Episode 341 – Welcome to Your Driverless Future!

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Podcasts | 57 comments

We’ve all seen the propaganda by now: Like it or not, autonomous driving technology is on the way. But what will that future look like? Should we be concerned about the lack of control implicit in these technologies? How vulnerable they are to hackers, both criminal and deep state? Or the fact that our entire society is about to be re-engineered before our very eyes? Join James for this thought-provoking episode of The Corbett Report as he explores the road ahead on the path to the driverless future.


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Future Film | Peter Returns | Kia

Woman dies after being hit by self-driving Uber

WSJ Tech News Briefing Humans in the loop?

Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings

Richard Clarke: Car Hacking Possible In Crash That Killed Michael Hastings

DARPA Talks about hacking cars

Autonomous driving levels 0 to 5: Understanding the differences


EconTalk: Benedict Evans on the Future of Cars

Radiolab – Driverless Dilemma


  1. Even more time for zombies to waste on their phones, fantastic.

    • That’s what I was thinking. How many screens are in those traps anyway?

      It’s getting hard for me to be optimistic about the future where every choice will become a line in the sand.

  2. driverless car is just another example of the utter stupidity of the idiots running the show! can you imagine one trying to navigate a Canadian winter storm. Sorry this is all another “global warming” stupidity episode

    • Gee’s, just reading my own comment I think I better clarify the statement “Sorry this is all another “global warming” stupidity episode” – What I meant is the whole concept of driverless car is as stupid an idea as the idea of “there is global warming and people are the cause of it”. I WAS NOT referring to “episode 341” as being stupid

      • I tracked with your original meaning.
        Funny…just this morning, the weather channel had a story about how folks will lose the internet from sea levels rising.

        Dang! It is another hot, humid summer in Texas. 105F all this week. Often, I am out in the sun all day, grunting lifting things. I go through sometimes 6 sweat soaked T-shirts a day. But I still laugh at the global warming hoax.

        • Wow! What high humidity with the temperature. That will really make a person sweat.

          • Try Fluorida. Or Panama. The temps are lower in Fl. but the humidity is killer. You’ll start sweating around 80 degrees. Though it’s usually only in the low to mid 90s. I remember driving in Dallas in 98 when they had that whole 90 days over a hundred days and my block in my toyota van was cracked (right under the driver’s seat) and I was carrying gallons of water to put in the radiator on the way. My suit would be soaked by the time I got through with the LBJ! JimBob who don’t miss suits and ties at all. Also, just as an aside, for all you occultists out there; Mars is close on the 27th of July. The Media Monarchy link I posted mentioned it and the whole NSA anon (oops! I meant Q) mentioned this month. Just trying to think like a warlock even though all I have are long locks.

            Also this interview is also demonizing the Putin meeting. Bringing up the “poisoning” in the UK by the Russians:


  3. There’s many layers this this onion, indeed. I liked how, in the closing of the radiolab podcast, they just kind of swept the issue under the rug. After all, it’s countless lives saved against a small, insignificant even, number of victims that needed not be.

    One sure has to think about the countless lives figure, it’s very interesting. Why are there so many lives lost on the roads? Could it all boil down to human error?

    Firstly, lets consider the “licensing process” and what’s acquired with it. Talking on grounds of first hand experience, in my neck of the woods the licensing is not much more but an expensive piece of paper stuffed in a plastic envelope. Not much knowledge is imparted, not many skills are obtained; the freedom to do legally what was previously considered illegal has been bestowed upon you and that’s basically it.

    Several limitations are imposed on fresh drivers, but I don’t know how effective these are. If some people fail to understand that other people’s reactions to your driving can’t be expected to be timed correctly when you’re doing 200km/h (or about 140mph) on local roads something isn’t right. Truth be told, much of the new drivers may have the proclivity to cause some minor damage, but most of them won’t be mowing anyone down.

    Secondly, what about the cars themselves? Why is the vast majority made such that safety isn’t a prime concern? Why are there wast lots all over the globe filled with brand new cars that will never sell? Why are cars with high powered engines made? Why does the internal combustion engine still use this decades old, as inefficient as it gets, technology? It feels like there’s a certain theme behind these question, I just can’t pin point it.

