Deep Fakes: The CIA’s Mission Accomplished

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Ex-CIA Director William Casey infamously observed that the agency will know its disinformation campaign is complete when everything the public believes is false. Well, rest easy, Bill! Now with deep fake technology the dream of everything being fake is finally here!

Jordan Peterson AI sings Rap God by Eminem

Ben Shapiro AI Sings Rap God by Eminem

Donald Trump AI model tries Karaoke (Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics)

Bernie Sanders sings Dancing Queen

This AI-generated Joe Rogan fake has to be heard to be believed

Why AI Deepfakes Should Scare the Living Bejeezus Out of You

Jordan Peterson: The deepfake artists must be stopped before we no longer know what’s real

How To Spot A Deep Fake – #NewWorldNextWeek

Did CIA Director William Casey really say, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes


  1. Everytime I hear something about deepfake, it reminds me of that scene of Wag the Dog where they create through (hollywood make believe) cgi a war scenario in Albania with a little girl running with a cat in arms through rubble and bombs… Great movie with many truths.

    • calibrator-

      Thanks for the link.

      Once CIA/establishment influence in Hollywood is on your radar, you see it constantly. It hits you on the forehead like a flapping goldfish. You begin to realize or suspect that every major studio exec or director has CIA monogrammed bedsheets in their guest bungalows (fine thread count of course, to show that they are cultured and classy).

      And in that article was the mention of these state actors referring to themselves as “public servants”. I have always found that sickly amusing. By that logic, H.H. Holmes provided safe and comfy lodging during the Chicago World Fair.

    • Ahhhhh, ascertaining reality…great read is Chogyam Trunpa’s Transcending Madness, or The Future is Open (edited from talks), or any other of CT’s reads…the challenge is upon us NOW…

  2. When I saw Lt. Dan sitting on the edge of the shrimp boat with stumps for legs some 25 years ago that we were in trouble.

  3. I had seen some of the technologies that can edit whie rolling, AI that creates faces & voice mimicing on Secureteam. The ways it could be abused seemed endless. As cameras are set up along city streets your image doing any number of postures, could easily be made into you placing an explosive, or a mysterious package. People volunteering to leave their DNA with 23 & ME and other DNA collector sites, just makes it that much easier to place someone at a crime scene.

    While you were talking about the MSM focusing on this topic my mind also went to Epstein’s lair. One can only imagine the treasure trove of audio and video of captains of industry and government actors performing any number of perversions that have been confiscated from his vaults. What a perfect time to pre-condition the public that “there’s nothing to see here” (again).

  4. I saw Daniel Schmachtenberger’s interview on Rebel Wisdom that goes fairly deep on the attack on sensemaking – the ability for people to make sense out of the world around them. The deep fake phenomena is part of that. Here is a link to that interview:

  5. Don’t we live in a country full of ” Infinite Jest” I miss the musings of David Foster Wallace. Dead way before he should have been.

    Corbett, yes you James , do have a little Wallace in you.

    • To address some movies that for-shadow the coming technology and its tricky manipulation and unreliable use in finding or fabricating truth. One was the detective movie from 1993 titled “Rising Sun” staring Sean Connery, Wes Snipes and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.
      Has a plot centered around the highest tech state of the art digital video security system and discovery of it failing in the hand of expert forgers . 1993 Hollywood.

      Rising Sun

      • I called a movie buff associate and asked him about CIA involvement in film producing. He didn’t know the level of involvement but assumed it was outside the industry demand and not market driven demand. He pointed out a paticular movie
        Titled ” Henry “. He said it came out in summer but could not remember the year. He said the X rating was warranted but not for sexual content and the film was being shown, but the A/C was out in the theater. He was in a 100°f theater and claims to have set though it twice. No one entered besides him so he took his shirt off , it was that hot, all heat but he said the film was chilling, sickly chilling.

        Siskill and Ebert gave it 2 thumbs up.

        He calls me a day later and said he found a DVD at a pawn shop, did I want to see it? I wish I hadn’t! Sick, visually disturbed and a determined pyop if ever produced. No where on the credits or the package or insert was a date printed. I can only guess from the cameras and sets it was 1975- 1985.
        The producers had an agenda and I cant UN-SEE what I saw. Don’t look at it but if you want proof there it is.

        • GBW-

          Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer came out in 1986. It was based on Henry Lee Lucas, who along with Ottis Toole were suspected of killing an awful lot of people.
          I saw it years ago, so don’t recall much, except that it was grim and definitely would not show up on the Disney Channel.
          Just curious, could you elaborate on why you think it was a psyop or agenda driven?

