenaed documents are necessary to “uncover” the extent to which investment entities like BlackRock have been “playing politics using Texans’ hard-earned money.”

        Back in August, the committee sent letters to BlackRock, as well as other investment firms like State Street, Vanguard, and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), to provide documents related to their ESG decision-making.

        Hughes said that while each firm has produced documents, some have submitted “more than others.” But when it comes to BlackRock, the firm has “refused” to submit documents it deems as confidential or internal.

        As a result, the committee had to issue a subpoena to BlackRock. “They have a legal duty to put their investors’ interests first, and we intend to make sure they do,” Hughes added….

        • QUARTZ – 12/8 or 9th
          BlackRock’s climate actions are so milquetoast they’re making no one happy
          The asset manager is under fire from both climate activists and anti-ESG crusaders

          This article generally summarizes previous posts about Blackrock and Vanguard, with links.

    • RELATED…

      ZeroHedge – Dec 8
      Vanguard Quits Climate Alliance In Major Blow To Woke Investing

      In a mighty blow to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager, announced it’s withdrawing from a major financial alliance against climate change: the Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative.

      NZAM, which Vanguard joined in 2021, bills itself as “an international group of asset managers committed to supporting the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius; and to supporting investing aligned with net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.”

      Last month, Consumers’ Research joined 13 state attorneys general in filing a complaint against Vanguard with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), charging that the firm was violating its agreement to control utility company shares passively.  

      “Committing to net zero isn’t an abstract goal,” wrote Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research, in a Dec. 1 Wall Street Journal op-ed. “The Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative requires its members to prescribe specific emissions targets for industry sectors, especially utilities.”
      “The International Energy Agency’s net-zero road map envisions eliminating fossil fuels from electricity generation by 2050. That would require every American utility to remake its operations radically.”

      …Here are two key excerpts from Vanguard’s statement about its withdrawal: 

      “Industry initiatives [like NZAM] can advance constructive dialogue, but sometimes they can result in confusion about the views of individual investment firms. That has been the case in this instance, particularly regarding the applicability of net-zero approaches to the broadly diversified index funds favored by many Vanguard investors.” 

      “We have decided to withdraw from NZAM so that we can provide the clarity our investors desire about the role of index funds and about how we think about material risks, including climate-related risks—and to make clear that Vanguard speaks independently on matters of importance to our investors.”….

      • Dec 8 – Bloomberg
        Al Gore Slams Vanguard After Defection From Climate Group

        …Gore, who chairs Generation Investment Management, one of the world’s biggest sustainable investing firms, called the move “extremely disappointing” during an interview in San Francisco. “It’s an irresponsible and shortsighted decision.”..

        …Generation helped create NZAM and has encouraged major US asset managers to join. Edward Mason, Generation’s director of engagement, is part of NZAM’s advisory group and Generation’s co-founder David Blood sits on the GFANZ “principals group.”

        (GFANZ is co-chaired Michael R. Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg News parent Bloomberg LP.)

        Gore, whose status as a climate crusader was cemented by his 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, said he sees “a real, growing commitment” among corporate executives to fight climate change. “Unfortunately, it’s not everywhere. The leadership of Vanguard isn’t a part of it,” he said.

        Vanguard’s departure follows scathing criticism of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative for failing to ensure its members were on track to meet their targets. In October, the think tank Universal Over said the project was “irrevocably flawed” after finding that members were using inconsistent methodologies that were both vague and non-binding. It singled out Vanguard, BlackRock Inc. and State Street Corp., the world’s three biggest asset managers, for its harshest criticism….

  30. Has SUBSTACK gone to the Dark Side?

    For those who do not know, as I have mentioned in a previous post 11/23 under “World Premiere: Died Suddenly”,
    Mark Crispin Miller has been logging the vaccine injuries and deaths. There is a tremendous archive of “stories” on his SubStack.

    23 hours ago, Mark Crispin Miller posted this SubStack…
    ALERT! We are having trouble posting this past week’s reports of those who have “died suddenly” in the US and worldwide
    We put them up, they disappear.
    If the posts don’t go up by sometime tomorrow, that will be why.
    I assume that this is just a glitch (although one never knows, do one?), so let’s hope for the best.
    We are waiting to hear back from Substack about this problem.

    His previous post on Dec 7th struck my curiosity, because I had also noticed the weird phenomena in Chinese videos…
    Those who slowly turn, and, often, flail in panic at the air, as if a flying demon were attacking them, and then drop dead: It seems they all were given China’s SINOVAC
    The evidence suggests that only China’s “vaccine”—though NOT an mRNA serum— has that hideous effect

    • Friday Dec 9th, 2022

      Mark Crispin Miller is back up on Substack.
      And the lists/stories of deaths continues.

      • good to read HRS that everything is still alright with substack

    • Glad you posted that music video
      Tonight (Thursday 12/8), I watched that Episode 297: BLEEDING TRUTH where they dispelled the myths of graphene oxide and of “parasites” being in the vaccines.

      At the very end of the show, they played “Research”.
      I loved it! My kind of music!

      When I get some time, I look forward to listening to that Rumble interview. I listened to parts and found it vibrant.

      • “Tonight (Thursday 12/8), I watched that Episode 297: BLEEDING TRUTH where they dispelled the myths of graphene oxide and of “parasites” being in the vaccines.”

        But they weren’t able to explain the large, long, thick elastic, ‘fibrin-like’
        strings that the embalmers are finding in the arteries/veins of the deceased the past couple of years.

        And they neglected to talk about the stacking of the red blood cells.

        • On the stacking of red blood cells, you are right in that the word “stacking” never directly came up. But there were blood samples with red blood cell visuals. Del’s blood looked somewhat healthy without any heavy clumping.

          However, the fribin-like strings were discussed with samples from embalmers, and also autospies which Dr. Ryan Cole performed. Cole even talked about this tendency for proteins to form a strong poly chain when affected by spikes. They also had the slides of the stained spikes from the vaccines which would cause blood phenomena.

          Some of those vials with the fribin string vials and tissue cell slides with stained spikes were shown at the Ron Johnson Senate Hearing of Dec 7th.

          • “However, the fribin-like strings were discussed with samples from embalmers, and also autospies which Dr. Ryan Cole performed. Cole even talked about this tendency for proteins to form a strong poly chain when affected by spikes. They also had the slides of the stained spikes from the vaccines which would cause blood phenomena.”

            So are they agreeing that the jabs are causing these long thick white strings? If not, what is their explanation for them, Covid?

            • ?
              It sounds as if you did not watch the full video.
              Yes…certainly the m-RNA ‘vaccinations’ are causing these long thick white strings.

              • That’s correct I did not watch the full video.
                Time is money. Money is time. 🙂

              • I dig it. 😉

    • What a great song! Thanks for posting it!

    • Very nice, indeed. But I’m sure there are some very good reasons to not do your own research. I just don’t know any.

    • I asked many people about the lab leak theory and I was surprised to find out most of them immediately thought Covid was a lab leak or bioweapon without ever listening to any news media. What made most people think so was simply due to the fact that governments were implementing mass quarantines. Before 2020, all emergency drills, simulations, and practices using mass quarantines were based around possible terrorist bioweapon attacks. So those who were still conditioned from the old War on Terror narrative had resistance to the new medical biosecurity narrative.

  31. Hi James, I did a search of your site and didn’t encounter any references to UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

    Here’s a video describing the policy as a way to turn over ownership of Canadian lands. This seems a useful tool in a globalist agenda and I was hoping you might share your thoughts on this.

  32. I’m on a David Livingstone kick right now. I came across this book on transhumanism that I thought was worth sharing with the community.

    Transhumanism: The History of a Dangerous Idea (

  33. Can someone here that is tech savvy provide please provide a review/assessment of this product ?

    I was about to get myself a dumb phone and then I came across this product and wondered if it would be worth saving up for.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    • Probably better to look for the linux ran Pine Phone. They are probably not very available, however. They are difficult to get in Europe, but you should have better chances in Canada.

      There are also privacy minded Nexus modifications floating around, phones with removable microphone, camera etc. These type of devices are not on the cheap side.

      • @mkey

        Do you have any criticisms/cons of the listed features of the phone I linked above that you could elaborate on? Or was your suggestion to go for a different type more a matter of price?

        Thanks for the info.

        • Those are Google phones and Google software. If you are looking to safeguard your privacy, going all Google does not seem to be the best option.

          Going with Google also symbolically means feeding the beast, even if privacy was assured. I was looking to get an older Pixel phone, but gave up exactly due to this reason.

          I only mentioned the price as modified phones can get quite expensive, especially considering refurbished abd old hardware. I would not devalue skilled manual labor required to modify these phones, but it seems to me that the privacy minded selling point is a tad overpriced gimmick.

          You would probably be better suited with more or less aby other device and a cheap faraday cage of some sort. Going that route also assured changing of the habits and using the phone only when it’s needed. We all know these devices are a big distraction.

          But to answer directly, I really don’t know much about features of these devices you listed, abd considering the above, they should be obvious.

        • From the explainer page:

          The operating systems

          By default don’t include big tech code, or big tech services -> this basically means a clean android installed, like lineage OS
          By default are not making any connections to big tech companies -> as above, as much as the OS can be trusted
          Are not attached to any corporation -> as above
          Do not require any account, sign in, or credit card information -> as above

          You have control over

          Your location, microphone, and camera sensors (OS level toggle) -> location can be turned off on OS level, as much as it can be trusted. Maybe something extra for “turning off” mic & cam?
          Your phones ability to communicate through a cellular radio killswitch -> not sure what this means
          The internet & permission access of your applications -> this is provided by OS by default, as much as it can be trusted
          Whether any big tech services are installed on your device -> as above

          Your apps

          Can be acquired for free & anonymously, without signing in -> readily available via the internets
          Can be installed from independent sources & app stores, circumventing censorship -> as above
          Can be obtained from a Free & Open Source app store, where every line of code for the app is public, minimizing trackers and privacy concerns -> as above
          Avoid integration with OS level advertising systems -> this will depend on the application being installed. I believe F-droid warns about stuff like this.

        • You own and have power

          Over music, videos, and data on the phone by downloading them directly to your device -> this is not only a weak selling point, but also extreme laziness in my view
          Your location data, use alternatives and avoid sharing it with big tech companies -> not sure what this means, onion by default?
          Audit third party applications for trackers and avoid using those -> this is basically given with the freedom to install whatever one wants, something you get with non hard locked phones.

          Considering, I really don’t understand what are these people selling. I tried obtaining the guide, but they didn’t send it over the email, service seems to be down.

          Considering their prices, Pixel 4a can be obtained right now in EU for 339€. Their $500 price is quite ridiculous IMO. I’m assuming this is a brand new device they are selling. It’s shipped with Graphene OS (with another OS option), which can be downloaded for free AFAIK. This OS is built for Google phones, you can trust it as much as anything else, I guess.

          The process to flash an Android OS can be a pain in the ass, but with streamlined devices it should be quite easy to follow through (like this it’s quite a few steps but simple). There’s plenty of documentation for it and many people ready to help with any issues. To some certainly the price difference is worth it to have the OS installed on the device. I personally prefer to do it on my own.

          If you could get people to pay 150€ per Android OS install, I’d gladly do that all day long and split the profit with ya 😀

          • @mkey

            Thank you very much for the in depth review (and translation of the descriptions on the website into a concise, illuminating and understandable format for the layman).

            Perhaps the part where they said “Your phones ability to communicate through a cellular radio killswitch” means that their devices have some sort of internally integrated function that can transmit peer to peer radio signals on a different frequency than the ones that cell towers use?

            Something like this:



            but internally integrated into the phone?

            If so that would be pretty cool.

            I have actually been thinking about getting a back up set of Gotenna mesh units to put into a faraday cage with our old back up phones for so we can communicate over short distances via text even after a large CME/EMP event or if the whole grid goes down) but have been prioritizing my limited supply of fiat currency elsewhere thus far.

            • I don’t think they have modified so many different models of devices. Modifying a single model and making some minor changes is quite demanding, forget about adding circuitry and functionality.

              • Yes, I did see your reply over there and planned to reply briefly to it, but that was many rabbit holes ago. I’ll try to do so now without any further delays.

          • “The process to flash an Android OS can be a pain in the ass, but with streamlined devices it should be quite easy to follow through…it’s quite a few steps but simple).”

            My son did exactly that, and is about to do it again for his sister’s newly purchased phone for hundreds of $$ cheaper than those listed on abovephone’s site. My other son recently got the pine phone.

  34. Maybe Nigeria is a test pilot for CBDC implementation…

    Thursday Dec 8th, 2022
    Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals To $45 Per Day To Force Govt-Controlled Digital Payments

    A staggering number of Nigerians love Bitcoin, but hate government cryptocurrency (CBDCs).

    In April, leading cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin noted that 35% of the adult population in Nigeria – roughly 34 million adults aged 18-60, own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
    But when it came to the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the eNaira, it was a massive failure.

    According to Bloomberg, only 1 in 200 Nigerians use the eNaira – despite government implemented discounts and other incentives, implemented as desperate measures to increase adoption.

    Now, the government is looking to boost digital payments by limiting ATM withdrawals to just 20,000 naira, or roughly US$45 per day, Bloomberg reports, citing a circular sent to lenders on Tuesday. The previous withdrawal limit was 150,000 naira (US$350).

    Weekly cash withdrawals from banks are now limited (without fee) to 100,000 naira (US$225) for individuals, and 500,000 naira (US$1,125) for corporations. Any amount above this will incur a fee of 5% and 10% respectively.

    The action is the latest in a string of central bank orders aimed at limiting the use of cash and expand digital currencies to help improve access to banking. In Nigeria’s largely informal economy, cash outside banks represents 85% of currency in circulation and almost 40 million adults are without a bank account. 

    The central bank last month announced plans to issue redesigned high value notes from mid-December to mop up excess cash and it’s given residents until the end of January to turn in their old notes. The bank also plans to mint more of the eNaira digital currency, which was launched last year but has faced slow adoption. -Bloomberg

    What’s more, new rules which will take effect Jan. 9 will ban the cashing of checks above 50,000 naira (US$112) over-the-counter, and 10 million naira (US$22,480) through the banking systems. Point-of-sale cash withdrawals have been capped at 20,000 naira ($45).

    Meanwhile, banks are only allowed to load their ATMs with 200 naira denominations and under, while individuals and corporations will be allowed to cash a maximum of…

  35. Wednesday December 7, 2022 – Washington DC – Senate Forum Roundtable Discussion
    (3 hours for full forum, but other shorter clips available)

    U.S. Senator Ron Johnson hears testimony from world-renowned experts in Public Health, Science, Medicine, Law, and Journalism, in a public forum titled,
    ‘Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries,’
    held in the U.S. Senate’s Hart Building, on Capitol Hill.
    He will also hear testimony from victims of Covid vaccine injury.

    Speakers Include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Robert Malone, ICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., OpenVAERS Founder, Liz Willner, Edward Dowd, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Ryan Cole, Journalist, Del Bigtree, and more.

    • RELATED…

      Steve Kirsch – Dec 9th
      Highlights from the Ron Johnson COVID vax meeting

      On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, in Washington DC, Senator Ron Johnson, the incoming ranking member of the Senate’s Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee held a roundtable discussion:
      Covid-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries.

      The very next day, thanks to the efforts of House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, the House voted overwhelmingly to repeal the vaccine mandate for our troops: 350-80 which is a positive step in the right direction. Now we need the Senate to do the same.

      [Article goes on with visuals of highlights]

      • I just sent this urgent request to meet with staff of my member of Congress

        EXCERPTS (included are important links)

        See Autopsy study ties deaths to COVID vaccine and Autopsies Prove Sudden Deaths Attributable to COVID Vaccines.

        Also, this recent video, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times, talks about the strange clots reported by embalmers and notes that the cells don’t lie.
        …which links to…

        Dr Drew YouTube Channel
        “Foot-Long Blood Clots” From mRNA, Says Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole w/ Dr Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew
        (77 minutes)(Cell slides shown – Enzyme Therapy discussed.)
        Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole is no stranger to controversy. His claims of horrific side effects from mRNA vaccines and his recommendations of alternative treatments for COVID-19 launched medical board investigations in multiple states, prompting the doctor to defend his license to practice medicine. 「 LINKS FROM EPISODE:
        As the owner of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent diagnostics laboratories in Idaho, Dr. Cole alleges he has seen – and photographed – shockingly large blood clots appearing since 2021.
        And for patients who believe they’ve been injured by the shots, Dr. Cole has a simple recommendation: “Sue your doctor.”

  36. change in narrative?
    do you observe this in your national media too? (German!)

    Fatigue-Syndrom, Durchblutungsstörungen: Wie Menschen unter Impfnebenwirkungen leiden
    headline: Fatigue syndrome, circulatory problems: How people suffer from vaccine side effects
    in the thumbnail the writing reads: Long Covid after vaccination

    such a headline or report was formerly absolutely impossible to appear in mainstream German media
    and this is public television, one of the most mainstream channels as you can get!

  37. Dear James,
    I’ve posted the following request once before and indeed I wanted to ask you for quite a few months.

    I wonder why have you not covered WWII in details the way you did it for WWI. Unfortunately I searched and did not find much in your website that can explain the reasons, initiatives and consequences of WWII as well as important players, ideologies and intentions.

    I believe for many reasons it is absolutely essential to know why WWII was formed and forced on humanity; as it very well lights up the path to their NWO.

    My intention is merely trying to gather, assemble and verify pieces of so called “Truth” about that war in order to create a better picture of what has happened to humanity within the past 150 years.

    I dearly thank you for all of your efforts.

    • WWII Documentary? QFC

      While I cannot speak for James, and I am only going by my fallible memory, I could have swore that in an interview he previously had discussed his plans for a WWII documentary which would be part of a series continued after the WWI documentary.
      I believe that he first envisioned this overall concept.
      The problem was the time investment to make that happen.

      But I can’t cite the interview, and so my voice is only heresay.

      You are right about the WWI Documentary.
      That should be used by History Teachers around the world.

      • HRS says:
        “But I can’t cite the interview, and so my voice is only heresay.”

        Here, I must have had a fog between my ears, and they call it hearsay.

    • Candle, James did certainly indicate he was planning to have a series on WWII.
      The WWI Conspiracy series came out in late 2018.

      My best guess is that before he could have created a WWII series the scamdemic was upon us and understandably overshadowed any previously planned work projects.

      Perhaps in the coming year or so he will have more free time to work on it.

      I’m sure James always tries to prioritize his projects in terms of urgency and relevance.


    “ There are three ways of arriving at an opinion on any subject. The first is to believe what one is told; the second is to disbelieve it; and the third is to examine the matter for oneself. The overwhelming majority of mankind practice the first method; of the remainder, the overwhelming majority practice the second; only an infinitesimal remnant practice the third.

    To believe what one is told is the right method for most people in regard to most questions. I believe there is a place called Vladivostok because the atlas says so and because I have met apparently veracious people who assert that they have been there. But if I were engaged in making a survey of eastern Siberia for the Soviet Government, I should have to verify the existence of Vladivostok for myself. Believing what one is told is proper whenever there is a consensus except in matters on which one is a professional expert. In many of the most important questions there is a local but not a world-wide consensus.

    To disbelieve what one is told is the method of the rebel and as a general practice has nothing to recommend it. Wisdom is not achieved by refusing to believe that 2 and 2 make 4, or that there is such a place as Vladivostok. When the authorities are unanimous, they are usually right; when they are not, the plain man does well to suspend judgement. A general habit of intellectual rebellion is more foolish than a general habit of intellectual acquiescence, and if it became common it would make civilization impossible.

    It is wise, however, to feel some degree of doubt, greater or less according to circumstances, as regards even universally accepted opinion. Few things seemed more firmly established than the Newtonian theory of gravitation, yet it turned out to need correction. The rational man, in such cases, acts upon the accepted opinion but is willing to give a hearing to anyone who advances serious reasons against it.

    Rationality is shown not so much in what you believe as in how you believe it. You are rational if you believe it on evidence and as firmly as the evidence warrants and if, further, your belief leads you to act only in ways which are no obstacle to the discovery of error.

    Freedom of opinion is important, since, without it, no generally received error can ever be corrected; therefore no belief should be so firmly held as to lead to persecution of those who reject it. But so long as freedom of opinion is safeguarded, all except professional experts have a better chance of being right if they accept than if they reject the prevalent opinion.”

    Bertrand Russell’s American Essays 1931–1935, Vol. II, Essay. 37: What to Believe, p. 454 (24 August 1931)

    • The concepts are expressed very well in a step by step matter, and at the end things are tied together.
      I appreciate this post.

      But I am told by authorities that Malone is a pharma shill and an idiot as well, and thus, I will now nullify my recent edification of the information presented by Bertrand Russell. I am one of those who believe what one is told.

      • HRS, I like your witty comment. I’m sure you’re not one to just believe what you’ve been told by “authorities”

        It’s good to use one’s own mind to filter evidence and form ones own opinion on matters, rather than accepting how someone else interprets something.

        That’s one of the really awesome things that JC has always stressed in his work that he wanted people to look at the information themselves and form their own conclusions and that he’s not a “guru”.

        While it’s true that both Malone and Yeadon have had decades of involvement in pharma, does not mean that they can’t change their mind and decide to pivot out of that industry.

        I’ve worked in regular mainstream healthcare for over a decade now and do see useful applications to some treatments also, but don’t think I’m a shill. I do think that vaccines have demonstrated to be bunk at best and poisons at worst.

        It would be good to be able to filter out the good stuff from western medicine and have trustworthy doctors who could offer treatments for people.

        • “It would be good to be able to filter out the good stuff from western medicine and have trustworthy doctors who could offer treatments for people.”


          • I think I was able to do this last week when I took the chance and had surgery for something that I had put off for a long time because of all the Covid nonsense. I was surprised that I was never asked about vaccines during my encounter with the specialist during exam, before surgery, and after surgery. My wishes were also respected regarding medicines and any blood products. I had complete autonomy in decision making during my encounter. The only annoying test was the Covid swab before surgery. But it wasn’t painful and also I had stopped having to test for work even though I am not “vaccinated”. The masks are annoying as well, but it’s something I felt I could put up with to get what I needed done. Overall, I had a good experience without major complications so far and feel better.

            I thank doctors such as Dr. Cole and others for pushing mainstream medicine to deal with the evidence that Covid has been a scam and that the jabs are harmful and I do think this has helped people here in the US at least who do need or want to receive some western medical treatments (like surgery) or have the option without having the Covid nonsense pushed on them.

  39. I just stumbled across this creepy document with a Government of Canada stamp on it.

    “Biodigital Today and Tomorrow” :

    Then I looked around and found this.

    “Exploring Biodigital Convergence”:

    this “From CRISPR to Prime Editor, the evolution of gene-editing abilities”:

    and this: “Biotechnology, Human Enhancement and
    Human Augmentation: A Way Ahead for
    Research and Policy” :

    They seem to be going full steam ahead towards the transhumanist nightmare (with satellite uplinked, musk brain chipped, CBDC dependent digital slaves) here in Canada.

    I ask normies what they think of an all encompassing digital ID system tied into a social credit framework and CBDC system and sometimes they say “if that is coming it won’t be for a few years”. I just have to shake my head.. these people say things like that as though because the threat of being put in a digital concentration camp is not here now, we should not take decisive action to avoid it and just keep on going as we have been. It makes me think of CJ Hopkins comments about why people got on the trains going to Auschwitz.

    • This is horrifying – thank you for posting the links.

      A quote from the second link above: “Robots with biological brains01 and biological bodies with digital brains02 already exist, as do human-computer and brain-machine interfaces.03 The medical use of digital devices in humans04, as well as digitally manipulated insects such as drone dragonflies05 and surveillance locusts06, are examples of digital technology being combined with biological entities. By tapping into the nervous system and manipulating neurons, tech can be added to an organism to alter its function and purpose. New human bodies and new senses of identity07 could arise as the convergence continues.”

      Robots with biological brains and biological bodies with digital brains ALREADY EXIST!

      • I haven’t looked at GavinM’s links yet but I had a rather in depth discussion with a student whose daughter is severely handicapped and the fact of having bought her a tablet to aid in her self expression has transformed the lives of the entire family. He says she’s gone from 10 words to over 400 now.

        He stated clearly and vehemently that he’s dying for the day when she can get a brain implant.

        This student is a big charismatic jovial rugby-player type who’s very very active in organizing and giving talks about the lives of the severely disabled and also the promotion of brain chip tech and other prostheses.

        • @nosoapradio

          Thanks for chiming in, sharing that anecdote and broaching an important aspect of this brainchip / transhumanist subject matter.

          If you feel comfortable sharing any more details on the discussion you had I would appreciate understanding how it went.

          This brings me to a question that I have had people bring up when I said Musk’s brain chip obsession is a recipe for disaster.

          What about the quadriplegics? It is a valid question if this type of technology does indeed have the potential to give people with that condition (and other similar severely physically restrictive conditions) the capability to more easily navigate and interact with their environment in a self sufficient manner.

          I have biases against brain chips that the parent of a disabled child likely would not have.

          Sure there are other enriching pursuits a being can embark upon that do not require the use of one’s limbs, things that enrich the mind, heart and soul (but that is coming from someone who has use of his limbs) thus who am I to stand in the way of a parent wanting their child to be able to alter the way they live on Earth to include a wider spectrum of physical activities (using brain chip brain machine interface tech)?

          I suppose the question comes down to, is there a way to provide brain machine interface technology to those that need it to open up them being able to engage in specific physical activity (due to their disability) without opening up the door for mentally unhinged oligarchs, transhumanists and megalomaniacs to run wild with said tech? After opening that door (legally, psychologically and societally) will certain interests throw a wedge in, force it wide open and move our society towards a souless and tyrannical future where we are plugged into some kind of digital ID concentration camp or worse yet, plugged into some AI overlords (via satellite uplink as musk wants)? Is there a middle road?

          (sorry I know that last paragraph was a mouthful but i`m on my way out the door to work)

          • Were there any references to the actual studies that show what capabilities exist? Based on what I can find in regular journals, the brain is not well understood, not the higher functions yet anyway.

            I could be wrong, but I think that some of this stuff is more PR than anything.

            Even with genetics, there is so much that is not well understood.

            I do know that there are implantable brain devices for seizures and movement disorders caused by parkinson’s disease. But in my experience seeing patients with these, never met someone who had one that functioned very well. There were also studies done on people with paralysis with brain stimulation I think rarely helped restore function completely.

            I’ll try to find some reference material in actual scientific journals to back up some of the claims. I would be shocked if they actually had a functioning brain chip and all the other sci fi stuff they keep bragging about. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty doubtful.

            With that said, I don’t think it’s good to say “oh they’ll never do that” but to start raising ethical questions now to challenge where this seems to be headed.

            • And when I say functioning brain chip, I mean something that exists for human beings that can essentially control behavior predictably.

              The human brain would need to be fully understood structure and function of different areas of the brain and translate this into electrical and digital information. Also, neurons are living structures with genetic variability (I think). No two brains are exactly the same.

              So hypothetically, increased computer processing power could help assist with this. But there is still a human brain at the other end of the computer as far as I know.

              • @cu.h.j

                Great question.

                I do not have the answer.

                My comment above about brain chips for disabled people was just about them (hypothetically) being able to facilitate the use of prosthetics (via brain-machine interface) though I do not know if such tech is extant (and/or publicly available).

                I do think that we should leave room to consider the possibility that the type of brain machine interface the transhumanists talk about implementing is “a big fat nothing burger” (being mostly just a bunch of fear propaganda, delusional wishful thinking and PR). However, despite the apparent lack of supportive studies in the regular journals, I also think it is worth considering that some areas of scientific study, experimentation and prototyping are not shared freely with the public. I have found this to be especially true when it comes to those types of technology that can be weaponized and/or serve as a means to give those that covet being able to control the lives of others tools to enforce their edicts.

                Thus, I also consider the possibility that there are some that may in fact have a more comprehensive understanding of the human brain (and may have developed methodology for translating, recording and transmitting the bio-chemical electromagnetic data originating in the brain) enabling them to create forms of technology that would allow the brain to send instructions to machines/computers (and/or machines/computers to send instructions to the brain).

                I do know that the electromagnetic field which is emitted outside the human body (by the brain and heart) is encoded with specific information based on individual thought forms and emotions, so theoretically (with sensitive enough instruments) and the capability to translate the data encoded into that naturally produced electromagnetic field, it would be possible to record thoughts wirelessly and (with the proper understanding and attuned emitting devices) transmit recorded (and/or artificially fabricated) thought forms into a brain. That would bypass the need for chipping brains all together.

                Catherine Austin Fitts explores some of the technologies that fall into that unpleasant realm of brain machine interface (and DEW) tech in her intelligence reports. I believe she described one instance where she witnessed a group of people being targeted by said tech in an audience at a VIP meeting and she described it as “entrainment technology”.

                I do not know for sure how far humans have come with said forms of wireless brain machine interface technology, they certainly do not have it mastered as some of the advanced civilizations that visit earth appear to (given technology that is part of their craft seem to be capable of detecting and honing in on directed thought forms from humans) but if the publicly available data on humans weaponized tech (such as V2K tech) is any indication, they (the oligarchs) may already have a few effective and operational brain machine interface technologies up their sleeves.

              • Here is a link to an article ( ) that describes some high tech psychological warfare techniques (including digitally augmented psyops that utilize wireless brain machine interface), “NLWs” and DEW technologies (such as V2K, HSS, HBM and other directed energy weapons and wireless tech used to target individuals from a distance).

                I have heard anecdotal accounts from people I have had contact with that work in classified (and/or compartmented corporate R&D) operations that some of the tech described in that article is (unfortunately) a real aspect of the arsenal of some of the most wealthy individuals and organizations on Earth.

                For another perspective and for additional insight into the topic of DEWs and entrainment tech, Catherine Austin Fitts touches on the topic in this interview

                (fyi – this is the second comment of a set of two responding to you, posted dec 13th, approx 2:30 EST, but I see that my first comment is tagged with ‘awaiting moderation’)

              • Gavinm:

                I get the distinction, the brain-machine interface that might allow a person to operate a bionic limb/prosthetic so they can regain function. I know there are better prosthetic limbs now that some people can put on and be able to run again. I don’t think they use a brain machine interface though.

                I do think there are brain machine interfaces that allow a person that is “locked in” to control a computer this way. And though this is a helpful innovation for a few people that are unfortunate to have this condition to have a modicum of independence the technology will be exploited.