    Thirdly, lets talk about infrastructure. Crumbling bridges, slick-as-ice roads, pot holes up the wazoo. While the government is obviously the only entity allowed to build roads it’s obviously less apt at maintaining them, with tax collected for road maintenance being spent elsewhere.

    What else has in impact on number of crash related victims? Are there any other solutions to most of these issues besides a developed public transportation system?

  4. Once again, I’m off topic; but I just saw this video from Press for Truth about a new way to surf the net anonymously. I am not a techie so I have no idea if this makes any sense at all, but I know there are a lot of techies here. Anybody got a clue?:


    JimBob who will now finally watch this video already knowing he ain’t getting in no car that doesn’t have a human working the wheel. Even a fluoridian driver would be better than having HAL2000 running the show. I saw how that worked out!

  5. Good show James.

    And as the advent of the car itself, changed the geography and the economics of life, so will the advent of this new technology, with all its horrors.

    Psycho-geography is what many of us call the new configuration of life.

    As to economics being a reflection of our relationships, it is more.

    Dialectically it defines our relationships through not just use value, but exchange value and the moral underbelly of all of that.

    As long as the means of production is owned by a non-producing class, our relationships will be unconsciously and consciously controlled, honed and our psycho-geography will be structured.

    • dear weilunion, You are certainly right when you note all the complexities of this, but I am confused by your statement that the means of production are owned by non-producers. After all, even though our concept of the car in American life was shaped by them, with a lot of government help, GM is owned by producers. They produce cars. So that statement confuses me.
      On the job situation; (and this is just my own inner thought monster going off) I am reminded of the buggy whip example for automobiles and the rise of automation. I am not talking about AI as I don’t believe a field which can’t even define what consciousness is could make anything conscious. I just call it automation. However, it is far more advanced than anything we’ve ever experienced. Just like everything else we encounter in our daily lives.
      So, as an entrepreneur minded person; I see the changes in the job situations as a wonderfully chaotic landscape which will provide me with tons of opportunities that I would never have had before. However, most people have had that spirit sucked out of them. They do not even understand they have the ability to become their own boss. They believe that one MUST work for someone else in order to make a living. I know, it’s crazy but what isn’t when it comes to what goes on in people’s heads. Especially mine!
      However, all of this automation will force us all to look at work differently. Now, a single person will be able to operate their own factory. Putting out their own products. 3D printers are an excellent, though not final, example of this. People think AI is going to displace workers, but since there is NOT going to be this intelligent computer in reality; it will simply make it easier for the creators (to borrow from the lovely mind of Ayn Rand) to create. I suspect that this is also going to force the revolution of education as well in order to prevent social unrest (more than the mobs that will already be there) so that critical thinking skills can be developed.
      I know that many think the powers that cower will stop this, but they have already failed at doing so. Homeschooling is on the rise thanks, in large part, to the government stupidity of making schools a gun range for deranged people.
      The subject is certainly far more complex than any one person could ever understand and will only be able to grasp in hindsight. As usual. However, I do think it is not the end all by the economic displacement. Regardless of the plans of the idiots who think they can control us. Having said that, I have no plans to get into a driver-less car. Ever. JimBob who doesn’t trust those cars any more than he does the Terminator.

    • wellonion
      the idea of a producing class is outdated… the ‘producing class’ is mechanical and intellectual and the huge majority of humans serve less and less economic production needs and function mainly as consumers.
      That is in itself a problem for othe reasons since most people are naturally lazy and indolent and are psychologically unsuited to live in a world that they wont need to work in… Universal basic income will be a bigger killer then cancer.

  6. Walking down the street with self-driving cars passing by, let alone riding a bicycle with self-driving cars nearby just does not appeal to me at all. I operate by instinct and that works for me, but endless other people do not, though that doesn’t work for me. I’m getting a flying car and hoping that self-flying flying cars are not soon available. Have you seen the Black Fly drone-like car yet? So cool!

  7. I have a few thoughts to impart on this, driven by some of James’ comments in his video.

    First off, if any here have not seen the made-for-TV episode entitled ‘The Lone Gunman’ that was aired on March 4, 2001 I strongly urge you to watch it!
    In it you will find many precious gems. Here are just a couple: A remote-controlled airplane full of passengers heading straight for the WTC1 (North tower).
    A car taken over by remote control and ‘killing’ its passenger.