          • Cooly, it has recipe for ” how to become a success at” whatever the subject matter is, it was over the top. Lacking all redeeming entertainment quality it by default becomes a tutorial with visual and sound nudging the unsuspecting toward something. Believe your lying eyes at your own parcel.
            It was not a movie in the vernacular it was a nudging tutorial.
            Who would back that with real capitol in the entertainment’s industry. Vote anyone? Maybe its programming for desensitizing for the 1991 wars planned but it seems aimed at the domestic battlespace.
            Who would do that?

            Answer to your question.
            No, by default of any rational explanation. Right up tptsb alley.
            I know that’s weak but they are not weak and operate outside rational sober thought.

            • GBW-

              Thanks for explaining your view on the film. However with this particular film I have to disagree with you.

              Clearly you didn’t find the film entertaining and wish you had never seen it. Fair enough. Personally, I would rather go to the dentist than sit through a big budget superhero film.
              But not all films are meant to be entertaining in the traditional sense. Sometimes they are a passion project of the director, who just wants to make a film about something that he /she
              finds interesting or is disturbed by.

              As far as the film being backed by real capital? It wasn’t. The budget was tiny and it was shot very quickly. And they had trouble finding distribution for such a sick, weird little film.

              Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a movie is just a movie. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that I disagree.


              • Cooly: you may be right. How it got distribution would be a question. Im not going to go look. I have seen enough with new eyes, Corbett refracted glasses what I would in the past just called a cult film. Says a lot about J.Corbertt doesn’t it.
                Sharp analysis Cooly, excellent question and if we only knew what and how the propaganda machine made decisions on promoting any particular agenda we could tell, with some certainty the Cohibas from the knock- offs.
                Now how does a person UN-see something he really didn’t want to see.

  6. Welcome to Pleasure Island kids!
    We know your’ll LOVE the rides-
    Their all built with our special geo-metry
    So you cant tell the out from the inside….
    fun overview of Cass Sunsteins ‘Great’work
    The destruction of normal people… their ‘demoralization’ as described by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov
    will destroy their ability to act sensibly in any way as we go thru destabilization and ‘Normalization’. Long video but really makes you go ‘ahhhh….i see’
    BUT… under all the layers is the spiritual truth- the people behind it are wanting to create a satanist world.

    How come the dancing monkeys of TV and music do occult hand signs 90% of them are too damaged or dumb to understand? How come we have a (government linked…at least in its early days) Satanic movement promoting ‘freedom’ and ‘looking out for the other’? (because thats …. like what their known for..)

  7. All that kinda stuff needs experts to read and understand it… it still comes down to expert vs expert.
    Normal people check out when things get too complex to think about… these days most kids have trovble extracting the synopsis and meaning from an article with even just 2 points of view

  8. Apparently Scorsese uses deep fake CGI in his latest film to de age Robert De Niro by 30 years. So, yea. Buckle up. Things are going to be getting weird.

  9. I spent a little over half century in a state of unconsciousness. I believe that this state was so persistently maintained through my belief that I could not understand and, or there was no such thing as truth. Very little in this world made any sense to me. Because of this I had no belief in myself and though I was miserable most of the time, I saw no options for anything better.
    I can’t imagine how much worse it would be to be young in our current society. Talk about nothing making any sense! And if I were young when this agenda is taken to the point where it it impossible to know if what I see and hear with my own eyes is true or not, how could I ever even come to the point where I could consider that truth is real at all.

  10. ‘…Consider the bees…the queen spends her entire life energy producing drones…..not my idea of a good time…’
    CS Lewis, Abolition of Man points out that now we apply the tools of science TO MAN rather then only to the natural world. He says that the ultimate outcome of this is that the final generation of real humans would be the ones who mold humanity into something else by the power of psychology and programming.
    Well worth watching if you’ve not read the book (Audio versions aplenty on the net)
    Third chapter… WITH PICTURES! 🙂 the 1st and 2nd are also pretty good, as is all of the ‘csLewisdoodle’ videos the earlier chapters are about how morals and values are derived and why they are valued.
    Its pretty scary about 10 min in as he describes the automatic loss of morals and values BY the controllers and programmers of society ‘.. they are not men in the old sense … ‘ having sacrificed their share in humanity to take that role

    • Duck: thank you for bringing C’S.Lewis to light in such an interesting medium, the doodle. Never came across Lewis in the world where I’ve traveled and realise I could have benefited from him sooner. The things you learn here on The Corbett Report. Thanks

      • generalbottlewasher
        🙂 I found him later on too. Shame he wasnt around to argue with Dawkins who may be a fine scientist but is an absolutely rubbish philosopher

  11. Not exactly relevant to the video. But this is a very major story which has picked up no media coverage. (So I guess it is relevant to the video haha)
    Two international companies have successfully sued Pakistan and now an organization tied to the World Bank says Pakistan must pay $6 billion. (Which is larger than the loan the IMF is giving the country)

  12. We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false

    I keep repeating this in my head, over and over again.

