Interview 1758 – James and Ernie Debate Elon Musk

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via James appears on Declare Your Independence every other week to discuss news, current events and activism. In this discussion, James and Ernie debate whether or not Elon Musk represents a way forward for free humanity or a technocratic huckster selling the unwashed masses on the globalist agenda.

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  1. What is Technocracy, Mr. Corbett?

    • Technocracy is not fascism. Mussolini wrote that the relationship of governments and fascism is “everything within, nothing without”, meaning the government is involved in all affairs.

      Technocracy seeks to eliminate governments replace them with technological means of control, with regions of the world broken up in to “technates”. The founders of Technocracy, Inc. believed that the government had failed (this was in the 1930s) and a different system of control needed to be put in place.

      There are other differences between fascism and Technocracy, but this is the most clear and indisputable difference.

      • Technocracy is a theory or concept that involves using technology for many, many means. Technology is privately owned by transnational corporations and cartels in conjunction with the State.

        The State commands the technocrats and the technocrats own the state.

        In the US you are seeing two distinct fascisms:

        ethno-national White settler fascism and multicultural techno fascism.

        When the State partners with Cartels in economic activity this is fascism.

        And it is precisely what Mussolini meant and did.

        Remember it was the Cartels that brought about fascism.

        The Webb Pomeroy Act prohibited investment abroad by corporations and cartels but this didn’t stop Standard Oil or US banks and industry from investing overseas.

        They created fascism.

        As Mussolini himself declared:

        “The fascist regime does not intend to nationalize or worse bureaucratize the entire national economy, it is enough to control it and discipline it through the corporations…. The corporations provide the discipline and the state will only take up the sectors related to defense, the existence and security of the homeland.”26 Hitler likewise pronounced: “We stand for the maintenance of private property…. We shall protect free enterprise as the most expedient, or rather the sole possible economic order.”27

        Fascism is the managerial state for failed capitalism or cartel capitalism.

        The means of production change throughout history. What doesn’t change is the private ownership of the means of production.

        This is the problem.

        “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

        — CIA propagandist Bertrand Russell, an advocate of one world government, dictatorship, and top-down control of the masses by a privileged oligarchical class (1952).

        Finally, in reference to the cynical Nazi slogan Arbeit Macht Frei – Work Makes You Free that the SS had placed at the entrance of Auschwitz – we substitute that ‘work makes you free’ now for hi-tech entrances into Amazon or Apple or any other transnational corporation where the CEO’s placed at the entrance of today’s corporate cartels a fascist symbol.

        • Weilunion

          I have to disagree that Fascism is JUST the managerial state…. THAT is everywhere from communism to so democracy and is just an effect of the Industrial Revolution and the need to control massive systems.

          “…the US you are seeing two ….
          ethno-national White settler fascism and multicultural techno fascism…….”

          You are right about the Fascism of the State Corporate alliance in the west BUT you are quite silly to suggest that “white” fascism is anything or has been anything for 30 to 59 years…..if white people has an ethnic power then you would see white people running all the companies and promoting white people to have all the power, where as you have mainly ethnic Jews and a rainbow alliance of NON whites running things for their own benefit…of white people as a group had power they would never have needed to cling to a fake savior like Trump

          • It is undeniable that there are some very wealthy “elites” who are of European Jewish decent. For example consider the Rothchild empire and Soros. If one looks at AIPAC and the influence in US politics this is also quite obvious.

            I read some of the work by Giliad Atzmon, who is technically a Israeli Jewish scholar who has documented this phenomenon. I have found his work interesting and free from bigotry and is written from his perspective as a former Zionist. His work is pretty interesting and attempts to appeal to the innate compassion within most human beings irrespective of their identity and background.

            However, there are plenty of cultural Jews and even religious Jews who do not benefit from this and don’t knowingly support it.

            In fact, the implementation of the Jabs in Israel on the general population shows how little the Jewish power block thinks of the average Jewish population. They are expendable just like the rest of humanity to them. So to me, the fascism seems to be more about ideology these days than cultural, racial or religious identity.

            And European Jews are “white” technically as far as I know if the definition is still the same. There is no separate check box on most standard demographic forms here in the US.

            • Cu.h.j

              However you will notice how useful the low level Jewish folks are as a shield for the powerful ones….however as Dr Jones says (Jewish revolutionary spirit) ‘jew’ is an ideology rather then a religion or even TBH an ethnicity ( though it’s those too)

              To be honest MOST Americans are in practice Jew’s in that they reject Truth and wallow in moral relitavism and think science and wealth and power will get them what they want…. As JRS quotes America began to 20th century a Christian Nation and finished it a Jewish one.

              ‘White’ Ashkanazi jews are only “white” when it suits them to be white…. It suited them to be white when they were doing the Transatlantic slave trade or marrying into the British Ruling class or becoming entrepreneurs in the USA. It does NOT suit them when doing “anti-white’ politics (see EM Jones on ‘the black Jewish alliance’ which was very one sided and benefitted blacks very little…. To the point that the Jewish created and run NAACP destroyed non controlled Black community leaders)

              See also the Jewish run groups like Antifa or the Pro Trans or Pro abortion movement (see Transindustrial Complex and ‘open society playbook’ by Scott Howard ) or the NeoCons and the Socialists…. You even see a big Jewish presence in the ‘conservative’ movement because as a group it pays to control all the opposition rather then let them realize that the issue is MORAL rather then political

            • Those who hate Jews come from all over the globe.

              In the US one used to find them in The John Birch Society and other such organizations.

              We now find them everywhere.

              And the reason is Zionism.

              Zionism is racism.

              And Zionism has given Jews the worst reputation in their history for what they have done to the Palestinian people.

              Zionism and Jewry are very different.

              You will find that Born Agains love Zionism for they believe that the Rapture will happen there and thus they entered into cooperation with Zionist Israel, and the Evangelical Churches, to support the State of Israel.

              But most Christian Zionists hate Jews.

              Love Zionism hate Jews.

              That is because being Jewish has nothing to do with Zionism.

              One can be a Jew and deplore Zionism, just as one could be White in S. Africa and deplore apartheid.

              Jew haters, the evangelical born agains, love Israel and Zionism.

              They have always hated Jews and always will.

              Irrationality is not limited to race.

              “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”

              ― Jean-Paul Sartre

              Sartre was right. The Jew hater has nothing to offer but silly excuses and demented assumptions through word play. they are discordians.

              And their message is “The Jews did it” for everything. Even if they have a headache they blame it on the Jew.

              They are the same ones who called Jews useless eaters and who now are posed to take over the US

          • You live in a White settler colony. Like Australia, New Zealand etc.

            What you are witnessing is the rise of clero fascism.

            Divide and conquer. That is the ruling strategy and racism is their tool.

            • Weilunion
              “…live in a White settler colony. Like Australia, New…”

              That was true maybe even 50 years ago.

              Yet today NONJewish “whites” have pretty much zero power compared to their % of the population…. But guess what group is about 1 or 2 % of the population and DOMINATES the political process (look what % of Congress or agency heads are Jewish ethnics) Dominates the Media (early life at Wikipedia used to be good but WikiJew is a good resource) dominates the Financial industry and sets the political agenda….. You might say that we live in JEWISH settler nation’s these days because it’s not like it’s much different in the UK or New Zealand.

              “White” BTW is rather an rather artificial category, as is “black” since all the real African folks I knew were VERY aware of their tribal/ethnic group) just like when I say “Jewish” I’m a little inexact, perhaps I should specify Ashkanazi ?? The people who dominate both left and right political life from Marx to Rand

        • Weilunion
          “…Those who hate Jews come from all over the globe….”

          But WHY ?
          What is the quality of these people that makes people angry at them?