    My previous car (bought in the 90’s) emitted an annoying frequency that was hurting my head. I am sensitive to noise/EMF’s etc.
    I traced the sensation to my armrest!
    I lifted it off and dug a little deeper.

    I discovered a hard drive right there in the middle of my car, 25+ years ago! I said “No way!”. I unplugged the power cables leading to the drive and that was the end of that!

    When I traded in my car 10+ years later I re-plugged the power cables. 🙂

    When these autonomous vehicles start to become a reality don’t get your hopes up with respect to licenses and insurance!

    Passenger licenses will replace driver’s licenses.
    Passenger insurance will replace driver’s insurance.

    BTW, nice touch James re: the ‘Privacy Notice’ alert when submitting new comments!

    • Fawlty Towers
      Back in the 90’s a hard drive was measured in MEGABYTES,,,, what useful data a hard drive could hold I have no idea… are you sure it wasnt a computer board or something?
      Did anything not work in the car after you unplugged it?

      • It was a hard drive.
        If something didn’t work (maybe air bags etc.) I wasn’t aware of it. All essential components (engine, brakes, steering etc.) worked.

        • weird.. maybe it was for music?
          If you had a really expensive luxury car that might be a use for one but I’m not even sure when MP3 came in.
          I found articles on HDD’s in cars later on for music and navigation….but that was way later then the 90’s.
          honestly I’m gong to have to ask a pal who knows cars if he has any ideas.
          I’d have disconnected it too.

          • I tracked down the component.
            It was the ‘Center Airbag Sensor Assembly’. 🙂

  8. Interesting video, but I would say that it wasnt that roads cut us off from our previous freedom by limitng us to roads as people were always limited by such things… from easy paths to river routes to train tracks.
    In the novel Huck Finn didnt just walk in any direction and he couldnt take ‘any’ route…he was limited by the means availible. Everyone in the pre-car world traveled pretty much the same few routes that were easy and went where they wanted to go.
    Speaking of huck Finn Mark and infrastructure changing… Twain wrote (maybe in life on the missisipi???Cant recall..) that while river boat captains at one time were cock of the roost when it came to cargo they ended up semi-begging for a load when farmers had access to railways aswell.
    Perhaps the lesson is that we should hope for and push for a variety of competing transport systems lest we end up with one that acts as an internal passport,

    • Good observations. I do believe roads and other pathways have always existed. Only the true trailblazers travel the off roads, and if they are good at it they create new paths for less courageous people to follow. Maybe a good metaphor in there somewhere…

  9. VOA
    people are naturally lazy for a very good reason…wild people running off energy for no reason will die…thats why excercise is so hard f0r so many people- in the modern world people never had to learn to overcome that natural ‘govenor’ in their brain that tells them something is hard.
    Your right that they fear conflict… but its more that they fear being kicked out of the group because back when we were wild being kicked out or not helped by the group meant death 9 times out of 10

    • hi Voa
      ” …I generally agree with you that people don’t want to be kicked out of groups (can you please explain this to our friends the Anarchists)..”
      Tom Paine I think pointed out that one guy in the wilderness is at huge risk from any little injury…humans have never been able to live outside of some social organization- the most important and lowest level being THE FAMILY.
      Anarchy as an idea is nice but IMO in practice as unlikely to ever happen (in a pure form) as communism because (like communism) it goes against a deep laid set of behaviors that humans needed to stay alive for most of our existence.
      That said we’re now
      a) all so potentially rich that we can be much more inderpendant and
      b)all potentially so educated that we can know how to use and keep that freedom

      “…However, there are people who don’t belong to any group, and yet they are driven by fear of conflict, and they will say anything to avoid it…”
      Spineless people will never be free anyway… freedom is a learned and cultivated state not a natural state whatever myth makers might like to say… the ‘noble savage’ is a huge BS story as invented as wicca

      • Duck, anarchy is not a person outside of a group. Lone wolfing it without support. Perhaps you should pay a bit better attention to the community message that James is always hammering. THAT is anarchy. JimBob who IS lone wolfing it, but that’s just him.

