Episode 001 – Investigate 9/11

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Running Time: 43:42

Description: In this inaugural edition of The Corbett Report we examine the flaws behind the official investigation into September 11 and the top reasons to call for an independent citizens’ examination of the events of that day.


Documentation – CIA snooping on citizens
Time Reference: 01:55
Description: This Washington Times article from 2006 reveals how the CIA is using Open Source intelligence to gather information about the public.
Link To: Washington Times
Documentation – 911 Commission Report
Time Reference: 03:53
Description: These are the official findings of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. It presents the official conspiracy theory of the events of September 11.
Link To: 9-11 Commission.gov
Documentation – Security Experts Blast 9-11 Commission
Time Reference: 04:38
Description: This is an open letter written to the US Congress and signed off on by 25 security and counterterrorism specialists, including many FBI agents.
Link To: Scoop.co.nz
Documentation – Letter to Thomas Kean from Sibel Edmonds
Time Reference: 05:22
Description: FBI translator Sibel Edmonds takes the 911 Commission to task for not including her explosive testimony in their report.
Link To: Asia Times
Documentation – Failures of the September 11 Commission
Time Reference: 05:39
Description: This Washington Post article features Ray McGovern, a 27-year CIA veteran who derides the 911 Commission for exculpating the government for the failures of September 11.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Bush asks Daschle to limit Sept. 11 probes
Time Reference: 06:47
Description: A CNN article from 2002 detailing Bush’s request to limit the congressional inquiry into September 11.
Link To: CNN
Documentation – Bush Backs Independent 9-11 Probe
Time Reference: 07:05
Description: After more than a year of denying the necessity of an investigation into September 11, Bush has a sudden change of heart.
Link To: CBS
Documentation – Critics mock choice of Kissinger for inquiry
Time Reference: 07:21
Description: Pundits are mystified by the choice of the biased Mr. Kissinger to head the
Link To: SMH
Documentation – Woodward: Kissinger advising Bush
Time Reference: 07:30
Description: A Washington Post report that details Bob Woodward’s revelation that Kissinger has been advising the Bush administration on the Iraq war.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – 9/11 Press for Truth
Time Reference: 08:32
Description: An excellent documentary that details the efforts of four September 11 widows to get an independent investigation into the attacks established.
Link To: Top Documentary Films
Documentation – Philip D. Zelikow
Time Reference: 10:37
Description: The Wikipedia entry for Zelikow, the 911 Commission Executive Director, notes that he served on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, the Bush administration transition team and wrote the pre-emptive war doctrine.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation – FEMA – World Trade Center Building Performance Study
Time Reference: 11:40
Description: The first official explanation of the collapse of the twin towers.
Link To: FEMA
Documentation – Experts Urging Broader Inquiry in Towers’ Fall
Time Reference: 12:15
Description: A New York Times article from Christmas 2001 talking about the serious shortcomings of the FEMA World Trade Center performance study.
Link To: 911 Research (cache)
Documentation – NIST and the World Trade Center
Time Reference: 14:03
Description: The NIST site detailing the investigation into the collapse of the twin towers.
Link To: NIST
Documentation – Request for Correction of NIST report
Time Reference: 14:18
Description: A request for correction filed by scientists, engineers, 9/11 family members and others detailing flaws in the NIST study of the towers’ collapse.
Link To: Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
Documentation – Kevin Ryan fired for questioning collapse.
Time Reference: 14:35
Description: An AP article detailing Kevin Ryan’s dismissal from Underwriters Laboratories for questioning NIST’s preliminary results.
Link To: wanttoknow.info (cache)
Documentation – Video of the collapse of WTC7
Time Reference: 15:44
Description: The video of the collapse of building World Trade Center 7, the third building to collapse on September 11.
Link To: WTC7.net
Documentation – NIST’s preliminary report on WTC7
Time Reference: 17:03
Description: A preliminary report detailing the current investigation into WTC7, including the consideration of “hypothetical blast events.”
Link To: NIST
Documentation – WTC7 The smoking gun of 9/11
Time Reference: 17:45
Description: This brief documentary details the mysteries of the building’s collapse.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – BBC reports WTC 7 fell 23 minutes too soon
Time Reference: 18:42
Description: BBC reports WTC7 has collapsed before it actually does, despite the fact that it is still standing behind the reporter who is reporting the story…23 minutes before it actually did fall.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – BBC’s official response to their WTC7 reporting controversy
Time Reference: 19:01