          Your right that jewishness and Zionism are NOT the same. Bolshevism and socialism and NeoConservatism are mostly Jewish run. The QUALITY that makes people dislike Jewish behavior is obviously NOT a simple political thing, but is based on Jewish ethnocentric BEHAVIOR that transcends politics, economics and even religion

          • Yes, of course. Blame the hated group for multiple reasons.

            It’s easy, isn’t it?

            Just say “The Jews did it” and the complexities, the confluences, the economic historocity and the anthropology of human iife, among other concepts can be easily dismissed for it is the ‘other’.

            And they, of course being the problem must have something intrinsically sick about them.

            Here, you will enjoy this. It is old, but as it is the hundreth year anniversary of fascism, I offer it up to you.

            Enjoy. It confirms your beliefs so I know you will like it!


            Those damn Bolsheviks! If it wasn’t for them life in America would be a piece of cake.

            Or as a HS student recently asked:

            “Well, if the Blacks, and the Puerto Ricans, and the Chicanos and the Indians all get what they want, then there won’t be any United States…?”

            — Oregon high school student questioning a Cherokee speaker from the American Indian Movement

            Enjoy the deafening balkinization of America.

            At least you know you have plenty of friends and the Church to depend on as the order continues to fascistize..

          • Yes, of course. Blame the hated group for multiple reasons.

            It’s easy, isn’t it?

            Just say “The Jews did it” and the complexities, the confluences, the economic historocity and the anthropology of human iife, among other concepts can be easily dismissed for it is the ‘other’.

            And they, of course being the problem must have something intrinsically sick about them.

            Here, you will enjoy this. It is old, but as it is the hundreth year anniversary of fascism, I offer it up to you.

            Enjoy. It confirms your beliefs so I know you will like it!


            Those damn Bolsheviks! If it wasn’t for them life in America would be a piece of cake.

            Or as a HS student recently asked:

            “Well, if the Blacks, and the Puerto Ricans, and the Chicanos and the Indians all get what they want, then there won’t be any United States…?”

            — Oregon high school student questioning a Cherokee speaker from the American Indian Movement

            Enjoy the deafening balkinization of America. At least you know you have plenty of friends.

            • Weilunion

              Dude…. I asked a simple question WHAT about Jews makes them disliked by people ALL OVER the world…people who do not share religions or cultures or values with each other ALL develop what you call antisemitism.

              WHAT kind of ethnocentric bad behavior are Jews doing to make all those diverse people hate them????

              But…more on topic.

              The USA is no longer a WHITE settler nation, since whites (the Majority of the population) have control of just about nothing where as Jewish folks (1 or 2% of the population) DOMINATE politics (both left AND right wing), DOMINATE financial services and big Tech and DOMINATE the legal profession and the Media.

              That makes the US (like the British Empire before it) a JEWISH settler nation.

            • Coward. Wouldn’t put the reply button. Just like Sartre stated. The whole notion of anti semitism collapses when you hit a wall.

              “Dude…. I asked a simple question WHAT about Jews makes them disliked by people ALL OVER the world…people who do not share religions or cultures or values with each other ALL develop what you call antisemitism.”

              ‘Dude’? This makes you about what, 39 in your forties.

              Jews are not disliked all over the world this is your sick assumption. You cannot come up with any evidence to support your claim.

              That is one reason no reply button.

              You make an assumption, turn it into a question, then answer it confirming your assumption.

              You probably do not even know it is a assumption.

              Prove to the world that Jews are disliked all over the world. Give us evidence, continent, country by country.

              You can’t. You project your inner sickness on the world without even knowing it.

              The problem is a lack of empathy. Most Americans suffer from it due to their ethnocentricity and American Exceptionalism.

              When one has no empathy then they are closed minded, self affirming uncritical thinkers who never question their own belief systems for they do not know how.

              You probably have not seen much of the world so how could you even say this?

              Fallacious thinking. Poor critical thinking skills.

              Thanks for allowing others to see the impoverishment of thinking.

              And as the now deceased author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez once stated: “Don’t let me forget you.”

            • “…Coward. Wouldn’t put the reply button. …

              SCROLL UP, just like I do. Its the way the comments section works. And chill dude

              “..Just like Sartre stated….”
              Why do you keep quoting a dude who thought PEDOPHILIA WAS OK???
              www . theguardian. com/world/2001/feb/24/jonhenley

              “…….Jews are not disliked all over the world this is your sick assumption. You cannot come up with any evidence to support your claim….Prove to the world that Jews are disliked all over the world. Give us evidence, continent, country by country….”
              1 BILLION people according to the ADL
              http s:// antisemitism.adl . org/antisemitism-in-global-history/
              You will have to reassemble the links

              “…You can’t. You project your inner sickness on the world without even knowing it….”

              Pot and Kettle comes to mind here…

              “…The problem is a lack of empathy. Most Americans suffer from it due to their ethnocentricity and American Exceptionalism….”
              Dude… who are YOU to tell people how much empathy they should feel?? THAT is the arrogance of a privileged class of people, the kind of people who can tell Americans (and ‘white people’ in general) what they should think and act like.

              “…You probably have not seen much of the world so how could you even say this?…”
              Lol dude, L O L
              “…Fallacious thinking. Poor critical thinking skills…”
              Ad hominem / Insult …. NOT an argument

              “…Thanks for allowing others to see the impoverishment of thinking….”

              “…And as the now deceased author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez once stated: “Don’t let me forget you….”
              Huh? Sorry but I do not get the reference

              BUT back on point…. “white” people are NOT THE RULING CLASS of the United States dispite being the majority….a ruling group does not have to fear its own Government, it uses that gov to oppress OTHER groups. lol

              Jewish folks (who are 1 to 2% of the population) make up a hugely disproportionate number of the people who run things, from Big Tech, to lawmakers, to Gov Agencies. That is why its getting somewhat punishable to criticize Jewish people

              Thus, you are wrong, the USA is not a “white settler nation” it is a JEWISH settler nation

            • Like I said…. a world wide, centuries spanning, culture crossing feeling thing like that must have some cause,


              Good article, but it mises the bit where the jewish despora was trying to murder all the Greeks and Romans they could get their hsnds on, depopulating some areas that had to be recolonized later.
              THAT was provoked centuries of hatred
              see ‘Kitos War’

              “…From Athens to Alexandria, Rome to Persia, Jews provoked resentment and suspicion, making them a convenient and frequent scapegoat….”

    • Technocracy = socialism.

      I grew up in an eastern bloc country and most of my teachers believed in technocracy. They believed that scientists and engineers should run society. That society should be designed on scientific and engineering principles.

      Technocracy, as I know it, is related to cybernetics. And cybernetics made its way into management theory in about 1960s. Here are a few cybernetics-related terms you can look up: “feedback loop”, “sociotechnical system”, “control theory”, “systems theory”.

      • No, technocracy is a belief in technocratic government and the technology is owned by cartels. socialism has nothing to do with this.

        You confuse the hammer with its use.

        • In a centrally controlled economy, someone have to decide prices and plan how many products to manufacture. These people are scientists and engineers. These people are technocrats.

          Any centrally controlled economy is partly technocratic.

          This is development in technocracy done in USSR and China. There are now actual engineers in the Chinese government.

          When I was growing up, the communists made a scifi series about the future they imagined. In the show, there was a world government made up of scientists. Their symbol was a hand. The world was run by a computer called “the central brain of mankind”. There was no money. All weapons were locked in an underwater vault accessible only from a submarine. The vault required direct authorization from the world government to open. People played lots of games on wall-mounted screens controlled by a device attached to their hand. They played these games even during working hours.

          • “In a centrally controlled economy, someone have to decide prices and plan how many products to manufacture. These people are scientists and engineers. These people are technocrats.”