  10. Self driving is about one thing, reducing employment. Globalist Zionist Jewish activities are wide spread on the internet, developing businesses that allow a few people to do what many have done before. Rocket Mortgage, Red Fin, Uber was just a stepping stone this removing drivers from the equation. Illegal workers are another, the destruction of unions. Of course there is the also ubiquitous sites like Angie’s List which has workers/companies sign up to a VETTING SYSTEM that is a gate keeper to the population. What is the criteria Angie’s List uses, maybe a company that supports the DBS movement might not get in, of course that reason would not be given. To be sure workers are under attack, I find almost always a Zionist Jewish owner behind these insidious companies who care little for the US workers, far more focused on profits and the destruction of western societies are they…

  11. I always am impressed by how Corbett evolves the topic into deeper thoughts. I had never given much thought to the social and economic ramifications of “driverless cars”.

    Some of us here are old codgers.
    We have seen how the trends of society and economics change.

    I remember some of the “major” highways in the 1950’s, as I watched the Burma Shave signs go by. Relatively narrow blacktop roads (about the width of a neighborhood street), with either no shoulder or a gravel shoulder. Everyone was driving 70 mph plus with no seat belts and no A/C. Many roads were just gravel, or caliche clay that gooped up when wet.

    People shopped at downtown where all the independently owned stores were. Walmart wasn’t around yet. Cash registers were mechanical, not electric. Even in the early 60’s I remember buying some clothes at a downtown store. The clerk wrote an invoice, took my money, then placed them in a spring loaded tube shooting it across the store to another clerk who took the cash, made change, then sent the tube back across the store.

    A silly innovation with SUV’s and Vans these past few years: The automatic rear door liftgate. Literally, I have seen hundreds of people wrestle with trying to get it to open. And then it opens very, very slowly. People tell me they have to adjust it so it doesn’t hit the garage ceiling. Most folks wish it was just a manual door, pull the latch and open the door.

    • I remember those tubes from the Navy! They were still using them some in the 80s. Also, I remember the cash registers were usually just cigar boxes. And the blacktop country roads with no lines or lights. And when I say no lights, I mean your car barely lit up the road in front of you. Black cows and mules have killed many a person at night. My dad told me the mule was the worst because of the way it would hit the windshield. JimBob whose neighbor used a mule to plow his little five acres or so of land.

      • A mule to plow. Dang! That took some work.

        • Not to mention an extensive vocabulary of swear words! When a mule doesn’t want to work, then your work has only just begun. JimBob who sort of feels for the mule in that case as plowing is hard work. I used to use a hand plow when the handles just reached my head.

  12. Convenience seems to be one of the tools of manipulation. In so many parts of the “Deep State” (people say deep state, or globalists, neocon/neo liberals, all are just code for Zionist Jews) they use convenience as a tool to get us to hand over privacy, control, independence. From businesses that don’t take cash, or “Nest” systems that regulate house temp or Amazon and it’s in house ordering system…everything is about so called convenience, but what we are really giving up in control and privacy, exactly what the globalists desire. BTW Trump is 100% globalist Zionist puppet, a carefully crafted product is he, all to foment division and distract from the true evil that is going on. The media does not hate Trump, they are just part of the dance of distraction.

    • “…Convenience seems to be one of the tools of manipulation….”
      It is…but in the free market people can still starve the beast… the sad thing is that its easier to get people mad about starwars sucking then their phone and PC spying on them
      “..The media does not hate Trump, they are just part of the dance of distraction….” True…but consider the good news that the folks in charge felt the need to offer such a distraction… given their druthers they’d have kept offering the same old same old.
      TRump is a sign that the old order is shaky and at risk of being disrupted- kust like internet clampdowns are a sign that info is getting thru…. is that good or not?
      The time of instability is when people can change things to their liking… which people make that change is dependent on who cares most and wants it more IMO

  13. “People generally are not lazy… People are driven by fear, and nothing scares people more than CONFRONTATION…People Generally will do anything to avoid confrontation.”

    I agree and it’s tragic. Some may have a very good reason, having learned early in life (“children should be seen, not heard”), that “confrontation” was an unsafe option. I’d rather die alone in the desert than hash it out with certain types.