Description: A link to the BBC response to the story that they reported WTC7’s collapse before it actually happened, complete with their admission that they have conveniently lost all their tapes from September 11.
Link To: BBC
Documentation – List of World Trade Center tenants
Time Reference: 20:25
Description: A CNN list of tenants in the World Trade Center. The CIA’s tenancy was revealed seperately by the New York Times in an article reproduced at http://www.wtc7.net/lcache/wtc7.htm.
Link To: CNN
Documentation – Hijack suspects alive and well
Time Reference: 20:44
Description: BBC News reports that 3 of the supposed hijackers have actually been interviewed and found to be alive and well.
Link To: BBC
Documentation – FBI identifies 19 hijackers
Time Reference: 21:19
Description: The official FBI press release which identifies the 19 hijackers, including several who have been interviewed by reporters after September 11.
Link To: FBI.gov
Documentation – 9/11 Commission identifies hijackers
Time Reference: 21:39
Description: See Chapter 1.1 of the report for the identities of the hijackers, several of whom have since been interviewed alive and well in the Middle East.
Link To: 9-11 Commission.gov
Documentation – Hijackers trained at US bases
Time Reference: 22:32
Description: Washington Post reports hijackers may have trained at US Bases
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – Alleged hijackers may have trained at US bases
Time Reference: 22:35
Description: Newsweek report detailing information that 5 of the hijackers were trained at US military installations.
Link To: Prisonplanet.com (cache)
Documentation – Steve Butler says Bush knew
Time Reference: 23:27
Description: A vice chancellor at the Defense Language Institute where some of the hijackers trained, goes on the record to say Bush knew of the attacks beforehand.
Link To: truthout.org (cache)
Documentation – The strangely-worded denial of hijacker training
Time Reference: 23:59
Description: A summary of the Air Force’s vaguely worded denial that the hijackers were trained at US bases and the refusal to release any information to back that claim up.
Link To: Prisonplanet.com
Documentation – Our Friends the Pakistanis
Time Reference: 24:43
Description: The Wall Street Journal reports that General Mahmoud Ahmad was dismissed as head of Pakistan’s ISI for wiring money to the lead hijacker of the September 11 attacks.
Link To: Wall Street Journal
Documentation – A Cloak but No Dagger
Time Reference: 25:25
Description: The Washington Post reports that General Ahmad was meeting with the very men who would lead the congressional inquiry into the attacks on the morning of September 11.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation – The 9/11 Commission pronounces on terror financing
Time Reference: 26:10
Description: See Chapter 5.4 of the report: “ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”
Link To: 9-11 Commission.gov
Documentation – Pentagon admits to missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars on September 10, 2001
Time Reference: 26:41
Description: The Pentagon randomly chooses the date of September 10, 2001 to announce that they have misplaced funding equivalent to the entire annual budget of the US government.
Link To: US Dept. of Defense
Documentation – Cynthia McKinney grill Rumsfeld on missing trillions
Time Reference: 28:15
Description: Cynthia McKinney grills Rumsfeld on missing trillions.
Link To: Prisonplanet.com
Documentation – Budget analyst office hit by plane
Time Reference: 28:38
Description: The Mount Vernon Gazette reports that by an amazing coincidence, the very office that was researching the missing trillions from the Pentagon was directly hit by the “plane.”
Link To: Connection Newspapers
Documentation – CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July
Time Reference: 29:03
Description: A Guardian article detailing Bin Laden’s visit from a CIA handler in July 2001 during his visit to a hospital in Dubai.
Link To: The Guardian
Documentation – Intercept orders changed weeks prior to the attack
Time Reference: 29:34
Description: The Joint Chiefs of Staff had the foresight to change the orders relating to the very events that would happen just weeks later.
Link To: dtic.mil
Documentation – Possible Terrorist Stock Trading Probed
Time Reference: 30:21
Description: ABCNews reports the Treasury Department, the SEC and a Chicago Exchange were all engaged in probing put options on effected stocks in the weeks before the attack.
Link To: ABC News
Documentation – Executive Director of CIA linked to insider trading on attacks
Time Reference: 31:16
Description: Michael Ruppert reports on the suppressed details that show the ex-Executive Director of the CIA’s involvement in the insider trading preceding the attacks.
Link To: From the Wilderness
Documentation – Ashcroft Flying High
Time Reference: 31:37
Description: Ashcroft advised to fly chartered aircraft for the duration of his term due to FBI threat assessment.
Link To: CBS News
Documentation – Willie Brown warned not to fly
Time Reference: 32:30
Description: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that San Francisco mayor Willie Brown got an early warning of the attacks before they happened from “my security people at the airport.”
Link To: San Francisco Chronicle
Documentation – Webster Tarpley speaks in Seattle, April 1, 2006
Time Reference: 32:59