            I agree partially. Yes, all centrally controlled economies must have a plan (5 year) for manufacture and investment.

            The technocrats are the skilled laborers that put into place the panopticon and control system; they are not the ruling elites.

            They are they engineers and financial workers.

            Capitalism is a planned economy, one planned by an entrenched and vicious and savage ruling class that will use technology, the means of production, not for people, but for profit maximization and control.

            People think capitalism is unplanned and ‘free’. Hardly.

            It is controlled by transnational cartels that are privatized entities devoted to one thing: profit.

            And as Warren Buffet famously said: There are two classes in America and my class is winning.

      • Technomancer

        If I may suggest the book “The Populist Delusion” it will clarify your view of politics…. The author goes by “Accedemic Agent” on YouTube and his explanation of IDEOLOGY is great
        It goes something like
        ” We should have power because
        BS…BS….BS..BS….and when we get power we wi use it to BS BS BS…” 🙂

        Technocrats have no ideology other then having power to inflict their control freakedy on everyone else…communists have no ideoloyother then getting power to inflict their mental sickness on everyone else. The lust for POWER is what they really have in common

        • I’ve already watched the video and I’ll read the book. Thank you.

    • Technocracy for me is the fiction that makes you believe you are following science, or the experts and best prepared people are taking the optimal decisions based on your interest, when that is a fiction, and they silence disident voices, so those that think otherwise believe they are alone and remain in silence, thinking their thought process has to be wrong because everybody else gives the impression to think the opposite. And with time they will give up.
      Technocracy is also that we leave behind so many data points in our lives for the big data analyst, that we are easy to map into clear categories (the mainstream follower, the disident that will be silent his whole life, the dangerous dissident that needs to be monitored…). For the majority that will be the glass prison that gives the false impression of freedom because we believe we follow free will.

    • One needs to study history to understand the technocracy movement.

      Technocracy movement 1930’s

      In a publication from 1938 Technocracy Inc. the main organization made the following statement in defining their proposal.

      Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of this continent.

      For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem. There will be no place for Politics or Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers.

      Technocracy states that this method of operating the social mechanism of the North American Continent is now mandatory because we have passed from a state of actual scarcity into the present status of potential abundance in which we are now held to an artificial scarcity forced upon us in order to continue a Price System which can distribute goods only by means of a medium of exchange.

      Technocracy states that price and abundance are incompatible; the greater the abundance the smaller the price.

      In a real abundance there can be no price at all. Only by abandoning the interfering price control and substituting a scientific method of production and distribution can an abundance be achieved.

      Technocracy will distribute by means of a certificate of distribution available to every citizen from birth to death.

      The Technate will encompass the entire American Continent from Panama to the North Pole because the natural resources and the natural boundary of this area make it an independent, self-sustaining geographical unit.[40]

      What is not said is that all the technology is privately owned by cartels and transnational corporations, making us slaves to their tools..

    • Bureauocracy is the setting up of individuals to operate systems to implement controls of certain specific areas of government. Right?

      Remove “bureau”, replace with technology and shorten for newspeak, technocracy; you have computerized control of the same thing; efficient control of the (rat) race.

      Technocracy provides blanket implementation of rules, blocking of rules for some, on one list, and implementation of rules for those on another list, all done instantaneously, unseen, online, in a cloud, in person, in whatever the reach of the techno that is developed.

      It’s about reach. About humanless implementation of the will and whim of those running the programs.

      Interesting, the word “no” is at the core of technocracy. No person required, to implement and run it. Automatic, smooth sailing. Except, for you, if “they” want you blocked.

      And, That’s the problem. It can be run politically, for the interests of the few in power over tech-no-cracy.

      • Makertools

        “…That’s the problem. It can be run politically, for the interests of the few in power over tech-no-cracy…”

        ALL systems are like that to some degree. You will never have a human made system that is not run by the few for the few. (See “populist delusion” book)

        The real problem is that Technocracy puts so much power in the hands of the rulinh class that normal people can’t push back. People will always be ruled, but weak people will be reduced to no longer being people

    • L.m.p

      Technocracy is (in theory) “scientific” rule by MANAGERS who control all enery,food, products and manufacture by their super organization via technology….in a sense it’s like normal Communism in that all the material goods and the means of life are under the control of the Ruling Class (doctorship of the proliteriet style) which decides who gets what and who does what task.

      It had an actual organization ” Technocracy Inc” , back in the 30s I think.

      As a concept it’s basically totalitarianism, similar to fascism except that fascism is more “State” centered and ethnocentric where as Technocracy is all about Managers and efficiency and does not really care about nation’s, ethnicity or such and generally wants Zones rather then nation’s or states….. Read “Brave new world” for the kind of things they envisioned…zero personal freedom and humans as cogs in the machine…. industrial society gone supermax

      Also put “Technocracy” into the search bar on the DESKTOP version of this site for more information

    • Ever read the book Brave New World by Huxley? That to me is kind of a blue print of it imagined in Huxley’s time. It’s a type of ideology that places “scientists” in charge of managing the human population, or “sciencism” as the guiding principle for morality and decision making. At least this is what I got from JC’s podcasts about it. If you search his work with the search function, he’s got a some videos on this.

      The idea of technocracy is kind of old and there was a book written about the idea decades ago if I recall.

      Anyway, when I hear technocracy I think Huxley.

      • Cu.h.j

        You are correct… I think Jay Dyer goes into their books over the last century in his “writings of the elite series” where they write what their ideas are

      • Propagandists’ ability to mesmerize the faithful has increased exponentially as the technological life has increased and been promoted as de rigueur. This on-line life is propagated as a new religion whose embrace is said to be inevitable and whose faith one must accept as the missionaries for its miraculous nature spread the word far and wide.

        “There will be in the next generation or so a method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

        – Aldous Huxley, From a speech for the Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

        And in the face of nothing but and painful and alientated individualism and without any organizing on the ground with others, this is and will be your future.

    • 🙂
      I’m kind of laughing at the “trigger button” (What is Technocracy, Mr. Corbett?), and the resulting cascade of responses.
      I tip my hat to Corbett Member l.m.p for biting his (or her) lip, and not trying to explain what prompted the question.

      I enjoyed listening to the ENTIRE “James and Ernie Debate Elon Musk”. For me, it was edifying…there was news and stuff that I was not aware of.

      The winning Bingo number always comes at the end.
      Corbett and Pilato had a hidden gem at the very end on #1757 New World Next Week this past Thursday.

      • Home remedy supply

        Lol, just listened to the end, mainly because of your comment.
        🙁 I was just kinda thinking there were a lot of new folks here….hey, at least we’re all on record so we can see who is correct inj definition

      • A cascade of the same question (what is technocracy?), especially when expressed so pressingly, will naturally cause a cascade of responses 😉

        Which is a good thing, since we rarely have the occasion to know the actual perception others have regarding the topics we frequently discuss – as long of course as we avoid being overly dogmatic in our answers.

        What I could gather so far while roaming online, from those who are aware of the concept and disapprove of it, is that it seems to be interchangeably:
        -a socialist nightmare
        -a capitalist nightmare
        -a fascist nightmare

        Well, at least we all agree it’s a nightmare so I guess that’s a start.

    • Technocracy, quite literally, is the rule of the self-appointed “experts”. It is a rebrand of aristocracy; a class of “elites” who believe they should have authority over others because they are smarter and/or more knowledgable. The covid false narrative made this elitist governance approach very clear.

      • This definition presumes benevolence. These people people usually refer to as “elites” want nothing more but masses of dead people. Not mecesarrily by their own hand, of course. That’s why there’s so much nudging a cajoling going on.