    • “…mine, upsetting kind people…”

      Awww…poor guy. You said it yourself – he’s a kind person. What’ve you got to lose? Here’s an idea: set up for yourself a life-threatening situation, and see if he’s willing to save you. If not, well, there’s your answer. If he walks that extra mile for you, you’ve gained more riches that most only dream about.

      It’s a no-brainer! 😉

      • “Travelling puts the most stress on people, and really tests their metal,..”

        Who am I to tell you to go against what your gut’s telling you? But you have to admit, there are times when our feelings mislead us. I know a man who trusts his gut, and he doesn’t trust a single person (a demon-behind-every-bush type). It’s sad to see how his suspicious mind consumes him; he’s his own worst enemy.

        Unless you’re going to the Amazon or Antarctica, how bad can it be?

        • Being a wise, old man, your system has obviously served you well. And if it ain’t broke…

          Don’t mind me. I’m just feeling sorry for the other guy, and sure as heck don’t envy the eventual confrontation you must have. But you are a kind person yourself, and I trust you’ll go easy on him.

  14. The Magic Wand Mindset

    I feel like there is nothing wrong with trying to put forth less effort when performing a task. I mean…who wants to hand dig fence-post-holes when an auger could whip them out quickly.

    However, there can be a liability associated with focusing entirely on “putting forth less effort”… A weakness. Less self reliance. Less ability. Less ability to face up to problems and situations.

    Sometimes I think that corporations and governments create this Harry Potter ‘wave the magic wand’ image. Just like the Disney ads where the kid waves a wand, says some mumbo jumbo phrase, and effortlessly a “solution” appears.

    We all could probably think of many examples of this effortless mindset…such as…
    ~~ With only two thumbs, the “answer” lies there on the phone. Just slide the screen. “Whoosh! Wa’la Viola!”. My question is answered, my bill paid, my product on the way.
    ~~ “I have unwanted emotions and unwanted health conditions”, but no worries. Here is a magic pill prescribed by government’s magically funded healthcare.
    ~~ Weeds and bugs. No problem. I can just spray them and magically everything will be fine.
    ~~ Cavities? No problem. We will put something in your drinking water to fix that.

    The ability to confront.
    Sometimes, things take some effort to properly resolve.
    It can be tough work.
    When society is taught that most things come effortlessly, they have a difficult time confronting the hard truth of the situation.

    “White Woman Syndrome” – Sometimes I run into ladies who actually are an older version of Barbie, Daddy’s little girl, where everything is “Lala Land” & rosie-dosie & Aerie Faerie. The term goes for both sexes…a plastic person who has a hard time confronting evil or matters of substance.

    But I am not worried. I will fix all this with my magic wand.

    • “…I feel like there is nothing wrong with trying to put forth less effort when performing a task. I mean…who wants to hand dig fence-post-holes when an auger could whip them out quickly…”
      Thats the normal built n urge to save energy and not waste it and die… but its like our urge to seek and consume sweet things as often as possible- possibly not always best in the modern world.
      Beating instinct is the hardest thing because you have to know better AND want to beat it AND then still have a strategy to bolster your will power to make you do the right thig and not go with what your mid brain is trying to get you to do because it thins its living in cave man times.

  15. So far as Micheal Hastings is concerned, I believe that the Richard Clarke statement about cyber hacking was a red herring, pure and simple, to throw inquiry about bombs off the trail. Why, other than a bomb, would the transmission of Hastings’ car be 100 yards behind the eventual location beside the tree where it burnt?

    • It most likely was a bit of both. Hacking to make it look like reckless driving and an explosive device to make sure he was going to be finished off and cover up the evidence.

  16. Computerization itself should be questioned much more than it is. It’s a given, an axiom, that computers will control everything as soon as possible, and while fears and doubts about where it’s all going are fine, there is no one saying Maybe Computers Are a Huge Mistake. Am I going to have to be that person? But all I have is gut feeling . . . my Investigative Reporter phase of life kicks in???

    • Computers, like any other bit of technology are not either good nor bad. You may apply technology correctly and incorrectly, who’s really in control is the most important thing, computers as they are won’t be controlling anything for a while longer.

  17. As these autonomous cars slowly begin to make their way into the mainstream traffic around the world people will most likely start to tinker with the systems just as millions do worldwide with their existing vehicles.

