Enlightenment Under the Cherry Blossoms – Questions For Corbett #021

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Questions For Corbett | 17 comments

In this edition of the Questions For Corbett podcast, James ventures outside to sit under the cherry blossoms and answer your questions on Jade Helm, the pledge of allegiance, Fukushima updates, the internet clampdown and more. Turn on your mind, ignore the wind, and buckle down for a data dump!

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  1. For saving video from the mainstream video sites, dirpy is my favorite. You can save the videos in video format or as an mp3, and it has other features like trimming the length, selecting video quality, etc. Its web based, free, no software to install, and minimal ads.


  2. Another way get to the Corbett Report website in the event the domain gets shut down is for people to add some entries to the “hosts” file on their computers.

    The hosts file is a list stored locally on your computer that you computer checks first to see if it knows an address before trying to look it up on the outside Internet.

    For instance, with the Corbett Report you would add the following entries to the hosts file :- corbettreport.com http://www.corbettreport.com

    The following site has some instructions on how to edit the hosts files for different computers and operating systems :-


    The advantage of this method is that it works with the website as it stands now (As it does not alter the URL’s in any way)

    • Opps, looks like the forum is too smart and has altered the host file example. The http bit and the forward slashes need to be removed so it looks like the line above it.

  3. Thanks for the info, blog.bracke. The source you link to seems to suggest that raised or extended right arms were used for pledges and oaths, as in Octavian’s pledge to Julius Caesar. Also, images like that on Trajan’s Column suggest that the practice was not so formalized as the Bellamy salute, but the idea appears to be there:


    It seems to me that the “Heil Caesar” as we know it might well be a modern invention, but the raised/outstretched right arm does seem to be a classical idea. I’m open to correction as always, of course.

  4. Thanks for going through the extra work to shoot this episode with two cameras AND outdoors! What a nice surprise, James! Reminded me of the few times in college when the professor wanted to have class outdoors!

    As a professional video producer/editor, I can tell you wind noise will always be a complication when outdoors. The best fix is placing a ridiculously fluffy windscreen on your lav mic. It might look a little silly, like you’ve plucked it from a bunny’s tail but they work really well. Usually the kits used on a set will include something like this product: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/885674-REG that fits the exact mic we’re using. I’ve not used this particular product, but I have used many like it. When I’ve worked with an audio guy, he will put a fluffy fur-like windscreen on his shotgun mic. We may still get occasional wind noise that proves difficult to remove in post, but those fluffy screens really do a great job. Its all in the fluffiness! 🙂

    But regardless of the audio issues, I wanted to say THANK YOU for going thru that extra effort! I really enjoyed that part of the member-only videos previously.

    Great info & great production as always!! Thanks!

  5. Apart from the pedophiliac issue I believe the gehlen org issue may be the most important one in order to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Rich grove introduced me to Dave emorys Research in peace revolution episode 83. Please check check spitfirlist.com in general and afa 3 in particular.

    Gehlens importance upuntil this day cannot by any means be overestimated.

    James, I sincerely recommend you to investigate gehlen.

  6. #QFC

    Since you are in Japan, I’m wondering if you have any information on the “trust-busting” that was supposed to happen to the Zaibatsu after WWII. Was it strictly academic like it was in America around the 1900s? I have yet to run across any alternative account of this.


  7. #QFC

    Howdy James,

    Pretext: Yet another instance of “cop killings” has surfaced in my Twitter feed. There may be a chapter in the history books for 2014 and 15′ for this scene of civil unrest.

    Question: Is there an agenda behind manufacturing the negative image of the police force in the minds of the people, and vice versa? What are your thoughts on this subject?

  8. Hi James!
    Questions for your next QFC.
    You have reported in the past about BPA and other health-related issues. I am curious about:
    1. What everyday home and personal care products you use.
    What do you use for personal and home care? Does your family use any particular shampoo, soap, shower gel, creams, perfume? Do you use any dishwashing liquid, furniture polish, glass cleaning or floor cleaning liquids?
    2. What does the (globalist) elite use for everyday home and personal care products.
    Do you know what shampoo, deodorant, soap, shower gel, creams, perfume, etc. do the Rockefellers (or any other such creatures) use? Are you aware of any efforts by the anti-globalism/altmedia to investigate what products do they use?
    I think this could be a good way of checking which products are safe to use and which are to be avoided.
    I wonder if any of your audience knows any (former) staff in the globalists’ households –maid, nanny, cook, driver, gardener– that could give a hint on which products do they use.



  9. Hi James, hope you are well.

    I was listening to Tom Secker and Pierce Redmond talk about Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut today, and thought of something I might like to ask you about.