  13. “….. getting rid of individuality is the top chore.”

    I think individuality will stay.
    Individuals will be processed to become deprived of bonding capability.

    It’s happening already, I’ve read: people have less friends then decades ago, millennials have less sex, divorce rates are enormous…

    Somehow hive is also here: state, sports, elections, while(alive) {work-home-sleep(tv)},

      • excerpt from link:

        ” Author Louis Menand argues that the book has been commonly misused by liberals and conservatives alike, who cited it for their own ideological agendas. Menand wrote:

        Lasch was not saying that things were better in the 1950s, as conservatives offended by countercultural permissiveness probably took him to be saying. He was not saying that things were better in the 1960s, as former activists disgusted by the ‘me-ism’ of the seventies are likely to have imagined. He was diagnosing a condition that he believed had originated in the nineteenth century.”

        Nineteenth century, interesting
        Is it a mere coincidence that then also commodification of everything started? Hmmm, and we came to the point when respectable smart people claim: “I own myself”.

        Another thing about bonding among people.
        After revolutionary end of sixties there are no more big movements with big ideas, like: Be realistic, demand impossible! (I would like to hear James’ take on roaring sixties)
        Not that I believe this is a way to success, but looks like people lost ability to see we have a lot in common and together we have power.
        I hope this will not be perceived as collectivism. If even a belief in this is lost we are doomed, a bunch of individuals with SuperId and EgoMillenial.

        • ‘…After revolutionary end of sixties there are no more big movements with big ideas, like: Be realistic, demand impossible! (I would like to hear James’ take on roaring sixties)…’
          I dont know Mr Corbetts view on the 60’s, AFAIK he has never gone into it specifically but other people have shown that the Drug use and music had government links.
          The late Dave Mcgowan (who had some weird ideas it must be said…. but his Lincoln assassination work is coooool) talks about the music in the book mentioned below- much as I hate Youtube you can get MOST of what he writes searching his name there (at least last i looked) or go see his website

          GOOD BOOK ‘Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream’ by mcgowan
          ‘…I hope this will not be perceived as collectivism. If even a belief in this is lost we are doomed, a bunch of individuals with SuperId and EgoMillenial….’
          “Turn on tune in drop out” ….. as said by Tim leary who AFAIK had a criminal case on the books unprosecuted for his who ‘working’ life. You are right Atomized people are easy to push around by the organized.

  14. I’ve not read Hannah Arendt’s “Origins of Totalitarianism”, but Leonard Peikoff quoted her often (and others) in “Ominous Parallels”, specifically the chapter portraying the physical and mental horrors of the concentration camps, which far exceeded the terrible accounts I’d ever read.

    Contrary to Miss Arendt’s conclusion that it was the Nazi’s “unswerving commitment to logic” that caused Nazi Germany to happen, his makes much more sense to me:

    “The camps are ‘experiments’ in power;…The Nazis preached a certain philosophy-and they carried it out in action….They preached authority above rights, the group above the individual, sacrifice above happiness, nihilism above morality, feelings above facts, pliability above absolutes, obedience above logic, the Fuhrer above the self–and they applied it.”

    • Pearl
      The SOVIET camps were more experiments in power, or rather a means to terrorize and traumatize the soviet population. I have read that Stalin actually gave numbers of people he wanted sent to the gulags… innocence or guilt being unimportant. In this regard its a little like the french revolutionary terror… OTOH the people in nazi camps were usually there for pretty ‘understandable’ reasons- like the soviet camps there was a number of regular criminal types, and political people who were mainly communists or other political enemies. normal joes who ‘went along’ had far less to fear from them then normal people in Russia.
      Even later when they started putting jews in camps JUST for being jewish it made sense (to nazi ideology anyway… not saying its right)
      ‘…. nihilism above morality, feelings above facts….’
      The nazis were NOT nihilsts in any way…. it was their proffessed LOVE of certain things that made them so dangerous. People who care are always more active for good or bad then people who dont.
      Why else do the people in charge desire a population that cares nothing for nation state, class, politics or family as long as the TV and internets running?