    Instead of souping up the engines, replacing the tires, shocks, etc. people will focus more on the software.
    Software hacks to raise the maximum speed, increase the acceleration, shorten the stopping time etc. etc.

    • Thank you Ukdavec. Interesting.

  18. Just for the record…

    I believe that Aubrey McClendon was the victim of a remote controlled automobile murder on March 2, 2016. It is my personal speculation.
    The Chesapeake Energy Corp. co-founder’s 2013 Chevy Tahoe crashed the morning after a federal grand jury indicted him on bid-rigging charges.
    (3 minute video)

    About the autopsy.

    A report on the crash in March showed that McClendon, made no serious attempt to slow his SUV as it veered across the road and smashed into a concrete wall at 78 miles per hour, bursting into flames and killing him. The SUV crossed the road’s center line 189 feet before hitting the wall, maintaining a speed of 88 miles per hour even as he lightly tapped the brakes several times. It slowed upon impact, possibly because it hit softer ground after leaving the roadway, the police said.

    Following the indictment, there were probably others involved who wouldn’t want Aubrey to talk. And, of course, there is lots of money involved.
    For example: A second “alleged” co-conspirator, ex-partner Tom Ward.
    Listen to this video when Ward is confronted…

    It seems to me, hacking a car in order to commit a murder could be a relatively simple way to do it. The car goes into flames. Digital ‘fingerprints’ get fried. And if any digital forensics did suggest a murder, it would be difficult to find proof of the culprit. I can see this method preferred by many. There is a lot of big money, white collar crime. I am not advocating murder…I am just saying that big money psychos might utilize car hacking in order to achieve objectives.

    This video has a “coder” talking about open source and hacking cars.
    He mentions this website which has the “Car Hacker’s Handbook” and other cool stuff

  19. For people who refuse to use driverless vehicles, like I am inclined to do, I wonder what will happen to us… I really hate driving as is ,tbh. Traffic sucks. Can’t imagine how horrible it would be if no one’s brain is engaged at all!

    • Expect to see a lot of driverless vehicles cut-off and their computers uttering four-letter words followed by some vicious horn-honking!

      Ever been stuck behind a student driver?
      Multiply that by 1000+ ‘student drivers’ and see how your patience will quickly wear thin. 🙂

  20. That’s an interesting thought. Maybe cars could be given cool AI which would make them an all in one device: a vehicle, a driver and a cool cat. Entertainment potential is limitless.

  21. Hello, James!

    i’m a little behind, but finally got around to watching your ep341. The accident in Arizona reminded me of an article that crossed my desk not too long ago:


    Under the guise of safety, then, even bicycles are being logged on to the internet of things.

    Just in case you want to know a little about Tome Software:


    Only corporations are listed as board members. i haven’t had time to dig any further, but i suspect that a group of interlocking names might be a common factor when comparing each company.

  22. I just got through watching this video. While the numbers were nice, there are some points that I found very interesting. While this press conference just killed the democratic party, that was really just a mercy killing. The DNC has been an embarrassment for a while now. It’s the other things which really interested me:

    1- Note the demeanor of the news announcers. They are not only NOT attacking Trump; they look visibly shaken to me.

    2- They start by expressing doubt, but then move into a more “fair and balanced” routine. None of it false, but done in a manner that even the dullest of minds can grasp it’s points. Even the economist during the speech did this.

    3- Not one mention of Russia.

    4- There is a build-up for an assault on the Federal Reserve. Remember, everyone touts this economic growth as sustainable; only interest rates and the trade wars could stop it. The trade wars won’t happen; the EU has already capitulated. China would be a fool to push for one as well. Xi wouldn’t survive one. Not his country; him. This leaves only the FED as the single factor which endangers the economy. This was not an accident.

    There are more, but these are the ones I found interesting. I don’t own a tv, so I don’t know where CBS stands on the media range, but I suspect it’s on the left. I do know they were the only American MSM outlet that gave any airtime to the trial in Italy of the CIA agents in that old “rendition” (AKA kidnapping) case some 15 years ago. I suspect there has been a shifting of powers over here. It is not complete, but it is almost done.