  2. Ernie – the sound of Alex jones without the Alex. To be fair, he gets some things right.
    Turned it off as soon as I heard his voice. Take care all.

    • I had to give up on Alex Jones because his talking just made me angrier and angrier….I often wonder how high his blood pressure is. I started to wonder if he was some kind of weapon and listeners were all gonna go full Rage Virus 28days later one day, lol, ?

      • Uhhh, an instinct: Alex has some past to hide. He’s freaked.

        Wouldn’t want to be him, that’s all I know. There but for fortune…….and all that.

      • He is controlled by Jews, remember?

        • Well… he did marry one and have Jewish kids so one would be surprised if he (or trump or Biden) would speak out against that ethnic group

  3. The musk syop is so strong that some people blind themselves. Fascinating stuff. Hopium comes to mind.

    • Perfect short summary, the pied piper always comes in my mind, Elon being that.

      • Uhmmm, Elon ….no comment on the name….is the son of wealthy emerald mine owneres.
        The children followed the piper because their parents would not pay him. Maybe they knew what they were doing?

        Elon ain’t no pied piper. He’s a disneyland actor, like the trump.

    • People want to believe and confirm their beliefs. Few are interested in knowing.

      • Weilunion
        “…People want to believe and confirm their beliefs. Few are interested in knowing…”

        That’s pretty much true. This guy explains why ideology does not matter and most of what we think are decisions are just our post hoc justifications for what we did


    :p 🙂

    • Well, to put in a very succinct and simplified manner, it is to run a human society like a modern multinational corporation.

      • That is already happened.

        Technocracy is the belief in the use of technocracy to run government, control people, manufacture desires, dreams, illusions etc.

        Technocracy is the worship of the means of production under capitalism.

        As such, it never confronts who owns the technocracy.

        And that is the rub: goal: profit maximization and control; eugenics and the destruction of humanism is in the hands of the few.

        Allowing the world order to be run by a synarchy is the essence of monopoly/cartel capitalism.

        • No, it hasn’t already happened.

          You might feel that way because the process has already started but we can’t yet describe our collective situation akin to being a form of staff for a technocratic state.

          To picture it, imagine an ant colony composed of human beings.

          By the way, countless others would have expressed themselves the same way as yours only to have used the words “marxism” or “fascism” instead of “capitalism”. It’s about time we drop these categories as it’s mainly a tool to divide us and it still does its magic to this day, even among dissidents. It’s about time to let go of the left-wing/right-wing paradigm along with their ready-to-wear ideologies.

          • The class struggle is not a category it is a reality. As Warren Buffet said: “Our class is winning.”

            If you do not understand the historical nature of class struggle you cannot derive any understanding of the economic and social reality we live in,.

            • There also was a dominant class in the Soviet Union and the latter wasn’t a capitalistic society. The struggle isn’t bound to economics.

              But something tells me you’ll stick to your belief system anyway. So by all means, please do.

              • Dalesco

                The dominant class of the early Soviet Union was a mostly Jewish cabal funded by WallStreet bankers…. See Dr Spence’s book “Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution”. It was very much an ETHNIC struggle not a class struggle, since I read that those two groups have always had a dislike for each other and treated each other badly.

              • It is called the class struggle. Nowhere did I say dominant class.

                If you cannot see that you live in a global society controlled by a synarchy and that it is class based you cannot understand reality.

                The history of the world is the history of class struggle. Master Slave, Lord self, employer-employee.

                And the dominant class, as you say, has all the money, owns the means of production and makes al the decisions.

                Is this democracy?

                Not sure how old you are but you are looking down the rifle sights of some very serious issues.

                And if you cannot see who runs society, the capitalist class, and how it affects the circumstances within which you live you wil not get far.

              • @ weilunion

                By reading all the comments you left here, it’s quite clear that you have some kind of anger issue coupled, of course, with the inner feeling of knowing far better than everyone else.

                Because you started our exchange by misinterpreting my comment in order to take the conversation to a different direction, I have the obligation to correct your subjective appropriation of my remarks.

                So, you didn’t say dominant class. That’s right, I said it. There actually has to be a dominant class for a class struggle to take place, just in case you hadn’t thought of it.

                Now, you mentioned that we live in a global society controlled by a synarchy. Fine, I don’t know why you say that I can’t see it. My point regarding what we could call a struggle – and which by the way has nothing to do with my initial comment – is that it goes beyond a class struggle.

                You then question “Is this democracy?”. Democracy isn’t the subject, stop bringing everything back to your fixation.

                You follow by talking about my age, which is quite comical because the fervent militancy visible in your vocabulary clearly shows that you still have to learn a lot more about life.

                You eventually conclude by returning to the same idea: “who runs society, the capitalist class”. Ok, you said it several times, we got it: it’s your fascination. But again, even if the capital is an important aspect of the whole game, it isn’t the only one. Take a large enough group of people and you’ll see how some individuals will naturally take advantage of others and at various degrees, whether or not there are capitals and means of production. I must admit that in the framework I’ve just presented, I actually wonder which kind of individual you would be.

                You’re obsessed with the same idea and you keep trying to bring everything back to the Marxist dialectic which you have, it seems, recently discovered. You haven’t added anything new or relevant so just move on and go away!

    • Rule by managers.

      The control and management of ALL materials and energy to make humanity into a superorganism or a machine with humans as the cigs.

      • Yes, that’s how I see it. The only thing I need to ask you is… what are “the cigs”?

        I’ve looked it up and apart from cigarettes and a number of acronyms, I couldn’t find anything else.

        Did you mean “the cogs”?

        • Yes COGS …sorry auto correct got me.

          But if poor people were the cigs the rich would be Cigars…. Lol…and all go up in smoke

      • Jewish machines, right? The machines are Jewish or is it just the people who own them?

        “Rule by managers” says nothing. All rule is by managers.

        In this case it is a managerial class devoted to trans-national cartels.

        And that class is owned by the actual ruling elite who control the majority of the planet’s wealth.

        You, and your anti-semetic surrogates claim the Jews rule the world.

        If it was not so ugly it would be comical.

        Maybe you should ask James if he would do an episode on How the Jews Control the World. Or is he a Jew too?

        You would have loved the John Birch Society and the Thule Society in Germany.

        All Jew haters.

        And of course those that hate Jews, hate Blacks, people of color and think that the White Settler Colonial race is the supreme.

        It is a sickness. One that has to blame others for the sickening plight of their lives and if it is not Jews then it is Black people or women, etc.

        You will soil yourself next month when fascism is institutiionalized in America.

        Then you will be able to spread your hate at restaurant dinner tables and no one will say a thing. For Americans are good Germans.

        I notice that few come to your aid when it come to your hatred for Jews. In fact, I don’t find many people engaging your shallow comments much at all.

    • The Machine. Ever count how many machined systems are in a “normal” US residence “house”? Warm, Safe, Dry 24-7. And how many humans?

      Think: the plumbing pipes even are a machined system.
      I counted 18 in a 24 ft. RV.

      Douglas Adams knew. And the friggin’ machine killed him!! Those “heartbeat” sensors at the gym. No lie.

  5. Yes, please, What is Technocracy?

    • Anything involving a government.

    • Here is one answer:

      Ukraine uses US facial recognition technology to terrorize families of dead Russian soldiers
      Jason Melanovski, Andrea Peters
      20 April 2022
      Ukraine is employing US-made facial recognition technology to scan the faces of dead Russian soldiers and, after having matched the images to online profiles, sending the photos to the relatives of the deceased.
      The practice, which is a clear violation of Geneva Conventions and protocols that state that the bodies of dead soldiers must be afforded respect and cannot be subject to ill treatment, was reported on by the Washington Post last Friday. The American newspaper described the macabre and demented campaign, however, as if it were a legitimate military tactic, albeit one that might backfire.