    They were relating the experience of watching a Kubrick film to the absolutely fine piece of propaganda, mockumentary “The Conspiracy” and the character of the willing dupe, or willing fool being used by secret societies….for fun?

    The speculation was mainly around to what extent was Kubrick an insider.

    In the mockumentary the lead is a “conspiracy theorist” who follows clues to end up being initiated into a secret society, well worth a watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it – its obviously all bullshit, but very well researched.

    Do you have any knowledge of, thoughts on, the idea of the willing fool being used in historical secret society rituals?



    • no idea how that ended up there….

  10. I think the people who have problems finding more info that seemingly “disappeared” ought to use ixquick.com, duckduckgo.com to add to their startpage/google searches, stuff isn’t really censored, but if you do not use add-ons that prevent google particularly from giving you a “personalized experience”, like Ghostery, Disconnect, NoScript(most people find it difficult to deal with, it’s really not after a week or less), NoScript alternative is RequestPolicy, but that’s even more difficult than NoScript (and can’t be used at the same time lol).

    James’ addon for downloading videos is good, I prefer Downthemall! personally, also a Firefox/Waterfox (if you use windows 64 bits of any version, Waterfox is the way to go since it’s the 64 bit version of firefox…weird I know since Firefox exists as both 32 and 64 bits versions exist on Linux, but it is legit and made by Mozilla/team working with mozilla).

    As for sites not linking right, you either have viruses, dns poisoning and other such issues, I would suggest using an OpenDNS or if you don’t care, Google’s DNS in case your ISP is poor at security. OpenDNS and Google’s DNS do not change your IP address but in some cases, I noticed, americans mostly, benefit from using these gataway adresses (if you need help on this, I can help in these comments).
    As usual I’ll say please install an easy to use Linux version like Linux Mint 17, better even, Linux Mint 17 on a usb key or dvd disc and boot from these.

    BTW, James, the G+/Youtube thing is no more, at least for me, they caved.

  11. Also, I was typing a big add-on to my post using the edit function, but the @#@$#!#! timer crapped out on me, anyway, I was saying IRC is the best way still to conglomerate, I use it and different irc networks since 1997 and yes it has suffered quite a blow, in 2005-2006, 2 of the 3 major networks were attacked (DDOS attacks) relentlessly by what can only be described as state actors, certainly not your Anonymous wannabes who couldn’t slow down my fiber optics connection even if they tried. Strange how that happened when MySpace was getting mega popular and the ever creepy Facebook was getting popular (received my first invitation to FB in 2006 by somebody I have no fucking idea who they were, asked him when replying to his request to no avail, although his name was in the name part of the email…not like I’m gonna give much credence to that.

    So there was effort to kill the amazing thing we had going on IRC I’ll say pre-2004 because even then the attacks started to come and cause downtimes etc., but when there was say 200 000 users on a certain network all using different chatrooms which were not the kind of retarded chatrooms one will find most of the time these days on whatever platform, but even IRC has become the pit of the downtrodden wannabe hackers in general and creeps. They won there.

    Lastly, the guy going on about geometry being “evil illuminati stuff”….yeah the freemasons and such really like geometry, i’m mostly dumbfounded by it, not because I couldn’t apply myself to use it in school and college, but mostly by the people like Pythagoras creating their basic math theorems in the sand with a stick. I don’t find James’ site to look like CNN or such, before 911, CNN’s site was actually pleasant to the eyes, these days it’s massively BLOOD red and white and gives a creepy vibe, other sites have adopted this blood red on white thing (mainstream stuff) and it just puts me off,I’d rather read a .txt linked in a URL.

    Alright, I’m out, good ep James.

  12. Craig,

    Mainly I share the concern you’ve outlined here. That the way the pro-Israel, Zionist lobby goes after people who criticize Israel by falsely accusing them of anti-Semitism (or being “self-hating jews”) and particularly the appropriation of the Holocaust as a means to defend indefensible actions on Israel’s part is nauseating, disturbing, and generally fascistic in nature. Barring the examining of the historical accuracy of the Holocaust is a particularly disturbing manifestation of this tendency and I’d say these sorts of extreme efforts to criminalize this research only serves to provide greater reason for suspicion for those who are skeptical of the official narrative (something we should always be).

    I share the assessment James made in the latest QFC: that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be restricted from researching any topic regardless of whether it’s taboo or not. Still, I have one question for you: what exactly do you mean when you ask whether or not we should ‘do more to investigate the validity of the so-called Jewish holocaust’? Do you believe that the “official narrative” is entirely fabricated? That there were no concentration camps, starvation, and killing of Jews (as well as others)? Or more that the methods used and the number of those killed have been grossly exaggerated for political purposes, primarily those that pertain to Israel? If you’d care to elaborate I’d appreciate it.


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