    Oops! Forgot to add the video link:


  23. By the way, while I believe the Q psy-op is an intel op; I think that is a very good reason to follow it closely. While the host of this show is the king of assumptions; the actual postings pretty much say it all. Basically, this Q just announced a second American Revolution. GitMo opened and all that for the kakistocracy (or Deep State). While I love everything this Q is saying; that doesn’t mean that I believe it is as it says. Sorry, studying history means that I had to learn just how little one should trust government; which is none. While all of this may be happening just as they say; they are not mentioning why we need such an increased military budget, space force, RealID, etc. After all, we are supposed to be moving towards a more libertarian system. The Q parts (all the previous is interesting, but is mostly conjecture)start at around 9:50. Like I said, while I believe it is straight from the NSA’s lips; that’s the best reason to pay attention to it. The feeling I get while watching it reminded me of when they told us to move out on an ambush once, while I was with a unit that I knew was completely incompetent. But, that was some 25 years ago and I’m still here. JimBob who is also kind of relieved that the bubble may actually be pricked, no matter how they plan for it to go off.


  24. I can’t remember if DEWs were brought up yet, but Hi Impact just uploaded a video on the Carr fires out west. I haven’t finished it yet, but the footage of the burnt houses all separated by untouched trees does look different from any fire I’ve ever seen. It also seems to me that during the last similar event; the media coverage really slowed down after a Fire Fighter claimed they were DEW attacks. Just another reason to live on the east coast. JimBob who notes that swamps will really smoke you out, but that’s better than burning.


  25. Driverless cars?
    How about pilotless planes?

    That was the topic of discussion on a recent CBC radio show.

    A few comments stood out for me in the various interviews that were broadcast:

    John Fox (50 year veteran of aviation industry): “So we’ve come such a long way, but there is an inherent skepticism when you start talking about brand new technology, is it going to make it safer in fact, or not? And so there’s a big question there because we’ve had such great success. Eventually more and more automation will be incorporated, but in the near term, the near and medium term, I don’t think you’re going to see the wide acceptance of pilotless airplanes.”

    That’s right John, not the wide acceptance that you see with the U.S. military for example for the past couple of decades. 🙂

    Q: “Now I’ll ask you the same question I asked Barry Kirk, maybe I know your answer already, but if they came out with a commercial pilotless plane next year would you get in that flight?”

    Fox: “I don’t think that the technology has advanced to the point yet where I would be comfortable without a flight crew member on board, so I’d say in the near term my answer would be no.”

  26. March 2019

    After a successful pilot with unmanned vehicles…

    Kroger Driverless Unmanned Vehicles for Grocery Delivery coming to Houston, Texas (stomping grounds of Derrick Broze)
    (good photos and video)

    I often shop at Kroger to buy my organic foods, or to buy gas.
    So, the above article caught my attention.

    Kroger already offers manned delivery from many of its locations.
    Kroger also offers online grocery selection. The customer can pull into the parking lot and then an attendant will roll out the groceries.

    A few years ago, the plastic bags which hold my groceries were scented (toxic, synthetic chemical fragrances). I raised a stink. I wrote letters to corporate and called the manager, etc.
    It made a difference.
    Never again have I run into the scented bags.

    One day about two years ago, the big corporate dogs were roaming around the store when I was shopping. I knew they were top dogs, because I asked a grocery worker about them.
    I went up to the guys, introduced myself, and emphatically pushed the “organic agenda”. I validated the selection which they already offered, but also pushed for more.

    The trend is there. More and more, I am seeing the organic selection of products improving.

    Whether or not, my influence made a difference, I dunno.
    But I will say this…
    The more voices which are heard, and the power of the wallet, likely influences corporations.
    I like to think, that face to face interactions and handwritten letters can make a difference. There is some impact with these vehicles of communication.

    • Here is a two minute video showcasing the NURO delivery unmanned vehicle.

      Personally, I don’t know what to think about all this. I know the trend is coming.

      Ha! My 24 year old co-worker and I were talking about this the other day. He was saying that we should expect all kinds of crazy antics, such as people climbing on for a free ride, or messing with the car.
      Well, along with the cars, I guess we will see all kinds of new laws and regulations.

    • There surely is a larger effect in saying something than saying nothing. It all adds up.

      I’m afraid these services will make it even less appealing for the people to leave the confines of their homes.

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