      • “The nazis were NOT nihilsts in any way….”

        Gotta disagree with you, Duck. Self-sacrifice for God and country is the death of self, and in that sense, the Nazis were nihilists. Peikoff makes a very strong case that Germany’s Platonist philosophical heritage (beginning with Martin Luther, Kant – whom he called the Father of Nihilism, and Hegel) made them wholly ripe for Hitler.

        As to the camps, no matter who was sent or why, once they were there, going by Hannah Arendt’s harrowing descriptions, people were stripped of every dignity; nothing made sense; there was no predicting anything. This was by design. I have no doubt it was the exact same or worse in Russia and her gulags. That is the nature of tyranny.

        • From Wikipedia nilhism is decribed as ‘… viewpoint that suggests the denial of, or lack of belief in, the reputedly meaningful aspects of life….’
          NAzi’s were all about ‘the volk’, their people…. either in the sense of the german people or the State itself as a vehicle for their ethnic/racial/spiritual essence.
          People who do not believe in anything are generally not willing to sacrifice themselves, why die for God or country if you dont believe in those things?
          You could argue they were ‘moral’ nihlists, but really they were just pragmatists interested in their own ‘volks’ self interest.
          THIS guy has a few ideas on it if you like him (same vid both links)

          Hanna Arendt was not in a camp… so she knows as much about it as you or I do. She might SAY that it was ‘totally unpredictable’ but what does she base that on? I am leary of political theorists, but dont know enugh of her to comment on her personally. Her wikipedia article has her having a close relationship with a Sparticist- the very communist revolutionaries who made it possible for the type of politics Hitler loved to gain traction in Germany.
          my own reading of what people in camps wrote finds memoirs of people talking about a depressingly predictable environment subject to war and cruelty

          • “Nihilism was named by the philosopher Friedrich Jacobi in the early 19th century; Jacobi believed that Immanuel Kant’s transcendental idealism implied what we will call metaphysical nihilism—the idea that nothing is real. Although this was not to be the most famous and supposedly dangerous form of nihilism, it was a criticism of Kant’s philosophy. Jacobi was not a nihilist. However, this motivation for nihilism—the analysis of reality as a subjective construction of minds, is a central reason for most forms nihilism—the recognition that in one way or another all meaning in the universe is created by the minds of those that perceive it.”


            “She might SAY that it was ‘totally unpredictable’ but what does she base that on?”

            Most likely by interviewing survivors; as I said above, I haven’t read her book.

            “I am leary of political theorists,”

            Five years ago, I’d have said the same thing. The bible warning against “vain philosophies” was good enough for me. But things began to unsettle me, too complicated to explain here. I began to search, not knowing what I was searching for, but wondering what makes people tick and learning the germs of existential ideas developing into complex doctrinal/religious/political systems opened my eyes. Words mean things: when some Christians boast about being the most wretched, wicked sinners they know, experience has taught me to take such people at their word and run the other direction; another experienced person said it better: “hide the silver and watch the kids.”

            “Her wikipedia article has her having a close relationship with a Sparticist- the very communist revolutionaries who made it possible for the type of politics Hitler loved to gain traction in Germany.”

            I don’t know a thing about Sparticists, but I did note on the same wikipedia page that one of her influences was Kant, who thoroughly objects to human reason and calls for total sacrifice, which brings us full circle to my first comment:

            “Contrary to Miss Arendt’s conclusion that it was the Nazi’s ‘unswerving commitment to logic’ that caused Nazi Germany to happen, his [Peikoff’s] makes much more sense to me.”

            • Pearl
              Your definition, which I am happy to accept, does not describe the nazi party… they were based on a belief in the german people, the reality of that people as a racial/spiritual thing that bled into politics. The more political side of the nazi party believed in social welfare and benefiting THE NATION, they in no way believed in ‘… reality as a subjective construction of minds…’
              They even limited vivisection and food additives! Hardly nihlistic… not saying they were good, but they cared FOR THEIR PERCEIVED OWN KIND- calling them nihists would like be like calling patriotism nihilism which is clearly nonsensical even if one does not agree with patriotism.
              The term ‘nihilist’ was used to describe some kinds of pre-ww1 socialists and anarchists, but even then i think it was poorly used.