                I’m not sure a person with a functioning body would want to implant something in their brain though. I do think it could be pushed, but this is very invasive.

                Here’s a research articles I found about brain mapping with nano-tech and another one on mapping brains of sheep:


              • I agree regarding the inevitability of that type of technology being exploited (given the current dominant state of our human family’s consciousness)

                Thanks for the links and for sharing your thoughts.

          • I suppose the question comes down to, is there a way to provide brain machine interface technology to those that need it to open up them being able to engage in specific physical activity (due to their disability) without opening up the door for mentally unhinged oligarchs, transhumanists and megalomaniacs to run wild with said tech?

            Yea. So, as we all know, everything can be used for positive and negative purposes, from education and nuclear tech to media, religion, medicine, voting, food, memes, words etc etc.

            But for some reason, tech innovations, once they become introduced to the public on a “voluntary” basis: cars, televisions, smart phones, computers, vaccines and so on, seem (like national security emergency measures), to become permanent fixtures that everyone living in society is eventually forced to adopt and live with forever after until its been made obsolete by still newer tech.

            So if some people start getting bio-enhancing tech, eventually lots of other people will be wanting it too… until it becomes mandatory if you want to live in society.

            • @nosoapradio

              You make a compelling case, and perhaps there is no ‘middle road’.

              I was just attempting to take a step back, look at all sides of this and play ‘devil’s advocate (or in this case ‘hypothetical disabled child’s parent’s advocate’).

              Personally, I don’t know if brain chips can make quadriplegic children able to walk around (with prosthetic robotic exoskeletons or something) or if that’s just some PR/propaganda line to normalize and gather public acceptance for the idea of blending circuitry with biology, but the end result of either is likely to be just what you alluded to (a dystopian future filled with cyborg people hating on and/or shunning all natural humans). So I am not down with brain chips in general myself.

            • Great analysis about how tech seems to be invasive and incrementally more mandatory over time.

              On the other hand, the clinical applications for a narrow purpose may help a few people.

              If there was ever a way to reverse paralysis and I have doubts this will exist in my lifetime, I can understand why a person would want this technology if they were paralyzed.

              I’ve seen some very sad cases of young people in car accidents lose their ability to move and end up completely paralyzed due to cervical spine fractures, which often ends in shortened life span due to respiratory complications. I think someone can have a different view if they are affected by a severe disability.

              Theoretically, if that tech existed and I was paralyzed from the neck down and I was offered a chip that would reverse it, I’d probably take it to be honest.

              • If the chip has wireless connectivity potential (and I think that is the end goal) I personally, would rather choose to leave this body (than extend it’s capability to operate and house my consciousness) via a brain chip. Though, I completely understand why one would feel differently than I do.

                For me (given how slippery a slope we are on) I would rather choose (if it was up to me) to leave early rather than risk becoming temporarily subsumed by some oligarch’s software override mechanism / taken over by hackers, or plugged into some kind of weird AI matrix (as Musk thinks is a good idea).

              • The wireless capability would be an issue, but if it was really to help a person, they should be able to forgo this option.

                Even without a conspiracy mindset, a prudent person might not want to have their pacemaker or other medical device hackable. I do think many people value autonomy.

                I think it’s also hard to know what one might feel in the face of a debilitating injury. I say to myself sometimes, I’d rather die if I was paralyzed, but who knows how I’d feel. I’ve met young people completely paralyzed who wanted to live even though from my perspective it seemed miserable, especially the respiratory infections they would get from impaired lung function.

        • Your anecdote highlights important aspects of humanity involving “intent” and compassion.

      • @jo-ann

        Agreed and your welcome.

        I appreciate you highlighting that quote.

  40. Dr. Mercola published in today’s (Dec. 12, 2022) newsletter an article about The Great Reset. It features embedded links to Corbett Episode 387 (YOUR GUIDE TO THE GREAT RESET) and Corbett’s “How Big Oil Conquered the World.”

    Nice to see Dr. Mercola appreciates the fine work of The Corbett Report and introduces these videos to his audience.

  41. Ellen Brown
    Put that name in Corbett’s search bar.

    On Wed December 14th, we will find out what The Fed will do with interest rates.
    Ellen Brown has one of the best articles on the topic that I have seen in recent weeks.

    Saturday Dec 10 – Ellen Brown
    What Does the Fed’s Jerome Powell Have Up His Sleeve?

    (They won’t do justice to the concepts presented.)

  42. I came across a Dr. Robert Malone substack article that you might want to look at. It not only quotes James Corbett’s work on this, but also has some interesting links to other materials that I couldn’t find in the shownotes.
    So consider this an additional piece of information to ‘arm’ yourselves with.

    I find it fascinating this subject and (obivously horrifying too). So study and stay free:

    Malone Substack:

    • Dr. Malone writes:

      Quoting from “Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare”
      by James Corbett
      March 27, 2022
      “Fifth-generation warfare is a strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”
      “The basic idea behind this term [fifth-generation warfare] is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas, but in the minds of common citizens.”…

  43. Free movie “State of Control” –

    The trailer includes sections narrated with the voice of out esteemed James Corbett and interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, who gave the film a favorable review in episode 51 of Financial Rebellion on Children’s Health Defense TV.

    • “State of Control” Documentary

      James Corbett – Bas Filippini- Ken van Ierlant- Lex Hoogduin- Cristian Theres- Brett Scott- Tijmen Wisman – Catherine Austin Fitts- Mahir Alkaya – Annie Machon – Co-Pierre Georg

      Directed by
      Benjamin Jonas van den Brink
      Executive producer
      Max von Kreyfelt

      Research: José Bosman, Benjamin Jonas van den Brink
      Narrated by: Andrew Piper

    • Jo-ann thanks for sharing.
      I enjoyed this film and how very relevant it is today. I think it appropriately conveys the terrifying possibilities ahead with CBDCs and digital IDs. And underlines the urgency in which we need to resist and opt-out. It was also reassuring to hear international awareness and concern about these matters. Very well done.

  44. If this is true, it appears that Biofacism is marching forward swiftly in New Zealand where they are apparently beginning send in the armed goons kidnap people’s babies (if the state deems their “expert’s” perspectives on ‘medical care’ options are more valid than the parent’s):

    From the article:

    “Last week the High Court of New Zealand took guardianship of a four-month-old baby after his parents remained firm in demanding that only blood not tainted by the COVID-19 “vaccine” be used during surgery to repair the boy’s heart defect.

    A video showing when the child was taken by police from the parents has since gone viral. (here is the video: )

    “You guys are acting like criminals,” the father shouted, also objecting to the actions of police.

    One masked health official tried to tell the weeping mother that the hospital “needed to take him.”

    The parents of baby Will were happy for the child to receive any treatment or surgery the doctors thought necessary, under the condition that any blood received by the baby be untainted by the mRNA injections.

    Heart problems have arisen in droves following the rollout of the COVID vaccinations, especially in young people due to the effects of the spike protein in COVID jab formulations.

    Numerous unvaccinated Kiwis volunteered to donate their blood for the infant, but authorities denied the request and insisted the blood come from a sanctioned blood bank.”

    (FYI: I have not vetted the validity of the story linked/quoted above and I apologize if someone has already shared this information here.)

    • This past week I went to get a load of manure from a farmer friend. He told me he had been having pain in his legs – serious enough that he decided to get it checked out. At the hospital, they could find nothing wrong, but the doctor whispered to him, “Have you gotten any vaccinations recently?” She didn’t dare to even ask it out loud. He was impressed that she was considering that possibility. I told him she could probably have gotten in trouble if he had reported her (not that he would, but she didn’t know and was taking a risk to ask).

      It’s an absolutely CRAZY reality we are living in.

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        Thanks for sharing that, a sign of the times indeed

        Hey at least she asked the question… that is something I suppose.

        Recently my wife had to go to the hospital for her broken ankle. I saw the interaction between the attending bone specialist and another patient and then observed how he was with my wife. I saw his attitude and facial expressions shift quite starkly after he looked at her chart and medical file (from smiles and upbeat to looking like he was being put upon and having a look of disdain on his face). After he looked at her file his amicable demeanor shifted to a formal and rushed one with less eye contact. He wanted to get her out of the door as fast as possible it seemed. I suspect it was because he saw her “vaccination” status in her file.

        I agree with your assessment, this is a totally crazy reality (life in our industrial and increasingly tyrannical and psychotic human civilization that is).

        Perhaps there will come a time when the living planet (working in concert with her and our Creator) will decide that enough is enough, and some variation of the many prophecies that have been offered throughout the ages involving a cataclysmic event (or set of events) involving some natural disaster will bring human civilization to it’s knees… or perhaps human civilization we be allowed to stumble onward, towards the precipice so that it can seal it’s own fate with its hubristic hunger for “progress”.. only time will tell.

        Either way, I sense if one chooses actions that are in the interest of treating others the way one wants to be treated, protecting those that cannot protect themselves, giving a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, offering pathways to healing, empowerment, hope and unification of our family of humanity (and our more than human family) there are beings that stand at the ready in higher realms that are willing and able to provide protection and guidance (some have called them angels).

        While I do believe that each of us have a pre-determined time when we have agreed to leave this Earth (and no amount of prayer or will power will extend that time frame) the time we do have here can be drastically improved and our efforts supported in meaningful ways through genuine, open-hearted prayer/meditation. The Creator of all things does not interrupt or override our free will, but when invited to be part of our lives on Earth, all things become possible.

  45. In other news, a cautionary tale about what happens when we allow ourselves to see the land as a dead resource to be mined and extracted from and food production as a means for profit.

    Enter The Industrial Hydroponic Dystopia of southern Ontario.

    I was on the way to plant some trees earlier this year and came across a frighteningly large electrical facility being constructed. It looked like something from a sci-fi movie, like a scene from some futuristic terminator movie showing the AI’s main base or some kind of Borg infestation. It went on for kilometers in all directions.. expanding into what was once farm land (and before that what was once Carolinian forest).. an endless grid of gargantuan towers, transformers and massive cables.

    I was to discover this is part of a new project that is meant to help provide more power to the perpetually expanding monolithic greenhouse facilities that operate in and around Essex County, Ontario. These greenhouses go on forever where we live and it seems like every other day a corn or soy farmer decides they have tilled and sprayed the soil into oblivion and can no longer get profitable yields (at which point they sell to the hydroponic greenhouses).

    They seem to appear almost over night, these imposing giant blocks of plastic, glass and steel.. suffocating the land and drowning out the stars with the glow of their grow lights.

    In fact, due to the grow lights they operate (365 days a year) most nights our skies also look like a scene out of a sci-fi film. The majority of the power feeding into these endless (soil suffocating synthetic chemical guzzling) greenhouse operations is produced using degenerative energy systems.

    So now we live on land that was once mature Carolinian forest (horizon to horizon), which became petroleum dependent (mostly transgenic) industrial monoculture corn/soy farms and is now morphing into a landscape covered in hydroponic greenhouses (with insanely power hungry grow lights powered by dilapidated nuclear power plants among other things and heating systems powered by petroleum) that produce nutrient deficient shiny ‘food’ items and chemical laden cannabis that serves neither the land nor the people who are ingesting what these operations produce.

    It is hard to see humans treat Mother Earth this way. But I will dig deep, summon the courage to see the potential for this land to be healed and go about planting the seeds in the hearts of people and in the soil so that we can leave this place a little bit more beautiful than when we arrived.

    To all of you out there that strive to protect the mature forests and other intact ecosystems where you live, Thank You… please do not let it get this bad where you live.. it takes a toll on your heart to see the land like this..

    Pictures of what I described above can be found through this link:

    • I recently finished reading Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown. He mentioned a book I had purchased some time ago, but hadn’t read yet – An Agricultural Testament – which I am now reading. Gabe is in North Dakota. If he can do it there, other places can be regenerated too … but the owners have to want to do it. That’s the challenge.

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        Thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂

        I will add that to my reading list for this winter.

        There is pretty extensive section of our library dedicated to soil science, ancient soil regenerating practices, phytoremediation and mycoremediation.. the science and techniques are all well understood and I have successfully implemented a broad spectrum of these techniques (some ancient, some modern, some a mix of the two, depending on the customer) on small and medium scale projects, but as you alluded to, when it comes to the large agricultural plots, it is a matter of breaking through the programming in the owner’s minds.

        I have had success with applying regenerative techniques to residential (and a few larger business) garden designs all over the county (so that has felt good) and I have even consulted with a three different local young farmers that are now working to transform their parents formerly conventionally farmed 50-100 acre plots into organic and then regenerative cultivation systems. Interfacing with the organic certification people here in Ontario to help them take the first steps has helped me to realize how the term Organic (and related licensing mechanisms) has in many cases been coopted by big business and ambitious kids looking for a quick buck at the expense of poor young farmers. Some of these organic certification specialists charge 500 bucks for a half day to visit their farm and take some basic soil samples etc (also charging for the travel time to get there).

        I have been doing most of that kind of work (consulting the young farmers on what state their soil is in, doing soil tests, telling them what biological and mineral inputs are needed to bring the soil back to life and providing synergistic interplanting strategies to increase and stabilize soil fertility and structure) pro-bono as I know these farmers truly care about the land and the communities they are working so hard to feed (with good, nutritious, real food) and in the couple cases where they insisted on offering me payment for my services or “making me whole” (as one of them described it) I suggested that they could offer me what they thought was fair in the form of fresh produce and medicine plants through their CSA program. Real food and medicine (grown with love and respect for God’s living soils) is more valuable to me than fiat currency anyways so I am glad they agreed to do it that way. 🙂

        (continued in another comment..)

      • (..continued from another comment)

        But yes, the challenge is reaching the multi-thousand acre farmer plots that are owned by the GMO soy and corn growers (and now increasingly being sold to the industrial hydroponic greenhouse developers here in southern Ontario). I have spoken directly to some of the owners (as they are customers of the landscaping firm I design and install for and we take care of their estate landscaping) and showed them the math, pleaded from the perspective of creating a better future for their children and even brought produce from my own garden so they could taste the difference between produce grown in a lifeless medium with synthetic inputs and the real deal.. they are uninterested. They have formulated a recipe for making millions annually and using that fiat currency to distract and insulate themselves (temporarily) from the widespread suffering on Earth gives them the misplaced confidence that they are prepared for what is coming.

        They import and hire tens of thousands of migrant workers from Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, India, Tibet and other places (through government temporary visa programs) to work in their endless greenhouses and warehouses here (paying them the bare minimum and cramming them into very prison-like living conditions) and work them to the bone growing their nutritionally depleted, flavorless, chemical laden, pretty looking tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and cannabis) and flood that crap into the stores all over the nation here over charging for it. Their greenhouses are so power hungry (for their grow lights so they can grow 24-7-365) that when they flick the on switch, the entire power grid fluctuates, surges run through the residential systems and they fry people’s appliances (we have lost 5 dishwashers to fried microchips in 2 years). then there is what these monstrous facilities do to the water, the soil and the air (including the night sky).

        For most of my life I lived in BC, close to the ancient forests, the canyons, water falls and heartbeat of the wilderness… I always went into the deep wilderness when this backwards modern human world started to get to me, to find solace, to seek guidance in my own version of a cathedral, one with walls made of trees and a deep blue stained glass roof painted speckled with green leaves. So living here in a place where there is no wilderness for hundreds of kilometers in all directions (because humans annihilated it all for profit) takes a toll on my heart, but I strive to dig deep and hold onto the knowing that God must have guided me to be here for a reason.

        I strive each day to help those who are guided my way to be empowered to create islands of biodiversity and health amidst this greed spawned wasteland.. and i have faith that some of these oasis’ will persevere and enable those who come after we are gone to have the tools to regenerate this land and make it a place of beauty and wonder again.

        • “(we have lost 5 dishwashers to fried microchips in 2 years)”

          Now that is something that I am very surprised about. Not the fried microchips. But the fact that you would own a dishwasher. ?

          • @Steve

            While I personally may be content living totally off grid, doing everything by hand and doing without modern day ‘creature comforts’ my wife has different preferences. She is taking steps to let go of some things that are in our life and our home that do not align with a regenerative future and/or a post centralized tech infrastructure existence but given that I often work 60 hour plus weeks (and am often too exhausted when I get home to help do my share of the dishes) she asks that we have a dishwasher. While I may prefer that we do not own such things, I also want to be supportive and understanding of my wife’s preferences.

            I never claimed to be perfect Steve, like everyone else on Earth, I have areas in my life that have a lot of room for improvement. I strive to take little steps each day, each month and each year to bring my way of living into further alignment with my aspirations to live in a way that fully respects the Earth (a sanctuary and place of learning created by God) and my body (a temple given to me by God through which I can experience and contribute towards protecting this sanctuary and place of learning) but I have a long way to go.

            Regardless of what ever your intent was in posting the comment above, I would like you thank you for serving as a mirror for me in this way. As even though (in this particular case) I am already aware there are certain aspects of my life (such as owning a dishwasher) that do not fully align with living in a way that is regenerative to the living planet Earth, in general, being offered candid assessments/observations from others helps me to more decisively and efficiently plan for improving my efforts to bring my way of living into alignment with my ethical compass, and that endeavor is very important to me. Thank you for helping me in this regard through your comment.

            • “Regardless of what ever your intent was in posting the comment above,”

              Frankly, I’m very confused about why you would not take my comment in the spirit that it was made. I can only blame my poor communication skills.
              Thanks for letting me know how what I wrote made you feel. I have a feeling that I am misunderstood more often than not and people usually just ignore me rather than correct me.
              So thank you!

              The comment was meant purely as a light hearted teasing of someone who appears to share much the same philosophy as me.
              In no way was I suggesting that you are doing something wrong or are less than genuine in your lifestyle by owning a dishwasher.
              I’m sorry for my clumsiness with words. I promise you that I meant no ill will.

              I’ve never owned one. But for forty one years its only been my wife and I. And much of that time we lived on sailboats where dishwashers are impractical.
              If we had had children and my wife wanted a dishwasher, we sure as heck would have had one. (Hope she doesn’t read this).

              My wife has been my first, (and only) mate for a long voyage and though our choice of course and ports of call may differ at times. Being a good captain means being flexible about the less than crucial issues.
              Dishwashers are trivial.

              • Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with dishwashers? I have one. Didn’t used to but it’s something I need now because I my hands are washed over and over again at work and I have to minimize irritation from soap. Even the most natural soap bugs me. Plus, it is easier and I think it does a better job at cleaning my dishes.I wash a few things, but not much. I do like some simple conveniences like a dishwashers and I am also considering a microwave because it does reduce the time for cooking potatoes and also heating some things up.

              • “Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with dishwashers?”

                Nothing whatsoever.

              • Steve is a dishwasher, but he is not for sale. The power cord only works at his house.

              • I could tell that Steve had nothing against automatic dishwashers, plus he is not the kind of guy to shame a person for their choice of life-style.

                I am thrilled to have a dishwasher.
                Mine is so old and rusty with parts of the rack missing, that recently I spent a month trying to fix it. It wouldn’t drain. I was getting tired of using a waterVac after each cycle as I took things apart and rebooted, over and over.
                Finally, I took a nylon glove, cut off the thumb and placed it over a sensor-pipe-pump. That did the trick. Gerry-rig is my blood type.

              • @Steve

                Thanks for the clarification and for sharing your life experiences and perspective regarding dishwashers.

              • @cu.h.j

                The reason I sometimes beat myself up about having items like dishwashers (while also being a proponent of embodying a way of living that honors, respects and gives back to the living Earth) is related to the materials required to manufacture them and the typical methods in which the energy is produced (and transmitted) to power the device. It is possible to access the power to run the device in regenerative ways, but I do not currently have enough off grid power gathering tools to make that a reality at this point.

                Aside wanting to avoid supporting strip mining, massive chemical/petroleum based manufacturing operations and degenerative energy generation/transmission systems I am trying to take steps away from being dependent on services and devices that require centralized infrastructure to operate.

                Whether it is due to a “cyber 911” type deal, some kind of oppressive “climate change social credit score” system (that limits how much electricity one can use or if they can use it at all if they are dependent on a centralized grid that is installed in the near future) or a natural event that cripples our civilization’s centralized technological infrastructure (such as this: ) I do not want to be leaning on tech that could either become inoperable or unreliable in certain situations.

                So, in the bigger scheme of things, perhaps having a dish washer is not that big of a deal, it is just for me I feel like it all adds up and for the above described reasons I would rather go without one.

  46. Dutch Farmers – FARMERS??? ….really

    I’m astonished how alternative media bought into Dutch farmer narrative, farmer, a guy in dirt providing food…unbelievable level of superficiality otherwise ascribed to the dark side….I’m tempted to use word ignorance….what about truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth….

    Colin: “Rather than forcing farmers out of farming, the Dutch government could encourage them to farm differently.”

    Looks that might not be true.

    “Farmers who cannot meet their targets would be given three options:

    Downside, or switch from animal farming to crops.

    Closing of 3000 farms is primarily about animal agriculture, majority highly likely intensive animal agriculture….what an euphemism for meat-milk-shit-urin factories. They cannot produce lamb meat I occasionally gorge with greasy hands. Nor they are interested to produce, because it’s about business, big business. From the same source:

    “Dutch animal farming is among the most intensive in the world. The country keeps 100 million chickens, 11.4 million pigs and 3.8 million cows (1.6 million for dairy) on 30,000 farms. That’s 115 million animals in a country twice the size of Massachusetts. The Netherlands has the highest livestock density in the world.

    (Massachusetts, incidentally, has the fifth-highest population density in the United States, which is still lower than the Netherlands’ — but it has one of the lowest livestock density rates in the country. The Netherlands is really pressed for space!)”

    “One of the downsides (and I’ll list more later) is the pollution.”

    “Farms cause 85 percent of ammonia emissions and 40 to 45 percent of overall nitrogen emissions. But they cause 60 percent of nitrogen deposits in conservation areas (to which they are more likely to be in proximity than industry)”

    “On the upside — and out of necessity — Dutch farmers have become very efficient.” (emphasis mine)

    Efficient, author didn’t expanded upon, is the key word which will be thoroughly examined later.

    Damn, they have a real problem because:

    “….major challenge is to find a balance between taking source-based measures, and accommodating the difficult situations farmers very often find themselves in, as the reduction of nutrients (as a source-based measure) use can lead to lower yields and higher costs for manure disposal.”

    Pollution is not always imaginary boogeyman and that is certainly the case with meat factories i.e. intensive animal farming. Nobody wants meat factory for his neighbor, that is a fact and I see no need for further elaboration. And nitrates from fertilizers in groundwater is also not imaginary problem concocted by soros-founded degenerics.

    • With Dutch Farmer narrative also goes a story about “insane” agricultural policy by the world second largest food exporter while food crisis is just around the corner. Well, second largest agriculture exporter, yes, but what does that mean?

      When money speaks they say:

      “It is estimated that total agricultural exports amounted to 95.6 billion euros in 2020, which is a new record. This includes 68.3 billion euros in domestic exports and 27.3 billion euros in re-exports.”

      Horticulture has the biggest share. Meat comes right behind, but I think flowers bring much better and sweeter money. Billions from agriculture machinery and equipment are also accounted here. But one third (re-export) is actually just and only transport of goods for satan, sorry, global capitalism. Logical:

      “…the Port of Rotterdam handled 30% of agri-bulk traded in Northwestern Europe in 2018. Amsterdam as runner-up covered 25%, which means that the Netherlands (including Vlissingen and Terneuzen) covers more than half of the total Northwestern European volume.”

      Short transport distances bring competitive advantage for industries that handle bulk goods, like big food industry, including meat industry.

      “According to an analysis published by the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (Het Comité), the Netherlands imports 83% of the wheat it uses, along with 95% of the maize, 90% of the barley, 99% of the rapeseed and over 99% of the soybeans, as well as 100% of the sunflower seed.”

      Agricultural giant importing almost all the grains it uses, funny, but when you are in the center of globalized capitalism, and Netherlands by all standards is part of the Center, that is how things look like. Animal agriculture is nice example. Dutch are excellent in all categories of “milking animals”, therefore they must feed them well. They don’t have enough arable land to sustain the highest livestock density in the world, no way (look how much they earn with vegetables and flowers). No problem, they have ports and imported $1,7 billion of soybeans, 68% from US, gmo of course.

      Looks like they re-export less than on average, here they say 25%, they use more by themselves.

      “Global animal agriculture is your No. 1 customer.”, says soy growers trade association.

      “Approximately 85% of the world’s soybean crop is processed into soybean meal and soybean oil,…”

      97% percent of soybean meal production globally is used as livestock feed.

      Don’t forget, we are talking about GMO soy.

      • Dutch farmers are just cogs in global agriculture, whose practices are already bad, and becoming worse. There will be collateral damage in Netherlands for sure, but don’t forget that in some imaginary better instantiation of the World meat factories wouldn’t be a thing at all, let alone developed to the scale Dutch did/allowed.

        Maybe it’s not so black:

        “For agricultural entrepreneurs, there will be a stopping scheme that will be as attractive as possible,” said Van der Wal in a series of parliamentary briefings. “For industrial peak polluters, we will get to work with a tailor-made approach and in tightening permits. After a year, we will see if this has achieved enough.”

        That must be a hint from badbilly. He might be very interested for providing some generous donations to modernize Dutch agriculture. All needed prerequisites are already in place in Netherlands, have no doubts, maybe enough will too. And, a good cluster of crisis is not to be wasted. Maybe some Eurocrat somewhere will make some problems, genetic mambo-jumbo is a bit touchy thing in Europe (lobbyists will handle….(what, euro-bastard wants three venezuelan hookers in their prime time…lobbyist….fixed…thanks god, he didn’t ask for kids)).
        No doubt, badbilly will gain, some closed farmers (industrialists actually) will go his way.

        Tristate City Colin mentioned, megalopolis with a population of around 45 million, makes same the impression on me as MBS’ Neom desert type shit. Yeah…these are just visions…their only meaning is to be carrier of technocratic idea, will see what will

        Another solution for farmers:
        Cows on boats: Rotterdam’s urban farm experiment

        It was meant for global warming and rising see levels, but can be repurposed. I guess they still have some polders in progress where barges and cows on two floors can be towed around to fertilize what will become newly acquired land in the future.

        • Error above, biggie, double negation, it should be:
          Pollution is not always imaginary boogeyman, that certainly is the case with meat factories i.e. intensive animal farming.

          I still haven’t nailed down efficiency.

          “Checkoff Study Shows Soybean Meal Increases Weight Gain and Feed Efficiency in Growing Pigs”

          “Soybean meal is the most important protein source used to feed farm
          animals. It represents two-thirds of the total world output of protein

          “Dehulled soybean meal …..proved to have a better feed conversion ratio and to sustain higher animal performance …. from starters to finishing pigs.”

          “In goats, adding 1.6% urea to a soybean meal-based diet allowed a reduction of soybean meal by 12% (from 25% to 13% inclusion level) resulting in lower feed costs”

          Soybean meal is very palatable for animals, too. Poultry can withstand higher intake of it up to 40% and little chicks become gargantuan in a month. Actually it is about fast food for animals, flavored for every variety, so they can shove them as fast as possible, because time is money.

          Data show Dutch farmers are top notch in efficiency (by prevailing standards), they understand language of efficiency thoroughly. But there is someone who loves efficiency, technocracy.

  47. I heard that large scale acts of rebellion and surprising anti-government protests are picking up momentum in China (with people on the street overwhelming cops and snatching prisoners back from police custody, storming riot squads and hazmat goons saying things like “give me liberty or give me death” and “down with the CCP”) etc.

    Here is one report discussing some current unfoldings

    Does anyone else here have any up to date intel on the situation over there?

    I imagine the PLA is bound to have been ordered to respond in some very unpleasant ways by now (if the report linked above is accurate).

    • Seems like from what I can tell from a number of sources while PLA did deploy powerful signal jamming equipment mounted on APCs the reaction from the CPP was first heightened swat/riot squads of cops to mop up the streets. Then after that they weaponized the mandatory covid aps (digital ID) that is on everyone’s phones, back tracked every single person who was at a protest (or near one) and now they are unleashing an army of operatives and police that are going to each and everyone of the participant’s homes, beating them in front of their families, and then disappearing them.

      This is what can happen here if we let the Digital ID control grid come online.

  48. Hi there, I am an avid subscriber of The Corbett Report and as censorship has made it difficult to discover quality journalism, I’ve created a search engine that yields results from a hundred or so websites I trust.

    It is called and I would love to know what you think of it!


    • Hi Doug,
      I tried your search engine and it shows interesting results. On my computer, only the first page of results is shown and I can’t scroll farther down. Maybe this is a beta version with intentional limitations? Anyway, good work so far. Thanks for your effort.

    • This is a very strange combination of styles, it basically fixates the page height, hiding the scroll.

      Randy, if you zoom out of the page, you will able to see the page navigation on the bottom.

      • Thanks mkey. Zooming out works until it’s too small to read. I think Doug’s project is a work-in-progress.

  49. Fluoride Trial VIDEO Released…finally.

    Here is what has been released so far (VIDEO)
    Oct 26, 2022 (43 minutes)

    Oct 31, 2022
    BIG NEWS! The Court Rules In Favor Of Our Motion.
    For more information about lawsuit, including a trial timeline and documents, click here LINK.
    For more information on the NTP’s Review, click here LINK.

    TIMELINE The TSCA Fluoride Trial, 2016 – present

    Written Court Order that resulted from this hearing:

    EMAIL webpage||cmVnaW5hLmltYnVyZ2lhQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==

    The next status hearing has been rescheduled. It has been pushed back two days and will now take place on Thursday, January 12th at 11:00AM (U.S. Pacific Time) / 2:00PM (U.S. Eastern Time).

    • Some interesting 1965 history on Fluoride in Dallas at this webpage…

      January 25, 1965 via WBAP-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas
      About 14 months after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, on January 25, 1965, Dallas City Councilman Joe H. Golman, made a motion to fluoridate Dallas drinking water. In that smoke filled chambers of Mayor Erik Jonsson and 9 Council Members, a citizen interrupted despite being told that she could not speak. She was alarmed at such a tyrannical proposal to forcibly introduce a medical intervention into the water supply.