      Technocratic fascism

      There is also a clear racial component to FRT deployment in New York – Amnesty found that in areas where the proportion of non-white residents is higher, so too is the concentration of FRT-equipped CCTV cameras. As such, the organization argues it has supplanted traditional ‘stop-and-frisk’ operations by law enforcement.

      And all too often, the technology is used to “identify, track and harass” protesters. For example, analysis of routes to Black Lives Matter demonstrations in mid-2020 typically taken by attendees revealed “nearly total surveillance coverage” by FRT-equipped cameras. In August that year, FRT was used to track down a protester who’d committed the egregious crime of yelling near a law enforcement official, leading to over 50 officers surrounding his apartment and shutting down the surrounding streets, while NYPD helicopters hovered menacingly overhead.

      Even more troublingly, emails obtained by MuckRock testify to an intimate relationship between the NYPD and Clearview AI. The firm’s artificial intelligence applications allow police to upload images of suspects and compare them to a 10 billion-strong database of facial images scraped from the web, including public websites and social media accounts without adequate privacy settings.

      Clearview’s website boasts of its ability to provide police with customized mugshot and watchlist galleries and facilitate collaboration with other agencies on a regional and national level. Its quest to become the centralized source of facial recognition imagery has been furthered by over 1,800 public agencies testing or using it. Beyond police forces, the technology’s tentacles reach schools, hospitals, immigration, and the Air Force, among a great many others.

    • When scientists and engineers don’t run things.

      Centrally controlled economies are always partly technocratic because they have to follow certain rules and the people who create the rules are scientists and engineers.

      Elon Musk is a scientist therefore whatever he runs can be called Technocracy. 🙂

      During covid, when so called experts took over, society became more technocratic.

      CBDCs belong to the technocratic universe.


    • a57


      Be careful what you wish for.

      Being 10 years old in an orphanage getting buggered by the older kids does not sound all that great to be

  7. Please if i may humbly add when James and Ernie were discussing you’ll own nuffin n be happy I feel the point of the smart cities etc is like when your not sleeping using your bed or not eating using utensils that some one else will be using the same bed etc. cut down on the carbon footprint by using objects and sharing them. Christ I’m not James Corbett and my communication skills suck. I can’t put my thoughts into words easily like he can.
    I hope I got my point across

    • Indeed! The same problem as the Keynesians claim that resources are not being fully utilized. Same arguments under a different name.

  8. “I’m not tryin’ to Kanye or anything…”

    It’s just that, oversimplified logic would seem to dictate that:

    Once you’ve understood that the media is owned and controlled and weaponized to sculpt our collective perception of reality for the owners’ interests

    then it becomes painfully clear that high-profile figures such as Assange, Musk, any president of the US, all those extravagant characters in the form of telegenic movie and music and “alt media” celebrities are at best, being unwittingly instrumentalized by obscure powers and consequently must be consumed with a hearty dose of skepticism.

    At the risk of inciting powerfully contemptuous and spastic eye-rolling, Michael Jackson (in all his tortured ambiguity) was having some pretty bitter differences with the titan, Sony, as I vaguely recall, and is no longer around to expound on the details.

    It’s impossible to understand the history and nature of the media and write requiems for the suicided and still believe in the super-hero cardboard characters blasted onto screens everywhere to act as examples, limited hangouts and controlled opposition.

    The way Mr Corbett lifted the veil from Ernie’s eyes concerning Musk, live on-air, in real time, could also be done concerning Assange by just looking at the latter’s questionable statements (concerning the Arab Spring, Climategate, Murdoch media and 9/11), his stances (regarding 9/11) and actions (filtering highly selected “info” through major Mockingbird media) and self-aggrandizing (Arab spring, Climategate, 9/11) over the years, while examining his rapport with people like John Young or glancing at his unusually harrowing childhood, and the fact that the man was able to marry and found a family by producing two offspring while he was allegedly just pining away or giving more or less in-depth interviews and speeches from various types of imprisoned situations. Recalls a certain other high-profile gagged beauty and the profoundly teasing effect she had on the 9/11 truth movement, muddying the waters and buying time for the mendaciously murderous powers that are while performing her own well-timed blitzkrieg controlled demolitions of the likes of Bartlett and Beeley.

    Finally, with characters like Musk and Assange, Snowden and Edmonds, it’s pretty obvious that if they didn’t exist, the social engineers would have had to invent them. And though hero-worship won’t permit it, it’s certainly a bit of both. They existed and they were invented. And most importantly, they were transformed into red-herring bait for the disinherited masses to fight for and idolize expending any energy they might have had to do anything truly subversive.

    But it seems most people just want to live in a movie anyway, so perhaps it’s all for the best. But I won’t think that when the spike protein ruins my son’s heart.

    • It does seem like a mechanism to divert attention and energy in order to prevent real subversion. And people do seem to want to live in a movie. Maybe people believe fantasy is more interesting than reality. I’m not sure.

      Your son’s heart may turn out to be fine btw. I have known quite a few healthy youngsters who stupidly taken the jabs, but so far seem to be okay. These were younger colleagues just starting out in nursing who don’t yet know about questioning “medical” procedures. I think some people’s bodies can tolerate it better than others. My sister even took it so she could travel and I was very disappointed but maybe she’ll be okay. I hope so anyway.

      • From an analysis of VAERS data from a year or so ago, it appears that all vaccine lots aren’t created equal. Something like 90 some % of negative reactions to the original dose(es) came from about 5% of lot #’s. Boosters are most likely different. They couldn’t try to kill all takers all at once. Looks like a “time released” med pogrom for a cleverly cloaked democide.

        • Thanks for your characteristically kind words cu.h.j! My stupid flesh and blood fruit of my womb youth… followed the example of his father who takes me for a hopeless conspiracy theorist. Which is exactly what I am, come to think of it…

          They couldn’t try to kill all takers all at once. Looks like a “time released” med pogrom for a cleverly cloaked democide.

          Yes, very well expressed mgoo. I believe it was a certain Craig Paardekooper who was the first to start charting the lots and reporting his findings on the net.

          On another point, I was wondering with some anxiety if the vaccinated could shed their spike proteins but then I suddenly realized, with the ADE or Original Sin effects or whatever, as a potential carrier, I’m more dangerous to the vaccinated than they are for me…

          Anyhow, this sultry Saturday night is filled with parents and children and couples and singles all preparing to merrily celebrate Halloween. It smells lovely outside in the warm Autumn breeze. Life goes on.

      • Having a friend over for a few days for the first time in years has been really instructive.

        She’s been jabbed twice but she’s doing great. To say that she’s a “people person” would be a grotesque understatement. She’s wildly communicative, bouncing off everything I say with pertinent, insightful, creative, funny and mirthful commentary and when we’re walking around town, she stops every ten meters or so to admire something beautiful, plants, animals, architecture, art, posters, books, people, street people, atmospheric phenomena, astronomical phenomena, laughing and crying and living the moment intensely. Wherever we happen to end up in our carefree wanderings, the terrace of a café or just a bench in an otherwise ordinary square, or at my tiny apartment, she often says “Wow, qu’est-ce qu’on est bien là!” meaning something to the effect of “Wow, this is just perfect, isn’t it!?”

        Basking in the frenetic and colourful universe of intense interaction with her, laughing, analyzing, recounting, denouncing, inventing and reinventing Life, the Universe and Everything

        offers a stark comparison to my otherwise caustically ironic outlook and self-absorbed existence revolving around English classes and the consumption of strident, doomsday media.

