Economics in One Image

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Have you ever agonized over le mot juste for explaining catallactics to your friends? Despaired over a simple explanation of the economic calculation problem? Pulled your hair out trying to get your co-workers to appreciate the miraculous nature of a pencil? Well, worry no more my fellow would-be economic demystifiers! Here is an important economic lesson in one image!

“Economy” vs. “Catallaxy”

Economics as a Coordination Problem

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

Anarchy in Action: Spontaneous Order

“The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat

Economics in One Lesson

I, Pencil (pdf/epub/mp3/html)


  1. Thanks for pointing that out, fernando. The link has been corrected.

  2. The ending to this video was so spot on!

  3. Why oh why can we not be left to our own realities. Of course, we are lost sheep and the shepherds must lead us down the path to the shearing shed. There is no guarantee we would blindly stumble into door number one and the shearing party that awaits. Oh no, central architects of our reality want results they can count on. So doors 2, 3,4, and all fractal numbered doors will never be available to us. How can we the sheeple force a compromise to our overlords so that our intuition and natural paths can be harmoniously incorporated into a reality of broad spectrum. Can’t we all just get along? Must the kleptocrocy have their pudding perfect. Such a beautiful planned park. Only a sociopath would walk on the grass. You sure aren’t in Kansas. Kenichiwa Jamison.

    • You are an economy in your own right. What are the economic corilations to your reality. It is plan to see whether in yin or oily dollars 197,000 per is potential and a pregnant dynamic. Can you explain futher than that you economic shogun.

    • James make me feel a bit travel sick when he moves around and so I can’t really concentrate on what he’s saying. And you usual suspect Corbetteers have really posted nothing of substance, just really odd ramblings. I’m not getting any of this or you at all. Which is whack cos i normally do. Anyways happy 2018 to JC and the massive. X

  4. Here is the “stand alone” web address of the photo meme.

    Anyone is welcome to join “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” Meetup and utilize the Photo section. You can establish a separate folder for pics. Each pic and each of its varying sizes will have a url.

    Meetup has co-opted the animated gifs in our Photo section to just a plain graphic around the same time Meetup initiated a “Resist” Campaign and sponsored “Resist” Meetup groups around the country.

  5. I guess I’m a little slow, but I didn’t get that last bit. Maybe HomeRemedySupply could explain it to me.
    (Never mind – I just saw the tweeted photo)

  6. PeaceFroggs,
    You brought up some important concerns of many people.

    But actually, in my opinion, free aware people will always sort out these kinds of problems in a free aware society.

    Have FAITH.
    “…you can help save the freedom mankind is so unhappily losing.” For, if one is aware that these know-hows will naturally, yes, automatically, arrange themselves into creative and productive patterns in response to human necessity and demand — that is, in the absence of governmental or any other coercive master-minding — then one will possess an absolutely essential ingredient for freedom: a faith in free people. Freedom is impossible without this faith.….

    In my opinion, the audio of I, Pencil is on a high aesthetic wavelength. (14 minutes)
    Corbett’s link to I, Pencil.

    • Awareness is a keynote.
      Aware people would recognize jerks, psychopaths and greed mongers; and help to expose them. True awareness brings with it many admirable qualities.

      A being has two routes to choose: Either more awareness or less awareness.
      Some people choose “less awareness” and are headed towards being a rock …or worse… a politician.

  7. How do you define “lifted out of poverty”? Disparity between the rich and the poor has never been greater.

    All of these issues are very layered and intertwined. There’s so much regulation I’d say it’s impossible to estimate what would happen if we’d change a few things around.

    Among these issues are the mantra of capitalism, overproduction, subsidization, trading agreements etc.

    Generally I agree with you to the extent that I don’t think 100% free market would be a good idea, however such overregulation as we have now is a lot worse.

  8. You may be right. The audio version was more powerful for me than the text. The complex nature of economics can be found in many if not all of human endevers. Thereby the defining factor for what is life. For instance, my access to TCR show notes link did not work and still don’t, a new tab pops up then in the address box ‘search or enter new URL’. So I tried clicking links in ‘RECENT COMMENTS’ and wah-la. Access granted! From the audio version I got an insight that Economics=Humility+(×)Necessity. My internet hardware knowledge and technical skills are humiliatingly crude(humility , hubris, knowing imperfect being) plus + (or even times×)hindering my need for life threatening/improving acquisition of knowledge (necessity, need, survival) I needed the information so I was driven to explore for the solution. Economics is complex human interaction and how can you be more complex than being human. Again my stupidity with this machine prevents me from posting a link to Dr. Steven Greer’s live stream of his movie preview party. ECONOMICLY IT COULD BE A GAME CHANGER WORLD WIDE. See “Unacknowledged” May 9th. This will give people lots of faith in recovery of nearly a century of stolen freedom and dismal science.

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