      May 31, 1965 WBAP-TV NBC station broadcast news story. (This is the script at the tail end of the news segment.)
      “…And the Dallas City Council accepts for study a recommendation from the Public Health Advisory Board.
      The Board recommends the city take action on putting fluoride in city water without resorting to a vote of the people.
      But it asks that a study be made of the effects of fluoride on pipes, plumbing, boilers, flora and fauna, sewage, the aged, the young and small animals.
      About the only thing left out of the proposed study is the effects of – fluoride ‘mn the taste of Scotch whiskey.”

      On August 9, 1965, City Council Resolution #65-4383 was passed. The Dallas City Council voted six to three to add fluoride to the city’s water supply.
      City Councilmen Moody, Carpenter and Cothrum voted against fluoridating the water. Groups were already circulating petitions seeking a referendum in hopes of defeating fluoridation. Councilman Moody said he would support seeking an injunction against the city to stop fluoridation.

      January 3, 1966
      An activist petition of over 10,000 signatures was accepted by the City of Dallas.
      The petition called for an ordinance to make it unlawful to add any type of fluoride chemical to the water. A special election with that proposed ordinance on the ballot was called for on January 29, 1966. (Vote ‘yes’ to ban adding fluoride chemicals.)
      The turnout was the largest ever to vote on a single issue in the city, and the weather was terrible and cold.
      The proposed ordinance failed with voters (a margin of 2 to 1).
      And thus the Dallas City Council Resolution #65-4383 is still in effect.
      The Council can stop fluoridation at any time.

      • I do not think berkey filters get anywhere near distillation nor reverse osmosis.

        • I know Berkeys are highly recommended in some circles (homeschooling/homesteading), but I’m sure there are fancier (and probably better) options. I’ve seen some real doozies for thousands of dollars. I think some require electricity.

          I’ve heard that if you drink distilled water, you should add minerals back in since distilling takes out good as well as bad stuff. Maybe you have more on that…?

          I’m off-grid – old-fashioned off-grid, not fancy solar-array, gadgets, and gizmos off-grid. I haul my water from a hole in the ground spring and maybe don’t need to filter it (there isn’t much uphill from me), but since we already had a Berkey when we moved here in 2000, we have just always used it to filter the water we drink.

          I do feel very sorry for people whose water is processed from the city sewer systems with chemicals and other “supplements” added to supposedly make it worthy of consumption….

          • Distilled water should get completely demineralised, yes. Such water should be devoid of anything that does not boil at below 100°C. I don’t think there’s a better method to clean the water.

            It does involve the use of energy but it should not require spare parts during the operating life of the device. Water reminelarization is probably a good idea, but I am not sold on inforganic sources of vitamins nor minerals.

            One thing distilled water should be really good at is bringing nutrients from the gut into the bloodstream. And it is where I find both minerals and vitamins should be coming from – fresh food. Distilled water should be equially profficient at taking waste out of the body.

            I think for your purpose berkey should do a very good job. Water polution is probably minimal and it’s mostly importat to get microorganisms out of the water, something graphite filters should do easily.

            If I had access to spring water that would make me a happy puppy and I would certainly not distill it.

        • This seems to be a pretty objective comparison between the two systems.

          I have only used collected and settled rainwater in my Berkey for the better part of two decades. Been very pleased with it. Especially when I see my friends and neighbors hauling in cases and cases of little plastic bottles filled with what is probably just tap water.
          With what they spend in a year on bottled water they probably could have purchased either system.

          • I’m also getting the idea that water in plastic bottles can only get microplastics ridden. I stopped purchasing said water a while back, although in my general location water quality is decent. We have quite a lot of water flowing around and not much industry to speak of. Our sewage systems are ridicuolous, however.

            I think berkey is good for wells, ponds, rainwater in rural areas etc.

          • I have recently been receiving significant discount offers from Berkey. I already have three (different sizes, plus the individual one) and don’t need any more, but I did suggest to them that they design a Berkey that would be truck-safe. I have tried to convince my son to stop buying bottled water and instead put a Berkey in his truck. I have a small or medium one he could take. He says it wouldn’t work – there’s no way to keep it in place. Well… if *I* were driving truck, I would figure out a way. 🙂 I WOULDN’T drink bottled water. I haven’t heard back from Berkey. I told them Daniel could advise them as to what would make it work. 🙂

            • “Well… if *I* were driving truck, I would figure out a way. ? I WOULDN’T drink bottled water. I haven’t heard back from Berkey. I told them Daniel could advise them as to what would make it work. ?

              I made a holder for my small Berkey that I attached to the compression post in the cabin of my 27’ sailboat. I’m sure that it would have spilled a little if I were heeling but I only used it dockside.
              It would be a simple matter to make a gimbaled holder but that probably wouldn’t be necessary for a semi. They stay pretty upright hopefully. ?

  50. CBDCs are a huge concern, as we all know. I think finding a solution to counter these is absolutely essential for a parallel/alternative economy to function. This state senator has some ideas in this interview with David Knight. One thing that struck me is that he mentions Cathrine Austi-Fitts, and G Edward Griffin. His awareness of the threat is reassuring. I would be proud to call this man my representative (and I love that Tennessee accent).
    “TN State Senator Frank Niceley joins to talk about efforts to establish a state bank in Tennessee and also a precious metals depository.
    Can a state bank block CBDC that will create an open air prison for us all? Can it help to blunt the Fed’s financial mismanagement? Will local banks become our allies as they realize that CBDC will destroy them all?”

    Not sure I totally agree with all of this, as it would put a (local) government entity at the helm, but it seems better than Central Bank control. Anyhow it’s getting my wheels turning. So what if it wasn’t state run? What if a credit union issued its own “currency” to be used among members? One where they could transact between other members/businesses with accounts there. I think rather than trying to build a new system and trying to get people on board, utilizing a current institution and just changing the transactional units might be simpler.
    Imagine if we reached out to our local credit unions, warning them of their impending irrelevance as a result of the CBDC rollout? Perhaps they would be incentivized to come up with a solution so their businesses continue to thrive.
    Perhaps I will reach out to John Titus and see if he has some insight here. He’s seems to have a solid grasp on the insanity surrounding the financial system, and has a knack for articulating that understanding. (Though he never offers solutions, unfortunately.) Or maybe John and James could have another discussion about this for a #Solutions Watch?
    I’d love to hear y’all’s input.

  51. November 2022. Didn’t get much attention, but relevant to have on the record regarding US bio weapons.
    “Judicial Watch received 345 pages of records from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a component of the U.S. Department of Defense, revealing that the United States funded anthrax laboratory activities in a Ukrainian biolab in 2018. Dozens of pages are completely redacted, and many others are heavily redacted. The records show over $11 million in funding for the Ukraine biolabs program in 2019.”

    Actual documents obtained through FOIA request

  52. I recently wanted to know more about the Bioengineering labeling seen on food packaging. I figured it meant GMO but wanted to confirm, and yes, that is what it means. I visited the NonGMO Project website and and found some very useful information. One thing I wasn’t aware of is the section below:

    Which GMOs are overlooked under the BE labeling law?

    -Most products of new GMO techniques like CRISPR gene editing won’t require a BE disclosure. That’s because the law focuses on foods containing detectable modified genetic material in the final product. Products that contain GMOs made with new techniques are currently untestable.

    Hopefully this helps some people. Stay away from those GMOs/Bioengineered foods, and those CRISPR foods!

  53. Wall Street says:
    “Money goes where money flows.”

    Edward Dowd (Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager) was interviewed by Del Bigtree on “The Highwire” Thursday 12/15/2022 in EPISODE 298: BRINGING THE HEAT starting around the 6 minute mark.

    Ed Dowd and associate Josh Stirling (top-grade insurance research analyst) testified in Washington DC on December 7th before the Senator Ron Johnson Roundtable.
    Their testimony followed Aaron Siri and the V-Safe data. TimeStamp: 16:55

    PHINANCE TECHNOLOGIES – Humanity Projects

    On Edward Dowd’s webpage above, you will see different Projects.
    For example:
    On the “US Disabilities Project” are graphs and data.
    The U.S. employed workforce starting May 2021 has essentially experienced a disability rate increase of 26% versus the general population of 11%. This translates to over a million workers becoming disabled.
    Combined with other trends, the workforce data is valuable in forecasting economic activities (such as supply chain disruptions, lower productivity, and recession type scenarios.)

    During the Highwire interview, Dowd simplifies the behaviorial predictability of the criminal mind because he sees it manifest on Wall Street. This foundational insight is worth having in your toolbag.

    Another very, very important aspect from that Highwire interview was how Ed frames
    “Wall Street Behavior”.
    Basically, Wall Street is like a starving dog. It is hungry for money opportunities and will chase down ANY pathway towards that end. That is why analysis of trends and data hold tremendous value. Wall Street does not care about being “politically correct with ‘CDC think'”.
    Dowd feels that more and more Wall Street money will start to tap into this type of data. The government and media is suppressing the real data, and so this type of data gives Wall Street players an edge.
    If this happens…if Wall Street breaks ranks and goes in this type of direction, it may further shift the public media narrative.

  54. It is interesting looking back at this 2004 Guardian article, from when Google had started rolling out Gmail. Excerpts below.

    Google free email faces legal challenge

    A California politician who condemned Google’s plans for a free email service as a “Faustian bargain” that undermines privacy has begun drafting legislation to stop Gmail in its tracks.

    Democratic state senator Liz Figueroa fears the California-based firm’s plans to scan customers’ emails and insert targeted advertisements is a “misbegotten idea” that “undermines the most fundamental aspect of communication – the expectation of privacy”.

    In a statement to Guardian Unlimited, Google said it had “the highest regard” for the privacy of users’ information, adding that it was confident Gmail was “fully compliant with data protection laws worldwide”.

    “Google actively solicits user feedback on our privacy policies – if they can be made clearer or otherwise improved, we want to hear about it,” the statement read.

  55. Wed Dec 14 – Dan Dicks – Press For Truth
    Founder and Creator of BitChute Has Bank Account Frozen in Blatant Act of Theft and Censorship
    (23 minute interview in brief article)

    BitChute was created out of a need for free-speech absolutism during a time when YouTube was busy working on tweaking their algorithms to shadow ban voices with whom they disagree.

    Big tech has now taken this battle to another level by freezing the funds of the BitChute bank account in yet another attempt to silence voices they don’t like!

    In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Ray Vahey, the founder and chief executive of BitChute, about his bank account being frozen, why free-speech absolutism is important and most importantly where he sees things going for BitChute into 2023.

    Support BitChute in their endeavour to provide a censorship-free platform:

    [See first link for more links and info]

  56. I’m looking for a source of high-quality, organic, reasonably-priced herbs without the woke politics. Any suggestions?

    Today I received an e-mail offer from an herb company that I used to buy from regularly. The offer was only for online purchases (which are the only kind they take anymore, so I’m not exactly sure why they specified that). Here is my reply, with their response below. They missed my point – I want to support companies that are somewhere in the vicinity of supporting my values or will at least not force me into theirs. I wish they would get 100 e-mails challenging their position, which I believe is setting the stage for CBDCs, cashless society, NWO, great reset, etc. etc. I don’t WANT to support their company in a round-about way; I want them to reconsider their misinformed decision.


    I find it very troubling to see offers restricted to only people that purchase with credit cards, thus essentially punishing those of us who choose to use the “old-fashioned” method of sending payment through the mail. I wish I didn’t even see such offers as it just gets me upset, knowing that I am being discriminated against simply because I choose to spend money thoughtfully and intentionally and without only a quick click. It also shows me where a company is headed when they eliminate people who don’t jump on the bandwagon of digital/virtual payment methods from being able to access their products without the same benefits as those who go along and play the game.

    The last time I contacted MRH, I was told mail-in payments would no longer be accepted, and since that’s the only kind I make, I haven’t even tried to order for quite some time (besides the change in ordering discounts). It is a sad state of affairs when those who supply old-time medicinal herbs refuse to supply off-grid, non-credit-card people with herbs.

    Just my two cents, which I suppose are worthless to big-time companies that have outgrown the need for small-time customers.”

    It’s also interesting that I get a discount for paying cash for gas…

    • You need to understand that any company which becomes successful to a certain degree is forced to sell out at least fifty percent to the big boys, or be denied shipping. This has been done to all the established and successful long time herbal suppliers, and others. Soon as there’s enough money , the vultures come.
      That may explain the changes in policies.

  57. Response from Mountain Rose Herbs to my above e-mail:

    “Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback! Like so many others, Mountain Rose Herbs has undergone many changes in recent times. As we continually reevaluate our policies, there have been some difficult decisions along the way. Unfortunately, one of these hard choices was to stop accepting checks as payment.

    While cashing a paper check may seem a small thing, check orders actually involve significantly more time and labor than electronic payment orders. Check payments must be manually processed by our Accounting Team and then locked in the Accounting offices until physically transported from our offices to the bank.

    There was also a greater risk with this payment method as the information on your check is only protected by an envelope. We all know that mail does not always make it to the correct destination. One benefit of electronic payments is that they are quite secure and in the event that information is misdirected or stolen, banks and credit card companies have protection and help in place. Our customers’ security and privacy are of utmost importance, and we do not save any payment information which keeps our customers’ information secure. You can read more about these policies here:
    As you may know, sustainability is our ongoing mission as a company, and we are continuously making improvements to our practices. Becoming paperless has been a longtime goal and in the last 3 years, we have made huge strides toward this achievement. Removing the check payment method when combined with other workflow changes has allowed us to reduce a significant amount of paper use at our facility. We were also able to reduce the trips that had to be made traveling to and from the bank to deposit checks thereby reducing the carbon footprint of payments even more. Each of these details is so insignificant when you look at them separately but when taken all together, they add to the larger picture of preserving our planet for those to come.

    I do understand that electronic payments do not work for everybody. One suggestion I can make is to check with local herb or tea companies in your area to see if they carry our products. Even if they do not stock the exact items you want, many of our local storefront retailers are happy to take special orders. They can add the items that you want to their next order with us. This is a win-win; you get the Mountain Rose Herbs products that you love while supporting small business owners in your community.

    Again, I am sorry for any inconvenience that these changes may cause, and I hope this helps to explain why this change was necessary for us. We are so grateful for your continued support and understanding.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions and I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Saren | Customer Service Coordinator

    • Thanks for sharing that. That is really unfortunate, I have not ordered from them for a while either and was not aware of that policy change.

      I will send them an email to inform them that due to their unwillingness to facilitate non-digital payment methods for their customers I will have remove them from the recommended businesses (resources and links section) at the end of my (soon to be published) book. It may not mean anything to them, but at the very least, it will be a few hundred less potential customers for them.

      Please let me know if you find any suitable alternative organic herb suppliers.

    • Unsurprisingly, the reply that you received neglected to mention that the “win-win” situation would almost certainly end up costing you more as local shops would have to mark up the products.

      I bet that there are a lot of people who feel as you do about this.
      I know that I am going to sound like a craven capitalist. But I see a possible business opportunity for someone motivated.?

      • No, Steve, you misunderstood. It’s not a win for them and a win for me. Both the “wins” are for them. They implement the policy they want (which I don’t want) AND they would get my money anyway, plus some. See? That’s newspeak for a “win-win situation.” 🙂

        Taking on the project of an alternative herb supply company would be a HUGE – bigger than me or even all the regular commenters here on CR – undertaking. Just a quick look at their website will show how extensive their network is for sourcing and distributing herbs. But I’m interested to know what you’re thinking. Maybe HomeRemedySupply is up for it. 🙂

        • “ Taking on the project of an alternative herb supply company would be a HUGE – bigger than me or even all the regular commenters here on CR – undertaking. ”

          Let’s see, you and Gavin have the knowledge, HRS has the business experience, there are more than enough Corbetteers who have the technical internet knowledge. All thats missing seems to be the funding and the time. And the motivation I suppose.

          Of course the idea is silly but I think it would be great to give them some competition.

          Since I realized that I was an anarchist, I’ve often wondered why some of the financially well off libertarians and anarchists don’t create businesses and lending institutions that could compete with their statist counterparts but with mission statements that are based on fair, voluntarist principles.
          There are probably laws against honest people starting financial businesses though. ?

        • For what is is worth…

          India and their products are a good resource for inexpensive goods because of labor costs. I often have gone to local Indo-Pak groceries for certain herbs.
          My anti-mosquito anti-chigger spray is made from what is most often offered at Indo-Pak groceries, although I grow and add Beauty Berry. I put the powder in teabags (bought the teabags wholesale both large and small). Then soak the bags in a spray bottle of water, or large plastic bottle.

          Yohan Tengra is in India. He has a network. (Search Corbett Report)

          A company which offers many organic products is Himalaya.
          “…our products are now offered in over 100 countries, yet we’re still family owned.”

          I love their products and have tried many. I used to enjoy my conversations with the local rep who would come into the Vitamin Dept.
          All kinds of herbs are offered.
          I’m still using their Shampoo on occasions.
          However, now, I have grown a variety of herbs on my own.
          EX: I have been growing my own Mucuna bean vines for years.
          Hopefully, I will get some seeds again this year. Some pods which have dropped in the cooler weather look immature.

    • @the lilac dragonfly

      I emailed Mountain Rose Herbs to inform their staff of how their choice in payment policies will unfortunately mean I will be removing them from the suggested businesses list in my book. I also told them I would be informing people in my Permaculture design and Regenerative Agriculture circles about their discriminatory policies and gave them one week to respond before I send out the message to my associates, classmates, youtube subscribers and friends.

      I can share the specifics of what I wrote if you are interested.

      Not sure if it will make a difference, but I wanted them to know that you are not alone in your concerns about them going all digital and that you are not alone in your preference to have other (non-digital) options available for payment.

      • Thanks, Gavin. I suspect I may have been the only lonely voice on the subject. It’s nice, and more effective, to have others join the chorus.

        I AM interested in the specifics of your e-mail. What they don’t understand is that there are far more dangerous things to our future than a few paper checks and occasional trips to the bank. They use thick plastic bags for their herbs. That’s worse to me than sending a little piece of paper to pay, if we’re concerned about waste. I can burn paper and get some heat out of it. 🙂 Also… those of us who pay through the mail are not expecting or demanding next-day service. Waiting a few extra days for them to get to the bank is not a big deal to me.

        I will add that the last time I ordered (several years ago), not knowing about their change in payment policy – I think it was in the midst of the change-over since they had taken my order – I sent cash. $264. It never arrived, or that’s what I was told. That’s the first time that has ever happened, and I have sent (and still do send) cash (wrapped in aluminum foil) quite often. I called to check back in with them several times, but it was never located.

        • @the lilac dragonfly

          I am glad to help, after all in my book I advocate that in these times where corporations and central banking cartels exert more influence than nationstates, “voting” with how we spend our dollars is a much more effective way to directly engage with those that are calling the shots than voting with a ballot. Thus, this was a great opportunity for me to ‘walk the walk’ and put that philosophy into action. 🙂

          My email went as follows:


          My name is Gavin Mounsey, I am the author of (the soon to be published) book Recipes For Reciprocity: The Regenerative Way From Seed To Table. I had your business listed in my book under the suggested “Regenerative Resources and Links” section but I am emailing you to inform you that due to something that came to my attention from an acquaintance of mine regarding your discriminatory, unsustainable and irresponsible payment policies I will now unfortunately, have to remove you from that list in my book. I will also be using my networks in the permaculture design and regenerative agriculture communities to inform people of your policies that put profits, convenience and corporate banking interests above the needs of everyday people who are interested in being paying customers. This may only amount to a few thousand people in the US and Canada, but they will pass the word along for me to others.

          While you make seemingly benevolent statements about your policy having to do with privacy, ‘security’ and sustainability, at it’s core, a policy that forces people into digital only payment methods, in fact, represents the opposite of all three of those PR talking points.

          Firstly, claiming that digital payments offer more privacy and security (when you are talking about payments that are only made possible in the context of the services of fractional reserve lending schemes eg ‘credit cards’, large corporate banks and central banking institutions) is a contradiction in terms. Those kinds of debt entrapment schemes and predatory/parasitic corporate entities and criminal central banking cartels are run by the very worst kinds of thieves and conmen. These institutionalized conmen and thieves prey on a great many more people than those stealing checks from the mail. Additionally, we live in a time when people are beginning to have their digital bank accounts frozen if they voice views about natural health care options that the government does not like (eg. Ottawa, Canada, earlier this year, where people peacefully asked to be able to choose what they put into their body without being threatened with losing their jobs, and our Canadian government worked in concert with the big banks to Freeze Their Bank Accounts). Thus, through your forcing people to use digital only payments you are making your customers (and your business) vulnerable to the whimsical, oppressive and discriminatory edicts of political tyrants (and their corporate bosses).

          (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from comment above)

            This brings me to your statements about “sustainability”. When you talk about something being able to be sustained in the long term (and you are actually serious about taking all the steps to make that possible) you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Yes, paper comes from trees and we should be protecting any trees we can, but if you then use that to justify putting all ‘your eggs in one digital basket’ (which is being increasingly controlled by nefarious interests, people’s access to those systems is being limited based on their personal views for health care options and the system is dependant on innately fragile and flimsy technology) than the alternative you are choosing is not really an improvement (and it certainly isn’t sustainable either). Depending on 100% digital banking/payment methods is an irresponsible and unsustainable choice for individuals and businesses, this is true not only because it feeds into systems that are wide open for abuse but also from a technological standpoint. For information on the innate frailties of globalized digital payment systems (which depend on large centralized telecommunications and banking computer infrastructures) see:

            Therefore, if you were looking to create a resilient and inclusive business you would be providing diverse payment methods (including non-digital options) so that you are not leaving yourself and your customers open to the very real possibility of abuse by predatory centralized banking/governmental entities and serious disruptions in your services and access to your products.

            So now you can see how your policies that force people to go digital for payment methods is neither beneficial from a security or sustainability standpoint and can only be justified from the motivation of putting profits and convenience above the needs of your everyday customers.

            I will give you one week to respond before I send out my message in my networks on youtube, facebook and the forums in my permaculture design and regenerative soil science classes.

            I hope you will reconsider your non-inclusive, irresponsible and unsustainable policies so that I do not have to send out that message in my networks (suggesting people boycott your company) and so that I can also put your business back in the list of suggested businesses in my soon to be published book.

            Thank you for your time and consideration.


            (I have not heard back yet, but i`ll let you know when I do)

            • Wow…. I’m not a big surprised at your eloquent and thorough e-mail, but I am fully impressed. 🙂 You laid it all out clearly enough that even their little CO2-global warming-warped brains (I know… it’s “climate change” now … but they still think warming, for now, leaving open the other possibility – cooling – which was taught to me in second grade) might be able to understand it. 🙂 It is sure ironic that paper, for which the resources are growing all the time is considered to be such a horrible and evil thing, while their plastic wrappers (made from residues of the petroleum they don’t want to use to drive cars) and their probably-wifi-bathed offices and buildings are considered “sustainable.” This is how far off-base people can get when they believe a lie.

              I very much look forward to seeing if/how they respond.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                Thanks for the kind words I am also looking forward to seeing if or how they respond.

                I think in the interest of stacking functions (and in preparation for my likely having to send out the message through my networks that I described in the email above) I will compile a list of other companies that are engaging in similar discriminatory policies (that force people to go digital) and add them to my message before it goes out.

                Further, I think I shall start compiling a list of all the BlackRock and Vanguard owned/dominated companies which I will also send out through my networks (and list in my book) so that those who are so inclined can have access to a convenient list of companies which should be boycotted (for one that seeks to take action to starve the technocratic oligarchy and instead focus their energy on creating parallel/alternative decentralized systems/communities).

                If you have any suggestions for companies/corporations that you feel I should add to either of those lists they would be welcomed.

              • Well, I was thinking of adding this, but since you asked, I definitely will….

                In July of this year, wanting to get some mushrooms started while my son was home for a rare visit, I began looking at the catalogs I had on hand. Both were from well-known, larger mushroom companies. Then, while rummaging in a shed, I happened to run across a wrapper from a previous mushroom purchase from a local (Maine) seed company and decided that rather than buy from somewhere across the country, I would like to support a smaller, local business. I looked up their website and found a large variety of mushroom spawn in different forms and some clearance items, putting my selections in my “cart.” About August 2, I sent a message to let them know I wanted to order and that I needed to send my payment through the mail. After some back and forth e-mails over the next two weeks (a real run-around with them asking questions that were answered in my previous e-mails), I had become more reasonable in my order (I had gotten carried away with the clearance items) and I had the address and total and mailed my order. I sent cash in aluminum foil, as it was too late when I arrived at the post office to get a USPS money order.
                On August 17, I received an e-mail saying they had my payment and would send my order soon. Then shortly after, another e-mail saying they couldn’t accept cash and would send it back for me to send a check. I replied that if they, indeed, returned my payment when they had it right there in their hands, I would have to reconsider supporting them. It would end up costing me another stamp, plus the cost of a money order.

              • They did send it back (with a stamp), and a man from “events and customer service” left a message saying he would like to talk with me.
                Soon, my son arrived for his limited visit. I contacted a very local mushroom grower who doesn’t have a fancy website with pictures and lists of what he has available, but he told me on the phone what he had and my son and I went to his house and got 5 packages of sawdust spawn. Unfortunately, this was right toward the end of his time here, and I ended up doing most of it on my own after he left.
                Eventually, some time close to mid-September, well after my son had left, the man from the company and I did talk. I wanted to hear what he had to say even though I didn’t need their spawn any more. He told me when their new building is completed, they will be the biggest mushroom company in the northeast. He told me they are actually more of a factory than what you would think of as a mushroom growing place. He also said that what I DON’T want, is exactly what they DO want – traceability. He was making a big assumption there since that isn’t my primary reason for using cash/mail-in payments, although that is also a concern. He told me that they would take my mail-in payment (check only) this time, but after that, it would be exclusively online.
                I told him I had already gotten spawn from a truly local person, but that I had wanted to talk with him and hear what he had to say, and that I didn’t see the point of buying from them once if I wouldn’t be able to have ongoing interaction with them.
                The man’s name is Louis Giller. The company is North Spore.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                Thanks for sharing that story and info with me. I think I have even ordered from North Spore once or twice before myself (despite the steep shipping costs as I needed some type of spawn that they had and my local supplier did not at the time I had access to freshly harvested logs for inoculating).

                I`ll add them to the list.

      • @robster

        I like some cryptocurrencies for their decentralized attributes (in theory) but I have concerns about the fragility of the hardware such systems of currency depend on.

        What are your thoughts on the potential for a “Carrington Event” or larger C.M.E. to cripple telecommunications, computer hard drives and power grid infrastructure (rendering all digital currencies, including but not limited to cryptocurrency that is stored on a device not inside a faraday cage either inaccessible or completely erasing any record of said currency on your personal devices)? If you have thought about that scenario already, what are you doing to be prepared for it?

        • “What are your thoughts on the potential for a “Carrington Event” or larger C.M.E. to cripple telecommunications, computer hard drives and power grid infrastructure (rendering all digital currencies, including but not limited to cryptocurrency that is stored on a device not inside a faraday cage either inaccessible or completely erasing any record of said currency on your personal devices)?“

          I know that you weren’t asking me but my thoughts are, it is not a matter of if, but when.
          Too much listening to Ben Davidson I guess.

          • @Steve

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Based on my study of the sun, other stars, geology and electromagnetic field interactions I concur with your assessment.

            I was not familiar with Ben Davidson until now, thanks for introducing me. I will look into his work and perhaps include some pertinent material in my article on CMEs if his material is relevant and verifiable.

            • @robster

              I agree that some hard drives (‘main nodes’) that are storing the blockchain ledger / source code would make it through intact (I even know some people that have them in faraday cages to ensure they do in the eventuality of such an event). However, I think it is important to keep in mind that whether or not all of the data is wiped out, a large scale CME would fry all the telecommunications gear required for using / verifying your cryptocurrency for long range interactions. That means that even in the very best case scenario (one in which multiple people in the community that you live in, which are also people that you would want to do transactions with to get essential supplies, are putting devices that store their cryptocurrency in faraday cages as a back up) you would only be able to do peer-peer transactions on paper, by bluetooth or cords.

              A large scale CME (which our current understanding of the sun’s life cycle indicates is not only inevitable, but likely to happen in our lifetime) will cripple the technological (telecommunications, power grid, computer hard drives and servers) infrastructure for years at the very least (requiring a massive effort to replace the fried parts, in a time in which civil unrest and general chaos would likely be common place as people that have never had to grow or forage for their own food are learning the hard way how weak and unreliable the centralized food system is).

              I offer links to pertinent data about C.M.E.s (and what a large one will do to our centralized technological infrastructure) in this article on substack:

              Thus, I consider it unlikely that having cryptocurrency in a post ‘Carrington Event’ scale (or larger) CME situation would be something that would allow you to get access to your basic necessities. There may be some exceptions to that rule (in communities where there are a lot of knowledgeable “prepper” types that also use cryptocurrencies) but in general (unless one is sure they live in such a community) I would say that cryptocurrency will likely not be reliable and helpful after the lights go out and the internet goes down.

            • Ben has spoken at the Electric Universe conferences. His gootube channel is suspicious0bservers. The o in observers is a Zero.

              There is a fellow who mirrors his daily space weather videos on Bitchute and Rumble. His channel is Mad Malloy.
              The videos cover what is happening on the sun and some major terrestrial events. Usually no more than two or three minutes long.

            • @Steve

              Thanks for the info, based on the research I have done I don’t know if I buy into his ideas about a “micro-nova” event being likely to occur with our sun in the near future (but perhaps he knows things that I don’t) but in any case he certainly shares a lot of pertinent data and observations about the grand solar minimum, the weakening of the Earth’s natural EMF and the implications for biology and technology when strong forms of radiation/charged particles from outer space impact the Earth.

              That is interesting about what seems to be a massive object moving under intelligent control near the sun. I cannot speak to what that object is as I would have to source out multiple captures from different orbital and ground based observing platforms (and cross reference before saying anything definitive) but I will say that at least three other times in recent history I have seen independently verifiable evidence (confirmed from multiple observing stations) of massive circular objects (making multiple course changes that go against the pull of gravity) moving in close proximity to the sun. One of the ones I studied in the past appeared to be harvesting part of a solar flare (as the superheated particles/plasma were visibly being pulled in and concentrated into a particular part of the circular craft). Not sure if that is part of some kind of energy gathering mechanism for an interstellar craft or if the material was being gathered for some other purpose, but these objects were extremely large (the size of moons and some as big as planets).

              It boggles the imagination, thinking of what it would take to construct an interstellar craft that large and/or attach some kind of propulsion system onto a natural moon/planet and re-enforce it structurally to make it into an interstellar craft of sorts.