        Would I prefer to have never learned about so-called “9/11 Truth”, the dark origins of the eugenical Environmental movement, Agenda 21, the deliberate nature of systemic famine and disease, the fact that the UN (definitely) Doesn’t Love You the probable role of the engineered pandemic crisis and largely lethal remedy in the unswerving march towards Technocracy (the details of which I have mostly refrained from sharing with my friend)?

        Good question.

        In the meantime, I hope your sister’s still doing ok!

    • nosoapradio says:
      “Once you’ve understood that the media is owned and controlled and weaponized to sculpt our collective perception of reality for the owners’ interests, then it becomes painfully clear….”

  9. Very good talk to dive deeper on the topic Elon Musk,
    he looks at ELon himself, his past and his connections, what Elon said at the “global leader summit” and who is in the twitter deal with Elon(like the ex Oracle CEO and middle eastern royalty), very interesting enhancing the talk from James…

    “ELON MUSK | Neo-Newton Fools America to Bring Forth TECHNOCRACY via TWITTER”
    DayzofNoah is really a shining gem, listen to his other podcasts he recently did on technocracy, very bright mind.

  10. Space X is a joke that uses a smoothed out version of antiqueted tech with it’s roots in the 20-s.

    Elon’s rocket-based craft that he uses to get into orbit are essentially just a more streamlined version of Wernher von Braun’s invention from 100 years ago. For those that do not know, Von Braun was the father of German rocket science. He invented the V-2 rockets, the missiles the Nazis launched toward England in the final months of World War II. He was also one of the Nazi’s brought over in operation paperclip.

    So if Elon is so smart why is he using such archaic tech to get into space? Surely you do not think that controlled petroleum explosions are the best idea our brightest minds could come up with for propulsion systems in the last 100 years? Of course not, as early as around the same time Wernher von Braun was inventing his rocket systems for the nazis, others (like Dr. Kowsky and T. Townsend Brown) were dabbling in mass cancellation technology (Electrogravitics or what pop culture often describes as “anti-gravity”) for propulsion.

    These types of propulsion systems (sometimes using harmonic resonance, acoustic levitation, high voltage systems and/or rotating ferro-fluids) were studied extensively in the open up until the early 50-s. Serious funding and studies were done. The subject of Electrogravitics can be found in prominent military R&D journals up until about 1953, at which point the whole subject goes dark and disappears off the radar. This was not due to failure, this was due to success, overwhelming and ground breaking success (using a variety of methods). I can provide documentation and additional evidence in another comment for anyone that is curious to learn more.

    Are rockets really the best he can do? Or it is just that the really efficient and groundbreaking tech is only used in classified military applications?

    Many great minds have come up with viable alternatives to our current propulsion systems in the past 7 decades. I have spent a fair bit of time looking into the science and history of electromagnetic frequency devices that cause ‘lift’ and ‘mass cancellation’. These are technologies which in effect allow an object to ‘become weightless’ and moved with very little energy over long distances.

    Described in the prestigious journal Jane’s Defense Weekly and in Nick Cook’s book, “Race To Zero Point”, these very advanced energy and propulsion systems unfortunately (as as stated above) became highly classified in the early 1950’s.

    Developed by T. Townsend Brown, Dr. Biefeld at Princeton (who worked with Albert Einstein) et al., these systems have been studied and reproduced by various scientists over the years. In the highly classified aerospace industry. I could even tell you which military installations and corporate military contractors specialize in the technology.

    • So my question to Musk lovers is this, if Elon is such a genius, a great pioneer in technology and gonna take us to the stars with innovation, why is he using hundred year old propulsion tech and feeding into big oil’s dilapidated monopoly (when viable alternatives have existed for many decades?

      • Gavin M

        Why the old tech?
        Because rockets are phallic symbols used to penitrate the sky…. Go look up Jack Parsons and his alleged habbit of doing sex magick on the launchpad.

        The space program is run by religiously twisted weirdos.

        Got to say you do not need exotic drives when you could have the Orion atomic bomb propulsion system that JFK killed, it could have put people in Mars in a ONE STAGE craft …or even the atomic reactor heating propellant that they killed in the 70s

        • @Duck

          You may be onto something there with the compensation mechanisms of billionaires that make penis shaped orbital entry craft.

          NASA and the billionaires involved in the various public space programs are indeed a bunch of weirdos (and their public offerings are also a sham, nothing more than a front to distract and appease the masses).

          I have not heard of that “Orion” propulsion system, I will check it out, thanks for the reference.

          Personally, if we were gonna use heat, thrust or combustion based propulsion systems I think it would make a lot more sense to utilize the well proven technique of the high voltage disassociation of hydrogen from H2O (in order to access the thermo-explosive energy of hydrogen gas) for combustion engines and jet propulsion systems.

          Are you familiar with the work of a man named Stanley Meyer?

          Though, in reality, creating controlled explosions (regardless of their fuel type) in order to push objects around is quite archaic compared to what they have cooked up in Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks, and their facility at the Helendale Plant as well as “The Cube” and Boeing Aerospace (Phantom works division).

    • Hi Gavin, do provide more information on electrogravitics. I’ve heard several people bundle these achievements with those buried with Tesla, but I have never started looking into it.

      When it comes to buried technology, I can’t think of any more flagrant examples than LFTR, which would for all intents and purposes make the energy scarcity paradigm a thing of the past for the whole wide world.

      • @mkey

        I have a busy night ahead of me (preserving our fall shiitake harvest) but I will try and set aside some time tomorrow to throw together some pertinent links and info.

        From what I understand while Tesla theorized about such applications of high voltage systems but his role in making electrogravitic propulsion systems a success was more related to his inventions related to harnessing what some people call “zero point energy” (or energy from the quantum vacuum) which empowered other great minds to apply his ideas for powering their mass cancellation devices (as some do require a lot of energy to operate in a way that enables useful function for a craft).

        That is interesting about LFTRs, it makes me think of a large solar farm a read about in Morocco that involves something to do with molten salt. Imagine if one was to create a de-salination plant on a desert coastline (powered by either solar, geothermal, or a more exotic zero point type device) which produced fresh water for re-greening artificially desertified areas like the Sahara (for growing food and creating livable bio-diverse microclimates) the desert while simultaneously providing the by-product of salt for LFTR facilities. Seems like a set up like that could stack a lot of functions.

        More on this soon..

        • funny I was going to comment on how wouldn’t it be hundreds of scales of magnitude simpler to “colonize” the desert rather than MARS. My personal take is that the point is to sell a narrative and gain adherents and not to encourage autonomous resource development. While the world watched the “moon landings” all sorts of crimes against this planet took place. Cue Regan’s UN speech on alien invasion uniting us á la George Orwell’s wars in Eurasia (or whomever). The show is so we don’t ask why we are in chains in the cave.

          • Yes, those are some very good points. Mars colonisation sounds a lot more adventurous than colonising Sahara. If that matter ever came to the order of the day, one would have to ask what would be the benefit of colonising the desert in favour of such large amounts of inhabitable surface?

      • @mkey

        Okay so this is gonna have to be a multi comment/multi day post as I still have lots of shiitake to harvest, preserve (and lots of other herbs and veggies to do the same with before the hard freeze nights start).

        Electromagnetic Lifter Technology (Electrogravitics) is technology that was developed by a brilliant mathematician and physicist who has elucidated the fundamental relationship between electromagnetism, magnetic fields and mass and gravity. Essentially, this technology (having been developed to the level of a proof of principle system as early as 8 decades ago) allows for a reduction in mass, allowing for lift. The principles allow for creating extremely efficient energy generation systems as well as advanced aerospace applications. Examples and scientific background of this technology have been described by Valone (1994, 2004), Cameron (2001), LaViolette (2008), and Loder (2002).