              ‘…Most likely by interviewing survivors; as I said above, I haven’t read her book….’

              I have also read books by camp survivors… as a political theorist she may have let her opinions shape how she understood and portrayed these events. An example of this is the guy who created the picture of hitler as a sexual pervert- based on the reports of a guy who had worked within the nazi party and been kicked out after a power struggle. Do I take that portrayal seriously? No… its self serving propaganda by Otto Strasser … himself another man as bad as hitler. On the other hand I can find plenty of less biased people who say that Hitler was overly hysterical and prone to melodrama so THAT I believe.
              ‘..I don’t know a thing about Sparticists,..’
              The Spartacist revolts tore germany up…. as did the communist street violence and attempts at seizing the government so that (see the book 1924 the year that made hitler by Peter ross range) the rise of the nazis makes perfectly logical sense in that they were a reaction to the situation people were in. A good novel to indirectly put perspective on it is Time and time again by Ben Elton.
              There is a cultural theme of mystifying and making the nazi regime special and ‘apart from the order of things’ -portraying its rise to power as if it was something special or unexpected when if you look at it they were just another political party run by normal people who did horrible things- just like any other group is prone to do when in power.
              The occult, pagan, mystical side to their activities is minor, interesting, but minor compared to just regular politics of the day which were chaotic and violent
              James Lucas wrote a good book ‘world war 2 thru german eyes’ which is well worth a read
              Please do NOT take this as me endorsing nazis or anything like them.

            • “…The more political side of the nazi party believed in social welfare and benefiting THE NATION, they in no way believed in ‘… reality as a subjective construction of minds…’They even limited vivisection and food additives! Hardly nihlistic…”

              Of course the Nazis exhibited tremendous national and racial pride. The individual was of no consequence; the nation, the collective, was the only living entity worth considering. This was preached and pounded from the pulpits and higher learning institutions for generations. I am tempted to litter my comments with innumerable, damning quotes by the highly revered philosopher kings I mentioned earlier, but I’m not trying to convert you. The depth and breadth of this is much too vast for my limited capabilities. I could direct you to a few sources, if you’re interested. Obviously, I’d begin with “Ominous Parallels” which is a most thorough book. It’s not an “Objectivist” recruitment tool, but an exhaustive study of the evolving roots of tyranny (Platonism).

              Beyond that, Duck, I give up. I do thank you for offering links and titles to resources which informed your current understanding, and which I also will consider to expand my own.

            • 🙂 OK
              Best wishes… and Time after Time was a Great novel, one of the best I read for ages

            • Got it. I ordered all three books you mentioned from [cough] Amazon and they’ll be in my box no later than September 12th.

  15. Anyone interested in this topic should read Neal Stephenson’s Fall. It deals with a future internet where eventually there is enough fake information out there about everyone that no one believes anything they see in the media. Those who are rich enough have personal curators who sift through it all to try and determine what is real, but most people don’t even bother.

    Also a bunch of other cool topics like the recursive nature of reality.

  16. Bravo James, this one is thought provoking.

    Many things are happening simultaneously with deep fakes and lies and all together make a another constructivistic attempt to build a new human. Nazis, Pol Pot and the ilk provided some real know-how. And mk-ultra and…

    Language distortions and perversions also play very important role. Feelings and emotions are overemphasized, and worse, taken out of proper context of normal human psyche. Then you get lived reality, sick concept. TV and films are competing who will be more awkward, produce sicker scripts, eradication of decency

  17. ‘… Robby Parker’s seemingly damning laughter….’
    What about Beto o’Rourke?!? He was cracking up about El PAso…. since he’s probably low on the intel-insider ladder I just put it down to his being naturally evil.

  18. Ahhhh ascertaining reality…good read are anything from Chogyam Trunpa, esp Transcending Madness, The Future is Open…the challenge is huge and is NOW…

  19. Coincidently…

    NEWS – August 27, 2019 – ZEROHEDGE (referencing Forbes)

    While Celebrities Pass Off Fake Pictures Of Burning Amazon, Here’s What The Raging Fires Actually Look Like

    …The tens of thousands of fires burning in the Amazon right now have caught the attention of environmentalists, politicians and celebrities alike. Unfortunately, many of them have been spreading bad information in the form of decades-old pictures and incorrect facts, such as the claim that the Amazon is the “lungs of the world,” according to Forbes…

    (Examples given.)