          • @Steve

            I had some guy send me an email in response to my archive dot org post about the MAID program saying some totally insane stuff about how he thinks MAID programs should be expanded and other countries should do it too because of what he sees as an ominous future of devastation that will be caused by various geomagnetic earth/biology changing phenomena. I know you do not share his views on the MAID issue (well at least I am 99.98% sure you don’t share his views) but the reason I am sharing this with you is to ask you if you see any coorelelation between the stuff Ben Davidson talks about and what this guy that emailed me is talking about. Here is part of he email he sent me.

            “Canada’s move can be seen as compassionate action if current astrophysical / geophysical circumstances are factored in:

            Approx 70,000 years ago. Included a super-volcanic explosion, extreme global drought and a near-extinction reduction in human population

            Approx 56,000 years ago (limited information)

            Approx 42,000 years ago. 95-100% decline of geomagnetic strength, massive exposure to solar, galactic and interstellar radiation with the largest volcanic explosion during the past 100k years, peaking in glacier maximum and mass extinction including the functional extinction of the Neanderthal species of ‘human’

            Approx 33,000 years ago. Included a super-volcano explosion

            Approx 24,000 years ago. Included a super-volcano explosion and glacial maximum

            Approx 13,000 (12,800) years ago and including massive global vulcanism and seismic activity, soaring temperatures (22 degree F increase w/ half of this occurring in just 15 years around 11,600 years ago), 72% of large mammal species go extinct and very real human existential crisis with massive human population reduction and collapse of culture. Also included a massive comet bombardment (from Alaska to New Guinea) that ignited 10-15% of Earth’s surface.


          • (continuing the excerpt from the email I started to quote in the comment above..)

            ..Data accumulated globally over seven decades and building on a mountain of evidence extending back into the late 1600s has clearly revealed that these converging deadly events, with an approx average 13k year periodicity, can ramp to peak in as little as 100 years and that there is plenty of reason to think that an excursion is rapidly ramping right now:
            – the geomagnetic poles are rapidly and erratically wandering
            – the strength of the geomagnetic field has weakened by approx 45-50% during the past 400 years and the speed of this weakening has been accelerating for the last decade.
            – extreme back-to-back catastrophic weather events
            – soaring temps (noting that a possible 12 degree F increase is now projected this century)
            – rapidly expanding global drought conditions
            – collapsing seed and soil viability
            – 60% of vertebrae species, 40% of the global insect population, 83% of freshwater fish and 90% of ocean biomass has extincted since 1970
            … human sperm viability has plummeted by 53% in both northern and southern regions of the globe, also since 1970.

            These geomagnetic polarity reversal (excursion) events are 100% and we are spang in zone again.

            “The Earth’s core is undergoing a dramatic change with geomagnetic field strength dropping by 40% over the last 400 years, and satellite observations showing the field weakening ten times faster than previously calculated. These changes are a precursor to a common geological phenomenon known as a geomagnetic polarity reversal, where the north and south magnetic poles of the Earth reverse. Geomagnetic polarity reversals significantly decrease the strength of the magnetic field, thereby considerably increasing the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth’s atmosphere and biosphere. The purpose of this research is to answer if the United States is prepared for the impacts to national security resulting from the next geomagnetic polarity reversal.”
            [ excerpt from: A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of the Air Force Air Command and Staff College by Tyler J. Williams, Captain, U.S. Air Force. 2015. Approved for public release ]


          • (continued from above..)

            ..This report is a decade old. That 40% can be bumped up to around 50% now.
            Science tells us that a geomagnetic excursion can ramp to peak in as little as 100 years and that the most recent event occurred approx. 13k years ago. Approx average 13k year periodicity + most recent event 13k years ago. I’ll let you do the math there.

            Science also tells us that (at least) nine other iterations of human extincted horribly during just the past 300k years while we watched, a blink and leaving just us, badly broken and having built a rickety civilization that cannot survive what is bearing down on it like a speeding runaway Mack truck on an ice slicked hill.

            All the countries of the world should follow Canada’s lead.” (he is talking about the expansion of the MAID program to include non-terminal patents at that last part there).

            Thanks in advanced for taking to the time to read what this guy sent me. I look forward to hearing if any of that information sounds familiar based on what you have heard Ben Davidson share in his “suspicious0bservers” posts.

            • “ “Canada’s move can be seen as compassionate action if current astrophysical / geophysical circumstances are factored in:”

              I haven’t heard Ben Davidson specifically address the motives for government sponsored euthanasia.
              But personally I’ve speculated about the possibility that tptsnb know, (or think they know), that something cataclysmic is on the horizon and have taken it upon themselves to be proactive by setting about to reduce the world’s population.
              I’m thinking more in terms of lethal injections, food and energy supply disruptions but euthanasia fits too.
              Now whether the depopulation agenda is motivated by compassion or not is highly debatable. I lean more toward thinking that they would rather not have a bunch of survivors around when they imagine that they will emerge from their DUMBS.

              It is obvious to me that they don’t read the Bible. Or at least don’t believe the Bible. Because they won’t escape whats coming in even the deepest underground bunker.

              Revelation 21:1 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

            • The 13k figure is showing up often. Many of the assessments of the catastrophic event that whiped out whoever built the pyramids are some 10k before Christ.

              Evidence people have put forward demonstrate MASSIVE tidal waves, leaving scaring on Earth surface hundreds of miles wide.

              Probably also a good reason to build megalithic structures, to try and save something for the rebuild. A thousand tonne stone has a good chance to go through such an event in one piece.

              Maybe also why people find 13 to be an unlucky number.

            • @mkey

              Interesting. Thanks for the comment.

              When I think of these potentials for massive Earth changes/cycles to wipe out large portions of life on Earth and wash away all the stuff I have worked to create in my life I still come back to the question I posed in the February Open thread:

              Does the impermanence of this man’s art make it any less beautiful or worthwhile in creating?

              Thus, for me, the potential for an ‘end of the world as we know it’ event (or events) does not diminish the meaning of (nor how worth while my efforts are) to co-create, heal and cultivate in the here and now.

            • Matthew 6:19-21

              19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

              20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

              21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


            • Thanks mkey


              I like that one Steve, appreciate you sharing. 🙂

          • @Steve

            Sorry I was unclear in my comments above, but what I was really asking was does any of the data relating to geomagnetic/astrophysics initiated cataclysms that the guy sent me correlate to the stuff you have heard Ben Davidson talk about?

            That being said, I do also value the insight and perspectives you shared in that thoughtful response, so thank you.

            • Yes, it seems to be much the same information that Ben talks about.
              Its a kinda over my head but Davidson discusses the different cycles that have repeated themselves throughout history and the fact that they are due, or overdue to occur again.
              Including the imminent pole shift.

            • My thoughts are that most everyone that is still around when stuff like the pole shift begin to occur is toast. Florida is certainly going to be underwater.

              The best thing that anyone can do is to acknowledge that God has a plan for us and the earth and that He has revealed what that plan is to everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.
              And then to agree with God that we all are born sinners and to accept the free gift of salvation that He has provided for us by the sacrifice of His Son and be welcomed into His family.
              I believe that God will remove His children from the earth before the horrible events of the end times.

              1 Thessalonians 4:17 – Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

              Revelation 3:10 – Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

              But even if I am wrong and the rapture of believers is not biblical. I’m absolutely sure that God will miraculously be with His own no matter how terrible the trials to come. Just as He has demonstrated with Daniel in the lion’s den, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace and even in the way He has preserved the Jewish nation throughout History.

              There is no earthly way of escaping or preventing or mitigating what is coming. God’s wrath will be poured out.
              The only answers are heavenly ones.

              • Hey Steve, How are you ?

                I hope you are well and planting many seeds for a big 2024 garden.

                I was reading a book recently that made an interesting connection between trees and the magnetic field strength (and pole alignment) which I thought you might find interesting.

                I uploaded pics of a few pages here so you can scroll through from one side to the other to read more than the one page for more context if you like


                The author presents data that implies that sensors have picked up a direct correlation between clearcut old growth forests and a corresponding weakening of the Earth’s natural magnetic field directly above where the forests are destroyed. If this is true, it would seem that humanity is shooting itself in the toe (or perhaps the head?) big time as we destroy the forests for profit.

                Could be that “we” (humans in general whether through purchases, complacency, or direct complicity/profiteering on deforestation) are setting in motion a large scale “karmic” pendulum of sorts that will come back and smoke us in the face if our human family keeps this up.

            • Revelation 16: [17] And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.
              [18] And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
              [19] And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
              [20] And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
              [21] And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.

              And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

              “For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”
              (But you knew I was going to say that didn’t you. ?)

  58. Here comes the big push for the digital ID:

    “A coalition of private companies has released a “digital ID blueprint,” which urges individual states to adopt the policies necessary to establish a digital ID system.

    “In December 2022, the Better Identity Coalition released a complementary set of policy recommendations for State government officials, entitled Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for State Policymakers,” according to its website.”

    “These recommendations are squarely focused on ways governments can improve the privacy and security of digital identity solutions.”

    “Better Identity Coalition, launched in 2018, is a cross-sector partnership of 27 companies developing policy initiatives to drive better solutions for identity verification and authentication.

    “The Better Identity Coalition’s founding members include industry leaders from the financial services, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, financial technology, payments and security whose goal is to establish a

    “Members include AT&T, CVS, Discover, Early Warning, Equifax, Experian, Facetec, Fidelity,, IDEMIA, JPMorgan Chase & Co., LexisNexis, MassMutual, Mastercard, Microsoft, Norton LifeLock, Notarize, Okta, OneSpan, Onfido, PNC Bank, Ping Identity, TransUnion, Uniken, US Bank, Wells Fargo, and Yubico.”

    This appears to be a US-focused coalition. Here is the link to their Web site:

    Corporations “guiding” government…

  59. I thought this NCBI article was a pretty good recap of our current pickle:

    just a tiny and unsurprising excerpt:

    The head of the insurance company OneAmerica stated that their data indicated that the death rate for individuals aged 18 to 64 had increased 40% over the pre-pandemic period.[21] Scott Davidson, the company’s CEO, stated that this represented the highest death rate in the history of insurance records, which does extensive data collections on death rates each year. Davidson also noted that this high of a death rate increase has never been seen in the history of death data collection. Previous catastrophes of monumental extent increased death rates no more than 10 percent, 40% is unprecedented.

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
    Russell L. Blaylock

  60. Holy Geo-magnetic fields Batman!

    Awesome and eye-opening conference by Valentina Zharkova! How dare she?!

    Spoilers: Previously unconsidered for forecasting climate and temps: Solar Inertial Motion causing shifts in the summer and winter solstices and her characteristic 30-year LIA!

    The covid lockdowns will have served at least one purpose: to further her calculations and counter quite possibly erroneous criticism and opportunistic bullying.

    • VIDEO above Tom Nelson interviews Zharkova
      #42 – Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind”

      Valentina Zharkova’s GSM
      A site to report about my research in solar activity and energetic particles

      Paper by Valentina
      Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling
      In this editorial I will demonstrate with newly discovered solar activity proxy-magnetic field that the Sun has entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) that will lead to a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.


      QUEUED at 8:50
      “…with SOLAR CYCLE 25 ramping up to a new Solar Maximum expected in three years. 2025. The hazard maps are coming not a moment too soon… …but guys, what they’re saying here about Solar maximum arriving in 2025; now, that’s this cycle but remember GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is not about one 11.8 year cycle. They go back years and years and the cycles are declining in their peak. You understand what I’m saying: So we’ll have a surge for the next three years and it’ll peak in 2025 of a smaller cycle each time.“

      Wednesday June 15, 2022 – QUEUED
      Extreme Heat as Earth Passes thru Solar CME
      [Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the Sun’s corona. They can eject billions of tons of coronal material and carry an embedded magnetic field (frozen in flux) that is stronger than the background solar wind interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) strength.]

      Video is from the The Real BPEarthWatch YouTube Channel, which offers products and info at ~~WWW
      In various videos, he warns how a solar event could take down satellites and the internet.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the info and link.

        I added the link to my substack article on CMEs.

        Here is the link ( ) in case you didn’t catch it when JEP thoughtfully mentioned and linked it in one of his Morning Monarchy broadcasts ) and/or on here where I shared it in a discussion about the inherent fragility of the hardware that facilitates the practical use of cryptocurrency.

        I will be doing some research relating to the potential biological effects of large CMEs (especially in the context of the Earth having a weakened natural EMF) and looking for solutions (including perhaps a specialized radioprotective dietary regiment).

    • Grand Solar Minimum 101: The Future Looks Cold
      Some great IMAGES in this article.
      You can see the various Solar Cycles including the start of >Solar Cycle 25.

      Corbett Member michael.bc points to work of Prof. Valentina Zharkova

      Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook) gives a good overview of the Grand Solar Minimum in this 30 minute video entitled:
      “SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum”
      (At the 10 minute mark, Christian list the SYMPTOMS of a Grand Solar Minimum)

      Grand Solar Minimum SYMPTOMS
      The way I look at this decade of “The Grand Solar Minimum” (referring to “SYMPTOMS”) is that we will see more volatility in weather patterns.

      Irina Slav, journalist for mentions Valentina Zharkova

      Summer 2018 manbearpig mentions Valentina Zharkova

      February 2021 – The Great Texas Freeze & Power Outage – Sub-Thread

      • Excellent links, nosoapradio and HRS. Here’s a quote from that archive link (this lady should be interviewed by Corbett!):

        “’The next 30 years will be a cold,’ so says climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon (see below). But I question what it will take for the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs to admit that what they’ve been pedaling for the past 30+ years was based on a warped ideology, and not science. Logic has now been twisted so as to mean that Arctic outbreaks (renamed Polar Vortexes) are a direct result of global warming, i.e. warming = cooling, which is a perfect example of what Orwell dubbed ‘doublethink’: the acceptance of contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination. And I worry that the draconian future Orwell described is fast materializing; I fear the climate will be the least of people’s concerns in the coming years, as we seem to be destroying civilization all by ourselves: COVID passports, energy shortages and ration cards, anyone…?”


        Meanwhile, it’s 17°F (-8°C) here in south central Texas.

        • Meanwhile, it’s 17°F (-8°C) here in south central Texas.

          In north Texas, Friday morning the 23rd of December it is 10°F.
          The north winds on Thursday were brutal and non-stop as they ushered in the cold air.
          The winds actually helped the Texas electric grid curtail the need for Natural Gas. Texas has more wind turbines than any other state.

          U.S. Natural Gas prices dropped another 6% on Thurday, despite the national cold. Natural Gas wells often have issues in sub-freezing weather, because the lines can freeze up.
          In Europe and U.S., NatGas prices have seen recent movements lower.

        • RE: Pearl’s post about Dr. Willie Soon
          …a Malaysian astrophysicist and aerospace engineer who was long employed as a part-time externally funded researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics (SSP) Division of the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian. – Wiki

          EXCERPT from Wikipedia
          …Soon has been defended by others agreeing with his views. In 2013, theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson wrote in an email to The Boston Globe:
          “The whole point of science is to question accepted dogmas. For that reason, I respect Willie Soon as a good scientist and a courageous citizen.”

          Republican Senator Jim Inhofe has cited Soon,
          and Inhofe’s former director of communications Marc Morano said that
          “Willie Soon is a hero of the skeptical movement. When you are an early pioneer, you are going to face the scrutiny and attacks.”

          Soon has links with conservative groups which promote his writings to influence the public debate on climate change, including The Heartland Institute, and the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.
          In a speech at The Heritage Foundation, he accused the IPCC of being “a pure bully” engaged in “blatant manipulations of fact”, and said “Stop politicizing science! Just stop!”….

          • Actually, the author of the archive article is Cap Allon who quoted Dr. Soon (I mistakenly thought the author was Valentina Zharkova). I’m glad you pointed me to his website, HRS. It’s very interesting:


            • Thanks for posting that link!
              The IMAGE display at the website is fun!

          • Yea, just watched one of those Tom Nelson interviews with Willie Soon. He’s always been quite a character!

            On another note, I don’t hear anyone talking about the IPCC mission statement anymore; though it may’ve been revised it was once:

            “… to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.”


            …wouldn’t want to find out that the IPCC’s raison d’être is worth about 0 to 0.00001% or anything now would we??

        • Gracious! How had I missed all these comments?
          Thanks Pearl for directing my attention to HRS’ electroverse site!
          (pretty sure I’ve been there before but I’ll pop back to check)

          Hope the frigid temperatures just made your Christmas all the more romantic!

          all I could think of for an icy song was this:

          oh yea! awesome site that electroverse! gotta find somethin’ there for my new year’s classes… Thanks again!

          • Likewise! I just found your comment!

            Well, you’re a good sport. No, I didn’t find the silver lining; I just went through it, marveling at my typical luck for my cold-natured self to be born at a time when I can remember when our mild winters were actually just cold fronts interrupting a prolonged series of spring-like days). But yesterday and the next week are supposed to be more like it! So, woo-hoo!

            But your song did bring a smile to my face and reminded me of the perfect response to give you one too:


            • Wow! I can’t believe I subsisted for over half a century in utter ignorance of this watershed moment in musical history!

              But, to be perfectly honest, the idea of chopped broccoli makes me vaguely nauseous, raw or cooked.

              I hope you won’t take it personally.

              • @nosoapradio

                Your comments often brighten my day and bring a smile to my face. Thank you for being you 🙂

                (ps – for a nausea decreasing effect: try stir-frying it with a sprinkle of diced ginger, a handful of chopped onions, a splash of tamari/soya sauce, a drizzle of honey and some black pepper 😉 )

              • Ugh, I know! The whole family, but me, eats it several times a week. I feed mine to the dog…and, seriously, he loves it.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for linking this material, I added some of what you shared in the comment above to my article on CMEs.

        Have you heard any news of what happened to Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook)? He seems to have stopped uploading any new material earlier this year. I hope he is okay and just living it up close to nature off grid somewhere.

        • “Have you heard any news of what happened to Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook)?”

          I don’t know. In June/July 2022, RFK, Jr. interviewed him at Children’s Health Defense.


          • ok thanks for the reply I was not aware of that interview, still seems like quite a long time since he has posted anything. Here is to hoping it is because he is boycotting big tech and living in abundance close to nature.

    • Grand Solar Minimum stuff…


      If I’m seeing this correctly, this is why Zarkhova says SIM, or Solar Inertial Motion might explain why, for example, our Modern Grand Solar Minimum will not be as cold as the Maunder Minimum AND why, since “the time from 1970-80s solar activity started to decrease when the terrestrial temperature continues increasing…”

      More details follow.

  61. Because of the Corbett Report and the book list, I have found myself reading Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak (a book on Eugenics).

    Now I am reading more of Edwin Black’s “The Transfer Agreement”. I am wondering if we can discuss this book or a branch of it.

    It is based on an agreement between…

    Zionist organizations and Nazi Germany…

    the Nazis wanted the Zion group to stop the Nazi boycott (which they did), in exchange for ~50,000 select Jews and a today’s value of a few billion dollars which helped create the Palestine today.

    Is this too taboo to discuss?

  62. Very decent Video by “Argonaut Capital” which highlights some current conditions compared to the Retro conditions of earlier decades.
    There are probably some important “Prep” lessons that folks might gain from this.

    Argonaut 1970s Redux Stockumentary
    (24 minutes)

    00:00 Introduction
    00:07 Do you remember the 1970’s?
    00:51 The bull market in gold
    02:42 The bull market in oil
    03:38 Inflation and interest rates
    04:40 Stock markets in the Seventies
    06:35 Inflation redux
    07:00 De-globalisation
    11:22 De-carbonisation
    13:19 Central bank money printing
    17:14 The politics of inflation
    19:03 Investing lessons from the ‘70’s
    20:17 New rules, new strategies

    Corbett Report member Ukdavec had posted another Argonaut video which I enjoyed…

    (16 minutes)
    We present an economic history of hydrocarbons
    00:00 Introduction
    00:20 Life Before Fossil Fuels
    02:32 Britain’s Industrial Revolution
    07:40 The Discovery of Oil and Pax Americana
    10:43 What Have Fossil Fuels Ever Done For Us?

    A big take-away for me is how productive activity and the affluent health of a society can hinge on viable energy sources.

  63. Finding SOURCES for Retail or Wholesale Business Operations

    dragonfly, This may not sync with some of your criteria.
    However, other folks might find parts useful. So, I’m putting out some generalized info.

    For over 30 years, I have been involved in a vast variety of retail and wholesale operations, from the ground up and with very little capital to start.

    In the old days, there were trade magazines and publications and “wholesale sources catalogues” which could be mailed. Much of that has changed.

    However, Trade Shows still exist for different industries and economic sectors.
    After all, many wholesale type businesses strive to find new customer exposure. Some retailers often also wholesale.
    Now-a-days, it takes some clever keywords to discover a type of Trade Show which suits your interest. Being on the email mailing list of certain newsletters or organizations can be helpful.

    I’ve been to a lot of Trade Shows and Vendor Fairs. Each time I have gone, I will scoop up business cards and info from each table. These can help in future searches or for immediate business activity. Some of the vendors might also be potential customers. Trade Shows offer a lot of insight and also potential marketing strategies.

    Permanent Trade Centers
    I’ve been to and have purchased product (or promoted my product) at huge places like the Dallas Apparel Mart, the Dallas World Trade Center, and Dallas Market Center. (“Logan’s Run” partly was filmed there.)
    From cuckoo clocks to lamps to apparel and more, I have made purchases from wholesalers at these places.
    Industries change. The number of “Men’s ties” vendors has dwindled to almost nothing.

    Often large cities have a section of town where wholesalers tend to congregate.
    Same is true in manufacturing.
    I have often explored these areas, and have bought a vast array of different product for different ventures (toys, bikes, misc., jewelry, sunglasses, bean bags from a manufacturer, and more.)

    And, of course, there are the actual manufacturers as a source. Manufacturers often have surplus type items for sale at a discount, as do many brokers and distributors. These can be a gold mine.
    As a street corner vendor selling ‘lazer’ high resolution framed pictures on the side of the road corner lot, I was making more than several hundred dollars a day average in profit during the early 1980’s. I bought these from a local manufacturer.


    • …continuing…

      Around 2004-2005, I started on the idea of being a local retail supply source for organic gardening and natural type remedies. I would go to the gardening trade shows and health shows to pick up info on wholesalers and vendors.

      Many sources can be gleaned from visiting other retailers, and looking at their product. Over the decades, I have often note-padded the address from the product label while I wonder through the aisle.
      There have been times when I would dumpster dive at a store in order to grab the shipping label on the cardboard box.
      In fact, just last year when I was grabbing lots of cardboard for my garden, I happened to notice that the ‘Five Below’ store had cut out the shipping labels of some boxes.

      Calling around and talking to different people can lead to helpful information. There are all kinds of creative ways. For example, a convention center or major hotel event center might know of trade shows.
      In the 80’s before the internet and cell phones, the desk phone was my friend as I booked hotels or convention centers, sight unseen, and lined up advertising (TV, radio, print, flyers) in city after city across the U.S.
      The phone and pleasant, curious communication can be your friend.

      I want to mention that terms can be negotiated. But it should also be noted that in many conventional industries, the supplier only works on credit terms…in other words, they don’t really take a check or cash but ship the product with terms to pay in 30 or 60 days. In several businesses, I had to get a Dunn and Bradstreet credit rating, and then fill out a credit application first before ordering product.

      Being creative can help in finding sources.
      Anyway, this is a short, brief write-up regarding SOURCES.

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the info and sharing your experiences.

        “Around 2004-2005, I started on the idea of being a local retail supply source for organic gardening and natural type remedies”

        Can you share a link to your website? I would be interested in seeing what you kind of products you offer.

        • The week that I was going to launch the website via a web designer, my wife told me that she changed her mind. So a website does not exist, nor the business.

          Previously, I had ok’d the idea with her. I had a home office by the 3 car garage. Like other business start-ups which I had done, I would work from home in the beginning. I did not have much capital. Also, I was on a 6 year payout plan to the IRS (which is another story in itself where I chose to protect vendors I owed money to over the IRS on a previous business.)
          I had already filled the garage area with a very wide inventory selection, (but not huge quantities.) I could always restock.

          Anyway, the wife told me that she had changed her mind.
          There was no ‘event’ or incident or argument which prompted her decisional change.
          She just did.

          I had seen this type of sudden flip before.
          For me, there was no point in me going drama angry. I rationally tried to plead my case. She said that she would pay for the inventory, but insisted upon her new policy. And that was that.
          That’s the short story.
          The moniker HRS came about from this attempted business venture.

          Over my life-time, I have held way over a hundred different jobs, often times working two or three at a time. On most business ventures, I worked a job while starting the business.
          Working 7 days a week and long hours for extended periods of time (years) was par for the course. I really never had time to watch much TV nor go to the movies. [Now, I sometimes watch old movies which I had never seen.]

          I have tried well over a hundred different business ideas during my life-time. Most were duds. Some were windfalls. I enjoy playing the game, but it is harder now that I am old.
          I’ve been wealthy and I’ve been very poor, repeatedly. ha!…I’m poor now.

          • @HRS

            Thanks for taking the time to share the story behind your screen name on here and your vision for that business that never came to fruition.

            Well I would suggest that the moniker HRS still applies since the plethora of information (some exposing potential pitfalls, some inspiring/humorous stories and some actionable solutions) you supply people in these comment threads often offers hope and the potential for applying said info for practical solutions (or “remedies” 😉 ) to the challenges we face collectively (and individually) and these “remedies” are often applicable at home. Therefore, you are in fact often providing the service of ‘home remedy supply’ and the name is well deserved whether or not you are selling medicinal herbs or garden supplies. 🙂

            I have been wealthy and very poor as well (though I have never been wealthy in a material fiat currency sense). I unlocked my ability to access True Wealth through a shift in perspective and my redefining the concept of wealth itself. It began with seeds I planted in my mind (to see nature as my teacher and her wisdom as very valuable indeed) and in my heart (to see nurturing others to achieve their highest potential as a more rewarding endeavor than any possible financial gain) and then it moved into planting seeds in my garden, giving them to others in my community and encouraging them to do the same. Though I do not have much fiat currency, now I feel very wealthy indeed, as my heart feels full, my mind is always learning something new and my body has all the medicine and food it needs to thrive.

            I explored that perspective on “wealth” in this article if you are interested in exploring a hypothetical example that applies the concepts described above: (I apologize in advance if I already shared that one elsewhere)

            So now the determining factor in whether I am wealthy or not has nothing to do with ones or zeroes on a computer hard-drive, pieces of paper, plastic, shiny metal or shiny stones, but rather it has to do with a conscious choice within to see my “wealth” as intrinsically tied to the wealth and health of the ecosystem(s) and communities I am a part of. Ok I am done ranting about the concept of “wealth” now 🙂

            Thanks again for the thoughtful reply, I wish you all the best in your future business endeavors.

  64. I have the vague memory that someone around here was asking about Henrik Svensmark. Well, the following is an interview from around three weeks ago with the same guy who interviewed Valentina Zharkova:

    The beginning is kind of a recap of The Cloud Mystery and then the interviewer focuses a little on the sun where Svensmark evokes briefly the impact of Milankovich cycles (which Zharkova seems to off-handedly contradict?) and apparently he hadn’t heard of her “Solar Inertial Motion” theory as he didn’t evoke it. In general he doesn’t want to talk too much about the sun. A discussion about the politics of researching clouds and climate change, a question about Svensmark’s dream experiment and so on…

  65. Stumbled across a new documentary film called “??????????”


    “In March 2021, after receiving my Pfizer shot, I couldn’t feel the left side of my face for a month. Eighteen months later, electric shocks and muscle weakness continue. Unable to receive the 2nd dose, I am amongst a group of partially-vaccinated people who have been outcast from many aspects of society with no empathy. We’ve been censored and told it’s unethical to talk about our stories because we are just anecdotes.

    This movie provides a glimpse into the lives of the Anecdotals–those of us whose lives have been changed drastically by taking the vaccine. It also reflects on the division and politics that prevents us from getting much needed care. Anecdotals is a personal journey that focuses on questions, not answers, and people, not politics.”

    • Another website I stumbled across recently. The website is not directly related to the film linked above, but contains evidence that is very relevant to the subject matter covered in the film.

    • I have a problem with…I have conflicting feelings…

      Prelude: I want to be clear that I am fine with people having lots of money.
      I want to be clear that I realize that each individual has their own unique set of circumstances of which I would never be able to fully grasp.
      I want to be clear that generally speaking, I have empathy and compassion for others.

      Last week, I spent about 30 minutes watching parts of “??????????” as it is divided in parts.
      There are some aspects about all this that rub me wrong, although I understand and empathize that there is always a starting point as a person wakes up.

      Rub me wrongly type things…

      ~~Repeatedly, throughout the video, a vaccine injured person would say: “I am not anti-vax.”
      They still don’t have a clue.
      I resent their shoddy homework.
      I remember the gasps and outrage expressed by classmates and angry instructors in several of my college classes (circa ~2006), when I stated that I won’t get vaccines nor help promote them.
      I did my homework.

      In general, sometimes I resent these folks who cry “I am a victim of the official narrative” when they had not previously done their homework.
      Look, I invest a lot of time and effort into finding out stuff.
      When some people spend their time going to Disneyland, watching the Kardashians and striving to live the conventional middle-class lifestyle created by advertising…and then suddenly they get pounded because they were ignorant of the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be…and then they cry “victim” because they did not know…. — I kind of resent that.

      I have a close relative who is Covid-jab injured. I love him. He should had known better, because he knows many alternative health things and knows that 9/11 was a cover-up.


      • …continuing…

        — The Maddie Story —
        That poor girl. I really feel for her.
        However, I resent her parents on a number of aspects.
        The story starts at the one hour mark (1:00:00) and goes to the end of this long video.

        As the parents describe what they did with the step by step scenarios, I was aghast!
        It is my opinion, that some of the “conventional health protocols” which the parents signed off on probably caused long-term adverse health conditions in Maddie that did not exist following the immediate vaccine injuries.

        In a way, I was also astonished at the lack of reality by the parents.
        QUEUE 1:57:00 +/-
        You will see footage of a very upper-upper–middle class neighborhood where the family lives.
        I am low-ball estimating that the least expensive houses in that neighborhood are probably in the $500,000 range. It wouldn’t surprise me if many homes were near $1,000,000 or more.
        I am guessing that the family’s property taxes and utility bills and HomeOwnerAssociation fees probably exceed 20k annually.