Description: Video containing information about 9/11, including drills that were being conducted that morning.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation – NORAD had fake radar blips on their screens
Time Reference: 34:07
Description: The Toronto Star reports that fake radar blips were used as part of the Operation Northern Vigilance war games.
Link To: 911 Reading Room (cache)
Documentation – Unprecedented real-world activity during drill
Time Reference: 34:08
Description: Vanity Fair reports on NORAD tapes that show NORAD employees flustered by drill/real-world synchronicity: “I’ve never seen so much real-world activity during an exercise.”
Link To: Vanity Fair
Documentation – Tripod II
Time Reference: 34:30
Description: Information on Tripod II, a biowarfare drill which moved the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management out of WTC7.
Link To: From the Wilderness
Documentation – NRO running drills of jets crashing into buildings on 9/11
Time Reference: 35:08
Description: The National Reconnaisance Office just happened to be running a drill of jets crashing into government buildings on the morning of September 11.
Link To: Boston.com
Documentation – NORAD had drills of jets as weapons
Time Reference: 35:32
Description: NORAD had already run a drill of a hijacked jetliner slamming into the World Trade Center.
Link To: USA Today
Documentation – Pentagon Medics Trained for Strike
Time Reference: 35:37
Description: Luckily for them, Pentagon medics trained for the very eventuality of a 757 hitting the Pentagon the very month before it happened.
Link To: U.S. Medicine
Documentation – Sibel Edmonds interviewed by David Swanson
Time Reference: 36:01
Description: Sibel Edmonds reveals the FBI deliberately ignored prior information about the attacks.
Link To: After Downing Street
Documentation – FBI agent warned of hijack risk
Time Reference: 36:09
Description: The BBC reports on Harry Samit, who reported a hijack risk to his superiors 70 times and accused them of criminal negligence in ignoring his warnings.
Link To: BBC
Documentation – Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens
Time Reference: 36:34
Description: This CBC interview with Dylan Avery cites the CSPAN presentation of FBI agent Robert Wright, who announced the Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
Link To: CBC
Documentation – Coleen Rowley’s Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller
Time Reference: 36:44
Description: FBI agent Colleen Rowley says the agency blocked her investigations into Moussaoui even after the September 11 attacks.
Link To: Time
Documentation – The Phoenix Memo
Time Reference: 37:10
Description: A copy of the Phoenix Memo warning of Bin Laden’s plans to send Al-Qaeda operatives into the US to take civil aviation classes.
Link To: The Smoking Gun
Documentation – Sulfidation of the metal from the World Trade Center
Time Reference: 37:40
Description: Appendix C of the FEMA report on the towers’ collapse shows the metal contained unexplained sulfidation.
Link To: FEMA
Documentation – The “Deep Mystery” of Melted Steel
Time Reference: 37:49
Description: References the New York Times article which calls the sulfidation of the metal recovered from ground zero “perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation.”
Link To: WPI
Documentation – Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse
Time Reference: 37:55
Description: A scientific paper by Steven Jones that proposes thermate as a chemical that may have been used in the destruction of the towers.
Link To: Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
Documentation – WTC Steel Removal
Time Reference: 38:14
Description: An article detailing the rapid disposal of the physical evidence from ground zero.
Link To: 911 Research
Documentation – 9/11 Remains used to fill potholes
Time Reference: 38:49
Description: A Reuters article detailing findings that human remains from Ground Zero were used to fill potholes and pave roads.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation – Third Source Backs “Able Danger” Claims About Atta
Time Reference: 39:08
Description: A Fox News report outlining Able Danger (which identified Atta a year before the attacks) and Congressman Weldon’s fury with the 9/11 Commission for covering up this evidence.
Link To: Fox News
Documentation – Saving City Lifelines
Time Reference: 39:41
Description: See page 28 of this official document for the bizarre story of the “delivery truck” stopped near Ground Zero on the morning of 9/11 which sported a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center.
Link To: Mineta Transportation Institute
Documentation – Executive Order 199-Eye WF 213 589
Time Reference: 40:51
Description: The Executive Order which barred the FBI from investigating Bin Laden family links to terror inside the US pre-9/11.
Link To: BBC
Documentation – O’Neill resigned because of obstruction
Time Reference: 41:06
Description: This interview confirms that FBI Deputy Director John O’Neill resigned because the Bush administration was interfering with counterterrorism efforts.
Link To: CNN
Documentation – O’Neill dies in the World Trade Center
Time Reference: 41:37
Description: CNN reports that O’Neill is thought dead in the World Trade Center collapse, where he was helping evacuate people.
Link To: CNN


