Did you vote to #DrainTheSwamp? Take the #TrumpPledge!

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Do you have the sinking feeling that Trump may start backing off his promises now that he’s in power. Is there the niggling doubt that the banksters, criminals and party insiders he’s surrounding himself with may not follow through on that draining of the swamp? Never fear! You can show you’re a person of integrity by taking the #TrumpPledge.

Trump praises Clintons, says he’ll certainly think about calling them for advice

Trump Reverses on Obamacare

Meet the Neocons, 9/11 Criminals and Goldman Bankers On Team Trump


  1. Can’t wait to hear what the Trump supporters here at the CorbettReport have to say 🙂

  2. Voting for Trump and supporting him are two different things. I voted for him as an ABC candidate and am hopeful of his anti-establishment message will be put into practice but … I’ll give him the 100 day honeymoon and in 365 days it will be obvious if he’s completely caving to the neo-con RINO’s or will at least hold out for a few years like Reagan. The pledge is how most folks I know who voted and/or supported him entered into this, predating the election. If Bannon gets canned look out.

    • “am hopeful of his anti-establishment message will be put into practice but …”

      — Haha, did you not read James article titled “Meet the Neocons, 9/11 Criminals and Goldman Bankers On Team Trump”?

      • Didn’t think I had to spell out what the “but …” meant. The problem Trump is having is that filling all of the positions currently needed -would be nice to trim that tree- requires some conciliation unfortunately. Ideally a successful outsider would be part of a larger organization functioning more like the British system of shadow government so that they would be shovel ready.

        I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt just as I give James who has hitched his wagon onto some horses that I don’t care for at times as well. The first good sign was dumping Christie and his trove of lobbyists which indicates there is at least an attempt. Trump can’t govern by himself and the pickings are slim. I believe that who Trump gets rid of is more indicative of his path than who he initially hires. The Apprentice has moved to Washington and Chris Christie, “You’re Fired”.

  3. I take the #TrumpPledge. I admit that I voted for him (with eyes open btw) and I also admit that everything I’ve seen from him so far gives me a bad feeling about him (sadly, it took literally less than a week after he was elected for this to happen).

    I felt that the best-case scenario for Trump would be that his policies would be bad but at least maybe he “wasn’t nefarious” (Hillary felt OBVIOUSLY nefarious to me). I figured that Trump was a “roll of the dice” and that, even if he was terrible, he probably would only be “as bad as Hillary”. I realize this is the crappy “lesser of 2 evils” angle (which I know “is still evil”). I still felt like it was worth it to vote for him though because Hillary seemed far more likely to start a nuclear war IMO. I still give some credence to that point btw (though, again, my eyes are open).

    There were also several things that made it seem at least plausible that he could potentially be an “outsider”:

    -I liked who his enemies were. Both the Bush and Clinton families, the MSM, Hollywood, candidates from the R, D and L parties, the financial press, etc. The uniform attacks against him (including the infamous Billy Bush tape) made me think that Trump was at the very least “not the preferred candidate” of TPTSB (which felt like something).

    -He seemed to be “self-funded”. I think this was mainly true through the primary but I’m pretty sure he raised many millions during the general election. It’s certainly possible I’m wrong on this btw so please fact check me.

    -He was never previously a politician or in the military (which I generally consider to be a red flag).

    -This one is a little more subtle but I feel like “controlled candidates” are “tightly scripted” and will never bring up “forbidden topics” It felt to me that Trump “crossed the line” several times:

    *He talked about the Bush family lying the country into war.

    *During a primary he got booed and said something like “all of the people booing me are Jeb’s lobbyists”. Daring to mention that the audience was “part of the propaganda” felt very “rogue” to me.

    *He at least talked about peace with Russia and brokering a peace deal in the middle East. I know talk is cheap but it still felt very out-of-place for a candidate to talk about peace rather than war. Note that I am well aware he also talked about “bombing the heck out of ISIS” as well as being pro-waterboarding, torture and “a lot worse”. It’s truly sickening to have voted for a guy who openly praised war crimes but I “reasoned it” as “it’s better than nuclear war” and “I’m sure it’s still happening anyway”. Btw, yes, I feel very dirty about this.

    In summation, I’m extremely pessimistic about Trump at this moment and, in accordance with #TrumpPledge, I absolutely don’t plan on “blindly defending him”. I reiterate that I’m hopeful he’s less likely to start a nuclear war. Prior to the election I was also hopeful he’d be less warlike in general. Sadly, I’m far less confident about that right now.

  4. Anything less than global peace (particularly with Russia and China), and the Clintons sharing a prison cell –in year one, will be a disappointment.

  5. I stopped voting years ago and don’t intend to start up again. Ever. What a sham.
    Thank you, James for doing what you do.

  6. I supported trump because: 1. I expect him to place Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court and 2. I expect he will not start WWIII. If he just does those two things, I will feel vindicated.

    But I do want more. And I will keep hitting him in an effort to get him to deliver: Immigration restrictions, US military out of Europe, repeal of Obamacare, repeal of gun control legislation, and legal investigation and prosecution of all the animals in the swamp.

    So, yes, I will take the pledge.

    But politics is, after all, the art of the possible. We have to work with what we can get.

  7. Fox News Analyst K.T. McFarland Joins Donald Trump’s National Security Team


    “McFarland has held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan Administrations, and, according to her bio, served as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger and as senior speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.”

    Arh good…no establishments names in that list!

    What 9/11 taught me:
    By K.T. McFarland (posted on September 11, 2011 and then reposted in 2015)

    “…Bin Laden thought that if he could attack the United States, damage a few buildings and kill some people he would crack the American spirit. He and his ilk preach victimhood and prey on the resentment, desperation and anger of their people.”

    Great to see she is really going to get to the truth about 9/11 then?

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