        And then the parents are soliciting donations to help them out.
        I mean geez!
        I am certainly not in the ‘target audience’ of that type of solicitation for donations.
        I’m sure there are some very wealthy folks who identify and will give donations.
        Whales do exist. (‘whale’ = Las Vegas term)
        That donation marketing was a whole chasm of reality for me.

        Anyway, this is some of my rant and mixed feelings on the issue of “vaccine injured”.

        • Maddie’s parents dropped the ball big time, they should have known better. But they just won’t go there.

          I’ve seen parents on the Highwire crying their eyes out because they realised they should have done better for their children. I can really feel it for such people, that type of sadness is caused by passing ignorance, and they will probably spend the rest of their lives thinking about how to make things right.

        • I just don’t have the emotional strength to watch this “Anecdotals” doc but in reaction to your annoyance HRS I just wanted to say that personally, I’m not annoyed with people not having done their homework. That could’ve been me before 2008, I was blithely living my life, work, children etc.

          What I find objectionable is that, had these people not had the vaccine injuries in their lives, not only would they not be inclined to “do their homework”, but on top of that, they would, like the vast majority of my entourage, be so smug and certain in their mainstream dogma that they would go so far as to stigmatize people who were trying to warn them. And not just playful stigmatization: lose your job, bar you from bars and restaurants and swimming pools and family reunions calibre of stigmatization.

          I dunno if that made any sense?

          And yet, as I was reading GavinM’s reply to his cousin, for some reason a tsunami of gratitude and relief washed over me that I had not and 2 thirds of my children had not taken that poison into our bodies. Such a feeling of gratitude.

          • @nosoapradio

            I am grateful that my sharing that could invoke that realization and feeling of gratitude within you 🙂

            I am so glad to hear two thirds of your children managed to dodge the bullet.

            • It was a surprising reaction to your text. I guess we all affect each other in unexpected ways.
              2/3 is not a very good score, but it was nice to be able to feel so expansively grateful for a moment and not just the constant knot of sick worry for my youngest.

              • @nosoapradio

                It is all relative I suppose, 2/3 is a lot better than 3/53 (that is what my family’s score looks like).

                I am just glad to know that the disheartening numbers and attitudes I am seeing in my family are not the norm, it gives me more hope for humanity’s future in general.

                I will say a prayer for your youngest and if you are ever interested in some fun recipe ideas for making pine needle infused foods and beverages (pine needles contain compounds which mitigate and help to repair some of the damage caused by the artificial spike proteins that the mRNA injections program one’s cells to create throughout the body) feel free to reach out. 🙂

                Last year I foraged for some white pine needles from one of the pruning jobs I worked on and then used them to make pine needle extract infused tree shaped Christmas candies. Here is what they looked like:

                I sent them to my brainwashed family members as gifts in the hopes they could help mitigate the damage they were doing to themselves getting these bioweapon injections. I of course did not mention what my true motivation was for going to the trouble of infusing them with genuine pine needle essence (as they would never eat them if I was to tell them they were for preventing the damage mRNA injections inflict on the circulatory system) so I just told them it was so the candies would have “real forest flavor!” haha. The ones that did bother to send me a thank you note said they loved them and ate them all up. Despite their atrocious behavior I do love them and want them to be healthy.

                I share some more fun facts about the health benefits of pine needle tea etc in the comments section of this episode of solutions watch:

              • ooooYea! I would loved to get my hands on some of those!

                I actually bought pine needle tea and made some last winter, but I think I made it too strong as it was very difficult to swallow, and I ADORE pine essence. I drank it all down and then never tried again.

                What an incredible idea for a gift…

                I wonder how I could surreptitiously get my son to ingest something pine needly…?

                And I’ll gratefully accept any prayers I can get for my boy (who’s now 19).

                Mercy buckets!

              • @nosoapradio

                I made two different batches of those last year. One for day time (containing natural nootropic and energizing compounds along side the immune system optimizing and spike protein ameliorating ingredients) and one for night time (containing natural compounds that relax the nervous system, offering sedative and analgesic effects as well, along side the immune system optimizing and spike protein ameliorating ingredients).

                The day time ones were non-intoxicating and had lots of matcha powder, lion’s mane, cordiceps and chaga extract, so they were helpful for increasing one’s focus, cognitive capacities, memory and energy levels (while also helping the immune system and hopefully preventing the damage that spike proteins cause).

                The night time ones were intoxicating and contained organic cannabis flower extract, lemon balm and chamomile extract (and all the other ingredients for the ‘basic’ recipe). They were designed for the most part to knock you out so you can get a good night’s sleep while giving your body a diverse array of molecular tools to prevent damage, heal and optimize immune function (but if one was to take them and then stay awake, well, they would probably have a good time and laugh quite a bit) 🙂 My little brother said that is the way he enjoyed them.

                I just went to go back into archive dot org and add something to that album of pics I linked above (to my christmas tree gummies recipe) and I see that they have apparently deleted the item from their website and locked me out of my account. Fascinating, I vaguely remember James Corbett mentioning how Archive dot org made a press statement saying they were going to be starting to do “fact checking” (or maybe that was “the way back machine”?) but I am surprised they targeted my little Christmas candies post (and without a warning, an email or any kind of message indicating why). hmm, it must be because in the description I explained the science behind how shikimic acid (contained in the pine needles) serves to prevent the replication/production of the synthetic spike proteins and mitigates the platelet aggregation they cause in the small capillaries. Some big pharma drag net algorithms must have locked onto some key words and so my post had to be expunged from existence.

                I had uploaded lots of PDF-s/studies and some books on there too (relating to electrogravitic propulsion systems) and now I (and everyone else who might want to read them) is locked out as well. I find that quite frustrating, but then again I really shouldn’t be surprised.. I imagine it is only a matter of time before they start censoring me on substack too.. but I digress…

              • (Continued…)

                I will most certainly say a prayer for your son.

                As per your question of “I wonder how I could surreptitiously get my son to ingest something pine needly…?”

                If he drinks, perhaps you could make some festive drinks (or mixes for drinks) and include some pine needle extract/tea in the mix? For a healthier option, you could make some pine needle infused kombucha and call it “christmas flavored” 🙂 Or there is the idea of the gummies or candies.

                I can re-share my gummies recipe (with the proper ingredient proportions/instructions) somewhere other than archive dot org and share a link here if you wanna try making your own.

                Three species of pine that I have worked with (that have edible needles with the relevant compounds in good concentrations) that grow in France are maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) Mugo pine (Pinus mugo).

                Here is info on an efficient and relatively cheap method for extracting potent forms of the beneficial compounds and essential oils found in Pine, Spruce and Fir needles.

                I began using an espresso machine to extract essential oils and other beneficial compounds after I came across two studies where researchers had utilized an off the shelf espresso machine to extract potent medicinal phytochemicals (such as Eugenol from Cloves and Shikimic Acid from Star Anise).

                An espresso machine creates conditions similar to the conditions used in industrial essential oil extracting processes (pressurized hot water extraction at approx 90.5 to 96 degrees Celsius with water/steam at 7-15 bars of pressure).

                Here is a link to the study:

                That paper is published in Science Direct and was also published in Organic Letters in 2015, and appears as a PDF at the University of Oregon website.

                From the abstract of that study:

                ABSTRACT: A new, practical, rapid, and high-yielding process for the pressurized hot water extraction (PHWE) of multigram quantities of shikimic acid from star anise (Illicium verum) using an unmodified household espresso machine has been developed.

                This operationally simple and inexpensive method enables the efficient and straightforward isolation of shikimic acid.

                In other words, they are taking advantage of the pressurized chamber of an espresso machine to conduct a heat + pressure extraction of shikimic acid from star anise.

                And then this second study using similar methods to extract another beneficial compound:

                After you do that espresso machine trick to the pine needles you get a pretty high quality strong liquid extract that you can then infuse into some finished product for gifting (I added it to my christmas tree gummies recipe but you could use for imagination and add it to other things too).

                Hope this info is helpful 🙂

              • @nosoapradio

                I just realized that I may have just made it sound like I was giving my family Cannabis infused candies without telling them they were intoxicating, haha, just to be clear, I told them that half of the gummies (the “night time” ones) were Cannabis infused (unlike my self, a large portion of them enjoy cannabis in a recreational/entertainment format) so I knew that would appeal to them. It was just my reason for adding the pine needle essence (‘christmas tree flavor’) that I was surreptitious about. 🙂

          • NSR, You make some good points (e.g “That could’ve been me before 2008”.

            That was me to the ‘T’ in 2005. I was pissed that my wife’s friend said that “9/11 was an inside job.”
            I went to the internet to prove her wrong.
            The revelations changed my life.

            And that’s the rub.
            I’m still “annoyed with people not having done their homework.”
            I know that I really should have more empathy, because I was once there.
            Still, I have some of these resentments occur when I see some of these stories.
            Like I said, “I have conflicting feelings”.

            Actor Mark Rylance, as the spy in “Bridge of Spies” was asked about the strong possiblity that he would die.
            The question: “Aren’t you worried?”
            With the tone and Irish lilt of honest curiosity, Rylance answers: “Would it help?”

            That line brings home the point of what is, is.
            However, I still have some annoyance with “no homework” despite my knowing better rationally.

            [An aside: the acting of Mark Rylance prompted me to watch “Waiting for the Barbarians”. I plan to watch some more of his films.]

            • I guess it’s ’cause you care more about others than I do.

              I feel genuinely distressed that they put their own lives in danger.

              But I burn with fury when they would impose their lethal ignorance on me and mine.

              • “I burn with fury when they would impose their lethal ignorance on me and mine.”

        • @robster

          Is the “dumb child” you are referring to Imogen (my cousin mentioned in the comments above)?

          If so, I would agree that she is not the brightest, but how is she suffering? Do you mean because of the likely potential for the injections to do harm or?

          I mean ya she is young but at 22 years old she should be capable of thinking for herself and saying no to her parents, I know I did not listen to what mine had to say about complying with government propaganda at that age… but then again I was living in my own place, paying my own way and apprenticing to be a stone mason since I was 16 (where as she has still not left home) so we likely have quite a different mental landscape and way of discerning what is true and what is not.

          Imogen’s mother is/was a highschool teacher in Tasmania (I think he is partially retired now) her dad was an Antarctic expedition tour guide. I am not sure what “class” that puts them in (as I do not really spend that much time applying those kind of metrics to people) but my parents on the other hand were orchardists that sold their fruit for a reasonable price so we did not have that much money or fancy things when I was growing up. So I doubt that classifies as upper-middle class.. but then again their recent behavior shows that they really have no class at all 🙂

          oh well, I can see their behavior as a great opportunity to know exactly how I do not want to treat others, and in that way it can be helpful to me.

        • @robster

          Oh sorry I just realized that we are way at the bottom of the December thread here, and your comment was probably referring to some child in that “Anecdotals” film… my bad

      • @HRS

        Thanks for the review and sharing your thoughts/feelings on the focus on the film in general.

        I had not watched it yet, just stumbled across the trailer/synopsis and shared it thinking people here would likely be interested in the subject matter.

        You make some solid points and I can relate to how some people on my life should have known better (including my dad, who always told me growing up to watch out for one size fits all ‘solutions’, blindly trusting ‘authorities’, and to be careful about big pharmas over prescribing of drugs for profit/control, yet he went and lined up to be experimented on with this synthetic mRNA crap and ostracized me for not also doing so). A childhood friend of mine (Kevin) died within days of the second pfizer injection (total heart failure) and another guy I went to school with (Seth) has permanent heart damage after he was mandated to take them and complied. Both should have known better, even if their job was on the line. Now Kevin’s kids have no dad, and Seth’s kids can not experience the physically demanding outdoor activities with him that he and I grew up doing together often. I feel for Kevin’s family and Seth, but their decision was irresponsible and they should have stepped up and shown more initiative and conviction.

        As I explained in another thread (under new world next year 2023, which nosoapradio mentioned in a comment above) my whole family has pretty much turned on me and my wife due to their willful ignorance, compliance with medical police state tyranny and irresponsible choice to put their health and future in the hands of known criminals and conmen.

        So I feel the frustrations and resentments you describe in a big way my self as well. Thanks again for the comments.

  66. Have any body looked into the international agreement regarding preservation of nature before the year 2030 signed in Montreal in Canada today 2022-12-19 ?

    On the first glance it sound like a great thing, but I would suspect that there are some agenda regarding for instance taxation, restriction of movement, implication of food production etc. for the benefit of the ruling class waiting in the shadows of something like this. Hope I’m wrong!

  67. I wanna expose the JFK assassination and cover ups, but more important that that is the virology hoax.

    Please interview independent doctors. Like Cowan, Kauffman, the Baileys or the journalist Rappaport.

    If we want freedom from tyranny, we must realize there are no pathogenic viruses. It’s a Rockefeller scam. Otherwise, there’s gonna be more fake viruses every year. “Oh no… the Oreo cookie virus.”

  68. Now the lock downs are making more sense. They were to get us ready for the 15 minute cities. Called Climate Lock downs. They plan on creating 15 minute cities across the world. You will be able to meet you daily needs within a 15 minute walk or bike ride. You will not be able to leave your city with out permission and if you leave your city over a hundred times in one year you will be fined. Your car will have to be registered and tracked showing where you go and when. They are already trying this across Europe. And lookout —  the 15 minute city is not just Oxford, but turning up in Brisbane, Melbourne, Barcelona, Paris, Portland and Buenos Aires. It’s everywhere.

  69. A good rant by PaulJosephWatson:

    The EU just announced a direct carbon tax on individuals for heating, petrol and diesel.

    They admit it could cause massive continent-wide civil unrest.

    How is this not the biggest story in the world right now?

  70. i would like to see a discussion of the contamination of our food supply over time- and how that blends in with gmo- synthetic bio- nanoparticles- chemtrails– and the problem that we all face with figuring out not only how and what to eat- but how to detox as well– at our local food store- where every product was ‘sourced’ so many farmers have been put out of business that the veggie dept guy says that they can only source less than 20 products– imagine!! add to that the titanium dioxide they put on the ‘shiny white’ vitamins– wow– hard to keep up with and it would be great to have a really good discussion on this topic- got started with the great little talk about amaranth- thank you!!

    • @democracyiscoming

      I like that idea and am willing to contribute.

      The most obvious foundational solution for avoiding the toxic food from stores is to begin to grow some of your own at home. Combining that with a diet rich in foods that help with chelation (heavy metal detox) and glyphosate detox (as it is in the air and water in most places) is another great step.

      It is also worth noting that not just GMO ‘food’ crops get sprayed with glyphosate, grain and legume farmers with that grow non-transgenic varieties often spray their mature crops with glyphosate for the desiccant effect it provides and to extend shelf life. That means any non-organic chickpeas, soybeans, black beans, lentils, wheat, barley or oat products are likely loaded with glyphosate.

      Part of my current research into phytoremediation, mycoremediation (and other forms of bioremediation involving specific soil bacteria) is currently focusing on remediating heavy metal contamination in soil (which exists due to a number of reasons, one of the main ones being the so called “chemtrail” programs). I`ll be sharing that research in a future publication and/or on substack.

      I will likely also be publishing an article devoted to foods that help with heavy metal detox later this winter but for now here is a link to an article I posted a while back that is focusing on radioprotective foods (foods that help protect our cells against the damaging effects of sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation) It also includes a basic list of foods that help with heavy metal detox (as having heavy metals present in the body amplifies the damage that artificial radiation does to the body, such as the radiation emitted by 5th generation cell towers and smart meters etc).

      I am glad you enjoyed the discussion about amaranth, if you have the space and want to give growing some a try I may be able to send you some seeds later this winter.

      Hope you find the info in my article helpful and I look forward to seeing what others have to contribute to this important subject matter you brought up.

    • Additional info specific to ?????????? ?????:

      One of the ways to help protect yourself from glyphosate health problems is by helping your cells to be able to move sulfate around the body. Therefore it’s a great idea to start eating foods that enable sulfate transport.

      Eating sulfur-rich foods like organic eggs, onions, cabbage, fermented foods (saukraut, kimchi etc) nuts, and garlic helps with that. Foods high in polyphenols and antioxidants (colorful fruits and vegetables) also assist with sulfate transport. For more info on antioxidant rich foods:

      Based on the scientific studies to-date, there are a number of natural foods/substances that have shown positive results in detoxifying and reducing the toxic effects of glyphosate exposure. Always ensure you are getting at the very least organically grown or grow / forage for it yourself if you want an effective detox.


      – Raphanus sativus (Radish)
      – Dark Green vegetables
      – Probiotic/fermented foods (such as Sauerkraut, kimchi and sauerkraut/kimchi juice)


      – Sulfur
      – Manganese
      – Fulvic acid
      – Humic acid
      and/or a product called “ION Gut Health” (developed by Dr.Zach Bush and his team)

      Charcoal and Clay:

      – Activated charcoal
      – Bentonite clay


      – Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian Ginseng)
      – Taraxacum officinalis (Dandelion)
      – Rhamnus frangula (Alder buckthorn)
      – Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola)
      – Carduus marianus (Silybum marianum; milk thistle)
      – Arctium lappa (Burdock root)
      – Berberis vulgaris (Barberry; the active ingredient in barberry is berberine)
      – Chelidonium majus (Greater celandine)
      – Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)

      A study published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology ( ) found that the oral application of certain natural substances were able effectively reduce urinary levels of glyphosate. The researchers used a combination of the following substances (also listed above):

      -fulvic acids
      -humic acids
      -activated charcoal
      -bentonite clay
      -sauerkraut juice

      They concluded that a charcoal-sauerkraut juice combination and humic acids reduced glyphosate excretion by urine and led to the improved health.

      Another interesting study from October 2010 published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Technology ( ) investigated the mechanism of action of liver cells exposed to glyphosate and possible protection by precise medicinal plant extracts.

      Glyphosate, in the form of the Monsanto product Roundup, is able to provoke intracellular disruption in hepatic (liver) cell lines at different levels, but a mixture of specific medicinal plant extracts (included in the list above) can protect to some extent human cell lines against this toxin.

  71. Re glyphosate detox, Drs. Joseph Mercola and Stephanie Seneff, PhD, recommend supplementing daily with the amino acid glycine.

    I have not searched the literature to examine supporting data, but the claim is that glyphosate can substitute for glycine in proteins and cause them to be dysfunctional.

    The glycine supplementation will eventually displace the structurally bound glyphosate and reduce its retention / reuse by outnumbering the glyphosate. I take about a teaspoon daily because I live in an area where agricultural corn is grown, plus I don’t fully trust the “organic” label. I’ve read articles that claim glyphosate is in the air and water world-wide, even in wilderness areas.

    • jo-ann,
      Thanks for this valuable post on Glycine. I am always impressed with Dr. Seneff. She knows about the “mechanics involved” with body processes. When I get time, I will do some homework.

      Here is a tie-in…
      Glutathione is the best antioxidant that the body makes.
      Glutathione is made up of three amino acids. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a major component of glutathione. The other two amino acids are Glycine and Glutamine.

      • @jo-ann and HRS

        Thanks for the info Jo-ann and thank you for that great supplementary comment HRS.

        In the interest of empowering those looking to have food/health sovereignty and decentralized (reliable access to) the above mentioned compounds (and constituent compounds that the body uses to produce Glutathione). Here is a list of whole foods that contain said compounds (so one can grow them at home and/or raise the animals and/or source these foods out locally from farmers rather than depending on supplement supply chains).

        ????? ???? ??????? ???????:

        – Spirulina
        – Seaweed
        – Watercress
        – Amaranth (greens and seeds)
        – Organic Bone Broth
        – Spinach
        – Legumes (runner beans, soybeans, peanuts and peanut butter, peas, mung beans, lentils, and kidney beans etc, preferably fermented as miso paste if it is soy beans).
        – Organic Gelatin (such as you would use to make jello or gummies)
        – Asparagus
        – Nuts and seeds (such as pumpkin or squash seeds, hemp seeds, butternuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and chai seeds)
        – Cabbage
        – Bamboo shoots
        – Kale
        – Yogurt/ Kefir (from grass fed animals or you`ll get loaded up with glyphosate from their gmo grain feed)

        N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a supplement form of cysteine.

        ???????? ?? ????? ?? ? ????? ?? ????-??????? ????? ??? ???? ??????????/?????, ???? ???????? ???????:

        – shiitake mushrooms
        – spirulina
        – yogurt or cheese (from grass fed animals or you`ll get loaded up with glyphosate from their gmo grain feed)
        – eggs (from organically raised chickens)
        – sunflower seeds
        – organic sourdough bread
        – Dates
        – Ginseng
        – legumes (same story as above, fermented is better, especially with soy beans and obviously watch out for the ones dosed with glyphosate)
        – Peppers
        – Cabbage
        – Garlic
        – Onions
        – Kale
        – Nuts (pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts)
        – Seeds (sesame seeds, amaranath seeds, hemp seeds etc)

        ????? ???? ??????? ?????????:

        – Spirulina
        – Seaweed (such as dulse, nori or kombu)
        – Yogurt and Ricotta Cheese (from grass fed animals or you`ll get loaded up with glyphosate from their gmo grain feed)
        – Legumes (same story as above)
        – Red cabbage
        – organic Eggs
        – Nuts
        – Parsley
        – Dark Leafy Greens (such as amaranth greens, mustard greens, spinach, collard greens, kale, lettuce, radish greens, and cilantro, are good sources of glutamine)
        – Organic Bone Broth
        – Nuts and seeds (such as cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, coconut milk, pumpkin or squash seeds, hemp seeds, butternuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds and chai seeds).

        • Excellent!
          Thanks for that!

          • @HRS

            My pleasure! 🙂

            hey, I was starting to watch the 2022 in review: solutions watch episode and during that excellent segment on food forests a fun idea occurred to me.

            One could design specific parts of a food forest/regenerative garden so that it produces crops that contain all the natural compounds required for a specific treatment protocol or supplementation regiment that is part of a preventative medicine regiment.

            For instance, one could design a “Glutathione Guild” which incorporates trees, plants and fungi that contain high concentrations of all the separate amino acids required to for the body to synthesize Glutathione. That way they would be close together and easy to harvest.

            One could also take into account which of the plants that produce the relevant amino acids provide benefits in the context of companion planting (such as atmospheric bioaccumulation or mineral bioaccumulation in the soil) so the crops are supporting each other in meaningful ways as well.

            The “three sisters” guild serves these kinds of functions from a general nutrition perspective but it would be cool to take it a step further into specialized natural medicine treatment protocol guilds.

            I think I shall explore this concept in a future publication, designing plant guilds that provide medicine for specific conditions or preventative/detox medicine regiments.

  72. Has anyone else here ever been locked out of their archive dot org account?

    I thought it was supposed to be a platform that doesn’t censor or mess with your data?

    I tried to go in there to look at my recipe for pine needle infused gummies this morning and it says:

    “This item is no longer available.

    Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.” ( here is a screenshot: )

    So I go and try and sign in to see why they have taken down my pictures of pine needle infused gummies that I made and it won’t even let me sign in and says:

    “Your account is locked.” (screenshot: )

    I created the account to avoid these kinds of big tech shenanigans (as per the suggestion of “Duck” if I remember correctly).

    If anyone reading this is familiar with how that site operates, could you tell me what you think this is about? Thanks

    • *Update*

      My account has been unlocked and the links to my uploads work again now.

      I received an email earlier today from the team stating that my account being locked and my items being removed/blocked (having been flagged as “violating the terms of use”) was due to “admin error”.

      Not sure what that means exactly, but by account has been restored now and I inquired for more info and and waiting to hear back.

      • *Another Update* Jan 27th, 2023

        They locked me out of my account again without warning or explaining why, I have reached out to ask what is up, no reply so far.

        • Update : they unlocked my account, restored my content (again) and said “Apologies for the admin error”

    • @nosoapradio

      This was not a repeat for me, thanks for sharing.

      Seems like they are planting seeds in people’s minds, perhaps in preparation for some “catalyzing event” that will provide the impetus for everyone to cheer for a universal ‘internet drivers license’.

      This makes me think of an excellent article by Riley Waggaman (aka Edward Slavsquat) that focused on the history of the global passport system.

      I found it to be quite educational. After reading it I had the horrible thought of a situation where some people a hundred years from now could end up looking back at us, writing about how we allowed a hundred years of digital cattle tagging (and digital concentration camps) to begin.

      That thought made me want to make a list of some strategies we can use to resist and prevent that disturbing hypothetical dystopian future from coming to pass.

    • @HRS

      This whole push for hot fusion reactors (and all the billions in tax payer money and other funding sources being spent on it) reminds me of the cancer industry and it’s endless push for more funding for “research” (scooped up through terry fox campaigns etc and going right into big pharma’s pocket perpetually so they can develop, patent and have a monopoly on brutally expensive chemo drugs etc while real cures are blackboxed, ‘fact checked’ or otherwise demonized in some way or ignored).

      The hot fusion reactors that are being promoted in the mainstream news/academic circles right now are extremely wasteful in how much energy is required to operate them. Also, even if they could create a chain reaction that was self-sustaining, it would still require extremely expensive specialized equipment and materials. For instance, one gram of deuterium is currently costing more than a gram of gold to produce and tritium is being estimated to cost $2 billion per kilogram produced (requiring lithium to be produced, which again means depending on a finite resource, that is strip mined etc). If these hot fusion reactors were adopted and developed to plug into our existing power grid it would result in existing centralized energy cartels creating monopolies (just like they did with oil) dominating people’s access to the energy the hot fusion devices would create. This is not a viable solution to our global energy conundrum.

      People like Eugene Mallove on the other hand were doing extremely important work on L.E.N.R. (aka “cold fusion”) technologies and exposed the systemic corruption of institutions like MIT (and their actively covering up discoveries pertaining to said scientific developments). See: for more info. The technology he was working on (related to LENRs) would be able to be applied in a decentralized fashion and scaled to the needs of situations globally. That however would threaten the pocket books of some very powerful people, thus Eugene Mallove was killed and here we are with an array of bought and paid for talking heads pushing hot fusion in universities and on the news.

      The real challenge we face with solving the energy crisis on Earth is not something that requires billions to be solved, it is more a matter of figuring out a way to get the already extant inventions (and are applicable in a decentralized way and scalable to any situation) from our brightest minds past the buzz saw of institutionalized suppression, thievery, and murderous operations that have stunted human ingenuity in this field of study and engineering for many decades now.

    • @HRS

      Sorry if that last comment came off as aggressive or indignant.

      I do appreciate you sharing the link and bringing up the subject matter.

      It is just I have strong feelings about this topic as good people have been killed and stolen from to prevent viable (efficient, clean, reproducible and scalable) alternative solutions (which are applicable in a decentralized way) from getting to the general public, while massively centralized projects (that by design, are not reproducible unless you are a massive corporation/government operation) are put on a pedestal.

      It’s like James Evan Pilato says, they steal the real and sell you back the fake.

      • No Gavin,
        Your last comment did not come off as aggressive or indignant.

        In fact, I agree with you on much of it.
        Personally, in this era, I see the recent fusion hype as hopium, and probably something that this Biden Admin pumped up to fluff up their image.

        Just because I post an article/video in the comment section does not mean that I agree or am on board with all of it.

        • @HRS

          Ok thanks for the reply.

          I agree and perhaps it is part ‘hopium’, part distraction and partially a way for existing oligarchic energy corporations to move away from selling solely petroleum (while doing it in a way that ensures a monopoly).

          Have you ever looked into the work of a man named Stanley Meyer? He invented a device that enabled a very effecient form of electrolysis.

          Hope you have a Christmas filled with jolly laughter, genuine smiles and an abundance of food for the soul 🙂

          • Circa 2007-2008, I remember watching the Stanley Meyer YouTube videos.

            At the time, I also did a lot of research on a HHO Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Torch.
            It is a very clean high temp welding application.
            This makes working with glass very ideal.
            I had an interest, because I used to sculpt glass with propane and Oxygen. Propane is cleaner than Acetylene, but it is still dirty…which affects the glass. I still have lots of glass and the old equipment in storage.

            ANECDOTE Flameworking Glass Sculptures

            • @HRS

              Ahh very cool I remember looking into those applications (welding etc) a few years back as well. I even remember there were a few companies that marketed generators of that gas mixture and people were seeing amazing results for welding applications. If I remember correctly at least two of those companies were bought out and/or disappeared shortly after launching their products.

              Working with glass is actually pretty high on my priority list of skills and knowledge I want to develop (as you can use readily accessible materials from nature and/or ‘waste’ streams and create very practical and beautiful objects). When I was younger me and a buddy used to play around with shaping glass with propane blow torches. We made some far out looking mini sculptures and unique ash trays out of glass other people had thrown out but I never got past amateurish garage dabbling (with imprecise equipment and unsafe techniques) but I do hope to someday.

              My fascination with molten glass started when I was about 12 years old. My parents used to take their fresh picked (tree ripened) fruit from the orchard and drive it all the way to the coast of BC to sell in farmers markets in Vancouver and Whistler (as people appreciated the difference in quality there more than in the interior of BC). The market stall three down from ours was a glassblowing artist. He had a portable kiln going right at his stand and he would shape glass and create art right in front of the crowds. At the end of the day each week I would take some of our left over fruit and trade it with other vendors for some of their wares. One time I traded a box of our homegrown peaches with that glassblowing artist for a decorative piece that was reminiscent of those Japanese glass fishing floats (except it had blues and greens in it). I have wanted to learn to work with glass ever since (and I still do)! 🙂

              Thanks for the link.

  73. robster
    Del Bigtree talked about you (“paid shills topic”) in his last Thursday show.

  74. I want these people in prison…at least for the crime of “terrible acting”…

    VIDEO CLIP in article
    Canadian Government Tells Kids They’ll Be On Santa’s ‘Naughty List’ Without COVID Vaccine, Masks

    It’s the end of 2022 and the world is still witnessing new heights of Covid absurdity and fear-mongering authoritarianism coming from government figures.

    Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam has issued a new public health announcement for the Christmas holidays, which comes in the form of a 2-minute interview with “Mrs. Clause” from the “North Pole”. In it, children are warned that they could be on Santa’s “naughty list” if they don’t get the Covid-19 vaccine and mask up. Adults too are told that they won’t make the “nice list” if they don’t have their boosters.