    …And while the fires raging in the Amazon are undoubtedly concerning, “the photos weren’t actually of the fires and many weren’t even of the Amazon,” according to Forbes…

    …”It’s bullshit,” said Dan Nepstad – one of the world’s leading experts on the Amazon forest. “There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.”

    Also debunked is a claim by CNN that the fires are burning at a record rate, as well as a claim by a leading climate reporter that “The current fires are without precedent in the past 20,000 years.”….

    • What is deliberately pushed aside in cited Forbes article?

      Most of fires are man-made to get more farm land. A narrative that doesn’t include this fact is misleading

  20. Is deep fake really a big deal?

    A fake deep fake (Canadian Matt Frewer in a rubber mask) once said “It’s easy to tell when a politician is lying: their lips move!”

    The fact is that we are already living in a world full of celebrities and politicians that can be paid or groomed to say anything their deep pocketed masters ask.

    The average sheeple will only take notice of things they hear from a celebrities mouth. So the powers that shouldn’t be have that all wrapped up.

    Maybe deep fake might be a way of breaking through the censorship barrier, put some 9/11 truth in the mouths of some celebrities and by the time the public find out it’s fake, the message has gone out.

    • Are you suggesting that we should commission a fake deep fake of a fake politician and or actor to send a fake message about true events on 9/11? It’s crazy enough to work.

      • Octium and mkey-

        I think that’s a great idea. Not crazy at all. Use their own tactics against them, while it is still possible. Flood the internet with people like Clooney, Swift, and the Kardashians talking about 9-11, OKC, the Federal Reserve etc. And having “influencers” talking about propaganda, DARPA, and the true roles of the alphabet agencies. Granted, most of the herd would probably watch for a few seconds, then get frustrated. “What’s up with all this thinky shit?” But it’s worth a try, and would at least be amusing to watch.

        And in other news, there is a new toaster you can buy. On sale now, for a limited time only. It’s called the Psychopathic Toaster. It routinely burns your toast, and just….doesn’t….care.

    • The ends do NOT justify the means.

  21. Most of us here agree that we don’t want to suppress technology or ideas but how do we deal with the reality of Deep Fakes?
    Very soon deep fakes will undermine if not outright destroy any sense of a collective reality and personal accountability.
    Once deep fakes are mainstream the obvious government solution will be to outlaw them by imposing criminal charges ranging on the implications of the fakes. However, this just consolidated more power in the hands of the few.
    Any ideas out there how to cope with this new technology?

    • Develop a bullshit filter. Besides, as someone else already expressed it in the comments section, it’s not like politicians/actors/news-people don’t already through their teeth. They lie all the time, it’s just a bit more convenient now for someone else to put words in their mouths. Whereas previously they would have to write a speech for them, mail the said speech, have them on a retainer etc.

  22. James Corbett says:
    …Literally everything is up for grabs.
    So I posit that it’s actually going a step beyond William Casey’s goal for the disinformation campaign program of the CIA, which is simply to get everyone believe something that is false.

    This goes a step deeper.

    It is actually to get people NOT TO BELIEVE ANYTHING.
    To not have any basis for any shared understanding of the world at all.

    And this… …
    …to shape and mold the public to become disbelievers in everything…

    …And there’s so many things, so many extremely important things…

    …but I think that we are moving a step beyond the completion of the CIA’s disinformation program…toward that next step where we will literally not believe anything we see or hear….

    QUEUED VIDEO 12:31
    Deep Fakes: The CIA’s Mission Accomplished

    • Confusion.
      Confusion magnified to the extreme.
      Bizarro World (like the old comic)

      “Create confusion” is a tool often utilized in the past as part of disinformation campaigns.

      We see a lot of examples with 9/11.
      EX – NIST comes out with a report and computer model that does not even resemble the observable phenomena.
      EX – We see all kinds of wild videos about 9/11 that start going into the speculative twilight zone.

      In fact, from Epstein to JFK to health to food to negative interest rates to dictionary definitions, we are fed a diet of confusing information.
      Two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, perspectives, observations or values.
      EX – Mercury is poisonous, unless it is injected with a vaccine or placed in a mouth filling.
      EX – Organic, pesticide-free food
      Google Search’s first answer when typing in “Is organic food good for you?”
      Google Answer at top of page “Right now, no one can say for sure whether organic food is any more nutritious than conventional food. A few studies have reported that organic produce has higher levels of vitamin C, certain minerals, and antioxidants — thought to protect the body against aging, cardiovascular disease, and cancer….”
      …and…look at the suggested search words by Google, (e.g. “dangers of organic food” at the top.)

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