  1. I thought I would listen to your first report for a change. Funny (actually quite sad) how nothing has really changed on that matter since. We are still at that same point. Eventhough the evidence lays open since years, not one investigation has been pulled through. Sure, A&E are close (as always) in presenting more facts to the destruction of WTC7 and Saleh is not giving up in sueing Bush, but nothing has really happened. How frustrating. 15 years later (and almost 10 for this podcast) the false flag operations continue as do the wars.

    OT: Could you credit the music on this episode? Who is that at the end?

  2. Dear James,

    About a week ago i decided to begin listening to your podcasts from the very beginning.

    Funnily enough a day or two after i listened to this one this movie appeared… i wonder what’d be your take on it:

    Come from away


    • @source

      How many episodes have you gotten through so far? 🙂


      PS – I received the email regarding the update on the heirloom seeds I sent to your community and will respond asap, please tell who ever is tending to the gardens thank you so much for putting in the care to give those seeds a loving home.

      • Hey Gavinn,

        So nice to meet you.

        My name is Grace… you got a smile out of me with this message. And yes, i will make sure Mirabai knows how happy you are your seeds got a home with us. We are truly thankful to you for that too.

        I think i listened to a few more episodes from the beginning. It gave me a feeling of James trajectory and made me feel more intimate to his work. Then i went back to listening to his current material on a regular basis and also to fact check almost any subject i find around by looking for context in his search. The Corbett Report is truly like the now days history enciclopedia for me…

        Did you check the link i sent him here back then btw?

        Thank you for this truly beautiful moment

        • @source

          Hello Grace 🙂 nice to ‘meet’ you too!

          I am glad the message brought joy to your day.

          I appreciate you passing along the message for me.

          Ahh okay I have done a similar pattern of viewing the material here.

          Can you imagine if someone actually binge listened/watched/read all the material in the archives, I think it would take years! I wonder how many total hours of recorded material are on here, thousands of hours no doubt.

          I will watch the film you linked above and let you know what I think.

          I am vaguely familiar with the story of how Newfoundlanders got involved with helping all the stranded Americans after the false flag event in New York (2001) as when my wife and I visited Newfoundland a few years ago I got to talking to a small book store owner who shared his experiences giving people a place to sleep in his home when they were stuck.

          I think I will enjoy re-visiting the implications of those events in Newfoundland with the fresh eyes I have today and all I have learned in the years since I last thought about it.

          Thanks for sharing the link and thank you for making the choice to live with devotion to and respect for land you call home.


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