    Dr. Tam begins the video with the “good news” that the vast majority of Canadians have made the nice list this year after having been vaccinated. 

    And “Mrs. Claus” responds: “It just warms my heart to see everyone in Canada, especially kids, working so hard to keep the holidays safe…”
    The suggestion is that the minority of citizens who remain unvaccinated or without their boosters are “naughty”. 

    Mrs. Claus then informs the children that she and Santa are “both up do date with our vaccinations, including Covid boosters and flu shots.”
    This is the holiday image Canada wants to convey to impressionable young children – that coronavirus now threatens the mythical North Pole, apparently. 

    From there the Christmas message goes into the kind of guilt-tripping rhetoric we’ve all come to expect from the Canadian government, and its top health official who is the equivalent of Dr. Fauci.
    “I always tell Santa to make a list and check it twice,” Mrs. Claus says, and goes through the “list” by telling children to “stay up to date on your vaccinations” as well as “wear a mask… and make sure it’s nice and snug.”
    Dr. Tam follows by telling families that if they gather for the holidays, “open a door, or a window” to let fresh air in….

  75. Thurs Dec 22 – The New York Times
    Madison Square Garden Uses Facial Recognition to Ban Its Owner’s Enemies

    Over Thanksgiving weekend, Kelly Conlon, 44, a personal injury lawyer from Bergen County, N.J., was chaperoning her 9-year-old daughter’s Girl Scout troop on a trip into Manhattan to see the “Christmas Spectacular” at Radio City Music Hall.
    Before she could even glimpse the Rockettes, however, security guards pulled Ms. Conlon aside…

    …The guards had identified her using a facial recognition system. They showed her a sheet saying she was on an “attorney exclusion list” created this year by MSG Entertainment, which is controlled by the Dolan family. The company owns Radio City and some of New York’s other famous performance spaces, including the Beacon Theater and Madison Square Garden, where basketball’s Knicks and hockey’s Rangers play.
    Its chief executive, James L. Dolan, is a billionaire who has run his empire with an autocratic flair, and his company instituted the ban this summer not only on lawyers representing people suing it, but on all attorneys at their firms…

    …Facial recognition technology is legal in New York, but lawyers have sued MSG Entertainment, saying the exclusion list is forbidden. The use of facial recognition technology to enforce it has raised an outcry not just from people turned away from Knicks games, but from civil liberties watchdogs, who called it a startling new frontier that demonstrated why the federal government should regulate the technology. The local grudge match has become part of a national debate over the specter of a privatized surveillance state.
    “It’s a dystopian, shocking act of repression,” said Sam Davis, a partner at Ms. Conlon’s firm who was turned away from a Rangers game this month at the Garden…

    …High-tech surveillance by government is already common in New York City. The Police Department relies on a toolbox that includes not only facial recognition, but drones and mobile X-ray vans….

    • Thanks for sharing this, a chilling development indeed. It is as though the dial that controls the slow boil of the frog was just turned up one full notch.

      Here is an article written by Tessa Lena about this incident.

      It is titled “??????? ?? ??? ?????????: ? ???? ?? ??????”
      Subtitle: “?????, ???? ???? ??? ??? ????????????…”

  76. I can’t find my post

  77. Hi guys, in case you didn’t know, Dr. Robert Malone new book,

    Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (publ. by Children’s Health Defense)

    is available as a free Kindle download this week on Amazon, ending Dec 25, 2022.

    Just “buy it” for free (if it says it is $0.00 by the time you get to it) and it appears as a free purchase.

    It’s a great book.

  78. Re glyphosate: Stephanie Seneff’s book on the topic: “Toxic Legacy
    How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment”

    Also available as audio book. Chelsea Green Publishing offers books appealing to regenerative agriculture, wild foods, and healthy living in general. USA And CA shipping only.

    • Thanks for the link and info jo-ann.

      Given all the science we have on the multi-faceted detriments of glyphosate now I find the fact that round up is still sold in hardware stores here and gmo farmers are subsidized (that douse the land with round up constantly) says a lot about how serious the Canadian government really is about “sustainability”. And that is not even to get into how our government allows logging companies to soak entire forests in glyphosate up north (so they can clear cut and re-plant monocultures for logging again).

      For more info on that insane application of spraying the systemic biocide/antibiotic that is glyphosate in the wilderness:

      Now that law suits have been filed against the producers of round up relating to it’s carcinogenic effects on human biology there is a concerted effort to create alternative poisons so that companies like Bayer can distance themselves from that chemical while still being able to continue to get farmers dependent on their chemical warfare methods and continue their reign of destruction and profiteering.

      So they are coming out with this its just as deadly to all life (except for the transgenic organisms created to be able to soak it in and survive).

      Thus, we should now also be watching out for that name, “round up ready” crops will become “libertylink” crops

      Glufosinate, an analogue of glutamate, exhibits an analogous toxicity mechanism to glyphosate.

      Corn, cotton, canola, sugarbeet and soybean are already genetically modified to grow with it in the midwest.

      Here is a link to a short discussion with Dr. Zach Bush talking about the dilemma we face with our synthetic chemical food system (that abuses both the soil and human health) poisoning billions of humans (resulting in increased profits for big pharma). He also speaks to the imperative of changing our relationship with soil, or we will face large scale desertification and soil erosion (like the dust bowl). (It is produced/animated by the Afterschool program).

      • Thank you for all the links and info.

  79. @ Gavin

    “I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I shared above and hope you have an enjoyable, peaceful and laughter filled Christmas ?“

    Thanks Gavin, may you and yours likewise have a wonderful Christmas. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about this fascinating subject.

    I’m answering here so as to allow for easier replies should anyone else wish to participate in the discussion. Here is a link to the original thread (More reply buttons)

    “I have not interacted with any off world beings that speak English yet but i`ll let you know if that changes. ?”

    Please do. Or any other earthly language for that matter. We always have google translate. ☺️

    “Initiating two way communication with some of these interstellar visitors is possible, but from what I have heard it requires taking the time to really take inventory of one’s thoughts, learning to still the mind into a place without thoughts, so that one can choose a singular coherent thought (without the background noise of many other thoughts and/or negative emotions interfering).”

    I’ve never been able to achieve that state of mind for more than a second or two. Can’t seem to shut off the thoughts. I envy those with that ability.
    It has become more difficult to meditate as I’ve aged. Which surprises me frankly.

    “I sometimes think that their reason for not always appearing when people attempt to use CE-5 protocols”
    I hadn’t heard of CE-5 protocols before. At first glance, it made me think of rituals used to summon spirits.
    But then my mind always seems to go there.
    It just seems so occultish or supernatural to me somehow.

    “humans have developed ferocious DEW systems in the decades since (via a combination of back-engineering and weaponizing benign, but powerful components of downed ET craft and through the perversion and weaponization of the work of individuals like Nikola Telsa).”

    I’m sure that you are right about the horrible weapons that man has developed however they came to be. But I just have a hard time accepting that a race of beings capable of interstellar travel, (and perhaps telepathy as well), couldn’t come up with a way to announce their presence and communicate their peaceful intentions without subjecting themselves to harm or danger from humans.
    Perhaps drones or something along the lines of super high tech leaflets. I’m imagining little devices sprinkled all around the planet that would contain information about them or something.
    Or maybe something as simple as simultaneously highjacking all the television and radio signals around the world and giving us the message that way.
    Blanketing the globe with their peaceful message prior to their arrival telling humanity where and when they were coming would seem to be a way of giving people an opportunity to try to prevent their governments from reacting with hostility.

    (More follows)

    • @Gavin continued

      As wrote previously, I don’t know if God has created other intelligent beings on other planets. He sure doesn’t seem to be limited by imagination, resources or planets to work with. I don’t think that the Bible precludes such a possibility. But I’m not a theologian.
      The Bible I believe is meant for us humans. Were God to include all the knowledge that He possesses in a single book, I doubt that the world would be big enough to hold it.
      But the Bible is pretty clear about what should concern us with respect to our relationship with Him and our stewardship of the world we inhabit. And it doesn’t seem to me that we’re doing all that well in that regard.
      So I guess that I just believe that we should concentrate on getting better at understanding that before we spend too much time worrying about the creation that He chose to not disclose to us.
      Kinda like how I feel about the Terrain v Germ theory debate. Its all very interesting but in the end I don’t know how productive it is to spend much time on. I actually think that the way the debate is going, its counterproductive.
      I believe that my body is a temple. Therefore I should treat it as such by eating right, not abusing it and trusting as best I can the one who created me regardless of whether or not viruses exist.
      In the same way I believe that I have been given enough information, and have enough work to do with what I’ve been given in the Bible that it just doesn’t make sense for me to spend a lot of time contemplating other unknown species. Especially having been warned that deception is a major tool of the evil one that has been given temporary jurisdiction over the earth and its inhabitants.

      Again, I wish you and all my friends here a blessed Christmas.

      Now back to prepping Moringa seeds for pressing. ?

    • @Steve

      There was a time when I used to spend an hour a day (minimum) meditating in nature (when I lived out west in BC). After about a year of doing that I was at a place where I could still my mind like it was ‘muscle memory’ (even if I was sitting on a busy bus on the way to work or in some other noisy chaotic situation). Though I stopped devoting as much time to that when I moved out here to Ontario as my work schedule is a lot more demanding now so in many ways that learned skill or ‘muscle memory’ (not really a muscle but you know what I mean) has went into atrophy.

      Thus, I have a lot of work to do to thin out the ‘static noise’ / fragmented thoughts and counter-intuitive emotional states I have allowed to accumulate to get back to a place where the garden of my mind is where I want it to be. Back when I first started learning how to meditate I found a few tricks that really helped for getting past that initial hurdle of the waves of unwanted thoughts that overwhelm one seeking to be present, mindful and in stillness. One of the most powerful techniques I adopted was in remembering not to fight the unwanted thoughts or try to force them out of my head, but rather to just ‘observe them from a distance’, accepting them for what they are, and visualizing them like a passing parade that moves off into the distance (or clouds floating by on a nice summer day). Once I was able to stop fighting thoughts, and rather just observed them from the perspective of my soul, allowing them to fade until I could return to the stillness, this seemed to build up my brain’s capacity to be content in the stillness and able to remain in that state for longer periods of time. Once that cumulative momentum was built I noticed a huge difference in my creativity, problem solving abilities and stress levels. People that once really bothered me (bullies and liars etc) were no big deal and I was more readily able to appreciate the beauty around me through being really present.

      This is a state I intend to strive to nurture and build back up to this winter… but I won’t lie, in this world of digital hyperstimulation, its not easy getting past that first hurdle sometimes.. as our brains are conditioned to be flying a million miles a minute and always focusing on the past or the future. It is nevertheless a very important task in my opinion, for it helps one unlock the innate gifts God gave us so we can be of greater service to our loved ones, our community and the living planet.

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      Currently, I am spending a few hours a day separating seeds from the dried flower heads/fruit of various medicinal herbs and berries from my garden (and some that we collected from up north in the forest) and so I strive to use that time as a sort of mindfulness practice. I recently wrote a substack post focusing on exploring the practical value of living by the Buddhist philosophy that encourages one to “wash the dishes as though one is bathing a baby buddha (or baby Jesus)” and so I attempt to handle the heirloom seeds (living embryos that hold infinite potential to create abundance) I am sorting, packaging and shipping out to people all over in that same way.

      Regarding CE-5 protocols, as I stated in my substack article titled “Childhood’s End” Greer may have an ego and some people have accused him of inappropriate behavior and/or overcharging for his CE-5 expeditions, however, I cannot speak to the validity of those claims because I have not been on one of those expeditions. That being said, when one triple verifies his data, it turns out to be legit, thus I do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Looking inward is indeed the key when it comes to connecting with advanced cultures (Greer got that right too) as their technology (and/or just their innate way of interacting) appears to interface with coherent thought. However, Greer’s preferred Vedic style meditations are not the only viable and effective way to look inward and hone one’s ‘inner antennae’. In other words, the meditative methodology/ideology is not as important as the clear genuine intent of the person seeking to look within and know their own mind and heart. I do not suggest anyone should blindly follow or idolize Greer (nor any other “ufo” expert or “whistle blower” etc) but rather I suggest we should each ask the hard questions, ask God for guidance, be open to learn something new, follow the money, use our intuition and be skeptical (regardless of who is telling us something).

      It is interesting you would say that his protocols sound like something used for “summoning spirits”, I mean I understand what you were saying, but if we look at our soul as a “spirit” and also acknowledge that other beings have souls, than that is literally what CE-5 is doing (communicating with other beings that have a soul and asking them to show up and/or communicate in some way). It is not some kinda weird demonic deal, but they are beings that have a spirit (like we do) so that in essence would accurately describe what the protocol is for (“summoning spirits”). Though, more specifically, it is about summoning “spirits” that also have a physical body (like us) and happen to have originated from a different planet in a different star system.

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      I acknowledge the logistical viability of the methods you described for an advanced culture to force an awareness of their existence onto humanity (in as nice a way as possible) but in the end it is still forcing conscious beings to be confronted by an aspect of reality that they may not (in aggregate) be ready to accept and engage with (in a beneficial way). Thus, I would suggest that while there have indeed been many instances where advanced interstellar cultures left “super high tech leaflets” (see legitimate “crop circles” for more info) to communicate with humans about their presence and intentions, overt large scale appearance or otherwise forcing humans to confront acknowledging their presence may be seen (by the visitors) as uncompassionate (and/or perhaps against some rule, law or covenant the advanced cultures have regarding engaging with relatively primitive species).

      I like your idea about “Blanketing the globe with their peaceful message prior to their arrival telling humanity where and when they were coming would seem to be a way of giving people an opportunity to try to prevent their governments from reacting with hostility.” but sadly the oligarchic racketeering operation that dominates this planet has already ‘blanketed the globe’ with prolific psychological warfare material regarding our cosmic neighbors and so even something as carefully and considerately orchestrated by interstellar visitors (as you describe above) could still strike fear into people due to the immense amount of subconscious conditioning we have received through movies, tv (and even now through the mainstream news and military outlets). If you want to get an idea of what I am talking about, check out the TV series called V ( ). It was a psyop series that depicted an advanced race of interstellar beings doing exactly what you suggested (except of course they turned out to be duplicitous, murderous and ravenous reptiles hiding under a pretty skin suit). The conditioning runs deep, and I think our cosmic neighbors understand that well, thus they are likely waiting for us to get our act together and show some initiative before they invite us to come sit at the ‘adult table’.

      (continued in another comment..)

    • (..continued from comment above)

      You make some great points regarding “our stewardship of the world we inhabit. And it doesn’t seem to me that we’re doing all that well in that regard.” and how you think endless debating about the polarized subject matter is not productive.

      While I do agree that we have a lot of important and sacred work to do within ourselves and on the Earth, and that a path that involves learning about and/or consciously making an effort to engage with our cosmic neighbors is not necessarily for everyone, I do not necessarily agree that our cosmic neighbors are an aspect of “..creation that He (God) chose to not disclose to us”. After all, a great many people witness the craft of the visitors at close range (my friends and I being among them) and if one takes a long hard look at ancient monolithic structures, mythology and archeological evidence, one could say that God left a very clear trail of bread crumbs for any one that is so inclined to follow to understand the truth about this aspect of Creation.

      Thus, while I acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do here on planet Earth with working on our ‘inner gardens’ as well as healing and regeneration of ecosystems that give so much to us and that we depend on to survive .. that does not (IMO) decrease the importance of using the tools of social permaculture to engage with our neighbors as to ensure an amiable and stable dynamic as we move forward.

      We live in a time where the only organized response we (humanity) has given to the visitors has been of a military nature. Given that people in the US government (and their bosses) have pushed for the militarization of space with initiatives like a “space force” the need for a treaty to prevent placement of weapons in outer space (and dismantle existing weapons outside the Earth’s atmosphere) as well as the need for a citizen driven diplomatic effort is more dire than ever.

      So yes, first and foremost we should focus on applying viable solutions to clean up the mess our human family has created on Earth, but I also feel that it would be wise to make our peaceful, courageous and integrous intentions known to our elder neighbors, for I sense that our future will inevitably be merging with theirs (if not in our lifetime, than certainly for the next generation that call this place home after we are gone).

      Therefore, I feel that we must strive to speak openly, concisely and with confidence when we deal with this issue as to dissipate the foggy derisive and dissuasive atmosphere that has engulfed one of the most important issues of our times, and bring clarity to a reality that when fully understood will serve to help bring about a new paradigm of understanding and community for Humanity on planet Earth.

      • I remember watching a few episodes of the television series V years ago. I was excited about it. Back then I was a big fan of the X Files and Ancient Aliens if you can believe that.
        However, I found V to be a bit too hokey even for me.

        I’ve no doubt that should gigantic alien ships park themselves in full view of everyone all over major metropolitan areas all of a sudden then humans would surely attack them. In spite of the futility of such an action.

        But I still don’t agree that there isn’t a way that they could make contact without risking attack and without making people feel that they were about to be turned into dinner. ?

        How about they communicate with those, like yourself who are welcoming and perhaps take them onto their ship where they can be given what information and knowledge the aliens are permitted to share. Give them some cool technology and some nifty gadgets and then return them to earth? That might work.

        As long as they don’t have a book about serving man! (These aliens also used telepathy)

        • The last time I roleplayed as aliens trying to contact peoples of Earth it ended up with a change of underwear.

        • I also remember watching a few episodes of V back in the early 1980’s. A person had to be in front of the TV at the right time to catch it.

          Then there was a remake of ‘V’ in 2009 with Morena Baccarin, which I only caught a bit of.

          I kept hearing stuff about the two “Deadpool” movies, and was clueless at to what the deal was.
          About a month ago, I had an opportunity to watch them for free. I enjoyed the Ryan Reynolds humor. Morena Baccarin was in them. I was amazed at how well she has aged.

          • Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode I linked to? “To Serve Man”.
            I wonder if Gavin is too young to have seen it.

              • Yep. Thats the one. I thought Gavin might get a kick out of it.

        • @Steve

          V was hokey yes and so were a lot of other tv shows and movies depicting ET beings in fearful ways, but it is worth keeping in mind that even hokey nonsense (when said repeatedly, frequently enough and shoved in your face with images and sounds enough times, begins to sink into people’s subconscious and shape people’s views). The post 911 ‘news’ cycles and white house press releases (that endlessly used the words “Terrorists” and “weapons of mass destruction” etc) are one example of how nonsensical, baseless, hokey material can be effectively hammered into a certain percentage of people’s minds and accepted if it is said enough times.

          X-files was one of the shows that (whether intentionally, or for the most part, more likely via secondary ripple effects of the “ufo” mythology/books etc that the writers drew inspiration from being so heavily polluted with misinformation) served as an effective psyop, as it mixed some truth with a lot of nonsense (and some silly entertaining material).

          If you wanna see when that show really kicked into high gear with specialized psychological warfare material, check out when they rebooted the show a couple years ago for season 10 (especially an episode called “my struggle” and they introduced this “Tad O’Malley” character to the show that was basically an Alex Jones type guy that described the depopulation agenda, toxic “vaccines”, “chemtrails”, toxic GMO food, “FEMA concentration camps” and back-engineered ET tech and related covert military operations among other things, but this was coming from a “crazy person” on an x-files tv show episode). I put together a little presentation about it years ago (it was relentlessly censored all over the internet). I’ll get it off my back up drive and see if I can upload it to (and see if it sticks on their site) when I have time.

          Ancient Aliens again, some truth mixed in with a lot of speculation (and some flat out made up nonsense) presented by some legit people, some charlatans/shills and some just not very intelligent people. Whether intentionally or not, it served (and serves) to do a great job muddying the waters and obfuscating.

          (continued in another comment..)

            • @HRS

              Thanks for that! I would be very interested in hearing what other people thought of that uncharacteristically on-point monologue (read by the O’Malley x-files character). My wife thought maybe the x-files writers/producers were tryna warn people and share the truth but I was (and am) not so sure.

              I totally glossed over the fact that they described “highjacking DNA” in my first swing at analyzing that “my struggle” O’Malley material.. ahh but I was watching it years before anyone had heard of mRNA technology. Very interesting indeed.

              When I uploaded my original video presentation (focusing on exposing real world evidence of the exotic energy generation tech, ET presence and eugenics operations) I had relentless censorship happening. They took down one of my youtube channels and even somehow hacked into my mediafire file sharing account and deleted the file (or got the admins to?) either way I will try re-uploading with updated reference material and share here when I do (and if it stays up this time).

              Thanks for the link 🙂

            • @HRS

              Very intriguing stuff. “Fact Checker” shared some interesting assertions in his comment (

              So I managed to upload that presentation I threw together on the (unusually accurate) x-files script material discussed above to, here is the link to where you can watch/download it:


              It is very long (3 hours plus) but I wanted to comprehensively break down each term mentioned in those specific x-files episodes (especially the ones with the O’Malley character) and provide evidence of the real world applications and implications of the technologies, modern day operations and historical events mentioned.

              Only half of the description / reference material made it through onto the upload and now it won’t let me update the description section and keeps saying “Details Edit Submission Failed, Please try again later” but if you are interested in having access to the updated references and links to supporting evidence for my presentation I uploaded that separately as a PDF file here:

              For supplementary and alternative access, I also uploaded it as a word file that is viewable online here:

              My perspectives and which technical methods I use for applying the solutions I mention at the end of the video have changed slightly since I made the video but I still stand behind the material in aggregate.

              If you get bored this winter and have the time to watch it I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what I put together 🙂

              • Noted. Thanks.
                I caught the comment when you first posted it to Episode 301.
                I briefly watched about 5 minutes and then went to my other chores.
                You should link your comment above at Episode 301 with a note about the pdf.

              • @HRS

                Ah yes thanks for the suggestion about the pdf, done.

                I appreciate the response and look forward to reading what you think of it once you have a chance to watch some more.

              • Was that a photo of your garden at the end of your film, GavinM? With the adorable child watering something? It’s beautiful. I was also struck by the juxtaposed photos of a neuron and the universe.

                Admirable compilation with commentary I’d say though I confess I did miss a section in the second half when my landlord stopped by. Listening, relistening to that, much of it extracts from the Disclosure project and Thrive movement, in addition to the X-files series, I get this feeling that “TPTSNB” are nudging at least a section of the population, maybe the “Alt community”, into what would be called self-sustaining independent communities based on convertible community crypto currencies. Watching Club of Rome member Vandana Shiva and Foster Gamble of the colossal multi-national delivering their characteristic exposés, it sometimes feels like they’re saying, go ahead, there’s no danger, go for it, just do it… like, a control group or something, dunno… as if the Elite’s global sustainable austerity goals and AGW resetting were perfectly compatible with the Greater Resetter fraternal dreams of abundance (as she’s also a great resetter.)

                We learned many years ago that Agenda 21 would be implemented from the bottom up via socio-environmental associations, and it seems that’s what’s happening, sustainable living being urged in all corners, a sort of neo-feudalism as the fiefdoms won’t be able to live in total autarchy, detached from the rest of the administrative technogrid. Not sure. Just raw impressions. Gonna go sleep on it via a quick cat nap…

                I mean… why, in all their advanced wisdom, would alien visitors agree to work with top secret agencies of the corrupt US government instead of making friendly and cautious contact with ostensibly open-minded people of the vast masses of the world, especially if their intentions are honorable?
                anyhow, sleep, my mind’s in a muddle…

              • @nosoapradio

                Thanks very much for watching some of what I put together and sharing your thoughts.

                That photo with the child watering plants was not of my garden no. I found that on the internet and thought it encapsulated the imperative before us to help those souls that are new arrivals on Earth to be able to connect with the living planet that sustains them (in meaningful, practical and reciprocal ways) so that they will be capable of resisting the technocratic tyranny that seeks to tighten it’s grip on our human family now.

                I agree that the image is beautiful. I always find it moving to see the little kids working with their family in the community gardens we helped set up around our town and at the school gardens. Seeing that spark in their eyes when they plant a seed, watch it grow, water it and then harvest a crop, it gives me hope for the future and motivation to keep on doing what I do (despite all the ugliness that is also going on in the world).

                If you would like to see what our garden looked like a few years ago (as we were just starting to shift over to mostly perennials and self-sowing annuals) an organization called “Humans Who Grow Food” posted a bunch of pics of our garden/harvests a while back which you can find here: (yes I know facebook is a toxic platform used for behavior modification, data mining and other nefarious/degenerative oligarchic operations which we should all boycott, but I started gathering a community that was interested in what was going into my book on there before anywhere else so I will be at least leaving that account open until it is published and announced on there).

                Ahh you noticed that comparison of the fractal geometry of the neuron and the known universe, very interesting isn’t it 🙂 I mean, that is just a rendering of the known universe made according to our best calculations, but the same fractal symmetry can be observed (and directly phtographed) in many other facets of nature that range from the tiny to the cosmic scale, so I do not doubt that it is an accurate representation.

                With regards to Foster Gamble, Vandana Shiva (and others that have either a past connected to obscene wealth/oligarchic clubs, or current membership in some oligarch club) I will re-post a comment I shared with HRS on another thread as I feel it is pertinent here as well.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • oops!

                for the phrase: as she’s also a great resetter

                I meant that Vandana Shiva, in addition to being a member of the Club of Rome, is also a “GreatER Resetter”.

                And GavinM: if you want to repost a comment, you know you can just repost the link of the comment if you want?

              • yea! Gorgeous garden pics! I looked into Amaranth but I’ve read its pollen is highly allergenic so… I think I’ll steer clear even though I did see a very tempting puffed amaranth seed recipe.

                I’ve recently moved into a tiny ground floor apartment that has a courtyard and a “jardinière” that’s almost 9 meters long and 64 cm wide. I think I will try to plant some creeping vines featuring some kind of non-allergenic flower to decorate the moss-covered concrete wall with trellis designs carved into it and then maybe some Japanese parsley (shiso), other “Herbes de Provence” and maybe some tomatos and strawberries. Can’t decide. Just a pleasure garden, not a prepper garden as I’m feeling pretty fatalistic and a lot like an old lady. Gonna have to clear out the tenacious weeds again along with the cat caca, BUT your pics are very inspiring indeed. Not sure how I’ll convince the cat to cease using his adopted latrines though… one thing at a time I guess…

              • (..continued from comment above)

                The following is a slightly adapted version of my response to this comment:

                I applaud your skepticism and have my reservations about Greer (Foster Gamble and others like them) as well. That being said, I would like to humbly suggest that genetic lineage (or club associations) does not necessarily predispose one to the nefarious behaviors of one’s ancestors (or fellow club members) and Even If one has chosen a life of selfishness, manipulation, parasitism and thievery (up until a specific point in one’s life) the possibility still exists for one to exert their free will to change course (despite all the ugly choices one may have made in the past).

                Thus, whether one is named Rockefeller, Kennedy (Gamble, Shiva, Greer) or any other name, I strive not to assume the worst based on arbitrary manmade superficial labels (or even based on the past choices) of individual conscious beings (that each possess their own free will).

                Perhaps, the Rockefeller that was interested in Greer’s work had nefarious intent, perhaps not, either way I choose to triple verify the material presented by Greer, Gamble, Shiva (or any others like them) before I render judgment on the material they are presenting.

                I share this to highlight the fact that if we begin pre-emptively judging the perceived proclivities of individuals based on their genetic lineage or past/present club memberships (no matter how horrific the extreme example of their family or the behavior/stated goals of other club members may be) we risk aligning ourselves with the mentality of eugenicists (and dismissing the potential of the human spirit to be guided by God to choose what is right despite overwhelming odds).

                Perhaps an active psychological warfare strategy is utilized which seeks to either lure specific individuals to sign up for, or falsify their membership to, certain clubs as to dissuade everyday people from taking the solutions they are offering seriously (as a sort of reverse COINTELPRO type operation). Perhaps the individuals joined the club now knowing about the nefarious activities and plans other members have. Perhaps they joined knowing about the nefarious intent, but seeking to gather intel from the inside to prevent said nefarious intent from being able to be implemented, or perhaps they joined said club knowing of and agreeing with the nefarious intent at one point in their life, but have since realized they do not want to be a part of that anymore and are now working against the implementation of the goals of the other club members.

                (..continued in another comment below)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                I acknowledge that (despite their seemingly anti-oligarch efforts that offer info focused on decentralized empowerment to the masses) it is also possible these individuals you mentioned above have a duplicitous and nefarious intent (as you implied as a possibility being the intent behind their “characteristic exposés”) but then if that is so my question would be how do their actions serve the purposes of the oligarchic ‘cabal’ (the architects of the “NWO”)?

                In providing a potential nefarious motivation for said hypothetical you said:

                “ sometimes feels like they’re saying, go ahead, there’s no danger, go for it, just do it… like, a control group or something, dunno…

                ..We learned many years ago that Agenda 21 would be implemented from the bottom up via socio-environmental associations, and it seems that’s what’s happening, sustainable living being urged in all corners, a sort of neo-feudalism as the fiefdoms won’t be able to live in total autarchy, detached from the rest of the administrative technogrid.”

                Ok, let’s assume that these individuals like Shiva that are encouraging people to save seed, grow gardens and create off grid communities is part of a nefarious “great reset” agenda, I would pose the question:

                What is the alternative course of action?

                What is the alternative course of action that would also offer a viable solution that empowers individuals to be able to nourish their bodies, maintain their health and food sovereignty, be creative, build resilient communities and re-connect with the living planet we depend on to survive?

                Waging open warfare against a global oligarchy using conventional weapons? Waging a guerilla war against a global oligarchy using subversive tactics? Trying to somehow reform our corrupt court system and hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity? Old school witch hunts reminiscent of the French revolution?

                (Continued in another comment..)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                In closing, I will share an excerpt from one of my substack articles (in which I explore the current state of affairs and analyze the various solutions being proffered in the alternative media space).

                Lets say hypothetically (for the sake of argument) the worst case scenario happens (total overt totalitarian technocracy involving out in the open democide of dissidents). Even if that were to come to pass my answer would be the same… because for me in that hypothetical situation the question becomes “How do I want to spend the time I have left on this Earth?”

                Do I want to spend the time I have been gifted to wield the weapons of man in violence?

                Or do I want to embody faith in that which the Creator of all things gave us and plant the seeds of hope, love and abundance by working with my hands in the rich Earth?