        – Valone, T. (2004). Electrogravitics II: Validating reports on a new propulsion methodology. Beltsville,
        MD, Integrity Research Institute. 159pp.

        – Cameron, J. (2001). “An Asymmetric Gravitational Wave Propulsion System,” AIAA Paper No. 2001-
        3913, Joint Propulsion Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 8-11, 2001.

        – LaViolette, P. (2008). Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace
        Technology. Bear & Company. 512 pp.

        – Loder, T.C. III (2002). “Outside-the-box” space and terrestrial transportation and energy technologies for
        the 21st century. Presented at the 40th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV Jan. 2002.

        In the highly classified aerospace industry, such flying devices were dubbed ‘Flux Liners’ because they used the Quantum Vacuum Flux field to provide energy and propulsion. The early Aerospace prototypes used only a 24-volt marine battery as a power-up system, after which the device went ‘over unity’, drawing its power from the Quantum Vacuum of space. Later (once the military got their hands on downed exotic space craft) they used back engineering in combination with what they had learned from the human inventors above to create more efficient and powerful prototypes. One such iteration was called the “A.R.V.”. My research and sources indicate that effective gravity control technology was mastered in covert military R&D programs as of October of 1953. Significant improvements, augmentations and refinement has occurred since then, resulting in a wide array of craft being manufactured in compartmented military contracts (USAPs). To the layman, when observed in flight, these craft would appear ‘extraterrestrial’, this is not by accident.

        (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          Historical Background:

          It began with Townsend Brown and Kowsky-Frost.

          In 1927 an article was published in German journal, describing research experiments by Prof. Kowsky and his engineer Mr. Frost. They discovered that if they placed a quartz crystal inside a metal box and treated it with high-powered radio waves the crystal expanded and caused the whole apparatus weighing 55 pounds to rise in the air. Later that year these results were published in a US magazine.

          Townsend Brown’s development of Electrogravitics tech began in the mid 1920’s. Townsend Brown discovered that electric charge and gravitational mass are coupled. He found that when a capacitor is charged to a high voltage, it has a tendency to move toward its positive pole. His findings, which became known as the BiefeldBrown effect, were opposed by conventional minded physicists of his time. Brown conducted a demonstration for military top brass. He flew a pair of 3-foot diameter discs around a 50-foot course tethered to a central pole. Energized with 150,000 volts and emitting ions from their leading edge, they attained speeds of several hundred miles per hour. The subject was thereafter classified. Project Winterhaven involved Brown submitting a proposal to the Pentagon for the development of a Mach 3 disc shaped electrogravitic fighter craft. Drawings of its basic design are shown in one of his patents. They are essentially large-scale versions of his tethered test discs.

          The rest is as they say, history…

          Additional references and pertinent info:

          This should be enough to get you started in researching the topic of Electrogravitics. If you can’t find any of the articles/papers I reference above let me know and i`ll dig them up from my back up drives.

        • That is certainly a sufficient amount of information to get me started. My Tesla reference was related to some organisations that were trying to unearth his discoveries and bring the more in focus of the public consciousness. These organisations were adjacent to others that were doing the same with antigrav technology. I caught some of this information only in passing from Mark Passio’s radio show as he was involved with said organisations and made references to this work on several occasions, but none of that was ever the focus of his own work. As he was (rightly) more concerned with psychological issues since he rightly concluded that seeking a technical solution for a social problem meant putting the cart before the horse.

          • @mkey

            I agree that we have inner work to do as individuals and as a species before we are ready for widespread ZPM and “antigrav” tech.

            Ralph Ring, who worked with Otis t. Carr (Protege of Nikola Tesla) also has some interesting insights to share on this topic:

            On a separate note have you ever looked into acoustic levitation tech?

          • I added a bunch of material at the end of this post ( ) which pertains to electrogravitic propulsion systems, zero point energy generator/extractor tech, the physics involved and pertinent historical info. It offers a more comprehensive list of links to studies, books and patents. I thought it would be worth sharing with you incase you are still interested in doing a deep dive in researching this subject matter.

            I am still in the process of watching (and contemplating) Mark Passio’s – “Cosmic Abandonment” presentation and will get back to you on what I think once I am done digesting the material and ideas presented. Thanks again for sharing the link.

            • That presentation was intended as direct opposite of entry point to his work, but I believe people here can take it for what it is instead of spacing out.

              Mark even had to adapt his tagline (“what on earth is happening” to “what on earth could be happening”) as the usual work he was doing was fact/truth based, while much of the ancient alien related work is conjecture.

              If interested, I can hook you up with the extended presentation format, he spent many more hours expounding this matter on his radio show. The presentation had to be very much packed due to time constraints on the event. Mark can be a bit heavy at times so these more compact presentations can be a lot more palatable.

              He also produced a very nice documentary recently that is a compacted version of his 9 hour presentation of natural law, which is the corner stone of all his work. Again, I expect regular members here would have a lot less steep curve from where they are currently to where that type of material brings them as with increased consciousness these puzzle pieces will fall in place with minimum resistance.

  11. Asking about what type of government will we have on Mars is talking past the sale. We can’t colonize Mars, but let us move past this point so people don’t question how much money is being stolen and spent completely frivolously while they start rationing *water*.

  12. Since you asked … technocracy is the administration of virtually all human activity by experts … aka communism on steroids.

    • No, Communism had nothing to do with rule by experts. Yu must be thinkin ofthe Soviet Union which was never a Communist country.

      Nor is China.

      Lablels used to be interesting when they were like “Levis” or some cool product but now, the labels hinder thinking and confuse both the writer and reader.

  13. From the horses mouth… Musk likes the idea of making Twitter like Weechat. Communication with a linked payment system. Here’s a short clip. 1min.

    Also, there is talk of having some kind of ID verification to “stop the bots” and make sure everyone using Twitter is “human”. I’m not a techie so bad I don’t know the ins and outs of codes and interfaces and such. But as a layman, I can see that Twitter is going to be used (even more so now) as a surveillance and control tool. No question. There will be even less autonomy when it becomes a multi-use platform to tweet, shop, pay, and play with its “trusted multi factor authentication”.
    No thanks Mr. Musk.

  14. What is technocracy James? Looking forward to your answer.

    I actually enjoyed that show, Ernie, as others have expressed, can be difficult to listen to at times but he was not so loud this time. I kind of wish we had more episodes like this where James discusses things with others who have somewhat of a different opinion. It gives less of an echo chamber and also offers insight on how to discuss with those of whom have different perspectives.

    I think Ernie is a bit behind the times on the underground rap scene, beast1333 is a good example who has been around for quite some time. (Not that I agree with everything he says)

    I have been telling others for quite some time about the Musk scandal, for which I have been stomped on for. All one has to do is look into Lithium and from where it is sourced and its enviromental and social impacts.

    I had a dream hanging out with Musk the other night and he was actually a fun guy. Waking up and upon reflection I remembered many old friends who were fun and remembered about how in the long term they were using me and screwed me over. They are no longer friends as soon as I started to put myself first.

    I agree with gavinm, if Musk was a real thing why wouldn’t he be looking into for example Viktor Schaubergers technology? Why don’t we ever hear about him? Why is the electrical Universe never talked about?

    It all seems to be a scam, and yes Duck, I do think even the Afganistan withdrawal was a hoax, perhaps all part of the plan to bring the US empire to it’s knees to bring in the new governmental order? Does anyone or myself know? No, but it is questionable.

    Father-in-law, quadruple shot, all of a sudden stage 4 cancer, healthy guy, never smoked and drinks occasionaly.

    I had a dream end of Summer, everyone was dying, and no-one knew why, it’s so weird everyone said, yet I and the unvaxxed around me knew exactly why.

    And then, to go full on tin foil hat, has anyone heard of the nuclear bomb fallacy? That they can’t just drop when and where they want?