                Therefore, I see creating regenerative gardens and food forests as a viable, honorable and practical path forward in these uncertain times. We can forge alliances with the more than human world through planting food forests and regenerative gardens all over, and in doing so provide not only for ourselves, but countless future generations in the process. (that is from: )

                I will respond to the last part of your comment that posed the question about our cosmic neighbors when I have more time.

              • @nosoapradio

                Thanks! 🙂 Our garden has transformed a lot since those pics (now at the stage of a semi-adolescent urban food forest, with more apple, paw paw, nut trees and grapes and other edible vines climbing up them and then lots of perennial edibles underneath and a smaller section of annuals in the raised beds).

                Sounds like you have a lovely space to set up a little oasis that can nourish the mind, body and soul with that courtyard and a “jardinière” you have access to.

                Perhaps you could grow the crops you mentioned but focus on heirlooms that offer the most nutrient density possible (such as anthocyanin rich cherry tomato varieties and other herbs to compliment your Japanese/Mediterranean herbs, such as Tulsi, which the pollinators adore and will get you higher pollination rates for your tomatoes and strawberries if its grown nearby)?

                For creeping vines perhaps you could plan for something that serves both aesthetic appeal and offers nutritional/medicinal benefits as well? You could plant a combination of something like Sunset Runner Beans ( ) and Butterfly Peas ( ) for a nice blossom color combo and to make the pollinators happy (while perhaps providing nitrogen fixation companion benefits for neighboring plants which minimizes your fertilizer costs).

                Blue butterfly pea blossom tea/extract is supposed to help with allergies so I imagine that means they are considered as “non-allergenic flowers” ( ). The blossoms of Butterfly peas can be collected, dried and used to color food and or make an antioxidant rich tea that offers a treat for the eyes and a long list of health benefits.

                As for the cat, hmm, how about adding pebbles/small rocks as part of a mulch layer so the cat can’t dig? Or what about a spiky ground cover plant that would be unpleasant for the cat to touch? I have also found that our cats do not like the smell of certain things with strong essential oil content (such as citrus peels) so I put them on the soil surface on top of some mulch in our indoor potted plants and when the cats go to investigate the soil surface they smell the citrus, make a face and refrain from exploring further.

                Hope this helps, wishing you many bountiful harvests in your garden in 2023 🙂

                Happy New Year!

              • @nosoapradio

                “why, in all their advanced wisdom, would alien visitors agree to work with top secret agencies of the corrupt US government instead of making friendly and cautious contact with ostensibly open-minded people of the vast masses of the world, especially if their intentions are honorable?”

                Well for starters, are not talking about one species, nor are we even talking about species in which all the members of that specific species have the same motivations and behaviors. The civilizations visiting here are myriad, and not only are their many of them, their level of social and technological development is not always the same.

                As I explained in my article called Childhood’s End (on substack) from what I have come to understand through my research while the most advanced and ancient of the interstellar species that are here now appear to be part of a collective of civilizations that work in concert toward their common goals (which among other things) include assisting younger species make the transition into safely moving beyond the confines of their planet and engaging with their neighbors, I have also learned that (though Dr. Steven Greer seems to avoid acknowledging this reality) there are less advanced interstellar civilizations which visit here as well (with the members of their species possessing varying degrees of integrity, compassion and social maturity). These rogues make up a minority and though some of the individual members of these civilizations have engaged in somewhat nefarious activities (sometimes involving dealings with nefarious human military/oligarch interests) these are the actions of rogue criminals, and not representative of the intent nor nature of their respective species (nor the civilization/world they originated from) as a whole.

                It is extremely important to keep in mind that within each of those civilizations are countless individuals each possessing their own free will. So while the most advanced majority group of interstellar civilizations that are here now may be 99.999% comprised of individual beings that have transcended fear, selfish ego based motivations and violent tendencies, there is a minority of less advanced interstellar capable cultures that are much closer to humanity in their social and technological unfolding. Within that group some shady stuff has happened, and likely continues to, but this only emphasizes the importance of a citizen driven diplomatic effort to open lines of communication with the larger more advanced group to make our intentions clear as the majority of humans on Earth.

                I elaborate more and speculate on the potential reasons why we do not see more overt and widespread contact from the more advanced group to “ostensibly open-minded people of the vast masses of the world” in this reply to Steve.

       (which is just a couple comments down from this one)

            • @HRS

              (ps – my video editing skills leave much to be desired so please forgive the choppy transitions and weak soundtrack/text overlay attempts)

        • (..continued from another comment)

          Perhaps they have ‘made contact’ (in multiple ways and with multiple groups and/or individuals) and it did not go well. At least two NASA astronauts have come forward and stated as much (along with a number of other government, military and civilian people).

          Perhaps some of the various advanced civilizations that visit here from other star systems have taken people (that are willing and expressed an intent to do so) on board their craft on a number of occasions already. There are a great many claiming that this is so, some appear to be trying to sell something or get attention, but then there are a portion of those claiming such things that have nothing to gain and everything to lose by stating such things publicly. Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean was one such man.

          Though, if we acknowledge that there are nefarious compartments of the ‘military/intelligence industrial complex’ that have a hostile intent towards any and all cosmic visitors (and are actively seeking to kill and steal technology from them when ever possible) than it would also be true that giving some nice person that wants to go on their craft and bring “cool technology and some nifty gadgets” back to help humanity would mean putting them in great danger. Global satellite and smart device surveillance technology is pervasive, if someone went on board one of their craft, it is likely that certain nefarious human interests would know about it, and that person would then be (at the very least, watched more closely) but more likely, harassed, mugged, kidnapped and/or disappeared. Robert Dean certainly described some of those things happening to him, and he is not the only one. Thus, scooping up open hearted (willing and aware) people onto their craft and giving them tech may also be seen as uncompassionate (as these beings are obviously very smart and know what humans are like and up to down here) and perhaps it is also against some of their laws as well.

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from another comment)

          I watched the Twilight Zone episode you linked. Though at first glance it is hokey, again, on a deeper level, when we take a step back and see what larger pattern it is part of (spanning decades and thousands of tv episodes and movies) it is an effective piece of psychological warfare. This is true even if (in that particular instance) the writers were sincerely just trying to be humorous (as when it fits into the broader scope of a lifetime of tv shows and movies with fearful messages about our cosmic neighbors, it serves the same purpose as the ‘one hundred and second time’ an individual heard some teleprompt reading “news reporter” tell them that there were “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.). It serves the purpose of being one drop of corrosive material (out of ten thousand) dripped into people’s minds, helping to slowly erode and shape the subconscious the prevailing worldview on that subject matter.

          Ok now I have some sci-fi homework for you my friend 🙂

          First up is a Twilight Episode from another era titled “A Small Talent For War” ( )

          The part before the twist ending (where all the nations felt compelled to work together in face of their common threat) made me think of part of a speech Reagan gave at the UN: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” Given he said that just a few months after the episode aired, perhaps Reagan saw it and was influenced by the twilight zone?

          The fact that I have heard other world leaders saying things along a similar lines in recent times (regarding how ‘helpful’ a perceived threat from outside this world would be in consolidating power and ensuring cooperation between nation states) is a little unnerving to me. Especially when one considers the historical use of psychological warfare operations (such as False Flag ops) by various military powers to influence the public towards similar ends.

          Given the extremely advanced technology at the disposal of organizations like the DOD, NSA, weapons manufacturing corporations (and various U.S.A.P.-s operating under the umbrella of the US Navy and Airforce) I would say that the capability does exist to orchestrate the manufacturing of a perceived threat of that type (which most people would perceive as “ET” in origin). For people who want to perpetuate military spending and further consolidate power in the hands of the few on Earth, such a thing may be their end game. Only time will tell..

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          Ok next up for your sci-fi homework is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “Who Watches The Watchers” ( )

          It is a cautionary tale (written by Gene Roddenberry, Richard Manning and Hans Beimler) about what could happen when an interstellar capable civilization forces an acknowledgment of their presence onto a relatively technologically primitive and socially undeveloped intelligent species.

          Apparently you can watch it streaming on “Paramount Plus”, Prime Video or “Vudu” (if you already have a subscription to one of those) but I will share a link below to where you can stream it for free incase you do not have any of those.

 (sorry if it has annoying ads)

          Hope you get a kick out of the Twilight Zone episode and I would be interested in hearing what you think of the startrek episode as well.

      • Gavin, not to beat a dead horse, but here is a link to a documentary that was posted to Bitchute just last night coincidentally. It is along the same lines as the one that TheLilacDragonfly suggested.
        It features a fellow named Michael Heiser, a biblical scholar who apparently specializes in this subject.
        I watched most of it last night and am about to finish it now. Its pretty good I think.

        • @Steve

          I fully intend on responding to the comment ( ) the lilac dragonfly made where she shared a link to the film (with the Christian missionary guy talking about the Amazonian tribes people) but had just not found the time to watch the video all the way through yet. I hope to remedy that today and then when I find the time I will watch your documentary and share my thoughts on that as well.

        • I watched it last night and thought it was one of the more thorough explanations I’ve seen in years, and was pleasantly surprised he also presented the Genesis 6 angle, a topic which is disdainfully smeared by many bible scholars. Large portions of scripture featuring God’s judgments on kingdoms appear disproportionate without the support of that narrative. Thanks for introducing this Heiser guy, Steve!

    • Thank you very much for your Christmas blessings.

      It is funny you mention Moringa seeds as I recently had a Corbett Report subscriber send me some from their garden and I just had our first one germinate the other day 🙂

      I do not have that much experience growing Moringa, could you offer any tips for a northern gardener to keep the plants healthy till spring and where they would be the most happy in our yard?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our cosmic neighbors and may your Christmas be a time in which the gifts of peace, hope, healing and inspiration open themselves to you each time you choose to see with the heart.

      • “could you offer any tips for a northern gardener to keep the plants healthy till spring and where they would be the most happy in our yard?”

        From what I understand, Moringa prefers tropical climates. I am sure that they will grow in Canada but I doubt that they will overwinter there outside.
        If you grow them in containers and have someplace inside with some light that you can bring them into during winter they should be fine.

        I’ve read that if the roots freeze, the tree will die. I don’t know how cold your ground gets there but I imagine that it freezes for a foot or so at least.

        Alternatively, you can simply plant them from seed or cutting from the previous year in the sunniest place in your yard anew every spring. They grow so fast that you should be able to harvest quite a bit before winter comes again.
        I’ve discovered that a largish branch, 2” or so will remain viable for months after cutting it off.

        Here I prune them severely periodically and they come right back. I’ve heard that you can cut them right to the ground and they will come back but I haven’t gone that far.

        Good luck with them. Perhaps you can develop a cold tolerant strain. The world will be in your debt.

        • Perhaps you can develop a cold tolerant strain

          According to you know who that should take a zillion years, good luck with that.

          • I probably should know who you are referring to but I am afraid that I don’t.

            • I’m referring to the author of the theory of random ex nihilo evolution.

              • J. Rendle-Short?
                You are much more well read than I. I’ve never heard of him.

        • @Steve

          Thanks for the info.

          Yes we plan on keeping ours in pots (like our turmeric and ginger plants) and moving them inside when it gets cold.

          When it comes to fully tropical varieties of trees and plants what mkey may true to some degree. Though recent breakthroughs in soil science and new understandings that are emerging surrounding how specific symbiotic relationships between microbes/fungi and plants can influence epigenetic expression in real time may allow for natural heirloom breeders to accelerate the typical timeframe required for adaptation to subzero temps to being significantly less than was previously thought to be required.

          For instance, I have been working with a couple of varieties of plants that are native to the mountains of Guatemala/and other parts of central america (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) and Ecuador (Solanum pimpinellifolium) which are traditionally seen as frost sensitive, and over the past 7 years and seen some incremental improvements in their cold hardiness. I have seen an especially dramatic change in their resilience against cold since I began immersing/inoculating the seeds/roots of the plants in communities of native microbes and symbiotic fungi (that I sampled from a local forest’s living soil and then scaled up via adding that sample to an active compost and then creating actively aerated compost tea from the end product that was teaming with native microbes and symbiotic fungi) before planting in the garden. about 1 out of 5 plants we grow from seed now can withstand minus 4 Celsius or 24-ish Fahrenheit (and still bounce back to flower and produce more peppers/fruit). From what I have learned about the interactions between soil microbes and plants from a course I took by Dr. Elaine Ingham and another course I am taking on soil microscopy I speculate that the accelerated acclimatization I have been observing in successive generations of typically frost sensitive plants is in large part due to the exchange of biological information taking place between the ancient local microbes/fungi and the plants (resulting in an accelerated shift in epigenetic expression influencing the resulting phenotype of future generations grown from seed saved). There are likely other variables to account for as well, but I am nevertheless seeing some very favorable results that intend to build on.

          Have you ever heard of someone growing a Moringa plant in a colder climate (and having to bring it inside in the winter) getting it to produce seed?

  80. James et al. My friends in Japan have been telling me about the Government’s push for new ID cards which asks too many questions when you apply for it. Some Japanese are resisting this, and fear the Government;s motives. I was wondering if you picked up on this, and what you or others have witnessed. It is as if they want to eventually copy the Chinese social credit system. Scary if so……

    PS, I am sorry if this subject has come up before in your “Open Threads”. If so, please direct me to the month and approximate date. Thanks

    • Sally,
      Thanks for the comment and anecdote about your friends.
      I like hearing anecdotes.
      I don’t recall the Japan ID cards coming up on an Open Thread.

      However, James did mention something about the Japan ID in the recent New World Next Year 2023“Corbett Report’s Trend Prediction for 2023: The Digital ID Cometh”

      QUEUE 26:30

      By the way, Sally, it is perfectly fine to post a story that has already been posted by somebody else on a Thread.
      There are so many posts and stories, that many readers may miss the first post but possibly will spot it on the 2nd or 3rd time the topic is posted.

      We all enjoy seeing different people comment.
      It is kind of like the wild west for structure on the comment boards…so have at it anytime. Don’t worry about making a ‘mistake’.

  81. Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a great day with friends and family.

  82. 2023 Economic Forecast
    Gold/Silver, Dollar, Bitcoin, Stocks

    Dec 12 – Chris Vermeulen
    (30 minutes)

    Dec 21 – Gareth Soloway
    (31 minutes)

    Both of these guys are chart technical traders with a very good history of correctly calling trends. Soloway has repeatedly been spot-on with Bitcoin prices, and Vermuelen hit it right on the end of year stock / precious metals rally.

    For 2023, there is a difference in their forecast with respect to the Dollar.
    Chris sees the DXY (dollar) moving higher for a period of time which will push Gold/Silver prices lower, and then later in the year buying opportunities for precious metals will present themselves as a Gold/Silver bull market begins its rise.
    Gareth sees the DXY moving lower and precious metals trending higher.

    Both guys see stocks beginning a long, ugly slide south in 2023.

    • Everything will side soon…. its just the trick of crashing value (property values thru crime, stocks thru government action) and then buying cheep and selling after they run up the value again.

      Its the nature of such people to game the system, and with their control of Gov they have a bigger lever then usual to play with. The only question is what they are gonna leave for the folks on social security and pensions

      • @Duck

        Here in Canada the government has thought ahead (apparently after decision-makers got finished reading “The Giver”) in what they are going to leave for “the folks on social security and pensions”… it is called the MAID program.

    • @HRS

      Thanks for the info.

      In 2023 I am forecasting that the value of heirloom seeds, fertile living soil (and the knowledge required to combine the two to produce exponential abundances of real food and medicine) will continue to go up. 😉

  83. Mainstream Media Chemtrail story “sub-thread”…

    Articles on Solar geoengineering

    On Sun, December 25, 2022 at 9:35 PM CST, Yahoo News reran the first story dated Sept 27 at The Conversation. Yahoo probably needed some Xmas day filler and just dated the story like it was new on Dec 25th.

  84. I think we should talk about our corrupt medical system.
    It goes beyond this MRNA gene therapy injections. It goes back to:
    1. All vaccines.They don’t use any true placebos. If they do, they compare it to adjuvants such as aluminum. They are the only ones that is protected from lawsuits. A doctor once said the purpose of vaccines are the after market effects such as creating problems so you need drugs to “fix” these new health problems you just got from vax.
    2. Chemo which is mustard gas.
    3. Statins. See cholesterol myth. Our brains need cholesterol.
    4. Need big pharma drug for our health conditions. There are many natural cures that have scientific studies proving they work. For instance, many scientific studies show elderberry works for colds/flu.

    Sometimes (not all the times) it may be better to see a naturalpathic doctor who can test you for toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and give suggestions on natural treatments i.e detox.

    FYI, I have heard many people who have cancer go overseas for treatments such as Tijuana and Germany. They offer treatments there that you can’t get in USSA. See book/videos by Ty Bollinger called Truth about Cancer.

  85. I just thought this was so cool! :

    If I’m seeing this correctly, this is why Zarkhova says SIM, or Solar Inertial Motion might explain why, for example, our Modern Grand Solar Minimum will not be as cold as the Maunder Minimum AND why, since the time from 1970-80s solar activity started to decrease when the terrestrial temperature continues increasing…

    More explicitely:

    “…Recently, Zharkova et al, 2019, Sci. Rep., 9, 9197 ( reported that the baseline solar magnetic field shows the oscillations with the similar period of about 2100 years shifting the zero magnetic field either towards northern or southern polarities depending on the phase of the Hallstatt’s cycle. …

    Zharkova et al, 2019 ( suggested that this increase of solar irradiance since Maunder minimum occurred because the Sun was moving from the focus of the ellipse of the orbit closer to the spring equinox of the Earth orbit because the gravitation from large planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus…

    The SIM is suggested by Zharkova et al, 2019 to be related to the changes the Sun-Earth distances, which, in turn, leads to the increase of solar irradiance in the past four hundred years because this S-E distance was decreasing…

    …This increase of TSI caused by the SIM is expected to continue for another 400-500 years.

    Although, this constant increase of solar heating caused by the Sun movements towards the Earth orbit in the current phase of SIM in millennium 1600-2600 will be interrupted by the variations of solar activity on the Sun itself (item 1).
    For example, in the next 32 years the Sun is entered the modern grand solar minimum (GSM) (2020-2053)…”

    (just add https: to see the link just above)

  86. I boycotted Walmart over a decade ago as a result of the company’s malfeasance, exploitation, and corruption. Still, I take notice when they make headlines because of their widespread popularity in the US. Here’s the latest.

    Walmart drone delivery launches in Florida, Texas, Arizona markets

    Walmart will be using drone delivery in 23 cities by the end of this year. Ugh, I for one don’t want drones and robots being the new-norm in my neighborhood. Has anyone witnessed this yet? I thought there were laws against drones with cameras flying in residential areas. I guess when the FAA is involved they can usurp the law.

    The contactless future pushes forward, another piece in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The WEF has 75 agenda articles related to drones.

    • Thanks for the info.

      For many years I knew that I should not give any money to toxic, parasitic and degenerative corporations (like walmart) but still found my self making excuses about “only buying organic or durable/reusable stainless steel/glass products” and making the odd purchase there from time to time because it was on my way home and I gave in to laziness (even though I knew better).

      Well that changed in spring of 2021 when I experienced a ‘straw that broke the camels back’ moment and have not returned since.

      It was during one of those waves of propagandized financial and psychological warfare (being waged by the oligarchs and their puppets on the working class people) which were called “lockdowns”.

      In spring of 2021 the handle on my big pasta pot broke so I went to one of the few stores the government had allowed to remain open after work to buy a new one (and get some jars for preserving garden crops) to find this

      They had all the cooking ware (pots, pans, knives, cutting boards etc) and preservation equipment blocked off and would not allow you to purchase them. At the end of these walled-off isles of food preparation and preservation items were giant walls of processed junk food which we are allowed (and encouraged) to buy (cheesy crackers, twinkies, potato chips, other random junk packaged deserts, cheetos etc).

      I was pissed, I hunted down their manager and told him it was disgraceful that he was pushing junk food on people during a supposed viral outbreak when people should be eating healthy. He (being a predictable corporate footsoldier) said something about ‘just doing his part to follow Ontario mandates to keep everyone safe’ and said that if I call the store (meanwhile I am already in the store standing in front of him) or go online and place an order for the pot and preserving jars I want, they can have it ready for me for “contactless roadside pick up” in a couple hours’. I said “common man I just need a pot and some jars, they are right there (i pointed at them on the shelf)”. He said ‘we have to follow protocols’.

      I was working 60 hour plus weeks and barely had time to make dinner, preserve my garden crops and sleep, much less do some backward nonsensical online/call order thing so they can leave stuff at the street for me.

      That was it for me and walmart, never going back.

  87. This article makes an implied statement of trends…
    (and may be a good business idea for someone.)

    Monday Dec 26, 2022 – Business Insider
    This woman charges $480 an hour to help Gen Z and millennial workers overcome their fear of talking on the phone

    ~~ Mary Jane Copps set up The Phone Lady consultancy to help people improve their phone etiquette.
    ~~ Copps trains Gen Z workers who are afraid to use the phone because they’re so used to texting.
    ~~ Her work involves helping people overcome their “phone phobia” and have better conversations.

    Smartphones can do lots of things – but plenty of users make very few actual phone calls on them, if any at all.
    That’s left many younger workers lacking the confidence to speak effectively on the phone at work.
    Mary Jane Copps spotted the rise of “phone phobia” 16 years ago and set up a consultancy called The Phone Lady to help companies improve the telephone skills of their staff…

    …Alison Papadakis, director of clinical psychological studies at Johns Hopkins University, told Insider that phone phobia was more common in younger generations.

    She said: “Gen Z and millennials have a lot less experience talking on the phone because texting and instant messaging have been the primary communication mode for their generation. Since they have a lot less experience talking on the phone, they have less comfort with it.
    That sets up people who are vulnerable to social anxiety to have anxiety in that situation.”

    Copps charges $480 an hour for one-on-one coaching and $365 for 30-minute webinars as part of a seven-part program. For corporate workshops, the daily rate is $3,500. Insider has verified these figures using redacted invoices supplied by Copps.

    Many of Copps’ clients are in the financial sector or start-ups. Her first step is working out why an individual is anxious about phone calls.
    “A common fear is ‘what if someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer’,” she said. ..

    “You can’t build a relationship by email because it’s not back and forth and you’re not hearing each other’s tone of voice,” she said, adding that phone calls are “crucial in order to express interest and enthusiasm.”

    • Her first step is working out why an individual is anxious about phone calls.

      With that kind of billing, I’m pretty sure this item is nowhere near the top of her daily agenda.

  88. Old December 2021 Video making the rounds, and it is a dubious “fact” or not.

    Tedros says: “Some countries are using boosters to kill children, and that is not right.”

    VIDEO (just over 3 minutes) Statement comes about 2:38

    The WHO told AFP that Tedros stuttered in the press conference and his comments were subsequently misrepresented online.
    “During his delivery of the word ‘children’, he got stuck on the first syllable ‘chil’ and it came out sounding like ‘cil/kill'”, a representative for the WHO said.
    “He then correctly pronounced the same syllable immediately after, with it coming out audibly as ‘cil-children’. Any other interpretation of this is 100% incorrect.”

    W.H.O. transcript—20-december-2021
    So, if it’s going to be used, it’s better to focus on those groups who have the risk of severe disease and death, rather than, as we see, some countries are using to give boosters to children, which is not right.


    On December 14, 2022, Plaintiff’s (Good Guys) filed a redacted Notice regarding the (NTP) National Toxicology Program’s assessment of fluoride’s neurotoxicity dated May 2022.
    [The second highest office in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine has PUT THE REPORT ON HOLD.
    NIH’s Office of Director, the highest office within the NIH is also involved. Lawrence A. Tabak, D.D.S., Ph.D. (Dentist) is performing the duties of the NIH Director. He assumed this role on December 20, 2021.]

    If you don’t know who Rachel is, then you might want to take a look of his/her/him/they/them/it photos. I wonder if confusion about sex might also contribute to sociopathic authoritarian confusions.

    If you watched the October 26, 2022 EPA Fluoride Trial Hearing (less than hour), then you can understand the value of the (NTP) National Toxicology Program Report and how it has been repeatedly stalled.
    “Stalling” is a major tactic the government uses to win legally.
    For context, it should be noted that other very solid Fluoride neurotoxicity studies have been published during the course of this trial which dates back about 5 years ago when the lawsuit was filed. These more recent studies solidly demonstrate that typical water fluoridation standards (0.7mg/litre) can affect the brain.

    It is obvious to Corbett Report Members that powerful interests are trying to suppress the NTP Report.
    I want to also mention that many players besides government agencies are involved. The Dental lobby is rabid. Big industry players have a lot of bank on the line, directly and indirectly.

    To top it off, with the Twitter Files release on vaccine stuff and the general societal mindset shift, these sociopathic Federal Agency Authoritarians (NIH, HHS, CDC, EPA, FDA) are noticing the squeeze.
    Edward Dowd (the former Blackrock guy) once brought up a very astute point about these sociopaths, because their behavior will match the behavior of Wall Street criminals. Sociopaths will double down, triple down, deceive and lie to the very end.

      • I have a big problem with the “” website.

        In fact, if a person wanted to sabotage the “Activist educational campaign pointing out water fluoridation’s faults”, then that person would interject a wildly non sequitur, highly controversial, non-peer-reviewed body of statements in order to marginalize the facts about fluoridation.

        Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity, effort, or organization through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction.

        FluorideFreePeel could do it by thumping articles about Sandy Hook, or they could do it by thumping about “viruses do not exist”.

        In my opinion, the caretaker of “” website is either incredibly stupid when it comes to understanding public messaging and activist campaigns, or the caretaker is covertly trying to compromise the “Fluoride Activist Message”.
        I suspect that the caretaker wanted to take advantage of the audience and established wordpress website, rather than building a new “Virus Not Exist” website.
        If the caretaker cannot recognize PR and basic marketing aspects, then probably the caretaker cannot grasp other aspects in life.

        A few weeks ago, our local Fluoride Activists had a discussion about the aspect that moving forward we need to be very careful with presenting solid information in front of the public.
        Public statements like this are a “no no”: “Fluoridation is a deliberate plot by Secret Powerful Elite in order to dumb down the population.”
        It is stupid to provide the enemy with dry gunpowder.

        • robster,
          Do you even understand my point?

          The website positions “Fluoride Education” alongside “Virus Not Exist”.

          Do you recognize the problems with this marketing approach to the target audience of new people who are not educated about fluoride?

          • robster,
            Do you recognize the problems with this marketing approach to the target audience of new people who are not educated about fluoride?
            (i.e. The website positions “Fluoride Education” alongside “Virus Not Exist”.)

        • robster,
          Again, my point is not about “viruses do not exist”.

          I have no problem with you, Christine, and others advocating “viruses do not exist”.

          However, my point is that “viruses do not exist” and “Fluoride Education” is a terrible mix on the same platform targeting new public.
          It destroys the credibility of the “Fluoride Education” movement.
          To me, this is very obvious.

          If you do not recognize this, then I’m at a loss.

          • robster says:
            “There is no use in communicating with such people on any “controversial” topic, as their brains are not able to process that information yet.”

            Then why even have a “Fluoride Education” website such as “”?
            Is it designed only for the choir?

      • EXAMPLE of Ku Klux Klan and Fluoride

        In order to showcase my issue with the “” website, I will give you an example…

        I won’t say “who” or “where”, but there was once a very strong Fluoride Activist in the 60’s.
        This strong activist was also a high ranking, publicy known Ku Klux Klan member.
        This person also publicly said that “Fluoridation is a communist plot.”

        Clip from Dr Strangelove
        (2 minutes)
        1:30 mark on fluoridation

        Anyway, there is a reason that I won’t say “who” or “where” about the KKK person, nor cite my sources.
        I hope that you are bright enough to understand my reason.

        • robster,
          The “” website positions “Fluoride Education” alongside “Virus Not Exist” in their marketing to new people.

          My example was about a 1960’s marketing campaign where “Fluoride Education” got positioned next to the KKK.

          Both my sentences above demonstrate extremely poor recipes for educating the general public about water fluoridation.
          In fact, I argue that these recipes harm the “Fluoride Education” movement.

          • It’s the eternal question, how far should one go in teaching the truth as they have discovered it?

            I woould say that we should always go all the way instead of building on a foundation of a lie.

            However, the long tradition of occult teaching would indicate that the general direction it has been taking is completely different, relying on baby steps and sugar coating. I’ll leave it to the reader to determine how well it worked out.

            One thing I am very positive about is that not all people will be able to accept any and all sources of information.

            For example, if one was already well on their way to questioning the myths of virology, would they be well served with some (for them new) flouride related information, coming from an author that is hard on pushing covid related matters?

            Discernment and trust that people can achieve it is the only thing that can get us out of our current predicament.

          • mkey says:
            “I woould say that we should always go all the way instead of building on a foundation of a lie.”

            I disagree.
            Marketing and also effective communication both take into account the reality of the target audience.

            Effective communication with a 4 year old would be different than with an adult.

            One would not market medicare insurance to a 20 year old.
            (And I, an old man, probably receive well over $1,000 worth of medicare advertising every year.)

            If one desires NOT to have a target audience receive the message of the communication, then certainly design the communication outside the realm of reality of the receiver.

          • HRS:

            You make an excellent point about communication and target audience.

            For example JC’s material is accessible to a variety of people who have the ability to look at source material and make up their own mind. It’s an exercise in how to critically analyze information and learn how research, not what to think and what conclusions should be made.

            The virus/no virus issue is a complex technical topic that has not been debated effectively. Also, the topic is pushed into a binary understanding that I think is incorrect.

            The thing I don’t like is how people who say this issue is binary and “you’re either for or against and if you don’t think like me, you’re a shill, etc” muddy the waters even further. People who promote divisiveness don’t really help build community or educate.

          • Marketing and also effective communication both take into account the reality of the target audience.

            90% of all marketing are lies, obfuscation and omissions. So, if one aims to target people who do not appreciate lies, obfuscation and omission, a good strategy would appear to be not using a marketing strategy.

          • mkey,
            You are utlitizing marketing by means of your comment.
            You are delivering a message, a promotion of a concept.
            Everyday everyone utlizes marketing.

    • Giving dry gunpowder to the enemy is stupid.

    • Didn’t realize you were on these boards. I’m a big fan of your work

    • @Camille

      Very educational, thank you for all your hard work in putting it together.

      You do a great job illuminating how they are attempting to blur the lines between what is considered as “genetically modified” and what is made via some other obscure synthetic chemical (test-tube grown) industrialized lab process. They are attempting to obfuscate people’s perception of terms like “GMO” and “Natural” (and doing a pretty good job I might add).

      I`ll add your website so my list of suggested resources/links at the end of my soon to be published book in the interest of hopefully raising more awareness on this topic.

    • It’s a funny koinkidink that I have personal experience with “accidental” defenestration, going back several decades. In my case, the accident was precipitated by complete loss of cohesive and balanced thought process, sprinkled with false beliefs in things that do not exist. I was 6 at the time, don’t know what’s could be this chap’s excuse to make this story fly.

  90. I know there are quite a few 9/11 truthers amongst the members here.
    Any 9/11 truther worth their salt will be familiar with Pilots for 9/11 Truth and
    Rob Balsamo its founder.

    I just learned yesterday that he died more than two years ago, in July 2020.

    I’ve been trying in vain to discover the cause of his death.
    If anyone here has info on this that you could share I’d appreciate it.
    Something came up in my research that makes me very suspicious already.

  91. @robster

    Thanks for the link, I came across someone from Japan that was commenting on my material on substack that told me they thought that Nuclear Weapons were a hoax but they provided very little evidence to support their far out claims so I appreciate having some more in depth material to perhaps understand their belief system in greater detail.

    Do you personally believe that nuclear fission and/or fusion based weapons do not exist?

    • @robster

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      While I agree that the proverbial “they” certainly lie a lot, I also think that in some instances it is to their advantage to publish factual information (and/or partially true info) in the public domain for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is likely part of a psychological warfare strategy (mixing truth with lies as to obfuscate and burry the truth in a pile of half truths and nonsense so it is rendered unintelligible to everyone except the most discerning and driven individuals) and in some cases I think their egos get the best of them and they find themselves bragging (and saying a little more than their friends might want them to say, from a racketeering operations strategy standpoint).

      Thus, I strive not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and to use comprehensive research methods, triple independent verification, discernment and intuition to be able to sort out what are lies and what are truths (being hidden in plain sight) or inadvertently exposed.

      I agree with your assertion that if we all unite the banksters and their goons become powerless. I suppose where that truth fails to make the ‘rubber meet the road’ is due to a combination of people not agreeing on what that “uniting event” (or process) should look like and then a good amount of apathy, fear and ‘learned helplessness’ which is present in the minds of the masses as well (along with some other variables).

      If you had unlimited resources to set in motion a chain of events to create the ideal “uniting” situation (or process) for our human family, what would it look like?

      As far as Nuclear weapons are concerned I have a hard time believing they could be effectively faked (given the plethora of eye witness accounts of the blasts both in the pacific islands, Japan, Russia, the documented effects of radiation sickness in proximity to detonations and of course all the film footage and photographic evidence).

      Aside from that type of evidence I also had an exchange student friend (from Japan) out west that ended up living on my parents farm for a season and his grandparents came to visit once and told me stories about Nagasaki (they lived on the outskirts). They seemed like honest people to me so I have a hard time understanding why so many like them would lie about what they saw.

      The woman that was talking to me on substack about this also thought the Earth is flat and that there are no such things as stars (as modern science thinks of them). So she not only thinks that nuclear weapons were hoaxed, but also thinks that there is no such thing as nuclear fusion, stars or galaxies. That part was pretty hard for me to understand how anyone could think that (after having looked through several high powered telescopes in my study of the universe).

      What are your thoughts on stellar phenomenon such as nuclear fusion?

      • How do you see nuclear fusion through a telescope? I mean, how do you identify it as such? We assume that that is what we see, but how does one know what it really is?

        • @mkey

          Great question(s).

          I should have been more clear in my comment above. When I said “having looked through several high powered telescopes in my study of the universe” I was not implying that the act of looking at stars and galaxies somehow provided me with incontrovertible proof that nuclear fusion is what ‘powers’ the stars. Rather, I was speaking about the beliefs of the lady on substack (I wish I could find her comments to link them here) where she said she does not think there are stars (massive cosmic bodies that exist outside our solar system that emit light, other forms of radiation and often have their own planets too). I was saying that I could not relate to her belief system that placed what she perceives as a ‘flat Earth’ at the center of the universe (and describes stars as nothing more than an illusion or small gaseous phenomenon occurring in our atmosphere) after my having seen the sun, other plants in our solar system, other stars and multitudes of diverse galaxies through different magnifications via telescopes.

          With regards to nuclear fusion (in the context of stars) I suppose it is the best explanation I have heard made of what powers them to date, but since I have not flown out to sample a star in a spaceship I do not have any physical evidence to support that view.

          What do you think is the mechanism that creates all the energy and radiation that is emitted from stars (such as “Sol” aka ‘the sun’)?

          • As a quasi total non sequitur, I was wondering, while listening again to someone in your doc summarizing Tesla’s Free Energy concept of “pulling energy out of the air” and it made me think of “pulling energy out of the ether” somehow via toroidal energy, and I was reminded of the ITER project with a torus-shaped tokamak for nuclear fusion.
            I guess whereas for ITER a magnetic field is compressed creating plasma and thus nuclear fusion (or something like that), for perpetual motion a magnetic field is used to keep something in motion, toroidal energy flowing through a vortex, in the shape of a torus? Anyhow. For a flash my wildly vague conspiracy mind was wondering if they’d be able to convert the ITER site into a big free energy plant. But the subject at hand was nuclear fusion. so I’ll just bow gracefully out now…bye. (hey! d’ya think the words “good bye” are in fact a subliminal incitation to consume, like “buy good”?? just like the cookie buttons are all orders to “accept!” “submit!” “accept all!” etc??? 8-O) just kidding, ciao! chow???

          • I have no idea, but at this point nothing would surprise me. I’m not saying it’s not what they are saying, I’m just saying I don’t know.

            Have you seen the phenomena that some people refer to as “lunar wave”? The name of the phenomena was later updated because the same was noticed on other celestial objects as well. This appears to have been independently verified many times over the past decade.

          • @mkey

            I have not heard of (or seen) the “lunar wave” phenomenon until now. Pretty trippy stuff man.

            Considering how the moon reverberates/resonates like a bell when an object with sufficient mass strikes it, I had entertained the notion that it could be some sort of artificial construct but the video of that “lunar wave” thing that I found after a quick search seems to be some sort of visual distortion (rather than a physical shift taking place) so I have no idea what that would be.

            Do you have any specific sources of evidence for that phenomenon that you would suggest I take a look at?

            What are your thoughts on the “lunar wave” phenomenon ?

          • @nosoapradio

            That is an interesting observation (regarding the geometrical configuration of the ITER machine).

            Whether or not that type of machine can tap into and extract usable energy (from the zero point field) is a moot point considering how expensive it is to build the thing and how it is centrally controlled. It is by design, a mechanism that perpetuates the centralized control of energy corporation monopolies.

            I commented on the hot fusion tech hype in more depth here:

            We do not need massive expensive machines, burning fuel or smashing atoms together to extract usable energy or move our vehicles around. If we take a look in the forest or the garden we can clearly see more efficient ways for (via biomimicry) for accessing energy (in a decentralized and scalable format) and propelling objects without the need for combusting anything.

            Many have have tried do what I describe above and been very successful in learning from nature but the best inventions (which are so efficient that they would reduce the cost of transportation, manufacturing and thus all goods to nearly zero) are always scooped up (and black boxed) by those that currently sit atop the existing energy monopolies (or ‘murder incorporated’ is sent in to pay the inventors a visit).

            Ralph Ring was a man that went down that path. He worked with Otis t. Carr (Protege of Nikola Tesla) to align with the forces of nature in order to create a ground breaking new form of propulsion / energy generation technology. Their method involved harmonic resonance and tapping into what scientists now call “the zero point field”. This is yet another method in which “mass cancellation” (commonly referred to as “anti-gravity”) can be achieved in a controlled, reproducible, scalable and practically applicable way.

            He began his journey to create ground breaking technologies through simply observing a bumblebee. (

            Ralph Ring knewways interview:

            Anti-Gravity & Conscious Awareness | Ralph and Marsha Ring :

          • nosoapradio:

            “(hey! d’ya think the words “good bye” are in fact a subliminal incitation to consume, like “buy good”?? just like the cookie buttons are all orders to “accept!” “submit!” “accept all!” etc??? 8-O) just kidding, ciao! chow??? “

            Speaking about those ‘cookie buttons’…
            Does anyone here in the know, know what they are all about?

            They have now become so ubiquitous on sites that they are truly annoying.

            It seems there is now a legal requirement in countries to include them?
            Why have they been added? Do they make any difference?

            Many sites don’t even let you proceed until you have made some form of acknowledgement of them.

            The whole cookie system does seem to be somewhat of a joke.
            The acknowledgement part gives the impression that we are in charge of what/who can store information about us on our/their computers.

            Take the behemoth Google for example. Even when not logged in to a Google account, they will sneak cookies onto your computer and track your every move/click on anything Google/Youtube related.

          • I’ll reiterate that the “lunar” wave does not appear to be related to the Moon as it has been recorded over other objects visible around us. It was initially, as far as I’m aware, discovered by crrow777 some 10 years ago and confirmed by others. He spent years looking at the Moon and initially though that this phenomena was related to the equinox but has later altered his point of view.

            Currently I believe he finds this to be proof of existence of a “firmament” and “space” actually being a liquid of some sort. You may find this podcast interesting in this regard, they cover many topics, it’s well worth a listen.

            I personally would like to see this phenomena confirmed with a digital and analogue telescope because what it looks like to me is a video artefact or a refresh glitch. If this phenomena is not coming from the recording itself (an artefact), then I have to presume that this is a glitch, which would inevitably lead me to the conclusion that the Moon is at least some of the time a simulation of some sort, suffering from these rendering issues.

            You mention resonance/reverb that occurs when the Moon is hit, is there anything concrete to suggest that this does indeed happen? How would this sound be recorded?

          • but why two waves each time?

            Happy New Year!

          • I still can’t get over the fact that the moon rotates just fast and slow enough to always show exactly the same face to everyone on earth everywhere. THAT seems really suspicious.
            But I’m kinda being a little facetious but… it’s weird.

            just intelligent design and all I guess…

            but yea, once you go beyond this new ‘lunar wave’ conspiracy and all, you’re way out there, way way out there, like George Cluny listening to country music as he floats irreparably out into space… out there for good… then life’s just a hologram, what else?

            Did I say happy new year??

          • The ratio of the Moon and Earth diameter is also very peculiar. How about the majority of the solar system laying on the same plane? List of odd things taken for granted is a large one.

          • Yea mkey, you’re right! I’ve thought on isolated occasions about those points as well, but I can never manage to remember all this stuff in a coherent manner. Thanks for reminding me!

            ps: what might you think about the Andrew Pollack exposé on the Tom Nelson website (posted somewhere below)? Is it just more new agey quantum-style hogwash? (he is from UPenn) or…?

        • @mkey

          “You mention resonance/reverb that occurs when the Moon is hit, is there anything concrete to suggest that this does indeed happen? How would this sound be recorded?”

          Another great question, since NASA is the organization that supposedly installed the seismometers on the moon that are described as recording the resonance/vibrations (and NASA is generally full of shit and serves as a PR/propaganda front for the military industrial complex and “Breakaway Civilization”, as Richard Dolan calls it) anything they claim to have recorded should be taken with a grain of salt.

          Thanks for posing the question and sharing that fascinating info on the moon.

      • @robster

        While I acknowledge that people can be manipulated view telling them how to perceive events they have witnessed (see: 911 for a great example) when it comes to nuclear blasts these are clearly events that are created via some other process than the use of conventional explosives (and such events have a measurable effect on biology that conventional explosives do not). So whether you want to call that nuclear fusion, fission, ‘sorcery’, ‘bad vibes’ or “a single projectile, charged with the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with all its splendour… an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death” the reality of some form of technology to create these blasts (and the ionizing radiation that comes along with them, measurable via Geiger counter and observable as exerting a deleterious effect on the cells and DNA of most forms of life) is unavoidable. Thus, I propose that what we call the thing is not as important as learning be prepared to mitigate (or prevent) the detrimental effects such technology can have on biology. Pursuant to this task, I put this article together:

        I agree there are less costly and more scalable ways to access energy than hot fusion reactors.

        Yes, I think I shared links to several books that focus on Schauberger’s work with you in another thread. Yes I am familiar with Gerald Pollack’s work on The Fourth Phase of Water.

        Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

      • “If you had unlimited resources to set in motion a chain of events to create the ideal “uniting” situation (or process) for our human family, what would it look like?”

        Robster didn’t respond to your question, may I?
        I think it’s a great one.

        For me it’s a no-brainer.
        I would take complete control of the mainstream media system, worldwide.

        I would first hire a team to feed the masses information that would correct all the mis/disinformation they have been fed for decades.

        Then I would have this team ensure no obvious mis/disinformation is spread in the future.

        • @Fawlty Towers

          I am glad you caught that and decided to respond. 🙂

          That is a very interesting solution.

          I admire your noble intent but my question is, would doing that (going from psychopaths telling people what to think to a nice guy with a team of experts working for him telling them what to think) serve to perpetuate the infantilism that is so prevalent in the ‘normie’ masses (where they wait with baited breath to be spoon fed what they are supposed to accept as true by big brother) ?

          Also, (and this is my permaculture design mindset that plans for the 100 year storms at work so please do not take offense) what if remnants of the old order that has been feeding people “mis/disinformation” did not like your taking over their propaganda apparatus in order to educate the masses, and they sent their own team to bribe, blackmail, threaten or murder your team to force them to stop telling the truth to people?

          Additionally, what system would you have in place for “ensur(ing) no obvious mis/disinformation is spread in the future.” ? How would your team determine what is declared as legit information or “mis-information”?

          As I said, I admire your good intent, but without some additional safety measures and a more long term transition plan I see some potential flaws in that hypothetical solution due to the hyper-centralized hierarchic structure and its potential to allow people to stagnate in the role of followers that depend on some external mass media apparatus to tell them what to think.

          I appreciate you taking the time to answer the question though and I wish you a very happy new year 🙂

          • Gavin you offer a very reasoned reply. I agree with the inherent problems with my proposition.
            However I was simply answering to the part about “set in motion a chain of events”.
            The chain of events that would follow after my initial suggestion are up for discussion and debate. 🙂

            “what to think to a nice guy with a team of experts working for him telling them what to think) serve to perpetuate the infantilism that is so prevalent in the ‘normie’ masses (where they wait with baited breath to be spoon fed what they are supposed to accept as true by big brother) ?

            I would view this problem as tackling it in baby steps. First correct the wrongs of the past (via the new MSM).
            If the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that the normie masses are by and large one great programmable entity, unable to think for themselves.

            Also, …what if remnants of the old order that has been feeding people “mis/disinformation” did not like your taking over their propaganda apparatus in order to educate the masses, and they sent their own team to bribe, blackmail, threaten or murder your team to force them to stop telling the truth to people?

            My suggestion wasn’t meant to be a fool-proof system, but rather a wish-list type of response, a start, meant to be built upon. You gotta start somewhere, and to me, this would be the most logical place. Media is the message! You can get the masses to do virtually anything today if you control the media.

            “Additionally, what system would you have in place for “ensur(ing) no obvious mis/disinformation is spread in the future.” ? How would your team determine what is declared as legit information or “mis-information”?

            This would be a tricky one indeed!
            Perhaps an “open-source” board/team with no political/business affiliations or conflicts of interest as a start?

            “As I said, I admire your good intent, but without some additional safety measures and a more long term transition plan I see some potential flaws in that hypothetical solution due to the hyper-centralized hierarchic structure and its potential to allow people to stagnate in the role of followers that depend on some external mass media apparatus to tell them what to think”

            Yes of course you are right. But as I said at the start of this reply, my recommendation was meant to simply get the ball rolling and to be built upon.
            I still maintain, given the mindset of the masses, nothing short of their total ‘re-programming’ (via MSM) will result in a population willing to be in a “ “uniting” situation (or process)”.
             Happy New Year to you too!

        • @Fawlty Towers

          Your amicable, humble and generous comment is very much appreciated.

          Thanks for clarifying, I had a feeling you would have other supplementary ideas for honing your proposed solution.

          Your candid analysis of my critiques reminds me how much potential for constructive problem solving, collaboration and brain storming exists in these comment threads at the Corbett Report.

          I think it would be cool if we have a forum devoted to that question I posed to robster above (which you answered). Getting a diverse range of suggested solutions and then discussing how they could be combined/overlap, discarding problematic aspects and keeping the best.

          Also, since we are unlikely to suddenly get a blank cheque handed to us by the BIS (or some other club of central banking oligarchs that can invent money out of thin air) perhaps another (potentially even more valuable) mental exercise would be to answer other similar questions which either involve hypothetical pooling of resources to create some kind of catalyst event or perhaps even more practical would be posing the question but from the perspective of a totally decentralized solution (or path towards a viable solution) so that each of us can take action on it in the there and now.

          Thanks again for the response and may this next lap around our local star (Sol) be a time when some of your most cherished hopes and visions for your future begin to become manifest in your experience as a result of your hard work, faith and determination.

        • @robster

          Thanks for replying to my inquiry about an area where a Geiger counter was reading lethal levels of radiation. Sounds like you are pretty confident that ionizing radiation is a myth. I would not want to be there when you test that hypothesis but in theory, I admire your tenacity.

          Thank you for also responding to my query about whether or not the shape of the planet would change the efficacy of the solutions we have to the biggest challenges we face.

      • @robster

        I had not seen that documentary (until now) thanks for the heads up.

        Since I have not studied the effects of radioactive contamination in the proximity of Chernobyl in recent years, I cannot speak to whether or not humans would die from radiation sickness if they visited/lived there without protective equipment. With regards to how the animals and plants are now thriving around Chernobyl, I would suspect that we have radiotrophic fungi and bacteria to thank for that. There are a number of organisms that are known to assist in bioremediation of soil and water contaminated with ionizing radiation and toxic waste via their metabolic activities relating to radiosynthesis (which interestingly, in the case of Radiotrophic fungi, seems to be related to their high melanin content).

        That was pretty cool seeing those beavers and wolves doing their thing serving as agents of trophic cascade in that documentary, thanks for mentioning it. Have you ever read about wolves or beavers and how they can initiate a “trophic cascade” effect in degraded ecosystems? Here are a couple links related to that:,The%20Trophic%20Cascade,a%20more%20natural%20ecosystem%20balance.

        Geiger counters involve a gaseous ionization detector which measures levels of ionizing radiation present in a space.

        Mushroom cloud shapes yes, but of the size and producing the heat that is measured when an atomic weapon goes off? No, Not based on my understanding of conventional explosives.

        I`ll read the DNA article when I have time.

        You are most welcome, let me know what you think of the books once you get a chance to read them.

      • @robster

        Regarding your implying that nuclear weapons (and nuclear fission based technologies in general) are non-existent and all the evidence we have of these technologies and their use is part of an elaborate hoax.

        My question to you is this: If you think Geiger counters are just bs like PCR tests, would you be willing to walk into an area where a Geiger counter was reading lethal levels of rads?

        Now regarding flat Earth discussions.

        The most important question we should be asking is: Does the Earth being flat vs round change any of the viable solutions we now have to act upon for making our world a better place?

        In other words, do the viable solutions you are aware of (that are applicable in your day to day life) have the potential to be effective whether or not the Earth is round?

        If the answer is that the solutions we have would work in both hypothetical situations than arguing about the shape of the planet is just a waste of time (and feeds into distracting us from unifying our efforts and applying solutions in a decentralized manner to cripple the corporate oligarchy and leave them behind).

        • If there is any progress to be made, it certainly won’t be on a foundation of a lie. I’d go as far as to say that absolutely nothing will change until people on aggregate start craving the truth more than they crave the air.

          How does one know where they are going if they don’t know where they are coming from? There is certainly a lot of loss of information,

        • @mkey

          You make some great points (which offer philosophical wisdom and beneficial aspirations for our society).

          Thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts on this.

          If you would be so kind as to indulge me, I would appreciate a more direct answer to the question I posed above.

          When you say “I’d go as far as to say that absolutely nothing will change until people on aggregate start craving the truth more than they crave the air.” does that mean you think that until people crave (and seek out) truth about the shape of the Earth, the solutions they are attempting to take action to use to make this world a better place will amount to “nothing”?

          The root of my question is this, based on whatever things you feel are viable solutions that each of us can do in our everyday lives (solutions for healing our bodies, the ecosystems, dismantling the corporate oligarchy and creating a more equitable, honorable and abundant future for human civilization) do those solutions work whether or not the Earth is flat or round? Or do they only work if we agree it is one shape or the other?

          Thanks for your time.

        • Change is predicated on knowing what is the actual source of information and understanding the difference between knowing and believing something. The actual shape is immaterial in most scenarios, but not all. Depending on the fact of the matter one might have to come to terms with cultivating a prison cell, in which case an alteration of the strategy previously though to be most optimal would be warranted.

        • @mkey

          Thanks for the response.

          Could you elaborate what types of situations you feel that the shape of the Earth would not be immaterial in (in the context of applying solutions to the challenges we face)?

          More specifically, could you provide an example of a scenario where a solution that has been presented/discussed in the Corbett Report Solutions Watch series would not be effective if the world is flat (vs spherical)?

          Could you please also elaborate on your mentioning “cultivating a prison cell”? I am having a hard time understanding what you meant by that exactly.

          Thanks for your time.

        • Gavin, like I stated flat vs spherical is really immaterial, in my view. What I was referring to is a pretty wild scenario, just as an example:

          We could be somehow imprisoned and possibly separated from many others of our kind. Those others could exist in similar conditions but artificially separated from us. Be it via domes or being located on different planes or whatever. In such a scenario, growing food would be a good first step, but just a first step.

          In a state of aggregate freedom where people are free as a whole, while still being physically limited by certain natural conditions, one could grow their food indefinitely while simply enjoying and thriving in freedom, without having the removal of a slavemaster on the agenda.

          And I don’t think it’s really a matter of “flat vs spherical” because those would be just two extremes. Perfect for application of strategies such as divide and conquer, yes?

          robster, the money itself is a psyop. Money does not exist in nature and it will never exist in nature. Money is the ultimate religion, it’s a god the masses will bow down to and for which they will endure untold amounts of lies and nonsense. They will sell their own prosperity, health and those of their progeny for it without batting an eye lid.

        • @mkey

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Yes divide and conquer is the name of (their) game for sure.

          I am glad to hear that you deem gardening as a universally ‘first good step’ (even in a dystopian alternate dimension where we are imprisoned in separate dome thingys) 🙂

          The image your comment invokes in my mind makes me think of a particular Outer Limits Episode which takes “abduction” fear propaganda to a whole new level. These aliens scoop up a whole neighborhood! 🙂

          The Outer Limits S03E17 Feasibility Study:

        • It’s tough thinking of something fresh with the outer limits people.

  92. Why?
    What is the intent? Objectives? Is it only ‘filler’ during the Holidays.
    Is it bait for clicks?
    Is there an attempt to gradually step away from the “get vaxxed” narrative?
    I find the following Mainstream Media article somewhat puzzling.
    Originally, it was published 6/2/2022 at “The Conversation”.
    Other Media will pick it up and recirculate it.

    Yahoo News now dates it Dec 29th. But the article is 6 months old.
    Unvaccinated South Africans told us why they weren’t interested in having COVID jabs

    The article has 900 comments as I type.
    They are interesting.
    No telling what has been removed.

  93. Geoengineering Startup Begins Releasing Sulfur Particles Into Atmosphere In Attempt To ‘Stop Climate Change’

    Authored by Naveen Anthrapully via The Epoch Times,

    A startup is launching weather balloons capable of releasing reflective sulfur particles into the earth’s atmosphere, with the stated aim of combating climate change through solar geoengineering, while disregarding the negative consequences of such actions.

    In solar geoengineering, attempts are made to manipulate the climate by reflecting more sunlight away from earth. Theoretically, releasing sulfur and other such compounds is believed to potentially cool down the planet. Back in 1991, for example, when Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted, it released large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere that spread around the world and triggered a 1-degree Fahrenheit cooling for the next 15 months. The California-based startup, Make Sunsets, is believed to have launched the weather balloons from Mexico.

    In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Make Sunsets CEO Luke Iseman said that he expects to be characterized as a “Bond villain” for what the company is doing. But he insists that climate change is a threat, and that since the world is moving slowly to address the problem, a more radical solution is needed.

    “It’s morally wrong, in my opinion, for us not to be doing this,” Iseman said.
    What’s important is “to do this as quickly and safely as we can.”

    Make Sunsets is attempting to make revenue out of its efforts, seeking to sell $10 “cooling credits” for releasing a gram of particles into the atmosphere. The startup has raised $750,000 in funding. It plans on raising the sulfur payload in the future as well as using telemetry devices and other sensors….

  94. A quote from the newly elected President Eisenhower in 1953 about the real cost of war, or even the cost of making the tools for war;

    In 1953, eight years before his famous warning about “the acquisition of unwarranted influence… by the military-industrial complex,” President Dwight Eisenhower delivered a startling cost-benefit analysis in his “Cross of Iron” speech.

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”

    That wasn’t a plea for welfare-state socialism. It’s basic economics: Every tax dollar that’s extracted from the productive economy for the military is a dollar you and I can’t spend improving our lives. In that regard, it’s like any other form of government spending.

    Ike even ran the numbers in that speech: “The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some 50 miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.”

    Unless you’re pushing 100 years of age, no American reading this missive today has an adult memory of what it was like to live in “a normal country in a normal time.”

    (I pulled this from The 5 Min Forecast)

    And, I might add ,what is normal?

  95. Friday December 30, 2022 –
    Law Will Install Kill Switches In All New Cars
    by Steven Symes

    Once again, drivers get screwed by politicians in DC…

    Back in 1998, sci-fi TV series The X-Files aired an episode called “Kill Switch” about an AI gone rogue. Told when the internet was still accessed by most using dial-up modems, it was a fascinating tale of technology run amuck, a message about not handing too much of your life over to the digital world. While it might also seem like a sci-fi tale, soon enough the United States federal government could force automakers to install kill switches authorities can access and use to shut down any newer vehicle.

    To many, that might sound like a wonderful idea…
    …According to an article written by former U.S. Representative Bob Barr, hidden away in the recently passed infrastructure bill, the very one I warned before would negatively impact drivers across the country if it were to pass, is a measure to install vehicle kill switches into every new car, truck, and SUV sold in this country. The regulation likely won’t be enforced for five years, so maybe there’s time to do something about this.

    As we’ve seen both in this country and others recently, what constitutes “law-abiding” can change drastically overnight. For example, in September a car was pulled over in New Zealand and the occupants arrested when police discovered the trunk was full of Kentucky Fried Chicken meals. They were smuggling the fast food to customers in locked-down Auckland, against quarantine measures. Yet not too long before, delivering restaurant orders to people was considered a reputable, legal activity.

    It gets even better: Barr points out that the bill, which has been signed into law by President Biden, states that the kill switch, which is referred to as a safety device, must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”
    In other words, Big Brother will constantly be monitoring how you drive.
    If you do something the system has been programmed to recognize as driver impairment, your car could just shut off, which could be incredibly dangerous…

    …But wait, there’s more. This kill switch “safety” system would be open, or in other words there would be a backdoor. That would allow police or other government authorities to access it whenever… …hackers…

    …Obviously, our elected officials don’t care too much about our safety or privacy….

  96. 2 minute Video from China – Reporter shows that crowds of sick people do not exist in front of testing centers.

    Mark Crispin Miller
    Just as people throughout China were NOT “dropping dead of COVID in the streets” at the beginning of this nightmare, so are they NOT “overrunning” fever clinics now, despite this “new” Big Lie

  97. This California Law Takes Effect On Jan. 1st, 2023… Assembly Bill No. 2098

    This law allows doctors to face discipline for spreading so-called misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19—including information about vaccine effectiveness and other treatments—and categorizes it as unprofessional conduct.
    Doctors could lose their license from the Medical Baord.

    Assembly Bill No. 2098

    SECTION 1. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
    (a) The global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or COVID-19, has claimed the lives of over 6,000,000 people worldwide, including nearly 90,000 Californians.

    (b) Data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that unvaccinated individuals are at a risk of dying from COVID-19 that is 11 times greater than those who are fully vaccinated.

    (c) The safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines have been confirmed through evaluation by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the vaccines continue to undergo intensive safety monitoring by the CDC.

    (d) The spread of misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines has weakened public confidence and placed lives at serious risk.

    (e) Major news outlets have reported that some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals.

    (f) The Federation of State Medical Boards has released a statement warning that physicians who engage in the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation risk losing their medical license, and that physicians have a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.

    (g) In House Resolution No. 74 of the 2021–22 Regular Session, the California State Assembly declared health misinformation to be a public health crisis, and urged the State of California to commit to appropriately combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of falsehoods that threaten the health and safety of Californians.

    2270. (a) It shall constitute unprofessional conduct for a physician and surgeon to disseminate misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines….

  98. HO LY CA NNO LI !!!

    Get a load of this!:

    The Fourth phase of water and the Unsuspected role of Electricity in the workings of Nature!

    Just Pollacks? or Paradigm-changing?? But probably both!!

    (did I say Happy New Year?) Happy New Year Y’all Corbett fellers you!

    • Thanks for the link to this video. I have seen others that impressed me enough to purchase his book on the subject. The world is so amazing!

      • Wow! My pleasure jo-ann!!

        The world IS amazing Indeed!

        And thanks for the link you posted below! Your remarks reflect my own experience! I’ll definitely have a look at it and then amply armed, perhaps jump back into the ring myself!

        All the best to you and yours for this new year!

    • @nosoapradio

      Gonna listen to this today 🙂 thanks for sharing.

      By the way, I responded to your comment about your intended garden oasis (with the “jardinière”) elsewhere but came up against the infamous ‘no reply button’ phenomenon and so I was not sure if you would see it or get a notification. Here is the link:

      Happy New Year to you too!

  99. Happy New Year, fellow Corbetteers.

    Found a communication resource to help reach the folks in our circles that have been propagandized:

    The site has 24 presentations that likely will appeal to everyone’s interests, including hijacking movements.

    I discovered this resource via a short presentation and Q&A given to the World Council for Health:

    As messages from the WHO and other “experts” are getting fierce against “anti-vaxxers” and freedom lovers in general, I expect the battle for minds and hearts is getting hotter. I gave up trying to reach people because I had little (NO) success, but I am willing to give it another go after using these resources.

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