    And did you see the smiling sun?

    So many distractions. So what is the Truth or are we to believe as modern people tell us “your truth is yours and mine is mine”?

    Sorry for the rant and some off-topic.

    • Hare
      “…seems to be a scam, and yes Duck, I do think even the Afganistan withdrawal was a hoax….”

      Perhaps on one level it was planned to destroy the last Hyper Power and create patchwork mini nation’s easy to control with banks…. But the Elites who run the US will get totally knocked off their perch if that happens.

      I think that onnsome level the geopolitical fight must be real because no one is gonna vote to fire themselves from their job

    • You make a good pint when you say it is necessary to have dialogue with those with different points of view. This is essential for critical thinking.

      The didactic model of presentations is fine for now on the computer, but when it comes down to actually organizing and not simply complaining, dialogue is essential.

      That is why the internet and let us say, distant learning is menticide: you can say anything you want and never have to be held responsible for your thinking.

      So yes, it would be good to see James move to a format of debate or discussion, not simply presentations.

  15. Really enjoyed that.

    Musk is basically a rascal who is setting himself up to be a major political figure. His Ukraine intervention is disturbing. Is he going to be the man who stops a nuclear war and brings (a technocratic) peace to the world ?

  16. Assange is a major rallying point for the self righteous.

    I have studied him and (to me) every single minute twist and turn of his history reveals he is an intelligence asset. No one cares, he’s a great journalist !

    The problem is that mainstream journalism is now pretty much a full intelligence operation. A truth black hole.

    • Assange’s defense is that he is not a journalist, he is a publisher.

      Get your facts straight

  17. Love the incredible work you do! I’ve followed you since 2014 or so, but recently was able to renew my membership finally.

    This comment is about your recent sub stack (because comments appear to be turned off). Excellent work – as always. But I found it curious one of the graphics you used in the report: the black and white checkerboard floor with the multitude of mirrors. Reminiscent of Q.
    That’s all.
    Thank you!

  18. Is it worth watching the 55 mn debate if I already agree with the “Episode 429 – Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster” report?

    • I was wondering the same thing myself. I watched it and was glad I did. The topic covers many other topics, as well as, including a synopsis of the DOJO chip that I was uninitiated on.

      • Thanks for your reply, I’ll check it out then.

    • What is important is to get points of view you do not agree with, they them side by side with your point of view and ask questions, such as what claims is the pov making, what evidence do they offer if any, what would the consequences of believing them, what assumptions are being made and how can we find out if they are true, what language is being used and has it been defined?

      Questions like this.

      The same questions we should all be asking ourselves.

      Don’t play follow the leader

  19. If you really don’t know what technocracy is, put the word in the corbett report search box. You’ll find ample interviews with Patrick Wood.

  20. James, i don’t believe the paypal story is true. Think about it, the banks and credit card companies just “let” these sillycon valley types horn in on their business without a peep? Ridiculous.

    He also supposedly made $$ faster than anyone in history jumping on these already going enterprises and then fast cashing out or rocketing to billions practcally over night while companies arent profitable. Not possible. He is just like Jobs (who also became “cool”), Gates, Bozo, Ellis, Brin, etc, members of a certain group who are actor front men for military/intelligence.

    • He is part of US counterinsurgency and intelligence and this is evidenced by his government subsidies and actual work.
      He is an Avatar in a world of avatars.

      Elon Musk is not the problem as much as it is allowing Elon Musk’s to thrive and exist.

  21. Also Musk has only the $ that he’s allowed to have. His companies are what’s known as a proprietary, company started and funded the intelligence agencies, with an actor figure head and given a 0% cost of capital from the big bank. In reality, Musk owns only what tptb give him, just like the rest of them.

    Musk is also a safety valve with some of his rational positions. The positions he takes that Ernie likes are not genuine.

    • He is cagey and squirmy like a slithering snake.

      A matchstick man, his funding and strength comes from tax payer fed subsidies and US military contracts.

      That and idiots like Joe Rogan

      He would fail under Adam Smith capitalism.

      But he is erected, like Jesus, with a crown of LED’s

      God bless subisdies to billionaires

  22. technocracy is to society what transhumanism is to the individual

    “If humans will finally be intelligently designed” – as Yuval Noah Harari attests- “by the clouds of Microsoft” (paraphrased) then society can similarly be intelligently designed by the same self-proclaimed gods that claim to be able to design the individual.

    • Technological development as a whole and transhumanism in particular are indeed essential to technocracy.

      To illustrate this, I often use an example that explains how highly regarded the transhumanistic doctrine is by many in the scientific and engineering community.

      The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute’s research is now mainly based on picking up technosignatures.

      Their belief is they should come across evidence of intelligent alien lifeforms if these signs come from millions of year old civilizations that are “post-biological”. The official model of evolution adopted by the “scientific community” is linear (of course) and automatically makes the conscious race that successfully survives a unified machine-civilization in which all parts (that no longer can be called individuals I guess) work together in harmony for a greater good. It is implied that such civilizations embrace a space colonization program and to get to that degree of progress, a peaceful one-rule-for-all system is managed by some advanced IA technology: a perfect technocracy.

      That’s basically the New World Order the armies of pawns get so excited about and that, according to them, any smart person should see as the only viable future.

  23. Best of Luck to anyone who thinks “MARS” will become a second home for Humankind. A precursory read of Lyall Watson or even C.S. Lewis would inform you otherwise. The Universe IS electric, the Earth is electric, we are we because of it’s particular strength and resonances. Life on Mars will NOT be as we know it just as Life on Earth will evolve when the Electrical Field intensity conditions change… as they will.

    • Mars? The human race cannot even feed itself let alone think of Mars.

      Half the world lives on a dollar a day.

      That is 4.5 billion people.

      Musk’s toy set with the rockets and platforms are not for going to Mars, they are for full spectrum dominance here on earth.

  24. – Shorting TESLA Stock –

    I want to point out that there are “stocks” listed on the exchanges called ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) which can serve to ‘short’ a stock by offering an inverse value. An inverse ETF will go up in value if the value of the stock goes down.
    TSLL and TSLS (The last ‘L’ stands for “long” and last ‘S’ stands for “short”.)
    The Direxion Daily TSLA Bull 1.5X Shares (TSLL) and Direxion Daily TSLA Bear 1X Shares (TSLS) seek daily investment results, before fees and expenses, of 150% and 100% of the inverse (or opposite), respectively, of the performance of the common shares of Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA).

    This is funny… 🙂
    Watch the two brief videos!
    Oct 6, 2022 Booya! Behold, The Inverse Cramer ETF Has Finally Arrived
    LJIM and SJIM

    Do you wanna short a whole package of 10?…
    Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet’s Google, and Alibaba, Baidu, NVIDIA, Tesla, Twitter
    FNGD delivers about 3X inverse value of that package of 10. Thus, if all 10 Big Tech stocks start crashing, then FNGD goes to the moon.

    MicroSectors FANG+ Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETN (FNGD) Interactive Graph (can enlarge)

    Just so folks know, putting money in FNGD is like driving a car on a mountain road blindfolded. The price can go all over the map…but there is no map. The last few weeks of October have been what is called “Earnings Week” for many companies. They report on their recent quarter’s profits and future outlook. A bit of economic irony with some companies which reported profits, because they raised prices to the consumer and laid off workers…and of course, Wall Street cheered. Some of these Big Tech FNGD companies had a weak quarter. The narrative can change mid-day…bad news becomes good news when the ‘story’ is told right. If a person bought FNGD on Wed Oct 26 for $61 a share, then sold it the next day at $72, that is an 18% gain on the trade.

    Actual Shorting a Stock is much more complex…

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